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2004 Toyota Camry

NEW FOR 2004

For the 2004 Toyota Camry, a new 3.3-liter V6 is standard on SE V6 models. Relative to last year's 3.0-liter V6, this engine offers 33 more horsepower and an additional 31 pound-feet of torque, boosting ratings to 225 and 240, respectively. Fortunately, Toyota has also boosted the 3.0-liter engine's output -- it now makes 210 hp and 220 lb-ft of torque in V6-equipped LE and XLE models. Both V6 engines come standard with a five-speed automatic transmission this year. In other news, a new trim has been introduced; the Limited Edition Camry comes in an exclusive crystal-white color, and offers a unique front grille, standard foglamps and champagne-color exterior badging.


Roomy, comfortable, plenty of safety and luxury features, high resale value, strong reputation for reliability.


Premium optional features are pricey, V6 isn't as powerful as others in the class.

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By john stump on February 24 @ 11:00 am
love my camry
i love this car. best car ever owned

By NateDOC on October 16 @ 11:00 am
The Best Car You Will Ever Own
Hands down, you will never find another vehicle like the Camry that is as reliable, comfortable, stylish, and holds its value so damn well...sure, you may pay a little more up front, but you will more than make up for it in the long run, This is one car that won't nickel and dime you to death like a "domestic car" (even though the Camry is made right here in the USA)...also, its resaleability is second to none.

By Ohno Yuji on July 3 @ 11:00 am
Excellent to drive, best car ever.
This car is charm. Every feature it has is perfect for family sedan. The price to own, with the quietness and power it has, lean over all competitor.

By K. Devine on July 3 @ 11:00 am
2004 Camry LE Limited Edition
I own a 2004 Camry LE Limited Edition The Lmtd Ed combines features of all 3 trim styles of Camry.You get great features like wood grain trim&6cd changer(in dash).The Lmtd Ed has unique alloy 7 spoke wheels which add to the over look and appeal of the car.I opted for ABS brakes.A must & worth every penny.If you haven't driven a car with ABS,try it;they eliminate jerky stopping even at last minute;no out of control screeching brakes.You control steering even if you slam on brakes!The car handles very well&has great acceleration.This car is a great value.You'll feel like you're driving a Lexus for a fraction of the price.

By rcf8000 on March 29 @ 11:00 am
XLE after 1 week
I checked out the Accord EX with Leather. MSRP is the same. Camry won out because of more luxury features and quieter ride. I also found the driver's seat to be more comfortable in the Camry, although I have some issues with the Camry in that regard, too. Accord had better handling and acceleration, although the Camry's handling is good and the acceleration is adequate for the type of driving we do, which is mostly city streets.

By drp camry on March 29 @ 11:00 am
Our best car ever
After nearly one year and near 18,000 miles this is the first new vehicle we have owned with zero defects. Gas mileage exceeds highway sticker often. The 4 cyl engine can spin the front wheels on dry pavement. By mistake I once got to 100 mph and it was so smooth. If you don't use cruise you will be at 80 before you know it. Wheel disks poor design—can be damaged on curbs. Light gray mats impractical. Otherwise, a perfect car—our 2nd Camry.

By Jeff M on September 19 @ 11:00 am

By Larry from Virginia on February 4 @ 11:00 am
This is my second Camry and it is wonderful!! Not only a quality, reliable vehicle, but a great value as well.

By Bonius on July 27 @ 11:00 am
Still Simply the Best
I love the Camry and have for many years and now this one has rekindled the love. No wonder its the best selling car in the country! Silky smooth, elegant, very practical and ergonomically engineered, excellent gas mileage and looks and feels like a state-of-the-art player that should cost alot more. I looked at several nice cars in the <30k range and for my money the Camry XLE was by far the better choice. Roomy but not the "big- empty" feeling. If you are considering a family sedan and don't at least look at the Camry you definately can't make an educated decision because this is one to be reckoned with. I know this is the best car I could have bought.

By Scott B. on July 10 @ 11:00 am
One Great Automobile
This is a well-designed car. The decision to buy this model was mostly influenced by Consumer Reports. The drive is smooth and quiet. The trunk is spacious and the rear seats fold down for longer cargo. The rear seat has air conditioning ducts the kids love. The 4 cylinder engine has ample power and accelerates quickly when needed. Finally, the XLE model has lots of great features.

By Ralph C Meola on September 26 @ 11:00 am
A good car at a good price.
I owned a 1998Camry LE V6 and could not have been happier. My new 2004 Camry SE V6 is more luxurious, handles better at high speeds and is mavelously comfortable. The styling, while a repeat of last year is sleek and expensive looking. I own a car for transportation purposes, not because I like cars; however, this is one car I really like to drive.

By JKawa on June 22 @ 11:00 am
Camry SE
This SE model is th best yet. It doesn't look like an old man's car, so younger people can drive it.

By kevin47842 on March 26 @ 3:00 am
This car runs very smoothly and quiet. nice sound system. PLenty of room, too. All the bells and whisltes I need. Really a great car.

By Turtlx on June 12 @ 3:00 am
Gotta love My Toyota.
I love my 2003 Toyota Camry, It has everything for just the low end model, but it is a quick peppy little thing i had a 2003 Toyota Corrola and I didn't like, the way it drove to bumpy.

By Lurich on May 25 @ 3:00 am
Camry XLE`
Very good luxurious sedan

By Rob M on November 15 @ 3:00 am
SE V6 Rocks!
This is a great car, very quiet ride at high speeds, comfortable seating position and seats, smartly laid out interior with a large guages and buttons. Build quality is top notch and the V6 engine is powerful and quiet. This car also soaks up bumps and poor pavemnet very well. Having driven several Lexus vehicles in the past, this car really feels a lot like Lexus in the way the car rides.

By mory on July 6 @ 3:00 am
i am so happy with my toyota
i purchased a Camay on the suggestion of a car dealer friend. it was the best thing that ever happened to me. totally free of expensive operation. better ride and comfort, ease of driving, roomy interior, i can never go back to that big all consuming durango. when i drove my suv it would seem like i was always stopping for gas and it hit my wallet hard. I estimate I am saving $100.00 a month just on gas and just the inconvenience of constantly having to stop for gas is a pain. The ride is much better and the easy effortless driving of the Camay is a pleasure, leaving me refreshed after a long ride.for the difference of size i did not give up that much room.

By Jersey Camry on December 27 @ 3:00 am
V6 Camry- a no brainer
Very sharp car... performance in the V6 is key, as the 4 cylinder we test drove was a little sluggish in acceleration. Ride is smooth and leather interior is quite luxurious. Trunk space is great, along with a large backseat. You'll pay up for the V6 with leather, but I believe it is worth it. This car reminds me of a Lexus for thousands less.

By alias 3 on September 22 @ 3:00 am
THis car is very reliable its looks are fine exept I feel that the Honda Accord LX has a litte more weight to it

By RAH on September 22 @ 3:00 am
Excellent Car
I just bought a Phanton Gray 2004 Camry LE 4cyl with options like ABS brakes, moonroof, aerodynamic wing, and carpet/cargo mat set a couple of weeks ago and I love this car. It is one of the smoothest, most comfortable cars I have ever owned. All this in a near luxury ride without the cost. The engine is so quite, many times I can't tell it is running unless I push down the gas pedal! The car accelerates and handles very well. Good amount of power for your average person. I wish the domestic car makers would take lesson with Toyota or Honda and produce as dependable cars that would last a lifetime and keep their resale value.

By REC on June 1 @ 3:00 am
Cream of the Crop
This car buying experience was very pleasant,an all day pursuit, but well worth it in the end....the dealership is very new and very professional, and this car as we had it equipped is awesome.The Camry XLE is a well built and functional car, I am pleased with the vehicle and the dealer. I would recommend moving up to the XLE if you want a Camry...this Camry is really a better buy than the Avalon XL..as far as value for the dollar

By jschmi4 on November 22 @ 3:00 am
My Camry, My Car
This car handles beautifully! The 4 cylinder engine has plenty of power and acceleration.

By mrnat on May 14 @ 3:00 am
A good move..
I have been very happy with this car. I mean this is a car...Once inside of the quite, it is very quite and outside noise is limited. I own a Chevy Prizm, prior to this, which is same as Corolla, and there is no comparsion. If you want a good car.........This is the way to go...

By Sunsh616 on May 14 @ 3:00 am
Heaven on the Highway!!!!
I am so pleased with this car and I am only on day 3 =). I never would have imagined this car would be as nice as it is!!!!!

By docrock on February 8 @ 3:00 am
New to Camry
First new car I ever purchased. Traded a 2000 Maxima - nice car but i wanted a new car. Only 150 miles on odo, have not taken any long road tipr yet, but am looking forward for it. Paid 22k for special edition Camry (too much?)- sun roof, JBL stereo, special paint, ABS, side air curtain. Only driven around town so far, but am impressed with build quality so far.

By arjam on November 4 @ 3:00 am
Reving to go
My experience has been wonderful with my new Camry. I could not asked for a better vehicle. It is roomy and comfortable. It drives so smoothly. I'm glad I made this purchase. I will defintely buy again.

By jennifer on July 31 @ 3:00 am
my car
I really enjoy driving in this car. I think it is luxurious both from the outside and inside.

By abbas on July 31 @ 3:00 am
This is a nice car but LE with 15" tires are not conveniant to drive when the weather is windy, wet or snow. The reason is; you almost can not control the car. Vehicle scid control must be standard in all LE's. After paying 19.000$ or plus, everybody ecpects a perfect driving experience.

By ScotR on January 21 @ 3:00 am
Dealer Mistake
I think the dealer made a mistake and gave me a $50,000 Lexus instead of the $19,000 Camry that I bought. At least it feels like it. The car is great. It does everything right.

By jimfromva on March 23 @ 3:00 am
Top o the line
Best car made!!!!!!!!! Smooth ride, handles curves like their nothing and a great sound system to boot. Buy it!

By mkira on December 17 @ 3:00 am
camry the unreliable
At first we were excited to getting this car, then the excitement faded and came stress from taking it back to the dealership to get it fixed. Three times in a bout 7 months the same problem is happening. We are hoping it will happen again so the lemon law will work and we could return the hunk of junk and get all of our money back.

