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1997 Toyota Camry

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Toyota plays the market conservatively with the all-new Camry, giving consumers exactly what they want; a roomy, attractive, feature-laden car with available V6 performance and the promise of excellent reliability as well as resale value. The 1997 Toyota Camry is the new standard for midsize sedans.


Lower price than last year, contemporary design, Toyota dependability, future resale value, ultimate family sedan


Cheap-looking front fascia detracts from otherwise rich styling, still priced slightly higher than main competitors

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By Becca on September 14 @ 1:36 am
Our Camry is a 1997 XLE V6 fully loaded with 107,000 miles and still looks, feels, and drives like a brand new car. We had the car checked out before the purchase and were told by our mechanic that the Camry's will run forever and that the XLE V6 is the Lexus ES300 with the Toyota label. Every single part is interchangeable. We couldn't be happier with our decision to purchase this car.

By tanesha brandon on December 15 @ 3:00 pm
i want to know if i payed to much money

By KLG on May 4 @ 3:00 am
Camry LE V6
My Toyota Camry V6 LE has been a great car. It is 5 years old and still feels like a brand new luxury car. I think it is the best value in a sedan for the price.

By janak patel on January 12 @ 3:00 am

By Suz & Joe on October 9 @ 11:00 am
Reliable and smooth
We've had our Camry for 17 months. It starts up and purrs every day exactly the same. It handles nicely, holds the road in turns and pulls easily in and out of parking spaces. The engine is smooth and acceleration is great. In fact, the engine is so quiet that at stop lights my daughter thought I had turned the car off! We've yet to have a single problem with the engine or drive train of this car.

By Young on December 8 @ 11:00 am
My Camry LE Experience
This car has been such a great vehicle that we have decided to purchase another Toyota Camry LE 4-door sedan as our last vehicle now that we are retiring. The car has been very reliable in every way -- starting in -20 degrees weather (and above 109 degrees) without a problem. We live in a mountainous area and our Camry handles the climbs (and grades) without a hitch. Plenty of power and get-up-and-go. It's a great car! You will never regret purchasing a Toyota Camry LE (or upgraded model).

By tasso on December 8 @ 11:00 am
a good buy
i just purchased my 1997 camry le, and it is an exceptional family automobile.I know that it will last for a good long time.

By I Hate Camry on October 20 @ 11:00 am
Think twice before you buy one
Prior to purchase my Camry, I heard many good things about it, was I wrong? 136 Hp for the size of this car is a joke. My 93 Nissan Altima has 156 Hp. It screamed, when I needed to accelerate. 3 Months after I bought, it needed a front and back brake system. 1 month later, strut mounts and @ 90K the struts needed to be replaced. Dealer said struts last 90K. I have a 93 Nissan Altima w/ 150K everything is still original. @ 92K the electrical system started acting funny. It kept draining my battery. Thanks to Sears, they replaced battery twice under warranty. If you think this is a good, reliable car, my answer is: You have never seen and driven a good car.

By Gus Clemens on November 14 @ 11:00 am
My Camry
My 1997 Camry is my second Camry. I drove my first Camry for seven years, then passed it to my son who drove it three more, even after it got caught in hail storm. Transportation is transportation -- I want reliability and quality. Both my Camrys delivered. I expect my third one will do so too when I buy it in another year or two.

By Bernadette on November 4 @ 11:00 am
Best Car I've Ever Had
After well over 90,000 miles, my Camry rides and looks like a new car. The only thing I've replaced are tires. Reliability is the #1 thing I look for in a car and the Camry has it. I recommend it for anyone and will purchase another. I like the newly designed 2002 or 2003 Camry. I owned a Corolla before the Camry. Too small and uncomfortable for long rides, but it was still a very reliable Toyota product.

By Arvin Hodgepile on July 31 @ 11:00 am
Happy, Happy 2nd Camry
Bought with 40K, now at 75K. I have not had to do anything except change the oil and fuel up. The brake pads look new with plenty of pad left. I'm going to have the timing belt replaced soon and the Toyota dealer has the best price around.

By lizzie on September 2 @ 11:00 am
This is a great car!
I purchased this car with only 52,000 miles on it. This car is very reliable, what do you expect? It's a Toyota. Took this vehicle for our vacation, and we put 3000 miles on it. We had absoulutely no problems! Temp stayed the same, A/C never quite, and the ride was comfortable! I've had no mechanical problems. One of the most reliable cars out there.

By VCarvis on June 24 @ 11:00 am
My 2nd is Even Better!
My 1st was an '85 4-cyl and I still have it... 270,000 and going. Not as comfortable anymore, but very reliable. I drive about 3,000 miles a month so I need a car that will get me there. Every Camry I've seen meets that description. I chose the 4-cyl 5- speed stick because I love to shift and they get the best mileage. The '97 CE is smooooth! In Texas there are lots of open roads and hills where I'm at. This car is just plain fun to drive! I got it with 122,000 miles and it rides almost like new. Still getting nearly 31mpg and purrs like a kitten.

By Denise on May 2 @ 11:00 am
The 1997 Camary XLE V6 is a great car
I bought my 1997 Camry brand new, and have had no problems out of it. I have 115,000 miles on it and it just had it's first tune up. The orginaly brakes and battery lasted until 90,000 miles noone could believe it. I have had some problems recently with the car smoking some, but we just switched to synthetic oil and I believe that could be the problem. It has been a great car.

By edos on May 2 @ 11:00 am
Rare: 5 speed v6
I bought the car with 96,000 miles on it. Now has 104,000. Runs like new. I love the V6 power and 5 speed transmission. It is very quiet and comfortable on long trips. Good gas mileage. The only thing I noticed is the lower quality of small, unimportant parts inside the cabin such as loose air vents, weather strips on doors, etc. The mechanical and engine parts are fine. Great car.

By Happyman on February 26 @ 3:00 am
Wow I'ts the perfect car
My car has 245.900 miles. Only one time in a little repair. No more words. No better car in the world for that price.

By shortierocka1 on November 9 @ 3:00 am
Wouldn't trade it for the world
My first time in a camery, smooth, clean ride, sturdy. I felt very comfortable with the power it gave and how safe it makes me feel. I have not had any problmes what so ever with the vehicle. Just keep your maintenence up & you could have this car for years to come!

