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The balancing act continues for the 2016 Toyota Camry, a perennial best-seller that's trying to move forward without abandoning its roots. With nimble, aggressively styled rivals nipping at its heels, Toyota's popular family sedan pivoted last year, debuting sleeker looks and a tauter sport-tuned suspension in certain models. At the same time, the Camry faithful demand traditional traits like an ergonomic control layout and a hushed, buttery ride. Serving these two masters will be a key to the Camry's ongoing success.

To sustain the momentum from last year's redesign, Toyota has introduced a Special Edition trim level for 2016. Based on the sporty Camry SE, the four-cylinder-only Special Edition ups the edginess quotient with flashy 18-inch wheels, smoked taillights, the SE's sport-tuned suspension and vibrant blue interior trim. But the company knows that not everyone wants tuner-inspired performance and styling flourishes, which is where the relatively staid LE and XLE trims come in. Outfitted with more conservative bodywork, a comfort-biased suspension and restrained interior decor, these Camry variants should reassure longtime fans that Toyota hasn't lost touch with its base.

There's a plethora of intriguing alternatives in this segment. On the athletic end of the spectrum, the Ford Fusion and Mazda 6 deliver still more smiles per mile without scrimping on fuel economy or features. The refreshed Honda Accord is a superb all-around choice, while the Hyundai Sonata is value-packed and more sophisticated than ever. But with its distinct sport- and comfort-oriented model lines, the Camry just might come the closest to being everything to everyone. Whether you're looking for the tried-and-true or the cutting edge, you owe yourself a drive in the Edmunds "A" rated 2016 Toyota Camry.

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2016 Toyota Camry

NEW FOR 2016

Following last year's overhaul, the Camry mostly stands pat for 2016. Joining the lineup is a Special Edition model based on the existing SE that adds exclusive items like smoked taillights, a sportier gauge cluster and blue interior accents.


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By ChadShephard on October 30 @ 2:29 am
Overall a good Camry. Still need improvment
We'll, it's a Camry. Most of the charateristic are the same. I really want to focus on suggestion and improvement.... 1. Road noise a major issue. Some wind and engine noise as well. Need better sound damping. 2. Interior layout seem outdated. The shift handle should be move way from center 3. Ugly front grill. Don't know what they were thinking with the grill. 4. Did I mention ugly front grill. Any suggestion on what I can do to hide the lower part of the grill would be appreciated.

By Daniel Dupuis on July 13 @ 8:01 pm
Discovered 2 days after purchasing my new Camry 2016 Special Edition SE that the new Scout GPS Link App installed is a real disappointment. The App on the smartphone is excellent, (state of the art, detailed maps updated daily) but the interface with the Camry is worthless. Its like going back to the stone age. There are no options available, no detailed maps except a small map showing from point A to point B and a small arrow moving very slowly to your destination. Wished the original Toyota Entune Audio with Integrated Navigation and App Suite (Option) could be installed in my new Camry but was told this is not possible, must buy out of market Navigation system which isn't the same as original. Too late to change for another Camry 2016 Special Edition SE with Entune NAV. I suggest you add the Toyota Entune Nav. System when ordering your new Toyota. Besides this disappointment, this is an Excellent automobile. I bought another Camry 2016 Special Edition Se with the Navigation system. Cost $8000 more because of depreciation after only 1 month. Now drive with a $50,000 Camry. Now completely satisfied except for the cost.

By Daniel Brookshire on August 12 @ 3:10 am
Love it!
I looked at several cars, suv's and trucks. Mostly suv's and cars. After much research I chose between 2 cars. I wanted good fuel economy, a good ride, good quality with reliable service. And a good looking vehicle inside and out. And a few options. I choose the 20 16 Camry XLE over a 2015 Honda Accord Ex-L. The Camry was a little higher in purchase cost but gave me everything I was looking for in a car. I think it drives and rides great. The 4 cylinder has plenty of power and fuel economy. The interior and exterior are good looking. My only complaint was the lack a availability in the car I wanted with the options I wanted. I bought the XLE with sunroof and convenience package.

By Kendo slice on September 26 @ 7:47 am
Review of 2016 Camry xse
Originally went to purchase special edition Camry but found the blue way too cartoonish and bright. Then had my sight on the white and prepared to start the bargaining process. After talking to the salesman we noticed a black xse model in the showroom. Although the xse had less features than se (hands free charge, moonroof, push start) and was $2k more, we just fell in love with the black suede/leather interior. Ended up getting $5k off msrp and getting full value for trade in, (Nissan wanted $2k less) 3.9%, lifetime power train, 2 years maintenance free. Over all the car rides well behaved and adequate for a 4 banger. You also can't beat the fact that it has 6sp automatic and not the cvt most manufactures are going to. Very spacious in the front/back with plenty of trunk space. My only complaint with the car is the infotainment display. It is a little laggy but I think most cars are probably going to be on the same par. I like what Toyota did by integrating the navigation on your phone onto the screen. Which eliminates the need of purchasing one with navigation.

By Bruno R Valenti on May 19 @ 6:15 am
Camry more than you would expect
The camry has been a very impressive car, although I have a 2.5 simpler motor SE without the Entune, I have found the radio to be very good along with a decent bluetooth, it rides smooth and very quiet, It is very impressive and I have to admit I am impressed, I traded in an E 350, I miss the weight and AWD security option, but other than that it is simple, reliable and impressive

By Iris on February 21 @ 9:33 pm
I hate the Stereo, but I do love the car
I love my car but I hate the "premium" audio. I can't hear speakers in the back. In my opinion the fade control doesn't work properly. By the time you get the fade far enough to the back to hear anything, the front speakers become mute. Everyone that I have demonstrated the stereo to, all agree that its sound output is weak. I wish I did not pay more money for this substandard 'upgrade' (which wasn’t cheap). If I had not paid extra for a "premium" sound system, I could almost understand, however I paid more money for a premium sound system and this is unacceptable. I went to professional car stereo installers (one of whom sells and installs JBL systems) to see if they had suggestions. They agreed that the stereo sound is substandard. They said that there was no way to increase the sound output or reconfigure the existing system. They estimated a minimum $1,000 complete system swap out. The 2nd car stereo specialist that I went to said exactly the same thing. I wouldn't be so upset if I had gone with the standard, basic system, but Toyota claimed that this is a "premium" upgrade and turns out that it is actually substandard in comparison to a basic system. I paid too much for this upgrade and I am deeply discouraged by this and even though the car is wonderful, every time I get in the car to drive it, it upsets me that this is what I paid for.

By Alexander on April 1 @ 12:43 pm
Same car. Why buy new?
Shoppers should know about this car... Camry has no power. Take it to the highway and you will see. I didn't... Transmission shifts too fast and... there is no power... it goes to higher gear and shifts down 2 gears and up again. Lost between the gears. My combined mixed MPG is showing 13.5 MPG. Interior: old dash from the European version. Hate transmission sifter. No improvements since 2009 version I used to have.

By whoisme on October 11 @ 4:38 am
Camry now lower in standards than a Yugo
Before you buy this car, rent one . Second find a good tune on the radio and fade to the rear and fade is what it does there will be no sound . Dealer says that is how its made. If you have owned a previous model don't expect the same ride or comfort level. My prior was a 2010 LE and I would take it back if I could. Now to my last fight with Toyota, park the car on a level spot ,look from the rear, it will lean towards the drivers side its called the Toyota lean. The last spec quoted to me was 1.5" is good and no correction. I was lent a 2015 se and it also is the same. Maybe I am anal but it bugs the hell out of me. As to the interior the glove box is a joke no room, the carpet " what carpet" Oh the floor felt is very cheep maybe a little thickness might eat some of the road noise. Enough of me wining its a love hate relationship with this one. Update traded up to a Avalon

By Yale Yurman on February 26 @ 2:05 am
Camry Wins Again
Instrument panel much better than the 2015 version

By G. G. Jayasinghe on May 4 @ 2:14 pm
Do not buy this [non-permissible content removed] car! I used drive 2012 Camry and I had it for 3 years. I never had issues with it and I loved it. I just had an accident couple of weeks ago. Our family needed a car so bad that we decided to buy a new car. The dealership kind of tricked us. They knew our situation and made us lease this crappy 2016 Camry LE. They never asked us to test drive the vehicle, it was around 6.30pm at night, they knew our situation and we trusted Camrys. They used our situation to sell this crappy car to us. We ended up with this hideous looking car that makes me feel like I'm driving a piece of plastic. More importantly, there is a distortion in the windshield, mirror buttons aren't working properly, and the car stereo jams when I put mirror heaters. And the sound quality is nothing like what we had in 2012 Camry. 2016 Camry is not only cheap looking, it's CHEAP QUALITY. Do not buy or lease this crap! We are in a big mess trying to get out of the lease we signed. We only drove this car for a week and totally disappointed in Toyota and Camrys! We no longer have the same trust for Camrys! If anybody wants to buy 2016 Camry, test drive it, and look carefully all the features and functionality. But I still don't recommend buying this car! I don't understand what they have really improved in this car compared to 2012 Camry LE. 2012 Camry LE had a much better, classy look I would say. Camry doesn't have the same look anymore, it looks like cheap version of Corolla.

