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After saddling the last generation of its best-selling sedan with a disappointing interior and dull personality, Toyota got with it and redesigned the Camry last year. The newest Camry continues the model's long-standing record of reliability and low running costs and adds an improved interior, more expressive styling and, especially in SE trim, livelier driving. The 2013 Toyota Camry gets further polish with a few more standard features and upgraded interior materials.

As before, the Camry powertrain lineup deserves kudos for its combination of peppy performance and admirable fuel economy. Even the four-cylinder engine provides pleasing acceleration, while the potent V6 manages an impressive 25 mpg in combined driving. Those seeking a fuel sipper can choose the Camry Hybrid, covered in a separate review. Although the Camry offers respectable handling and a comfortable ride, the driving experience still feels rather disconnected and numb. The SE trim provides sharper, more involved handling that doesn't exactly transform the Camry into a sport sedan, but offers more appeal to those who enjoy driving.

Naturally, there are other appealing midsize sedans out this year. The 2013 Honda Accord and 2013 Nissan Altima continue to offer slightly sportier personalities to enhance their practicality. The 2013 Hyundai Sonata offers comparable refinement and stellar value. The new Ford Fusion is another favorite of ours thanks to well-rounded performance and sharp styling. We think most people will be very pleased with a 2013 Toyota Camry purchase, but with so many great choices, we suggest planning a weekend's worth of test-drives.

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2013 Toyota Camry

NEW FOR 2013

For 2013, the Toyota Camry receives rear cross-traffic alert functionality as part of the optional blind spot monitoring system. Inside, all Camry models have the 6-inch central display screen as standard and slightly upgraded door panel trim.


Better-than-average outward visibility.


Numb steering and mushy handling in all models but SE

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By grnmtnguy on August 23 @ 8:57 pm
2013 Camry - 2 days old
I traded a 2005 Camry LE for the new 2013 Camry LE. Performance is about the same with the 4 cyl. automatic. Very responsive and I expect that the highway mileage should be about the same as experienced with the 2005, around 35 mpg. The seats are more comfortable than the 2005 - a major improvement. One very serious shortcoming is that there is NO way to lock the trunk. The valet key allows you to lock the glove compartment, but if you are traveling and have valuables in the trunk there is no way to protect them from theft if you leave the car in a valet parking lot, service provider or anywhere where the vehicle will be left in someone else's care. I consider this a serious oversight.

By mitchselect on August 17 @ 2:40 pm
Sharp Economical Grocery Getter!
Just purchased brand new base SE yesterday. And my original opinion was Hey, its a Camry (not offensive but not inspiring either).....but after purchase and driving and looking at it more, I find myself wanting to go places in it. The drive ride and handling are excellent (make sure you get one with the much better Michelin tires not the Bridgestones) both are being used from the factory and my dealer cheerfully switched them, no charge! Build quality and reliability are based on expectations, but i feel comfortable in that as this is a Camry. I am 6'2" 300lb. and feel very comfortable in it.

By bach229 on August 2 @ 1:21 pm
I went with the Camry.
After 46,000 miles, this car is every bit as good as the day I bought it. It's fast, responsive and tight with the SE package and the mileage has exceeded my expectations at 31.8 combined. On my 2nd set of tires (Goodyear Fuel Max) which seems to have improved mileage at the expense of a bit more road noise. No problems AT ALL with this car except for the musty AC smell many owners have complained about. This goes away after a few minutes however, and I do not consider it a problem. Local dealer has been excellent to work with on maintenance. (Hendrick Toyota) This is the best car I've ever owned and although I am always lusting after new cars, I would be crazy to let this one go. My neighbors think so too. There are 3 more on my street like mine!

By vminghelli on April 8 @ 6:42 am
My 1st Camry
I picked the Camry SE over other sedans in it's class after driving the Fusion, Charger, and the Malibu. The reason I picked the Camry was based on options and price. Our has just about every option except the v6. It has the moon roof, leather, nav and rear back up camera. The sticker was 27,000 and some change but the dealer took off 3,000 right off the bat. So for 24Gs we got a sporty car with paddle shifters that is fun to drive. The 4 banger feels much bigger and shifts smooth. Car feels and rides like a $40,000 lux sedan. The car rides very well and is quite on the highway. It is the first Toyota we have owned and I can say it wont be the last. Sorry Ford.

