1998 Toyota Camry

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1998 Toyota Camry

NEW FOR 1998

Side-impact airbags debut on the 1998 Toyota Camry. Depowered front airbags further enhance this car's ability to protect its occupants in a crash. An engine immobilizer feature is now part of the theft-deterrent package.


Reliable, well-built, and comfortable, the 1998 Toyota Camry is one of the best entrants in the mid-size family sedan market.


Boring shape. Suspension is too soft.

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By jazz on April 17 @ 3:00 am
Toyota Camry LE
The Camry is by far the best car I have ever owned. It handles like a dream, and it has plenty of get up and go, especially for a 4 cylinder engine. It is very comfortable to ride in on long trips. All of the controls are easy to get at. It gets good gas mileage and is visually a beautiful automobile. It is also known for it's reliability. What more could a person ask for in a car. I test drove many cars before deciding on the Toyota and I think I'm hooked.

By AliArman on November 20 @ 11:00 am
My Camry - Now 4 years old
This is such a great car. It's like anld dependable friend who comes thru every time. The suspension is a little soft and there's a little bit of this and a little bit of that in the interior but I have driven many other cars and no one comes close to Camry.

By parmiller on November 20 @ 11:00 am
Charcoal canister & sensor
At 17000 miles had to replace charcoal canister at cost of $400. Dealer said we were overfilling the fuel tank. This week at 21000 same problem, engine dash light comes on. Now they say we need an air sensor for $261 plus labor.Cause was stated as using Mobil gas, should use Sunoco. $800 in repair bills for fuel related problems. This is rediculus.

By foxstar on October 16 @ 11:00 am
Since I bought this car brand new, I have put 105,000 miles on it. Other than routine maintance, I haven't had one single problem with it. Hey, I'm even on my original set of brakes.

By joe z on August 24 @ 11:00 am
Will buy no other
This is without a doubt the best auto I have ever owned. No problems since I purchased it and still have the same original brakes on it even tho consumer reports that it was the problem with this year. I'm an old hot rod man and let me tell you this think also has sum guts from a light.

By vj on March 28 @ 11:00 am
A Legend in it's own class
What I am about to share with anyone is truly a feat on it's own.I own a 1998 Toyota Camry LE (4 cylinder) and I currently have about 246,000 miles on it.This is not a typo, but I do actually have more than 246,000 miles on the car.

By artiefishill on December 1 @ 11:00 am
Nothing less the outstanding
I've owned ONLY Camry's since 1992. My 1990 still runs, little rusty, 141k, but runs like a champ, reliable car. My 1998, which this review is about is the same. 46k on it. Just bought a new 2002 5speed. Camry's have proven to be very dependable, good value for your money. Out of all three, only non- normal maint I ever did was replace steering column in the '90 at about 110k, and the power window in the 98 had track problems that have since be corrected. Other then that, never a worry.

By stEEvE on September 5 @ 11:00 am
Good but not Perfect.
It's alright. Its pretty powerful with the 2.2 engine and all but it could definately use more horsepower than 133. Its a family sedan but it still could be fun to drive. It doesnt accelerate too fast but its a smooth ride. I'd recomend this car to a Family man who wants to set a nice example to his children but has fun with the car when the wife and kids arent around. Overall I'm satisfied with it for what it is.

By justusgirlzz on April 26 @ 11:00 am
This car is a dream compared to other cars i have owned and operated. The 4 cylinder engine in my Camry blows away the V6 I had in my Ford Taurus. The car handles the road and turns very well, has a very smooth ride. The built-in CD player is great and the sound system very nice. I have driven the car for 35,000 miles so far and besides having had the oil changed every 5,000 miles and replacing the brakes, no problems at all. I believe I am hooked on the Camrys for life. Next time, I may try out the V6 Camry, not that it is even necessary, because my 4 cylinder kicks the butt of most V6's out there anyway. But more power is never a bad thing.

By andrew on June 26 @ 11:00 am
The Camry XLE V6 is very comfortable and reliable. It has a good performance.

By Andrew on June 26 @ 11:00 am
The Camry XLE V6 is very comfortable and reliable. It has a good performance.

By gello on November 30 @ 11:00 am
Flawless after 4 years
We have now logged 82000 miles on our Camry. It still drives as smooth as the day driven off the dealrship lot ( maybe even better after replacing original tires with Michelins). Still on original set of brakes. This is a great family sedan with plenty of room for 5 adults. Huge trunk! This car is a testament to Toyota's commitment to building quality vehicles that will run forever. Toyota has earned my business for many years to come.

By Dutch on January 18 @ 11:00 am
Toyota makes me a happy camper
I purchased my Camry XLE V-6 last November. I bought it as a "certified" used car, which included an thorough inspection and some other extras. I negotiated with the dealer for a new set of tires to be included in the deal although the car only had about 35,000 miles on it. In January I drove it from it Michigan to Key West, Florida and back logging some 3,000 miles. I was pleasantly surprised. I love the stereo, the leather seats and the cruise control was extremely precise. The trunk is much more spacious than meets the eye. I had plenty of room for all my camping gear. Gas mileage was good.

By dogbert on January 18 @ 11:00 am
Toyota Camry
One owner, good car, looking at newer model for student going off to college, cd changer, garage kept

By Hymie on October 5 @ 11:00 am
1998 Camry LE low mileage
Trouble free, reliable and a pleasure to drive

By Tsnash on June 13 @ 11:00 am
I bought my camry used at about 60,000 miles 2 years ago. I put 100+ miles a day so now it has about 117,000 miles and except for some minor maintinence (tires, brakes, battery, etc.) it still runs excellent! But the best thing about the Camry is how smooth it rides, I mean this car is SMOOOOTH! In one of edmunds reviews they say that the seats are uncomfortable for people over 175 lbs., well they are fine for me and I weigh 150. If you are looking for a nice car that is reliable and comfortable beyond six digits try a camry.

By chuns_chan on August 1 @ 3:00 am
exceptional performance
it really fun to have a V6 engine wih 194 hps. the suspension is soft and high perfoem on the rough road!

By shoeman222 on March 30 @ 3:00 am
1998 Camry CE
Great car, always reliable,however, the suspension is a little noisy in very cold weather. Highly recommend for a used car purchase. Great on gas mileage

By VWGUY on July 29 @ 3:00 am
Decent Car,
Decent Car, but not worth the original purchase price. For a 4 year car, some of the plastic parts inside of the car are starting to break, without too much use. It seems like cheap plastic. It gets cold in the back seat during winter and windows fog when turn the heat. I didn't like the depretiation either. I bought a Jetta the same year for $5000 less than I paid for the Camry and it is worth more than the Camry now.

By VWGuy on July 29 @ 3:00 am
Decent Car,
Decent Car, but not worth the original purchase price. For a 4 year car, some of the plastic parts inside of the car are starting to break, without too much use. It seems like cheap plastic. It gets cold in the back seat during winter and windows fog when turn the heat. I didn't like the depretiation either. I bought a Jetta the same year for $5000 less than I paid for the Camry and it is worth more than the Camry now.

