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Popularity of a particular consumer item in America and the quality of said consumer item don't always correlate very well. Whether you're talking about hamburgers or watches, cheap often wins the day, but that's not the case with the 2017 Toyota Camry. This is a best-selling sedan and and it's also one of best.

This largely comes down to how well the Camry goes about its business. It's comfortable to drive every day and has a big backseat that will carry some friends to lunch or haul your family across the country. The Camry is also easy to see out of, can be fitted with a helpful array of technology features and boasts excellent safety scores. Toyota even offers two distinct versions of the Camry, the regular LE and XLE and the sport-themed SE and XSE, to better satisfy a range of driving preferences.

We're partial to the Camry SE or XSE because of their sportier styling and more taut suspension tuning

Even if you go with the SE or XSE, the Camry isn't the sportiest sedan in the segment. The Camry's arch-rival, the Honda Accord, is a bit livelier, as are the Ford Fusion and Mazda 6. Nor does the Camry have the lock on value as the Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima are impressively well-rounded for the price. But overall we think the Camry deserves a look thanks to its overall level of refinement, features and comfort.

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2017 Toyota Camry

NEW FOR 2017

For 2017, the Camry XLE and XSE trim levels now have a premium sound system as standard equipment. Last year, it was optional. Toyota has discontinued the Special Edition trim level from last year, though. Otherwise, the Camry is unchanged.


Smooth and powerful V6 engine.


Four-cylinder engine returns middling fuel economy for this class of car.

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By Huu ly on December 12 @ 7:30 am
Good pricing and good card
I have Toyota Avalon XLE . Just buy before this Camry SE like 3 week. But my Camry is better than Avalon. Save gas

By John Smith on August 9 @ 7:58 pm
2017 Camry XSE V6
So far I love this car! Very well made, no rattles, Quiet. Great acceleration. Not to impressed with xm or the voice commands but I may not know fully how to use it yet. This model is fully loaded and I can't think of anything else I would want. Oh yeah, the led headlights are incredible! Also led high beams and auto high beams and driving lights. I do wish they had continued the led's in the back. And I think all Camrys have (real transmissions) not those CVT's I hate those.

By p c on April 24 @ 2:16 pm
fitrst time toyota buyer
I purchased this 2017 Camry XLE 2 weeks ago. First time owning a Toyota. I opted for the 6 cylinder. So far so good. I will be taking my first long road trip next week, so I will get a better feel of it. But, from what I have experienced so far, the CAMRY XLE is everything as advertised. Maybe after my road trip I will give another review with more detail. Update: the ride is not as smooth as I expected. There is also a lot more road noise than I am used to

By Gary Dinges on August 29 @ 2:37 pm
My Camry SE and me.
Its follows toyota's traditions of quality.

By Andrew Tooker on June 19 @ 11:48 am
2017 camry

By Ruben M. on April 27 @ 3:08 am
Not bad at all!
Traded up from a 2009 Camry LE. Everything has been upgraded from since that model. The ride is smoother & quieter, interior much more roomier. infotainment system much better. Very pleased!

By t Graham on October 2 @ 10:51 am
Has any one else experienced acceleration while baking up and having the brakes lock. I have owned my Camry for 11 days. The first 10 days and 300 miles were fine. At around 330 miles while backing out of my driveway the care accelerated and the brakes did not engage. My car ended up on the other wside of the street feet away from an apartment complex swimming pool. goinbg to dealer tomorrow. Will update.

By Aida Santos on June 7 @ 9:23 pm
GREAT car!!
This is a great care for all types of traveling.

By Harry on January 19 @ 10:13 pm
2017 Camry XLE, Very nice car with poor GPS App
Solid, comfortable, quiet, feels like a luxury car. My car does not have integrated GPS. The only GPS app compatible for this car is Scout GPS Link which works poorly. I ignore it and use portable GPS or Google Map in my cell phone.

By Balaji Pandian Selvarajan on March 14 @ 3:08 pm

By Luther357h on February 26 @ 12:14 am
Great car
Very nice car

By D MacDonald on August 14 @ 8:04 pm
Switched from Honda to Toyota
1. Toyota has slightly higher reliability 2. Better sound system. 3. Honda has ugly cheap tiny sounding speakers mounted at left/right front corners of windshield. 4. Toyota better price. 5.Toyota dealers much easier to deal with. 6. Been with Honda for 28 years, time to try the "other guys". 10/09/2017 Now that I've had it for a year....I wish I had looked at other cars. Maybe I should have stayed with the Honda. The number one problem is the front seating comfort. It is just not there. My wife does not like the passenger seat...can't adjust it to a comfortable position. She has lots of trouble with getting a comfortable fit in most cars she sits in and even the drivers side is not all that great. We both now think that owning this Toyota may be short lived. In a year or two I think we will be out looking for a better, more comfortable car. Also I thought the gas mileage in town would be much better than my previous 2004 Honda but it is not. Pretty much avg 27mpg in town; 35 on the highway. I think Toyota, Honda and other makers are purposefully keeping the mileage low in hopes you will head for those hybrids, and we are not ready to head for those cars.

