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You can sense the difference from 10 paces away. The uninspiring styling we've come to expect on the Toyota Camry has been replaced with lines that are bold and athletic. That's because the new 2018 Toyota Camry is longer, lower and wider, a move that gave the designers a better proportioned canvas to work with.

But lower doesn't mean reduced headroom and reduced visibility, because the seats, hood and side glass have dropped a similar amount. In fact, we figure that interior space has actually been enhanced because the new Camry's wheelbase has been stretched a full 1.9 inches. No interior dimensions have been released, but we expect rear legroom to be the prime beneficiary.

Much of the credit goes to the stiffer platform and its double-wishbone rear suspension, the key element that makes this Camry different from any produced in the last 30-plus years. Past Camrys relied on a rear strut suspension because of its low cost. But rear struts are bulky and compete for space with the backseat and trunk.

The more sophisticated rear suspension was recently used on the Toyota Prius, and the positive effects on that car's ride comfort, road noise, handling and even steering feel were substantial. The new 2018 Camry stands a good chance of being simultaneously more comfortable, quieter and more engaging to drive than ever before, which would almost certainly broaden its already strong following.

As before, there will be three powertrain choices, all of which are either new or significantly revised. The all-new 2.5-liter four-cylinder base engine should make around 200 horsepower, while the optional 3.5-liter V6 was only recently unveiled in the Highlander, where it makes 296 hp. Both come paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission that is also making its first appearance in the Camry.

The Camry hybrid is the third powertrain option, and it pairs the 2.5-liter four with a next-generation version of the Toyota Hybrid System (THS II). It employs dual electric motors to regulate its continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT), but this year it gains a Sport mode with the added ability to simulate the shift points of a six-speed sequential automatic transmission, with paddle shifters available on the sport trim levels.

Fuel economy data has not been released for any of them, but Toyota claims that the Camry hybrid and the 2.5-liter four-cylinder with the eight-speed automatic will offer best-in-class mpg ratings. The V6 should be at or near the top of its competitive set, too.

Most specifications are still being withheld, but we do know that the 2018 Camry will be offered in the familiar LE, XLE, SE and XSE trim levels. And all will come standard with the 10 airbags, a revised Entune 3.0 multimedia interface, and the Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS-P) suite of active safety gear that includes forward collision warning, automated emergency braking, full speed-range adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and mitigation, and automatic high-beam headlight control.

Pricing has not been announced, and Toyota has nothing specific to say about the 2018 Camry release date other than it will arrive in dealer showrooms in late summer 2017.

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2018 Toyota Camry

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By PaulC on February 11 @ 5:09 am
Surpassed expectations.
Compared to the 2015-17 Camry's I found the seats of the 2018 noticably softer, better shaped, more comfortable. Engine pep of the 4 cyl around town felt about the same as the 2015-17’s and the 8 speed transmission of the 2018 is busier than the 6 speed in the 2015-17's, but the gaps between gears are so small that the driver barely notices the shifts, hence they are not particularly irritating. Road and tire noise at low - moderate speeds is similar to the 2015-17 models, but above 50 MPH the 2018 seems quieter plus there’s less body vibration in the 2018 which makes for a more peaceful and serene, lower fatigue highway driving experience. Steering feel and directional stability on the highway were good on the 2015-17 models, but are outstandingly good on the 2018, which is another factor that make the 2018’s more pleasant to drive. There were zero squeaks and rattles on the 2018 LE I drove - impressive for an all new design. Interior of the 2018 feels a little smaller, but space is still adequate. Entry and exit is a little harder on the 2018 due to the 1 inch lower roof and seat height. Overall I really liked the 2018 as it manages to simultaneously feel sportier and more nimble yet with improved ride and seat comfort and the highway ride in particular is noticably calmer, quieter and more serene than the 2015-17 4 cylinder.

By Alan D. on April 3 @ 3:47 pm
I only sat in the 2018 SE
I have long legs. I sat in a 2018 SE and was pleased to find a little more front legroom than in my 2015 SE. Take it for a test drive on a coarse road to determine if road noise is considerably quieter than in the previous model. Be aware that new tires are quieter than tires with 30k miles on them. My 2015 SE is a little noisy on coarse roads, but not as bad as an Accord or Mazda 6. I don't really mind that, but have been in vehicles with a little less road noise. Other than that, if the 2015-2017 SE handles well enough for you, you may want to consider the 2018 LE for its smoother, quieter ride. You may prefer its lighter steering if you found the steering a bit heavier than preferred in the 2015-2017 SE. If you prefer better handling and a heavier steering feel, the SE and XSE may be your cup of tea. Of course, looks, standard features, and available options will matter.

By Keena on September 5 @ 7:18 pm
Sexy car
You have several choices and packages for the 2018 Camry. I had a 06 previously. After seeing the re-designed 2018's. I knew I had to have one. The Rav 4 was up for the running. But my SE is soo sleek and sexy, I got it off the show room floor. I wanted a sunroof but didn't want the price. But this one works good for my needs. It sits low kinda between a sedan and a sports car. Acceleration is great it has S for the sports mode gearshift. Audio is great, also lane assist, auto high beam lights. I love my new car.

By Ryan on July 29 @ 11:26 pm
2018 Camry SE Thoughts
I recently purchased this car last month and it has been wonderful. The transmission can be a bit jumpy if you are too quick on the gas upon take off as it hunts to find the right gear (being an 8 speed auto), other than that the gearing has been really smooth. I love the style of the SE (mine is black so it hides those black plastic fins well) and the overall layout. With only 700 miles, I can't comment on long-term reliability but I expect it to be great being a Toyota. Gas mileage has been 25.3 mpg. combined so far and I only expect that number to increase. I love all the safety features including radar cruise and auto high-beams along with RCTA and BSM. For those of you looking at the panoramic sunroof, I wasn't that impressed as it only leaves a 12 inch or less opening if you are actually wanting to open the sunroof. So far the ride and handling has been great on the new TNGA platform and I hope to have this Camry for many trouble-free years to come.

