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Being a huge success, oddly enough, can sometimes be rather unglamorous. Take the 2011 Toyota Camry, for example. Car enthusiasts love to dismiss the Camry with snide remarks that relate its excitement factor to that of a washing machine. But the reality is that for every car guy (or gal) who requires entertainment from whatever they drive, there are literally hundreds of folks who simply want their car to provide comfortable, efficient and dependable transportation. The Camry has long excelled in this area, and the result is Toyota's midsize sedan being one of the top-selling cars for most of the last quarter-century.

Of course there's more to the Camry than just a bland persona. The Camry's engine choices include a respectably powerful 2.5-liter inline-4 and an ultra-smooth 268-horsepower V6 that's without question the best in the family sedan segment. Other Camry strong points include a commendable level of comfort, plenty of convenience and luxury features, and top-notch safety scores. Whether you're using it for daily commuting or a family road trip across the country, the Camry will likely satisfy.

The midsize sedan segment is arguably the most competitive in the automotive marketplace, and as such the 2011 Camry has a number of worthy opponents it must battle for sales chart supremacy. Of course there is its age-old rival, the 2011 Honda Accord, but now you can also consider the 2011 Chevrolet Malibu, 2011 Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata, 2011 Mazda 6, 2011 Nissan Altima and Suzuki Kizashi. Although the 2011 Toyota Camry doesn't handle nearly as well as the sportier class entrants -- such as the 6 and Altima -- we suspect the majority of shoppers won't care too much.

Sadly, the Camry's longstanding sterling reputation for quality has been sullied by the most recent generation's issue with recalls involving sticking gas pedals and potentially intrusive floor mats. In fairness, we'd expect the 2011 versions to be free of those flaws. And though the Camry still makes a strong case for itself, as stated above, there are plenty of appealing options to choose from. The Camry is still a solid choice, but it's no longer good enough to be a no-brainer. We strongly suggest test-driving as many models as possible to see what best suits you.

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2011 Toyota Camry

NEW FOR 2011

For 2011, the Toyota Camry sees no changes.


Roomy cabin, extraordinarily refined and fuel-efficient V6, quiet and cushy ride, excellent crash test scores.


Spotty fit and finish, spiritless handling.

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By Parthiban on July 26 @ 3:53 am
Good Automatic transmission
I like the performance of Automatic transmission. It accelerates pretty nice interior is pretty spacious. I like the sports cloth seats. I had 2005 Camry and this one is way better than 05 Camry.

By Bob S. on June 6 @ 11:10 am
Review of 2011 Camry XLE
Although this is a smaller, lighter weight car than the 07 Lucerne we previously owned, the Camry is extremely quiet, the ride is quite comfortable and it handles very well. The 4 cylinder engine performs flawlessly and we are averaging over 30 mpg. No problems or complaints whatsoever.

By veleven on July 14 @ 6:53 pm
Excellent Choice
I just bought this car and couldn't be happier. Traded in a 2001 Accord EX with 4 cyl. Love the ride and the quiet. Wanted 6 cylinders and leather so opted for the SE since I didn't want the faux wood interior, very happy.

By jianxumd on November 11 @ 4:10 pm
2011 LE
Brought 2011 LE 2.5L 6AT with moon roof and alloy wheels around $300 above invoice. Test-drove 2010 Honda Accord EX 4 cylinder. 2010 Nissan Altima 2.5S. Camry's is the quietest when acceleration and with no road noise. Camry steering is a kind loose but predictable. Accord has profound road and engine noise and tighter steering. Accord seems bigger that Camry. Altima size is smaller than Camry and Accord. Like Camry better for daily driving

By Abdul A on October 26 @ 11:10 am
Camry 2011
The Camry is both easy and fun to drive. The overhead Moon roof lets air and sunshine in without being noisy. This is a six cylinder model and it has plenty of power.

By Ray on August 8 @ 11:30 pm
Toyota emerges from the smoke.
Toyota just got raked through the coals with the "sudden acceleration/sticking gas pedal" debacle in Feb/Mar, 2010, and as was the case with Audi in the 90's, much of the blame falls on errant drivers and not the cars themselves. Audi nearly went bankrupt because of it; Toyota should emerge OK, but has had to drastically cut prices and offer incredible deals to win back the favor of buyers. This allowed me to lease my 2011 Camry (base) automatic for an amazing $210/mo (including tax, license) with zero drive-off costs! Folks, get 'em while they're being generous. It's a beautiful car, with loads of space, comfort and value for the money. Just stick to your guns when dealing :)

By watlerules on September 4 @ 10:13 am
This is a great car
I drove an Accord, Altima, and the Hyundai. I believe I made the right choice for sure. This is the quietest car I've ever driven. The JBL audio system is superb and the bluetooth was standard on my XLE. I drove to California and this car made all the difference in a drive I've made many times. I can't imagine a quieter car. There is virtually no road nose and I like the steering feel. It takes much less effort to control on the open road than my 05 Accord I traded in. I have received many complimentary remarks about the color (Magnetic Gray) which I only got because it was the only color they had with the Navigation System. I love this car and I plan on keeping it for a long time.

By LBC on March 28 @ 1:06 am
2011 XLE V-6
Replacing a 1998 Accord EX with 97k. Love the quietness, features, and the price. Got it for 28900, including extra value package (heated seats, smart key), spoiler, carpet set, body side molding and mud flaps. Smart key is awesome, Blue Tooth is convenient and easy, awesome JBL, rear sunshade/reclining seats/reading lamps remind passengers of a swanky hotel. Great pickup and passing power with the V-6. Looked at a 2010 Accord (too many buttons, don't care for the styling)and the new Hyundai Sonata. It's about $2,000 less (they are not moving much on the price), some nice features, but IMHO the dash, HVAC and front fender trim are ugly. The Camry is proven and my $278 lease can hardly be beat.

By DFP on June 24 @ 4:16 am
Nice Ride
Traded a 2000 Camry LE with 205K, A nice hand me down,I'm sorry to get rid of it but was starting to cost to keep it up 2011 Camry SE 4 cyl rocks, roomy for this big guy, nice JBL XM stereo, Bluetooth as well, 33 MPG like sticker says, getting over 500 miles per tank Great pickup when stepping on gas when need to, smooth, quiet ride.

By JohnR on August 17 @ 3:23 am
Great Value
This 2011 Camry is a tremendous value for the money. Compared to the main competition (Accord, Altima, Sonata) this vehicle was clearly head of the class.

By Katietuz on February 7 @ 1:10 am
New car, new issues
Picked up the car on Tuesday. On Friday, the airbag warning light went on. Needs new computer. Not happy with 6 speed transmission. When driving around 25 - 32 mph, car jolts back and forth between gears. Dealer says this is normal for this transmission.

By M.P. on April 1 @ 6:16 am
Not bad, but could use some improvements
Chose the Camry for a few reasons. I love the comfortable ride, smooth, powerful engine, and quiet interior. The simple controls and inoffensive styling are pluses too. Considering how large this car is, it gets very good fuel economy; over 30 MPG on the highway and mid-20s mixed. It's hard to believe this is a four-cylinder - the engine is very quiet and has a surprising amount of passing power. Unfortunately, the steering is vague, and the suspension does not feel very confident on curvy roads. Toyotas have never been sporty cars, but a bit of tightening would do much good for the Camry. Biggest disappointment is the interior; cheaply assembled and has developed rattles at only 3000 miles.

By lerevo on February 2 @ 10:56 am
Lovin' my 2011 Camry XLE
This is the car that I wanted. I traded in a 2005 Solara, loved it too. The 4 cylinder gives me great power and the 6 speed transmission gets it going. Easy on fuel and comfortable to drive. I would buy it again.