By Car Mom on October 6 @ 3:00 am
Ho Hum for a Camry
This car has been a let down. The Camry,s before and after seem better. The brakes are peculiar and feel almost unreliable, the interior is downright unattractive and very prone to dirt, there is tremendous roll in the turns, the air and heat almost stop working unless the car is moving. Not up to Camry standards

By Vahik on October 17 @ 3:00 am
Overall Great Car
The '98 Toyota Camry is a great family car. It's reliable, attractive, and affordable. It's got good "bang for your buck."

By jereece on April 9 @ 11:00 am
Two Dud Camrys In A Row
I have had two Camry's since 1993 (93 and 98). I have been very disappointed with both of them. Both have had electrical problems and the exterior seems to scratch and get dull easy. My latest Camry has had many problems including: - Carpet coming out in front and back - Visor latches broken - Door console pulling apart on front two doors - Engine rattles - Rear seat belt broken - Seat belt buckle sticks - Left turn signal flash rate doubles when the front head lights are on. - Center console lid latch broke

By Patrick32787 on April 17 @ 11:00 am
Very, Very Safe
I purchased a 1998 Toyota Camry LE 4- Cylinder on 12-11-98 as a pre-owned toyota with 15,000 on it. The car was great until we noticed our particular camry everytime you punch the gas it would smell like rotten eggs. Toyota never answered us on this. But overall this car is nice and very safe. we had 160,000 before my sister fell asleep one night driving doin 60 with her foot down on the pedal and crashed into 2 trees. there was nothing left of the car but she would have died if it was a different car. the airbag and seatbelt saved her life and camrys are very safe!

By Sharleen on May 12 @ 11:00 am
Shar's Review
I love to drive my car. It is very smooth, gets great gas milage and it is just a fun car.

By Corkster on July 29 @ 11:00 am
The Toyota Camry V6 is not only great looking but it has awesome performance and great handeling!!!!! I love IT !!

By bob dole on August 6 @ 11:00 am
very good. a excellent choice for anyone who wants a very good used car that is automatic.

By shawncarter on February 20 @ 11:00 am
From used to having a 1998 Honda Accord EX to now a Camry I feel more like a Toyota person and feel more at home plus maintaince costs are cheaper!

By markIII on September 7 @ 11:00 am
Sold on Toyota quality
This is the second Toyota we've owned (95 Corolla) and we haven't had a single problem in 8 years! Just cannot justify trading in a 5 year old car with no problems.

By Shakeel on September 7 @ 11:00 am
No Problem Car.
Had it for 5 yrs. No problems so far. Only maintenance that I have done is 3000 mile oil change.

By koop on February 28 @ 11:00 am
Real Great Trouble-free Camry!!!!
Only trouble I had was the need to replace original battery at 19,000 miles in May 2003. This car was 'stored' for over 3 years as we had '90 Camry before selling it in Oct 2001 at 145K miles. The '98 is very smooth.

By blueviking on March 25 @ 11:00 am
Good Sales Car
Camry has been a very good car for me. I put on average 42,000 miles per year and this car has been the best value for the money. I have not had to change brake pads or mess with the rotors like I have done with the Ford Taurus( driven 6 Taurus). Ride is smooth and quite, the milage I figure is in 28 to 32. I will buy another Camry because of its overall value in the long run.

By Jock on December 19 @ 11:00 am
The wonderful Camry
This car is the best car I have ever owned. It is an attractive and comfortable car and has been extremely reliable. It's very well built and is surprisingly economical with gas for the size car it is. I would recommend it to anyone.

By Quinton on May 6 @ 11:00 am
Can't Lose
The Camry LE V6 is an outstanding vehicle because it does everything very, very well. Reliability is outstanding, servicing cost is reasonable and the car is a joy to drive. Interior is absolutely functional with clear,easy to read dials, knobs and controls. The most satisfying car purchase I have ever made. Can't say enough good things about the vehicle.

By hercdrvr on January 13 @ 11:00 am
Outstanding all-around family sedan
Outstanding all around car. Unless you really need an SUV, the sedans are an even better value than ever. Seems everybody wants an SUV - hell, even I WANT one - they are very nice. I'm just not willing to spend 30-40K and get 15-18mpg in the process. Not to mention the cost of tires and increased insurance. Great safety features - mine has front side airbag option. Ratings for crash are top-notch. Comfort - awesome. Power - I have 4 banger so I expect a little less but it is surprisingly nimble.

By MVGal on December 26 @ 11:00 am
Best Car I've Ever Had
This car is a dream to drive. It's so reliable, so smooth on the road, so quiet, and the V6 accelerates in and out of traffic like no car I've ever owned. I've never had any problem with it, just do regular maintenance. I love all the XLE features. And it's a black beauty. You think you are driving one of the more expensive cars, but you don't have the sticker shock. All cars should be made this well.

By so it goes on September 21 @ 11:00 am
great car
purchased car new and have had no problems. 4 cyc. very realiable. comfort on long trips is excellant. it does appear the drvers seat is showing wear with my limited mileage.

By Suppo56 on March 14 @ 11:00 am
My Fourth Camry
Have owned an 86,90,93(now owned by daughter w/153K miles) and now a 98.I'm sold on Camry's!!Estimated total mileage on those cars is 400,000+ I could not ask for better reliability.I laugh to myself when I hear the "I buy only American cars!" crowd bemoan the failure of major components after low milege. I've "sold" lots of folks on Camrys. Little known fact, the name comes from the Japanese words Kam Murri meaning "Crown" Bought 98 with 91K miles on it and have driven 25K trouble free miles in a year.

By D103 on August 17 @ 11:00 am
Average In Every Way
Went from a Chrysler (bad transmission) to Toyota because of reliability reputation. Have found it to be slightly above average in reliability, but mostly below average in most other aspects. Namely, exterior design is very bland - sheet metal so thin a fly can dent the hood, aluminum wheels discolor rapidly. The interior is also just average in most respects (this is an XLE). Factor in the relative frequency of service visits (PS - very hard to get appointments, and costly), and all of a sudden I long to own a quality product such as Chrysler again. For the price - NOT A GOOD VALUE.

By Steve in Ohio on September 1 @ 11:00 am
98 Camry LE 4-Cyl
Usual Toyota good build quality. Car is comfortable and quiet. Engine needs more punch but is surprisingly responsive. Steering is a bit light but car sticks to road on curves. Suspension is tight so that small bumps are felt but car keeps its cool on uneven roads. Interior is bland but seating is comfortable. Trunk is good for small car.

By toyotafan on June 19 @ 3:00 am
100,000 plus
Purchased new, today showing 107,000 miles and doing better than the Energizer bunny. Other than the routine caretaking suggested by the mfg, nothing has failed.. There is no need to apologize for the always in style good design looks. The real excitement shows off as a low cost operating machine that goes and goes. Our fierce south Texas sun has done little to harm its ice cube cold A/C or tough white exterior paint.

By karen klein on June 19 @ 3:00 am
blown engine
I had 105524 miles on my car and it blew an engine. I understand this is a problem for Toyotas the last few years. Car was well maintained, but went from a 7000. asset to 500. in one day.

By carehta on January 29 @ 3:00 am
Pretty fair automobile
From an engineer eyed perspectice, every detail in the car is visibly designed from deploying people needs, no fancy or costmetic things, real needs in comfort and safe aspects. Mechanic design is simple to handle and construction is realiable.

