2014 Toyota Camry

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The 2014 Toyota Camry stands as a quietly competent midsize sedan. Though it's not particularly glamorous, the Camry checks off most of the boxes for most folks shopping this segment.

Chief among this Toyota's desirable traits is its peppy yet economical performance with either the four-cylinder or V6 engine. (Those seeking maximum mpg should consider the Camry Hybrid, which is covered in a separate review.) The Camry also offers comfortable seating, solid build quality, a sterling reputation for reliability and low ownership costs.

The most significant turnoff for some people will be in the way that the Camry drives. Although the ride quality is smooth, the driving experience overall feels rather disconnected and numb. The exceptions are the SE trim levels, which, thanks to their more firmly tuned suspensions, provide sharper, more involved handling. The SE isn't a sport sedan, but we do think most people will prefer the way it feels from behind the wheel.

Understandably, the family sedan segment is chock full of good choices. That's certainly not a problem for consumers, though, as it just means there are more options to consider. If you're seeking sportier handling from an otherwise top-rated sedan, the Honda Accord, Mazda 6 and Nissan Altima are worth a try. With their more distinctive styling and similarly broad list of strengths, the Ford Fusion and Kia Optima also deserve a look, as do the value-themed Hyundai Sonata and roomy Volkswagen Passat.

We think most people will be quite pleased with a 2014 Toyota Camry purchase. But with so many great choices, we suggest planning a weekend's worth of test-drives.

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2014 Toyota Camry

NEW FOR 2014

For 2014, the Toyota Camry is unchanged apart from the addition of another trim level to the lineup, the SE Sport. This model adds bigger wheels, a sunroof and a power driver seat to the four-cylinder SE's equipment list. Later in the model year, Toyota slightly revised the Camry's standard equipment. For the "2014.5" Camry, a rearview camera became standard across the board, while the upper trims picked up some enhanced audio features. These later Camry models also have slightly better crash test scores.


Better-than-average outward visibility.


Numb steering and mushy handling on all models but SE

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By chad_sh on December 24 @ 11:16 pm
SE perform different from other Camry
Test drove the LE and SE, I actually liked the steering feel of the SE, but the LE ride much better. We settled on the SE since the wife like the trim. I will say, the SE steering is a bit too sensitive. I tend to drift on highway, and it jerks when I make adjustment. It maybe my driving pattern. *** update. **** Now that we have had the car for a while, and have a chance to drive rental car of competing model. I realize Camry is just sub-par. Road noise a major issue. The infotainment system is ill logical.

By rickyb3 on June 16 @ 5:28 am
Good, Solid, Reliable Vehicle
This is a significant update since the first review I posted on this car. I wasn't very impressed in the beginning with the overly firm ride of the SE and the gas mileage was horrible. A service manager at the Toyota dealership told me it would be 20,000 KM before the gas mileage would improve and at the time the vehicle was using 13.5L/100K. I was forced to file a complaint about that to Toyota and learned that the dealer was providing me with false information. Toyota assured me the gas mileage would improve at around 6,000 km, which is the point at which the cars are tested in setting the mileage guidelines. Toyota's information turned out to be correct and the mileage did improve as stated, so much in fact that it gave us 6.7km/100k on a long trip last summer, which is next to unbelievable for a vehicle this size. We couldn't be happier about this result. The gas mileage issue aside, this has proven to be a good, reliable car that is a pleasure to drive. I have either become used to the firmness of the ride or the suspension has loosened up a bit or both, however it is not as much an issue as it used to be. The car has more than enough power, especially for a 4 cylinder, very good steering and brakes and provides enough comfort for long hauls. There hasn't been an unscheduled service yet up to the 30,000 km mark so we are well satisfied with the quality and reliability, and of course the resale value is very good. We look forward to driving this car for many years to come.

