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The 2012 Toyota Camry has been improved in almost every detail, which is excellent news since the previous model was disappointing in many regards. On the whole, this may look like the same package, but it's been massaged and redesigned to bring it up to the standards of usability, safety and interior construction set by the competition, and then retuned and restyled to be a little more expressive. But as before, durability and reliability are still the key attributes meant to set the 2012 Toyota Camry apart from its rivals.

You'll notice that the new Camry offers improved versions of last year's engines: a 178-horsepower 2.5-liter four-cylinder and a 268-hp 3.5-liter V6. Both engines feature a six-speed automatic transmission to deliver better fuel economy. The four-cylinder returns an EPA-estimated 35 highway mpg, while the V6 achieves 30 mpg on the highway. And yet, despite this thriftiness, the Camry's engines are notably eager to deliver swift acceleration when you need it. There's also a Camry Hybrid, covered in a separate review.

Within the cabin, the front seats have been redesigned to be more supportive and repositioned to afford more rear legroom. However, the bigger difference inside can be seen in design and quality. The old Camry suffered from subpar interior materials and a rather uninspired design. The new Camry reverses this downward trend, especially in the SE and XLE trims, with dramatically improved build quality and a pleasing selection of thoughtfully chosen trim types, textures and materials. Meanwhile, a new, well-designed touchscreen electronics interface and several high-tech features help set it apart from the pack.

Toyota has also set out to address a long-running complaint about the Camry being boring to drive. Suspension improvements have been made to enliven the Camry's handling dynamics and make the ride more composed. It's not entirely effective -- numb steering and a general disconnected feel make the Camry a less desirable car to drive than most rivals. The exception to this is the SE, which isn't so much a sport model, but rather the one that manages to bring the Camry's driving dynamics up to par for the class.

In total, the Toyota Camry is once again one of the more appealing midsize family sedans. Still, that class is better than ever and we suggest checking out the competition thoroughly before settling on a Camry. The Honda Accord and Mazda 6 continue to set the standard for those who want their car to feel responsive, while the Hyundai Sonata offers more style, comparable refinement and stellar value. Meanwhile, the new Volkswagen Passat is bigger and cheaper than ever while still maintaining its European flavor. The Camry may have corrected many of its predecessor's faults, but its improved competition means choosing one still isn't the slam-dunk it once was.

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2012 Toyota Camry

NEW FOR 2012

The 2012 Toyota Camry is fully redesigned.


Comfortable and spacious backseat


Numb steering and mushy handling in all models but SE

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By bkcassell on August 3 @ 6:06 pm
Camry SE 2012
Recently bought the new 2012 Camry SE. We love this car! We were looking at 2011 Camry SE mid September when the dealer told us the new redesigned 2012's were coming out in October. I got online and researched them as much as possible and decided to wait for the 2012's to be released and am so glad we waited. The car rides so smoothly and quiet ride. We are averaging 25 mpg in the city. Can't find many negitives on this car. Camry fans will love this new 2012 model. We purchased the car with: the Convenience Pkg, Carpeted Floor Mats, Display Audio with Navigation & Entune Pkg, Leather Pkg, and Power Moonroof Pkg, and Rear Bumper Applique for $28, 395.00 OTD (including taxes, license, etc.)

By greeneyes51 on September 30 @ 2:39 pm
2nd time Camry buyer
I bought a new 2012 XLE several days ago. I came back to a Camry because it has the best value for the $. My last Camry had 220,000 + miles on it and was still a great little car. This one appears to be as good, if not better. Nice fit and finish. Quite and roomier than my previous Camry. The chrome trim at the bottom of the door panel sets the look off just right. The new tail lights make the back distinctive. I had only gone about 5 miles from the dealership on the day I picked it up and someone from behind came to the side of the car, rolled down his window and said, "Is that the new Camry, sweet...". Made my smile really big!!

By raddala on October 13 @ 9:03 am
New 2012 Camry
I just purchased 2012 Camry. I was considering 2012 Civic or 2012 Prius as I was looking for fuel efficiency car. 2012 Civic has cheap plastic interior and also pricey. 2012 Prius is not good because mileage was down. 2012 was a pleasant surprise (price was good and mileage was also very good). I purchased LE with Power Seats for $20,500 in Fremont, CA.

By hiimjkim on January 31 @ 10:52 am
Adequate, in the best sense of the word.
The 2012 Camry SE V6 is in a word, adequate. It has adequate acceleration, (Motor trend pegs it at 5.8 seconds from 0-60mph http://tinyurl.com/d8tzp6t) I found that it handles adequately, moderately comfortable and fuel efficient. Once inside, the redesigned interior is simultaneously attractive and soothing. The seat warmers and the white ambient lighting makes one think that they are in a safe, plain, family car. It doesn't fool itself as a sports-sedan, but the power of its engine does make one forget about the allure of a sports car, even for a brief moment.

By ham73 on August 14 @ 10:06 pm
Entune connection
Pleasure to drive. Handles beautifully on the road. Driving comfort is very important to me and the 2012 Camry is outstanding in that department Previous Camry was 6 cyl. and this one a 4. Do not miss the extra power The 4 cyl. gives me all I want or need.

By mlance on March 8 @ 11:15 pm
Great Car
I purchased the 2012 Camry LE about 4 weeks ago. I absolutely love it. I had been driving a 2009 Camry which was a company car and was sold on the quality. The 2012 is even better! It gives a tighter ride, smoother and quieter. I took it on a road trip last weekend and the gas mileage was great. I drive mostly around town which is a combination of interstate and normal town driving (red lights, etc.) and this past week was averaging almost 32mpg - fantastic! The car has the five spoke rims and the small spoiler and gets sevaral comments and looks. I highly recommend the 2012 Camry!

By goinpstl on August 19 @ 2:32 am
Can't beat it
Simply amazing automobile. Ride is quiet and smooth, engine quieter amd more powerful than 03 Camry, much improved interior over last generation. I think I'll take boring quality over exciting driver any day.

By fanearnhardt_3 on June 25 @ 9:25 pm
Love it!
I have had my Camry now for 1 1/2 months. So far so good, I absolutely love it so far. Going from a 2005 Chevy Malibu to this is amazing. The seats are confortable and it's alot nicer then my old car. It feels a lot safer than my old car. The XLE has the auto climate controls and the rear vent which is really nice. I wanted a Toyota Camry for a long time. The Camry is updated for 2012, which was a bonus. I love the sun/moon roof. I like everything about this car that is why I bought it! I couldn't find a car that I liked more and as soon as I rode in it, I was sold.

By safari4 on April 17 @ 4:09 pm
Perfect car for me!
I laugh when people call camrys boring. I drove a 02 camry and a 04 avalon for years, those were boring! Besides its a mid size 4 door sedan priced in the mid twenties, how exciting can it get? Bought the SE 4 cyc a few weeks ago. Love it! Power seats, auto dim mirrors, floor mats, plus all the standard features was plenty of bells and whistles for me. Tried the xle first which is a great value for features. The SE is a completely different feel in steering, handling, seats, and even the ride. Test drove them back to back a few times and knew the SE was the one. Glad mine didnt have entune. I've got a iphone for that stuff and didnt want to pay an extra 1k. TEN airbags people!

By mopra on October 4 @ 5:29 am
I wanted to buy sonata or altima then decided to have a test drive of camry2012 , I was surprised by the handling of the car on curves and it's smooth drive a notch above it's older version.I bought the car same day and it is 1 1/2 months I am loving it every day.I get 30mpg in city.love the Comfy seats, we had 6 inches snow today , it drove through snow with exceptional handling .

By annu62179 on March 15 @ 12:09 pm
Great Experience!
We have had our 2012 XLE for about one month now, and could not be happier with our decision. Clean, conservative styling, plenty of space and power, fantastic interior design, I could go on and on. This is our family's 3rd Camry, you can't go wrong with it. Highly recommended!

By sis112010 on March 31 @ 8:27 pm
Smooth like a hot knife through butter....
This is a great car. The 4 cyl engine is smooth, and has plenty of power when you need it merging onto the interstate. It is also incredibly quiet. The interior is very classy looking and I am loving the touch screen radio and bluetooth. It has 10 standard airbags. It's hard to turn that down when you've got children. So far we are averaging 30 MPG in mixed driving conditions. I'm looking forward to see how high it goes on an extended trip. We test drove a lot of other brands but the 2012 Camry stood out as the best in terms of quality and bang for the buck. Highly recommended.