By tg1410 on June 23 @ 3:00 am
Never Another Toyota
I also blew an engine at 107,000 miles. Car was meticulously maintained, all maintenance etc. Took all records with me but to no avail. Neither Toyota nor the dealership (east side Madison, WI) would help, despite TSB's that suggested a problem with oil jelling in the upper engine. I was turned over to the sales staff who generously offered $700 trade-in on another (2003) Camery off the lot as an alternative to $4000 to replace the engine. Another dealer gave me $2300 trade-in, and a fair price on a car that had come in off lease (not a Toyota).

By Timothy G on March 19 @ 3:00 am
2 Year Owners
We bought our Camry 2 years ago. We have had virtually no problems with the car. It has been very reliable. Still has smooth ride and responsive steering. We have no regrets.

By homerj on August 22 @ 3:00 am
This has been an excellent car. I bought it with 49k miles on it and it now has 115k. I have only changed the oil and replaced the battery at 70k. that is the only maintenance performed so far. It consistently gets 35 mpg on the freeway and above 30 in town. It is a 4 cyl/5 speed combo. I wish that all cars were this reliable.

By rlafford on April 21 @ 3:00 am
1998 Toyota Camry LE
We purchased this vehicle, our second Camry, from Hertz after a 1 year rental. The vehicle had 25,000 miles when we purchased it. The only maintenance has been oil, a scheduled timing belt change, transmission service and 2 sets of tires. We just put the second set on. No brake work required and the pads are still in excelent condition. Paint is doing fine with only a yearly waxing. This Camry is well on it's way to joining our first one in the 200,000 mile club. Our 1990 Camry LE wagon is pushing 290,000 miles and still going strong. These things must take lessons from the Energizer Bunny - they keep going, and going, and going....

By thegman on March 25 @ 11:00 am
don't settle for 4 cyl or softness
I needed a car with good gas mileage,is reliable and less than 10k. I prefer cars with some personality and some performance. I installed a set of progressive lowering springs (about 1.2 inches) What a difference and with little compromise to ride quality. Threw in a K&N filter. Well worth 30 some bucks for a couple hp, cooler growl from the motor and improved throttle response. Upgrade to some 215/55/16 all season tires and this car is now looks better handles and brakes better and sounds better on throttle. All for about $1500 bucks. TRD offers a supercharger for about $3500 installed. This car now becomes fast!

By AlmostTRDCamry on September 15 @ 11:00 am
Toyota is Reliable Despite Quality Issue
I have owned this Camry for over 5 years. It has served as the most reliable vehicle despite 3 major defects that you wouldn't expect in a Toyota (verified online). 1)Oxygen Sensor 2)Engine Gel 3)ISC Valve Fortunately, these aren't expensive repairs, but persist despite recommended maintenance in the handbook. Despite not being able to start the car reliably, the car will run. Buy again? Not this one, it must've been the worst generation. If you don't like body roll, upgrade the tires to 16" Kumho Ecstas, this is a major handling upgrade. Major pet peeve, this car rides low and scrapes steep driveways.

By p.p. on March 7 @ 11:00 am
my next car will be a toyota
1 battery 1 set of new tires ,new front disc pads. of course new wiper blades & filters. other than that im very happy! I now compare all others to toyota quality.

By Paul K on July 21 @ 11:00 am
one reliable car
We had bought this car brand new yet even after about 85000 miles, it seems nearly the same. It is very comfortable and has just the right amount of acceleration. Never had any problems with the car.

By crappyota on September 8 @ 11:00 am
No More Toyota
I bought this car with 36000 miles on it. Like most people I wanted something reliable and economic, something I could keep for a very long time. I have done all scheduled maintenance and tuneups. I now find myself, at 64000 miles, replacing the idle control valve for $350 and am dealing with engine noise of unkown origin. To find the noise even the ever helpful dealer said they woud need to "tear down the engine" for $1500, to start. So much for reliable. Honda Chevy here I come!!

By zman2 on March 1 @ 11:00 am
I have had my 98 camry for >6 years. The only problem I had was the water pump went out at 80k miles and took the timing belt with it. My wife started driving the kids around in this car and made me drive her new Jeep Grand Cherokee. She figured I was insured for more.

By aseawood on May 26 @ 11:00 am
1998 camry
my exprience with this vehicle have been a pleasure, I purchased this car with hopes that I would not have any problems and I have not.

By kj82703 on June 19 @ 11:00 am
Borrowed the car and never returned it!
I recently borrowed my sister's camry with 130,000 miles on it and completely fell in love. The next day I went out and purchased a Camry and I am thrilled with my purchase.

By CAMRY ROCKS! on June 24 @ 1:03 pm
If you actually READ THE MANUAL, and drive it gently for the 1st 3,000k, this car will be the most reliable car you'll ever own! I bought my camry with 26K miles and it's still going strong @ 88,600!! NOT A SINGLE PROBLEM!! You would be among the people expecting 250K+ miles on regular maintainance without major repairs. (brakes; depending on your braking habits and tires, maybe an o2 sensor) It even went through a 1,400- mile road trip to CANADA!!

By Gurple on June 9 @ 10:03 am
best of many
I bought this car new in 98. My only real gripe with the car is seat comfort, the seat bottoms are too short and I have never fit the car. I guess I should have paid for a power seat, maybe I could have found a comfortable position. Durability has been terrific, 92 thousand miles, orig brakes, only replaced battery, gas cap, tires and tail light bulbs. It has been the most reliable car I've ever owned. The V6 engine has excellent power and is smooth. I'll buy another Toyota, but one that fits me next time.

By LordJoeChi on July 10 @ 1:46 pm
Just a "Blah" Car...
We had a 1988 Toyota Camry that ran forever with no problems. This is our second Camry and to be honest, I am a little disappointed. I also had a 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier VL Coupe that had less power and was a "smaller" car yet had better pick-up and a LOT more interior room which for me, is a big deal because I am over 6'5" and the 1998 Camry just doesn't fit me well at all. It's SUPPOSED to have something like 80" of overall room but it doesn't seem to. Also, the seats, well, they are pure CRAP. No support for hips, thighs, back or anything. Yeah, they are soft but after a little while, it feels like sitting on concrete blocks. Otherwise, everything else about the car is just blah.

By W. Green on August 29 @ 1:00 am
fundamentally sound, but...
Boring, but reliable. Disappointed to find a problem with the left turn signal and a significant rattle somewhere in the right front portion of the car. Both defects are chronic for this model and year. No driver's lumbar support. No map lights. Remote does not open trunk.

By chuck drkae on May 20 @ 7:00 am
After 5 yrs I sold it, the paint was terrible, the gold emblems had all peeled, the interior fake wood trim peeled, the seats looked like a 15 yr old car. Then there was the oil sludge problem, decided to unload it before it died. At 20 grand new it wasnt worth it..

By Dinah Fuller on September 16 @ 6:33 am
200,000 miles & still going!!
I still have my first car, a 1969 VW Beetle. Our son in Dallas drives it now. This is my second car. I'm a realtor in Tulsa and have put 200,000 miles on my Camry since May 1998. The ONLY problem I've had is the transmission, which I replaced at 180,000 miles. I change oil every 3,000 miles and have her regular check- ups. I'm giving her away and buying a new one.... the gas tank "flap" won't open!! As good a reason as any, I guess.

