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A victim of the economic downturn, Pontiac drew its last breaths in 2009 with the last new Pontiacs selling in 2010. This was sad news for new car buyers but great news for used car buyers today looking for a great deal on a used Pontiac. There is a perception within the field of current owners that parts and service are or will be hard to come by so they are selling at below market prices. What they are missing is that this subsidiary of General Motors (GM) shares a great deal DNA with its counterparts at Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC. That means service and parts for a used Pontiac will be available for years into the future.

Buyers interested in a used Chevrolet may want to consider buying a used Pontiac given the increasing delta in prices. And, because Pontiacs tend to be a little sportier in appearance, they will only look more expensive. Take a used Solstice for example. It was a smash hit for Pontiac in its four-year production run, ending in 2009. Clean examples of this used roadster with less than 25k on the clock can often be had for under $20k. The convertible used Pontiac G6 is another sporty option that is plain and simple, a sexy looking car.

When looking at a used Pontiac for sale, note the split grille, sloped body and aerodynamic styling, then remind yourself you are looking at a used Pontiac G5, a very practical and well-built coupe that delivers a fun ride and great gas mileage. Or, maybe you are looking at a used Pontiac Vibe - and it's a wagon! (By the way, it has a twin called a used Toyota Matrix.)

Popular used Pontiac cars for sale include:

  • Used Pontiac G6 - This mid-size car came out in 2004 is probably one of the more conservatively styled, yet well appointed used Pontiac cars out there. Many are equipped with a remote start system and panoramic sunroof.
  • Used Pontiac Vibe - The used Vibe is a good vibe car. It is a compact hatchback resulting from a joint venture between GM and Toyota. Short, but tall, Pontiac targeted this hatchback at younger buyers.
  • Used Pontiac Grand Prix - First brought in as a full-size model a million years ago, recent used Grand Prix cars are now a mid-size sedan that still hold onto the concept the good is good, sporty is better. Think of it as a great ride that is generally adult-owned. currently has 322 Pontiac models in our inventory. Select a model to learn more or use the form below to find a used Pontiac near you!

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