By DanC. on February 21 @ 3:00 am
Toyota Camry LE
We baught this car new and it has been a great car. We like the performance of the 4 cylender engine and the great gas milage. I was suprised at the power of the 4! It is very comfortable to drive. I am 6'2" and 220 lbs. and my wife is 5'2" and petite so it was had finding a car to match both of us. This is our 2nd Camry and we plan on buying another one when the time comes.

By HAPPY CAR OWNER on July 27 @ 3:00 am

By LewB on April 22 @ 3:00 am
Transmissions in 1997 models
This is the 5th Toyota that I have owned. I have always gotten at least 8 years of service from each. In this 1997 Camry, I have had to replace the power switch in the driver's door, and now my transmission is going. It is hard to believe that I am not going to get my usual 200,000 miles out of a Toyota.

By discgem on September 25 @ 3:00 am
Too many problems!
While I expected alot from Toyota, I did not expect to have the constant noisy brakes. I have replaced the brake pads at 60,000 and had one rotor turned at a cost of $400. I had to replace a fuel oxygen valve-=$200. And now I have to replace bad front shock block pads, as well as turning rod axles and boots at a cost of $1500!! This car is turning out to be a lemon.

By toyota on September 7 @ 3:00 am
Still going strong
I bought my camry new in 97. The V6 is smooth and still very strong with over 130k miles. It's been in the shop once in 6 years for a small repair. This car handles great in the snow, the traction control helps.

By Sludge Car Owner on January 7 @ 3:00 am
Beware:Do not purchase 97-2001 Camry's
Consumers should be aware of a problem that involves the following 4 cylinder models between the years 1997-2002: Avalon, Camry, Corolla, and Sienna. These models all have the same engine which can be predisposed to an oil sludging problem. While Toyota has tried to be fair to their customers regarding repairs and possible replacement of the entire engine, I was very dissatisfied with my service to repair this issue as my engine was worked on multiple times until it was finally replaced. This car had it\s oil changed every 3000 miles without fail, and it developed such a severe problem-rendering the eventual new engine a necessity. Buyer beware!!!!

By Sean in Atlanta on December 20 @ 3:00 am
Great car - Highly Recommended
Purchased this vehicle as a certified used Toyota with 32K miles. Have had only minor problems with the car: Brakes - Feel of brakes is not very solid, and will squeal without the right pads. Don't believe the dealership about Toyota pads, I had 2 sets of them and finally replaced them all with AutoZone pads, which worked beautifully - noise free! Other than that, this car is a JEWEL. The ride is super smooth, the car has a solid feel to it, and the suspension gives a very comfy ride.

By Celine Longman on January 31 @ 3:00 am
Not all used cars are the same!
We have two Camry's. The other is a 93 XLE V6. They are both very reliable and problem free. However I think the 97-2000 have very poorly designed headlamps. I tried replacing bulbs without success. It's the receptacle itself. The '93 puts out 100% more light than this model. The '97 upper suspension mounts broke at 100,000 miles. The brakes are not that great, needs improvement. When tires are less than 50% tread, the car veers too much either way depending on the road grade. No problem with new tires. Honda's suspention have better tracking. Will not hesitate to buy Toyota over Honda....others out of the question.

By kdan on October 28 @ 3:00 am
Great reliable car
Reliable, long lasting, comfortable car.

By Filo Snard on September 4 @ 3:00 am
This is NOT a sporty car
Handling is woefully inadequate and ride quality is far less than I had expected from a Camry. I can feel every bump, divot and imperfection in the road. Replacing all four struts didn't help the problem. After owning this car less than 3 years, I am already planning its replacement, even though when I bought it I had planned to drive it for at least 6-10 years. On the positive side, it is very roomy and has a very comfortable interior design. Controls are thoughtfully layed out and cabin noise is very well controlled.

By MESSY on October 17 @ 11:00 am

By NoToToyo on January 3 @ 11:00 am
Suspension is Horrible
Just bought it used with low milage a few months back. So far they have changed; both lower control arms, all strut mounts, one wheel bearing and one strut... after all of this it still makes LOTS of suspension noise. A mechanic at the dealer says it is a problem accross the board with 97-2001 Camry's. As well, I've also heard of sludge problems on the V6 engine, great.

By kris421 on June 16 @ 11:00 am
Really nice car.
This car rides nice, and I love the design. They are extremely dependable, and are easy cars to take car of. Keep the oil changed and it will last you a life time.

By geeman on June 23 @ 11:00 am
Honda vs. Toyota
If you are like me, I was torn between the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry. Both are very good cars, and you can't go wrong with either (probably). But the Accord is a bit more of a driver's car, it's handling a little stiffer and it's motor a little peppier (and a little noisier). Camry has a very smooth ride and is very quiet inside too. Camry owners have experienced some engine oil (sludge) problems, so if you choose an older model Camry, look inside the valve cover with a flashlight to look for black sludge. Also strut mount failures. You are looking at $250 per strut to fix!

By ClayFromCarlisle on February 13 @ 11:00 am
Great Used Car
I purchased this car a little over a year ago, and it has been an absolute joy to drive. Right now, the odometer reads 124,000 miles, and it looks, rides, and drives like it has 50,000 miles. As far as problems, there have been none except for a bad speaker. All maintenance has been performed on time. By the way, the oil sludge problem is highly overrated. There is an 8 year / unlimited mile warranty on suspect engines. Toyota has gone out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction. As far as the whiners who submit reviews, GET OVER IT. Cars cost money to maintain. The Camry is no exception. However, it has cost less than most cars on the market.

By hengbok2u on February 2 @ 11:00 am
Camrys are just as what i expected
well...i bought my camry in 1999 which had 62k miles..and now has 117k miles.. i had no problems at all with this car for all this time...its so amazing... since i work as a auto wholesale, i see lots of cars with better looks and feel than this camry....but with no regrets, i am staying with my camry...with this much mileage, i'm thinking about hooking the car up a little...I used to love the looks of the car, but now...it just looks so boring...either way, its one of the best cars out there~

By XLE lover on April 3 @ 11:00 am
Poor Man's Lexus - A true Toyota
Had this car for almost a year now and reads 98,000mi on it with no problems whatsoever. Just replaced the timing belt. there is a whining sound on the wheels that I don't seem to understand. The dealer said that the wheel bearing work fine and I replaced four new tires, and still the whining is still there. I compared it to my wife's Solara and she doesnt has this problem in her car.but like other consumers, engine is very quiet,strong, responsive and similar to the ES300, and the earlier Avalon models, if I am not mistaken. Excellent performance on the freeway. I never get tired of driving this car and I plan to keep this car forever!

