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2005 Toyota Camry

NEW FOR 2005

In an effort to make Camry ownership more affordable, Toyota adds an entry-level Standard model to the lineup this year. All 2005 Toyota Camry models receive freshened exterior styling with a new grille, headlamps, taillamps and wheel designs. All Camrys now have antilock brakes as standard equipment, and the optional automatic transmission for all models is now a five-speed unit. Inside, all Camrys feature Optitron gauges, steering wheel audio controls, a rear center headrest and upgraded seat fabrics. The XLE V6 now includes standard leather seating.


Roomy, comfortable, quiet, plenty of safety and luxury features, high resale value, strong reputation for reliability.


Costs more than most competitors, base V6 isn't as powerful as others in the class.

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By Warrencheek on March 26 @ 11:00 am
Best car for the money
This car is fantastic.The car gives a beautiful ride & is extremely comfortable. It is very quiet & feels like it's built solid. Comes with with plenty of standard features like AC, push button windows, remote mirrors & electric door locks. Also comes standard with cruise control & AM/FM cassette, CD stereo. I have the 4 cylinder & it's more than enough for me. I added the ABS brakes which also includes the electric drivers seat.

By Nina Davis on February 19 @ 11:00 am
Sleeker design 2005, two days owner!
I have switched from my 250k miles Honda Accord to the new Toyota Camry 2005, lets see how long this will last. So far so good, the body is more sleeker, my neighbors mistaken as a Lexus. Cool lights, looks very classy! They are brite, inside and outside. It's a very well made vehicle for the price, looks expensive, but not. Spacious truck, two large person would fit. The hubs are nice, the dealership reported theirs stolen already. The car is well design, it rides good and I'm happy with it!

By killer xx on October 29 @ 11:00 am
best car ever biult
i always love camry

By MemphisCar on July 7 @ 11:00 am
Great Car
Picked up my New Camry and it drives so well. Looks good - They had 3K off 2004 but the 2005 looked better so I went for it. Daughter owned a 89 Camry that is still on the road! One reason I went wiht Camry. Dealership was fair and the salesman Mr. Duckworth made things fast and easy. Drove it off the lot with 7 miles on it.

By gcarey on January 23 @ 11:00 am
oil filter
oil filter 2005 hard to change

By merle slay on October 19 @ 11:00 am
my camrey
I hate the lack of rain gutters, and the having to unlock the back doors upon exiting! The "cargo net" is a waste of money. The indentation in front of the windshield is a dirt carcher, and the doors dont cover the entry sills because dirt marks with dried mud form on the sills. Other than that, it's an all around excellent car!

By muffy on October 1 @ 11:00 am
Nothing wrong with this car
There's just nothing wrong with this car. I'm sure there are better cars out there at some price but we drove a dozen of the top sellers in the high 20k to mid 30k range and this car gave a very good account of itself in every way. After 15 years of driving a Suburban (kids are gone) it's kind of nice to actually be able to park where everybody else parks. After a few years we'll probably sell this to one of the kids or their cousins and get a "middle age" car like a BMW 530 or something. We'll see how it ages. By the way, this is the first Japanese car that we have ever bought.

By tzn on March 6 @ 11:00 am
very sporty
When i saw the o5 camry SE V6 i just fell in love wiht it....even thought i was in the middle of comparing it with the accord(research), i knew this car was the winner, and after i test drove the car, i was 110% sure i was getting this car.

By phantom8 on November 30 @ 11:00 am
Camry is a winner again
It feels and drives almost like a Lexus. Very quite inside, excellent handling. High quality materials, Toyota reliability, good value. Highly recommended!!!

By stephi16 on August 9 @ 11:00 am
I love the camry.It is the best car i've ever had.It is very reliable. it drives nicley. you'll enjoy it.

By BZ on May 5 @ 11:00 am
Going for Best All-Around Value
In researching cars over the years, I always start looking at the Honda Accord and Civic, but the local dealer simply won't deal. Too expensive and way too low on trade-ins. Found a car I like better anyway and the dealer deals: the Toyota Camry LE sedan with automatic and 4-cylinder engine. No wonder Camry is the best-selling car in America. Excellent value with best combination of standard features and price. Elegant classic look inside and out. Good performance and excellent economy. Thoughtful ergonomics and comfort. LE is so completely equipped that only optional equipment needed is driver and front passenger side and curtain airbags.

By tuxx on July 22 @ 11:00 am
Quiet Car
I like the fact that the car is quiet and great on gas. I wish the seats were larger, which maybe the Avalon is, but the enterior may not be fancy, but the resale should be great.

By alaine on September 20 @ 11:00 am
nice car
nice ride esp compared to my prevous gmc yukon. wish the steering wheel would raise higher, i am tall and find it somewhat tedious to get in and out b/c the steering wheel seems low. otherwise great leg room.

By pleiadian on March 13 @ 11:00 am

By QCGUY on February 24 @ 11:00 am
Even more refined for 2005
The updated exterior styling for 2005 improved the looks of the car dramatically. It looks and drives like a luxury car, but without the "float." Interior attention to detail is remarkable, and the new white backlit gages are classy. An unbelieveable price tag for all of the amenities!

By JJLuc on November 3 @ 11:00 am
Never thought I would drive a Camry
I traded in a Nissan Maxima for the 2005 Camry SE. There were only 3 left in the state so I settled for the silver one (like in the photo). Right away, you notice how much more refined this car is versus the Maxima. Although the Maxima has a super engine, the transmission was shaky. This Camry looks great, at first I didn't even know it was a Camry. The 3.3 V6 is smooth and quiet, the 17" wheels and spoiler give it a sporty look. Toyta reliability should be super. I test drove a Passat V6, Altima V6, Accord V6, I just liked the Camry better, it feels more solid and refined.

By BT Neal on January 20 @ 11:00 am
Camry V6- SE
Toyota got it right with this one. I have owned at least 1 of every generation Camry. I bought this one for the NAVIGATION (excellent)but was pleasantly surprised with virtually every aspect of the car. Ride is somewhat harsher than I expected but the handling far exceeds that of my 2001 V6 LE Camry. Overall I have to give this car 2 thumbs WAY UP !

By Belinda on October 16 @ 11:00 am
It is nice and soft, but it should be bigger in the inside. It is not for tall people

By Slappy on April 8 @ 11:00 am
Doesn't seem like a
When people see it they say, "THAT'S a CAMRY?!?" It looks too good. 17" wheels, Driving Lights, Premium Pkg.

By ladie on April 8 @ 11:00 am
lovin it
Reliable smooth ride, extremely comfortable for long drives(particular compared to accords) Dont like position of ea radio control button..tend to get in way. Be sure to have lights in visor's mirror! excellent acceleration for a 4cyl

By jcai on January 2 @ 11:00 am
I like 2005 Camry SE
Just ride it for about a week. Tried 2004 SE, found its suspension to be too stiff and harsh. 2005 SE is tuned just right--Harder than LE but less harsh than SE 2004. Handling is just right, better than my Infiniti I30. 4-cyn performance is OK for local commute but weak for passing on freeway.

By reallynervous on January 2 @ 11:00 am
I love it
I love the ride and the 2.4L V4 engine is decent. The standard equipment is great and it is very comfortable. The steering feels great and reponse is good. The lines are clean and it has a very aerodynamic look. I can't get over the awesome gas mileage. I am very happy with the car.

By Jack Seltzer on March 21 @ 11:00 am
Power when needed not there
In general I like the car very much, this being the first Toyota and first foreign car I've owned. However, in situations where power is needed (e.g., pulling out of the right hand lane on a highway, hitting the accelerator to move into the left lane because cars are moving up in this lane, power is lacking. There is a big lag between when the accelerator is pressed and the car actually does accelerate. Toyota has advised it takes some getting used to (i.e., as compared to my previous cars which were Pontiacs).

By DKARRIOLA on March 21 @ 11:00 am
my Camry
Even with a bad back (surgery), I find the Camry very comfortable. I recently drove 2500 miles from PHX to VA. I ran into the storms of hurricane Ivan. The Camry handled exceptionally well on wet roads. The only thing I find a problem is how the defrosters handle moisture. I am temporarily located in a very damp climate. No combination of defrost, air conditioning (which is supposed to take moisture out) or temperature controls seems to solve the problem entirely. The front windshield continues to "steam up" in spots. Especially in the lower middle. Overall it is a great car. Controls are well laid out for easy access by the driver with minimal reaching or taking eyes off the road.

By Robert Murray on June 7 @ 11:00 am
Love it
I'm very happy with my Camry

By jasp4u2 on November 28 @ 11:00 am
The best car for the mones
I think at times I am driving a car that costs twice the price...it has the looks and feel of a European Sedan at half the cost

By upkar on May 20 @ 11:00 am
Camry XLE is fully loaded luxery mid size car.

By Jo amore on November 10 @ 11:00 am
Excellent car
The best car I have ever owned.

By CMG on October 23 @ 11:00 am
This is a great car and like the others said it doesn't look like a regular Camry it is so sporty with the spoiler and 17" wheels. There are not a lot around so that makes them so much more unique. I have the one with the Navigation which is AWESOME. The leather is really nice and not so tight like in most cars...there is more give to it in my opinion which makes it more comfortable. This car drives so nice that on the first test drive we knew this was what we were going to get. We didnt really have an idea what to get but we knew on the first test drive this was it.

By jay lenn on October 23 @ 11:00 am
Great car, excellent handling, less road noise, great value

By hotmamma on October 23 @ 11:00 am
Great car!
I have owned this 2005 Camry LE for a month and am extremely happy with it. It is very beautiful (super white). The interior is efficient and pretty. It is very quiet. The ride is super smooth. Love the four headlights on each side. It is even a head turner! Can't think of anything bad to say. Awesome stereo, maybe a bit heavy on the base. Got it (automatic) for $18,000 at Palm Beach Toyota.

By William2005 on October 23 @ 11:00 am
Two fatal flaws on a great car
Extremely Quiet and Smooth. Corners and brakes much better than expected. Steering wheel is too close to dash and RUINS the seating comfort for tall passengers. Mileage is nowhere near Canadian brochure estimates. Extremely gentle first 1200miles, 80% on highway... 23MPG (US).

By sjohnson22 on July 19 @ 11:00 am
Camry LE 2005
The Camry 05 has enough power to accelerate onto freeways and I am really happy with the comfort and ease of driving. All of the controls are within reach. It is a fun car to drive, because it is so easy to maneuver. The lumbar support in the driver's seat is an extra plus I did not expect at such a reasonable priced car.

By californiacam on July 2 @ 11:00 am
Camry is a solid car
I purchased an 05 Camry XLE V-6, I could not be happier with it. It was not the cheapest car I looked at, however it had the most bang for the buck.

By SamZ on June 14 @ 11:00 am
Nice Car
This is a well built car for the money you pay. I am upgrading from a '89 Camry LE with 100000+ miles. Toyotas are quality cars, and the '05 is no exception. Quiet interior, good audio system, excellent handling, smooth ride. I got the inline 4 automatic transmission with side curtain airbags. Comes with full size spare. Keyless entry a plus.

By Debbie S. on June 14 @ 11:00 am
Camry SE is Perfect!!
I love my new Toyota. It is the perfect car for me. I wanted something sporty, reliable and practical. It fits the bill on all accounts. I have a fairly long commute to work and find it very comfortable. The gas mileage is much better than I hoped. I am averaging about 30 mpg. The 4 cyl. engine has more than enough power for me. The interior of the SE has satin nickel accents and looks great. All controls are easy to reach. The cabin is so quiet you may not know the engine is running! The stereo is fantastic. The only complaint I have so far is that the dashboard material is rather rubbery and seems to attract dust easily and is hard to keep clean.