By georgeb on June 9 @ 3:00 am
First-hand experience on safety
My review is on the 2003 Camry LE that we owned that was involved in an accident on Thanksgiving Day. The accident occurred when an SUV lost control and came across 3 lanes of traffic, causing us to slam into the front-driver side at about 45 mph. Our Camry was a total loss as a result of this accident, but no one was seriously hurt. The passenger compartment was untouched except for the airbags deploying. The engine compartment took the brunt of the collision and performed beautifully. Prior to the accident, we loved the car. After the accident, we now know just how safe this vehicle is. Once we settle with insurance, we are buying a 2004 Camry LE.

By JacobL on November 30 @ 3:00 am
Wish I had bought something else.
Okay, wish I had looked around more before buying.

By Amber Riggs on August 8 @ 3:00 am
My Toyota Camry
I purchased my Camry and it was my first toyota I have ever had. I have always bought honda. When I researched and compared the new Camry to the new Hondas it was hands down the best choice I could ever make. I've owned three hondas and I will NEVER go back to Honda again. The quality of the Toyota is unbeliveable.

By dmcdowell1 on August 8 @ 3:00 am
vehicle rating
my toyota is a 2002.. had for 2/1/2 year.great gas miles. reliablity.this car willlast 15 years.toyota carmey.is well build. i wood buy a nother one. this car rate a 10.

By fighton on May 4 @ 3:00 am
my first car!
This is my first car ever, and I love it. It's cute, so it's attractive to younger people (me) but my dad also loves it. My mom kept saying that back seats have much leg room. You can't hear the engine running either inside or outside the car. Also, the sound system isn't all that bad either!

By jcp#1 on July 21 @ 3:00 am
I love my Camry!!
My 3rd Camry they just keep getting better. And dollar for dolar this was cheeper then my 99' Camry!

By DPROF11 on July 21 @ 3:00 am
The Best, Most Reliable Sedan
Having owned seven Toyotas over the years, I find the Toyota Camry to be the most reliable and most functional sedan of the Toyota family. Also, most of my friends who previously drove Fords, Lincolns, BMWs, and Saabs have migrated to the top-end Camry models. There are reasons why this sedan outsells all others.

By y2kwon on October 7 @ 3:00 am
More Torque
Very pricey vehicle for its class but it'a well built car. could use some more horsepower with some torque!!!

By Big Schul Phil on October 7 @ 3:00 am
Love IT
Great to park and drive - very smooth ride.

By dcdc on July 4 @ 3:00 am
After 9 months
I've had my Camry for 9 months now. Its a well built machine. Never any problems. I'm very happy with my choice.

By mdpick on December 7 @ 3:00 am
Camry '04
I have only had this vehicle for about 6 weeks. It is most reliable and fun to drive. It makes driving a long distance seem like a short distance. Trunk room is important to me and it is large. Even has a compartment for the sunglasses. Good on gas. The main thing I will say is how smooth and quiet the ride is. I have been driving since 1965 and this is the nicest car I have owned!

By kcole on February 23 @ 3:00 am
Camry SE
Going from a Chevy Tahoe to my new camry has been a pleasure! I thought I would miss the size of the Tahoe, but the roomy interior of the Camry is great! I just laugh and laugh when I pass the gas pumps now!

By Marge Mackey on November 19 @ 3:00 am
First new car
Found out the car had no side mirror heat to melt ice etc. Not good. New material on seats holds lint/hair more than 2003 No access to trunk without stopping car. Plug in for phone etc does not continue to charge when vehichle is shut off. Bad! Car handles very well on curves and cruises nicely on the hwy. Milage not the best right now. Hopefully will improve as car breaks in.

By Tyree326 on August 15 @ 3:00 am
Great car!
I've only had this car for a week and love it! I was looking at BMW's, VW's and Audi's but the Camery SE(Sport Edition) V6 had just as much to offer with a much lower price. More horsepower too! The 3.3 liter V6 offers 225 hp! And an automatic 5 speed transmission.

By BRENDA SOLTERO on August 15 @ 3:00 am

By REALTOR BOB on April 24 @ 3:00 am
This 04 is the third camry I have owned and I am very dissapointed with the new 5 speed auto trans. Seems it wants to shift constantly and is grossly confused to which gear to shift into when accelerating from a turn. If this continues there will not be a forth.

By monc on July 11 @ 3:00 am
Fun and economical
I replaced my '90 Honda Prelude in Nov. 2003 with this brand new 4 door Salsa Red Pearl Toyota Camry LE Automatic and I have already racked up 4K miles due to the fun driving and comfort I have experienced with it. I highly recommend buying this with a budget of less than 20K.

By Ex-VW Pete Roch NY on July 11 @ 3:00 am
VW to Toyota- Return to Toyota
I moved up to this mid size from a 96 VW Golf. It is smooth, quiet, great on windy days on a bridge, with a spacious interior. Fit and finish are tops, as are features, even with the stripped down version I purchased. It is not as much fun to drive as my Golf-Steering is a bit light. To quote an elderly family member-" the colors and features are nice, but it just doesn't thrill me." Acceleration is very good- all weather tires in snow are just OK- will get snow's next year. Mileage does not match specs. Others more impressed with it than I. After 13 years of VWs, my reaction is perhaps not surprising.

By Jc on December 31 @ 3:00 am
I love the luxurious feel. It has a smooth ride and a little spunk with the SE edition. The economic price tag tops off the whole experience.

By User92539 on December 31 @ 3:00 am
Will never buy a Toyota Again
This has been the most horrid car I have ever purchased. The transmission died with less than 5000 on it. The dealership blamed me: said I raced it! Seat fabric came apart on passenger seat. Water pump already died. I have only had this car 5 months!

By ed 270 on September 27 @ 3:00 am
not good
very noisey, steering wheel not enough adjustment,slow to excelerate,2000 model much better

By LGL on June 5 @ 3:00 am
my 3rd Camry
you can benchmark it against the lexus ES300. From quality to comfort, it is great. The ride is second to none,the 4 cyl is all you need, and you get great gas mil. The fit -doors,dashboard,seats is all perfect. buy this one and dollar for dollar you will not go wrong. Don't be fooled and purchase something cheaper you will get what you paid for. By the way, Champion in Corpus Christi will treat you right!

By Seminole Fan on March 1 @ 3:00 am
So far sooooo good
After driving a 2000 Nissan Altima I was so excited to move over to a Camry. I have admired them for years and can't believe how well this one drives. Even though I have only owned it for a week, I can aleady tell we are going to be good friends for many years to come. I like how quiet and smooth it rides. My husband drove a Ford Explorer and the Camry has more room in it than the Explorer. Our family can have a conversation and everyone can hear it. So far...soooo good!

By twouldbeme on August 22 @ 3:00 am
Toyota Does It Again!
I bought this model a month and a half ago, and I'm still raving about it. The ride is incredibly smooth, the interior accents are brilliant, and the luxury is exceptional. I have the XLE V6 model, with navigation system, and I have never been so pleased with a vehicle. I have owned Toyotas for the last 12 years, and this one is the best of all.

By DbC on May 18 @ 3:00 am
Camry Ratings
This is an awesome car to drive. I feel very confident driving it. Never lets you down.

By ohluckyou on November 8 @ 3:00 am
Good torque; Sluggish 5-spd auto trans
Every thing about this car is excellent - good torque, super quiet ride, powerful V6 3.3L engine (very responsive), and the immobilizer (anti- theft). The styling is very nice 100% nicer than the last generation Camry. One major problem is the new sluggish 5-speed auto transmission with super ECT-i. Toyota claims the new 5-speed transmission will provide smooth ride. This is only true when I am driving at above 45 mph. I can feel the transmission is hesitating from 2nd to the 3rd gear - totally unsmooth. To be safe, stick with 4-speed auto transmission.

By JohnBoy123 on May 1 @ 3:00 am
My Toyota!
Fun car to drive, lots of room for both passengers and cargo. The great thing about the XLE is that so many features that are options on other car models are standard here. Initially the steering wheel was off center, but that was corrected. There is some wind noise and buzzing coming from the drivers side pilar that the dealer has not been able to pinpoint.

By fredslane on April 13 @ 3:00 am
Overall good value
Bought the 4 and have been very satisfied with the engine power. Great mileage at 30 consistently. Huge trunk. A few issues: even with power driver's seat it is tough to find a comfy position; needs the telescoping & tilting wheel of the Sienna. It's difficult to read odometer in daylight (had dealer examine what I presumed was a defect, only to be told that's the way it is made!). With sunglasses it is impossible to read. Radio/cd sound is terrible and I'm no audiophile. Brakes are also on soft side as others have opined. But smooth, strong, quiet acceleration makes for nice ride. Paid 20M out the door incl ABS, NY sales tax (8.5%).

By l.D on October 4 @ 3:00 am
I regret purchasing this car. Rear visibility is horrendous, especially for parking. I can feel every change in the road surfa

By gatesh on October 4 @ 3:00 am
V6 XLE Camry - I Love It!
I love this vehicle. I traded up from a 2001 LE V6 Camry. The 2001 V6 Camry had slightly better pickup, but the 2004 has a much improved interior design (cup holders, map lights, arm rest compartment) and the 2004 Camry is way more comfortable. The interior controls are very easy to use. The XLE is loaded with added features and is well worth the extra money. The car is great on snow and ice (you don't need the traction control).

By James Williamson on October 4 @ 3:00 am
Customer Overview
Excellent experience so far. I've had the car four just under four months and approximately 3000 miles. No problems what so ever. I particularly like its handling characteristics when driving in snow and ice. I would have liked a larger V6 but the current engine is satisfactory and has enough pep to make me feel confortable passing on two lane roads.

By yuboy on June 30 @ 3:00 am
I love my Camry
2004 Camry is our 4th Toyota car. We never had any problems with all other Toyota cars except normal wear. This Camry is very comfortable and fun to drive with manual transmission (manual transmission Camry in 2004 are all made in Japan). It drives very smoothly, powerful and has lot of space inside. It will be a very reliable car for many years to come. We trust Toyota's super quality and we love this car.

