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Used car buyers do not have to choose price over quality when they consider buying a used Hyundai car. This Korean automotive manufacturer recognized quickly that car buyers in the U.S. want a great deal on a used car, but were not willing to sacrifice quality to get it. In early 2000s, Hyundai started investing heavily in manufacturing, design and long-term viability (read: quality) of its offerings. Buyers looking for a used Hyundai should take notice of the company's "Hyundai Challenge" warranty, offering service and repair for ten years or 100,000 miles on the powertrain. You can't offer that, and stay in business, if you don't produce a quality product.

While it is true Hyundai holds its costs down by focusing more on delivering a basic car than on a well-equipped one, again, it delivers a quality one. Still, one need not expect a bare-bones econo-box vehicle either. There are great deals to be had on a used Hyundai Veracruz or a used Hyundai Santa Fe without giving up comforts like having an adjustable steering wheel, air conditioning or anti-lock brakes. These used Hyundai SUVs may also be available with a premium sound system, premium wheels and traction/stability control. Don't forget about the used Hyundai Sonata, Elantra or Accent sedan for great gas mileage as well.

Popular used Hyundai cars for sale include:

  • Used Hyundai Sonata - Look, out on the road, it's a used Honda Accord! No, it's a used Toyota Camry! No! It's a used Hyundai Sonata! This mid-size sedan feels like a full-size car on the inside. One does not race a Sonata, but one does enjoy its looks and excellent MPG.
  • Used Hyundai Elantra - Again with the great gas mileage! This snappy looking little car gets better looking with every release. When you can get a Used Elantra with heated mirrors, independent suspension, keyless entry, MP3, etc., how come you can still get them for so little? Nice.
  • Used Hyundai Tucson - This crossover SUV thinks it's a car, easy to drive, easy to park, while at the same time offering the spaciousness and advantages of an all-wheel drive sports utility vehicle. Except for the price, it's easy to confuse a used Tucson for a used Lexus 350. currently has 24,195 Hyundai models in our inventory. Select a model to learn more or use the form below to find a used Hyundai near you!

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