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Some things don't change. Take the 2010 Toyota Camry's buttery-soft ride and roomy, serene cabin, for example, which have been endearing Camry traits since we can remember. And some things get better with age. Look at the Camry's powerful, fuel-efficient and ultra-smooth 268-horsepower V6, which is not only the best Camry V6 ever, but also the best all-around V6 in any family sedan. Unfortunately, other things can sour with time. That's where the current Camry's underwhelming interior quality comes in. Overall, though, the 2010 Camry remains one of the top choices in this competitive segment. With excellent crash test scores and comfort and refinement to spare, the Camry's got what most family-sedan shoppers want.

For 2010, the Camry receives a midcycle rejuvenation. Most notably, the base four-cylinder engine increases in size from 2.4 to 2.5 liters, with a corresponding 11-hp bump (21 hp on the SE), and the manual and automatic transmissions matched to this engine are now blessed with six gears instead of five. The exterior styling has also been tweaked, boasting a new grille, larger headlights, and a revised taillight design. On the safety front, stability control is now standard across the lineup. Other notable additions include auto up/down windows all around and a new optional audio system with satellite radio and Bluetooth for the lower trim levels.

The current-generation Camry's '07 debut coincided with the latest Nissan Altima's, and the new Honda Accord joined the crowd a year later. Then, in 2009, Mazda threw its hat in the ring with the upsized Mazda 6. Meanwhile, other competent midsizers like the Chevrolet Malibu and Hyundai Sonata have soldiered on as viable alternatives. And this just in -- the 2010 Ford Fusion has received a thorough going-over and looks set to seriously challenge the class leaders.

In the face of such stiff competition, there have been some rumblings that Toyota's iconic family sedan is losing its edge. Judging by the Camry's so-so interior quality relative to previous generations, there might be some truth to that. In most other respects, though, the 2010 Toyota Camry is still a top contender, from its top-notch crashworthiness and plush ride to its slightly sullied but nonetheless enduring reputation for reliability. It doesn't handle nearly as well as sporty entrants like the Mazda 6 and Altima, of course, but we suspect the majority of shoppers in this segment will appreciate the Camry's ride and handling balance more than the Mazda's or the Nissan's.

With so many appealing options to choose from, we strongly advise shopping around and test-driving as many models as possible. We're fans of the Camry, though. Its refined character is bound to appeal to families looking for a soothing vehicular escape from the daily grind.

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2010 Toyota Camry

NEW FOR 2010

The Toyota Camry receives a number of updates for 2010, chief among them a new 2.5-liter four-cylinder base engine that replaces the previous 2.4-liter unit and comes in two versions (the SE gets the more powerful version). Also, both the manual and automatic transmissions now have six speeds instead of five. Other changes include a restyled grille and taillights, a new optional audio system with satellite radio and Bluetooth for base and LE models, and auto up/down windows on all four doors. Finally, stability control is now standard across the model range.


Roomy cabin, extraordinarily refined and fuel-efficient V6, quiet and cushy ride, excellent crash test scores.


Spotty fit and finish, spiritless handling.

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By HP on August 13 @ 10:06 am
New 2010 Camry
Picked up the car on 4/18/09- Date of manufacture is 03/09. New 2.5 engine mated to the new 6 speed automatic transmission is a big plus. Vehicle stability control is now standard. I've only had the car for 1 day- I'll report back later. Plenty of room and power. It pays to get the new 2010 over the 2009. As of today the 2010 Camry is not on the Toyota website. They're pushing out the 2009's. Go for the 2010 with the upgrades.

By mike on October 21 @ 4:33 am
New Car
I drove several sedans from European brands to smaller cars and found the Toyota Camry XLE to be an outstanding value. We have one Lexus and a BMW sedan, but found the Camry more practical with a touch of style and luxury. We are not aggressive drivers and did not miss the sporty handling. We were actually surprised at the reviews on the build quality, but I think it has improved over the last couple of years. The XLE is almost Lexus like with a few less "creature comforts".

By Maz on March 21 @ 10:33 pm
2010 Camry SE
Toyota has been known to make great cars. It drives like a dream... handling is amazing. Great on fuel, steering is responsive to any other car that I test drove... (including 2009 Altima, 2009 Mazda6) but it lacks only one thing: the interior is old and outdated... kinda feels like my grandfather's car on the inside. But its still a reliable and sturdy car!

By Rick on November 2 @ 12:06 am
2010 Camry
After driving a 2009 Honda Accord EX-L and the new Camry, I just made a deal on my 2010 Camry LE a few days ago. I love the new styling and with the added leather seats, sunroof, small spoiler and metallic gray color...it really looks great. The ride and engine are both silky smooth and the new upgraded stereo system with satellite radio and bluetooth works great. The new 2.5 4- cyl really adds some spunk and provides strong smooth acceleration. Only complaint is a bit of hunting on the part of the transmission in low speed driving...but seems to be improving as the car is getting broken in. I am keeping my fingers crossed there are not transmission issues as in some earlier Camry models...

By Bill on September 22 @ 1:16 am
Outstanding fuel economy
I currently have 1,800 miles on my new Camry and am very please with its smooth, quiet ride, good looks, and outstanding gas mileage. I got 34.2 mpg on the first tank of gas with mixed highway/city driving and 37.4 on a 454-mile highway trip. I just filled up again and the latest mpg was 35.9 with mixed driving. I drive between 55 and 60 mph normally and try to accelerate smoothly to save gas. This is a wonderful car for the money.

By KRS on December 30 @ 7:33 am
2010 Camry
Glad I waited to get the 2010 model! Extra gear, more pep than expected, little better exterior look. Smooth, quite ride. After driving a 2006 Accord Ex-L, the Camry doesn't handle as tightly as the Accord. But what you lose to handling, you more than gain back in quiet (very little road noise) comfort. Barcelona Red exterior is beautiful!

By Tom on August 9 @ 11:36 pm
Fourth Camry
Based upon some reviews and minor changes on the new models I had decided to buy something else, but after comparing the field, as well as the great price, I am happy with my choice. I just hope it is as reliable as the other 3 I have owned. I really like the few changes that have been made on 10's and am glad I waited. I agree with others that interior materials are not on par with previous Camrys. If Toyota intends to remain on top they have to address this error in judgment.

By Fischman2 on September 14 @ 8:00 am
New Owner - 300 mile review
Well, I just got the car a few days ago and I have already put over 300 miles on the car. I got approximately 27.4 MPG on the first tank. Fun to drive, very comfortable.

By Amy on April 7 @ 1:13 am
Love My New Camry!!
I've had my 2010 Camry LE for a week and a half now and I can't say enough about it. The ride is smooth and quiet, the seats are comfortable, my husband loves the lumbar support button, and the kids love the roomy rear seats. Okay, so the interior isn't flashy. So what. I care about safety, reliability and comfort. This has all of that. The trunk is HUGE. I got the Barcelona red and it is a good looking color. I am very happy with my purchase.

By AJD on June 17 @ 9:03 am
2010 Camry SE V6
Just picked up a 2010 Magnetic Gray Metallic SE V6. Loaded with everything minus Navigation. Considered the Mazda6, Altima, and Acura TSX. This car is very smooth and very quick. The V6 is silky. Does not handle like a sports car, but then again, it's not one. However, it is a perfect car if you're looking for a smooth ride, nice features, a touch of luxury, and some serious heart racing acceleration with the V6.

By Alex Povolotski on February 5 @ 10:46 am
I've test driven every mid-size family sedan on the market and Toyota Camry is my favorite. It's designed for comfort. If you like sportiness, then go buy a Porsche. Family sedans are about comfort and overall utility -- that's where Toyota excels. Silky smooth ride, very silky 6-speed auto, suspension eats up all irregularities of the road and the noise cancellation is fantastic! I could hear my watch tick when driving. Literally. It's that good! Back seat is roomier than in most competitors in its class, trunk opening is wider, build and quality is something others could adopt. What else can I say? The best car for your money.

By jpr on February 28 @ 2:33 am
After much research I chose a Camry
All competitors seemed to have a few pluses and a few minuses. The 2010 Camry I found to be the best value of the mid-size four doors. However, the interior quality is not what most people assume a Camry would be, quite a few mismatched panels, inexpensive trim pieces (the back lower part of the front seats, thin carpet, visible flashing etc.). That said, it is a quiet car with many safety features which suits my 50 mile commute well. Figure adding on another $550 to get XM receiver on the base or LE installed. Some competitors have that standard, and that's a chunk of change, something to keep in mind when figuring the total price.

By AVA on December 31 @ 1:13 pm
2010 Camry SE V6
Picked up my new 2010 Camry SE V6 last week. Got one with Sports Leather package. Very smooth ride. Quiet engine, pull like a freight train.

By Darren on December 14 @ 12:56 am
Camry 2010
Car has nice exterior looks, but the inside is bland with cheap materials and looks. Ride is smooth as expected, but it seems like the engine is weaker than the Accord LX 4 cylinder from what I've noticed. My sister-in-law has an Accord and it has much better room and it feels more plush and safe. Camry does feel more quiet, but not much. Overall this car is good, but overrated. I'd take the Accord over this car.

By TTSSN on August 14 @ 3:06 am
Smooth but FUN!
Upgrading from a 2002 Toyota Corolla S. Toyota has served me well so why wander away: No more Celica or MRS, don't want a Scion, Solara's aren't the prettiest of things...Let's get a Camry SE! My Corolla had a decent aftermarket suspension setup, and my new Camry SE handles better through the canyon roads with more power to boot! Driving to/from work, the drive is smooth and relaxed. JBL sound system with the sun roof open is great driving down the coastline. Haven't taken it on a long (50+ miles) drive yet. For now I'd say the the interior is very comfortable. Plenty of room for four adults. The exterior is gorgeous. Even had local police comment on it at an intersection!

By Michael on March 30 @ 3:50 pm
2010 toyota camry XLE
Just bought a 2010 Toyota Camry XLE, love the car. Drives as if it is sliding on wet glass, smooth, and quiet you can actually hear yourself breathe in this car. My only problem that I have is the interior door molding where the two separate material meets, the quality work is very poor, there are gaps where the materials are joined, and at present I am told that is the way they are by my dealership. With no fix for them.

By eveyy on November 16 @ 4:36 pm
Great Car... But
In June 2009, I purchased a 2010 Camry LE with leather seat option. I traded in my 12 yr. old Buick Century for my first Toyota and I miss the smooth ride on long trips. It's roomy, has great pick-up for a 4 cyl. and is easy to handle. I have automatic transmission and notice a definite bothersome downshift when slowing down. Averaged 32 mpg on a 6 hour road trip with mostly interstate driving. Very pleased about that. Not so pleased about comfort of the car and seats on the long trip. I had to purchase a donut cushion to sit on for the return. Unlike my Century, on bumpy patches of highway, I felt every bump & vibration. Road noise was also high and had to turn the radio way up.

By Dom on March 26 @ 7:33 pm
2010 Camry LE
Can't go wrong with this car. Quiet, ride is great, gas mileage is outstanding (29 mpg first tank), all latest safety features (knee airbag, ESC, Traction Control, ABS). The new 2.5 liter engine and 6 speed transmission is a significant improvement. It behaves like a V6 and the power doesn't poop out at high speeds. I have a Lexus GS series also and this Camry is not much different (ride, quiet) for thousands less.

By Charles on April 15 @ 4:20 am
First of all, I farm in ND and like thing simple. Recently I traded in my 2009 Camry for the 2010 model which will be my 7th Camry. Thus far I have been very happy with the Camry model, but recently I attempted to change the oil. When I crawled under the vehicle I discovered that Toyota has gone backwards in their oil filter design and type. The new "feature" is a canister filter instead of the spin on type. It requires a $50 tool just to remove the newer filter. I run 300 horsepower plus tractors and they went away from canister filters many years ago for simplicity sake, and so I see this recent filter change as a backwards step. I find this step to be both irritating and disappointing.

By Auburn Q on September 12 @ 10:26 am
Better than Accord
I've driven my new 2010 Camry XLE for about 3 weeks. I have an average of 30 MPG of combined city and highway miles, which is very good. I particularly enjoy the smooth, quiet and comfortable ride of this model. Having test-driven the Honda Accord, it was easy for me to make a decision to purchase the XLE even though it cost me ~$2K more. It is well worth it.

