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Odds are that people who buy a used car will at some point, buy a used Toyota, if for no other reason than the fact that the largest car manufacturer in the world is Toyota (read: market share). That's not the only reason used car buyers consider Toyota cars and trucks. Despite some recent recalls (which the company has addressed and fixed), Toyota does in fact build high quality cars, which translates into a market for high quality used cars. In addition, Toyota covers nearly every market segment with its diverse offerings, from full-size sedans down to compact cars, from light trucks up to American-size pickup trucks and SUVs and pretty much everything in-between.

The nearly ubiquitous Toyota Camry holds a top five spot in the family sedan market year after year. However, even with this success, Toyota has resisted the urge to rest on its laurels, introducing the Prius, a compact hybrid car, to the worldwide market, and worldwide acclaim in 2001. A well-maintained used Toyota Prius hybrid will hold its value, but there are deals out there given the large number of units sold. For the family-oriented buyer, the used Sienna minivan fits the bill nicely. Used car shoppers looking for something a little more rugged may want to check out a used Toyota 4Runner, used Toyota RAV4 or the full-size pickup, Toyota Tundra.

Toyota Used Cars are well-liked, among the many include:

  • Used Toyota Prius - The U.S. Makes up the largest chunk of the worldwide market for a used Prius, having reached sales of more than 1 million units sold in 2011. This hybrid's ultra-low emissions and high fuel mileage have made the Prius a worldwide favorite.
  • Used Toyota Highlander - This midsize SUV arrived in North America in early 2001 to great reviews. It is the crossover counterpart to the Toyota 4Runner, a truck-based midsize SUV, which just recently was outsold by its cousin, the smaller Toyota RAV4 SUV. currently has 40,212 Toyota models in our inventory. Select a model to learn more or use the form below to find a used Toyota near you!

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