By moooo on March 26 @ 3:00 am
awesome deal
GREAT CAR, I bought it for $14999. Yes that's right!! 14999. and it invoiced for $20k, what a deal!!!!!!!!!!

By DonJm964 on September 16 @ 3:00 am
Best car yet
The reliability,and comfort is more to me than anything. This car has a life time service on the powertrain as long as you own the car,as long as you keep changing the oil etc. every 3500,miles at the dealership, no mater how much milage you have, now that is BIG.

By john roberts jr on June 12 @ 3:00 am
my camry
this is by far the best car ive ever owned no wind resistance, smooth ride and great gas mileage.

By Gustavo Santos on June 12 @ 3:00 am
good ride
the car looks nice but ,I can't find the right seat position , in the drivers seat, also I think that at the same time that it's roomy you losse power on the engine but when you drive in the high way it's pretty smoth, also the body seems to be very weak but over all I like it it's fun to drive , and the suspension its preety smoth I guess because of the fact that the car it's new:-)

By stikpeddler on March 8 @ 3:00 am
one nice ride
car drives and handels very well needs better sterio system and sportier dash for sports model

By brianc on December 3 @ 3:00 am
Hard to beat a Camry
Last Camry I bought in 1994 went 138,000 miles before I had any problems at all. My previous car was a 2001 Maxima, did'nt care for the harsh ride, and the car did'nt feel very tight. My new Camry is very smooth and it's really something to get such good gas mileage out of a full size car.

By Deedee on December 3 @ 3:00 am
Great car..good buy
A really smooth ride

By Cynthia H. on December 3 @ 3:00 am
Toyota Camry is an excellent buy!
I have enjoyed driving my Toyota Camry XLE. Performance is excellent as well as interior comfort and design. The ride is quiet and it handles well on the road. The JBL sound system is very nice too!

By Joe Schmidt on August 30 @ 3:00 am
Keeps getting better
My last Camry was a 1993 which now has 290,000 miles on it and is driven by our son every day. Our 2004 only cost $700 more than the '93 and is a better car with substantially more content and improvements. We get 32-36 MPG and think this is the best car you can possibly buy in this price range. It's quieter and better riding than a new Accord which is its only competition in my opinion. How can you fault an automobile that is this comfortable and quiet while delivering such good MPG? I'm not crazy about the style however all modern sedans have a generic look to them anyway.

By indoazn on November 16 @ 3:00 am
BEST car ever made!
I bought this car because i like the camry but this car is beyond what i ever expected it to be. Even with its 3.3 6cyl 4 spd auto trans it is one fast car.

By kevin osborne on August 12 @ 3:00 am
the bomb
If you had one car to drive before you die that would be afordable it should be the camry,this car is so smooth when i stopped at the light i thoutht the car cut off.I have drove hondas bmw mercedes maxima all the cars because i am a valet,I drive them all.The only car i could compare to this would be lexus,and you guess it thats right its also a toyota.

By ManManMan on February 2 @ 3:00 am
Unhappy owner
The gearshift is not very smooth at times and hard to shift to the reverse gear. It needs to release the clutch totally before reengaging the reverse gear again. To shift to 2nd gear then reserve gear, but it didn’t help. The clutch is extra sensitive compare other cars that I had. The most annoying thing is the driver seat squeaks after two weeks old. I brought it back to the dealership on six occasions and they replaced the seat frame at the 3 visit. After the seat frame replacement, it started to squeak after a month. It jerks while driving the first 10 to 15 second. Warm up the car for 1 to 2 minutes before drive off, but it didn’t help.

By njzyota on February 2 @ 3:00 am
Toyota does it again
I purchased my 2004 Toyota Camry on the 2nd of January of this year as a replacement to my 1996 Toyota Camry. There is a big difference between the two vehicles, this Camry has a much more roomier interior than the last one. The little extras sach as the power seats, the lighted rear-view mirror,the magazine pockets on the back of the front seats,the booming sound system w/CD player the illuminated cabin upon entering the vehicle, and the automatic shut-off of the same once the ignition is turned on and the outside temperature reading, imenities that in some vehicles you pay extra for, However, these were all included in the price of my vehicle.

By ddsccnp on July 26 @ 3:00 am
New Owner
I just bought my Camry XLE V6. I love it. It rides great, handles great. This car feels like a Lexus for a lot less. The V6 makes a huge difference. The V^ is much quieter and feels much more luxurious.

By nicole398 on January 15 @ 3:00 am
Sport tuned suspension gives a sure footed drive even on high speed turns. White faced gauges really gives it a sporty look.

By sunsax on October 12 @ 3:00 am
Great Ride
I bought this car in August and this is the most comfortable car I ever drove. This is LE/auto(2003) at a great price of $17600(all taxes and registration included). Ride quality is excellent. Lot of room, large trunk and great mileage. Most important it is flawless-no trouble and is very dependeable. Only one thing I feel which needs to improvement -that LE comes with 15 inches wheel- which seems to be small with such a large size sedan. If you need 16 inches wheel then you have to go to SE or XLE.

By icebox on October 12 @ 3:00 am
I purchased this toyota in hopes of having a long lasting, high quality vechile. I felt the price was high, but for the supposed benefits, I bought it anyways. Then the problems started. Whenever I turned on the defroster, this clicking noise started. After three seperate trips to the dealership, it still was not solved. The gas milage I was getting was lower than my grandfather's Lesabre, which is a much larger car/engine. Then, at 17,543 miles, the head gasket blew. Problems arose when dealing with toyota over the warrenty, and finally they fixed it after I threatened legal action. Overall this car is not reliable or dependable.

By didi on July 8 @ 3:00 am
Excellent Car at Low Price
Bought the 2.4L LE car with automatic over the weekend. Toyota is offering $1000 cash back. With weakening dollar, Camry has 25% of parts made in Japan. Consumers are really getting bargain for the car. Horse power is sufficient more than enough for daily transportation, unless you desire more sporty. It gets best mileage among the class. This saves your money over the long run, plus you get better overall performance and safety. Some small cars do have even better gas mileage, but they are too light, lack of performance and safety.

By bw1 on April 3 @ 3:00 am
The best car I have owned!

By JASTA on June 20 @ 3:00 am
My Toyota Camry
I love my Camry. Inside very comfortable; by far wins over any comperable competiter. That's what I expect from Toyota.

By Misha C on March 16 @ 3:00 am
Great car a fantastic value, better than any American car I owned before

By rgpharmd on December 11 @ 3:00 am
2004 camry xle 4cyl
quiet, comfortable ride, easy to turn, very roomy inside, everything standard

By Henery on June 2 @ 3:00 am
Toyota is the ULtimate driving machine..
I love my Camry, it is the best for your dollars. Fit and finish is unmatched! As you may have read by now, European autos are NO match for Toyotas! I am getting another Camry in the XLE model, EXcept I'm getting leather this time around. 4 cylinder is all you need. Smooth, quiet, and powerful. Resale is superb! I sold it for as much as I paid for it. I put in 20K miles in 1.5 years time. Don't just think about getting it, JUST DO IT! Buy a Camry today, you'll love it!

By Gizmoatiwon on June 2 @ 3:00 am
2004 Camry
All Toyota Camrys are very dependable cars. Great looks and handles like a dream. Last 2 Camrys had 200000 + miles when I gave them to my son because they both still were in great running condition. I think Toyota Camry is the Best Value for your money on the market today.

By Ladyeight on November 5 @ 3:00 am
Gret Car!
I am very satisfied with my car. It is very fun to drive, and has great features. The trunk has so much space and I love that it has a full size spare tire.

By repleo on November 5 @ 3:00 am
Luxury ride at budget price
After 6 months I am still amazed at how smooth this car is every time I get into it. I only got this car because I needed a reliable car for low payments and Toyota was runnung a lease special. Even the most basic model is equipped and drives like a luxury car costing twice the price. Don't know how they get the performance they do out a 4 cyl 2.4L engine. The only problem - my wife and I argue who is going to get it every morning. Solution - looking at a Highlander to replace Taurus wagon.

By Toy2me on January 22 @ 3:00 am
Excellent Car & Fun 2 drive
Fun car to drive, lots of room, Bought the 2.4L LE with automatic and ABC. My Camry is very smooth and it's really something to get such good gas mileage out of a full size car.

By Jody Musolino on October 19 @ 3:00 am
smooth riding!
We found the perfect mid size car, at a great price, Camry LE! We looked at the Honda Accord, Mits. Galent, Mazda 6, Subaru Legacy and many others in the $20,000 - $25,000 price range. The Toyota Camry offered everything we wanted, and it drove the smoothest! After test driving other cars, nothing compared to the Camry. This car offers many features that are standards for an afforadable price.

By mpsearcher on July 15 @ 3:00 am
Undeniably great-though slightly boring
My fourth Toyota, it was totaled at 6 months when i was t-boned by someone who ran a stop sign. GET THE CURTAIN AIRBAGS - THEY WORK. After 8200, miles i wanted to get something a little sportier as a replacement, but can't find the value/ mileage/ reliability/curtains,etc. so will likely buy another. As to resale- insurance gave me almost what I paid. Don't pay more than 86% of sticker.

By STSi454 on January 5 @ 3:00 am
'04 Toyota SE V6
I've had the car for over 1 month and I love it. It's got pep, and it's still good on gas.I like the design of the Camry a lot better than of the Accord.

By JGOODWRENCH on March 24 @ 3:00 am

By DallasRealtor on March 24 @ 3:00 am
Recommended with Reservations
13,500 trouble free miles. Comfortable, even on long trips. Noticeably quiet with refined road manners compared to our '99 Accord EX. Excellent braking comes in useful in sudden stop traffic. Lots of useful space and compartments. Convenient access in/out. Only major complaint is transmission lag is quite noticeable, especially while merging with short windows of opportunity( Ex: On/Off Ramp = same lane).

By Donna Sue on December 19 @ 3:00 am
ok car with very poor gas mileage
average car but terrible gas mileage around 20 highway and thats terrible for a 4 cylinder

By Jean D. Witt on December 1 @ 3:00 am
Love My Toyota
Got my new Toyota Camry XLE for Christmas and love it so much. It gets up and goes when I need it to and very easy to drive.

