2008 Toyota Camry

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While various SUV nameplates have won and lost favor with consumers' changing tastes, the Toyota Camry's popularity has remained constant over the last decade. There's good reason for this, as the Camry has never wavered in its mission to be the perfect American family sedan. It's not perfect, of course, but the current Camry rates highly in most of the areas mainstream buyers will consider important: It's roomy, comfortable, safe and easy to drive. And when it comes time to sell it, you'll get a nice price for it.

The 2008 Toyota Camry represents the second year of the nameplate's sixth generation. Although the car retains a midsize classification, this is the largest Camry ever and that fact is immediately apparent when you get inside: Headroom, shoulder room, hiproom and legroom are abundant in both the front and back. This is also the most powerful Camry ever by a wide margin. The optional 3.5-liter V6 engine develops 268 horsepower, and using the services of a smooth-shifting six-speed automatic transmission, propels the sedan to 60 mph in just 6.5 seconds -- as quick as some sport sedans and coupes. It also returns fuel economy that's not far off from what you'd get with the Camry's base four-cylinder engine.

In spite of the current-gen Camry's speed, performance is still not among its major selling points. Instead, buyers are likely to notice how easily this family car executes passing maneuvers and maintains utter composure and serenity when going over just about any road surface. Handling is also sharper than on any previous Camry, although the car's abilities are masked by its ride-biased tires and lack of steering feedback. Truly, those seeking a truly sporting drive in a midsize sedan will continue to be better served by such cars as the Mazda 6, Nissan Altima and Subaru Legacy.

However, for most consumers, it's cost rather than a lack of athleticism that tends to be the chief sticking point when they're shopping for a Toyota Camry. Properly equipped, the Camry usually ends up more expensive than most midsize sedans. That's hard to overlook when value-packed and worthy rivals like the Chevrolet Malibu, Ford Fusion and Hyundai Sonata are available. Also making things tougher for Toyota's big seller is its longtime chief rival, the Honda Accord, which has just been redesigned. The Accord may not be as hushed at freeway speeds, but it handily beats the Camry in terms of driving enjoyment and overall cabin refinement. Considering the amount of strong entries in this class, we suggest back-to-back test drives before making an automatic decision for the 2008 Toyota Camry.

Toyota Camry Consumer Reviews By Year:
2008 Toyota Camry

NEW FOR 2008

Redesigned last year, the Camry is unchanged for 2008. Toyota has dropped the CE name from the base trim level.


Expansive interior, powerful and fuel-efficient V6, plush ride quality, legendary reputation for reliability, top crash test scores, high resale value.


Inconsistent fit and finish, a few low-grade interior plastics, minimal steering feedback.

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By Lois on April 6 @ 6:26 am
Acceleration still not fixed
This is my 3rd Camry since 1993. Stuck with the Camry since I've always had good luck. Heard the 2007 had problems with acceleration, but figured they had fixed that on the 2008. Having same problem with 2008 as people did with 2007. Problem is still not fixed and I want to slap myself for not test driving my new car. Once you get on the highway, it rides beautiful, but my ride to work is all stop and go.

By Happy Camry Owner on October 26 @ 4:56 pm
I bought another brand new Camry
I have to say I love this car. I bought one in 2007 and just gave that one to my wife, so I had to buy a brand new 2008. It rides great and shifts smoothly, plenty of power for a 4-cylinder. I recommend getting one with the upgraded JBL stereo. It sounds so much better than the regular stereo. My 2008 Camry has the upgraded JBL stereo, moonroof package, rear lip spoiler and body side molding. I'm looking forward to driving this car for the next few years. This car rocks and I recommend buying one!

By Dennis Lauterbach on April 15 @ 4:36 am
2008 Camry
So far after 100+ miles of driving, the Camry has the comfort, quietness and pep that the Camry is known for. There is no question that this car is rock solid. Toyota's quality with the unibody welding rather than the rivets by their competitors will make this another hit for Toyota.

By rjohnson on May 17 @ 10:03 pm
Nice car - giggly ride
This is a very nicely designed car both inside and out. The engine is quiet and smooth. The seats are comfortable. The ride is giggly with road vibrations felt through the low profile tires. This is not like the 06 and before ride. I would recommend it for the younger generation, not those over 55.

By Happy Owner on July 4 @ 10:36 pm
Very happy with my 2.4L XLE
I've had the car for a little over 2 weeks and am very happy with its pep, ride, styling, and the many standard features on the XLE. I came from a 2000 Chrysler Concorde LX, 2.7L 6 cyl. I was looking at the Hyundai Azera, Lincoln MKZ and the Toyota Avalon but the Camry won out.

By b gray on September 17 @ 6:26 pm
New Toy
Nice car; 4 cyl power okay. Base model pricing attractive. Pleased with historical reliability. Recommended by Toyota drivers. Historically, keep cars for 10 years, so we will see how good it is in 2018. I will have a better review by then.

By high_speed_chase on March 30 @ 8:50 am
Another Camry
This is our fourth Camry, but the first with a V6. We traded a 2007 Camry SE I4, and I am not disappointed. The 3.5 V6 is very smooth and powerful. It runs 0-60 and quarter mile times of the infamous 5.0 Mustang from the early 1990s, (in stock form of course). Gas mileage is within 1-2 MPG of the I4. 600 miles already racked up since Friday night.

By john on June 8 @ 8:53 am
Very Satisfied
I've driven my 2008 Camry LE 1,375 very pleasant miles so far. It is very comfortable, roomy and fun to drive. Fuel economy is excellent. The 2.4L 4cyl 5A has plenty of pickup when needed on the highway. I would recommend this car to a friend.

By Dave on February 28 @ 12:16 am
What I Expected
I can not complain too much at all. When you buy a Camry, you know what you are getting... a quality built, reliable vehicle. In 2007, Toyota redesigned the Camry to make it one of the most appealing vehicles on the road. I have had an issue with the driver-side seatbelt not wanting to click, but I am willing to write that off as an anomaly, assuming I will not have any issues getting it fixed by Toyota. I am only getting about 22 mpg, which falls into the lower end of the ratings. I would like to see at least 25-28 mpg. We'll see. Light from dash/radio is too bright at night. It is like someone is shining a flashlight in your face.

By 08CamryXLE on October 15 @ 6:16 pm
Do Your Research!
After 1 month and 1,000 miles I would have reservations about recommending this car. It looks great, and is overall fun to drive. The navigation, sound, and bluetooth operations make the car easy to drive. The interior is roomy and looks great. When merging into traffic on the second day of owning the car, I almost totalled the vehicle as there was NO response from the engine after pressing the accelerator. This happens constantly. Check nhtsa.gov for current reports. The dealer doublespeaks the issue. I also had defects in the paint that resulted in a repainted bumper. A taillight also didn't fit and required body shop work to fix.

By M Digman on February 18 @ 10:53 am
Best Value In America
This is a great car, beautifully equipped with all the creature comforts you can want. As for economy, I'm beating the revised EPA MPG estimates by +4MPG in the city (25 vs. the 21 Estimate) and by +3 MPG on the highway, (34 actual vs. the EPA 31 estimate!). Beauty, styling, luxury and great gas mileage... I love this car!

By Christina on July 6 @ 3:00 am
So nice, and so fun!
I owned a 2007 Toyota Corolla LE and I was very impressed with it; however, my grandparents needed a vehicle, and it was easier for me to get a car. So I "upgraded" to the Camry. It sits a little lower to the ground, but the ride is smoother and there's so much room! The power driver seat is nice, audio controls on the steering wheel are convenient. I don't mind the plastic dash, but some don't like it. I've read some criticism of the look of the 07 and 08 Camry, but I think the "bulbous" nose is actually cute.

By Great car! on August 28 @ 9:10 pm
Great car!
This is a great family car and very comfortable. Rides great and the v-6 has plenty of power.

By Allen on January 11 @ 7:33 pm
2008 Camry
Great commuter car for the wife. Good value for the price, with nice looks and fine (so far) fit and finish.

By Katie on January 3 @ 8:30 am
My 2008 Camry
I just recently purchased a 2008 Camry LE. I love it so far. I like the brightness of the dashboard and the exterior design. It rides smoothly and I am still on the same tank of gas that the care came with and I purchased it 2 weeks ago. I would highly recommend this car to anyone!

