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1996 Toyota Camry

NEW FOR 1996

The 1996 Toyota Camry remains virtually unchanged from last year's model. Minor engine adjustments mean that the four-cylinder is fully compliant with all on-board diagnostic standards, and is now certified as a transitional low emission vehicle power plant. Additionally, the interior of the DX line gets a new seat fabric, the LE Sedan is available with a leather package, and the Wagon can now be ordered with a power-operated driver seat.

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By Momooe on October 13 @ 2:30 pm
Runnig great for over 125,000 miles
I had this car from day one and has no major repairs, no leaks. The only replacement I made was the FR axle and rack pinion. The secret: change oil every 5000 m thru 100K miles, then 3000 m after.

By donnie on February 15 @ 3:00 am
Good dependable, reliable vehicle. Quick! Border line sporty.

By Donnie on February 15 @ 3:00 am
Good dependable, reliable vehicle. Quick! Border line sporty.

By bhug on August 8 @ 3:00 am
Great Car...
I have had nothing go wrong with this car to date. I have replaced the front brakes and all four tires, but that's it. Couldn't ask for a more reliable car.

By Camryrose on October 25 @ 3:00 am
Toyota Reliability
Originally traded my T100 to get this car. I was saving to get Camry Solara. This car has been so reliable and economical I couldn't justify selling it after only having it one year. The only maintenance this vehicle has required was the 60,000 mile maintenance, oil changes and a new set of tires.

By petch22 on April 25 @ 11:00 am

By autoboy156 on February 14 @ 11:00 am
Got the feeling?
On my 96 camry i had to replace the charcoal canister 2x in 2 years. i feel as though the camry is not as reliable as one would expect from toyota. Also the brakes on the LE aren't that great either because of the disc/drum setup, you have to plan ahead to make a smooth stop or else there will be excessive nosedive as well as the car stopping to a jerking motion. Acceleration with the 4cyl runs out of pep after 0-40mph. this car isn't made to go fast but it is a good commuter cruiser car. Not intended for those with a lead foot.

By Shirlee on May 3 @ 11:00 am
This is a great car!
My 1996 1996 Toyota Collectors edition 4-dr Camry is the best car I've ever owned (in 33 years). It is very roomy, dependable and fun to drive. In the Pacific NW we have alot of SUV's but my Camry drives through ice and snow like a champion.

By Daniel Robles on July 2 @ 11:00 am
This car is great!
Call me crazy... I purchased a Lexus GS300, replacing my Camry, and now I am trying to hunt down another one. I put 75000 miles on my Camry in just under 2 years, it was a wonderful car, and I wish I could have it back.

By AR1 on February 3 @ 11:00 am
great grocery getter
I have had this car for about 3 years and it has been great. There have been no real problems with it other than normal wear. I plan on keeping the car for a long time as long as it keeps running the way that it does. I have about 85,000 miles and it runs just great.

By GJC on April 11 @ 11:00 am
1996 Camry-Great Ride,Always Reliable
I bought it in l997 and it has given me 5 years of good riding, reliability,low and inexpensive maintenance and fun to drive. It still looks good and has alot of life left. Highly recommend.

By watts on January 11 @ 11:00 am
Above Reproach
From a reliability/quality standpoint, this car has been above reproach. Haven't even had to replace the brakes (78K miles so far). Every thing has always worked. Never had to do anything but change the oil and do scheduled service. Could use more power, but my wife doesn't care (she's the primary driver). If I were to buy one for myself, I'd have a V6. The Camry's predecessor in our household was a Jetta (also purchased new). I will never never never go back!

By Smartstream on March 30 @ 11:00 am
camry 96
One of the best reliable cars i have ever driven.

By Bushman on September 20 @ 11:00 am
Camry is a classic
Had the car 4 years and still drives like the day I bought it. V6 has plenty of power and transmission is silky smooth. No problems at all at 110,000 km's, except power antenna.

By Sofashack on May 26 @ 11:00 am

By grillman on June 2 @ 3:00 am
Big problems cropping up
I purchased my Camry new in 1996 and it's been pretty solid until this year. It developed a major transmisssion leak and rear main engine seal leak at 85000 miles. This is a very expensive repair as the entire front subframe had to be removed to fix the leaks. Now the steering rack is leaking and this is another $500 repair. So much for Toyota QUALITY and RELIABILTY. No vehicle with this mileage should have these problems. I tried to get Toyota to pick up some of the cost for these repairs and they basically blew me off. This is my last Toyota.

By camry on August 19 @ 3:00 am
95 V6 LE
Drive very quiet but boring. Front seats are uncomfortable, no lumbar support. I had to replace Axles and rack and pinion at 80K miles. Cassette died at 70K miles. Some engine oil leak and power steering oil leak. Very bad experience with Camry, never go for Camry again. Tip: Get a 4 cylinders Camry, it's better and maintence is cheaper.

By cecep on October 18 @ 3:00 am
Are you in?
This is a great car overall! Great gas milage, Great reliability, Though the good gas milage sacrafices power!

By myalex08 on June 26 @ 11:00 am
"Leak City" at 85,000
It developed a major transmisssion leak and rear main engine seal leak,head gasket leak at approx 90000 miles. These were very expensive repairs as the entire front subframe had to be removed,transmission dropped.Almost all seals and gaskets in engine have been replaced. Great riding car though and 'till this year, engine reliable.Extended warranty proved to be ambiguous.