By Shellybelamour on December 25 @ 4:16 pm
Best Choice!
I have been driving my new Camry for a month now and I could not be more sure that I made the best choice! I drove the Accord, Sonata, and Altima. I saved the Camry to test drive last and immediately felt the difference during the test drive. It has a wonderfully cushy smooth ride, little road noise, and it handles very nicely. I would compare the drive of this vehicle to that of my Dad's Lexus LS. I feel like a million bucks driving this beautifully well made car!

By Jimmy on February 1 @ 12:16 am
The 2011 Camry LE is excellent.
Like most I was a bit hesitant about purchasing a Camry and it had the be the V6 no matter what. Well, they let me take a 4 cylinder overnight, that changed my mind. Tthe ride and performance were excellent, the fit a finish were also excellent. Add the 0% for 5 years and two years of free oil changes. I went ahead a purchased it. I am very happy.

By tommyb on August 2 @ 11:43 pm
Toyota is giving these away
Bottom line buyer got a LE with sunroof and alloy wheels for $209 per month on a 3-year lease. Turned in a Honda Odyssey after completing a 2- year lease.

By flodog on December 11 @ 6:36 pm
It's good But
Fuel mileage is GREAT comfortable ride, BUT That new gas pedal and the 6 speed transmission will drive you crazy while driving around town. Feels like the brakes are locking up when slowing down

By Rich on August 23 @ 12:16 am
v4 vs. V6
Having owned a 2007 Camry LE with the V6 I must say how wonderfully surprised I was when I purchased a 2011 XLE 4. Plenty zippy and wonderful on the freeway. First tank full of gas 28 MPG with the V6 on the same route just 23 Mpg. Highway blows away the 32 MPG estimate and this at 70 MPH. This time Toyota under-promises and over delivers. Leather seats excellent and ride may be cushy but I love it after a hectic day of work. The JBL sound is crystal clear and the speakers are dynamic. If your thinking V6 think again and drive the V4. In a Venza the difference is pronounced because of the weight difference. In the Camry quiet, smooth and MPG, trump 0 to 60.

By cyclist on January 15 @ 11:53 pm
new lease
I leased a Toyota XLE after driving a Honda Accord for 3 years. After a month of driving it I am still impressed. It is peppy and handles great on the freeway. Fun to drive and comfortable.

By ThatBrownGirl on June 9 @ 7:03 pm
Very happy with my choice
As a long time Toyota devotee (1991 Corolla still going strong), I was hesitant to buy another one, considering the problems of late. However, I'm glad I kept the faith. This is a great car. I settled on the Camry after the option packages I wanted priced me out of a Lexus and Acura. I got a fully loaded XLE V6 and it has exceeded my expectations. Roomy and luxurious! It isn't "sporty" or big on performance (maneuvering tight corners, etc.), but it is responsive and powerful; it easily gets the job done on freeways and hills. Design- wise, you can't tell the 2011 from other model years, but who cares? So far, oh so good.

By wimbimlim on March 14 @ 4:46 am
Great All-around Sedan
This car is exceptional in many ways. It drives like a luxury car, but costs MUCH less. I also like the great mileage you get with the 4 cyl. It has enough pickup to get moving quickly, but it isn't wasteful. On a recent trip, it said it was averaging 39 MPG Hwy. I think that is a bit overly optimistic, but it was pretty close to 35-36, which is great for a car this size.

By Dave on March 22 @ 5:53 pm
Like driving in a living room
This is really a comfortable car with a really smooth ride and it is extremely quiet. It's not very exciting, it's a family sedan, that's what it is. I went with the black for a touch of excitement. We just got, but we are very pleased and there is no safer Camry then the 2011 with the brake assist, VSC, TRAC, seven air bags, and an accelerator cut off standard. My one complaint, in 2011 is it really that difficult to put keyless entry, a manual seat with decent adjustment options, and more trip information on the base model. Toyota should take a tip from Hyundai on that one, they include a lot of nice features standard. I still sent with Toyota though for obvious reasons. Great buy for sure.

By cl on October 4 @ 5:33 am
Great car bad headrest design
Great car leased a Camry se v6 with every package. Love everything about the car with the exception of the headrest which pushes my head to far forward. Outstanding dealership power Toyota of Irvine ca. Great price and very helpful.

By Roger on October 6 @ 4:43 pm
Pleased with my Choice
After months of research and many test drives of competing vehicles in the same class, I ended up with the CAMRY SE 4 cylinder and could not be happier with my selection and the car's styling vs the CE or LE or even XLE. If choosing a Camry, SE is the way to go.

By Red on February 20 @ 8:33 pm
Great Applicance
This car is a great appliance, the lease price was so cheap I could not believe it, 218 per month with nothing down, literally the first time I paid anything was 30 days after I bought it and the price is unbelievable.

By C on April 11 @ 8:33 am
No regrets
Nice car, fun to drive, comfortable firm seats, however I find the head rest uncomfortable, pushes my head to far forward. Good dealership, very helpful, they made me an outstanding deal on my lease. I'd be interested to exchange price and lease information with others who leased this model.

By gail roe on June 10 @ 5:23 am
Comfort and ride
Very comfortable ride. The suspension system is great. You pick up very little outside noise. We also own a Honda and it can't compare to our Camry for handling and comfort. Our Camry is a much softer ride.

By formergmowner on January 3 @ 2:23 am
Great Car!
I managed to lease the elusive and rare 6 speed manual Camry SE. Since I control the acceleration of the car I love the way it moves and doesn't lag or over-rev like the automatics do. I used to have 3 Mustangs and this car definitely compares in the "fun to drive" category. Plus, with the more powerful motor it's actually faster than my Nissan Maxima 3.0 V6 that has 222 hp and this is only a 4 cylinder with 179 hp! AWESOME car overall.

By poetman on February 26 @ 12:16 am
A first rate vehicle
To sum it up, this is an excellent car: comfortable, quiet, with superior performance. It even handles well, better than two Lexus vehicles that I have owned. The fit and finish is flawless, as is the ease with which the controls can be handled, including the navigation system and the back-up camera.

By james on July 10 @ 6:20 pm
Reliability is not all
That is my first Toyota and after driving my Audi for 10 years. Everybody said Toyota is reliable and Camry is comfortable. I think cars like Audi, raise your expectations from what a "car" can deliver. Camry is extremely uncomfortable compared to my Audi. It vibrates a lot on the road. The road noise is high. After two hours of driving, you easily feel it when you get out of the car. Worst of all, the whole car waves, once one tire hits a road obstacle or a dip. That is, the suspension on each wheel are not that independent. The car is not that stable on sharp turns either. This is a technically poor car. I guess people who claim Camry is comfortable, have never owned an advanced car.

By ericklaseca on March 9 @ 5:10 pm
Love my new 2011 Camry LE!
The Toyota Camry LE drives like and looks like a luxury car. The manual/automatic transmission is ingenious and useful. The trunk is huge as is the interior cabin. You feel like you're riding on a cloud and there's no road or engine noise.

By CAROL COWAN on November 1 @ 11:00 am
My experience at heartland
I have enjoyed my last camry so very much for the last 5 years that I knew when I Buy a new car I would want another one. I love the ease in driving it, the room inside for all I do with the grandchildren and dogs. IT gets super gas mileage and even though my trade in only has 28,000 miles on it our trips to the ocean and mts have been comfortable and economical.

By Henley on October 14 @ 11:00 am
2011 XLE V6
I would have to say coming from a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am, I am in Heaven. I love having all of the power features, and a back seat that will actually sit an adult. I do mostly high way driving and sit in a lot of traffic on my way home and have been averaging around 28 mpg. I have hit 32 mpg on the highway with no traffic. I was able to get the car with the 2 year 25K mile maintenance. I am surprised that i was able to get the car for just over $25,500 brand new. I come from a family of Toyota owners (some have moved up to Lexus) and I can see why they keep buying them. I am sure that I will by another Toyota the next time I buy a car.