By Ravchic4 on August 3 @ 11:00 am
you won't find better than this!!!
I have owned the 97 toyota camry for a few years now, and i must say, it is the best car i've ever driven! its so much fun to drive, with an INCREDIBLE sound system (i bet you couldn't even install a better one!), comfort, and reliability. the ride is also so smooth and relaxing!

By Frog on October 20 @ 11:00 am
Super satisfied
Drove it 4300 miles in six days after 9/11 ferrying emergency personel for government organization. Averaged over 700 miles a day. Stopped only to change oil. Never a problem. This is fifth Toyota in our family since 1968. Wife still drives 1988 Corolla and swears by it.

By nucklbone on January 13 @ 11:00 am
just a couple of leaks
90000 miles now, no major problems. A couple of oil leaks at the oil pan and valve cover, a steering leak in the rack and pinion. Steering very responsive, excellent gas mileage. 21 city, usually 30+ hwy even at an average of 80 mph! Fairly cheap insurance, very cold a/c even on the lowest setting. Just put on new brakes and rotors at a cost of $180. Only mechanical problem is the parking brake light on the instrument panel stays on sometimes. Front wheel drive makes it easy through the snow too.

By KPL on June 25 @ 11:00 am
Great car.
This is the best car I have ever owned. Very reliable. Rides great. Has over 113000 miles and doesn't use any oil. Very quiet inside.

By DL118 on April 16 @ 11:00 am
Great Car
Rock solid dependable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this model to anyone else. Gets great mileage on the highway. Smooth and comfortable ride.

By Derek1269 on January 10 @ 11:00 am
Good car for Canadian teenager
Great car it has over 190,000klm and still runs great. Never a doubt that it will breakdown needs a little more strength for highway travel with 5 occupants along with better suspension. Reliability is what makes this car great at my dealership a man owns a camry with over 600,000klms and he "drives the hell out of it" the exterior will go before the engine

By bytescot on October 31 @ 11:00 am
My Camry
Purchased car used with 39000 miles. At 60000 miles had to replace left steering rack. 75000 had to have a valve seal replacement and timing belt. No other problems and now have 104000 miles.

By kit3375 on August 29 @ 3:00 am
Too Many Problems
This car has been nothing but a problem since the second year of owenrship. The alternator has been replaced twice. Strut mounts replaced. (still makes awful noise) Axle had to be replaced. Leaks transmission fulid. Rotors replaced. Tires last no longer than a year. Had to disconnect alarm system because every time it rained the alarm would go off and we couldn't get it off. It's costing more to repair this car than what we paid for it. Don't ever buy CAMRY!!!!!!!

By CaMrYmAn on February 8 @ 3:00 am
A decent value for your money
I bought the car just recently, because my parents have owned them for years now, and they seem to be great cars. I believe that the 4 cylinder can be a bit sluggish at times, but it pays off in gas mileage. The only other con I seem to find in my camry is the suspension. It's a bit rough on bumpy roads. The reliability can't be beat by any other when it comes to the engine. It never fails me. I have not one problem at 93,000 miles.

By tsarang on July 21 @ 3:00 am
This is a real Workhorse
I got this vehicle at 30,000 miles . I have now 114,000 miles on it, no majour breakdowns/repair. did my regular 30000, 60000, 100000 service on time. changed timing belt and Oxygen sensor as preventative maintainence plus the regular Oil change every 8000 miles (I use only synthetic oil). This vehicle is a benchmark for reliability. Just recently we shifted from California to Florida and i drove almost 2500 miles nonstop with my family with the car Totally loaded with lugggage and other stuff !!!!. We encountered no problems and reached our destination safely. Thank you CAMRY!!!!

By DPO on May 11 @ 3:00 am
Great Car
Have had 225,000 miles with no oil use or leaks. Extremely satisified with dependability, and comfort.

By GMCONVERT on August 30 @ 3:00 am
Dependable, repeat suspension problems
This is my third and most dissapointing Camry. Although I will never by American again, this car has had repetitive suspension problems. I bought the car new, have maintained it according to the manual and have never "beat" this car. I had the front struts replaced once under warranty and now at 80,000 miles, both the rear and front struts are shot. I'm looking at quite an expensive repair. Mechanically this car is sound but I miss my 95 Camry. Have doubts about buying another one.

By filosnard on May 9 @ 3:00 am
Not all I expected
Bought mine used with 33,000 miles on it, now have over 85,000. The V6 provides great power and better than average low-end torque. However, this car has never had the ride or handling I expected from this kind of vehicle. The handling is sloppy with lots of lean in the turns - even after replacing all 4 struts. The ride is quality is also much worse than I would expect for a car in this class. I've also had an undiagnosed thumping sound coming from the right, front wheel well ever since I've had the car. It sounds like shocks, but didn't go away when I replaced them.

By Jamie Du on May 6 @ 11:00 am
Good to Own
Very quiet and Quicky Acceleration in Vechicle

By Grayfair on December 9 @ 11:00 am
Great Dependable Auto - Bad Strut Mounts
Great car, no problems even with 117,000 miles on it. Interior/Exterior are in mint condition. It drives nicer than most American made cars. I highly recommend the Camry, for as much use as we get out of it, it gives us no trouble. The Strut Mounts are bad. They start making the wheels rattle after awhile and need to be replaced. I paid $117.73 to have the front strut mounts replaced in 2002. Around 100k the windshield wipers don't go back to the closed position when you turn them off and stop in the middle of the window. I just wait until they are at the hood & turn off. Had timing belt changed at 70K & the 100k tune-up.

By rickaroo1122 on October 5 @ 11:00 am
Read this before you purchase a Camry
I had purchased this car from my mother who had bought it brand new in 1997. It has been trouble since. One problem after another. Rebuilding its engine didn't help. Still blew a rod and basically had the whole engine built again. Get around 20 miles to the gallen highway driving. I drive it like a old lady and very rarley floor it. I am selling it and going with a acura. Somthing a little more reliable hopefully. Basically three engines in it and still runs bad. My vote is never by another Camry.