By Kelly L. on September 1 @ 2:42 pm
First time buying a Toyota
Drove multiple Toyotas and was sold quickly after driving the 2018 SE Camry. Handles well, easy to use functions, and looks sharp.

By Jason H on December 7 @ 9:11 am
TNGA Platform is wonderful
Purchased a XSE V6 (after considering Lexus ES, Audi S and BWM 4). The pictures do the car no justice-this is a beautiful looking vehicle in person. As such, I've gotten quite a few stares and inquiries as people try to figure out what kind of car it is, and there is a healthy dose of incredulity when I tell them its a Camry. And that's just the exterior. I have the Cockpit Red interior and it really sets the car off-it's WELL DONE. And it fits me well at 6'/280#, I'm as comfortable in this as I was in my 2008 Toyota Avalon XLS. I agree with the editorial review about the technology layout and functionality, and concur that the interior storage space is on the anemic side. The engine has just enough power to motivate you wherever you need to go when you need to get there without being petro-hungry. The 8-speed transmission will take some getting use to, and the handling and ride quality are great, what you would expect with 19" wheels with VR-rated rubber. The engine and exterior noise complaints aren't really an issue when the JBL Premium audio is on, so unless you are driving in silence, you won't notice it. Overall, I give the 2018 Toyota Camry XSE V6 a solid 4-star rating.

By Michelle on September 10 @ 8:26 am
Love my Camry!
I few weeks ago I got a new 2018 Toyota Camry SE from a 2012 Camry XLE. I didn't think I would love the new Camry as much as I did my 2012, boy was I wrong. I would say if my dealership had the XSE I would of bought it, but I really didn't need it. However, the SE is just as amazing as the XSE and a few thousand cheaper. The ride itself is much smoother than my 2012. I was a bit bumbed no fog lights, but you don't need them with the auto high beam, which is super cool! Although dual climate control isn't required in my case, you would think it would be standard in a Camry. However, the blind spot monitoring, the radar cruise control and back up camera definitely outweigh the negative of no dual climate control. The radar cruise control is so cool. I still got my sunroof! I was disappointed the illuminated door sills could not be installed since Toyota did not add an electrical plug to connect to. So if you want this, it needs to be pre-installed as an option. I am at least able to upgrade from the black to the standard Camry. I am 5 foot and my husband is 6 foot, so the seat adjustment needed to be comfortable for both of us. This car is definitely comfortable for the both of us and is super soft! The layout takes some getting use too from the 2012. The entertainment system does not come with a CD player which is fine. As long as my Bluetooth works we are all good. Trunk space and access is amazing. Since I am short it is designed where I can actually reach stuff in the back of my trunk. Now, cleaning the inside back bottom part of the window, yeah impossible for me to reach. I will have to get creative or have someone with longer arms to clean it. I really like the way the back window is angled just cleaning will be hard. This care does have some bells and whistles that are great and convenient. The bottom line was the look of the SE, the comfort, drive, safety, color both inside and out, sun roof and Bluetooth. Everything else is a bonus. I do have to say gas mileage so far ranges from 25-35 but I only have 600 miles so far. Cruise control I get the best gas mileage. Overall, I am very impressed. I do get people staring at me, probably trying to figure out what it is. Lol. There was nothing wrong with my 2012 with 64,500 miles on it. My daughter needed to get out of her car so we did a trade 2 for 1. Worked in my favor because I get a new Camry.

By Tom on January 2 @ 4:03 pm
The dealership is the deciding factor
Following a bad experience with a large dealership in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I began a search from Oklahoma City to Kansas City, Mo areas. After talking with many dealerships, I contacted Jakob Brownlow at Reliable Toyota in Springfield, Missouri on a Monday. Jakob was very courteous, very professional, and knowledgeable. Within a short time, he located a vehicle at another dealership that matched my specifications and sent me a spec sheet for review. He stayed over to receive my deposit and secure that particular vehicle. Two days later, he called and told me my vehicle was ready for pick up. Mike Casey, sales manager, assisted Jakob with a smooth transaction. Tom Gray, financial sales advisor, completed paperwork for my Toyota Loyalty rebate. The team at Reliable Toyota went above and beyond what I had received from other dealerships. Reliable Toyota demonstrated the highest level of integrity and made this experience pleasurable. I recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a Toyota and will return there for my future automobile needs.

By Miracle Max on January 31 @ 2:41 am
Best in Class Mid-Size Sedan.
You can not put a price tag on your life. The Camry 2018 is the only sedan in its class that comes STANDARD with a Pre-Collision warning system and drivers safety aids. The ride is Extremely Smooth, the interior and exterior styling are mind-blowing. Camry went from being Boring and Bland to Jaw Dropping sexy. As for MPG and performance, I thought the needle was stuck on F for the first 3 days that I owned it or 125 Miles. The MPG you get get with the performance is bar-None. The 8-Speed transmission helps keep your RPMs very Low while cruising and when you need to accelerate it exploits all 203 Horsepower in the motor! Its not Fast compared to a V6 but for a 4 Cylinder it is extremely impressive. Everything works perfectly. Could not ask for a better Sedan.