By Average Joe on February 13 @ 7:46 pm
Get the V6!!
I bought my camry used in 02 with 54k already on it. I've added 40k miles cross country and up and down the East coast. The water pump broke at about 70k miles and took out the timing belt ($400 to repair), but otherwise I've not had any problems. I'd definitely buy the V6 - mine's a 4-cylinder and is fine for regular driving but doesn't have much of any reserves of power when you need it. I find the seats very comfortable and I love the interior layout. The fuel economy is great, too - I can go over 500 miles on one tank on the highway (I've gotten as much as 33 mpg).

By amitamit on February 8 @ 9:06 am
Tired of it...
I drive a Camry LE. I am tired of this vehicle. Although it is more reliable than superman its just not enjoyable. There is a significant decrease in speed and acceleration when i turn the a\c on. Little plastic pieces pop right off. And you really have to nail the gas in order to keep up with the flow of traffic. As of this summer i will no longer own another camry as long as i still have a breath in my body. But dont get me wrong it is a reliable car no engine or mechanical problems what so ever. Just a boring vehicle.

By Served us well on May 11 @ 10:03 pm
Purchased this car new. With 95k miles on it, just regularly changed the oil, brakes once, third set of tires, new battery. Needs new struts (they are noisy), mechanic friend said let it go. No major problems yet. Nice not having a car payment with gas prices rising.

By Brooke Moore on November 25 @ 8:06 pm
Toyota Camrys Rock
The only thing I have ever had to do with my car is change the brakes. It has been the most reliable car I know of. It is comfortable and gets wonderful gas mileage. When or if I trade it in or sell it I will only renew it for another Camry.

By chicagocamry on July 17 @ 11:13 am
Runs great.
Traded in RWD sports car for this FWD sedan to deal with Chicago winters and never looked back. This thing just keeps going and going. Did some regular maintenance (oil, brakes, tires, battery, struts), but no mechanical problems for 8 years now. Has over 120k and drives like new.

By she-ra on April 28 @ 3:20 am
Amazing Reliability
I've had this car five years, drove 150,000 miles, and have never had to take it to the shop! Incredible, amazing, wonderful reliability. I'll never buy anything but a Toyota again. It's such a perfect car that its only problem is that you'll be bored with it long before it wants to die.

By Da Bears! on February 4 @ 9:23 am
keeps on runnin'
Just passed 150k miles on this baby and it still runs great. Other than regular maintenance, no major repairs. Only minor problem is with the trim on the driver's door (the vinyl on armrest is separating).

By GW on February 4 @ 1:30 am
Like a Rock
After 109,000 miles, our Camry has lived up to the stereotypical reputation - a flawlessly reliable car. Basically, nothing has ever gone wrong. Well, the interior dome light didn't work when I first picked up the car - and I was too lazy to bring it back - so 7.5 years later it still doesn't work - my fault! The engine has developed a slight rattling sound, nothing to complain about, and understandable at 109K. The car still looks great, paint is still sharp. OK, one other thing, the rear seat drinkholder is flimsy and my kids broke it off pretty easily. Bottom line: Best $18,350 I have ever spent. What a great car - a no-brainer.

By Charlie on November 28 @ 6:06 am
Many Problems
I bought this car used with 20,000 miles on it. The dash board has a tear, buttons have fallen off the radio and all the interior seems to be made of cheap plastic pieces which break if you try to fix any thing. Power window motor died on the driver side. Windshield washer fluid reservoir broke and would not hold any fluid. Water pump broke off and broke the timing belt when it happened. A/C died, thermostat closed and shot off a hose. Car doesnt beep when you lock it and the trunk button doesn't work on the remote. Headlight leaks in water, now yellow. Paint chips very easily. Currently we are fixing the radiator because it is leaking engine coolant.

By its ok on January 13 @ 3:50 am
Could be better
We bought our 1998 Toyota Camry LE with 100,000 miles; currently have 116,000. Have had a couple of sensors replaced, but is mostly reliable. Have never gotten more than 30 MPG. Everything is just average, nothing exciting, in fact it is very boring. Not much room up front, and the cupholders in the back are terrible. Seats are moderately comfy, but the legroom in back is great. Wish there were a button on the remote for the trunk, and the buttons are not labeled for lock/unlock.

By me on December 19 @ 4:00 am
Great in many ways
Bought it new.. Very reliable car, NEVER had a problem, just brought it in to be serviced as needed and everything was always smooth. With driving every day, but mostly local, I could go 3 weeks before needing more gas. Not a "cool" car but definitely reliable and worth the money... it will last for many miles. After an accident, and the car being totalled, proved to be a safe car to the driver. I would recommend this car.

By Jsmiles on November 2 @ 5:13 am
Old Reliable
I've had my Camry for three months now. This is what I call an everyday sedan, from Japan, so-so styling, comfortable interior, safe, good resale value, and reliable. The car meets all of that and more. This car is one of the most comfortable cars I've ever owned, and I've had a newer camry from 2002, and this car handles better than my 2002 camry. It's a normal sedan, not too over the top, and not too boring, it's just a good car to get you from point A to point B. I love this car, and will trade up in a couple of years.

By EAJ on March 1 @ 2:36 pm
Boring, but reliable
Bought used with 30,000 miles and now have 125,000 on it. Only had to replace tires, brakes (once), battery, timing belt (per service interval), oil pressure sensor (5 minute job) and fluids. It could use new struts and an EGR valve, but other than that, the car has been wonderfully trouble-free. My only complaints would be that the engine rattles a bit, the radio buttons are falling off, and with the 4 banger and auto, the acceleration is uninspiring. It does handle very well and gets good mileage. Stock hubcaps made car look pathetic, but I replaced 14" wheels/hubcaps with 16" Avalon alloys and 55 series tires and the car has taken on a completly different look and feel. Good car.

By AAC on February 16 @ 4:56 am
overall great car
Have put over 120000 miles. Starter replaced at 90000 other than that only maintenance items have been done very reliable. Still very quiet and comfortable, interior still nice except where the power window switches on both fornt door panels are seperating. Although not as nice in style, its a way better car than our same year (98) Honda Accord that required several repairs, next time sticking with Toyota.

By John on September 4 @ 6:43 pm
236,000 Miles and Counting
I bought this car new and added a trailer hitch for towing. I'm using a 5,000 mile oil change schedule and change the air filter regularly. It has 236,000 miles on it and runs like it did when it was new. I have no idea how long I should expect to wait before I can get a new car! It still has the original clutch, even with me pulling a trailer now and then. I have replaced one tie rod that had a little play in it, and an oxygen sensor. Currently the check engine light is on so an oxygen sensor is probably out again.

By Arthur on September 24 @ 10:13 am
98 LE 4cyl
Great Car other than regular maintenance no issues with it. Its clear that the people who rated this car so low DOESNT actually own one, and are just plain full of it. How could so many other people not have problems .