By DIXON on December 22 @ 11:00 am
have had excellent reliability from the use of this vehicle. have performed periodic maintenance per the recommendations of the toyota manual ie. oil changes, replaced tires (6000 miles on new set), brakes replaced recently, battery replaced recently, paint on car is in good condition. has a couple of small dents on body. interior is in good condition - not worn looking. this car will provide very reliable service.

By ColoradoToy on November 20 @ 4:46 pm
Most reliable car I've ever owned
I've owned virtually nothing but Toyotas in my 25 years of actually owning cars (everything else led to misery) but this has been the best. Eight years old now and I've had no repairs. No rattles. No vibrations. Still acts like it is brand new. Can barely hear the thing running. Amazing car. I don't see how they can do that. I'm not selling it but this sort of quality leads me to buying the new 4Runner (wife/kids).

By jdowmiller on July 6 @ 1:50 pm
Overrated as usual
Purchased this car after a teenager totalled an otherwise perfect Nissan. Bought it based on the endless positive reviews here and elsewhere. I wasn't expecting much more than a safe commuter but it hasn't even lived up to that modest task. I have the usual problems: steering rack is broken - this is totally unacceptable, especially for a "high-quality" car; strut mounts rattle; rotors needed replaced and now brake pads squeal (regardless of brand or amount of adjustment). My belief is that Toyota's reputation for quality is based solely on their indestructible cars of the '80s and very early '90s. This generation of Camry is simpy an average car overall.

By Carlove on October 8 @ 5:30 pm
Rock solid
Just purchased it with 82k. Excellent car. It still drives and looks perfectly new. I highly recommend it. This is the 3rd camry i am driving and it's better than ever.

By Toyota on May 24 @ 5:33 am
Good Car
I bought this call w/ 40K miles on it. It just hit 100K. During the 60K, I had to replace the valve seals, front struts and caps, timing belts, front axles for a total cost of about $1800. Its still a very reliable car. Great car for the money.

By RichieRich on December 31 @ 2:56 pm
Solid FAMILY SEDAN (not sports car)
Bought this vehicle used, with 48,000 miles on it. Has been ultra-reliable (NO repairs other than an O2 sensor). Still drives like its brand new in spite of the 125,000 miles that are on it. Ride is excellent unless pushed hard. (excessive body roll, but this is not a sports car) Excellent balance of power and comfort. Very cheap to maintain. Seats do get uncomfortable for me on long trips. My Goodyear Assurance Triple-treads (tires) are a great match for this vehicle.

By theraywatcher on July 2 @ 10:03 pm
Camry is great
Bought my 1997 with 59,000 miles and have not looked back. Besides the oil changes and other "wear" maintainance, the only repair I had to do was a powersteering rack replacement. The car now has 112,000 and still going strong.

By nilu on July 9 @ 3:50 am
Reliable car with excellent interior space. Offers a quite ride with reasonable performance and great mileage

By Nate on April 28 @ 7:03 pm
Fast Car!!!
I am the 2nd owner of my 97 Camry V6, and it has over 145,000 miles on it and it still runs great. The only work I have done on this car is replaced the A/C compressor, and the brakes re- done. I love the V6, it makes the car much faster than the model with the 4 in it.

By John on February 15 @ 5:23 am
Nuch's Camry
This is a great car that i will drive until it dies... take care of it and it will take care of you

By tracy on December 25 @ 1:36 am
Interior design only problems I've ever had. Back of driver seat weak and carpet never has fit perfect but thats being picky. Trunk interior liner piece and loose and won't stay in place. Highway noise has increased with age but still acceptable. Normal maintenance of timing belt and CV joints only large cost incured. Engine and transmission still plenty strong with not a single leak. Still get over 30 mpg hwy and even gets better 35-40 with increase in speed. Can't explain that one. Absolutely no buyers remorse and no plans to sell this one for many years.

By BrockLanders on December 27 @ 8:50 pm
My Baby
Got this car from my parents in high school and now I have it at college with me. I've been waiting for this car to break so I can get less of a "Mom Car", but the car never has a problem. The only major repair in 9 years has been a strut replacement. That's it! The interior quality is impeccable, and the ride and cab noise are as good as my dad's lexus. Additionally, the spoiler, moon roof, and surprisingly powerful V6 do take a bit of the Mom Car edge off. I've honestly gotten her up to 130mph, which isn't so much me bragging about being an idiot, but a testament to this car's transcendence above the typical family sedan stereotype. All in all, its a fantastic car worth more than it's cost.

By Ilya on July 24 @ 8:33 am
Great Car
I've driven about 33K over the last 3 years and the Camry now has 105K and running strong. There are a few minor problems (small leakage of power steering, shocks need to be replaced), but that would be the case for any car with this much mileage! Either way, still runs great! I've worked on upgrading it myself over the years and this car has survived my trials & tribulations!

By Buffalo Driver on October 1 @ 6:10 am
I bought it 4 years ago with 58K. Now it has 103+K. I had front suspension problems, drive axles as well. I replaced those the very same year, now the noise is coming back. I had to flush and clean the engine to get rid of smoke coming out of exhaust at cold starts. Otherwise it is fine. I am thinking about replacement but not sure if I will go with Camry again.

By Hideyfish on August 15 @ 8:00 pm
No wonder it's the best seller
This was my first Toyota and I bought it for good design, durability, economy and reliability. It has more than rewarded me. It has 85,000 miles on it and I expect it to last another nine years. My ONLY complaint is some clunking suspension noise on rough pavement in cold weather. This car gets a reliable 30 MPG, cruises comfortably at 75 on the interstate, runs smoothly and quietly, handles like a sports car on back roads, and still has a new car fit, finish and feel after 9 years.

By Fran on April 10 @ 12:30 pm
Reliable and Attractive
This is my 2nd Camry. I would definitely buy another. Only normal repairs & maintenance needed. Valve seals and head gasket all but cured a problem with excessive oil consumption problem at about 160k mi. There is no noticeable rust on the body and at 178k mi it still handles well. The biggest flaw is the seat belts that won't retract.

By JJB on November 6 @ 12:33 am
Bad brakes
Had the Camry for about 7 years and it ran well the whole time. I did have to replace the brakes two times in 4 years. Also the alignment was always getting out of whack. First gear was a little tricky too, but that could have just been my car. Another thing to think about is the gas mileage - not as good as you would think. Spent a lot more on gas than I should have. All that aside it was a very reliable car, and the only real work I had to put into it was the brakes.