By jetzooom on September 30 @ 9:16 pm
2012 LE Camry
Bought it about 1 month ago...fun to drive, the handling is great...the gas milage is great (29.8) in town and hyway...the lumber automatic seats for the driver is fantastic and not usually found on this priced car..the car is very fast (4 cyl) and responsive and I love the bluetooth and steering wheel controled radio...Things that need improvement 1) door unlock button is small and in an ackward place. 2) the truck lid will come down and hit you in the head if your not careful. 3. the ac and heat controls need improvement.. I love to drive this car and traded in my caddy...it does not have the ride of the caddy but the gas milage more than makes up for it..

By pennycali on June 29 @ 9:05 pm
Great all around car for performance and camry
I purchased the SE V6 after comparison shopping between a 2012 Acura TSX, Hyundai Sonata, and BMW 328i. I choose the Camry since it does everything well, a good value, and is reliable. It's not top of class in any category but overall bang for the buck, the Camry beats all of them. The Camry sport tuned suspension gives the car a sporty ride without being overly harsh like the BMW. The Camry's V6 is awesome. Smooth, powerful, and reliable. The Camry interior looks very upscale. There are some cheap plastic bits but it's 10K cheaper than the TSX. The Camry styling is bland I have to admit but let's see if Sonata's can make it to 150K miles reliability.

By goinpstl on July 17 @ 10:12 pm
Can't beat em
This is my second Camry (03) and sorry, but you just can't get a better mid-sized sedan anywhere. Improved styling inside and out.

By linlil on May 3 @ 7:16 am
I'm Loving It!!!
Traded in my 2010 Hyundai Accent GLS, which I bought new in 2010, for a 2012 Toyota Camry SE in December 2011. I was highly disappointed with the Accent and the terrible quality/ driving experience. After researching the Honda Accord, Nissan Altima and the Sonata, decided none could compare to the overall value of the 2012 Camry. Especially, with the great ENTUNE system, silent engine/ driving experience and great MPG (29.7) avg (I have a gas heavy foot). Accelaration is quick and I only have the 4 cyl. What can I say, I'm in love with my 2012 Camry. P.S with all the leather trim on the dash and in the car, I don't know what cheap plastic others have complained about.

By okc_al on September 22 @ 8:03 am
Solid vehicle
Bought the 4 cylinder SE 2 months ago and sitting 3000 miles. So far so good. 30 mpg with mixed driving. Both interior and exterior styling much better than previous model. Compared against the Sonata, Fusion, Cruze, Altima and we're so glad we went with the Camry.

By rikki90 on April 14 @ 2:14 am
2012 Camry LE Problem/Issue.
I'm driving on a city road with 200 miles on the car. All of a sudden the check engine light comes on. And im like wtf. Then the traction control light comes on and i move to the right. A few seconds later the gas pedal becomes unresponsive sometimes giving acceleration sometimes not. Then the check oil light comes on. Keep in mind the other lights are still on. Once the oil light comes on i pull off to a side road and just as i do the car stops running. Dead silent. I turn the car off. Pop the hood and Check the oil dipstick and it reads full. All lights are off but check engine still on. I decide to drive it to the dealer. 3 days later, still no response from dealer.

By camps67 on August 7 @ 9:11 am
great so far!
I was not planning on buying a Camry. I looked at several cars; the Sonata, Equinox, Pilot, Optima.. My brother has a Toyota and talked me into going to the dealer. Photos of the car don't do it justice. In person it is much nicer and the interior has a classier look to it than several of the other cars I have seen. After I saw it I knew it was the car I wanted. I purchased the SE a week ago and I'm still on the same tank of gas. Drives very smooth!! I love the steering..a million times better than the Volvo I used to drive. I am very happy with this purchase.

By aplaygroundman on April 2 @ 9:13 am
One month down, 119 to go
My wife and I visited our local Toyota dealer in November. They had an advertised special on the 2012 Camry LE that was very hard to beat among the near competitors. We decided to purchase an 07 Prius and keep driving our 01 Buick LeSabre. Last month, we decided to go ahead and get the Camry. We bought a Cypress Green one with Michelin tires. We absolutely love the car. Unfortunately, we discovered a chip in the windshield during the first week. There are no after-market replacement windshields available. Thankfully, our insurance covered the $1500 replacement. Jokingly, we wondered how much we could get if we parted out the car...

By speeddts on September 28 @ 6:29 am
2012 Toyota Camry LE 4DR Automatic
This is car is a great value, just below $20,500 I had a hard time saying no. Have owned since December 2011. Other cars considered: 1) Chevrolet Cruze ECO (great choice, low inventory at the time) 2) Hyundai Sonata GLS - careful look at the parts, tires are cheap, interior plastics meh. 3) Honda Civic - waste of time, over priced, cheap parts, cheap looking etc etc. The Camry is a great value, comes with 2 years free maintenance, road side assistance. Car drives very smoothly, adequate engine power, currently averaging 29 mpg.

By naatz1 on March 24 @ 6:28 pm
1st Camry ever
My wife & I bought our first Camry ever a week ago (see details incl competition in my post to the Camry forum "Prices Paid..."). Interior comfort, MPGs (why we got the 4cyl), reliability/quality since we plan to drive it for 10 years were all important along with safety features like the backup cam. We have over 600 mis on it and so far not regretting anything other than color: she wanted and got grey, I wanted red. The leather interior is much roomier and user friendly than I'd expect in this price range. The Michelin primacy tires are highly rated and a plus, no change to drive in snow yet.

By macord on October 16 @ 1:30 pm
I am a believer
We have always been a GM family and had large SUV's and Trucks. My wife just traded in her 2001 Chevy Tahoe which we bought new for a 2012 Camry XLE. This car has it all. Luxury without the luxury price tag. We did about 8 weeks of research before making our decision. It was between the Sonata, Optima and the Camry. Sure Hyundai and KIA are tempting with their warranty and I have to say that is the only thing Toyota is lacking in. It really came down to quality and reputation. The other two companies are really starting to stick out, however I think Toyota is still the leader. Very nice car. Make sure you ask about the Costco program. We paid 200.00 over invoice Renton, WA Toyota is awsome

By steve6206 on December 5 @ 1:08 am
Former Corolla Owner - This Feels Like Real Luxury
2012 Camry SE. I must be different because I find the exterior quite elegant, not at all humdrum like the Honda and Hyundai offerings. Interior is very spacious, especially in the rear and even with the front seat fairly far back. Overall fit and finish is excellent (especially the leather), everything lines up nicely. One quibble is the plastic with the metal finish behind the gear box, could have been a little more robust, doesn’t give off a solid sound when tapping on it. Ride is very smooth, engine whisper quiet and there was no wind noise (some people reported this). I like the "ECO" feature (which you can disable), with some practice I’ve been able to keep it on quite a bit, can’t wait to see the mileage. For the price, more car than I expected.

By dlc7 on June 25 @ 1:42 pm
Chose Camry over Optima
This is my automotive history before marriage: BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Honda CBR - after marriage: Honda Civic, Dodge Caravan, Trek bicycle pulling a child carrier. Now I'm in the market for a family sedan and I see this absolutely gorgeous car, and it's a KIA? I test drive the OPTIMA LX and I felt it was terrific. The thought of a boring CAMRY did not cross my mind because I wanted the KIA!, then my wife persuades me to look at Toyota. I reluctantly go to a Toyota dealer and choose to test the CAMRY SE I4. To my amazement the SE was noticeably quieter and smoother than the KIA while having good power with sporty and confident handling. The OPTIMA is great but the SE is the car for me.

By enginemedic21 on July 7 @ 6:53 am
Great car
We purchased this vehicle to replace my wife's problem infested 2003 Maxima. So far after 5000 miles we've really enjoyed the Camry.It's very smooth,great on gas(were averaging 30 mpg mixed driving), and the Entune system is very easy to use and impressive.We did drive an Altima and Accord before purchasing this vehicle and found the Camry to be the sportiest and come with the most options for a better price than the other two. The standard Toyota Care that comes with the vehicle complimentary make it an even better deal. My wife locked her keys in her car and a rep was able to come out within the hour to unlock her vehicle for her. She also has complimentary roadside assistance!

By smosky on October 4 @ 6:51 pm
Almost Great but...
I decided to get a 4 door sedan to replace my Mustang convertible since I now have a couple of grandchildren and needed the ability to put car seats in the car and bukle them in. I test drove several new cars in making my decision by renting various cars on trips including Altimat, Maxima, and the Camry. I drove a Camry for 4 days in Nevada and went on a 180 mile trip to check it out. It was great! So fast forward to my purchase. Unlike the rental, I decided to go with a top of the line V6 XLE with leather interior. I really like the car except for one thing - the seats are torture! They are hard and the side bolsters are too high. Be careful before you buy this car!

