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Used car buyers seeking a used luxury vehicle will generally have three brands in mind and it's a good bet one of them will be Mercedes-Benz (a.k.a. simply, Mercedes). Over the last several years, Mercedes-Benz cars enjoyed a continuum of increases in quality rankings. However, as with any luxury brand car, even with high quality ratings, the drop off in price in first few years of ownership tends to be pretty steep. This isn't so good for the original owner, but it makes for a much more affordable luxury car experience for the used car shopper, especially when they are looking for a Certified Used Mercedes-Benz.

Finding the perfect used Mercedes-Benz is like trying to find the perfect flavor of ice cream. They are all good, and it just depends on whom you ask and what you like. Shoppers looking for a used Mercedes coupe will want to check out the C-Class in its exotic, luxury and compact forms. The sleek and sexy used S-Class has a very recognizable sloped front end. Families looking for a good used Mercedes-Benz SUV will likely lean toward the GL-Class (considered by many to be a slightly stretched out version of the M-Class, another great used Mercedes SUV).

Again, it's hard to say which is best or perfect. Used car shoppers looking for a sporty-type car, but need the room of an SUV (surprisingly, not an oxymoron) will opt for the R-Class, which Mercedes-Benz calls a Multi-Purpose-Vehicle (MPV), but which many people will call a van or wagon.

Popular used Mercedes-Benz vehicles include:

  • Used Mercedes-Benz S-Class - If you follow back the German translation of how Mercedes came up with the name S-Class, it translates into, "In a class of its own." Sweet. Think of it as a four-door version of a Mercedes-Benz limousine (which it is).
  • Used Mercedes-Benz M-Class - This luxury SUV fits in, size-wise, below the GL-Class, full-size crossover SUV, but bigger than the GLK-Class, a compact luxury SUV. Introduced in the late 90s, sales momentum for the ML-Class continues to grow, meaning shoppers can make a good deal on the growing selection of used M-Class SUVs.
  • Used Mercedes-Benz E-Class - They call this an "executive size car." What most people care about is that the E-Class has killer styling; great safety features and is available as a sedan, coupe, convertible or wagon. In other words, a used E-Class competes directly with a used BMW 5-Series. currently has 14,355 Mercedes-Benz models in our inventory. Select a model to learn more or use the form below to find a used Mercedes-Benz near you!

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