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There's a reason a used Volvo tends to look good, ride smooth and perform well. They are not only well built cars; they are built with safety in mind. Safety and quality go hand in hand, making the purchase of a used Volvo a good choice for families and used car buyers looking for a deal, but are not ready to commit to purchasing a new car.

The used Volvo XC90 exemplifies Volvo's approach to safety with features such as 3-point seat belts with pretensioners for all seating positions, a 4-wheel anti-lock braking system (ABS) with emergency brake assistance (EBA) and a boron steel reinforced passenger compartment. However, don't mistake the emphasis on safety for a lack of style or performance. Used Volvo cars are known for delivering a smooth ride with gobs of horsepower to get you from point A to point B quickly.

Where most auto manufacturers categorize their offerings as compact, coupe, sedan, crossover or SUV, Volvo breaks with tradition, offering a "small family car" (e.g., used C30), a "large family car" (e.g., used Volvo S60), and an "estate car" (e.g., used Volvo V70). Of course, there is a used Volvo "crossover" (XC70) and used Volvo "coupe" (C70) to be had as well. Buying a used Volvo is a smart choice for safety conscious buyers who also want a choice in style, performance and luxury.

Popular used Volvo cars include:

  • Used Volvo XC90 - This is the best selling Volvo model in the U.S. market. A sturdy SUV crossover, as of 2011, the XC90 has been around almost 10 years. Volvo designed the vehicle with safety in mind, which includes a patented frontal crumple zone structure.
  • Used Volvo S80 - All you need to know about this uber-luxury vehicle is that it has an optional heartbeat sensor on the remote control. It lets the driver know if someone is hiding inside the car. If you have that, do you even need to ask about features like power windows or heated seats? Wow.
  • Used Volvo C70 - Used Volvo C70 - This fun to drive, great to look at coupe is a sporty little number that will turn heads. But it may be the things you don't see that make buying a used Volvo C70 a smart choice, things like a slow deflating safety protection inflatable that continues to provide protection in a roll over. currently has 4,288 Volvo models in our inventory. Select a model to learn more or use the form below to find a used Volvo near you!

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