By Jeff on August 8 @ 2:30 pm
1st time buyer of a Toyota, bought one because of (so called) reliability. I know I have over 100,000 miles on it now, but I bought this to replaced a Chevy with 160,000 miles on it and have sunk more money into this than I ever did in my Chevy. Look out when you reach 100,000 miles. I had to replace water pump (leaking), power steering pump (leaking), rear struts, tie rod ends, rear cam seal (leaking) and now I have noticed another leak on my garage floor and dealer tells me it is the front cam seal and they have to pull engine (very expensive). Rides rough and rattles. Feels like you are in a go cart it sits so low. Repairs are higher than domestic cars. My wife wants us to trade it in.

By shoemasterz on July 15 @ 3:00 pm
My fav auto
Great family car, large trunk comes in handy for those long road trips, reliable, handles well in poor weather.

By jolene on May 1 @ 8:00 pm
Glad to be back in a Camry!!
I bought this car with 98k miles without any doubts after owning a 95 camry, then going to a Chevy. I have not had a minutes problem with it. I am so glad to be back in a Camry!!

By Darin on September 19 @ 5:00 am
As close to perfect as you get
I've had my 98 Camry for 4 years now. It still runs smooth, gets decent mileage, and drives nicely. The only things I have had to fix are the front shocks, a activated charcoal fuel filter (fluke), and I had a problem with starting it the only time I filled up with premium fuel. Go figure. Other than that it runs flawlessly, even with 115k on the odometer.

By Jsansone on May 14 @ 1:50 am
Camry LE
I enjoy this car, it runs great and have minor repairs to it. I got this car with 100,338 miles on it with one other owner and the baby is still kicking! its a great car, a huge advancement from my 2002 dodge neon. It is a very, very, very smooth ride and the engine is very quiet, sometimes when I am at a red light I have to check my RPM just to make sure my engine is still running.

By V. Arnold on December 2 @ 2:40 am
Gotta love my Camry
I purchased my Camry used 6 years ago. I drive a lot of city miles. It is great. I have driven newer models of the Camry over the past few years, and they do not compare. I am not looking forward to giving up my 1998 model. It has been a God sent blessing in this fuel economy.

By Vlad on October 21 @ 10:56 am
Great car
My parents bought this car in August 2001 and they gave it to me in August 2006. Great car and great reliability. Drove it back and forth 350 miles each way every weekend for two months between mid April and mid June. The only thing that needed to be replaced was the rear strut.

By Itschuck on August 26 @ 11:23 pm
Not what you think
Well at 80k a new engine due to oil sludge, Toyota covered it but not assuring. Lots of little cheap trim that broke and bubbled. Exterior gold emblems all cracked and peeled, paint didnt hold up at all, mottled and splotched. Sheet metal is incredibly thin, had to drill out the license plate bolts cause they rusted in place.

By Toyota Guy on December 27 @ 10:06 am
Good ol' car
Very comfortable, quiet and efficient. Bought this car new, now has 146000 miles. Have had the oil change intervals about every 5000 miles, had the dealer check inside the engine, it's like new inside.

By Eric on March 15 @ 3:33 pm
Great car!
Excellent 4 door sedan. It is as smooth, quiet and comfortable as most luxury sedans, and despite being nine years old with over 100,000 miles, still drives and looks like a new car. The gas mileage is better than many smaller cars (27 in town, 35 highway), and this vehicle is still roomy and comfortable for four good sized adults. The four cylinder engine has better power than I would expect, and handling is not bad for a family sedan.

By J. Heller on December 19 @ 8:23 pm
Super Reliable
This is my fourth Toyota. Have never owned anything but Toyotas. While it's not my favorite (options, luxury), it has been my most reliable. Bought it with 41,000 Has 192,000 on it now. This one has needed the least amount of repairs compared to my others. Still going strong, still gets excellent gas mileage (it's a manual, which helps)! Other than a few rattles, this one has lots of miles left in it!

By Doc on November 8 @ 11:26 pm
A keeper
Bought our Camry used with 65,000 miles on it, and put on another 65,000 so far. This is easily the best car I have owned in my 30 years of driving. It is still like new, very few squeaks or rattles. Very few problems - burned out light bulbs, other minor items. I figure another 65,000 miles and we will pass it on to our kid.

By sammie on August 26 @ 3:53 am
Happy with Camry
I have been very pleased with this car. Highway mileage is 35-37 mpg; city about 25. Have needed very few repairs that were not covered by warranty. They found a few problems I was not aware of while the car was on warranty. Other than those, I've only needed regular maintenance. I do have a rattle in front right wheel well, but no one has found a problem. Front seat could be a little higher. Some wear on inside door. Other than that, it's a great car.

By Old Reliable on August 19 @ 12:40 am
Old Reliable
Thank goodness for reliable transportation. Bought in 2000 with 36000 miles. Only mechanical issues were some exhaust/catalytic converter problems. (NOT CHEAP TO FIX-1000 miles over Toyota extended warranty-which Toyota has admitted as manufacturing problem, but will not pay for). I've owned 4 cars in the past 30 years, 3 of them a toyota. They're definitely boring, but reliable. The interior is cheap, and having 77000 miles on a ten year old car, it should look better than it does. Trim has been fading and falling off since 2000. Power window issues, release for gas cap has been broken for 9 years.

By carol on February 3 @ 9:36 am
Lots of power
I purchased my 1998 Toyota XLE 6 in November 1997. I have driven several other vehicles and this one has the pick up, and the motor is very quiet. It's been a excellent car.

By Martin on January 14 @ 9:30 pm
Totally Awesome
227,000 miles. Never dreamed I would be driving a car with this many miles, but now I am. I have had a Corolla, Vibe (Matrix), and now this Camry and love them all. I bought it last November and planned to drive it as a beater until I could afford to get something else, but i love it too much to get rid of it. Highly recommend this car to anyone who needs room, quality, and good gas mileage. Keep up the good work, Toyota!! I am one of your greatest fans.

By Raja on February 20 @ 4:26 pm
Still good
I bought this 10 days back with 110k on the odometer. I was reluctant since it is already 11 years old but surprised to see it runs great! The noise is very less when compared to other cars. Mileage is excellent. I think it gives around 25 per gallon still on city roads.

By sd6519 on July 29 @ 9:50 am
Awesome car
This car has 112000 miles and has never failed me once. I recently got a new water pump and timing belt, but that's just regular maintenance for an 11 yr old car. If you want reliability, buy one of these bad boys.

By PFranks on January 19 @ 6:26 am
I am about to purchase a new car and am worried that the newer one will not be able to compare to the reliability of my Camry. The only complaint I have is that the paint has began to fade. Other than that, I have 170000 miles on it and have never had a mechanical problem. It will be a sad day when I pass my car onto another lucky owner.

By Emmy on June 11 @ 6:46 am
Love it!
I bought this about 4 weeks ago and I can honestly say that I am so lucky to have gotten this for my first car. The ride is super smooth and the seats are very comfortable. I love that you can raise the seat up higher if you need to. For an 11 year old car, it still runs and looks brand new. The paint isn't faded at all. My only complaint is that the air conditioner makes a whistling noise on the higher settings... it's strange. Gets cold fast though, which is all that matters. The stereo sounds great too; I got a cassette adapter for my ipod, and it works perfectly.

By Ellen on December 1 @ 4:13 am
Love my old Camry
I have been looking for a new car for almost a year now, and can't justify getting rid of my 1998 camry. I really love it. I know with all the miles I have on it, I will need to do something. Major thing was cat- converter and that was just recently. The V6 is quiet and drives great. Mileage is fine. Never though I would keep this car for 12 years and not want to get rid of it after 12 years.