By Felix on February 15 @ 1:20 am
Awesome Car
This is the best car I've ever purchased. It's suspension is smooth, the 2.4 I4 has nice acceleration to match its fuel economy. The Camry's interior is very refined (in the XLE), and the upgraded 440 watt stereo system is great. Exterior styling is nice, and the overall build quality is perfect.

By DonH on February 27 @ 6:46 pm
Toyota GPS is worthless
I am generally happy with my Camry, but the GPS is frustrating and almost worthless. The necessity to press ok to a disclaimer before each use is ridiculous. You have to pull off of the road and stop in order to the GPS, and the passenger can not reprogram the unit while the car is moving. I would not have bought the car if I had known how frustrating the GPS is. I will not buy another Toyota unless the GPS system is changed.

By jkglx on June 28 @ 10:33 am
I miss my 4-runner
Initial impressions of the 1st 300 miles. This vehicle is very comfortable, and has a pleasant ride. I am a little disappointed with the fuel economy, as I averaged approx 18 MPG in the city. I would not have gotten rid of my 4-Runner if I would have known that I was going to improve my mileage by this little. Waiting to see how efficient on the highway. Also, transmission is acting up. Out of nowhere, RPM revs up when not accelerating.

By sn on May 28 @ 11:30 am
As usual, cannot see blind spot
As usual, with so many cars out there today, you cannot see your blind spot with the camry. Even if you turn your head to the left, out of a total of 180 degrees, you will only be able to see about 45 degrees. With my old 00 Corolla, you could turn your head and literally look down the street in the left lane. With the new camry, you cannot - you must use your mirrors and buy a blind spot mirror; and using mirrors is dangerous when making split second decisions - you simply can't see down the left lane with this car - obstructions block it. Dangerous car. Its a very, very dangerous car. I almost got into about 5 accidents already with it on multi lane roads/highways. I want to get rid of it.

By Ryan on October 2 @ 7:53 am
To keep this as brief as possible, don't buy the new Camry. I turned in an 02 Camry and I already miss it! The transmisson on my new Camry is sluggish and the steering doesn't connect with the car. I bought the Camry because I have had alot of friends tell me that "foreign" cars are of better quality. Man were they wrong... Toyota needs to recall this car and fix my transmisson once and for all.

By GregG on September 19 @ 9:56 am
Cruise Control
I like the car overall. I was driving a 1995 Avalon, so replacing my car is a big deal. Going from a V6 to a 4cyl takes some getting used to. I think the overdrive gear is too low. On cruise control over a minor hill, the car downshifts (my Avalon never did that.) I think they put a low gear for more fuel economy, but I would sure like an override to the constant down shifting. The car is a real head turner, I love the styling. The controls are neatly placed. The audio system has a jack for my portable tape player. I wish the audio system had both CD and cassette. Also, I am pleased that the car warms up fast in the morning (how did they do that?).

By GregG on September 19 @ 11:36 am
Cruise Control
I like the car overall. I was driving a 1995 Avalon, so replacing my car is a big deal. Going from a V6 to a V4 takes some getting used to. I think the overdrive gear is too low. On cruise control over a minor hill, the car downshifts (my Avalon NEVER did that.) I think they put a low gear for more fuel economy, but I would sure like an override to the constant down shifting. The car is a real head turner, I love the styling. The controls are neatly placed. The audio system has a jack for my portable tape player. I wish the audio system had both CD and cassette. Also, I am pleased that the car warms up fast in the morning (how did they do that?)

By jefe_gonzo on August 24 @ 10:33 pm
Solid as Expected
Toyota makes a solid vehicle--this is not news. The 08 Camry SE is large enough to be comfortable but still a nimble performer. Keeping true to Toyota form, the interior is closer to spartan than luxurious. It's well-laid out. Controls are easy to reach and more or less idiot-proof. The 4-banger has enough power to safely merge onto a busy highway or pass a fifth-wheel on a 2-laner. Its lines are clean, but a little ambiguous in light of the Accord. What the Camry lacks in a clear identity it makes up in its overall build quality. All in all, a great car. Won't turn many heads, but it also won't make your head spin at the gas pump.

By Dan on November 13 @ 9:23 am
Love the Camry
This car has a smooth ride, plenty of power, great fuel economy for a six. I am so impressed with this car, this is my first Toyota. I have no problem comming out of and suv. This car is easy to drive with a real luxury drive. I feel safe and not overwhelmed with all the suv on the raods. I am averaging 23mpg on reg fuel mixed driving with more power than my bmw

By Don on August 5 @ 9:20 pm
Great family sedan
Roomy, fun to drive, good acceleration, lots of little conveniences, 5 speeds make a difference, love the "autolights" feature, mpg as listed.

By Downshifting on November 30 @ 7:06 am
Cruise Control Downshifting
Overall, a very good car. Love the styling, it's a real head turner. Good visability, though the side pillar gets in the way of good side visability when changing lanes. One annoyance worth noting - downshifting. I think the 5th gear is too low. They probably did that for fuel economy. When on cruise control on highway speeds, the car downshifts when going over minor hills and bridges. I wish there was an override.

By Wiggity on November 29 @ 1:20 pm
My Camry SE
The Toyota Camry SE V-6 is an outstanding and very good-looking vehicle. The body is quite breath-taking and all eyes are always on my vehicle.

By George on October 7 @ 9:03 pm
2008 SE Camry Nice Ride!!
I have owned my 2008 SE Camry for about one week now and do not have any regrets about the purchase. The interior fit and finish is nicely done especially for a car at this price. The 4-Cyl. engine is great on gas and has decent acceleration and tourque. All radio, AC/Heat controls are easy to understand and utilze. Passenger room in this car is outstanding, you can really strech out and get comfortable. Getting ready to take it on a long trip so we will see how fuel milage is on the highway.

By FirstTimeOwner on November 19 @ 11:56 pm
Wonderful Experience
I own the 3.5L V6 XLE Camry. I switched to Toyota after owning German cars for 13 years. The Camry drives very smoothly, securely hugging the road while curbing. The V6 has enough power at all times: on highways while accelerating and from a stop-start state. It is well laid out inside as well. I am completely satisifed with this car. I have had no problems whatsoever - the peace of mind of owning a car that retains its value is priceless. Camrys end up an asset even after 5 years and 100k.

By sandwinder on May 17 @ 8:20 pm
Great car
I think this is a great car. I have driven several types of cars from Acura to BMW and I can say this car is great. It doesnt have the driving ability of the German cars but it is still great for the money. I did test drive the 4 cylinder and wasnt impressed at all. The 6 cylinder is great, very refined and power when you need it.

By Don't like it on November 16 @ 4:43 pm
Don't Like It
Trade-in time for 2003 Toyota Camry LE V6 we really liked except for a known Camry feature - choppy transmission. Put together a features list, studied sedans/SUVs over 18 months. It came down to test driving 3: 2008 Camry LE V6, 2007 Honda Accord V6, 2008 Ford Taurus SEL. After driving the Taurus there was no comparison. It blows away the Camry. Better price too! Camry handled very nice but research/Toyota service tells us that the transmission hasn't changed. Camry's small inside compared to Taurus. Taurus is actually competing with the Avalon which it also blows away! Camry interior is cheaper/less attractive than our 2003 was. Toyota; while you were sleeping - Taurus came along!

By Mr B on June 1 @ 10:20 pm
Great Car
Overall a very good car and good fuel economy. Used car for long trip. Put on about 2,600 miles the car road great.

By Bob in WV on August 30 @ 1:03 am
Solid Vehicle
Solid car with a very nice appearance and fun to drive - very good safety rating.

By ray3503 on April 15 @ 4:03 am
Toyota slipping badly
Its clear to me that as Toyota grows they are unable to maintain the qulality standards they set. The Camry im driving is slow, the controls are in poor positions, it handles squishy and rattles. The exterior body styling is ok i guess, but this car is so vanilla and so ho hum its hard to recommend it. I think the US car companies are putting out much better cars than the Camry, and the Accord sits in a league by itself in this segment.