By Sandra Dunford on December 31 @ 11:00 am
I am very dissatisfied with my Camry. It jumps out of the garage and before it shifts the first time it makes a clinking noise underneath. Service Dept says it's the ABS brakes resetting. This happens every time you start the car. Sometimes it will do it twice or more while driving down the road. It's embarrassing to have people in your car and want to know what the noise is. Sometimes it sounds like you run over a pipe. When driving slow and having to stop a lot, the gears jump and jolt around. I've called the dealership and California, they all say this is normal. I don't appreciate paying $25,000 for a car that makes these noises. I wish I could get rid of it. Don't Recommend!

By Lori on December 31 @ 11:00 am
Great Car
This is a fun car to drive. It is quiet and comfortable even for my Dad who is 6 foot. I like the dash controls and especially the area that hides all of the Ipod cords. The stereo is great. It looks nice and I have had a lot of compliments on it with people thinking it is a European car? It has gotten 32 mpg on combined driving which is great. Wish I had gone for the leather seats.

By Kenneth Prickett on December 31 @ 11:00 am
Bad Ride
The quality of this transmission is terrible. When getting ready to shift the first time, it makes a clanging noise underneath. Service Dept. says it the ABS Brakes resetting. The valves peck until the car warms up. The clanging in the transmission will continue as driving down the road. Sometimes it sounds like you're driving on gravel. I traded a 2005 Sonata for this car and am very sorry. The service dept. says this is normal in all cars, and that's not true. I don't recommend the Camry and hope they start recalling this vehicle and get it straightened out. It's too much money to spend for junk.

By VegasRPh on September 26 @ 11:00 am
2011 Camry SE, me likey!
I needed to cut my car payments down from $530/mo (lease) to something more affordable, yet fun to drive. Enter the 2011 Camry SE in Super White/Ash Fabric. What a NICE car. I am truly impressed with this car and what you get for the money. Mine has SE Value Package #1 plus the Smart Key, rear spoiler so it is pretty loaded (MSRP $25,990). I am 6'4" tall and I have plenty of room up front and in the back seat. The 2.5 L/6A combo works well in this car, it is quick and quiet, and should return excellent gas mileage (sticker says 22/32). Interior is well laid out, easy to use controls and all the surfaces feel nice to the touch. The SE has a "sporty" blue hue for gauges and controls.

By V on September 26 @ 11:00 am
One great car
I bought the 2011 Camry (manual transmission) this month and have been very pleased. I have to laugh at some of the critical comments I've noticed: if you have driven a lot of different cars, as I have, you know that this car is quiet and comfortable inside like many luxury cars costing many times more. Along with it's legendary reliability, it becomes one of the best values you'll find anywhere. It's also built in the US, and has more American content than any other mid-sized car.

By badbug2000 on June 23 @ 11:00 am
Good and bad
Everything looks OK except the headrests on font seats is too big and not comfortable. Also rear view point isn't good enough. Don't forget to get the one with back up camera if you decide to buy one later.

By MOBLYW on March 19 @ 11:00 am
Excellent vehicle for the price!
The 2011 Toyota Camry overall presently is the best vehicle on the market for the price when adding rebates, and I received a 2.9% interest rate from Toyota also. This vehicle has all kinds of safety features now. It has no wind noise, handles great, and is comfortable on trips. There probably are vehicles that are a dad better out there if one wants to pay again what this vehicle cost me. These camrys have always been reliable. This is my 3rd one and I have owned a lot of other brands over the years. This one I am staying with since to me it is the best priced vehicle out there for what you get in return.

By Scott on December 13 @ 11:00 am
Long time toyota owner
Just purchased 2011 Camry after trading in 2007 Solara. Car rides great and very comfortable. Price was right, especially with zero financing. MPG is respectable. Much better ride than my folks 2010 Honda Accord!

By Ray on June 5 @ 11:00 am
6 month follow-up review.
I reviewed the Camry here back in April. Here's my perspective after 6 months/9,000 miles. I still love the design. The paint is holding up well, although dings come easily without the body-side molding. As mine is the base Camry with 6 speed auto, power is merely adequate. The transmission continues to hunt through the gears on anything other than flat surfaces. I use the sport shift feature to make best use of the engine's torque range. The cruise control has a hard time maintaining a set speed in hilly sections. It drops off pace, then suddenly downshifts the transmission and races up to speed, making you look like you're racing the driver next to you. It feels clumsy.

By Bob on February 13 @ 11:00 am
A Sports Sedan in Sheep's Clothing
We just handed down our much loved 2000 Camry V6 to our daughter. After driving the LE I4 and the LE V6, we tried the SE V6 and immediately loved it. The SE has front and rear strut tower braces, 15% firmer springs and shocks, firmer bushings and anti-sway bars and lower profile tires vs the LE and XLE. The result is a stiffer chassis, a firmer ride, flat cornering and better steering . There is some tire thump on cracks in the road because of the low profile tires. Overall, the car has a sporty feel compared with the other models. Most salesmen said they didn't notice any difference, but if you like the LE ride, you may not like this model. It tracks straight even in cross winds.

By Paul C on August 5 @ 11:00 am
Like the Looks
Totaled a a Mazda6 and found the lease price of the Camry to hard to pass up. It does not handle like the Mazda did but the acceleration is about the same. Our payment from the Mazda to this dropped over $100 and our insurance went down $50 a year. I'm 6'6'' and well over 300 pounds and fit like a charm. This car also gives my wife the room to sit between two car seats if she needs to.

By irg2 on October 22 @ 11:00 am
Very happy 3 months later
My lease on my 2006 Subaru Impreza was up, so I looked at various offerings, including Subaru, Accord, Altima and Malibu. I couldn't find a Subarau I liked, the Accord was really sub bar -I based my knee on the dashboard just getting in - it was swollen for week, lol. The Altima was very nice, but leased for quite a bit more, the Malibu leased for literally twice the price. The Camry was just right, only $234/mo with nothing down, including the taxes, alloys. Drives so much nicer than my Subaru, although not quite comparable really. But the difference in price was only $25. I may get another or the Venza to replace my Odyssey. Wish they would make a Camry wagon in the same price range.

By Paula on December 4 @ 11:00 am
Very Pleased with Purchase and Dealer
Have owned car for a week. Researched and test drove five different makes and models before narrowing choice to a Camry. Very pleased with car overall. Saved myself just slightly over $1000 dollars for driving to Ames as opposed to the Des Moines dealer. No buyers remorse here! Actual fuel economy too soon to say since I have driven about 200 miles thus far.

By Jo on November 16 @ 11:00 am
Mixed feelings
Am I the only one that HATES gas mileage I'm getting? Mostly hwy, also city and I'm averaging 23-24 mpg. My 2003 Camry got better gas! Nice design, inside and out. They changed spot for moving side mirrors, more inconvenient as I have to feel around for it at night. 2003 had it on the door, much easier.

By bc21 on November 16 @ 11:00 am
Great Car for Great Money
I am replacing a 2010 LE that was totaled in a rear end crash. I am buying another Camry because no there were no injuries (not even a stiff neck). The SE's ride is firm compared to the floaty LE. I find the SE fun to drive on curvy roads and the leisurely drive on the highway. I drove the V6 and its a rocket, but the 4 cyl is no slouch. The 4 cyl meets all my needs plus puts an extra $1500.00 in my pocket. My company car is a malibu which is nice but not in the same league as the Toyota. Drive one and I am sure you will love it.

By Glenn Norris on August 12 @ 11:00 am
Now a real road machine!
I bought my auto last Friday and immediately went on a 500 mile trip. I now have a '04 Toyota MR2, a 2009 LE Camry and this '11 SE. This car has a great comfortable ride with stiffer suspension than the LE. The fit and finish is outstanding. It held the curves very well on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I especially recommend the Smart Key System with PB starting and wireless door entry and XM radio w/Bluetooth wireless. Also, spend a couple of hundred dollars and get pin-striping and side body molding. It will pay off in the long run. Fox Toyota in Clinton, Tn was great to deal with. I choose this car over the Hyundai Sonata Because of the much better trade and the dependability of the Camry.