By Trick6960 on March 22 @ 11:00 am
My girlfriend and I have had our Camry v6 XLE for almost two years and all we have had to do is change the oil and the driver side cv axel. It drives great, handles great, has enough power to keep up with everybody, and its just fun.

By a camry owner on August 25 @ 11:00 am
Reliable and Boring
This Camry is a nice comfortable, reliable pretty boring car! I liked the dashboard design when I got it and I still do. The ride is a bit softer than I prefer. Not what I'd call sporty. But, this is a nice reliable vehicle except for one thing. The handling is completely unacceptable in the snow!

By wonderman on April 17 @ 11:00 am
Excellent choice
My 1996 camry has definitely been the best car I have ever bought. Even though the 4 cyl. could use more power, everything else is perfect. I have 96,000 miles on my camry and it still runs like the day I bought it. No major mechanical problems, just normal wear and tear. PERFECT CAR!!!!!

By chattanooga dad on August 23 @ 11:00 am
great car
If you are looking for a great used car that is reliable, well-built, great mileage, and nicely designed, then this is the car for you. I believe that the 1996 model has better looking lines than its successor and you cannot beat Toyota for making a superb automobile. Although the four cylinder is not a race car, it does provide adequate pep and acceleration for most driving situations. Great for the student, wife, or the dad who needs a second car to run around with the kids. Routine maintenance is all this car needs.

By bbb on November 9 @ 11:00 am
Not a bad vehicle
I bough the car in florida for use in NYC. It had 82K miles at the time, 102K now. The car has been very reliable, just wear and tear, breaks, plugs, oil. However, the car is not suitable for use in the New York Metro area becuase the suspension cannot withstand the potholes. I have had to replace all engine mounts and now the front struts and strut mounts are gone, a 500 dollar job that I am not about to do becuase it is not a safety issue. A friend with a 97 camry has the same problem. So, I think the car is a great choice for a used vehcile, just realize that it will not come uscathed from NYC potholes.

By Ammie on May 2 @ 11:00 am
cost of my car
very reliable. economical in fuel. fast and dependable.

By crisart on October 30 @ 11:00 am
Great commuter
This was a great purchase. Never worried at high altitude, in the snow, in the heat, it always ran beautifully. Routine maintenance and tires were all it needed.

By dianebuzz on July 8 @ 11:00 am
Love my Camry!
I purchased my Camry used in 1998. Fortunately, I also purchased an extended warrany because I, too, have had the same problems that Grillman has had with his Camry. The warranty paid for all the repairs. The car has been great for me. Previously, I had owned GM cars, but I am a full Toyota convert. Even with the repairs, it is better than any experience with GM. One other problem - the dealership I bought it from failed to mention it had been painted over the factory paint. It has completely oxidized and looks horrible.

By skipkapur on September 14 @ 11:00 am
value, reliability and performance
This car is the best car I have ever owned. It is powerful, fun to drive, great gas mileage for a V6, reliable. I have 100K miles, and look forward to keeping it till 300K miles.

By bruce on May 6 @ 11:00 am
Car salesman's review
After 27 years in the car business, I have the pleasure to own & drive one of the finest built mid-size sedans made. I bought the car with 77000 miles, replaced the timing belt,water pump, drive belts and tires, and have thorughly enjoyed the car. I consistently average over 30+ mpg. The suspension could be a little firmer,but a very nice touring car.

By CamryGuy on December 8 @ 11:00 am
Reliable but boring
This is a great car, especially if you're not a mechanic. Truly a very reliable car w/great gas mileage. Major things to watch out for is soft suspension and brakes.

By lewis bennett on May 28 @ 11:00 am
above average
This has ben a trouble free car with good maintenance. a good portion of the mileage has been highway mileage.

By normandeau on October 31 @ 11:00 am
camry 1996
Excellent used car purchase. bought 3yrs old with 60,000km, Drove to 200,000 without a mechanical problem.

By Sweet Cheeks on December 20 @ 3:00 am
The Amazing Camry!!
This car has always been very reliable, with minimal maintenance probablems.

By Firefightersgrl on July 14 @ 3:00 am
My First Car
This was my first car and I have to say I was pleased with it. It ran well and always got me where I needed to go. A lot of room to and easy to maintain. The gas milage is great. I would drive at least 30 miles a day (thats a lot for a highschool senior) and I would only have to fill up every other week for $20. It was totalled when I was hit in the side, but it took a lot of impact and I came out completely safe.

By Freshman on September 13 @ 3:00 am
Reliable but needs more soul!
This is acaully me parents car that i will get in 2 years. It in ok car with good passing power except when you need to merge. Good gas milage, about 21mpg. Comfy interior but exterior design is ugly! Handling is ok but has improved from the new michellen tires. Now has pretty good traction in the snow. ABS is a very nice feature in bad weather driving.

By tirthankar_b on October 7 @ 3:00 am
point A to B..
With a 4 cylinder engine, performance is reasonably good unless ur with 5 and the ac on. its very comfortable but there is a lot of roll during cornering. i am driving an used one in average condition, but it is very reliable. the engine works very well with the transmission. not so fuel efficient, gived me 19-21 mpg in the city. 24-26 on the highway.

By frankyboywhatajoy on September 2 @ 3:00 am
96 camry
the best car i ever owned, better than the honda accord.

By Dig814 on July 26 @ 3:00 am
Nice Car
I love my Camry V6 XLE. It is and has been a great reliable car. Since owning it, I have had to minor maintenance but nothing to bad and it is all worth it to keep my car running like new.