By ERN on December 1 @ 3:00 am
Fed up with Domestic Mfg.unrelible prods
This xle scats up the mountains on I75 in Tenn.,passes everything.A very stable,comfortable riding car to drive with excellent gas mileage.I love it!

By Larry T on August 27 @ 3:00 am
This SE is a cut above all other model Camrys! Its 3.3 V6 is there when you need the power to pass and compliments comfort while doing it. The interior offers quality build features and materials. I owned Accords in the past but I am much more impressed with this Camry SE than even the new Accord. With a more spacious interior, quieter ride and racy appearance, I love my Toyota Camry SE. The 3.3 V6 is worth every penny !

By STEALTH on February 17 @ 3:00 am

By Mom'sTOY on August 10 @ 3:00 am
Love My Toy
We have had 1998, 2001 and now the 2004. The best ones are the ones still built in Japan. The quality is better. Both our 98 and 2004, were built and imported from Japan, and they are far superior to the 2001, which was manufactured in Fremont, California. The entire car is better, the ride, the interior.

By BRJ on March 25 @ 11:00 am
Great Value
Camry continues to deliver a very reliable and practical package. Ride is comfortable and quiet, very quiet. In fact I would say it's on par or even better than some high-end luxury cars. This is my second V6 LE and I am not disappointed. The only gripe I have is the start up pick up and erratic / delayed shifting at start. The pick up issue can be overcome by flooring the gas. Overall, very happy with the choice I made. You get a lot of car for your $$ compared to the competition.

By mls4deals on March 25 @ 11:00 am
Camry 11
I bought my 03 Camry LE to commute from san diego to LA DAILY...and put 40,000 miles on it in a flash without getting worn out. I'm sellin it for almost what I paid for it (on sale @ 15,688) since I put in the moonroof, spoiler and tinted window and the white car looks like the SE sport model and buying a 2004 Camry LE limited edition now that I am driving regular miles again. I love the cars handling, comfort, utility and mileage as well as performance and beelieve it to be the best car offered for the features and value it offers. IF ou havent driven one before you buy any car...DRIVE THIS ONE..and your decision will be a "NO brainer" :)

By ms.sunshine on September 15 @ 11:00 am
...Even turns the heads of Benz owners
So far I am loving this car! It's strong, solid, and fun to drive. I even got a compliment today from someone driving a new Mercedes SL500 today. Now that makes a statement about the fine appearance of this car! I've driven an E-class before, and the smoothness and handling of this car ranks right up there with it. Just hoping the gas mileage improves as the car breaks in. 17 mpg is tough on the pocket book. If not, I'll still love it.

By ddb on August 28 @ 11:00 am
Camry 2004
Luxury; top of the line. Little bit slow during need for quick acceleration for a V6 engine. Everything else is fantastic. Smooth drive; and luxury car features. Good price.

By x434000 on August 28 @ 11:00 am
great car good value
With the exception of hard seats and poor headroom (when you have both the power seat and moon roof option) the car is great.

By Maple Lady on August 28 @ 11:00 am
Number 4
I bought my first Camry in 1994. Got another in 1997, and again in 2000. A couple of weeks ago I picked up the 2004 It is just a perfect fit. So comfortable. It is not too big and not too small.

By milly on August 28 @ 11:00 am
Oh My
So Fun! I love my camry. Nothing but a Great family car.

By roberto yo on August 28 @ 11:00 am
the camry is an overall great car for anyone from a single teen, to a young family just starting out, to an old couple. the camry is equipped with every need and want imaginable for comfort and convinence

By Pennys2 on August 28 @ 11:00 am
Its a great car with great gas milage. I have confidence in the product to say we will have it at least 10 yrs

By DD54 on August 28 @ 11:00 am
My Camry
I've had a 1989 Camry then a 1997 Honda and now a 2004 Camry. The 2004 Camry is the best to drive and feels like a luxury car.

By wbshakira on August 28 @ 11:00 am
Satisfied Owner
My third Camry, excellent reliablity, comfort and size.

By bluediamond on August 28 @ 11:00 am
#1 Car to Own
I've owned my Camry now for 2 years. Prior to that I owned a Dodge Neon. It gave me more problems than it was worth. The Camry is one of the most comfortable, stylish, reliable, gas efficient cars I have owned. The details interior and exterior are beautiful. Toyota has a reputation of being built to last. I've known other people with 10 & 12 year old Toyotas. So I am confident I have a car that will last.

By bobmarilyn on August 28 @ 11:00 am
Love My New Camry
Jim Barkley Toyota in Asheville was an excellent dealership. They were helpful, not pushy, and patient while I selected the car I wanted. It is a wonderful car---plan to have it for many years! Safety features are excellent as well.

By Samuel J. Cruz on August 28 @ 11:00 am

By allyn dennis on August 28 @ 11:00 am
I Love My Toyota
I have driven large sedans made in America for years. I am now near retiremant and tired of the overpriced product that does not hold it's value and has what appears to be a short "shelf life" I searched many sites before I bought my car and 5 months later I can honestly say I love my Camry. I love the ride, the gas mileage I get, the look of the car but mostly I love the comfort that it provides.

By Italnprnce on August 28 @ 11:00 am
A Cheaper Lexus
We love our Camry, the ride is amazing! Smooth all around. Quality everywhere. The only problem we are having is with squeaky seats driver and passenger. Been back to the dealer 4 times already. They still squeak! Other then that, love it.

By REX MAUK on August 28 @ 11:00 am

By College place on August 28 @ 11:00 am
Great Car!!!
Purchased this on 03/28 this is our 2nd Camry we had got our son an used 01 LE 18,000 miles we liked the car so much in its driving, gas mileage and confort we decided to purchase a new one. We went on a 1800 mile trip no problems road great. Handled very well.Good acceleration in passing. Would buy another or an Avalon. Am waiting for the Solara conv. to come out

By KRUNKSTER on August 28 @ 11:00 am

By bill21145 on May 24 @ 11:00 am
Odometer and cruise control indicator difficult to see in daylight. Steering wheel should have telescope as well as tilt...and very little range in the tilt.....difficult for a tall driver to find a comfortable position.

By Julie W on May 24 @ 11:00 am
$7000 Less than a Lexus!
With the premium package and safety package it has virtually every feature of the Lexus ES330. Good construction and quality materials and fit. I had a problem with the sunroof not closing -- something to do with the computer?? It made me wonder if more could go wrong, as this car has a lot more gadgets than I'm used to. There is a slight hesitation when you've almost stopped the car and then go again, like at a stop sign when you don't come to a complete stop. I'm 5'11" and have good head and leg room. It is well designed for a comfortable ride and I like the little cubbyholes around the driver.

By Ka on May 24 @ 11:00 am
Very reliable, most economical for it's class, fuel efficient, comfortable and smooth ride.

By Ms.Johnnie Merrill on May 24 @ 11:00 am
My carmy
This is the most loveable car I have even driven.It's beautiful inside and out handle very well on the road and get great gas mileage.but watch your speed you can be speeding before you know it., it is roomite and it on the highway.

By blackroxanna1 on May 24 @ 11:00 am
Wonderful car! The pick up on my car is great and it is only a 4-cylinder.

By mspris on February 18 @ 11:00 am
se camry2003
I have enjoyed this camry it is my first one and it wont be my last one to own either. I feel very safe in the car with my family. It has great pickup gas milege and really great options and features. The indash 6 disc changer is great you just load them in and you dont have this changer in your way. We load stuff in trunk with no problem large and spacious.

By Otto Ramlee on May 6 @ 11:00 am
Poor exterior body paint
Car is comfortable to be driven, handling is good, excellent fuel economy on highway and city driving. Poor body paint job, thin and easily scratch by light bump. Trunk is quite large but trunk lid is made so light that it requires a push right on the center top of the lid. Automatic light sensor is not install as written in the manual, unlike on Corolla it comes standard. Overall this car offers good value for a family sedan.

By A.A.J. on October 27 @ 11:00 am
Really great car!
This car makes you feel like you paid in the $30k range when you paid a lot less. It rides very smoothly and it "floats" over bumps on the road. At idle you wouldn't think the engine is running. The stereo system sounds wonderful and the Power driver's seat is really a plus for standard features. You can get this car well below invoice price so shop around.

By trapro on October 27 @ 11:00 am
Love this car!
When shopping for a car I wanted a quiet ride, rich and spacious interior, great engineering, high resale value, adequate power, good looks and lot of features. I test drove several cars including different versions of the Camry and my choice is the Camry 4 cylinder XLE with the Premium Plus package. Got it for a great price, great financing and a free 4yr maintenance package. Love this car! The XLE w/prem plus makes the Camry truly a luxury car.

By 2B's on January 13 @ 11:00 am
Best car I've ever had
I can't say enough good things about it. The only possible problem is its fair/poor traction in the snow, without all-weather tires.

By Chris Karu on January 13 @ 11:00 am
After having bought Honda Accords's for the last 20 years in a row. I.E. based on buying a new vehicle every 5 years. Camry 2004, is a great vehicle for the price.

By gotcga on January 13 @ 11:00 am
The seat
I've been driving toyotas since 1968; the seats are too short; my leg gets tired from the lower thigh to the knee

By Missy on January 13 @ 11:00 am
I know that the car is very popular, I see them every where I turn! My brother and sister in law have 2 and pushed me to get one! I am so happy. I know it will last me a very long time! Being a mom, I feel very sexy in it as well!

By peteyboy62 on January 13 @ 11:00 am
Best car on the road!
Toyota has out done themselves again! The 2004 Camry is the best looking, best performing Camry ever! The fit and finish is Lexus like! The gas mileage is better than listed. I'm getting 26 mpg in the city and 36 on the highway. I will recomend this car to all my friends!

By indoazn on January 13 @ 11:00 am
Best car ever made!
I had a camry before i bought the 04 model and when i bought it it was amazing. The total design change plus it runs really smooth. plus the sound system is unbelievable.