By starchild110 on July 11 @ 11:48 am
2014 Toyota Camry SE Rocket Ship
1st off, I am a Toyota Salesman. I own a 1956 Ford Victoria, a 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS 396, 2002 Chevy Silverado and 20 days ago, a 2014 Toyota Camry SE 4 cylinder w/17" rims. Now, I am used to vehicles with big muscle and horsepower...crappy MPG just goes with the program...when I first saw the 14' Camry SE in Cosmic Gray I fell in love. What a sexy car. Now, what would make me think about purchasing a 4 cylinder car? All I have to say is drive one. This is a fast car that, in my car, is giving me 29 MPG. Sexy style, comfort, power, quiet, excellent handling, value and it's gonna last 500,000 miles. Try that in any other car besides a Honda. The ride is affected with the 18" rims.

By mrjason12 on April 18 @ 3:14 am
Love my new Camry SE!!!
I have to say, these new Camry's are great cars. I owned two Tacoma's and two FJ Cruiser's before this purchase, but I wanted something that actually got good gas mileage, which the new Camry certainly does. Do not doubt the V4, as it is plenty!

By jjj33 on January 10 @ 3:48 pm
less pay for the value
I bought 2014 Camry L at $ 17,888. It's really cheap for the value. It's very comfortable, and smooth. I had 2004 Camry for 5 years, But this 2014 model is much better 2004 model at every aspect. Honda Accord is over 21,000 dollars even they sell on sale price. Only one thing I am no satisfied with the Camry is MPG. In town, I got around 26 MPG even though I drive very conservatively, and softly. with my old 2004 Camry I had have 29 - 30 MPG in town even though EPA mileage of 2004 (20 town/ 29 highway). But the 2014 Camry EPA mileage (25 town/ 35 highway). But I drive only around 400 miles in town. Of course, in highway I got very high MPG (40 MPG in HWY).

By fbbill on March 6 @ 12:23 am
Outstanding car
Traded 2006 Camry XLE V6 and this 4 cylinder LE blows it away. Great ride, very quiet cabin, beautiful inside and out. Feels like you are in a Lexus. At age 79 I have owned a lot of cars but never one as nice as this. Everything you see or touch oozes quality, very reasonably priced also. No need to waste money on a V6 ... 4 cylinder does a great job. Drove Malibu, Altima, no comparison. Buy the Camry, you won't regret it.

By flbntz on July 5 @ 10:19 am
Second Camry
I had a 2011 Toyota Camry Base, which I liked, but this is better. Fancier, bigger, better gas milage, more powerful engine, more stylish. Also, got a great deal. Traded on 2014 on VW Passat S, that on 2014 VW Passat Wolfsburg, that on 2016 MazdaSix manual, that on 2015 Honda Accord Sort manual, that on 2016 VW Golf S four door manual, that on 2016 Toyota RAV4 LE AWD currently leasing. The RAV4 is very easy to live with, and great for Pennsylvania winters.

By ciscokasha on August 20 @ 1:18 pm
I wanted this to be my first 300,000 car...
I drive for a living. I wanted this camry to be my first car to go to 300,000, and from everything I read, it was supposed to. But I'm having to trade it in at 108,000, because it has become a money pit. First, the wheel bearings in the front went, over $1000 to fix. That was last month. Now, a back wheel bearing transmission problems that are going to be over $2100 to fix. This is ridiculous, for a car that has been meticulously cared for. I drive primarily highway miles, and am very careful with my cars.

By tlaloc100 on July 12 @ 2:13 am
Disappointed with Camry L MPG
I bought my new Camry L 2014 a month ago. I was going to get a Corolla, but the dealer had a 20% discount on all Camrys for that weekend, and I decided to go for it. I would be VERY happy with my new car except for its very poor MGP fuel performance. Driving with the ECO on all the time, I am hardly getting 20.5 miles per gallon in city! How can this be? How can Toyota get away underrepresenting Camry MPG for almost 20%? I have read other owner comments on this issue at this site and I am shocked to learn that some Camry's are making 26 mpg in city. Is my car an anomaly? Is there anything I can claim to my dealer about this? What can I do? Suggestions welcome.