By ItsaLemon on November 23 @ 3:00 am
Buyer Beware
My engine sludged up badly, which is a common problem with many toyota models, and the public is unaware for the most part. Many camry and other model owners have had their engines seize up. It was a miracle that mine didn't fail, and now I only use fully synthetic oil in it, which better resists the high heat in these engines. This is definitely my last toyota.

By Baker, Gwendolyn on June 1 @ 11:00 am
For sale
The car has great handling, comfy, very well built, and fun to drive. To bad i have to sell it.

By erie on October 17 @ 11:00 am
impressive vehicle
I’ve owned this Camry since 1996 and it has been extremely reliable. I love this car.

By lik@rpi.edu on September 26 @ 11:00 am
great car
Purchased 2 years ago with 112k miles. Now with 136k miles, engine and transmission still runs great. Powerband and Gear ratio are where they should be. ECT works like a dream. Throttle response is great and engine is quiet. Handles awesome with Bridgestone Turanza tires. Gas mileage around 23mpg in the city, 30mpg on the highway with a gentle foot. Low maintenance costs. No major problems with this 8 year old car. Keep it well oiled and it wont give you any trouble.

By jschuman on April 30 @ 11:00 am
Nice, but not the best I've had
Nice car, but not as good as the past ones. I had to replace both front axles for $800 at 80K and replaced many seals due to leaking oil since 30K. I've owned Camrys since 1986 and still love them compared to GM products.

By mehollin on October 11 @ 11:00 am
Toyota Quality
180,000 miles and still going strong...this car has had no major maintenance (only replaced brakes, battery, and alternator).

By neinta on November 30 @ 11:00 am
College Commuter
As a college student I wanted a car that was reliable and could handle the commute to and from school, 400+ miles a week. My 96 Camry has done all that and more. Although the gas mileage is not as high as some people seem to get, I can still get over 420 miles per tank. Although there have been some repairs, she's still going. I came close to totalling her last winter when I wrecked but I walked away with no bumps, bruises or scrapes. We chose to get he repaired and she's running better than ever. Safety and reliability are great! She's close to 100k miles now and I'm sure she'll be around for many more.

By qafFan on July 22 @ 11:00 am
Get the V6!!
Owned my 1996 Camry since May of 1996 and it has been trouble free soo far. Has about 106,580 miles on it and i plan to put another 80,000 miles. Overall power is ok but merging and passing power is poor. Wish i got the V6 when i bought it. Fuel economy is decent about 20 mpg could be higher and has bout 300 miles between fill ups. So far no major problem accept the replacement of the timing belt when it has 60,000 miles. Recently serviced at the dealer for new steering boot, brake rotors, brake pads, and a new coolant tank. Overall a very nice and safe car to drive.

By C Murray on December 25 @ 11:00 am
This is my 2nd Camry wagon. My experience w/ the 89 model made me search hard for the '96 (the last year they were made). Nothing unexpected has gone wrong with it. Zero. I have replaced the timing belt and brake pads - normal maintenance - and had to adjuxt the valves at 110k, but but other than that it has been 100% reliable. I would buy another if I could find it.

By petrie on September 3 @ 11:00 am
The car now has 151,000 miles on it and the thing runs like new. I've changed fluids and plugs and timing belt, the brakes went until 130,000 miles before I had to change them! I've also changed the shocks and that's it. The car looks like new in and out! It has never been to the dealer for anything besides the belt! I have driven the new (2004) camry and they are not even close to the build quality of the 96? The brakes suck and the 2004 had more wind noise and rattles than my 96? This was a 2004 car with 2,400 miles vs a 96 with 151,000! The highlander is my next purchase. I'm keeping my camry forever, it might last that long!!!!

By gatech fan on July 12 @ 11:00 am
Great Car
Great car. Rides quitely. Very reliable. This is my wife's car and it has served us well

By bechman74 on August 24 @ 11:00 am
Bullet Proof Car
We have owned this car since 1998. Bought it with 26K miles and now have 133K in Oct 2004. My wife put it into a ditch 9-11-01 by accident and dented the compressor and radiator...it has been to the shop for this accident ZERO times! I recently ran over a concrete barrier avoiding a crossing SUV...ZERO damage. The sound of the doors closing is still solid as the day we bought it. I had to replace the thermostat at 125K. We had the water pump go out at 40K and it was replaced under warranty. Brakes were replaced around 115K. Great vehicle that is used solely as a daily commuter for a round trip of 40 miles...and still gets ~29mpg!!!

By norminator78 on July 2 @ 11:00 am
Amazing Car!
This is one of the best cars ever made, period. The engine is bulletproof, quite, and pretty responsive for being as economical as it is. I averaged 35 on the highway! It has the perfect amount of interior room, the way it is laid out is perfect, and it has a very roomy trunk. I was very surprised at how great the factory speakers sounded when I swapped out the original cassette player for an Aiwa CD player. I sold this car with just over 160,000 miles on it, and it still ran and drove just as well, if not better than most newer cars I have driven. I only sold it because I wanted stick. I wish I hadn't sold it!

By sunrise on December 18 @ 3:03 am
Love this car!
I bought this car used almost 4 years ago and it has been a dream to own. Reliable, fun to drive, economical. I have not had to put a penny into this car, except for regular maintenance, tires, brakes, oil change, battery.I will own this car until it has 500,000 miles on it!