By andram on August 12 @ 11:00 am
I was looking to replace my base model Yaris with a more feature laden car. After driving the Subaru Legacy, Forester, Outback I was drawn back to Toyota. I appreciated the reliability and confidence you get by owning one, they truly are well built cars. I originally drove an S model Corolla, but wanted to try out a manual Camry. Luckily the dealer had a 2007 5 spd Camry on the lot, I was surprised. It drove great, competent but not sporty handling, great brakes, and very spacious. Having driven both the 2007 2.4L 5 spd and the 2011 2.5L 6 Spd Camry's, I can say the 2.5L 6spd combo is the way to go. Very smooth, plenty of torque. They are hard to find cars, but well worth it!

By GoHuskers on May 8 @ 11:00 am
2011 SE Road Noise
It is a nice vehicle for the price. I got mine with the se package, msrp 25,569. Dealer agreed to sell for 22,500, with $1000 Toyota graduate rebate brings it down to $21,500 so I consider it the best deal in the class. Everything is nice, look nice, sporty, handle well, good gas mileage, big trunk, and really roomy inside.

By still adjusting .... on October 11 @ 11:00 am
Still getting used to this car
We own a 2003 Toyota Camry & continue to use it every day & love it. We needed an additional car, so we decided to buy a 2011 Camry LE. We are both still getting used to this car.It seems to often drive like a "horse in the starting gate"-more than ready to take off, especially from a park or stop mode. It is a smooth ride on the open rode, but we both feel like we have to "manage" its tendency to want to accelerate when we drive it in the city. We may take it back to the dealer to have it evaluated for this. We also notice that the windshield is slow to clear when it is both humid and/or rainy. Other than these 2 problems, we are enjoying the car.

By CamryLover on July 8 @ 11:00 am
SE is great.
I bought the new 2011 SE because of the 0% financing for 5 years and because my other 14 year old Camry was nearing 170K miles. I chose the black SE model with leather and the AUX option so I could attach an MP3 player. This has been great. The leather sport package is amazing. The wheels look great and it is really fun to drive.

By RGLove on May 15 @ 11:00 am
2011 XLE 4K Miles
Purchased demo with 4000 miles and the car seems like it came off the assembly line. Great fit/finish, quiet as a vault and not a rattle. This is our 10th Toyota purchase so expectations are high and car does not disappoint. Gave my 07 SE to daughter and bought 11 XLE. Thought I would miss the SE sporty ride, bit very pleased with the responsive handling/ride of the 2011. The 4 banger is peppy and the 6 speed works quietly with smooth shifts. The exterior color Barcelona Red Metallic sparkles and has an expensive rich look.

By smooth operator on April 16 @ 3:00 am
Amazing car!
I have been driving around in my new Camry LE 2011 and can't believe how smooth the drive is and how little road noise. My wife and I love this car.I was originally going to by the SE but decided to go with the less priced LE. It has pretty much everything the SE has but cheaper. I feel safe in this car where I never did in my Honda Civic...I still love Hondas. It has a sporty look and some pretty good power to back it up. And to top it off, pretty economical.

By Brent on April 16 @ 3:00 am
Good choice
This is a solid choice of a car if you are looking for something practical. The fit and finish is solid and I enjoy driving it. The MPG for combined driving for me has been a lot lower than expected at 24.5 mpg. The bluetooth is ok but not nearly as easy to use without having navigation. It also seems to be really peppy, like almost too peppy when coming out of the garage.

By Tim on September 19 @ 3:00 am
Great car for the money
I have to admit i was a little concerned after reading the so called professional reviews. I love this car. fit and finish is excellent and the looks are outstanding in the SE model. V6 and trans are very smooth with good acceleration. I like the fact that the SE suspension is not rock hard pounding like some of the other models I've tested. Gives you a little extra firmness with it not being to firm. Very happy with my purchase.

By Angry Camry owner on June 16 @ 3:00 am
Ticking noise in hubcaps
I have owned my new Camry for 2 months. It is making a loud ticking noise in the hubcaps. I took it to the dealer and they can not figure it out. A corporate specialist is coming out to look at it. Another dealer admitted it is a problem and Toyota does not have a solution yet. He recommended I remove the hubcaps. Meanwhile my new car has been in shop for four days.

By rolf on September 2 @ 3:00 am
Anyone have radio problems?
Bought a 2011 Camry 0% financing, - Transmission whines all the time, AM radio doesn't work right (replaced 2x already) so DH cannot listen to Reds Bball games! U stand under the WLW tower, and the radio doesn't work??? What's up with that?? Toyota answer: WLW problem. How is that, when all the other radios we own work? - The cheap plastic covering of arm rest separated at seam. New car, 4k mi looks like cr** Toyota's answer??? NOT MY PROBLEM but if you pay us more $$$ we will fix it for you! STUCK, SORRY WE BOUGHT THIS CAR. Can't recommend

By colashan on July 4 @ 1:07 pm
So far, so good
looking for something practical. all in class seemed to have negatives except the camry. sonata, fusion (styling), accord (ride, noise) impala was her co. car that she didn't really care for. the camry was above avg in most everything we thought. safety and quality seemed excellent. ride and comfort was good. styling was above avg. and the dealer made us a deal at 25100, for the XLE with nav, out the door.

By mojoe4420 on January 23 @ 8:27 am
Not recommended
Toyota has bungled what could be a very nice cars with a few foolish decisions. When I buy from an automaker I expect them to deliver a car, not a nanny. The seatbelt chime should give 4 or 5 dings should I choose to unbuckle for whatever reason. Instead it offers 1 ding per second for about 30 seconds & then switches tempo to 3 dings per second for at least another 30. Unnecessary. By the way geniuses, that's my briefcase in the passenger seat, not a person. Idiots! Then there's the fresh air/recirc HVAC control. When I make an adjustment, it's for a reason. Toyota thinks they need to 'automatically' switch to fresh air after about 5 minutes. Not cool. I rented this car, no purchase plans.

By joseph_66 on May 31 @ 5:54 am
2011 Camry manual transmission
Just picked the car up on 12/28/2011. I have owned Toyota's for years. I had a 2003 Corolla for 8 years and a 1993 Toyota pickup truck both very reliable. This car is incredible and fun to drive. It feels like a sports car that is a sedan if that makes any sense. Been driving stick for over 40 years, ride a Harley in the summer. This car is my winter Harley. Just plane fun to drive, yet quiet and comfortble when I needed it to be. Can't say that for a Harley. For my first tank of gas combination city and highway, I got 26.7 MPH. I think that is pretty good. I got down to a half tank after 260 miles. So this says I can probably get 500 plus miles to a tank of gas. Thats impresive.

By jdt1975 on February 16 @ 8:33 pm
I have only owned the car for one week. I do not have any complaints so far about the car itself just a little buyers remorse regarding the price I paid. Though I can only blame myself for not doing my research before going out car shopping. The car is quite zippy, lots of torque and horsepower. I bought the SE with the VIP package, paid $26,950.

By showskyline on December 2 @ 8:47 am
We Picked The Right Car For Us!
We have leased 2 Toyota's previously to this one, and really shopped around for the best deal and best car for the money. We had a Matrix, and wanted more leg room, so the Camry was the natural choice. Toyota beat out ALL other companies on price, and we are very pleased with the quality of the car. Sharp look, smooth ride and handling. Wonderful gas milage too! For an entry level model, it has a lot of extras, and I really don't think it's a boring ride at all. Love the car, and can't think of anything I don't like. Leased it the end of Dec.

