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Constants can be strangely comforting. Knowing, for example, that your Grandma's tasty lasagna or your tennis partner's solid serve are going to be as you expect may even cause warm and fuzzy feelings. Of course, in some cases constants can wane over time -- such as the Red Sox losing or Paul McCartney producing good music.

As one of the best-selling vehicles over the past 20 years, the Toyota Camry has been a comforting constant in its own right. Buyers are frequently working on their third or fourth Camry because of their prior positive experiences. The 2009 version of this Toyota stalwart continues to offer what most folks are looking for in a mainstream midsize family sedan: a roomy cabin, a comfortable ride, an easy-to-drive demeanor and a reputation for reliability and low maintenance costs. A strong resale value doesn't hurt either. However, like Sir Paul, this automotive constant has started to wane.

The current generation of the Camry is the largest version of the car yet. Although categorized as a midsize car, the Camry offers plenty of passenger room front and rear. This is also the most muscular Camry ever, with an available 268-horsepower V6 at the driver's beck and call. Matched to a smooth six-speed automatic transmission, that powerhouse can propel this family sedan to 60 mph in just 6.5 seconds -- as quick as some sport sedans and coupes. It also returns fuel economy that's impressively close to that of a four-cylinder Camry.

Likable as it is, the 2009 Toyota Camry has some significant caveats. One is that its historically excellent build and materials quality has slipped in the last few years, and reliability has slipped. Competitors who have trailed the Camry in the past have stepped up their game, surpassing the Toyota in many areas. One in particular is handling -- in spite of its quickness and speed, the Camry is not an athlete, placing light-effort driving over communicative steering that would lend a sense of confidence to the driver. For those who prefer greater feedback and a more involving driving experience, the Chevrolet Malibu, Honda Accord, Mazda 6 and Nissan Altima are worthy of close consideration.

And then there is pricing -- the ever-popular Camry commands a premium over value-packed rivals such as the Malibu, Ford Fusion and Hyundai Sonata. Of course, there is the Camry's chief competitor, the Honda Accord, which provides a more involving drive, though not as hushed a freeway ride as the Toyota. It also beats the Camry in terms of cabin materials and build quality.

With so many strong entrants in this segment, back-to-back test-drives are encouraged. Though the 2009 Toyota Camry may be as enticingly familiar as flannel pajamas on a cold winter's night, savvy consumers may find that trying on brand X yields an even more comfortable fit.

Toyota Camry Consumer Reviews By Year:
2009 Toyota Camry

NEW FOR 2009

The Toyota Camry sees no major changes for 2009.


Spacious cabin, powerful and fuel-efficient V6, plush ride quality, top crash test scores, high resale value.


Inconsistent fit and finish, a few low-grade interior plastics, minimal feedback from the chassis.

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By New Toyota Owner on March 7 @ 3:16 pm
Great New Car
Recently purchased the New 2009 Camry SE. I like nearly everything. Would have liked to see slightly softer seating but that is all I can think at this point. Lots of fun to drive, great gas mileage, and the design of the car is very cool. The SE model has average features for the money.

By Junak26 on January 16 @ 5:20 am
Great car at great price
I got the car with 0 miles on it and I'm the first one breaking this vehicle. I can say only great words for the comfort and space for this car, just two little remarks for the cruise control on the wheel and the light on the AC, heat, and the fan. Can see where exactly the ball is during the day. Other way great car to own.

By gochi on May 2 @ 9:10 am
Reliable as a Camry
Bought a new 2009 Camry LE and am very satisfied with the purchase. The drive is smooth,gas mileage is great(getting around 29-30 on highway), roomy cabin, decent interior features like 8 way power drivers seat, ABS & Vehicle Stabilty Control, mp3/wma audio player and aux port. More than everything else I got this vehicle for its reliability and good resale value.

By Iqbaldhillon2 on December 29 @ 6:53 am
My New '09 Camry
I recently bought a 2009 Toyota Camry due to the fact that I had a Tundra, and Expedition plus a Lexus; I needed a economical car, I chose the Camry! The ride is very smooth, the gas mileage is where is shines with nearly 6000 miles on the odometer the car is getting me between 26 and 33 MPG! I am very satisfied with the Toyota Camry, it is not only fuel efficient, but also practical.

By Terry D on November 16 @ 11:00 am
Great Purchase
Just purchased this car two weeks ago. For a 4 cylinder, this car has excellent pickup. The interior design is outstanding. The car handles perfectly. I was going to purchase the Ford Fusion which I was also very impressed with. However, the fit and finish on the Camry is better.

By Tony on December 9 @ 5:23 pm
Camry 09
My wife just received the car a few weeks ago and I'm quite impressed. I drive a 2003 Lexus that I purchased new and it's almost identical, but with more up to date features like cooled seats, MP3 connection, bluetooth connection for a cell, etc. I agree with a previous review about less HP, but I'm sure this might be related to fuel economy which is satisfacory on this car considering it's a full size sedan. Overall, a very good car.

By Sliverhorse on April 22 @ 7:23 pm
Not what used to be
Not a bad looking car but not as good in other ways as was my 2002. Am wishing I had not purchased. Looks are good but after having it not happy with way it runs, or rides though it is comfortable. Not much attention to build quality.

By marcusjlynn on February 27 @ 10:13 am
2009 Camry XLE
I love my Toyota Camry XLE. The V-6 engine gives you more than enough power on the road. Acceleration from start is adequate, but accelerating in the higher gears is awesome!

By Realistic1 on October 26 @ 10:33 pm
Camry? Wow!
SE has a great ride, awesome suspension, not as soft as the other trims, but much more fun and definitrly worth it. Good looks and lots of compliments, but that aside, this is a solid car. You can feel the quality everywhere. Plenty of room, power and extras. This is the type of car that you can be impressed with from reading about it, but driving one will sell you on it.

By Toby on June 16 @ 3:26 pm
Fix the fuel tank
Everything with this car is fine except there is a deep thud sound coming from the rear of the car after we take off from a dead stop. We had it in the shop 3 times already and it only has 1000 miles on it. The first time they put padding around the jack and tightened the spare tire down some more. They said this should do it. I took the car back in a few days later as it was still making the noise. The mechanic said that a baffle in the fuel tank was loose and that was the noise we were hearing. They ordered us a new fuel tank and it didn't fix it. We took the car back in a week later for a Toyota engineer to look at it and he said that it was the fuel tank but nothing could be done bout it

By Dave on February 7 @ 10:33 am
Different from the Accord and Altima
Bought the Camry XLE w/leather after test driving similarly equipped Accord, Altima, Sonata and Fusion. The Camry clearly was superior in how quiet and smoothly it drove compared to the others. It has noticeably less acceleration from a stop but it still gets the job done. The leather seats are superior to the others. I would say that a person who needs a sedan but prefers a sportier feeling car then a different choice would be better. For those looking for a luxury feel the Camry wins.

By Bill on October 3 @ 7:50 pm
Great Value
I have owned several Toyota models- this one has all the others beat as respects the overall quality, easy driveability, gas mileage and reliability. The 158 horsepower is more than adequate for the every day driver.

By Amy on February 19 @ 7:33 pm
Lovin' My Camry
I traded in an 2004 Expedition for this Camry & I am TOTALLY loving this car. It was time to downsize with gas prices steadily on the rise. We test drove Fusions, Malibus, Accords, Altimas & when we came to the Camry, we were sold on it. It looks great, is a wonderfully smooth ride, and the gas mileage is great. I average about 26 miles per gallon (we live in the country & have to drive 10 miles into town every day). We didn't want all the extras of the higher priced models, and the LE fits us just perfect. It's very quiet inside the cabin, too. In a month I've put about 1200 miles on it. I can't wait to go on vacation in my Camry!!

By Satisfied gal on July 10 @ 8:00 pm
Great value, great car!
We traded in our 2003 Tundra for the new 2009 Camry in order to get better gas mileage. The reliability of Toyota was what prompted us to buy a Camry. The Camry is fun to drive, has plenty of room and has a beautiful body style. We are extremely happy with our purchase.

By Mike on May 27 @ 10:43 pm
First Toyota
This is my first Toyota, after always owning GM, Chevy, or Ford, along with being a truck and SUV guy. I needed a reliable car for a family of 4 that was comfortable and fuel efficient. I found it! It's just a base model Camry, but it's definitely serving its purpose. I would have like to have gotten a few more bells and whistles by at least moving up to the LE model, but I was on a very tight budget. Overall, I'm happy with the quality, peformance, and comfort of the car. The 4 cyl engine has more pep than I thought it would. I have less than 400 miles on it, but no complaints. It's going to serve its purpose well.

By Anand on February 26 @ 10:20 pm
It's been a great first two weeks
I was debating between a Honda Civic and a Camry and decided on the Camry since we are expecting a child and roominess and the quiet ride of the Camry sold me on it. The gas mileage is great, the first tank gave me 29.75/gallon (491 on 16.5), and this included a lot of traffic driving. Filled up again and it was a surprising 36/gallon (208.3 on 5.6). Although I admit I was careful accelerating and not going beyond 70mph, but drove upto 80mph. Definitely has the power when you need it. Impressed with the quiet engine. The VVT-i is solid, smooth transmission not too jerky when switching gears on an uphill.

By Mike on August 10 @ 2:13 pm
Bought this car last weekend. I love the power the V6 provides. The ride is nice and smooth and the SE sport package really adds to the look of the car. I got it in black with the 17" rims and love the way it looks!

By Dale on June 14 @ 3:43 pm
What a nice ride!
I purchased this Camry to help ease my pocketbook with the rising gas prices. It has an incredibly comfortable ride! Even compared to my 2005 Cadillac Deville. You feel the quality workmanship that went into the making of this car. Go buy one!

By Happy Customer on July 22 @ 1:53 pm
Awesome Camry!
We bought the 2009 Camry to replace our truck for gas mileage reasons. Boy did it deliver we just got 32 mpg on the last tank. It was great to drive this car for 2 whole weeks and still have 1/4 tank of gas left! We bought the LE because it comes with everything you need plus a lot of safety features. The only option we got was the Vehicle Stability Control. Insurance wasn't that much a month more either. The 158 hp has ample power. You have more than enough get up and go. It's smooth, quiet, beautiful and fun to drive. We are driving it on vacation and I'm looking forward to great gas mileage and a comfortable ride. Plus we'll have plenty of room in the mighty Camry.

By Mike on October 27 @ 9:43 am
Forever Camry
This is our 3rd Camry. This one is the best by far. Our other Camrys were 1987 & 1989 and since then the Camry has come a long way. We traded in our truck because we stopped driving it since the gas mileage was so poor. So, we decided to trade it in for something that got better gas mileage. We looked the Honda Accord found it too noisy and had no stablity control. The Hyundai Elantra not enough pep. The Nissan Altima not as smooth. The Camry was "perfect" I can't wait to drive it on vacation. This car will be in our family for a long, long time. We couldn't be happier with our purchase.

By Mike on January 6 @ 10:53 am
I love this car
We bought this car a couple months ago and are very happy we did. I looked at the Nissan, the Accord, and the Malibu and came to the conclusion the Toyota Camry is the best built most comfortable of them all. We traded in a 2005 Trailblazer that was in excellent shape but the cost of gas had us looking. My wife had a difficult time letting go of her SUV but now that we have the Camry she is very pleased.

By Paul3637 on October 23 @ 5:53 am
Great Car - Great price
Ride and engine are quiet and smooth as silk. The 268 HP V-6 has lots of zip and gets outstanding gas mileage. My LE does not have traction/stability control but I really don't need it. If you like to take corners hard, get the stability control or get the SE. I did not get the SE because all the ones in stock were loaded with expensive features I did not want.

By Farrell F Alexis on January 8 @ 1:53 pm
Toyo fun
This car is really nice. My friends really like the design. The performance is great especially the handling. With the right conditions outside, the acceleration is superb. It is very pleasant to drive. It is surprisingly quiet when the engine first starts. A 9/10 for the 2009 Toyota Camry. The gas mileage is good but could improve a little more.

By nikkim on March 12 @ 7:20 am
Noises on this car
I purchased my 09 Camry when gas just so expensive for our 06 Tundra. Im happy with all but the sound of the slightly loud 4 cyl. engine. Once on the road is ok though, only when accelerating. Also we have dash rattling noises, not really bad, probably just need some foam padding in there. The biggest complaint I have is the fuel economy. It said 23-31 mpg. I am only getting about 26, and I drive very conservatively. Hopefully it will do better when the air is not on and summer is over. There is also a loud noise when I take off from a dead stop. Other drivers here on this site had the same problem. My car sounds like the problem is up front though. Am definitely going to take for a check up.

By chasms on April 20 @ 10:20 am
BEST Car for your $ $ ! But BE Sensible!
This is my second Camry and so far it's just as impressive as my 2006 Camry Solara was. Only now it's been improved upon since then. IMO, there is little reason to spend money on a Cadillac when the XLE is as close as you'll get for a fraction of the cost. BUT...a person can't expect V8 performance from a 4 banger, and still expect good MPG. The car is as perfect as I can expect for the money - and a whole lot better than that! To all of those who do love the car, please hit your glass against mine!

By PJC on December 18 @ 4:50 pm
What's not to like!
I have always had fast sport cars and performance, quality and style were always important to me but I grew up and gas got expensive so I had to find a car that I could compromise with. The Camry fit that bill. It's not a fast sports car but the 4 cylinder has good performance for what it is. The style is sporty for a 4 door. It's not built like my Mercedes and I don't expect it to be for 45K less but it comes close enough for me to enjoy the car. We just put some nice wheels and tires on the car and that made a big difference in appearance. I now drive the Camry more than my Mercedes because of its fuel economy and I don't mind it a bit, it's a fine automobile.

By Camrys win again on August 9 @ 12:06 pm
Camrys since 1994
Researched Camry and Accords extensively. Have had Camrys since 1994. Purchased LE 4cyl, sunroof and alloy wheels. Love the quiet ride, especially over city bumps. Found the Accord not as forgiving in the city. If you do a lot of highway or curvy country road driving get the Accord with the vehicle stability package. Otherwise, if you live in the city get the Camry. It's more a "squishy" comfortable drive with good sound "muffling" ability. Also, this is picky but the a/c on the Camry works alot better than Honda especially when speed varies.