By smoothsailing1 on June 10 @ 6:42 pm
A Great Vehicle
Have owned this car 8 months. Went with the Camry after driving some of the competition, as the Camry was the best overall fit for me. Drove several versions of the 2013 Honda Accord sedan, but the sound system, radio and navigation system in the Accords are having major problems with the navigation locking up, radio pre-sets failing and the sound is just not up to par with other sedans. Stayed with the V6 and am averaging 33-34 mpg on the highway. The blind spot monitor is so very practical and works perfectly. The 2013 Toyota Camry is a well designed and implemented package - it does everything well; drivability, comfort, technology, mpg and ergonomics. Toyota gets a A+ on this one.

By camrygirl2 on May 6 @ 9:33 am
My 3rd Camry
I bought my car a month ago & so far I am LOVING it! This is my 1st SE Model & I really like the style/handling better than the LE model. It's roomy enough for hubby, kids & myself. Very comfortable for long road trips. I love the interior. My legs don't feel crammed. Radio display is nice. My car didn't come with Entunes or navigation but I always use my cell phone for navigation & other apps. The 6 speakers sound great, could be a bit better for a 2013 but I'm satisfied. The bluetooth is awesome... loud & clear. I also like how the car display shows you your average speed, mpg & how many more miles you can drive with the gas you have in tank. The trunk is spacious. Great car,great deal!

By ally123sport on July 22 @ 6:33 am
Hate a perfectly good car!
I bought a 2013 Camry. I and all passengers bump our heads on the handle bar above the seats in all seats. I am only 5'3 so it is not a height issue. Can not put a baby seat in back seat and put anybody but a short person in the drivers or passengers side upfront because of the length of the vehicle. Do not like entune navigation system! Everytime I plug up my phone to charge, it starts itunes with the very first song alphabetically on my playlist. Research shows this can not be fixed. I have to fumble on the touchscreen to turn it off and back on the radio. If you turn of the entune bluetooth for the itune issue you can't make calls obviously. Seat adjustment is also excessively slow!

By vetsrred on October 19 @ 12:36 pm
Still Best in CLASS and Value after 4 Years, 58XXX
"I just purchased a 2013 Camry SE with a MSRP of $25,398 for $19,877. I drove 620 miles to buy at this price as dealers in St. Louis area wanted $3,000 more! The value of this car speaks for itself. I am a car nut and the Camry SE's looks, handling, ride, 6 speed trans with paddle shifters and interior are all SUPERIOR to anything in it's class. I also like the touch screen radio/trip computer with steering wheel controls. I drove a Hyundai Sonata (Cheap and unrefined compared to the Camry and steering hunts on the highway) and the new Honda Accord Sport (CVT very loud and unrefined not a CVT fan), bumpy ride, and cheap interior materials). The Camry SE after 4 years and 58XXX miles is still a no brainer. Oil/Filter changes and tire rotation every 5,000 miles and new tires at 50,000 miles is all it has needed in the service area!

By zramil on September 9 @ 11:37 pm
Overall the best value in its segment
Over 3,000km (1,875mi) so far and very happy with my choice. Not a perfect car but it does everything well for its segment at a great price. Tighter handling, better interior materials and dashboard design would be nice but this is a mid-sized family sedan for value minded customers, not BMW 5 series and Toyota did a good job with this generation. I haven't had popping roof noise, AC odor and rattling dashboard issues that some drivers complained about. V6 has a very generous amount of power and most people would be perfectly fine with I4. Transmission shifts smoothly. Cabin is very quiet on Michelin tires. Ride comfort is great. I highly recommend the SE trim.