By Jim on November 16 @ 5:40 pm
Poor Design
I've driven many Toyota's and this one is rather dull and disappointing. Pickup and handling is fine. The low end version of the car isn't very comfortable, but maybe the high end version is. The car doors don't close without extra force. They are probably too light and it is easy to think they are closed until you start driving. Finally the back seat has gaps near the seat belt. We actually lost things in these gaps, and you cannot get to them unless you go to the dealer and remove the seats! Not a family car.

By dodoadiesel on May 14 @ 8:56 pm
Pretty Nice Car
I drove everything before buying the Camry 2.5 i4 LE. Jettas, Accords, CRV's, Civics, Corollas, Matrix, Prius, Vibe, Sonatas, Elantras, Fusion, Outbacks and Foresters. Camry is quiet, has plenty of power, roomy, trunk is cavernous. Fold down 60/40 seats in the back lets you put six foot long objects in there. Interior is very functional - won't win any design awards but it is comfortable and the instrumentation is easy to see. Basic stereo is nice and plays MP3 CDs with aplomb. Six speed shifts smoothly and the car likes to operate at around 2000 rpms. Got 32.6 MPG with my first tankful - mixed driving. Handling is nimble for a family sedan.

By TRH on July 18 @ 1:33 am
Great Car
I traded in my 2004 Volvo S60 for a 2010 Toyota Camry LE and could not be happier with my decision. After having my 2004 Volvo S60 in the shop over 12 times last year for repairs I decided after more research to purchase a Camry. My Volvo was good until I hit 40K and after that it was down hill. I know the Camry will be better and hope to get a good ownership experience. So far I am very pleased with my purchase and would chose simplicity, quality, reliability, dependably, value, and long term durability over any Euro car again.

By Jamison on January 6 @ 10:36 pm
Amazing Car!!!
Smooth, comfortable, and sporty ride; the V6 is very worth it. Takes corners surprisingly well and is seamless for cruising around. Been driving a 2004 Cadillac STS on and off and this car drives even better. Considered Honda Accord, Subaru, and Nissan. Went for the upgraded body kit and it looks great! Unbeatable in resale, maintenance, and overall value. No wonder it's the best selling car 11 of last 12 years.

By 2010camrync on July 10 @ 12:50 am
Electronic Transmission feels Unstable
Electronic transmission and drive-by- wire make the automatic shifting a rough ride. The car feels unstable and leaves you feeling like you're not in complete control. Very disappointed in this car and really quite surprised that Toyota released this car to consumers with such an unruly shifting pattern of this electronic transmission.

By Mike Smith on October 11 @ 5:03 pm
Great Reliable Camry...
I upgraded from a 2006 Corolla to a 2010 Camry and after driving the Camry for about 10 days I feel that I never want to drive the Corolla again. The overall ride quality is great, very quiet, very reliable, acceleration for a V4 engine with 6-Speed Auto is great, Felt like you have a V6 engine when you step up on the gas. Brakes with ABS is good, the stock sound system is pretty adequate for my needs. Overall very happy with the car. So far the only thing I don't like is the mileage, I was used to the Corolla mileage so it might take a little bit of time to adjust to the mileage drop with Camry, but I don't regret the drop in mileage any bit.

By shan on July 17 @ 3:46 am
Smooth power-train cheap interior
The power-train is smooth, with a very quiet and smooth 4 cyl, but tire noise is well heard on the slightest rough pavement. And what was Toyota thinking by putting velvet cloth for door arm rests that will get dirty and is not very washable--just plain stupid! The seat material is 70's looking and looks cheap, and the fuzzy head-liner has to go. And how much would it have cost to include an ipod and usb port as standard? The Sonata has them. The carpet is really thin and cheap feeling.

By hurls on September 13 @ 6:40 am
Quiet but a bit boring
This is my first Toyota. I narrowed it down to the Accord, Fusion and Camry. Chose Camry because I got the best deal. After factoring the Toyota 0% for 60 months it made Camry several thousand less than the others. I have had the Camry for a few days and each day I like it better. Feels solid and a very quiet ride. First tank of gas was only 24mpg with 60% Freeway/30% City. I think I am going to be very happy with this vehicle for years to come. It's just not a smile on your face, blast to drive.

By RDM on February 13 @ 3:50 pm
First New Toyota
We test drove the Fusion, Accord and Senata before deciding on the Camry. We had a used 93 Camry. The XLE w/3.0 is responsive and comfortable on the road - we picked it up on a Friday and went on a 600 mile trip that weekend. Avg 26 MPG - Love the Smart Key system - it does seam a bit noisy but not excessive.

By Ottawa on February 27 @ 5:00 am
Nice car
Have had the car a few days. Almost perfect in every respect. Got the Touring Package - well worth it. Never had a moonroof before - nice. Gas mileage a bit disappointing so far given I'm taking it easy, but until broken in, not surprising. Bad lower back, so really like the power lumbar support. Only complaint - the brake pedal clunks when released. Should have added a rubber stop to prevent this. Michelin Energy tires handle fine but a bit noisier than expected at 100 k per hour. Test drove the 2.4 2009 with 5 speed trans. Perhaps my imagination, but the 2.5 6 speed seemed a lot more responsive, + LED tail lights, new front end design, & claims of better gas mileage, so went with the 2010.

By BC on April 6 @ 10:13 am
Everything you would expect from Toyota
I drove the Sonata, Accord, and Malibu before choosing the Camry. I enjoyed all the cars except for the Honda. When 0% interest hit I took the Camry out for a spin. This vehicle is smooth, quiet, and surprisingly peppy. I have read the reviews about the interior and I feel that it is very adequate. I also enjoy the ride and like the steering feel. As a commuter or family vehicle you can't go wrong with the Camry. This is my first Toyota and I am impressed thus far.

By dixiedoodle on August 3 @ 8:23 am
2010 Camry V6 SE
I just bought a Toyota Camry yesterday. I just love it. White exterior, windows tinted. This is our 3rd Camry. Toyota out did itself once again. I only have one complaint; the head rests are uncomfortable, thrusting my head forward. The V6 is powerful. I prefer the V6 over the 4 cyl, sacrificing a few miles to the gallon to get the smoother and powerful ride. We are a family of Toyotas and we will never buy any other car. This car is fun to drive!!! The radio is excellent.

By BRCamry on May 6 @ 8:00 am
I like my 2003 better
I like the ride and mpg, but attention to detail has slipped the past few years. My 2003 Camry got the same mileage and it was a little more comfortable. The car handles well enough and will haul five people comfortably. The engine seems to have more power than my 2003 Camry. This is my third Camry and I have had great luck with them. But after buying the Camry, I wished I had looked at the Accord and Sonata a little closer.

By ian on June 13 @ 2:40 pm
Just got the standard XLE two days ago. The car drives great, is very quiet and has sufficient power.

By DeeDee on June 1 @ 6:56 pm
Love this car!!!
I have been waiting for my Chevy Impala lease to expire and couldn't wait to get my Camry (I never considered any other car). I am extremely happy with my choice and this car has gone beyond my expectations. The ride is smooth and quiet and this car is just plain fun to drive. I got the SE model and the exterior is simply beautiful to look at. You cannot beat the quality of this vehicle nor the great resale value. It is like night and day going from my 2006 Impala to this car. Every time I drive it I love it even more. Test drive one, the quality speaks for itself!

By F.Irasos on October 16 @ 8:23 pm
I have been driving this car (SE V6) for the past 10 days and so far I love it. Everyone who sees it thinks it is a Lexus. The ride is smooth, comfortable, and fun. I got the leather sport package with JBL sound system and it is great. Why spend 5 - 10 K more for a Lexus when you get this awesome car for much less without sacrificing anything.

By jimcar22 on March 23 @ 12:00 pm
Wind Noise
After reading some of the other reviews, I don't understand what I'm hearing in the way of wind noise/turbulence. Others seem to think it is very quiet with very little road noise. Are my ears just that good or what? We hear much more wind turbulence than our older 2002. We took it to the dealer and they confirmed it was not wind through the side windows, but turbulence caused by the way the windshield directs the air past the side windows. A channeling effect they told us. Part of the design they said and we should just get used to it or get another kind of car.

By jpr on October 6 @ 5:06 pm
2500 mile update - 30.8 miles per gallon
Would like to share thoughts after driving this 2010 Camry LE 4 cylinder, 6 speed auto for apx. 3 months and 2500 miles... am very pleased with the "everyday" gas mileage (mixed driving, freeway commute to work and city driving for errands) 30.8 mpg. Fantastic for the space and size of this vehicle. The transmission seemed to be "learning" my driving style the first week or two, then has smoothed out beautifully...I think this is typical of most modern transmissions. Very pleased with driving this car in the rain, very secure and the wipers are the best of any vehicle I have driven...small detail but may be important to someone thinking of purchasing this vehicle who often drives in rain.

By kenbb on May 2 @ 9:16 am
Second Camry
Runs quiet and smooth. Great drivetrain. Interior materials are a notch below past models but I seem to see this on all the new cars of the present generations. If you look close on any of them you will find someplace they are trying to save.

By Ryan on January 23 @ 4:40 pm
Quality Car - Economical Price
This is a wonderful car. I traded in my 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the Cash for Clunkers program, before it ran out! I wanted a comfortable car that would get great gas mileage and be very reliable. This car meets and exceeds all of those criterion. From personal experience I know Toyota builds quality vehicles. My grandfather still drives an early model Toyota Tacoma with 300,000 miles. My father has a 2006 Camry with 90,000 miles that drives today just as it did when he bought it new. I look forward to driving this car every day. Drives great and looks really slick. I got it in black and I've received numerous complements. What I hear most is that it looks like a Lexus.

By Az73 on October 17 @ 12:30 am
Sensible Fun
We have owned A6 and E Class in past. Looked at the Accord and Camry because they are just sensible, reliable, low operating cost cars. Ended up purchasing the Camry SE because it is a nice but low key car for taking clients out without the flash or expense of CPO E Class or 5 series that were in the running. In my final judgment the Camry just makes a lot of sense, particularly, in a down economy. I have been surprised by the new 2.5 6 speed 4 cylinder that has provided solid acceleration, good handling, comfortable seats, loads of backseat room, and great fuel economy. I was concerned by some comments about un-comfortable seats/headrests but have not had any problem.

By horrible front seats on December 19 @ 3:36 pm
very uncomfortable driver seat
Bought a 2010 Toyota Camry XLE V6 last 8/19/09, I commute to work 150 miles each way, about 300 miles roundtrip and this car is very good except for the very uncomfortable driver seat. the seat thigh support is not long enough to be comfortable, I'm 5'9" and after 1 hour of driving, I would start to have cramps on the back of my right thigh. The driver seat cushion is not thick enough to be comfortable. My buttocks starts to hurt after 1-2 hours of driving that I want to stop driving and get out of the car to stretch my legs to relieve the cramps on my right thigh and relieve pressure on my sore buttocks. I usually drive 3 hours each way to work, about 6 hours roundtrip.I weigh only 225 lbs.

By ToyotaFan on November 18 @ 7:00 pm
A luxury car with a lower price
I have been very impressed with this car. The seats are very comfortable, better than any other car I have driven. The driving is "plush" more than "sporty" which I prefer as I don't want to feel every bump in the road. The engine is quite powerful and has plenty of giddy-up. Braking is very sharp. Very quiet vehicle. Excellent turning radius. Gets up to 32 mpg on 87 octane when driven on highway even though it is advertised at 28 mpg (how often do you see that?). Visibility out the back of the car is still pretty good, and the rear view camera helps quite a bit. I feel like I am driving a luxury car. Good workmanship.

By carowner on February 4 @ 11:33 pm
Toyota Finally got it right
First off, I am a current owner of a 03 Camry, and when the 07 Camry came out I was disappointed with its transmission hesitation. It was nothing like my 03. I waited years for Toyota to fix this to add a second Camry to my fleet, but the 08 was the same and 09 wasn't promising although they fixed it slightly. When I saw the '10 Camry that had a new 6-speed tranny and new 2.5L engine, I took it for a test drive, and was sold on it. Rest assured the transmission shifts FLAWLESSLY. Smooth, and timed right. The Camry is back!

