2006 Toyota Camry

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When it comes to midsize family sedans, there are few cars more well-known than the Toyota Camry. A huge success in the United States, the Camry appeals to buyers because of its comfort, safety and value. It has been, and still is, the "safe" choice in the family sedan class. Buy the Toyota Camry and you can rest assured that it will do little wrong and provide years of faithful service. The Camry was last redesigned in 2002. Compared to the previous-generation Toyota car, this Camry features bolder styling, larger interior packaging, better performance, reduced noise and more safety features. It's an excellent vehicle and fulfills its mission of providing an incredibly comfortable, easygoing ride.

A common complaint over the years is that the Toyota Camry lacks panache. Just compare it to some of the latest competing sedans, and you'll see that it does indeed impart a bit of a snooze response in regards to style and performance. But if these things don't matter much to you, well, you'll do just fine. As usual, the Camry's closest competitor is the Accord. Both are targeted toward the same type of buyer and both have similar levels of style, comfort and features. Pushed to making a decision, we'd probably suggest the Accord as it seems to be a better overall package for the money. But if you choose the 2006 Toyota Camry, you'll know you ended up with a great car that is well suited to today's modern American family.

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2006 Toyota Camry

NEW FOR 2006

For the 2006 Toyota Camry, the navigation system is now available as a stand-alone option on the SE V6. The Camry's stated power ratings are also a bit lower this year due to Toyota's implementation of a new SAE engine testing procedure.


Roomy, comfortable, quiet, plenty of safety and luxury features, high resale value, strong reputation for reliability.


Costs more than most competitors, V6s aren't as powerful as others in the class.

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By kdavis on October 14 @ 4:43 pm
My Ride Camry V6
I test drive the Chevy Impala and the Ford 500, employee pricing gimicks aside I thought the Camry V6 LE was in the end the better car. It was easy to get below invoice quotes from the big 3 US dealers, Toyota had a year end rebate and I got that money. I paid right at $23K for a new just out of the wrapper grey cloth interior, mine is Lunar Silver with polished alloy wheels. It looks right at home in the company parking lot or at the country club, at home anywhere in this car. Still in brake in mode, so I haven't given it full throttle yet. 4 wheel disc brakes are nice, the tires Bridgestones really pick up road noise and all. I'm glad I shopped, but Toyota had the car I liked best!

By AD on March 5 @ 10:53 am
Good Value for the Money
My Camry is solidly built and handles well. Selected the GY side airbag option due to the poor showing without in the IIHS.org testing. Detect minor surging at stop lights and some transmission searching at border shift speeds (much like my Sequoia) but neither is problematic. First tank of gas yielded almost 23 mpg which is pretty good considering it is not broken in and my city driving is excessive. Goodyear tires are definite upgrade with aluminum wheels. Driver and passenger cloth seating is not as comfortable as I would like and the leather option might be worth considering. Ride is quieter than a Honda but still a bit noiser than I would like. Overall, good value for the money.

By DanielHaas on September 15 @ 12:13 am
What a Ride
I tried several competitors but when I test drove the Camry LE I was sold. Smoothest ride of all. Excellent acceleration and 33.8 mpgs even before the break in period of 1000 miles. Convenient controls, spacious interior and very quiet. More standard features than I could ask for.

By Alex in VA on October 11 @ 12:10 am
Camry 2006 - V6 3.3 SE
The breaking in period doesn’t really let you feel the power of the engine. Once I approached to the 500 miles, I was able to gas up the engine and feel what the best Camry performance- speaking can do. The tests done by the pros indicate that SE V6 can do 0-60 in 6 seconds. My own test shows that it can do it in about 4.5s and without stressing the engine much which gracefully impressed me. After all it is 3.3L V6. The outside looks stylish, nicer than the Accord. I surveyed every single lady in my family and relatives and they find it more attractive than the Accord. They stated the same: “It looks more elegant, more car". You cannot go wrong with it.

By AllanL on July 18 @ 7:33 pm
New 2006 Camry Exceeds Expectations
I only have 500 miles on my new LE 4cyl. I have averaged 31 mpg with combination city/Hwy miles. Handles well, and looks great. Upgraded to leather and so far very happy with the decision. Enough power to be safe and respectable in traffic. Initial rating may be the best car I have ever purchased. I have owned two toyotas before with excellent results from both.

By O on March 21 @ 5:06 am
gas mileage?
I purchased a Camry SE 4Cyl. last month, and have already reached 1500 miles, but no improvement to the gas mileage, still just around 25m/g. It’s supposed to be getting around 34. The only problem I have had is the middle console keeps opening on its own, so must go back to dealer.

By Roadturtle on October 6 @ 3:23 pm
2006 Camry LE I love it !
I just bought my third Camry. This is the best one so far. Roomy, comfortable, stylish, fun to drive, great gas mileage. Everything I wanted in a new car, and a great price.

By AnnieP on May 22 @ 7:53 am
From Rags to Riches: Upgrading to Camry
Im 6'2 and like room when I drive, so when we moved from AZ to the east coast we decided we would take a road trip. However, we had a 2001 corolla and there was no way it was enough room for our trip. We traded it in for the 2005 Camry and had the most amazing road trip. It drives like a dream and 3000 miles was an easy task behind the wheel of this car. It gets great gas milage too! The Camry vs Corolla was a great transition into an "adult's" car- it looks sharp and is a commuter's dream. Even the backseat is comfortable...I dont have a single complaint about this car.

By Rita on July 10 @ 4:03 am
A car to be enjoyed for all seasons.
When you get behind the wheel you can feel comfortable and relaxed with all the luxurious appointments. Everything is easy to reach and understand. It feels designed with the driver in mind. I love my Camry LE. I'm over 70 years old and haven't felt better about any other car I've owned.

By TCAM on October 26 @ 12:26 pm
2006 Camry XLE
Purchased 2006 XLE with options GU and HD. Car rides smooth and excellent handling . Placement of audio controls on steering good idea bad location ( should be at 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock) not 5 and 7.