By Colorado Rockies on January 13 @ 11:00 am
Great Car!
This is my Third Camry and I like the design of the SE model. Very Sporty and have had several compliments on the car. The firm ride is great on the Highway. More pep from previous model in the Mountains. The 5 speed transmission is great.

By gmcd on January 13 @ 11:00 am
2004 Camry LE
Very good value for the money. 1.9% 4 year interest rate and base price close to same as when I purchased my 2000 Camry which i still use too.Plenty of room inside and a larger car than 2000 model.Blind spots can be a concern and auto on/off headlights of the past should be brought back on all models

By l121380music on January 13 @ 11:00 am
he best of the best
i love it! it is all a car should be and more.like i said i love it!

By mathew on January 13 @ 11:00 am
love that camry
it is a great car and i ove the way it looks with the new rims and its to put it simple its a great fun to drive car i like it better then accord because accord riped toyotas ideas off nissan also nissan copys toyota alot

By Gramps on January 13 @ 11:00 am
My wife's new sports car
After 20+ years of American products it's a pleasure driving the XLE. The ride is very quiet and smooth. I was really amazed the first time we drove it due to the handling and response to the steering wheel. My wife is the main driver and there are times when I think she thinks it's a race car. I have to remind her to keep it around the speed limit. Very quick on the highway and the 4 cyl. was a very good choice.

By berk on January 13 @ 11:00 am
My fourth Camry.
Built in Kentucky this is an "import" anyone could love. Good gas mileage, yet the model I have is fairly sporty and stylish. (My wife made me buy the sporty SE rather than my standard plain Jane model.) I'll put 50k miles on it and get another one.

By Burkeohio on January 13 @ 11:00 am
Three times a winner
I purchased my Toyota Camry in Nov of 03. My previous car was a leased Honda four door sedan. My two other previous cars were Toyota Camry's.I had selected the Honda because my local dealership had a good lease offer. Toyota at the time "was not dealing". The difference I felt between the two was the Camry's ease at driving. The Honda felt stiff. The Honda's gas mileage wasn't as good as I had hope.We have become a toyota family. My husband purchased a Highlander and loves it.

By Jimmy-Jimmy on January 13 @ 11:00 am
Camry: Yes, You Can Get It at Invoice
Who needs a v6; the 4 is quite peppy. But the seat bottoms are firm to the point of near discomfort. Back seats do not fold down flat; thus a 6' ladder can't be pushed through because of the small opening.

By JUST ME on January 13 @ 11:00 am

By bob wright on January 13 @ 11:00 am
excellent car!!
great car excellent comfort

By ovillatoro on October 9 @ 11:00 am
The best car built
i uesd to own a mithubithi galant and it was ok until i got in to the seat of the toyota Camry then i found out how amazing the Camry really was

By pcr on October 9 @ 11:00 am
A decent car at last
After years of driving compact cars, I test drove a Camry as was hooked. With the air conditioning on full-blast, I could accelerate to 90 in seconds up a steep WV hill--with a 4-cylinder engine. In 35000 miles, I've had only comfortable rides, no mechanical problems, confidence when on the road late at night, and compliments on my taste in cars. I'll buy another Camry in 10 or 12 years, when I pass this down to my daughter.

By Leosgirl on October 9 @ 11:00 am
Toyota Camry
I love my Camry and almost everything about it, the only thing that surprised me was that it uses much more gas then expected and costs me about $30.00 per week for gas and I do not drive a far distance weekly.

By CJdong on July 6 @ 11:00 am
My new Camry broke down within 3 weeks
The car is good and runs smooth, however, my 3-week old camry broke down. The engine needs to be rebuilt, and the dealer takes a long time to order the part and unwilling to fix it in a timely manner. Servicepeople at the particular dealership have extremely bad attitudes. It's a big trouble. I can't say it's reliable from my horrible experience with this particular car. But I can say it's the worst new car I have ever bought.

By RHOPE on June 18 @ 11:00 am
built to last
Good quality,ok pickup,stops great,quiet ride,great CD and radio. 32mph on the radd, 30mph in town,Heated seats are nice,impressed so far

By dwarflord on June 18 @ 11:00 am
Honda is out, Toyota is in
I looked at Accord and Camry. Looking at the Honda I noticed a lot of fit and finish problems I had never seen on any of my previous 4 hondas. I then drove a camry and the comfort and feel was a big jump over, not only the civic, but the accord as well. The ride was so quiet, no engine noise, no creaks, no rattles and very very smooth. I owned a tacoma in the past as well and had 0 problems in the 4 years I owned it, never ever took it in. In the 8 months I owned my civic I had it in the dealership 3x for all different issues, last of which was a transmission problem at less than 6k miles. I guess its a good time to trade up to a toyota now.

By Henry Vasquez on December 9 @ 11:00 am
The best sedan on the market
it has been a good experience and pleasure to have and drive the 2004 Camry, it is an excellent car and I will keep it for long time

By coconut on September 4 @ 11:00 am
My second XLE V6
Our experience with our 1992 Camry XLE V6 lead us to buy new 2004 model. Also the offered 0% financing. We laid down our requirements for purchase and salesman was able to fulfill. Wish Toyota would have offered nicer colors this year though (like navy, taupe, dark green, burgundy). The blue they offer is ELECTRIC. Zap! We settled for the grey.

By alok on June 1 @ 11:00 am
my toyota
ride quality is good,very quite,very reliable,cheaper than honda accord and fun to drive.Not a sport car and its kind of LE but still its a cool, nice and a good family car.

By pazap on June 1 @ 11:00 am
2004 camry xle
A reliable, time tested product that didn't leave any doubt to its design and quality. Toyota continues to deliver its vast product line with exceptional products that's second to none. Wake up American Car Maunfacturers, you quality is improving, but your losing money in the mean time.

By Baltimore on August 18 @ 11:00 am
Rattles & Rough Transmission
The dash rattles, quirky transmission and problematic sunroof mar an otherwise excellent car. '02 & '03 models had the same rattles (due to windshield installation issues) but it appears the '04 models are no better. Transmission stutters when shifting from 1st to 2nd at 3,000 rpm. Sunroof refuses to close more than half-way, then you have to push it by hand.

By GDT on February 8 @ 11:00 am
My Company Car
I received my LE as a company provided car. I had always driven domestic or Hondas prior to that. I was quite surprised to find the Toyota was as good as anything I had owned before. Frankly, I hadn't ever given Toyota a 2nd thought when making my purchases...that will all change now. The 4 cyl is a little weak at times, but over all acceptable in most situations. Fit and finish is excellent, however I do agree with a previous posting that the rear bumper is prone to scratching easily if accidently bumped with a bag or suitcase. Don't make the same mistake that I did. Give this car a close look when making your next car purchase.

By Craig D. on February 8 @ 11:00 am
Camary Fobia
My wife bought the car for her. I never liked it, but I don't like Toyota engineering anyway.The interior was very nice but the outside is ugly. The performace was bland and the driveability very poor. No power, bad shifting, terrible lag to the point of being unsafe to drive. Will not accellerate when needed. I hated it so much we got rid of it.

By olga on February 8 @ 11:00 am
Thats a very nice practical car, comfortable to drive and fuel efficient! Great car, very nice interior and exterior, good sound sistem.

By Skip B. on July 31 @ 11:00 am
Toyota Camry XLE 4 cyl
I've only had the car for three weeks but so far I love it. The XLE has important standard features including ABS, larger 16 inch wheels and power seats, along with lots of other features too many to mention. The car is comfortable, roomy, quiet, and it rides and handles like a dream. Toyota knew what it was doing when it built this car. So far I've only driven it 200 miles in city driving so I haven't been able to gauge the fuel economy.

By Happy Buyer #1 on July 14 @ 11:00 am
Taken from Ford
The car has a very nice ride solid feel, roomie, and alot of comfort inside. And the full economy the best. Power is very good for a 4 cyl. I'll never buy a ford agian. The thing is the car has only 1,200 Mil. on it at this time. The Dealer was helpful as was the salesman. We had been to the ford dealer around the corner, to find that they added 10,000.00 to the MSRP of a Ranger. So I went to Precision and pick up a Camry and a Tacoma. 40,000.00 latter I see why Ford is #3 in the world they need to be #4 or 5.

By Georgia on March 4 @ 11:00 am
First Toyota I ever had. Very Impressed with the vehicle. Top notch

By abchanf on February 15 @ 11:00 am
$17,288=mini-lexus&32 mpg.
I've owned three Toyotas, one of which was a Camry bought new in 1991. All three were driven well over 130,000 miles.All three provided unbelievable comfort, reliability and fuel mileage.The 91 Camry was sold at 201,000 miles with the ONLY repairs to original parts being both front struts after 170,000!! Our 2004 Camry LE 4cyl. has just 5,000 miles on it, but it has no rattles, appears to be even better made, is averaging over 30 mpg. in mixed driving and rides as well or better than previous Lexus, Infinity and Cadillac luxury cars I've driven. And the build quality, quietness, interior space and cargo area either match or exceed them as well.

By unsuk on November 11 @ 11:00 am
Great Car
A Great Car, would not have another kind.

By tuantat on May 4 @ 11:00 am
goood car but needs a better tranmission
It's a beautiful car.Engine runs quietly and smoothly.Except riding is too rough(compared w/my 2000 camry xle v6).Tranmission hesitated to shift when I stepped on the gas pedal.2nd gear to 3rd unsmoothly.Good value car (out the door cost just over 23k).Nice interior designed.

By beetlemom_2000 on July 21 @ 11:00 am
Noise from seatbelts? driving me crazy!
I've had my Camry for 5 months. The noise from inside the car is very annoying. Two trips back to the dealer haven't solved the problem. Also have a fan belt noise when the heater/air conditioner is on and you start the car. They were not able to duplicate this in the shop. Other than those two things, the car seems to be fine.

By cmpfs11 on July 21 @ 11:00 am
ms review
Outstanding value. Car is attractive, quiet, fuel efficient, practical. Great price for such a well build car.

By FP on October 7 @ 11:00 am

By jdz on March 29 @ 11:00 am
WOW! What a CAR!!!!!
This car is awesome. Its the first time I've owned a Toyota and I won't buy anything but one now! The car is beautiful and lots of fun to drive. This has to be the best sedan on the market. No wonder the Camry is Americas best selling and rated sedan.