By joe on April 6 @ 3:26 pm
High performance peace of mind
As a father of three children, and a passion for sports cars, finding something that boasts performance and economic efficiency was no easy task until I took this camry se v6 for a test drive. It makes a statement with high performance driving and looks. Rest assured whether you're hauling groceries with the family or just haulin' on open road, the smiles are impossible to hide. Overall comfort and interior quality makes you forget your not driving a $50k automobile. All of the creature comforts and styling at half the expected cost.

By Joe on February 21 @ 2:56 am
Ready to Trade
I purchased a 2009 Toyota Camry SE in March and will be trading it very soon. Only has 800, but I would rather not have a bad back. The seats in the Camry are the most uncomfortable seats of any car I've ever owed. The ride is smooth and the car is quiet, decent gas mileage and nice style. NO pickup at all. This car is to big for a 4 cylinder and it hesitates when you press on the gas as you start off. Not good if you plan to do a lot of highway driving. Toyota should be ashamed of themselves for designed such uncomfortable seats. Honda here I come.

By First Toyota 4 Me on April 3 @ 5:10 pm
1 hot ride - love this sporty family car
This is the first Toyota I have ever owned. Let me just say that this far exceeds anything i ever expected. My Toyota has highway power with extra to boot. Comforts that make my 45 minute drive to work easy. After driving my Camry I can tell you that I am Toyota lover now and my teenagers will each receive one when the time is right.

By David on January 17 @ 8:13 pm
My First Camry
Just purchased my first Camry last month. I liked and test drove all of the available packages for model year 2009. I opted for the 2009 SE with the 4 cylinder. This is a superb vehicle. It has all the convenience of a four door with a large trunk and yet has the looks of a sports car. I chose the 4 cylinder strictly based on the economy. The vehicle hugs the road. If you do a lot of Autobahn type driving purchase the SE and you will enjoy the sport tuned suspension. GREAT vehicle in this price range. The carpeted wheel wells, trunk lid, and engine compartment create a VERY quiet cabin.

By tominator on July 12 @ 9:16 am
Great Value
Purchased the car 2 weeks ago and put 865 miles on it already. Wife drives 70 miles a day round-trip. She loves the ride, comfort and filling up the tank for $60 versus $90 for our 2004 mini van that we traded in. Problem going down hills, the RPM shoot up to 3000 while braking. I took back to dealership & asked them to reprogram the computer. They refused because the problem wouldn't duplicate itself while tech drove it. I talked to the head mechanic the next day and he told me it definitely needs reprogramming. Now I have another appt. to get the problem fixed.

By Art on May 18 @ 8:23 am
Outstanding vehicle
This will go down as one of the best vehicles that I have ever purchased. Replacing my Yukon to gain better economy, this vehicle has exceeded my expectations. Fuel economy is excellent giving me with the V6 32 MPG with the very first tank of gas with the cruise set right below 70. Appears to be very solid and comfortable and the fit and finish is excellent.

By EBoyer on April 9 @ 2:20 am
Love my Camry XLE
This is my first Toyota and I purchased it because of the high gas prices. I traded in my Nissan Pathfinder for something more economical. When I test drove the Camry, I knew this was the vehicle for me. It as a professional look and the feel and how it handles the road is exceptional. I had reservations about owning a car after my SUV, but I was wrong. Thanks Toyota, I love the experience.

By Walt on July 3 @ 6:03 pm
This is a great car
I just got back from a cross country trip and I am extremely happy with my new Camry. The ride is exactly what I want from a car. I checked out the Accord and the Altima and the Camry is so much quieter than those it is unbelievable. The only extra I got on mine is the JBL audio system which lets me make hands free calls. This should be something standard on all cars. Also, the sound of the stereo is by far better than anything I've ever had in a car. Love the smooth quiet ride. I highly recommend this car

By Terrie on November 5 @ 9:10 am
An excellent vehicle
The Camry SE is probably overpriced in the Camry style, however, it does provide almost all features advertised. I find the comfort and interior design to be very good. Fuel savings are important and this 4cyl does the job.

By James on December 12 @ 3:16 pm
My 3rd Camry
As of today, I've had my Barcelona Red Metallic SE for one week, and I LOVE it! The ride is superb, and the looks turn heads --- not only because of the outside styling, but also the interior. The OptiTron gauges are beautiful, and really add to the aesthetics. Though only an i4, the car handles impressively --- LOVE the round-abouts! ;) I previously had a '94 Camry Coupe, and traded in my '04 LE for the '09. I have noticed the fit/finish is not quite as crisp/clean as in my prior Camrys, but IMO still very good. In fact, my '09 fit/finish appears to be improved over the '07/'08 models. Great car, beautiful looks, nice handling, quiet ride, and overall a great car!

By Faith on September 14 @ 1:36 am
Great car!!
I have to say that this is a great car!! I have always had a 2 door sports car but wanted a 4 door this time. The Camry SE still gives me that sports car feel with the 4 door I wanted. This car is roomy, very comfortable, rides like a dream and handles turns and curves very well. I would definitely recommend this car.

By M Taylor on December 21 @ 8:30 pm
Same Old Camry-- It's Still Excellent
This is my fourth Toyota and second Camry; nothing has changed except for more power, refinement, and overall quality. Dollar for dollar it's very difficult to find anything better in its class. My vehicle has exceptional acceleration, braking, fit and finish, and more than ample room. I am 6'2" and a solid 250 lbs. and it is very comfortable. By the way, I test drove the 2008 Honda Accord extensively prior to my Camry purchase. The Honda was very, very nice--but for me the Camry was simply more refined.

By AngelaE on December 10 @ 12:40 am
Very Disappointed, Uncomfortable Seats
This is my third Camry, after owning 2000 and 2002 models. I did not like the LE's interior from the beginning; it seemed cheaply made and had sharp angles. We wound up buying an SE because my husband preferred the sporty look and insisted we couldn't go wrong based on our experience with our previous Camrys. The following day I realized that this car has the most uncomfortable seats I have ever sat in. Every time I drive it I wind up with a headache or sore neck. The headrest cannot be adjusted backwards or forward and pushes my head forward. I took it to the dealer to see if there was any solution, but they were unable to help. I am ready to dump this thing and I have only had since May!

By lovecamry on August 30 @ 11:53 am
I love my Camry!!
I have had my 2009 V6 Camry XLE since March and I fall more in love each day! It is so gorgeous on the inside and out, I hardly hear road noise, it has great "get-up-and-go", I love the sports shift option when I really need to move quick out of traffic! I also love the way the front dash and gauge area is designed, it's very aesthetically pleasing! It is truly a luxury car. I almost went for the SE, but chose the XLE for the leather interior, sleeker design, and the color options I wanted. There is just no beating this Camry! The only bummer is the rising gas prices, $50 only fills my tank to 3/4 full for about 1-2 weeks! But it's worth it! It is an absolute pleasure to drive!

By James on March 17 @ 3:40 am
Camry LE V6
I have Toyota and BMW cars. For the price, this Camry is a better buy than BMW. It does everything well as BMW except handling. Among my Toyotas, this is the 1st one that I've felt fast.

By Zotos on February 7 @ 11:30 am
New owner of 'import'
I've had the car a week and enjoy the ride very much. I traded up from a '99 Saturn SL1 that had 211,000 miles on it. The Camry is very comfortable and a great ride. I was a little disappointed in spending $60 for a fill-up after spending barely $30 before. But that's the price of a larger tank. Interior is straight forward, nothing fancy. Buttons logically placed.

By AIRFORCEDINSTAAR on October 18 @ 12:13 am
Tight Handling + Quiet
I am hoping the 09 has all the transmission bugs of the previous two years worked out! I would have to say that this car is a excellent vehicle for family it has five star crash testings all the way around except rollover which is a 4! My first Toyota almost 1000 miles and glitch free!! Great ride.

By LKB207 on November 3 @ 11:40 am
Good Car
I didn't really purchase the car but my family rented it. Rides very nice and is very comfortable. Best Toyota I have ever ridden in. The motor is very quiet and the car is very nice. Keep it up Toyota!

By James on April 3 @ 2:23 am
2009 Camry LE V6
I have Toyota and BMW cars. For the price, this Camry is a better buy. It does everything well as BMW except handling. This is the 1st Toyota that I've felt fast. Over all, it's an excellent vehicle at a good price.

By wnyken on December 9 @ 8:26 pm
Great mix of style and reliabilty
This will be my 5th Toyota in the family since my 1989 Camry. I chose the SE model for the sportier look and crisper handling. I also like the black leather and black and chrome trim. The only thing I could wish for would be either/both bluetooth connectivity and/or satellite radio capability on the base radio. Other than that, it looks good, rides wonderfully, has lots of space for people and/or luggage and gives me good gas mileage while doing it all.

By scarexpert on November 17 @ 9:23 am
So smooth
Had for 2 weeks. So smooth. Excellent MPG: 31. My is black with gray inside. No problems to report

By Little Annoyances on May 21 @ 12:26 pm
Little Annoyances
Just took delivery. Great looking car and wonderful performance. I'm told they are not available but it was an official's car and it came with the 18" inch alloy wheels [great looking] but the High Performance tires really transmit the slightest road irregularities. My fault for accepting them. I'm used to a trip computer which is not available on this car. The nav system is more complex than my needs, yet there is no "simple" driving compass which my wife and have come to rely on. The mirrors don't fold away, and there is no memory option for the driver's seat positions. Small issues to be sure, but I've had them on previous cars and I'll be sure they are on my next car.

By satisfied on March 11 @ 1:36 am
Our new Camry
We are long term owners when we purchase a vehicle. After 4 1/2 months, 3500 miles - we are not at all dissatisfied with our decision to purchase another Toyota. Very dependable, good looking and economical. Glad we went with the 4 cyl. I like the car.

By Silvercam on August 11 @ 9:03 am
Reliable and Safe
Just purchased my new Camry about 3wks ago. Seems to be a very nice, comfortable, and a well built car all around. I traded from a midsize suv to this, and so far the slightly smaller space has not been a problem. The 4 cyl seems to have a lot of power, 158 hp is what it says, and that's pretty decent considering my suv was a V6 and only had 165 hp. This is my first Toyota, and I hope it lasts as long as they say they do. Go check one out if your considering a new car, it's very nice, and it's no wonder you see so many on the road!

By Rob on October 2 @ 10:10 pm
New Purchase
This is an exceptional vehicle, and if you are looking for options on the LE, you get more standard with the XLE. I was impressed by the fact that for only about 1000 more, I got everything I wanted in the LE and much much more.

By Rahul Singh on July 18 @ 8:13 pm
2009 Toyota Camry XLE
Purchased my 2009 Camry and I love it. The ride is smoother quieter and more comfortable than the Honda accord. I do majority of my driving in city and town combined and i am averaging 32 MPG. This is phenomenal for a car this size. Couldn't have made a better choice.

By aeroengr on July 22 @ 9:10 am
Four trips to the shop so far.
We love the Camry, upgraded from a 1997 V6 Camry with 150,000 miles. The 2009 is a big step up in quiet and smooth performance. Even with the small 4 cyl. engine, the performance in the mountains where we live is very good. Problem has been wheel bearings. Four wheel bearings have been replaced by two different dealers within 1000 miles. Great customer service from both dealers, but Toyota has no clue as to what is causing our problem.

By George on November 29 @ 6:13 am
30 MPG with a 260 HP V-6!
I drive 40,000 miles a year and was looking for a dependable car that would be comfortable as well. I wanted navigation, bluetooth, leather and auto temp A/C, so I went with the XLE. I have seen people saying that they were getting 30 mpg on the highway with the Camry V-6 and they are right, first tank was 29.86 mpg (90 % highway). Car is much quieter than the Honda.

By Greg on May 30 @ 11:33 pm
Nice Ride
Was looking at this and the Acura TL 2008 model. Wife liked this one. First tank of gas 29 mpg. Half driving was interstate at 80 mph and half all around driving city and hwy. 2nd tank 32 mpg highway driving at 70 mph hwy. Nice and comfortable. Reclining rear seats, in two positions, 4 degrees each. Plenty of leg room. Nice power. Not sporty power like the Acura but it has plenty. Hands free Blue tooth is the only way to go. Call comes in, once paired with your phone, radio goes off, hit talk switch on steering wheel and just talk and drive. When call is over, hang up the phone, that is located on your steering wheel and the radio comes back. Very safe feature. Great car.

By Karen on January 12 @ 5:43 am
Pleased with the Camry
First Toyota Camry purchase. XLE 6 cyl, 3.5 has many features. Average miles: approx. 27 MPG highway miles. Great pickup & fast on the highway.

By Dark Joan on June 29 @ 6:40 am
Try Camry Before Buying a Sedan
Only 1700 miles so far but had to speak up. I love this car! 25+ mpg daily on 50-mile mixed commute. Great seats front and back even for two people with chronic back problems. Quiet, almost soothing ride. Precise and responsive handling. V-6 gives immediate, smooth power when needed and can really fly! Driving position like a cockpit, nice for those used to a smaller car. Passengers love individually reclining back seats and pulldown sun shade. Compare stats - back seat space is huge versus most sedans thanks to extra legroom. Tight build, no rattles, flaws or gaps. Car's design is elegant and stylish. Build quality and ride better than Cadillac. My first Toyota and I'm impressed.

By Daniel K on July 29 @ 3:03 pm
Truly Satisfying Vehicle
I have, up to now, been a loyal Honda Accord owner, but after a terrible experience with a vibrating 2007 V6 EX Accord, I finally traded for a 2009 V6 XLE Camry, and I am totally satisfied with my decision-even though it cost me $3000 dollars to trade out-worth every cent. The Camry is awesome, quiet, powerful engine, good looking, well laid out interior, and it does not vibrate and shake like the Accord did! The 440 watt JBL stereo system sounds very nice, and the bluetooth option is way cool. A recent road trip at speeds of 75+mph achieved 29.5 miles per gallon! And when you want to accelerate, hold on! There is a reason for so many of them are on the road - drive one - oh what a feeling!

