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This British luxury car company will be 90-years-old in 2012, but among used car buyers it is best known for its modern "works of art" including its flagship offering, the Jaguar XJ. Its sleek lines and attention to detail help keep the appeal up on a used Jaguar, but with all things moving from the new to used category, prices for these high-end used Jaguar cars can drop precipitously as they get a couple to a few years behind them.

For example, the MSRP on a new 2012 Jaguar XK might range from $84,500 to $132,000 depending on the trim package offered. However, subtract a few years from the current model offering and one might find a used Jaguar XK under $15k (probably a 2000-year model) to around $40k for a 2007-2008 model. Of course, for any used car, a potential buyer must consider the car's condition and mileage.

Unlike many luxury brands, there is no mistaking a used Jaguar for a used Mercedes, used Infiniti or used Lexus. A used Jaguar XJ, used Jaguar XF and a used Jaguar XK all look different, but they are all unmistakably, a Jaguar, sleek, powerful and sexy. Used car buyers looking for a used luxury car that stands out yet stands alone will enjoy the ride, power and elegance of a used Jaguar.

Popular used Jaguar cars for sale include:

  • Used Jaguar XF - This mid-size executive car replaces the used Jaguar S-Type (still a very popular used Jaguar) in the Jaguar line-up as of the 2008 model year. This award-winning car is available in a number of gas and diesel type engines. It is one of the few luxury cars on the market that can claim residence in both the mid-size luxury and sports sedan categories.
  • Used Jaguar S-Type - Replaced by the used Jaguar XF in 2008, this popular four-door sedan lives and plays well with its cousins in the sports car category offering as much as 400 hp in its 4.2 liter V8 supercharged engine edition.
  • Used Jaguar XK - The Jaguar XK and XKR are head-turning, wicked cool cars. Available in hard top and convertible versions, the used XK shares some style and panache with the Aston Martin DB7 and Vanquish if not directly, indirectly by virtue of having the same designer, Ian Callum. currently has 1,064 Jaguar models in our inventory. Select a model to learn more or use the form below to find a used Jaguar near you!

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