By elza on December 24 @ 11:00 am
From Cadalic to Camry with Joy
After two decades of driving big gas- drinking tanks, I moved on to a Camry which I love. It handles well, is gas efficent and fits my lifestyle so well. I think it is pretty and easy to park! I only wish it had rear-view mirrors that automatically dim the lights of the driver behind you, a carryover from my Caddy years! I won't go back to a gas gussler again!

By NIki on December 6 @ 11:00 am
Excessive problems
I can't believe that this vehicle has the reputation that it does! My vehicle has been in the dealership for 7 separate warranty problems. I have wasted too much of my own time in the dealership waiting for my car to be repaired. I have asked the dealer to make arrangements for appointments or a loaner to accomodate me for excessive problems with my vehicle and they are not willing to help. I will not buy another Toyota product.

By docbarok on December 6 @ 11:00 am
Camry 2004
Very smooth drive, I feel confident driving on the interstate. Safety ratings are a plus.

By GLCasazza on September 1 @ 11:00 am
My 2004 Camry SE V6
Traded my '98 LE v6 for the SE v6. My wife and I looked at the Lexus ES330 but after driving the SE we purchased it. If your looking for a great V6 go with the SEs 3.3 instead of the LE/XLE.

By labassist on May 28 @ 11:00 am
2004 Toyota Camry XLE
We purchased a 2004 Toyota Camry XLE in May of 2004. We have owned the Toyota brand before and were pleased with it reliability. To date, this vehicle has not disappointed us--it drives like a dream--no road noise, superior sound quality in the upgraded stereo system, very comfortable and room, power seats very easy to adjust in many different positions. Gas mileage has been as rated and interior design is very easy to get used to--the radio/cd/cassette controls are within easy reach. Auto temperature control feature is an excellent way to remain comfortable while driving. The direction indicator in the rear view mirror is also very helpful.

By Kerri Wood on August 14 @ 11:00 am
Camry beats Accord
Tested a 2004 Toyota Camry LE and a Honda Accord LX. Purchased the Camry. The Camry was more comfortable, had a quieter smoother ride, and felt like a more expensive car. Although the Accord had a sportier feel, it falls short in other areas. The Accord would definetly be my second choice, but overall the Camry is the better choice in my opionion.

By C. Hanna on July 10 @ 11:00 am
Uncomfortable driver seat
I find the driver seat to be very uncomfortable. To the point that I do not like to drive the car. Lumbar support is like two fists in my kidney's and the seat bottom is very hard. Did not notice this in the short test drive at the dealer's. Be sure to sit in this car for 15 + minutes before buying.

By VA for Camry's on April 5 @ 11:00 am
Camry over Accord.
Bought the Camry LE w/ABS over the Accord LX. Had both at my house for 48 hours. The Camry has a smoother and quieter ride, more room and looks more expensive. The Accord is a good car and superior to the Altima and Galant, but doesn't stack up to the Camry. The Accord is a little quicker and has sportier handling, but if I wanted that I'd buy a sports car not a 4 door sedan. I guess that's why the Camry is still outselling Accords. While testing the two cars I noticed that the Accord had a cheaper feel to it's interior, the Camry just felt like a more expensive car. My final verdict came after I drove both on the interstate, the Camry won hands down!

By stevebc on December 31 @ 11:00 am
2004 XLE
So far, so good...

By Ga Boy on June 22 @ 11:00 am
Best Car On The Road
This car gets 34 mpg. It rides great,handles superb. I was pleasantly surprised at the great inprovments Toyota has made to the new Camry.

By sl2f on June 22 @ 11:00 am
Went in for a Scion out with a camry
I went into the dealership looking for my first new car as a graduation gift from college. I went in expecting to buy a Scion xA ended up test driving the new 2005 corolla and then was convinced to try the Camry. Long story short, the Camry at below invoice with 0.0% apr was actually only $30 more than the new 2005 Corollas with the 4.9% apr offered. Great car, very roomy and drives like a dream.

By cricketman on November 25 @ 11:00 am
Kims car
Very dependable, and comfortable. Traded a 97 Buick Riviera, and the power is comperable, even with the loss of cubic inches, and cylinders, advances in design more than make up for it. I actually enjoy having 4 doors again, for ease of entry, and not having to move for in-laws that travel with us sometimes. Getting softer, or lazier as we get older. Highly recommend the Camry as a daily driver, and even a road car.

By nicole on August 21 @ 11:00 am
car owner of a 2004 SE
i like this new year i had a 2000 camry LE and did a trade in.. i love the new body

By john talty on February 11 @ 11:00 am
2004 toyota review
It is a very well made vehicle. Very well designed with comfort in mind. Great car and we are very happy with it so far.

By Skuuter on November 7 @ 11:00 am
As fun to drive as a toaster
I do not own a Camry, but drove an LE rental for more than a week. The car had very few miles on it so it wasn't abused. Personally, I don't see what the attraction to Camry is outside of reliability. For myself, I'd trade a little reliability for a dash of excitement. The car is boring, in styling and in performance. It's well built, a comfortable cruiser, good for commutes, but I would never buy one unless I had to. It's just basic transportation at a premium. I think you folks need to shop around and experience some other brands, unless driving is not something you like to do.

By kidhillbilly on January 24 @ 11:00 am
My 7th Toyota, this 2004 CamryLE was bought as a primary work car for my wife, replacing a 1992 CamryLE which in twelve years and 180,000 miles has been the LEAST expensive car I have EVER owned for overall maintinance and operating expense. The 1992 remains in the driveway as a dependable second car. Our third car is a 1988 CorollaFX hatchback with 230,000 miles and still going strong. I have been a mechanic for over 35 years (never for a TOYOTA dealership) and can vouch for the dependability and reliability of this superior product!

By JFlynn on January 24 @ 11:00 am
Very roomy, extremely smooth ride. Great stereo system.

By SBonar on June 12 @ 11:00 am
Great Selling Price
Got a great deal in Atlanta, GA. New 2004 LE for $16,400 out the door (before taxes and title). Would recommend visiting the Atlanta area if you are looking for the best deal. This is the fourth car we have bought in the Atlanta area. We have always saved at least $1,500 over purchasing the car locally. So far the car has been great, no problems.

By AChang on December 3 @ 11:00 am
This car rocks
This car is the most smooth ride i've ever been in. I love this car, its fast,quiet,smooth, and most of all powerful. By the way, the username JFlynn that bought the V4 Le was my Science teacher this year. How funny is that?

By Fatima Khourshid on December 3 @ 11:00 am
known to last
I has purchased a suzuki verona at first and not even 200 miles and it died on me the battery died because it was malfunctioning. The best thing i did was swith to a toyota camry smooth and know to be reliable car. I see me still driving it 10 yrs from now!

By Gautam Arora on November 15 @ 11:00 am
Absolutely Not a Good Car.
Please Please don't buy this car LE/XLE/SE V6 especially 5A. It tons of problems (check the forums / reviews) : 1. Very Very Poor Acceleration even a compact car would leave you behind. 2. Bad Fuel ecomomy. 3. Lots of rattles which would never go away.

By proberts on August 12 @ 11:00 am
2002 camry
this car would rate a 10 if it did'nt have so much engine and rear door noise.

By Grandladye on February 1 @ 11:00 am
Excellent road trip car
I bought my 2004 4cyl automatic Camry LE at the end of March this year. I have already driven it to Altanta from Cleveland, Ohio and it did an excellent job. The Camry handled excellently at highway speeds, it accellerated nicely in the hills of Kentucky and Tennessee, and it got excellent gas mileage. Actually, my in-city gas mileage is even better since my trip. The handling could be a little tighter, but over all I love my car.

By gejr on October 29 @ 11:00 am
A Very Good Car
Have only had my LE-V6 for a couple of weeks but my last was a Saturn LW300 and you can't compare the two. This is my 5th Toyota and they have all been good, dependable autos. This latest Camry is smooth, powerful enough, quiet, comfortable and very easy to drive. My wife feels the same way about the car. So far no regrets. Dealer was great and worked the Edmunds figures perfectly. A very easy buy since I was well prepared to deal.

By jim goodwin on April 20 @ 11:00 am
slow trottle responce at low speed
It accellerates nicely from a start but when accellerating from low speed it takes a lot of gas peddle to get it up to freeway speed fast. It is also hard to read the LCD radio display with sun glasses on. Ohther than that it is quite a nice car alot cheeper than a Lexis

By joflores on April 20 @ 11:00 am
It looks good and drives good and a graet car to have

By RVB on April 20 @ 11:00 am
who needs an ES 330???
This is my first camry and I just love it! I traded in my 2002 aacordLX which was a great car but with a horrible rough ride. The camry rides on the same platform as the Lexus. If your looking for leather and a wood wheel buy the lexus,if you have the cash! The accord was all new for '03 but after a 15 min test drive at Toyota I didn't look at another accord. This car rides and is built superior to anything on the market, and blows honda away. After my test drive I took the car home that day! My father has had american cars all his life and when he drove the camry he went to the dealer and traded in his buick the very next day! mmmm go figure!

By n40798 on January 15 @ 11:00 am
Oh Yea Baby!
oh yea this car is definately a keeper!! i use it any where and every where i go and proud of it

By calkid on September 5 @ 11:00 am
Camry is a Great Car
My review may not be very objective since I've had the car for less than a week. But I've wanted a Camry for a long time and this car doesn't disappoint. The ride is quiet and smooth and the LE comes with all the bells and whistles I wanted (power windows, locks, mirror, seats; CD and Cassette players; good A/C; keyless entry.) Last but not least, the reliability is legendary.

By iamstones on November 22 @ 11:00 am
why my wife and i are on our 10th toyota
nothing less than i would expect from toyota-- after 9 cars from corolla to avalon, it's still the best car out there and the one that is most consistantly well built and performance perfect.