By ANN MANIUSZKO on October 10 @ 10:36 am
I purchased this car from a family member (who had purchased it new) in June 2000 with 15,540 miles on it. It now has 50,583 miles on it and it is OUTSTANDING!!! This car has never given me a moments trouble; it gets about 21-22 mpg around town (not bad for a V6 that's almost 10 yrs. old). I have had NO mechanical problems other than normal wear and tear. I will sell this car later this year when I replace it with a HYBRID HIGHLANDER (can't wait). I've driven Toyota's exclusively since 1974 and would not even consider another brand! My daughter's PRIUS avgs. 50 mpg and I just love driving it ... way to go Toyota!

By Mike McCoy on October 11 @ 12:43 am
Low maintanence cost and looks good
This car has been the best I have ever owned. I would be hard pressed to buy another brand other than Toyota or Lexus. The build quality is outstanding and the car is still as tight as the day we drove it off the lot. This car has a lot of life left her. 9 years old and 90,000 miles and she is not even breathing hard.

By JJ on June 18 @ 8:40 am
Camry Great NEW - SO SO Used
I bought a 96 Camry brand new and sold it Aug 2005 with 45,000 miles. Never hit, paint/interior perfect. The resale value of $5,500 is great for a 9 year old car. However, the car had some repairs, the motormounts went, cracking the exhaust pipe, the flimsy door handle cracked off in the cold and the drivers seat belt stopped working. Now at 60,000 miles it will need a timing belt, tune up plus the 60,000 binding U joint camry defect and in a few years an expensive exhaust and strut issue. Camrys are great, but don't believe the hype, they break a lot less than a similar american car, but with the added price and expensive parts they are not a good used car choice.

By Mike B on November 9 @ 6:33 am
Almost at 200,000 miles!
I got this car in 2001 when it had ~106k miles. So, I've driven it just about 90k miles in 5 years. The major items I've replaced are as follows: struts, clutch, motor mounts, starter, harmonic balancer pulley, main engine seal, oil pan gasket, valve cover seal, spark plug o-rings (grommets), CV joints. Currently, the check engine light is on because the catalytic converter needs to be replaced ($1,200 at the dealer) and the rack-and-pinion steering system needs to be replaced ($700 at dealer) Overall, though, this car has been great! With the mileage it has, the seals and clutch repairs are not unexpected. However, the car is definitely starting to feel like a high-mileage ride..

By Japanesecarlover on May 30 @ 1:00 am
Good Bet
Bought the car with 114,000 miles on it and it runs better than all my friends' cars with fewer miles. The interior ergonomics are to notch and so is the comfort. I drove it from Denver to Portland Oregon and it was a joy the entire time. The four cylinder purrs at idle and gives a satifying note on hard accel. (The engine is a version of an old Celica engine.) In Oregon, the acceleration of the 4 cyl is good, but at high altitude, such as in Colorado, it is lacking. This is something to take in to consideration. I would suggest getting the silky-smooth V6. The economy of the V6 is comparable to the 4 cyl. Body roll is moderate. Suited more for a comfortable ride, not a sporty one.

By Jay Dee on October 28 @ 8:00 am
It was a dream car
This has been a dream car. Very few problems so far (140,000 miles). Roomy enough for our family, 31 mpg, etc. etc.

By Melinda B on July 7 @ 5:20 pm
Couldn't be happier!
I bought my Camry 8 years ago, used. I fell in love with it right off. It's so comfortable to drive! I never have to worry about mechanical problems, which is a blessing! Every time I think about buying a new car, I test drive a few, but in the end, I can't even think about giving up my pretty little Camry!

By kayli on March 11 @ 11:33 pm
Have had Corolla and Mazda GLC, and neither was as reliable as this car. In ten years I've replaced tires, brakes, batteries, a starter and the hydraulic drive things and that's it.

By Jeff on September 30 @ 8:06 am
Great beater or first car (96 camry LE)
My dad got me this car when I was 17. It was truly a bargain at $3300. Even though it had 91000 miles, it still runs great. The only problem was that a window did not work. But that isn't too bad. The power isn't great with only 125hp but it uses high revs to maintain better acceleration. It is great with gas and also very reliable. A year ago, my dad brought a 04 camry. It is crazy how much it didn't change since my 96 camry. If you are looking for a cheap car, make sure you get one that lasts. And I believe the camry fits this description.

By Kim on March 17 @ 9:50 pm
Toyota - I love it!
My car has been extremely reliable and very sporty, even at 137,000 miles.

By Camry on September 21 @ 11:16 pm
My Camry
I have loved this car since I bought it. I was intending to drive it to 200,000 miles, but now I have been hit in a rearend collision and I will probably have to trade it in.

By Big Jim CrimeBoss on July 31 @ 12:36 pm
Best Car I've Ever Owned
After my 93 Grand Am (which had 189,000 miles) was hit buy a drunk motorist, I bought a 96 Camry from my mother, with 130000 miles on it. And I feel spoiled in the Camry! Im sorry but my faithfulness to American cars ended very quickly once behind the wheel of the Toyota! This is one of the cars that could be driven over the bumpest roads without ever spilling a drop of your favorite coffee! The 11 year old V6 still competes very well on the road and can actually "peel out" reaching a top speed of 135 MPH!! The tire grip is outstanding despite the excess body lean (which I'm sure got addressed in newer Camrys). The car took some getting used to but I think it was well worth it!

By Tam on September 12 @ 3:23 am
1996 toyota camry
Start using 112K mileage, still running 135K w/satisfaction/better to change water pump+timing bult to cross 200K.