By Brandon on May 6 @ 6:49 am
Great Car witha few overlooked items!
First off I am not brand specific. I have owned 1 Mercury, 1 Honda, 1 Hyundai, 1 Chevy, 1 Kia, 2 Nissans, and 3 Mazda's. This is my first Toyota. The car has great safety features that come standard including: Automatic braking with forward collision warning, radar cruise control, and lane keep assist. But something's seem to have been forgotten probably to save money because these features come standard. Such as no push button start, poor interior dome lighting, and poor interior storage. The front map lights do not come on with the doors open. And no there is no setting that can be turned on. Just the very dim rear dome light is all you have inside at night when entering. The dome light is a regular incandescent bulb where as every other light is a LED. It looks out of place. Some models do have these things but my SE model does not. Also I am slightly disappointed that the car only has one 12v power outlet and one usb connector. Should have more for a family sedan. The connected Navigation thru Scout GPS is okay at best. Android auto would have been better. The shifting is very smooth but clearly geared toward economy. It tries to shift very early keeping rpms too low for the four cylinder engine. You have to give the throttle pedal a good push too keep the rpms up while accelerating. I would have liked to see the transmission programmed for more sport in the SE and XSE models. Really my gripes are very minor and I love the car. Now for the stuff I like. Exterior looks are personal but I love it. I never considered a Camry before this model. This looks dare I say sporty. It also driver very good. Handling and road holding are very good. Mine has the 2.5 four cylinder and acceleration as more than adequate. On our recent trip to Panama city which is 850 miles round trip the car averaged 42 mpg for the trip. Very impressive. Seats are fantastic and the car rides very well. The LED headlight are amazing. By far the best headlights I have ever had. My cars color is Galactic Aqua which is very dark metallic blue. I have received several compliments already on the color. I wont get into every aspect but overall this a very good car. I feel a few tweaks to some of the interior and this would be a great car. I am loving driving it and overall I love it.

By Bestfortmyersrealestate.com on March 7 @ 3:36 am
Low Seats !
Seats low making it difficult to get in and out.

By KrisD3 on November 4 @ 4:35 pm
Beeps too Much
WOW!! Love the exterior of this car and it is a dream to drive. My only complaint is that it beeps too much especially when I am trying to get into my tiny one car garage. I agree with the Edmunds Review, "overly sensitive". It also happens if if the road curves just a bit and I am too close to the white line when driving. I think they should have used a soothing voice instead, saying something like "Driving too close to outside curve" but instead its this jarring beep. I end up talking to the car, and saying things like, yes I know the car is too close to the edge. Usually I just crank up the radio. Once I thought it moved itself to the center of the road, so i wasn't so close to the white line. I am wishing I had leased now so I could get something probably equally as annoying in three years, but maybe, by then it will be a smooth quiet voice rather than those annoying beeps!!! (I got the 2018 but on here, I had to type in 2017 as there is no button for it)

By Sarah R on December 11 @ 5:31 pm
love my 18
Traded in my 14 for the 18. Saw the new body style and fell in love. We went in to buy a 17 at low price with them trying to get rid of them for the end of season. After both my husband and I drove it, we both knew that the 18 was the way to go. Super easy to drive, comfortable seats, good handling. Still wont be driving it in the snow, as my husband is an loyal Subaru fan with the AWD. So we will be leaving the Camry in the garage in the winter and driving his Subaru. The Bluetooth in the Camry is great, super easy to set up. The cruise control is nice on highway trips, not having to keep adjusting the speed. I am in love with my 18 but can't wait to see what the 2022 is going to look it. We upgrade every 4 years, right now I wouldn't trade my 18 for anything.

By Scott on September 3 @ 10:52 pm
Good Car With Terrible Infotainment
I like the handling and performance of the car. The car is roomy for a mid-size and quite comfortable. The safety features are also very good. Unfortunately, the infotainment system is awful. Toyota has decided to develop its own system called Entune 3.0 rather than offering Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Obviously, Toyota is not a technology company. If I had it to do over again, I would not purchase a new Toyota until Android Auto and Apple Carplay are supported. I also have a 2017 VW with Android Auto and the difference is like night and day. Entune appears to be several years behind. Android Auto is MUCH easier to use and wil support many more apps. Problems so far with Entune 3.0: 1) Entune 3.0 doesn't seem to auto-start. I have to manually start Entune on my phone before it will connect to the car. This has to be done every time I get in the car and quickly becomes very frustrating. Android Auto will start automatically either by recognizing when the phone connects to the car's bluetooth or when the phone is plugged in to the car's USB port. 2) Entune doesn't support nearly as many apps as Android Auto. Specifically, it doesn't support the following apps, all fully supported by Android Auto: Google Maps, Waze, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Audible, Tunein Radio, as well as several messaging, audio book, and podcast apps. 3) Entune comes bundled with Scout for GPS navigation. Scout is not nearly as capable as either Google Maps or Waze. Initial routes take a long time then rerouting because of traffic or a missed turn frequenly fails. Also, the U.S. version of Scout doesn't support Canadian maps. I live in upstate NY and drive to Canada quite frequently. Both Waze and Google Maps seamlessly support driving in Canada. Toyota really needs to get its act together because Entune is just unacceptable. Maybe a good temporary solution would be to enable running Android Auto and Apple Carplay under Entune 3.0 until an update can be offered to current and future Toyota owners that supports Android Auto and Apple Carplay natively.

By Terry Bellomo on March 14 @ 3:00 pm
Cheaply made, poorly constructed, poor materials
I purchased this 2019 Camry XSE V6 because of the way it 'looked'. I had a 2008 XLE V6 that I loved, quiet, well made, wood dash and other wooden appointments, soft leather, solid closing doors, quick acceleration, just a very nice car. Then I purchased this 2018, thinking, that in 10 years since my 2008, it would be even more quality filled, quieter, well made, I was wrong. This is a sporty looking car, after that, looking closer, owning it, it is not. Cheaply made, with plastic 'hang on's in front and rear, even a plastic coin holder, that fell apart after 2 months of ownership. Given an opportunity, I would give it back. The doors sound tinny, the seats are hard as rocks, and not high enough to see out, (I'm only 5'4" tall), the transmission is clunky, not what you'd expect from an 8 speed. The still, 'mickey mouse' tilt and telescoping steering wheel, instead of a spring loaded one, it's still manual, awful. Paint drops on the inside of the trunk and right door, too much paint applied and not left to dry properly. Just not a Camry I expected when ordered. Cheaply made, poor quality materials used.