By jstull on September 9 @ 4:30 pm
2009 Camry SE
Good looking and powerful. Excellent gas mileage - 28 mpg average. Handles great. My wife liked mine so much she now has her own. Great seats, roomy and comfortable. Just did the first oil change and it was a snap. A great car for the money.

By John on July 18 @ 12:40 am
First Impressions
I traded in my 2002 Camry XLE with 162,000 miles on it. What a great car that was! Of course with such a great experience I had to consider the new Camry. It is much sleeker in design although it is still Rather bland. It is very quiet and smooth which is important to me as I do a lot of hwy driving. The seats are comfortable but not quite up to my 2002. Toyota did cut some corners with interior quality but overall it is still excellent. It is also a little smaller inside than my 2002 although they claim it is larger? I also am not a huge fan of the deep dash board and the fact that you sit a bit higher then the previous model. The stereo is good but not as crisp in sound as it could be.

By fbanksw on May 24 @ 11:30 am
No Fun.
I loved my 93 Camry, but sold it and bought a Nissan Altima - huge mistake. Nothing but woes, but when my son started college instead of trading it (and losing money). I gave it to him and happily went out to get myself the 2009 Camry. It's been a big disappointment. The transmission seems to constantly self adjust on even the slightest of hills and it's so annoying, how it seems to struggle to accelerate. It's totally a drag, especially when the AC is on and this has taken all the fun out of driving my new car.

By Sandeep Nema on May 27 @ 5:16 pm
Excellent Stability and Comfort
Bought this vehicle just standard LE, without stability and traction control. Even then I feel it's very stable during exit turns at high speeds and does not rattle. this year Camry is as quiet as previous year models and compared to Honda Accord. Exterior looks are at par with Lexus and more lavish than Accord 08/09 models. Interior is comfortable, but at times I get with interior plastic finish a bit cheaper feel. Probable Toyota tried to compensate interior to implement newer EPA safety standards and expansive research for fuel economy by keeping car at almost same price of 2008.

By Micah on June 8 @ 5:10 am
Toyota Reliability?
We bought our SE because we thought it would look cool in black with the sport body kit, but there are so many Camrys, they're everywhere. They always looked bad exterior wise, but I thought the reliability was worth it. After 7 months, I ran out the warranty (I drive a lot for work) and the car had electronic problems from the first week. The interior has been falling apart from day one when the door panel came off. I have to go to the shop once every two months because the engine makes odd noises. The interior is, unimaginative to say the least, it truly is an appliance vehicle, no style.

By dakotaduffy on June 25 @ 1:13 am
Great MPG
This makes my 39th vehicle. My wife says that I have a problem! I just purchased this car in hopes to have a dependable, good MPG ride. Guess what, that is exactly what I have. Of course dependability is yet to be seen but from what everyone says I should not have to worry. Now, for the MPG. The sticker said I should get 31 on the highway. I travel rural roads (2 lane) to work 48 miles each way and so far I have been getting 33-37 MPG (wow). I fill it up until it is just to the neck so I know exactly how much is in there. The computer seems to be about 1 mpg off (on the high side) but actual numbers are still outstanding. I am 6'3" and have plenty of room. So far, LOVE IT.

By Tom on June 11 @ 3:30 pm
Money well spent.
Okay, I test drove pretty much all the midsize family sedans and in terms of price, value, comfort, looks, and fuel economy the Toyota Camry won. The 4 cylinder is plenty of power so don't waste money for that and the xle trim is worth the extra money. Very comfortable interior and decent handling so don't expect a sports car ride. I like driving this car. Lots of room front and rear with a decent sized trunk. Lots of airbags and VSC for safety. It even has a knee airbag for the driver. Controls are simple enough but I wasn't sold on the navigation. So I didn't get it. Too many things to look at when driving. Overall, I give it an A.

By Tony Lucci on June 19 @ 1:23 pm
Transmission deceleration problems
Only Toyotas ever owned and still own are four 1989-1991 Cressidas. Absolutely superb and still running great. Recommended to my son to buy Camry. Bought a 2007 LE 4 cylinder Camry new and transmission shifting between 35 and 45 is deplorable. When decelerating down to 40 car RPM jump up by 1000. I was foolish enough to buy a 2009 Camry 6 cylinder XLE with every option and at 9000 miles the problem my son has with his 4 cylinder is twice as bad with the 6 cylinder. Went to two different dealers for repair and received the same story from both (nothing wrong) and one even charged $40 bucks (car is in warranty). OOOH what a "bad" feeling.

By steve on January 25 @ 4:46 am
Comfortable car, good to drive powerful 3.5L with V6 engine. compare to Nissan Maxima and Altima v6 engine and Honda Accord. I'd rather buy Toyota Camry a little cheaper price and the model look good too

By Dee on January 19 @ 7:40 am
The most fun I've had driving
I traded up from a 2005 Corolla the best choice I have every made, don’t get me wrong it was a great car but compared to my Camry it was just a baby. My Camry runs just as smooth as my mom’s Infiniti G35. The wheel mounted controls, blue tooth and speed/noise sensitive volume control, without a doubt make it the best full size sedan out there for the money. I know because I tried almost all of them the Madza6, Malibu, Altima, Sonata, Accord even a Hyundai Genesis and they all fail in comparison. Trust me.

By Finnska on January 6 @ 3:53 am
2009 Camry XLE Love it!
Got the vehicle in April 08. Love it! Love everything about it. Has great ride quality, great sound quality! Took it on a long trip and clocked 34 mpg. Yes, 34 mpg. We've had many different vehicles, but this one gives us the most pleasure in driving it. We leased it, but we'll be keeping it in the end.

By Marko on July 20 @ 6:33 am
Honda Fan's new Camry
My Camry LE 4 cyl 5 speed auto has about 3,800 miles now. In suburban driving (avg 35 mph, few stops) and highway (avg 78 mph mostly cruise control), my day in, day out suburban/highway combined mileage is 28 mpg. The car is comfortable and attractive, but has mushy handling and a constantly shifting auto trans. The car is unstable driving in gusty winds. The ergonomics aren't as good as my 2000 Honda Accord. I bought the Camry because I just couldn't stand the looks of the 2008/9 Accord. Interesting that my Camry requires oil changes at 5,000, while the Accord was listed as 7,500. My Camry stereo has intermittent failure, but other than that, car's delivered quality was good.

By Rhoel on January 29 @ 5:30 am
Camry LE '09
Good vehicle from point A to B. Quite comfortable. Camry LE is underpowered. I'm aware that it's only an I4 but still quite gutless. Average around 20- 23 mpg mix of hi-way and city driving with AC on at 3/4 cool.

By Joe B Radio on March 3 @ 11:43 pm
Good Car So Far, But Some Downgrades
Just traded an 02 Camry I really liked with 102K for 09. Have only put 300 miles on the car so far, but the quality, especially interior, is a notch down from the 02. The inside plastic seems of lesser quality and there are some issues with sections matching up, something I never thought I would see in Toyota. I guess they made changes to keep the price down. On road performance is comparable and ABS is standard. The pickup is about what you expect considering it is a 4 cyl on such a large frame. I hope the car has the reliability of my trouble free 02 Camry.

By Paul on November 14 @ 9:53 pm
Love my Cammie the Camry
A lot of people I know own these so I decided to buy one. My lady friend owns a 2008 Camry XLE V6. Hers is black, and mine is silver. What is not to like about this car? I just love it to death! I plan on keeping it for a good long time. Me and my lady friend are both senior citizens. I definitely recommend this car to anyone looking for a midsize family sedan that is great for anyone of any age. They make great first cars, great second cars, and great family cars.

By Joe P. on December 24 @ 1:36 am
'09 LE 3.5V6
I bought my Camry in Sept. This is my 1st foreign vehicle. What a surprise. This vehicle is the best. I'm averaging 28 MPG in mixed city and hwy driving. It is a pleasure to drive. The power is great, it handles very nicely, has much interior room and the aesthetics are great. My wife has an '00 4 runner with nearly 300,000 miles on it. I can only hope that I have this car for that many miles. I really like this vehicle!

By David White on May 29 @ 6:06 pm
Our 1st Toyota
We bought this car to replace a 17 year old Ford Taurus based upon reviews, resale value, perceived quality, etc. So far, we have been impressed with ride quality (handling could be better) as well as the fuel economy (22 - 34 mpg depending on city or highway driving). The interior & trunk are large and the ride comfortable with plenty of room for our family. Mud flaps have been added as well as pinstriping (which really dresses the car up), a clear bra and a wood dash/door panel kit (relatively inexpensive upgrades that make the car look better and protect it from the elements). With only 3,000 miles on it, we haven't had any negative issues. The reliability factor is off to a good start.

By Bob on March 21 @ 12:33 am
Outside temp
We have had Camrys for many years and have found them to enjoyable and reliable. Traded our '05 XLE 4 banger for an '09 XLE 4 banger. Thought our '05 drove and rode better, but could be wrong. We enjoy our '09, but have found one minor glitch. The outside temp does not show all temps. For example, have never seen 62, 65, 69, and a bunch others. when these numbers are written down a pattern shows up. A tech. from Chicago has compared our '09 with another '09 and found them both to have the same "design" trouble, although he did not nor would not admit this was a problem. He did agree to send info on to be looked at by higher authorities.

By Dick on August 9 @ 1:30 am
Honda to Toyota
I traded in my 2008 Honda Accord for the Toyota. Both are V6, fully loaded, including nav. So far Toyota wins hands down! Although about $1200 more, it is worth it. Quieter on the highway, better fuel economy, better sound system, smoother transmission, bigger trunk, more comfortable seating, equal acceleration. The Honda nav had more bells and whistles, like an altimeter. I tried to save a few dollars on the Honda and discovered it was not worth it.

By Josie on October 12 @ 5:33 am
I traded in a 2004 Camry LE when the extended warranty ran out at 100K miles; The 2009 feels smaller inside and out. I feel cramped and like I'm in a fishbowl - and I am a small lady. With the seat arranged for short person comfort, I have no visibility to check for traffic in my blind spot on either side. Maybe it doesn't have a blind spot? Ha! I'm looking at the post when I look over my shoulder. I can't see over the hood to park it and keep missing the lines - yes, I know how to park a car and I'll adjust til I figure it out. I've only had the car for 3 days and now I'm not sure what to do - and I'm really concerned that I'll miss another car sitting in a blind spot.

By Brian on January 16 @ 9:03 am
Very Comfortable
I traded in a 1998 Chevy Lumina for the 2009 Camry LE. So far, the car has met my expectations in every area and exceeded them in a few. The cabin is very comfortable and spacious. I drove the 09 Malibu and while I like it, the cabin felt "closed in" and has a major blind spot toward the back of the rear passenger window - no such issue in the Camry. Car offers plenty of pep when called for and is quiet. My neighbor though I had purchased a hybrid the first time he heard me drive in. While I agree with a professional review that this car is about as exciting as a ham and cheese on white, I've got enough excitement in my life and love the soothing nature this car provides.

By atb2 on June 5 @ 1:50 am
Best value in class
First-time Camry owner with only 4k on the clock. Combined city/hwy mpg is 30.2 so far. Very smooth and quiet on the road for an I4, with minimal road/engine noise. Truly a solid and well-built sedan. Excellent overall.

By Best Bet on December 24 @ 11:13 pm
Love It !
My second Camry and I love it. Has great acceleration, smooth ride, 5 star crash scores and Toyota reliability. Nothing compares.

By NYC on May 18 @ 5:33 pm
A solid choice
I leased a 2000 Camry and I find that the 2009 Camry I purchased about 6 weeks ago is a better driving experience for me. The handling is tighter and the car maneuvers easier. If you are looking for a family car that gives you plenty of room and a quiet ride. The Camry is a great choice. The XLE adds the extras like the JBL radio which is standard to the stereo I had in my "07 Lexus IS250! Bluetooth and Homelink are very useful and the heat and radio controls and the steering wheel are convenient.

By TWH on May 28 @ 9:46 pm
More for the money
Like the car, but in comparison to other makes I feel I should get more options for the money spent. Car seems pretty "basic" for the type of car it should be. I feel there should be more standard equipment on the SE model. Disappointed in the partial text display for the xm/sirius radio. Also disappointed that I don't have heated side mirrors. Fuel economy display would be nice as well. I had these things on my $18000 Focus but are not on my $25000 Camry SE.

By L-A on August 8 @ 6:23 pm
Worth Every Penny
It's our first Toyota Camry. We decided to purchase one after our old 88 BMW required frequent maintenance. Rides quietly. Very roomy. We traveled outside the city on the weekend for more than 2 hrs and my passengers were in total comfort! I wish I was in the back enjoying the ride. The downside of the car: climate control can need more power for the back passengers, weak acceleration from start, blind spots are many (due to airbag compartments) I had to install two blind spot mirrors. Amazing fuel consumption esp. in LA where there's 24/7 traffic. Music quality's fantastic. Spacious trunk. I love driving big cars so Camry's the perfect size

By CKerian on March 10 @ 9:23 pm
The best car I ever had
Traded in a 2007 Tahoe you know the one the saves half the gas by shutting the motor down. I love this car. this is my 6th car in my nine years of driving yes I'm 26 and love the 4 door v-6 power no nav but everything else. Smooth ride and the best gas miles since the '91 CRX (46 mpg) looked at the accord nice but not enough to buy. I can compare this to my old 98' Prelude SH 200hp "built to run" this has way more power for a bigger car. Worth a drive and a buy.