By broufam on January 19 @ 5:57 am
Good Choice
I purchased my 2011 Camry LE on Jan 6,2011. I Paid $20,500. I have the Bluetooth and Window tint and Aluminum wheels. I travel primary highway miles at 130 miles round trip per day. I have now filled up 3 times and as I average my fuel, it has been consistant with 31mpg highway. I do not do very much city driving. I drive 73Mph with cruise everyday to work. The car handles well, saying it has the 4cyl w/auto transmission. It is pretty comfortable to drive the distance I do to and from work. I have plenty of head room and the children in the back say they sit comfortable. My wfie sat in the back seat at the height of 5'5" and had no complaints. She really enjoys the car when she gets to driv

By concordenerd on December 13 @ 2:42 am
Glad it was a rental
I rented this vehicle as I was interested in buying one someday. I must say this car was new with only 3,000 miles on it and it was a let down. The carpet next to the driver seat was not even put under the molding near the door. You could see underneath the car. The window switch panel was peeling/flaking off. The transmission was a bit harsh as when you braked it jerked down in gears. Not good. So I am glad that I did not buy this car with these kinds of problems. I guess you'll have to look over the camry's with a good eye before you buy now.

By toyotaown2 on August 14 @ 5:12 am
Best Ever
This car is a blast to drive, and great to ride in. The room inside is exceptional for a car that provides this type of performance. No matter if you are in the front passenger seat or back seat. All the little features really make this car special. Great gas mileage and got a great deal. Without a dobut this car is a great choice, and oh, Lifetime Waranty makes it all the more special.

By sevn86 on October 17 @ 4:53 am
Love this car! Should have bought it sooner
I purchased a 2011 Toyota Camry SE on Jan. 29th 2011. It has the white exterior with black leather seats. It also has a Sunroof, Push button start. Bluetooth, Rear Spoiler, Auto Dimming mirror w/ compass, DLX radio package, and sealant package. I am very pleased with this car. I traded in my 2000 Toyota camry and man im so glad I did. This car is very smooth and very responsive. Its a bit bouncy cuz it has the sport suspension but I love it! Over all the quality both inside and out is great. I paid $24,500+TTL which came out to $26,162 out the door but i also got $3,000 for my trade so my out the door price was $23,162.01. MSRP was $27,862. I also got 0% for 60 months. Is that a good deal?

By slick_willie on July 4 @ 8:50 pm
Car is great, but sucks too
Attention. The manual is crappy in 1-2 or 2-3. It just is a bad combination to have the wallowy suspension and clutch be not smooth. The only way it is decent is if you are trying to use it like a racecar, but most people dont drive to 4000 rpm and then shift. Cupholders.. This car is TERRIBLE. If you take a trip and have a cooler,, forget it. You drink a can of coke for you and your passenger. When you want another one? Where can you put it? NOWHERE. on my honda, I can put 4 cans under the radio (zero for the camry) I can also put 6 cans in the door. ZERO for the camry. The door storage is worthless except for a paperback book. in 3rd -6th gear.. I love it.

By craig4d on February 27 @ 10:58 pm
Hubcap noise detracts from an otherwise great car
We loved the 2011 Camry LE when first purchased here in Cleveland. Multiple Toyota family. Owner's 2d. Soon, though, a very annoying whirring noise arose from the front left wheel/hubcap. After some delay, the Dealer confessed to being aware of a problem or at least reports, but Toyota had no solution. Noise went away for a while, but is back and is VERY ANNOYING, detracting from the pleasure of owning this car. This caused another family member to look past Toyota and get a Nissan. The issue is spreading out to the public ear...Why doesn't Toyota just replace the hubcap if that is the problem??? We got it for my 20-something daughter.

By cattom1 on May 19 @ 4:37 am
Camry Lease Values Unbeatable
Loaded SE 4 cylinder with leather, heated seats, blue tooth, keyless etc. Looked at Accord EXL, Civic, Camry SE & Corolla. 36 month lease @ 15,000 miles per year, and monthly payment only $15 per month different between Civic-Accord or Corolla-Camry. Cheap interior, engine/road noise, buck board ride not worth it on Civic/Corolla to gain maybe, 2-3 mpg over Accord-Camry. Accord-Camry have much higher residual values making them the much better overall lease value. Went with the Magnetic Gray Camry SE because of better looks than Accord EXL and 24 month-25,000 mile free maintenance. Lease cost virtually the same. I put 3K down & lease @ $239 for 36 months 15K, 1st tank 30MPG combo driving.

By camryguy11 on June 12 @ 10:56 am
Almost Perfect -Toyota are you listening?
Given the recent outstanding offers, we leased a 2011 Camry 4 cyl with alloy wheels. This is an outstanding car that provides an exceptional level of security. I can't stress enough how impressive the overall design of this car is. Where it falls short is handling, which seems to be largely due to the awful Bridgestone tires. During the first week of ownership, our car veered left consistently on the highway, and the steering wheel shook over 55 mph. Unacceptable in a $24,000 automobile. The dealer re-balanced the tires but the condition remained. I took it to my tire dealer; all 4 tires were still out of balance and the left front had a bubble. They showed me it. Problem partially fixed.

By delmarva5 on February 10 @ 7:18 pm
Good car for long trips, definitely not a race horse!
I bought 2011 Camry LE (4 cyl.) with alloy wheels, sunroof, bluetooth, carpeted floor mats for about $24000 with 0% financing in late Oct. 2010. I have about 6000 miles on it and feel confident enough to write a review now. Overall: Comfortable car with good gas mileage, but definitely not for someone who wants a sporty ride or good accleration (ZERO sportiness and accleration). The car struggled while going uphill, however driving on flat roads was very comfortable. Almost noiseless cabin. Easy to use features that seem to have not been upgraded since 2005. Have a buyer's remorse of overpaying the price.

By omikron on April 3 @ 6:46 pm
For all the Camry lovers out there this is THE CAR.
Just wanted to share my recent purchase experiences with this car. I test drove Camry SE, Sonata(regular), Accord LX. The reason I didn't try the sportier versions of Accord and Sonata was simply because I didn't feel that other than the rims anything was different. Anyways, I've almost purchased Sonata due to very nice look and great price they gave me. Though walked out saying will return the next morning(so to speak sleep on it). Went to drive 2011 Camry SE (4cyl, 6A) the next day and simply didn't want to get out of the car. The bad things(in my opinion) that I've noticed in Sonata right away were: engine noise, transmission shifting was awkward, visibility limited.

By bobw8 on September 7 @ 2:50 pm
First Camry, Second Toyota
Toyota Corolla "S" was the first Compact family car owned. Loved the MPG and attractive styling. Lots of nice features - however, always had mid sized/large cars and Corolla was just too small and did not like sport suspension. Dealer got me out of my lease 11 months early and put me in the Camry LE. Feel I paid top dollar to do this but am, at this point, very happy. Too early for complete review but will definitely do follow ups and keep in touch with this site. Initially I am very pleased.

By eddie_k on August 14 @ 1:20 am
Camry is just a Great Car
I had the '05 Base Camry with a manual trans and got 240K from it. The new version still has everything I need as a big-time highway commuter. Comfort, quiet, power, reliable, good mpg. I drive in the Mts. so prefer the manual trans and it's hard to find a stick in a mid-sized quiet sedan like the Camry. This car is seen everywhere of course but that's why you want it - everyone knows how to fix it and parts always available. Base model still has a couple quirks - no keyless entry and only one power plug.

By flbntz on September 21 @ 2:24 am
I like it!
Bought a 2010 Prius, and liked it, but after the newness, and coolness wore off, it was boring to drive. Not solid feeling, tinny, and hollow. Bought a 2010 Golf, and liked it, but something told me to drive a Camry after a year, and a half with the Golf, so I did, and although I have some of the same concerns as others here, ie, trans shifts a bit rough sometimes, overall, I really like the car. Surprises me. Always thought I'd like an Accord better, but this is very peaceful to drive. Isolates you from some of the crap that goes on on the roads, rude drivers. etc. Can get lost in this car, and don't mind. 32.09mpg, first tank. Really look forward to driving it. Very nice on trips.

By delbar on December 30 @ 4:12 pm
the worst car I have ever driven and I owned an 05 for 6 years. The transmission "jerks" the brakes bind the engine whines and overall the performance is terrible. Toyota claims there is nothing wrong with it but I say the 6 speed transmission is very bad.