By rb on May 30 @ 6:33 am
Safe car
Bought this car new, and had it til yesterday when my teen totaled it at 50 mph flipping it through a guard rail and into the woods. Both kids walked away from this crash with only minor injuries. Seat belts were on. It is clear that while the majority of the car is destroyed, the cabin is mostly intact. Air bags however did not deploy. Reliability was excellent, only problems were engine gasket leaking, and noisy front suspension that never actually had a problem (but sounded like it did). Anyway, we buy only Toyotas, and this model at least lived its life well.

By Norb on August 29 @ 8:50 pm
I love it!
Replaced one set of tires and brakes at 75000 miles, battery after 9 years. Had one check engine light (I didn't fasten the gas cap securely). Regular 3000 mile oil changes. One new headlight, license plate lights just this year. Dark green paint not a bit faded, fake wood trim on inside mottled/faded (only complaint). Best car I've ever owned, don't hesitate to go on long trips.

By yayyyy on September 8 @ 4:46 am
The Perfect Car
Everyday I'm impressed by some subtle ingenious design feature on this car, such as the clock display is brighter during the day than at night, or the moonroof still closes even after you take your key out of the ignition. I've never had a problem in the 110000 miles I've put on it, and I've even gone several thousand miles over the suggested oil change without issue. I was thinking of switching to a Saab but after reading those reviews I'm sticking with this Camry. It also has many luxury Lexus features like dual power seats, a quiet engine you can't hear, Harman Kardon sound system, etc. We have one Camry among five cars (two Audis, an Odyssey and a Corvette) and we fight over who drives the Camry every morning.

By thc on October 18 @ 8:36 pm
10+ yrs, 100+ miles - still going strong
Since March, we've been looking to buy a new car to replace this 10 yo Camry. However, after months of search, we decided to keep it until it breaks. This car has been unbelievably reliable. After 10+ yrs and 100K, the V6 is still running strong exactly like the day I drove it off the dealer lot. The front brake pads are still the original ones. There are still no rattles or squeaks. It has better interior material than the '07 Camry. I am still getting approx. 23-25 MPG which is inline with (the old) EPA est. We only paid for one unexpected repair for the leaking rack and pinion. It's gonna take a miracle for it's replacement to beat this record.

By Sue on April 11 @ 12:30 am
It's a keeper
I bought my Camry new. During the first 5 years I had to spend some money on unreasonable problems like a clunking noise that sounds like the car was falling apart. My mechanic told me it's a manufacturer defect but the manufacturer didn't recall because it's not a safety issue. I spent about $300 to fix this problem because it really bothered me. There were some other strange problems but now at 120,000 miles it runs great. I do regular oil change and tune up and replaced the water pump and timing belt at 90K. Also replaced the tires twice and brakes. I just spent $250 for a full service wax and now it's shining like new! I'm planning to keep it.

By mac on December 2 @ 7:43 am
OK ride
Watch the strut mounts, they are making the noise, not the struts. Don't let the mechanic get away with just struts, needs the mounts too to stop the noise. I bought this from a friend who got it new, now have 163K on it and runs great. Love the engine and transmission, suspension is awful, front and rear. 50/50 highway/city 23 mpg, have gotten up to 27. Geared too low for good mileage but has good pick up due to this. Just change the oil regularly and timing chain, water pump, plugs and belts every 100K and drive it everyday, through the rattles from the suspension. Turn the radio up and drown it out. $2000 and 80,000 miles not a bad deal. Still going.

By Stacy on May 11 @ 2:03 pm
Loved it... till we killed it!!!
I purchased this car in 2002 with 69000 miles on it. In March of 2006 the engine blew up, but it had a little over 200,000 miles on it and my husband didn't get regular oil changes. About 6 months later we recieved a recall notice for the engine, but it was already past the 7 yr mark. I absolutely loved my Camry and am looking for a 99 model. I will definitely continue to buy Toyotas and would recommend them to anyone!! Before the engine went we only had to replace the tires, oil, etc., that was routine maint.

By Pat on June 3 @ 7:36 am
Years and years of trouble-free driving
Brakes, tires, gas and oil are all this car has needed for 10 years/150k miles. It just keeps going, so my only complaint is boredom. The car is the most dependable I have owned and gets you from point A to point B, without much excitement along the way. I eventually had some front-end and suspension work done so that I can keep it as a second car. It feels like it still has several more years in it.

By lmjones on October 13 @ 12:50 pm
Great Car
I got my Camry used two years ago, and it's been an exceptional car. It's slowly falling apart (console top came off, driver's door handle on outside off and inside is cracked and ready to come off, driver's window is off track, muffler's shot, shock housings shot, a few rust spots, dent on the rear quarter panel, etc.), but I'm pretty rough on my cars. Aside from the recalled engine issue (something's not sealed? I'm not sure, but it burns oil like no other, and when I take off a huge cloud of smoke comes out the back end), I've had no major work done on it. Great little car! I'll probably be getting a newer one (looking at '06 models) next year.

By evo on June 13 @ 9:06 pm
Best car I've ever owned
My only complaint is the suspension... it's terrible and so expensive to replace, but unless it's done, you'll pay on brakes. Very comfortable and great on trips, a little gutless these days through mountain passes and at 170000 I'm ready to move on... definitely replacing with another toyota. I've loved my camry.

By happy camper on March 14 @ 6:36 pm
Love This Baby
I have owned this car for 6 years (V6 CE, 5 spd man tran). It is a gem. My likes are too long to list. Most important ones: fast & powerful (speedo shows 140, it does 140. Leave -hot- cars in dust. Unlike the Accord, I don't have to rev the engine to get going), brakes (4 wheel abs, great stopping distance), reliability, comfort & amenities, and cheap parts. Also, very well balanced, very stable in rain and snow. It has 182,000 miles, runs like new. I only changed the O2 sensor. Other stuff was regular maintenance. It is no Ferrari on curves but if you know the limits of the car and act accordingly it is a joy to drive.

By Joe on January 4 @ 11:26 am
Smart Shoes
Purchased my Camry about a year ago with 202k on it, up to 216k now. Let's see, only things outside of normal maintenance (such as brake fluid flush, replacement of plugs and the original wires, and new tires) have been the replacement of the EGR valve gasket and the replacement of the rear bumper after I was rear ended. The steering rack is on its last legs, and has hiccupped a few times in wet weather, but the Camry has never failed to get me from point A to point B. Handling is fine for a front drive sedan, and the clunking suspension is fine for since it bobs up and down less on the highway then ones in better condition.