By reddy6 on November 8 @ 2:51 pm
New Camry is a big blunder
The new Camry is a big blunder. The numb steering makes the drive as not comfortable. You don't feel driving car but feel like riding a boat. The steering doesn't come back to normal position after you make turn. If driving in above 60 you feel like car is out of alignment a floating on water. I made big mistake buying this car. Poor out side look and not comfortable ride.

By tbowen on January 8 @ 12:53 pm
Best car ever for this class!
So here is my story...I am a home health nurse and do LOTS of driving. Had a 2012 Fusion used with less than 30,000 miles on it. What a piece of junk! Had transmission problems that they can't seem to fix in the Fusions. So I traded it in for a Camry. Wow! What a difference! I LOVE my Camry. I test drove the Camry LE and XLE and did not like them at all, felt underpowered and boring. I test drove the SE and fell in love. The power in this 4 cylinder is remarkable, I thought I was driving a 6 cylinder! I am getting 30 mpg in mixed driving, upwards of 40 + mpg on highway. This is one solid car and just quality built. You just can't beat a Toyota!!! Update 2016-I have over 30,000 miles on the Camry and of course being a Toyota, not a single problem. I have changed jobs and don't drive as far these days so my plan is to have this car for many many years. It is a true pleasure to drive and handles so well, I feel "safe" even in rain and mountainous roads, this SE grips the road. The SE Camry is an awesome car, you do lose the softer ride you get in the more luxury XLE on bumps but the handling is worth it. I love the half leather half cloth seats and styling of my Camry too. I have had many compliments on this car. The only negative I can say is the exterior dents very easily, I don't drive my Camry to the grocery store because of this. At work, I park far away from other cars. Update March 2017-I was asked to update my review: Nothing has changed, still the best car in its class in my opinion. No problems mechanically at all. I have 41,500 miles on the odometer. Overall mileage is around 34 mpg mixed driving! Love that! I really need an SUV as I can't haul as much in a car. But because I love this car so much, I can't bring myself to trade it. Oh there is one issue, it seems Toyota made so many of these cars and flooded the market, the resell value is terrible! I did go test drive a Highlander and was offered trade-in value of about half what I paid for the Camry initially! That's a loss of half in 3 years! Ouch! So if you are in the market for a Camry, you can buy a slightly used one for cheap! Great for the buyer but really bad for owners. ) :

By jlking on August 8 @ 2:38 am
For all of you folks that state your mpg, I suggest that you do NOT believe what the car computer tells you. I have a 2014.5 Camry SE. Driving with a GPS the speedometer said 61-62 mph, the GPS showed 59 mph. I drove 332 miles and put in 10.155 gallons which equals 32.6 and the car computer stated and average mpg of 35.2 mpg. Do your own manual calculation, do NOT believe the car computer!

By abeman on March 22 @ 5:57 am
The Best Camry of them All. The 2014 SE
This is my third Camry, 2014, 2001 and 1995. And without question the Best Camry of them all. This car has Speed, Comfort and Supreme handling. The three major components as well as interior and exterior styling. The car is fast for a 4 cylinder and provides great mileage. Its comfortable with its basic seats. The handling is superb in the corners and at high speed. The gauges are large and easy to see. The bluetooth and the rear view camera are the best features I have seen in a car and they all came standard. I chose no options and this car has more than enough features. The Michelins tires are a bit noisy on the highway and I think the Bridgestone will be a better replacement.

