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The generational lifecycle of Toyota cars and trucks is usually very consistent. Every five or six years, the company typically debuts a new version of a given car and, apart from some mild updates of a chrome strip here or a reshaped headlight design there, leaves it alone until the next redesign. The 2015 Toyota Camry represents a significant departure from the norm, however, as Toyota has thoroughly overhauled it a mere three years after a complete redesign. Whatever the reasons are for the change -- a good guess would be that Toyota feels the need to have a more competitive Camry this year -- the end result is certainly good news if you're shopping for a 2015 midsize family sedan.

The Camry's changes are obvious on the outside, where all but the roof has been restyled. The grille is bigger, more prominent and indicative of the pricier Toyota Avalon and its Lexus corporate cousins. In profile, the Camry is more sculpted and less slablike, and the car's rear styling has been smoothed out. Overall, we think the Camry looks more refined, premium and grown up. Inside, the Camry's overall design and generous passenger space remain unchanged, but Toyota has improved the quality of plastics -- especially on the center console -- while most of the door panels are now covered in padded simulated leather or suede (depending on the trim level). The buttons and knobs for the climate controls are bigger and less toylike than before and, as a result, are not only easier to use but imbue a higher-end look and feel. Plus, every Camry now gets classier gauges and a user-friendly Entune touchscreen interface.

The four-cylinder and V6 engines remain unchanged, but Toyota did make significant improvements to the Camry's body structure and suspension tuning. The result is a more buttoned-down, confident driving experience that Toyota says its customers have been requesting. This latest Camry still isn't what we would call a sporty family sedan like a Mazda 6 or Ford Fusion, but it is more responsive and generally better to drive.

That also applies to the popular SE trim, which not only dials up the driving engagement factor further but also boasts more aggressive styling cues. For 2015, though, it is joined by an XSE trim that for the first time allows customers to pair the SE's visual and suspension enhancements with the more luxurious XLE's greater comfort and convenience features. This provides a greater amount of customer choice and creates two distinct flavors of Camry that makes it stand out in the family sedan segment.

Indeed, standing out is something that the Camry has not done in a very long time. If anything, its previously so-so interior quality and forgettable driving experience made it stand out from top-rated family sedans like the Ford Fusion, Honda Accord, Mazda 6 and Nissan Altima in a negative way. The 2015 Toyota Camry, however, corrects many of its previous deficiencies, adds a little more verve and, although we wouldn't go so far as to proclaim it the class leader, places it squarely within the best-in-class pack.

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2015 Toyota Camry

NEW FOR 2015

The Toyota Camry receives a thorough overhaul for 2015, a mere three years after a complete redesign. Highlights include all-new exterior styling, improved handling and a revised interior with more equipment and better materials.


Good visibility


Competitors are more engaging to drive yet still comfortable.

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By henrygh81 on June 11 @ 1:46 pm
Very Bad sound system
Never thought I would be in such a disappointment with Toyota! I have always been a fan of Toyota cars, and own them. However this time I had a very bad experience from the Toyota Company and I feel that I had to share my experience! I walked into the dealer knowing exactly what I wanted to purchase, which was the brand new 2015 Camry XSE. One of my most important concerns about my car is the stereo and speakers. I believe that we spend so much time in our cars and I love to listen to my music while I'm driving so therefore my stereo and speakers needs to have the best quality.

By wiseoldfart on March 13 @ 6:45 pm
2015 Camry SE 2.5
I just traded in a 2012 Camry LE 2.5 for a 2015 Camry SE 2.5 with Michelin Primacy MXV4 tires. Some have noisier Bridgestone tires, so be aware. Right off the bat, I noticed that this new model was quieter. Road noise, wind noise, and engine noise are all reduced. The handling of this new SE is considerably better than that of the LE I traded in. The ride of the new SE appears to be a little better than that of my old LE despite wider tires with a lower profile. The steering is lighter at low speeds and a bit more resistant at speed, giving it a better feel. The brakes aren't as touchy in the new model. Also, there are more features and better interior materials in some areas. Update: Car has been almost perfect for 32k miles. Oil drain pan gasket developed a leak. Very rare on a Camry. Dealer fixed it under warranty. No other problems or recalls. Update: I'm keeping this car for at least another year. It's at 36,500 miles now. I didn't find it worth trading in for a 2018 Camry.

By chad_sheph on August 19 @ 4:18 am
Not as good as I thought
Wife pretty much had her hart set on this car so not much I can do. Here is my comment... * front grill - omg so ugly. I would pay to get it modified. * ride is good for driver. but all my friend and kids complain it is very uncomfortable. feel every bump * noise - road noise appear to be loud. wish we had notice it during test drive. * performance - not as peppy as the accord.

By jcbkny104 on September 6 @ 2:56 am
Big step up!
I just bought a 2015 Camry XLE v6. I absolutely love this car. I traded my 2009 LE which was great but I was feeling the urge for a new car. I wanted to try the v6 and it is awesome. A huge step up from my old 4cyl. Going from the LE to the XLE is like moving into a Lexus. Totally different feel. They did a great job with the new model. While there is a big cost difference you get what you pay for and I am happy with my decision. Everybody talks about sporty this and that but what I wanted was ride comfort and luxury features. This is why I bypassed the "sporty" xse and se and went with the XLE. The extra oomph of the V6 is very noticeable. The seats and ride are super comfortable.

By galochkin on February 5 @ 7:25 am
perfect midsised sedan and fun to drive
Drove Honda Accord, VW Passat, Nissan Altima, Hyundai Sonata but Toyota Camry was still the best among tested card.

By wyleecoyote on November 21 @ 3:48 am
60 day review - Red SE - black interior
it is a decent car. It the timing chain is noisy in startup. If you decide to buy a new one, never let them give you the Bridgestone el400 tires. Worst tires ever and they put you at risk of an accident in wet weather. Tires maybe get 20k and squeal like a pig turning into parking spaces.

By gemigniani1 on January 13 @ 12:27 pm
Still not as smooth and quiet riding as the competition
I bought a base 2015 Camry LE with tall 16" Firestone Affinity tires hoping it would be the softest and quietest riding 2015 Camry available. While fairly smooth and quiet, the 2015 Camry LE is not quite up to the level found in the 2015 Hyundai Sonata and it's far behind the very smooth and quiet riding 2015 Ford Fusion. While bump impact harshness is not too bad, the ride still feels busy compared to the Sonata and Fusion because the body structure is not as rigid and dampened against road vibrations. Drivers seat comfort is another area where the 2015 Camry also falls short of the competition. Like the 2012-14 Camry's the drivers seat bottom is short and feels hard after 10 minutes

By camryboom on December 9 @ 4:38 pm
Rough Ride on Camry SE - Should have kept LE
Great looking car, but it rattle my teeth to ride over just about any road. The only time the ride is smooth is when the car is stopped. Every bump on the road is sent into your seat and up your spine. Someone please tell me this gets better over time. Also, the stereo is blah ... my 2011 had a cranker. This one has no brut force. Big disappointment there ... would take my 2011 back in a heartbeat.

By wyddon on February 24 @ 3:38 pm
2015 Camry LE
Came from 2001 Chevy Impala LS with 109,000 miles, sensors going out, and LOUD bearing noise between 40 and 70 MPH. In short, it wore out. Was looking for something reliable, as this is probably the last car. Was contemplating a "gently" used rental with a warranty. Lucked out through TrueCar.com to land a 2015 LE! Good price, good deal, friendly transaction via internet AND Dealership. THE CAR: Cosmic Gray Mica with Flax interior, 4 cyl, 6 speed auto and enough Air Bags and Curtains to float a boat. Highly recommend the the car. Helps when wife and grown sons approve. ;-) 2 years later: Still like the car, still goes fast on the High Plains and over Vail Pass in all kinds of weather and traffic. Just routine scheduled maintenance. Suburu built a nice car for Toyota ;-)

By autofan101 on September 16 @ 5:07 pm
door and seatbelt chime
its a nice looking car but toyota should bring back the old ding chime instead of the beep

By misterfunky on September 11 @ 8:31 pm
Meh, it's okay
I was looking at the Honda Accord EX-L and the Camry XLE, I went with the Camry as I liked the integration with the Navigation better. I think the accord was more fun to drive, and the blind spot camera was better, but I liked the overall look and feel of the Camry better. I have found that my suburban driving only gets 20 MPG, and I drive with a light foot. Also, this car only tells you your MPG after your park your car. Honda Accord tells you all the time and re-settable; I haven't figure out how to get this information in this car.