By CamryLover on April 21 @ 3:00 am

By LQ on April 6 @ 1:06 am
I love it!
I just bought this car a month ago and I just love it. The car is incredibly quiet and easy to drive. In addition, the driver's seat is extremely comfortable. I used to get a lot of lower back pains when driving my old car, especially when sitting in traffic after getting out of work everyday, well, ever since I got my new car, I don't feel any more back pains. The different seat controls for the drivers side gives you so many options that it's just impossible not to be comfortable. I also enjoy the space inside the car. Even though, I'm a petite person, I usually have tall people driving with me and they feel very comfortable in the car.

By cutedh on June 5 @ 12:46 pm
excellent car
This car is a true beauty. Had it for little over a month and it's so smooth and luxurious. My neighbors are jealous. Love the leather interior and the simulated wood....makes it look so refined and expensive.

By lscott on May 23 @ 11:16 pm
Former Celica owner buys Camry
I miss the style of my pre 1995 Celicas and the way they hold the road. But, the new Camry is quiet, powerful, has all the bells and whistles (a bit too many of them...so security conscious it is too easy to lock oneself out!). The styling is dull, the colors available are boring but we expect the usual Toyota reliability and quality of our previous 5 cars. Only have 1200 miles on it so far; time will tell, but very very pleased so far.

By aetherial on January 4 @ 1:36 pm
Horrible mistake
Looking at trading it in after 2000 miles. This is a VERY disappointing car. The seats are horrible even with power adjustments I cannot get comfortable. The gas mileage is nowhere near what was stated. The transmission lag in dropping down is annoying. This is the worst car I have ever owned.

By joe parrino on November 5 @ 4:16 pm
nice car
Vehicle handled well on trip of 1400 miles. Comfortable seating with an excellent lumbar support. White is an excellent color for driving in the south. It stays a little cooler than other colors. Convenient controls,radio sound, cruise control, lights, wipers help in driving. Good trunk space for baggage and plenty of small places for soring items in drivers compartment.

By Philly2k on October 6 @ 1:10 am
I Love My '05 Cam
I recently traded my 97 Infiniti J30 for an 05 Camry. I was honestly expecting there to be a dramatic transition, but the Camry is great. The Camry LE had most of the features my Infiniti had (less of course leather, moonroof seatheaters V6). However the benifits of the Camry far outweigh them. The manual transmission was enough to pacify my desire for raw power. Not to mention the Camry rides better and quieter than my Infiniti did. Don't get me wrong the J30 was 7 years old with 140,000 miles, but it had a good ride too. When my lease is up I'm definitely getting a maxxed out Camry SE next time.

By loski09 on November 22 @ 7:50 pm
Nice car for the money
We now have 2500 mi. on the vehicle. Considering it has 4 cyl., performance is more than adequate. It is comfortable to ride in. Ours has leather, heated seats, power both sides, side curtain air bags and vehicle stbility control. Radio is good but mode control on steering wheel is easy to hit when driving (relocating on wheel would help). Fuel economy is not as good as it should be, hope it gets better with more miles on engine. Info Center (Avg. Mpg.) is "goofy", shows 7+ mpg. more than actual mpg. Not "fun" to drive, but handling, in-out design very good,quality and reliability is a "given" for Toyota. Tried Accord, Maxima and Altima. Camry XLE is the choice for me.

By frank collins on October 22 @ 2:53 am
05 Camry XLE
The only thing I dislike about the new Camry is the driver/passenger seats are not near as comfortable as was in my 02 Toyota Avalon. I had the drivers seat re-padded with much softer foam and it made the comfort level go up over 50%.

By SoGood on April 15 @ 12:36 pm
Quantum Leap
From a 1997 Ford Taurus to a 2005 Camry. Well what can I say. We are not looking back. Just a rock solid car with a well thought out design. Matches or beats all the big three and has great resale value.

By MP on January 18 @ 3:13 pm
Got it right the second time
Okay so like most people my wife and I drove the two top contenders for the mid size cars. The Accord LX and the Camry LE. Although we liked both cars a lot we went with the recommendations of all the trade mags and bought the Honda Accord. After a month we both agreed that the Accord was no comparision to the Toyota's quite and more comfortable ride. Were not all that old but I don't understand how anyone can like the rock hard sharp edged Accord seats. There terrible! Other than that and being a little noisier than the Camry it's a fine car but really not nearly as comfortable ride as the Camry. We traded in the Honda after a month and have had the Camry for two months and are very Happy.

By Brad on December 2 @ 2:10 am
check engine light
The check engine light goes on and the dealer and Toyota can not tell me why. The car has 475 miles on it. I also own a 1999 Toyota Camry and that light went on at about 52,000 miles and they fix something and or reset the light and its back on. The car runs find but if something is wrong with the engine I will not know

By N.Virginian on August 2 @ 5:00 pm
Good deal for a great car
My 99 Maxima SE is starting to fall apart @ 78K miles, very disappointed with Nissan. Camry is not as good as Maxima at 1-2 gear, but powerful at 3-4 gear, compatible V6. But other than that, Camry is best. For $2K different compare with what I paid for my 99 Maxima invoice, I got a lot more: leather (heated), ABS, side/head airbag, VSC, 6-CD JBL, and a feel of Lexus luxury and quality. Amazing deal from Toyota in December.

By Farshid on August 4 @ 7:50 pm
All good except rear window defroster
It is a Toyota so it is quite, comfortable and has low maintenance cost. The only negative thing that I found is the rear window defroster. It is not as powerful as it should be (even in compare to my previous car, Prizm 99) for Michigan weather to melt frozen water on rear window quickly. By the MPG in city is about 21 not 24.

By pghtoyotafreak on February 5 @ 4:10 am
My little Lexus
Had an 02 Altima - What a mistake. This car is so much better and such a good deal. Don't buy the LE, you don't get that much more for the money. You save $1100 by getting the STD and only lose keyless, full size spare and power seat. I had keyless AND remote start installed for 250 bucks and don't miss the power seat because I am the only driver and I don't need to adjust. The car is so smooth riding an quiet! The instrument panel is great and reminds me everyday that this car is a baby Lexus. Plus, I am getting 30 mpg in mixed driving with the 5spd auto.

By john on January 17 @ 5:03 am
Camry great in mileage
I love the way it handles, best of all comfort and good miles per gallon.

By Vic on October 31 @ 9:16 am
Best car for money
I've had mine only 5 months, but love it so far and consider it to be the most car on the road for the money. It is not a "muscle car" but has more than enough power, handles great, well behaved, and is what I wanted in a sedan. It's a pleasure to drive. I simply cannot think of a single complaint. I'd buy it again with no hesitation -- and I'm happy with the dealership.

By CoastRider on May 1 @ 2:40 pm
Beauty and the Beast
1000 miles on new 2005 Camry SE V6. Interior: This vehicle has less front leg room than my old '95 Camry. Carpet and seat fabric quality not up to par as in older models. Seats feel very hard and uncomfortable for this tall driver. Radio controls hard to reach even with long arms; should be angled toward driver. Driving: Be prepared for a harsh ride in the SE as the sport suspension will alert you to every small bump and dip in the road. 17" wheels and tires look good but are very noisy on grooved freeway pavement. The V6 likes to be driven fast. Engine exhaust note has a nice "throaty growl" to it. At low speeds, transmission and engine seem to lug. Car shifts into 5th gear at 40 mph?

By was on August 14 @ 7:20 am
Our Reaction
A reliable, common-sense vehicle, as expected from Toyota. Everything works well, but don't expect sporty feel or experience.

By was on August 14 @ 7:36 am
Our Reaction
A reliable, common-sense vehicle, as expected from Toyota. Everything works well, but don't expect sporty feel or experience.

By crewdawg on June 22 @ 1:33 pm
2005 Toytota Camry Xle
I am very satisfied with this car. The fit and finish is excellent and the ride is very smooth. The 4 cyl performs well and has adequate power for every task. The fuel economy is outstanding. The seats are somewhat stiff and and the stereo is a bit lacking for this upgraded model, but overall this is car is outstanding and has had no reason to return to the dealer for service.

By gfield50 on May 20 @ 1:00 pm
camry le auto.
Love the car. great mileage. great ride, quiet, nice looking. looks more expensive than it is.

By david mcdowell on July 27 @ 4:33 pm
great all-around car. i went five hundred and eight miles on one tank of gas.

By Commish on November 1 @ 3:06 pm
Problem with less than 1000 miles!
When doing a rolling stop and then accelerating, the car seems to not know what gear to go into. When the gas is pressed you can hear the engine but the car doesn't go initially. It then catches up but jerks the car. The dealership says this is do to the new electronic wiring. If this is so, then I do not understand why this car could possible be the #1 selling car in America. my 1985 Buick Shyhawk drove smoother! No lie! This was merely a brushoff by the dealership and I'm the one who loses. Looking at possibly trading in the car!

By cutedh on November 6 @ 7:33 pm
Beautiful car
This is one heck of a nice car. Love the ride and the quality of the inside of the car. Everybody has given it great compliments and it looks way better than the accord. A lot of my friends now want this car and my neighbors are jealous of me. LOVE IT

By Jennifer on February 4 @ 9:46 pm
Excellent Car! Highly recommended!
I love my XLE V6 2005 Toyota Camry! Before I purchased my camry, I test drove a LEXUS ES330...because the salesman was so arrogant about the LEXUS product and would not drop the price, I took my business back to Toyota, only to find out that the car I actually purchased XLE V6 Camry IS the same car as the ES 330...it just isn't as posh. But hey, the price was nice and so was the car. It drives so CHOICE! I LOVE IT. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE!!!

By John74 on May 6 @ 5:00 am
Smart Choice
After 5,000 miles in '04, I have to say I love my Camry. It is quiet, confortable, nimble (for a 4 cyl), roomy and very fuel efficient. I use it for my daily commute (80miles/day) and as our main family vehicle. The car averages 29.5mpg/week, half of that being highway miles. Suprisingly, when we traveled from Chicago to Memphis (usually cruising at 75mph) we averaged 38mpg roundtrip! Overall this car has been reliable and a pleasure to drive.

By jinxy on July 26 @ 4:36 am
2005 XLE V6 CAMRY is the BEST!
I love my car!!!

By Mark on November 9 @ 7:03 am
Bad suspension!
This was my first brand new car ever. I was very excited until after 1000 miles the rear suspension started making this annoying popping noise coming out of the rear struts. The dealer has been giving me the run around now for over a month now. They say this is a common problem and to just wait to see if the engineers at Toyota come out for a fix for it. For $20,000 dollars this car should be perfect. The annoying thud in the rear suspension makes the car too annoying to even drive. I also noticed the noise gets considerably louder when the weather gets colder. This car sounds like junk and it is only 2 months old. Even Toyota makes lemons I guess?

By Al C on August 25 @ 7:36 pm
'05 Camry SE V6 a sweet Cruiser ... :-)~
Bang for the buck, the '05 Camry SE V6 is a real sweet deal of a cruiser! Considered and was open to all sorts of makes and models, but for the money this model Camry is really a no brainer. It is a great looking vehicle with good interior room, a nice smooth ride, and with the 3.3 V6 decent acceleration. At approx. 22K, it is both a reasonable/rational purchase that is an absolute pleasure to drive. For the $ - I love my CAMRY SE !