By ukier on June 24 @ 1:14 am
My new 2014 Camry vibrated now better
Purchased new 2014.5 Camry SE automatic. Noticed vibration at light throttle auto trans upshifts. Toyota has acknowledged this problem in 2012-2014 Camry automatics and has issued an LSC Limited service campaign to fix software. Took my car back to dealer at 200, 500 and 1300 miles and I keep getting the this is"normal" story. Well, vibration at upshifts, and for several miles at low rpm when driving in the 40-50 mph range is not acceptable. Heading to arbitration as I hate driving the car. Be careful when purchasing, take a long test drive. Make sure that at low rpms doesn't shake test on a smooth stretch of road so you can tell its not just road bumps. UPDATE By the time arbitration was held, vibration was much improved. Arbitrator would not drive car, so he had no way of feeling what I was concerned about. I lost and no action was taken. Now it 11,500 miles, much improved, just a slight vibration when running at low rpm 12-1500 when car is cold and is in 5th or 6th idling along at 50 mph. At this point I'll probably live with it as I do like the look and feel of the car. Used no oil between 5,000 mile oil changes . Ride is a bit harsh as it is an SE model but the lousy OEM Turanza El-400 tires may be the reason. See reviews on this tire and avoid it if you can as Toyota does use other brands on their new cars. Mileage is decent averaging 26 in a mix of city/highway with light footed driving. The "indicated mpg" on the dash is 5-8% optimistic. If you compare how many miles you've driven divided by gallons used its consistently less than what the car says. My last fill car said 27.3 actual was 25.7 mpg. Toyota software is geared to make you feel good. My key like is the adjustable relatively higher seating position compared to other mid-sized cars. If it wasn't for trans concern I would keep this car beyond the 5 year warranty. N

By festus3 on June 25 @ 12:34 am
Converter/trans Shudder 4cyl 2014 1/2 Camry SE
after owning well over a dozen Toyotas, I decide to purchase a new 14 1/2 Camry. I drove it less than 400 miles and it was shuddering (vibrating) so bad the windshield was moving. Wrecker had to tow it. Ask for refund, was offered another Camry identical to the 1st one and I took it. I drove 2nd 64 miles and the same thing happened again, although not as severe. Dealer replaced converter and ? to transmission. Go for arbitration and/or Lemon Law is the Toyota President's position. Please Ukier or any other person who has had experience with this, post comments and suggestions from your exp.to help me through this ordeal.. I am a very sr. citizen and this is really a problem for me.

By hogheadjoe on December 20 @ 8:11 pm
Stinky Camry
I leased a 2014 Toyota Camry in August of 2014. Two months later I had to take it in because of a moldy/mildew smell coming from the air conditioner. I was told at the time that "Camry's are known for that issue". The unit was cleaned but I was told it was just a temporary fix. When I turned the air on this spring, the smell was back even worse than before. When I called Freeman Toyota they said that there was nothing they could do to fix the issue. I called Toyota and was told their stance was that it was an "environmental issue". They should stand behind their customer satisfaction claim and either fix the problem or replace the car. My wife can't even drive the car because of allergies.

By nicoszlu on August 8 @ 2:15 am
Jack of Most Trades; Perfect Cruiser
My first car was a new bare bones Civic. It set the standard for what I expect from a new car. Fast forward to 2014 and I chose the Camry SE V6 as it checked all the boxes for a larger, comfortable, more powerful car A master of most trades, Camry is for the most part a no brainer but in less than a year I have found a few things that make me question Toyotas quality. The Camry is the perfect interstate cruiser and an overall good value checking all the boxes at the expense of a few shortcuts in build quality. If you want a spacious 4 door, efficient & quick ride with a sporty flair in your daily driver,the Camry is a great option and easily matches the V6 Accord in that quest.

