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Rugged and off-road are as common of a phrase with regard to a used Jeep for sale as pretty is to a beauty pageant winner. However, Jeep has never tried to compete on looks and that's a good thing. When your emphasis is on your vehicle's off-road abilities, you're not spending development time and dollars on pretty, you're spending them on strength and durability. And yet.there is something about a traditional used Jeep like the Wrangler or the newer, yet equally sound SUV like a used Grand Cherokee that just looks good.

Used Jeep buyers tend to fall into one of two camps, an off-road enthusiast or a family of off-road enthusiasts. Basically, you're looking at a lifestyle that leans toward outdoors and active. Whether it is a trip to the ski lodge or down to the lake, Jeep will get you there and back.

The question becomes, how do you want to get there, in a used Jeep Wrangler, a used Jeep Grand Cherokee or a used Jeep Liberty (among others)? These on-road/off-road vehicles are fun to drive while offering real-world performance and even a bit of luxury, depending on the options available.

Popular used Jeep cars include:

  • Used Jeep Wrangler - When you picture the quintessential Jeep, you picture this one. Basically a compact four-wheel-drive SUV, buyers can find a used Jeep Wrangler in a number of configurations that may include a soft top or hard top body.
  • Used Jeep Grand Cherokee - This mid-size SUV delivers off-road capabilities while keeping the occupants comfortable for on-road performance. Additionally, the body construction features a network of steel beams, rails and pillars that forms a "safety cage" around the vehicle's occupants for safety.
  • Used Jeep Liberty - Another compact SUV, just not as compact as the Wrangler, buyers can find a used Jeep Liberty from the model 2002 year forward. It too uses the safety- and strength-oriented body construction of the Grand Cherokee. currently has 45,326 Jeep models in our inventory. Select a model to learn more or use the form below to find a used Jeep near you!

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