By Carl on August 8 @ 8:50 pm
96 Camry Collectors Edition Going Strong
This car is meant to keep going. I have now put over 255,000 miles on the car and it still runs very well. The car is very comfortable for the driver and for up to 4 passengers (both long and short trips). 188hp very peppy for a mid-sized car. The exterior looks are phenomenal, basically a Lexus in Camry clothes. Interior has held up very well for 12 year old leather. Even with today's fancier features (nav, heated mirrors, etc) I would buy this car again in a heart beat. Camry (Cam-Mou-ri = Crown in japanese) is the gem of the Toyota lineup. I am very pleased with the long life, high miles, and literally NO maintenance of this vehicle.

By Dylan on March 28 @ 5:16 pm
Better than new
Bought in '05 with 148000 kms in perfect condition. Very well built (much better than most new cars), incredibly reliable, but a bit boring. The V6 is very smooth and quiet but it lacks low end torque and seems to bog if you step on it. Ride is very smooth but floaty and needs to be more controlled. Steering is not very sharp. Tranny shifts well most of the time, but short shifts in normal mode and hangs on to revs too much in power mode. Quality of materials and build is awesome. Leather is excellent quality but front seat padding is hard and pinches the thighs. Overall a very good car with some minor shortcomings.

By Dujox on January 1 @ 8:53 pm
Gas Saver & Builded to Last
Got this car with 116,000 on it. Paid 2800.00.The same day the car overheated. Keep the car anyway. Changed the head block, radiator, water pump and most of the cooling system. Since it has been the Dream Car, seriously. Just regular serviced: change oil & filter. Great with gas and also very reliable. If you need a cheap car, make sure you get one that lasts. And I believe the Camry fits this description, without hypes.

By UPDATED REVIEW on April 22 @ 6:50 pm
Still driving it after 12 years
In May 1996 I bought this 4 cylinder Camry LE and added only the ABS as the only option. Now a little over 12 years later I am still driving her and she has been great. The original engine was replaced in June 2006 because some idiot decided to rev the engine past the red zone on the tachometer which resulted in it blowing up and shooting a piston through the oil pan but the guy owned up and paid to have a brand new engine from Japan installed and currently has 20,000 miles on it. The old engine did have a slight oil leak but now the new one will last at least 100K. Gas mileage is much better than my sister's 01 Accord V6 and even though the 4 is underpowered, I'll take the better gas any day

By scott on December 9 @ 6:16 pm
Keeps on going
We bought our 96 LE Sedan ( basic LE, no additional options ) in 1999 with about 34K on it. Still own it and drive it every day, one of the best cars I've ever owned. Had to replace an AC sensor a few years back and solenoid contacts last year, but other than that noting but oil changes and routine maintenance. Still gets 30mpg plus on the highway too. Boring to look at and drive, but very economical, reliable and an all around great car.

By Greg on August 9 @ 6:10 am
Oh, what a feeling!
This Toyota is rolling right along. I bought it with 19,000 miles as a lease turn in. I now have 203,000 miles on it and still a daily driver. NO major repairs. Just batteries, tires, water pump and timing belt. It's one thing to pay the upfront cost, but then the maintenance cost over the years is where this car shines.

By rgrace on March 12 @ 1:50 am
Staying in the family...
This car was my dad's for 9 years and then became mine. I put around 30,000 on it myself and it is now closing in on 190,000. I'm having the timing belt changed tomorrow along with the spark plugs and plug wires so I thought I'd check out what to expect in the car's future as far as repairs go and everyone's reviews are very encouraging. The car just keeps soldiering on year after year, it has completely convinced me to buy Toyota for my next vehicle...of course, if these reviews are any indication, I might not need a new one for quite a while.

By sammy aziz on September 20 @ 3:36 pm
Don't BUY
I got this car from my sister at 160k and it dies at 185k. It's a horrible car. I had to replace the following 1. timing belt and water pump 2. front left brake, rotor, caliper, axle 3. engine mounts (top and bottom) 4. window motor 5. door handle 6. paint job. The car had numerous more problems. My Toyota celica 1992 did better. I wish I had kept it.

By R. Backer on September 25 @ 1:30 pm
Best Car EVER
Without a doubt this Camry is the finest machine I've ever owned in more than 50 years of driving. It gets 33 miles per gallon on trips and has cost nothing beyond the routine, and even that has been minimal. Reliability is 100%. I put 104 thousand miles on it so far and will probably end up giving it to my grandson although I'll probably keep it 'til I die. Outstanding car period! (Not a speck of rust on it despite being outside for 13 years.)

By NoMoreToyotas on July 29 @ 10:43 am
Never Own Another Toyota
I purchased this car in July of 2007 with 114k miles. The car made it to 148k miles. Once it reached that point, I pumped approximately $5,000.00 into it. I replaced the timing belt, water pump, fuel pump, new rotors (twice in the time I owned it), 3 new sets of tires, plugs, axles, and last but not least, the transmission. I have had to replace other things, but those were the big ones. The paint job is the worst I have ever seen and the door handles have a curious habit of snapping off. I don't drive like a kid, so I think operator error is minimal. The car just died yesterday and this time, it's anyone's guess what the problem is. If you are thinking of getting a Toyota Camry, FORGET IT

By thinklingsbird on August 30 @ 2:10 pm
Great Vehicle!
I bought this 13 months ago from a friend of mine for a mere $1,500. It had about 148K on it and I've put probably 15K on it since. Within the past year I've had to change a battery, replace a cooling fan, and that's about it. Nothing major. It starts up every time and runs great. I get roughly 30mpg on the highway and 20-something around town. It's not a beauty, but it's certainly a great car for its utility.