By tpbush on January 28 @ 6:03 pm
Great Car - Except for the Stereo
This is my 4th Camry and like the others it is very satisfying, except for the stereo. This is by far the worst sounding factory stereo I have ever had, regardless or the brand. It has a surround sound setting that is worthless - it sounds like a tissue filter on all speakers. And speaking of speakers, there is supposedly a sub-woofer in the car. It must be disconnected because I have to increase the bass settings, which I never do on other systems. And there are up to 36 presets but no band or other means to categorize the presets. Just a terrible product on an otherwise outstanding car. 2 years later. The car remains great and the stereo still stinks. The factory has installed several version updates to the stereo/navigation. So neither freezes anymore. But the sound quality remains poor. I have since bought a new Prius and that stereo is outstanding. So I don't know why a more expensive car has an obviously inferior stereo. Unless I just got a lemon.

By ericnla on February 18 @ 1:37 pm
White with comfort package and sunroof 2500 miles
Coming from a 2006 prius and 2012 prius this was fun to go back to a large size car. Down side no downward facing mirror for parallel parking cant see curb. I do think for 28K it should have the blind spot monitor and front collision warning/stop system. Also could use start/stop technology and stop lights like the prius Gas milage is good average 27-30mpg on my 19 mile commute.

By michellett on August 7 @ 7:59 am
Overall I like the car, but feel my 2013 Camry was "easier to drive" and more comfortable. The main problem I'm having with this car is the steering feels too tight, like it has too much resistance. My 2013 Camry was so easy to steer, barely any resistance, and could almost turn it with only my finger. Now I feel like I have to always be gripping the wheel tightly, and actually put effort into turning it. The pedals feel stiff as well, especially the brake. I'm hoping after it gets broken in it will loosen up somewhat.

By captaint91 on March 22 @ 5:17 am
2015 toyota camry le
purchased new in December 2015. Car is the base model LE in attitude black with the Black tinted windows. Car is roomy and super comfy. The ride is very smooth and quiet. The 2.5 liter is strong but certainly not fast. It is quiet and we have averaged about 29 mpg. The base entune audio is more than adequate but do miss the low end sound only a sub can reproduce. Wind noise at hiway speeds on drivers side was unexpected but it is apparent. Thats my only complaint thus far.

By 21john on October 9 @ 3:20 pm
noise of 2015 Camry LE
purchased Toyota Camry LE 2015, brand new, in the end of May 2015. The only problem is noise.I can hear repetitive noise when the windows are open. The noise is more frequent when speed increases. Dealer said it is the noise of tires. My previous 10 years old car did not have this kind of problems, how could a brand new car have the problem.

By camryxse_15_ on April 2 @ 5:26 pm
Purchased 3 days ago
The sound system is terrible. The USB navigation is terrible. The sound system was by far a last concern. Very high treble with little to no bass. Very disappointed in the system. Very simple over looks. Very apparent the sound system and stereo were not a concern in the design process. Navigation is very nice. Speed limits are not correct pretty often. Otherwise I love the car. They just looked over some simple things that are frustrating. I will be purchasing a new sound system for the car. Which is disappointing since I purchased the premium upgrade for the car.

By arentz07 on September 18 @ 11:18 pm
Personality and practicality
I decided it was time to update from my 2010 Camry LE to something more fun but still smart. This 2015 SE-trim Camry does exactly that for me. I like the exterior design a lot better than the previous car. I've seen other SEs in my mirror, and it looks mean, not to mention I've gotten compliments on the blacked-out, high-gloss grill. The wheels look great as well, I must say. Inside, there's leatherette and textured cloth that feels durable. It's not premium, but it's comfortable enough (with enough cargo space, too) for a couple of long drives my fiancee and I have taken. Only complaints: Sometimes power is lacking off the line, even though passing power on the highway is more than sufficient. Sometimes, interior pieces creak under stress. If I lean my leg against the plastic under the center stack, it creaks a bit, which I didn't experience in the 2010 Camry I had before. Update: After 13,250 miles, and 15 months, this car has had no issues. Once in a while, however, there's a creak which seems to be in the headliner right above the driver's seat. It comes and goes, and seems to have gone away now that winter's over. The interior has been fairly easy to clean, and it in general has been a nice place to spend time, complete with compliments from co-workers. On back roads, it's actually quite fun to drive it with the paddle shifters, even if it's silly-feeling in a Camry... But, downshifting into second gear at 40 MPH results in a nice throttle blip that gets me for some reason. So far, so good! Update: After another 5,525 miles, now at 18,875, I must say the car's been ticking along just fine. It's still entertaining when I want it to be, but very easy to drive smoothly when I want to take my girlfriend out for dinner, for instance. There's a bit of a rattle that seems to have developed since my last update coming from the driver's side dash speaker grille, but I can easily have that looked at during my next service and can evade it by simply turning on the radio or avoiding bumpy roads. Gas mileage has also been a bit better than previously - I've been averaging about 28 with a decent split of city and highway driving, whereas this time last year I was getting only 25-26. Overall it's continuing to be worry-free.

By Tim Ziemba on May 17 @ 12:31 pm
I gave up on my 2014 hybrid for a 2015 XSE V6
My last car was the 2014 Camry XLE hybrid. Due to handling, performance, look, and whirring sound, I took a heavy loss and rolled it into a new 2015 XSE V6. The hybrid was ok for certain consumers, but with my aggressive driving style, and I guess I even wanted a car that looks great as well. Some of the bonuses, the stereo is better, there is much more technology (entune apps, qi, nav, backup cam, homelink, LED lights, sunroof, and more). This car has incredible handling for a camry, excellent performance in all driving conditions, comfortable seats (consider it a lighter, quicker, sportier lexus ES 350) . All the good things that existed in the 2014 still carry over such as Toyota quality, good mileage (for a v6), roomy interior, trunk, and easy to use controls. The 18" low profile wheels look amazing, definitely not camry like, the sport mode and paddle shifters can be quite fun too, the v6 glides to an impressive 6 second 0-60 and is easy to keep quiet under brisk acceleration (unlike my previous hybrid). This is a car I can see myself in for a decade or more which is about as good a compliment I can give a car. I've owned this car going on 2 years now and I'm constantly happy for making the swap, based mostly on the driving dynamics with the v6 and sport suspension. One more note beginning year 3 I burned up the Michelin mxm4's that came with the car. I don't have any complaints about that but they should have lasted a little longer. I elected to go with a premium sport tire Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ - 225/45ZR18/XL 95Y. The difference has been night and day. My car is glued to the pavement under all driving conditions Florida can offer (can't comment on ice and snow) I've noted my takeoff from 0 is so much quicker because there is absolutely no tire spin no matter how hard I push on the petal. This is how I really like to drive my car, turning 90 degree corners at 40 and taking off faster than most others (now even many cars that are a bit quicker like my wife q50). So I was already giving 5 stars, and for year 3 everything else has held up well, no problems, easy maintenance and now even better performance.

By Ramon on June 5 @ 11:06 am
I love my Camry
Just Bought a new2015 Camry SE and I love the thing. Great ride and Toyota Care covers my oil changes and rotations for 2 years. Great Value.

By Bailey on November 7 @ 9:24 am
2015 CAMRY XLE is the best mid-sized sedan
This 2015 Camry XLE is gorgeous. The exterior is bold enough but not drastic. The interior is high-end and luxurious. Driving the vehicle is very smooth and quiet. After riding in friends Malibu's, Accords, Mazda 6's - the difference is obvious. Toyota makes a quality machine-simply the best over the others.

By Muneeb on July 1 @ 6:07 pm
2015 Toyota Camry
Hi People, I recently bought a 2015 Toyota Camry. I am writing this review to make you people aware of few issues/problems that I experienced in this model which could help you decide whether to buy 2015 Camry or not. Firstly, this car has vibrations especially in the wheels between 44 mph through 55 mph, so when you test drive make sure you observe the vibrations at this speed on a smooth road. Secondly, if you still want to go ahead and buy this car make sure to not have Bridgestone tires on it, as these tires magnifies the vibrations. Other than these other performance parameters are good. As per the dealers whom I spoke to get these problems fixed, in the first place they denied the problem (very disappointing). However, after 6 weeks they (dealers, as they had customers with these problems before) accepted that it's a camry design issue which they said could be mitigated by changing tires to Michelin brand, however this would not remove/settle vibrations completely. Wish someone had written about this earlier. Hope this would help you all.