By Commish on March 10 @ 10:46 pm
Can't take the hesitation
Already looking at trading this car in at 1400 miles. Seems like Toyota hasn't perfected the new computer technology. This car hesitates when the gas is pressed. Very dangerous when merging. I hope Toyota comes out with a recall soon or I will have to trade it in. Can't stand driving this car.

By Jim Zeunik on September 6 @ 8:16 pm
Camry # 3
Our 3rd Camry. We still drive our 96 which has 204,000 miles on it. Can't beat the reliability, quality of design and body integrity.

By No regrets here on November 24 @ 11:13 am
No regrets here....
Bought my car from new from a credit union, so I didn't even have to go and put up with the dealer. Paid below invoice, definitely recommend that route. Car is absolutely fabulous!!

By EricH on June 25 @ 6:00 pm
Beyond all expectations!
I am coming from a 2001 Grand Am GT which I had purchased new in 2001. THe difference between the cars is night and day. Everything in the Camry has a sense of refinement and quality. The noise and road isolation is awesome, but the car still handles wonderfully. The Camry's acceleration with the 4cylinder is still great, even compared to the near 200hp Grand Am. I would highly recommend this car to everyone I know (if you like sporty, perhaps check out the Camry SE). I will definitely be buying another Camry in the future when I want to replace this one. I can't stop raving about this car!

By inflightslave on August 4 @ 4:23 am
I love my 2005 XLE V6 Camry!!
This car just ROCKS! another winner!

By scott trees on January 8 @ 8:40 am
My New Camry XLE V6 is Great
I've always owned Toyotas (after one disastrous Pontiac purchase). I just bought the '05 Camry XLE V6. It has much of what an Avalon has in terms of accessories and is very similar in other aspects to the higher priced Avalon. I still have my 98 Camry and 84 Cressida, both of which still run great! I highly recommend the new Camry.

By Derek on September 8 @ 5:06 pm
Suspension concern...
Although this vehicle is fun to drive, I am hearing a suspension noise almost like the rear tire is loose and bouncing in the trunk. I had the dealer check but no resolve. It may be the way the vehicle was built but I don't think so. Please let me know if anyone has had a similar problem.

By Field on March 12 @ 2:53 pm
Blown Away
Wow, I upgraded from a 2002 LE V6 and I have been blown away with the difference. This car is great; great ride, great quality and great performance. The SE V6 is the only way to go. I compared it to the Accord and even the Acura TL and the Camry was by far the best bang for the buck. Very happy with my new car

By 2nd time Camry on June 20 @ 7:46 pm
Our 2nd Camry
I felt after driving home from the dealer ride was hard. Lowered air pressure of tires to 29-30 lbs.for winter driving which helped a lot. I recommend breaking engine in slowly first 1,000 miles. Does slightly hesitate when accelerated from stop position, I think because engine needs to be nursed slowly in beginning. I love everything else about the car. Interior is real sporty and from outside, it has a European look. Low road noise, handles well on turns,and I love those 17 inch wheels.

By John of Columbus,NC on October 28 @ 1:10 am
Beautiful car!
Gave my wife the Honda Accord V6 and purchased the Camry. What a beautiful car. Not as powerful as the Accord but much more space for someone my height (73") Leather is first class, MPG on 900 mile trip was overall 27.8. Am very happy with JBL system. Trunk space is terrific. You will love this car!!!

By Dan Parnell on September 23 @ 3:23 pm
Great Car
I have owned many cars over the years so I speak from experience. The Toyota is one of the best driving cars I have ever owned. The outside appearence is no show stopper, but the inside is very nice and it drives like a luxury car. I have a Corvette convertible, but like driving my Toyota better.

By deb on November 2 @ 10:06 am
superb car
auto dimming mirror, rear sunshade, alloy wheels, nice stereo system, refined interior,outstanding reliability, good handling

By dd on October 15 @ 11:13 pm
The best car out there in its class
From top to bottom, this car has got it all.

By slowe on September 1 @ 9:36 pm
my first Toyota
After doing lots of research before my purchase, I couldn't be happier. My Camry gives me the comfort, luxury features and reliability that I was looking for. Great resale value, too, although I plan to keep this car for a good long time.

By mikki tran on March 11 @ 3:23 pm
Best car
This car is the best for the money, hands down. Good fuel mileage, fun to drive and a whole lot more horse power than all the domestic cars in the same class.

By foonman on January 17 @ 3:43 pm
Great.. as advertied
Great car. May not be the most fun to drive, but doesn't pretend to be (unlike, say, the Accord). Leather seats are extremelt comfortable, and I especially like the high seating position. Toyota (and VW) are the only companies making stability control available to the masses. When front left tire blew out the car maintaind a straight line until I could pull over.

By camrylover on June 22 @ 4:13 am
Best car in its class
Quiet, luxurious feel, top notch quality inside, classy exterior. My car has 6000 miles on it. Running great and giving me lots of pleasure and jealous looks from Honda owners

By Jake on October 14 @ 6:00 am
Love this car!
So far, so good. Recently took this car to the East Coast and back from California and had absolutely no problems. The SE provides a smooth, extremely quiet ride, and the 4- cylinder provides all the power I need. The body has a sportier, more compact look than in years previous and I was immediately taken by its appearance when seeing it at the dealership-- didn't realize it was a Camry at first. Because of the miles put on the car in this recent trek across the country have had it serviced already...the Toyota dealerships I've worked with have been courteous, professional, and attentive. Proud to be part of the Toyota family now.

By Ryan Close on November 20 @ 12:06 pm
All Around Great Car!
I compared this car to the Altima, Accord and Mazda 6. The overall quality of the car puts these other cars several notches back! The Camry is not a flashy as the others but I want the best of the best from my cars now! If you are in the market for one of these cars I would suggest you try them all to form your own opinion, but you'll find yourself going back to the Camry!

By Dipa on October 17 @ 5:30 am
Best car
Bought this car in Sept. Had it for 4 months now and I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Seats are very comfortable, nice interior and leather seats, compass and big trunk. SUPER quiet and Smooth tranny. Could not have made a better choice than this car!!! EXCELLENT car and will recommend it to everyone.

By Shahn on October 28 @ 2:03 am
You get what you pay for...
Love Toyota....you don't have to convince me on the name. I have owned all types of cars throughout my driving years (Honda and Nissan are good also..don't get me wrong.) but Toyota is still no.1 on my list. Great reliability, looks and feels like more a expensive car. I have always believed in getting a luxurious/well equiped car for a good price and definitely Toyota does well. This is my 5th Camry and have owned one in every model year since '84.

By Toyota Fan on March 25 @ 8:20 pm
Toyota out-does itself again!!!!!
I am a 21 yr. old male and typically you wouldn't see us driving Toyotas just yet. I just purchased a 2005 Toyota Camry SE 4cyl, and wow am I so happy I decided on the camry over the audi line-up. Thanks again Toyota

By Marlyn Wilcox on April 15 @ 7:50 pm
We haven't owned a Toyota since our 1977 FJ40 purchase, one of the best vehicles we ever owned( we still have it). After the research we chose the 2005 Camry LE & have enjoyed it very much. The only problem is the speedometer is about 4 MPH off,it is 3 MPH off at lower speeds & escalates the faster you drive to as much as +5 MPH at 75 MPH. Toyota will not fix it because it is still within their specs. We feel that this is unacceptable & are trying to resolve it at this time. It doesn't look good for us at this time. Next time we buy we will take the GPS unit with us & check the speedometer before we buy.

By Ron Keeling on February 6 @ 1:36 am
Wonderful Car
Excellent Car. Only two things already mentioned in other reviews .. shifting between 1st and 2nd gear could be better. and pickup is a little slow. We also have a 4 cyl Corolla, and pickup is better in the Corolla. Aside from these 2 things, its a wonderful car.

By maxgxe on August 22 @ 12:46 pm
Why spend extra for a Lexus???
We checked out the 2005 Honda Accord first, but the dealer wanted us to pay list price and offered us very little on our trade-in. We were able to buy the Camry LE at invoice price, and received a much better deal on the trade-in. It is now 3 months and 3000 miles later, and we have no complaints with the Camry. The car is comfortable, quiet and reliable. The 4 cylinder engine is excellent, with 30 mpg overall average. We got 33.9 mpg on our best tankful (hwy), and 24.4 on our worst tankful (city). The large trunk holds all of our luggage for trips with plenty of room to spare. There's no need to spend the extra money for an almost identical Lexus, unless you are into "snob appeal".

By BobV on October 26 @ 3:03 am
Toyota Radio
I truly like my new 2005 Camry LE. But I cannot believe Toyota would build such a good car and put such a cheap radio/speakers in it. I searched everywhere to find the specs as I would like to figure out what I replace to improve the sound. The dealership didn't have the info - I finally found it through the Toyota Website. If you have a "Toyota" radio with the first number in the model beginning with a "1" you have a Fujitsu-Ten radio. And the Specs are: RMS peak power 15 watts (comment: minimal - should be 18+).Preamp output volts:.5 (yes, .5 very poor) and CD signal to noise ratio: 65db (noisey). Speakers - cannot fine specs. If you feel same - complain to Toyota - hope they change

By Alan on August 14 @ 6:16 pm
Happy to be back to Toyota
This is my 3rd Toyota and 2nd Camry Le. I had the competition. My Honda failed me. it was an 03 and could't wait to get out of it. This car is a dream. It has Lexus styling and comfort. This time I went for leather. It's incredible to drive. Quiet and spacious. Ever so classy. I bought the indiglo blue pearl. Even the 4yr old thinks it's the "coolest". I recommend this car to everyone! You can't find a better car. My whole family owns Toyota's. When you drive it you say to yourself, "Wow, I really deserve this" Thank you Toyota.

By lrlquist on May 3 @ 3:13 am
Love it but the Rear Defrost needs work!
Previously owned a Corolla & during a lapse of judgement went with GM for awhile. Back to Toyota with no regrets. 30 mpg, comfortable ride, easy access to everything. Plenty of power but no metro driving means no need anyway. Have 2 teenage boys and they have plenty of legroom in the back which was main reason for moving up to the Camry.

By camrylover on August 31 @ 3:43 pm
Best car money can buy
This car is just an all round beauty. It is SOOOOOO quiet and luxurious and honestly way better then the accord we test drove. Interior is user friendly and simple but nothing to complain about.

By tom champagne on January 23 @ 3:53 pm
The return of quality
Usually after the "honytmoon",(3500 miles), reality sets in: foreign noises, poor mileage,etc. Not the case with the new Camry. Quality built for the long run!

By Kelvin on March 5 @ 2:23 pm
I love the new color that was added this year (2005) for the Camry. I had a 2004 which I traded in as soon as I saw the new Sky Blue Pearl. It is nice. It's a XLE V6. Smooth ride.

By A. Hughes on July 11 @ 1:33 am
Camry SE
I traded my 2002 RAV4 in on the 2004 Camry SE. What a difference a couple more cylinders makes! It's so nice to be back in a V6 and to have power once more. The car drives and rides so smoothly. It's nearly effortless, but doesn't have that mush-box luxo car feel sort of effortless drive to it. You actually get road feedback. It does have that torque steer of a front wheel drive, so be prepared for that, but it's not as bad as some other cars that I've driven. Overall, it's a great car with a lot more room than you'd think at first glance. I strongly recommend it.

By Buffalo Bill on May 25 @ 4:20 am
Classy ride
My Camry V6 SE is quiet and sporty while being classy and fun to drive. Excellent acceleration, handling and engine performance. The only complaint so far was a rattle noise in the center console. My mechanic says it will be a quick fix.