By Alex on October 27 @ 10:49 am
2018 Toyota Camry Brake noise.
I purchased 2018 Toyota Camry xle a month and a half ago. Overall I like the car. However, Two weeks ago started to have problems with brakes. When the car sits for more than 4 hours in the garage it starts to have brake noise when driving out of garage. Then the noise goes away. After not being driven for a couple of hours it does the same. Went to a dealer twice and was told that this is rust building on the rotors and causing initial brake noise. I was explained that this is because of the material of the rotors. And unless Toyota comes up with a new part, there is no solution. Frankly annoying that the brand new car does this noise!!! Toyota, please fix it asap. Thank you.

By Irwin Friedman on August 13 @ 8:32 am
Still the best value on the market....Great safety
My only disappointment is that Sirius/XM is not part of the standard radio. I had to purchase a Xm radio. I understand that in order to have XM, you must purchase a V-6 or order a 4 cyl with the XM radio as an option....very expensive.

By Bhaskar on October 6 @ 6:05 am
Camry is good but not Toyota
I have to say, Camry is good with updated dashboard and stylish outlook. But the toyota guys are not helpful once you purchased the car. They will come up with irrelevant reason for every issue. I had to call the Toyota since the Pre-collision system is not working in my new Toyota Camry 2018 SE which resulted in an accident, however they are not helpful and come up with some reason that Pre-collision system will not work in some scenarios which were not mentioned anywhere. Wont suggest any one to go for Toyota with this bad experience.

By Donna on March 16 @ 6:18 pm
Going home---
5 years away from a Camry, it was time to go home. Home to another Camry that is. Too early to give a "review" but for the last three weeks, I have enjoyed the comfortable ride, really good air conditioning and really really nice looking car. This is not the same Camry I purchased in 1999 and drove until 2013. I purchased the 4 cylinder and it has plenty of power. There is a lot of technology in the car that I will have to get accustomed to but I look forward to a long time to learn everything.

By Steve K. on July 29 @ 9:12 am
Technology Niightmare
Purchased 2018 XSE 4cyl. with all options two months ago. We had a 2016 XSE 4cyl. but thought it was just blah. The navigation system was simple and good but the upgrade stereo was terrible. Now in the 2018, the upgrade stereo is tremendous but the navigation, WIFi, remote start are all a technology nightmare. To think you pay $35k for a new car and you can’t use theses features.

By DisappointedOwner on July 1 @ 11:00 pm
How to ruin a great car
How to ruin a great car? Put the worst pos nav system in it and discriminate against people who don't have or want a smart phone. Seriously, not offering integrated nav as an option is the worst decision toyota has made. Everything else about the car is great but we like having nav that doesn't require two apps and then tells you to drive through a creek.

By Swaterhouse729@gmail.com on December 14 @ 2:40 pm
Best car I have ever had
I have had my 2018 XLE a little over a month. We have taken a number of road trips so far and love the car. The safety features are fantastic, and I especially like the radar cruise. We drove through some very windy conditions and it handled great. The seats are very comfortable for driving, as well as riding and there is plenty of leg room front and back.

By Dave on November 20 @ 3:04 am
Never Purchase Toyota again! Find out why
Just passed 1000 miles in this beast. Nothing but problems. My kia had no problems in 3 years. So far I have had multiple problems with my 2018 Camry. Today I was at Autonation Toyota in Fort Myers Florida. Total frustration at the dealership. Went there for 2 reasons. Yikes! 1 the Lane sensors have quit working. 2. the front sensor ceased to work. because of this failure went to far parking car. Over the concrete stopper I went. Tore up some plastic housing. Couldn't drive car. Went under the car in good clothes to fix it. A normal screwdriver did not fit to tighten. Finally fixed it, Kinda, so I could drive it. I bought a new car to avoid problems and that is all I have had. Never mind that Sirius wasn't installed and that added it on. Was told this was on the XLE. Don't buy this vehicle.

By De Morgan on December 30 @ 3:41 pm
Camry Questions Need Answers
I will be test driving the 2018 Camry XLE (4cy & V6). I really value Edmunds reviews. However, I'm noticing that they (as well as other car reviewers) are NOT giving us any valuable information when it comes to Audio Systems in these vehicles. Back in the 70's, 80's, & '90's that was not much of a concern because most manufacturers didn't use high end stereo systems in their vehicles, and most of us bought what we could afford then headed to the best Car Stereo Shop in town for an upgrade. With these new cars and all their computerized parts that are so well enter connected, one would fear taking it some place for a stereo upgrade for fear of something getting screwed up and our brand new vehicle no longer working as it should. Therefore, as companies seem to be working at improving their car's sound systems some of us would like to know just how good they are....or are not. I'm looking forward to test driving the new Camrys. One other thing I hope and that is that they don't have that Sportback slanted look that the new Accord has.

By Sotero Casiano on June 14 @ 11:45 am
Great car
Test drive

By Mark Hellervik on September 8 @ 11:32 am
Great car but terrible Navigation
The car is stylish and great interior but navigation is terrible. I expected this car to be loaded with all features but navigation doesn't exist nor does it have GPS. All software and electronics is tied to the cell phone. Without a cell phone all this car has is a radio. If you managed to get the navigation working (cell phone has to be plugged into the UPS), if you get a phone call or make a call, navigation quits working as the cell phone can only do one thing at a time. Navigation app is terrible. For a car such as the XLE to just have a radio I paid way too much. I've have had 4 Toyota's now and would not buy this car for this price for just a radio. Would not purchase another.

By Marilyn on February 12 @ 8:51 am
Love most of my Camry...
I’ve driven Toyotas for years and have encountered very few problems. My dealer, Cain Toyota, in Canton, Ohio is reliable and the sales and service departments are great. I love my 2018 Camry XLE—EXCEPT for the Entune, the GPS and the hands-free phone. Toyota obviously kept “ improving” until they successfully screwed up the technology. No one can help me...I can’t use the hands-free phone because of horrible feedback. No matter how many times I log in, I keep “waiting” for Entune to connect. I am terribly frustrated.