By JL Brown on April 23 @ 12:26 pm
2010 Camry LE
Bought the new 2010 Camry LE4, Gold w/sunroof and alloy wheels. Now have 2500 miles. This car has never exceeded 20/gal. I like the interior/exterior design and features. 16 inch wheels with Bridgestone tires. The tires sound like truck tires. Extremely noisy. Reflections of the top of the dash and back head rests onto the windows is unforgivable. This is my third Camry. I would rate it below average of the 3.

By Lukewarm in Florida on June 7 @ 9:26 am
Great car overall...but...
I bought this car back in the spring right when the new model came out. I love the new styling and the interior, ride and acceleration are great. The upgraded stereo with satellite and bluetooth is amazing for a factory stereo. Connect a good MP3 to it and you will be amazed at the sound quality and clarity. The voice-activated bluetooth works very well so far. If you are considering this car, PLEASE NOTE: The new automatic transmission shifts smoothly in highway acceleration and cruising BUT the auto transmission does NOT do well in stop and go, around town driving...it never seems to know what gear to be in and downshifts rather harshly when slowing or coming to a stop-very annoying!

By Raider68 on July 24 @ 7:36 am
Great Car!
I was looking at the LE and the dealer asked me to look at the SE model. I am sure glad that I did! For $1500 more you get a lot of equipment. I love the special seats and ground effects package.

By Speckled Hen on April 12 @ 8:23 pm
Camry XLE 2010 problems
Problem switching the radio over from XM to Sirius. I have had so many problems with this car. The remote key does not work well. You have to hit the button several times for it to unlock. The interior starting falling apart about a month after I bought the car. The visor on the driver's side has the stitching coming out, the front passenger seat fell apart. The engine also makes a loud and strange sound. The dealership said that this was a new engine that they just starting installing in the 2010's. This car has been so awful. I wish I had looked around more before I purchased. I also do not get the gas mileage that the sticker promises. When driving highway I only get 27 mpg instead of the 32 mpg stated.

By JonJon1223 on November 15 @ 8:13 am
I traded up my 2007 Corolla SE to a 2010 Toyota Camry SE and I am very happy with my decision. The Camry SE looks sleek, drives like a dream, and is very quiet...even on highway driving. I do a lot of highway driving and I'm averaging 32mpg. The 2.5L engine has plenty of pickup and is smooth. I love to drive this car! Lexus quality without paying the price!

By Ray on June 20 @ 11:20 am
Pleasantly surprised
I have never considered a Toyota ever. I've had almost every make, Honda, Nissan, Volvo, VW, Chevy, Ford, BMW. A Camry was the least likely. I must admit I'm blow away. The exterior is beautiful, the interior is laid out elegantly. The ride is firm and supple. It isn't super agile, but agile enough to be fun. Overall it's a lot of car for the money, I couldn't be more satisfied.

By Janebtalking on August 20 @ 8:13 am
First Toyota Purchase
I've always driven American company cars and this is my first foreign. I test drove seven other cars of the affordable mid-size range. I felt the Toyota was by far the superior of them all. The comfort, the interior layout, the power, the effortless gear change, the exterior and the options is what sold me on this car. I have read reviews stating the Camry is boring. Sure, if you buy the basic edition. The SE is the way to go if looks is your concern. The road noise vs. most others was the most noticeable to me. There is no comparison, the Camry is incredibly quiet. Very happy with my decision for this car!

By Scott on May 6 @ 8:50 am
Dashboard rattles
Dashboard rattles after 100 miles! No screw on oil filter, cartridge type filter, needs synthetic oil - dealership quote about $70 every 5 thousand miles.

By waltparsons on June 24 @ 12:30 pm
Nice looking; dissapointing performance
The car is nice but I am not happy with the drive-by-wire and electronic transmission. The shifting feels erratic and makes the driving experience frustrating at slower shifting speeds. The dealership acknowledge the issue but says there is no "fix". For a Toyota, I'm disappointed and a bit surprised that this would be considered acceptable for release to the consumer. I hope they rectify this soon.

By Thomas on August 5 @ 7:40 pm
The best buy available today
Once I decided to trade-in my 2009 Accord due to the annoying amount of road noise and front brake issues I test drove every thing in the $20-30k segment. I may have gone with the Fusion if it were not for the cheap interior. I really liked the Sonata however I didn't want to risk the poor resale value. I chose the Camry as I was willing to give up some handling for fit and finish and ride. The mpg's are great too. This is the first Toyota I've owned and couldn't be happier. Like the Accord there are a lot of Camry's out on the road but I don't feel it takes away from its underrated looks. I think the exterior design is very fluid and could have easily been a more expensive car.

By First Toyota on May 23 @ 11:13 pm
First Toyota Purchase
I leased a 2010 Camry XLE V6 approximately a month ago. (coming off 12 years of GM cars). I test drove the V6 SE (love the sporty look of the car) and the V6 XLE. After test driving both cars, I immediately told the salesman that the XLE was the way I wanted to go. The ride is so smooth, but not soft. The handling is quite responsive and the powerful V6 (268) is extremely impressive. I use the cruise control on the car whenever possible on the highway and find that this car's CC is extremely accurate with no noticeable braking and acceleration on hills. Love the comfortable and well laied out interior. The JBL audio system is fabulous. A truly good car.

By travelkat on July 2 @ 12:50 pm
A Nice Transition
I bought the Camry SE after driving a 2002 Camaro Z28 for 7 years. I have been very happy with the sport suspension on the SE model (did not like the feel of the LE model at all -- much too soft). But my silver Camry SE with charcoal leather interior is fabulous! It looks great, feels great, and it's easy on the wallet. I became interested in Toyota when my husband bought a Tacoma back in the spring. I decided Toyota equals quality! We test-drove the Prius but I felt like I was riding in a tin can. When I drove the Camry SE I fell in love. This is how a car should drive! I don't understand the reviews that say the car is bland or unexciting, maybe they did not get the SE model.

By Bill Bivins on October 19 @ 7:10 am
Camry XLE 6 Cylinder
After owning only "Detroit manufactured" cars for many years (I previously worked for GM and later Ford), I finally broke down and bought a reliable, competent vehicle which, however, is not all that exciting. For my retirement car, I thought I couldn't do better than the Camry. So far, very pleasant to drive, good feel of the road, well-executed, even if unexciting, styling. You can't go wrong with Camry.

By CMGB on December 18 @ 3:10 am
Smooth Ride
The Camry SE V6 rides like "buttah". I shopped Honda Accord V6 and Toyota Camry SE V6 and was sold on the Camry for the quiet, smooth ride and comfortable seats. I found the Honda Seats very hard, which is a chronic complaint in customer reviews. The SE is classy and sporty looking in one package and has plenty of pep for highway driving. It doesn't feel as "zippy" as my previous car (Maxima), which is ok, because I'm loving the luxury feel.

By Hillbilly on May 15 @ 1:26 am
Good all around family car
Moved from a 2000 solara se to the 2010 camry se. The car's exterior looks are great and the black leather interior is outstanding but its frosty blue dash is outdated and glares in the daylight. It's handling is better than my old solara's but is not quite as sporty. I think the V6 would be a bit more fun to drive. Only get the smart key feature if you constantly lock your keys in the car (you can't do that with smart key). But if you lose them it costs $350 to rekey the car.

By ToyoFamily on August 18 @ 3:13 pm
Camry 2010 - Must See
Excellent on-road manners, draws enough and more attention in the parking lot, what with cool exterior looks. Good MPG as against segment competition, generous features and interior room, great value for money. Problem areas-few, as listed below 1) Bluetooth: Conversation echoes on the other end when using Bluetooth Car Kit. 2) Can't use Navigation when playing music from phone viaBluetooth, can do only 1 at a time. 3) Extra storage space by gear shift is a waste, can't accommodate a standard sized PDA device or a Blackberry, the door gets jammed and won't close, causing clutter {charging wire and phone}, they should be away from the gear shift. 4) Standard speakers are "so so", could be better.

By Summerwinds on August 5 @ 5:53 am
Toyota Camry SE Lease
The Camry looks great from the front. On the highway I was impressed with its stable ride and quietness. The 2.5 cruised effortlessly at 65 mph. The automatic transmission shifter gate takes some getting used to and around town the transmission seems to shift too much. The driver's seat could go back further. Overall a very impressive car.

By SecondCamry on March 19 @ 9:53 pm
An honest opinion
I did a lot of research before purchasing and read many reviews regarding the cars harsh shifting in low speeds. After driving it for 3000 miles I understand now what was meant. The will not let you cruise at low speeds when releasing the brake. In stop-and-go traffic the car seems to be confused about what gear to be in. However once you reach higher speeds the car is very smooth and gives an impressive ride. I just really hope they will figure some way to take car of the shifting issue in city traffic, it's a little annoying. MY HUMBLE RECOMMENDATION - test drive the car for a while to get the feel of this issue and see if it bothers you. Hope this helps.

By Jason on November 11 @ 5:43 pm
Everything Good Except Interior Quality
I wanted a vehicle that was reliable, mildly sporty, and good-looking. The first thing that came to mind was the Accord, but I didn't find it visually appealing, and it was a bit large for me. I liked the previous generation Accord better. So the next best choice was the Camry SE. Considering Toyota's reputation for quality and reliability, this seemed to be a good choice. The car handles well and the suspension is firm, but not too harsh. So far (at 3,600 miles), I've had no major issues. However, the interior is plagued with intermittent minor ticking/clicking/rattling sounds whenever I'm on less than perfect pavement. The interior fit and finish is also disappointing.

By JPhilip on March 3 @ 9:40 pm
Passenger seat Adjustment
I bought a new 2010 Camry LE. It comes with power seat for driver side. It's very difficult for a passenger side traveler to sit in the car. It does not have an adjustable height. If you're not a big person you feel like sitting in a half way folded seat.

By miguel on November 20 @ 7:56 am
First and last Toyota
I have to start by saying it looks good and is comfortable to drive, that is where my praise ends. I now have 3000 miles on it and find myself loaded with regret. Nowhere in the manual or brochure is there a mention of what the service manager called clutch braking. That is the extremely annoying downshifting you do in town traffic. I really hate that I did not notice it on the short test drive. I am guessing that is why my mileage is bad, most recent was 20 on the hiway. Best was 28 on a flat road in Kansas, tires at 35 psi and 60 mph. Best average is 22, and I drive very conservatively. I bought it to gain better mileage, if you have similar desires, look elsewhere.

By Best Value Seeker on February 20 @ 9:26 am
Peppy acceleration for 4 cyl
Peppy acceleration for 4 cyl, ride is serene (almost no road noise), steering is light & handles curves fine w/little body lean, auto trans shifts abruptly, esp. in city traffic. Too early to tell how reliable new engine and trans are.

By Hari on March 9 @ 8:10 am
Camry LE - Just Amazing
This car will get you from point A to Point B in a very comfortable manner. Excellent vehicle. A bang for your buck. Got below invoice at World Toyota, GA. It's like a big soft bubble when driving. The shock absorbers make the ride very very comfortable. Very little road noise. I'm used to driving a civic, so this is much more of a smooth ride. I agree with other reviews, that the car is boring however, it's very reliable. Any given day, I'd aim for reliability over fun-to-drive. I've had this car for about 2 weeks, and put on 2000+ miles. MPG is very, very good. Highway going 70- 72 on cruise, I'm getting 33 -35 MPG!

By Sen79 on January 1 @ 6:16 pm
Best family car in 20k segment
This is my second Camry and have not disappointed with anything so far. Like few others reported, I was able to feel little jolt esp driving below 40 mph in stop & go traffic in the beginning. The new car was not coasting like my old one. But after driving for about 800 miles the tranny has become smooth. The cloth seats were not comfortable for me. So I added leather seats along with Alloy Wheels (extra value package). I looked at Altima, Honda, Sonata and settled for Camry primarily for the quiet ride (that I was very much used to in my old Camry). The new engine is a little peppier than the old version.

By gtgtcobra on June 16 @ 4:30 pm
THE BEST Car that you can buy!
I just leased this car for 3 years. My 2010 Camry LE 4 cylinder automatic is VERY comfortable and VERY quiet. Everything about this car is excellent. It's economical and it also has a large gas tank so you can really go a very long distance on a full tank of gas. I got an average of 24.6 MPG on my 2nd tank of gas with only 708 miles on the odometer. I went 444.4 miles on a full tank of gas on the 2nd fill-up. The MPG fuel economy gets even better to 30 MPG as you put more mileage on the car. The Camry is also very nice looking and it has plenty of room inside and it also has a lot of trunk space/room. The fit and finish on this car is very good. You can't go wrong with this car. This is an excellent car and this car rocks!!