By Disappointed 2016 Camry Owner on May 23 @ 8:40 pm
2016 Toyota Camry SE - Disappointing
First of All, I'm a huge Toyota fan! I've owned 3 Toyota in the past. A 4Runner, 2 Camry 1995 & 2005 which I still have. I recently bought a 2016 Camry SE and had for a week. I am "Not" happy! It's a lot noiser, it doesn't drives smooth as two of my older ones, you can feel every little bump on the road, my tracker control constantly comes on, horsepower is a lot less from previous models, the carpet and door handle feels cheap. Overall I feel like I'm driving a 2008 Scion TC (which I used to own) the only difference the Scion TC had a lot more power. I'm very disappointed in my purchase. The quality in Toyota has gone down. I'm already looking into trading the 2016 Camry in for something that drives smoother! Almost forgot, the steering wheel feels slippery and not tight and firm as my older Camry. Also be careful driving on a windy day. The car shifts from right to left like your fish tailing. This car is made weak, light and cheap!

By SmartCarFan on May 26 @ 1:27 am
Great reliable car at a reasonable price
You will not get these many features (touch screen blue tooth and audio, power seat) at this reasonable price. I've owned it for three months and I can vouch for it. It changes gear fast so pick up is good and power is also good. On highway, it didn't feel as smooth as I wanted but it's definitely less noisy. Headlights need some improvement. City MPG I get is 21-22 in the city and I live in congested city. Overall MPG is 3 to 4 miles less than stated but you don't get pick up without paying for the gas it seems. I own LE but I'd recommend XLE or SE due to better aesthetics. Overall, I'd recommend this car to anyone over Honda which is pricier and now has noisy CVT which I hate it. Also, ALtima has CVT and I hate NIssan car overall due its poor build quality. Closest competitor could be Hyundai Sonata but I fell in love with Camry's look and Toyota's reliability. I am happy with my car and family also love it.

By Tinh on October 17 @ 4:22 am
Love the new Toyota
This is my third Toyota Camry, my first one was '91 Camry V6 LE... perfect, even with major accident, the car remain perfect. the second on was 98 Camry LE.. drove until now with more than 200K miles. Still working condition. Unfortunately, the dealer (Arlington Toyota, IL) only offered me $200 as the trade-in. So I refused and gave it to my sister-in-law. This new Camry is for my daughter and she love it. My family now own 3 Toyotas.. 06 4Runner (my wife), 06 Solara (that mine) and the new one is for my oldest daughter. - As for Edmunds.. I brought my Edmunds quote to the dealer, most of the dealer welcome the quote.. except one.. Grossinger Toyota of Licolnwood, IL. may be just an act of a single sale person - he refused the Edmunds quote.. any way.. I give Toyota and Edmunds an A++ for all the services.

By dvd135 on August 16 @ 9:26 pm
Can't believe it's the Camry
I remember driving 2002 Camry and thinking this car is garbage, so unsure it felt in every turn, almost like walking on stilts. 2016 Camry is an actual, honest, fun to drive car, car you want to seriously break speed limits in. And I am talking about 4 cylinder SE. Switch it to Sport mode, be ready to use steering wheel paddles and it wants to run circles around other cars. Almost everything is done right in this car - commanding position, noise control, very decent speakers, quality stock tires, good enough headlights, materials, interior design, ergonomics, plenty of space in the back, and all that for $20K - terrific value. Negatives include how it looks outside, definitely in the back of its class, the seats could have been bigger for longer drives and ride is pretty jarring on bad roads (at least in SE). Overall, the pluses easily outweigh the minuses given how fun to drive this little car. When I was test driving 2015 Accord LX I was thinking "what a decent car for 20K". When I am driving Camry I am thinking "what a fun car for 20K". It reminds me the old BMW 3 series - harsh harsh ride, but you want to flog it.

By sns on January 2 @ 8:12 pm
2016 Toyota Camry XSE 4cyl.
I recently purchased a 2016 Toyota Camry XSE 4cyl. and traded in a 2014 Honda Accord Sport. I was going to buy a 2016 Accord but my 2014 Accord had such uncomfortable seats I decided to look around solely due to seat discomfort therefore I searched for and found supportive and more comfortable seats in the 2016 Camry and 2016 Subaru Legacy, too bad Honda doesn't check out the competition because they lost me due to their uncomfortable seats which lead to many physical issues due to the "C" shape seats which are good if you're a Formula One driver or a door gunner on the Millennium Falcon. Those seats gave an unnatural, hyperextension of the neck and back which caused me to place a bed pillow for some relief. GOOD (Comfort, Style, Value) My new 2016 Camry XSE heated, leather-suede seats are so supportive and more comfortable, I can drive more relaxed and natural, and the price was less than an Accord Sport which does not come with heated seats or Moon Roof. The Camry rides well and I get compliments on the look of the car, it comes with 18" sport rims, navigation, XM radio, Moon Roof, heated mirrors(some models), and 2 years free maintenance. BAD (knee room) The Accord had better knee room solely due to having a thinner console profile. I wish Toyota as well as other companies would thin the width of the center console so the knees had more freedom. If I move the seat close to the steering wheel, my right knee rubs up against the console which is uncomfortable for me, that did not happen in the Accord. I hope Toyota engineers as well as other companies would stop with the oversized console width, it's unnecessary. Lastly, the leather steering wheel is a very low grade leather, almost synthetic feel. The Accord had a more supple, higher quality leather wrapped steering wheel, soft to the touch. Overall, I'm glad I switched to the Camry it was time for a change and I am happy at this time with my choice. It was a tough choice between the Toyota and Subaru Legacy Limited, but it boiled done to price for me. The Subaru had the most comfort but it was 3K more, but check out the Legacy if you're on the fence I almost went with it.

By Robert on December 15 @ 9:38 pm
Cheap, loud interior
What happened to the Toyota Camry? We test drove the 2016 model thinking it would be better and more upgraded, the ride was bumpy with plenty of road noise and wind noise. I was really hoping I'd love the new Camry. We felt the interior was cheap and too many cheap plastic parts, the seats were pretty stiff and not very comfortable. Not sure why this is one of the "best cars" in it's segment. It's just a larger Corolla, literally. Cheap and boring. Just really seems Toyota has stopped doing anything with this car. If you're up for a bumpy, noisy ride go ahead and spend your money, but there are plenty of other cars to look at.

By Elaine on August 13 @ 9:13 pm
2016 Camry
Nice smooth ride

By Bill on August 5 @ 8:01 pm
Great car
Great car. The car has all of the electronic wizardry and it takes some time to learn how to operate it, but the time is worthwhile I still feel the same way. I still feel the same way. No mechanical problems. Excellent service by dealer.

By Terry on August 27 @ 4:19 am
Satisfied and still evaluating
Loved the fact I could buy the SE and upgrade the seats to full leather without upgrading the entire model to the XLE. I didn't want some of the XLE features so this worked well for me. I had a SE with 198,000 miles so it's nice to have more comfort and conveniences.

By J9Detroit on May 29 @ 7:37 am
2016 Camry SE
I've been a Toyota Camry owner for over 16 years. I recently retired my 1999 Camry for the new 2016 model. I can't begin to tell you how disappointed i am with my new Camry. I love the exterior styling but the interior is just meh. My two biggest issues are the incredibly uncomfortable seats which cause my leg to go numb while driving and the bouncing of the car. I seriously thought there was something wrong with my car when i first experienced the bouncing, especially pronounced when driving on the highway. I brought my car back to the dealer several times but was told it was a common issue and that i should put some weight in my trunk. I wound up putting 40lbs of birdseed in the trunk and that mostly solves the problem but you can still feel every bump in the road. Not something you want in the pothole capital of the US. Some of the interior trim is cheap feeling and forget the infotainment system - bluetooth works intermittently and the voice commands don't work at all. Though it will read your text messages to you, there is no way to reply by voice command which is frustrating. As someone who loves long road trips this car will never be the car for that. Much too uncomfortable with those seats. I commute an hour each way every day and I'm constantly thinking about what I'm going to do with this car - keep it or trade it for something more comfortable. It's really disappointing given i loved the 2014 seats. Have no idea why they changed them. I'm really questioning my loyalty to Toyota at this point but then I remember its the reliability.

By RealtorNate on September 28 @ 9:23 pm
*Updated* Mercedes drove me to a new Toyota
Let me just say I review this car having owned a little bit of everything. I've previously had a similarly equipped Ford Fusion, and in between have owned a couple of Mercedes. While they are wonderful cars, I decided the $3000 maintenance a year on my S430 4Matic was getting old. I work in real estate and am on the road a lot and need something reliable and that won't leave me on the side of the road, or spending wasted days at the repair shop. My goal with this was reliability. I initially didn't like this car when I first drove it. I compared it to a Hyundai Sonata, and also a Honda Accord Sport. I finally went for the Blue Streak Metallic Camry Special Edition. So far I've only driven about 600 miles, but I'm liking my experience. I was sold on the Camry for its reputation, resale value, and decent amount of features on this special edition. If Honda would offer push button start and a sunroof on the Accord Sport, I would own one. Surprisingly I've not missed the power of a V8 yet. The 4 cylinder and 6 speed seem to work to provide the most power possible. Compared to the 2012 Fusion I owned and loved (mostly), the engine and transmission harmony make all the difference. The Fusion transmission always seemed to hunt for gears or hesitate. The Camry does quite well with barely noticeable shifts, and always seems to be in the needed gear. Coming from a Mercedes, the interior was a bit of adjustment. But I love it. The blue accents are refreshing and help liven up the black. There's quite a bit of hard plastic inside, but I reason that it will be more durable in the long run and more easily cleaned. Infotainment options area straightforward and easy to use. Trunk is more spacious than the big Benz. The ride quality is decent, made a bit more harsh but the 18" rims. However the look of them is far worth the trade off. Overall I'm pleased with my purchase. I'll be interested to see how well the interior holds up to wear, and if that Toyota reputation that I craved is as fullfilling as I hoped. ** 1 Year Update ** In my first year of ownership I've driven just over 26,000 miles. The car has held up well. Zero maintenance issues. I still think the interior is cheaply made, and the rattles around the center console that have developed are evidence of this. The seats are holding up well though. I'm 6'4" and the seats are decently comfortable on a long trip surprisingly. The 18" tires are wearing quickly. Will need replacement in the next 10k miles I imagine. And that front bumper drags on EVERYTHING. Parking curbs. The slightest driveway incline. I have several scrapes on the lower side of the bumper not from being careless, but from simply pulling into driveways. My biggest complaint with this car is how BORING it is. It hasn't let me down, it's a fantastic appliance, but nothing to be said for any excitement factor.