By dissapointment on August 20 @ 9:10 am
Very very very dissapointed
This is my 3rd camry since 99 and probably my last. I've owned basically only Totyotas for the last 25 years, Land Cruisers, Corollas and Camrys and I've never been so dissapointed. The transmission, doesn't work properly, as well as the cruise control, the car shakes after 60 miles, the radio and CD player had to be excchanged, overall I am the proud owner of a NIGHT MARE!!!

By Honest Opinion on February 28 @ 10:53 am
This is a horrible car. All the talk about Toyota quality is really nothing more than marketing-hype. The so-called quality is NOT there. Rather, this car is riddled with many problems--some of which are really serious and dangerous. First, the transmission is really bad. It slips all the time and shifting is very poor. It could cause "unexpected" acceleration, and can cause serious accident. Second, the quality is bad. The gaps between parts (e.g., dash board) are wide and uneven. 1970 Dodge is probably better assembled than this. I've already visited the dealership three times because of various problems. Third, don't expect any fun in driving this car. Steering is very unresponsive.

By jbradford on March 10 @ 12:36 am
I love this car
Everything about this car is wonderful, I got the fully loaded se camry for 2008, with the v6, navi, roof, upgraded wheels, every available option, msrp about 33000, but, it is well worth it. This car is fast. You don't even have to try to go fast and you look down and your going 80 on the expressway, plus it has the tiptronic shift which really unleashes a beast under the hood. Cornering is excellent, I can take a 30 mph corner at 55-60 mph. I also have the vehicle stability control and traction control. The navi is very user friendly. I love this car in every way. Heated seats are nice and the leather sport package is great.

By charlie on June 1 @ 11:16 am
Lazy take off
I bought this camry 3 days ago, the car is very lazy on take off The side mirrors do not give you a good big view of the back. The driver side doorpost blocks your blindspot.

By Real on May 27 @ 11:06 pm
Good Value
I've driven the Lexus 400 Series since 1991 and have just purchased a 2008 Toyota Camry SE V6, and the car is excellent. It's not the Lexus flagships I used to drive, but close & I have more money left in pocket which puts a smile on my face.

By Tim on January 12 @ 12:16 pm
2008 Toyota Camry SE
First of all it is the 4 cyl/SE model so it looks great, (I was driving an Infiniti fx35 before this and was never so happy to spend 50 bucks less a week on gas). I have 2000 miles on it so far and it is more quiet than the fx, more roomy (it is hard to believe but the fx is small inside) better features, 2 perfectly placed car adapters. 17 inch rims make ride a bit higher so I am not hitting curbs when parking. I never wanted to buy a camry before, they looked like your parents car, now they look like MY racing car.

By Jeff Noone on February 15 @ 4:03 am
I loved the looks of this car, but soon after buying it, I began to regret it. What a nightmare. This car does not shift correctly. It jerks and then hesitates. Sometimes it downshifts when it shouldn't, sometimes it flares up and accelerates. Very very dangerous!!!

By Stephen on July 21 @ 4:36 pm
08 Camry LE 4cyl
Even with a 4cyl the Camry still has plenty of power but can react slowly. As one would expect, I have had no problems with the car except for low pressure in one tire. Getting actual mileage around 26 highway (set cruise - 50 miles round trip) and 18 city during first 1k miles. I think this could be due to the automatic transmission slipping.

By kelly on December 23 @ 5:46 pm
Love my camry
I have had my Camry for almost a month now. The ride is awesome, fuel economy is great. Transmission is very smooth and quick! I had an '06 Camry and the '08 is far better in all ways! Suspension is much improved.

By llhoops on March 9 @ 1:23 am
So far......well you know
The Camry meets all of my expectations. It is a solid, dependable, good looking vehicle that has proven itself to be the best value in its class. I treated myself to the navigation with bluetooth capable telephone functions. Combine that with the adjustible heated leather seats, smartkey entry and starting, and the traction control and you have a damn nice car (lexus like) right at $30,000. But, it does not turn heads (although the the new body style is not as soft as previous years). There are a billion Camrys on the road yet I still feel special in mine. It is a safe choice.

By sam on June 15 @ 4:03 pm
Poor transmission
Very poor transmission. It changes gears and you can feel it since it stalls. Had rotor problems already. just has 1058 miles. Interior makes noise as though something is loose. The passenger side windows would not open front and the back. Just a nightmare since the day one. I do not think it is number one when you spend so much money for it.

By love it on November 2 @ 3:06 am
Another Great car from Toyota
Only had the car for 3 weeks - 700 miles. First tank of gas I got 23.5mpg, second I got 25. Oil filter is a little different on the v6. It is a cartridge element, not a spin on filter. This makes for a really clean oil change. Leather seat with Liquicell are amazingly comfortable. The ride is remarkable - very quiet and noninvasive. Transmission shifts confidently and correctly. It does NOT "hunt" of gears. Camry v6 is really quick. Originally wanted JBL sound until I heard the standard cd - there is no need to upgrade.

By lee on March 4 @ 5:33 pm
I traded an 05 XLE 6c. for an 08 XLE 4c. and it has as much pep even on hills. Good gas mileage. I am very pleased with the car thus far.

By Mathewsv0 on May 2 @ 10:00 pm
An Excellent Value
I recently purchased a 2008 Toyota Camry CE with the five speed manual transmission and I must say it is truly a pleasure to drive. The clutch has the right amount of travel, the shifting operation is smooth, and the power of the engine is great whether you're driving in the city or on the highway. The fit and finish of the interior is excellent with a lot of shoulder and head room. The seats are also positioned in a way that is very comfortable. In this price range it offers quite a bit. I'm only twenty years of age and I'm impressed with this car even though it is marketed towards a different crowd.

By Impressed on January 27 @ 3:13 pm
I turned in leased BMW530i, and got the camry. Guess what? I was very impressed. Very comfortable inside, feels very luxurious. I test drove the 2005 Lexus ES300. The XLE with leather is very very close to the older model of ES300. I love the blue tooth function. The rear sunshade is also great. Lots of storage room. I do have some issues with the performance. The car wont "go" at the stop sign, and the engine makes a lot of noise when accelerate. Also, the gas mileage doesn't seem to be too good. I average 22 so far in the first half tank of gas.

By mn011890 on September 20 @ 2:06 am
Lovin' My Camry
I am 18 years old, and this car is the first stick shift I have ever driven/owned and it was great to learn on. The performance is decent for a 4 cylinder, although it could be better. For me personally, the manual makes it blast to drive, but during sharp cornering there is quite a bit of body roll. Despite the body roll, handling still feels fairly secure. Gas mileage is good, I get about 21 mpg in the city. Perhaps my favorite part is the way it looks. The lines of the car are gorgeous, especially in the blue ribbon metallic color. If you want a car that looks good, is good on gas, has pretty good performance AND is cheap (got mine out the door for about 18k) then this is the car for you!

By Steven Daly on July 31 @ 2:00 pm
Great car, but POOR quality
I have owned a 1993 Camry and a 2001 Camry, and this 2008 Camry is terrible compared to those two. I am so disappointed in the cheap plastic parts, the terrible squeaks and rattles and the horrible transmission. This vehicle is by far, the best looking Camry I have had, but the worst quality of the three. It has already been in the shop FOUR TIMES. My other Camrys were never in the shop for anything other than oil changes!!

By minivanguy on January 19 @ 7:06 pm
Toyota makes great vehicles. This is by far the best car I ever had. If you drive one for more then a couple of minutes, you'll see and feel the car's Lexus like qualities. The interior and exterior design is very pleasing to the eyes and touch (except for a few cheap plastics in the cabin). The cabin is very quiet on all fronts via wind noise, engine noise, road, etc. Going over bumps is like driving over gentle pebbles. There is no rattles in the cabin just tranquility. Now if you're going to be driving your car like The Fast and Furious, it also does good in that area.

By Sammycamry on December 4 @ 10:26 pm
A lot of fun, but...
I only have about 500 miles on the car and so far I love it but it is a rattle trap with a lot of unnecessary noises from interior of car. My seatbelt squeaks, I have several rattles coming from headliner. On the positive side, this car is a beast!!! I cannot say enough about how fast this thing is! I hope the dealership can iron out my compaints and let me love this car!!