By JonJGoldberg on February 21 @ 6:26 am
...bought this car in '12 & again in April '15 !!!
...I dislike the 'new' exterior more than I like the 'new' interior - that said - this car rocks!!! It always exceeds my expectations - My other car is a '15 Chevy SS sports sedan & I gotta say the Camry SE-v6 is 85% of that car when I was expecting much less - With a rim & tire change that saved 7lbs per wheel & upgraded the rubber to all season 'Y' rated tires the car has more grip, poise, & pep than the attractive but fuel economy tuned original equipment - From NYC to Durham NC w/the spouse taking our kid to a summer session & collage, we didn't have any extra room but - all were in comfort - the cooler was on the nicely finished folded seat back - our travel & our collage kids stuff fit snugly in the trunk - fully loaded the car had pep to pass, at will even @ 70 mph speed limits; while the suspension still had the agility to avoid, or the travel to absorb road imperfections, it still felt light on its feet - The brakes are ok, adequate, not as special as the go-power so be careful -

By Joe Rollings on October 29 @ 2:12 am
vibration in gear
When i bought the car thier was no vibration at all with the car in gear at a stop with the a/c on or off. At 11,000 miles like flicking on a switch. out of no where the vibration started. I know this because it was actually bothering my stomach. I brought in and at first i got the run around, told me it was the nature of the model. Then i insisted they find the problem. I spoke with the mechanic personally and he said he cleaned the throttle body, injectors and realigned the motor and wishbone. Seems to be better but not gone. Very earitating with a/c on. I suggested to the mechanic could it be a faulty a/c compressor clutch or something. He said that couldn't be it. I tried to gently powerbrake it just enough to bring it up about 50 RPM. Flelt much better. Im thinking the computer my not be bringing the rpm's up high enough at idle. Anybody else out there with these same issues?

By Lowell Rostvit on March 19 @ 3:56 pm
love my toyota
Have owned two Toyota's. The first one was a cresita (not sure if spelled right) which was not too comfortable but a great built car. My second one is a 2014 XLE with the 4 cylinder. It now has 12500 miles and have had no problems with it. I find it very comfortable and love to take it on trips. I drove the 6 cylinder which had more power then I needed. The four cylinder has plenty power even in the mountains of Colorado. I really like the manual automatic which I use a lot. I was really surprised how good it does on gas. The lowest I ever got was 32mpg and the best was 45mpg. But it consistently gets about 38mpg. I would recommend this car to anyone

By Morgan on February 22 @ 6:30 pm
Reliability at its finest
I'm 19 years old and was looking for a reliable car that I could trust and feel safe in. I do a lot of driving each day from work and school, and often take many trips to Portland/Seattle. I previously owned a 2007 Volkswagen Jetta that I loved, but unfortunately kept having issues. So when I decided to take out a car loan I did a lot of research on reliable vehicles and found my 2014 Toyota Camry LE at wilsonville in Portland. I couldn't be anymore pleaed with this car. MPG is great and such a smooth, and comfortable ride. Everyone is super impressed by the look of the interior of this car because it doesn't look cheap like some other vehicles. I hope to get plenty of years out of this car and will defiantly recommend Toyota to anyone!

By Mark Beeman on February 28 @ 2:00 am
So this is the car that beats the world?
I have test driven a few of these mid sized cars lately, stick with the Honda or Volkswagen. Steer clear of this mechanical miscarriage. I am not kidding when I say I was so happy to get back into my 99 Lincoln Continental. I felt like I was riding in a 70s Chevy Vega. It's obvious now to me most people have no idea what a good riding and handling car is who own these things. This had an omnipresent vibration through the seat like riding one of those dinosaur Disney rides . Every time I went to take of from a stop, the front wheels had to spin on the rainy surface. Try owning one of these in Michigan during winter. "Beam me up, Scotty, there's no intelligent life down here".

By sonia on March 15 @ 8:55 am
battery issues
If you don't drive a distance daily you will have problems with a dead battery. I have had my battery replaced twice and I purchased my car in 2014 brand new. Apparently because I work very close to home my battery gets drained and when the weather turns cold my battery dies. I was told because of the electronics the car needs to run more to keep the battery charged. I had an Avalon for many years and never had this issue because it didn't have all the sophisticated electronics. So the solution drive around more to avoid this problem. Crazy!!