By IndyMacAddict on April 3 @ 1:33 am
I Love My Camry SE V6
I've always wanted a tough looking car with the muscle to back it up. But, my family demands more functionality than a small two door hot rod. The Camry offers everything I was looking for. Power, looks, comfort, room, and fuel economy to boot. The Camry has it all. It drives like it's on rails thanks to the sport suspension. This is not the boring Camry of old. This car can move! Acceleration is outstanding. I have had the pleasure of proving this to unsuspecting Accord V6, Malibu LTZ, and Altima owners with a good stoplight whoopin'. At the same time, we enjoy state to state road trips due to the quit, comfortable ride. The Camry SE V6 does it all.

By Kevman on September 12 @ 1:03 pm
Toyota- oh what a dissapointment!
The new generation Camry has disappointed me 3 months after purchase. The ride is good and somewhat quiet and the base 2.4 4 cylinder is peppy enough around town. The exterior is plain and sort of ugly in the front end treatment. The sides are plain and easily dinged due to Toyotas cheapness in not including bodyside moldings. Visibility to the rear is sometimes compromised and it's not always easy to judge the hood when parking. The base engine wheezes on long grades out on the open road or when there are more than 2 people on board and the 5 speed automatic can sometimes hesitate when downshifting. Stability/traction control should be std along with fog lamps if your advertising safety.

By First Toyota on February 26 @ 3:20 pm
Perfect Fit!
First time Toyota owner. Had a very tough time deciding between the Accord and Camry. Received so much more for my money with the Camry and it is a much quieter, smoother ride. Just passed 3K miles and am getting about 31mpg hwy/fwy. Am very happy with my purchase!

By Lee on June 8 @ 2:03 pm
So Far So Good
Pretty good car so far. Nothing wrong with it yet. Great ride and roomy. Few things I didn't like was cheap plastic controls and no traction control for winter weather.

By Kawliga33 on August 24 @ 9:10 am
Replaced 325i
I always thought that I would own 3 series BMWs but because of extremely poor dealership practices, I purchased the Camry for my wife's normal driving. While not as peppy as the 6 cyl. Bimmer, it is fine for everyday driving. We both love the car and I honestly feel that we have not stepped down in quality, comfort. Those interested in fine family car should consider.

By VLY on August 31 @ 1:10 am
Very comfortable and quite.
My third Camry. Still keep 97 LE – 12 years of trouble-free service. The 09 one is very comfortable and quite, hope will be as reliable as my 97 Camry. 2.4 l four is perfectly adequate but so far I got 22 MPG on mixed driving – compare to my 97’s 26 MPG. Another disappointment is oil change – have to do it after each 5000 miles compare to 7500 in most other cars. On positive side – all other maintenance is almost non-existing, antifreeze & transmission fluid work for 90000 miles, spark plugs for 120000, timing belt is finally gone and chain does not need replacement. Things like stability/traction control, trip computer, body side molding, mud guards must be standard.

By kvp on January 17 @ 7:10 pm
So far so good
I had almost decided to buy an Accord before I test drove a Camry. It's much smoother and quieter than an Accord. Even though the I4 Camry is rated at 158 HP, lower than the I4 177 Hp Accord lx and 190 HP EX models, I didn't feel a great deal of difference between Camry and Accord LX. Hands down, the Honda has a better quality interior. The Accord had a tighter and a bit more responsive steering and suspension (not by much). But I was immediately impressed by the silky smooth engine, soft shifting and quietness of the Camry. Also Camry LE was cheaper with 16 inch alloys and moon roof than Accord LX-P. I like it so far (fingers crossed).

By RAFFY on December 13 @ 8:43 pm
Awesome vehicle
I'm writing this review for all the people who are debating on getting a Camry. Hey, don't mess around and wind up with a piece of junk that you'll hate driving and paying an arm and a leg for it. Go buy a Camry, they are reasonably priced, they ride so smooth and they are fun to drive. I bought two, one for me and one for my wife... I've made a smart move when I purchased the Camry(s).

By SI,NY on March 7 @ 3:46 pm
Poor mileage
I have been very disappointed with the mileage. After 3000 miles it still averages 14 -17 MPG city & 24-26 highway. It has a comfortable ride& good pick up for a 4 cylinder. The stereo has good sound but the IPOD jack is in a difficult to reach location. The climate control in not near as good as the Buick Park Ave I previously owned. I can't believe it didn't come with automatic windshield washers. Don't waste your time with the GPS for $200 buy a Garmin- much easier to use.

By Mindy on January 20 @ 7:30 pm
Excellent Purchase for the Second Time!!
We bought this car to replace my other Camry that is 10 years old. I will say it is such a fun car to drive! I love all the safety features it offers. I drive up and down the interstate daily and feel confident that I am in a safe car! I got all that I wanted with no compromise. We still kept the old Camry to drive around town to save miles on the new Camry and my husband's '04 Toyota Tundra. I will only ever own a Toyota! Excellent made cars and trucks.

By Izzy on July 14 @ 3:46 am
2009 camry
I purchased this car with 9500 miles on it and I love it. I compared several different cars before purchasing and basically boiled down to Accord & Camry (I tried the corolla but decided it was to small and as a result lest comfortable). The Camry is by far the most smooth and quiet. I love the ride. I was expecting better gas mileage but now I realize that I was mixing it up with the Corolla. I am getting between 25 - 28 mpg with mostly hwy driving. On a 450 mile drive that was almost ALL hwy I got 29 - 30 but the regular was between 25 - 28. (I would say that it is about 75% hwy 25% city) If you are looking for a really smooth ride and easy handle of a car, Camry is the way to go.

By Richmond, VA on May 10 @ 2:43 am
Good Looking, Reliable, Thrifty Car!
This is my fourth Toyota, and my third Camry. The 2009 LE is beautiful, reliable, and a pleasure to drive. I have gotten 26 MPG on combined city and hwy driving, and I am very pleased with this number. Though I would like a little more pickup when accelerating, and I decided to add the side body molding to avoid dings, everything else is wonderful. I would not drive anything else!

By dave on September 9 @ 9:53 pm
Just what I expected
The V-6 has plenty of punch and is fun to drive. It handled quite well going up mountains and negotiating winding country roads. I use to own a Lexus ES 330 and this Camry reminds me so much of that Lexus.

By It's A Lemon on August 25 @ 8:30 am
Front End Rattle
In 6 months of ownership the front upper strut mounts and the front left strut assembly have been replaced. "Insulation" was added between the strut mounts and the car body to try and quiet the rattle noise. All efforts have failed. Toyota has no solution. Think twice before buying the 4 cylinder LE. There is a flaw in the front end. Arbitration denied my claim because the situation was not serious enough. Protect yourselves and do not buy the LE model until a solution has been found for this problem.

By John M on October 25 @ 9:56 pm
Very Happy - So Far !
I returned my G35X after the lease expired. For a lot less money I got a very good car. The V6 is quite powerful. The cabin is quiet. The MPG is better than the G 35X. Fit and finish are also very good. The fact that the car was built in the USA is an extra bonus.

By Terptracker on December 1 @ 10:00 pm
Worth the money
Excellent compromise of quality, design, performance and fuel economy ... goes when you need it too, comfortable on trips. Excellent acceleration for a family sedan and gets upper twenties in combined driving, over 30 on long trips. Controls are mostly large and easy to read while driving. Could use memory seats, but it's a minor complaint. Steering has minimal road feel, but it still grips the road fine. Brakes are responsive and have a secure feel. On occasion, would like a fold-down rear seat.

By KarenLS1956 on March 1 @ 9:50 am
Loving It!
Lease was up on my 2005 Highlander V6 Limited which I enjoyed. Did a lot of homework on smaller SUVs since we are empty nesters now and always said I'd never go back to a car. Test drove many SUVs then I test drove the Camry for the heck of it and I was sold. Fits me like a glove. Can't believe the smoothness and quiet cabin which is my #1 priority. Had 2 Honda Accords years ago and thought they were the best cars I ever owned but I was wrong, this Camry surpasses any vehicle I've had. Didn't take any adjusting from driving an SUV to a car which I thought I'd feel. Gas mileage is excellent compared to the Highlander. City 24.6. Highway not sure yet. Loving every aspect of this car!

By ralph on July 26 @ 1:36 am
xle 4 cyl. sedan
I am disappointed at the mileage - about 14-16 city 20-22 highway. Also very noisy engine - sounds like it's always struggling, it needs more power. Also anything that makes it look sharper outside is an accessery (bodyside molding, body stripe, mud guards ). That's why they cost so much. Never again. Poor choice.

By Todd on July 8 @ 3:46 am
A Pleasure to Drive
I just got the new Camry and so far I am very happy with the purchase. It is a sweet looking ride and handles very well. Great stereo system.

By bill McDougal on August 12 @ 6:10 pm
Switched from Accord
The reviews on Edmunds are accurate. Excellent performance. Poor visibility to the rear. Horrible seats. Sincerely wish Accord had not gone to Variable Cylinder Management. That's the only reason I went to Camry. A big mistake.

By vogtsa on April 6 @ 4:06 pm
A good car overall
I like my Camry. I think the best thing about it was the first time I stepped in it to test drive it, it felt like there was nothing to get used to. You could just get in it and go. Interior quality is about what I would expect on an entry-level midsize car but is better than my Mazda 6's was. It's rattle free. At least there are a couple of bits of metal trim vs. none on the Honda Accord. It's excellent on gas. The engine has a decent amount of power for a 4-cyl, especially on the highway. The driving experience isn't an exciting one but it doesn't feel like driving a boat. The suspension soaks up road imperfections nicely. Overall, a car I can live with for a number of years to come.

By burre on May 3 @ 1:23 pm
I dig my new SE V6
Took delivery last week of my black on black SE V6 with 400 JBL sound system. This car seems like the perfect driving machine. I dumped my 2008 Cooper S Turbo for this, as it was too small and not good for family or road trips. The SE is faster, much bigger and far more comfortable to drive for long distances. It is the perfect balance of sport and sedan. I can't imagine someone needing a better car than this. My family likes it way better too!

By Oly on July 20 @ 4:40 pm
Our second SE V6
We found a lot of value in our '04 SE V6 so when we shopped a new car we looked for the same platform in a 2009. So far we are very pleased with the upgrades and the same solid performance and value we expected from the SE V6. It sits lower despite the bigger wheels and has a quieter and more "planted" ride than the older model. The brakes are excellent and the engine power is enhanced by the upgraded 6 speed transmission.

By Edith Gipson on September 16 @ 2:26 am
Love My New 4LE Cam
I read several reviews, some mixed. But as for me, I love my new 09 4LE Camry. I stepped up from the Corolla of which I have owned 2. My first was wrecked by an 18 wheeler and the 2nd took me through 12 years of safe and low maintenance driving. My son has that one now. My new Camry gets great mileage on the highway, the ride is smoother than glass. Interior may need a little jazzing up, but it is functional and works for my purpose. Black with leather interior really makes this a handsome vehicle. I love this car, great value and hope it is a warrior like my last Corolla. Toyota is the best.

By lomspolo on September 4 @ 10:10 pm
So far so good
Second time I have purchased a Toyota, other vehicle is an 03 Avalon. Ride is smooth as silk. A/C blows ice cold. This car is geared towards comfort. Transmission shifts smoothly. Gas mileage is great have just under 1,000 miles and so far averaging 23-25 mpg with more city than highway usage.

By tp on May 29 @ 3:50 am
Base Camry 2009
After having several Accords I bought the 2009 Camry (base 4 cl automatic) on reliability and price - got a wonderful deal. I was going to buy an LE but found that the base model was identical except for remote unlocking (instead of electric central locking in the base and manual instead of electric seat adjustment - the two not worth $1,500 more to me). Ride is very quiet compared to the Accord and acceleration is OK and the car is quite big inside. Accord may be a little more fun to drive, but Camry is cheaper and quieter. In sum, after a bit over 1,000 miles - I am very happy so far. At the same price, I would have been tempted by the accord, but they are not the same price.

By CD 1 on October 12 @ 1:30 pm
Center piece on dashboard above clock keeps popping out one quarter inch. Dealer says replacing dashboard *may* fix problem but may cause squeaks and rattles. Standard Michelin all season tires are horrible in snow. Traction control should have override button; car will get stuck in small amounts of snow, cannot spin wheels to get free. Front seat lacks thigh support for tall drivers. Fuel gauge operation is non-linear. Rear bumper cover cracked due to ice accumulation in wheel well. City fuel mileage is not that impressive. Rear visibility restricted by front seat headrests. Overall, a disappointment for a car with a reputation for quality. On the plus side, interior noise is low.

By Justice on June 21 @ 1:06 am
Outstanding Car
This car delivers exactly what it is marketed to do. It provides a very smooth ride with all of the practical needs. I am still on my first tank of gas, and I am wondering if we will ever need to fill up. It is extremely quiet. You can hardly tell if the car is running. I almost turned the key to try and start it again because I could not hear the engine.

By UNHAPPY on December 24 @ 12:23 pm
Toyota = (disappointment)^2
A/C is too weak in the Summer. Heater is weak in the Winter. Plastic smells funny in the Summer. Seats are horrible and there is no way to relax. Looks old, like 2007 body. Observed gas mileage appears poor: 20 mpg. Ergonomics is very poor: I have to open my door with two fingers from the inside... Cheap-O stereo. Interior is cheap plastic garbage: Some of the dashboard parts have misplacement. Electronics (RPM failure) and some wiring issues were covered by Toyota since it’s a lease and I don’t care about details. My Story: I had no motivation to buy Toyota Camry but I needed a car ASAP (I graduated and moved to NYC in August 2008). I wanted to buy VW Jetta but NY dealers were playing games..

By Tony on August 18 @ 1:50 pm
Great handling Camry
This is the 3rd Camry my wife and I have owned--and by far the best. Handling is excellent-with little sacrifice from usual Camry ride. Performance is generally good for a 4, but a little lacking on upgrades. Very roomy and comfortable. Loved the stability control during a Cleveland winter. We like the styling a lot- different from usual Camrys. No problems so far (11,000 miles over 14 months).