By Timothy on January 22 @ 5:53 am
Awesome Car!!
I just purchased this car 3 days ago and already put on 500 miles in those days. Quiet ride, comfort, cruise control, these are all things that sold me on this car!

By purpchin on February 8 @ 11:10 pm
Traded in my Lexus for a Camry
I traded my RX 300 for this Camry and after a week I'm not disappointed at all, especially at the gas pump. I went from a V6 to I4 and there's plenty of passing power. I also went from leather to cloth seats and it's not cold - no seat heaters needed. If you want more class upgrade to the XLE but get ready to pay 3-4K more. That's a personal choice. It's only been a week but if I have to take it to the shop you'll be hearing from me. I bought certified used (3,800 mis) and the best thing about that is that the warranty is 7/100,00 mi - better than new.

By GC on February 23 @ 8:10 pm
Great Car.... My Third Camry
This is my third Camry and by far the best. I love my new car, and it's quiet and refined ride. Exterior looks great, and the interior is Lexus like. Love the interior lighting at night. If you are looking for a great car with a super quiet and smooth ride, check the Camry. Great gas mileage so far too, and with only 900 miles so far, it is not even broken in yet.

By firetem on February 16 @ 5:06 pm
Great Car for these times!!!
This is my first Toyota. So far I haven't been disappointed. Very roomy and gas mileage is great.

By Marc on July 4 @ 8:30 am
New Toyota Camry Transmission Problem
This car came with a defect in the software governing the transmission. The glitch causes a 3 - 4 second delay when rapid acceleration is needed. This is a safety hazard, and is the reason I strongly advise people to consider a different car manufacturer. Toyota has done nothing to address this issue, which I noticed immediately after driving off the new car lot. I did not test drive this car before signing the paperwork, but instead drove a test model "just like it" which did not have the glitch. The dealership and corporate office have shown an utter indifference, and deny that this is a safety concern. It IS a safety concern, so please consider a different manufacturer.

By Dezra on June 24 @ 4:46 pm
Crappy Transmission
Car vibrates when driving up a slight incline at 40-43 MPH, keeping speed steady. Was told by non Toyota mechanic that it is the torque converter and Toyota themselves say "its a normal characteristic of this car". WHATEVER!!! Pretty scary huh? Could harm me while driving someday. It also shifts hard sometimes and revs up when I am not accelerating. Also, my cd player will play a song or so then stop completely and keep my cd, and won't give it back until the stereo cools down! Other than that, I love the car!

By MJB-PHD on September 13 @ 1:20 pm
Perfect family sedan, good on gas
Have owned this Camry almost 6 months now and love it. Got the upgraded LE package to include sunroof, alloy wheels, and a few other little add ons. Love the bluetooth hands free feature. Very good on gas, plenty of power, a little hesitant at times when you step on it, but that is to be expected when driving a four cylinder vehicle. Interior ergonomics are comfortable with all cluster gauges in full view. Exterior has a more aggressive stance than previous models, with aerodynamic lines that compliment the vehicles overall appearance.

By P. Kusch on January 31 @ 12:30 pm
First new car in 30 years.
I Have no regrets about buying this car except some disappointment that the manual transmission gets a little worse fuel mileage than the automatic. I think a six spd. manual would be nice, but I realize few people who buy Camrys buy manuals.

By Steve on August 15 @ 4:53 am
Reliability...what reliability!?!
My family has always owned Toyotas and reliability was always ok but not perfect. When it came time to pick a car for myself after graduating I thought the sensible thing would be to buy a Camry. I was wrong. This car has been nothing short of a nightmare. In less than a year's time of ownership, I now know almost everyone at the dealer service desk by name! First it was transmission problems which have never been completely resolved. A dead battery caused by electrical issues,(not my fault) that left me stranded. Radio died after only 3 months. Exterior paint has not held up well though first winter. Other more minor issues including a tail-light bulb that keep going out.

By Dan Hogan on September 3 @ 9:36 pm
Far worse quality than before.
I have owned a 1993 Camry and a 2000 Camry. This 2008 is so much worse quality than those two. Very disappointing. Terrible rattles from the dash and the rear deck. Cheap plastic parts inside everywhere. The transmission shifts all the time. I will keep this car for as long as I can handle the poor quality.

By New2Toyota on December 14 @ 9:53 pm
Toyota Quality. Hmmmm.
I have had my 2008 V6 LE since end of December '07. LOVED it as soon as I test drove it on the highway. Comfortable, well designed, best car I have owned to date. In February I noticed the transmission not shifting appropriately - seems to have a delay when I need to start off from a dead stop, also has trouble regulating itself right afterward, shifting late. Dealership says they see nothing wrong. The radio reception disintegrates when the rear window defroster is turned on. Crossed wires?

By Black08SEV6 on December 27 @ 3:33 am
2008 Toyota Camry SE V6
I bought my Camry to replace my 04 Miata (loved my car, but to have a car pmt and buy premium gas once a week - small tank; 190-220 miles before empty). For economic purposes I bought my Camry but insisted on the more adolecent SE V6 trim. I love the look of the car, the aggressive front end, everything about it. I do not regret my purchase one bit. My sunroof squeaked over bumps, but a quick dealer visit fixed it (there's a TSB).

By BC on March 17 @ 9:26 am
Stylish and sluggish
This is my fourth Camry... best looking, poorest performing. Sluggish, like a person trying to run in water. Shifts often and hard; especially on an incline and on cruise control. Hesitates when accelerating after slowing down, especially coming out of a turn.

By johnnyvero on June 27 @ 12:06 am
Fourth Camry
This is my fourth camry, I bought my wife an 08, because I liked her 05 so much but she wouldn't give it up, so I bought the 08 for her and now I'm driving the 05, both cars are 4 cyl, and have plenty of pick up. I can't say enough good things about them, reliability, performance, comfort, economy, just an all around good car with good trade in value. I was thinking about a V6 but the V4 has plenty of power and accelerates like a V6. Great Car !!!

By rob on February 15 @ 3:23 pm
Camry is good
I bought the V6 version before I realized I would be driving about 40k a year. Although I am currently getting in the high 20s and low 30s for the mpg. I spend about 3 hours a day in the car and it is fairly competent. The driver seat could use more upper lateral support as I tend to lean out of the seat towards the center. The car has a superb ride for a Lincoln or Buick, but I wish now that there was an SE V6 for the stiffer suspension when I bought the XLE . The car is well equipped even better so than the Accord, which I have owned several and think I prefer overall. The Camry is overall a solid car and sure to please the masses.

By Dissappointed on January 18 @ 9:53 am
Disappointing Tranny
I'm normally a loyal Toyota purchaser, but not sure after purchasing my new 2008 Toyota Camry. Toyota has always had good reputation for great running, reliable car, but the transmission in this car is the worst ever. Like other drivers have said, it's sluggish. Shifts often and hard, especially on an incline and on cruise control. Hesitates when accelerating after slowing down. A nightmare using cruise control when I went on vacation. The driver seat could use more upper lateral support as I tend to lean out of the seat towards the center. I'll keep the car as long as I can and probably trade it in.

By Phil on April 24 @ 5:06 am
Great car!
After two decades of driving SUVs I finally gave in to high gas prices and bought a vehicle with better mileage. I spent way too much time on the internet researching and then test driving different cars before choosing the Camry. After owning my Camry SE V6 for six momnths I have no regrets. I chose the SE because I liked the tighter sport suspension. The V6 provides very good power yet I get an average of 28 MPG with mostly highway driving. Another plus; I'm over 6 feet tall and I fit comfortably in this car. I commute 60 miles round trip to work and truely enjoy driving this vehicle. I don't miss my SUV, if I need a larger vehicle for a day to haul more people or stuff I'll just rent one.

By cam_guy on November 22 @ 6:33 am
2008 My camry
Overall the Camry is a great car, I have many Camrys over the past 20 years. The ride is what I want, handling is good too. I feel Toyota is slipping in overall quality. The finish inside has cheapened, but it's little better on the 08 then the 07. The Bluetooth system stinks in my opinion, will not recognize my verbal commands very well.

