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For years and years and years, ads for certain cars could be found at your "local Ford, Lincoln-Mercury dealer. Not anymore. Today it is either your Ford or your Ford/Lincoln dealer as the Ford Motor company phased out the Mercury brand as of the beginning of 2011. But as the saying goes, "when one door closes, another opens." This could not be truer than for buyers looking for a deal on a used Mercury. As with the demise of General Motor's Pontiac brand, there is a perception within the field of Mercury owners that service or parts will be difficult to obtain. This makes them more willing to sell at below market prices. The reality is, however, that because Mercury cars are essentially Ford vehicles at heart, service and parts for a used Mercury will be around for quite awhile.

Therefore, when shopping for a used car, one might want to look over at the Mercury vehicles on the market, especially if you are considering a used Ford or used Lincoln. For example, consider a used Mercury Mariner SUV. This crossover SUV is a Ford Escape at heart - but it's a more stylish, higher end used SUV than its brother Ford. The last ones rolled off the assembly line in late 2010 so there are many lightly used Mariners out there at great prices compared to when they were new. Basically, Mercury cars and SUVs are Ford cars and SUVs with styling and design cues that say "upscale" and often have a European flair, while retaining their American soul. Interestingly though, a used Mercury car often will be in the same price range as its Ford counterparts.

It might seem that Ford was duplicating its efforts, but a closer examination of its strategy shows that the company kept a tight rein on the Mercury line up, focusing it on a select few SUVs and sedans as opposed to attempting to cover the entire gambit of automotive market segments. This allowed Ford to test and fill these market niches with offerings that met specific goals for ride, comfort and style without the tooling and re-tooling costs associated with offering separate designs and models. The result is upscale offerings of certain car types without the associated upscale pricing.

Popular used Mercury vehicles include:

  • Used Mercury Mountaineer - This dressed up and ready to go out on the town "Ford Explorer" is actually closer to a used Lincoln Aviator. Look for a swanky voice controlled navigation system on later models that also includes traffic monitoring and gas price updates.
  • Used Mercury Milan - Except for the nameplate, upgrades, suspension tweaks, and overall styling, this is a Ford Fusion. Consider it an entry-level used Mercury sedan with multiple personalities (six trim packages) to make a perfect fit based on what you want. Some variants come with all-wheel-drive.
  • Used Mercury Grand Marquis - This high-end, full-size sedan took the top spot in the Mercury line up. It's basically a twin to the ever-popular Ford Crown Victoria and Lincoln Town Car. It is/was a true American full-size car. currently has 190 Mercury models in our inventory. Select a model to learn more or use the form below to find a used Mercury near you!

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