By bill t on May 13 @ 4:23 am
trunk open button too close to view button
1. On XLE with driver assist, the 360 view button is next to trunk opener button. I wonder if someone accidentally touching it may cause the trunk to open while driving. This is a usability flaw. 2. I would wish for the more European look of the Accord although I really like the active safety features found on Camry. 3. In California, there is no way to order driver assist pkg with navigation (integrated real navigation instead of the connected fake navigation), not even driver assist pkg with audio pkg without the panoramic roof. I see only in FL you may configure without the panoramic roof.

By Robert Belinsky on May 25 @ 8:48 pm
Bogus sticker mileage
Engine throttle response poor dead pedal first 1/4 depression UNSAFE ! Had rental while remote start was being installed same engine but next model up from se, throttle response was much better. Talked to service and he said next model has a better response. But was not willing to give reason why. Being a mechanic for 35 yrs. I believe upper models are programed to run better. Like the car but not happy with this problem or gas mileage. Suppose to get 39 mpg highway best I've seen is 27.4 not to happy about this sales pitch considering I was looking for good mileage.

By D Karin on August 13 @ 4:40 pm
Great except for the navigation
I purchased a 2028 Camry XSE with all options. Everything is very good except for the Scout navigation. Nothing is built into the car. To use it you must have the Scout app on your smartphone and the phone linked to your car. Once you get into the car you need to plug the phone into a USB port, and then start the app on Entune. If you go out of network, functionality goes away until back in network. When you leave the car, you need to remember to unplug and take your phone with you. If you get a heads up display, you will only see navigation on a V6 with integrated navigation. The app itself leaves much to be desired. In three years you will need to pay a subscription fee to use it.

By Gary L. Heckman, Sr. on March 19 @ 10:16 pm
You get what you pay for
Be VERY CAREFUL before buying this car... NO CD available... Navigation system STINKS... NO leather... You MUST pair your cell phone to this car if you want to listen to something other than radio, or if you want to use the navigation system with a map... If you don't have a cell phone or don't want one, YOU WILL HAVE TO BUY ONE... The seats are now SYNTHETIC LEATHER... If you don't know what SYNTHETIC LEATHER is folks, IT'S VINYL...

By Lance on April 3 @ 12:01 pm
Great Everyday Car
We purchased this vehicle in September this year which just happened so randomly since we are only at the dealership for my wife's 2013 Corolla maintenance service, we saw the car and fell in love with it. Toyota did a very good job with this car compare to previous Camry models, very comfortable ride and the 4-cylinder actually very powerful for me, great handling on tight corners, cabin noise is minimal but it can be a little loud when speeding on the freeway. Toyota App is very annoying it will ask you to connect to your cellphone every single time you start the car, very poor Bluetooth connection and registration to every single music app is required don't not why it keeps on logging me off, can't use Pandora directly from the app, instead i'll use the app from my phone. Toyota's GPS app full function is required to be connected thru USB port which is very inconvenient for users and feels archaic. Center console material used is a dust magnet and looks very cheap, I have OCD and I have to wipe it off every single time to keep it from dust and smudges. As of this moment the car is in the dealership to check my moon roof that keeps on squeaking that can be very destructive when driving.

By Roman Konstankevich on October 8 @ 5:50 am
Expected lot more from legendary Toyota
Several years ago my friend had Toyota Camry and it was real pleasure to drive, but 2018 model is somewhat different and I am really upset with this car. I got it 7 days ago and made on it 300 miles. First of all it’s very stiff, I can fill every small pothole on the road. Toyota advertised it as 39 mpg on highway but so far it does not go over 31. I tried ECO and normal mode but mpg does not change so far. Acceleration is not predictable and you don’t know how to press gas pedal: smoothly or more aggressively. Heating seats works OK, but sets itself also XLE version does not have HD radio, which is really weird. Other technological advances are pretty much OK. Conclusion is simple : Toyota could not do it this time.

By Chad Shephard on April 18 @ 7:27 pm
Almost bought one.... but in the end, had to pass
Overall we were ok with the car despite 8 gear some what clunky shift. But in the end we realize not having CarPlay is a deal breaker. We used it with other rentals and found out how important this feature was. We just can't see ourselves stuck with this car without the feature for 5+ years.

By Matthew on December 30 @ 9:09 am
Wonderful car ruined by a horrid entune system
Wonderful car with a very catchy design. This car, with the exception of uncomfortable seats, would be exceptional if it wasn’t for its horrid entune system. The entune app itself isn’t doesn’t work very well and constantly crashes. Pandora is very unresponsive and doesn’t work half the time. The scout navigation system is HORRIBLE. One of the stupidest designs I have ever seen. If Toyota addresses these issues and ditches the entune system then this car would be exceptional

By bob on May 9 @ 10:52 pm
TOYOTA Recall entune 3.0 and Scout GPS
TOYOTA Recall entune 3.0 and Scout GPS

By Bob on October 13 @ 11:20 pm
Toyota please Recall Entune 3,0 & Scout GPS
I’ve had new 2018 Camry for a two month now. I love everything about the car Except the Entune 3.0 and Scout GPS . Entune 3.0 and Scout GPS drops with 5minutes every time I open it. Toyota Recall Entune 3.0 & Scout GPS .

By SAD CAMRY DAD on April 20 @ 11:09 pm
I purchased this really sporty looking XSE three weeks ago and love everything about it from the outside, but that quickly changes once I get in it , I absolutely HATE the navigation and apps programs that requires me to plug my phone into the car to use the Pandora/Spottily music or its horrible Scout navigation system. I did test drive it, but it took me several days to get around to programming the horrible so called infotainment system. so for now I have a small Garmin Nuvi stuck to the windshield of my brand new car with a useless seven inch display that I cant use for anything but the radio. As a comparison one of my other vehicles is a five year old Ford FX4 crew cab pickup that has a ford factory navigation system that blows this Toyota afterthought away.

