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Remember when there used to be only two types of fuel for your car, gasoline or diesel? We do! These days cars and trucks can run on a variety of fuels from traditional gasoline to ultra-modern alternative fuels like Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Hydrogen or Propane.

If you're looking for Eco-Friendly vehicles like Hybrids or Electric, or traditional Gasoline or Diesel powered, can help you find the right car for you.

Gasoline powered cars - The most common fuel for cars, we have over 540,000 used powered vehicles for sale on Almost all manufacturers have gasoline powered vehicles except Tesla.

Diesel powered cars - Why would I want a powered car? One good reason, you'll get better fuel efficiency than a gas powered car, that means fewer trips to the pump! Why shouldn't I get one? It costs more at the pump and not all gas stations carry diesel fuel. We have over 24,000 used diesel powered cars & trucks listed for sale.

Hybrid powered cars - Generally speaking, a vehicle is powered by two motors, a gasoline/diesel powered engine and an electric motor. The best hybrid vehicles get much better fuel efficiency than their non-hybrid siblings. We have over 19,000 used hybrid vehicles for sale.

Flex-Fuel powered cars - Did you know the Ford Model T was the first commercial Flex-Fuel vehicle? Its engine could run on gasoline or ethanol or a mixture of both types. So, just what does Flex-Fuel mean? It means the vehicle can run on gasoline or ethanol (up to 83% ethanol which is commonly called E85). Some of these Flex-Fuel vehicles include the Ford F-150, Buick Verano and many more. We have over 40,000 Used powered vehicles for sale in the USA!.

Electric powered cars - Electric vehicles (commonly called EV) are generally propelled by one or more electric motors powered by rechargeable battery packs (usually using lithium-ion batteries). EV pros: Eco friendly, energy efficient and good performance. Cons: Driving range can be limited, some EVs can go 200 - 300 miles, battery packs need to be replaced after some time and can be expensive. We have over 6,700 used powered cars for sale.

Alternative Fuels - There are not many models powered by fuels like Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Hydrogen or Propane yet, they are slowly making their way into the mainstream. Honda has a Civic model powered by CNG and Toyota has the Mirai model powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology.

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