By mtaddeo on September 7 @ 8:21 am
Camry SE
I am so excited about my "new" Camry SE that I leased at Cityworld Toyota in the Bronx... The new look and feel of the car is amazing and my salesman Abe was wonderful and very helpful during the process...I have been driving a Toyota for many years now and highly recommend this car and model...

By kwap on October 9 @ 4:40 am
Camry SE V6 wins in very tough segment
Fantastic motor, it feels effortless and with a combined(city and highway) reduction of only 3 mpg it was a no-brainer decision to get the SE V6. Another factor which pushed me to the SE V6 were some of the other features that are standard with the V6 but are costly options on the 4cy SE like the display audio with Nav/entune, smart key system, SofTex powered driver’s seat with lumbar, acoustic windshield and also the great 18” wheels which are only available with the V6. The redesigned interior is very nice, a huge improvement over the previous model and nicer than the competition. After considering the Kia Optima(nicest looking), Hyundai Sonata(ghastly looking), Passat TDI(very intriguing), and Fusion(too bad I was not getting a car next year) I found that the Camry SE V6 provided the best of the bunch.

By coreyd1 on December 18 @ 9:41 pm
Buyer's Remorse - Wind Noise
Traded 2004 Camry SE i4 for 2012 Camry SE i4. Noticed some wind noise during test drive, but bought it anyway. Bad choice. The wind noise at interstate speeds is loud and annoying. Roof line is also closer to the head which makes it difficult for my 6ft plus body to lean out when trying to use an ATM machine or similar. Transmission braking likes to grab when slowing. Makes for some weird stopping sometimes. Power delivery from start is not very smooth. Steering as reported is vague. Visually appealing inside and out. Really like the new interior design.

By cameralization on July 26 @ 12:56 am
My 1st 4 Cylinders
I have always drove V6 & V8. Since my new car is for business driving, i figured i go with the 4. I looked at Sonata, Optima, Altima & Camry and i am very pleased with my Camry decision. The SE V6 that i test drove was very fun to drive with lots of power however it was noisy and not as comfortable as the XLE mainly (i think) due to sportier suspensions and the low profile 18" tires. The XLE was much more comfortable ride and quieter. Even though i love my 4cylinders XLE, i wish i spent the extra money and got the V6 XLE. The 4 has ampul power and i know i will be happier at the gas pump with my 500 commuting miles a week.

By jph3006 on June 23 @ 3:18 am
Super nice ride!
After 600 miles, we are very happy with this Camry XLE, 2.5L 4 cylinder. This was our first Toyota, previously we had Hondas. We compared the Accord and Sonata and found them to be noisier and a little harder ride though both are more sporty. We specified cloths seats, and not leather, due to the hot Florida climate. We have the Convenience package, floor mats, and rear spoiler. The car is very quiet at highway speeds and the 4 cylinder engine has more than ample power.We are averaging 26 MPG city. The standard stereo sounds really nice within this quiet interior. We like the numerous chrome accents and with the spoiler, looks cool! This is a lot of car for the money, we recommend it!

By cbranam1 on April 25 @ 9:04 pm
2012 Camry LE
This is my third and last new Camry! I loved my 2005 and 2009, but the 2012 is not the same car! The drive nor the ride is not the same. The car "walks back and forth" going down the interstate. Toyota redesigned it and put more plastic on the car. I regret purchasing it!! Wished I had my 2009 back. I plan on trading as soon as possible and it only has 2500 miles on it! My husband drove it this weekend 500 miles and he hates the new redesigned steering. I used to be a big Toyota fan, but they lost me on this one!!!

By toter1 on December 16 @ 1:48 pm
Expected More
Have 4000 miles on the car. In general its a good car to drive. On the highway the car handles well. I have always bought Toyotas for quiet rides but this car has a higher level of road noise than I expected on the highway. Good mileage but difficult to get rated 35 gpm at 70 mph. Car came with Low Rolling Resistance, LRR, tires with a wear rating of only 260. I probably wont get 30000 miles on a set of tires. Entune display system monitors tire pressure on all four tires. The only problem it doesnt show the location of the tire whose pressure is low. Only that one is low. You have to check each tire using tire gauge to find the low tire if not visibly low.

By subvet654 on September 24 @ 8:48 pm
2012 camry Se 2.5 4 cylinder
I just traded in a 2008 Corolla S on a 2012 Se Camry. I did not go to purchase a Camry, I was looking for another Corolla S. When I got to the dealer there were no Corolla S's to be found. So I looked at the row of Camry's and was very surprized to find out they were having a end of the month May sale. Low & behold the prices of the SE Camry's were not all that much more than the Corollas. After a test drive I was blown away at the ride, room, comfort, electronics and the 10 air bags that came with this car. I was even more impressed of the quiet ride and smooth shifting of the 6 speed tranny.

By bschram on October 17 @ 4:11 pm
Not bad for the money
Ive only had it for three weeks but mileage has amazed me. There is a calculator in the trip meter that told me I averaged 24.2 but actual MPG came out to 25.8 all city. WIsh vehicle had a little more ground clearance and some of its plastic panels were a little more sustantial. Car has a fragile feel to it. Comfort, quiet, mileage and handling are very nice. Looked at the Sonata but Crest Hyundai scared me away with the paint, fabric and all the other add ons they wanted on top of the car price that you are always advised to stay away from. Toyota can thank Hyundai for me buying a Camry.

By dparler on March 18 @ 2:50 am
2012 Camry LE
Bought new 2012 LE model at the end of May. This is a really good car and it seems that the interior design is a huge improvement over the older 2011 & prior models (which I tset drove). I got silver with ash (grey) interior. Bluetooth was standard. Even the cupholders and radio knobs are better ! The ride is extremely smooth, steady, and comfortable. I compared to the Hyundi Sonata which I think is the closet competitor. Camry won out on price, and (in my mind) has a better track-record on reliability. Gas mileage is an improvement too ... almost totally around town/city I'm getting 26-27 MPG.

By oswegolax31 on February 9 @ 4:45 am
What a surprise!
The camry was the last car I was test driving and it was by mistake! I kept on looking at this car in the showroom and I couldn't believe it was a camry. I was never a fan of the Camry styling but the 2012 has a nice sleek look to the car. The car is muscular (I know for a camry), and the lines are clean. My favorite features are the quietness and the smoothness of the ride - unbelievable. After my test drive I was sold. I have looked at numerous models for Mazda, VW, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Hyundai and Ford - the Camry has the smoothest and quietest ride. I have 1,000 miles on the car and I love it. Pure city driving is 21-24 mpg and highway is 34 mpg or better.

By labman4 on August 8 @ 2:49 am
Have just over 3k miles on my camry. Overall this is a great car. I traded in my 2010 highlander limited on this vehicle.Although i went down in price point, this car is just as nice.Has a few more features than my Highlander ie. lane departure warning system and pandora.Mpg is about 30 if i keep my foot out of it. The power is what most surprised me out of a V6. The previous reviewer did not like the seats, but I like them better than the highlander which had almost "0" bolster support. You won't go wrong with this car!

By bschram on January 18 @ 4:48 pm
Nice car, BUT.....
Pleasantly surprised by what this 4 cylinder can do. Quiet, smooth great mileage but you have to drive sensibly to get the grat mileage. I have got close to 38 MPG at cruising speed on the freeway and got about 35 overall on one recent short trip. The secret of getting good mileage is to keep your foot out of the engine. I have had this car about a month now and so far so good. Only down side is the front fascia on this car. It is weak and by that I mean it is fragile. I had to bring it back the day after I bought it because the cheap under panels under the front fell off and scrunched under the car. Front bumper has a crease in it from some kind of bump and looks like hell.

By catastrophz on February 27 @ 11:51 pm
Better Camry since '90s!
I bought my '12 SE with standard equips about 6 weeks ago and already put 2800 miles on it. I'm getting 33 avg mpg with easy-on-the-pedal. I kind of regret not test-driving the competitors, Honda Accord and VW GLI/Passat in particular. I like Camry's interior best, in terms of design, not so much quality (not terrible, just not as quality as Accord/maybe VWs). Reason I never bothered with Hondas was because my relatives have Acura MDX's ('03 and '07s) and Honda Odessey ('02), all have bad transmissions. 3 of 5 MDX's had some sort of transmission grinding-like noises and slipping gear-like, car start to jerk going 30+ mph. Engine mounts went bad and makes the engine shaky/metal clanking/etc..