By Brenda Adkins on March 29 @ 7:00 am

By Snapptastic on August 28 @ 4:19 pm
The Car Enthusiasts Love To Hate
Look, I'm not going to pretend that the I4 XSE Camry is an enthusiast car or that it's going to blow you away while driving it. But for all intents and purposes, this is a damn good car that allows ample opportunity for fun, spirited driving on your daily drives. If you want more power, get the 3.5L V6, but be prepared for some torque steer with that configuration. I believe the I4 gives the driver ample power for daily driving and back road fun. The handling is superb for a mid-size sedan and I'd only rate the Mazda 6 better than the XSE Camry in this regard. There is some body roll but nothing out of the ordinary for a car in this segment. But the car stays poised when you push it and it comes with the ability to use rev-matching downshifts when you're in sport mode. Oh and don't forget Toyota reliability. I owned a 1998 3.5L LE V6 Camry that ran for 225,000 miles with NO major maintenance or repairs. It ran smooth as butter on the day I sold it. Now I own a Lexus and this new Camry and I couldn't be happier with the reliability. Overall, if you want a car that will allow you to have a little more fun than other midsize sedans without sacrificing comfort, reliability, and quality, then I highly recommend the I4 XSE Camry. I give it an overall rating of 4.4/5.0

By Mauri on April 21 @ 7:23 pm
Very Average Car for 2015!
For a 2015, I am surprised to see how basic this car is, with lots of road noise to not very good MPG on a 4 Cylinder engine. Only thing going for this car is the warranty and maintenance for 3 years.. that is it. For a big purchase, consider something else.

By Michael on December 3 @ 5:50 pm
if you want a nice looking boring car this is it
We bought a new 2015 XSE with the 4cyl. They exterior does have a good look to it. The interior is pretty boring compared to most cars out there. I was driving the car to DC and finally got the gas mileage over 30mpg. The info center decided to reset itself 4 times with in 4 minutes. Shutting off my phone charger, radio and display screen. Did it again on the drive back home a few days later. I havent driven the car longer than 2 hours since and it hasnt done it since. We bought a new Camry because it is suppose to be one of the most reliable cars out there. Compared to my 14 year old lexus GS300 and our 2010 Nissan Murano this car is not all that impressive.

By Brian H on July 27 @ 5:05 pm
Make sure you have the right tires!
This is a no-frills car, which you will more likely buy for it's Toyota stamp of reliability rather than its features. For example, I can buy a 4x4 Jeep Grand Cherokee for approximately the same price, which has far more room, better traction, and a superior factory stereo. If you buy a 2015 Camry, make sure they either put 16" tires or 17" Michelin MXM4 or MXV4 tires. The XLE V6 comes standard with Bridgestone Turanza tires and the ride comfort was substantially (dare I say, catastrophically) worse than on the Michelins. Next is the Premium Stereo (ugh): the V6 comes standard with it, and it comprises of a head-unit, a cross-over amplifier, and about 10 of the crappiest speakers to ever come out of Mexico (I know, because I took them out and they say "Made in Mexico" on the back of the speaker). Changing out the speakers won't solve your sound problem, however, because the cross-over directs specific frequencies to each speaker, depending on size: Three small speakers in the front and two in the back receive the high frequencies (~5-20 kHz) and the two door and one rear dash subwoofer receive the low frequencies (1kHz and below). THE PROBLEM IS, as you can see, there are no mid-range speakers in the car; and, even if you install midrange speakers, there is no way to push mid-range sound to them, because THE CROSS-OVER DOESN'T HAVE A MID-RANGE OUTPUT. This means you get to hear ear-splitting highs and thumping lows, but entirely lose those "rich" middle sounds that set great stereos apart from dollar-store knockoffs. So, to correct this, my first inclination was to replace the cross-over amplifier with a regular amplifier. "Can't do it" says the aftermarket audio car installer, "because the head unit puts out digital (not analog) audio that is designed specifically to work with the factory cross-over." This means that the only way to get better sound is to gut both the head unit (which contains all of your navigation features) along with the cross-over amp and replace both of them with aftermarket components.. Well, the only problem with that is, there ARE NO AFTERMARKET head-units for Toyota Camry.. at least not yet. In summary, expect a substandard sound out of your "premium" stereo system, until such time as you can throw a thousand dollars into replacing the head unit and amps (at the cost of your navigation, which isn't a exactly a peach to use anyway). If I had to do it all over again, I think I would have spent another 5k and bought a car worth the cost. Time will tell whether Toyota's reliability can outstrip it's ride comfort and technological antiquity.

By Tomas Checo on January 22 @ 2:21 pm
Worst driver seat EVER!!!
Everything about the car is good. Engine good, transmission good, reliability good, fuel economy good, but my god it has the WORST FRONT SEATS EVER!!!!!! When you test drive the car you will not feel that the seat is uncomfortable, but if you are planning a road trip longer than 50 miles this is not the car for you. Think twice if you are a person that will put a lot of miles to the car. This car has the worst front seats EVER!!!! I bought it because of the reliability (have always been a Toyota fan), but now I am looking to trade it because I cant stand this front seat.

By carlover78 on December 20 @ 9:48 pm
Get what you pay for
I am a happy owner of a 2015 Camry XSE just love this car. Never once been disappointed with my Camry a beauty on wheels and steal of a deal absolutely the best ever purchased. The Camry has solid ride gives enough performance the four cylinder better than six-cylinder gets good fuel economy. It got every available option includes sunroof and spoiler love the stylish looks of the Camry. Overall being its a Toyota haven't pay too much but worth $34K, getting this car wouldn't dare compare to others. Got nice standard equipment its worth everything couldn't ask more for vehicle as the Camry nice interior supported seats and comfort of enough spacious.

By steve w on December 22 @ 3:42 pm
Traded my 2014 Lexus IS for a 2015 Camty Xle
I decided my Lexus IS was not a very practical for my current needs. I was planning on getting a Camry XSE V6 to replace the IS. After driving the XSE, I felt the ride was a little too harsh, so I drove the XLE V6. It rode great, and was very quick, but the dealer suggested that I try the 4 as well. I was very greatful that he suggested that, because although the 4 is not nearly as quick as the 6, it was actually .2 seconds faster 0 to 60 than the IS I was replacing. I currently have just over 33,000 miles on the Camry, and we are very happy with the car. We drove to Colorado from Wisconsin and got over 34mpg even though a lot of the trip has speed limits of 70 or 75 mph. It also has a lot of room for anything we need to take along on our road trips. The Camry is smooth, quiet, and very comfortable,and the back seat is very roomy. We have taken many road trips and enjoy having complete confidence and total comfort. I tend to trade cars every 3 or 4 years and at this point I am planning on replacing my 2015 with a new 2018 Camry this fall. The 2018 has been totally redesigned, and it looks great.

By Richard Sallinger on April 20 @ 1:51 pm
Awesome Car-----JUNK TIRES
I have had my car three weeks. Love everything about it-----EXCEPT THE JUNK TIRES. Noticed a bounce at low speeds almost out the door of the dealer. Was in the shop at 375 miles on the odometer for 4 hrs to balance the tires. Car returned to me and the balance was worse than when I took it in. Back in the shop again at 560 miles for balancing. This time, two tires are replaced. The ride is a little smoother but still has a very noticeable tire balance problem--especially at city driving speeds. Speeds of 60 plus is still noticeable. These tires are the Turanza Bridgestone and have no business being on the market as a high value tire when it realistically is a cheap tire that has no business on a Luxury type Vehicle. Can't understand what Toyota was thinking when deciding to use these junk tires on their finest automobiles. It is almost a certainty I will be at the dealership weekly for balancing until they decide enough is enough and put some decent tires on the vehicle. If not for the tires, I would truly have a vehicle with a Luxury feel to it. Instead, I have a Luxury looking vehicle with a bounce in it's get along. Aug. 2016: After several trips to the dealership trying to rectify the problem, they recognized the fact the tires were defective, even after replacing two of them with new Bridgestones. This did not work and a thousand miles on the car, the dealership finally worked with me to put new Michelins on the car. The car rides like it should now and i am happy with the end results. Toyota should still get rid of using Bridgestone Tires. Aug 2017: 35,000 plus miles and still love the car with Michelin Tires. My opinion of the Bridgestone Tires have not changed as other family members have vehicles with Bridgestone and are experiencing the same rough ride I did---regardless of vehicle type.

By Myra Garvansites on May 10 @ 3:33 am
great car
This is my third Camry I love it so far. The sales person Jim O'Brien was helpful in getting a good deal. Basically all the people on staff were pleasant. The only minor issue I have was the low level of color selection of car. Wanted something that popped but settled for white (maybe it will be cooler w/ all this heat). Still a smart car. Gets me from point A to point B. Breaks worked good as well as the A/C. Really liked the new design. I also continue to go to dealership for oil changes. Work with Jack Murphy who is very good at his job.