By th on September 1 @ 10:26 am
Reliable & quiet car
I enjoyed to drive my Camry 1997. Just to bring to the shop for regular maintenance, and fix 1x for the steering rod in last year (9 yrs & 5 months). It's is a fine, reliable, & quiet car. If someone ask me which car I will buy, I'll say another Camry!

By erock on July 19 @ 12:46 am
Great car!
Only had this car a month but it's by far one of the best cars I've owned. 120,000 miles when I got it and it runs like new. The solidity and quality are unmatched. Replaced the tires and wipers so far but that's it. Would recommend this car to anyone.

By jbarada on June 6 @ 8:23 pm
A little disappointed
I bought this car for my wife from an elderly couple who had bought it new. It had less than 70K on it. I didn't look it over a closely as I would normally because of Toyota's reputation. I later discovered an annoying rattle in the front end that turned out to be strut mounts, it burns and leaks oil, I go through four quarts of oil before its due for an oil change. The transmission does not seem to shift properly, especially on uphill grades on the highway. Despite these few let downs I am fairly pleased with its overall performance. It is above par when it comes to road manners, very plush ride, and effortless to drive. It does quite well on gas too usually gets about 28/32 city and highway

By rt asian on April 10 @ 8:26 am
a good car for everyone
I bought a Toyota Camry model 1997 LE 4 door sedan. What a car this was. It is good as new. Of course, there are some parts that needs replacement like the minor ones, spark plug, tires wiper blades, oil, brake fluid, etc. I would recommend this to everyone who wish to buy second hand car. The performance is fine, the curves and U-turns were amazing. Try It, you'll love it.

By my sweet baby on March 23 @ 4:03 pm
I hope it lasts 1 million miles
I wrote a review about a year ago (happy camper). I am a nitpicking car nut who owned many different cars ranging from Lexus to MB. I know, price makes a difference. So it is stupid to compare a 150k car with a 20k one. BUT sometimes you get more than what you pay for. This car is it. Reading the reviews I can say that people are unfair or inaccurate in their evaluation. Some complain about changing oil, brakes, tires and belts. What??? Bottom line is, this is a great car; quiet, comfortable, powerful, good mpg + many-many amenities.

By The Miami Driver on September 1 @ 11:13 pm
I purchased my car in mid 1998. Everything started going good, until the year 2002. My transmission has failed twice, leaving me broke and stranded. My gasket is always leaking no matter how much I get it replaced. The window motors hesitate to go up or down. The driver door handle broke on the outside, which means I have to get wet in the rain or do extra work to open the door from the back. Not to mention I had it fixed twice. To add to my misery, the passenger door can not open from the inside, causing the passenger to put the window down with my hesitant motors. The interior is falling apart, but I only average about 5,000 miles a year!

By hondoman45 on January 24 @ 7:26 pm
An excellent vehicle.
This car replaced a 1993 Sable, so virtually any car would have been an improvement. For over 8 years this car has been without any problems. We just do regular maintenance (we do use synthetic oil and transmission fluid) and we've been rewarded with flawless reliability. It does have some clunking due to the strut mounts but not enough to bother us. It returns about 24 mpg in town and 31 mpg highway. It has a very quiet ride unless the road is extremely rough. It has 126k miles and on start up it does blow out blue smoke which quickly clears up. It might use a couple quarts over a years time just topping it off. I use Amsoil and change the oil and filter once a year. A great car!

By LanePie on April 13 @ 3:03 am
I am the 2nd owner of this great Camry. I bought it with 114,200 miles and drove it to 159,000 miles with no problems at all. The first owner kept all maintenance up and I followed. Unfortunately my husband with involved in a hit and run. The car was totaled and both airbags deployed. The car really looked like a pancake, but my husband walked away. It saved his life. I never had one problem with it except for the brake light going out. I drove 44,800 with not even one problem. Last but not least I loved my Camry. I will most definitely buy another one over and over. We still own a 2007 Camry. We had a 10 year difference in Camrys and I still preferred my 1997. The V6 power was great.

By beaver on September 3 @ 9:26 pm
Reliable of course
Very nice car! While it won't break any land speed records, it does have nice style, really nice interior, really nice all over, but what puts Toyota ahead of everyone else is reliability. I have put over 230,000 miles on it in 8 years (and missed oil changes here and there)! Repairs in that time: replaced the head gasket and have gone through 3 batteries and many tires.

By reb64mst59 on May 28 @ 2:43 pm
Always taught - buy new if you can and keep them until they can travel no more. My Camry still gets 32 mpg on the hwy and 24 in the city.

By Mrs. Taylor on July 11 @ 6:36 am
Very Trustworthy Car!!!
My car was bought in 2003 while I was college. I still have the car. My husband and I both drive the car. It's not sporty but you can definitely depend on it. The only major repair was to only replace the transmission, but at 185,000 miles I didn't complain. Now at 201,000 miles, it continues to run strong.

By dmsnms on June 17 @ 12:26 am
Doesn't get any better than this!
All I have to say is, my husband and I bought this at 122,000 miles, and we can't believe the incredible ride quality and comfort of this beautiful car! We replaced tires and brakes so far and this car just rides like a smooth dream. We have an 09 Civic, and I still prefer to drive this car! Roomy and spacious interior, even after 12 years the leather seats are immaculate, not a single rip or tear! Seriously, buy one of these and just fix it up, you won't be sorry.

By Pleased on June 14 @ 6:26 am
Bought this LE with 63,000 miles on it and now have 173,200 and counting. Got nine years on original battery. I use synthetic oil and grease. Best MPG was 39.3 interstate out of Texas. Replaced timing belt @ 100,000 and all four struts @ 160,000. Ceramic disc pads and new rotors @ 150,000. Basic maintenance and this car just will not give up. My '90 Camry was @ 348,000 miles & was still running last year! Test drove a 2007 LXE & it isn't near the car my '97 is.

By TexasOwner on March 21 @ 10:30 am
Been a good ride
Bought it with 36k miles and now have over 200k. The car has held up nicely. Have had some brake issues that were corrected, struts have been junk since the day I bought it and required several change in tires through the years at around 20-25k mile intervals. Better than spending the 1k plus they wanted to repair. I have had to replace an axle, rack and pinion, door handles, roof liner, and a few other small things. Probably spent 2k through the years on maintenance. All in all we have been very pleased with Camry.