By nicolasg on June 4 @ 12:43 am
2012 Camry LE
I bought a new Camry 2011 XLE 4 cyl in April 2011. Its a nice vehicle, not the best vehicle, but seems solidly built. On 2 separate occasions i've had (2) different new Camry 2012 LE's that I had by the dealer to drive. The whole interior feels extremely cheap much more so than the 2011, the center of the dash is just cheap plastic, also the steering wheel has a lot of cheap plastic as well. Its very difficult to see the gauges as the information seems to be in hard to see small letters. Braking is good, and the mpg was only 27 ok pick up as well. But what was Edmunds thinking when they said the interior was a higher quality than previous models. Very cheap and inferior feeling to it.

By enchilada27 on March 28 @ 12:38 pm
Problem with visibility at night on dim
I just got my 2012 Camry and am loving it except for one thing. I think this is a design, plus safety issue. When I drive at night on dim, the design of the headlight cover is cutting off part of the extension of light. A definite black line come across the top of the beam thereby cutting off half of the extension of light. I cannot see very into the distance. It is like a black hood has come down on the light. In order to see where the road turns, I have to switch the brights which causes a safety issue. I have to choose whether to see where I'm going or whether to blind oncoming drivers. The light cover needs to be replaced with one allowing the whole beam of light to refract out.

By tlchouston on April 21 @ 5:00 am
Good value for the price
Enough power to merge with traffic at freeway entrances. Engine sound minimal at most conditions and still tolerable at full throttle. However, road noises unacceptable to me on freeways 290 and 59 in Houston. Perhaps the almost 200lbs and $2000 MSRP drops came from the reduction of sound isolation/insulation materials and labor. Manual adjustable passenger front side uncomfortable, unlike the 8-way power adjustable driver one. Rear speakers are really flimsy with tiny magnets (from the $1000 navigation upgrade package).

By captivemind on April 15 @ 2:15 pm
Great car
After owning a number of different cars (Volkswagen, Audi, Infiniti), test driving all the 2012 usual suspects, I was looking for a simple, reliable, fuel efficient vehicle. Reliability was key after my experience with German cars. The Camry is not a luxury car nor does it offer sporty handling or neck snapping acceleration but it combines solid value, reliability, comfort, superior gas mileage and common sense everyday drivability and usability. Gas mileage from 4cyl is approx. 30 mpg combination of city/highway. My last Infinity G37 got about 15 mpg in similar driving. First time Toyota buyer and after 4k miles my verdict is you simply cannot go wrong with the 2012 Camry

By lslblues on April 28 @ 4:18 am
Loving it so far
Had the car about a month. Got a great lease deal due to Southeast Toyota's high residual value and low money factor. Was considerably cheaper than LE model. Really enjoy driving it. Had a 2003 Camry LE for a long time and this car is definitely sportier than that. It's definitely not a sports car, but is fun to drive and gets great gas mileage. Average close to 40 on the highway.

By zahava on December 25 @ 7:12 am
Not Bad
like the other posts I have owned Luxury cars and still have one.This is my 1st Camary. I was looking for reliability and fuel ecomomy. Not bad. Had the car 8 months and have 10k miles on it. I am getting the 40 mpg. I do a little more hwy driving. I am averaging 33.8 mpg. Like others I test drove the Kia, Sonata and Honda. Sonata loads you up and Kia is way loaded then bloated (price). The Camary just drove better. Handling is good. Engine peppy. I have owned and still own a sports car so I know the difference. I still have a VW diesel so I am getting 50mpg and 800 miles to a tank but still like this Camary gasser.

By piratemorgan on May 26 @ 2:01 am
May be best Camry yet!!
I say "may" because Toyota has just a little work left to do with this generation. Comparing to a previously owned 2010 Camry SE 4-cylinder--- Exterior: The new bodywork is stylish (didn't reinvent the wheel here), love the new front fascia (SE only, not fond of LE or XLE front fascia) Interior: vastly improved Performance: better downshifts, car allowed to coast now, still has mpg saving abrupt upshifts dealt with by mashing down gas pedal a little more. Nothing like having a tranny bog down a fine tuned 4-cyl.

By shawn123 on September 11 @ 8:46 pm
Bad Wind Noise
I bought my 2012 Camry XLE 6 months ago and so far i got 21000 miles (HIGHWAY MILES). Great on gas mileage, Seats are comfortable enough but definitely much better then my V w CC. My only complain is why there is so much wind noise every time i pass 70mph you can hear it coming from both side y previous Camry and My SISTER-IN-LAW Camry feels smoother and quieter then newer generation. Other then that overall great car. i'm getting average 32mph so no complain there.. I would suggest to test drive on open freeway and drive for a while before purchasing.

By genevah on December 4 @ 7:53 am
Traded in my 2011 Camry and that was a big mistake! Sales pitch was I would get much better mileage, Not! Just barely getting 25 combined and driving it the same as the 2011 which was getting 33 combined. Hate it because of that. Hope to trade it soon.

By bagman33 on August 10 @ 11:44 am
I like it, but a step back?
Traded by 2011 for the 2012 SE just because I wanted the newer style and technology. Bought fully loaded with push button start, leather, sunroof, dimming mirror, homelink, nav, entune, etc. I'm highly disappointed in Entune. Apps are horrifically slow. Pandora quality (even when set to high) is bad. It's better to bluetooth stream Pandora from my phone (iPhone 4S) Nav is REALLY bad. Wanted me to go 6 blocks around instead of 1 block forward. Toyota made some cuts that disappointed me as well such as the removal of power up/down passenger window, LED lighting (exterior) and what seems to be a cheap headliner.

By jshcy on January 3 @ 9:15 pm
I just purchased a Camry LE at a fantastic price. Prior to purchasing the Camry, I test drove the 2013 Altima 2.5SV. The Camry won out on quality and refinement. It is extremely quiet and smooth. Fit and finish is also excellent. You cannot go wrong with this car. Everything in the car works intuitively.

By cauciousbuyer on April 27 @ 10:04 pm
stay away from EVO system
Great car to drive, nice interior

By seaview7 on January 7 @ 6:50 am
Disappointed in 2012
For those of you that have not owned an older Camry, you will not realize how much Toyota has "cheapened" the quality of the new cars. (Even the mechanics at my dealer have told me so. And those guys know!) My other Camry is a 2005 model, and I can't believe how much better the interior looks and feels when compared to the new 2012. The new 2012 seats are smaller, tighter, thinner, harder... and the low quality plastic on the dashboard and door panels is an embarrassment! Even the steering wheel is worse. Open the 2012 door, and you immediately notice how "light" and cheap it feels. My 2005 door is solid, heavy, and closes with a "thunk." Not so on the new 2012.

By dwdesil on October 8 @ 7:55 am
Toyota Quality is Lacking
Have been a loyal Toyota driver for 25 years and the 2012 Camry is by far the poorest build quality I have ever experienced. With less than 8k miles on the car I have paint peeling and a popping noise coming from the headliner. A Toyota district rep was dispatched to diagnose the sound problem I experienced every time I made a right hand turn and determined that insulation between the headliner and the roof had delaminated. They replaced and added shims to fix the problem. The paint bubbled up on the quarter panel and flaked off. They took samples and have sent it to a new Toyota field rep in charge of paint issues. Still not resolved. This car was built at the Subaru facility in Indiana.

By rbeasley on September 28 @ 8:12 am
First Camry
I was searching for a reliable car and decided to test drive the 12 Camry and 13 Accord. I bought the Camry for these reasons: 1. The Camry seats are more comfortable. 2. On the interstate the Camry was much quieter. It could be the Goodyear tires on the Accord, but there was too much road noise for me. The ride over bumps were absorbed better by the Camry. Also got a 2-year maintenance plan and roadside assistance with Camry. Accord seemed cheaper on the inside. Both had adequate power and smooth transmissions.

By mreyes6868 on February 22 @ 6:07 pm
It came time to get a new car and we wanted a bigger one but also wanted good mpg. The accord was nice but the 2012 body style was old. Then we saw the new 2012 camry so we went to test drive it and fell in love. We got the SE which makes the car look and feel very sporty but isn't too pricey. It is by far the best vehicle in its class. I am very happy with the decision I made about buying the camry. It now has almost 12k miles and the mpg is great. I took it on a road trip and after several hours of driving i averaged 44mpg!! On my daily commute it averages 27-32 combined. The interior of the camry does not look or feel cheap at all and is very nice with the mid screen and the sporty seats.