By otto on March 11 @ 2:26 pm
thoughts on camary se
Nice car as far as outside design and also love the inside material, but riding comfort is poor. Jolts from running over depressions on the road. Overall comfort not the best .Long rides so, so.

By Ross on January 31 @ 3:39 am
My Camry se
My mistake

By Don Martinez on December 2 @ 10:58 pm
Highly disappointed!
Traded in out 2016 Toyota Van XLE for this and been nothing but trouble. Shifts horrible and at times the engine response because of it is flat and scary. We've had it to the dealership 3 times now for a burning smell under the hood. Finally the dealer has given us a loaner car and had the engineers come to check the car throughly. Were scared to park it in the garage or drive it as were afraid it might burn on the side the road or worse yet burn our house down. Will update this review if they fine the issue. I would not recommend this car to anyone currently. Some of the interior pieces could have been made better and the lack of GPS on all models is disappointing but were not surprised because the GPS we had on our Toyota Sienna was not great either. Toyota missed the mark only offering the GPS option on the XLE and XSE and supposedly they have to be V6 models as well. One of the things that frustrates me the most about the 2018 Toyota Camry is the trunk. you can only open it from the button on the dash or the key. If the car is running the key will not open the trunk. Why is there's not a switch on the trunk lid to open it from outside baffles me.

By DCinNC on May 17 @ 5:21 pm
NAVer again!
I was taken in by the car's look, enjoyed the test drive and believed I paid a fair price. I never dreamed a company of Toyota's caliber would fall down flat on the technology side. The Entune 3.0 system was a major disappointment. (I should have required a phone to be setup on the system before purchasing it) I have only had the car a week and regret the purchase. This of course is an opinion; I would however suggest if the technology inside the car is important to you, have a phone paired to the car and see for yourself before you sign on the dotted line.

By Joe on June 16 @ 4:45 pm
I have the new 2018 Camry LE, 1200 miles in and the throttle response is horrible. You have to really press down on it to even get it going. The shifts are horrible and jerks a lot. Cruise control at 80mph and will jerk like crazy after 10 minutes, the 8 speed transmission might be to blame. The entertainment system is trash, Bluetooth will disconnect every 10 seconds, I was told this is due to Toyota pushing out the new 2018 too fast and not updating the intune system. The brake dust is crazy on this thing, 1 day of simple driving will create a huge brake dust mess. Brakes are ehhh ok but nothing like my 2017 Corolla. Wish I woul have waited for the 2019 Camry. Now I am stuck with this POS.

By Santo on October 17 @ 6:21 am
good but not great
Capable car but there are others out there that are better. It seems cars are getting smaller on the inside and the passenger is the one who suffers.

By JRH on September 4 @ 8:10 pm
They Crippled Entune 3.0 radio/infomation system.
They Crippled Entune 3.0 radio/infomation system in the name of safety. All 3 audio system models have been crippled in more than one way or another. Really love this car except for the entune 3.0 suite. It has been stripped of features. Will not display music grace-note album pics except in park - now feature is worthless. Toyota salesman said it was broken. Could not believe it was now blocked while moving. They specifically restricted pic from phone book except when stopped or in park. It has restricted receipts of emails and text while the car is moving. Now you must spend more time poking on the screen. If you had previous Camrys then you miss these features instantly. Bad move on Toyota's part. See lots of complaints on different boards. Have bought 12 Toyotas in the past 15 years. Now looking at Honda Accord. Toyota is trying to hide this info in its literature and responses to complaints with vague phrases like “some feature are restricted while vehicle is in motion”. The manuals is hard to read so it is hard to find where it states what will actually be “restricted.”

By Frank S on October 18 @ 2:13 am
Fine Car overall
I waited a month to write my review after I purchased the car. Overall, the car is fine and rides nice. It’s a Toyota and we all know it will last forever. The Entune 3.0 system is adequate but could be better. Hopefully Toyota will have Apple Car Play or Android Auto soon. My biggest thing is how the car rides and how it looks. It is very smooth and feels solid. The new design is also very nice. I traded my 13 Accord for the 18 Camry and have not regretted my decision.

By DON HOLLAND on November 9 @ 11:48 pm
This is a really great automobile, but, the Entune radio really system sucks!!!!!!!!

By Toyota Fan on November 5 @ 10:51 am
Needs major work on GPS and info center
We bought this 2018 Camry XLE late November 2018, and the Entune 3.0 apps suite has never worked properly. We are back to using our iPhone displays. The dealer has not been able to resolve this issue even after multiple long attempts. For this reason we can not recommend this car and really regret the purchase, no way out now, major frustration. This is a real problem for Toyota, they need to focus and resolve as other brands have.

By Reddy on April 12 @ 5:54 pm
Faulty (Broken) Panaromic Roof one week after buy
I was super excited when I bought this car for my wife, but the excitement lasted only for 7 days. The panoramic moon roof stopped working and stayed open on a freezing night of 5F. It was super frustrating as I could hardly get hold of any Toyota dealer or Toyota Motor Corp itself.

By girma on May 25 @ 6:50 am
very poor intune system,
I have 2018 camry se, I'm not satisfied with the car ! No happy with the intune system, engine sometime when slow down and acceleration not smooth, all my life was driving camry's but this one going to be my last one really regret buying this car specially SE version just show off!!

By Allen Bird on February 8 @ 7:18 pm
This is a new design from the ground up. I've owned 2 of them (dealer let us trade in the 1st one as a replacement). They both suffer from awful transmissions. When you first put this car into gear in the morning, it slams really hard into gear, and rides terribly until it warms up. I've driven and owned several cars in my life, and never experienced this expect for on a 2003 Chevy Impala, and that car's transmission failed within a year of those symptoms. Research it, it's a widely known issue with the 2018 Camry. In fact, Toyota has already released a TSB on the issue, and they came up with a "software" update to the computer to fix the known issue. Except, it doesn't do anything. I believe it is a physical mechanical problem that cannot be fixed with a software update.