By Kirby Thomson on December 9 @ 8:30 pm
2008 XLE V6 Camry
A really good car that really shines the more we drive. Both a good car for in city driving and getting 25 mpg or better with A/C in summer driving. Best on highway was 34 mpg with no A/C in cooler weather. Ultra smooth 6-speed auto trans with the V6 makes a car jump on the highway with a breeze. Just wish had the handling of our previous Acura TL but we love not having to purchase premium fuel. Size is perfect for wife taste and big enough for the 6-2 foot son in back seat. A good buy for us with our needs and hope to keep a long time so reliability was important.

By LE 4dr Sedan (2.4L 5 on July 20 @ 8:40 am
My first Toyota Camry
First impression was pleasing. But at 8000 mile had to have to have the transmission reprogrammed. At 20,000 mile the transmission had to be reprogrammed and the windshield washer motor had to be replaced. At 25,000 mile tires were out of round and had to be replaced. The car does not dampen road feel as it at first. Still have tranny issues with over/under sluggish shifting and acceleration, needs the latest up reprogramming. I expected better from Camry. Fuel economy is better than expected on mostly level interstate travel, hilly terrain it decreases 3-6 mpg and really suffers in mountains. Still has a quiet ride and is easy to handle. At speed the passing ability is ok. The center post blocks vision.

By Edith McGlynn on April 14 @ 6:23 pm
Love my Camry
I am a Realtor a previous Cadillac prior to buying my Camry. I love the way my Camry handles, comfort, quiet running and affordable ownership. The price of gas is even more reason to own the wonderful automobile. This is the first time I have ever owned a smaller vehicle. Thank you Toyota for your superior service.

By lmarie517 on January 17 @ 1:53 am
Not impressed
This is my first Toyota, and I must say I am not impressed. The car is sluggish at best, transmission shifts often and hard (especially noticeable during braking). The car can't seem to get out of its own way. Transmission also has a very noticeable delay. I can't get rid of this car soon enough.

By Anthony on August 19 @ 9:06 am
2008 Camry SE 4cyl
I purchased the SE because of the styling and expecting about the same MPG as my old 1998 Camry (24/30). I now have 8K miles on the car and consistently get 22 (combined). In my opinion the car is underpowered with the 4cyl. The engine hesitates when accelerating at slow speed and I must be careful when pulling out or into traffic. Road noise is a problem when using the built in blue tooth. I was warned by the Toyota salesman about the poor ride of the SE as compared the to LE, XLE, he was right.

By Jennifer Harris on May 29 @ 6:36 pm
Used to be a great car
I bought this car to replace my 98 Camry, and I must say that compared to that one, this car is disappointing. Although I like the looks of this one better, the quality of the interior is poor. Too many rattles and squeaks coming from the doors, the dash and the moonroof. I have not had any transmission problems like some of the other complaints.

By E.Crawley on December 8 @ 11:43 am
My experience driving my new SE Toyota has been good and bad. However until a couple of months ago every thing was o.k. While driving my car I found it to be smooth and controllable. However I did not like that shaking in the car when I stopped the vehicle.

By hated it on April 12 @ 2:46 am
did not like
I bought the car in Feb 08 and traded it in in Sept 08. The hesitation at take offs and the up and down shifting of the transmission were getting on my nerves. It easily cames out of over- drive to get up a small hill. If you did not take off slowly, the car had a dead spot and then the car would take off. A lot of complaints about this issue on the internet. I do 80% interstate driving and I struggled to get 22 mpg. The car rode nicely on smooth roads as well as handled well.

By 207roy04064 on March 20 @ 7:16 pm
Camry Problems
2008 Camry was sluggish and changed gears often. Cruise control varied 5 to 6 mph from actual setting. Traded this Camry 1 year after purchase. Bought it new 9/2007. Since purchase the CD player had to be replaced, did not pass state inspection because 4 struts were leaking. Then a front wheel bearing had to be replaced. This was a very unreliable car so I traded it in.

By Elliot on November 4 @ 12:40 pm
Great Car
It's a great car, love the features, fuel efficient V6, safety features, and overall quality!

By CamryFamily on October 22 @ 5:06 am
Super Satisfied
I bought my '08 Camry in Jan. and couldn't be more satisfied. I was a previous 4-Runner owner and loved it so much I became hooked on Toyotas. My main purpose in buying the car was transportation to and from work, about a 50 mile drive per day. I also wanted much cheaper maintenance. Gas was a huge issue too. I now average about 29 mpg with premium gas and 24 with regular on the interstate. I love the interior even though I sacrificed my leather for a cheaper price. Everything is placed just right for a comfortable ride. My installed bluetooth makes the drive even more easy. The whole family fits great inside. Exceeded my needs

By Ted on August 1 @ 1:43 pm
Transmission lag
The "fly by wire" feature has caused an annoying lag when reaching certain speeds. It's almost as if the car can't make up its mind what gear it should be in. It constantly downshift and hesitates. Sometimes the car stalls when I press the accelerator to pass another car. I'm scheduled for Arbitration with Toyota about this problem. Stay tuned.

By Monica on July 4 @ 8:50 pm
Not Satisfied
This is my first Toyota, and I'm not impressed. The car is sluggish, transmission shifts often and has a very noticeable delay. I was also expecting BETTER MPG only get an average of 22.

By Beyond Disappointed on January 9 @ 5:13 am
The 4th Time IS a FLOP!
Owned 3 Camrys-1991,1995 & 2004; due to satisfactory previous ownership history - I made HUGE mistakes in making this purchase! Shopped all day online-made calls-night-time test drive-purchased car Saturday night. Week later realized-CHEAP BUILD & INFERIOR QUALITY of plastic material of interior, fabric, exposed metal & bolts on floor, downsized & eliminated compartments, eye/sunglass holder, small poorly designed seating-driver, passenger & rear-no elbow room-cramped interior, smaller trunk space, etc. Only 5'4 roof of car close to head. Cheap fabric on seat not sewn-just stuffed inside cheap plastic bucket of seat. Driver seat should be ergonomically correct-miserable drive.

By Joanne on July 7 @ 5:26 pm
Love my V6 SE
I purchased this car used from a reputable dealer in my area. It was a repossession with 10,000 miles on it. It is loaded with everything imaginable. Leather, sunroof, V6 3.5L, 6 speed trans, and a rare body ground effects kit w/spoiler & skirt. Chrome everything, bluetooth, remote start, fog lights. I absolutely love it. Talk about fast, 0-60 mph in about 5 seconds, and the gas mileage is amazing. The heated leather seats are the best, and the many seat adjustments make my driving experience a pleasure. If I had to buy this car again, I would never go back to a four cyl. car or a car with cloth seats. I am very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this car to anyone.

By baseball mom on May 29 @ 11:20 pm
Love it
Had 2 Camrys in the past. All base models. Wanted to upgrade and got this one loaded. V6 is great. Has great get up with no hesitation. If you are going to buy a Camry, go with the V6. So much fun to drive. I have to hide my keys so my husband, who has a 2008 Chevy HD diesel, won't take my car. Also get an average of 31 mpg.

By Cali on March 18 @ 2:53 pm
Great Car
I have had nothing but good experiences with my Camry. No problems with the car itself (only some damage from hail, but nothing to do with the car). It's extremely comfortable and spacious inside. I mostly treat mine like an SUV, hauling a bunch of stuff around and it holds up great! I get at least 25 mpg city and much more than that highway. The car looks great from the outside and in. I have all black cloth interior that holds up very well with everything.

By Linda(*65 on August 14 @ 6:23 pm
Love the looks, but not the quality
I owned a 1998 4Runner and finally couldn't deal with the gas mileage anymore, so I traded it in for a top of the line XLE 4 cylinder. I LOVE the looks of this car, however, the quality is terrible compared to my 4Runner. TOO MANY squeaks, rattles and noises from everywhere in the car. I have also had transmission problems, but they have been fixed.

By B on May 1 @ 11:23 pm
Best buying experiance ever
I have had several other import cars in the past mostly Honda's. This was my first Toyota. I am sure glad I went to the dealer to look. I went in and they had the car pulled up. The car was warm inside and it was like the seat just grabbed on to me. It could adjust several different ways and with the telescoping wheel it felt perfect. We took it around the block and it handle like it was a sports car. I could not believe how quiet it was compared to my other cars I have had in the past. The white outside with the dark leather set it off just right. I have had the car almost a year and I like sometimes to just hop in and drive it still. I would recommend this car to anyone.