By yo on July 13 @ 3:40 am
Cool car
This car is very neat in different ways. First, the trunk could fit almost anything. Second, it's very loose and roomy. This is my first car and I look forward to the next Camry.

By TJB on June 24 @ 2:20 am
Non Stop Problems
I just passed 3000 miles on my 2010 Camry and I have already had it in for repairs 15 times. I have an appointment for #16. There have been NON STOP rattles coming from the dash and windows. As soon as one is fixed another appears. The car rattles on smooth roads. We have also replaced a strut already as well. The car looks great and drives great but I can't even stand to drive it now.

By steve leyton on March 17 @ 12:43 am
Head rests from Hell
As the owner of a 2002 SE stick-shift, I have been very happy with my Camry for a quarter million miles. With all its improvement, I expected the 2010 6-sp auto to be better. It is, in most ways, but lets me down in a few key areas. The fuel mileage is way off though it is driven on the highway 90%. The seats are not as comfortable, especially my main problem: the extremely uncomfortable angle of the front headrests make it impossible to find a good driving position. The placement of the mirror control is too far to use correctly. The seat fabric is a real turn-off. Every other feature of the car is either as good or much better than my '02, especially the power.

By VG on May 21 @ 2:03 pm
Benchmark of excellence
My first car was a Toyota Camry and this is my second after taking a break from Toyota.I rented this car several times and contrary to what the reviews say, the Camry is definitely the most refined automobile on the road wish Lexus like qualities.The ride is well worth it and the V6 works upto this.The first Camry was a 4 cylinder and was exceptional in every aspect except power, but Toyota has came a long way since then.One aspect that Toyota should make an option as Nissan has with some of their models is the option of HID lights.HID lights are available on Camry's big brother,the Avalon on select trims.Overall the Camry is definitely reliable,great quality,sporty,luxurious,worth the money

By mwfu00 on May 31 @ 4:10 pm
Pleasantly Surprised
Hubby purchased 2010 Camry SE V6 while I was out of town. This was my back-up choice, so I was not terribly excited to get home and see it or drive it. Boy, did my mind change when I saw it! This car looks TIGHT, compared to other Camry trims. I am not a car guru-I just want something that goes. That's why my ride/drive ratings are 8s...those are things I just don't care about (except MPG). But the look of this thing is totally different from my grandma's Camry. Can't imagine I'll be disappointed in the performance/reliability, so I'm totally happy with something that is not only a good, sensible decision, but also looks far cooler than I had expected.

By tcarstar on July 10 @ 5:26 am
Near-Luxury XLE is Outstanding!
Our loaded black XLE has been outstanding. The XLE is a near-luxury car, with a very quiet and comfortable ride and too many luxury features to list. The Camry is the most luxurious ride in its class. (If you want a sports car, buy a sports car. If you want a comfortable ride, buy a Camry.) The safety features are excellent: curtain airbags, vehicle stability control, great crash ratings. The fit and finish of our Indiana-made XLE has been perfect. The XLE is loaded with everything we could want for the price and a great value

By RAP on March 28 @ 5:03 am
Base Camry Auto 4 Cyl
We've had the car since last April and have put about 4000 miles on it. This is our third Camry. Rides beautifully and neither my wife or I have noticed any of the annoying in-town downshifting mentioned by other reviewers. Build quality seems excellent in terms of fit and lack of rattles. Interior trim materials, however, could be somewhat nicer.

By Just Me on April 14 @ 3:30 am
I think this car is Wonderful. This is my first new car and I am so grateful I made this choice. This car runs so smooth, and quiet. I love quiet cars. The gas mileage is great. I feel like I have road around the world before I have to refill :)! The car is roomy and comfortable; I do have children and they have plenty of room in the back; I made sure to ask them that when we went for a test drive. It is also very reliable.

By Bobbi on November 19 @ 6:56 am
2nd time around
I just traded in my 2007 Camry XLE V6 for a new 2010 and I love the car. I love everything about the car, its comfort, its smooth drive...everything.

By Djz on January 12 @ 11:43 pm
First Camry
My family outgrow our 2003 corolla. We test drive Accord and Camry several times and decide to go with Camry because the comfortable drive and quietness. The reverse pull at 35 and 25 mph when the gas pedal is released bugs me little bit. It interferes with anticipating driving when running up to red light. Got 28mpg for the first tank, 80% local/stop/go. Not bad, thought miss my corolla's 38mpg. Pay more on gas for more space. Cloth arm rest does not make sense as it will get dirty quickly. It is boring to drive but I prefer comfort over excitement when hauling the whole family in it. Trunk fits 2 big luggage side by side. Was hoping to get a manual but hard to find. Cannot wait any longer.

By PirateMorgan on June 30 @ 10:30 am
Sporty Camry SE has some shortcomings
I have owned this car for 4,000 miles in all kinds of conditions. Snow, rain, city, and highway driving. This car is VERY fun to drive. The SE package adds 10hp via dual exhaust and tuning, anti-roll bars front and rear, tighter springs, and lower profile tires (not extremely low, just low enough). It handles beautifully, corners are absorbed with ease, and pickup from the 4cyl. is modest. It does whine a bit at first start on cold mornings, inherent with most 4cyl. It is a "tight" ride, if you want "soft" go for the LE or XLE.

By comfy on March 29 @ 2:50 pm
doubting myself
I'm 20 years old, bought this in the forest green color have gotten compliment on color. Ride is kinda rough in first couple gears, interior could use a little sprucing up, otherwise it does have a lot of pick up for a 4 cylinder. I'm keeping up with 6 and 8 cylinders on the highway and have no trouble passing. If you're around my age, I'd say buy it, but you're gonna have to shell out some cash to spruce it up a little bit to make it a little fancier.

By fuel econ on September 26 @ 10:46 pm
fuel economy blues
I love the style of this car. The interior and dash is plain jane to me. I bought this car and went with the 4 cyl thinking I would get great gas mileage for work. Very disappointed with 24-26 mile/gal. I don't drive aggressive either. I also hear a wisling on the windshield driving on the highway. The interior is very roomy . Other than the fuel economy I love the car.

By warnerjm on October 4 @ 5:46 pm
We Love It!!!
We love this car. We drove the Accord, CR-V, and RAV4 and this car had them all trumped in nearly every category. It is smoother, quieter, more energetic, the headlights illuminate better, the seats are more comfortable, the trunk and the fuel tank are larger than the others. Even the horn sounds "adult" - no wimpy "bleat". We've had the car only two months so I don't have a handle on MPG but it appears to be in the 23-30 range(V6!).

By Toledojoe on April 28 @ 4:30 am
Don't Buy This Junk!!
Toyota has fallen off of their pedestal. The transmission shifting is horrible in city traffic. Shifting is very erratic and clunky. There is also a drag on the transmission during coasting speeds and when approaching a stop. The transmission is constantly clunking and jarring the car when slowing down or approaching a stop. Surprisingly, the dealers all know about it and shrug it off as not important. One had the audacity to tell me it was a "safety feature" to which they quickly retreated from upon further reasoning. Don't buy one!!!! These cars are junk! What happened to Toyota quality?

By bob on May 17 @ 7:40 am
Fun & Practical all in one
I bought the XLE loaded except for the 3.5 engine, which after test driving, I discovered I did not need. The new 2.5 plus the 6 spd AT is much more responsive than my '04 LE. Car is fun to drive, spacious even in the back seats, comfortable, & has great big trunk. I like the fog lights, keyless entry. Leather interior is luxurious. Seems to have all of the extra's found on a late model Lexus, which I also test drove, except the little "L" on the front. I can get gas mileage 10% in excess of its rating.

By LN on December 15 @ 4:00 am
A Middle Class Mercedes
Outstanding exterior compared to current Lexus and Mercedes sedans. Dwarfs entire Camry lineup in style and ride. Excellent pickup from dead start. Braking is less than expected, especially with 4 wheel discs, ABS, 17/55 sport tires. Amazing 6 Speed transmission: silky smooth feel/power transfer. Sporty suspension/steering is controlled, responsive, and absorbs bumps well. Grating road noise from Toyo Proxie tires robs me of pleasure. Cutting edge style and technology diminished by shortcomings of interior design, finish and materials: Side Mirror, Cruise, Wiper Controls Challenging at Night. Cheap carpeting and inferior door trim plastics. Dash rattling when A/C on.

By boyboy on August 26 @ 8:06 pm
Good buy
We had the car for 7 months drives well specially with use of sequential shift. The dealer give couples of thousand below mssrp+ apr and I get the car in 3 hours. Gas average 24 mpg not bad and I got free remote starter. Awesome deal

By nikita on December 4 @ 3:50 am
Rear defogger problem
As a Toyota fan with 4 previous Toyota cars (3 Camrys and 1 Corolla) I should say it is a great car. Acceleration is great with the V6 engine, I like the wood dash trim. I have put 4K on the car so far and I love it. The only complaint I have at this point is the rear defogger. It does not work. It is on the same button with the heated side mirrors and they work just fine but not the rear window defogger. I hope it is not a major problem to fix and I am taking the car back to the dealership to fix it.

By cfc on July 19 @ 10:43 pm
Candy Red
Purchased this car for daughter and not only does she love driving it but her mother and I do also. Very quiet, little road noise, excellent steering and also solid riding vehicle. Sharp looking and love the trunk lots of space even without the added advantage of the back seat laying down. Would definitely purchase another Camry.

By JJ on March 29 @ 2:30 pm
I Love my new Camry
This is my 4th Camry and 5th Toyota I have owned. In the past I had always purchased the LE model. After my girlfriend purchased a late model XLE with a 6 cylinder engine I decided my next care would be a 6. The XLE is an amazing car. Very luxurious and a pleasure to drive. This by far the best car I have ever owned.

By Bill on March 23 @ 11:20 pm
What Quality
Thought these Toyota guys had it going so I bought one for my daughter. What a mistake! Road noise is horrible. Car has numerous rattles and squeaks now we learn that it could have hung accelleration and Toyota's CEO advises that we keep driving it. No thanks I love my daughter too much to put her in this piece of junk. I'm headed to Ford they have a better idea.

By irishlager on May 10 @ 6:00 am
Why can't this car drive staight?
My Camry does have a smooth, comfortable, quiet ride. However there are two things that are potential buyers should be aware of. Camry has an alignment problem. This car constantly pulls to the left. After taking delivery, I had to return to the dealer for an alignment with only 400 miles it! I now have 3900 miles and I'm going back again. I have also discovered that the highway mileage isn't as advertised. I can only 30 miles to the gallon on the highway.

By Mike S on February 13 @ 1:56 am
So far, so good with SE
I bought this car for the nice looks (SE), roomy interior and trunk, and good fuel economy. So far, I like everything about it. It felt bigger than the Malibu and Fusion and includes all kinds of safety and sporty features in base SE form. Fuel Economy is about 26 mpg so far. This car is a keeper for me. It is handling my cravings for sporty looks, soft ride, and good fuel economy with plenty of room for the family, all for $23K!

By Paul on July 8 @ 11:10 am
2010 Camry SE
If you are buying this car based on Toyota quality,you are wasting your money! Look at the rear speakers in the trunk. You can not find a lesser quality car speaker.While in the trunk, lift up the carpet look at the piece of junk cardboard over the spare tire. Look at the paper thin plastic splash guard under the radiator and motor.I've only had this car 2 months and this is what I discovered (not counting recalls)Don't buy this junk!

By Annoying Shifting on September 14 @ 12:33 pm
Annoying Shifting
I have had the car only a little while and drive in a lot of stop and go traffic to and from work. I can already tell that this is not the car for driving in heavy traffic. The up and down shifting is jerky and the car does not provide a smooth ride. I almost want to go back to my 1998 camry which has a smoother ride at low speeds! I wish there was traffic when I took the test drive so I could have noticed this before buying...

By moil190 on July 2 @ 8:26 am
Great car
Love this car. After test-driving numerous vehicles of different makes/models, I chose the Camry SE. Runs great, fun to drive, good gas mileage. Good performance for 4 cylinder family sedan.