By LJA on June 16 @ 4:36 pm
My 2005 XLE in Annapolis
Very nice car-only have 1600 miles on it and mostly highway so far averaging 25 mpg-hopefully this will go up when broken in more-because the digital display says I am averaging 32 and sometimes while driving says I am getting 60-99 mpg-need to have this checked

By UNHAPPY IN GA on January 15 @ 11:00 pm
I switched from an 02 Honda Accord, would love to have my Honda back, do not like the ride of this car. Car has an irritating vibration at all times, at a higher speed the vibration is so bad I have had things to vibrate out of the passengers seat. Dealership has balanced, replaced, phase matched and rebalanced the tires, car still vibrates, very annoying to drive this car. The car does look good, and is very roomy, gets great gas mileage, just don't like the way it drives and rides. The car has 2000 miles on it, been back to dealership service dept 6 times already, car is still vibrating.

By Barry Townley on May 11 @ 5:46 pm
I was looking for a car that would last me a long time. Retirement is just a few years away. I was also looking for comfort, roomy and dependability.

By Jeff on October 3 @ 6:20 pm
Reliability Plus
The best buying experience we have encountered. We used the dealers internet buying program and got great customer service and a very good price. Well made, quality assembly, good fit and finish and the standard equipment is everything we wanted.

By Joanne Rossman on March 9 @ 2:26 am
Great Car
As a former Lincoln Continental owner,I found the Toyoto Camery has all the bells and whistles, get and go, smooth ride, plus great gas milage, that I could ever want.

By Camry LE on July 23 @ 8:23 pm
Our new 2005 Camry LE
This Camry is an excellent vehicle with air conditioning, automatic, beautiful leather upolstry, and tinted glass. While it is only a four cylinder is suprisingly peppy and very comfortable.

By Woody on October 29 @ 1:10 am
great car
I just bought this car and it is a great car, with a lot of standard options for its price.

By Lina on August 21 @ 9:00 pm
Proud New Owner
I'm a new Toyota Camry owner. Mine is only two days old. I went from a Lexus IS300 to a Toyota/Camry and I really don't see much difference. Frankly, this car is more comfortable than my IS300 Lexus. It's very roomy and I love the trunk space. I recommend this car for it's look, driving performance, etc. I'll let you know later how well it does on gas mileage but right now, I'm a happy and proud owner of a Camry :)

By New car on November 4 @ 3:56 am
My First Camry
I just upgraded from my 10 year old Corolla to this Camry and am loving it so far. It has every option except the navigation and I added all of the available safety features (side curtain air-bag, traction/stability control). The ride is very smooth and the outside noise is minimal. I'm 6'5" and find the head room to be lacking. I have to lean the seat back more than I would like to have enough head clearance. It does not have a telescoping steering wheel but if it did it would be perfect. The instrument lights are a bit too bright. When you dim them down to a comfortable brilliance, the radio/environmental controls are unreadable, so I have to live with bright instruments. Great car!

By Mardamay on October 19 @ 8:13 am
A small bit of disappointment
I bought my Camry LE 3 months ago and love the comfort and smooth handling of it. I traded in a 95 Altima and find this much more comfortable and roomy. It definitely has the look and feel of a more expensive car, for a reasonable price, and ultimately the practicality and price won out for me. My sole disappointment is the MPG, I don't get the advertised 24/34, but more like 20/28, and I am no speed demon! Overall, a great car!

By Patrick on July 4 @ 4:26 am
Feels like a 30k+ car
We only have 150 miles on it but we love this car. Dash is beautiful with BRIGHT gauges. Leather seats and interior fit and finish feel like a much more expensive car. The car just soaks up bumps (we live in Metro NY area so there are plenty of them). For 25K we got 16 inch alloys, v6, heated seats, climate control, traction and stability control, leather, moonroof, 6 CD changer, adjustable pedals, side airbags, tilt wheel and more. Are you kidding me???

By Darren on June 19 @ 7:53 pm
Surprising Performance
I needed something with a little better gas mileage than my '98 Olds Bravada (18 MPG). I am sure there will be times when I will miss the SUV thing, but not yet! This thing is fun to drive. I cannot believe this is a 4 cylinder. I must be getting old. I found a great deal on the SE version and love the suspension. We bought an '04 Rav4 for my wife and I was always driving it. Now I'd rather drive the car. I have had an SUV for so long I forgot how much fun a car can be.

By Lenny on January 29 @ 7:30 pm
Annapolis Camry
Have had for 4 months and a very nice vehicle--was hoping for better gas mileage but only have 2,000 miles on it so hopefully after it breaks in---the onboard MPG display is strange- sometimes goes from 39 mph to 99.9 mph-- pretty sure that is not true or would never go to gas station-but overall i am glad I bought this

By jbblanch on December 9 @ 8:13 am
Buy this car
I needed a commuter car to replace ancient Cavalier. Got familiar with Toyotas when my wife got the Sienna ly. The Camry Standard was ideal for the commute (1 hr each way, so I wanted some room) and the pocket. Don't bother with the upgrade to LE, color matched mirrors aren't worth the grand. Drives smooth as silk and has suprisingly good pick-up. Roomy back seat allows for the booster seat for my 2 year old without jamming his legs (I'm 6ft and need the seat back). Nice headroom too.

By Edwin Celette on March 19 @ 10:06 pm
A New Owner
I have only owned the V-6 for a few weeks, but it has lived up to the expectations I had when I bought it. The styling, both exterior and interior, is modern and eyecatching. It is peppy, quiet and fun to drive.

By Camry #3 on February 6 @ 12:06 pm
Great ride!
For the money, nothing beats the Camry for quality, reliability, practicality, and efficiency. We also considered the 2005 Accord EX. The Honda looked sportier, but once we sat in the Camry, it just felt like home. We have owned an 88' Camry V6, and 96' Camry LE-4cyl. They have all been great cars, and I look forward to enjoying this one just the same. I highly recommend this car. The past two have been easy to operate and maintain.

By DERRICK ZOCK on September 22 @ 7:00 pm
Best bang for your buck
Very firm footed, great drive, so very smooth. I have owned many cars but I must admit that this one of my best buys ever.

By 2005 Toyota Camry on June 8 @ 8:30 pm
My New Car
I am very pleased with my new Camry.I love the style and the performance is great. I was driving a Mercedes before buying the XLE V6 and I was afraid that I would not be happy with a smaller car. What a surprise I got! I would reccomend the Camry XLE V6 to any one that is considering buying a new car.

By rarope2 on August 13 @ 5:40 pm
Second Toyota
I found this model much improved over the previous 2001 Camry that I traded in. The interior design has a richer feel and is much more user friendly. The most notable improvements are the redesigned dash, not only are the dials improved but the new dash has a dull finish which does not reflect back into the yes. This model also comes with day time running lights as standard equipment. The car also seems larger, has more torque and improved gas mileage and a much better standard stero system.

By jPrindable on May 28 @ 1:50 am
Love my Camry!
There is plenty of room for my infant seat in the back, even in the rear facing position. The 4 cyl. engine has PLENTY of pick-up-and-go! The seats are very comfortable, the controls are easy to use, and I love the ability to add limited options that are most important to YOU.

By F.P. on July 14 @ 7:36 am
Like a Lexus ES for 10k less.
I am amazed at the quiet and comfortable ride my Camry XLE V6 offers. The V6 engine is smooth and powerfull. The new headlights look like jewels, and the tail lights are bold and beautiful to look at, even more so than the Lexus ES. The look and quality feel of the wood/leather interior is beyond its class for a car in the 25k to 30k price range (I paid under 25k), and the many Lexus-like features and amenities don't hurt either. The XLE V6 is so comfortable to drive in that I always arrive at my destination feeling rested and ready to go, even after a long road trip. Thanks to the on board MPG computer, I can tell you that I have been averaging close to 30 MPG in mixed city/highway driving.

By paul on April 2 @ 4:50 pm
minor adjustments
smooth,quite, fun to drive toyota cust service also gets back to the car owner on the minor adjustments quickly

By Herman on December 3 @ 11:46 pm
This car was purchased on line while I was in Connectiicut for delivery to my home in Florida. If one can love an inanimate thing, then I love it.

By hyan on December 7 @ 7:13 am
Great value, could be better
For 16.5K (inc. 1K cash back), this car is a great buy. Very roomy/quiet, smooth transimission, decent MPG, very good audio for the money, decent brake. The car's pickup from a full stop is slow, passenger rare bar too thick, steering very numb. With quiet ride, poor rare view, numb steering makes driving actually feel HARDER in communte unless you choose to stay in the same lane. But overall, still great value.

By Jack S on May 28 @ 5:06 am
Standard Camry
Excellent quality overall. Fuel economy not what I expected....too low, and I drive conservatively. I would get the manual trans. next time, although the auto is very smooth! Lots of room in the cabin and the trunk. Very little routine service to perform, only oil and some inspections.

By Marc on October 7 @ 7:20 pm
I was leasing a 2002 Honda Accord SE, and my lease is up. I was initially looking at BMW 3 series, Acura and Cadillac. I really didnt want to spend the extra $$$, and decided to give the Camry a test drive. Within the first 5 minutes of the test drive, I knew I was going to buy the Camry.

By Mike on July 7 @ 7:43 pm
My first car
This car is my second car. My first was a 95 Eclipse and compared to that this is an amazing car. It rides the smoothest of any cars I test drove, and is such a nicer car than the Honda Accord. I got mine with the side and curtain airbags option, and that was the only real difference between this and the Accord, that the Accord had those as standard features. Even though I am only 17 this car is perfect for a teen like me. Everyone thought my parents were buying me the "granny" car, but no they all love it.

By CarGuyOne on June 9 @ 2:30 am
Great Car
Excellent car for the money. Comfortable, standard features are more than adequate and the reputation cannot be beat.

By Meg on November 10 @ 12:46 pm
I Love my Camry
I love my new camry. My one and only complaint is do NOT have a sunroof installed after market. Only buy with a "Toyota" brand sunroof. Toyota installed a sunroof aftermarket for me and they cannot service it. Thats a problem I was not aware of when I bought my car.

By Brian on March 31 @ 7:06 pm
I love this car!!!!!!!
Bought this Camry at a great price. Excellent value for the money. Dealer Service has been excellent.

By hatedealers on February 2 @ 10:56 pm
Amazing car but lurches at stop lights!
I have had my new 2005 Camry for six months now with 1750 miles. I am very happy with it with two problems.It lurches frequently when I come to a stop and have the A/C on. The dealer knows this is a problem on these cars and refused to do anything about it.It also makes a loud grinding noise from the front end when I do a U-turn. They lubricated the steering, don't know yet if this fixed it.But the LURCHING!!! It is a small push feeling that feels like someone rear-ended me at a stop light.I worry that someday the lurch may be a BIG one and I may ram the car in front of me!I don't know what to do about this.The dealership was no help but I didn't talk to the manager yet.

By Rickem on January 1 @ 11:23 am
another review
This is my very first car. Like alot of people, it was either the Camry or Accord for me. The $1000 price differance sealed the deal for me. Extremely quiet car. Be warned, the acceleration is tepid compared to the Accord. I would have gone with the V6 if gas prices weren't so high. Camry's look great in black!

By Nokia-Samsung on May 4 @ 5:20 pm
Great Car!! Highly Recommand..
Hi Friends,I've been driving this car about a 1yrnow..Great Car, very quite, V-4 stillruns like v-6, great gas milage, I useit mostly for long travel, roughly about32.5 mpg, It's very comfy, I used totavel same distance in my old HondaCivic it was horrible by the time Ireach my destination I was so tired, nowin this car, I don't feel thing when Idrive 125 mile in the morning..Justgreat overall car..I love it..