By Keith on January 21 @ 8:53 am
My 1st Camry and love it so far
I just bought this 2017 CAMRY & have only owned this car for just over one week and I really am impressed! Strongly recommend to all!

By Ali on December 11 @ 10:13 pm
Great for the money compared to others in segment!
After test driving several competitors to the Camry (Altima, Fusion and Accord) I decided to get a 2017 xle with the 2.5l 4cyl. While not as engaging to drive as the fusion with the 2.0 eco boost the price (31K vs 38K MSRP similarly equipped) more than compensates for the difference in a segment where most of us need the car to commute to work and for family road trips. The Camry isn't the most engaging to drive or the best looking but for the money and the expected reliability I decided to trade in my 2012 Passat for the Camry. The pros that I see : price, reliability, navigation easy to use and more functional than the accord or Altima. The cons: styling, driving dynamics.

By Keith on May 31 @ 5:49 pm
just purchased car two weeks ago and am very impressed compared to the Hyundai Sonata that I traded in for.

By Amanda Bridges on March 5 @ 2:28 am
Friendly and Comfortable
Love the '17 model! Comfortable and roomy! Great value!

By Jeff G on October 12 @ 10:50 am
Best car I have ever owned!
I have owned a lot of cars, including two Prius, but this car is everything a car should be. First of all it is reasonably priced and of course reliability is expected to be great. One of things many don't realize is that this car has more American made parts, assembled in America and is more American combined, than any other car on the road right now. Leaving that aside I will say that the driving of this car is quite wonderful. I have the SE which has a bit tighter suspension, which makes the ride a little more firm. The 4 cylinder engine has plenty of power and combined with the six speed transmission makes driving a joy! The Entune entertainment system works and sounds great. Another great feature is the center screen on the dash that can give you (customizable) digital speedo, miles left to drive, tire pressure, odometer and other things that you can set. The ruby red pearl with 17" wheels looks awesome and so far like I said in the description, this is the best car I have ever owned!

By Bryan Lumley on August 12 @ 3:27 pm
Camry fever
Very reliable car. This is my fourth Camry. No major repaires and I have never been stranded on the side of the road. If you want a reliable car this is it.

By Steven R on November 14 @ 11:03 pm
2017 Camry le
The Camry le has all the items I wanted. Long wheel base at 109.3" for smooth ride. 2.5l 4cyl for good mph I'm getting 28.7 in my first 3 fills. 6 speed auto trans. not a cvt . Disc brakes front and rear, easy to replace. bluetooth music and phone. steering wheel controls. Nice interior trim, fabric seats cool in Arizona heat. Manual a/c rather than dual zone (less or not control failure issues) like my Audi. Overall a really nice car. UPDATE 11/2/17, only problem is the passenger seat is pilling like an old sweater. no one knows the answer. 18,000 miles gas mpg 27.1 combined. should note my out the door price was actually under $20,000 I choose to add extended warranty. wife drives the most miles and she loves it.

By Stephanie on July 20 @ 3:13 pm
New 2017 Toyota Camry LE
I owned a 2005 Toyota Camry LE. It was so reliable that my kids called it OLD FAITHFUL. Basicly it was maintenance free. I only did oil change, tire and battery change on it in the past 11.5 years. If it wasn't due to an accident that required expensive body work, I definately will keep it running. In comparison, the new 2017 Toyota LE did not change that much. Things I like better: back cemera, modern body shape, touch screen, roomy glove compartment with a lock, USB plug. Things I don't like: insulation is not good, wind sound louder; body construction feels not as solid as 2005 model, big gaps at all outside metal pieces; the car still moves a little without parking brake on when you switch to park (giving you scary feelings). Overall, it is a great car.

By Sin Tan on October 21 @ 8:13 am
do the homework before buying

By Willow on November 20 @ 4:16 am
You get what you pay for
Just leased my 6th Camry XLE. Each time I look around and always come back to this great car. As the years have gone by, I always add the new options, especially all the safety ones. The safety connect option is reassuring. The Camry is reliable, comfortable, quiet, plenty speedy, roomy and easy to drive. Terrific AC too, no wonder America loves this car, what is not to love!