By Jim on December 28 @ 12:03 pm
Good Choice
This is our 1st import. Went from SUVs, so realize that change. Comfortable ride to the grocery and up the east coast. Low road noise. Good gas economy. Good acceleration, especially for a 4 cyl. I'm 6'4", wife 5'4". We both fit well into the vehicle without problems, even the back seat. Sound system is very nice.

By waynecarsen on July 15 @ 5:46 am
Better and better
I bought a 2007 and had many problems, the 2008 is great, they resolved many of the issues on the 2007s. Noisy brakes, dash squeaks, transmission. I have had no problems at all. I do not drive much any more but I am very happy with the car.

By Ross on June 3 @ 2:06 am
Can't beat it
For what I payed for it you can't beat it. From taking the kids to school practice etc.. the Camry is an excellent car. It is hushed and smooth on the highway. In the city (chicago) it absorbs the numerous bumps with no problem. For all of the people complaining about the performance. IT IS A V-4. If you wanted fast buy a mustang. Perfect everyday car. I am averaging 25mpg. Majority city driving. It is a great family car without the big sticker. Very safe car also. Has 6 airbags standard. Has an I-pod jack with 3 gig of storage for mp3's.

By Me on December 13 @ 4:46 pm
Should have got the Fusion
Regret buying the car. Wish I would have gone with the car I really liked, the Ford fusion, because the Camry is not as good as they are made out to be. Not a cool car at all and not really reliable.

By rar2 on January 24 @ 6:46 pm
Beautiful but shakey
I purchased this brand new 2008 LE V6 at the end of 2008. Within a week the seat and steering wheel would vibrate when driving 65-75 on the highway 30 miles to get to work. Also had issues with the bluetooth. Brought in repeatedly. Eventually a TSB was sent out by Toyota regarding vibration/shudder after months of complaining, but it didn't completely resolve the issue. Toyota Rep insists it's the way Camry is designed. Had Honda's for 20 years, first toyota, incredibly disappointed. Do not feel safe. Also experience transmission hesitation as others.

By KyleeAnn on December 23 @ 1:56 pm
Love my Camry!
Could not have chosen anything better at this point. Feels safe, drives beautifully, and looks like a Lexus GS. This is a great car!

By Prasanna on January 23 @ 9:03 am
Camry 2008 Automatic
Camry is a good vehicle to own and drive. It performs well on good roads. I have not had the opportunity to test it on bad roads, so I can't comment. I would rate the vehicle overall 5 or 6 in a 1-10 scale.

By kueker87 on July 16 @ 11:40 am
What happened Toyota?
I had a 93 Camry and put over 250,000 miles on it. Loved it... So I upgraded to the new Camry expecting the same sort of reliability and quality, which I still expect to get, but the car does have a weird shuddering problem around speeds of 40-55 mph, especially going up hills. I took this to my dealership (very friendly) and they told me that is just what happens when you're trying to push a car up a hill at 1200-1500 rpm's at 40-55 mph, the engine has to "shake" a little to get up... The remedy is to drive in GEAR 4 when you're town driving - Drive in D on interstate. I haven't had an issue with the shuddering since. Toyota should still try and locate the problem and issue a recall.

By camryfan105 on April 12 @ 11:43 pm
Camry still a great car
I have had this car for about a month or so, love the ride and the comfort it offers, the stereo, mp3 jack and all of that are great, the transmission is a little jumpy, and the car shudders around 40-50mph. All things considered a great car overall, the car floats down the road at 60mph, have to watch my speed sometimes. I have put about 4,000 miles on it in the short time due to long distance driving and its been great, 27mpg city and 31-32mpg highway fuel economy, can't beat that. Camry's have been in my family for years and are always great this one is no exception. My first Camry that I have owned by myself, and I love it.

By Kim on October 29 @ 6:20 pm
Hindsight is 20/20
I hate the hesitation that happens when you need to take off quickly. I was told that this is only a second hesitation and that it seems longer than it really is that it has something to do with the way the engines are made now. I hate the crazy blind blind spots. Not very roomy inside. Really scary and the tight space causes angst. Constant vibration in steering as though the wheels are out of balance (Toyota always says it's the road) they "balance" it for $$$ and send me down the road - - still vibrating. Was told that they retain their value, but so far this is WAY wrong. Owe at this point $19K and highest offer has been $10K!! Never, never again.

By Ronald on December 16 @ 3:23 pm
2008 Camry SE
I have driven this car for over 2.5 years, over 32,000 mileage, and I haven't ran into any problems except Toyota's gas pedal recall. The car's interior is spacious, the GPS is useful, and the JBL sound system is a plus w/ mp3 input. The tire pressure sensors have come in handy to tell me of a small nail puncture in my wheel. One big negative is that the acceleration is slow because it is computerized. The delay is supposed to save gas but sometimes you end up flooring it because you want to catch up with the traffic as you merge. I keep track of my fuel efficiency, lowest MPG is 22.8, highest 28.2. I average about 25 MPG in 3 years. Overall, I would give it a 7

By chip schell on March 6 @ 10:56 pm
Never Again
After about 12,000 miles, this car started to fall apart. Rattles everywhere. Have replaced the steering column, brakes and rotors already before 32k miles. Problems with loud rattles in sunroof mounting. Misaligned fender. Busted trim. The antenna in the roof was disconnected and rattled. They have had to take the dash apart to fix rattles that are still there. AC smelled horrible. Suspension is noisy and squishy. All Toyota can say is sorry, but cars have problems. Have had it in the shop 12 times in the last 15 months. So much for Toyota quality. This doesn't even include any of the issues associated with the recall. I can't get rid of this car soon enough.

By Mike on October 21 @ 12:10 pm
First Time
Did a ton of research before deciding on this car. Traded a 2005 Highlander and got a fantastic deal I couldn't pass up. The only thing it doesn't have is the seat warmer, but here in Florida, not needed. It is the I4, runs great, smooth acceleration, braking is great. Drove home from the dealership on the turnpike...doing about 75-80 mph, ride was smooth. I must admit, I have to keep an eye on the speedometer as it's hard to tell how fast you are going the ride is so smooth. Interior design is great, very comfortable. My Highlander was a V6. I honestly don't notice the difference in power between the two.

By David on June 18 @ 8:23 am
CV Joint Defective
I have ~71K miles on my 2008 Camry LE (4 cyl). Good overall performance, great gas mileage. I began to hear clattering when turning right. Long story short, the dealer would not repair the obviously defective CV joint (out of warranty). Two other repair shops both told me the same story; "the CV joint boot was not damaged nor leaking and the was obviously defective. The deal had to admit that a CV joint failing that early in the life of the car was not typical. Toy HQ sent me back to the dealership to work out what ultimately was a $368.00 (1/2 price) bill from the dealership. I drive >100 miles per day freeway, that transaxle should not have failed, warranty or no warranty

By Chelle on March 17 @ 9:06 pm
Warranty isn't worth the paper wrote w/
My 2008 Camry has been consuming oil it a serious extent, took to dealership they tear down my motor, tell me to bring receipts of oil changes to turn in on the extended warranty. Did that from the body shop it was changed in. Now the dealership doesn't want to fix the car and didn't even turn in my receipts for the warranty to cover the damage to the car. Carbon build up apparently means lack of oil change to them but to everyone who knows better its a common build up form low grade fuel, or rich air/fuel mixture. Watch your car and your dealership, they are border line criminals they way they try to justify making there money they are a joke and will go to court and be made to fix car!

By CamaryDriver on July 26 @ 4:06 am
Wouldn't buy it again
I've had this car for 23 months. I wouldn't by this car again. The "drive by wire" transmission is un-even, unpredictable and sluggish if you try to punch it from 10 to 45 MPH. Between 35 to 45 it shifts up and down seemingly at random. The gas pedal is touchy. The driver comfort is poor. There are two unusable compartments on the console. There rear has two tiny coffee cup holders in a drop down center rest. The ride is noisy even after trying 3 sets of tires. The steering is mushy. The side and rear view mirror are magnified to make every car look like it's right on top of you. There is no joy or thrill in this car. My recommendation is not to buy this car.