By conicelli2 on May 8 @ 12:22 pm
great car if it didn't have electrical system problems
Problems w/new loaded Camry. Intermittenly radio sounds like it is skipping or has no volume. Dealer said this happens if the radio is shorting, but they couldn't reproduce problem. When I picked the car up from dealer, it was dead. Dealer replaced the battery. Also, sometimes when we press the electronic ignition button, the car doesn't turn off. Dealer can't reproduce this either. This week the car went dead again. Got battery charged and took car to dealer. they said the battery was fine and the back ordered radio came in. But when they turned the new radio on, it had no volume. So Conicelli wanted to put old radio back in?? I said no and they need to figure out what is wrong/left car

By onthe4frnt on July 28 @ 1:53 pm
Excellent Reliability, Great for Families
I drove the 2012 Toyota Camry LE for approximately 3 months/3500 miles as a daily driver with 60% highway/40% city driving. First impressions were very positive. It's a Toyota, it's rock solid reliability and build quality are unmatched. The cabin was incredibly quiet, the 6-speed automatic transmission very smooth. The gas mileage was very impressive, yet didn't feel like it compromised power (for it's class). This car would be great for relaxed drivers and families looking for excellent value.

By chopn on August 31 @ 5:13 pm
First Time Toyota Owner
Bought as a replacememt car for my wife as a daily driver. We purchased a 2012 Toyota Camry se and really love the car. We had the car for a month and decided to go on vacation and we loved the car even more. I am not a small person but I love the way the driver seat feels and i have plenty of room, easy to see out of windshield and side mirrors. Plenty of room for drinks in the cup holder and the usb port area have room to hide your cell phone because your connected to the bluetooth EnTune system. Has great fuel millage and the ride is very quiet with no road noise. We looked at other car's but the camry is the one for us.

By maria45 on March 21 @ 6:06 pm
New 2012 Camry
Just purchased my 2012 Camry from North Brunswick Toyota dealership in NJ and got a great deal. Customer service was excellent and I am likely to go back for myself and family members in the near future. I love driving my new car!

By andycindy8288 on February 23 @ 10:37 am
Toyota city of Japan
Since my wife and I purchased the 2012 Camry LE; I was blown away about how the interior of the car looked. Toyota really came a long way in turing the camry into a more mature grown up car, rather than having it look like your grand pappy owns it. Driving this car feels so good in such a manner that it wants to play rather than go to the grocery store and back home. Gas is much better than our older 09 Camry, though if you drive it rough with the 4 Cylinder, you will get terrible gas millage. I give Toyota credit; Their really changing the future with adding the technicalities within the car and yet offering its customers great prices.

By drjjjj on May 28 @ 8:29 am
Best Value family sedan
The SE 2.5 has really impressed and I'm a picky Engineer! It handles well, bank vault quiet, 30 mpg avg (70% highway 30% city) driving brisk, plenty of power, johnny on the spot tranny and roomy, comfortable , upscale for the $22k+ T & L (SE with pwr seat option only) I paid 10,000 miles ago with no negotitations via internet! It's the best value proposition because no CVT issues (driveability and repairs down the road-sealed unit, etc) no direct injection ( may require expensive repairs down the road-ultra high fuel pressure, etc) and because of top notch resale and low initial/ownership cost! Highly recommend after 10k miles! If gas goes and stays above 4.50 gal-should have got a prius!

By mozart2012xle on June 8 @ 8:42 pm
Dim headlights
just got new 2012 camry xle -v6. I'm very disappointed with the headlights, they appear bright when you look at them, not as bright as my 2005 camry . I even brought a set of after market bulbs sylvania utra they also appear to be very bright when you look at them but from the drivers seat they do not light up the roadway as i believe they should. drove 35 miles the other night with the high beams on all the way and not one on coming driver flashed their lights back at me. in my05 i have had people flash their lights at me when i just had on low beams. took the car back to the toyota body shop guy checked the headlight adjusted them still to dim, looks like i'll be doing less night driving

By markmine on April 19 @ 10:20 pm
I purchased my Camry XLE with 2.5, 4 cylinder engine about 5 months ago and clocked about 8k miles since. This car is rock solid! I was hesitant about the 4 cylinder but really wanted the gas mileage. After multiple test drives, I couldn't see spending the extra cash for the v6. No regrets, the 2.5 has plenty of power, is very smooth, quiet and I am consistently getting 30.6 MPG combined. I also really like the interior and the JBL sound system. The nav works great, but I'm not very happy with entune, it's a little buggy with my Samsung s3 phone. I shopped online for the car and paid 27.5k including 100k mile toyota warranty. All this with 0% financing.

By borquezmike on June 6 @ 9:28 am
It's a good car that will go for the long run
We have had our Camry for 6 months now and can say with certainty it is a very good car. There have been no issues and having 2 kids riding along 70% of time would have brought something out if it existed. The car has good power and commendable handling. It never feels inept or under powered. I have driven several cars with electric steering and this one is well weighted, not great, but good. The car has plenty of room and I like the softtex seat material as a alternative to leather. I really like the fact the car is equipped with Michelin tires which provide a smooth and quiet ride, steer clear of the bridgestones. The radio and steering wheel controls are definitively the best feature.

By mreyes6868 on September 26 @ 4:54 pm
Happy with my purchase.
We have had this car for about 10 months now and it has a little over 17k miles. No issues so far. The car has lots of power for a 4cyl and it gives me about 29mpg with half city driving half freeway. On a 490 mile roadtrip it used one tank of gas and averaged about 38 mpg driving at about 75 mph! Toyota did well on the new camry. I love the in dash touch screen radio and the comfortable seats. The SE also comes with the paddle shifters which are also a nice feature. The interior is very spacious and stylish.

By toyo2012 on July 5 @ 6:35 pm
A good car but somewhat boring
I very much enjoy my Camry, particularly it mileage. On the highway, mileage has gone as high as 39 when driving a steady 59. In town, I get about 28, with an average of 30. For a car of its size, the mileage is great. The car rides quite well, and is generally smooth. My primary complaint is the constant wandering on the highway, as one needs to be making corrections all of the time to keep on going straight. The car just does not track well. Also, the paint quality leaves much to be desired, with spots and chips that are uncalled for in a car that has less than three thousand miles. My only other complaint is that the engine is not as quiet as the one on my previous Honda Accord.

By erieguy on February 27 @ 8:45 am
I have been leasing a 2012 Camry XLE with heated leather seats since last May. I never thought the heating worked well on the heated seats, and learned today that the driver's side only warms up to low after an extended time and the passenger side seat does not work at all even though its light indicator is on. So much for reliability. I drove the immediately previous model and after about a year its radio went haywire and had to be replaced. The car is very overrated in my book and will not buy at lease end.

By bengal16 on October 18 @ 2:35 am
2012 camry SE
After driving this car for 15 months I have decided to express my opinion. This car is nice to drive, but a little rough riding. The interior is spacious and the trunk is nice and roomy. The four cylinder engine has great power and acceleration but it is hard to achieve the gas mileage that Toyota claims this car will get. The trip information computer can not compare to my GM vehicles which are more user friendly and offer better user information.

By ykmichae on April 11 @ 6:39 pm
Great car but not for Northern Climates
I'm writing this after 8 months (7,000 km) of ownership. I live in far northern Canada. Other than the behavior of the car at extreme cold (-35C and below) and the problems I describe below with the keyless entry, I'd highly recommend the car to anyone. Can't see how you can get better driving enjoyment and value at this price.

By elsie223 on September 26 @ 11:32 pm
Pleasantly surprised!
My husband already owns a Toyota Taocma so I was told we were only looking at Toyotas and nothing else. So I was immediately put off. When the salesman suggested I drive the Camry, my husband said "don't show her any model but the top of the line" and good thing! The XLE didn't feel as boring as I expected. The interior is classy and since I got a red one, it feels very "me". Did NOT expect to like this car as much as I do. Have only had it about 10 days and can see myself driving this for a long time. Read other reviews about the headlights being dim, but what I noticed is a very defined cutoff on the top of the field of vision which is not present when the brights are turned on.

By kat12510 on May 10 @ 1:30 pm
good but not great
Had 2003 Camry XLE V6 before this. Leased the new 2012 XLE 4cyl to save gas, now have 6k on it.. I get 25 average and I drive all highway! My 2003 was much quieter, more solid feeling and got 30mpg with a V6! The styling is fine, I don't like the low profile body style they have now, I live in MN where snow is plentiful and the car gets stuck easy cause of this! Leather seats are nice and soft but stains harder to remove than previous camry leather. Jeans turned my seats blue. Miss my 2003! I can't decide if I'll buy this one out or not. It's a lot smaller too, bf is 6' and hits his head on headliner. Otherwise vehicle is very reliable and easy to maintain.

By yoheyfla on November 13 @ 5:50 am
Where do I start ?
My Le gets 20mpg c+h up from inaugural 15mpg - touchscreen am/fm radio dangerous - must take eyes off road to touch screen exactly - monochrome style screen has no gui's, no gps, no digital radio, no satellite radio, no rearview camera, no BLIS, no Entune, no valet trunk lock (a Camry icon), no voice command, no internet connect, no tire specific inflation values, no fog lamps (corners are very dark), no wireless connect to car features, no sound proofing on underside of car, no sound proofing from gas tank pressurization noises, no rear seat ac vents, no adequate map pockets, no Led accents, no paddle shifters, insufficient ground clearance between front air dam and parking space bumpers...