By Carol Quick on May 5 @ 1:02 pm
Ome year and 600 miles later
Though this Camry has performed reliably, I find it has many 'features' that are annoying and some with serious safety issues. I purchased this Camry because I had a 2002 model that was terrific. I mistakenly assumed that this would have the same, but with improved features requiring a small learning curve. Wrong! The controls on this car seem to be counter intuitive. For example climate control is difficult to adjust. Turning the air off or on requires driver attention if one is driving. Setting entertainment, clock,, mileage, etc. feature was extremely confusing. More important, any changes needed while driving are potentially dangerous. Though a warning not to do so appears when starting the car, it is frustrating while driving. i am now using a Garman rather than relying on a 'malfunction' with the iphone/car interaction for GPS. I have a passenger side seat belt rattle that can only be stopped if I adjust the seat to the far back and lock the belt. Getting into and out the the car has been problematic for some passengers. I never had this with my old Camry. My husband purchased a 2017 Subaru Forester. I wish I had done the same. The easy to use controls are in stark contrast to the '17 Camry. The '17 Camry is not a car for the senior citizens.

By Jon on April 30 @ 11:24 am
First Toyota
I replaced my extremely reliable Chrysler 300c hemi v8 that was totaled. Do to our plans to purchase a house I'm 20 months I tried keep costs contained so as much as I wanted another 300c I wanted to keep on budget. The Camry SE is exceptionally quiet and smooth riding. The 2.5 4 cylinder provides decent acceleration. It's no Rucker but it's more than adequate. Interior materials could be better in my opinion and there should be ambient lighting in cup holder, foot weeks, door handles, and map pockets. Rear door panels should have soft touch surfaces too. Seats are far and away much improved over my grand parents 2011. I looked at a ton of cars and rented them and spent a few days with each. The Camry much to my surprise I even thigh it was the best at one particular thing except ride and sound isolation perhaps did everything well. The other car that cane close was the new Malibu but I trust Toyota more so o bought it.

By Christine on June 9 @ 7:28 pm
DEFECTIVE new 2017 Toyota Camry!!
DEFECTIVE new 2017 Toyota Camry!! On November 18, 2016, we bought a new 2017 Toyota Camry. We bought Toyota because of its reputation in reliability and quality. But it turns out this car is defective and made with a bad transmission. Because of this major defect, we have reason to believe there’s extremely poor quality control of the production process of this entire car if not other 2017 Camry’s. We weren’t given a chance to test drive the new car by our dealer. On our way back home on 11/18, we noticed that the car jerked forward abnormally every time when we pressed on the brake. We took our car back to the dealer on 11/22 after try driving it multiple times at dealer’s recommendation. It took the dealer 4 hours to fix it. They adjusted the fluid level within the transmission according to the paperwork. We haven’t had a chance driving the car again until 12/5 because of a flu in the family. On 12/5, the car won’t reverse and showed a warning message “Check Vehicle Stability Control System”. On 12/6/16, Toyota sent a toll truck and took our car back to the dealer’s service department. This time the service department replaced the defective new transmission with a re-manufactured (non-new) transmission. In two weeks after we had this car, the car has gone through 2 repairs on transmission and included the replacement of transmission on a brand new car. We paid for a brand new Toyota Camry XLE, now 2 weeks later, the transmission is broken and replaced with a refurbished transmission. It might be a better choice to just buy a used car with much less price. This is a terrible new car experience for us and we have to warn other consumers about it. There should be something special about owning a new car. Toyota destroyed our experience by giving us a defective car and wants us to go through a lengthy process to get a refund or replacement. Stay away from 2017 Toyota Camry!!

By Brenda on October 24 @ 8:42 pm
I just bought a 2017 Toyota Canry and am in love with this car!!! It's the LE model but it's loaded! Back-up camera, power seats, touch screen, Blue-tooth.... Awesome gas mileage. I'm seeing 34 mpg. My old car used twice that. Could not be happier.

By William Watts on July 30 @ 12:47 am
Good value
Owned my 2017 Camry LE for a month now, so far no problems or complaints. I've 220 miles on the odometer. Seems to be well built, well designed. Virtually a computer on wheels with all the electronics and data readouts at your fingertips. Interior is plenty roomy for my needs. This is the third Toyota I have owned and this is probably the best. Overall, a good value.

By Rlichard Plastino on August 13 @ 1:37 pm
I just keep buying Camrys
Comfort, reliability and quiet are what I want from a car and the Camry does all three. This is a replacement for a 2011 Camry which I gave to my son. I didn't even test drive the 2017. The 2017 is even quieter than the 2011; otherwise it is the same great car as the 2011.

By al on October 24 @ 4:33 am
Good value
long history of reliability from toyota camry. practical car that will hopefully hold up well for many years. get the le with 16 inch wheels for better ride and cheaper replacement tires in future. the upgrade 16 inch rim is nice. i like its built in USA. it has low EMF (electromagnentic frequency) measurements as measured by a gauss meter. EMF is the thing people talk about under public powerlines that some people say is bad. rather it is bad or not its nice to have a car wired so its EMF is low.