By JHSiess on November 22 @ 11:00 am
I thought I loved my 1996 Camry. Well, I was wrong. I LOVE my 2004 Camry, although I kept my 1996 and still enjoy driving it, too. But the 2004 is much improved, not only in handling, but comfort, mileage, etc. It is quieter and rides even smoother. I adore this car. Even with the a/c running and at speeds up to 80 mph, I get 36 mpg on the freeway. You just can't beat that. It is 100% reliable and great to take along friends, or the kids and their friends because everyone rides comfortably and happily. Well worth the $$. I'm quite sure that in a few years I will be purchasing Camry #3!

By Vincent T. on April 28 @ 11:00 am
Camry versus Accord
I own both a 2003 Accord EX V6 and a Camry SE V6. Both are very well built vehicles. I am more impressed with the Camry because it drives better and overall a better built car. For about 25k, the Accord has a lot more options like dual temperature control, heated seats, and passenger power seat.

By CMoore on January 23 @ 11:00 am
Toyota - Oh what a feeling (love it)
I purchased the Camry XLE V6 in Aug 2004. Everything about this car so far is just phenominal. Plenty of power; performance is awesome; very smooth ride and the miles per gallon is easy on the wallet.

By Daniel589 on January 23 @ 11:00 am
04 Camry
Great, reliable, fun to drive.

By Toyotapan on April 10 @ 11:00 am
Don't have a problem or else
Our car had a transmission failure at 3,500 miles. Transmission was replaced and then still had serious safety issues. Dealer tried to fix but to no avail. Toyota region declared a lemon and then insisted that at a time when 2005s are out we had to take an identical 2004 after waiting and inconvenience for 3 months. They were never concerned about our inconvenience or that my family's safety was at risk while they tried to fix it. Toyota customer service is no better and perhaps worse than others!!!

By StephieEve on June 27 @ 11:00 am
My Camry
My experience with this vehicle has been up to now a satisfying reliable pleasure. Its great to know that I wont be visiting dealerships with nigling little problems. Its just a wonderfull comfortable car with great economy and a joy to drive.

By Roseanne on June 27 @ 11:00 am
I Hate This Car
My husband and I have been driving Toyotas for 35 years and have always been completely satisfied. Unfortunately, when we bought this car we didn't test drive it and what a mistake that was. It hesitates and jumps ahead on a steady basis, but you never know when. I really feel this is dangerous and we will never buy a Toyota again. It feels like it's struggling to get any pick up. I'm being told that this is because there's a device protecting the transmission. Sorry, Toyota, you messed up on this model. We are trading it in but not for another Toyota.

By foxxyfreddy on June 27 @ 11:00 am
Love It!
Love It! Quite, Handles great, can't tell how fast your really going. Easy passing on the interstates

By Jim Schmidt on September 13 @ 11:00 am
Toyota Parts Unavailable Over 8 Weeks
I was in an accident on 7/21/04 and since then I have been waiting for the driver's seat/airbag from Toyota. In the meantime, I am having to pay for a rental car. I called Toyota Customer Service and they promised to look into the matter and call me back. When they didn't call me back, I called them and they told me the same thing the auto-body shop told me.....that the part wouldn't be avail. until 9/13/04. That time frame is simply unacceptable and reflects very poor customer service on Toyota's part.

By mdog on September 13 @ 11:00 am
from 14 to 34 MPG
Traded my silverado for a gas miser. It was a difficult decision to make. The camry has made the transition a bit easier than I anticipated. The car is simple and refined. It offers a good array of standard features at a reasonable cost. I am very pleased with the ride and comfort. The camry works well for me with or without my family. The four is peppy and I am very pleased with the standard stero. I suggest adding a spoiler to produce a bit of a sporty look to the otherwise family styled 4 door. The standard power driver seat is nice. The adjustable lumbar support is a nice feature that should be ulitized when traveling long distances.

By Pasco on September 13 @ 11:00 am
The only addition I would really like is a steering wheel with the radio controls.I had that option in my Honda and really miss it.It drives like a dream.

By Honest One on March 6 @ 11:00 am
Old Persons Car
Toyota's top of the line sports edition with the 3.3 liter (225hp) engine needs some fine tuning. Toyota should replace the current 5 speed transmission. The trans should be propelling the car forward and not shifting from 1st to 2nd gear at 8mph. Pick-up is compromised due to the low 8mph shifting. It would be nice to keep pace with mini-vans and compact cars from stop lights. Obviously people who rave about this 5 speed transmission have never driven a real driver's car.

By wario on May 23 @ 11:00 am
very smooth!
I traded my 03 honda accord for my new 04 le camry. Everything about this car is very smooth, the engine is very quite and theres no wind noise. I dont understand why some reviewers say that this car makes alot of engine and wind noise. My guess is that those reviewers have never driven this car.

By Harddrive9 on February 16 @ 11:00 am
very nice and a good value too
Drives good, comfortable and quite at highway speeds. car feels classy but could use a little more convenience ergonamicly. fuel economy is decent. this car feels very safe to drive. I find visibility good too. trunk is big enough for good size luggage. I'm looking forward to Toyota's reliability. I plan for a few road trips for the near future to really get a good feel for this car. I have only owned it for about a week now. I'm glad I purchased this car. I feel comfortable and secure driving it. it does feel more expensive then it really is.

By stevejohn on August 9 @ 11:00 am
First Camry
I have always wanted a Camry because all my friends that have them have loved them. I have really enjoyed mine now for 5 months. The ride is very smooth and it holds 4 men comfortably. Gas milage is good. My only complaints are the car seems to have difficulty shifting from 1st to 2nd gear at times. This seems to happen when going medium speed (not a problem when accelerating slowly or rapidly). It also seems to ride a little rough first thing in the morning.

By MLBTOYOTA CITY on July 22 @ 11:00 am

By VFI Greg on March 13 @ 11:00 am
Some Surprises
Within a week after taking delivery I (and others in the vehicle) noticed several squeaks & rattles. The dealer has ordered a replacement center dash and is still trying to resolve the noises coming from the parcel shelf area. Loose seatback was repaired as was exterior door rub guard. I was surprised as this vehicle came so well rated. I average 1,500 kms per week so time will tell how this unit will hold up.

By Wil123 on December 7 @ 11:00 am
Hesitation is normal
Everything about this car is great except for the 5 speed automatic transmission. The transmission can't seem to decide what gear is correct and is always shifting. In addition, the drive-by-wire throttle combined with the transmission causes the car to hesitate when acceleration is needed most. Toyota says that hesitation is the driver's fault and that when the car is driven, the accelerator pedal must not be floored or pressed too quickly otherwise hesitation will result. Toyota told me that they may or may not address this issue in the future, but at the present time I am told that "hesitation is normal for this design".

By H2J on September 3 @ 11:00 am
Teenage Owner/Driver Review
I did not consider buying this car a week before I actually purchased it. I am a Nissan fan myself and originally wanted an 03 Maxima or the new Altima SL. Considering the prices and quality/reliability, I decided to go with the Camry. Toyota has a better record of producing reliable cars and my SE was about $4K cheaper than the SL. My parents have the base LE and there are signifant differences between them that I can not stand driving the LE. The Accord was another good choice, but I liked the styling better on the Camry. SE was also cheaper than the V6 Accord.

By PhD86 on May 30 @ 11:00 am
nice, but don't believe the mpg rating
wanted a manual, but bit on some sales talk that the automatics were near the same fuel economy that didn't prove true. It averages 25-27 mpg on pure freeway, 18 in the city. The funky things about this car are: radio static - attenae on older models did better; weird configuration of radio and vents does not allow adequate aeration near driver on very hot days, radio display almost invisible in daylight; velvet interior (even on armrest) gets soiled easily.

By SRife on November 10 @ 11:00 am
15K Miles already
I bought my 04 Camry in 11/03 and have put 15,000 trouble free miles on it. I average 26 mpg in mixed city and highway driving. The car is quiet, smooth and comfortable. My only complaint is that it is so refined that it's a little boring to drive. My wifes minivan is more fun to drive. Based on what dealers are asking for used ones, it seems to have held its resale well.

By cliffre on July 19 @ 11:00 am
awesome ride
I love this car for a v-6 it gets better gas mileage than what the sticker says if you don't lead foot it but normal driving great. We took it on a trip it got 29-32 mpg with air on even with regular gas just a little better with higher octane

By aventura1 on January 9 @ 11:00 am
Static Noise from Radio Speakers !!!
Very good vehicle. We had a 1992 Camry until we bought this 2004 model. Reliability is a given with Camrys...

By Whib on April 21 @ 3:00 am
Update after 13,000 miles
We bought our Camry LE in Feb. and truly "broke it in" according to the manual. On 2900 mile trip afterwards averaged just over 32 mpg.(Including city driving). Now have 13,000 trouble free miles & avg. better. This car has no rattles, squeaks, ect. It is comfortable and a pleasure to drive. Some say it's handling is boring. My sister owns a 2001 Honda Accord EX. Around town our Camry is everybit as enjoyable, if not more so. On the open road the smoother ride more than makes up for a touch less handling in curves. - The build quality, interior materials and refinement make us feel like we own a much more expensive car.

By Donut44 on March 10 @ 2:30 am
Good car for what you want it for
When it comes to just needing a quality car for a pretty good price, this is hard to beat. It has decent power when you need it, as long as that is "needing it" like once a day or less. The 4 cyl is built for comfort, mpg's and lasting ability. Can't speak for the latter yet, but the first two have been really good. About 28mpg on city travel, not sure on long distances yet.

By Charlotte Branch on October 28 @ 6:56 pm
Love to own it
I have never owned a toyota before, but had heard how reliable it was, so I bought one. Not only is it reliable, it is beautiful, and a vehicle proud to own. I only wish it got better gas mileage, but everything else tends to balance that out. I do love it.

By Four more on November 15 @ 12:33 pm
A four for all seasons
Before anyone buys a 6cyl. Camry they should spend some time in a 4cyl. Better mileage, very peppy, responsive at highway speeds, and quiet too. Still the best damn family sedan on the market, bar none.

By 04-Camry on December 20 @ 11:40 am
My Black Camry
This car with manual trans has a lot of power. I can merge into the highway with a lot of confidence. The fuel economy is very good, never below 24mpg. I liked the roomy interior and the simple board design. A little bit difficult to drive in hilly terrain, since I found that the clutch has a small range of engagement. Its weight also makes the uphill starting more difficult. Overall still like it, just take time to get used to it.