By Joe Budget on May 26 @ 9:26 am
Stop your shopping!!!!
I have owned two Altimas and a Mazda 6 in the last 22 months and put over 52,000 miles on them. The Camry rides better than any of those hands down! Smoother, quieter, better fuel economy for comparable dollars. I have averaged 30 mpg and really enjoy driving this car. The 4 banger has plenty of power and you can go over 500 miles on a tank of gas. Great fit and finish and very quiet. The trunk is much bigger than the Altima and the rear end does not sag down when you load it up.(like the Altima) The Altima averaged only 26 miles per gallon and had much more road noise. Toyota has done a GREAT JOB with this car and I Highly recommend it. Smooth, quiet and great economy. I love it!!!

By Figatissimo on November 30 @ 4:23 am
Great Honeymoon Period!
Ok, this may be a bit premature since I only have about 350 miles on it, but I've got to praise this car! Exceeded all expectations. Smooth ride, excellent handling, abundant power. Loaded even at the base level. Incredible build quality. I'm having a problem getting adjusted to this car, though. It does such a good job of isolating the driver from the road, I sometimes don't realize how fast I'm going! Sometimes it feels more like sitting in my living room watching a movie than driving!

By Quoizimodo on December 5 @ 4:46 pm
Toyo Camry: V benchmark of family sedans
After looking at the Accord and out of reach Maxima, the Camry was the logical choice. I opted for the LE V-6. The Accord has more ponies but is a sohc engine compared to the Toyo's dohc. In addition, the Honda cost $3000 more. And their interior is less insulated from road noise. The Camry's 3.0 V6 is strong and feels effortless. You'll go up to freeway speed in no time. The 5 speed auto is very smooth, barely perceptible. Ergonomics are very driver friendly. 15 inch wheels with Continental tires. You'll save gas and money with the 4 cylinders base model, however, I would strongly recommend you to go for the base V6 LE. You get an extra 40+ ponies to pass those 18 wheelers.

By Avil Stewart on May 12 @ 2:56 pm
A very Nice Car
I recently purchased this car for my wife and I am really pleased with the style and performance of this car. My wife wanted this car so bad after test driving it and I wanted to get an Accord but I'm glad I went with the camry.

By Dave_PA on August 14 @ 12:23 am
Fastest 4 cylinder
For less than $19k, I got a larger, comfortable, and pretty fast car. I searched for a black Camry for about 2 months, and I found a STD. The gas mileage is as it states appox 30MPG, unlike other manufacturers that like to round up to 30. I drove an Avalon and a Camry V6. Performances were so similar, the price tag decided.

By bajabob on November 4 @ 1:30 am
Great car for the bucks
We have been waiting since '02 to buy a new Camry after having rented one on a trip. The ride and handling are much improved on the '06 as well as the reduction in road noise. The majority of our driving is short city trips with a small amount of highway driving. In spite of this we averaged 27.44 mpg on the first tank and 28.56 mpg on the second. The 2.4 liter 4 cyl delivers all of the power one could wish for and the transmission shifts without any noticeable feel of having done so. I would recomend this vehicle to anyone wanting a car of this size. The huge trunk is also an added plus for handling all the normal things one would normally need to haul in it.

By Eugine on October 28 @ 12:46 am
Nice car but
Just used the car about a month and never had a Camry before. What I like: V6 engine which is quiet and powerful enough for the regular driver; comfortable seats; nice looking interior and good radio. What I do not like: the electronic transmission performance (unpredictable when driving), car feels every bump on the rough road; noisy tires on highway. Overall,however I like the car more than Accord and Altima.

By Ouch on October 19 @ 12:00 am
Can't get comfortable
At first I loved this car for the way it drove, but after spending some time behind the wheel, I realize I've got to get rid of it. There is no possible way for me to find a comfortable driving position. The problem is that the steering wheel and pedals are almost in the same vertical plane. Either I'm reaching for the wheel or my knees are bent and almost on the dashboard. Don't know how anyone else deals with this as I'm only 5'6" !! Also my head is too close to the visor, I have to duck to turn it down. This also means that in a crash, my forhead will smack up against the same. Tried everything. Very disappointed.

By grcofla on June 16 @ 7:53 am
Comfort On The Road
I've owned this car, a Camry XLE, just 5 days but in that short time I've determined I made a really good decision to buy it. Prior to buying I compared that model with 4 other cars including a new version of a model I had for several years and was very happy with. Overall, the mileage so far, and I'm just breaking it in, is better than I might have expected at this point. The Interior is roomy, though perhaps a bit tight on headroom (there is a moon roof in this model). The car is as quiet as my wife's Lexus ES 330 but its ride is just a bit stiffer. The instrument layout seems well thought out. The leather interior is great. As to the exterior design, it might be getting a bit tired

By Susan on February 2 @ 11:13 pm
Love my new XLE V6!
I bought the '06 XLE V6 Camry in early October and have already put over 5,000 miles on it, taking it through several states, to boot. This car is a GEM! I honestly can't see myself owning anything other than an upscale Toyota ever again. (My next will be an Avalon, I think!) My husband is a mechanic, and he went over the vehicle with a fine-toothed comb just looking for any flaws (body, interior, under the hood -- anything), and even he - Mr. Critical - was completely impressed with it. It drives like a dream and we just honestly couldn't be happier. Oh! And the gas mileage is even better than expected. I am so pleased with my Camry. And the salsa red color is beautiful, too!

By TerryS on April 18 @ 10:20 pm
The best midsize sedan for the $$$
I purchased an 05 Camry for my daughter in July of 05 and my wife liked it so much we just traded in our 04 Honda Pilot for another one! This is by far the best mid-sized sedan for the money (under $16,500) for the LE version with automatic!

By causti on November 24 @ 2:43 pm
Great Investment, Great Quality Family Sedan
The Camry has a smooth and quit ride and it feels like it was made with high quality features. The Camry feels extremely stable on the road and you can't beat all the room provided in both the front and back seats and in the trunk. The Camry has excellent fuel economy. We felt very comfortable and confident in our choosing the 2006 Toyota Camry LE. We expect our Camry to last for many many years to come.

By j thompson on March 18 @ 6:50 am
comfortable worry-free transportation
The Camry XLE is quiet, refined, high quality and comfortable transportation. Now I know why it is the number one or nuimber 2 selling car in the U.S. Seems to do everything well and gets 37 mpg on the highway. Am very pleased.