By Ronald Sulyma on March 21 @ 7:39 am
Nice so far
I have less than 1000 miles and everything seems to be good so far

By Kenneth Mounce on October 11 @ 1:56 pm
Young at Heart
The car that knows no limits doesn't know what wearing out means

By Christopher Poh on December 22 @ 4:15 am
2017 Camry
Get a decent price to buy it.

By Neward Thelman on June 4 @ 3:16 am
Many Design Flaws & Shabby Overall
This is a review of the 2016 Toyota Camry SE, but since the 2017 models are carried over unchanged, all comments should apply to 2017 models. As of this writing, Toyota's been running ads which say that Toyota has built the Camry with close attention to detail. "Tested, trusted, Toyota", the ad says. As an owner of a 2016 Camry I can attest that the detail to which they've devoted their corporate and engineering attention is toward producing a car as cheaply as possible, maximizing profit, and little else. Starting with the engine, Toyota uses what its salespeople refer to as "chain drive", which means that Corollas and Camrys use a a timing chain rather than a belt [which can break, causing catastrophic damage to the engine]. That's good. It's more reliable. Unfortunately, it also makes the engine noisy. Diesel engine noisy. Of course, the manufacturer can reduce that noise to inaudibility, but that costs extra money. I found that the Corolla engine noise was really loud inside the cabin. The Camry was less noisy, but there's more to the story. I tested four different Camrys. Three of them were tolerably quiet. The one that I ordered from the factory has turned out to be loud. Clattering, dieseling loud. Even worse, in cold weather, it takes a long time for the car to warm up. The colder the temperature, the longer it takes for warm up. How long? Five to ten minutes. Yep. That's sitting, burning gas, not moving for ten minutes - like some 1952 Rambler. Of course, I took the car to Toyota service. They explained that the long warm up is due to the use of a timing chain. They said it takes that long for the oil to warm up enough to allow the cam shaft and the timing chain to reach operating temperature. And, yes, the noise levels were "normal". In fact, they found it all to be "withing normal operating standards and parameters". The lessons here are that [1] there seems to be considerable Camry car-to-car variability, and [2] whether a manufacturer gives you a one month or a ten lifetime warranty, they can get out of fixing a problem by simply claiming that an issue's "within normal operating standards...". Heading into the cabin, you'll find that the seats are cheap, hard, and uncomfortable. Don't plan on any long trips. I have cloth seats. The cloth is really slippery polyester. As a result, if you use seat covers, they'll slip and slide to the extent that they'll make driving unsafe. Even worse, Toyota seems to have the largest and widest head rests in the industry. I've compared. Toyota's head rests seem to be made for Godzilla. They far wider than those used by Honda, Mazda, Hyundai - pretty much everyone. Forget about being able to see anything over your left shoulder. You can't. But, at least when you crash - which, sooner or later, you will - that massive head rest will give you 10% more whiplash protection than a 1976 Bonneville would. If you live a tropical climate, then you may skip this next section; otherwise, you'd better have a high tolerance for cold. The heater takes a long time to warm up. Even after driving for 30 minutes on cold days the heat still hadn't come up to comfort. I found that it took almost an hour to get adequately warm. Still, the heating duct directed at your feet delivers a weak, tepid air stream, so your feet will remain cold, regardless of the cabin temp. After making cars all of these decades, Toyota still hasn't figured out heat. The stock radio and sound system are execrable. And I mean that. Not just bad. Really, really bad. Almost unlistenable. If you buy a Camry, pop for an audio system upgrade. The ignition switch on the steering column is poorly machined and of low quality. It was like that in all four Camry models I tired. You'll be poking the key clumsily every single time you want to start your car. The leather covering the steering wheel is thin and of low quality, but the same as I found in all of the competition. The Camry's electronic power steering has as much unit-to-unit variation as its timing chain characteristics. Three of the Camrys I test drove had reasonably weighted steering. Far worse, far less secure and solid than regular, old hydraulic power steering, but better than most [such as the scary unstable new Chevy Cruze]. Of course, the one I got is crazy slippery. Driving it always feels as though you're hydroplaning on a sheet of sheer ice. So, with all of these factors, plus which ever new negative characteristics are lurking, waiting to appear and make my ownership of this lump of sheet metal even more miserable, I'd say that I fully regret ever buying a Camry. If you're thinking of getting one, make sure you really look it over before you part with your hard-earned money. If you do decide to get one, you may be better off with one from the dealer's stock, since you can test it out before hand. It seems you never know what you'll get ordering from the factory

By Allan on October 17 @ 12:32 am
Love my new 2017 Camry SE
Traded in my old 2003 XLE Camry V6 fully loaded. However, I really love my new 2017 Camry SE. I'm impressed with the entune technology, moon roof, and Qi Wireless, . The Camry SE is a very smooth vehicle and handles very well on corners. The breaks are awesome. I just wish the heated seats and blind spot monitor feature were included.