By iosax on March 10 @ 11:11 am
ok run of the mill car
the weakest link is comfort, like most new cars the middle console is very intrusive. The door is also molded to allow for a bottle holder, extremely annoying, who needs to be crowded by 10 bottles and cups when driving?! it feels almost like an airplane seat visibility is not great either, because of the rounded contour is very hard to estimate distance in the back windows a little too small electronics very basic, almost antiquated steering wheel doesn't extend quite enough

By serch95 on December 21 @ 6:41 am
12th Toyota I've owned and the last
I purchased this car brand new 15 months ago, and since then I have had the following issues: Flare in transmission when accelerating or pasing Seat covers replaced on all seats Major leak from passenger door Twice left with a car that wouldn't start Three trim panels replaced The flare is still not fixed and Toyota says it is normal, The leak in the door couldn't be fixed by Toyota and was told a 3rd party would need to look at it, had it fixed by a local mom and pop shop window loose in regulator. The two times without being able to start? Corrosion on the battery terminal. Toyota does not want to help out a loyal customer and afraid of what the water damage will now do.

By satx59male on August 26 @ 6:56 am
ok camry
Switched from Altima and Malibu-2nd Camry since Nov 09/2010 model, 2nd recall, same problems- paint scratches easily, "bad glare" from plastic around clock, lots of sun in Texas; Need "keyless" entry in "base" model. Have to pay $1000 more for le. no, no! Trans.searches for gear especially between 40-45 mph. Still doesn't ride smooth even with Michelin tires. But, better than Altima and Malibu as they are"sport" sedans. Toyota needs to change/adjust service warranty as low mileage tires were rotated due to 6 mns main. terms. Caused me to schedule unnecessary service. Sent Toyota customer service complaint last week.

By ktb1 on December 6 @ 8:42 am
A 60 year old baby Boomer in a car for a 30 Something ...UPDATED 06-27-2017 Purchased Aug 2012. 6CYL "SE" MODEL - My last review was in 2016. I still feel the same way that I commented in my last review about the tight bucket seats being uncomfortable for portly 50 and 60 year old baby boomers. I am still around 265lbs at 5'8" so I'm a big guy. When I sit in the buckets seats they uncomfortably squeeze me on both sides. (2017 UPDATE MY WIFE AND I SAT IN A RAV4, A NEW CAMRY, AND A NUMBER OF OTHER TOYOTAS AND STILL FEEL THE OVERALL DESIGN OF THEIR SEATS ARE TOO NARROW FOR FAT AMERICANS! The slightly stiffer "sport suspension" still makes the vehicle ride like a JEEP! This is a big deterrent to an enjoyable ride in this car. Every little bump! And now onto the tires. Low profile, hard riding, difficult to maintain even air pressure. The "Grey" coated Aluminum wheels are the worst idea for this year model. When and if you inadvertently scrape them on a curb or such they cannot be touched up and look cheezey! (Thankfully they have been redesigned!) The automatic tire inflation monitor on the cabin touch screen has proved to be helpful if checked every 2 weeks at least due to the low profile tires not being able to hold their air! I had the tires checked for balance and leaks and there are none but I'll be damned if I don't have to top them off every 3 weeks or so due to pressure loss. (By the way they are highly rated and expensive 40,000 mile Michelins) Very annoying. The so called "miles per gallon" gauge on the right side of the dashboard is downright stupid and of little use to the driver. Instead a much more useful item would be a little electronic compass that is based inside the rear view mirror and should be on all models and not just the "XLE". The so called "paddles" on the steering wheel on an automatic transmission vehicle are also pretty ridiculous and have no real value toward performance improvement and really should be eliminated. 6 cylinder engine: at 45700 miles on the car now, the engine is still youthful, flawless and has really impressive performance....pay attention or before you know it your doing 80MPH very easily. Highly responsive steering requires focus at high speeds. Unfortunately the narrow seats are a deal breaker for us so when it comes time for a new vehicle it will be a Nissan or a Honda. It's because there are very few fat Japanese car designers! So if your of "normal" weight and you don't mind the bumpy ride then go for it. P.S.- Had a 2003 Camry XLE 6cyl and it rode MUCH smoother and the cabin interior was wider and more roomy. Every time I reach down to use the electric seat adjustment I scrape the plastic panel on the inside door with my watch because it's such a tight space. That's also stupid. Other than that I like the car! LOL! I do plan to keep it for at least 10 years. It's a well built "American" Camry. Still "tight"...no rattles. Say that about a Chevy or Chrysler product. NOT.

By bowserace on June 15 @ 3:24 pm
As with all the Toyotas I have had in the past, it starts. It will drive from Phoenix to Los Angeles on 1 tank of gas (>400 miles). I don't worry that it will break down and stop in the desert. It is a little rocket on the freeway and it goes plenty fast. I got past by a Yarus and I was going 100 mph. Does get 38 miles a gallon going 75 mph. Gets 28 miles per gallon in the city. Probably get over 250,000 miles before I give it to a family member.

By smokeymaxwell on November 30 @ 4:32 am
2012 Toyota Camry Highway Perfection
I leased my 2012 Camry because I drive over 20k miles per year all highway. It has the base 4cyl engine and what a sweet thing it is! Easily does 34 MPG on the highway while traveling a brisk 78 to 85 MPH. No weird noises, no hesitations. Transmission and engine are quick to respond and are plenty fast. The driving dynamics on curvy roads is not so good. Car tends to 'push', which is normal for this segment. I didn't buy it to carve beautiful back roads in. I bought is because I'm 6'3" and need something comfortable, reliable and efficient with gas. Job well done... This Camry is perfect at those things. Love the Bluetooth - it's the best system yet. Crystal clear on both ends.

By drjjjj on July 12 @ 8:00 pm
2012 SE 2.5 after 35k mi
Pros: The looks have grown on me (like the wedge) the interior is well designed and worn well (no wear) the mpg avg is 28-29, 65% highway, no breakdowns, should have good resale. Cons: have 1 second VVTi cold start rattle start at approx 15k, will need new cam, etc. Toyota will replace no charge-but factory sealed motor no more-we'll see. Tranny needed re-flash for slow speed shudder which wasn't too bad-about 45mph did some intermittent slight shudder -gearing too tall for mpg improvement? I would argue todays car is getting overly complicated because of the pressure to get MPGs!! Also, don't even touch the new direct injected or CVT trannys most offer now (read forums)

By veltonc on October 2 @ 5:00 pm
Not What I Expected
I have been driving my Camry LE 4 cyl. for a little over two years and have 70,000 miles on it. Basically, it is over valued and over praised. I have a rear main oil leak which unusual for such a new car. I have found that road noise is atrocious, also, there is wind noise. The car doesn't hold the road well, and there is hesitation when I start to accelerate when I first start driving. I am a big person, 250/lbs., and the drives seat is not holding up and the rest of the seats are hard to keep clean. Also, the suspension is terrible and fills like you hit a brick on every bump. The front end is too low and scrapes on small dips. Overall, I would give this car an F rating and I love Toyota.

By kph1983 on May 20 @ 3:12 am
Great Car
Had a Toyota Camry SE V6 as a company car for three years (97,500 miles). Thoroughly enjoyed driving this car. Car combines great performance from V6 engine with good gas mileage. 70% highway driving yielded roughly 26 MPG. Strictly highway trips around 29 MPG. Camry accelerated well and handled like a smaller sports car. Comfort of cloth seats was not excellent but nothing to complain about. Extremely reliable as no other maintenance than oil changes and tire rotation. Would recommend this car to anyone!

By ccotie on June 24 @ 11:39 am
Well done, Toyota
I bought my 2012 Camry CPO in 2013 w/ 41K miles on it. I consider myself a pickup truck guy, but as sedans go, this car has been a pleasure to own and to drive. It has the Sport package with the styled wheels, and draws a lot of compliments. I recommend the SE with the V6, they give the car some personality. Still, I would love to see some performance-enhancing features made available, like AWD or a turbocharger. Even with the upgraded engine, I regularly achieve 26mpg combined. It's no Challenger, but the handling response is sharp and the acceleration is surprisingly brisk. I have almost 100K on mine now, and all I ever do is regular maintenance.

By Ann Koz on July 3 @ 6:11 pm
Poor Quality
Paint chips all over car. Swirls in black paint. Seats are made of poor material. Noisy on highway. Tires had to be replaced after 27,000 miles. Very well maintained but you would never know it. Will not buy another Toyota and this is my third. Very disappointed.

