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Whether you are looking for a way to drive down the road or down into a gully - and drive back out - there may be no more iconic four-wheel-drive vehicle today than the Hummer. Today only used Hummer SUVs are available as General Motors closed down the brand and rolled the last Hummer H3 off the production line in May 2010. While it is arguable that the original army Jeep is the iconic 4x4, there is a whole generation of drivers out there who have heard of the Jeep, but know about the Hummer H1, H2 and H3. The Hummer H1 is the publicly available version of the military grade Humvee.

Rugged and tough, powerful and strong makes finding a used Hummer for sale a good choice for getting off-road with the confidence to scale the most technical rocky slopes, slosh through trenches of mud, traverse uneven terrain, ford rivers and hop back up onto the road for the trip home. And, in a used Hummer H2 truck you can do it in comfort with the amenities that weren't typically found in the military version, which may include air conditioning, an anti-theft system, CD player, heated seats and an integrated garage door opener to name but a few.

Appealing to a more cost-conscience buyer, the used Hummer H3 is a slightly smaller, less expensive version of the used Hummer H2, both of which GM made in SUV and pickup truck designs.

Available used Hummer SUVs:

  • Used Hummer H1 - This is the big bad boy original Humvee for the public. It rides high and wide. Ask yourself, why did the military like this for the troops and you'll know why you'll like it for anything that involves driving over anything.
  • Used Hummer H2 - GM recognized that the H1 was pure muscle, but that there was also a market for muscle that treats the occupants to a smoother ride with luxury amenities. It's almost an H1, but the used Hummer H2 only trades a little bit of might for a big return in comfort.
  • Used Hummer H3 - It pretty much looks like an H2, which looks like and H1, but this used Hummer does a minor trade-off in the other direction, offering a slightly smaller version at a reduce price. currently has 292 Hummer models in our inventory. Select a model to learn more or use the form below to find a used Hummer near you!

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