By lljpence on August 9 @ 11:43 am
06 Toyota Camry sport
The panic button on the remote is poorly placed and to sensitive to touch. It goes off frequently when any other keys on the ring hit the button. This is very annoying. The car doesn't have much pick up when pulling out in tight traffic situations.

By Greg on June 4 @ 2:50 pm
Camry vs Accord
I bought the 2006 Camry SE 4cyl auto. I have also owned 3 new Accords (83,90,99)and 4 new Toyotas (81,99,05,06). Avg 100k each. Lets face it, they are both great cars for the money and deliver as advertised if you take care of them w/routine maint. I chose the Camry this time because it is much quieter on the hwy than the Accord, the dash seemed simpler, and the Accord too low to the ground (I am 6'2" 230#,it is just easier to get into a taller car). The SE is sporty w/the 17 alloy wheels. I also got the spoiler but don't really like the look of it. Next time I will order the LE, forget the spoiler and just put some nice chrome wheels on it.The LE has better looking trim/lights/lettering

By Jack on October 9 @ 8:10 pm
Ho Hum
Boring Boring Boring. It better be dependable and have high resale because it is not meeting expectations for performance or economy. HAH! We drive moderately and the best we have ever gotten is 27mpg. In town we usually get about 20mpg. I'd hate to see the mileage that someone who rabbits and rages will get. It handles very little better than my pickup. On the positive, it is very roomy for a midsize and the back seat head and legroom was the best we found for the price.

By Varad on January 22 @ 5:33 am
Value for money..
I bought this car for my wife and have done about 3500 miles in 2 months. The car is very quiet. 63dba@ 70 mph compared to 68dba for Accord. Good gas mileage. On a recent trip to Toronto the highway mileage was 31. Well laid out controls and the automatic on/off headlights are cool. Wont have to worry about running your battery if in case you forget to switch the head lights! Huge trunk, and comfortable thigh support for the driver and passenger seats. The lumbar support is awesome for long drives. Very good handling on potholes.

By DJ on June 27 @ 11:13 am
Upgraded my Corolla to a Camry
This car has been great, on my 5th month of driving it. Literally twice the horsepower of my 97 Corolla, very smooth ride, super quiet, Fantastic! sound system. Tons of room in the back for kids or adults. Huge trunk. Gas mileage is a bit less than I would like, but I sacrificed on purpose to get the V6 power. Still giving me 20+ mpg on my commute.

By Jim on October 13 @ 7:23 pm
Best car I've owned
Camry was recommended by two mechanics I knew before buying a new car. Bought it for my wife and she loves the car. The room inside is great and the trunk space is fantastic. 4 cylinder is peppy enough for most driving situations and the gas milage is great. The car has no wind noise or road noise. Very well laid out interior. We will always own Camrys from now on.

By James Lumbert on March 28 @ 6:43 pm
Great Car for the money!
This car is about as good as it gets without spending a lot more money. I have everything from alloys to spoiler and a V6. I could have spent more on an Impala, but why? I know my Camry will be around a long time and be worth something even longer!

By bw06camry on January 11 @ 10:53 pm
I traded in my tacoma for the camry due to rising fuel prices, and I got 24+ on first tank and been getting the same since, and in the tacoma got 17- 18, has good acceleration for a 4 cylinder. I am 6 ft tall and fit perfectly in it, I have yet to take it on a long haul but feel I would be comfortable in it for the long trips. Interior is made with good quality material. Rear seat has plenty of room even with front seat all the way back.

By humanimal on August 10 @ 8:46 am
Upgraded From 1999 LE to 2006 XLE
I just upgraded to the fully loaded (except for navigation package) V6 XLE Auto Transmission. I drove it a lot today and loved it. I bought a new LE in Jan. 2000 and never did anything to it except oil changes, tires, brakes,and alignments. Here's hoping the new one does me as well as the old one. With my family's history owning Toyota's & Toyota's rep for quality...I'm sure it will.

By Bob on April 6 @ 10:46 am
Good move to buy Camry XLE
I find the handling great and the fuel economy wonderful. Thought about a Lexus GS 300, but made a better decision with the Camry. Like the 6 disc CD changer and sound system very much!

By Brutus the Buckeye on September 9 @ 5:20 pm
Toyota; In a league of their own...
We just purchased a 2006 Camry XLE 4-cyl. We opted for the 4 cyl for the simple reason of gas mileage. At 28-29 overall driving and high 30s for highway, it was a no-brainer. The 4-cyl has plenty of pick up for us. Quiteness and ride quality for long trips is great same as Lexus. Camry is very quiet. Trunk space is good as well. Dash is easy to read and see. Headlights are great. And above all, it is Toyota. Awesome!

By Munawar Mahmood on February 19 @ 9:13 am
A Quiet Car
The first thing you notice when you drive the car is the cockpit like view of the road, the second thing you notice is how quiet the car is. The mileage is good, Im getting 26-27 mpg and I just bought the car. Its very comfortable. Road handling is excellent, very roomy and comfortable. I just wished it had more power.

By mookie on July 6 @ 3:50 pm
Too many little things.
Ok, this is going to sound nitpicky, but bear with me. You've got to know about this before you buy. First off: The car looks great, drives great, handles great, build is great. BUT There are so many annoyances that I feel like I'm losing my mind. 1). Cannot get comfortable: always reaching for the wheel. 2). Blinkers are always on - because they don't click loud enough to remind me to shut them. 3). Speedometer is stupid. It is marked 20,40,60,80 etc. To see 55 or 45mph you've got to mentally interpolate. 4). A BIGGY: Gas mileage not what they tell you. It is billed as 24/34 - I've never gotten over 23mpg. This is basically bait an switch! Sounds petty, but small things really add up!

By krasi henkel on January 8 @ 10:20 pm
The Best Car
After owning 10 new American cars with various mechanical and consetic problems and never any help from their manufacturers or dealers, I stopped trying to support the American auto industry and decided to support my personal fiscal policy: elegant, comfortable car, low maintenance, economical, and great to drive. The winner: Toyota Camry!! There is no equal. Now on my 6th Toyota, and still loving it. GM & Ford lost my business through poor service and quality. Not going back. Excellent car, great drive, no problems!!

