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In the very early 1900s, Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, figured he could do a lot better than his competitors if he could find a way to build a car his own workers could afford...long story short, he implemented the first large-scale manufacturing assembly line. (He also paid his workers well, but that's another story.)

Now the second largest automaker in the U.S., Ford is number five in the world and used Ford cars, especially used Ford Trucks (the Ford F-150 is one of the world's best selling trucks, year after year) are bountiful. Also, shoppers looking for a used Ford SUV or Ford Escape Hybrid will find plenty from which to choose. Not only will a used Ford hybrid perform as a good as other SUVs in its market, it will use less gas doing it!

Probably, one of the most popular used Ford cars is the used Ford Mustang (even the new one is retro-cool). While the history of the Ford Mustang is long and storied, the Ford Motor company continues to design and build cars that meet the demands of today's drivers who want a compact car like the used Ford Focus, a midsize used car like the Ford Fusion or a full-size car like the used Ford Taurus.

Used Ford Top Sellers:

  • Used Ford Explorer - This full-size SUV crossover replaces the slightly smaller Ford Bronco II. Used Ford Explorers are available across North America and Ford even makes a special version for law enforcement agencies, fire departments and EMS agencies.
  • Used Ford Mustang - What can you say about a used Ford Mustang that hasn't been said? Cool? Super Cool? Amazingly Cool? Yeah, that works. The thing is, a 2005 used Ford Mustang (the year they "retro'ed" the design) looks as great as the muscle cars of the 1960s and 1970s. Don't believe it? Ask yourself why did Chevrolet bring back the Camaro? Why did Dodge bring back the Charger?
  • Used Ford F-150 - By far the most popular of Ford's F-Series truck line is the Ford F-150 full-size pickup truck. People interested in its siblings, a used Ford F-250 or used Ford F-350 will find these in Ford's Super Duty series. As used Ford trucks go, this one is popular, plentiful and a winner. currently has 126,232 Ford models in our inventory. Select a model to learn more or use the form below to find a used Ford near you!

Ford Edge (9330)
Ford Escape (14602)
Ford F-150 (32486)
Ford F-250 (6842)
Ford F-350 (5053)
Ford Flex (818)
Ford Focus (2080)

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