By Jeff on February 7 @ 4:56 am
Lexus at a Camry price
I got the Base Camry and was surprised at how many things are standard equipment on this car. It is very quiet and comfortable. The acceleration is amazing and the fuel economy is great. Today I drove to work in a heavy rain and I felt very safe in this car. It has a lot of safety features.

By Zak on September 6 @ 10:56 pm
I Love my new 2010 Camry SE
I checked out the following cars before I purchased the SE Camry: Accord LX/EX & Mazda 6 different trims. I liked all makes, but Mazda6 was a little smaller, Accord steering was heavy. The Camry was the best bang for the buck and you get more options as standard. I chose SE over LE for the sporty looks, performance and handling. The SE is worth the extra $1500 over the LE.

By Clunking sound on November 3 @ 2:36 pm
Rear Clunking Sound
We recently purchased our 2010 XLE 6cyl Camry. It has a clunking sound when accelerating from a complete stop. Sounds like there is a watermelon in the trunk rolling back. The sound is intermittent. I have taken it to the repair shop and they have heard the problem but cannot tell me what it is. I was told a Toyota rep will be looking at it next time he is in town. Car has less than 900 miles on it and has had this problem since we purchased it. Really wish we had noticed it on the test drive. Disappointed.

By petras52 on January 11 @ 11:00 am
comfortable cruiser
Quiet, comfortable ride, le version well equipped, lots of storage space, getting 27 mpg in 50/50 hwy/light city traffic with winter blend fuel and easy going driving style. Decent acceleration with the smooth 4 cyl eng, never felt the need for more power, interior has lots of plastic but at least it's tastefully done and to be expected at this price point. Optional jbl stereo sounds good, esp with cds. Overall I think it's a good value and I would still buy again even with the current recalls.

By Fair Assessment on November 3 @ 6:03 am
6600 Miles So Far
This is our third Toyota. I drive about 80 miles round trip to work. The drive is mostly highway. The car is comfortable. However, the gas mileage is not quite where it should be about 27 MPG. I expected closer to 30. This is comfortable overall. However, if you are over 6'3", don't buy it. My older son is 6'4" and he doesn't fit well. The handling is OK, but remember this is a family car not a sports car. I have not had any issues. I did have recall fix applied at my 5,000 service. The car goes very well in the snow with the standard tires. I drove 400 miles in treacherous conditions (12+ inch snow storm) with no problems.

By MCarz on January 6 @ 1:36 pm
Surprisingly Fun
So in the midst of all the recalls, I took delivery of my 2010 Camry SE (I have the Denso pedal.) I previously had a Subaru Legacy and Honda Accord Coupe, and this is by far the most fun and roomy. Camry SE steps it up with the more sporty suspension and interior upgrades, plus the exterior modifications sure do let the car stand out in a crowd. This car is perfect for one or five since its extra roomy yet not over the top bulky. The car drives relatively smooth, just a few little road noises here and there. I'm surprised that I never even considered a Camry before, especially after having driven mine!

By Ray on June 25 @ 11:13 pm
Better than I expected - Camry XLE
I just got my Camry XLE 4 Cy and I am loving it, it has plenty of power good fuel economy, the exterior on the XLE looks great with the chrome grill, chrome exhaust pipe and other small details only available on the XLE. The Interior is luxury with tan leather, blue tooth and great sound system (JBL) and insulation. I just came from a Mercedes 2008, CLK 550 and I am not missing I thing. The Camry XLE is great.

By Kay on July 14 @ 2:30 am
Not what I expected from Toyota
I purchased the SE model and enjoy it's spunk. What I don't like is the numb steering feedback and the feeling that the car is not solid in contact with the road. The driver seat feels like sitting on slats of metal giving it spring instead of cushion. It's caused back issues and hip issues to climb in and out. The transmission is not smooth at low speeds with a slack or jerk feeling on take-off and at slow speed. The transmission feels indecisive. The SE's special cloth is a nightmare to keep looking clean. Two recalls on this car make me "regret buying it" and recalls have already decreased the resale value. The stock Michelin tires seem to generate too much road noise.

By Ottawa on June 3 @ 11:10 am
Retired - Long Trip
Over the past six weeks, drove to Florida and back. First car that doesn't aggravate my problem lower back, thanks to the power lumbar - great! Wife found the passenger seat to be very comfortable, even after 8 hours in the car on the first day with terrible weather in NY and Penn. She liked the cruise control, but would have preferred the buttons on the steering wheel like our Taurus had. I found the passenger seat could use power setup to get better sitting positions, although I had no trouble falling asleep. Probably because of the smooth and reasonably quiet ride. Came with Michelin Energy's which are fine, but noisy in turns.

By JAI on May 30 @ 11:53 pm
First Toyota
After driving Aud,s for the past 5 years and doing less driving decided on a less expensive CAR. I am quite happy with the XLE but do miss some of the toys on the Audi.But for half the price the Camry is an excellent value.

By brandon on February 26 @ 10:20 am
Great deal
took on a road trip the day after buying. it has plenty of room, power and comfort.

By Loangoddess623 on November 23 @ 3:16 am
Love this car
Bought it in July '09 and coming up to 5,000 miles. Drives great, but will probably have the idle checked at 1st maint. & oil - idles a little rough occasionally when almost to a stop. The standard shift is fun to drive and everything I expected. Gas mileage is about 20 city/31 hwy. Added some upgrades; pin-striping, window tint, key fob and leather. Looks just like an LE and a stick-shift to boot ! Very roomy. Really like the "beefed-up" look of this generation. Was pleasantly surprised to see just how many amenities came with the base model. A lot of car for the money.

By Jessie Depa on April 15 @ 7:13 am
2010 Toyota Camry LE
Previously I own 2004 Toyta Camry LE 2.4L 4 cyl and I was averaging 28 mpg. New 2010 Toyota Camry LE 2.5L 4 cyl can`t get even 18 mpg and under 16 in city driving. I have open complaint case with Toyota on march 19, 2010 Dealer did not find any problem and I was advised to come back for recheck after first 5000 miles. So far I do not see any improvement as the engine is breaking. Checking other reviews I think maybe I have a LEMON

By jpr on March 4 @ 2:30 am
10,000 mile update
10,000 miles with a new Camry...am still impressed with the excellent air conditioning, quiet ride, and fuel mileage (32 mpg average with mixed freeway and city driving). No problems or unscheduled maintenance, took it in for the recall which was performed quickly. Looking back this was a good choice for my 50 mile daily commute. It is a great highway cruiser, quiet, smooth driver with excellent fuel mileage for its size.

By Ohio Don on December 19 @ 7:23 am
Great Ride
We bought this car for my wife at the end of the 2009, just prior to the giant recall fiasco. This is our 16th Toyota and while somethings have been decontented (non-sliding sun visors) the overall trend is certainly up. The car is nearly as comfortable as my 2005 Avalon. We just took it on an all highway round trip of 1000 mile and got a 34.1 MPG, actual, at speeds of 70-75 MPH. I am most pleased with the mileage. (The trip computer, however, is overly optimistic). Much of the trip was up and down mountain areas and did well going uphill without much effort. The car looks nice though not a styling stand out. Tires are the Bridgestones and nothing to write home about.

By coop1346 on February 4 @ 12:43 pm
My First Foreign Purchase
I have always purchased Chrysler. New. My father was a Chrysler retiree. I had a 2006 Dodge Caravan. I had replaced the brakes 4 times and the rotors 2 times...the water pump conveniently went out at 39 months and the alternator and transmission were acting up last week. I tried to get an American dealer to work me a deal with my van as a trade in and I could not get them to deal with me and get it in payments. I want a product that will outlive the loan...and so i finally purchased a foreign car but hey it was made in KY USA so it put food on an American family's table. Amen!

By Gail on September 25 @ 9:10 am
Camre LE 4cyl Automatic 6 Speed
I just purchased a 2010 Toyota Camry LE 4cyl vehicle. I am extremely disappointed in the transmission when traveling on secondary roads. The transmission is constantly shifting up and down making the ride feel very erratic and jerky when traveling between 25 MPH and 35 MPH. The transmission begins to settle down at speeds over 40MPH; but most secondary road driving is between 25 & 35MPH. I feel very uncomfortable driving this car. I took it back to the dealership within 1 week of purchasing it and they told me that it is the computer in car causing this behavior, and it should calm down when the computer becomes accustomed to my driving habits. I wish I bought a different car!

By toyotalemon on November 7 @ 8:50 am
Toyota Camry weld problems!
My son bought a new Camry from Dave Edwards Toyota, Spartanburg, SC -it's been in the shop all but 5 days in 1 month, and is still there. Toyota is sending an Engineer to assess the faulty welds in the chassis. The car is making strange noises when when ''accelerate" and 'stop'. The dealership tells him they are out of the picture - it's between him and Toyota. Although he took it back within 3 days after he purchased it- bad weld on the chassis. It is now in the shop awaiting a Toyota Engineer who will advise how to weld without interfering with electrical parts - the noise is also coming from the rear and that is a separate issue. DO NOT BUY A TOYOTA! I feel so sorry for him!

By Dubrich on June 12 @ 4:46 am
Happy Camry Owner again
Purchased a 2007 Camry LE in sept 06. New/hot body style and no one wanted to deal. Put 102k miles on in 3 1/2 years. Smooth &very comfortable ride just as good as my wife's '05 E320.When Toyota offered 0% for 60 months, it was a no brainer. Also allowed for me to upgrade to the XLE with all of the bells and whistles.

By Allan on November 10 @ 12:33 am
Living on the Edge
Over-all a good-looking and good riding car with ample room for a long- legged driver. Enjoying the leather seating and plenty of storage and ample head-room. The color is very pleasing to the eye (aloe green) with many compliments on the color and styling of the car. Rear seat head- rests in the XLE are over-sized (in my opinion) and as such found them to restrict viewing through rear window when backing up.

By Carlos D on November 24 @ 12:00 am
Best all around family Car
I bought a 2008 Camry XLE in 07 and have 90000 miles on it. My wife bought an LE Camry 2010 which she wanted badly and it is amazing. The "usable" power, space, reliability and safety features are amazing, to say the least. Gas mileage rivals our Honda Civic and the peaceful smooth ride is amazing. Plenty of room for us I'm 6'4 235 son is 6'3 daughter 5'8 and wife 5'6. We have always owned American cars prior to our Honda and Toyota but now that we have given the "other" companies a try we will stick with what gives us the best ALL around bang for the buck. As for recalls, no problems at all fixed immediately. The only question is... when will Toyota make a motorcycle?

By Dan on February 19 @ 10:33 am
2010 Camry
Performance is good for a 4 cyl. And it looks good, but from there on it is downhill. Milage is pitiful. 24 on hyw at 60 mph, and 15 to 16 in town. Interior is hard, almost everywhere. Leased this SE loaded for 36 months. Cant wait till I can turn it in.

By Miguel on May 4 @ 8:43 am
Definitely not An Improvement over 2005
I have just traded my 2005 LE in for a lease on a 2010 LE. I made the decision primarily for financial reasons. My 2005 was going on 60K and was going to need front brakes and new tires. It had also been in a couple of accidents, had a few quirky rattles - but otherwise drove fine. I had 4 more years to pay $250/ mnth loan. The generous ceiling height and cabin size was certainly better on the 2005 than the 2010. I also find the seats on the new Camry to be alot less comfortable. The 2010 doesn't handle bumps at low speeds very well - but cruises like a cream puff on the highway. I'm surprised this new generation Camry doesn't get better gas mileage than the 2005. It's a practical sedan.

By 1st and Last Toyota on December 5 @ 9:26 pm
Will never buy a Toyota again
Bought this 2010 Camry LE Automatic in October 2009. Have had three warranty repair visits in the last 6 months, and the problem is still not fixed. Heavy pull in one direction or the other. Excessive steering wheel play, wobble, and vibration. Alignment done twice. Tires rotated twice. Front struts replaced. Going to the dealer for the fourth repair visit this week. Not just disappointed with Toyota - frustrated, and feel robbed of my money are the right terms.

By Mike on June 17 @ 6:43 am
Transmission not a problem to fix
I noticed the transmission problems with my 2010 Camry. After having a 1998,1999, and a 2009 Camry I realized this transmission was different. I took it back to the dealership and explained problem. I was told that there where some problems with the fluid and they would need the car for about two hours of changing and driving the car then changing it again. Happy to report that it has worked.