By Pete Stephenson on January 13 @ 4:20 pm
Great midsized sedan!
After my 1992 Mercedes 300D turbodiesel got totalled, I was in the market for a reliable, spacious midsized sedan. After much research and test-driving, I settled on the 2006 Camry LE. I've been impressed by how quiet and smoothly it drives -- it gets eerie sometimes as it seems like you're floating rather than driving. Acceleration and pep from the 4-cylinder engine is more than adequate for my driving needs. Cloth interior feels far more luxurious than I expected. Fit, finish, and quality of all parts is excellent, as is the comfort and roominess. My family's owned Toyotas before, and we've been impressed by their durability, reliability, and safety. The 2006 Camry is no exception.

By Ed EE on April 18 @ 8:23 pm
Love the Ride but annoying to Drive
First time Toyota buyer just loved the comfort and ride of this tight car. Clean, traditional and conservative styling. Very quiet ride - so much so that sometimes I didn't think the engine was still running. Peppy V6, good handling, gas mileage in high 20's. This top of the line XLE is so well equipped that it could have been a Lexus. But then Toyota cheaped out and didn't even include floor mats.

By Mac on June 5 @ 10:20 am
2006 Camry is Fantabulous!
I compared the Accord to the Camry and decided on the Camry because of the quieter ride and larger interior space. I'm 6'2" and the Accord was a little cramped with less interior space. Both are nice vehicles with proven reliability, but I did like the looks of the Camry a little better too. The Camry also comes standard with steering wheel audio controls.

By Jeremy Olive on March 27 @ 2:30 am
No wonder it is #1 selling sedan
We traded in a crew cap pickup for our camry. We love the fuel economy, its smooth quiet ride. We average close to what the sticker said on fuel economy. This is a great family car, does great around town and on the highway.

By Jim on October 10 @ 2:56 pm
my experience
I get 35 mpg mixed driving and love the smooth handling and great quality and service. This is a great car and one of the best I have ever written a check for.

By Jerome on February 28 @ 8:40 am
My inexpensive Lexus with style!
I enjoyed driving this vehicle. I traded my 1998 Corolla for the 2006 Camry LE. After driving this vehicle for two weeks, I found it very smooth, fun to drive, and very quiet on the road. It gives me 30 miles to a gallon. That's pretty good mileage consider it's a midsize sedan. It's probably the best car that I ever owned. Thanks Toyota... you did it again!!!

By steve on May 1 @ 8:53 am
excellent gas mileage about town. quiet on the highway. lots of interior room & very comfortable. wish it had an mp3 capable radio and a fancier interior option. interior is vanilla plain! no lighted power windows & door lock buttons. hard to find at night. the radio light is dim.

By Rocky2 on June 15 @ 12:43 am
Why buy a Lexus ES 330?
If you are secure enough to live without the Lexus nameplate on the ES 330 you can have essentially the same vehicle with the Camry XLE 6 cylinder. The Camry body style is a bit more subdued but the same creature comforts and driveline components are there for your enjoyment...along with the $6,000 to $8,000 you save.

By ken on July 26 @ 4:33 am
Have owned toyotas in the past, and have been well pleased with their dependability. Purchased the 06 five months ago and have been well pleased with all aspects of this car. Gas mileage is good, handles well and is quiet. Will stay with toyota.

By Pistol Pete on November 25 @ 11:30 pm
Very noisy vehicle. Air noise around the door seals, plus a lot of road noise, they need to correct these things. When driving in a crosswind you can listen to the radio or talk, but you can't have both. The passenger side front window visor blocks vision when turned down and turned to the side window.Tilt wheel is almost useless, needs more flexibility. It doesn't do what it's intended to do. 20 mph winds cause the vehicle to be somewhat unstable on the highway, you kind of sway around more than normal. Other than that it's a OK car

By amma on June 27 @ 2:10 am
Great Car for the price!
I had an old camry V6 XLE that I traded in for this vehicle. My old Camry was way more powerful. After all, it was V6 with 193ft/lb-203hp engine. Nonetheless, I found the new camry more fun to drive with reasonably good torque/hp. The gas/mileage on my camry06 is much better than my Honda2005. Only drawback is that Camry standard does not have keyless entry:(

By DK on October 25 @ 2:00 pm
Camry vs Accord
I purchased a Lunar Mist 2006 Camry SE 6cyl auto. I have previously owned 4 new Accords (90,94,98,03) but this is my first Camry. I chose the Camry because it is much quieter, roomier, and smoother on the road than the Accord. The dash layout is better (even the steering wheel audio controls are lighted). The 03 Accord quality was not up to my expectations. The Camry SE is sportier and handles much better. Both V6s have plenty of power, and the Accord did get a MPG or so better, but the Camry more than makes up for that in everyday driving pleasure... very easy to live with.

By kss on July 7 @ 8:36 am
Camry 2006.
Smooth ride, roomy interiors. All in all a perfect mid size car with a good value for money.

By Tami on May 11 @ 9:30 pm
Love my Camry
My car was shot after 8 years and since I hate change I decided this next purchase should be something that will last over 10 years. Therefore I got it loaded with everything I love. What a car! It drives so smooth. Feels so safe. And all the research shows the Toyota Camry was the most dependable and trusted sedan to go with. The ride is so smooth and luxurious that we almost fall asleep while driving (which can be dangerous!). I LOVE automatic headlights, timing wipers, lumbar seat contols, roomy comfortable back seats, magazine holders in back doors, milk holders in large trunk.

By arjay on September 13 @ 3:36 am
Another Great Camry
This is my second Camry, trading in my '97 after driving it 179000 trouble- free miles. The '06 is much more refined - smoother, quieter and more comfortable seats. Beautiful, tasteful interior.

By Rick on April 9 @ 4:33 pm
Replaced my T-Bird
I traded a 97 T-Bird (last of the "big Iron T-Birds). I expected less from the Camry , but have been pleasently surprized. Not as much "top end", but peppy, great handleing, and good economy. Had to make a number of "long trips" immediately after purchase and enjoyed each of them. Will buy another when the time comes...

By kramay on January 21 @ 6:46 pm
Car lives up to its reputation
I am very impressed with the value for the money and the performance of my Camry. The ride is perfect and quite and the fuel economy is great. It glides down the open road with ease. (set your cruise control on the highway... can't tell you're driving 90 mph) the rides that smooth and efortless. The maintenance schedule costs are small compared to other cars in this class. I can't see my family ever buying another make of car.