By Chuck - Ohio on August 31 @ 10:23 pm
2017 Camry SE Great Car
Car is very quiet and smooth. SE suspension is a little stiffer which I like. Controls are easy to use - not into all the Tech stuff. 4 cylinder engine is perfect choice for average commuter. Gas mileage is OK - could be better. Like the 6 speed automatic over the CVT in other cars. Love the interior layout and seat comfort. Test drove the others and the Camry was the best value. Overall a great family sedan. Good deals now to make room for the redesigned 2018. Dealership was great - easy to work with and no pressure.

By Wayne Albrecht on August 27 @ 5:53 pm
Our First Camry
The 2017 Camry SE was our first Camry and our 4th Toyota overall. We bought the car on 3/11/17 but had been shopping around for awhile. We had looked at Honda, Kia and Hyundai. While the others came close (The Accord being just a little less expensive), our loyalty with Toyota and the local dealership was the determining factor. Pros: Handles great, smooth and relatively quiet ride, nice body look (A Classy/Sporty mix), interior is intuitive and smart, very comfortable, easy visuals from all angles while driving, price is reasonable for it's class and features. Cons: Only one, really; gas mileage. Overall, the 2017 Camry is a solid car and, if like our last few Toyotas, will be in the family for a long time.

By awolfs on February 10 @ 3:55 am
From Point A to Point B
Edmunds gave me a good number to expect to pay. I actually paid a little less. My old Camry was 21 years old. This one is nicer and better in just about every way. I don't need to tear up the highways. I just want to go safely from Point A to Point B. My chief requirement of a car is that when I turn the key, it starts; when I push the gas pedal, it goes; when I push the brake, it stops; and it feels solid to drive. Not having excessive maintenance is a plus, but I don't know how this car will be. The old one was great. I like how this car feels when I drive it. I haven't figured out all the bells and whistles yet, but those I have, I like.

By Camry Owner on February 4 @ 12:44 am
Just 1110 miles so far.
Just bought this car 3 weeks ago, now with 1110 miles when ABS, traction control and check brake light came on. Took it to dealer, chief technician insisted on "turning the rotor" since it showed signs of warpage due to heat. I insisted on replacement, along with new pads and brake control module which probably caused this problem. After demanding to speak to service manager, they decided to do as I asked and replaced all 4 rotos and pads on all 4 corners but, not the module. Now, Monday following repair, drove 30 yards to end of street, all the previous brake warning lights returned! So, off to dealership we go in the morning to see ehat else it the problem...can't be the brand new rotors or pads, only thing left is the brake control module that I insisted they replace in the first place. I was a Cadillac technician at dealership, I know how they work.

By TXCamryMan on April 2 @ 2:16 am
First of all you can rent this car at Hertz for any road trip to get an idea how it feels and performs. Next, find a great dealer which in my case was Classic of Texoma. And finally work with an exceptional salesman who in my case was Mike "Big Mike" Nelson.

By Holli on April 17 @ 9:05 am
All the Bells and Whistles
I love my Brand new 2017 Toyota Camry. I have the mystic grey color and it is like an old mood ring. When the light shines on it the green and blues sparkle. It looks black, then blue, then dark green. Anyway I have all the safety features you can ask for and several other things are a must like the sunroof. I felt like if I were going to be driving a 4 door I want sporty yet luxury. The color of the inside of the material is called ash. It is a light grey with a dark grey. Very sweet car. Only thing I do not like is the backup camera. When the sun is shinning down you can not see backing up. The technology needs to be better. I like the way the lines on the camera go with you when you are backing up. This does not have that feature. The lines are only straight they do not move back and forth nor does it beep when you are backing up. I did get the feature with the lane switching technology and this is to be on the back as well if a cart or kid comes behind me it should beep. I do not see that being an option. I have had the car for 3 days so far and was disappointed that it did not have that feature.

By James Ingemanson on September 6 @ 1:31 pm
Very smooth ride
I got the pearl white with the technology pkg. The blind spot monitor, radar cruise control, and auto high beams are neat. It takes a lot of reading to go through the owners manual and the premium entune manual. Overly a very nice car!

By Mike W. on February 26 @ 6:51 am
Bought the car in January, then found out the air conditioner did not work in April. Took it in for its 10,000 mile service and the dealer (Brian Bemis in Dekalb, IL) changed the oil and rotated the tires. When I booked the appointment I told them I needed the AC to be diagnosed. I didn't think they would have time to fix it but I wanted to know what was wrong with it. They made me wait 90 minutes then told me that I would have to bring it back because they didn't have time to check the AC. 90 minutes to change the oil and rotate the tires?! No working AC on a brand new car?! Poor dealer support, and a lemon for a brand new car. Just stay away. I am also seeing the low tire pressure light every 2 weeks because they put Firestone tires on the car. These are the worst brand name tires you can get. I hate seeing the warning light on a car with about 10,000 miles on it. It has been a terrible ownership experience. I will never buy another Toyota.