By Toyota Lover on June 29 @ 5:26 am
Nice car but miss my 4Runner
The XLE is a nice car with plenty of power, as long as you don't mind waiting for it. The delay between the time you hit the gas and the time the vehicle actually responds is almost scary it takes so long. I actually have time to think to myself, "I hope the car goes before I get hit" and then it lunges forward, typically faster than you intended so you have to act quickly so you don't hit someone in front of you. I think I really miss the 2006 4Runner I traded for this Camry and the Camry isn't holding its value as well as the 4Runner did. I'm disappointed and I guess I'll just have to wait unit I can afford to trade back to a 4Runner.

By C. Kramer on August 24 @ 8:23 am
Still feeling the car out
Bought my 2009 Camry SE in May, so far so good, the 4 cylinder has surprisingly good power, economy is right on, and better. Only have 1000 miles on it so still early for mechanical problems. Love the car so far.

By Brenda on September 1 @ 6:46 pm
Love the Camry!
I love the Camry. I live in southern Virginia and travel to Pittsburgh, my hometown, several times a year. The trip is about 8 hours and I don't feel the least bit tired after the drive. It's comfortable, has great handling, and looks good too. Every time I stop along the trip, folks compliment me on it being such a good looking car. Toyota is such a reliable car, so I'm happy I made this purchase from domestic cars to a Toyota. The domestics don't hold a candle to the Camry.

By Lance on January 22 @ 10:20 pm
Best Car
This is my first Toyota I have owned. Since the first time I drove it I was sold. It is so fun to drive, and the power is awsome, the interior is also A++. I will Buy Toyota from now on.

By Stephanie on June 15 @ 6:03 am
Unexpected Warranty Issues Disappoint
Owned ~6 months (6300 miles) and initially loved the car, despite some visibility issues. Love the ride and responsiveness of the 6 cyl; but seats are uncomfortable on long trips. Sadly, car is in shop today for several concerns. Heard water sloshing under floor; amazed to discover puddles on floorboards! AC evaporator is under dash, inside car; hose got blocked and condensate dumped into car instead of outside after driving 300 miles w/AC on. Fuel and outside temp gauges not working properly. Dashboard makes annoying popping/cracking noises. Selected Camry based on reputation for quality and reliability, so needless to say, we are disappointed with our ownership experience thus far.

By Dave on April 28 @ 9:36 am
Worry free/comfort
I love my Camry. I took it on a multi-state ski trip; it was such a smooth quiet ride through the mountains, no problem in slush and light snowy back roads. I am 6'4 and no problem with leg and head room. I really like the new body design, and I love the car and am thinking of selling my wife's car for another Toyota, maybe rav 4, to add to collection. Hopefully being this is my first toy, there will be many years of no problems. :)

By robert on March 2 @ 5:56 am
Best vanilla value on the market
Love the super white with very nice after market heated seats, very quiet, nice ride, very readable dash, lots of space especially in the trunk, split folding rear seat, avg. 27 in mixed driving and 35 highway at 65 mph, did not pay for alloys or sunroof or fog lites or high end stereo none of which interest me. Made in KENTUCKY!! NOT DETROIT.

By steve on July 19 @ 8:10 am
Almost perfect
I test drove the Honda Accord and Nissan Altima . The Camry had a more pleasant ride and that's a difficult chore in the streets of NYC . Quiet and responsive was the Camry , with excellent fuel economy. Me being quite tall at 6 ' 4 inches I felt very comfortable but the only drawback I've experienced is on long drives. I find myself making a few adjustments to the drivers seat to get comfortable. Other than that the car is a perfect buy for a family of 4. Trunk space fits 2 large suitcases with no problem and the gas mileage on the highway at 55 is 34. Very happy with the purchase and looking forward to many years of reliability. After all its a Toyota.

By bh on August 20 @ 6:13 am
1st Time Toyota owner
Have owned the car for 2 months. Best features are the smooth and quiet ride. I recently rode in a friend's new Accord and the Camry is much more quiet and much smoother. The engine is very quiet at idle, and at 70 mph. The handling is not very sporty thanks to the drive-by-wire steering; needs more road feel. The car downshifts too much when going up slight grades at interstate hwy. speeds; otherwise the transmission is very smooth and shifts seamlessly. This is a five- speed and I can only imagine that the new 6-speed would have more of the downshifting problem. Overall I really like the car and believe it is a good value in the midsize category. I don't regret the purchase at all.

By Alice on March 6 @ 10:30 pm
Lacks pick-up
I previously owned 2003 Camry (4- cyl.). I absolutely loved my 2003. I traded it in for the new 2009 body style. My 2009 Camry has very little pick-up. It barely gets out of its own way on Interstate! Scary!!! Also, the door storage areas and console areas are not as large as in the 2003. The 2009 Camry is somewhat disappointing. I don't necessarily dislike the car totally, but I truly miss the pick-up from the 2003 Camry.

By Shelly on September 12 @ 11:20 pm
Dependable car but uncomfortable seats
I bought this car for the dependability and easy handling. You don't need muscles to turn the steering wheel or stop the car. However, the driver's seat is uncomfortably hard and I hurt after a few minutes of highway driving. Also there's no lateral support. The head thing hits me when I'm on the road. I never feel like I can relax in the seat. I have to sit leaning forward, lumbar deflated, grasping the wheel at 10 and 2, or I'm in pain. I've had pains around my hip muscles and lower back since buying this car. Also, I can't see behind me when backing out of parking space due to pillars. Otherwise, it has a nice ride and looks good.

By First Camry on May 15 @ 2:13 pm
Transmission Problems
This was my first new toyota purchase. After a lot of consumer report reviews, 2009 Camry was my first choice. This is an excellent, comfortable car to drive. But, we are having troubles with the downshifting on the auto transmission. This transmission can go into a "gear hunt" looking for a gear to drop into when downshifting. Also can drop into a lower gear without cause so the car will nose dive. Camry's had transmission troubles in the past... they could be back for 2009.

By HLH on January 2 @ 1:23 am
Back & Leg Pains after Driving for 2 days
My wife just bought a 2009 Camry LE with lumbar support - but after 2 days of driving to and from work she is experiencing back and leg pains. She never had this problem with the lumbar support in the 2008 Sienna LE.

By JKC on October 28 @ 3:10 am
Outstanding Camry SE
I purchased this car with the Cash for Clunker rebate... plus I got 5000.00 off MSRP... total saving was $9500... what a deal - 16300 + tax and title. So Happy! What a great car... ride so smooth... lots of power for a 4 cly.

By Lynn on March 22 @ 9:33 am
Tires are of poor quality
Our Camry's tires needed replacing at 20,000 miles. So disappointed. Hard to see while backing up.

By meeka on August 4 @ 12:53 pm
2009 Toyota Camry
I like the car...it is definitely a lot quieter than my old car but, I have the worst time parking it...I am 5' tall and just realized that there is no center marking on the hood of the car so the driver could judge when the car is straight into the parking spot. Unless the driver can see over the hood to the front of the car, there is no way to judge. (I have the seat all the way up as high as it can go) I was also a bit disappointed with the finish of the car and the gas mileage...I am getting 22 mpg...less than with my old car...don't know why...Anyway..I do like it and would recommend it to someone else...a taller person maybe....

By GSG on November 12 @ 12:10 am
Steering Issues
I miss the driving experience of my 2006 Camry SE which I traded for the 2009 Camry LE. The '09 body style and interior features are far superior to my '06 Camry but that takes a back seat to the less responsive steering. Soon after delivery it was evident that the car pulled to the left, whether it be interstate or back roads. It had a front end alignment at 5,000, soon after experienced the same issues. I wonder if others have experienced similar problems.

By Samir on March 17 @ 1:50 am
Car seat is very badly designed
Car seat for 2009 Camry base model are designed very badly. Because of this I am starting to develop back pain. I will not recommend anyone to buy this car unless Toyota changes it's seat model and makes it back friendly.

By Steve on November 8 @ 10:06 am
Great family sedan
Bought this car used with 25K miles on it, but I've had no problems. This isn't very flashy, just your typical Toyota Camry. It lacks the superior interior of the Accord, in fact the Camry's interior is quite pedestrian with a mediocre dash and cheap plastic coverings. However it is a very smooth ride, quiet engine. Not very sporty, but a reliable people mover.

By Jill on September 8 @ 8:20 am
Paint peeling off front bumper
Went to dealership. Said rock chip caused peeling, won't cover repair. I have had Toyotas before, under the same driving conditions for 4 yrs without this problem. Also, 1st gear is geared too high, have to rev engine or slip clutch to take off. Also, console storage and cup holders are not as usable as my 04 Corolla. Gear shifter hits cup in cupholder when shifting into 2nd, 4th or reverse.

By ALC on October 4 @ 11:10 pm
Great Car; Worst Seats Ever
This is a wonderful automobile, especially for the price. We find the ride relatively smooth and quiet; wonderful on trips (36 MPG w/AC). Unfortunately, after 60 minutes, one finds that Toyota has designed the WORST front car seats ever placed in an automobile; your back and bottom will suffer! We are so upset, I am shopping after 18K miles. In prior vehicles, I have driven for days for over 12 hours per; not in this car. Two of my relatives, who have never had back pain, now have problems when they drive their Camry (same yr). In today’s market, this is inexcusable. I would gladly provide Toyota with a design solution, if they cared.

By Dennis on August 17 @ 2:23 am
All-around great car
I've had my LE for just over 12 months. I've read several comments on the lack of comfort of the drivers seat. I have not experienced any such discomfort and I have painful arthritis in my lower back. There are several useful adjustments on the power seat. Also, I've experienced no transmission issues as others have noted. Plain interior? Well, it's a Camry LE for crying out loud. You want leather? Get the XLE. I'd buy another LE in a hot second. Great car.

By arlene on February 20 @ 3:16 pm
Uncomfortable driver's seat
I am 5'2'' and I am sick that my new car has such an uncomfortable drivers seat. I never had a back problem and I do now. I bought the car for comfort for long drives, and now even in the car for 30 mins., my back is in pain. I am hoping Toyota has some sort of a cushion to rectify this very serious defect in a brand new car. The new 2009 design is the most uncomfortable seat I have EVER driven in, and I have been driving for 36 years in a lot cheaper cars in the past.

By Paul3637 on February 18 @ 7:16 pm
Smooth & Powerful-Wish I bought an SE
At 36 mpg real world highway mpg, this rivals or exceeds the underpowered 2.4L I4 or the hybrid. At 12,500 miles and 18 months I brought my car to the dealer for its third oil change yesterday - have had zero defects, zero repairs. zero oil consumption... but dealer confirmed that like all pre April 2008 build 3.5L V6 Toyotas it has a rubber vvti oil line that can rupture resulting in engine failure. No TSB or recall yet - dealer acknowledged problem but wants $250 to fix with new metal line. Bidgestone 16" tires were about over half worn at 8K miles so replaced the el cheapo tires & hubcaps with 215/55/17 SE style alloys & Michelins which improved handling. Seats are very comfortable. In retrospect, I would pay the extra $1200 for the SE package for nicer interior and 17" alloy wheels.

By Byron K on January 17 @ 10:30 am
Year 1 Review... Not that satisfied
I've had my car for 1 year this month. During the first year the dealer replaced my shocks because they were going bad. I was told this is happening to cars in cold areas. My car makes various noises depending on the time of year. I hear a squeak/crackling noise coming from the radio in the winter/fall, but not when it's warm. The car actually makes noises like a house settling. The radio periodically goes from Auxiliary to the FM radio for no reason. I have driven Chevy's and Ford's that seem to be built better than this car. Now I will either trade it in and lose the 1 year of payments put into it or keep it and hope the engine proves to be as reliable as everyone else thinks.

By Harry L on December 30 @ 2:23 am
Wish I kept my Acura
I previously owned an Acura TL, but was disappointed in the new body style. I bought the Camry strictly because I loved the looks better than the new Acura TL. Well what a mistake that was. Even though this car has excellent acceleration, the cheap plastic parts inside are terrible quality causing squeaks and rattles everywhere.

By Greg on February 10 @ 9:53 am
Replaced Honda Accord EXL
Honda V-6 got 27 mpg, 30 on I-5. Getting 25 on 4 cyl Camry w/80 less HP. It is gutless, but expected it to be, as we were trying to be more environ conscious. Interior is cheap- feel like I am driving an older Impala! Recently car started "surging" on the highway at 60-65 mph. Took to local dealer who refused to examine vehicle w/o me paying for fuel exam! Toyota's official line on surges are "floor mats." I was astonished and will never buy another Toyota, although we have had many, beginning with Corona, Cressida, Camry and Corolla before this Toyota. Overall it is very boring, seats uncomfortable, gets lousy gas mileage; is full of cheap plastic everywhere. We plan to sell it asap!

By buddy40 on April 5 @ 11:16 am
Blind Spots
My first Toyota. Bought it new and so far the only problem that I find is it has quite a few blind spots. I think back up sensors would be a nice feature.

By Ken on November 5 @ 8:53 pm
Absolute Work of Art
I've got the model with the BBS wheels and the concave body kit. I love this car and everything about it. Traded my 2006 VW Passat in on it and couldn't be happier. There aren't many cars on the road that look better than this one. 4 cylinder engine runs like a champ. Plenty of power (especially for the wife).

By ATL-GA on May 22 @ 10:53 pm
Priced right
Decent car for the money. 1 year old, with only 1 real problem. Fuel gauge is flaky, when you fill up; it can take 15 minutes for it to register full. In the dealership for the 3rd time right now to try and fix. Need it fixed while it is still under warranty. Hopefully it will be fixed this time. Car is excellent on Gas, when people say 35 miles to the gallon, believe it. Between my Parent and myself (2008 and 2009 Camry’s) we've both got 35mpg no trips. Lots of room, lofty comfortable ride. By no means exciting or sporty ride.