By camrydriver on January 15 @ 12:06 pm
Mixed Feelings
I bought this car with 80,000 miles and now it has 190,000. Started having problems about 2 years ago. Key wouldn't turn in ignition, $200 to fix. Now I have multiple oil leaks in the front & back of the engine. Radiator is cracked and timing belt needs to be replaced. Woodgrain is cracked and peeling. Rear door handle doesn't work from inside. Struts/shocks are bad. With all problems, it's never broken down and has taken me many miles. Not sure if I need to spend the $$ to get it repaired as it'll be more than it's worth right now. I'm torn b/c this is a good car. Mom's is 1 year newer and never any of these problems.

By Curt on January 30 @ 7:03 am
1997 Toyota Camry CE
The car runs great! I replaced the struts, brakes and timing belt at 60k, and have redone the brakes at 90K, continued with the scheduled oil changes and what a quality car. I purchased my first Camry in 1990 new and have not bought an American car since. Everything works on my 97 and I plan to keep it for 10 more years. A top quality vehicle.

By TP on October 18 @ 6:30 am
Toyotas are the best!
My 1997 Camry has over 200,000 miles on it and I love it. The only minor repair I had to do besides changing tires and brake pads, was replacing the timing belt and water pump back in 2001. But that repair was done at no cost because it was still under warranty. If you want a quality car, then look at Toyotas.

By Mike Pratt on November 15 @ 1:00 am
Simple Elegance
We inherited this car from my great aunt a few months ago. It only have 62K miles and hardly driven. After some new tires and brake pads it was fit for a king. It's a CE addiction so it has no bells and whistles. Not even cruise control, but it works great four new and young drivers alike. I love the car for it's easy to drive, handles like a dream, and is quieter then my van. - It may be a CE and my mother's car, but as a new driver I find this the perfect vehicle to start out in for its all I need - and I find it to be simplistic elegance.

By Michael on June 6 @ 9:23 pm
97 Toyota Camry = Bored Mechanic
This car has been in the family since day one in august of 1997 being my Mom's, then my Sister's and now it's mine. With 173,000 miles on it still running purrrrr-fect, still riding like a new cars this car has with- stood the test of time and still have lots more life in it. Repairs made have been typical maintenance, rear strut assemblies, a few light bulbs, an egr sensor, a battery, a power steering hose, and.... thats all I can think of being done in a 173,000 miles so we have 1 bored starving mechanic. Its a great ride high quality even used pick one up put about a grand in it and enjoy timeless reliability!!!

By Speedy on March 9 @ 2:46 am
Resurrected Joy
I bought the '97 Camry in 1999 with 49000 miles on it. It always burned oil. The car drove great, never let me down for 8 years straight. In 2006, I had to get the front and rear seals replaced but was expected after 140000 miles. In 2007, we had a bad snowstorm in Cleveland. I floored the engine to get over a big snow bank in my driveway. Two days later the engine started knocking. It sat in my driveway for nearly three years before I finally replaced the engine. I am very happy I did. It is better to have an old car with great performance and gas mileage than a newer guzzler.

By SJTim on July 8 @ 11:10 am
Way better than the 07 XLE V6
Bought new in 6/97 and have been extremely happy since. Been to the garage only twice for the steering leak and suspension. Still running strong at 155K as of 3/10. Got rear- ended in 07, legally totaled but mechanically perfect. Hoped a repeat experience and bought a top-of-the- line 07 XLE V6 w/Nev from the insurance money, but the 07 is no where close to this one in terms of build quality and had it traded in <3 yrs. Fortunately, I've kept this one. I'll keep it until it dies, if it ever happens. Too bad and sad, Toyota is not making Camry the same way any more. ATTENTION CURRENT OWNERS: Do yourself a favor, don't trade this 97 with a latest model of Camry. This one is unbeatable.

By Glenn on July 18 @ 1:53 pm
Best car I have ever owned!
Great car no complaints, I live in Tx and we have all kinds of weather. I can trust my Camry in 6" of snow or 3" water and even mud! Back couple months ago we had a bad snow storm that brought about 8" of snow and of course mud after it melted, got the Camry stuck in 4" of mud and after 5 mins she got out by her self! Great transmission and strong V6. I would buy another 97' Camry. I love this car.

By sarah on April 3 @ 8:46 am
Unsurpassed Reliability
I bought my '97 Camry a year ago from an old lady with only 35k on it. I figured it would be a smart investment because it would last a long time and I wouldn't have to take a loan out on it. One year later I haven't had any real issues. It blows blue smoke after it's been sitting awhile, but it clears right up. It also burns oil, but it's understood these cars are known for that problem. It is in almost mint condition, the metallic paint is still glossy and shiny without any real signs of fading. The only real complaint I have about this car is that it has absolutely no balls. The 2.2 liter engine has no gusto. I heard that Camry's V6 rectifies this problem quite nicely. A

By Dixie on November 16 @ 11:00 am
Old trusty
This car has been in the family since it was new. I have had it for the last eight years. Honestly, I neglect the poor thing mechanically. All I really do for it is change the oil. It has had a couple of $600.00+ repairs but is super-reliable even when neglected. Mine is over 160,000 right now and the engine is strong (even though some seals are a bit leaky). Kudos to Toyota for this model!

By Sunday Driver on November 12 @ 3:00 am
Good Old Lady
It has been a reliable vehicle. I've been good about maintaining it according to the owner's manual. Had to replace the radiator a couple of years ago; has almost 110,000 miles on her. I was thinking about selling her cause little cosmetic things are breaking like the bezel on the driver's side cracked (had to open the door from the outside)and the center console lid hinge is cracked all the way down. Clear coat on hood is starting to peel. Thinking about buying an American made hybrid vehicle this time around. This good old lady has been a good ride.