By Steven on July 22 @ 9:13 pm
Traded my Impala for a Camry
In light of projected fuel prices skyrocketing, I thought I'd look at something more economical, with a good reputation for reliability. I like everything the Camry does. It has surprising acceleration for a four cylinder. It is smoother and quieter than the Impala. The steering is lighter but much more precise. The Camry took me from Atlanta to Tampa on 14 gallons of fuel, approximately 475 miles.

By mary mercer on September 11 @ 5:16 am
My Car
Exceptional response both in engine and handling categories. Very good ridability and comfort. Gas mileage not quite what was expected but all other aspects of the car more than make up for this. Workmanship is top-notch in all areas.

By Shel on April 5 @ 5:50 pm
I've just had my 2005 Camry LE for three weeks. My previous car was a Lincoln LS-V8. I was very pleasantly surprised at the standard features on the Camry, how comfortable and quiet it is, and how the performance is very acceptable to me with the 4-cylinder automatic. Cost of driving is about 50% of my LS considering the increased mileage and regular vs. premium gasoline.

By Ed on October 7 @ 8:00 am
Nice car
I bought the car for one reason, dependability. I previously owned a Camry for 7 years and the car never gave me a lick of problems. I passed it on to my son who is still driving the car and loving the gas mileage. The 2005 model is loaded with safety features that I hope I never have to use or rely on but its good to know they are there. I bought the 4 cyl xle model and the power is adequate for almost any situation. The ride is very comfortable and smooth. What can I say, I am biased in my opinion about this car however I will tell you this, the Toyota Camry earned it.

By laura on February 26 @ 9:53 am
2005 Toyota Camry SE
I just purchased an 05 Toyota Camry SE. (Traded an 05 Chevy Trailblazer 4x4.) The Camry is sporty looking, has a smooth & quiet ride, and should be very reliable. I have ground effects on mine which adds a little pizazz! I love it so far! It's a big switch going from 4.2 inline 6 to a 2.4L inline 4 cylinder engine but I'm hoping the savings in gas mileage is worth it!

By james florez on May 2 @ 12:16 pm
First Toyota owner
This is the first time I own a Camry SE to this date I have been extremely satisfied, the ride, comfort and the feel of quality in the car is superb. As an owner of a Honda for over thirteen years, I can frankly attest that Toyota (Camry SE) is of superior quality.

By Hon on November 2 @ 7:06 pm
Fun car with minor manufacturing defect
It is fun to drive. Saves a lot of fuel comparing to driving my old 4.9L Cadillac. Unfortunately, it was very surprising to find out that the cruise control does not work. It is under warranty but need time to go back to the dealership.

By harley on February 20 @ 9:03 pm
2005 Camry LE
I traded my 2002 Toyota Tacoma Pre Runner 4-door truck for my 2005 Toyota Camry LE. The main reason for the trade was gas mileage. But I got much much more. I love the Camry for its smooth ride, handling, size, mpg. It's an overall great car!

By Wytpny1 on December 11 @ 1:10 pm
For the $$$$
Just can't beat the $$$ to the quality and performance. If you want a smooth ride with plenty of performance for a family car, GET A CAMRY!!!

By by McGeorge on November 28 @ 10:33 pm
Good Price and Good Car
I got the base standard 5 speed. I like my car. I have been very happy with this car so far and I enjoy driving it. I drive many different cars (rentals) and I'm glad I picked this one. No buyer regrets.

By Claire on January 18 @ 12:13 pm
Not a Towncar but fun to drive!
I drove a Towncar for over 10 years and then got this Camry. There are a few features I should have gotten; Adjustable gas and brake pedals, tape player, only has CD, Spoiler, and leather seats. Thought cloth was OK but miss my leather seats. But it is a zippy little car, turns on a dime, and very easy steering, very good gas mileage. I'm small so fits me fine though a little harder for my husband to get in and out of due to two knee replacements. The trunk is good size with fold down rear seats. It has just been hard from me to go from the big Towncar to this smaller car. I don't LOVE it yet but may get to that point! It is white and tends to show dings more than I like.

By Ellie on May 25 @ 6:00 pm
My First Car
This car is my very first car. I'm absolutely in love with my Camry. It has great gas mileage and I got the convenience B package (sunroof and 6 CD disc changer). It really is a great car, beautiful on the outside and so comfortable on the inside. I would recommend this car to anyone, it's so well made for the price and worth it.

By S Font. on November 18 @ 9:06 am
Toyota...simply the best
I have been purchasing Toyotas since 1988 and I have to say they just keep getting better. There is not one thing I would improve on in my 2005 Camry.

By Denman on November 4 @ 2:13 am
2005 Camry SE V6
I've had the car 5 weeks now with about 1300 miles on it and I love it. The 3.3 V6 is an awsome motor, gobs of power and very quiet, smooth and refined, typical Toyota quality. Hardly any road noise, so well insulated, and very smooth ride. A solid well built car.

By Bob on December 22 @ 1:10 pm
What is there to say?
I mean it's a Toyota. The car seems good on gas mileage and the steering assistance is really good. The brakes seem very mushy and numb. The ride seem so stiff, especially on Michigan roads. My '89 Cadillac rides a lot better. I will probaby end up selling it and buy a GM car.

By David_H on February 11 @ 3:46 am
My second Camry LE
The 2005 Camry LE replaced a 2003 Camry LE. There was nothing wrong with the 2003. With 50K miles on it, it had still a quiet, comfortable ride, but I wanted a different color and the features the 2005 model. (ABS brakes, power driver's seat, steering wheel mounted audio controls, five speed automatic, and auto-on lights - and the price was almost the same as the 2003!) The Camry has a comfortable, quiet, refined ride. The four cylinder engine is smooth, quiet, and peppy, and the cabin has plenty headroom for me (I'm 6'4".) The five speed automatic shifts smoothly, but it is a little busier than the 2003's four speed. For the money, the Camry is a very good value.

By Luella on February 26 @ 10:33 pm
My First Car
I love my 2005 Toyota Camry, it is an amazing car. It has a smooth comfortable ride, stylish exterior and interior, and just about everything else I could want for such a reasonable price. It easily beats its competitors (like the Honda Accord) on price. It is so easy to drive, and know I rather enjoy going through L.A. traffic (if that is possible). The one qualm I had before buying this car was that it was a "granny car," this problem was fixed for me at least by the bonus of a 6 cd disc changer and the sunroof (I highly recommend the convenience B package). I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a mid-size sedan.

By Alex on January 15 @ 7:43 pm
My Best Car
I like big sedans with comfortable driving without any extreme with good fuel economy, I found it, it's Camry XLE 4 cyl. It has all features I ever needed (except navigation), riding is very comfortable, though it makes me a little sleepy, but at the end I never want to go out of the car. And I don't need acceleration of 6 cyl 3.0 engine, 4 cyl just enough for me, just a few times I wanted it to be a little faster. I like that it's just like sitting on the sofa watching TV, something like this, easy. It doesn't make you to think, the car just does its job perfectly almost without your help (on cruise control I'm forgetting who is driver). It's perfect family car.

By ScottN on March 26 @ 7:06 pm
No fuss, no worry
I'm very impressed with this car. Quality is top notch, as good as my Jaguar Vanden Plas. Reliability is supurb, much better than the Jaguar. I got the LE model, but wish that I'd gotten the SE model. Still a great car.

By DYLANDAWG on August 15 @ 4:06 pm
Overall solid quality sedan. Nice exterior lines in black. Interior is typicial Toyota bland. 4 cyl is adequate for uses. Fully loaded with 5 people is definitely noticable. Automatic transmission shifts well and is smooth. Paint finish is easily scratched. A few more applications of clear coat would have done wonders. Bought the car mainly on reputation and previous experience with Toyota truck line.

By William Jeffers on June 16 @ 9:50 pm
My Camry
I love it. I've owned many cars over the past few years. I bought the Camry for its reliability and reputation and am not disappointed. The car is quiet, smooth, comfortable and I can tell it's built better then anything I've ever owned prior to it. Best purchase I've ever made. I definitely recommend it.

By NCSCOTT on July 24 @ 6:00 pm
Great Value!!!!
The Camry LE is a great value for a midsized car. It has good gas mileage and excellent resale value. It handles surprisingly well in the curves and feels very soild over poor roads. This is my 2nd new Toyota purchase in less than a year and I was hooked after a year with my 04 4Runner. I have owned cars from all 3 US carmakers but they don't even begin to compare to Toyota. The first tank of gas got 24 MPG. Now after almost 5k miles it is averaging 27.2 MPG. After I switch to synthetic oil with the first change I expect it to be even better.

By David on October 8 @ 1:13 am
2005 Camry hits a home run!!
The acceleration and overall performance, comfort and convenience are not available in any other brand for this price.

By Rick on February 12 @ 3:26 pm
Best of Breed
Fit and finish sold us on the Camry. It is a very "classy" ride and best of all. It handles nicely in traffic and will "scoot" on the highway. Nice "gizmos & gadgets" without getting tacky.

By Scott in Chicago on July 6 @ 3:43 pm
Lexus for a lot less...
We have a Lexus RX and this is very comparable. Excellent value for the dollar, nice ride, comfy. Shopped the Avalon (not worth $8k more, Ford/Mercury thing (500/Montego), Accord. Toyota reliability, solid feel and quiet triumphed. The Toyota just was an overall winner, and I expect it to be around a long long time. Looks nice in the silverish paint with grey leather, added a spoiler (like the additional brake light size) and it looks ok.

By GHMERRY on November 12 @ 4:56 pm
A Great Car for the Money !
I finally got rid of my gas-guzzler SUV and bought a Toyota XLE with V6. The sticker said it would get 28 MPG. Being somewhat skeptical, I took it on a 1000 mile trip just after I purchased it. Guess what, it got 28 MPG on the nose! The V6 has plenty of power when needed, it is very comfortable and quiet. I am pleased with the ride for a small sedan and the quality of workmanship is terriffic !

By Jason on August 11 @ 7:56 pm
Our second Toyota
We got this car to replace our sadly departed '04 Corolla LE. (moment of silence) As much as we loved that car, this one is even more pleasant to drive. I wish I could say more FUN to drive, but given a choice between excitement and fatigue vs. placidity and comfort, I'll take the latter.

By FirstTimeCamryBuyer on September 30 @ 6:36 pm
Review of new Camry purchase (2005)
This purchase represents my first Camry and I have been very pleased with my purchase. I bought the 4 cyl. as opposed to the 6 and have been very pleased with the mileage. So far, in mixed driving, with the majority being highway miles, I've gotten just over 32 mpg. The car is very quiet on the road. The fit and finish of all the surfaces, materials, and seams are very well done. The interior, with leather, is quite nice. I purchased the car for $24,042, after taxes, tags, etc., which was quite good considering the many features - leather, moon-roof, 6 disc changer, alloy wheels, side impact / curtain airbages, etc. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase.

By Mark Y on May 12 @ 2:36 pm
A great car overall
Combines comfort, value, smooth ride and quality in the best package I have seen in 34 years of driving. Smooth ride, excellent visibility, especially on longer trips. I bought the 4-cyl model since my daily commute is under 5 miles one way, so I feel a bit underpowered on the 1 or 2 days I get on the freeway. However, at higher speeds, it has passing power and feels smooth even on bumpy roads. Did I mention the smooth ride of the car?

By Sun Lvr on December 4 @ 6:43 am
Great car for the money
This is a fun and nice car smooth ride and fast. For the money you can't beat this car and I feel it will go forever and while I drive I feel confident and secure. Compare to BMW and Acura or Benz to this car and the SE wins, it will stand its own against any of these cars. The fuel economy is ok I got 24 mpg with regular not bad for a 3.3 liter engine. I was cruising at 100 mph and it had much more but I'm still breaking in. Buy this car.