By Skip Miller on March 13 @ 1:10 am
not so great lots of little things are really poor
Over all i give the 2016 Camry SE only ordinary or moderate , the interior is nice looking but not comfortable, seats are stiff and small. Storage in the passenger compartment is limited and of poor design and placement (you open the dash box and every thing falls out and is very small. Cup holders are in an awkward place hard to use for driver because of shift knob. Center console is small and the top compartment for small items is gone, 12v outlet is in the way and not very usable, console is between the seat backs and hard to get into for driver. LOTS OF WHINE FROM ENGINE, TRANSMISSION AND WIN NOISE. So what happened Toyota this is not what i expected!

By Nathan on May 18 @ 2:10 pm
Frustrated with NY Camry
I have climate control issues that two dealerships have been unable to remedy. The AC only works on the top two settings. One dealership told me there wasn't a problem, another dealer said $650.00 would replace a component. The car has 44,000.00 miles. Now the dealer says I need to get an alignment. My first and last Toyota.

By Nick Eckhardt on August 24 @ 5:36 pm
It's a Camry.
It's the perfect family sedan. End of story.

By Ron M. on February 19 @ 12:45 pm
Drive them before buying and not for a few miles
I drive a lot of new and used cars. I do swap driving for dealers. The Camry is not a perfect car but for the money you can't or would find it hard to buy something better. I have driven Camry, Hondas, Chevys, Fords, Nissan and Subaru. I find that the driving experience is better in a Camry for the comfort, and reliability amongst other things. The only ride I like as much is the Subaru because of the AWD. When buying a car, my best advice is to find the one you think you like most and then rent is for a few days to verify your choice. You will find many things you like and dislike about cars, but you won't find a superior one to the Camry in an equal price range.

By Robert Kauffman on December 1 @ 11:24 am
2004 vs. 2016 Toyota LE
I prefer my 2004 with 40,000 miles to the new car. The 2016 did not handle bumps and potholes better than my 2004. The 2016 has no front bumper. The interior of my special edition LE LE Is much more attractive. I am not comparing new technology with mine. I do not trust/have/like ABS. I am 71 years old, FYI.

By Dusty Old Man on December 18 @ 11:01 pm
Definitely NOT the Camrys I have owned previously.
There are a lot of neat bells & whistles that I like, but the overall comfort is not as good as Camrys of a few years ago. The massive front grill is a huge bug catcher that is very hard to clean. The many indentions really trap and hold the bugs! It takes forever to get them out, even with a high pressure wash. I really miss the dual compartment of the center console, and the lower dash storage compartment is not as useable as on the older models. The glove compartment is not as roomy either. The front seat comfort leaves quite a bit to be desired even with all of the adjustments available. The interior door mouldings are a cheap plastic design and the side pockets on the doors are not as roomy as they use to be. I don't know why the Camry designers have seemed to mess up a lot of the quality that was in the older models. I love Toyota s, but I am very disappointed in the new models

By B. Page on February 1 @ 9:39 am
2016 Toyota Camry SE
We bought the car for my wife but we both love it. Since we have only had it a few weeks I couldn't say on reliability but if first impressions are worth anything reliability won't be an issue. The 2016 Camry SE looks greet inside and out. Smooth quiet ride, and very comfortable to drive or ride in. Really very happy with this vehicle!

By Goodtogo on August 10 @ 9:43 am
Progress and Its Discontents II
This is the third edition of my review after 21 months with the car. Few of my opinions and experiences with the car have changed. It's mostly great: It's a Camry with probably good reliability, overall cost management, decent comfort and perks, fine driveability. There's a lot to like. I don't regret buying the car and I'm sure it will serve us well for a long time. BUT, I owned a 2003 Camry and at 185000 miles gave it to my son. It's now over 200 K and I recently drove it, which only verified my impressions of the new car. Here's what I miss/don't care for in the new one. (1) Six speed transmission shifts all the stinkin' time, at the slightest hill. Even in cruise going downhill. It's irritating and I wonder if it will shorten the life of the transmission. If you live in a place with rolling hills, it's going to drive you a little crazy. (2) The front seats aren't quite as comfortable (but the back seat is more comfortable). *It has been hard to find a sweet spot in setting up the drivers seat. It can be really uncomfortable on a long trip.*(3) Interior storage spaces aren't as roomy or well-put together. I miss the double center console, the roomy open tray in front of the shifter, the large glove box, and large door pockets. Oh, and the pull out drawer to the left of the steering wheel. Now it's a cheap-feeling flop-open thing. (4) It's hard to brighten/darken the instrument panel (now you have to reach to a button behind the steering wheel, similar to the way you'd reset the trip odom eter. (5) I change my own oil, so I'm going to have to miss spin-on oil filters. The car now has a cartridge filter (as in a motorcycle) that will require a new tool when my warranty is up soon. (6) My wife doesn't care, but I miss having a handbrake for a little extra control in bad weather. Now it's a foot pedal, which is useless except for parking. (7) The extra info screen between the tach and speedometer is great, but it makes the current instrument panel cramped and busy. I thought the 2003 instrument panel was very easy on the eyes. (8) I just feel a little more cramped in the car and I can't quite figure out why. (9) The lighting from the touchscreen and shift lever is glaring at night. (10) As expected, the "free oil changes" thing wasn't quite as straightforward as I was told at sale. I took the car in for maintenance at 5000 miles and was told they would only rotate the tires, that the oil changes only come at 10,000 miles "to help wear-in the cylinders." The owners manual specifies 5000 mile oil changes for mostly-around-town driving (which fit our pattern at the time). I told them to do it anyway and I would just pay for it. As a decent shade tree mechanic, I didn't appreciate the lame justification. As a buyer, I didn't appreciate that the dealership sales dept. presented this perk in a way that didn't match reality. Or the owners manual. To their credit, they service manager came back out to say they would cover it, still justifying a longer interval. But they did cover it. (11) There is a 1 - 2 MPH discrepancy between the speed on the speedometer and the speed on the info screen. (12) The seat fabric shows dirt and stains like crazy. *My comments might seem negative. Really, they're just detailed. I like the car and still would choose it if I were shopping. It's tight and solid, and quiet, and I'm adapting to its quirks. But we do still miss that '03 Camry's layout, room, and comfort. We just never found anything to criticize about that car. But cars change. I'll adapt. It'll last.

By Sherm on December 5 @ 10:38 am
Just a car - nothing special
Online shopping or not you will get the same baloney on pricing when you actually go to the dealer. The floor mats are cheap junk.

By 0hheck on November 27 @ 9:02 pm
Very Stylish and Sporty
When replacing my previously leased car, I was looking for a quality vehicle that had a great reliability reputation. I looked at Honda Accord, Chevy Malibu and the Toyota Camry. I wanted specific features, such as push button start, remote start, proximity entry, quite/comfortable ride and excellent fuel economy....all for a reasonable price. The Camry SE Special Edition had all the features I wanted and was the best buy in terms of cost as well as future resale. I'm currently getting in excess of 41+ mpg on the highway with the way I drive. Around town, I'm getting 27+ mpg. If you're looking high performance, you may not choose this model as it only is available with the 4cyl engine. However, this engine provides quick acceleration and passing performance. For my purposes, the V6 is more than I would need. Overall, I'm quite happy with my Camry. I now have 6000 miles on my Camry and have not found anything to complain about. I just had the free 10,000 mile service performed and that was completed within 1/2 hour. Overall, I couldn't be more pleased. Update: After 18 months of ownership, I just turned over 10k miles on my Camry. In that time, I have been thoroughly satisfied with my Camry, so much so that I will say it is the best and most pleasing car that I have ever had. I should mention that over the last 52 years of buying/leasing cars, I have owned over 20 vehicles, both from American and import manufacturers. My gas mileage remains as mentioned above, vehicle performance has actually gotten better and I have only taken the car to the dealer for one problem and that was with a bad seal on the sensor in one wheel that is part of the Tire Pressure Monitoring system. It was not installed properly at the factory and was causing the tire to lose 5 lbs of air per month, which caused the TPMS warning light to come on every month. It has been two months since that repair and I have had no further problems. My dealer provides very quick service and always washes the car on every visit. Very satisfied.

By Lorie C. on September 21 @ 9:34 am
Good car for the value
I'm writing this because I used edmunds to help to educate me, although it was my BIL who in the end still made a better deal for me. Just paying back. Most important tip is, if you have somebody good at bargaining by all means use them and let them be generous to you. I'm picky on things like the touch screen display (no lame knobs like many other cars), ease of use of the touch screen, how close it is to me, blind spot monitor, navigation, lane departure warning, collision warning, moon roof, cup holders, how the space next to my shift stick is divided and arranged, space for my keys and phone, storage space in the front, glove compartment isn't lame, seat width and comfort, ease of shifting gears, audio quality, colors interior and exterior, steering wheel turning facility, road handling, performance, both back seats flip down, baby seat anchors, keyless entry, push start up, ease of opening back trunk if my hands are full, automatic touch lock, smart key so I don't lock my keys inside, etc. After reviewing all of the above, comparing and test driving this car's equivalents at 6 other popular similar level brands, duplicate dealerships, and even casually checking out 4 luxury brands for fun, I chose this one. If I had another $10K, I would take a Lexus.