By Raul Ruler on June 8 @ 12:50 am
most uncomfortable car ever
If you really want a Camry I would suggest renting one for a weekend or longer. A 15 minute test drive is not enough to fully understand how uncomfortable this car really is. The drivers seat is enough to make you never look at a Toyota again. I have owned 9 Toyota's and this will be my last. You know how they say "This is not your fathers car" well it's true. Older Camry's were well built and reliable to a fault. Not so the 2015. I believe that the multi adjusting drivers seat has far less foam because of the mechanics they needed to squeeze in below. The car is a bear to get in to and I am only 5"10". Added to this is the glare from the dash. I thought highway safety had already solved this issue, guess not. You'll also find the floor mats are some cheap thin material made to look good. The dealer was all to ready to let me trade for another car (on my dime of course.) Toyota headquarters had me take a survey to find out if I was happy with the person I complained to. So here I am stuck with a car that gives me a back ache. Do yourself a huge favor and check out the others, do a long test drive, and take my advise .Don't buy the 2015 Camry. This is an update after 7 months of driving this vehicle. Matters have only become worse. There are no words to say how bad the seats are in this car. I have a three year lease but will take the loss and buy something else (not a Toyota). This has become the worst car I have ever owned and the worst for a financial beating. Anyone that has leased a car will know what I am talking about. This is my last Toyota. Well here it is almost 2 years later and Edmund's asked me to update my review. Nothing has changed. The car is the most uncomfortable piece of garbage I have ever owned. The dealer could care less (Toyota of Braintree) Once the sale is made they don't know you. It now has rattles and gas mileage is less (and yes it has been in for regular service) . I have less than 15000 miles on it. The low mileage is because it is so uncomfortable to drive. I have an 11 year old truck that I drive most of the time that gives a better ride. I have been a loyal Toyota owner for 20 years but this is the end of our relationship. If I am going to be treated like dirt I can go to any dealer or company out there. Like I said two years ago this is the last Toyota I will own. Well here I am over two years into this lease and my opinion has not changed. I did check out some of the new Toyotas when I went in for service and the seat design has not changed. I looked at a Tacoma pickup but found the seats worse than the 2015 Camery. Now they call them sport seats. I want something I can drive more than 20 miles in comfort. Like I said before this is my last Toyota. One last note my mileage is under 18000 because I can't drive this car. what a waste of money.

By Sameer on September 10 @ 9:22 am
Poor gas Mileage
I recently bought 2015 Camry-SE 4-cyl. Most of my drive during the week is 90% on freeways/highways and about 10% in the city. I have consistently observed the gas mileage around 28, which is well below the claims. Previously, my Honda accord 2001 with the same kind of drive used to give me close to 35. I expected that the new camry should be atleast that much fuel efficient, but am disappointed and this is my biggest concern when the fuel costs are high. Toyota customer service tried to blame it on the weather and road conditions, which is not an acceptable explanation. Another observation is that the dashboard indicators do not have good contrast and are difficult to see.

By Asim on January 10 @ 12:51 am
waste of money
I bought this car in a rush.. other wise I would have prefereed same equalant model with Ford. I don't see much difference in 2015 corolla and this LE Camery 2015. which is Almost same even better (fuel economy). I am really sorry for my money I have wasted.

By Camry Owner on November 10 @ 10:28 pm
Watch out for the Mildew Smell
After taking my car several times for problems - I am now stuck with a terrible smell (mildew smell) coming from my vents. They say this is a defect and they are trying to work on the over all issue but nothing they can do at this time. SOOOOO instead of a new car smell I get a smelly basement smell. YAY!

By syedali1 on November 7 @ 1:11 am
Worst Sound system
what wrong with toyota , My old 2000 Camry factory fitted sound system is still 10 time better then toyota new premium entune sound system. Other then that it is a beautiful and Quite car

By Joe on May 13 @ 9:50 am
Great value for the money
All around, one of the nicest cars available, and I drove a lot of them before purchasing this one. Not the best handler but sure footed enough to to take the cloverleaf exit ramps around here with authority. A bit of a resonance around 70 mph mars an otherwise serene highway ride. Averages about 32 mpg in a 70/30 mix of highway and city driving, respectively. Can get 40 mpg at 65 mph. VERY comfortable seating for me, with plenty of adjustment and support. Buying experience was mixed, great price, salesperson, crappy finance office.

By Eric on August 28 @ 11:49 am
Entune and Rattles Overshadow Positives
Entune is absolutely terrible: Navigation is horrible, voice recognition is so frustrating I often feel like it's the 80's and people have a difficult time hearing me when phone is connected to Bluetooth - microphone is too far away. Interior started rattling around 6,000 miles and is getting worse with time. I suspect car will be very reliable but aforementioned issues overshadow all positives.....seriously.

By Payne on August 13 @ 3:31 am
WOW All of the angry owners
I appraise this car my last car was a 2007 Camry le that got totaled at 110,000miles now purchased a 2015 Camry SE. This car is a beauty it's reliable and little bit affordable for me the fit and finish materials are nice on this midsize car. My new Camry was bought on 7/23/15 no issues I use this car getting around Lexington KY area etc. So far I have had zero problems it's a beautiful car looks more like a Lexus instead being America's Bestselling midsize car even interior comfortable equipped leather seats and sunroof. Four cylinder engine is sweet as gets excellent gas mileage 30/35mpg on highway believe this car is worth an true excellent value know this car will last 100,000 changing spark plugs and using Synthetic oil at that time breaking the motor not disappointed with my 2007 as still miss that car but more satisfied with this newer Camry.

By Harry Winters on January 11 @ 2:32 am
My new XSE
This is my second Camry. I have always owned Fords prior to my first Camry and will probably never go back. My first Camry was an XLE and my wife loved it. I wanted one a little more sporty so got the XSE model and it delivers. I looks great and handles like a dream. The V6 is powerful enough to get you out of any situation you may encounter. I love the new instrumentation. It is better then the XLE I had. The XM radio is as good as any I have ever had. The fuel economy is within reason of other cars in its class. The only thing I can say I don't like is the road noise on the interstate at 70-80mph. It seems a little loud in the cabin when trying to listen to the radio or have a conversation. It is within reason though because I drove a Cadillac before getting the XSE and the Caddy was just as noisy and a lot more money. The seats in the XSE are a little more restrictive then the previous XLE but I chalked that up to the sport package. I also chauffer two grand children around and the back seat room is great for them. All in all the Camry is a good deal for the money. After having the vehicle 6 months now I am not pleased with the overall ride from the "sport" tires. They are low profile & give a harder ride. Also a rattle in the dash has become apparent and the dealership cannot seem to eliminate it. On last thing is the Bluetooth seems to have trouble pairing with my phone, but, this could be a phone problem and not the car. I have had the car over a year now and am still quite pleased with it except for the tires that came on it originally. They were just to hard and made an uncomfortable ride. I took them off and put another set on and the ride has improved greatly. After two years the car still runs and handles well. The tech. overwhelms us older people a little bit especially if you accidently hit a wrong button. Sometimes you need to get the book out to find out how to get back. The book is more like an encyclopedia then an operators manual.

By Bruno Valenti on January 20 @ 7:24 am
Toyota Camry SE from a E 350
I purchased this Camry SE after deciding for practical purposes my Mercedes E 350 wasn't suiting my needs. I have to say, although it is not a Mercedes( as far as weight, luxury and AWD). It is a pretty decent car for the money. It is comfortable, reliable. The base radio in the SE is just as loud as the deluxe radio, without the complications. ll controls are great, the 4 is peppy a nd suffice on the road. Braking is great. It came with Michelins so ride quality is fine. What I think is impressive is the ride noise, very low and build quality. Everything is tight, doors are heavy, no loose bumper fittings. I have to say it is better built and parts fits with no wabble or creak. My mercedes had loose parts to the bumper and the electronic luxuries of that car were way to overbearing. Great value and felt solid when compared to Honda. I would not even look at the Korean vehicles which use even cheaper materials.