By kern on June 19 @ 4:40 pm
Not Impressed
I bought this car used with only 15k miles on it. Previous lease and all oil changes were done at the dealer. Still had the new car smell. My previous car was over 11 yrs old so I think I was just in awe of having something newer. But after 3 wks of ownership, I am a bit disappointed. I have not made my first payment yet and the car needs a complete brake job, rotors and all. That is pretty disturbing for only 16k miles. Dome light is no longer working for some reason and I also noticed the trans slip that everyone is talking about. I dismissed it because my last car was a 6 cy. Thought I just had to get used to a 4 again. Now I see its not me, its the car.

By Georgesparks on May 7 @ 9:50 pm
Smooth ride but headrest is so uncomfortable I had to reverse it. Dash control background is black - looks like a black hole in many situations. Somehow, I can never get the seat position 'perfect' to be comfortable. I wish speedometer was labeled in 10 mph increments, its very easy to go faster than you thought and get a ticket. A pain to reach for seat belt - it manages to get stuck behind door frame somehow. 5 speed is a dream to drive, shifts perfectly. Great car with minor but continual small irritations.

By red8xle on February 27 @ 11:00 am
Camry - Expect Less and Be Happy
Mine is fully factory loaded XLE V6 with even a manual rear shade. I own three Germans (E320, Audi A4, BMW X3), and I expected Camry to be equal or better quality. The rattles inside the dash are too much even at slow speeds along with dealer runaround. The smart key isn't always as smart as it's supposed to be. And, the GPS - save your money, buy a Nuvi, Magellan or even a cheap one at the Shack. The GPS directions cannot be modified unless you come to a complete stop, not even by the passenger. That's one $1200 annoyance. Overall interior finish appears and feels cheap. Passenger power seat stays too low and short persons don't like riding in it. A good road car, not for city driving.

By t_mazzullo on September 28 @ 9:22 am
My First New Car
I bought the car from a Honda Dealership in Florida It had 42,000 Miles on it. Ive had it for about 3-4 months now and so far Ive changed the Oil and everything else had been checking out. Yesterday I noticed the Service Engine light on and today when I headed out to take it to Honda it was not on. Other than that no problems and this car is absolutly great. Ive never owned a new car before but im in love.

By jcollins2 on September 24 @ 8:29 pm
Never Again!
I would never purchase this car again. The number of (and cost of) repairs I've had to do is ridiculous! While under warranty, the following things were repaired/replaced: seal around the sunroof, seal around the windshield, & cd player. Two weeks ago, my water pump went out and had to be changed, along with the rotors. Now my air conditioning is broken, and the Toyota dealership is telling me that it will cost me $2,900 to repair it. In a three week time period, I will have to invest $3,700 into a car that is 3 years old and has 70,000 miles. I bought a Toyota thinking I would get a good car for the money I spent. I was absolutely wrong! I will not purchase another Toyota!

By camrytoyosucks on February 8 @ 10:50 am
Toyota Camrys Suck
I have express the pain i feel to have bought a toyota 2008 Camry, my car is only 3 years only has 25,000 miles! I barely drive the thing because i work so close to my house....and now i have problems...the so called brake booster is broken and it cost 1,500 to repair! I have taken my car to the dealer since i bought it and now i get this...oh its "wear and tear"what they told me....its riduclous...i have to agree with the person below me...Toyota is making BAD CARS! Stop buying...i cant belive they are doing this to me...they offer to only pay the labor but i still have to pay the part which is $972!! For a car i barely drive and take care of since i bought it!!! I'm SOOOO DISAPPOINTED !!!

By iownabuick on March 18 @ 6:05 am
Mixed Feelings about this one...
I bought a used 2008 Camry last October. I REALLY like this car, the Toyota Camry was something that I've always wanted. Someone in the latest review had mentioned they had to get their water pump replaced, I had to do the same. Fortunately they caught it when I got my oil changed, because my coolant reservoir tank was empty - good thing I have a warranty.... Then, the last few weeks I was hearing this really loud scraping noise - at first I hought it was my breaks, but turns out I need a center exhaust pipe.... won't know if that gets covered under the warranty until tomorrow...that's another story, wish I had enough space to tell you about the poor customer service I experienced.

By dianad1 on July 18 @ 1:29 pm
rear hub bearing to be replace at 36000
my car needs now hub bearings to be change at this low mileage to me. the dealer says is wear and tear and have to pay it.!!!!! ridiculous since there is no way i can brake as a driver the hub bearings. im trying to change my car i will never buy toyota again!!!!!

By fatvette on January 1 @ 2:01 am
Good Car for the Money
Bought car new and currently has 82000 miles on it. Overall this has been an exceptional car for the money. Average around 25 mpg. It is the base model so it lacks some of the more refined features. With that said there are some annoyances. The slight steering shutter at highway speeds. You press the accelerator but there is a short delay then the car takes off. Uses around a 1/2 qt of oil between changes (5000 miles with Mobil 1). Blind spots. Base model is a little noisy at highway speeds. Original tires were awful. New GoodyearÂ’s are much better.

By cooksfallskid on June 6 @ 8:11 pm
Outlived any American car I ever owned!
I owned several brand new Chevys and NONE of them came close to the reliability of my 08 Camry. ALL of the Chevys I had ever owned were in need of major service before 30k. I regularly commute from Upstate NY and this car never gave me any trouble. I follow the owners manual and service it myself. Synth. oil from day 1. I will not let those butchers at the dealership touch this car. Aside from the normal wear and tear items it is the most reliable car I have ever owned. I never had a car that had factory brakes last 100k! The only major component replaced was the water pump. I drive this car HARD and make regular trips to .FLA and NC 2 to 3 times a year with it. Toyota got it right this time

By nlambert182 on August 3 @ 10:45 am
Good car for the money
Bought this car in 2011 for my wife. It's a red Camry SE Sport edition with the 4 cylinder. Overall it's a good little car. We typically get 25mpg+ city driving. We bought it with 99k miles on it and it currently has 128k on it now. The only mechanical issue we've ever had was the left front wheel bearing failing and it cost less than $100 to repair at the dealership. The interior finish is a little disappointing, as the silver painted trim wears easily so we can see black plastic through some areas but overall held up well and it's comfortable to drive and extremely reliable. The 4 cylinders idle rough which we don't like, but confirmed this is normal on these cars and it runs fine.

By camry20 on December 2 @ 2:49 am
Toyota is loosing ground to others
First and last time to buy Toyota brand. I have a 2008 Camry LE bought almost brand new. Since I got it I had few repairs I did not expect. First the U joint for the Steering wheel column right at 50K miles after the warranty expired. Few thousand miles later the left front Spring broken and paid another 900 $ to replace the spring and strut. Not to mention the engine starting to burn oil already at 50K miles too. I had a windstar few years back and had a spring broken and because Ford is having a concern for their customer's Safety they did have a recall on this problem. Toyota should not be even operating in NA when they do not care about those issues that could put drivers at risk

By jlechevalier on January 11 @ 3:44 am
Uses Oil Between Changes
My 2008 Camry uses 1/4 to 1/2 quart of oil per month. Toyota is aware of this widespread problem but has not issued a recall or set up a customer support program. Had this started during the first 5 years, there was a TBS (or something like that), but mine didn't start until around 60,000 miles last year, which seems to be the mileage at which this problem starts. I bought this car new - it had 6 miles on it, and all oil changes have been done. If the rings and pistons need to be replaced, which is the one solution the dealer came up with, the cost will be $3800.

By tyoater on November 6 @ 7:55 am
Easy To Choose
When it comes to picking a midsize sedan for a family of 3 or 4, Toyota makes it simple. The popular Toyota Camry proves year in and year out why America relies on Toyota's bread and butter sedan. Comfort....yep, it's there. The Camry suspension is one of it's signature features that people like. It's not meant to give a sporty, low to the ground race-car feel, but rather a comfortable, quiet, and tranquil ride. Speed....the 3.5l V6 provides a generous 268hp. Pickup is impressive with a 0-60 in under 7 seconds. Roominess...This is Toyotas roomiest Camry to date. No problem hauling 4-5 people comfortably in this vehicle. Dollar for dollar the Camry can't be beat!

