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When you consider how long the Dodge brand has been around (founded in 1900, started making vehicles in 1914), it's easy to find a used Dodge car or truck for sale. Used Dodge cars and Dodge trucks like the used Dodge Charger or a used Dodge Ram 1500 truck make up a large segment of the overall secondhand market.

In fact, when Dodge released the "big-rig" styled Ram truck in 1994, it sent shockwaves through the used truck market, and for the first time Ford Motor Company started looking over its shoulder as the Dodge Ram 1500 and 2500 started eating into sales of its market leading Ford F-Series trucks. Used car buyers were now buying used Ram trucks when previously they only considered a used Ford F-150.

Over the last few years, used car buyers have plenty of great used Dodge cars and vans from which to choose. A used Dodge Neon delivers a solid ride in either first or second generation offerings of this compact, front wheel drive car. Replaced by the five-door hatchback, Dodge Caliber, this compact car is nearly a wagon, nearly a crossover.

There are many used Dodge vehicles on the market.

  • Ram 1500 - as mentioned, this tough-looking, full-size pickup reminds one a big-rig commercial truck. But it delivers much more than good looks. When Dodge delivered the re-designed truck, it re-vamped the interior as well, with controls that can be adjusted even with work gloves on. Smart.
  • Used Dodge Durango - Dodge basically created a new market segment with the original, not quite a full-size SUV (e.g., Chevrolet Tahoe) yet bigger than smaller SUV (e.g., Ford Explorer) SUV. Used Dodge Durango vary slightly in size, but remain a quality buy.
  • Used Dodge Charger - This rear-wheel drive full-size sedan is continues the Dodge Charger line that started in the mid 1960s. It appears that Dodge dipped into the same bucket of cool that Ford used when it re-introduced the Ford Mustang. Technically not a "sports" model like a used Dodge Challenger, it somehow has pulled that look into its sedan category. currently has 16,551 Dodge models in our inventory. Select a model to learn more or use the form below to find a used Dodge near you!

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