By Joey on January 18 @ 8:45 am
Get the Accord!
I bought this car 2 months ago, and has always had awful road noise. There is an awful vibration when I get above 40mph, which really sucks. I really wish I got the Accord. The Honda Accord is much quitter, spacious, better looking, better mpg also. I can't believe I got the Camry, it is like a disaster. Get the Honda Accord!

By Ava on March 22 @ 1:01 pm
Toyota Camry
It is an OKAY car for the price. Nothing about the car is impressive. It's a dependable car for the price.

By Roy on November 30 @ 1:26 pm
Upgraded from 2013
This car has been upgraded with a more comfortable, quieter, and smoother ride. The upgrade are not flashy but the effectiveness during the ride can't be denied.

By michael see on May 31 @ 12:53 am
2016 toyota camry , bluetooth phone killer.
had a 2013 camry now have the 2016 camry se. the 2016 from the stand point of road noise is not acceptable. you cannot use the Bluetooth phone capability while moving and when stopped only if you turn off the air conditioning fan. this is my 6th Toyota product and the only 1 I wish I had not bought , only because of the road noise. I wonder if its the tires they put on them this year? or location of microphone or sensitivity of microphone ?

By D Winegar on June 6 @ 4:24 pm
2009 Camry LE review
I will only own Camrys. I love them. I like I can have an outside thermometer to tell what's happening temp wise--especially if it gets really cold and it's snowing-- I can know if it is below freezing and slow down, ect. I like the pep my 2009 has. It is dependable, drives smooth, and is quiet. The negatives are a few, but not major I guess. The heating/cooling system is not great. Not much power even on high. Takes a while to cool off/warm up and the feet vent is poor. The ability to see blind spots on both sides is not great. I have to turn my head and look for actually a second or two to really see what's coming-- and actually even w/ side mirror on my left and turning and looking for a car on my leftside, I almost had a car hit me.

By Delbert DeGroat on July 17 @ 5:11 am
Camry XSE is the biggest bang for the buck
I bought a 16 Camry XSE after owning a Subaru Legacy. The Legacy developed an engine knock and Subaru wouldn't warranty it. They said it came from abuse. I never abuse my cars! I considered Honda, but hated the vague CVT transmission. Toyotas I've owned in the past were always great. This one is too.

By Len on February 17 @ 1:22 pm
Interior at night like air raid drill during WWII
Getting in and out of my recently leased 2016 Camry LE at night, interior completely in dark. There are NO interior lights that turn on to let you see. In my 2013 Camry LE, lights on overhead came on, not on the 2016. Also, Toyota decided to do away with the vanity lights on the visors - it's not that they don't work, they just aren't there. Very disappointed. Suggestion to owners/lessees of 2016 Camry LE - Always carry a flashlight. Since writing the above, I contacted the dealer and they told me to check the "dome light". There are three switch positions - 1-always on 2-always off 3-on when doors open or remote pushed to unlock doors. Works fine. I told dealer they should be sure that switch is not in the always off position when they deliver a new car. Would have saved me a lot of time and aggravation. I did read the manual on this subject but it's clarity left a lot to be desired. Still upset with no vanity lights on the visor.

By Enrique on November 7 @ 12:40 am
Great car
Worth the price, the only issue im having is the mpg, im getting an average of 21 mpg

By veronica vasquez on August 10 @ 7:14 am
Its nice
There is a noise everytime i hit a bump on the street like something is loose.

By Richard Moller on March 25 @ 12:55 am
Mostly awesome
Japanese car makers understand that a person will drive their car, and they usually engineer their cars to make all controls easily accessible. Sit in an American car, and you have to reach for often used controls--like radio knobs. (I recently rented an American car and I had to stop the car to find the headlight switch--it was hidden by the steering wheel and could not be seen while driving!) The 2016 Camry I just purchased is mostly driver friendly, but I am not happy to report that I must reach for the radio tuning button. (There may be a seek button on the graphics display which I will eventually find, but I prefer to use the manual knob and keep my eyes on the road when I am on a long trip and need to find for a new station when the previous station begins to fade out of range.) I am also disappointed that the 2016 models all have black as their primary interior color. I live in Houston, where black is a terrible car interior color during most of the year. (Mine has a partial ash-grey interior color, and I must say--is a GREAT two-tone look. But I really wish they offered a tan interior, with comparable exterior color, as a color option.) One last note, and this may apply to all new cars, since they use computers to regulate gas combustion: it can take quite a while before you see true MPG readings after purchasing a new car. It takes a combination of city and highway driving before the computer has enough info to regulate the engine properly. In my case, it was about at the 450-mile mark, almost one month after I bought the car. Before that, I was seeing 18-19 MPG highway or city. I am now approaching 24 MPG and expect it to get a little better the more I drive the car. So far, I am very happy with my purchase. But between the lack of color choices and having to reach for controls, I am worried that Toyota is getting sloppy with their car design. Since this review. I have found that my car continues to get horrible gas mileage. I am getting between 16 and 18 MPG. I took the car to a local Toyota dealer and they were absolutely unhelpful. I did, during a second visit, finally get them to check if the brakes were dragging, which they did not think to do during my first visit. They ultimately found nothing wrong and seem to be okay with the mileage I am getting. I paid for my own oil change at a different company the day after my second visit and that helped a little. Very disappointed in the Toyota dealer, which was not the dealer where I purchased the car--but it was a dealership where I have previously purchased two cars. I will say--I rarely drive on freeways. When I do, I get mileage in the sticker MPG range. But even for local driving, my gas mileage is terrible. Two friends with V-8-engined cars get better MPG than my 4-cylinder. I love the rest of the car, though.

By jihilton on December 31 @ 9:56 am
Factory oil pan had bad seal, already had oil leak
After 8 months of ownership, still have to worry about oil leaking from my new Camry. Not what I expected from one of the top rated cars. With a new car, didn't want to have any issues whatsoever! How many of new car owners have to check where you park for oil leaks? Very sorry I bought the car, but how many people buy cars that look for oil leaks from a BRAND NEW CAR??? Anyway I am trying to get over it, but my car payment each month reminds me! By the way, when dealership repaired oil leak, someone put a palm size dent in my hood when slamming it down!! How lucky am I?

By Edmund Toomey on October 25 @ 3:57 am
Camry can do
You can not find a better car for the price than a Camry; always reliable and dependable.

By F on September 20 @ 8:17 am
Worst decision I've ever made in my life
The wind noise from passenger side window in the this car is overwhelming at anything over 30 mph. When I took it into my dealership (Clearwater Toyota in Florida), their Service Advisor's advice to me was to "play heavy metal music at loud volumes" to drown out the noise. Nice. This was my first (and will be my VERY LAST) Toyota purchase. Complete garbage. Will be selling this piece of junk at my earliest convience. Avoid this car like the plague, especially at Clearwater Toyota in Clearwater, FL.

By JamesPO on September 21 @ 12:02 pm
Road /wind noise Camry 2015
The road noise consumers complain about is not due to tire noise as many think even though it seems that it is the tires. The noise and pitch of the sound is Conductive Road Viberation. ( It sounds as if it due to the tires when you drive over different pavement) The vehicle is tightly constructed. The noise/viberation is coming up from the road, through the wheels, through the struts and into the Cabin. To lower the pitch of this sound and improve quietness you have to interupt this viberation. You can do this by opening the hood and putting sound deading material such as "Road Kill" over the top of the strut housing. You can do this on the front and on the rear ones in the trunk. Do not do this on you lease car as you don't own it. As to the wind noise , I think it is due to thin glass. Please don't let someone sell you the idea that on these cars that your tires are the noise problem especially if they are mechelins. However if they are Bridgestone you can expect a bumpy harsh ride. Just don't buy one with Bridgestones

By DKW on December 1 @ 3:13 am
Driving Greatness and Reliability all in ONE!!!!!!

By Disappointed on November 4 @ 12:07 am
2016 Camry XLE letdown
No fog lights available so far from Toyota. Only getting 30 mpg on highway driving (calculated--computer displayed 32 mpg). When is the cruise control going to look factory instead of add-on? Ride/handling is fine but overall quality not very impressive in a competitive market. $500 additional rebate started one week after purchasing the car--really stinks. Update after 10,000 miles: Ride comfort is very good and handling is better now after switching to Michelin Primacy tires. Mileage averages around 32mpg (calculated at fill-up) with mixed driving and usually agrees with the onboard computer. Still don't like the cruise location--cruise lever hits my leg upon exiting the car if it is pointed in the six o'clock steering wheel position. Wish this car had L.E.D. brake/turn signals and a fog light kit is still not available from anybody! Blind spot detection on the driver's side should not be depended on heavily. Have had two near misses because a vehicle was not visible in the mirror and the detection system was not warning of presence. Better to add a small spherical blind spot mirror and not count on the warning system. This is an XLE version and the sound system is very low quality--especially the rear speakers. Plan on replacing rear speakers in the near future, but rear deck cover must be removed for access to the speakers so it is a much bigger job than anticipated. Trunk space is very good and passenger space is also good.

By Dan Hans on August 12 @ 8:54 am
Extremely Disappointing
Test drove this car expecting it to be as quiet and comfortable riding as the camrys from the 1990s and 2000s. Was I dead wrong. Terrible seats, lots of road, wind, engine noise makes it evident that Toyota quality has slipped greatly with lots of cost-cutting measures. Hyundai makes much better and nicer cars than Toyota does these days.

