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As one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world (and the second largest in Japan, behind Toyota and ahead of Honda) Nissan continues to deliver well-mannered, well-designed cars that are widely available to car buyers looking for a used car for sale. Used Nissan cars are available across the spectrum of types from subcompact (the used Nissan Versa) to full-size (the used Nissan Maxima). In-between, Nissan covers the compact and sports markets as well, with great values on the used Nissan Altima and 350Z (370Z too!). High MPG used Nissan hybrid models are available as well.

In addition, the automaker delivers a plethora of truck types and styles, including the compact crossover, Nissan Rouge and the mid-size crossover, Nissan Murano. There are four sizes of SUVs as well ranging from the Nissan Juke mini SUV to the Nissan Armada, full-size SUV. Going back to the mid-1980s, there are great deals to be had on a used Nissan Pathfinder which started life much like a two-door truck and has evolved into the mid-size four-door SUV of today.

Grabbing a piece of the past and slingshotting it into the future, Nissan took its venerable "Z-car" (e.g., the famous 1970-78 Datsun 240Z, 260Z and 280Z) and re-engineered it in its release as the Nissan 350Z. You have to love a sports car whose trim level packages names include Enthusiast, Performance, Touring and Track.

Popular Used Nissan Cars for Sale include:

  • Used Nissan Maxima - Used car buyers looking for sport (Maxima SE) and luxury (Maxima SL) can stop right here. Now into seven generations, used Maxima cars continue to deliver a great ride and a lot of power, ranging from 265 to 290 hp, depending on the engine type.
  • Used Nissan Xterra - Just the look of this compact SUV screams "rugged!" Originally, in 2000, Nissan marketed this SUV to the adventurous, outdoor-oriented consumer. Over the years, Nissan has softened the edges, but not the heart of this very capable, yet comfortable on-road/off-road vehicle.
  • Used Nissan Altima - Don't confuse practical with dull for this innovative used car offering. Recent model years include "push-button start", Bluetooth and a parking camera. Plus, how many cup-holders do you need? Will nine do? You bet. Three of them are hidden for when you only need six! currently has 32,766 Nissan models in our inventory. Select a model to learn more or use the form below to find a used Nissan near you!

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