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Subaru has been coming into its own over the last few years and seems to have arrived in the US market with its successful line up of crossovers and sedans. Used car buyers looking for a bargain on an SUV, but not willing to shell out the gas money for the larger SUVs on the market, will find a used Subaru WRX to be quite capable at carrying family and cargo around town and off the beaten path.

Probably most well know among used Subaru cars for sale is the award-winning Subaru Outback and Subaru Forester SUV crossovers. However, while these off-roaders are comfortable on the road, there is an on-road type of car that somehow still flies off-road (granted, not in a 4x4 environment). These are rally cars and one look at a new or used Impreza WRX tells you what they were thinking at Subaru when they came up with this little gem of a sedan. Drive one and you'll really understand what they mean when they say, "performance car." Another hint is the addition of the turbo charger.

Throughout the US, and more particularly in the Pacific Northwest and eastward in the Northern states, used Subaru SUVs, compacts and wagons are quite popular due to their all-wheel drive and exceptional performance in wet conditions. Their overall good looks and affordable price make a used Subaru a good choice no matter where you are.

Popular Subaru cars for sale include:

  • Used Subaru Legacy - This mid-size car is available as a sedan or wagon and has been around for decades, making the used car market rife with good deals on this surprisingly good-looking vehicle.
  • Used Subaru Impreza WRX - Also available as a four-door wagon or sedan this turbo-charged rocket is a rally-car favorite that is equally fun to drive on the sedate streets of Anytown USA. Its racy styling is sure to turn heads. They just don't have to know how little you paid for it.
  • Used Subaru Forester - When it comes to high headroom and overall interior space, this SUV (which started life as a wagon) can stand shoulder to shoulder with it more expensive competition. Compromises are few and far between, and if absolutely must have more power, look into the XT model. There's that turbocharger thing, again. currently has 15,205 Subaru models in our inventory. Select a model to learn more or use the form below to find a used Subaru near you!

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