By anm on September 3 @ 1:06 am
Bad ride
I like my new Camry as far as looks, however, I find the ride to be thumpy and a lot of roll and pitch. I feel everything in the road surface. Test driven models seemed OK but the one I actually bought seems to not ride very well. Also, I don't like the head rest leaning so far forward. Really hard to sit in a good ergonomic position w/o having the headrest pushing my head forward. I would like all car manufacturers to have repositionable headrests, like the 1994 Camry had.

By G Folse on May 8 @ 1:03 pm
Best-priced & comfy but must drive first
18mo update: still as great as purchased. No issues with car. I had to replace a tire (nail) with over 20k miles on the rest. Tread was 7mm on old ones and cannot tell where the new one is. I did match the Michelin energy saver. 1yr Update: Still a wonderful car!! Toyota should be shot over the gas mileage, though!! I drive it as easy as I can on mostly highway and typically see close to 33 mpg on the computer. That equates to 31 mpg when I divide the mileage by the fill-up. Highway is accurate. Expect 20 mpg in city if u drive extremely conservatively. My wife's 7-passenger MDX gets better mpg in the city. The display for the radio seems a bit of a waste with no gps, but u get used to it. Original message: While deciding on the Camry, I drove 1 SE and 3 LEs. The SE definitely had the better tuned suspension, but the seat comfort (especially in the rear) and bumpy feel were a turnoff. The paddle shifter did not tune down the engine enough to be effective and it sometimes did not switch back to automatic shifting while it was still in D. Sit in the middle of the back seat (like a wooden 2x4). LE was much smoother and more comfortable; however, I began to notice the wind noise in 2 of the cars (1 more pronounced from passenger side and the other on the driver side) as well as a bad vibration above 60 mph in one of them. I finally found one with no noise or vibration. They all had Michelin tires, so you can't blame the tire unless mfr is putting out sporadic poor-quality tires. Camry had good acceleration from a stop but hesitated after slowing down. If you slap it into S and down shift a gear or two, there will be no hesitation!! Also, steering is very vague when going slow and weaving from lane to lane. But I had absolutely no issue with it cornering (as good as my '06 Accord). I strongly recommend test driving the car before purchase and ensuring you are happy with it. For comparison, I tested the Legacy and Accord. Similar feel for the Accord Sport - not into the bumps and paddle shifters do not affect the transmission enough to be fun. 20-60 mph acceleration was the best, but 0-20 was very sluggish. I want to accelerate the fastest from 0-40. Accord LX is nice (looks better on inside and more functionality but no ability to downshift when needed. The Legacy was my favorite. The ride was a little noisier but mostly comparable. The interior looked and felt cheap (and not as comfortable). But the drive-ability was by far the best. Paddle shifters torqued the engine well for breaking and resumed in drive when accelerating. You can go manual with it like in the Camry. It is very punchy for 0-40 mph. The Legacy is also well laid out for maintenance. The problem I had is there are not enough Legacys on the lots to get a great deal. And you have to hope they have the one you want. The dealer by me had maybe 6 on the lot and was not getting any more in until the 2017 models come out in 4-5 months. After driving my wife's Acura, I do NOT want any lane-deviation warning or front collision warning!! And you can throw away any deals for a while if you wait for 2017s.

By Sad about infotainment on August 16 @ 6:39 pm
Great car, but horrid infotainment system
I like everything about the car except the infotainment system and the auto-temp control. The infotainment system appears to have been designed by different groups that didn't bother to share design ideas. If you you play a CD, you get one interface, play music via bluetooth, you get a very different interface and if you play music via a flash drive in the USB port, you get yet another interface. To make things worse, if your flash drive happens to have 60+gb worth of music, the infotainment system takes forever to index the music and invariably 'forgets' what is knew only seconds before and has to reindex it yet again. With any other music interface, if you are playing an album and select 'repeat', it will repeat the entire album. If you only have one song selected and select 'repeat, it will only repeat the song. With the Toyota, selecting 'repeat' will only repeat the song selected. You can't have it repeat all songs that you are currently playing. Also, if you have a number of songs that it is playing randomly, if it happens to 'randomly' play the last song in the list (even if it is only the first or second song out of 100), it will frequently drop out of the large list of yet unplayed songs and start at the top of the 'root' list of artists and play their music. If you have the thermostat set to 'auto' for temp control, it will not let you control if the upper/lower fans are turned on. For instance, it was sunny and hot outside. I set the temp to 72 degrees F when I got into the car. It quickly cranked up the air conditioning and fans (as desired). However, once it had cooled the car off inside, it turned off the top fan and only kept the fan turned on for my feet. So I end up with nice and cool feet, but with the sun on me and the top fan completely off, I was still rather hot. I ended up having to give up on the auto temp control. it's ok when it is cold outside, but worthless if it is hot.

By Lina on November 17 @ 6:53 am
My beautiful Camry

By Velton Cummings on October 27 @ 5:49 am
Little Blue 2016 Camry
The car is not holding up as well as I think it should. Gas mileage 33-35 mpg. It has a lot of road noise. It is not nearly as good as my past Toyotas.

By EricnLA on November 8 @ 9:02 am
21,000 miles in
After nearly a year and 3 months of driving my Camry SE. I love the fit and finish. Very quiet no rattles or squeaks, or road noise like my Prius. Complaints; at $26K this should have blind spot and rear air vents standard. I wish the back lights had, well more lights LED stripes or something. SE no longer has fog lamps and the LED lights only are available on the XSE and XLE. The halogen DRL look dated on a modern car. They should come standard on all models and SE needs fog lights. The ride is harsher on the SE model than the LE or XLE. My tires are the Bridgestone. The dealer said they had to replace early 2015's because the tires were wearing to fast. He didn't mention brand. Just now they are using Bridgestone. I think if I get the 2018 I will upgrade to the XLE for the softer ride since I am only city driving mostly. Not sure if I want a hybrid again, depends on gas prices in 2018. Other than that I really like the car for room comfort and mpg for a non hybrid (average 26.2mpg)

By Sam on January 19 @ 12:13 am

By fedy cenatus on February 27 @ 12:36 am

By Mohsin on February 7 @ 11:20 am
Rear Windshield Blurry
I purchased Toyota Camry LE 2016. I have noticed that rear windshield was blurry/hazy. I can not see car behind me very clearly. During night back car lights make dark reflections on each defrost wires. Went to the dealer, they checked and say it is normal characteristic of the car. They show me FIVE Camry LE and all have the blurry rear windshield. The manager admits that it look like a gel between two glass. My issue has been brought up to next level as TOYOTA Rep. will come and inspect my car. Please share if you have the same problem with Camry LE. Thank you

By Satwant Tulsi on August 18 @ 8:40 am
Good Value

By Saugata Ghose on July 22 @ 8:05 pm
Great car!

By Rob Crews on November 13 @ 4:34 pm
Size does matter
It's lower to the ground compared to vehicles I've rented. This makes it difficult getting out, not so much in getting in.

By M. Crosby on January 17 @ 3:50 pm
Another satisfied customer.
This is our 4th Camry and the second SE that we've owned since 2002. We have been impressed with the quality and reliability of the Camry product. No major repairs on any of them, just routine maintenance. We took this new 2016 on a 1,600 mile vacation with no problems and the car handled very well. This year's SE rides smoother than our 2013 SE, maybe because of the 17 inch tires. The cab is quiet too. New features on this model include the back-up assist camera, which is a nice feature. The interior is nice and the finish materials are a step up from recent models. We are happy with this 2016 Camry SE and plan to continue to purchase Toyota products.

By Jo on July 21 @ 8:16 pm
Camry SE 2016 purchase is a disaster
The Vehicle moves even before you start the engine (Try rev shift and you will loose control of the vehicle in the slightest slope area .Turn the Ignition key after the dash board lights go off and before you actually start the engine). The ground brakes freezes and Steering Freezes. The Shift from Parking to Reverse is too hard . You feel like ripping the interiors of the shift box. The vehicle accelerates when you attempt to apply the brakes . The entertainment system is the worst. Doesn't Navigate through folders. Doesn't even play songs in the same folder when using USB drive(download mp3 songs from various sources and try yourself). You have to do all of them manually. The rear windows give a grumbling noise while rolling down as if you are rolling them on stones. Vehicle is barely 3 months old and you know what, Toyota takes pride in declaring all of them as designed to the needs and nothing is a defect and so they dont care. And Toyota declined to give me copy of the dealers reports nor any access to the Case i raised, neither in an email nor on the Toyota website. They already performed 1 recall in month of May on my vehicle and i see 2 more new recalls on this site. This new defect piece is no match to my old used Honda Accord. They are just washing off the hands saying some customers may not like the features(wondering can there ever be any customer wanting to have the above defects?) and trying to pass on the time till the warranty is over.

By Charles Hackner on July 30 @ 2:57 am
Still a Great car
Very happy so far. Still happy.

By Toni on September 6 @ 4:05 am
Deteriorating rubber on window seals
roll down back windows and check for streaking on the Windows. I have had my Camry for 5 months and have had trouble with both back windows. Toyota is rufusing to fix this under the warranty because I had the windows tinted and altering the Windows nullifies the warranty. Toyota actually tried to blame the company that tinted the Windows. So I got a statement from the window tinting company that Toyota is wrong and the reason the Windows are malfunctioning is because of defective rubber seals installed at the factory by the manufacturers. Shame on Toyota.