By Sold on Toyota on February 9 @ 7:46 am
Love my car!
I bought my 1996 Camry in 1999 with 19,000 miles one it. It now has over 250,000 miles on it, runs like a champ and still has a very pretty exterior. I still get compliments on it! We have done basic maintenance on it and a couple minor repairs over the years, but it is our most reliable car by far and I take it on errands (less than 2 miles) and long road trips with never a worry. I will buy nothing but a Toyota ever again. This car is awesome - seriously.

By I heart the Mry on September 10 @ 5:23 am
Just keeps on going
My mom gave me this car in 2006 with about 140,000 miles on it. Earlier this year, I decided I should probably start saving for a new car, as the Toyota was getting old. By time this car dies I'll probably have saved enough to buy a new Mercedes. It just keeps going! At 173K right now with no major mechanical repairs. I have recently had little things happen, such as the trunk "pop" mechanism breaking, but I can access it through the backseat for now. I hope my next car (hopefully I can afford another Camry!) lives up to this one's standard.

By Psynopsis on April 29 @ 7:50 pm
Can't get anything better
My parents purchased our Camry used in 1997 and it has endured years of use. It never has failed me. I came into ownership of it in early 2007 and I'll admit I have abused it yet this amazing car keeps going and going! It's gone through 6 ft of water, taken off road, even slid off a road a few times during a snow storm yet it still runs strong. Currently has over 242,000 miles on it and shows little signs of aging. Quiet, efficient, and forever reliable. If you want something that will last you forever, get a Camry. P.S. I don't abuse the car anymore. :]

By Norm on March 6 @ 12:20 pm
96 Camry LE
I'm giving this car all #8 evaluations because I just bought it today. Using Edmunds price guidelines I bought a 96 Camry LE with some exterior body damage, but 4 brand new tires, battery and recent service. Engine runs smooth, transmission shifts perfectly. It passed an emissions test with no problems. Interior in good condition. Everything works perfectly-power windows, tilt steering wheel, radio, power antenna, air conditioning, heater, etc 164,000 miles. I paid $950.

By Dan on January 22 @ 1:50 am
Do Not Hesitate - Best Car I've Owned
My wife bought this car before we were married for $6000 w/ 50K miles on it from an older woman. It now has 140,000 miles. We have taken it on old forest service roads and through small streams, packed to the brim with camping gear and a canoe strapped on top. It is comfortable and reliable - I *never* worry about breaking down or repair costs with this car. In 90K miles we have done the regular maintenance and service: timing belt & water pump, spark plugs and wires, and oil changes. Other than that, we had to replace a seal on the final drive unit and both CV boots. Overall, $1500 worth of repairs and maintenance for 90K miles of hard driving. Simply the best car we have owned.

By iluvdodgetrx on February 26 @ 3:10 pm
Great reliable car with over 200K miles
I have had this car about 9 months and I bought it for $700. I did some normal and much needed routine maintenance on it and it has never let me down. I have almost 211,000 miles on it and I expect many more

By Maz on December 20 @ 11:00 am
Extremely reliable car
I bought this car when it was 6 years old. It's now 14 years old and I have had no problem with it at all. It has been a very smooth, quiet and reliable car since the beginning. It does not lose any oil and even the paint finish is in good shape. I would have upgraded to a newer version had I not heard all the bad feedback about the build quality of the newer Camry models.

By John B. on December 23 @ 6:13 pm
Bad oil leaks.
This car has had excellent dealer care and has given us nothing but gross oil leaks. Would NOT consider another Toyota regardless of their seductive ad campaigns. The oil leaks are very serious. You will have a lot of oil everywhere. Consider another used car choice.

By Toy4life on October 12 @ 10:23 pm
Camry forever
I bought mine 3 years ago almost to the day with 150,000 miles on it. I can't believe it's already been 3 years, but got me thinking, this is the best car I've owned. I've owned Chevy, Fords & Toyotas, had a Tundra before this, but didn't like all the gas on the Tundra. Anyhow, this car is like I've heard, Bulletproof, now has 205,000 miles on it, never a problem. I change the oil myself every 3000 miles & drive it 50 miles 4 days a week. It still gets, & I'm amazed by this, going 60-65 mph on the freeway, 37 miles a gallon! I use fuel/injector cleaner once a month to aid in this. The white paint is still in great shape with a twice a year waxing. Could be the million mile car!

By marioinarp on July 8 @ 6:58 am
Best Car I have owned!
Great car bought used in 2007, now 4 years later have only had to replace a/c Compressor at 190,050 miles car has over 220,000 miles now and runs like NEW! Very fuel efficent on the highway. Very low maintanance. I LOVE THIS CAMRY!