By TD on July 7 @ 1:20 am
New '06 Camry LE
After years of owning mini-vans and hauling tons of kids around, it was time for a sedan once again. Went shopping for a decent used car and ended up at a Toyota dealer and saw a silver '06 LE Special Edition with the body kit and BBS wheels. I always thought the Camry was a boring old lady car but this package changed the whole looks. My wife said it looked as good as a BMW. The car was a dealer demo and had only 7k miles, so they put up some hefty discounts. Came away with a $26K ride for a shade less than $20K.

By Rochelle on January 28 @ 7:50 am
I'm in love with my car
This car is comfortable to travel in, as well as "no effort driving". And the get up and go is there when you need it. Fantastic gas mileage on the highway. What can I say? I'm in love with my car.

By Dick Conway on May 10 @ 12:30 pm
My Camry
My wife and I just returned from a 3500 mile trip from Dallas to Minneapolis to Michigan, done in 8 days. Drove 710 miles one day and didn't feel tired at all that evening (like I have always felt in other cars on long distance drives). This car drives beautifully and is super comfortable. It has a great turning radius, excellent visibility and general road handling. I love this car (that now has 25000 miles)!! P.S. I'm 73 years old.

By j ram on April 7 @ 11:36 am
Very disappointed
Many changes have been made since my '98 Camry that are downright irritating. To be brief, my complaints w/ the V4 LE are: (1) oil filter no longer easily accessible (2) Engine revs irregularly (tires squeal pulling out from a stop; hesitates at other times, giving an irregular jolt forward that is noticeably jarring (3) Car alarm placed on key where it is too easily triggered (16 times in 7 months) (3) Transmission won't shift from Park unless brake lights are on;my brake fuse went out, and the car LOCKED up on me in park). (4)OBNOXIOUS fasten- seatbelt alarm that goes off (at ANY TIME) if there is anything weighted on the passenger seat (I almost got in a wreck because of it); (4)Door lock system-get out after driving, ALL doors are still locked (why?);unlocked doors SELF-RE-LOCK

By Gordon Whittaker on May 10 @ 10:50 pm
My 2006 Toyota is AWESOME!
This is the first Toyota I have purchased and I wonder why I waited this long. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this car. It is incredibly fun to drive and extremely comfortable. The acceleration, steering, braking, etc. are better then anything I have driven since I started driving back in 1964. I love this car!

By James Lumbert on November 22 @ 1:06 am
No complaints
This car is a great car for the money. Plenty of room, has all the extras, not bad on gas and a bit sporty with spoiler and alloy wheels. looks almost like the Lexus of the same size.

By captjack on December 7 @ 3:13 pm
2006 4 cyl camry
this is my first Toyota and I am very pleased after the first yr, 15000 miles. no warranty issues whatsoever. car runs great on the highway at 75mph and the 4 cyl engine provides plenty of power.

By Kym Longo on February 3 @ 3:46 pm
2006 Toyota Camry
Went from a 1995 Nissan Maxima. Miss the power in the engine and the handling. The Camry makes up in ride and comfort. I drive around a lot in the Puget Sound Area and have to sit in traffic quite a bit, the comfort and manuverablility is great. Doesn't handle quite like the Maxima, but is comparable (cornering, driving with lots of water on the road). Not sure I would purchase another Camry.

By Ann on February 24 @ 8:53 am
Best car I've owned
I live in the Texas hill country and I have been pleasantly surprised with how well my 4 cylinder Camry handles them. When I need to pass an 18 wheeler struggling up a steep climb on Interstate 10, the Camry has no problem. That wasn't the case with the Ford Ranger and Ford Escort we owned. I have been amazed the power that Toyota has packed in this 4 cylinder. The car handles so well. A joy to drive. It is my car but my husband and daughter love to drive it when I let them.

By phoward47 on December 13 @ 8:20 pm
Jerky disappointment
The transmission shifts jerky at low speed. Slow down to 8-10 mph (like at a yield) and press the gas normal and the car will jerk hard as it downshifts from second to first. Think of a young kid learning to drive a clutch. That is the best way to describe this. The bigger problem comes when passing on the freeway. You see a gap and floor it but nothing happens for 3-5 seconds. I think this is because there is no longer a cable from the gas pedal to the engine... it's all done by computer now. My 99 Camry with 160,000 miles had better throttle response and shifted smoother than this car does!

By Maria on September 26 @ 5:13 pm
Comparing to other similar cars, good
The MPG disappointed me. It is not the value manufacturer says.

By deecoop on May 10 @ 4:46 am
Toyota just a nice ride
Just purchased the Camry 3 days ago and I'm in love already. I have the 4 cyI but somehow it feels like a v6. The interior is simple but looks real clean.

By Frank on October 29 @ 9:30 pm
Rating of vehicle
I really like the Camry 4 door Sedan xle because it's a very reliable car and it is a very well engineered car. I get excellent gas mileage. It is very comfortable and an easy and fun car to drive.

By Sharon, Maryland on August 26 @ 6:26 pm
2006 XLE V6 Toyota
My top-of-the-line XLE- V-6 Toyota Camry looks great, it's reliable, affordable, and has the bells and whistles of a Mercedes-Benz. Toyota repairs are easily accessible if needed. I love it!!

By Chuck on November 15 @ 10:26 pm
Jerky Camry
The tranny bucks and skips at low speeds. The V6 needs a tad more HP. Interior is roomy and comfortable with loads of storage space. Trunk is very adequate. For the money it is a decent car.

By Tami on March 6 @ 5:53 pm
Safety is Excellent
I reviewed 12 months ago when I first bought the car. I loved it then and now I'm going to miss it. Last week we were hit broadside into the passengar side. The floor of the car absorbed all the impact and the airbags deployed. We all are just fine like it never happened!! The car is totaled : ( oh my baby... and I'm sure we'll be buying another one like it... but where it's most important the safety is superb!!!

By Tom on November 15 @ 10:26 pm
2006 Camry review
I have driven this car now for almost two years and have not had a single problem with it. Nothing more need be said.