By Bonnie Konjevich on August 17 @ 11:52 am
Better MADE AND SAFER than my 8 YR OLD Honda Civic

By Mark Morgan on May 6 @ 1:12 pm
Great Deal on a Great Car
Very happy with my 2016 Toyota Camry. This is the 4th Camry I have owned and they keep getting better. My only issue is I find the front seat a little uncomfortable, but I have a bad back so that may be the root cause. After a year with the car I am still totally satisfied. For the price I doubt you can get a better deal

By Liz on September 7 @ 8:51 pm
Buyers beware of Toyota Camry xse 2016 is dangerous. Don't let the beauty of this car fool you. This car shakes and bounces. The car veres to the left or right depending on the road. Toyota refuses to fix the problem.

By Anthony pa on October 7 @ 5:12 pm
SINCE 1990
I've owned eleven Camry's since 1990. My Family and Friends ask me all the time, why another Camry? Don't you want something different? My answer is always the same. The car fits my lifestyle in looks reliability and in value. Its simply the best. I also must say my new 2016 Camry SE is one of my all time favorites. So while some people might think I am a bit boring and predictable, i think i am very very wise.

By JG on August 10 @ 2:22 am
Our 5th Camry!!!
Toyota is up to their same old Marketing Story. They give it and they take it away. 2016 Is the only XLE Camry that I owed that is not equipped with Fog Lights( a safety issue), JBL sound system, Manual Rear Window Shade, Homelink. But it now comes with heated leather trimmed interior. It also has a nicer interior, but would also be nicer if it had more wood accents. The LED DRL are nice, but so were the DRL Tail lights on my 2011, now gone! Also the Cargo Net that was standard now is a add on as an accessory. Plus they use to give you a Leathette Folder to to your Manuals in that gone too.

By ka on March 10 @ 5:19 am
losses value quick/dislike seats color
Things I dislike about this car. Price- extra cost for navigation system, blind spot sensoring (over $ 3,000 extra for these features) This comes standard on Hondas, Mazda and other cars. Noticed used Toyota's lost 20 % of value in first year or do. If you buy this car at $ 27,000 plus financing bringing it to $ 30,000 after two years it is worth less than $ 20K. Disliked interior seat colors- would stain very easily if that ketchup/mustard drips out of a hamburger or coffee spills.

By Michael Gor on January 5 @ 5:30 am
Camry le
Its a nice car. Could be a bit quieter. Good handling

By Michael Gor on January 5 @ 5:32 am
Camry le
Its a nice car. Could be a bit quieter. Good handling

By Danielle Smith on May 18 @ 4:36 am
Happy Camper!

By DOC on December 10 @ 9:05 pm
best car i have ever owned
all the people writing bad things about this car are out of there minds,for the money you cant find a better car,i've owed 6 accords and 2 sonata's and they dont compare to the Camry.,great car,

By J Martin on November 4 @ 2:08 am
le. Just ok!
Purchased a 2016 LE approx 2 months ago.....3000 miles later...the verdict. Basic transportation....good room for 4 adults. Stereo sucks....pitiful speakers..no bass. Rear doors sound cheap when closed. Does get 32 mpg-at least according to the computer....Guess I was spoiled by my 2 Hondas.. Why on earth did Honda go to CVTs? Bought it because several of my co-workers have them. Less than thrilling, is all I can say!

By Pam on October 24 @ 12:52 am
Noisy Interior
I've owned this car for 3 months and I just noticed the side interior on the front driver and passenger side doors are noisy. It happens while driving on a bumpy road. Would not have bought the car if I noticed it during the text drive.

By Jim K on July 19 @ 8:29 am
I owned a 2001 Camry for over 13 years and used to be a Toyota fan, not any more. After owning this particular Camry for three months I find it mediocre at best. The three worst problems are; ROAD NOISE, NAVIGATION (Voice commands) and FRONT SEAT COMFORT. These three problems, alone, make road trips terrible. The road noise level is so high that to hear the radio, the volume needs to be very high. The Voice command feature is unusable at highway speeds due to the road noise. Combine this with the seat comfort and I don't want to take long trips. I guess you need to go to a two week course on using the navigation system. Nothing is intuitive, I guess that you can do a lot with this system but finding information, while driving, is difficult at best (I'm still trying to learn this system). There are several other smaller problems; the display screen is washed out during the day by the sunlight, the digital speedometer does not match the needle speedometer and other small issues. Keep in mind this is the XLE Camry (one step below the Avalon) and should much much better. I hate to admit it but I rode in a Nissan Altima yesterday and found it much quieter and more comfortable than my Camry (I have never been a Nissan fan, maybe should re-evaluate the Nissan). I'll take my 2001 Camry LE over this one any day. I fail to see why this Camry is rated so high by many people, confused! UPDATE (2/19/2017): Letters were sent to Toyota Headquarters in California and to Southeast Toyota headquarters and were ignored. Took the car to the dealership for service and was basically ignored (you can show them and demonstrate the issues and they just shake their head and say they don't see a problem, must be corporate brainwashing). Was so disappointed with this car that I traded it in for a Mercedes in November 2017 (lost money on the Toyota, of course). My advise is to rent before you buy to really get to know the car.

By Frank Jowitt on April 18 @ 10:33 am
My car Camry

By Amin on September 27 @ 5:47 am
just a car with noise...
this car is the worst car I had ever. weak engine, very noisy dashboard, very slow transmission. when you want to reach for example to 50 mile this car goes to 30 and after put the transmission on the higher level. sometimes more than one!!. and after that you feel that you have nothing under you feat. Toyota just wants to show fuel consumption. the dashboard on two side has noise the same sound. when I toke the car to deal for 3 times they just said no we didn't hear any sound!!!.

By bill stevenson on August 17 @ 7:24 am
Toyota Camry SE 2016

By Randy on February 3 @ 9:18 am
Another Camry

By John Mason on June 30 @ 1:30 pm
Don't buy into the hype
We have a 2016 Camry with perpetual brake problems and has been into Toyota dealers (2) numerous times. We are so frustrated by the issue we tried to take back to the dealer we purchased from and see if they would allow us to trade to another Camry with similar features. They would not accommodate. This was our first Toyota, and will be our last.

By Jenny on September 25 @ 4:04 am
Love it!!
I don't know why so many people are complaining about this vehicle. I've owned my 2016 Camry for almost 2 years, just over 13k miles. This car is amazing!! We just took it on a 10-hour one-way trip to Northern California over the weekend of the 4th. The trip is 780+ miles one way!! Driving on the highway and making 44mpg was amazing. Darn thing only drank about a tank and a half. The front seats are comfortable (I have the cloth upholstery), as well as the back seats. Plenty of storage room throughout the vehicle, the stock sound system is excellent (for being stock), and I've had absolutely NO noise issues. The car rides quiet, no dash snaps or door snaps. Nothing!! I highly recommend this car to all of my friends and family.

By VLJ on January 9 @ 3:16 pm
Blizzard Pearl XLE 4
Very happy with the XLE performance and the safety features. I did test drive the LE model--- not as much umph on acceleration and interior siding and seat upholstery seemed of a lesser quality to me than with prior models. 20 yr+ Camry customer.

By Warren Richards on February 14 @ 9:07 am
Its not your fathers sedan
Nice car at reasonable price. My cons would be that the seats in the front do not raise enough for me at 5'9 and also the stereo system in the LE model sounds like a portable radio. I've had a have a Camry LE years ago and the stereo system sounded like it belong in a midsize car nice sound. The sound on this system is not very good with radio and CD player

By glideslope on February 13 @ 6:03 pm
2017 SE
This is my first Toyota since my first Accord in 2000. I sold my 2012 Accord. My wife has had RAV4's in the 4.2, 4.3, and 4.4 generations. She loves them. I really wanted a new Accord. I was looking at the 2017 Sport. Not the Sport SE. No matter how many times I drove a 2016 I simply could not deal with the CVT. Now to be honest, there were traits the Accord had that I really preferred. Specifically handling and front seat comfort. However, my SE while no sport oriented midsize sedan is very satisfying. I only have 1,200 miles on it but as my wife's RAV's have been, I have not noticed a single manufacturing issue. The interior IMO is no louder than an Accord. My SE has the lousy Bridgestone Turanza 400's and they account for 75% of any road noise. So, I'm really liking this purchase. It's plenty quick enough for me. Has very strong brakes IMO, and can easily maneuver in any situation I might find myself in. I expect it to be bulletproof as 98% of Camry's are, and It was $2,800 less that the Base Accord Sport CVT would have cost me. Highly recommended.

By G.J. on February 1 @ 5:10 am
Don't buy One
This vehicle has the worst ride ever. It constantly vibrates and the dealer will only tell you that this is the way it is supposed to ride. I got taken and you better drive it on the highway before you decide to but it. The ride and comfort is horrible. I will never buy another Toyota. I was asked to update my review. I complained to the dealer and they put new tires (top brand) on the vehicle and it helped some but you cannot get your money back. Since I am stuck with this vehicle, and the resale value is not good, I will continue with it until I can afford another vehicle. I still advise that you thoroughly test drive one before buying. Maybe the new ones are better but the 2015 SE model has a horrible, bumpy ride.

By Ml Mccarthy on September 13 @ 2:36 pm
Love it!