By Camry owner on September 27 @ 5:15 am
You get what you pay for!
I purchased the 2015 XLE V6 fully loaded with the technology package. Lots of features to discuss. Performance: Acceleration is strong - this car has LOTS of get up and go! The V6 will not let you down. Just be sure to realize that when you're in the higher gears and drop the pedal, there will be a hesitation as the RPM increase in the engine is translated to the drive train. Speaking of the drivetrain, shifting from gear to gear is very much a non-event - barely noticeable. Dropping it into "manual" shift mode gives you some control over performance, but the car will still shift for you if you're exceeding limits. Steering is softer than I'm used to (previous car was '02 Honda Accord). The electric steering is very lightweight and allows some slop in handling, as a result road handling is lessened a bit. Body sway is noticeable on highway entrance ramps. Braking requires more pressure than the Accord. Comfort: All aspects are deemed "OK." Front seats are stiff - not sure yet how they'll be on long road trips. Back seat has plenty of legroom and supportive seating makes the ride comfortable. Exterior noise is minimal, and for the first 1500 miles there have not been any noticeable vibrations (knock on wood). Entering and exiting the car is easy as the doors swing wide open. Careful review of the backseat entrance should be made by anyone with limited mobility. Longer legs will need to be picked up before swinging them out in order to egress the vehicle. Interior: Instrumentation, controls, and design of the interior all get top marks. The car looks like a luxury car! That having been said, the weak spot on this car is the storage. Trunk size is sufficient, but interior storage is limited at best. Coming from an Accord where there was literally storage everywhere you turn, the Camry is sorely lacking in this realm. You get a panel console that doubles as a charging bay, the glove box is pretty much worthless for anything but the owners manuals, and the door storage bins will hold nothing bigger than a small umbrella. The armrest console in the middle is nothing but one big bin. In essence, if you have small cables (phone charging cables), small objects (I carry pens, chewing gum, and my daughter's hair accessories), or other items know that they'll end up in the big console without any sort of organization. To find them while driving down the road is nearly impossible, so you either have to plan ahead or just wait until you hit a stop light. As for the quality of materials, the leather used in the seating is fine, but the materials used for the ceiling panel is cheap. The doors are part leather and part hard plastic. Previous Toyota ownership shows that extreme care must be taken with the hard plastic as it scratches easily. Those scratches are permanent and will not come out no matter what you do. For a $30k+ car, I would think that Toyota could afford to finish the doors in leather and provide a better ceiling. Safety: Luckily, I haven't had to test out the safety features yet, but from what I can see they will perform as expected. The LED headlights are OUTSTANDING! Vision at night, even rainy nights, is perfect. The LED daytime running lights are bright enough to be seen in the sunniest of days, and on rainy nights help ward off the road glare of oncoming traffic. As mentioned above, I have the technology package on my car which includes the blind spot monitor, lane departure warning, pre-collision alarm system, and adaptive cruise control. The blind spot monitor and lane departure warning work perfectly, the later beeping softly when you get close to leaving the lane without a signal. I have noticed that it will occasionally warn of lane departure when the road markings suddenly end. The pre-collision does work. If you're accelerating when the person ahead of you is braking, the car starts braking and the beeping starts. Obviously, this is useful but it could be a real pain in the rear if you accelerate to change lanes when the car in front of you is slowing down. I have only tried the ACC once and it seems to work well. Technology: The head unit is relatively intuitive to use. Touch screens dominate the interaction between driver and unit. Aside from AM/FM/CD Player options, the unit allows for satellite radio, Bluetooth input from cellphone/music player, USB flash memory, and "Aux" in options. The Entune apps allow for use of cell phone data to play Pandora, IHeartRadio, Slacker Radio, as well as Facebook Places, OpenTable, and MovieTickets. You can also check weather maps and forecasts, review sports scores, check your stocks, and locate the nearest or lowest price gas station. Be aware that use of all of the Entune apps requires use of cell phone data so either have a large data package with your cell phone provider or limit your use of the Entune apps. I was able to change the greeting picture to something more meaningful to me than the Toyota logo,

By Tom Scanlan on July 23 @ 4:35 pm
Reminds me of my Celicas
I wish that Toyota still made a two door hatchback like their Celicas of years past. The mini and mid SUV's just aren't my cup of tea. The sport version of the Camry is the closest I Icould come to a medium sized car with a little bit of pizzazz. It handles very well, accelerates surprisingly well, and gets better gas mileage than I'd supposed. It was a joy to drive on windy mountain roads and the cruise control performed well on long inclines. I've been driving a '93 Lexus LS400 for the last 20 years (it just wouldn't quit) so I find the ride and trim in the Camry a bit less nice than I'm used to. Still, it's quiet inside, no motor noise or vibration, just a bit stiffer ride. The XLE might have been a softer ride but my choice of last years models (2015) was limited, I liked the color (Celestial Silver) and the price was right. It's a classy looking car that performs well and I've no doubt, based on years of Consumers Reports, that it will be a very reliable vehicle. I've now owned the Camry for over two years, still like it, especially the mileage and reliability. I wish the road noise was more muted inside the cabin; the 18" tires are quite noisy on some road surfaces. More electronic stuff than I ever use, still learning some functions. I wish the road clearance was higher as well as the front bumper. No problems on paved roads but I drive on country roads occasionally and the bumper will scrape, even though I have large tires.

By BB on July 23 @ 2:23 pm
Front seat issue
The front seats are very poorly constructed. There is not enough cushion on the seat and it becomes very uncomfortable to ride after just a short drive. You feel like you are riding on a board!

By PapaBill on July 10 @ 12:51 pm
Just Finished A 1 Week Rental...
I recently put 400 miles on a '15 SE in southwest Florida and I'm impressed. Fit & finish are very good both inside and out. The slightly sportier suspension is evident on curvy on ramps at above normal speeds. The front interior room is almost as big as my old '04 Avalon XLS (now in my son's hands with 190K miles using synthetic oil). Bluetooth connection was easy - compared to my wife's '12 Avalon, which won't recognize my Droid Razr. The halogen headlights throw the light well. The 6 speed transmission with paddle shifters moves the car smartly from a stop. The A/C was more than adequate in a black car with black interior. Controls are easy to operate. In combined driving I averaged 28 mpg with at times a heavy right foot. The nit picks : The fuel mileage bar graph and ECO indicator are redundant as there is a trip computer. Some of the indicator icons are small but still readable. Red stitching in a black interior? The OE Michelins are a bit noisy. I suggest Kumho or Perelli P7s as a replacement. Both excellent tires in the snow. The back up camera guidelines don't turn with the wheel. Even GM products have that feature. The V6 option must move this car quick if my wife's heavier Avalon with the same motor is any indication. It's not my BMW 5 series but it's decently sporty for a Toyota.

By Leah Najjar on July 6 @ 9:27 pm
Stunned in a bad way.
Our 2005 Camry Le needs an expensive repair, so my husband suggested we buy a new car. It's a beautiful disappointment. We have a brand new car that I don't trust. The clock is losing time, the radio has static when I turn on the defroster, and it sounds like the transmission is going to drop out of the car when I press my foot on the brake and put it into reverse. It's not even a month old. The dealership wants to replace the rear windshield, since the antenna is bad. I want a new car. No windshield will be as good as one that is factory installed. Even before the problems began, I noticed the low quality of the materials within the cabin. The carpet is thin. It's almost like lint on paper. The doors to the change compartment and console are so much thinner than the 2005's. I can't even put a business card in there. It makes me think that if they skimped on the materials that the consumer can see, what must be happening under the hood? No, I do not trust this car at all. I started out with a great Celica, and this is my third Camry. Every buy was an improvement but this one. How do they sleep at night, knowing they've done worse than before?

By Bren on June 3 @ 3:41 pm
32,000 miles
Rattles from day one. Terrible MPG's. Uncomfortable seats; feels like I'm sitting on a sheet of metal. The front thigh bolster is already worn and wrinkled. Tires are worn already. For $25K, it only has a backup camera. The shape of the body makes it hard to park and see the curb in the side mirrors. The transmission shifts smooth, but downshifts too much. Compared to the competition the Camry is lacking in horsepower. Thank goodness I leased this turd.

By Mahendra Gupta on August 11 @ 8:58 am
poor gas mileage
My Toyota Camry SE 2015 consistently gives me less that 28 miles/gal on freeways, which is well below their claim of 35 miles/gal. Same is the complaint from my neighbor who also bought the same model the same time I bought.

By M.Niners on March 12 @ 3:52 pm
Why is everyone so angry
I've had my 2015 SE since 4-17-15 and I love it. I rent cars at least a month so I've driven a good portion of the new vehicles out there( except the Accord) and I would definitely pick the Camery Over the competitors. The Camery interior seems to have better quality material. Ride is smooth.Exterior is sexy and overall a great car for the price ($20,590).

