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While a used Lincoln may stoke the passions of those who love leather, wood trim and big engines, this American car manufacturer has one foot firmly planted in today's car market. Used car buyers looking for that luxury experience but not at a luxury price will be interested in more recent offerings such as a used Lincoln LS, used Lincoln Aviator or used Lincoln Zephyr, all of which keep with the tradition of a Lincoln, but tend to be a bit smaller than its past offerings.

That's not to say a full-size Lincoln Navigator SUV or Lincoln Town Car is out of the question, price-wise. Buyers can find a great deal on a used Lincoln no matter what the size of the vehicle. Being more luxury-oriented than its Ford cousin, prices tend to depreciate a little more quickly with this brand.

A used Lincoln makes for a cool car to own. Take the Lincoln LS for example. Front wheels are for steering. Rear wheels are for delivering power from the big V-8 up front to the ground below. So, even though this mid-size sedan works well as a business or family car, it is plain 'ol fun to drive. More recently, Lincoln put out the MKX crossover SUV which offers the SUV experience but with a gas-saving V-6 engine and two-wheel drive. Used car buyers considering a used Audi or used Acura, may want to consider a used Lincoln as a lower-cost way to get into a similar luxury vehicle.

Popular used Lincoln cars include:

  • Used Lincoln Navigator - This great big, full-size SUV is a favorite among horse, boat and RV trailer owners for the towing capabilities built into what is arguably one of the most luxury-oriented "off road" vehicles on the market - even if few or any actually go off-road. Prices on a used Lincoln Navigator can be quite affordable.
  • Used Lincoln MKX - So you want a lot of interior room in a mid-size SUV crossover, but you find something like a used Ford Edge just a bit plain for your tastes, what can you do? Simple, get yourself into a used MKX - it's the luxury version of the Ford, plus it has the style and lines of a Lincoln. What's not to like?
  • Used Lincoln Town Car - There's a reason this full-size luxury sedan has been around for three decades. It meets a particular need for a comfortable, well designed, high-quality ride, which Forbes magazine found to be one of the safest cars in America. currently has 8,679 Lincoln models in our inventory. Select a model to learn more or use the form below to find a used Lincoln near you!

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