By zipper6 on April 26 @ 5:32 pm
City MPG doesn't match
I bought this car 3 weeks ago, I like everything about this 2013 CAMRY SE except the advertised MPG and exterior. We had a good deal from the dealer that's the reason I bought this. MPG advertised for CITY is little misleading for what I have noticed. 3 weeks close to 800 miles now and car give me 18-20 Avg in city. 25 MPG only if their are no lights and no stop sign. On HWY I get 40 MPG if I drive 65 miles on cruise. If I drive 70+ MGP goes down to 35-38. So I am happy cruising on 65 :) but little mad when driving in city :( Exterior looks little cheap than compared to my 1997 old camry i told 4 years go. Overall its a good car and hope it stays reliable like everyone says.

By david555 on September 10 @ 11:14 am
Gas Mileage Not as said in the Sticker!
Cheap looking "stick on" middle dashboard: (Where the radio/gps and the cd area), The upper deck interior/roof looks cheap and noise(hollow inside) and built from a cheap material (Compare to my Japanese built in 2003 4runner..which solid and looks classy). Interior/Door sides again looks cheap, Back mid-console box looks cheap and no ventilation goes out to the rear passengers. Overall texture of the interior looks down graded to all of my Toyota that I have owned in the past! Disappointed! GAS MILEAGE: Not as what it said in the sticker (25/35..combined 28mpg)..So far only 22.4MPG!!

By mani_o on December 23 @ 9:29 am
People who don't like this car have never owned one!
I considered all the usual suspects before my purchase- Accord, Sonata, mazda6, Optima, Altima and one by one they all fell off the list and the Camry was left because of its comfortable interior, quality and good looks. I bought a '13 White Camry SE and everyone said this car looks great. My friends and family look the interior and say the outside looks good with sporty lines. Do not listen to the haters! I'm glad they are talking so much smack about how "dull and boring" it is. Well for the people who drive BMW's and Porches everyday you might be able to complain. You have got to be really spoiled not to like this car. I got the car i could afford and for the money this is the best!

By talong_sayote on January 24 @ 4:32 am
Camry the best in the West n East.Next to my horse!
My 2013 SE V6 Camry is perfect!Better than my X5 BMW that sucks a lot of gas.

By metro21 on December 3 @ 9:55 am
First Camry for me
Got a great deal from Toyota- 0% APR for 60 months, no payments for 90 days and a killer deal. Who can say no to that? I bought the SE model 4 cyl. loaded with the $3600 everything package. Did I mention the 2 year/ 24k mile all maintenance free plan? After 3 months and 6k miles, very impressed with the Camry. Glad I got it over the Accord.

By mossimo142 on May 23 @ 4:07 am
Overall good choice for mid sized sedan
I was deciding between the Camry and Chevy Malibu. I went with the Camry due to the rear leg room and resale value. I don't necessarily agree with Toyota having a higher resale value because the Malibu felt like it was built better. The dash on the Camry seems cheap and the parts don't fit perfectly causing wiggle room when pressed against. The seats are also not comfortable for trips longer than 30 minutes. They feel like generic foam, offering little support even with lumbar. The MPG calculator consistently registers 1-2 MPGs higher than what the car actually gets. This is somewhat disappointing, but I still average around 31 with 75% highway driving.

By nlwalden on January 1 @ 4:59 pm
No more Tire Pressue display?
I bought a 2012 SE for my daughter. I liked it well enough to buy a 2013 for myself. The only differences between this year's and last year's models I've noticed are two: 1) 2013 has the lane-changer blinker function. On the highway, flick the blinker arm and the blinker blinks three times without having to hold the arm down. Nice feature. 2) This is really annoying. On the 2012, you got two options when you pressed the Car button: Fuel Consumption and Tire Pressure. On the 2013, they've somehow gotten rid of the Tire Pressure display. Now the only way to check tire pressure is the old fashioned way. Unless it didn't work well, I can's see why they got rid of that function.