By bman on January 14 @ 8:16 pm
Just at 173K and this car has been as reliable as could be. Other than actual scheduled maintenance, we have little or no "other" stuff to do to this car. I wish I would have put leather into the car. I did put a XM radio and upgrade the music system at 130K and it's well worth it. My 18 y/o son wants this car and we think it could go another 100K or better.

By Monkeywrencher on April 2 @ 10:16 pm
High School Car
As a college student I find this to be a perfect car. I have had this car for several years and have only had minor issues with it. One complaint is the windows! Back passenger side window will not roll up or down..currently held in place with clear duct tape. Drivers window will not roll up unless you wait 5 min to gain 1 inch of window. Other than that I have never had any engine problems and love my car! So much better than my old Chevy Blazer 1994!

By Susie on July 7 @ 4:33 pm
Top Notch
Vehicle was inherited from a family member in 2005 with about 35,000 miles on it then. It has performed extremely well and have put another 36500 on since then. The Camry is used mostly for driving within a 45 mile radius but has been driven on several 4000 mile trips over the last couple of years. It is not garaged since it is a third car, but the finish still looks good. Had to replace the catalytic converter a few months ago and the driver's window sometimes has a problem staying on track. Interior is flawless. Other than that nothing but normal maintenance.

By vdave on June 25 @ 9:26 am
220K miles and still going
220k miles and still going....amazing car. Only thing I have done is regular maintenance. Want to buy a new car but cannot justify it given that this one is in such a great condition.

By needanewone on May 25 @ 11:23 am
ready for a new one
I LOVED my Camry when I bought it, but now I HATE it. The drivers side door handle has broken off twice, the drivers window does not like to roll up once it goes down, and the clear coat has chipped off of the hood. The only good thing about this car which I guess is the part that matters the most is that I have not had any mechanical issues. I have only had to do scheduled maintenance work. With 220,000 miles, I guess I can't complain too much about that.

By loco local on May 12 @ 5:03 pm
Best car I've ever owned
I bought this car new and now have 134,000 miles on it. I have not had a minutes trouble with it. I have had oil changes at 3000 mi. and do take care of it. It still has the original exhaust system and I replaced the battery last winter for the first time because I thought I was pushing my luck. I keep thinking I should replace it, but it's like owning a "free" car.

By KunkyMonkey on January 2 @ 5:30 am
still going strong
Had been a truck person my whole life but took a new job with a lot of miles on the road and couldn't handle to cost of gas with my pickup. I bought this car with 60k on it and have it up too 209k now. Motor and trans run super strong and I get about 35 mpg on the freeway. Very reliable and drive about 5-600 miles a week on it. I change the oil regularly with ease and haven't had one problem with the motor. Only problem is the driver door handle on the inside broke and have to roll down the window to open the door from the outside. Also replaced the rear struts at 190k but did it myself with ease. I highly recommend this car to anyone that wants a great car with great mpg

By 2.2 Camry LE Sedan on May 19 @ 11:06 pm
Miss My Camry :(
This was my second car; first was a 91 Civic LE. After it died suddenly, I had 2 days to buy a new car. I needed something really reliable so I looked at Camrys. I had the car a little over a year when someone pulled out in front of me and i totaled it. When I bought the car it had 85k and it had 93k when I lost it. This car was amazing. I had intended on keeping it until I ran it into the ground, which I figured would be around 250-300k. Car had 1 owner b/f me. I took meticulous care of it. It was an amazing car. W/ snow tires, it safely took me over Snoq. Pass (WA) in the snow several times, and around snowy Sea and Spo. This is one of best cars out there, better than brand new Am sedans.

By AMiller on October 24 @ 12:06 pm
Reliable and fun car to drive
I bought this car in 2002 and have had it for over 8 years now. No major mechanical problems outside of typical wear and tear (tires, brakes, struts). Did have to replace valve cover gasket and timing belt which was expensive. Car has 146,000 miles and running strong. I love the V6 power; yet hate the 18 mpg in the city driving.

By Witt on September 9 @ 3:43 am
Phenominal car
I've had this car for almost 4 years and I haven't had to do anything besides basic upkeep. It's been in a couple fender benders and those only caused cosmetic damage! the only problem I have is it's hesitant to start during the winter but the hood is bent from a wreck. Only problem with the car is it's very boring to drive. It's a great car that lasts forever and gets you from A to B

By j.halloffame on January 10 @ 11:40 am
Skeptical, but impressed!
I bought this car in 9/09 to replace my dying 91 Accord with 232k miles. The only reasons I got it was because its a well priced one owner car with 90k miles. I wasn't even considering a Camry in my entire car search. 7/10 and 25k miles later this car is still going STRONG. Only thing I've done is my oil changes and replaced the tires. Car performs adequate, has enough storage space, and is INCREDIBLY reliable, but it is a Toyota. I plan to keep it for years to come and get it to the same mileage as my Accord had, unless I find a cheap Lexus IS 300 to buy. ;)

By atoyot on September 3 @ 10:06 pm
Thanks again toyota!
I purchased this car with 177,000 miles on it for $2600. I was concerned I didn't get the best deal i could have, but after just a few weeks of ownership, i know this car will last until the 300k mark with minimal maint. The first 18 gal tank of gas provided me with 460 miles of driving pleasure, upon refuel, i found out I still had 3 gals. left in the tank. that's 25mpg combined, probably closer to 28 mpg had I finished the tank off. that is very respectable my my standards, as I'm a truck person. the is quite a bit of road noise but nothing the stereo doesn't drown out. i plan on flushing the trans, and putting high-mileage synthetic fluids in from here on out, hope to keep it as long as can.

By Mark on October 11 @ 11:00 am
Best Car Ever
I am one of those people that grows tired of cars after 2 years, but this one is a keeper. Bought it with 79K and now have 124K. The car looks, drives and sounds like new at 12 years old. The V-6 is one of the greatest engines ever in terms of performance and reliability. Weak points are wheels, which corrode with road salt and thin, easy-dent body panels. The best of nearly one dozen cars I've owned.

By jacob357 on June 18 @ 3:02 am
Overall it is a great car if you upgrade it a little also don't run it into a mercury like my freind ashton did to his jeep

By lynn321 on April 30 @ 1:56 am
Nice, reliable car
I have owned this car for 9 years and did not have ANY problems with it until it was 12 years old. The car has been extremely reliable and I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation. The only things that has gone wrong with this car during the 9 years that I have owned it was a power steering leak, a problem with the air conditioning and 2 broken rear seat belts. The car drives like it did when new even though it is now 13 years old.

By colec on February 14 @ 3:58 am
Got this car as a hand me down from family. While the car has proved to be fairly reliable, I feel like the problems I have experienced with only 138,000 miles are not consistent with the reputation that Toyota builds for itself. Many interior things have broken and have proven costly, the clock alone was several hundred dollars. I also feel like for a '98, and the top Camry model, steering wheel controls and keyless entry should have been available. This is the first car, out of the three that I've had to leave me stranded somewhere, due to it not starting. Other than this car, my family owns all GM and one Ford, and believe it or not, the '98 GM sedan we have has been a better car overall.