By A pretty good car on September 11 @ 8:43 pm
Not bad for the price
I am pretty much impressed with the handling of this car and the good gas mileage for a big car. I bought this 2004 Salsa Red Pearl Camry last Nov. 2003 and have used 18K to date. I normally just use 12-13K a year but I loved driving it so much my wife and I use it more than her car. I just wish it had a sportier look like the Altima or Accord. But overall it's worth the money!

By Brian on June 3 @ 10:16 pm
2004 Toyota Camry LE Limited Edition
Used it heavily for past 1 half year, no problems. Still drives like brand new. looks great. very smooth ride. good suspension.

By Brian on June 4 @ 6:20 am
2004 Toyota Camry LE Limited Edition
Used it heavily for past 1 half year, no problems. Still drives like brand new. looks great. very smooth ride. good suspension.

By tm on March 11 @ 4:16 am
AS with every Toyota that I have owned, this car has been trouble free and everything that I anticipated. I highly recommend this car to anyone that needs an affordable and trouble free auto. Knock on wood.

By chris 02 on January 15 @ 10:46 am
Nice car- 1st time owner
Overall this is a nice car. This is my 1st Camry and I'm pleased with the car. I like the 5 speed even though is does hesitate when shifting. On the highway this is a sweet car and doesn't hesitate to go when you hit the pedal. I know one thing I will probably never go back to a american car brand the quality is no match and the design shows they thought everything out to benefit the consumer. I will definitely consider Toyota when the time comes to buy another car. It is fun to drive in nice weather with the sunroof open and the radio playing as you cruise down the road.

By W. Green on September 13 @ 7:03 pm
The Toyotya SE is the perfect combination of a reliable 4 dr sedan with sportier styling inside and out. The 4-cylinder has surprising pep. The optional 16" wheels are a must to finish off the sporty look.

By Don Rieder on March 27 @ 11:50 am
Disappointing for Toyota tradition
This is my first Toyota purchase. I felt that if bought a Camry, I could kiss any frustrations goodbye. Not true! This car has an annoying lag time when the car is slowing down ( stop and go traffic), and then you try to accelerate. There is a dead spot, then it jumps ahead, as if the transmission doesn"t know which gear to go in. This is the new Drive by wire technology according to Toyota. The local dealership has acknowledged this a problem, and they are working on a programming change, but in the meantime, the car can be very aggravating to drive. They must resolve this problem. I will not put up with it. As for gas mileage, it is not as good as stated. The car does have lots of power.

By Viva79 on October 1 @ 1:00 am
Nice Family Car
I have always wanted a Toyota Camry and I happened to come upon a great deal last summer. Now with a new family, it is just the thing. I still think it is a great car even after the minor problems I have already had.

By hyyz on November 24 @ 11:46 am
04 Camry's quality is poor
My 04 Camry has many problems. Here is a list of problems I have: 1. It pulls to left. Dealer repaired 5 times without result. 2. Tires wear too fast. At only 15000 miles, many treads were already gone. I rotated tires regularly. 3. Windshield bottom rattles. Dealer replaced the cowl with only temporary results. 4. Rattles from door panels. 5. I heard rattle from engine or under vehicle every time I started the car and hit on gas to drive. Dealer said it is the intake manifold. After replaced, the rattle is still there. 7. Strong rotten egg smell at 8000 miles. Replaced converter and reprogramed ECM. The car started to feel heavy(hard acceleration, hard steering, and hard brake).

By Outstanding Vehicle on March 30 @ 9:00 am
2004 Toyota Camry Le
Great car overall. Outstanding value for the entire vehicle. I was expected it to cost more, but it actually costed alot less. Still can't get over the fact that I've had it for 2 years now and it still drives exactly like the day I got it. It's so smooth and quiet, easy to drive and comfortable. The overall car feels thousands more expensive than it actually is. Couldn't have made a better purchase dicision. I recommend this car to ANYONE.

By Tyler on October 2 @ 4:20 pm
Love it
I love Toyotas as i work for the company. However, even if i didn't i would still buy them. This car is very comfortable and makes long trips go very quickly. I love to drive it, although is kind of "uncool" to drive. But i'm a practical person, so it fits me well!

By andre on July 12 @ 8:10 pm
Real Deal on my Camry
I believe ever since Toyoya started building cars in America, quality has gone down. I bought my Camry with 1000 miles already on it, but it was new since it had no title. Problems I've had with my car are, the paint - no clearcoat and one layer of paint make it easy to get chips, I have MANY; dashboard - rattles; sunroof - leaks; front passenger speaker - rattles; engine - V6 is not responsive; and the front driver window - doesnt seal properly. The only problem that has been solved is the leaking sunroof. All other problems have been brought to MULTIPLE Toyota dealerships and ignorance has caused me to still have these problems to date. If you want a more reliable car, look elsewhere.

By H Foust on June 21 @ 9:06 pm
Toyota Fan
I have owned several different kinds of toyotas, but my favorite is the Camry, this is my second one and I have had absolutely no problems out of it.

By CmryLvr2004 on October 1 @ 4:33 pm
Love it~
I have had my Camry for over a year now and I love it. It drives great and is an extremly comfortable car. I had a 2004 Honda Civic and traded it in to buy this car. The Camry is far superior to the Civic. It drives better, is more comfortable and reliable. I had many problems with my brand new Civic and none with my Camry over the same time period. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone in the market for a stylish, reliable and fun to drive.

By Ron Donahoe on July 21 @ 9:03 am
2004 Toyota Camry LE
Overall, I've been very pleased with my Camry. We've driven it under a great variety of circumstances, from urban Los Angeles to barren West Texas. Trip fuel milage has averages about 31 MPG which is appreciated with the current price of fuel. The Camry is comfortable on trips, although the seats are a little firm and could benefit from some more prominent side bolsters. Mechanically, it has been absolutely reliable. My only real complaint is some vibration noise in the dashboard/instrument panel, which can be annoying at times. As a family sedan, the Camry should definitely be on your short list for consideration.

By opher on March 29 @ 12:56 pm
Some Camrys are trouble!
My wife purchased a brand new Toyota Camry in Feb. of 2004. We took it off the lot and thought wow what a car, great interior design and fun to drive. However several months down, my wife who's a very careful driver said the check engine light came on. We took it to the dealer and they fix it. A few months later again "Check engine"! Next the A/C system started leaking water into the passanger compartment. Dealer took care of it, but how annoying! Today the car needs servicing again, the steering column is making a loud noise when i turn the wheel. Look out, and get a warranted car.

By New Englander on July 23 @ 3:16 am
Shame of Toyota
We purchased our 2004 Camry in June 2004. However, its quality does not match "Toyota" brand. One rear tyre went flat at 3000 miles and was fixed by the dealer. Another rear tyre totally blew on the highway at 13000 miles. These are not covered under warranty. One transmitter was broken after one year. The rear left door could not be opened from inside. Fortunately, it is still under warranty and was fixed by the dealer. Gas mileage: 17-20 (local), highway 32.

By NEER on November 20 @ 9:26 pm
04 Camry's problems
Bought the 04 Camry LE for 1.5 year. Got 17k miles on it. Got a few problems too: 1) Tires. The both rear tires blew out within 13,000 miles. Bridgestone tires' quality seems questionable. 2) Left rear door could not be openned from inside. Toyota dealer fixed, saying that the cable was broken. 3) One transmitter was broken. replacing battery did not work out. 4) Gas mileage: highway 32, local 17-20. Local gas mileage lower than claimed. 5) My head often gets knocked by the top frame because design of raised driver's seat makes front head room insufficient. 6) Brakes not as good as my old Mazda 626. It takes longer distance to stop the car.

By Gerald on June 19 @ 4:53 am
We've had the 4cyl Camry LE for over 2 years. Great car, but a little bland. Ride is floaty, comfortable, and handles reasonably well considering. Interior too light colored to keep clean. Small squeaks under close scrutiny. Brakes without ABS, OK. Opt for ABS for better brake feel and stopping distance. Acceleration light, but buzzy at times. Some interior materials get scratched as do the hubcaps against the curb. Steering is light, but very precise. Stock radio provides good bass. Overall, great car, 9/10. QUIETER than the Accord at highway speeds meaning less fatigue. Reliable. Would purchase again, but with side airbags. If purchasing, go with the alloys and side airbags.

By W.Graff on January 29 @ 6:23 pm
Good, but not perfect.
Comfortable, good control layout, very smooth 4cyl. engine. Had trans. problem with rough 1/2 shift. Dealer replaced trans. Problem reappeared-traced to defective valve body & fixed. Paint on trunk rust-spotted in 6 months(repainted by dealer)! In mixed driving average 27MPG, but can't get above 30MPG highway.Car has been reliable since inital problems, however, it has developed a couple of rattles in the dash. (very un TOYOTA) PAINT CHIPS EXTREMELY EASILY!

By r. dimaggio on July 27 @ 1:30 am
I like everything except the road noise is a bit loud, could be insulated better better ride performance is needed

By johnk on June 7 @ 5:13 am
21 K dollar Rattle Trap
I started getting rattles from the dash area as soon as I drove it off the dealers lot. Took it back 7 times and they could not resolve it. Told me to drive and bring it back before the 36k mile warranty and they would try again to fix the rattles. Brakes feel spongy and original Goodyear tires were lousy in rain. Changed to Yokohama tires and drives like a different car. City gas mileage is only 22. Highway is 34. Last Toyota for me. Will buy Honda Accord or Civic. Toyota dealer support is lousy. They dont spend much time trying to fix warranty problems.

By Bruce G on October 10 @ 6:13 am
Torqued windshield & odd tranny
Pleasant to drive, lots of room but the radio sounds a bid cheap despite a bunch of speakers. The windshield developed a tiny crack near the roof that progressively lengthed to about 2 feet before replaced. There seems to be a tendency for the chassis to twist and crack the windshield! Like others I've had a dash rattle. Also, tap the brakes when slowing from 70 on a downslope and the tranny very perceptively downshifts. No answers from dealer.

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