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One look and there is no mistaking a Land Rover for anything other than an off-road vehicle. They are designed from the ground up to take on what Mother Nature has to offer for back road trails and four-wheel-drive-only roads. And yet, luxury and comfort, attributes typically not associated with an off-road vehicle go hand in hand with a used Land Rover. Car buyers looking to go off-road while keeping themselves in luxury will find a great deal on a used Land Rover, as this brand tends to drop in price quickly once it moves off the car dealer's lot.

Even as the years move on, the style of a Land Rover tends to stay pretty much the same with only minor cosmetic changes over the years, making a used Land Rover look similar if not exactly the same as a new Land Rover - without the hefty price. The benefit being, much like a BMW, the Land Rover has a certain class and style for its market segment that stays with it even as the years pass.

Recognizing that not all off-roaders will want the size and bulk of a used Range Rover or Land Rover Discovery, (or plan to go off-road for that matter) the manufacturer also offers the slightly smaller LR2 and LR3, which still provides the option of hitting the trails, but also works a bit better for when city driving time exceeds open road time.

Popular used Land Rover vehicles include:

  • Used Land Rover Range Rover Sport - Clearly targeted at the luxury SUV market segment, buyers looking at a used Porsche Cayenne or used BMW X5 will find much to like with the used Range Rover Sport. Depending on which engine package is onboard, will find this SUV goes really quick, or really, really quick.
  • Used Land Rover LR2 - With the V6 under the hood, this boxy, yet stylish luxury SUV delivers decent mileage while retaining enough power to get the job done. Smaller than its bigger bothers the Range Rover and Discovery, the LR2 manages to look modern and classic Land Rover at the same time.
  • Used Land Rover LR3 - A few years ago (about the mid-2000s) the executives at Land Rover looked around and said, "Look at all of these mid-size SUVs, let's make one, but make it a bit better than what's out there." Enter the LR3. It delivers comfort and power with a lot of room for passengers and cargo. currently has 3,581 Land Rover models in our inventory. Select a model to learn more or use the form below to find a used Land Rover near you!

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