By Dave in NJ on July 1 @ 2:30 pm
Problem Free Driving!
My 4 cylinder Camry LE always averages above 30 mpg! The number of features that you get in this inexpensive model is great (power seat w/ lumbar, great sound system, keyless entry, power everything). I added a spoiler and leather seating.

By JULIE on January 2 @ 3:13 pm
Wish I kept my 2000 Camry
The car is beautiful to look at but that new computerized acceleration is for the birds! The car hesitates too much then kicks in with a jerk. Only two interior colors to choose from.

By Dean on January 26 @ 9:36 pm
Nice car
This is a great car. My fourth Toyota and going strong. I love the V6 power. The V4 is fine but I've graduated with this Camry and I don't think I'll ever look back at the V4 again. It also handles extremely smooth with an improved turning ratio. Trunk space looks a little smaller than the 2001 model which was my first Camry. Overall one of the best cars on the market for the price.

By jim on October 28 @ 10:13 am
Very nice car for the money!
If you are looking for a quality built vehicle with an awesome ride - this is it. Even with the 4 cyl, this Camry is fun to drive with an impressive ride and great gas mileage. Highly recommended !!

By Great Car on August 14 @ 9:43 pm
Glad I Got 3.3
This is a great car for the money, Feul economy for the size and power of engine is great. If you want to speed take out of overdrive and the shifting is great, I avg. 26 + mpg. A/C is quiet and car rides great Im glad I got this car Its sporty and fun to drive and very powerfull and fast. I feel safe and have plenty of room and trunk is large with folding seats. I got a great deal and very happy.

By Mike on January 9 @ 5:53 am
Not the best choice for everyone
Overall a solid car with a few shortcomings and no personality. Feels designed for the masses not an individual person. The front seat bottoms are too short and flat for taller people. The brakes are weak- dealer told me I'm at 50% front and back after 6 months. I never did understand the option packages in order to get disc brakes w/o a $3000+ option package. Car feels and looks big and bulky. Dealership was dirty and sales staff sleazy. I feel like a schmuck for putting up with the dealer and actually buying a car from them. We bought a Toyota because everyone said it was great. It is a good car but not for everyone.

By Mouse2005 on April 27 @ 12:23 pm
this is my third toyota car
I buy a car for best value and reliablity. In May 2005, I bought the SE V6 to experience same value and reliabilty as my 95 camry 04 forerunner. As mentioned by other reviewers I experienced a pause/hesitation when the car shifted from 1st to 2nd gear while pressing the gas pedal harder I was trying to feel a strong acceleration . I have 300 miles now and am no longer experience the hesitation/pause during gear shifts. I thought this may be caused by safety design linked to the braking system. I read on other review that this is a 'drive by wire' technology, so it may be controling something to make the car safer to passenger and driver. I still have to break in my car.

By Susan on May 6 @ 5:13 pm
One month review
I love my new Camry. I thought I would miss my Pathfinder, but the Camry is so much fun to drive. It drives like a sports car, but looks like a sedan. It is a very solid car and the pick up is just great. It is very roomy and the trunk is huge ( a Sopranos trunk, three bodies). I was choosing between an Altima and the Camry and I know I made the better choice. The Camry has a much better, higher quality look and feel. I have been getting 24 mpg so far.

By Angela Walters on December 7 @ 12:46 pm
LOVE my Camry
I LOVE the Camry. I purchased my second Camry in Dec of 2004. I had a 1996 Camry and traded it in for a 2005. And if you have not noticed the Camry is basicly the exact same car as the Lexus GS300 with minor changes (of course with comparable options). Just can not say enough about the Camry. It is definetly worth the money and more. To me there is no reason to even buy the V6. The 4 cylinder Camry performs great. Just love it love it love it.

By FRANKLIN VAZQUEZ on October 20 @ 5:43 pm
A good reliable car
Solid performance, no problems of any kind, just what you expect from a good quality car company.

By boda on October 1 @ 5:40 am
Best Value
Needed a full size famly sedan for under $30,000 with a good reputation and value for the money. Toyota was my first choice, Honda was 2nd after test drove the Toyota I was sold, my wife wanted a moon roof leather int and my son wanted a V-6 engine, so I purchased the Toyota Camry XLE V-6 color super white very happy with the XLE V-6 the car drives like a dream, after getting all the options that the XLE V-6 offers I don't know how we lived without them. I added window tint that helps with night driving and factory mud flaps. We love this car!

By cinnamonbay84 on September 26 @ 1:33 am
My Toyota Camry
I love my new car, it is very spacious inside and considering I can't handle small spaces it is wonderful.

By David on March 16 @ 5:10 pm
My Camry
I purchased my Toyota XLE V6, five speed automatic January, 2005 and have been very satisfied with the car. The car is very responsive and the fuel mileage has averaged twenty four MPG around town and thirty one MPG on the highway. Toyota should improve the quality of the AM-FM/CD Receivers and speakers in the car. I have the JBL without the Nav package. The radio has very poor reception and the speakers aren't very good in reproducing a quality sound. The radio and the automatic heater digital readout are a very dim green color and are hard to see in the bright sunlight. Please change to Blue color. Overall I will certainly buy another Toyota again.

By Ed on July 6 @ 7:26 pm
Death of the American Sedan
I was a loyal Ford/Mercury sedan buyer, until I walked into the Toyota dealership. I've always heard about the quality of the Camrys, but once I test drove the car, I was hooked. The ride far surpassed anything I had been previously driving. Surprisingly, the 4-cylinder engine is peppy and I don't miss the 6-cylinder Sable that I had. The fit and finish is also exceptional. I'd like to believe that American sedans will improve to the level of Toyota and Honda, but after driving my new Camry, it seems like the U.S. is light years behind. The new styling is great as well and you sit higher, with a more commanding view of the road. A great car for a reasonable price, well worth the investment.

By Our 5th Camry on October 25 @ 1:30 pm
Great... again!
This is our 5th Camry. Our first Camry was an '89. It's still in the family as I gave it to my 72 yo Mom about 8 years ago. We had 2 - '94s (mine and my wife's). We replaced my '94 with the '02 Camry 3 years ago (running great), and just 3 months ago we replace my wife's '94 with the '05 Camry. Having driven my '02 Camry for 3 years, I was surprised by the even smoother ride of the 05 Camry. ABS brakes are now standard & we opted for the side-impact-air-bag option so we feel safer.

By Cindy on January 12 @ 2:13 am
Camry: Great Commuter car for LA
Great dependability for 110 miles a day and more in LA traffic. I now have a car I can count on getting me to work and home every day. It has never misbehaved.

By Rick on January 30 @ 2:26 am
What more could you ask for?
This car is awesome. Sharp looking, this car can go to the Country Club or the Country Store and never be out-of- place. Features are plush but functional. Good quality leather, good fit for trim, and very little road noise. Traded a "Big Iron" T-Bird and was afraid the Camry would be a step down. While not as quick as the big V- 8, this car should get as good as, or better than, raitings for style, comfort, and handeling.

By Julia on October 26 @ 12:03 am
Great Car for Awesome Price
I bought my 2005 Camry SE and I love it. It has a definite sporty suspension and is very fun to drive. I am getting great gas mileage and the sunroof and 6 CD disc changer is great. Plus the manual transmission makes it even more fun.

By Knight on July 6 @ 10:00 pm
Love my car
Love the color sand mica, drives very nice, turns around on a dime. Seats are very comfortable, and really like the heated seat feature. I didn't care about getting the sun roof but now I like it. Hope this one lasts me a long time, thats why I bought a Toyota.

By bill on August 26 @ 8:00 am
review of camry xle
smooth and quiet ride, many nice features, good milage, driver seat back a little to firm, car came with steering wheel off center, right side doors misaligned just enough to be noticed.

By Jane on December 26 @ 12:10 am
Best Luxury Car from Toyota
I will highly recommend this car as it is fun to drive, powerful, and very reliable. I will personally rate it 4.8/5. Whoever plans to buy this 2005 model will see that his/her money has not gone in waste.

By Howard Pedigo on September 21 @ 11:30 pm
Almost Perfect
Flawless engine & transmission performance. Plenty of power without sacrificing fuel economy,recent 800 mile trip= 27.6 mpg (actual miles divided by gallons, trip computer showed 28.3). Minimal wind/road noise. Outstanding driving position & visibility.Spacious and comfortable interior of high quality materials & workmanship. Flexible folding rear seats. Spacious trunk with full-size spare. Downside: p/steering is overboosted, tilt wheel has too little movement to be called a tilt wheel. Power window & door controls are not lighted at night.

By Kerry on October 4 @ 2:00 pm
Acceleration Concern!
I have always owned Toyotas. 76 celica 350,000, 87 Camry, and a 89 I still have at 287,000! I love my Camry. The 2005 is the first Camry in a long time I REALLY LIKE! Especially with the New Ground Effects! Makes it look so sporty! Good power too!

By Rhonda Champagne on August 2 @ 5:26 pm
We recently traded in my Grand Am, looking for something more fuel efficient. We had looked at several other cars and read up on each of them, and the Camry caught my attention and kept it! I love the design of this car, it has a classy look and a smooth quiet ride. Not only did we get a nice looking car we got the fuel efficiency we were looking for. I also wanted plenty of room and comfort and the Camry came through on that as well. I love the controls right there at my fingertips,and the in dash lighting makes everything clear to see. The Camry sits high enough to where it's easy to get in and out of (not too low). We've recommended this car to everyone!

By AH on August 16 @ 10:56 am
Great Car
Almost bought the 6-cylinder but, opted for the four. Fantastic gas mileage! Packed the car for a weeks trip and it was loaded...no problem going up the hills to the mountains! With gas prices the way they are we felt we couldn't go wrong with the Camry. The trunk is spacious and held lots of cargo. Very happy with our purchase.

By GPT on August 26 @ 8:36 am
Very Disappointed
Don't buy this car. The transmission is terrible. The car now has 1200 miles on it. The dealer says the transmission is operating normally. The car herks and jerks its way up to speed after every stop. This is probably personal but I also find the interior design uncomfortable. The seat is too "high" and the steering wheel is too close to the dashboard. Any body want to buy this car?

By Joe on April 28 @ 8:16 am
Camry V6
very good mileage on the road apx 30+ good road handling

By bob on November 17 @ 11:13 pm
V6 Camry has problems, though nice car
I bought car in Feb 2005. After about 600 miles noticed car would hesitate from stop, 1st to 2nd gear. Also, downshifts rather hard around 45 and 60 mph. The camry is a nice car though. And not all camry's will act this way. Toyota says that things are working within spec. Discouraging.

By wrjd554 on August 16 @ 2:43 pm
This vehicle is just AWESOME. I just love the sleek design and I love Toyota because they're vehicles are the MOST reliable out of all other makes. The only car I would ever buy is a Toyota. The XLE model has many advanced features and the best thing, they aren't at all hard to use. Toyota is just awesome. I bought a USED Corolla in 1995 and currently it has around 110 K miles and is still running great. I would recommend Toyota

By stanley stephens on February 4 @ 1:26 am
road noise
I relied on consumer reports and thier evaluation of the camrey as being refined and quiet and was disapointed after driving over different road surfaces finding only brand new asphalted roads as quiet. most roads create what I call "road roar", an unpleasant sound. after owning and viewing the camry from different angles it's less than eye catching.