By Kirk on April 5 @ 5:42 pm
16 Camry xse
16 Camry - paint bubbling on front edge of hood in one spot, field rep said was due to rock chip so I asked why the other chips weren't doing it of course couldn't explain. lets get real rust doesn't happen over night specially on a car with the build date of less than a yr. - clicking noise happens 1 time each time I back up, was told normal condition.. Really, Toyota purposely sells cars that make noise?? - I buy a bew car every 18 mths or so, previous 2 were new camrys before that a CTS, and before that a Lexus 470, before that a Corolla and corolla was bought because I bought a new tundra which I loved but horrible mileage so I used corolla to go to work n back n drove tundra rest of time. This is just from 2007 until now and pretty much have bought new every 18 mths my whole life... - Never had any problems with any of my Toyotas until this one and now come to find out it doesn't really seem like toyota cares.

By Klem on September 22 @ 1:49 am
Not perfect but a great value!
2016 SE, have had it for 5 months now. likes: Seats are comfortable, Easy to see out of, Fuel economy 30 city 38 HWY, Rear seats fold down to add versatility to the storage. Chassis is tight and steers good, Car is quiet even on the Freeway. Dislikes: I am 6'2" and the legroom for the driver is ok but the center console is too wide causing my right leg to be forced against it and it becomes pain-full after a half hr or so and then it becomes hard to find a way to get it comfortable. Older Camry's had narrower consoles and when I drive an older one I have no problems. I have the upper optioned radio and I agree with others that it really is bad. No depth to the sound, I would guess it has low wattage and cheap speakers. The NAV system Toyota owns called scout and it is really bad. Voice command is useless and often, more than not it does not get you to the front door of your destination but will leave your a block or two away at times. It has traffic app in it and it does not do anything, maybe Toyota plans to make this work in the future or something. We have pretty much resorted back to using Google NAV on our phones again. Don't get me wrong. For the money I still believe this car is a good value and plan to own it for a long time. Overall I am very satisfied with the purchase.

By Baz on January 9 @ 11:09 pm
Best car I have ever enjoyed
I purchased the V-6 XSE which is getting me a very consistent 34 MPG (Imperial) or 8.3 l/100 km. I test drove every mid size sedan and some small sedans such as the VW GLI and Audi A3 Quatro. (while these two would have been my 3rd & 2nd choices, I could not justify their price & reliability ratings compared to the Camry. The Camry has been absolutely trouble free, with not so much as a rattle developing. I anticipate that this car will see the dealer as much as my last Toyota Corolla which saw the dealer only once to get a recall repair. Power of this auto is the most surprising and fun aspect.

By Andrew on September 11 @ 2:43 am
I have had this Camry XSE v6 for two months and 3 thousand miles now. I purchased it with 8 K on it pre owned dealer car and LOVE it. The car is pure vanilla but FRENCH VANILLA ! The quality of workmanship, the quiet ride, comfy on long rides, great looks and a drivetrain with a great sounding fast v6 attached to a quick shifting tranny makes this car fun to drive with surprising MPG as much as 32.8 highway. This car just does everything right !

By Pietro R on December 13 @ 10:43 pm
A bit heavy compared to my Nissan
The car feels heavy, but I suppose it's solidly built. The seats are a bit hard to get used to. It took a long while to find my sweet spot. I'm 6'2, not that tall. It handles nicely, and rides about the same. Road noise is noticeable. I hope that it lives up to its reputation of quality, for that will be its best virtue. Unless one drives like an old geezer, the MPG never comes up to the EPA estimate. By old geezer, I don't just mean obeying the speed limit, its a given that one obeys the law. I mean coasting up to stop signs to save gas, as well as trying to time the lights in order to avoid applying the brakes at anything over 25 MPH. As an aside, for the first six years that I owned my Altima, I loved it. I don't love this car, but it's nice enough. It hasn't given me any trouble, but I only have 8k on it 😀

By Daniel on July 2 @ 7:25 pm
Boring car. No power
Car has no power even with new engine. Camry is too heavy and needs 3.0L V6 engine! Transmission is not performing (because Camry is too heavy for it?). I am not impressed with gas mileage as well. With my 2009 Camry I used to get 23 mixed and 30 on Hwy (better than the sticker). Now gas mileage is below the sticker. Toyota didn't do good job on the engine-transmission side. Design is weak: looks like old Lexus ES (I understand a lot of us kinda proud of this fact, but you could get an old Lexus ES for 1/2 of Camry's price but with 3.0L engine). Interior: Please move clock to the instrument cluster! Who designed it?

By Gus on November 9 @ 6:26 am
Excellent car
People who criticize this car don't know what they are saying. This car is excellent all around. This is my second Camry and I love it.

By Starr Grubb on January 23 @ 1:03 pm
Squinty eyed driver
If you are driving where there is sunshine.....surprise! The visers in this car are of NO benefit, they are much too short to block sunlight. When I make a left turn, no way to see side of car or how to navigate a turn. I see the panel at the windshield and the mirror! The console is pushed back so I cannot open it..while I drive...it is a nuisance more than anything. This Camry takes off slowly and most times, it gets past that and jerks as it groans to pick up speed! My 2003 Camry is the reason I wanted another one! But I wished a thousand times I would have gotten a different vehicle! I would love to sale this Camry now! Or if I could turn it back in and get a refund...I would completely satisfied! I can honestly say I hate my new Toyota Camry. 2016. It may have several airbags for safety but the way they are arranged in car is mind boggling and blinds your vision to things outside you should be aware of on the road! Yessirreee.....my eyes are tired from squinting to see how to drive this vehicle and yes I hate the whole package!!

By Bob A on June 20 @ 5:11 am
Camry XLE with 6 cyclinders .. at the 4000 miles
We have [previously owned 3 Toyota Camrys. This well equipped XLE's sedan's performance is fine with us. Very good engine response and a comfortable interior for the long ten hour drives. Radio wise, strongly suggest that you turn off the surround sound option since this greatly improved the listening quality to hearing music. The GPS system is pretty good but Google Maps is more precise. For a house number, Google Maps get you to the front door. Camry's will get you close by one to houses away. Providing verbal commands, the system does not always accurately catch it. Perhaps my Bostonian accent? The headlights are excellent. The side mirror detection alerts that another vehicle is my blind spot is a terrific safety feature. For carrying stuff, it offers a very good trunk size and the rear seats fold down. too. Gas mileage, for this six cylinder engine, it is about five MPG less than my 2008 Camry with six cylinder engine. WHY? I don't know but I expected it to be same. The car is pretty is quiet. We like and enjoy the car.

By krystle on November 21 @ 1:40 pm
2nd time owner
I had a 2012 Camry sport I loved it loved how it grounded to the road the 2016 is sleek love the new design it's a tad bit smaller than my 2012 BUT I love it my 2012 was having some shuddering problems with the transmission but totally love my 2016

By JeffH1542 on March 21 @ 1:55 am
Fifth Camry is a real disappointment...
The performance of this car is fine and the ride is the same as my other 4 Camry's. The problem with this car versus my other Camry's is the materials used in the front bumper and the under skirting is all plastic. I am very particular about keeping my cars detailed and if I would have really looked this car over I probably would have looked for something else. The front bumper just cracked approx a foot in front of the right tire. The crack is approx 2" in length. I took this to the collision department at the dealership and was told this was going to be a problem with this model because of how low the bumper is and how thin the plastic is. This showed up after having the car for just 2 months. Today I go out in the garage and look at a new crack at the plastic mud flap on the right side in front of the rear tire. I actually got under the car and when looking at the undercarriage it looks no stronger than a Tonca truck. I serviced my own vehicles and was under each vehicle and know that this vehicle doesn't live up to the Toyota standards that I had become used to. Going to the dealership tomorrow and voicing my dissatisfaction with this vehicle. Update.... I just had the plastic grill replaced under warranty due to the paint flaking off. The issues with the integrity of the body continue.

By Eileen on July 9 @ 1:44 pm
I have owned or leased a Camry for over 15 years so when I test drove this SE I didn't go far and thought the seats were uncomfortable but I didn't pay much attention to anything else - figuring it will be just as good as the others I have had. The car has been in the garage for a week and I took it out last night and to my surprise what a crappy, bumpy ride - I literally pulled off the rode to see if I had a flat. Took it on highway and the more I increased the speed the bumpier it got, the seat cushion is so thin you feel like you are seating on nothing and feel every bump from the road and the steering wheel vibrates to the rough ride as well. We have the car a week and I called the salesman last night and emailed him this morning. I hope I have some options to turn this back for a different car because I hate this car and shame on toyota for building such a piece of crap.

By EDMUND SERGE on February 16 @ 12:35 am
Brand new Camry SE 2017
It does not have a lot of power but it is ok. Breaks should be redesigned, it does not have sufficient boost to brake. A little bit of noise coming from outside when windows closed.

By Alexander on October 12 @ 10:56 pm
Everyday driver and fun when you want.
It's a Camry with balls. Push the button that disengages the TCS, and drive (safely), feel the oversteer. I absolutely love the fact that at 70 MPH, up a steep grade of 7%, I can put the pedal to the floor, drop to a lower gear, and accelerate to 80, and pass safely. This car is most certainly "quick" when you need it to be. It feels like it predicts what you need in the moment and responds appropriately. The fun part is, this car is also "fast". I have gone from a dead stop to the floor in this car multiple times, and every single one was different (which is why I wish it had a sport mode, and possible launch mode in sport {hint hint, Toyota!}). This car actively adapts to recent driving patterns, which I think is amazing. This is my daily driver. Tech is there, fuel economy is there, space is there. I know I should drive a Mazda for my driving experience, but there is no comparable model made by Mazda that satisfies all of my needs at the same time like this vehicle. I intend to own it for a very long time. (P.S. Toyota, when you allow this car to function in a "Sport Mode", tone back the power steering, and let the driver feel the road a little bit more :)!