By noobosaurusrex on December 15 @ 4:16 pm
I think a lot of you missed the boat...
270HP, 0-60 in 5.8secs?? What's not to love? I've beat Mustang GTs (that's right, the 300HP V8s) in this thing. I went for the fully loaded Camry SE, only thing I didn't get was a sunroof bc it takes away ur overall headspace. Seats are comfortable, its got sporty firm perforated leather, not soft wrinkly XLE leather. I see alot of people complaining about this car, but in all honesty, if you take care of it, things tend to stay new. I upgraded my interior to an ash colored wood grain. So it looks good with the black leather and silver accents. Its a V6..I bought it for style not for fuel economy...then again my other car is a 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 (11mpg) :O

By Rose Christopher on December 23 @ 9:26 pm
I bought a Camry because in the past I had driven them. I found the engine to be quiet to the point that you didn't know the car was running. Not my Camry, when starting it up it sounds as if a truck is running. When changing gears it sounds as if I have duel mufflers. I had it in for service, this is what they say " it's a 4 cylinder" "the car is new" "there is nothing mechanical wrong with the car".

By MSV on March 26 @ 9:33 am
Love it!
I have the I4, LE Touring trim. I live in Canada and drive in the snow often. Love the traction control and stability control features. Heated mirrors are great for snowy days. The I4 horse power is adequate (158) but I could have used more hp. Although, the engine torque is good enough to get you up to the highway speed fast. The 2010 I4 models have more power. (If you really like more horse power get the V6 which is the same for 09 and 10 models). The audio quality is OK but not impressive. Camry is a good choice if you like a plush, luxury-like ride. If you prefer a more responsive less comfy ride, consider other options. Overall, I am very happy with my Camry.

By Stuart on May 16 @ 10:56 pm
Great, if unexciting, car
Let's be honest about things. If you want a car that's that fast, offers a sporty ride and sporty handling - the Camry is not for you. I can tell you that this is the most stress-free car I have ever owned. It goes where I need it go without a complaint, is not a gas hog, and while not overly powerful - can hold its own on the highway. There has been lots of carping about the interior materials but I think they're ok and certainly better than the previous Mazda and Pontiac I owned. For an entry-level midsized car, I don't expect wood grain and leather. Anybody looking for reliable transportation for the long- term - this is the car for them.

By Geno Z on January 18 @ 12:40 am
Great Car!!
This is a very sharp car that has a awesome ride and offers a very sporty ride! It has all the power you will need and gets very good gas mileage. Great on long trips and handles very well. Third Toyota I have bought and will continue to buy. Very dependable car.

By Simon on June 19 @ 1:13 am
Great used car
I read many of these reviews and I was on the lookout for some of the various issues that owners were concerned about. I paid approx. 10K less for a certified 09'. If I had purchased new, I would say the car is not worth the money, as a used car...it's a no brainer. I got a "good" car, good panel fit, no rattles, whisper quiet at 70mph,killer fuel mileage and low insurance cost. I'm 6'3" with a bad back...no issues with seat comfort.

By Dave on March 20 @ 8:46 pm
Love this Car Despite Shortcomings
I love this car, despite obvious shortcomings. Bought it nearly new with only 12000 miles on the odometer to replace a rock solid '98 Accord on which I put over 200,000 mi. Camry's biggest shortcoming is the build quality of the interior. There are minor squeaks in the driver's seat, and the back seat makes a popping sound. Rear view mirror is a little loose already. The drive is silky smooth, however. The 4 Cyl has surprising pickup and shifts are much smoother than the '09 Accords I test drove. Handling of the SE is almost on par with the Accord and the ride is firm. Highway noise is quite. Despite the cheap looking seats, they are comfortable. All this makes driving a pleasure.

By Lady Jen on October 8 @ 7:26 pm
Too many issues
I leased this car and had to buy 4 new tires at 16K mi., had the seatbelt holder repaired after two months of driving, and the transmission seems to not want to shift down properly. Added to all those joys, the recalls. This car is garbage and I can't wait until next year to move over to Honda.

By richberk on April 8 @ 6:43 am
Really? A Camry?
My girlfriend purchased her SE in spring of 08. Since then I have racked almost 25,000 miles on it when we drive from Pennsylvania to our cottage in Canada. The seats are so comfortable I'm not even sore when i get out after sitting for 10 hours. The car handles great in all conditions, highways, back roads, dirt roads, snow and ice. It actually handles better in the snow than my Jeep Grand Cherokee dose. I drive 110 miles a day in my jeep V8 and am ready to sign for a 09 se like her's. I'm so impressed!

By Biodot on September 29 @ 11:03 am
Pretty much pleased with my Fleet Camry
This was my first Toyota and it's a plain Jane Fleet car. It looks nice and is comfy and full of good features for a base model. The four cylinder is surprisingly good and good on the gas. The tranny makes the experience more bearable and it is quiet and seamless. I've had absolutely no issues with the car and have over 42,000 miles.

By L.A. Wilson on May 7 @ 6:26 am
Love my Camry!
As many have, I too have read poor reviews that others might give regarding the Camry. Not my experience! But neither will I give this car all "10's" like some. That's just silly. Suffice it to say, I'm EXTREMELY satisfied. The engine is powerful & the 6 sp. tranny, silky smooth. I love the interior & Magnetic Gray exterior (on my SE, that is). Nav. is outstanding and feature filled (w/ bluetooth). JBL Stereo cranks while playing home burned 10 album, MP3 disks. The stock tires were shredded in only 13K, but that's Toyota typical. Quiet interior. Great controls, logically laid out. Comfortable seats (for my 6'2" 280lb. frame). Currently own two other Toyo

By clem on February 9 @ 11:46 pm
Glad to see it go
This car was crap pulled to the right all the time felt like I had been in a boxing match every time I drove it, dealer ship said it was the road, also wore tires out like crazy, had the 4 cyl no power and a lag when you took off never knew if it wanted to go, and now the things are running away. Guess that's the road too, anyway got out of it. Bought a Kia borrego SUV road doesn't make it pull to the right goes when I push the gas and stops when I want it to good luck Toyota

By Shade on February 28 @ 9:26 pm
Love My New Camry
I just traded in my old 1999 Ford Taurus for a 2009 Toyota Camry. I bought the Camry used with 35000 miles. The ride is like riding on glass. I put a lot of miles on a car per year (about 20,000 miles) and filled up my Taurus 3 times per week at about 30 dollars a fill. I fill up my Camry once a week. That saves me 200 dollars per month. Amazing! The only thing I have to criticize is the head rests are very uncomfortable because they push your head forward. I adjust the angle of the seat to compensate. They should make the head rests adjustable horizontally. I have a four cylinder and it has impressive power similar to my 6 cylinder 1999 Ford Taurus I traded.

By VAMan on October 12 @ 11:50 am
Smooth Ride
I've had the car for more than a year and have enjoyed everything about it.

By Johnwar on August 30 @ 1:20 pm
Poor quality Camry
I purchased my 2009 Camry LE 4cyl, believing that it would be a good value and quality for the money I am putting in. After bringing it home and made a better look at it, I found out that the carpets were not even tacked to the floor. The rug seams were not even sewn together, and is hidden under the chairs. Looking under, I found the drive shaft were rusting badly and looks as if it is made of cheap steel. It may rust out in another year. I felt I bought a defective merchandise. THEN CAME THE RECALL..

By Denver on January 22 @ 6:56 am
Poor Quality
I have had this Camry for almost a year, and have put nearly 25K miles on the car. I realize that I purchased the basic model, the LE, but the quality of this vehicle is extremely lacking. Just a few of the issues: - the plastic covers on the sides of the seat are coming off - the automatic lights come on and off in the bright sun light - the radio speakers sound horrible - the gear shifter is not very rigid and easily slides into other gears when shifting - the drivers window squeaks and sticks All of this is on top of all of the recalls. This was my third Toyota, and will be last for a while. I would not recommend purchasing the newer Camry model.

By Mike on February 17 @ 8:23 am
I leased my 2009 Camry looking to possibly purchase at end of lease. The pick up is awful and I fear for my life going onto a highway. The acceleration is awful! Now I find out my tires are bad after 22k! (I rotate after every other oil change at 8k.) Toyota suggests after 5k which also points to too much required maintenance). I owned Fords before this and never had any of these problems. The tires went well into 40k. Also, the radio is terrible. Toyota offers nothing to keep me as a client. Ford I am coming back!

By Mike on December 27 @ 1:16 pm
Best Car Ive owned
I've driven a lot of cars over the years. This one is by far the best. One of best looking cars on road too. Ride is great, quiet, plenty of power in 4 cyl, and acceleration is just fine on hwy. I've average 31 mpg city hwy. My job is sales, so dependability is key. I don't know what everyone's complaints are about here, but Toyota still builds a top notch car. I love the blue color, sunroof, JBL stereo is awesome, tires are great and at 25,000 barely show any wear. This was by far the best car I could have bought for the money, at $400 under invoice. I still see no other car on the road that has the sharp looks of this vehicle, new or otherwise. Buy one used!

By nursenicholas on December 19 @ 4:33 am
Front End Shimmy
Have had the car for over a year now and have been having a front end shimmy at highway speeds. This started at 9000 miles. The tires have been balanced over 3 times and now Toyota corporate is coming out to investigate vehicle. The dealer is telling me I may need new tires at 18,000 miles. New tires will cost over 1000 dollars. Loved the car at first but now am not sure. JBL audio system is poor and muffled in my opinion. Have a tear in the leather in the passengers seat and Toyota denied the warranty claim to repair it. This car has been in the shop so many times I cannot even count on both hands. I would urge any new car shopper to drive and consider all options before you purchase.

By allen on August 19 @ 8:46 am
Great car
Great little car at a good price. nothing special but great mpg and good ride for the $$$$

By Toyota Camry LE on April 30 @ 12:16 pm
Feedback after Camry Recall
Service improved for Accelerator and Floor mat recall. It took almost two months to get the recall letter while Toyota developed a solution. We now have two McGill service people doing good work. We're hearing the problem could have been electronic but no one knows. I prefer to not let my wife drive the car. After this car is gone, we will go back to Honda where service is better. We would like another Honda CRV.

By Ahsan Uzzaman on September 8 @ 7:00 am
Great Comfort Excellent Car
I bought 2009 SE model. Its great handling, fuel economy excellent, pick up smooth and plenty of acceleration, strong stable handling with great speed, shifting gear smooth, sound system A plus, excellent, big 17 inches wheel gave me classic ride, excellent out looking, interior classic looks, fun ride 100%.

By Fred on December 7 @ 5:00 am
Good car but ? interior quality
Bought it as a dealer owned certified auto with miles. Glad I didn't buy it brand new. It has served us well and is comfortable to drive. The 4 cyl does an acceptable job but is noisy. Biggest complaint is interior fit. I get plastic squeaks from the middle of the dash around the radio on about every bump and when I stress the car with stops, starts and turns. The car has a lot of pluses but not sure if this will be a long term keeper. Performance Toyota dealer did a great job accommodating us during the recall, however I am really disappointed with the loss of quality control with corporate.

By az on September 18 @ 9:50 am
Bad design - giving back /hip pain
I had Corolla for 9 years. I had no problem with that except for its slow pickup and not-good for high speed (over 65) travel. But with Camry I am having back/hip pain because of poor interior design. Gear shift is not smooth, it gets stuck in there. Seating comfort is very poor - I am feeling the vibration in my back and hip. I feel I got cheated after buying Camry 2009 model. Anybody over 40 years old, don't buy Camry it is not worth it. You may get somewhat good mileage but it is going to hurt your health in the long run.

By Toyota inTexas on October 20 @ 5:50 pm
Not what I expected
I've had my car for 16 months. I wish I had bought the 6 cyl. It could use more power especially with my other family members in the car. The front seats are not comfortable. The poor placement of the accelerator and brake are an issue. I've had my foot slip off the accelerator and get caught behind the brake pedal. I had always heard good things about Camrys. But I now wish I would have bought an Acura. The recalls and decline in quality just remind me that I should have bought another brand.

By spur on April 18 @ 8:06 am
First Toyota
This is my first foreign vehicle. I have been very pleased for the most part with this car. I get 29 mpg with a modern looking interior. The car doesn't even have 28,000 miles and they needed to be replaced. I don't squeal the tires, slam on the brakes, or even speed. The tires have even been rotated every 5,000 miles. Another problem I have with the car is the windows. When it is hot, the windows stick and leave a black residue you can never get off. A couple of times I thought the window would detach or motor would break. I guess that will probably be the next recall.

By Lia on May 25 @ 8:10 pm
Camry SE is the best!
I fell in love with this car the second I test drove it. I traded in a 2001 Toyota Highlander because I wanted to get back into a sedan. It's so fun to drive - the pickup is wonderful - and it is so comfortable even on long drives. The bluetooth is nice and I don't have a problem hearing the people on the other end but have had people tell me that sometimes they have trouble hearing me. Overall I am ecstatic about my purchase. No problems thus far. It was part of the recall but the dealership put in all of the new parts overnight which was convenient for me.

By Aaron on October 5 @ 5:03 am
Disappointed with Quality
Have owned my Camry for just over 2 years now. Very disappointed in the quality. I always feel like my car is out of alignment/balance and the steering wheel shakes like crazy. I've had it checked multiple times and they dealer says "there's nothing wrong." The seats are very uncomfortable and not good for long drives. I hear sounds coming from the dash that aren't causing issues, but seem out of the ordinary. Had to have tires replaced at 20k, which I thought was ridiculous. Also had to have the brakes replaced at 30k, which seemed too soon as well. The only positive things I have to say about this car are that the new design is great and don't hear road noise. Glad I leased!

By Debbie on August 23 @ 6:30 am
I just got into a head-on collision in my 2009 Camry 3 days ago. My car did FANTASTIC! The airbag in the steering wheel and the leg airbag did exactly what it was supposed to do. Not a broken bone in my body and I was able to walk away. The seat belt locked up instantly and not a bit of whiplash. I am sore from all of the bruising but grateful I was in this safe car. With all of the media attention on Toyota, I was worried I made a wrong choice but I was proven wrong 4 days ago. Thanks Toyota!!

By Rob on August 11 @ 1:36 pm
New purchase
I currently own a 1992, Toyota, Camry, 4cyl, with 228,000 miles. My friend's Camry has 530,000 miles. I recently purchase a 2009, Camry, se. I will let you know how I like the car. And no I do not plan to sell my 1992 Camry. It is in perfect interior & exterior condition.