By roar02ram on February 5 @ 9:49 am
Good car, great value
Original: The title says it all - this car is an excellent value. It rides well, handles decently, is comfortable, has a few cool features, is sturdily constructed, gets acceptable fuel economy (particularly considering the performance), and is roomy. It does all of the important things well or well enough, with no major flaws and zero irritants. Plus, in SE V-6 trim, the engine supplies a few thrills and the car handles/steers well enough to keep up when you want to do more than commute. Bottomline, it ain't a sports sedan, and it ain't a luxury car, either. But for what the SE V-6 is and for what Toyota charges for it, it really is the best thing out there. 50k miles: Still going strong! Nary a glitch, and it drives just the same as the day I bought it. Most of what I said above remains true. Too bad the world has changed around the 2013 Camry: what I rationalized above as a "good value" today wouldn't pass muster as such, even for the $24k I paid for it in 2013. Today, any number of $24k vehicles in the compact class have nicer interiors, better technology, and are equally refined and only a touch smaller. Yeah, none of them are as powerful, but they all get better fuel economy, and most still have enough power to get out of their own way. Today, it'd be a no brainer: skip the Camry for a 3, Golf, or Civic.

By michael190 on September 9 @ 5:21 pm
Great Car but...
I guess it depends on what you are looking for...I love the car and I believe compared to anything else out there the Camry is best in class with a qualification. 1). I don't like plastic everywhere. But if the plastic outlasts the components of competitors who cares? Otherwise, I purchased my Camry because it was practical, fun, fast, reliable, economical, entertaining, and cool. While other competitors may have less plastic, their cars don't last as long. I am a little concerned about the consumer reports issue, but thus far, my Camry is aces. I have put 40k on it in 1.5 years and it gets over 32 easy on the highway! At 80 mph the tach reads about 2050 or thereabouts!

By miriamg on March 8 @ 8:45 pm
unsafe car
I purchased a brand new 2013 Toyota Camry 2 months ago. The car keeps stalling out even while driving on a highway. I have almost been involved in a serious accident as a result. Toyota can't seem to get to the bottom of this matter. In the interim I am very frustrated as I am getting the run around between the manufacturer and the dealer. I plan on pursuing NJ Lemon Law in attempt to have my car replaced. After pursuing Lemon law and having my car inspected by a Toyota Corporate mechanic I was told that the issue is due to a faulty design in the fuel tank. When my car is parked even on a slight incline (in my driveway) with a full tank of gas, gas will leak out and compromise the charcoal canister. When the onboard computer system senses that there is a issue with the fuel system, it is designed to automatically shut the car as a safety precaution "even while the vehicle is in motion". Toyota then advised me not to fill my tank more then half until a solution to this problem is remedied. I was told that all 2012, 2013 and 2014 Toyota Camry's (along with some other Toyota models) have the same faulty design in the tank. As such, getting me into another 2013 or 2014 vehicle would not solve the problem. My claim was therefore denied. I am currently eagerly waiting for a class action suit against Toyota. I have since gotten rid of my Camry and purchased a 2014 Honda Accord. As miserable as I was with the Camry, that's how much I am truly loving my Accord! My negative experience with Toyota has and continues to spread and have an impact. I have since convinced many coworkers, friends and family members (many who have been long time loyal Toyota customers) to switch over to the new Honda Accord. They too all seem "thrilled" with their Accord. The overall feedback I get is that the car is a much smoother drive, hugs the road much better specifically in inclement weather conditions. The also enjoy the plush interior design which makes the car feel very homey (vs. Toyota's cheap interior and hard plastic feel and design), along with dual climate control and better fuel economy. The Accord also includes numerous safety features even in the lx (base) models, (which Toyota doesn't even offer as a upgrade) including hill assist. If you are in the market for purchasing a sedan do yourself a favor and test drive the Accord before even considering the Camry. There is good reason why Toyota had to redesign the Camry 2 years earlier then originally anticipated....

By retired2013 on January 28 @ 8:24 pm
2013 Camry XLE V6
We bought our newest Camry seven months ago, and have driven it 13,000 miles now. This is our third Camry so we must like them. The 2013 V6 is very fast. The 2013 XLE seems lighter and more nimble than our 2002 XLE. The gas mileage is good and the car is definitely comfortable. The steering is quicker than prior models, and this model feels better balanced than prior year models too. Overall a fantastic car to get from Point A to Point B in comfort and safety with attractive styling.