By Rodney on January 5 @ 3:56 am
Great car
If you want a dependable, good looking car at a value 2017 camry 2.5 se. No crappy cvt transmission. This car handles great and has surprisingly good get up and go. Great tool, that has performed flawlessly, 10,000 miles later.

By Jane on December 6 @ 8:10 am
2017 Camry is a bad ride
I thought Toyota was supposed make cars that were good quality and reliable. It seems that may have bee true years ago but not anymore. I have had problems with the temperature control where you have to set it to 77F in order to get the temperature to be in the low 70s in the car. If you set it at 72F, the temperature ends up in the mid- to upper 60s in the car. I also have a vibration that has developed and, in researching the problem, I found that this is a common problem on the 2015 - 2017 Toyota Camry, all trims. I have been fighting with Toyota about this and they said that the car is fine. I read other people tales of dealing with Toyota on the same issue and they received the same response. They have tried replacing the tires, rebalancing, etc. and nothing fixes the problem. Toyota is refusing to deal with the problem. Do yourself a favor and stay away from the Camry unless you like driving a car that vibrates all of the time.

By Jean Macfee on June 19 @ 10:29 pm
Love my new XLE Camry - third one I've bought
Try out your forward facing child car seat to make sure it fits in the back. The rear headrests aren't removable in this year's model.

By Nort Josephson on March 1 @ 6:50 pm
Happy in a Camry
It's a very comfortable smooth driving car. The gas mileage is approximately half of what I got in the Prius, but I knew that when I bought it. The safety features are very good. The moon roof will probably never be used but you can't get the car without it. I really miss the rear window windshield wiper. I don't see why the headlights don't automatically come on with the windshield wipers. All in all I'm very satisfied.

By Mike Miranda on July 12 @ 3:40 am
So nice I wish I had a longer commute
I've had two used Camry's prior to this one. This is my first brand new Camry and I'm impressed with the quality of the car. I wanted something that was dependable and looked sharp. I will never understand those who say the Camry has a ho hum look when it's obvious most of the other car makers copy the Camry style. The 4 cylinder engine is quiet and responsive. My only complaints are the SE ride is a lot firmer than the LE and too many Camry's only come with a base entertainment system. I had to really search for one with HD and satellite radio with connected navigation. All controls are laid out well and are easy to use. If you've had a Camry before you'll feel right at home. The extra information on the info screen between the tach and speedometer is very handy.

By DL Hatton on June 14 @ 9:26 am
Honest review.
I really like the car. It's the best car I could find for the money I paid and I've always wanted a Camry since they started making them 20 miles away from me. I got it when they were clearing out the 2017 models to make room for the new ones, so I got a great price. The only complaint I have is a little bit of wind noise around the drivers side window. Even though the LE is the base model, it has plenty of features to it and I didn't need or want most of the things found in the higher priced models. So I am very satisfied with the car and I'm glad I bought it. It's not the most exciting car but at my age I don't need speed. And I didn't want a sports car, or a car that rode like one. I wanted a good, smooth riding, reliable car that will serve me well for a long time. It does everything well you expect from a car.

By Philip Judge on December 8 @ 12:54 am
Best decision I ever made.
If you are looking for comfort and ease of handling, then I can think of no better vehicle to purchase.

By Tim on October 5 @ 12:16 am
Love it all Except for the GPS.
I bought a 2017 Camry XLE late last year and I love it. It's very comfortable and a pleasure to drive. The dealership in Vacaville has been super.The only disappointment is having to use Scout GPS to have the display on the touch screen. Scout GPS is real close to being totally useless. Out of the 17 times I have tried to use it, so far, it was only able to establish the link 4 times. All of these attempts except 3 were in my driveway. It's not worth having even though it's free. You would think, this being the 21st century, Toyota would have software that would allow you to chose which GPS system you want. May be next year. Ha.

By Leslie Robinson on September 11 @ 9:51 pm
2017 Camry
Just recently bought this car. So far, it is what I expected.

By Michael Y on June 11 @ 8:43 am
Entune JBL audio sucks, everything else is Toyota!
Purchased XSE at a great deal, like its driving but suffers its JBL audio. The sound quality is beyond bad, even worse than my old 98 Camry. It has no clarity, no bass. Anyone with a minimal requirement on audio quality if you still must have a Toyota, research sound quality upgrades prior your purchase. I have not found a path to upgrade yet, still doing my research. Besides the sound quality, I like everything of it. We are a Toyota family, have owned all Toyota vehicles and never disappointed with Toyota quality. But this new purchase, Toyota reputation is ruined by JBL. Shame on both of them.