By thecrock1 on April 30 @ 1:00 pm
Female Disappointed With Toyota
My car drove great for the first year and a half and now the steering wheel shakes (I believe it's the rotors) but dealership won't do anything about it. But the main problem is when the ac is on the car acts like it wants to die sometimes when you are coming to a stop. The whole car is vibrating on and off or shaking like the engine is missing or something. Only happens when ac is on. Again dealership says nothing wrong. Very disappointed in Toyota and this dealership. Had heard so many good things about Toyota. Will not buy another one. They are just like all the other dealerships I have dealt with. Once you buy the car thats it. They don't help you or fix anything.

By JimBob Seeker on May 25 @ 12:40 am
Worthy of the SE (Sports Edition) name
My driving experience spans more than 35 years. I have always wanted a sports car but the pragmatist in me could never justify it. I have owned economy cars, mini-vans and family sedans but never a car with a performance flavor until now. I purchased a used '09 Camry SE with 20Km on the odometer several months ago and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could have my cake and eat it too. This vehicle carries 4 adults in comfort, provides very good fuel economy, handles superbly, has decent acceleration, feels right at home on the freeway, looks like a sports car and has a very likable personality. Overall, I am very pleased with the car. I would definitely buy another.

By ist. toyota on May 1 @ 12:03 am
Hesitation from start
I purchased my first Toyota on reputation of build quality. I have had six trips to dealer for transmission leaks power steering leaks parts coming loose on front under carriage and hesitation on take off. The service rep. Said this was normal for this model and there was nothing they could do about the hesitation. Makes for a jerky take off. Not safe. I have 5 months and 10,000 miles left on warranty. Time to get something different

By Steve on January 18 @ 11:00 am
Desperate measures equals bad news 4 us!
I bought my Camry LE 4cyl back in March of 2009 and at 23,000 miles I had to replace all four tires cause the treads were worn. I was like what? Ridiculous. I don't drive hard and I rotate every 5000 miles. Come to find out the factory tires are only good for 30,000 miles. A Firestone mechanic told me this when I went to replace my tires. Toyota is trying to cut costs as much as possible wherever possible to manufacture their vehicles in these economic times. Pedal recalls are one example. Who knows what other parts might go wrong in the future and another major recall hits. 2 of my friends own a Camry 07 and both of their cars are burning 1 qt of oil every 1000 miles! with 40000 miles on it

By Paul on March 1 @ 11:00 am
2009 Braking system w/o TC option
After one year plus and visits to remedy my brake problem, Toyota service changed a valve that they felt was the problem. It was not. I took it to arbitration, which at that time, the technical people gave me a full explanation of the brakes design. And, admitted that all prior service work done was a waste of time due to the brake design. The brake pressure is proportional. To top it off, the Toyota experts indicated that if I had the traction control option, things would have been different with the brakes. In the 2010 model they all have traction control as standard. I guess Toyota dealers were unaware of the importance of traction control on the 2009, they did not stock this option.

By Gordy on August 23 @ 11:00 am
A life-saver!
We've owned the Camry for over one year and we love it. Our car was stopped at a light and was rear-ended by a vehicle traveling 45 mph; all other vehicles involved were totaled. My wife was able to walk away (thanks Toyota!) and the Camry sustained over $9,000 in damages. Even after the collision, and excellent repair work, it drives like brand-new. We love the ride and the peppy engine. It gets GREAT mileage on the highway and so-so mileage (23) around town. We'll own this one for a long time.

By Paul on April 14 @ 11:00 am
Toyota cover-up tactics
Bought my 2009 LE and from the start I felt that there was something wrong in the brakes. A booster valve was replaced twice, but the pedal remained soft and many times when pushed, went to the full extent of my leg. I constantly needed to pump the brakes to get firm response. Toyota brought their big gun techno guy to the arbitration, along with engineering specs. I was the dumb consumer. ALL testing that they did to determine that my Camry was fine, was done out of sight. After buying many other Totota models over the years, I am very disappointed in their tactics.

By My 2009 Camry on October 4 @ 11:00 am
My 2009 Camry
I ordered a new '09 Camry and went to get it on a cloudy day after it came in to the Kingsport,Tn. dealership. Then I drove it home and parked it inside of my garage. Got my new Camry back out on a sunny nice day; that's when I noticed the paint had marks all over the car. I drove it straight back to the Kingsport dealer with only appx. 50 miles on it and the dealer agreed the paint was messed-up. After 3 meetings with factory Toyota reps., which agreed with me on the paint, Toyota rep. laughed , told me the warranty didn't cover it and they weren't going to do anything about it. I explained to them I had always been a Toyota man.Still got a bad paint job. Buyer, BEWARE!

By Ron B on March 27 @ 11:00 am
Disappointed with the Camry
This car jerks before it accelerates. It lurks when the brakes are applied. The interior materials looks like it's made of cheap plastic. The color is ugly. Parts of the engine, drive shafts, bolts, nuts, show very early rusting, and got worse after a year. It is so underpowered that it makes a lot of vibration and noise during acceleration. I would not recommend this car.

By Crystal on October 29 @ 11:00 am
An Amazing Camry
The camry is a smooth and comfortable mid size sedan. It is reasonably priced and it is very classy. The engine is great I have always and only purchased Toyotas. They run for an extremely long time and have minimal problems compared to other brands. I have purchased over 8 Toyotas in the past two years and still own all of them. You can't go wrong with the camry if you want reliable this is the perfect car.

By mdfuzz on December 11 @ 11:00 am
Fast grocery getter
Fast V6 with passing power needed for those long drives. I've put 41K miles on mine in under 2 years and, (aside from some fit and finish hiccups), I have little to complain about. The rear passenger side window track mechanism fell apart and the lower front grill fell off early on, but both were fixed under warranty. The recalls were also an inconvenience. Strayed from the Honda when I bought her because I didn't like the new Honda Accord body style.

By annette1993 on June 20 @ 5:05 am
Hat!e It
I hate it, absolutely hate it. I had a 2003 Camry SE that was a fabulous cream puff. In seven years never needed anything but brakes and tires. Comfortable, well made, good on gas, great car, loved it. Unfortunately, I totaled it and replaced it with a 2009 Toyota Camry LE. What a terrible mistake. I am really shocked, what a piece of junk. Inside cheap plastic, one vent is broken, cup holder is inconveniently placed, and seat is extremely uncomfortable. What were they thinking when they redesigned the interior? I have never been so uncomfortable in a car. The worse part is, I am very apprehensive while driving it because it has so many blind spots. The rear window has extreme poor visibility. The car also makes wide turns. I cannot judge when parking or turning onto lanes. I can’t see the curb when I am making turns. I have to lean forward out of my seat when making turns because I cannot see where I am going. I have had a Honda, Buick, Nissan, Camry (2003), Chrysler, Chevy, Toyota Supra, and never had this problem before. Also, gas mileage is not as good as the 2003. Additionally, cheap paint job. In one year paint is peeling, yet my 2003 never had that problem in seven years!! The car also has poor pick up. The 2003 Camry was a far superior car in every way. My mechanic agrees with me. Toyota is now making garbage. I am so sorry that I did not buy a used 2003 – 2005 Camry.

By jennifer_zuri on November 16 @ 7:19 am
Hate my car!!
I wanted a Camry for such a long time. I traded my 2003 Chevy Tracker with 140k miles for this piece of junk Camry. I had the car for 5k miles and it already needed new brakes. The take off is terrible, the RPM's go very high on take off, it smells like it is burning and the interior is very poor. My air circulator turns off all the time letting the outside air in and the ride is really rough. The clearance is terrible and now @ 40k miles the dealer tells me that I have to get a fuel injector cleaner on 3 of the injectors (at 150 a pop), a power steering flush and again new brakes! WOW, what a deal!!

By soapbox17 on January 29 @ 4:36 pm
Not happy with quality
This Camry is not the Camry of the old days. The interior materials seem to be cheap. The SE vehicle suspension is horrible. You can every bump. The acceleration in the 4 cylinder veh was OK until the recall on the brake pedal. Now the acceleration is horrible!!! My vehicle is Black and the factory paint had bad places on it when we bought it and we had to have the PS door and rear bumper painted. The paint is very dull and even when clean it is not shiny even with a wax(almost like to they did not put a clear coat on it).I had a 2000 Camry for years and loved it until my daughter's boyfriend totaled it. This 2009 Camry could never stand up to the quality of the older Camrys.

By yousmell102 on January 29 @ 9:23 am
I am in awe at what a piece of crap this car is
Leased a 2009 Camry Le back in the summer of '08. Couldn't be more disappointed. I have had the weirdest problems with this car, ie accelerator and brake pedals that have a mind of their own. In the past year the car has developed an annoying and extremely dangerous problem where the tension of the gas pedal seems to be constantly changing. Sometimes, it responds with just the slightest amount of pressure, other times, applying it with the exact same amount of force results in no acceleration at all. It's like the car encounters dead spots where it simply refuses to accelerate. You'll need a burst of power to pass or just to get out of someone's way, and it won't be there!

By camrydrvr1 on December 17 @ 7:55 am
Love My Camry
I traded in my Saturn Vue for an 09 Camry SE. I traded my Vue due to a new job where I have to commute and hour each way. The comfort, safety, and gas mileage is what made my decision for me. My camry has 70,000 miles on it currently. I have had no problems at all. I keep up with regular oil changes and I keep my car very clean.

By jspec31 on December 5 @ 8:49 am
Not happy
I decided on the Camry because they're supposed to be known for their reliability. I bought it with about 38K miles on it. When I first took it on the highway the steering wheel shook pretty bad. The used dealer balanced all of the tires, and it did get better. A week later he put on 4 new tires and it was a vast improvement. However, approaching 45K, the rotors are warped , as I can feel pulsation when applying brakes. The car does shake again on the highway. Also the gas mileage is junk! Probably the way I drive because I went from a 6 cyl to 4, but when being conservative I only got 27mpg at best. Interior cheap and uncomfortable, paint is chipping on plastic body parts.

By amarji on June 13 @ 9:09 pm
loved it
so i bought this car back in 2009 with 6k miles on it !! now it has 47k miles on it and it still runes like new !! i never had one single problem with this car, all i did was changing the oil every 5000 miles ( i know it should be 3000 miles) and i changed the tires at around 35K !!! very reliable car, fun to drive, smooth steering, great response from the gas pedal and the brakes. the ONLY problem might be the blind spots caused by the big side airbag panels !!

By fordtaurus98 on April 16 @ 6:07 pm
09 camry goes well for a 4 cylinder!
we bought our camry right off the show room floor in saco maine. it is red with the basic wheels, loaded edition. it has bout 42 thousand miles. we havnt had one single problem with it. handles the bumps like how a middle priced, middle sized sedan should. exceleration is not bad, but the little 4-banger pushes out 158 hp, which is pretty good!. were happy with it, yeah the plastics are not the best inside, but this is not a mercaedes (or how ever you spell it). going 100 miles per hour on the highway is a breez, it only tachs about 2900-3000 rpm!

By goyankees44 on December 5 @ 6:17 am
I come from a family of GM lovers, Trust me now they are spreading the word to others about Toyota, IT'S A TOTALLY DIFFERENT DRIVING VEHICLE!!
Trust me, I come from a family of General Motors lovers. They now believe me, after this car, and recommend Toyota to everyone. My Dad now loves the Sienna. GM still makes crap. Chevy sonic.. anyone? Toyota has had side airbags standard and better resale. Cobalts, sonic, colorado, s10, buick, the new impala and their new models r horrible. my gram has 15k on her cobalt and kbb says 9k. i have 40k on my 09 and kbb says 14500 HELLO!! Seriously people.. it's my pride and joy. Full tank of gas city driving only will last you 2 full weeks, trust me, this car can move!! it is SO SMOOTH this is what GM buyers don't understand, TOYOTA DRIVES TOTALLY DIFFERENT!!! and thank god for that :)

By miker17 on April 3 @ 5:05 pm
2009 Camry Struts leaking, other defects
At 52.5k miles struts are leaking. Front seats make noises. Front door panel makes squeaking noises.

By phillipg2 on October 3 @ 12:48 pm
Refined motoring
This is the third Camry I have owned, a 93 LE, 141,000; 02 XLE ,149,000 and now a 09 XLE. This is by far the smoothest riding and comfortable edition of these word class sedans. I see no drop off of the fit and finish, I get great gas mileage (4 cyc) and the engine is so quiet. A Lexsus without the additional $10,0000 cost and reg gas, to boot!

By meddoab on August 9 @ 11:32 am
TOYOTA is big mistake
I bought this car in July 2008 brand new from the dealership. I do maintenance regularly at the dealership where I bought it. The first year I had it, it lost a lot of oil but the dealership said it was normal, til now I lose a lot of oil. Now, I have 54K miles on it. Then one day, without any warning, the battery died. I bought a new battery from toyota and still the car wasn't working well. I returned to the dealership and they told me I need a new alternator, I had to pay all of this out of pocket because the warranty ended. I bought this car thinking that it would not give me any problems, I worked 10 hours a day to pay off this car in 3 years and now I this purchase was a HUGE mistake

By dendennnn on November 2 @ 8:12 pm
I am 5 feet tall. I have to pull my seat out so close, that I can't even pull down the visor when the sun is out or it'll hit my head. (Also pulling the eat in and out sucks because the button makes it move so slow.) The Camry is meant for tall, big or buff guys. Not for a 5 foot lady! It's a good car. Some cons are that it doesn't even have a compass. I can't fast forward my music either. It is a reliable car and it's good on gas. I never fill up more than half because the as wastes less this way. I get about 20-23 mpg.

By malikj on March 23 @ 6:25 am
Good car.
I have about 45k miles on it. It's a great car for the money. I'll stick with Toyota.