By Andy on October 28 @ 10:29 am
Superb !!! Except for the JBL Premium sound.
The XSE V6 is an excellent car. Super impressive Engine, performance and handling. I cannot fault anything on the car EXCEPT the JBL "Premium" Audio. It is utterly unacceptable and poor. The rear speaker has barely anything going to it, almost no bass, (or any sound at all) comes from the lower door speakers, I would say upwards of 90% of the sound, (bass included) is directed to the high in-dash speakers. Volume? With volume set at Max, you can hold a normal conversation in the front seats without raising voices. It is utterly pitiful. No power, no volume, no bass. During preparation for production, one person, somewhere in the Toyota organization, would have probably been responsible for making the decision to go ahead and include this system, and to label it as "Premium Sound". This person should be fired. Then the fact that somebody in Quality didn't listen to it and check it afterwards, baffles me. EVERYTHING about this car is excellent, except the music. Absolutely, buy the car (XSE V6), but be prepared to immediately get a stereo shop to rip out the pitiful, impotent sound system, and replace it with something louder than your average bedside clock/radio alarm clock. Premium sound? Really, Toyota? Premium?? Not even on the same map.

By TheManInDboX on November 29 @ 3:10 am
Bland.. It's just an appliance on wheels..
Good: It's reliable, hasn't had a single "mechanical" issue, it's nice looking and the paint is very good.. The interior look is sharp, and the exterior looks good too.. The accord IMO, which in 13 and 14 were one of the sharpest cheaper sedans around, have gotten way ugly with all the chrome, so a camry felt like a better solution, it is very cheap to run, and insurance is nearly free, the navigation system is actually pretty good, and the upgraded radio sounds very good, you get a lot of nice things for the money.. being a toyota it will likely run 300K miles without any major issues.. (But do i want to keep this one that long?).. BAD: The seats are hard and uncomfortable on long trips, the plastic in the dash rattles, and the glove compartment doesn't want to stay closed when it's cold out (I have 6,400 miles) The speedo doesn't actually display the right speed, you can set your cruise at 40mph, your analog will indicate 45mph, and your digital will show 39mph, while GPS shows 42mph.. who really know's which is right, the factory tires are crap, they are loud, they are also awful in the snow and rain, the lack of a traditional ebrake is really annoying in bad weather, and the automatic transmission in anything outside of just "D"rive is pretty useless, the "Sports" or SE model supposedly gets sports suspension, i am still trying to figure out what 90 year old typical camry drivers think the camry is sporty, it rides rough, won't corner, has epic body roll, and is really not at all sporty, my 01 sienna would drive rings around it in the corners.. it's like driving a 90's buick.. with roller-skate wheels.. in addition the outside panels are rolled out of foil.. if you sneeze too close to the car the panels will dent.. I expected much more from a toyota, after having multiple ones make it over 400K miles, it looks like my next car will be a hyundai.. Which i should have bought, but didn't because i expected the perfection of a toyota i have grown to expect..

By RLC on February 10 @ 3:19 pm
Scout GPS Link
Ijust bought a 2017 Camry. I love the car but hate the Scout GPS Link and related technology. Did I say hate, I mean LOATHE !!!. Its beyond me why Toyota does not offer Android Auto. I need to buy another new car, this one for my wife, in approximately 3-months. While, I like Toyota, I probably won't buy another Toyota because of Scout and the other on-board technology.

By Jackson on November 19 @ 6:50 pm
The best economy car I have ever purchased
I bought it at Lone Star Toyota. Everyone here has been accommodating with my needs. The car deal was better than expected and I encourage everyone to see the great people at Lone Star Toyota.

By GK on May 19 @ 12:36 am
not reliable
I bought Toyota for reliability, but I was disappointed. Apart from having uncomfortable front seats, my car came in with heated seats, and the tube that transmitted the heat started hitting my rear end and make me uncomfortable. This started a year after leasing the car. Took it to two Toyota dealers, two of the largest in the country. The first one didn't do anything, and the second one tried to solve the problem at least, but it didn't help much. The padding is too thin. Not enough cushion for the seats. I have to drive the car like this for another year and a half before turning it in at the lease end. What does Toyota think about this. Never buying a Toyota again. Would you? At this day and age something like this should never happen. Poor engineering and seat design. Upgrade d XSE model that costs more but doesn't give you comfort. Where is the reliability? Very disappointed and dissatisfied customer.

By david wellman on October 9 @ 7:57 am
piece of crap under powered junk
junk buy cars made in japan like masda infinity

By hammer on May 16 @ 6:29 pm
searching for a gear
the 6 speed transmission will stall when changing into second gear it will hesitate about 5 seconds while you just roll befor eit catches and takes off the toyota dealer said was searching for a gear and was normal almost hit twice while rolling, the back up camera is poor as it shows the back license plant

By Rt trask on January 28 @ 1:02 am
$35k rattle trap
Supremely disappointed: rattles, cracking noises at less than 1k miles. Numerous trips to dealer to get these fixed. Still have sharp cracking noise from driver door area that happens to me every day but dealer claims they can not reproduce. Have escalated to Toyota but they just gave me the bureaucratic shuffle back to the dealer. Am looking to dump this pos asap.

By Disappointed on March 9 @ 1:30 pm
accelerations terrible but you don't need it cuz
I turn on my GPS and then I use my phone Google map to make a game out of the fact that the navigational system in this car will take me completely in the wrong direction is only funny because I have an option otherwise it's not very funny cuz I paid for it

By ToyFoyBoy on January 22 @ 4:13 pm
The Good.. The Bad.. and The Boring..
The Camry.. It's a cheap family car with high safety, low insurance, and bland styling.. But it really has always been this car, they have made a few hot one's over the years in very low numbers, but the formula has always been what it is. The 2016 camry is really a failed attempt at the most simple Camry formula.. Decent looks, good build quality, high quality parts, and Decent driver interaction.. This has been the simple formula going back to the camry Vx70 which was the original Celica Camry here in the USA.. Before it got it's own US Platform.. The 85 Camry i owned, started life as my father's and was handed down to me at 173K miles, it was silver, with a very supportive, ultra high quality interior fabric, the dash looked textured, and was a thick rubberized plastic, which actually felt expensive, and like a high quality car.. It was slow, at 90hp, but it was fun to drive, it handled well, and was very easy to see out of.. In 1991 another family member bought a new Camry LE v6 which was also another car with fantastic seats, great handling, and offered a competent comfortable ride.. I expected the same when i purchased my 2016 Camry SE.. I wanted the good sounds of the nakamichi stereo's of the 80's, i wanted the adequate hp of the 91, and the handling, performance, and easy visibility that the older camry got.. What i ended up with though was a poor imitation of a buick.. The seats are hard, cheap, and the material feels like something they found at the dollar store, the dash rattles, the stereo is the entune which gets generic paper speakers, the handling is terrible, the ride is harsh for no reason, the electric power steering is slow, and can't keep up with spirited driving, you can't see out of it, and frankly the automatic transmission is just terrible.. The 2.5 is a gem of a 4cyl engine, but everything attached to it, just isn't up to par for a toyota.. I feel like the camry went from a BMW fighter for the middle class to something that only resembles the actual camry by nothing more than name.. This isn't my only toyota, but frankly it is my last new one.. I would rather put the time into repairing a 200+K mile early toyota than make payments on another appliance.. After all i already own a refrigerator.. I never thought i wanted to drive one..

By Vince on June 26 @ 9:54 pm
Best car I've owned
I've owned 6 other cars and this is by far the best I have owned! Over 350-400,000 Camry's a year hit the streets, making it the top-selling car in America, suggesting that Toyota's doing something right! It may not be the most sporty car in the world, be it's reliability is by far one of the best!

By Mark Nolette on December 16 @ 6:10 am
The disappearing car...
The 2016 Camry is a car for people who don't like to think very much about their cars, or worry about them. It's for people who want to just get in, turn the key, and go, with a minimum of fuss. The Camry isn't designed to call much attention to itself. For one thing, there are too many of them out there. For another, they never win styling awards. That being said, the 2016 Camry (largely) fulfills the time-honored Camry mission. When I bought this LE, I found the ride to be surprisingly stiff, but it did smooth out after a few weeks. The ride is quite good in nearly all circumstances. The car has generally been quiet, though it lets in a little more road noise than Camrys typically did. Reliability has been rock-solid. Not a single issue in 40k miles thus far. Performance may not glue you to your seat, but it's more than adequate for driving, passing, hill climbing and merging. Fuel economy has been good as well. My driving is mainly on two-lane rural roads, and I average over 35 mpg overall. On a typical 20 mile trip on a rural road, I frequently get 40-44. Handling is appropriate to this car's intended mission: good enough for typical driving, perhaps a bit better than its reputation would have you believe. Interior materials seem less "luxurious" than the Camry or Accord of 10-20 years ago, but are adequate. The driver's seat is comfortable enough for long drives. Visibility is very good. My iPhone pairs easily with the car's Bluetooth. Sound quality from the audio system is decent; perhaps slightly above average for cars of its kind. The trunk is large and easily accessible. To my mind, this is one of the better-looking Camrys to come along. That may not be saying much, but I can say that I actually like the looks of this one. My dealership sold this one to me at a great price (4k under MSRP) and has given me outstanding service since then. This car does show signs of cost-cutting here and there, but overall feels pretty solid. Will my next car be a Camry? I don't know. But I have only good things to say about this one. Toyota could have done a better job of tuning out road noise and could have put better quality materials in the interior. Those are my only complaints. Good car, good value. It really does "disappear" under you as you drive it. It just does what it's told. No fuss. No worries.

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