By Chad Vegas on April 5 @ 11:15 am
We love our Corolla!
What can I say? I was a little hesitant to get a Corolla because of the size of the car. I'm a big guy and thought that it would not be big enough for me. When we test drove the car it turned out to be very spacious both front and back and we love all of the standard features that came with the car. All in all it was one of the best decisions we made to go with the Corolla.

By R. CAUDILL on March 27 @ 7:12 pm
Scout GPS Navigation Very Unreliable
I have a 2017 Camry equipped with Scout GPS navigation. Scout is positively horrible. The audio instructions don't sync with the graphic maps, it's constantly restarting, it will not accept voice commands accurately, and it averages about 1 out of 10 in finding an address or location. Recently, I was sitting in my dealerships parking lot and Scout couldn't find the dealership. I have addressed this with my dealership three times and with Toyotas Help Line once. On all occasions, I have literally been told: 1) That they are aware that the system has problems and that they get a lot of complaints about it - one service Mgr went so far to say that he stopped using it in his car, because it was so unreliable and just uses Google maps from his phone and 2) Toyotas Help Line told me that they were aware of the problem and we're working on a fix, but did not have a software update scheduled. So at the end of the day, I have a GPS system in my car that doesn't work and Toyota knew that it didn't work when they sold me the car. Toyota should be ashamed of this kind of behavior. It's hard to believe that they have knowingly done this and are unwilling to fix it.

By Tena on October 18 @ 9:31 am
black mold
I am asking if any one else has a problem with the windshield staying fogged up in the morning and black mold on the inside of gas cap ?

By Ed Yeater on April 11 @ 8:54 pm
Hot Seat no Cell Phone
GPS will not work without paying: for a smart phone, and a cell phone provider. The XLE driver seat feels like hot plastic.

By R H Suggs on December 30 @ 2:02 am
2017 Camry six cylinder
This is a great car. I bought it with 1200 miles on the odometer. The first owner had it for a short time and fell in love with the 2018 Camry. Her loss was my gain. This car is loaded and really cool.

By Billy Simón on December 17 @ 8:02 pm
Toyota is not what it used to be! I regret the purchase of the 2017 Camry XSE. The automatic transmission is a piece of junk, to the point of being a safety concern.... slow to kickdown when stepping on the gas when you need the power of the V6 the most. Toyotas response= works as designed!! Transmission extremely noisey Toyota replaced with a rebuilt transmission.. TOYOTA refused to provide a new transmission. Rebuilt transmission made the same noises and had delayed kickdown shifts as well. Premium JBL Sound system anything but.... the standard system is the one with the premium sound. Toyota "customer experience" provides excuses and lies, not fixes for these defects. Paid $35000 for this piece of junk..... will never do business again with Toyota and advise others to beware of the terrible ownership experience. Will utilize my states Lemon law to get my money back from this purchase!! The Mazda 6 is a much better choice!!

By Sohan Gupta on June 19 @ 1:46 am
Somewhat Disappointed
After having owned two Camrys that I had been happy with, I decided to buy a 2017 Camry XLE without any second thoughts. After driving it for several months I am somewhat disappointed. The ride is worse than the two Camrys I had owned before. The 2017 camry I bought is more noisy and gives a bumpy ride as compared to my old Camry. This is the first time that I feel disappointed with a Camry. I was expecting the new Camry to be improved. I wonder if other Camry buyers have had a similar experience?

By jamaro on August 6 @ 9:06 am
BEST Car Ever! I love it!
I traded in a 2014 Nissan Altima for the 2017 Camry SE and what a difference! The ride is so much more comfortable & quieter. I know Toyota holds their resale value very well also, and that's always a plus. I've gotten good fuel mileage (within their stated range for this car). The interior is great. The seats are very comfortable...sporty and there's plenty of storage space provided for everything I want to keep in the car. The sound system is great also. I don't normally blast my speakers, but when the sound is turned up fairly loud it is clean / clear...no distortion. Steering is very comfortable also and the controls on the steering wheel are great. I love being able to see what the tire pressures are for all 4 tires at a push of a button on the dash board as well as a lot other information at the push of a button. This car is awesome and I'm hoping to get 300,000 miles out of it!

By Howard H on May 18 @ 4:26 pm
Toyota - they ain’t what they used to be
Shoppers should beware. This car has an inaccurate and horrible nav system, and if you happen to have hearing aids that are paired to phone the phone will not work at all. This top of the hybrid line vehicle should have a complete do over. Toyota shows a complete disdain for car owners mentality to offer such a vehicle. Do not lease or buy this vehicle. They should be ASHAMED to offer a vehicle with such awful softwear!