By aj_luu@yahoo.com on May 22 @ 4:02 pm
2014.5 Toyota Camry SE Sport Below Average
This is a honest review from an owner that recently purchased the Camry. My 14.5 Camry was purchased in December of 2015 and I regret buying this thing. I had a 13 Honda Accord with continuous variable transmission which was fine but the continuous variable transmission was getting awful to drive. I did my research and it was between a Mazda 6 or Camry. Did not want to go back to continuous variable transmission again. The Nissan Altima had continuous variable transmission too, I guess everyone is going to the continuous variable transmission transmission. The Camry still has the automatic 6 speed transmission so that's what sold me on it. The Mazda 6 interior's dash layout is horrible in my opinion. When I test drove the car it was fine but after a few months of owing it I hate it. The car is cheaply made and while driving you can hear every crack and rattle while hitting bumps. This annoys the hell out of me. The plastics are cheap and can be easy taken out with little force. Every time I hit a bump I hear my dashboard crack and rattle. I can't find where's it coming from for a while now. Then when I back up I hear a grinding noise but only while I back up. People in the forums said its the brakes engaging but this did not happen in my old Accord. I tried to change oil and this car does not use a conventional filter. It uses a filter that you have to open then insert a paper filter into it. It was so hard to get out as well so I left it till next oil change since it was cold outside. Like someone mention the paint is so thin, you will see every little scratch even if you have a silver color like I do. Did I mention the seats make noise and cracks as well when you move around in your seat? Oh yeah, there's no transmission dip stick to check your transmission oil with the new engines. I guess the only way is to change the transmission oil when it time and put in the right amount of fluid. Overall, I feel this Camry is poorly built and cheaply made. Too much little issues for me to even like this slightly. I'm already thinking to trade this in even though I know I will lose more money. This has been a big mistake purchase. I might go back to Honda and get a Accord V6 without the continuous variable transmission. Please beware Toyota is not the way it used to be anymore.

By Rocco on August 29 @ 10:28 am
The Shudder Monster
Look it up. Most of these cars are defective with a torque converter shudder under light throttle, heck...I've been through TWO torque converters and now a new transmission. Still shudders. I wish this was 90s Toyota when their cars were actually good. Nope, this is cost cutting Toyota. Transmission doesn't even have a dipstick. Trading! Two words.....Call Honda

By richard on April 17 @ 7:00 pm
2014 camry LE
Not near the same car as my old Camry. Had a 2002 LE that was the best car I have ever owned. My wife and I joke that the Corolla became the Camry and the Tercel became the Corolla. The quality isn't that great, noisier, less visibility. And the topper is that the gas mileage works out to little better than my 2002 V6 was getting after 14 years and 240,000 miles!

By doug aitken on October 6 @ 8:56 pm
Great standard transportation.
Does what they advertise.....great gas mileage, smooth ride, and good handling.

By mitchell dorman on April 4 @ 1:42 pm
mold/mildew blowing a/c not covered under warrenty
if you buy a Toyota,and it starts blowing mold.mildew in your face. good luck. Toyota will not cover it under their warrenty because they put it in the back of the owners manual the a/c heat may have a bad smell at times. sorry Toyota,but your car you built makes us sick with upper lung infections. and Toyota motors corp.has said they would call us back. never happened.please don't say, put a filter in it.that only covers the problem. Toyota dealers have done nothing but insult us, with stupid fixes. like ride with the windows down. crank it up, rool the windows down with the a/c on the air it out.last biggest insult was for them to change the Freon at our cost. they refuse to cover any of it. I guess people have to get lung cancer and die before Toyota does anything. we will not sell or trade the car knowing it WILL make people sick. l;ook online at the others with this same problem. and yu can't sue because of paper work signed when the car was bought. btw it was new,not a flood car. the stink started less than a month after buying it. thanks for ripping us of with your death trap car Toyota.

By Michael Beresford on August 14 @ 6:47 am
2014 Camry XLE
Style, dependable, affordable, great mileage. Awesome vehicle. Love it!