By homebase on October 18 @ 8:47 am
Great Ride. Small Build Problems Dealer Doesn't Fix
I have 4,000 miles on my 2011 Camry XLE 4cyc leather Nav. It has a smooth quite ride, engine is strong enough, zero sportyness. The turn signal mechanisum makes a clicking sound whenever the turn signal is engaged and the wheel is turned. The climate control needs to be adjusted continuously while driving. Other than the two minor problems I am going to have to fight with my dealer to fix, it is a great car. The first time the dealer looked at the car he kept it 4 days before he told me everything is normal. I don't think I will ever buy another Toyota.

By mkrahn on June 28 @ 11:13 am
2011 LE 2.5L Auto Updated 5-14-11
This is my second Camry the first one 2007 V6 logged on 189K very strong performer until trans went out back in Aug 2010 that's when I took delivery of the 2011 2.5L auto which now as 45K. There is little difference between the years, but for 2012 that should change new model make over. No problems so far the engine along with the 6 speed transmission verses the older model using a small 2.4L and a 5 speed transmission makes the difference I think.

By robrjay on September 11 @ 7:37 am
I can't complain
I traded in a Ford Taurus X (Flex) to get the Camry SE. The SE model is the only one I liked. The sporty look is great to me. I was on the fence between this one and the 2011 Accord. The ONLY reason I went with the Camry is the seats were more comfortable. The Accord seats hurt my back. The car feels really solid to me and my wife enjoys the ride as well. The suspension is noticeably firmer in the SE vs the LE or XLE which we both like. I hope to have it for many years, trouble free.

By camryhappy11 on November 16 @ 8:59 am
Camry dream machine
My Camry drives as well as my BMW did, it handles like a dream. It looks like a sports car

By driver105 on August 19 @ 3:19 am
Can't beat the Toyota package!
I spent a year looking at different makes and models, but kept coming back to the Toyota and Honda cars. I picked the Camry LE over the Accord because of the greater power, comfort, price, and speed shifter. Even though it came w/ a 5 yr. comprehensive warranty, I have peace of mind with a Toyota that I won't be needing it. These cars just don't know how to die! I've had it for7 months and love it the more I drive it. One of the biggest features was the 0 road noise. I can take long trips and not have my ears ringing at the end. Honda's a great cars also, but for the price, you can't beat the Toyota for what you get.

By bl78 on October 27 @ 5:43 pm
My first Toyota
I have been in the Honda / Acura family for years. Currently own 07 Acura MDX but traded my 06 Honda Civic with 77k miles. Civic was good in many ways but it was small, too much wind noise and lacked power which was not fun to drive on a long road trip. I didnt want to purchase a new Honda or Acura for other reason. Im not a fan of the Accord exterior design and didnt want to pay extra $$$ for the Acura TSX V6. I chose the Camry for many reasons. Its not luxurious like an Acura or BMW but its satisfactory with the exterior design, space and the comfort of the V6 drive. Some people may differ depending on what vehicle they used to drive but I enjoy the ride of the V6 Camry SE.

By bruinswin2011 on January 10 @ 12:49 am
Camry XLE 2011
Test drove several competitor vehicles but landed on Camry (XLE) for its smoother ride, better comfort and quieter cabin. Other cars tested - Accord, Optima, Sonata, Fusion and Altima. Accord and Fusion lacked pep and road and engine noise were pronounced. Optima - although a nice car - seemed to fall short on interior quality and lacked track record for quality. Sonata is a good value but found driver seat lacked thigh support, thus was unable to get comfortable while driving. Altima was initially my first choice, but passengers found front passenger and rear seats uncomfortable. If you are looking for a car that has a quieter cabin, smoother ride and comfortable seats, check out the Camry.

By 504tlm on October 8 @ 7:13 pm
love my camry se !!!
The 2011 camry se 4 cyc. rides smooth. It drives fast I was on the highway going 80 mph and didnt even realize it. The seats feel like it molds to your body. They have so much leg room.The air is ice cold. I leave my car for 3 hours come back and the inside is still cool (even when its 100 degress outside). The engine is quiet. The truck has alot of space. Its very stylish. I lot of people have told me they love my car. One of the reasons why i bought this car is because of the quality. There is no dipstick to check the transmission. The dealer said you dont have to worry about the fluid level. You just change it when you get 100,000 miles on the car.

By jerryaustin on June 17 @ 5:57 am
2011 Camry XLE
We purchased a 2011 Camry XLE 6-cylinder 2+ weeks ago. I have been very impressed with the car so far although I know all new cars drive well. We traded in a 2001 Honda Accord wiht 160,000+ miles on it. Loved the Accord, but the Honda dealers in our town have very few vehicles and are charging MSRP for the ones they do have. I know the Camry is supposedly boring, but that's what I wanted. I want quiet and reliable. Our old Honda was a little noisy, but to be fair it was a 10 year old car. A few reviews I read reported the Honda reported the Honda as noisy primarily due to the Dunlop tires which were selected for enhanced mileage. I might have bought another Honda, but there really

By toyota3000 on October 31 @ 12:03 am
Great car
I traded a Yaris in for the Camry, lost about 8-10 MPG, but the 3.5 is a great engine. If you want mileage, get the Yaris or Corolla. If you want the Camry, AT LEAST get the 2.5 four. Great power and very quiet engine.

By ecrinker on August 31 @ 6:22 pm
Third Camry is not the charm
I've been driving a Camry for 24 years - an '87 and a 2000. I drove them for close to 200k miles each with no complaints. 5 months ago I bought the 2011 with no hesitation. Loved the exterior, and the interior was familiar - it felt right. After driving it for 2 days, I began to notice the ride was bumpy and the car didn't hug the road. It was hard to control on curves. I joked it was a bucket of bolts and that's how it felt. The doors seem lightweight and the passenger door has no stop. It opens fully and very wide, into other cars. There's clunking when you go from braking to accelerating on freeway. The gas pedal seems to pulse. Cruise control varies by 10mph. This is not my Camry.

By brownt90 on November 12 @ 2:57 am
Traded my 02 camry xle 4 cylinder for this car in April. Wished I would have stayed with my old car or chose a different model. The car has a good powerful v6 and a decent nav system, but those two things don't make up for the other downfalls of this vehicle. Window switch button fell inside the door, and the car suffered from a roof popping noise that the dealer fixed by stuffing felt around the sunroof. What happened to toyota quaility? To top it off, I have not found a comfortable driving position in this car. I am 6'3, and the seat bottom does not lower low enough to the floor like my other camry did. Because of this I am suffering leg/heel/foot pain on a daily basis.

By pure_hp on December 12 @ 11:30 am
I like the SE!
It's not the sportiest of the midsize vehicles but I do like the ground effects package on it with the 5 spoke alloys. I'm constantly stuck in Atlanta traffic, yet, fairly comfortable with enough acceleration to keep up and pass whenever I feel the urge or get the chance. Just sitting in traffic isn't so bad either as the base sound system is above average. The car soaks up bumps well also. It's not an exhilirating vehicle but certainly a safe pick with a hint of "entertainment" with the SE model

By camry13 on January 8 @ 10:12 am
Best car ever
I have driven many cars so far...nissan sentra, jeep, honda accord, honda CR-v, but toyota camry is the best car so far. I used be like..ahhh i dont want to drive and my husband used drive evrytime wherever we go...and since we have Toyota camry...there is no chance anybody else is driving. Driving is like my hobby now, and the seats are so comfortable in camry that u feel like..those seats are custom made just for you...i just did long journey like 9 - 10 hours drive...and it was amazing...didnt get tired at all...instead it was so much fun just because i drove Toyota camry....lv it..