By wolv3rine88 on April 22 @ 10:20 pm
2010 Toyota Camry review
I bought a 2010 Toyota Camry LE with the 2.5L 4cyl with an at from my local dealership first impressions was overall good build quality, excellent road handling although slightly stiff, and affordable I recently took it on a 500+ mile trip from Virginia to South Carolina fuel economy was astounding 39.4 mpg highway average ride was fine even on the terrible roads throughout north carolina to south carolina even for the 4 cyl acceleration was more than adequate no mater what situation going uphill or needing to get up and go on a 6 lane highway to pass did just fine the quality of parts is lower but not bad with all the recent incentives offered by Toyota it will be hard to pass up 2 thumbs up

By LN on July 16 @ 4:13 pm
Mostly Pleased After 6 Months
Always a rush to see my car's exterior. Quick acceleration; excellent stopping; super traction in rain; exhilarating drives with sport mode transmission. Overexposure to hard plastic: interior needs makeover on door panels, dash and console. Replace hard plastics on doors with soft vinyl & carpet. Charcoal color doesn't hide scuffs, dirt. Use metal on door/console panels where simulated aluminum is placed. Poor fit/finish where tilt/telescope wheel merges with dashboard. Easily damaged vinyl cladding around gauges & speedometer. Awkward wiper controls. Detached 12v outlet in console when using car vacuum. A/c slow to cool hot interior. Amazingly silent engine when idling.

By Axesim on October 19 @ 5:50 am
My second Camry in the last three years
I bought my first Camry LE 4 cycl in 2007. I had very major problems with it (transmission, brakes, burning oil, vibrations over 40 mph, torque converter, hesitation in accelerations, rattles, oil leakage and etc.). I took it to the service countless times for repair, but problems never ended. I sold it when I had only 14,000 miles on it. When Toyota came out with special offer for 2010 models and customer incentive program, I decided to give another chance to Toyota, bought 2010 LE 6 cyl this time. It is much quieter than 4 cyl. Driving is more fun, a lot of power and torque. I have only 1500 miles on it no problem so far. Gas consumption is better than my old 4 cyl.

By Jessica on June 10 @ 1:40 am
First Toyota
I was able to lease my 2010 Camry at an amazing deal. I traded in my 2007 Ford Explorer because of how bad my mpg were and wanted a car. We looked at the Corolla but it was to small for my family. My deal was so amazing they even put in leather seats. The inside is beautiful. I can see everyone's complaint about the cheap look to it but its still very nice and more classy then my Explorer. I miss having more room but the Camry is still a good size, even my hubby who is a big and tall guy fits well in it. I love the dash board at night and the extra storage areas in the car. I have had the car for about a month and am glad I choose this over an Accord, which I did not like the interior of.

By gofersatchmo on June 13 @ 3:23 pm
New Car
Just got a new 2010 Cary SE, my wife loves it, we're getting 30+ mpg in town and you can't beat that for the comfort and ride.

By Satisfied on May 13 @ 6:30 am
I currently own 2 American cars and my Camry is the first semi-American car I've owed. I love this car! It's got a better ride (to me) than a very popular America luxury car. I am impressed with the color, body style, and options. For what I paid, I couldn't have purchased a better car! Which leads me to what I call the "I don't know why that happened (IDKWH)" issues. After I drove off from the dealership, car stalled. I took it back they said, "IDKWH". Fine, then check engine light again. Take it back. Charcoal canister. Fine they fixed it. 4 months after the stall, it stalled again, take it back, "idkwh". I love this car I hope they car fix it or give me a new one. Buyer-b-aware!

By 1st and Last Toyota on August 4 @ 4:20 am
Will never buy a Toyota again
Bought a 2010 Toyota Camry LE with the 2.5L 4 cyl from my local dealership first impressions was overall good build quality, excellent road handling and it looks good although, Others seem to think it is very quiet with very little road noise. We hear much more wind turbulence than our older 2002 Honda. And driver side rattle not all the time, pretty ought and its annoying not helpful. Also rear or front Clunk Sound. I have taken it to the repair shop where I bought my car and they have heard the problem but cannot tell me what it is Really wish we had noticed it on the test drive. Disappointed.

By katiek68 on June 20 @ 1:30 am
I love it!
I LOVE my Camry! It's the first 4 cylinder vehicle I've owned, but I'm very happy with the power it has. I agree in other reviews, though, about the transmission not being able to figure out what gear it's in when it's driving below 40 mph. It took some getting used to at first. But, other than that, I have no complaints! It says it gets 26mpg, but I'm averaging about 29-31 city/highway, which is my favorite thing about the car. I feel very safe when I'm in it and I love driving it. All 4 windows have auto function and that is definitely a plus. My first Toyota and I'm very impressed!

By abbas memon on November 16 @ 10:50 am
Big mistake camry 2010 xle
The reason I bought the Camry is because I traded my 02 Camry xle and bought the same car thinking it will be as good as my 02 Camry. When it is windy car is very hard to control I am scared out of my mind that it is going to skid. I think the material they use now days (probably from China) is very cheap and crappy. Big mistake I hate the car and I am thinking about replacing it with a SUV or something els. I wish I had listened to my wife and bought SUV. I will probably loose a lot of money when & if I buy another car. I don't think they will give me fair price when I am trading it. I just had no idea that is is going to be so bad. I don't know what to do. I am afraid to drive it in winter.

By John on June 17 @ 5:16 pm
Took a chance
Took advantage of the 0% 36 month lease and am very pleased after the first 60 days. I compared other cars, but kept going back to the Camry. This is the first year for the larger I-4, 6 speed trans. and I find it exceptionally strong. I chose leather, sport wheels and the sound package. It's large, very quiet, seamless shifting. I'm picky and I'm pleased beyond my expectations. I love the 'thunk' of the door, and the level of driving control. So far, other than a wheel balance problem, I can only say "wow". The new motor is wonderful. Getting about 20 MPG in town and 30 plus on the road. I'll submit another review later on. Have not had an acceleration problem thus far.

By FraunkH on September 11 @ 5:16 am
6 speed transmission operation is poor
4 cylinder 2010 LE-6 speed auto. Transmission problems are numerous. Mileage at 15,00, issues are increasing. Transmission shifts hard, both up and down. Continually "hunts" for a gear. Down shifts occur during a coasting to a stop making the car lurch. Encountered transmission slip during shifts where revs will increase to 3-3500 with no transmission response. Also had the revs go to 7000 rpm when traveling at 70+mph and activating the cruise. Just like shoving in a clutch. 4 times to the dealer. Dealer says normal, might be a software update? Meanwhile, just a very unpleasant car to drive in the city or suburbs. On the plus side, on the highway at a steady 70+, 32 mph and rides great.

By SH Jones on November 17 @ 10:33 pm
Happy with my 2010 Camry SE V6
I have enjoyed my 2010 Camry SE V6 since purchasing it new in late 2009. Have experienced no problems so far (recall related or otherwise) and enjoy excellent customer service at Nalley Toyota in Roswell. This vehicle offers great versatility, design and features for the money. Also think it's a big plus this car is made by US workers. Perfect for business use or as a family cruiser.

By jlarry on August 13 @ 11:40 pm
Overall Great Family Sedan
The SE is definitely the better looking Camry amongst the other available choices which are boring, lets be honest.The pick up of the V6 is great and shifts are silky smooth. Handling isn't very sharp though, coming from an '02 Altima, it felt like I was driving a bus. Interior parts should be better, questionable fit and finish inside. Upgraded JBL is not great, the radio in my Nissan had more bass, however there is more detail in the music. The rear deck is all plastic, so expect some buzz when you crank it up. Nav input is slow and USB port is in a bad spot. The seats are SO comfortable, more bolstering would be nice. Its a great car that falls short in some areas, overall I love it.

By iamashokv on February 12 @ 4:36 am
I love the car
I got the car almost a year back and absolutely love it. It drives really smooth and the controls are all ergonomically well placed. It does sometimes seems to struggle for power, but otherwise is a pleasure to drive. Recently drove a rental new Altima and should say that except for power, Camry felt a better car to drive. Gives me average of 31 miles/gal for a 80-20 combination of highway-city.

By Ross on December 20 @ 11:56 am
This is quality?
A/C works when it wants to. A/T shifting is bizarre. Interior panels mismatched badly. Terrible "orange peel" paint job. Truly glad I got it on a cheap lease. Can't wait to give it back. My wife's Sonata blows it away for a lot less $.

By tappan01 on October 25 @ 10:56 pm
A great purchase
After 12 years of GM cars, this Camry is a breath of fresh air! I love the way the car rides, handles (plenty of power with the 6cyl). I'm not crazy about the "smart Start" button stop/start - would like to feel those keys in my hand. The only problems I find with this car are minor design changes I would like to see: Poor "visibility" when backing the car up (can't see around the headrest. Trunk should lock in place when open. Seat belt placement is to low on seat - difficult to clasp. Cannot read printout on radio during day. All in all this is a great car for the money. Exactly the same as the Lexus ES350 except for some of the refinements.

By sk on February 23 @ 3:56 am
Great value for money
I had a 2003 Toyota corolla. Excellent car. Drove over 170k miles before i sold it. Never had problem with it. Bought the 2010 Camry but was shocked to learn about the faulty acceleration soon after the purchase. Took it to the dealer and got it fixed. Never had any problem so far. I like everything in my new car except for the quality of plastic and fabric used to make the door pockets and the manual seat adjustment for front passenger seat.

By allen on November 4 @ 7:06 am
Camry Seats
Overall quality and reliability is great BUT comfort is terrible. The seat cushions are way to small and there is absolutely no lower back support from the back rest. If you are over 5'9", buy something else, or you will curse yourself every time you have to get into this car.

By Scrubs220 on January 3 @ 12:10 pm
Excellent car despite all the negativity
I purchased my Camry about 6 months ago and I have to say that I absolutely love it. It is my first new car and after driving other comparable sedans, I think this is the smoothest family sedan at this price out there. The plush ride quality is more evident if you drive some other car after this one, and straightaway you will notice the difference. The fuel economy is great, interior is great, overall a great buy. and the 2011 is identical.

By Greg on December 4 @ 7:43 pm
Clunk when taking off from a stop
I bought a new 2010 Camry. it has had a clunk when leaving a stop light with 3/4 to full tank of gas. It sounds as if the spare tire shifted. I have taken it in to HOOVER TOYOTA, Alabama 3 times and had a Toyota engineer come out and the dealer, engineer and service manager all heard the clunk. They went on to tell me it is within spec. I will never by a Toyota again. The dealer was so set on dodging the issue. The engineer told me it was something I had to deal with. I don't think a new car under 3000 miles should feel as if something is shifting in the trunk when you take off. Very bad service and car never again!

By toyofan on July 12 @ 1:33 pm
Good Car
I first purchased a 2007 Camry and love it, so when the miles begin to creep up on me, I decided to go and purchase a newer model. I pick up the 2010 Camry LE with the V6 engine. I love this car. It has amazing speed and a comfortable ride. The tires was great, however I went and put rims on it which change my comfort level. It made my ride bumpier. In the end, I ended up trading this car after about 5 months for a Lexus, but I would recommend this car for anyone who wants a great car for a good price. Despite all of the news reports, Toyota still has it.

By n2b on September 26 @ 11:00 am
Issues with Acceleration
This is my 7th Toyota, and a 3rd Camry. In spite of the news about unintended acceleration incidents I bought the Camry because of my past experience with Toyota's reliability. I found the 2010 models acceleration to be most uncomfortable and practically unusable. The response to the pressure on the accelerator pedal was a step up jerk rather than a ramped up response.It was a nightmare in stop&go traffic. The shop manager revealed that the pedal assembly from Toyota's US vendor was the ones needing the modifications to solve the pedal recalls. The Japanese Nippon Denso made pedals were of different design and were recall free. Did a special order with the latter - problem solved. All is well

By Reg on September 9 @ 11:00 am
A well built reliable car. Not fantastic mpg for size of car. The downfall of the SE model came when I took my first trip. Those seats are the most uncomfortable of any car I have ever owned. Both drivers and passenger. An 8 hr stint just about ruins your back and bottom! Horrible seats. I can't imagine a toyota engineer ever road in them for any length of time. Around town they are great, they look stylish and the electric controls 8 different positions, All bad. Note My wife is 125 lbs me about 185.