By Joan on August 16 @ 2:22 pm
Navigation nightmare
You can spend an hour trying to get phone set up properly between entune & scout. Then it still may not work. Things you save disappear mysteriously. Some days the system works and some days it will not. This is the most fickle, frustrating, and undependable system I have ever seen. Have to try and reset every time you get in the car. This is my 4th and last Toyota unless this gets fixed fast. Also not happy with cheapening some things like the standard lighting and the short weak range of the remote key.

By WRC on September 3 @ 4:45 pm
Steer away from the navigation system
2018 Camry XLE has the worst GPS system I have ever tried to use. Looses the Entune connection all the time and you have to reestablish it. When the Scout system is operating it can be 60 to 120 feet off on the location of your next turn or destination point. According to online reviews Toyota has known of this poor performance for several years but still promotes this system as a good accessory. I have owned several Camry's and this will be my last. I am not a big fan of accessories that work only in the dealerships parking lot.

By Nancy on October 17 @ 11:34 pm
Entune 3.0 major problems
Apple iPhones are incompatible. The main feature of the Entune 3.0 suite (Scout moving maps) is inoperable with Apple iphones. Even when Scout worked as advertised (briefly) it seemed to be a throwback to 5 years ago, now that it dose not even work is unacceptable . We have had nothing but trouble over this issue in spite of countless hours with the dealer and Toyota support since we purchased the car in Nov 2018. This has spoiled the entire new car experience for us, with no hope for a solution from Toyota.

By John Ellwanger on July 7 @ 4:04 pm
False Fuel Mpg ratings
I have only owned my new Camry for about a week and have never gotten over 26 mpg whether driving in the city or the highway.

By Jim S. on August 24 @ 3:32 am
Wow Toyota, you did good!
Just finished 1200 mile trip and this V6 is amazing. Lots of power and we saw 34.4 overall. Many, many folks have commented on how good looking it is, “can’t be a Camry”. Love the interior and glad Toyota resisted sticking the info screen up in the air like some last minute add on. Many others have even reduced their gas tanks and then talk about how big their trunk is, I.e. Accord. My two tone paint (white with black top) is striking and love the wheels. I traded in my Lexus on this car and couldn’t be happier.I had much trouble finding this car as the XSE must be selling more than Toyota thought and kept be told they were being sold from production line. Could not find the car in Florida and found it in St. Louis.

By maggie on October 22 @ 8:59 pm
After 340 miles???
We are long time buyers and lessees of Toyota vehicles. Our 2015 camry lease was up so naturally we got a 2018 SE. First indication tire pressure warning light came on. Checked, everything ok. By the end of the 3rd week of possession all the warning lights came on and stayed on. Check engine malfunction-pre-collision system malfunction-secondary collision brake system malfunction-power steering malfunction. Do not drive, contact dealer immediately. Car towed to nearest dealer. After 4 hours problem could not be determined. They are contacting Toyota. Needless to say we are in a rental. After 340 miles this is not setting well on us. Stay tuned..

By David on October 31 @ 3:32 pm
Disappointed Owner of third Toyota
We bought a $37k 2018 Camry XLE Hybrid ($43k after tax, license, title, etc.) 8/26/2017, and quickly came to discover that the new Linux-based infotainment system (Entune 3.0 App Suite Connect/Scout GPS Link) are quite possibly the most slipshod software developed *anywhere* in the automotive world. The Entune software is written by Xevo (https://www.xevo.com/) near Seattle, and Scout GPS Link by TeleNav headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. The customer reviews on the Apple App Store and Google Play generously rate them just over one out of five stars, the vast majority of the thousands of reviews deservingly giving both software titles just one star. The latest issue is with the navigation portion of the system when paired with an iPhone with iOS 11.2, the overhead moving map + 3D moving map during navigation w/ voice directions are rendered completely broken because of a connectivity issue. Local Toyota dealers/service centers/product specialists haven't been informed that the problem is known by Toyota and TeleNav/Xevo, and out of ignorance try to blame the automobile owner's phone, their USB cable, some setting they changed, a botched user attempt to upgrade the Entune software, etc. – Anything that isn't covered by Toyota's warranty, or that could be construed an issue with the automobile. After pressing, I was eventually informed that service training on the 2018 models (which are complete redesigns) isn't even available yet, so service technicians/product specialists appear completely clueless. All that being said, the Scout GPS Link connectivity, *prior* to the iOS 11.2 issue was flakey and finicky, at best. You won't find anything on Toyota's site, but here is the TeleNav admission: https://telenav.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005848023-USB-Connection-Problems-for-2018-Toyota-Camry-and-2018-Toyota-Sienna Other issues include HD radio stations that constantly drop in areas where other cars don't have problems, and forget using the Bluetooth audio for phone calls (at least with iOS) – the echo heard on the other end makes the call unbearable. This is another problem known to Toyota since before September, 2017, and still has no viable resolution as of January, 2018 (Toyota says to turn down the volume so that the mic doesn't pick up the remote voice, but as you guessed, when the volume is low enough that the mic doesn't pick up the remote caller, you can't hear them either). Toyota was previously known for the high quality standards of the products that they engineered and sold, however, if we could return this car, or sell it without absorbing the massive new-car depreciation, we would in a heartbeat. Any year/model Toyota/Lexus that relies on Entune/Scout GPS Link should be recalled, as far as I am concerned, and Apple CarPlay or Android Auto offered as a free replacement for loss of use and the inconvenience of dealing with their utterly maddening infotainment system.