By Mr. C on January 14 @ 4:43 am
We are a Camry Family
My four children each had a camry to drive to school. Safe and dependable. My Camry is a 2014 and a half. The SE sport is a far nicer vehicle than the LE. The LE interior is just sad. The SE sport interior is very nice. Love the paddle shifters. Just drove 1500 along the West Coast. Traffic on mountain roads going down hill would get to 75 and 80 miles per hour. Hard to keep control going downhill at high speeds. I could paddle shift down to reduce speed. I was very grateful for the extra control the car had by downshifting. Love my paddle shifters! Did not need to keep pumping brakes to stay at safe speeds. The metal in the side of the car is thin. Someone opened their door and gave me a ding in my front fender. Going to cost me $95. to get it fixed. Smart phones connect well with the car sound system. Too bad it does not work with two phones for my wife and I. It connects to the first phone in the car when it starts. I have over two years of driving on the car and no transmission issues. Excellent acceleration. If the car went any faster I would just be getting speeding tickets. The two year free maintenance was a nice addition. Keeps the car in top condition. Expect to buy another Camry when needed. (Not sure of the production dates for this car)

By Patricia Miller on October 11 @ 4:38 pm
My Camry
This is my 4th Camry since 1984, it's the only car a woman should own, total reliability!! Oil changes, tires and batteries are all it needs.I drove the first one for 188,000 miles.

By Garry Jordan on October 23 @ 7:02 pm
Great car
Great car. Great price.

By Boring Dad on March 24 @ 1:19 am
Front seats are a pain in the you know what!
I have owned this SE since June 2014. Mostly used for commuting to work and weekend duties (two HS athletes to follow). On a few occasions I have driven the car to the Carolina coast (from Ohio). The main issue I have with the car is the horribly uncomfortable front seats. I can't drive in the car more than two hours without needing to stop and stretch. I never experienced sciatic pain until I owned this car. I think it's a combination of the low seat position and the thickness of the seating materials. Toyota probably had to thin the lower seat to accommodate the power seat mechanicals. Another issue is if I adjust the seat upward to achieve a more comfortable seating position, I bump my head getting in and out of the car. I'm not very tall (5'10") but this has been an issue as well. I suggest renting this car for a weekend if you are planning on buying one. A 10-15 minute test drive with the salesman doesn't reflect the true character of this car.

By T. E on August 7 @ 11:02 am
Offlease only
I came to the office looking to purchase a car. The salesperson, Elvis Camille who greeted was professional, knowledgable, and treated me and my fiancé like VIP customer. Although, we did not purchase the car but I not only referred someone else to Offlease but I have full intention and going back to purchase a vehicle. Love this place--so many cars to choose from at great prices.

By Stephen Berger on October 1 @ 9:20 am
Beautiful Camry Great Price!!
It's a beautiful Camry with low milage and in great condition.

By Cynthia Henry on June 24 @ 8:29 am
Love My Camry
This is the 2nd Camry that I have bought and I love the power and feel of the vehicle. I am now a Proud owner of 2 Camry LE's!!!