By rockyview on April 28 @ 9:35 am
love this
I've owned my Camry SE V6 with premium package for three months. Can't be happier. The car is quiet and accelerates fast, can't believe it consumes less fuel than my traded-in 2005 I4 hyundai sonata. Like the BSM and backup crossover warning feature, really useful. I've driven this car about 3 years. There is a bit rattle sound in cold weather, guess when outside is cold, the gap between front dash and front windshield is bigger causing the sound. Except regular maintenance, nothing wrong, still strong and quiet.

By gringo1210 on September 8 @ 4:12 am
Worst Car I have ever owned-Cheaply made
This is my third Camry and will be my last. The heat on this car takes 20 minutes to warm up, By the time it does I am at work. I was told this is standard for this car. The car has the WORST pickup ever. I can't even accelerate quickly if I need to get out of the way. I was told this is due to the econo button that cannot be shut off. It's cheaply made the fabric seats stain easily and when trying to clean water marks are left behind. Toyota refused to fix any of my problems. Today I went to the drive through and all my windows were frozen stuck, Between the lack of heat and no pick up and now the window problem I feel like I am driving around in a 15 year old car.

By sendme on March 10 @ 12:48 am
Handles well, underpowered
6 months of use. Changed from Honda coupe (V6, manual 6) to 4dr, 4cyl Auto. Firm ride but power steering too strong for good tracking and feedback. City stop/go driving gets 35-30 mpg, interstate driving 33-36 mpg. 2 trips (1 hour, 4 hours) with more go than stopping and less than 65 mph gave over 40 mpg. With cruise control turned on and going uphill, the computer downshifts from 6th gear to 4th gear AND then figures out it only needs to be in 5th gear. Transmission logic needs adjustment. 4 cylinder is slightly underpowered but manual shifting helps.

By dmedress on August 6 @ 9:38 am
Fun To Drive
Purchased the Camry SE 3.5 Fully Loaded in November 2013. I test drove many other vehicles before making a decision on the Camry SE. Prior to buying the Camry I drove 2003 Honda Accord that was bought new ended putting 140k. The Honda was in perfect mechanical condition but decided it was time to buy a newer car that had updated comfort features and the latest technology. After all the research and test driving I chose the Camry because you get more for less. The Toyota Care and roadside assistance sealed the deal. MPG is great considering it's the 3.5

By surge3 on December 25 @ 8:51 pm
Gas Millage is Not Good.
Purchased the SE 4 cyl. This car has only given me an average of 350 miles for a full tank of gas. The most I have ever got was about 400 MPG on cruse control (about 70 mph) at midnight from Las Vegas to Southern California, yes I purposely filled-up the tank and measured it, with no traffic. I drive the car with a light foot on the gas to try and get the most MPG out of it and still only about 21-22mpg. I also fill it up with the highest octane but only 21-22 mpg. I also don't hit much traffic since I drive on the freeway before and after traffic hours. I have taken it back to Toyota and they just tell me that nothing is wrong with the car. I plan on following-up again with them.

By twistedf8 on May 8 @ 3:27 pm
Hope it Lasts
First Camry purchase. Not impressed with the cheap carpet in the SE (shines like cardboard after the first vacuum) the seat material is sub-par as well. Gas mileage is 23.8 MPG. I bought the car at a discount like so many other posters have mentioned. I won't complain about the price. For a 4 cyl, it does have the ability to accelerate well. I wish I was getting the mileage many other folks are reporting and I'd overlook the cheap interior. I live on a 50 MPH road and the car rarely sees a traffic light. Buyer beware on the mileage and interior. Otherwise it is a nice car. I'm hoping it lasts as long as people say they do.

By rurod on March 8 @ 5:58 pm
10K Miles and No Complaints
I bought my Barcelona Red 2013 Camry SE last August and have enjoyed the car immensely! I recently went in for the 10K Service, which so far services for the first two years of the car are paid by Toyota. The car's ride is excellent, however the car does not absorb some of the badder bumps on the road due to the sports suspension. Handling is good, not too much lean in turns, and goes where you point it. I drove the other non SE Camry models and the ride in those was too soft and mushy. I fully expect this car to be reliable and long lasting - I tend to keep my cars forever.