By rfbronk1 on February 3 @ 8:04 pm
Toyota Camry XLE V6 is the best
Our 2011 Toyota Camry XLE V6 is the best car we have ever owned! It is quiet, it is comfortable, and it is a pleasure to drive. We can take a trip in comfort and get over 30 mpg. Our car has every feature one could want - the leather is lovely - the JBL radio is great and the build quality is very nice. This is just a wonderful car, a very good value, and one that will hold its value. A great decision for our family.

By mkrahn on April 15 @ 4:40 pm
Camry LE 4cyl 2011
Pick her up back in 8-10-10. As of 12-30-11 she as 77400 miles on her. Owned a 2007 Camry LE V6 drove her up until 185K before trans went out. So for just bought 4 new tires around 62k and she's still running strong with no problems. I'm gald Toyota changed the 4 cyl to 2.5 L and changed the old trans from 5 spd to 6 spd. Sure its not as fast as the V6, but still gets up and moves.

By billngb1 on September 1 @ 8:33 am
This car is great
This is my second Camry and Toyota has to my amazement been able to improve on my previous model. The 6 speed transmission has helped with the engine noise especially when accelerating at highway speed. Downshifts are quicker and the fuel economy is 35 mpg on the highway in less than ideal conditions. I will not consider another GM or Ford in the future. Becasuse of their poor workmanship and inability or unwillingness to resolve past problems I will soon be an all-Toyota owner.

By thill357 on April 22 @ 3:59 pm
Best in Class!!
Best car I have ever owned! I truly LOVE this car! It look great, drives great, and is made by the best company in the world! I have the SE model w/ a sunroof, ground effects, blacked out grille, spoiler, dual chrome tipped exhaust, and fog lights with a black cloth interior. Inalways loved the Toyotas..... Just good cars overall. Owned a 97 corolla w/ 300k miles. That was truly a wonderful car!! I love this car to.... Not just an ordinary LE camry, this is a true "sports" camry and is made for taking them curves! Comfortable for all passengers and trunk is large! Truly reccomend this car over the altima, accord, or sonata. Best for it is money.... Love the new 2012 camry too... Check it out

By thill357 on April 18 @ 8:47 am
Moving fast and forward!!
Wow! Do I love my 2011 Camry SE! This car is a true "sporty camry" and this is no ordinary Camry! Just from the exterior styling you can tell it is not. Fog lights, blacked out grill, spoiler, and dual exhuast! Yeah! Looks like a luxury car and drives like one too! It is tuned to take those turns and constantly says "push me!" For a 4 cyl family sedan, this car is quick and nimble! The 6 speed auto does a very good job of shifting gears when you need them too and even returns gas mileage of 31 mpg combined! The trunk and backseat is large and the seats and cloth are very comfy. Wish I got the V6... This is not my first toyota and not my last!

By s4short on June 15 @ 11:24 am
2011 Camry Questions
I like my new car but have only had it less than a week. I was very unhappy to learn that the key/fob I have would cost $400 to get a duplicate. I would have asked for that amount off the purchase price. Also, the manual recommends folding the side mirrors in before going through a car wash, but it doesn't say how. If anyone knows where I could get a key/fob cheaper and how to fold the side mirrors in, I would appreciate the information. Also the car is red and everybody knows red cars go faster than other colors so I have to be careful.

By qchen2008 on December 12 @ 6:20 pm
Now I see why Toyota is so great
I am 24 years old and this is like my 5th car and my 2nd brand new car, I barely I had for a year now I am at 18000 miles and loving it. My last couple cars varied from 00 Accent, 94/ 99 devile, 08 cobalt (brand new) to this. This was my college graduation present from my Dad and he forcefully made me choose this over Sonata (which I rented it for 1 week and loved it). However I do not regret getting this car, it was the only LE camry on the lot that had bluetooth also had Sunroof so made up the difference for the lack of bluetooth as standard equipment compare to the Sonata. Anyways I just checked the resale value of my car on Edmunds and I lost maybe about 20% from MSRP

By gexproguy on November 16 @ 3:19 pm
Absolutely blown away!
After shopping and testing about a dozen good-gas-mileage sedans (Altima, Accord, Prius, Venza, etc.) I (almost accidentally) sat in the Camry SE at a Hertz lot in Roseville. I was afraid to admit it felt super comfortable (I drive an average of 5-6 hours a day) because I really didnt want to buy a Camry (thought of it more as a girl's car). I decided to take it for a spin and WOW! It was really a fun car! Took some hi-G curves, whomped on the accel, smoked the tires and and broke hard. Decided right then to buy it. I bought it for $16K as a rental return with 38K mi. I thought I might have buyers remorse but every day I drive it I love it more!

By man10camry on November 16 @ 9:29 pm
This car is everything as promised. A very comfortable and quiet car. With the 6 speed manual also fun to drive. The suspension is a bit soft but I guess thats why Toyota made the SE. But for a base model its quite good.

By ctrev on December 26 @ 3:18 pm
2011 camry problems
At 2600 miles the following problems occured. Transmission-slips going from 2 to 3 Catalytic converter is in the consol and heats up so badly you could fry an egg on the consol. Do not know if the plastic there can stand the heat or gases will be emitted from the same location. Gas mileage fell like a stone to 32 hywy and 21 city

By screamerdongie on June 8 @ 3:40 pm
excellent daily commute car
I had my 2011 Camry LE model for over a year now. Hands down the car is rock solid in terms of reliability. No issues what so ever!!! I have tried Accord and Altima. They are not very different may be par with Camry but I am so glad I picked Camry. The car gives you a very quiet and smooth ride. A great great family car.

By toyotacamry2x on May 22 @ 3:56 pm
Best bang for your buck!!
The only reason to complain would be if you didn’t know what you were buying. The Camry rides smooth, has enough power to take care of the day-to-day, and looks just as good if not better than its competitors (basically just the accord and sonata). It’s clearly not a sports car (even though the V6 feels like one) so if that’s what you are judging it against it will always fail. P.S. - Must have accessories: sunroof, premium wheels, dual exhaust (even if it’s just for looks)

By splash2013 on October 7 @ 4:40 pm
Excellent Car!!
I purchased my 2011 Camry a little over a year ago and I currently have 37k miles on it. This car has been amazing. Great gas mileage, quiet interior-no road noise, rides smooth, very roomy on the inside. I love this car!!! This is my second Toyota (had a Rav 4 previously). 4/12/16: Update! 5 years later this car is still GREAT! Best car I have ever had! Not a single problem! Only had to do the required maintenance. If anyone is looking for a used car I would highly recommend the 2011 Camry because it is incredibly reliable and gets very good gas mileage! 10/12/16: Update! Still love my Camry! Just replaced my tires! Currently have 105k miles on it! Still rides like a new car! 4/17/17: Still love my Camry! Still rides like the day I bought it! I love my car! 10/17/17: Update: My car currently has 120k miles on it. Still running strong!

By klebinek on September 20 @ 8:53 am
2011 Camry as a family car
I chose to buy a large sedan this time and based on recommendations went with 6th gen Camry with the updated engine and 6 speed auto. I was tired of stiff ride of suvs and wanted to move away from that this time. Boy am I glad I went with a camry. Ride is plush, perfect for a 2 year old sleeping in the back. Great gas mileage and very smooth. Interior quality is not great but it's not bad either. What really gets on my nerves is how these reviews now a days concentrate on sportiness and sporty ride. If I wanted sportiness I would go with a sports car, this is a family car and drives as such, I won't race anyone or hit corners fast with a baby in the rear seat.

By bigqsky on September 16 @ 6:01 am
2011 Camry Interior Noise
It seem like Toyota's quality sink recently, not like the late 90 models when it builds in Japan. My 2011 Camry had a some weir noises such as metal and panels when driving, with all windows up and sealed. Specially pass over some tough roads, the noise very uncomfortable. I am not sure is there any Camry out there had the same situation with my. But beside that's I am fine with the it.