By cpossenti on March 19 @ 2:13 am
Great Car
Wonderful car on highway or back roads. 18 Gal tank gives you less stopping time on trips. Comfort and reliability.

By Shawn on March 27 @ 8:40 pm
15 month review
I purchased my 2004 Camry XLE 4cyl. for $22K in April 04. I wanted an easy to drive, quiet, low maintenance, and reliable car that wouldn't look out of place in the middle class/upscale areas of Irvine. I commute 70+ miles RT each day. This is what I think so far... The good: avg. 30 mpg over its lifetime; effortless to drive (quiet ride, steering requires little effort, braking is smooth); no mechanical problems. The bad: difficult car to drive aggressively (poor acceleration; heavy front and front-wheel drive makes cornering and emergency braking tricky...thank God is has ABS); intermitent rattle in center console.

By Teresa A. Ahumada on April 17 @ 4:36 pm
Better Than Excellent
This is about the 5th car our family has owned-we've had other car brands before. My daughter has had Toyotas always and has been extremely content with them. In her business she runs them very many miles. She is the person who encouraged me to purchase a Toyota. If the newer models turn out to be as reliable I shall again purchase Toyotas. Parts for this car are not expensive and, above all, the dealer's service people who service my car are very professional and kind.

By Raymond on February 19 @ 1:50 am
Shocking Experience
Purchased the car on a Monday; found over 20 significant/serious defects such as front end misalignment, severe vibration, chipped paint, misaligned doors and many others. Dealership manager graciously exchanged the vehicle the following week. Second car is a lot better; smooth like a Toyota should be.Still has a poor paint job, misaligned doors and an annoying rear suspension "clunk". Fuel economy is 32 highway. Quality is a lot lower than my old '98 Accord, but acceptable. The engineers did an excellent job with the design but the factory floor (made in US) rendition of the design is deplorable.Options are over priced.

By Scottie on April 27 @ 7:20 am
Fun to drive
Best buy for the money. Comfortable with lots of room including trunk space. Lots of fun to drive.

By Anne talty on January 2 @ 2:33 pm
Since I have purchased this vehicle in March of 2004, it has been everything and more of what i have come to expect from toyota. So far the camry has performed flawlessly. I am very pleased with the results.

By DAN on July 12 @ 2:40 am
Best low cost 4 cylinder family car
The SE has a suspension that beats the Accord in sport handling and has a better ride. In addition, it offers safety features not offered on the Accord- traction control, stability control, and emergency brake assist.

By rahul on December 3 @ 5:16 am
executive car
it is awesome car i have seen in comparison to benz c-class

By Donald on December 14 @ 9:46 am
Nice car for the $$$$
I purchased a 05 Camry Le in July, traded in an 03 Xterra for it. Lots of features for little $$$. The best thing i like about it is the gas mileage, which is terrific at over 30 miles a gallon. great overall car for the $$$

By Jean on May 24 @ 1:03 pm
rough shifting
Not many miles yet but like the ride. Interesting to read other reviews about rough shifting from first to second becasue I notice it too. Not encouraging to hear the dealers consider this normal. I figure I'll get used to it. Miss dual control air and memory seats but for the money its a great little car

By Dr. Wysiwyg on June 24 @ 7:36 pm
Problem car
It's my third Toyota and the only one with the quality in the toilet. When just 200miles, it started to jerk/hesitate. Now with 700miles, the back seat starts to rattle. 1-touch power window behaves inconsistently-- sometimes 1-touch open it fully, sometimes I have to press it all the time. I will trade it for something better soon.

By Justin Booher on July 18 @ 6:46 pm
Camry is the Best!
We got mechanic's input on the Camry for a year before we actually purchased and they were right on--it's a superb vehicle and is all the car we need. We put on many miles and the fuel efficiency is excellent. If I were to buy again I would probably choose the V-6 over the 4 cylinder for get-up-and- go power but I think our 4 cylinder gets better mileage. Wonderful sound system, comfortable ride, and tons of space! I think that is the thing that decided us on the Camry over anything else-- it has a very nice roomy interior -- much more so than most of its competitors. Overall--9.8!

By Lisa on April 15 @ 6:06 am
Great Car
I traded my Grand Am for a Camry. That was the best decision I ever made. There is more room, comfort, and better gas mileage. The body style is wonderful...simple yet elegant.

By joe on March 25 @ 6:40 pm
Gets the Job Done Right
Even after driving v6 camrys, I'm sold on the I4 engine. Although not as much throttle as the v6, it does give enough acceleration for hwy merging and driving up on the SoCal hills, credit the 5 speed auto and torque. Plus its easy on the petrol. One thing to get used to though is the car is sensitive to driver demand; when passing, only have to press the pedal slightly to invoke a downshift for more passing power. Some harder and engine is running 4k+ rpm. Since the engine bay is dampened, there isn't much audible feedback as to engine speed, but its a trade-off for a quiet cabin. Other than that, interior controls are top notch, lots of storage cubbies, and comfy seats. Bright headlights.

By John on December 17 @ 1:53 pm
Don't hesitate-buy a Camry
This is our third Toyota. You can feel the quality when you drive a Camry especially this fully loaded XLE V6.

By Charles-PhD. on May 20 @ 6:16 am
Interior well laid out. Lumbar support would be nice if added to passenger side also as stander. Model should have more option without going to XLE.

By Bobbi on July 30 @ 8:36 pm
Good handling auto
I had 4 Mercury Sable's (I lease autos for 3 years) and when I heard that Ford/Mercury wasn't making them anymore I leased the Camry and immediately liked it's handling, performance and comfortability. The car is very quiet and you can't even hear the motor go on when you start it. Hopefully my satisfaction will continue. If not, you'll hear from me. Good luck to all that are also getting one.

By Faye Volcy on July 12 @ 8:20 am
Excellent Driving Car
This is my second Camry. Performance and comfortability are excellent. The design is great. However the front and rear bumpers are a bit disappointing. The camry sits so low that I scraped paint when I parked and didn't even know it. It was a small scrape. I returned to the dealer to have it fixed and was told they would have to replace the whole front bumper. Since then, I have noticed many Camry's that have the same problem as mine. I didn't have it fixed because I would probably be replacing bumpers forever with the design of the car. I will replace it when I get ready to sell it which will probably be soon. The car's exterior is too delicate for me.

By Arif on May 18 @ 8:13 am
Good Choice
The car has lot of space, good power and real good sporty design.

By Pat on December 7 @ 6:56 am
Very satisfied
Very smooth driving and comfortable car. Easy to take on long trips without being worn out on arrival. Large enough for 5 people if necessary, roomy back and trunk.

By J Tyler on December 29 @ 4:43 pm
Great Car
Our last Camry, a 1990, was traded in after 14 1/2 years. It was still running perfectly, no problems all those years. We expect the same from this one. It is smooth running, quiet, good acceleration, plenty of leg and head room. The trunk is very large and rear seats fold to to carry large objects. The navigational display is somewhat difficult to use, but once you learn, it is very helpful in finding stores and addresses.

By Evitzo on February 15 @ 8:20 pm
Great Ride
My mom just got this Camry and it is awsome for the price. I drive it whenever she's not driving it and it is way more comfortable than my 2000 Mazda Protege. The trim is really nice and cabin noise is very low. It drives at very low rpms, even when your going 80+ on the freeway. Handling is a bit sluggish but it isn't supposed to be a race car. The steering wheel turns very easily as if it is a rear wheel drive car. I am very satisfied with the gas mileage and oil changes are only every 4 months or 5000 miles which is great.

By penny on October 6 @ 11:56 am
just a nice car
The car was affordable and very comfy. It has plenty room for our 4 person family.

By JimmyC on September 13 @ 7:30 am
Disappointed in shift
Car is OK but the transmission shift problem drive me nuts. Dealer says its normal, I just don't buy it. This is the only car that I have ever owned that has had a problem like this and it is my first foreign car. I have had cars since 1969 and never had a transmission shift like this. I have driven rental unit Camry's that were great. Why my car and why will the dealer not fix it?

By Alex on August 21 @ 5:40 am
Great Car
This is a 4th Camry that I owned. My father still drives my first Camry (160,000 miles on odometer). The handling and reliability of the SE impressed me from the first time a test drove the vehicle. The comfort and the feel of a sports car in a 4 door family sedan. I test drove BMW, SAAB and several other sedans. For the money - can't beat the Camry.

By kirk westrell on April 23 @ 2:36 pm
A Great Car to Own
I bought the Toyota Camry for my Real Estate business. I have put on 30,000 miles in one year. The car is problem free and stands up to the highway. It is easy to drive and comfortable to ride in. The Camry is a great car for commuting or on the open highway. I only had to replace a tire which was ruined by a nail. The gas mileage has been usually 30-34mpg. On my first trip to Texas in the car, I actually got 37 mpg since I had the cruise control set. I have had the car serviced on time and have had no mechanical difficulties other than the flat tire. The 4 cyl engine packs a lot of power and the 5 speed transmission adds to the great performance of this car. It is a 10.

By Lonna on May 25 @ 12:20 pm
My first Toyota
This is my first "foreign-made" car, after owning GM's for the last 30 years. I'm counting on Toyota's reputation for reliability and value. I've owned my Camry XLE for 6 months and love the comfort--even better than my 1995 Buick Regal, which I didn't think could be beat for long-distance driving comfort. Other than for oil changes, I've only had my Camry to the dealership twice for a hesitation problem between 1st and 2nd gears. When cornerning, or accelerating after a slow down, my car seems to remain in 1st gear at 20 mph, then zooms off all at once. Dealership has re-set the drive-by-wire twice. I'll guess I'll just put up with this minor problem.

By Bob on April 11 @ 1:23 am
Love this car
I just recently purchased this car. The exterior finish is exceptional. The interior is plush and well thought out. The audio system is fantastic. All this plus great mileage too.

By John74 on July 6 @ 7:33 am
Follow up after 25k miles
After 1 yr and 25k miles later we still love our Camry. Avg. City/Hwy fuel efficiency is a solid 32mpg and no problems to speak off. Tire wear is normal (rotated twice), the leather seats are showing no wear at all, the paint is still factory glossy. A seatbelt mechanism recall was taken care by the dealership within 1 hour.

By Terry Gut on March 15 @ 4:13 pm
Manual transmission
The 2005 Camry is convenient and even comfort vehicle. However, the manual transmission on Camry STD 5M I am currently using is certainly the worst one I've ever tested. Those who are thinking about manual transmission should stay away from Toyota.

By pepdoc on December 31 @ 12:13 am
I Can't Believe its a Camry!
I really love this car. I wanted something that handled well, went fast and was sporty, with cool stuff. This car is cool. The engine is sweet, it accelerates beautifully, and it is smooth and quiet. I often don't know it is running. I have a bad back and was worried about comfort in the seats. It is just great. I LOVE this car.

By Jenni on December 25 @ 7:20 am
My first Toyota...Love It
After my Honda was totaled and only ever driving an Accord I decided to look at the Camry and was quite surprised. It drives and rides like a luxury car, very smooth and quiet. The features that come standard are great: auto lights, passenger airbag sensor, radio controls on steering wheel, auto locks when in gear, and keyless entry. The back seat is very roomy for adults with the headrests and the truck is the biggest I've ever seen. There's also tons of storage so the car never looks cluttered. I've only had the car for a few days, but think I made the best purchase ever. I love driving this car.

By Russ Hamel on August 7 @ 9:23 pm
Great car
We purchased our 2002 Camry in Jan.2002. This our first Toyota, replacing a 1997 Taurus. The Camry is smoother, quieter, roomier and more fun to drive. This car is well-equipped for a basic-model Camry. Other than an instrument cluster that was replaced at 15000 miles for giving erratic readings, we have had no problems whatsoever. With 75,000 miles, this car still drives like new. I would definitely buy another one.