By 96camryman on November 21 @ 6:51 pm
226,000 miles salvaged still going
i am pretty bored of this car recieved it as a graduation gift pretty good though considering it get's beat every day i go 95 on the thruway and it holds up just starting to get problems but i don't care i put some 12 inch ma audio subs in it and a kenwood head unit everyone refers to it as my hoopdee it's salvaged and crazy fun on the thruway but the pickup sucks unless you floor it but it get's great gas mileage filled up took a trip to auburn from buffalo and then got back 232 miles only used 1/4 of a tank of gas awesome love it will be using it for a backup when i find another one trying to get it to 1 million miles that would be crazy good

By fishera on April 2 @ 1:28 am
Great car
Bought it in 2008 with around 180k miles and drove the heck out of it. I could always count on it to start and get me where I needed to go, and easily hit highway cruising speeds. It was a very smooth and quiet ride. Previous owner told me about the abuse he heaped on car, driving it off road and through standing water, but that didn't affect its performance for me. Clutch burned out at 210k, was the only major repair I had to make. Leaked oil, but that's not bad if you keep up on it. Eventually sold it to a coworker last spring, at around 220k miles. It's still going strong, and I expect it to continue so. Sometimes I regret selling it.

By robertoduh on August 11 @ 11:26 pm
Quality and Reliability? Think Again.
I bought this oh so reliable Camry in March 2010 with only 96k miles. I was thinking this car would at least run to 200k or maybe even 300k, but I found out it won't even make it to 130. I have 123 on the clock now, and in the time I had it, I poured over $6500 in repairs. A rebuilt transmission/engine, faulty airbag module, two broken window motors, and a new gas tank. The transmission went out at 100k, and the engine went out at 103k. Now with this "new" engine, it loves to stall at red lights. Not really helpful if I'm stuck on a grade in traffic. Also, the interior quality sucks. My door panels are all cracking and falling off because of weakened clips. Thats quality for ya!

By emilydfeist on July 14 @ 12:53 pm
Loved My Camry
I loved my Camry! It was always reliable. I wrecked it this past saturday and i almost cried! I hit a deer but the car held up well! I had it for almost 3 years and the only problems it had was an oil leak..but it wasnt anything major..honestly i never fixed it because it never gave me any problems. I had to replace a few parts earlier this year but thats expected on a vehicle its age. Over all a wonderful car. Unfortunately the 2005 Toyota i was looking to buy has bad reveiws...maybe they should go to making it the way they used to.

By edmundsmikepla on November 8 @ 5:41 am
some problems; overall great car
I bought this 1996 3 years ago. The problems I've had: had to replace radiator- blew a hole in it, and got towed; replaced coolant temp. sensor gage- was reading faulty temperatures; replaced door handles, some inside and outside- were broken; some small vibration in the steering wheel, on and off. Overall very good reliability, maybe not pretty.

By jplum46 on July 7 @ 8:38 am
Love x 2
I'm writing a review on two 1996 Camry's. The first I bought not knowing anything about Camry's introduced to them by a friend. I really only felt that I had a decent car really didn't think much about it until I paid it off. Then i realized that I still had a new car with no payments. I started paying more attention to maintenance (wasn't that on time at first) and drove this car for another 7 years. Really the car was still like new and I had personalized it with all the latest radio and alarm features that the new cars had. Then last year it was totaled and I was heartbroken. Well I got on the net and found another same color 100mi away with 193,000mi. Had it shipped and I am in heaven!!!

By pjz3 on May 9 @ 8:36 am
Great car sorry to see it go.
When I bought my 1996 Toyota camry just under two years ago I was looking for a car to get me from point A to point B, basic transportation until I could afford something better. After looking around I finally found my 1996 Camry with about 82,000 miles I paid a little more than I wanted to for the car but knowing how reliable they are and having read countless reviews of how dependable they are I bought it. I was impressed with the power of the 2.2L 4cyl. ,it's no speed demon but has no problem merging and keeping up or passing at highway speeds. Very comfortable ride for it's age and no rattles even after 16 years on the road. I finally bought a new car and I'm sorry to see this one go.

By spring1991 on August 13 @ 12:18 pm
Good car, not great quality.
Bought at 120,000 for $2500. Car was in good shape but after a year and 11,000 more miles, I've poured about $5,000 worth of repairs into it. There was an overheating problem, needed a new catalytic converter, engine seals, etc. The power windows & locks stopped working at 125,000. I did all routine maintenance to it, and I know the first owner took very, very good care of it. Despite these repairs the car is still pretty reliable and does its job. Don't be so sure that the car will run forever though. I'm thinking of getting rid of it already.

By troyboy4 on May 5 @ 7:16 am
225,000 miles, runs fine
Bought my 96 LE V6 used with 32,000 miles - today it has 225,000 and still runs good. I have been waiting for some major repair to come-up, but it has never happened. original engine and transmission - repairs have been - power steering hoses, cv boots, water pump, starter- that's about it nothing major. excellent - glad I bought the V6, I think they last longer than the 4 bangers

By edmunds347 on July 24 @ 9:52 pm
!996 Toyota Camry
We bought our Camry used with 92,000 miles on it and now we have almost 280,000 miles on it. We just had to replace the radiator and last year we replace the timing belt because we thought it was about time to. We have the oil changed every 3000 to 4000 miles. The check engine light is on because the catalytic converter needs replaced. Other than a few little minor things, the car still runs great. I trust it to go anywhere.

By veconomos on April 30 @ 5:53 pm
Wish I could buy a new one
Last week my bf was using my Camry on interstate 81 and was rear ended by some nut who came upon him doing about 90 mph. The Camry then spun off the road and hit a tree. It was totally demolished from every angle but he was able to get out and walk away with only some bruises. The back end was hit so hard that the gas tank should have exploded (had a full tank of gas) but it never did. That was the best car ever. I had it four years, inherited it from my Mom who had it five years. I had to replace the radiator and the exhaust and that was it. The car never failed me, was great to drive, and got at LEAST 40 mpg. I am looking for another one, don't care if it is old. It was better than new.