By T R Harold on October 23 @ 5:42 pm
No complaints other than the Bluetooth acting up at times when more than one passenger's Bluetooth is turned on. The car seems to become confused and starts to reprogram and deletes the prior settings. This can be annoying as the only solution is to have just one Bluetooth on at a time. The dealership is great in sending maintenance reminders and helpful tips as well as excellent and fast service.

By David McAndrew on July 13 @ 5:56 am
Consider other options
The biggest disappointment I have with this car is road noise. It seems Toyota forgot to even try to make this a quiet ride. All the road noise just bounces around the cabin making for an uncomfortable ride. The second dislike is the stereo...I have the JBL upgrade but even then it is a small sound and no speed controlled volume option on the stereo so you have to constantly adjust the volume. The steering controls for audio and car information are on the opposite side you would think it should be. The heat/air controls make you take your eyes down low off the road which is another problem. Now for some positives: gas mileage in the 4 cyl is good along with reliability. I love the larger gas tank since I drive about 47,000 miles per year. The interior is appealing and the leather seats are nice and it has a good sized trunk. Bluetooth has performed very well with very few issues (occasionally it thinks I am on a phone call and won't allow any stereo functions until you turn the car off but this is rare)

By Anna on August 22 @ 9:42 pm
Toyota SXE
Smooth ride, lots of safety features, only complaint- sucks up so much gas

By Richard Lacerenza on January 25 @ 3:13 pm
Scout GPS
Be sure not to buy the scout GPS system, Needs a cell phone and eats data . Entire Scout GPS system and radio system suck. My vehicle is a 2018.

By Bill Duda on January 5 @ 5:26 pm
Interior designers need to go back to school
Car reliability and performance is outstanding. The interior design is horrible. My 2004 Camry was much more comfortable. On a test drive you spend little time to notice how comfortable you are. To begin with getting in and out is a pain in the kiester. My wallet always is in the way, it is too tight getting in and out and the seat is curved at the outside edge to further inhibit egress. The steering wheel position must have been designed by a chimpanzee, if my arms are comfortably on the steering wheel my legs are all bunched up thus I need to grow my arms by 1 1/2 feet so that my legs can be comfortable. The console pannel at the bottom is too close to the accelerator, I often find my shoe against it on a long trip. Seats too hard needs much improvement. The blower for the air/heat is positioned poorly as you must take your eyes off the road to try and find the darn thing and the noise of the blower even when off sounds like a window is partially open. To add to inconvience in order to put the back seats down to gain room in the trunk you now have to release them from the rear of the trunk instead of releasing from the inside of the car, so after you release them from outside the car you then go in the back seat to pull them down. Not good when raining and you need access to the trunk for rain gear. The 2004 inter design in my opinion was much more eye appealing , more comfortable even though seats were too hard, and more user friendly .

By Cameron's mom on October 9 @ 4:06 am
Sporty little guy
This car is sportier than the previous models. The interior feels a little more confined compared to my previous sedan, but I enjoy the ride. My biggest complaint is probably the road noise - can seem a bit excessive sometimes.

By S. Fleming on August 19 @ 11:43 pm
My last Toyota
I have purchased new Toyotas since 1984, with my first new car, a Tercel, with multiple Toyotas to follow. Beginning with a 2008 Avalon I noticed a downward turn in quality. Paint quality on my 2017 Camry is poor compared to my 2004 Camry. Interior plastic surfaces are easily scratched. And the amount of road/wind noise is ridiculous on the highway. But the item that confirmed the end of my Toyota loyalty, the Scout GPS connected nav app on my 2017 Camry. It doesn't work. Toyota has responded to tell me basically "oh well, nothing to for us to do here". That attitude has been echoed by the dealership. I realize some people would say the connected nav issue is a nit, but for me it simply confirms the direction Toyota is going. We went outside Toyota three years ago and bought a new Honda. Better quality, fit/finish, and much better dealer/service experience.

By Joan M. Clark on December 8 @ 5:56 pm
Rides like a very old truck. Every single bump on the highway is felt, no matter how small the bump is. This is my 3rd Toyota. My first two toyotas were very comfortable riding cars. One had 189,00 miles when I sold it. The second one had 198,000 miles when sold. I am so disappointed in this 2017 Toyota. I DISCOURAGE ANYONE FROM BUYING A TOYOTA CAMRY!!!! I've had the car for 9 months now - I hate driving it. Im stuck with this horrible, horrible car!!!! I can't imagine how much worse it's going to get as it ages. If I could get rid of it, I would!

By Mark on September 14 @ 4:13 pm
This is my 6th Toyota , and the cheapest made . Hard plastic interior trim and door panels , uncomfortable seats with short seat bottoms , and a navigation that does not recognize verbal commands 90% of the time . I have only 8000 miles on my XLE , and will be taking it back for a rear window issue that they can't seem to fix ...Toyota quality in the Camry seems to get lower with each generation .... This will be my last Toyota .

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