By Patrick on October 9 @ 10:40 am
2006 Camry
Car looks good, drives fine but the low profile tires are noisy. Transmission was replaced at 20000 miles. Eats through tires like a demon. EIGHT tires in 30000 miles. Toyota completely unresponsive to the problem

By ramankgb on October 18 @ 11:43 am
Jerky/Slow responding Camry
The Camry gives impressive fuel economy for a V6. Reston, va to Erie, pa on a tank of gas. Very silent compared to my 2.4L Camry. The fit and finish are excellent and is the interior comfort. Excellent JBL stereo option. The only problems i noticed was, The transmission shifts back and forth at low speeds. It gets very annoying especially in rush hour traffic. I am assuming that to save on cost, the same tranny as the one used in 2.4L or 3.3L was mated to the 3.0L. Also, the Drive by wire system response is tragically slow, especially during accelaration for passing other cars, to the point that it can become a safety hazard, as the driver is unable to judge the passing time.

By Greg Winter on November 2 @ 1:40 pm
MPG Stinks
I am disgusted with this, my 2nd Camry, and my 3rd Toyota. The MPG was advertised as 24 city, 34 HWY. I have NEVER gotten better than 17 mpg and sometimes get 15/16. I've taken it to Toyota and all I get is a recommendation for a $500 tuneup. I have religiously followed instructions for maintenance, and have treated it with care, but I'm going to sell it. My Dodge minivan with 110K miles gets better mileage. I bought the silly thing mainly because I wanted better mileage, and it was a replacement for my '95 Camry which, even after 120K miles, got 24 mpg. Pathetic. Plus, the cup holder in the front doesn't work: it's not adjustable and the slim plastic tab keeps popping out. A lemon.

By laubacrc on October 23 @ 5:56 am
Very Happy
I researched for months and came down to the Camry, Accord, and Altima. I was on a tight schedule and felt when the time came I would just buy the best car available on the given day. The Camry happended to be the best deal. I couldn't be happier. Much better pick-up than expected from a 4-cyl. Excellent gas mileage (34 mpg highway), and it drives so smoothly it's a pure pleasure. I bought the car with 25,000 miles on it, and I look forward to driving it for years. I get a lot of comments about the very smart purchase I made.

By CW on September 15 @ 6:10 pm
Nice Car, But...
I recently purchased this certified pre-owned vehicle. Smooth, quiet ride, but gas mileage isn't what I had hoped. My 1998 Oldsmobile seemingly got better mileage. I purchased the car for reliability, dependability, more importantly, for fuel efficiency. I did a lot of in-town driving & it was less than the advertised 24 mpg.

By dc on February 9 @ 8:33 am
Love My Camry
I don't drive my car that often but when I do it is like driving a luxury car. I don't have any complaints about the car. I have had one problem with the car. The throttle body position motor had to be replace on the car with the mileage under 10,000 miles. Car had no power (get up and go) at all and check engine light came on. Fixed by local dealership. Runs great now.

By VG on April 27 @ 10:43 am
Great car, but....
I've been driving a Suburban for 5 years. I LOVE driving it. It is pure pleasure to drive. I LIKE my Camry. It's OK to drive, but not nearly as quiet. It doesn't have the driver comforts of my Suburban. I'm driving it purely for fuel economy. It's a great quality car and drives magnificently. It is simply a very utilitarian car.

By JC on January 17 @ 2:03 am
Own 2 Camrys and Love Them
Purchased a 2004 Camry SE with 4 cyl and auto trans, new, and loved it so much I bought the exact same model for my wife in 2006. Consumer Reports describes the ride as that of a more expensive car and they are correct. I have had absolutely no problems with either the 2004 or 2006, just normal maintenance. Hwy mileage is 33, city 24, as long as you drive sensibly and keep tires inflated to 32 psi. My tirewear has gone to normal lengths (25,000 for new car tire; 40,000 for replacement Costco Michelin tires).

By SWFL on June 21 @ 6:26 am
Great car!
It seems to good to be true! I just want to know if this car will ever die on me? Going on 90,000 miles and all we've ever done to it is regular maintenance, replaced tires once, and replaced the battery once also. BTW, this is my 4th Camry, I never had any problems with any of them. Seriously, how long will this car last? Would love to read about long term mileage owners.

By Frankie-i on January 4 @ 9:33 pm
Dependable, Reliable and COOL
I have a 1996 Toyota Corolla with manual transmission. The car has been extremely reliable as well as dependable throughout the years. I felt it was time for me to upgrade to a newer and larger vehicle. I knew I wanted another Toyota, so I purchased my 2006 Toyota Camry through a dealer friend of mine in Southern California. It took him some time to find a Camry with a five speed manual transmission. I love this car, it drives like a dream, the interior is super nice and the lines of the vehicle are classy. I purchased the 15 inch Toyota split spoke rims for the car and it looks tough. I get a lot of compliments on this car.

By Greg on June 19 @ 7:06 am
40,000 mile review
Bought this 06 Camry SE (4cyl) new and have put 40k on. No problems at all. Whenever I have purchased a Toyota or Honda I like them more as the miles rack up. This Camry is no exception. The OEM tires needed replacing @ 40k. They were kind of noisy and didn't do well in wet weather or snow. I replaced them with Good Year Triple Treads... big improvement. The paint is kind of soft so it shows scratches easier. But the ride, quietness, comfort, roominess, MPG and everything else has been great. Yeah the styling is kind of boring but it functions well. I like the simple controls. Cruise at 80 mph is no problem. Lots of interior room front and rear.

By Bill on December 30 @ 12:46 am
Nice allround
Boring inside design, moonroof has given more problems than it should...elct. wiring up behind headliner is always coming loose making for roof rattles and the drain line[s] for the moonroof clog up so I end up with a lake in the front pass. side floorboard after a heavy rain. Otherwise it's been a great car and I really dig the power of the 3.0 V6. On the highway with cruise control set at 62-63 mph....I'm getting 30 MPG.

By Roger on February 21 @ 2:00 pm
Great Mileage
I purchased my Camry from a dealership with 39,000 miles. At the moment I have only driven it about 1000 miles, but so far it is an exceptional car. The car is functional, comfortable, quiet and roomy. The operational controls are all within easy reach. The overall quality is better than anything I've ever owned. My city mileage is 23-25. Highway is 35.5 at 66-68 mph (2.4 auto), on my one and only road trip.