By Jimbotron on January 7 @ 9:31 am
It's a Camry!
Traded in my '14 Mini Cooper S Countryman for something with much better resale value and reliability. I liked the updated look of the '15 Camry and found a used SE with 25K miles for $18.5K, so I hopped on the deal. The tranny is smooth, love the black interior with red stitching, backup cam and radio are sufficient (my Mini had none of these tech features, just a big speedometer dial which was pure novelty), pretty decent pep/acceleration for a 4 banger. I get around 29/30mpg with mixed city and hwy driving. Love the fact that it takes regular gas vs. premium. Coming from a Mini, I thought the handling could be a bit tighter and more responsive, so I installed a strut bar ($70 on Amazon) which adds a bit more stability in tight steering - it could use some wider track tires (maybe 225x17's) as well, maybe when I replace the tires. I also replaced all interior lights and headlights with LED lights, makes a huge difference in lighting. The factory stereo isn't bad, some decent high and low frequency output. I will definitely be upgrading the speakers soon. My biggest gripe is the wind noise coming from the front grill, I get some noticeable wind noise when I go over 50mph. It's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I didn't get this much wind noise from my Mini which isn't as aerodynamic as the Camry. I do miss the turbo kick from the Mini, but I also enjoy the smooth cruising and not feeling every bump in the road. This car will be for the long haul, so I plan to take car of it and maintain it as needed. I don't think you'll make a bad choice going with the Camry for its reliability, decent performance, good mpg, and best of all, resale value. It's decently fun to drive and I actually look forward to driving it everyday.

By Camry Driver on June 8 @ 2:28 am
Great Car! Review at 10K miles
I bought a Camry LE in Feb 2015 and it has 10K miles on it now. It's a great car and I really enjoy driving it. Rear camera and 8-way power driver seat are standard features for the basic trim, which is very nice. I would highly recommend this car!

By Linda E on April 26 @ 2:12 pm
I absolutely love my car!!
I've had sports cars(Mitsubishi and Corvette) and older Camry's, Celica's, Fiat... this is my favorite car!! It is so comfortable. I got leather seats and loaded with extras and I am so happy with my car purchase. The dealership (Cabe Toyota in Long Beach) was the BEST!!! Evan Morioka was so knowledgeable and the entire support team has been fantastic! So glad I bought this car. UPDATE: Dec 2016 - I still love my car!!! It is so comfortable to drive, it is beautiful and I am enjoying the upgraded sound system, the wireless charger... Cream colored leather seats and the detailed stitching on the dash and doors are still beautiful. I'm very glad I upgraded to the blizzard pearl. It stands out when I'm looking for my car. One of the other things I love is the very large trunk space. I was able to fit a suitcase, my dad's wheelchair and my golf clubs into it at the same time with still room for more things. I'm very happy with my purhcase.

By Mike on November 24 @ 3:24 am
Great Car, but not Wife Proof...
Other than the 2015 Camrys have a "cartridge" type oil filter, instead of the normal all-in-one types, this was a great car. That one was a real problem to change, since it required a special tool, and the shop broke the plastic cap. Unfortunately, my wife decided to pull in front of someone with the Camry and got T-boned. Fortunately, the airbags and seatbelt worked, and she was relatively okay. The only problem was a severe cut over her right eye from the rearview mirror.

By Mrs. D on March 20 @ 4:26 am
Navigation sucks!!!
Before you buy this vehicle, be sure that your cell phone is compatible with the Camry XLE 2015 . My husband purchased this vehicle for me is a birthday gift in June 2015, right off the showroom floor with only 10 miles on it. Before I even got 8K miles on it, I noticed the navigational system kept rebooting, going back to the Toyota welcome screen while I was driving the car. Toyota has had my car 3 times since we purchased it, so they finally figured out that my cell phone is not compatible ( Samsung Galaxy Note 5) with the car. We told Toyota corporation that should have been disclosed by their sales person before we made the purchase, so they said they will be doing an update to the entune app in March, but I think there's a defect in my navigation system. I will never ever purchase another Toyota vehicle, also the car has no get up in it, and the gas mileage is horrible. So before you buy a Camry XLE, be sure to do your homework first. Very disappointed Toyota Customer

By Amy on July 19 @ 7:55 pm
This is my fourth Camry and I am not really happy with it. Toyota took out the simple convenient compartments for storage that were very helpful out of the car. Didn't even have a 1000 miles on my new car and had to replace the stereo system, works a little better but still sounds horrible. The adjustments for the radio like the bass , and treble really don't work and the volume basically has to be between 20 and 30 to hear over road noise. You go to surround sound and there still is very little difference. So, needless to say the stereo system sucks. Also, they put LED headlights on the car and can't stand them. Needed special night driving glasses made because I get migraine from the reflection off signs and vehicles. On coming traffic always thinks you have your brights on and they continuously flash there brights at you. Don't have fog lights anymore that you can turn on or off by yourself either. They stay on all the time when you are night driving. Hate that the LED lights have a horizons cut off point. Bridgestone cheap tires too. With 8000 miles on my car, I am very upset with the changes to the Camry so far.

By Garry on August 31 @ 9:49 pm
Very Bad stereo and sound system
We purchased a 2015 Camry SE. Never thought I would be in such a disappointment with Toyota sound system ! I love to listen to my music while I'm driving so therefore my stereo and speakers needs to have the best quality but is the worst car stereo sound ever.

By Ryan Norred on July 3 @ 3:16 pm
Best Car I've Ever Owned By Far!!!
I purchased my Camry eleven months ago as a replacement for my 2007 Nissan Altima 2.5 S which had battery & transmission problems & it's a huge improvement. The first car I bought was a 2006 Toyota Corolla S which I drove for five and a half years with no problems, so I'm happy to be back with Toyota! I still love it just as much as when I first drove it off the lot! Despite mine being a XSE with the sport-tuned suspension, the ride quality is not that bad, handling is responsive enough & the interior is quiet. The 3.5L V6 engine is very powerful, very smooth & very quiet. I test drove a 4-cylinder version as well & it's pleasant enough, but bought the V6 for it's extra refinement & rarity. The seats are comfortable & the interior has plenty of legroom. I love the styling very much both outside & inside & the touchscreen controls are simple. Mine is Black with the black leather/suede interior with the red stitching which has a very tasteful & sporty look! It's about as fuel efficient as my previous car, but with nearly 100 more horsepower. I'm planning to keep this car for at least ten years as it has all the horsepower & luxury features i'll ever need & it will likely be very reliable as Camry's always have been!

By tnguy on May 1 @ 2:58 am
Terrible front seats
Everything about my Camry is great except for the front seats! The seats are so uncomfortable my wife almost refuses to ride in the car!! After just a few miles, her back aches terribly and no amount of adjusting the seat helps. The seats are very hard and not shaped very good. The driver seat is also pretty uncomfortable. We bought the Camry expecting to be able to make comfortable trips in it but the seats are so uncomfortable we will have to find some way to make them better or we will have to replace this car. I love everything about the Camry but the seats just ruin everything. UPDATE 3/29/17: After owning the car for almost 2 years, the seats are better now. Maybe it takes a while to break them in.

By KJordan on February 6 @ 11:53 am
JBL Premium Audio System with 10 speakers
The Toyota Entune JBL Premium Stereo System with the 10- Greenleaf speakers is terrible! Absolutely no bass whatsoever, no matter what you do to try an achieve it. When you fade all of the volume to the rear of the car, there is barely any volume. When you look in the trunk, you will see that Toyota left the passenger side large speaker housing empty. For a car that stickers for around 35K, you would think you would get a stereo that would be impressive. This is definitely not the case. I get so frustrated, I just turn it off. Toyota needs to fix this for their owners!!

By Matt L. on July 5 @ 12:35 pm
My Wife and I Fight Over Driving This Car
My wife and I both love this car. Everything about it from the looks, to the ride, to the power is great. Lots of tech. We both like that it reads your text messages to you while your driving. Navigation works great. The backup camera is crystal clear day or night. Very comfortable car. We have taken two, long drive family vacations in it and it was never uncomfortable or made us start squirming in our seats. The engine, although we only have the 4 cylinder, is very smooth and has a lot of power. We like that is has a true six speed transmission instead of a horrible CVT transmissions like they are putting in most newer cars. The car has a huge trunk and is also very roomy on the inside. We've owned this car since October of 2014 and we have been very pleased with everything about it. One very minor complaint is the JBL Audio system. For the money it doesn't sound that great. Not terrible, but could definitely be better.

By mark Richardson on May 18 @ 12:44 am
Recall the good ole camrys
As ways, very hard to see out back windows so get nav. Road.noise is loud, wind noise from mirrors just like every toyota. Ridevis acceptable with this weight vehicle. Acceleration of 4 cylinders is not ad good as accord. Rear head room is good for adult.

By Sorry Owner on July 19 @ 2:24 pm
Poor Quality, Continuous Problems
Since the beginning this car has had problems. Actuators stopped working before 15,000 miles. Battery dies every time left for more than 4 days, even though battery has been replaced and dealer says nothing wrong with it. Air conditioner is sub-par -- the worst that I have ever had in any vehicle (including rental vehicles). Car was involved in accident at under 5 mph and suffered extensive damage. The material of the seats is also cheap and started cracking within 25,000 miles, even though leather treatment has been put on them. Dealer acts like none of these problems are experienced by other Camrys but have seen online similar complaints. Very disappointed. Will never buy another Toyota again.