By petras52 on May 19 @ 11:00 am
10 months later
Still happy with my 4 cylinder le 10 months later. No reliability issues, observed mileage as high as 39 mpg in mostly hwy driving, decent performance from the smooth 4 cylinder 6 spd a/t does act differently from the 4 spds I'm used to in that when coasting, car decelerates quicker but I'm told this is normal, optional jbl stereo sounds good but display "washes out" in bright sunlight, very comfortable, quiet ride, maybe at the expense of better handling but that's ok considering my driving style. Absolutely no regrets buying this fine car.

By Toyota camry on May 19 @ 11:00 am
Excellent vehicle with a reliability, very durable and a affordable sedan for the masses.

By LEON on August 5 @ 11:00 am
Camry is economical with comfort
I have put 15,000 miles on my camry. I drive 98% highway and my gas mileage is 32-34 mpg. I set the Cruise control and stay the limit. Comfort is fantastic. Driving 12 hours from nc to Ohio is the best! Has good power for going through the Virginia and West Virginia mountains. Suspension is that of a high dollar vehicle with a fraction of the expense. With oil changes only due every 10,000 miles, makes it convenient as well. I have owned over 60 vehicles in my driving years and this is the best value for the money I have owned. I have had Chevy, Dodge, Jeep, Mazda, Ford, Subaru, Mercury, etc. I went back to Toyota twice. Yes, my Toyota is American made - Tennessee - another reason I purchased.

By OIL Pan Gasket on May 1 @ 11:00 am
Oil Pan gasket Already
I bought car 12-2009, The 2 weeks after bought it all the recalls came out. took it in they changed the gas pedal. and flashed my Memory. I noticed the car runs a little different( in a bad way). at 15,000 miles I notice oil in my driveway,thought it was my 2000 dodge caravan. But no it was my Camry.Took it in and they had to drop the oil pan and replace the Oil Pan Gasket. I've worked on cars for 32 years, had old junker etc and never had to replace a oil pan gasket, unless I pulled the motor and wanted to. 15,000 miles on a new car come on Toyota. The service guy couldn't explain why and said these things happen.

By Big C on January 26 @ 11:00 am
Solid and Powerful
I asked a friend who repairs cars for a recommendation of a car that I could keep for 10 years. One of the four cars he recommended was the Camry. After a year of driving the car, I haven't been disappointed. It's a solid ride, powerful and smooth. Gas mileage has been great. My model is the XLE V6. It's a beautiful car and has lots of gadgets. For me, I'd rather have done without some of the gadgets and had the interior materials been nicer and the seating plusher.

By Sadbuyer on October 4 @ 11:00 am
Why Didn't I Get the Hyundai?
I feel like such an idiot for getting this car, even after reading reviews about the transmission issues, during the long test drive I didn't hear/feel the lackluster trans. I could have gotten a 2011 Sonata for 5K cheaper then is (26K, but the only reason I picked the Camry was due to the "Strong" V6, but this damn transmission doesn't let it deliver the power right away, feels like there is a 3-4 second gap. I just had a close call on the freeway where I needed to "gun it" and I had no instant response which forced me off onto the side of the FW. If I knew Hyundai was going to offer a turbo Sonata I would have waited, in fact I'm planning on waiting for it. Be safe Camry owners!

By John on July 8 @ 11:00 am
Six months and still HAPPY
After six months and the first 5K service (rotation and fluid checks) I still find this Camry a pleasure to both look at and drive. No problems to report, and although the city MPG is a little disappointing (20) I have squeezed 37 out of it on one road trip! Tons of others just like mine (other than the wheels) so you get lost in the crowd, but the quality build and feel is amazing. The local dealership has been very good, too. I can certainly continue to recommend this as an above average daily driver with enough room for most trips and ample power with the '4'. I'll get back with another update after one year.

By busbz on March 23 @ 3:00 am
First and last Toyota-skip Toyota
Several weeks after leasing this Toyota Camry all of Toyota's concealed defects, recalls surfaced in the press etc. This Camry has spent more time in the dealers shop during the first year than any new or used vehicle I have ever purchased or leased. I personally have no confidence in Toyota, Santa Monica Toyota or the Toyota Camry. As such, I didn't sell my 2003 car, use it more than the Toyota Camry. As I approach the end of the first year of the lease the mileage is approximately 10,000 miles less than I anticipated driving. I had purchased additional miles upfront. This is the first and last Toyota I have leased or purchased and personally would not recommend Toyota or its products.

By ken on February 15 @ 3:00 am
Tire alignment problems
I bought this Camry 14 months ago and put almost every mile on it and really baby it. Since before 10,000 miles I started hearing tire noise. After having checked the tire dealer who said I had no warranty,Toyota ck and said the front end and rear alignment were out,I have never had to align a new car EVER.The tires are Bridgestone made for the Camry. This is my umpteenth new car, never have I ever had a problem, lucky me I guess. I traded a 09 corolla with a very similar problem.

By JonJon1223 on August 8 @ 3:00 am
Still excellent
I LOVE my Camry SE. I do a lot of driving daily, mostly highway. I get 30+ mpg, the ride is comfortable and quiet, the seats are really nice, great stereo with XM radio. It's roomy and fun to drive. Don't believe all the negativity that appears here. It's mostly bogus. Camry is by far still above the Sonata, Accord, and Altima.

By beautifulrx3 on September 2 @ 3:00 am
I'm loving my new Camry!
I used to have a 1996 light blue camry which I loved. It was a great car. Alas, I gave it to my grandmother and it is still running strong. Decided to purchase a new Camry. This car drives like a dream! It's a pretty gray metallic color. It's great on gas also. I've had for two weeks now haven't had to fill the tank. I can plug my Ipod touch into the Aux and play all my songs! It's about 30 degrees here so my seat warmer is getting a lot of action. The trunk is big and roomy. The seats are comfortable and cozy. My windows are tinted, so when I'm riding through town, I feel like a star..I'm not kidding! I am so glad I invested in another toyota. They really are great cars.

By joe322 on December 2 @ 11:52 pm
How could I've been so wrong?
The 2 factors in buying the auto were the name and 0% interest for 60 months. Within a week I'd had the vehicle back to thedealer twice(rain or snow coming off the roof when door opened, blind spots when vehicles pass,and then theres the transmission.) I'm 62 and have driven many vehicles but none like this. The tranny is always seeking a gear, it without warning downshifts at 40 mph, it drifts back on a hill when your changing from braking to acceleration, it revs to approx 5000rpm before engaging the tranny on a fast getaway and forget cruising thru the country at 25 to 30 miles and hour. And after reading your reviews today I find it's not my imaginationwhen I hear something rollin

By deloreto on December 30 @ 6:41 am
Not good on snow or ice
I've had the Camry for 14 months now. With the exception of needing a front end alignment while weeks old, I've been pretty happy with its performance. That was until I drove on a snowy street! The Camry was all over the road with the hazard light flashing.....duh. I didn't need a flashing light to tell me the conditions. What is the purpose of having a hazard light if the car does nothing to correct the condition? If you're driving on snow, slush or ice take your time so the car doesn't lock up on you.gnment almost

By dan_o on October 28 @ 4:25 am
After a Year Good Overall Except in Snow
After a year and 15,000 miles, I am happy overall with my purchase. The interior is very comfortable on long drives, the fuel economy of a four cylinder is great compared to a V6, handling in curves is decent for a family sedan, the exterior is stylish and I like knowing it has good crash test scores. The major complaint I have are: (1) Trans still hunts at times, though is much better than when new and (2) Traction Control and ABS braking do not work well in snow. TC is very grabby when starting up from a stop, and ABS brakes chatter a lot when stopping in snow.

By piratemorgan on June 19 @ 7:41 pm
Update after 2yrs. of ownership
The Camry has done it's job for me and the Mrs.. We're still not tired of it, as we were with our Impala's at this point in ownership. Build quality has been excellent, no rattles, no problems, one recall (floor mat). A great experience. I do have one complaint that I can forgive, and hope it's fixed in 2012 model, the transmission. Very awkward city and country road driving, constantly "hunts" for gear, refuses to "coast", downshifts or upshifts at precisely the wrong time. If you ease into the gas it shifts within a few feet and drops you into a sluggish 2nd gear in an attempt to save fuel I guess. But alas, the "tricks" it's doing doesn't help that much in mpg's. We'll live with it.

By dginga on February 2 @ 6:48 am
Couldn't Be Happier
We bought our 2010 Camry at the height of all the Toyota recall hype because we were confident it was nonsense - and it was. We could not be happier with our purchase. We got a great deal, the dealer was a delight, and the car is great. We take a LOT of long car trips and this car is comfortable, gets decent gas mileage (30 mpg), holds a lot of luggage and, most importantly, is reliable! Our previous car was a Volkswagon Passat wagon, and it was in the shop all the time, so reliability was key. I'd buy another one in a heartbeat.

By mcdawgg on December 31 @ 12:45 am
Nice, Reliable, Comfortable, Economical
No complaints after 2+ years (20k miles), no trips back to the dealer for ANYTHING. Only the accelerator recall, which will never cause a problem unless you put one mat on top of another and/or you don't use the clips to secure the mat. If you read the owner's manual and use common sense, you have nothing to worry about. But the recall changes the accelerator pedal so it is "idiot" proof. There is ZERO evidence of unintended acceleration or problems with the electronics, according to NASA. Good job to all the folks in Kentucky that built this car, and I am happy to see that 85% of the parts are also from North America! As a bonus, I also own Toyota stock, so I share in the profits

By mespinosa1988 on December 26 @ 9:44 am
Toyota moving Backwards
After purchasing the car with 39000 miles two weeks later my wire harness in the transmission went out. Took it to the dealer and they didnt cover it under the power train warranty even though they had to pull my whole tranny. That was a 900 dollar repair. After getting it back my transmission feels sluggish, it accerates and deccerates at the wrong times, Overall the Tranny sucks on this vehicle everything else is nice about the car. But i hate that its such a beautiful car except for the tranny and I wonder how much longer its going to last me :( Sad to say for a 2010 toyota camry.

By rji1 on January 24 @ 1:45 pm
2010 Camry LE 2.5 automatic
I bought this with 14000 mi and have put on nearly 6k of mixed driving. Having owned everything from economy cars to muscle cars I was not sure how I would feel about what many look at as an old mans car. Being a modestly priced car I was pleasantly surprised at the fit and finish. The interior although well designed, uses what seems to be low quality materials. Silver painted plastic is the choice over brushed aluminum. I quickly corrected this with a wood grain overlay kit. Safety is a big plus with the Camry and shows with it's safety rating. Front and side air bags, knee bag along and standard traction control and abs add to the security. This car exceeds my expectations.

By drcelica on September 23 @ 3:58 pm
Great value
I've own my 2010 Camry LE I4 for 2.5 yrs and have 51K mile on her. This car is perfect for what it is, a comfortable daily commuter that's easy to maintain. I've taken lots of road trips in the Camry and it's perfect for the open roads. I've got as much as 36 mpg if I keep it at 70 mph but avg around 32 going 80. Neg. reviews about the trans keeps popping up but I've never had a problem with mine since I drive the car gently to keep the wear and tear down. Reliability so far has been perfect. I haven't gone to the dealer once for warranty repair. If you buy a Camry for what it is, a commuter car, you're going to be happy; just don't expect BMW handling.

By satx59male on April 29 @ 7:01 pm
Good Camry LE
I have to honestly say with 21300 miles and 3 yrs. I did not have any problems with this car. Including the door switches. I was upset with the recall in 09 after only having the vehicle a month. Also, dealership in San Antonio and Toyota would not credit me $150 for maintenance due to 2 yr program which began 2 mns after I leased it. So, I leased another, 2012 Camry L at another dealership for about the same price from 3 yrs ago. Same gray ext and ash interior. Sales manager at Alamo was straight forward and knownlegeable.

By gavmat on October 13 @ 3:36 pm
Great car!!! Gonna miss this baby!
I leased this car back in December of 2009 and my lease is now up and I extended an extra six months cause I simply don't want to give it back and can't afford to buy it. I love the car and feel like it should be priced higher. As for people saying its bad in the snow you just don't know how to drive in it. In 3 years of PA weather I have never once got stuck in snow. I live 15 miles from work and take all back roads the entire way. It's great on gas and is very comfortable. My only two complaints are how light colored the interior is and the transmission. My interior was dirty the first week from the messy weather in January. The transmission is always searching for a gear. Great car tho!