By roadway1 on September 4 @ 8:23 pm
Unreliable & Expensive to Fix
Everything brakes on a regular basis. Expensive to fix. Started falling apart at 115,000 miles. Avoid Toyota Camry. Too many problems to list. Easier to say almost nothing functions properly. I can say the floor mats are still working correctly, but that is about it.

By luckydriver on November 8 @ 11:50 am
Good Car, good value
Purchased mine with 95K in 2005 (with no carfax) and it now has 160k in 2011. Since then I have had normal expected maintenance, breaks, battery, and tires. And then some things I did not expect, 1) Work to the front left axle or bearings. 2) a Bushing in the rear end. 3) Overheating engine caused by a failing water pump assembly. and 4) dripping oil beneath the car. 5) a Dear ran into the side of my car causing a huge dent in the rear quarter panel. The car shows exterior signs of damage from a previous owner, possibly a rear end collision.??? In six year the car has cost me about $.10 cents per mile for maintenance. (including body damage repair costs), if This car is great!

By kturner91 on April 8 @ 2:42 am
Ignition/ Steering Column
The most recent, and most inconvenient issue that has arisen concerns starting the car. Not the car actually starting, but the key not turning the ignition even when the wheel is straight, foot is on the break, doors are locked, and seatbelt is on. It has been taking about 4 mins. worth of attempting to start the car (even to run on the battery) before the key will budge. A very annoying and time consuming problem...especially in the hot summer.

By fred158 on August 8 @ 10:20 am
I bough it when it has 224K on it. The price was so low that I could afford, but, this car has never disappointed me. I have replaced starter, battery, some shafts, now engine's get turned on in a second in winter. 4 wheel ABS works perfectly and I had never been troubled by it. Shocks make sound over humps and bumps but its ok, I'm using it in a small town with speed limit<45., so, no problem! Even replacing the whole shock and strut for one wheel would not be more than 400$. It's a great car that I got for a great price!

By triples on June 17 @ 1:31 am
I like this car a lot. Good fuel economy and very reliable. I have had to make a couple $100 repairs but nevery anything major. Most recently I had to replace the starter at 126k miles but that is the first non-regular maintenance that I have had do do for since owning in it for 5 years.

By 2191toyota on October 10 @ 5:18 pm
the best car ever made
i have had this car for 14 years and have not had any problems with this car it's super quiet as if i just bought it it's really fast to be a 4 cylinder car the stock speakers sound great and it's the best car to get for anyone and i would really like how the new camrys have improved from mine since it's such a reliable car and well put together to. it also has 291,003 miles on it and it still drives like new.

By ajhall on December 19 @ 7:56 pm
I'm a Honda guy, but this car changed the game..
Had an Accord before the Camry, and gave my Camry to my fiance to buy another Accord, but I have a higher standard after owning it for four years. 4 years and 90k miles later and this car has required two sets of tires and one set of brakes. No other issues or signs of issues to come. A breeze to own and low cost. The drive is comfortable, but a little numb at times--feeling more electronic then mechanical. Great visibility, and mpg (28 city/hwy mixed and I drive hard..used to V6 cars). The overall quality is bar none, and the sound deadning materials used are supreme. Even as we outgrow this car, we plan to keep it as a spare vehicle because we've always been able to count on it.

By manullang11 on March 5 @ 1:35 am
Toyota at Its Best
Parentals first bought this car (used) in 2002, then I started using it for college in '06, until this day. How I've under appreciated this car for so many years. Not till I graduated and started working, that I thought to myself, what does the new car market have to offer that is worth paying $500 a month for payments, for me to pass on this reliable toyota to another owner. We also have an 04 Honda Accord and an 05 Corolla in the family. The cabin build quality and engine smoothness of the Camry is obviously a step up from the corolla. But I think Toyotas have an edge over Hondas in aging. Engine noise seems to be more isolated in the Camry and somehow it feels torquier than the Honda.

By garnoth on August 29 @ 3:44 pm
A reliable driving machine, tucked inside a grandmother’s bonnet
This car has been reliable and then some; it got me though college without needing any major work. It just won't die. I was told 3 years ago that the transmission was going and to expect a year out of it. It's still shifting away. I've wanted to upgrade but nothing sounds better than "paid-off". It has had some engine work done on it but this thing has hit 230k and is still running. The suspension is on this car is terrible for going over any driveway, it bottoms out like nuts. That being said I've smacked into countless city drive-ways and many bumpy mountain roads and rocks yet never actually had any problems. The bottom of this car might be made from Nokia phones

By badcompany2 on January 21 @ 3:41 am
What a car!!!
We bought this car around 2008, for $5200. It had about 220,000km on it at the time. We used it at least 3 times a week, with each trip being over 200km total, we also used it for everyday driving and any trip me made. It now has 435,000km, it has has needed rear suspension work and the A/C does not work but that's are fault, we hardly used it. It now needs a new exhaust and fuel tank. We also did not maintain this car very well. Another thing is this car has very little rust, and I live in Ontario. The car is fairly comfortable and parts are available, not as available as a Chevy Truck, but what do you expect. The mileage is good at 25mph to 35mph depending what your doing. Overall great.

By Kc Stebbins on February 15 @ 6:01 am
Camry a.k.a. TANK!
This car may not be anything sporty or highly appealing but I give Toyota all credit by making a strong running reliable car! This car has been by far the BEST car I've ever owned. I purchased the car with 235k on it so it was well broke in. The car now has 284k on it and has never failed me. Other than regular maintenance of changing the timing belt, tires, brakes, oil. I have had no major issues at all with this car. Everything works on it. It does consume a little oil though but the car is going on 18 years old. I would recommend anyone to buy a camry. The build quality is amazing too. Everything is still in tact inside and out. It is very comfortable to drive on trips as well. I lived in Ohio and taken the vehicle to Indiana, Michigan, west Virginia and Kentucky several times, and here just recently drove the car from Ohio all the way to Arizona with absolutely no problems! I hope this car lasts for a long time to come even with almost 300k on it. I will definitely be buying another camry for my next car. Toyota has me sold, compared to other brands of cars that consistently have problems and don't even live to see the day of 200,000+ miles

By Tony Vee on February 12 @ 7:39 am
1998 Toyota Camry - A True Workhorse
Bought this car used in 2005 with 54K, now has 155K and still going strong! Great dependability, low maintenance, paint still shines and is very roadworthy - I would not hesitate to drive this car cross country. Aside from routine maintenance, a new radiator, and upgraded stereo system, this car is bone stock. Drives as good as the day I bought it. Recently had to take a 1K mile round trip and this car handled like a champ. Over the summer we took a family vacation to the mountains, which tend to be hard on any transmission much less one that is 17 years old and again no issues. When I purchased this car 10 years ago, I wasn't in a position to buy a new car, which certainly isn't the case today. Regardless I'm holding on to the most dependable car I have ever owned, my 1998 Camry. If one day I do give in and decide to buy another car, it will be another Camry!