By shellspell on April 19 @ 2:33 pm
Serendipity to the 4th power-*update
The 2012 LE Camry is my 4th Toyota. I've now had my Camry for little over 2 years, and I love it just as much as I did the day I test drove it! I've taken several trips totaling over 600+miles each time, and I've gotten GREAT gas mileage (35.2), even at 70+ mph and flooring it to pass slower vehicles. The 2.5 4cyl engine is plenty enough to zip out into traffic easily. I never have problems with any of the components in the car, weird noises, idling problems, nothing. A friend of mine recently bought a '13 Mitsubishi Outlander, and while it's nice, it's not the quality of the Toyota. The doors and knobs on the suv sound hollow and cheap. The fabric doesn't seem as good either. Spend the little extra $ and go with quality! ***UPDATE*** Going on 4 years in next couple of months, and is just as great as last post status! traveling a little more for work on highway has really made a difference in mpg, almost at 39 with still a lot of local driving (2-3 miles with stoplights). No sore back on 4hr+ trips to NC either. I've had no trouble with loose or breaking doors, knobs, gas caps, etc.....still in love.... ***UPDATE 6/06/17*** I've owned 4.5 yrs now, and I still love it! Gas mileage is still awesome even though I'm well overdue on oil change. Instruments and interior has held up well to dogs jumping all over it. Carpets are surprisingly easy to clean even with spilled coolers and dog throw-up. I use moisturizing/ cleaning wipes on dash and doors to keep southern sun from drying them out and they look brand new! No weird noises, hesitations with engine, or wheel issues. My '12 Camry is every bit as smooth as the '11 Cadillac I often drive for work and MUCH better on gas! Love my Camry so much I talked neighbor into getting a '16!

By Mrs. Juli Turner on May 31 @ 6:51 pm
Loved Our 2012 Camry SE Until...
We loved our Toyota Camry SE 2012 until this year (2015) when I happened to loose my keyless entry fob. The cost is approximately $500.00 to replace the keyless entry fob including the laser cut blade that inserts into the fob. We checked with other dealerships in our state (Connecticut) and found the cost was about the same. I feel this is OUTRAGEOUS! We were never told about this exorbitant cost of the keyless entry fob replacement when we bought the car. Buyer beware! People often loose their car keys. If they have a keyless entry system, it will be about $500 every time they do. I hope to see some consumer backlash about this issue. We will NEVER buy a car with a keyless entry system again. UPDATE: Keyless entry is still stupid. We continue to love the car, but the navigation is terrible. The audio directions often come after the required change in the route. The front end is so low it frequently gets stuck on curbs. Other than these issues, the car is great.

By Steve Johnson on January 27 @ 5:50 pm
Toyota's bigger 4 cylinder engines have a higher frequency of a problem now. The issue is called a "COLD START RATTLE". Because our EPA has mandated cleaner & more efficient vehicles, the top end of these motors have many more moving parts (VVTI) The common problem now (with other brands too-Honda, etc) is a 1 second metal on metal "rattle" that occurs only at cold start (lack of oil to small moving parts in the VVT). It's loud /very noticeable and makes one wonder how long before the rattle progresses or wears out internal moving parts (ruins the top end or all of the engine). My Camry has this problem. My dealer acknowledged the problem and was instructed to replace (1) cam and did.. It did NOT solve the problem. Took it in again (Vancouver, Wa Toyota) , they kept it for a week (agreed it was still an issue) and sent me home with my Camry that still has the same pronounced cold start rattle. Dealer should have done the right thing and backed a customer in my opinion. Ours is a 2012 model with the 2.5liter & 40k on the car. Rattle started about 25k mi. I'm original owner and car has been serviced better than recommended. No changes made to engine on the new model/2015-exact same design. I submitted a Lemon Law claim to the factory and they simply denied my claim with no reasoning stated. So, needless to say, I'm an unhappy camper. Can't sell it in good conscience, can't keep a car with a flawed engine. Read the forums, it's a fairly common problem on the 2.4 liter, 2.5 liter and 2.7 liter. So, I can't recommend the car. I do recommend the hybrid Camry however and should have bought one-fabulous car, different config. Thanks, a seasoned Engineer

By Kerlyn guerrero on October 7 @ 4:30 am
Second Camry se NEVER AGAIN
Car had made with reciclaje materials poor quality interior Car is noise and shaking on the high way Toyota said is SE sport edition but the only sport is the paddle shift the suspension is horrible For call sporty car also rear bumper are miss lines The worst Toyota know the problem and just hidden from the customer I m stock with my car cause I paid a lot thinking this will be a long life car so now is no value on in

By Rich Wein on November 23 @ 10:07 am
My Camry
No longer own this vehicle, traded in June 2016 for a Honda Accord

By JoAnne Wise on May 16 @ 6:44 pm
Give me my Mazda back!
The headlights are poor. It's so easy to outrun them. The first winter I had this car I had gas "sticker shock". I was only getting 20-22MPG and that was highway driving. The fob is set up awkwardly - I'm forever accidentally hitting the trunk switch even when driving. Not good! The GPS is great as far as it automatically updates itself without purchasing upgrades but when it computes your drive time it uses a factor of 55MPH. And I was not impressed with my resell value. I always thought a Toyota held its value. Not! I did better with my 10 year old Mazda Protege than my 4 year old Camry with all the bells and whistles. Guess what I'm now shopping for - a Mazda. Yeah! Update: 12/14/16 I purchased a Mazda CX-5 last December and I'm still loving it. Haven't missed the Toyota at all! Best decision I could have made!!!!!!

By David Fass on November 11 @ 1:53 am
Rattle trap
I am disappointed in Toyota. Besides the several recalls for this and for that, there are persistent rattles in the cabin. I thought that at the very minimum a Toyota would have a silent cabin. My 2002 Hyundai also had annoying rattles, but that was what I expected when I bought a used Hyundai. When I bought a brand new Toyota, I expected silence. No sir. Dashboard rattles and seat belt rattles, that's what I have. Also, the brakes squeal intermittently on the highway, and dealer says they're fine. Great, thanks. Not to mention, this car did poorly on the IIHS small overlap test. I don't think Toyota deserves their reputation for quality anymore. I would have probably done better with a Hyundai or Kia.

By Hunter on October 9 @ 2:11 am
1st & last Camry
1 year 3 months of Pros - Barcelona red paint -Maintenance is easy on your wallet -Reliable -Good on gas Cons -Long distance seat comfort -Subpar materials, extremely cheap -Weak 4 cyl engine -Transmission is constantly shifting to conserve fuel -ZERO SOUND DEADENING !! What were the engineers thinking. Overall, I know this car will provide years of trouble free motoring that won't require me to use my wallet that much. However, I won't ever buy another Camry. Having been in a 99 Camry it's almost night and day. The '99 Camry was quiet, had better quality materials and the transmission wasn't indecisive.

By Jacqueline Ayadi on November 15 @ 2:37 am
Beautiful Car with one Exception!
This is a beautiful shiny 2012 black Toyota Camry. It is such a smooth ride except for the squealing brakes. When I first took it for a trial run the week before I bought it, I did not notice squealing brakes. I bought the car because it is a newer model which was at a good price. I bought the car on Friday Feb 19th, heard the squealing brakes and took it back to the SD Toyota Service Center on Monday Feb 22. I was told the brakes are in good condition, they probably got amerol on them. I was told the squealing should stop after I drive it some. After giving their explanation some consideration, that answer didn't seem right. Additionally the squealing continues. In my past experience of driving cars, usually when the brakes squeal something is wrong! I am very disappointed with my purchase as I believed it was the right car for me!

By jnealy87 on May 21 @ 6:31 am
Great Car Need Better Leg Room in Front
purchased this car certified used with lifetime engine warranty and everything is so far great and have only one issue and its mostly due to me being 6'3 and my legs are quite long and during travel 10- 20 mins ride is cool but once I try to ride for 30 to 1 hour of driving my legs starts to hurt due to no resting area for legs and hands also starts hurting due to Constance input to the steering wheel the car drifts left to right when on high ways and its tough to keep it straight and that's due to the electronic steering that Toyota now places on the camry and that's a big issue for long driving periods other that those to faults everything is great love all the features including the blind spot monitor and its work it just miss all the rear feature that the 2007-2011 had that was great rear sun shade and reclining rear seats and adjustable heat rests that was hot but now the cut it all out but its a great car I have 79,000 miles on it and have no issues with engine or transmission so everything is great

By Jijy James on January 16 @ 1:59 am
MY toyota
i had 5 Toyota Camry's in the past two i drove over 300k miles and the others 260 k, 250k etc. just change oil change tires and drive no problems

By Steven Gonsalves on January 20 @ 4:00 am
Overall The 2012 CAMRY Has Been an Outstanding Vehicle. I purchased it NEW Oct 2012- Have owned it almost 4 Years & have NEVER had a problem. I went the full 3 years warranty with NO ISSUES........ Now have Only 36,000 Miles & Runs & Looks Like NEW.......