By Ralph Shivel on January 2 @ 12:40 pm
2005 Toyota
Do not like the high rear end on the Camry. Do not like the rebound sound from the rear of the auto when you hit a moderate size bump. The front bumper catches parking wedges, which cause it to tear the thin plastic undercarrage.

By Vicki Nails on August 26 @ 11:16 am
Ignorant Navigation!
I purchased an XLE 4 door Toyota with a navigation system which only came in a package consisting of heated seats and side air bags. The heated seats stay on for 5 minutes at a time and then shut off and come on again. The navigation system isn't programmed for many local streets and often suggests turning left when you need to turn right on interstate highways. I regret spending the additional money on this option. The heated seats should stay on at the driver's discretion. There is unacceptable road noise level. Long trips are not pleasant. I regret buying this car, and I can't wait to sell it and purchase another car. It won't be a Toyota!

By Hjm on March 23 @ 4:46 am
05 SEV6
V6 SE, quiet and smooth ride. Springs and frame are adequately stiffer, yet still absorbs the bumps. Engine power is a little low for 3.3L. Reasonable fuel economy. Seat comfort and ergonomics are perfect. 5-speed automatic transmission seamless transtion but takes a while to adapt to the drivers' habit. Throttle by wire can get a little touchy sometimes. Factory Options get expensive really quick. Dual exhaust would make much sportier look. Toyota build, Lexus quality and style.

By Jeanette on April 18 @ 3:20 am
Family Car
Well built and fun to drive. Fits 3 car seats accross the back seat. A great alternative to the minivan. Large truck fits toys and strollers with room for grocerys. We love it and would buy again.

By Not happy on June 24 @ 4:43 am
Owned 3 months with 1600 miles now, very dissatisfied with transmission hesitation. After normal slowing down and then reaccelerating, engine doesn't seem to know what to do. I'm praying Toyota will recall. Getting approx. 21 mpg. A/C and temperature lighted controls along with clock/passenger air bag monitor hard to see with normal sunlight. Love a breeze from a sunroof; but with Camry's open fully, can't feel any air w/o opening windows too. Performance P215/55/17 tires noisy on rough roads and over $175 each to buy - that's over $700 plus taxes & installation to replace all 4 tires & rated for only 20,000 miles. Front end design seems to attract many road stones and chips paint easily.

By lamardis on July 10 @ 5:56 pm
Love this car!!!
After having an SUV, I swore that I would never own another car. I was wrong... I love this car!!! The seats are comfortable, that back has plenty of leg room... my husband is 6 ft and has no problems with roominess. the trunk is HUGE! I live in the mountains, and my 4cyl. is plenty strong to climb without any trouble.

By SE 5-MT on February 19 @ 10:50 am
Roomy sporty Camry SE - Manual
First the car is great for the money. Pep, power, acceleration. The downside is turning not as tight as Accord and fabric tends to catch lint. 3M makes special lint guard for autos/boats which should come with black ones. I love to drive to work still, and the the speaker system is balanced quality, just not highly refined Bose like a Maxima. Burns regular and getting 29 MPG on half highway, half city with agressive driving. Get a 5 speed manual and you'll have no regrets.

By Neil T. on April 17 @ 6:16 am
05' LE-V6 Improved?
A loyal toyota camry owner, I traded my 2000 LE-4 banger with 150,000 miles on this 05 V6. I can say that I am happy with the car...typical toyota, rides smooth, quiet, good service from the dealership, and a price that does not require a second mortgage. The V6 is peppy and takes the car down the road quickly. Careful tho', it's easy to break the speed limit. Is it better that the 2000 overall? Probably not. This one has a rattle in the driver's side door. Aggrevating!!.. The 2000 was a tank, even at 150K miles...never rattled, probably never will for whoever has it now. Biding my time for a new 07. Don't be afraid to buy a camry...

By F Cullina on January 14 @ 4:10 am
I love my Camry
I have enjoyed owning my Camry LE. I did obtain an additional safety option of side front & rear air bags since we have 7 yr old child. And also opted for the steel alloy wheels. It's been a great family car & fun to drive. Can't beat the gas mileage & have had no mechanical problems since ownership. Would suggest lighted window & locks for the interior. But other than that; it's a best buy! I will definitely get another Toyota when the time comes.

By Trent E. on April 21 @ 4:26 pm
2005 Camry LE V6
This car is surprisingly good, even for a 7 time Toyota/Lexus owner. This is our 2nd Camry, the first being a new 2003 XLE V6. That car was loaded and well enjoyed. However, the '05 LE V6 has proven to be a better car than even the higher priced, heavily equiped XLE V6 of two years prior. The basic LE's V6 is much stronger, quieter and gets great fuel economy over the '03. The ride quality is even more preferable in the LE with stability over rough roads at speed and mild understeer when pushed hard through turns. The sound quality of the basic 6 speaker, single CD stereo is even better that that of the 8 speaker JBL in-dash 6 CD system. Overall, reliable high-quality transportation.. again.

By Jeff on December 3 @ 7:36 am
The car is very surprising. I had a 99 Malibu with a 6 cyl. The Camry will leave it sitting. Good acceleration and much better gas mileage. Malibu 24mpg Camry 34mpg. Pretty comfy on long trips. very quiet. I tented the windows and installed in channel rain guards. Hated cracking the window and getting soaked. But it really looks sharp now. Lots of these on the road in SC. I got the car on the 39 month lease. I may buy the car. If not I will get another just like it. My opinion, best car on the road.

By BRUCE D K on April 29 @ 2:36 am
Well this being my first new car I can say that I did the research and even rented the 2004 mdl.for a weekend cruise to Vegas from L.A. The rental handled and performed flawlesly as does my 05 mdl. The only dif is the 5 speed automatic upgrade from the 4 spd on the 04 mdl. This car is for the most part a pleasure to drive, city driving or freeway or Death Valley for that matter.My avg frwy mpg is 32 and I don't drive the speed limit if at all possible . No speeding tickets yet ! Los Angeles in town mpg is realisticly 24. Toyota really did this little 4 cyl.eng. very right. There is no lack of power with it loaded or not.

By cwa on January 7 @ 7:26 am
Fuel Economy Disappoints
This model is up to Toyota's standards in build quality and reliability, but it suffers in comparison with my '98 Camry 4 (and my wife's former '97) in two respects. The engine is louder under acceleration, producing a very audible roar, and the fuel economy is less. The '97 and '98, EPA rated at 23/30, achieved 22/31. The '05, EPA rated 24/34, is getting 20/30 at best. If it weren't for the clearly inflated EPA rating, my disappointment would be less. Additionally, the dashboard display of avg mpg is consistently 5-6 mpg too high. If it says 36, I'm getting 30; if it says 24, I'm getting 19. Makes me think I'm getting EPA mileage when I'm not. How convenient for Toyota!

By derek on April 26 @ 12:53 pm
Very nice car
Very smooth ride. Lots of leg room. Very comfy seats. All handles are easy to reach. Very quite all the way around. Good fuel economy also.

By Daisysowner on October 24 @ 2:46 pm
My Camry
I have had such good experiences with the Camrys I have owned. I decided to buy a brand new Camry and I must say I love it! It's bigger inside and very comfortable! I bought the V6 and this Camry has power! I love my Camry! It's very easy to drive and when I need the power its there! Can`t go wrong with a Toyota!

By lifethenwork on March 6 @ 11:03 am
Transmission problems
Ever since I purchased my Toyota, I have had problems with the transmission wanting to downshift when going down a hill, and also not wanting to shift up when accelerating on the highway. The front dashboard has begun to pop up little air bubbles underneath the layer of vinyl covering it.

By paul on May 25 @ 1:30 am
Thanks toyota
I really enjoy the car, dependable stylish, roomy, good ride. Could use more power. I find car quite hard on fuel about town, about 375/400 km to tank. Can't wait to see a 2007.

By JJ on May 5 @ 10:53 pm
My Camry
Totally satisfied with entire vehicle. No complaints. Extremely impressed with handling, comfort, gas mileage, and sound system.

By H Hoang on February 19 @ 1:10 am
Great car but not very reliable
I owned the Camry for almost 2 years now. This car rides very smooth and comfort, good gas mileage. Steering feels very unstable on windy day, highway only. My only concern is power steer broke at 30K miles, whole rack and pinion system replaced. I am very suprised, this seems to be very early for Toyota car. Manufacture covered the cost, around $900. Other than this problem, I think Camry is a good car for family.

By grande on March 5 @ 5:40 pm
I think that this car is really good & cool...It has many great features such as, rear sensors (4 pcs), multi information display screen, 6 CD changer, tape, auto seats with leather, power windows, bluetooth & more

By Tomek on July 2 @ 11:16 am
The best family car so far
After my last car broke down, I was looking for reliable car I won't have to worry about. Toyota was the answer. Minimal maintnance (all you have to do is change oil and rotate tires - other items are very rare). It also has surprisingly large trunk - travel play pen, double stroller and still room for bags

By Melinda on October 17 @ 2:13 pm
3rd Camry, 1st New one!
I am totally pleased with the performance of this, my 3rd Camry. It's very smooth, very quiet, no squeeks. Has more than enough power entering freeways. Visibility is great, though I always add those little square mirrors on both side mirrors, on every car I have for extra safety. The car handles very well, It's simple to drive with intuitive controls. The premium sound CD player is very good. I''m not in love with the 'looks' of it, I DO know how dependable these cars tend to be, and I DO love that! My husband wanted a 6cyl. 4 would have done it for me. I've had both. 1/3 less mpg. with the 6cyl. 4r's are good and safe, peppy enough. These days it matters more mpg = $$$.

By Holden on June 15 @ 10:06 pm
For a front wheel drive car the handling is great and the 4 is peppy, quiet and very fuel efficient even with the old 4 speeed auto. BUT - I have driven all kinds of handling tuned cars in my life both personally owned and in my career in law enforcement and I can say without hesitation that the SE rides entirely too rough for its level of handling.The firm seats offer no help either. It is as bad as my Jeep and will soon lead to a trade as my wife is sick of it. Maybe a new V6 LE if the ride is better. If not, an Avalon. I can give up some handling to save my back.

By David Hicks on January 25 @ 11:46 pm
My daily driver.
This is my fifth Toyota (third camry) that I have owned. This car has been very good without any problems except the factory audio system. The am/fm radio is very poor in quality, the windshield antenna does not pull in very many am or fm stations. The XM Satellite radio performs very poorly, the stations fade in and out because of the poorly designed and mount position of the XM antenna. The LCD display is a very dim green and almost unreadable during daylight conditions. The engine and five speed automatic transmission performs very good. Very comfortable ride and good fuel economy, 24 mpg around town 29 mpg on the road. I will buy another Camry, 2007 SE V6.

By Surfdog on July 30 @ 8:43 pm
So far, so good
I have had my Camry SE (4 cyl.) for almost two years, and have put a lot of miles on it. Absolutely no problems with it. I had always known the Toyota Camry to be a very dependable car. I had always thought it to be an ordinary, "family"-looking sedan though. When I saw the 2005 though my opinion changed. It seemed to have a sleeker presence to it. Since adding my new surfboard rack and front-end bra to the car, I have friends commenting on how sporty it looks. Have to admit, the new 2007 Camry is an awesome, very stylish car. I will likely make that my next car. Until then though, very happy with the 2005. I'm sold on Toyota. The car, the dealer, the company, the service.

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