By JRad on December 29 @ 3:47 pm
Great Car
Bought my 98 camry with 130K on it in 2009, I will be trading it in soon to get another car. I've done a lot of driving in this thing, yearly trips from Delaware to Connecticut, some trips to Boston and Buffalo as well. Weekly commutes to Philly, etc. Currently sitting at 220K miles and this thing could probably last me another 100K if I needed it to. Only repairs it ever needed were basic wear and tear, aside from fuel injectors going out (conveniently) right after the warranty expired. A few minor issues like one of the door speakers going out, and the drivers side window motor breaking. The motor was replaced but now it doesn't always sit in the door right but its okay. Great storage, I've hauled a full drum kit in this thing so many times and carried my hockey gear in the trunk almost daily. Well worth every penny, I trust Toyota more than any other brand!

By Mirac on November 1 @ 2:36 pm
Second Time Owning A Camry!
I first purchased a 2001 Toyota Camry LE back in 2012, when I was 16. It drove comfortably, handled perfectly, and performed 5 star rating worthy. About three months into owning the car, I actually totaled it. I was hit by a 2013 GMC Yukon that was going 65 mph down a residential speed road and t-boned me. I walked out of that accident with bruises and aches, nothing else. My Camry TOTALED that BRAND NEW YUKON! What does that say about a Toyota Camry? Everything. I now am in college and I bought a 1999 Toyota Camry LE, because I knew that the Toyota Camry was reliable and worthy of a second run around. The car runs, drives, handles, and performs altogether... yet the same! I cannot complain, and if anyone is looking to buy a reliable, first time car, or a car for a college student who cannot afford something newer, then this is the car for you. The gas mileage is better than the site says, my car can drive to Tallahassee and almost all the way back without needing gas. That is not an exaggeration, and the insurance is inexpensive! Great car, and I definitely suggest buying this car.

By Kimberly on November 28 @ 10:44 pm
Oh if only they made all cars like this
This particular model Camry has been amazing for our family car. It has 304,000 miles and still going. The cons first: It seems to use up brakes and rotors quickly. Probably about every 20,000 miles they need looking at. It also seems to go through a fair amount of tires... more than the average car. The pros: The list is endless. Transmission and motor are incredibly built as our car has 304,000 miles and still going strong. We will be selling it to a new driver as his first car. The car still looks and drives good and the style is pretty classic so it doesn't look real dated or anything. We are about to get a Highlander cuz we're getting older and need a car a little higher off the ground than we did back in '98. Bottom line: This is a Camry extraordinaire! Gotta love the quality of this particular model.

By Jared on July 1 @ 3:36 am
270,000 miles and still going!
I bought my camry in July 2016 and used the heck out of it throughout the summer, putting 12,000 miles on it in the summer. I am the second owner and the first owner took really good care of it- oil changes, radiator flushes, etc... For some reason the check engine light keeps coming on and off, but overall this car has saved me a lot of money. I was stuck driving a truck that got 10 miles per gallon, but my camry gets way better. Update: I'm now up to 290000 miles and the only repairs done were the replacement of the factory timing belt and the serpentine belt

By L C V on January 7 @ 9:54 am
Just won't die
Engine was replaced before I got it, needs new struts and I broke off the passenger side mirror but who cares, they're $20 online. This is my second camry (upgraded from a 1997). Only reason I had to replace the car was my previous camry got rear ended. V4 runs better than the v6 (at least the camrys I had). I'm not sure why it's listed as having only 20mpg - I fill my tank up once every 10 days driving 40 miles 5 days a week. I get as much mileage if not better than my 06 elantra did. Car insurance is low, car taxes are low (yes, I'm in one of the states that taxes cars) and I haven't had a car payment in 4 years. I've done 0 repairs on this car in 10 months, just spent about $30 on oil (bit of a leak I suppose). Meanwhile my husband's hyundai needed $800 worth of work at 80k miles. Cons: the moon roof allows for leakage when it rains, which really sucks. Large coconut smelling yankee candle scented thing covers that, though. Seat is so old it hurts so I had to get a seat cushion. And the tape player has a loud rickety-rack (this was in both my camrys) - it doesn't play tapes that well, but a tape adapter + smartphone works just fine. But these are superficial issues and once I get the strut and mirror fixed that'll be $600 of work I've had to do in a year (compare that to a $200+/mo car payment!!)

By Spencer on July 6 @ 1:06 pm
The War Horse That Would Never Die
My wife got this car new before we met in 1999. It had 18k on it when I came along. Now it's less than 500 miles from 400k. It has been the epitome of reliable. It's had some replacement items (front struts, some axle work and transmission at 370k), but that is to be expected for a car that has been driven the distance of earth to the moon...plus another 161k on the surface of the moon! The only design flaw are the plastic door handles which over time simply break off. My brother-in-law owns car dealerships and actually sold my wife this unit but even he said there's no way to retrofit a metal handle on the doors. So I just get tie wraps and loop them through to allow easy entry to the car. Weird? Sure, but I don't care. No car payments is a good kind of "weird" so I'm driving this sucker til the wheels fall off. Even then I'll just throw some spares on and go another 400k! This is to update my original report shown above. 13,000 miles later and she's still running. As noted above my Camry shows her age (original gray exterior paint has some degree of fading in spots but this is 20 year old paint, so that should come as no surprise. Overall, I couldn't be happier to drive this highly durable vehicle and hope I can still say this a few years from now.

By Camryman08 on April 29 @ 2:14 am
Great first car for anyone any age
I bought this car back in august of 1998 new. It is an extremely easy and comfortable car to drive. Only problems i had was the starter going bad but a quick visit to the toyota dealer changed that back to new! The car is very peppy and acceleration is adequate if not good for normal driving. You can tell the engine is lacking power when accelerating from a stop up a hill, but otherwise it manages to merge on the highway and pick up speed nicely. I added a k&n air filter to mine and it improved acceleration at lower rpms so i really recommend one of those if you think the 2.2 4 cylinder is lacking power. Otherwise, this car has great visibility. Paint is still great and shiny after countless Denver hailstorms and snowstorms. I really recommend this car to anyone who wants a comfortable, safe, easy, and peppy ride.

By james Reed on October 4 @ 8:19 pm
Still running. from the Halcyon Days of Toyota!
This car has needed essentially no unplanned repairs since I bought it 20 years ago. It has performed essentially flawlessly for 225,000 miles. I changed the oil using synthetic about every 10K miles; the spark plugs were changed only once. The timing belt had to be changed once, and the starter motor died once. That's IT for 20 years and 225,000 miles. I repainted the body when it needed it at 15 years...it lived uncovered in the San Diego sun every day of its life. Once upon a time, a rock hit its windshield. Replaced easily. Flawless handling, great ride, supreme comfort for driver and passengers. Car happily accelerates to 100mph whenever asked..even at 20 years old!

By TonyVee on January 25 @ 4:14 am
Rock Soilid Dependability!
I've owned my '98 Camry for 12 years. Bought it with 54K as a 'between cars' vehicle. This thing has been nothing shy of amazing and hands down the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned! Nothing fancy here, but everything works as it should and as long as the A/C and Cruise Control continue to work, I'll be hard pressed to sell it. Other than radiator, struts and routine maintenance, everything on this car is original and works great! Even the paint has held up well, every time I wash it, I feel like it's 1998 all over again. I've recently taken this vehicle on two long distance trips and it handled flawlessly. Can't go wrong with Toyota reliability.

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