By Sai Pavan neerukonda on September 24 @ 9:39 am
Not to the expectations
I bought 2018 xse 4 cylinder it has Rough shifts during morning, low fuel economy, and their infotainment sucks it is slow and entune app is bullshit looking for update like Android auto

By Michael on January 24 @ 11:03 pm
Things that make you go "Hmmmmmm"...
From top to bottom, the 2018 Camry blows the 2017 out of the water. But it still has some annoying issues. Listening to texting has become more unsafe. Before, listening to a text in a Toyota meant a pop-up window with a "read" or "ignore" button. One step. SAFE. Now, it takes four steps to hear a text. Press "phone", "Message", select the text, "play". Now you are distracted more if you want to hear a text. If you get multiple texts, same thing. No more easy, one-step, pop-up window. Its three more steps. "Back", Select the text, "Play". Even more distracted driving. If you are listening to tunes and want to select a specific song, artist, album, etc. you can't... Unless the car is stopped and in Park. Otherwise, attempting to select something specific will activate the first song in that category. HUH? The same with the album pictures. The screen will no longer show album pictures... UNLESS... you are stopped and IN PARK. Why? Safety? Pics are for at-a-glance referencing. Now, you have to read. More distractions. Last is more of a peeve, than a flaw. The back-up camera is STILL using the straight line path, instead of the projected path camera, which has been around for a while. Other brands have had projected path cameras since 2013. Some have both straight and projected together. But the good is, the seats are comfortable. Less blind spots. Plenty of power to get you out of a tight spot. Still road noise but less than the 2017. The stereo sounds great but impossible to use while driving. Loads of trunk space. Still trouble with the voice recognition not understanding me but not a big deal.

By P. Westcott on May 6 @ 7:52 am
Great Driving Experience for the Money
Historically I have been a VW/Audi guy. I tend to buy something different every other car purchase. I was looking at Subaru, BMW, Audi S, and even Dodge, really any sedan with 300+ HP. I finally went with the Camry. This car checked all my boxes. It looks great, has 305 HP, huge trunk, and so much technology this thing can practically drive itself. The metallic blue color is striking and I've had quite a few compliments on the car. With all the pluses combined with the price, it was a deal I couldn't really pass up. Where did it come up short? Well, it certainly doesn't handle like a German car but it is smooth. There is some road feedback (in sport mode) but it is only moderate and kind of numb. Throttle response (in sport mode) is very good but combined with numb steering, the whole car feels loose and has noticeable torque steer. You can push it just enough to be fun on back roads but you lose confidence at the limits (I'm talking 20mph over the speed limit on a twisty back road). For daily driving I find it peppy and comfortable. The suspension is softish and the 8 speed transmission is smooth once the engine warms up. It's been in the single digits in the mornings lately and I noticed some hard shifting in standard mode that goes away as the engine temp rises or if you shift into sport mode. I don't really use the infotainment system since it sucks. I use Waze which isn't supported. Entune connects from my phone via bluetooth as soon as I start the car but the app is useless. I use the radio and hands free calling features only. My wife complains of an echo when I use hands free (iPhone 6). I've never had an infotainment system that I've liked so I don't exactly feel like I'm missing out. Overall, the pluses far outweigh the minuses. My complaints seem minor to the big picture. The facts are that this is a fun, reliable, comfortable, smart and stylish vehicle at a great price point.

By ShawnT on January 27 @ 3:32 pm
Scout GPS Needs to Go
Toyota needs to add Android Auto/Apple Car Play to your Entune 3.0 in the 2018 Camry (All Trims). I am officially complaining about the lack of this feature. The Honda Accord has this as Standard on most of their lines, as well as Kia, Hyundai, etc. This is keeping me from purchasing this car. This is a deal-breaker between me and my local dealer. Bad move on Toyota. Scout GPS is the worst. Google how bad Scout GPS is. Also, having to pay for Scout GPS after 3 years is also a bad move. I am not buying a Camry because of Scout GPS and lack of Android Auto/Apple Car Play.

By otto on April 25 @ 12:14 am
se ride toyota
The car doesn't handle bumps or depressions on the road.

By Jerry on April 21 @ 4:51 am
Recommend stay away if you use iPhone or Andriod
The car perform pretty much as expected for a Camry. We tried LE and SE. But in the end we had to walk away. Here are our primary reasons. 1. No Carplay or Andriod play support, we have mostly iPhone in the family and I see how important this is. their Entune is absolute a joke. lack of Carplay really create a safety issue for my teens. 2. Car noise, the road noise is appears to be higher than other like Accord or Optima. Better tire may help. 3. Wish it had better front visibility. the tallest in the family is 5.5. wish the front hood was lower for better visibility. Ultimately we chose the Accord, slightly more money but quieter and peppier.

By jeff on January 19 @ 8:15 pm
GPS that goes nowhere
If you do not have a phone, some do not, you cannot get GPS. TRUE. Let me correct that, If you buy the top of the line and pay extra you can get GPS. I purchased a Hybrid. Was not told the Entune / GPS will not allow you to use the phone and GPS at the same time. Real convenient. Voice recognition is also the pits. Buy a Honda. This is my 3rd and last Toyota.

By Camry lover on January 4 @ 3:10 am
Overall great Car
This is my 4th Camry 2011, 2012, 2016 and now 2018. My 2018 XSE is hands-down the best Camry I owned. What I hate about the car is the entune and scout GPS. The Scout GPS only works when the app is running in the background, so if you are talking on the phone or kids playing with iPhone then you can cancel out GPS. Also, I hate the fact that you have to authorize the entune every time the car start for it to upload the apps to work. If I knew that the scout was the GPS used, I would have probably got the XSE v6 because the GPS works excellent with heads-up display. The 2018 Toyota Camry tech is lagging compared to that of 2018 Honda Accord because they have apple and android auto play.

By Shumon on June 10 @ 8:51 pm
too costly 2018 Camry XLE compare to the value!
I bought 2018 Camry XLE, acceleration is horrible. Not getting promised millage. Gas paddle is heavy. Feel pain even driving for 1/2 an hour. Took to the dealer. They said it is the current standard! Nothing wrong with the car! Front seats (leather) are not comfortable. Driving seat is smaller than the older XLE model. Don't waste money purchasing XLE. If you really want Camry, just buy the base model.

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