By Doug on April 30 @ 11:50 pm
High mile Camry
I was given this car as a company car brand new and have been pleased with the car as it has just turned over 100K. The only complaint I have is the lag when slowing down (under 30 mph) and then accelerating. It seems to get caught between gears and then lurches when the gears engage. This has happened since new and the dealer noted it is a "problem" that has not be remedied. On the other hand, my first break job was at 90K and I drive the car hard. The only unscheduled repair was a leaking power steering line at 90K ($250 repair). I cruise at 80mph and get around 26 to 27 mph (V6 remember). I love the extra power of the V6 on the interstate.

By O_o on June 22 @ 12:20 pm
Life as a Teenager Driving A Camry...
I might only be 18 but have owned 3 cars my entire life, a 1993 300zx, an '07 Rav4 and my most recent car, an '06 Toyota Camry (all awesome cars in their own right). This car is not the fastest or best looking car I've owned, but it is the most comfortable and probably the best built car that 2006 had to offer. I have 80,000 miles on my Camry and it is the only car I plan on keeping until it dies (at the rate this car is going by the time it does die my children would have died because of old age). The car drives like how it did when I drove it off the showroom floor. It doesn't rattle or make any noises whatsoever. This car will cruise at 90 very, very happily all day long. =)

By Driver in Texas on March 20 @ 11:30 am
One of the best cars I've ever owned
I love my '06 Camry. I bought it new, and now have over 91,000 miles on it. Gas mileage is terrific (I have the 4 cyl), so not sure what some of the other reviewers are saying (it's not a hybrid, folks). Commuting (stop-and-go highway driving) 450 miles/week (one tank) I get 28-29 mpg. On a Dallas-San Antonio trek last year on I-35 I averaged 35 mpg, cruising at 80 mph most of the way. Trips to Okla. to visit family net 34-36 mpg. As for maint: I've religiously followed the mfr sched. Only real problem was replacing the intermediate shaft at 80k ($500+ at dealer). OEM tires were junk, but replacements from Costco have been great. I love my Camry and would buy another one in a heartbeat.

By Tipp City Ohio on October 10 @ 3:06 pm
Good Economic Car
This car is not for someone that is looking for style or fashion. It's a work car. Great gas mileage, great reliability, and performance for a 4 banger. The steering column needed to have telescopic function or sat closer to the driver. The interior is boring as a Buick, and the exterior looks like a granny car. But this car is built with quality and economy in mind. Blast them for making a Lt Blue version. My wife fell in love with it and now I feel weird driving a baby blue car. Oh well, it's hers anyway.

By French on November 8 @ 10:23 am
Fantastic Camry!
We bought our Camry new. Other than regular maintenance it has been wonderful. We had good luck out of the factory tires, 55k before they needed to be replaced. I will admit I wanted the Altima first because I thought the styling was more sporty but all it took was a test drive and I was sold on the CAMRY! The ride is so quite, plus there is no motor noise. I bought my Camry for fuel economy and I've never been disappointed. My daily driving is a combo of city/hwy. I average 28-29 mpg. If I hit the hwy on a long road trip it is nothing to hit 36 mpg. We drive the wheels off- great ride, drive, fuel - NO COMPLAINTS! I've now owned my Camry for 3.5 yrs - I will own another one!

By Justine on June 21 @ 11:30 am
The Australian Model
I live in Melbourne Australia and thus own the Australian built V6 3.0 Altise Limited Edition which is the US XLE V6 version. This car drives like a baby and it has done only 45,000k (28,000 miles). I have no complaints apart from the knobs on the dash which makes it look rather cheap. The noise insulation is absolutely excellent! (not that it makes any noise of its own) Why can't Ford, GM and the rest build cars like this?

By Jay M. on October 23 @ 10:36 pm
Camry was better than I thought
This is a solid car that has a LOT of features. It's extremely reliable and is great on gas. It is pretty comfortable inside and can easily accommodate 4 people in the back seat. I just got the car 2 weeks ago, as my dad convinced me into it, and it was a lot better than I anticipated.

By r. nason on September 21 @ 4:56 pm
Again, the best car I ever owned
I purchased my 2006 Camry only because my wife was retiring and we wanted to upgrade to a new car because of plans to travel. I traded in a 2003 Camry, and I must confess that I almost cried parting with that wonderful automobile; in hindsight, it would more than likely still be running fine. All of the reviews on the 2006, however, made me feel that it was a good decision. I currently have 60,000 miles on the car. Nothing has gone wrong. I replaced both the front and rear disc brakes just a week ago- such an easy job, the braking system was so clean. Replaced the factory tires at about 48,000 miles. The fuel economy of this car is simply outstanding. Always obtain 34- 36 mpg on the highway.

By asifalimirza on August 14 @ 12:10 pm
Great Car, Excellent Performance
I purchased this car new, now I have 46,000 miles on it. It is a great car, and its 3.3L V6 is smooth & Powerful hitting 0-60 in about 7 sec. The interior is very quiet during driving, even on the Hwy. I do have the issue that others mentioned where there is a slight delay in the transmission when slowing down and than accelerating, but it seems to have gotten less over time. The other complaint i have is that Toyota quality seems to have gone down. The drivers side power Windows dont work properly. If i open the window the glass it would fall out of the slot. Had to have it repaired, which cost me $200. Other than that, I love this car. V6 gets me about 22 to 24 MPG

By dave_hudson71 on May 20 @ 10:33 am
I love this car
I love my Camry. I chose a straight drive. It seems to give me more power, and better gas mileage. I can't say enough good things about my Camry. Everyone I know that has one seems to feel the same way.

By bubba on March 20 @ 7:16 pm
Best car for the money!
Bought this car after having an 04 Camry LE 4 cyl. And was crashed into and totaled. Drove the 06 V-6 and fell in love with the Electroluminescent Gauges and the refined power of the 6 cyl. Paid 10k for the car with 70k and it was a one owner. Drive the car 25 miles a day back and forth to work. And I'm getting 26-27.5 mpg with mid grade fuel. I don't have any doubt that this car will run another 200k. I can't waitt o see how many miles I will actually make this one go.