By toyotaowner13 on February 22 @ 10:36 pm
Static on Radio when using Rear Defrost since purchased
This is our 2nd Toyota Camry, the first being a 2004 with 150k and still running well. The 2013 Toyota Camry has had issues with the radio having lots of static when using the rear defrost. Last winter the dealer looked at this and did not believe it was an issue however you only seem to notice it in the cooler months when using the rear defrost. Have any other 2013 Toyota Camry customers experienced that issue?

By Alice on February 24 @ 7:30 pm
Love car. Not happy with dealership
I have had the blindspot monitors go out twice now and have only had the car 2 years. I specifically got this feature because I have loss of range of motion of my neck due to surgery. Now the dealer is unable to fix. Did not even call to tell me before I picked up. Has any one else had problems with their blind spot monitors?

By Brian on June 29 @ 10:52 am
4 Camry Family
This 2013 Camry continues to be one of the best cars that I've owned. It simply is stress and worry free

By metaz123@yahoo.com on March 26 @ 4:18 am
Gas mileage WOW!! 54-60 MPG
I love my vehicle, I am a lead footer and the more you push her the better the gas mileage :) I am completely in LOVE!! story of how awesome Toyota's are I had a 1994 Toyota Corolla DX 4 dr sedan, it had 310,000 on it, I checked with dealer ship and found out the tow capacity it could haul, I bought a pop up camper that if it would have been 2 more LBS would have been over for the vehicle, the Seller on the lot told me that I would not make it home with it since was hauling it with my vehicle oops I did and took it anywhere and everywhere I wanted I traded my Corolla in it had 455,000 miles on it and the lady that bought it traded in her 1997 Ford Focus on it. TOYOTA Awesome Vehicles :)

By Philip Lee on January 22 @ 10:31 am
Camry's Great
The SE is a fine car for a moderate price.

By Cori White on April 19 @ 7:00 pm
Very reliable transportation
Great gas milage, beautiful interior, at highway speeds a little noisy however I like my music loud so you don't really hear the noise. Super quick off the line but governor kicks in way too soon. For a six speed you would think the power would remain consistent, but due to the governor kickingredients off so quickly you hit high rate of speed in just 4th gear. Good, clean car for the money, just be sure you have 2 jobs to make the payment......way over priced for a 4 banger.

By Frank Bunson on March 30 @ 2:31 am
"I think I can.... but " 2013 Toyota Camry SE
When you see a 4600 lb. car with a 4 cyl. Engine and 6 speed automatic transmission...RUN! We never had a problem in three years of owning this car running to the store and post office. This year we decided to "drive" our vacation and do the Nevada/Utah Canyon lands. By the time we got to our destination I SERIOUSLY considered flying home. By the time we got home, driving through two mountain ranges, and hi desert, there was no doubt! We MUST get rid of this car! It was so much work just getting it up and down the roads that it just beat us half to death. I am a "driver"! The wife knows how. Toyota IS ashamed! In ALL respects, this automobile should never have been put on the road! I THOUGHT I was buying the car that is the 2016 Camry. My NEXT action, after returning my rental car, is to get rid of this beautiful junk! 2016...traded this car for a Honda Accord Touring, 6cyl. 6 spd. Auto trans. HONDA KNOWS HOW TO DO IT!!