By stevenzhuli on June 19 @ 9:52 am
Fully Satisfied Camry owner
I just bought a used 2009 camry V6 LE with 98K mileage, measured 2 days trip, average gas at 7.3L /100km, about 32MPG, Mostly country road driving. I am very happy with the purchase. Good acceleration, excellent commut car. Very quiet. I am hesitating to buy a V6 since the gas price. But the camry really surprise me. So far did not see anything wrong with it.

By prodriver82 on July 18 @ 2:08 pm
Reliable' but lacking
I bought a 2009 Toyota Camry in November 2011 as a replacement for a 2005 Chevy Trail Blazer with 126,000 miles & we had for 6 years. At first, we liked the Camry. Took the car on at least one long distance monthly trip. Every month for a year. But even before we made it to 7 months, we were looking for a SUV platform vehicle to replace the Camry. The Camry is what it is. Solid transportation. It just wasn't our cup of tea. If your considering a Camry to purchase, steer more towards the SE or the XLE versions. You will be happier.

By mike_inmid5 on February 11 @ 10:54 am
Best Car I've driven and owned
First off, I have been in sales for 25 years. Many of those years were company supplied vehicles. Ford Taurus', Explorer. Have also owned Dodge Pickup, etc. All typical American vehicles. This Camry is just so much more refined than all those vehicles. Despite it being a 4 cylinder, the vehicle is plenty fast, and can pass at will (unless someone is doing 90 mph, then I wont pass them).Interior is great, I get a lot of compliments believe it or not, with SE the Ice Blue color. I have had zero maintenance problems. NADA ! Just change oil. At 46,000 miles now, and love every minute of it. The engine is bulletproof, and the ride is very comfortable. I'll likely keep it until 250,000 miles.

By kfran on April 2 @ 11:53 am
We got a lemon
Well it's bound to happen that when a company makes thousands of a product, there will be a bad egg in there somewhere. Unfortunately, we bought the bad egg. Camry was purchased brand new and at 24,000 miles we started having problems with the car nearly quiting on us as we were driving it. Engine light came on & we've had it at a local Toyota dealership if not every week but every few months since (we now have over 60,000 miles). The car has had the computer reset, a coil replaced, last Friday April 29, a spark plug was replaced after the Toyota engineers reviewed the codes because the mechanics couldn't figure it out. Well, sorry to say, the car is back in the shop today-still not fixed!

By sashach on November 28 @ 1:07 am
Extrimly Fun
We bought 2009 Camry Se about 8 months ago in Autumn and i have to say in the beginning it was a little iffy. The first thing we noticed is rattles in the dash panel, which Toyota told us would cost 900$ to fix. (p.s. i fixed most of the rattles for 10$ by applying a thin strip of spongy material under the dashboard clock). Another thing that was little strange is the whining noise coming from the engine on low rpms, but after asking around i was told its the way engine works and no problems after 10 k km. Other than that it is a gorgeous car, this is my first vehicle and its my baby. One thing to note is if buying, ask if the car has wind kit and nv008-07 upgrade.

By ses4747 on February 28 @ 3:53 am
Dashboard Sticky and Melting in Sunlight
I bought this car used. In the 1st week my dashboard appeared overly shiny and sticky to touch. In the 3 weeks I've had it my dash as begun st melt literally with small to medium size holes in it. If anyone has the same problem I'd like to know. [HTML removed].

By michelle1969 on April 19 @ 2:01 pm
its a love hate relationship
Overall I love the car and it rides like a dream, but my car has 62k on it and my dash is melting and I have very odd shakes rattles and rolls going on. Is anyone aware of any recalls for the dash melting? Its really annoying, and for $15k (I just bought it 3 months ago). I dont think I should have a melting dashboard in a car that is only 5 years old

By nolanm on July 10 @ 11:04 am
Good Machine
The transmission is quick to kick down to a lower gear and hold the rpms high when I need it to. When I'm driving easy it drives easy as well and gives me soft buttery shifts at low rpm. It also has an engine braking feature that automatically downshifts if it senses I am dragging the brakes on a long grade. You couldn't ask for a better automatic. Handling is soft which I prefer, but it also has great feel at the limit, if a turn is taken too fast it behaves predictably and its easy to regain control. I love the interior, it's minimalist by design, very classy. Update: I replaced the water pump at 80k miles. It was easy to do and cost about $75. No sign of the excessive oil consumption some are experiencing. I use synthetic 0w20 oil and rev the engine hard on occasion which I feel is essential. Update 9-6-17: Traded in June 2016 on another 2009, this one is a CE manual transmission, the auto was as good as it could be, but ultimately I prefer the manual.

By balkania on November 24 @ 8:00 pm
2009 Base Camry
Bought the car brand new (3 miles on it). Currently I have 130,000 miles on it and I've had zero issues. I drive mostly highway, very little stop and go. Out of boredom I changed the spark plugs and the PCV Valve at around 80,000 miles. Been changing my own oil since the 50,000 mile mark. The only issue is the oil consumption. From the 50,000 mile mark to now the car would consume 2 quarts out of the 4.5 i put in over 5000 miles. On the most recent oil change I only got back 1.5 quarts of the 5 quarts I put in .(added 1/2 quart at around 3000 miles). Seems like the car has turned a corner

By mrcashmoneey on June 27 @ 4:58 pm
what these fools talkin bout?
now ive only had my 09 camry for a week so i cant speak for the reliability, but im reading some nonsense on here. this is a nice car. i have the 4 cyl. and it has plenty of power. it is a little weird accelerating from a stop i will agree to that but cmon. this thing shifts very smooth, the suspension is nice! its a solid ride. i find it comfortable too. after my 08 nissan versa, this thing feels like the greatest car ever. and i get about the same gas mileage but with more of everything! space, performance, oh and a quiet ride oh and its also pretty low priced. dont let these reviews fool you [non-permissible content removed]. sweeeet value. ....update I have 100,000 miles on it now. Have had no issues and runs like a dream come true

By pmireland44 on December 23 @ 10:44 pm
254k, The Most Reliable Car I Have Ever Owned
The V-6 is very quick with more HP than most 60's Muscle Cars. I have personally put 254k on the clock from day one and the only repairs so far were wheel bearings and Struts at 150K. It didn't even need brakes until 90K!. Oil changed every 5K. 25mpg in mixed driving and 31mpg on long trips. Everything still works, the interior has held up well (four kids). The paint has seemed to chip a bit easy but I have been on many 500 mile plus trips through the NW in winter. I have no intention of replacing this car before 300K. Spark plugs were a pain to change as the intake had to be removed. Took about 4.5 hours. Engine is getting a little noisy at start up but quiets down to normal at temp. Seems to be common. Just replaced the original Serp belt. It looked fine but had 250 k on it.

By Lisa C. on April 3 @ 5:01 am
The BEST and most RELIABLE car
I bought my 2009 Camry brand new and have never had an issue with it. I have over 175,000 miles driven so far. There were 2 very minor recalls on it. I had them both checked and fixed by the dealer at no charge. It was a floor mat and power door switch. Besides my car still looking practically brand new on the inside and outside, it still runs like new and is the most affordable car I have ever had to maintain. It drives nice and smooth. I will say that the seats are comfortable enough. I wish they had more lumbar support. Overall, this is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I have owned 3 other cars and a few trucks. Different makes and models. I will only be buying Toyota from now on.

By Abe on December 17 @ 9:12 am
Toyota's for life!!!
Just 2 word's ...Sweet car!!!

By Chris badertscher on December 16 @ 8:16 am
having issues
I just bought a 2009 toyota camry LE with 76000 miles. After owning it for only a couple weeks I've had it stall out on me as I slowed down for a stop light. Also the other day as I was driving the brake light randomly showed up. Anybody else having issues with their camry of around the same year stalling out?

By walterfisher on August 19 @ 7:22 am
Oil Consumption Problems are in my 2009 Toyota Cam
Oil consumption problem is in my 2009 toyota camry.

By Tonya Stafford on May 14 @ 1:27 am
Oil today and gone tomorrow!
I have had oil consumption issues since about year one. I have owned it 8 years and have complained continually about the oil consumption issues. It uses a quart by 1300 miles after an oil change and another quart at 1100 more. I have driven it until it wouldn't crank only to discover there was no visible oil on the dip stick. I had the oil consumption test and qualified, waited almost a year on a waiting list to find out by accident that it was not documented correctly. I recently qualified again and am now waiting for the necessary parts which could take some time to come in. Seriously, my engine might be shot by then. Not sure I'll buy another Toyota, after all, this is the same car that caused me to almost crash as my gas peddle got stuck and drove me through main street at about 65 mph! Toyota should be better than this. Other than those two major problems, the car has been pretty good. My husband's Toyota Tundra is 14 years old and has 200,000 miles with no problems yet and we bought it new. Toyota might have slipped on quality where it mattered during the years my car was made. I traded this car in September of 2016. Toyota had still not managed to get the parts to fix my car's oil consumption problems. It had a sticky dash that was on recall and I was just less than 200 down on the list to get it fixed. It had 123,000 miles on it. I just could not deal with the issues anymore. I did not replace it with a Toyota.

By Nick Franky on January 21 @ 12:48 pm
Oil and Engine Issues :(
I've had my car for a while now. I bought it in 2011, 2 years old for about 13k. After replacing the melting dash, door protectors and starter. I now have issues with oil, I took my car for its scheduled oil change and the mechanic says..."You have no oil in you car, and its back firing, I think you should take it to the dealer because we wont be able to do an oil change". So I take my car to Toyota and the keep it over night. they tell me nothing seems wrong but the are testing the oil consumption I have to bring it back within 1200 miles. BUUUUUUUT my check engine light is on and when I start my car it trembles, I have to let it sit for a while or restart the car. This was my first car I bought all alone, Finally paid for in full and this POS gives me hell after I make my final payment(April) . oh yeah, a mechanic told me its about 6k to fix, car is only worth 5k! I don't think I will buy another Toyota...Honda here I come.

By Judy Limburg on September 3 @ 8:00 am
The Good Bad and Ugly
We bought our 2009 Toyota Camry XLE in the winter of 2012 with 30,000 miles on it. We now have 77,500 miles on it. We are a bit disappointed at the amount of work we've had to do on it . . . we had to have the fuel pump replaced. The struts were next. New tires and, if memory serves me, a new battery as well. And now the ABS module is on the fritz. Fortunately, the first two repairs were under warranty. But, of course, as soon as our warranty runs out, we have the MAJOR expense of the ABS module to deal with. It's at the dealership now being diagnosed. We are anticipating a repair cost of $2000 or so. Not fun. The good - the car is comfortable, reliable (mostly) and gets good gas mileage. The bad - the repairs we've had to do. When you buy a car at a reputable dealership, you don't anticipate having such major repairs to make. The ugly - the $2,000 we will most likely be stuck with when we get the call from the dealership later today.

By ANN Weiss on January 6 @ 10:03 pm
You can't do better!
This car has been very dependable. Many people tell me that it still looks brand new. The interior looks new too. I have not had to do any engine repairs. I do have the oil changes done every 5000 miles and rotate the tires every 6000 miles. A body shop worker told me that in over 20 years he has only seen damage from a collision to the inside of a Camry once. It also retains its value well. I plan on buying another Camry for my next car.

By John Luten on September 23 @ 1:57 pm
Very Reliable Car!!!
The car is very low mileage and I have gotten the car serviced on a regular bases. Great Michelin tires.

By Jacob Zotta on October 19 @ 10:37 pm
Great Fast little car
I bought a used 2009 Camry LE at 176k and the V6 that toyota put in the 2009 LE and the XLE has some pick up and go to it, in comparison to the classic oil eating 4cyl that toyota normally drops in a car body. The car itself has much more room than my 03' Corolla and is a much smoother ride on the road. The gas mileage ranges from 25-30 mpg on highway (if you use cruise control). The interior is ok, the seats are of average comfort, mine has all electric controls. Only thing that I would add to the LE model is heated seats as well. The carpet does wear through really fast if you take the floor mats away! The radio is of really good quality JBL speakers and has an option for phone support for calling (not for music, you need an AUX cord plug in for that). The only two things I do not like about this car so far is the way the engine knocks and ticks, and I have never owned a toyota Brand New off the lot, but every toyota I have had has the SAME classic knocking to it. And the windows are not tinted at all so if you drive at night and a truck gets behind you, I hope you brought your sunglasses because that glare in the mirrors is going to be harsh. Other than those small details these cars are great and run for well over 300k. I plan to put another 200k on my 09' with confidence.

By Frank R. on September 19 @ 3:40 am
More Oil
Oil consumption is terrible with this car. It started with a quart of oil every 1200-1400 miles. I've been adding oil between oil changes from day one. A quart and a half to 2 quarts between changes. Now with 120,000 miles it is a lot worse. Other than that I have no complaints. But, Toyota should fix this...I'm thinking of calling my State Representatives about it, because when I had the oil consumption test done by the dealer a few years ago, they said a quart of oil every 1200 miles usage was ok. Sure. For them! But like I said, it is a lot worse since that test was done.

By Devin Urban on March 21 @ 2:17 pm
Excessive Oil Consumption LAWSUIT DO NOT BUY
My 2009 Toyota Camry threw a rod through the engine block because of excessive oil consumption. After speaking with a dealership and corporate, Toyota refused to cover the cost of replacing the engine which the dealer quoted at 5,000 USD for a used engine and 6,000 USD for a rebuilt engine. An independent mechanic indicated that the rod was thrown due to low oil pressure, there were no leaks apparent, clearly the car burned through a significant amount of oil causing catastrophic engine failure. Research the issue briefly, and you will find that a class action lawsuit is in progress relating to this issue.

By John in San Diego on January 12 @ 10:15 pm
Just RUN! - Burns Oil, Toyota won't fix.
At 100k miles, we had to replace both axles, as the CV joints failed. Headliner started falling at 6 years old. The WORST part is the engine: The 4cyl engine, used in a number of Toyota's is junk. They burn oil like crazy. Toyota recognizes the design flaw, but won't fix anything unless the car burns more than a quart of oil per 1,000 miles. That's NUTS! My Tundra at 170,000 miles burns NO oil!

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