By always9 on June 12 @ 4:33 pm
i love this car it has 225,xxx miles on it and it runs like new and the paint is still shiny! ive owned it for 3 years and all ive done is regular maitinance. It gets about 15,000 miles a year and its never failed me. I see a lot of other camry's from these years and i hate seeing them missing hubcaps or being dirty i mean come on hubcaps cost like 15 bucks buy some!! Still i love this car and im going to drive it until either it dies or i die :)

By jason1974mgb on October 10 @ 5:02 pm
200,000 and still going strong
As a car guy I never thought I would buy a normal commuter car, but this car rocks, I bought it at 150,000 last year and have put 50k on it so far, at about 190,000 the original shocks finally gave out. for what it is (4cyl manual trans) its actually quite peppy, handles well enough to not be boring, and still gets 31mpg combined city / highway, and only uses about 1/2 quart of oil between oil changes. the only problems I have had with it are the prior mentioned shocks, and the actuator that selects where the air should go inside the car has stopped working. I will run this thing until the wheels fall off then buy another one, hopefully a convertible.

By frenchdude_13 on September 15 @ 10:11 am
I love my car
my parents got the car brand new and they owned it until 2011 than gave it to me i have never had problems with this car. the only major thing i had to do on it is replace the suspension in 14 years other than that its a great car. I drive it 50+ miles a day and it runs beautifully it also does 4000 miles in June when i visit my hole family it now has 130,000 and i plan on running it to the ground.

By pastordy on June 17 @ 11:23 pm
Just bought my 1997 Camry with 129k miles after doing a lot of research. The unsurpassed reliability of these vehicles speak for themselves. I bought from the original owner who only replaced it because he bought a new one. I love the extra power of the V6. It's got a lot of pep. Not sure about mileage yet, but guessing somewhere in the low 20s. All I know if I've got a car with potentially another 150k or more to go. Can't beat that for what I paid. Thanks Toyota for making quality vehicles in a sea of mediocrity.

By budapest1 on October 8 @ 2:05 am
much better used
This is a good and reliable car.I've not owned it long.about 6k now and so far just had to replace the transmission seal gasket-$150.the struts upper spring seat(this is it)has to be replaced it's a 20 dollar part for each side (kyb)and the noise stops.http the part is here. ://www.ebay.com/itm/Monroe-Front-Left-Right-Upper-Strut-Mount-With-Bearing-/181103286083?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Model%3ACamry&hash=item2a2a98d743&vxp=mtr.

By mytime66 on June 24 @ 4:09 pm
What a great car
While i was looking for a used car, i saw the ad for the 97 Toyota Camry, 46,190 miles. I went and looked at it as a little old lady kept it in her garage. It was great. I now have had it alittle over a year and has 47,650 miles on it. I couldn't have made a better choice in car and price.

By sgarland85 on May 27 @ 4:21 pm
Old Reliable...
I wrote a review awhile back on here, which was positive, but I think I need to re-iterate. I've had my Camry for 5 years and put on 65,00+ miles and it has not left me stranded once, period. I've had to replace a few things here and there, but mostly just routine maintenance is all she's needed. After 17 years her metallic paint is still shiny.

By Matthew Thomas Brodsack on June 21 @ 7:25 pm
Love it
Ive had 2 camrys, a 99 and a 97. both are extremely reliable but ive had a couple of quirks with mine. i dont know if anyone else has had the problem. The starter wouldnt engage on either one from time to time, quick fix just tighten the cables on the starter. The other is the flex exhaust coming right of the headers burns out. Both of the issues happened to both of them. cheap quick fixes. Looking for a new one because the previous owner left my 97 sitting for over 2 years and it rotted the seals (would happen to any car) and i seem to pouring money to fixing seals here and there. My cars are just bad luck though, these have a record of going 300,000+ and i just wish my car was maintan

By Sheila on October 22 @ 6:09 am
Teddy 1997 Toyota Camry LE
Car was bought in 2001 had 64k miles at purchase, now has 171, 110 miles on it and so far still going strong. Car is now 20 years old and counting. I'm still driving it. Totally reliable and dependable strong. Will definitely buy another Toyota whenever this one stops working. That's my Teddy he is strong and smooth runs like a champ. STILL RUNNING STRONG NO MAJOR PROBLEMS LOVE IT. Would love a new Camry if I could afford it. But I will keep this one. Still looks great.Teddy still going STRONG NO MAJOR ISSUES😍😍😍😍

By nelsoncorcoran@gmail.com on September 6 @ 9:47 pm
great car - hardly any repairs
Our car only has 135,000 miles on it. Almost not a single problem the whole time for 18 years. Excellent car to own.

By Julie Murray on December 10 @ 12:16 am
'97 Camry XLE best car ever
I cannot imagine having loved a car more than this one....19 years and 245,000 miles later, I wish I could keep it forever, but it is time for me to get a new car and pass this on to someone who really needs it and can't afford one! I did gift my '97 Camry XLE to someone who loved it!! Finally I am getting used to my 2016 Corolla! just right for me now - didn't need anything more. TOYOTA FOREVER - this is my 5th Toyota! at 72, it probably will be my final car purchase

By D. Hill on August 11 @ 5:31 pm
Old Reliable!!!
I bought this car in 2003 and still have it today. It had 51,000 miles when I bought it and it now has 290,000 miles. It has been in a few accidents, the body it beat up but the engine is a diamond. No noise and run perfectly. Door handles broke off, inside and out. Old Reliable still has more life let in it. I'm keeping this car forever, until the wheels falls off. This car will give you your money's worth. Low maintenance costs in the 13 years I've had this car.

By Gary on September 14 @ 11:07 am
Best Car I've ever owned!
I bought my 1997 Camry new in '97 and it is still going strong today (2016). The only issues I have had was to replace the spark plug wires at 110,000 miles, up until that time I still had the original wires. The intermittent wiper control bar malfunctioned at around 105,000 miles, so I replaced it. The paint on both side mirrors began to peel off, so I had to repaint them. My driver side inside door latch broke, so I had to replace it. Other than those minor issues I have not had any problems other than normal maintenance. It still runs like new at 120,000 miles. I plan on keeping this car until it falls apart, but I don't see that happening. I am retired now and don't do a lot of driving so I know it will last longer than I will. I love my Camry!

By Rudy L on May 19 @ 2:27 am
I didnt get a lemon, no Sir
I bought my 6 cylinder camry in 1999 with 57000 miles I still have it unbelievable 258000 miles on it now it runs like the day I bought it I have the timing belt changed when its required and change the oil when required other than that I literally cant believe how smooth it runs this car has been a blessing Iam keeping it I also had it painted the original white very clean car lots of compliments cant say enough about this car Iam amazed Iam afraid if I sell it and buy another car I might get a lemon Iam keeping it.

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