By Hax on June 26 @ 12:02 pm
My Trusted Car

By Deep Value on May 1 @ 10:19 am
Fast, quiet, and very comfortable
I traded in a 2011 Mini Cooper S Clubman with a manual transmission for this car, as I wanted something more comfortable, with rear doors, that shifted its own gears and didn't break as much. I'm into cars, and painfully picky, so I drove the 2013 Lexus ES 350 (a little cramped and a lot expensive), the 2016 Honda Accord V6 (uncomfortable seats), a 2013 Toyota Avalon XLE Touring (excellent car, but couldn't justify the premium vs. the Camry) a 2015 Ford Fusion SE with the 2.0 turbo (a little sluggish, wild variation in noise, vibration and harshness from car to car). I ended up buying a 2013 XLE V6, certified used with 16,700 miles, for $20k. It's a luxury car in terms of performance and comfort: It's electric car-quiet around town, the V6 is ridiculously powerful and fast, and the seats are EXCELLENT, with lots of adjustments and terrific lumbar support. I can get into a great driving position in about 10 seconds after someone else has driven the car. The tires I got were Bridgestone Turanza EL400s and they're just awful - get the Michelins if you can. The Bridgestones are bumpy for the first few miles after sitting overnight (I think because they develop flat spots), they don't have much grip, and they're noisy. That said, the car's handling isn't bad... it's not the Mini, but it's predictable and the steering has good feedback, with no numb spot on center - it's easy to drive quickly. It understeers into sharp corners, and you can hear the tires complain, but it works. I knew that going in and don't mind; I'm middle-aged and I don't race around corners anymore (plus, that's not why you buy a Camry)... but I do like to go from 0-speed limit in a hurry and this V6 engine is one of the greats for that. On a related note that nobody talks about, you can shift the auto transmission manually, and it works really well. Put it in 2 on an entrance ramp, get the revs up to 3,000 and stomp on it, and you'd better be holding on tightly. Seriously. Other "useful in the real world" stuff: The back seat is huge and comfortable, there's lots of storage and plenty of 12-volt power outlets, the keyless entry and ignition is one of those things you can't give up once you have it (if you have the car for 5 years, you'll get to skip pulling your keys out of your purse or pocket at least 3,600+ times), and the backup camera has those alignment lines that help you hit a parking space dead center. I'll get less than the 25 MPG combined, and I don't care. The rush of the V6 is well worth it. My plan is to replace the terrible tires with Michelin Primacy's, drive this thing until it's tired, then give it to my kid so she can drive it another 150,000 miles. I think the car's just an amazing value. In short, the Camry is the best-selling car in the world, and the V6 XLE is the best Camry. Update: I asked the dealer, Acton Toyota of Acton, MA, to swap the Bridgestones for Michelin Premier A/S and they did! They didn't charge me for the tires, just the labor for mounting and balancing... this dealer is truly excellent. The tires make an enormous difference in the ride: they're quiet, smooth, and handle much better.

By Michael Canning on October 16 @ 5:55 am
Camry Rocks
Excellent reliable sedan. Great value.

By Veronica Rivera on April 9 @ 12:09 pm
My car is a Camry 2013 SE only has 61,000 miles and the Audio System suddenly stopped working. Is sad having to drive everyday and not been able to listen music... Is an expensive car and this is a common problem... :(

By Les on December 13 @ 7:48 am
Our 2013 does not measure up to our 2002. It's noisy, has uncomfortable seats, poor visibility, glare from dash reflects on windshield, poor audio, and rocks side to side with minor road undulations. We also had an '87 which we loved, but the 2013 has seriously slipped.

By Carlos Meza on August 30 @ 2:56 pm
V6 Camry XLE, Cant go wrong
Our car "2013 Camry XLE V6 Auto" has performed beyond my expectations. Our previous Camry was a 1994 LT V6 auto. It was finally taken out of service after an accident in 2014 with over 240,000 miles. With only one major repair ($1200) for a transmission CPU. With that kind of service I didn't waver and purchase another V6 Camry. Our 2013 Camry XLE V6 has a faster acceleration and a higher MPG than my previous Camry. I was surprise when this vehicle on the highway got 31/33 MPG at speeds between 70 and 80 MPH. My Camry now has almost 35000 miles on the odometer with no unexpected repairs. Note; I gave this car a poor WARRANTY rating because Toyota only warranty's the car for only 3 years /36000 miles.. Conclusion: Can't go wrong with a V6 Camry

By Bob Parke on August 14 @ 12:10 am
2013 TOY ota
Great car. Low mileage. Been like an old family friend, dependable, trustworthy, always there when needed. Low annual maintenance and great gas mileage both city and highway. Looks almost as good as the day we brought her home.

By Sky's Camry on September 24 @ 9:43 am
It's a good sedan.
It’s a nice sedan with full options. It's fast and easy to operate dashboard infotaiment system. It has power to tow trailer and great fuel economy. Paddle shifter is great for mountain roads and freeway entries.

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