Used Audi


Audi cars are much sought after in the used car marketplace but you might be thinking that buying a luxury Audi is only for the wealthy? Not true, a used Audi can actually cost you less over the long term than your basic mass market car like a Ford or Chevrolet.

A used Audi car just looks cool and they have good fuel economy.

Some of the more popular used Audi models are:

  • Used Audi A3 - The Audi A3 is a small hatchback which has been produced since 1996. It is available in two engines, a 4 or 6 cylinder. The A3 has been a huge success for Audi because of its sporty look and feel and beautiful style.
  • Used Audi A6 - The Audi A6 sets the standard in a high quality car. The A6 is available in two body syles, a sedan and wagon. The Audi A6 won't be a disappointment. You'll probably smile every time you drive it. currently has 9,003 Audi models in our inventory. Select a model to learn more or use the form below to find a used Audi near you!

Audi A3 (500)
Audi A4 (1080)
Audi A5 (655)
Audi A6 (596)
Audi A7 (188)
Audi A8 (195)
Audi Q3 (746)
Audi Q5 (2218)
Audi Q7 (1073)
Audi Q8 (288)
Audi R8 (39)
Audi S3 (45)
Audi S4 (135)
Audi S5 (236)
Audi S6 (55)
Audi S7 (39)
Audi S8 (31)
Audi SQ5 (308)
Audi TT (108)

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