By spaderbabe on November 8 @ 1:51 am
2015 Camry LE-Tragically uncomfortable front seats
I switched to Toyota after 28 years of Honda loyalty because my mom's 1997 Camry LE is still running strong. I first bought a 2015 Corolla LE Eco Premium and traded it after 2 months because the ride got so rough after driving it is was unbearable, not to mention a dash rattle and other problems. Traded it in on a 2015 Camry LE. Didn't think too much about seat comfort during the test ride, it seemed OK. I drive 3 to 4 hours a day for work, and after spending some time in the car, my back hurt and I couldn't find any position to make it comfortable. Tried pillows, different cushions, then wound up getting a set of $135 Conformax gel seat cushions (back and seat) with air flow covers and that makes it much better. I went to the dealer and rotated the OEM tires as recommended then at about 16,000 miles the ride was very rough. Wound up replacing them at 18,000 miles with Goodyear Comfortred Assurance tires and that did the trick. I get great gas mileage, love the backup camera and hands free phone and listening to music via the USB port. The bluetooth for music has buffering issues and will speed up and slow down like a record. I talked with the accessory guy at the dealership and the bluetooth buffering is an issue in the Camry. I love the MPG, the highest was around 44 and I regularly get between 35 and 40 MPG so the weight of the car is a trade off. It drives tight and solid and the LE model has the right amount of technology for me. I got the midnight blue and body side molding, so this is the sharpest looking car I've had. It's a love/hate thing. I think I can make it work, but I would not recommend one if you do any serious amount of driving, because of the horrible seats.

By Jim on November 29 @ 12:34 am
Rattle Trap
Two reasons I will never buy another Toyota. 1. The Damn Car RATTLEs going down the road. The Dealer has not found this. The Car is crappy in my opinion. 2. They have made the car for the Japanese body. The American body is bigger. Take the lead from GM on this one. Mechanically the engine/transmission are excellent, but that still does not overcome the RATTLEing. I am going to runup the miles on this car, dump it and never buy another Toyota again. Oh yeah I would like the gal that have been used versus the miles remaining till empty - another take a hint from GM.

By Benji P on January 26 @ 11:16 pm
Wanted a reliable car, got it!
After searching for a reliable sedan with an older but quality transmission, fuel economy, and reliability I decided on the 2015 Toyota Camry SE. I love the comfort, quality and feel of the sedan. I know with using an older transmission, buying this car used (47k miles), the trans will last many more miles (unlike the negativity I have read about CVT's and DCT's failures).

By The guy who will never drives a Camry again on August 31 @ 1:41 pm
2015 Toyota Camry SE 2.5 (6-speed auto)
I am eventually giving up loyalty with Toyota Camry after 20 years of driving on 4 generation of Camry. I made a big mistake to buy the 2015 Camry SE instead of researching more on a Honda Accord or Nissan Altima. The Camry was way under power and it made so much road noise on highway as though you were driving a 10 year old car. Braking system is pretty bad that you have to press hard on brake for a stop. The seats are rough and pain in the butt after an hour drive (not comfort at all). The only good thing on this car is having more space and leg room and a back up camera as a standard compare to the previous model. So as you read this, do try to give yourself a good test drive on highway if you really want a Camry. My guess you better off with the LE model since the struts are not stiff and you have a normal tires. Anyway, regardless of what model of Camry you buy (4 or 6 cylinders) they are all under power and it will make you very frustrated for the money you paid. I later try a test drive on a Nissan Altima and the Honda Accord and what I would say both the Nissan and the Accord are excellent drive and comfort. If in the scale 1-10 of rating I would rate the Camry 5 and the Altima/Accord would be 9. One more thing to note, The Nissan Altima is the best for the comfort, space, and gas mileage.

By Fran S. on August 8 @ 4:59 am
Should have kept my 2006 Toyota Camry
It has a hard, noisy ride. I actually took it back inside of 30 days and only was told "let some air out of the tires". Car is "windy" you hear too much road noise and highway fumes easily penetrate. Features I find unacceptable, hard ride, poor seat adjustment, navigation panel cannot be seen with any amount of sunlight due to it's position, front side posts block some of view-bad safety issue, rear window poor design-it is sloped to where any amount of dust or build up rain does not drain off-it must be car washed or hand washed, rear camera at times occluded by rain. It does not have the pep as my 2006 4 cly. And yes, I am writing to complain about the design features and my dissatisfaction, to me this car has design impairments that become safety hazards. I got a good price on the car as it was an XLE loaner, but I am now stuck with it. I am seriously considering selling it to CarMax and getting an older car. Very sad state of affair, the old toyota's were made much better.

By Dean on December 23 @ 7:41 am
I don't get it
I am reading all these negative reviews. I must have gotten lucky. I traded in my Mercedes Benz C320 for this car and I am not disappointed at all. I am not getting any rattling, road noise is at a minimum, navigation and braking is wonderful. I love this car. Sound system is great and the bluetooth is easy to understand and operate. I feel this is probably one of the if not the best car I ever owned.

By druid on February 3 @ 11:35 am
Quiet, reliable and efficient
I bought a very gently used 2015 LE a few months ago. As of this moment, it has 8000 miles on it. I've not had to do anything except fill gas and change the oil. The automatic transmission is very smooth and efficient , in fact I might say it hunts too much for efficiency. When you are at 60 mph and you floor the pedal, it's a little hesitant to downshift and give you an acceleration boost. I suspect this is because the transmission wants to hold a higher gear for as long as possible. In any case for the vast majority of the time the transmission is fine. When I do 75-80 mph I consistently get 31-32 mpg. When I drop down to 70 mph I see 33-34. And if i do between 50 to 60 mph mpg goes to 35+. I think this mpg is extremely good for a car this size and weight. When compared to the 2007-2011 models this car is quiet, engine noise is reduced. There is some road noise on rough pavement - I measured it at 63 db at 65mph. The LE ride is not as firm as the SE but the car still does not roll. It feels tight and good. The seats on the 2007-2011 model I think are better and softer than this LE. But only by a little bit. The interior could do with fewer hard plastics. I wish the LE came with side mirror defoggers. If anything is terrible in this car, it has to be the audio system. There is no bass at all. If the audio system were not integrated with the camera, I would change it in a heart beat. I have no clue how Toyota put this audio system in here. I am going to drive this for the next 5 years at least and hope it will be as reliable as the previous gen cars.

By Saliman on May 8 @ 6:36 pm
Very poor Audio/Speakers & Leather seats
Absolutely hate the audio system on this 2016 XSE camry! Took it to the dealer today just to check it out, but they found out that it's functioning normally. There's not pure/rich sound, it's very basic, and when the volume is up, it's pretty much loud noise! I drove a 2014 rental camry and it had an amazing stereo system, but the sound on this 2016 isn't even close to it, not sure why that is! The leather seats are not comfortable at all, I keep adjusting the seat every time I get in the car, ...made in the USA by a buch of rednecks, what can I say!

By Marquis Staton on January 31 @ 5:08 pm
2015 Toyota Camry SE
This car is reliable and roomy. It is really good on gas.

By Javi on October 24 @ 8:18 pm
Can't beat a Toyota
My review is based on the 4cyl Se 2016 Camry. I have owned the vehicle for a while and by far beats my friends BMW same year. I have never had to take it to the dealer just for it's normal check ups which include oils changes,tire rotation etc etc. I use this car as a daily driver and drive about 35 miles per day and about 60 on weekend days. It's comfortable. Quiet. Sound system is great. You cannot expect for the car to be fast when it's a 4cyl none turbo. But the cars performance is great and it's great on gas. I'm not willing to get less miles per gallon for more horse power. It fits great if you drive it everyday and it's very spacious. Great back seat space and huge trunk. My neighbor has a Toyota Camry 1999 and has over 200k miles. Toyota is the way to go in my opinion. I highly recommend it.

By Ahmad Ghaderi on March 26 @ 4:55 pm
Besides navigation, it almost perfect.