By ruby3zdy on September 28 @ 9:45 pm
Only one thing going for it, really
I've driven Honda Accords since 1990. I bought this 2011 Camry LXE used at 36,000 miles. The Camry's driver's seat is hard (compared to the Honda). I had to get a chair pillow for it. The display is hard to read unless you're 16 yrs old & don't wear glasses. The left wide mirror is in a bad place, blocks view of traffic on the left. The NAV/rearview camera/radio unit, which the dealer installed, is practically unusable. The sound quality is inferior.

By brandmann on September 23 @ 10:08 am
My 2011 Camry
Let me just say, I am proud to say that I'm now in the third generation Toyota Camry, I absolutely love this car, not only because of it's reliability but it's comfort as well. I went from owing a 93 Camry to previously owing a 03 Camry. I just recently purchase my 2011 Toyota Camry and I've had for about a week now and it's living up to it's name. With 43,652 miles it's riding like brand new and it's got a smooth sound to it. As far as gas mileage I personally think the Camry gets great gas mileage on and off the highway.

By bswgjtm on April 27 @ 2:53 am
Love my Camry
I bought my 2011 Camry in July 2010. I traded in a GMC Envoy for it, looking for reliability and affordable transportation. In December of 2010, I let my stepdaughter take my car on a road trip from upstate NY to Maine. She fell in love with my car and when she graduated from college, she bought her own. Yesterday, my daughter and I went to our neighborhood Toyota dealer looking for her first gently-used vehicle and, without any influence from Mom, she said, "Do you think there are any Camry's in our price range?" 3 2011 Toyota Camry's are a part of our family now. I think that says it all. In the almost 5 years of owning mine, I have only had to replace the tires and rear brakes.

By fleung on March 24 @ 1:11 am
I really don't know which reports are ture
I own 2011 Camry LE. I read a lot of reports from different sources but some are very good, other are very bad. Problems are VEHICLE SPEED CONTROL, SERVICE BRAKES HYDRAULIC, SUSPENSION, ELECTRICAL SYSTEM, POWER TRAIN, ABS SYSTEM. I really don't know which one are true or not. I am so worry about. I previously owned 1988 Camry LE and 2001 Camry LE. They are all very good. But 2011 Camry LE seems do has a lot of problems when I read reports. Anyone can tell me more about how this car. Thanks

By knowpwr on March 24 @ 6:01 pm
Fantastic Car - better than Honda by far
Love this car. I drive aggressive and engine is quick from start and passing. Handles well in city and quite on the highway - especially since replaced the factor tires which weren't that goo. Drivers seat is very comfortable. Good visibility. Have had for 3 years and not a single issue. I love the interior - it is super functional and easy to do everything. I use the aux input for my iPAD and Sandisk MP3 player. My Son has a Honda Accord (same year) and I like the Camry ride, handling, and interior much much better. The Accord drives rougher and steers harder IMHO. Tough to improve on this Camry.

By lyndab418 on February 19 @ 4:09 pm
Transitioning from SUV to Camry...
Almost 3 years since I purchased a used Camry and it has been dependable/reliable and very cost efficient. I still miss the confidence I had with my Jeep in bad weather (knowing it would pretty much go anywhere); however, with the right snow tires, my Camry has gotten me home safely in some tricky weather.

By superflykhaeyo on December 15 @ 2:39 am
OVERALL EXCELLENT and easy to customize
Bought this car in 01/2014, it is 7/24/2014 and had to do NOTHING, but an oil change,, ERROR FREE. love the sequential shift. this car handles GREAT in the snow,however the seats are UNCOMFORTABLE The transmission shifts HARD when you release gas at highway speeds, but this transmission is VERY responsive and gets very sporty when you drive agressively, it is very helpfull but the handling sucks because the steering is SLOW, and sooo UN-ATHLETIC, but changing lights(interior) are very easy, everything normally pops out with a screwdriver and headlight are simple too

By John Harrod on August 22 @ 6:10 am
My 2011 Camry
I just traded my 2011 Camry for a 2014 Camry, didn't care for the appearance of the 2015.I drove the 2011 for 60,000 miles with no repairs, just maintance an a new set of tires.I was very satisfied with this car. Have had the 2014 for a little over 3 years, have had no problems, a little better gas mileage, not quite as good a ride, but a very good car.

By L3MAH on February 10 @ 2:27 pm
So far so good!
After owning a 2010 corolla that was nothing but problems in the 13 months of ownership I was able to trade on a Spruce Green 2011 Camry. The 2.5 is plenty peppy, however I've only been averaging around 23-24 mpg mostly highway. Over 6 months & 10K miles its been very very reliable. Seats are plenty comfortable, headlights are very bright but on the inside I've been noticing a loud squeaking noise from the trim around the cup holders. Other than that cars been great and I'm hoping I stay as happy with it as I am now!

By Roger on February 2 @ 6:18 am
Bad car
Use of way to much oil mine now at 67000 uses 3 to 4 qts about every 1400 miles toyota said that 1.1 qts every 600 miles is ok witch they say 0w20 only needs to be changed every 10000 miles in that case you would use a little over 19 qts between oil changes hate this car

By Greg B. on March 17 @ 12:50 pm
Toyota makes great cars.

By Becka White on August 9 @ 11:02 pm
Roomy ride.
My husband is 6'7" and to find a car that he is comfortable in and still have room for someone to sit behind him and still have room to move around. The only thing I am unsatisfied with is the road noise.

By Kiran on December 3 @ 10:22 am
Still running like new around 100K
Reliability with value for money, average performance and low maintenance is what this car offers. I have 92K miles on it and it is still running like new. Changed fluids, brakes, battery and tires. Car was able to withstand weather conditions as low as -20Deg F and it starts without issues. In 92K miles of driving, it never broke down on the road, except for a punctured tire.

By Dominique Montiero on October 10 @ 1:42 am
I don't like the tires they had one the car

By Ronald McCormick on October 15 @ 3:16 am
Poor Man's Lexus
Love this car and will buy another if this one would ever break ... Indestructible

By Milo on August 3 @ 7:19 pm
2011 Camry Rocks.
Owned since new. 162,000 mile and still runs like new. Sold this car last year & bought a new 2017 Camry.

By Marian on January 6 @ 5:42 am
Love my ride!
I love that it starts every time. I never worry about wether it will be ready to go. It has a very pleasant interior as well. A friend said she would have bought it in a flash but she had just bought a car. She was impressed with the ride and how clean & spacious it is.

By Kay Smith on June 15 @ 4:59 am
Best car i have ever owned!
I have the xle. It's the best car i have ever owned, i keep the maintenance up on it and you cant beat the resale value of these cars...highly recommended! It's a pleasure to drive and own and the dependability is 2nd to no one.

By Sharif on June 15 @ 1:38 am
Smooth and comfy ride
I love this car over the accord because the ride is very comfortable. However, the price you pay for that is less than stellar handling. Cornering fast will have some body roll. I still absolutely love this car though because it has a great design, simple center console layout, and a spacious interior.

By Daily Commuter on November 4 @ 4:55 pm
Almost 100k review
I wanted to wait till 100k but this will do fine. I purchased this car as a Certified Toyota with about 30K on it. I needed a commuter car that could fit my wife and son comfortably on occasion. I can tell you now that I made the correct choice. My commute is 95% highway, and at least 3 times a week I am in bumper to bumper traffic. This car is absolutely reliable, safe and comfortable and is not bad on gas. I've read that this car can reach 300k easily. Maybe I'll be back to confirm that.

By juned on July 23 @ 11:29 am
so far good
good car for long term use

By Florence S. on August 22 @ 12:58 pm
Tire Pressure Warning Light
It's very convenient to have a tire pressure warning light as a feature of this automobile. However after 7 years and 73,000 miles the warning light goes on and stays on, causing the dashboard to appear to be reporting something that needs attention. The air in the tires was exactly right, I learned. However the warning light stays on because the SENSORS in two of the tires are worn out and need to be replaced. It costs about $100 per tire to have this fixed. I do not like this feature because it stops working over time.

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