By Susan Polillo on October 14 @ 6:58 am
Done with Toyota Never Again!!!!
My 2008 Camry was purchased with 9K in Sept of that year. I keep up with usual maintenance It just turned 88K and unfortunately have had 3 sets of tires(including original), numerous wheel alignments...to which they say accord to specs its fine but every time I drive off lot it pulls to the left or right?!..... constant vibration with steering..... to which always Toyota or other mechanics say its fine!?!? Horrible at acceleration from starting off and switching lanes! Since summer of 2014, repairs/replacements on the following....2 front wheel bearing hubs shot, right driver cv axle, power steering line, trans leak at drive shaft, was burning oil(Toyota fix through semi recall) and was just informed my front trans mount needs replacement!!! Oh and the sunroof casing squeaks like crazy!!! Plus the paint is the worst on this car!!!!!! I am beyond fet up!!!!! The only positive thing about this car is the body style and gas mileage.

By VU Hanh on May 26 @ 12:58 am
My sun visor broken
My sun visor broken when I driving and I get car accident , I m so scare what happen for next time

By Hermania on October 3 @ 10:41 pm
Buyer beware
I bought my Camry new in 08. At 75,000 the engine blew. I took it to the dealer and they stated there is a design flaw in all Camrys in that they burn oil at a rate of 2 qts per 3000 miles. If you check your oil between changes you will discover this for yourself. It was in the dealership for 3 months and is still not running properly. Please take this advice and don't listen to the Toyota dealers. There is a serious design flaw in all Camrys. They are counting on you not checking the oil in between regular oil changes and before you realize it, blown engine. I was a big fan of the Toyota lines but now will not even consider buying one. I am not disgruntled by this experience , I just want to save others the headache of going thorough what I did. There are better choices out there. And by the way: all toyota service centers are crooked! Buyer beware.

By Detectivejojima on January 8 @ 8:51 pm
Not Toyotas Finest Effort
The car overall is a good car for everyday transportation. Quiet, comfortable and reliable. Not exciting, nor fun to drive, but it does the job. Weak points are struts, which had to be replaced around 40k. Small leaks and very soft, just too soft, and not under warranty. Needed to replace power booster on brakes around 150k. First time on any car I've owned. Those are expensive fixes. Also, now at 175k mileage, smoke comes out of exhaust when 1st starting in morning, regardless of weather. My mechanic says oil burn, but oil does not drop between oil changes, so not much oil burn, if that is what is causing smoke. But still runs great, no other major problems and I guess it's been overall a reliable Toyota, but below my other experiences with my 5 other Toyotas over the years. Update: 9/9/17 - I recently sold my Camry, 7/10/17, as it was starting to smoke more on start-up, and was verified by my mechanic as oil burn. It also started to consume oil, approximately a quart every 2-3000 miles. The extended warranty ran out in October of 2016, so no warranty either. This, a Toyota Camry, that basically lasted less than 200,000 with meticulous care on my part. Very frustrating, as I always believed most problems with cars start with owners, but this was a design issue with the engine, and Toyota refused to acknowledge it. From the struts failing at 40k, the water pump around 48-50k, the power brake booster failing at 150k, and many other smaller issues that I never encountered with in over 40 years of ownership of 5 other Toyota models. VERY DISAPPOINTED IN TOYOTA DEALER RESPONSE. OF COURSE TOYOTA COULD CARE LESS, AS THEY SELL 400,000 OF THESE A YEAR, BUT WHEN YOU MAINTAIN A CAR AS WELL AS I HAVE, AND IT'S A DESIGN ISSUE, YOU WOULD THINK THAT A MANUFACTURER WITH THE REPUTATION OF TOYOTA WOULD STEP UP AND DO WHAT IS THE RIGHT THING, EITHER REPAIR OR REPLACE. THAT IS WHY I AM BUYING A NEW HONDA TODAY, 9/9/17, AS OPPOSED TO THE NEW 2018 CAMRY.

By Ben on December 21 @ 9:19 pm
Toyota Technician Fires Manufacturer
There's a lot you need to know about this car before buying it. Firstly, if you DO buy it buy it new but Ideally lease it. Toyota has gotten incredibly shifty about their warranties and their reliability has dropped. I am reviewing this car based on owning it and also based on working on the brand professionally. In the year that I bought this car used, my dashboard has melted and been replaced by Toyota under warranty. My engine burns 1.5 quarts of oil per 12,000 miles due to faulty piston ring design. They will not cover it due to a lack of oil change receipts and the nature of it being purchased used. The gas pedal had a recall that was performed due to it functioning incorrectly. All Toyota Water pumps will leak antifreeze which is considered normal by the manufacturer. The sun visor in this particular model is held up by a metal clip and actually mine fell down while I was driving on the interstate one day. My radio was designed without the JBL option and you cannot upgrade after you purchase your vehicle. The wiring harnesses are not included and they will not allow it to be performed. The radio I was stuck with has major issues - as do many of them on that model. The cd players don't read properly and I went through five of them both new and used. You will be unable to do anything other than upgrade to an aftermarket radio designed specifically for this vehicle. The interior design of this build was built incredibly cheap and lacks durability in all senses. The alignment of the drivers seat is off to the right so eventually you will notice the left side of your seat wear out. The air conditioning system has a bad habit of growing mold and smelling like death due to evaporator moisture. Toyota's legendary paint has once again failed on my vehicle. The clear coat is paper thin and scratching everywhere. Also in newer vehicles, you will find stone chips and rail marks on every single car, even new ones. Trade in value has dropped horribly with this model and I'm financially underwater on this transaction. Toyota factory strut mounts are notorious for failure - especially the drivers side front on this model. The drivers side axle is also an issue and has a tendency to make noise and fail. The transmission software on these cars has been flashed several thousand times due to bad programming decisions and hesitations. Every time the car is at the shop there is a new recall open on it. My rear view mirror peeled in half and I ended up replacing it with one from a 1999 Toyota Camry. I actually have stopped working on new cars recently, due to the unreliability of the automotive industry of today.

By Alan Thiede on September 2 @ 10:29 pm
This is the worst car I have ever owned. Last Toyota

By Sue on July 7 @ 7:34 am
Excellent condition, reliability, low mileage.
The owner (retired), has driven the car an average of 5,000 miles/year since purchased new in 2008. The owner has kept up proper dealer service requirements, maintained its physical appearance of the interior/exterior as well as keeping it garaged. The explanation to sell it arises out of the owner's health issues.

By Vladimir on August 6 @ 2:11 pm
What Camry should be!
The only reason why I bought the 2008 Camry was because I owned a 1993 Camry that lasted 300,000 mile without any major repair or problem. I bought it used in 2010 with 28000 miles, it was a lease return vehicle. 100,000 miles later, it still looks and drives like new and never had any major problems with it. The only thing I repaired in the car was the rear passenger hub bearing which cost less than $150. I just replaced the original brakes last year simply because I wanted to. I changed the tires twice and battery one time, usual car wear and tear. It is nice to drive, comfortable and quiet. The only this I probably don't like with this car is that it drives very light, too light for the size and type of car. Toyota contacted me for all of the recalls and they fixed those. They sent me extended warranties for the dashboard (cracks and warp dashboard) and engine (excessive oil loss), but never had to use them. We really need a van or SUV for the growing family, but we can't imagine trading or selling this car since it has been really great to us. Over all we really love this car, at this pace this one might reach 300,000 miles too.

By Ron Mansfield on November 13 @ 9:28 am
Best car I have owned so far!
Bought a loaded 2008 Camry XLE used a year ago and l'm very pleased with my purchase. Roomy interior, smooth & quiet ride. The V-4 has plenty of power when needed. Love the JBL stereo, Bluetooth & moon roof. Failed the oil consumption test & Toyota replaced the pistons & rings at 180,000 miles. No other problems or complaints. Replaced the sun visors, added new Michelin Premier A/S tires & do regular maintenance. Very reliable vehicle with plenty of luxury features for the price I paid, overall it's a great car.

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