By Navy Vet on August 25 @ 2:14 am
Cannot beat a Toyota
What is up with some of the negative reviews I do not get it. I am a 6f tall, big boned American military veteran and I love these cars. I owned a 2003, 2009 and a few years ago, I upgraded to a 2015 and got a good deal, $22,000 out the door. What I LOVE about the 2015 Camry LE. The body has grown by 1.8 inches in length and .04 inches in width and I feel comfortable driving the car for long distances. I have the 2.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine producing 178 hp and 170 lb-ft of torque. I am averaging 25 mpg city, 35 mpg highway, for a combined 28 mpg, which is just fantastic! I am also basing these ratings on the fact that the mid level LE trim is under $25,000 new. The steering, handling and driving is great and cracking the 200,000 mile barrier should not be a problem. There is plenty of front space, as for the passengers in the back seat, it is not bad. Toyota gives a decent trunk size and I can fit all of my groceries. Here is what Toyota could improve on. It does not have the sexiest interior and exterior design but then again if you wanted that, you would be researching sports cars. Toyota charges a premium for upgrades. The XLE package costs around $35,000 new and that is Lexus prices. Other rivals might offer a few more bells and whistles but overall I will take reliability, safety, fuel economy and maintenance cost over anything else.

By Scott on June 8 @ 6:52 am
Improved in ways that matter; worse in others
Interior quietness, handling and braking on this car are fantastic! These attributes are substantially improved over previous editions of the Camry. They did their homework improving several minor areas such as: the side mirror shape and size improves visibility (and they fold back, too); the center console storage, while smaller, is designed smartly so an envelope-length item can fit in, the USB and cigarette lighter port are more conveniently placed; the sunglasses holder now actually fits a large pair of sunglasses; the door panel storage bins are designed to allow more flexible storage of round items like bottles and cups. But other areas worsened. The standard seat material is rougher, the cushion is harder and there is less of it. A pillow is needed for long drives. For me, the seat begins to pinch the legs at about 2 hours. It's noticeable, and this was not the case with my previous 2011 Camry. Also, the sidewall of the console is concrete hard and one's knees tend to bang into it due to the more compact size of the steering wheel well on the driver's size. The dashboard gauges are too complicated and not laid out to scale. Some are useless and distract while driving. E.g. the mpg gauge is so large it crowds out the fuel gauge, which is too small. The mph gauge spreads from 0 to 60, but mostly tickles between 26.5 and 29- the rest of the dial is big wasted space. And, you can punch a knob and get the mpg, so it is redundant. The "eco" light is a distraction while driving. Thankfully it can be turned off. It discharges with no apparent rhyme or reason. The speed limit dial is huge- from 0 to 140mph with "top dead center" at 70mph, as fast as you go most places. The other half of the dial is big, wasted space. Entune takes four button pushes to do something that ought take one step. Every time you start the engine, it beeps and flashes a long, tedious written message that tells you basically not read this message or operate Entune while you are driving. The most useful item on the dash, the clock, is eliminated and is now a complicated and distracting practice to get to in Entune. HVAC is well-distributed in the car, as is the sound from the six speakers. The interior quality is nice and upgraded from previous Toyota editions. Plus, there are ten(!) airbags for safety. With reasonably comfortable seats like the previous 2007-2011 edition, this would be 4.5 stars rounds to 5 stars. But with the seats and dashboard dials retrogressing, and a user-unfriendly and distracting Entune, the car is 4 stars. It's amazing, but I can remember back to the 1987 Toyota Camry LE- it had better seats and dashboard gauges than the 2015. Still a very good car, overall, though.

By john on April 13 @ 5:36 pm
4 out of 5
Overall the car is great but the seats are the most uncomfortable Ive ever had in a car and after getting home suffering through just a 1 hour drive I am determined to never buy a Toyota again. Its got a lot going for it but hurting me is not what I paid for. Now I shoud say if you have padding it might not bother you.

By ThePhoenixKing on February 25 @ 4:36 am
Dont believe terrible hype!
Okay i felt more than compelled to write a review about this car. You see all official sites that review cars (I.E. Motortrend, Edmunds, CarandDriver, etc) severely underrate this car. Its criminal really. If based your purchase off the magazine reviews or youtube. You would be robbed of a great car. And im serious. The 2015-2017 Camry SE model is a superb handler. I have chucked this car into many corners bit hot. And the car simply settles in and hunches down. Body roll is very minimum. Acceleration great in sport mode. However in regular drive sometimes the transmission doesn't give you the gear want for more rapid takeoffs. My remedy is simply throwing the shifter into sport. Dropping down two gears and you dont even have nail the gas for it to fly off. Over 100 miles an hour though and the governor limits the otherwise good pulling power. Brakes are excellent as well. However when compared to the Chrysler 200 (2015-2017) the brakes take more pedal really bite down and kill off momentum. This is most prevalent on the highway when you suddenly need to stop because traffic is getting congested. But once biting the brakes are good and front end dive is minimum with all other body motions. The fuel economy is excellent since the car always wants to be in ECO mode(which contributes to the sometimes slower takeoff speeds). The smaller tank means 20 dollars has full or an hair under the full tank mark. The interior is lovely. Materials are good for the class. I have the ashette color scheme(ash colored seats with leatherette fabric mixed) Back seat room is mind boggling. My customers always give me compliments(I uber Lyft) and some have even said they can't tell difference between my car and a luxury vehicle. (I am not making this up). The fact is owners do nothing but PRAISE the camry. Its only reviewers that make the Camry seem subpar. And ive driven the class favorite Madza 6(2016). Both are neck and neck but overall I prefer my car. Its the number 1 car in AMERICA 15 YEARS STRONG FOR GOOD REASON. THEY GOT IT RIGHT ON THE MONEY!

By bobbie bizarczek on November 21 @ 5:17 pm
Good solid Camry
I bought this after VW bought back my diesel. I have driven a Honda Civic, Nissan Sentra SE-R, BMW 320, and Passat TDI. The pickup is not the same as the other cars, but I now drive 25,000 miles/year, mainly on the highway. The 2015 LE Camry is very comfortable. I prefer the seats on the Camry very much to the other vehicles. The view is excellent, just a small blind spot on the rear view mirrors. I am very pleased, was able to get a 2015 with 18K miles for a very good price.

By John Paunan on January 8 @ 12:17 am
Everything and more
I bought this car used and it surprises me (in a good way) everyday! I thought I was aware of all the features, but I was mistaken...an absolutely great car with more bells and whistles than expected!

By Kathi on September 19 @ 4:37 pm
Whew never again
Be sure to drive this car on bumpy roads. I feel every small bump in the road. Wind noise inside is terrible. Should have bought the Hyndai, much quieter interior. Truely hate the black dashboard, I am in and out of my car all day. Gets very warm. Thank goodness the full blast air conditioner cools it quickly. I bought this car too fast , felt rushed by the dealer. Needed a car, my trade in had a major sunroof leak. Should have walked away. Already looking for another car. Would not go back to Sloan Toyota.

By stern_s on June 3 @ 8:47 am
Poor MPG's and uncomfortable seat
Two year/26,000 mile review: Rattle can with wheels. Took it to the dealer and told them the noise was from my passenger seat, yet they took my headliner and door panel off. I gave up and live with the rattling. Dashboard constantly pops with temperature change. Front seats lack butt cushion. I can feel the actual structure of the seat when I am sitting. After about an hour my butt and back hurts. I love the size of the arm rest/center console and that it slides forward, but it has already broke. Accelerates ok, but is definitely behind in performance compared to other competitors. The transmission downshifts too much, causing me to have to constantly re-accelerate. Excessive body roll. Terrible brakes. Good back-up camera. Side mirrors are badly positioned; I have to constantly adjust the mirror so I can see the curb when I park. Excessive wind noise on the highway. #1 complaint: Terrible MPG's! I cannot believe how far off the actual mpg's are from the EPA estimate. I am lucky to get 30 mpg on the highway. I average 27 on the highway and 22-24 city. This is going by the gauge in the car, which I have found to be off by 1-2 mpg's. This car has soured my taste for Toyota and I don't see myself buying one again in the future (except for maybe a supra).

By jeff nicosia on November 13 @ 8:38 pm
Great car just looking for a new one

By Z Minhas on May 4 @ 2:52 pm
Safe car if you are in are rear ended but terrible
I purchased two 2015 Toyota Camry at once - one was an impulse buy. Ride and comfort are terrible - seats are absolutely atrocious - especially the driver seat. There is no cushion and I have a constant back pain now. Tire wore out on both cars quickly and so did the brakes - the only good part is that the car saved my wife's life when she was rear-ended on the highway at full speed by a distracted motorist. crumple zones did their job - my wife did sustain back and neck injuries but that was due to the impact. Geico would not write off the car, after $10,000 in repairs - so i have to drive it - the car run ok but the comfort issues are there. Will be trading this car for something better - any recommendation?

By Love a yato on January 3 @ 6:53 am
Love the yota
I test drove a 2015 Toyota Camry today and it drive so wonderful I loved everything about it, this will be car I will own and continue owning one for the rest of my life. #1 in my book.

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