By wbrem588 on June 3 @ 6:50 am
My 5th vehicle, my 2nd Camry
After having a great experience with my 2001 4-cylinder Camry (which I still own - soon to be passed onto my sister (216,000 miles by the way!)), I just couldn't bring myself to purchase a new (to me) mid-size sedan that wasn't named Camry. While the Camry has always been called bland, and "an appliance," this generation of Camry is probably the best looking one, in my biased opinion. The SE trim is just so understated and sharp looking, from the low-profile rear spoiler to the reshaped front and rear bumpers, and the black-tinted headlight bezels and chrome exhaust tip, these little details just bring the look of the Camry together really, really well. The only thing I would change about the exterior appearance would be the wheels. They're very clean looking, but the charcoal 18" wheels on the V6 SE models are damn good looking. The interior is also very understated, with a clean and ergonomically biased design. Interior quality has been top notch so far! All buttons and logos are very easy to read and are located in logical spots on the dash and steering wheel. The gauges are very large and easy to read, and the 2 small LCD screens on the dash are just as easy to read. The steering wheel feels nice in the hands, and the grip bolster extensions feel just as good, and the paddle shifters are a very nice touch. The 6.1" touchscreen is very easy to read (can you see a pattern yet?), is very responsive, and the Bluetooth works like a charm. I do also appreciate the very deep center console, and the damped glove box. The seats are shaped nicely, and are comfortable, but I do notice on longer drives a little bit of pain in my back (I'm 6'3", 290 lbs.). I will play with the lumbar adjustment each time, and that seems to do the trick. My thought is that I just haven't adjusted fully to how these seats fit me, and perhaps I'll get used to it over time. It's a very minor gripe to me. The 2.5 4-cylinder and 6-speed auto combination have been rock solid in the month I've owned the car, and the oil is still easy to change! (albeit with a couple of added steps compared to my 2001). It's a very peppy little engine, and will satisfy the majority of those who drive it (but by all means, get the 3.5 if you can!). Other than that minor thing concerning the seat comfort, I have zero complaints about my 2014 Camry otherwise. I love this thing, and I always look forward to driving it everyday. I plan on owning it for quite awhile, at the very least until it's paid off, but even then I'll probably still hang onto it. People say there is a reason for why those who have owned a Toyota once always buy them again. They're damn good vehicles, and have that rock-solid reputation for reliability to show for it. The Camry isn't flashy, and yeah, everyone and their mother drives one, but there's a reason for that. When shopping for a mid-sizer, a Camry should always be on your list for consideration.

By Danielle C on December 2 @ 8:27 pm
Awesome place - great service and cars
My family and I loved this place! We went to purchase a new car since my old one was crappy. Sam was the absolute best, he walked us through the cars I was interested in, showed us all the background information on each one, was straightforward with all our questions and was overall a great person to work with. Perry was also great and Ismael helped with financing so much. We will definitely be back for the next car and will recommend to friends!

By Genee Gillis on June 8 @ 9:06 pm
Great customer service
I love Subarus, but I also love that this one looks great as well! Toyota of Bellingham has the best customer care and service ever! Dino went above and beyond! Thanks!

By don on January 9 @ 11:33 am
"We are not going to help you with the problem!"
Both dealer and Toyota Customer Service said that above to me personally face to face and corp. by phone. Driver seat bottom collapsing on left edge. Painful to drive after 400 miles of sitting. I had to buy a new seat for $178 from dealer who installed it. No more seat problems. I had planned to buy 4 more for my kids coming out of college but bought or leased Nissan Rogues, Mazda 3 and gave Camry to my son and took his Caddy. I cannot recommend Toyota to any one. Dealer told me to get a lawyer and he could not wave a magic wand and makee Toyota do something they will not do for a customer. Cost him $80,000 in new sales and Toyota is now 3rd not first anymore. don

By WILLIAM HOTALING on May 18 @ 8:21 am
White Hot Camry
This is a great car. I have had no problems and would definitely buy again.

By Clint B. on February 18 @ 4:35 pm
No complaints! Great car w/ legendary reliability
I have had this car for a month and I have already racked up over 1000 miles. I have no complaints with this car. The ride, tech, feel, versatility, and practicality of this legendary mid-size sedan are tough to beat. I have no buyer's remorse; I am very pleased with my purchase. I got the XLE trim and it rides, feels, and looks like a luxury sedan. Great for short and long trips, with tons of trunk space! PROS: -Quiet, smooth ride -Lots of available features, great MPG -The name-brand reliability of a Toyota Camry CONS: -Slightly more expensive than rival mid-size sedans, but you get what you pay for! Test drive other mid-size sedans. I did, and this Camry clearly stood out for me.

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