By Doris Gamble on June 26 @ 3:43 pm
Speakers/Rear view mirror
My Camry has been good to me, and it is and excellent vehicle, I have had it over 4years and 4months, but I became disappointed in the material that the speaker covers were made of as it has dry rotted in the shape of the speaker, and I would like to know if any other have been reported as this is not good to look at this through your back glass, and also the rear view mirror has started to fade out and that's not good as you need that to see. I was happy at one point but not so happy now. So in order for me to be continue to be happy with Toyota this needs to be corrected. Good car yes just some defects that needs to be address.

By Kevin on August 23 @ 10:00 am
Never own anyhing but Toyota
Just bought the 06 V-6 a few months ago with 74k on it after having an 04 4 cyl. Absolutely love the feel of the V- 6 the power is awesome and the car shifts extremely smooth. Getting rite at 28 mpg back and forth to work everyday. Driving 30 miles round trip. The quality of Toyota can't be measured against any American vehicle. Plan to drive this car til it falls apart!

By charlie on January 10 @ 2:30 am
Best car for around 20k
The best car I ever had its true what people say about toyotas they run forever well in my situation 300k and still running strong and smooth like the day I bought it recommend it to everyone

By 3rdcamry on June 18 @ 8:49 am
Camry.com (not real website)
This is my 3rd 4 cylinder Camry 89, 98, and now 2006. The previous ones reached 200k miles with ease. The 2006 now has 144k miles. The real treat about this car is that the 4 cylinder 06 Camry's have a timing CHAIN, not a belt--which is a bargain for those of us Camry owners than run up the mileage. This is simply a reliable car. The spark plugs are platinum so you don't have to change them unless you are having a problem with performance. The 98 camry had the original plugs and wires when I traded them in (I have an honest mechanic) and the car ran smooth as ice. I need a reliable vehicle for commuting to work and this is it. Fun, safe and reliable, just keep fluids changed and fresh.

By ngroeling on September 8 @ 8:57 pm
Most reliable car I've ever owned.
I bought this car on a whim because my previous car was totaled and my rental car was due the next day. It was expensive and loaded with everything that I didn't really need, but I went for it anyway. Almost to it's 90k mark, it has still not had any major problems. Some maintenance shops tried getting more money out of me by telling me the transmission and radiator fluids need to be flushed, however, this is false. They were fine and the next place we went to thereafter said they were. So do be aware of places trying to get more money out of you by doing unnecessary fluid flushes, which can often damage the car. Other than that, it's doing great and I expect to get another 100k out of it.

By bennychase on December 11 @ 1:05 pm
Boring though solid and reliable 76k miles later
I have struggled with the way the 06 Camry looks inside and out. The exterior design looks like a granny car and the interior is boring and moderately comfortable at best. However the car does feel solid and has been extremely reliable even with 76k miles on it. My Camry suffers from some of the quirks mentioned by other owners (lurching transmission when at a stop, sluggish acceleration response on highway etc.) but I have had no major issues and have not sunk any money on repairs outside of normal maintenance. I test drove a 2006 Hyundai Sonata and a 2003 Infinity Q35 and they felt cheap compared to the quality of the Camry. Though, the G35 and Sonata do look so much better!

By grooms on March 31 @ 6:26 am
A Pretty Great Car
We got this car in late 2006 just as the new 2007s were coming off and got about $3500-$4000 of the sticker price so I'd say it was a pretty good deal! The Performance is pretty good; however, it does occasionally take a second for the car to start accelerating after you push the gas causing the car to lurch but it doesn't really happen enough to be a real problem. I also did notice when I was driving the car through a turn and I pushed the gas the car downshifted when it really shouldn't have and the rpm's shot up like 1500-2000 but I probably just caught it in an awkward spot. The ride is pretty soft which I personally like (although it's not as soft as a Buick or something) and is very

By tessnluke on July 27 @ 3:21 am
reliable and comfortable
I've had this car for several years now, i bought it toyota certified used with 50,000 miles on it. it's a great car.

By john797 on August 27 @ 7:04 pm
If it is used, it is used up.
The 2.4L Camry is a mid-sized car which feels like a mid-sized car inside, parks like a mid-size car outside, and sips gas like a compact... and drives with the slushy feel, vague steering, handling, and turning circle of a much larger car. The driver's seat is extremely uncomfortable. Some of the interior luxury features like heated seats are nice. The mpg computer over-states the gas mileage by a bit, but it still does very well for such a large car. Reliability is where it all falls down. All 2006s are out of warranty now and repairs are very expensive. If you want a used 2006 be sure to get the V-6 which reportedly doesn't have the problems the 2.4L does.

By Sidney Sands on March 28 @ 3:16 pm
As Good as it gets for Comfy and Dependable.
Nice appearance and garage kept !!! Current owner has had it 8 years, and maintenance by Pederson Toyota. Fort Collins, CO

By Richard Kroger on December 26 @ 5:40 am
camry lover

By T Jambage on June 25 @ 2:53 am
Want comfort and reliability?
Incredibly reliable. 220,000 miles, doesn't loose a drop of oil. Great in snow, comfortable, quiet...

By C Logemann on May 14 @ 6:14 am
Much better car compared to the newer models
Great car. Very reliable. Plenty of room inside. Large trunk. Great breaks. Easy steering. Very low maintenance cost. Bought used with 17,000 miles on car. Smooth ride on highways.

By Lrau on October 27 @ 1:00 am
...over priced ready for the junkyard relics...
...teen agers don't like the car, consider it an old man's car, they rather ride the bus, and that's exactly what some do... overpriced high mileage old cars...

By Dixie on October 30 @ 1:51 am
Love my Camry!
Why would anyone still be driving a 12 yr old car? Comfort ( I am in my 70's), trunk size and mpg( think road trips with 3 other quilters ), reliability, etc., etc......

By Elliott Van Campen-Kushner on November 9 @ 9:32 am
Amazing Vehicle!
If the car is taken care of it will last. I purchased my 2006 Toyota Camry 2.4 liter for $1,100. At the time of purchase the vehicle had 279k miles. I was really unsure at first about purchasing this car because of the amount of miles it had BUT there were no major issues with the vehicle as it had been maintained well. The only parts that have gone out was the rear drivers side bearing, and the sway bar bushings which were both original. I also replaced the radiator hoses, spark plugs, and the battery. I drove this car from almost West Virginia to close to South Carolina and back. I couldn't have asked for a more reliable car.

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