By Joe Vosilla on October 15 @ 5:21 am
Great car 2012 camry es
Great gas mileage and very reliable. Comfortable ride.

By Termitesforhire on December 14 @ 5:00 am
I'm not keeping it...
About a month ago I started shopping for a more comfortable car for my 36 mile commute to work. In an ironic twist of fate, I wound up with a 2012 Camry SE. The car rides well and handles alright for such a large sedan, but the front seat is a deal breaker. Six hundred miles in and I know for sure I'm not keeping it. I've sporadically driven it the past two weeks and it's killed my back. I looked long and hard for a comfortable car and got stuck with this. I've already spoken to my dealer, who is more than willing to try to get me into something comfortable. If that doesn't work, I will be switching back to my old car, which has fortunately not sold yet. If you are at all a tall person, examine this car carefully to make sure that you can get comfortable in it. I'm 6' (not freakishly tall) and apparently the Camry is horrible on taller drivers. Google it. It's a shame because it's an otherwise great car. After having this purchase go so poorly I'm afraid to buy any car now.

By Termitesforhire on September 28 @ 2:53 am

By Scott Barnes on May 3 @ 11:53 pm
Base CAMRY SE - Good car for the money
Toyota put this car at a low price point, and they had to cut material quality to achieve this goal. As with most cars in this range, it uses a lot of hard plastics on the dash and doors. Also, it uses vinyl and a synthetic cloth material in the seats. The vinyl is often mistaken for leather, and seems to hold up well. The SE's black interior tends to come off as very manly and most people do not like it. The base radio features a large LCD screen and includes Bluetooth. It is also capable of supporting aftermarket features such as a rear view camera. I have had the car for four years and it has been very reliable; typical Toyota quality. Even with the cheap materials, it feels more substantial than most of its competitors. It has a six speed transmission, and this along with the low friction wheel bearings allow the car to achieve 35 mpg on the highway. The new accord was not out when I purchased this car, but I would probably have selected it over the Toyota. Overall, I believe the Honda is a better value, and has a better design. The Camry is still a great car, and a good choice if you are looking for affordability, sporty looks, low maintenance costs, and reliability.

By Cassia nunes on August 28 @ 5:55 pm
Great work horse!
Nobody can beat this car it's literally a work horse!! Great fuel efficiency I'm getting average 29m/g city unbelievable. I love my car. I'm planing to go bigger but can't find any midsize or large suv that will meet my expectations w gas consumption like this car does so well..

By C Felder on April 4 @ 12:50 am
Sky Blue Toy
Great value car . The 4 cylinder lacks torque. The light blue color is too bright for our taste, we ordered it online, our fault.

By Beave on November 28 @ 8:58 am
Littlre Red Rocket
It's a good quality, economical 4 door family sedan, if that is what your looking for the Camry fits the bill.

By mayra roman on July 8 @ 3:14 pm
My Toyota 2012 Review
Not too quiet inside, takes longer to heat up inside on the cold weather. Other than that its been Great!

By Edward Sander on September 3 @ 12:41 am
My Wife's Car
The two features that I find most disappointing is the interior noise level. With the radio on at a conservatiive volume it is difficult to carry on a conversation. Second is the navigation system. This is simply an embarrassment. The category search feature is next to useless. I use my dashboard Garmin, my reliable Garmin, my feature rich Garmin. This is great reliable form of transportation and I would say best in its class for reliability and cost of ownership.

By Larry Wicks on February 6 @ 2:15 am
Great Car
This is my 4th Camry. Toyota sure knows how to build them.

By Wendybabendy on August 23 @ 2:56 pm
I won't buy a used one of these again...
I purchased my Camry used, approximately 2 years ago (so it was only 2 years old) - and while it was obviously abused by the prior owners, I have had nothing but increasing issues with "non-abuse" areas of this car. Rattling (something in the rear - I think a heat protection piece by the exhaust), the front end scrapes badly (not sure what's up with that, I think a bolt fell out), plastic parts falling apart, horrible upholstery... not my favorite car by a long shot. I had to put a dash cover on to prevent glare (it was nearly blinding), and there is WAY too much plastic. I know that's the going "thing" these days (less expensive, etc), but for the price of this car, even used, I expect more. It is comfortable, and has good amenities, but that doesn't make up for the overall poor workmanship otherwise. I am going back to Scion and hoping that they didn't screw that line up like they did this one.

By s bonom on May 10 @ 8:20 am
Don't believe all bad reviews.
I've owned my black camry se 4 cyl for 4 yrs now, and its been a very good car overall. Drives good, quiet engine with power I didn't expect from a 4 cyl. Good gas mileage - 30 in city. Turns low rpm's due to 6 speed trans. Not so good - Plastic interior, and fake leather, but durable. Interior really doesn't look that bad. Exterior paint chips & scratches off easily - thats my biggest complaint.

By Gerry B. on January 6 @ 10:04 am
2012 Camry XLE at 50k miles
We bought this car as an early lease turn in with 22k miles. This is our third Camry & it was in excellent condition at the time of purchase. The car has a nice ride with comfortable seating. Leg & headroom in front & back is ample for 6+ foot occupants. The MPG is excellent if you drive moderately. Low MPG is 30 in stop & go traffic. The high MPG is 35+ at 75 MPH. The transmission shifts smoothly & the RPM is typically 2,000 at all set speeds. The speed shifter is handy & smooth allowing early downshifting on steep hills. The engine has reasonable acceleration for a 4 cylinder & is easy to work-on. Most of the negatives are interior related. The center console is an oversized box which is easily solved with a $12 tray purchased online. The entertainment controls are marginal. The band & station selector is sized positioned well on the steering wheel, but changing bands causes the station to revert back to the first preset rather than retaining the ones selected. The AM to FM volume disparity is high requiring that AM stations be boosted by 10. Toyota could not solve either of the previous problems. The rocker type air selector is difficult to use because you must look at the display as you cycle through the selections; a single button for each air selection is safer as they minimize your eye-time off the road. The backup visibility is poor as the trunk is high. Although, a highly rated backup camera can be purchased for $100 & installed by DIYers in a few hours. The windshield has a lot of dashboard glare possibly due to its angle or paint gloss of the dashboard. The visors require updating as the extenders are narrow & do little to block the sun with the visor on the side. Why doesn't Toyota use sliding visors like GM? They have been around for many years & work well. The most serious issue, in this car, is coasting speed. It is a safety issue as the transmission does not slow the car when your foot is lifted from the gas pedal. Maintaining control down big hills requires downshifting & heavy braking. Toyota claims it is done purposely to improve MPG. While this problem may just be with our car but I have not read other reviews with a similar complaint & Toyota could not fix the problem. Only one repair, besides 2 small recalls, was required in our 2.5 years of ownership. A single element, in the rear window defogger, was open which caused radio static with the defogger on. Turns out that the antenna is located in the rear window & was near the open element. The defogger problem was finally diagnosed & it was replaced after multiple complaints. Overall, this year & model Camry has exceptional reliability & is enjoyable to drive. Hopefully, the few problems have been fixed in more recent years.

By Gandolf on January 11 @ 3:42 pm
90,000 miles and just getting broken in
I purchased my 2012 Camry SE last November with 90,000 miles on it. The car is tight, fast, handles fantastic and is beautiful to look at inside and out. They say a Camry is an old person's car. Well this old person is a spirited driver and the SE is hiding its true identity. It is an SE with all the XLE options.

By Terry on August 24 @ 8:51 pm
Toyota man
Great car. Very reliable. Nice ride. Good looking.

By ST B on September 17 @ 9:26 pm
XLE excited
My first Toyota , fell in love with it , rides so smooth, well maintained for an older car !

By Paren on May 21 @ 12:06 am
This car have a recall issue.
Please don’t buy this car, if you don’t trust me than find on internet. This car got a torque converter problem even after getting that fixed you will have transmission problem which will cost almost $4000 to fix if someone is selling you the car please make sure about the transmission and it’s warranty.

By Brian L. on March 17 @ 6:49 pm
2012 Camry caught my eye
The new sporty look caught my eye of the Camry XLE and the V6 engine surprised me, this is not your grandmas' Camry (combines both comfort and sporty capability)

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