By ssood on July 10 @ 3:29 pm
What did I get into???
I bought a 2010 Barcelona Red SE with 44k for $15,000 thinking this 4cyl would deliver good numbers in city, I get 13-15!!! My 2004 V6 KIA Optima with 285,000 on the odometer delivered 18 in city and 25 on highway. Dash rattles are unbearable! Ride is stiff as hell. My KIA rode better and even with 285k, not a single rattle. Oh, did I mention the blower motor making noise, yes! it's the noise under normal mode of operation. I had the dealership clean the blower motor and guess what?? it sounds like that! Wind noise at 55mph?!?! Who designed this thing???? What happened to the concept of wind tunnel???

By dreamer123890 on August 19 @ 9:05 am
Reliable Point a to b transportation - otherwise kinda boring
Camry is a good reliable car. Driven it 41k since Aug'09. Doesnt get your pulses going and begs to not go fast but its reliable, comfortable and spacious. The 4-cylinder engine is ok. Not as fuel efficient as compared to the current crop of midsize cars. I get about 26-27 mpg with mostly city driving. Highway driving gets 30 mpg. I am mostly satisfied but the interiors are cheap plastic and downmarket. HOwever seats are comfy. Suspension is soft but hits its max pretty quickly. I wouldnt buy a camry again - too ordinary and cheap looking for me. The new Accord looks amazing and has the same reliability, better fuel efficiency. I will probable consider that before i consider Camry.

By irishlager on October 30 @ 10:31 am
Not the quality I expected
This is my first Toyota. As time goes on, I am less and less impressed. At 32k I had to replace my tires. At 40k I had to replace all four struts and all four sway bar links. These are all premature repairs and I expected more from Toyota.

By thedriver93 on August 22 @ 3:43 am
Reliable car but that's it!
My dad bought me this car when I graduated high school. I got an all white with backup camera and cloth seats. It was great at first because it was my first car and all but that wore off, QUICK! It was recalled for unintended acceleration which dropped its resale value 3 months after I bought it. The bottom of the car would scrape every time I would pull into anyplace including my own drive way which was rediculouslu annoying and ended up havin the bottom drag everywhere I drove which wasn't pleasant. Needless to say, never buying another Camry, EVER

By irishlager on October 8 @ 5:44 am
Undeserved Reputation
This is my first Toyota and I bought the Camry based on Toyota's quality reputation. I now regret the purchase. I have experienced the following pre-mature repairs: 1. At 32k miles I had to replace all four tires. 2. At 40k miles I had to replace all four struts because they were leaking. I also had to replace all four suspension links. 3. At 43.5k miles I had to replace the right rear brake pads. The outside pad was completely worn out. When I removed the caliper, I noticed one of the caliper pins barely had any lubrication. This was causing the pad to remain engage with the rotor and pre-maturely wear out. The Toyota reputation of quality is undeserved.

By stinkytofus on June 3 @ 3:56 pm
Excellent Family Car
I have a camry 2010 LE 2.5L i slapped on michelin primacy mxv4 tires, what a difference, like riding on a cloud, only had to do oil changes, change brake pads, rotors, nothing else !! it is a 2010 model so comparing it to 2013 and 2014 models the interior and exterior is lacking but overall i am satisfied with this car, as it provides decent mpg and has ample room for my friends and family, can drive it for many many more years to come

By Ronald Kennedy on August 4 @ 7:18 am
engine noise
Bought this Camry new in June 2009.Has the 2.5 engine. It has 24400 miles. It has developed a clatter in the engine. I had a mechanic look at it and he said it sounded like the timing chain. He did some research and found several tech bulletins relating to timing chains and engine noise. This was my first Toyota and will be my last. Repair was estimated to be $1000.Not gonna happen.

By John Ortiz on June 16 @ 3:46 am
Reliable, Dependable, Cool Ride..............
This car has been very reliable. Had problem with door locks.But other than that, great car. Car has always been serviced by Dealer.

By J. Cop on March 4 @ 10:28 am
215,000 miles and going strong
I'm not your typical highway-only driver. I live in the country on dirt roads. I drive this car hard and fast. It gets driven through mud and down dirt roads every day. When I finally make it onto the highway, I drive it at least 60 miles a day and usually closer to 120 miles a day. I bought this car used with 25,000 miles on it. I now have 215,000. The only thing I've done other than oil and tires is fix one thing (I can't remember what it was called) that cost me $200. I did that around 200,000 miles. It came with a lot of warranty but I never had to use it. I drove the miles out pretty fast because I drive a lot. The only problem I have is my road is terrible so I wear tires out pretty fast. I get mud on the inside of the tires and they wear unevenly sometimes. But, that is not the cars fault. I have had two deer hit the car on the drivers side. It did some cosmetic damage, but the car held firm on the road and no passengers were injured. So, it can take a hit and keep on trucking. The last hit was pretty hard. I never hit my breaks because I didn't see it coming. So, the air bags did not deploy and were not needed. It was a large buck. Took out most of the front, drivers side. But, I'm still driving it. The insurance company says it will cost more to fix it than it is worth so that tells you the damage. I think this car is amazing. And, if I can drive it off-road, you should be fine driving it on paved roads. :) Even after 5 years of a hard life, it still handles great, the interior is great (2 kids later). All the bells and whistles still work - windows roll up and down, AC works, etc. I have had to add some freon the last couple of summers..but other than that the AC has worked great. If I were being overly picky, my only complaints would be...I don't like the USB connection location. It is hard to get to. And, it doesn't charge when the car is off. It does have cigarette lighter chargers that are better located. But, the fuze went out and I haven't replaced it. Tthe charcoal gas emissions thing is malfunctioned and makes it hard to pump gas. The pump clicks off several times before i the car is full. This happened on my previous camry also. I think the canister is full of dirt. But, it is expensive to fix so I live with it. If you have the chance to purchase a 2010 Camry, do it. You won't regret it. Oh...I also average 25-32 mpg and I drive at least 75 mph because I'm in Texas and we do that here. :)

By revfiddle on February 19 @ 12:22 pm
good basic car
We have had this car since new, and it's been great. No repairs necessary.

By Neneefor2 on February 19 @ 7:03 pm
Meet Virginia
Hands down, this car is worth every cent. They have a great resale and if taken care of, will out last any car on the market. The V6 is a must. I will never own any other car. "Virginia" is trustworthy and comfortable. Being a single female, I have comfort that she won't let me down

By Greg Fernandez on April 7 @ 1:37 am
Excellent comfortable mid size

By Warren on June 22 @ 4:55 am
2010 Camry LE

By lynn thomas on August 2 @ 2:14 pm
Sporty Camry SE
Love this car. I previously owned a 1997 Camry CE. Moving up to a 2010 SE felt like heaven. Lots of extras that I had never experienced but have been around for a while. Great price point and it was smooth working with the dealership. Hopefully my last car since it only had 35K miles.

By G chen on April 23 @ 6:57 am
Great car
This is my second Camry, only repair work after 100K mileage was replace spark plugs, ignition coils and engine manifold gaskets. Overall I love this car. May buy another Camry or Avalon.

2010 Toyota Camry DONT Trust
Many of us believe that TOYOTA is a best brand and it will run atleast for 100000 miles. I also felt the same and bought the car from a dealer earlier in 2013, a 2010 Toyota Camry. Now the miles is around 84000. I used to do my oil checks, vehicle check properly. Last month also i did there were no issues reported. All of the sudden this sunday the engine started to make noise. No rains, no animals no accident it started to behave on its own. The Check engine light and VSC light started to glow, i am shocked to see this happening. I went to TOYOTA Dealer they said this is a serious problem. A car having trouble in engine within 84000 miles I was also crazy to hear it. I called the Toyota motors they simply state the engine is out of warranty and they cannot help on this as they provided only the warranty for 5 Years or 60000 Miles. Even though I explained the situation they are not ready to listen anymore and they simply declined the request. With no other options left i have to go back to my Toyota Dealer again now he told about 6000$ after an hour talk he reduced to 4000$. The part is coming only around 1000$ but the service charge they are asking for 3000$. The problem is with the ignition coil and when i read it in the websites there are chances that the car could have been gone uncontrol and its a risk factor for anyone to drive. Toyota is not ready to accept this as its fault. I believe they need to value the customers and their safety. They feel after 60000 miles whatever happen to the owner they wont care. Its a bad attitude.

By Ellen Meyerheim on July 11 @ 2:04 pm
Very well maintained.

By John E on January 7 @ 8:05 pm
90k Camry outperforms 2 previous luxury SUV's
I am writing this because I am so pleased with my 2010 Camry XLE. From day I purchased it at 85k and continuing until now at 96k, this car has completely outperformed my previous 2 luxury SUV's, both of which had way lower miles and were several years newer. I am talking about a 2011 Infiniti EX with under 20k miles and a 2012 Cadillac SRX with under 40k miles. This older and higher mileage Camry is quieter, rides better, and just generally drives way better than either of those SUV's. Even more astounding, I am getting this better performance at 1/3 the price of the previous 2 vehicles. Better car for way less money. This Camry has all the options so it is as close to a Lexus as you can get. I did think a 2008 Lexus ES350 probably was even quieter and rode even better, but the Lexus was all beat up and had more miles on it and still cost more than the Camry. Only negatives on the Camry are that the steering has loosened up a bit and I have to correct it too often for my taste. Is still comfortable to drive but wish steering was tighter. Also, passenger seat has developed an obnoxious rattle but only does it sometimes, thankfully not all the time. The real issue is do I enjoy driving the car? Before, when I had the 2 aforementioned SUV's, I usually drove my wife's 2014 Kia Forte5 because it drove better than either of mine. Now, I never drive hers anymore if I can help it because my Camry is simply more comfortable--the ride is so much quieter and comfortable both in town and on the road than the Kia or my former SUV's. You can just sit back and relax and drive all day without getting tired or beat up. Love how simple the controls are in the Camry. Virtually no learning curve at all. Navigation screen is right where I like it in the center stack in the middle so both front occupants can see it and do things with it. Camry has been totally reliable with no repairs at all during my 11,000 miles of ownership. The gas mileage even though it's a V6 is way better than either of the previous 2 SUV's and is nearly as good as the Kia Forte5. Gets 30ish on the highway and 25 around town which I think is astounding for a car of this size and power. With 18 gallon tank, have huge cruising range. Backup camera works well and so does navigation system which has real time traffic. The value equation is huge here--this is the kind of performance and quality I was hoping for from the 2 SUV's but didn't get and ended up now with better car for 1/3 the price. Will probably stay with Camry when feel need for new wheels. One more note--USB ports are recessed in center stack and a pain to find. Had to buy dedicated cord to leave in car because it's so hard to find. That design feature could be improved. Also, wish that could adjust fan speed one notch slower than the slowest that it offers. Most cars offer a bigger range of fan speeds than this one, at least on low end--it simply needs a slower notch than the slowest one it has. It's like they skipped from 0 to 2 and left out 1. Not a big deal though and just a minor annoyance on occasion. Most of the time it doesn't really matter. Also, quality of JBL premium stereo system is awesome. Sound quality is amazing and it has room for 4 CD's in the dashboard, which is a big convenience. Also like that does not seem to get out of balance tires very often. Have only needed to balance once and they're still balanced 6000 miles later.

By Downs on October 26 @ 5:49 am
I bought my 2010 Camry with 87,000 miles on it. I have had it for just over a year, and have taken two nearly 1,000 mile trips on top of daily driving in the city. At first, it was great. I was excited because Camry has always been known as being a good, reliable car. For about 4 months now, I have been having transmission problems (slipping in lower gears, no fluid leaks), and the trunk is leaking. I have found water in the trunk on numerous occasions. Both of these problems have been attempted to be fixed by a dealership mechanic with no luck. It's pretty sad that my husband's 1996 Neon has been a much more reliable car than my 2010 Camry..

By tom on November 30 @ 1:52 am
the best car i ever owned
I have had fifty or more cars in my life all american made mostly fords have not had one to compare all around with car . I have over 50k on this car and it is still like new,rides great handles nice smooth wouldnt believe the power in this four cylinder. I drive sixty miles an hour on highway and have gotten as high as forty five miles a gal. not all the time on highway I get thirty nine to forty miles per gal average. Body is like new interior great I usually get new car every four years I just cant let this thing go

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