By Shelby on September 12 @ 6:14 am
Long lasting
I have had this car for about 11 years now and it is still going strong! It is at 327,000 miles and has had no major problems. It hasn't needed anything besides routine maintainance and a new battery. I will be sad when my Camry's time comes. Very reliable car.

By William Adams on November 19 @ 8:32 am
Literally a tank
My wife and I had purchased a 1992 Camry 2.2 several years ago and in a 2 year period myself and my mechanic friend had gone over the car end to end and replaced everything that needed routine maintenance. Then came some minor bodywork and a Maaco paintjob. That car was a tank it was reliable and at 180,000 miles was ready for 300,000 more-until some old lady hit it while it was parked on the street and it was totaled by the insurance company and we got less for it than I had put in it. Soooooooo...my truck of 12 years finally died and I saw a 1996 Camry Le 2.2 4 cylinder ,with oil leak, for sale. The guy lowered the price to $600 before I even got to see it. We drove it and bought it on the spot. I told him I wasn't afraid of an oil leak or high mileage-295,000-because it was a Camry and would do fine after we went over this one.So all the rubber on the engine,rear main seal,crank seals,water pump and timing belt(since it was apart anyway) and a front right axel. It is clean,runs great and has no leaks at all. My mechanic said I should get another 200,000 or more out of it. It is my daily driver and work vehicle,but after going over it I would probably take it anywhere.If it is good as our 92 we had,I'm set-and this one is green so it is a tank....

By K.D. Keever on February 13 @ 7:39 pm
Great car for the money

By Al on September 30 @ 7:24 pm

By Linda S. on July 8 @ 10:57 pm
1996 and still LOVE my Camry Collector Edition!!
I bought this baby in '98 and have loved her ever since! 195,000 miles and still runs and looks great. Trying to find a replacement car as I would like to get better gas milage. Everytime I get gas I check the mpg and in 25/75 (city/hwy) have averaged 21.5 mpg. For the past 3 tanks I've used premium and averaged 25 mpg. I don't see the newer, comparable cars getting much better. I love that this car has given me no problems. Every car has things needing replacement as they wear out, but I haven't been plagued by things going wrong over and over. Only glich is that if you leave the headlights on for 10 minutes the battery goes dead. It's not the battery as it does it with new batteries, too. I can live with this... Excelleration is smooth and so is the ride. I like having lots of power when I need it. 60/40 split back seat is great! Many new cars are not offering this anymore. Because this is the Collector Editon, it comes with the Lexus Pearl White paint with Silver bumpers and it has held up and still looks new! Interior has leather seats, wood grain trim and upgraded stereo, Cassette/Tape player with 6 speakers. Toyota really produced a fantastic car with this one. Was considering a Nissan Altima as a replacement until I heard there are lots of problems with the CVT transmissions! So far, have not found a car that I like well enought to replace this Camry. Will keep her for now...

By Mer on December 5 @ 9:27 am
Thus was my mothers toyata camry!
Fantastic car. If you have one keep ! it it will drive foreva! 96,000. Miles love it!

By Jeff N on January 26 @ 12:06 am
Great Car over all
I Own 2 Toyota Camrys. 1994 Toyota Camry XLE V6 Sedan and a 1996 Toyota Camry SE V6 Coupe, and i am a Master Mechanic. I bought the 94 XLE in 1996 and I bought the SE in 99. Overall impression... I am Impressed with the This V6 Engine.. This is one of Toyotas Strongest Engines. The Transmission is okay since i never had a Issue yet. As of 2017 the 94 XLE has 63K Miles and The SE has 482K Miles on it. I get Amazing Fuel Economy with my 96 SE being almost half a Million Miles, but my 94 XLE Still being like New...is seems Typical for a V6 Fuel Consumption. The Interior is Horrible on both Designs, someone really just wanted simple not fancy. Seats are more comfortable in the XLE But SE feels stiff and basic. Suspension on both cars are Horrible! The XLE and SE Suspension had been Completely Replaced due to Bad Struts, Shocks, Ball Joint, CV Axles.. Ect both Cars Rocked like Boats and Rattled and made allot of Wheel Noise in past. I after fixing the suspension on both cars I went from 15 inch rims to 16 inch rims on XLE and 17 Inch rims on SE. They Should of Upgraded a more Stable Suspension system for more comfort and Stability i believe. I have Re-sealed the 96 SE motor at 224K . THE 94 XLE Valve Covers blew at 53K which got a new intake Manifold gasket, I have replaced the Piston Rings on the 94 Camry when replacing Gasket. I have Near Completely rebuilt 96SE with New piston and rods and resealed the whole motor Along with Reprogramming ECU and Replacing some sensors and Motor Mounts and middle grade to small stuff for tune up, Suspension new AC Condenser. Over all thoughts and impression of Toyota camry.... Its a Typical Car. Its how to Maintain you cars life. You have to have money aside ready for repairs, this is why most people end up junking their car because they feel its more money to repair than what cars worth Estimated Value...Or feeling like the car is becoming a money pit.... In the End.... Its always better to Keep Wrenching your Car.

By Kim on November 1 @ 7:32 am
Will always love my Camry
If you're looking for a great car this is it. I've had this car for 4 years (bought it off my brother) she has some bumps and scratches, but overall she's a bad MF!!! She has 180,000 miles and still a champ!! I'm gonna miss her when she goes. (Not anytime soon though)

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