2017 Nissan Altima

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Quality standards and features evolve quickly in the family-sedan segment. A feature that was limited or exclusive just a few years ago — adaptive cruise control, for example — might now be essential for most shoppers looking for a midsize family sedan, and each new entry or fresh overhaul raises the bar.

It's been four years since the Altima got a full redesign, and it shows when it comes to the look and feel of its interior and technology interface. Just a few years ago, the Altima's cabin and entertainment features seemed fresh and hip. But in the wake of updates from Mazda, Honda and Kia, the Nissan is already a step behind.

For 2017, the Altima carries over unchanged from last year's minor update, which included enhancements to the grille and headlight and taillight designs and new safety features such as  forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control. The Altima's engine lineup remains the same, and that's a good thing as the Altima offers some of the highest mileage figures in the class. And although the Altima's overall interior feels stale, its uniquely designed front seats remain as sublimely comfortable today as when they debuted on the Altima back in 2013.

Overall, today's Altima isn't quite the contender it once was. It's still adequate on its own, but there's not enough to lift it above some of the top vehicles in the class such as the Honda Accord, Mazda 6, Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima.

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2017 Nissan Altima

NEW FOR 2017

The 2017 Nissan Altima carries over unchanged from the previous model year. Halfway through 2017, though, Nissan made some changes to the trim level lineup, eliminating the base and 3.5 SR trim levels.


Excellent fuel economy for a sedan of its size


Technology interface is beginning to show it age

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By Shawn on September 20 @ 9:40 am
Comfortable, all the power I need
Leased a 2017 Altima 2.5s, the car is super comfortable to drive with the plush seating. Easily enough power to drive in any condition, uphill, passing, highway merging, no problem. Suspension is awesome and a nice quiet ride. Safety rating is 5 star. [non-permissible content removed]

By bill regan on November 12 @ 8:41 am
First Altim Lasted 17 years...heres to another 17+
Do your research then when you get back to the Altima for all the right reasons, go to Jim M'Lady Dealership in Crystal Lake Il, the Midwests largest volume dealer. Ask for Sales Rep Scott Ryan if you dont use the Internet route to get pricing. Great deal, great guy, no pressure, easy to do business with all from Finance Manager, Sales Manaager, and Customer Care Manager, all easy going, friendly supportive folks. They even introduced me to the Service Manager. If you are a Veteran be sure to sign the Vets Poster by the Service dept if you purchase the car...Jim M'Lady is a Marine Corp vet, played football on the Marine team and supports Veterans in the area. They offer free lifetime car washes and oil changes and have had the car washed 3 times already so its real folks. The Altima is a dream to drive and own---we owned one for 17 years before we bought this one, so we already know quality and longevity is on our side with this Make and Model. Dont waste time looking at toyota and hondas, they're too much more money and Altima offers more upgrades for free, and you cant beat this dealers deal, and lifetime car washes and oil changes. Very Happy Customer.

By Chris rizzuto on October 6 @ 8:54 am
Great car
Best car for your money.

By Al on January 28 @ 10:46 am
2017 Altima 2.5 SR review
Traded in a 2013 Camry Le for this Altima. Best decision ever. The Altima is way more comfortable in drivers seating comfort and handles way better on turns and on the highway. Do not listen to online video reviews for this car from people who driven the car for 5 minutes. I am a sales rep and put many miles on the car each day. SR trim looks great and you wont regret buying one.

By Harrison W on May 27 @ 10:55 pm
Best value of any car I've ever bought
For the money, this is the best equipped and most fun-to-drive car I've ever owned. Might be partially attributed to my recent experience (driving a Prius for a couple of years), but this car feels luxurious, quiet and powerful, especially considering the price point. The SR is very stylish and sporty looking - spoiler, dual exhaust, upscale alloy wheels, dark tinted glass, manual shifters on the steering column (but automatic transmission primary) - but fuel economy is as good as an econobox. The ride is truly outstanding, barely a notch below the Lexus ES350 I owned a few years ago at not much more than half the price! I have owned 3 Maximas in my life and this car is every bit as much fun to drive as any of them. I am admittedly a bit partial to Nissan since I live in the Nashville, TN area where their US headquarters is located, but would never settle for second-best just out of loyalty. Would recommend anyone considering an economical, comfortable and fun mid-sized sedan to try out this car!!!

By Greg Mims on March 19 @ 9:39 am
2017 Altima SR
Added a remote start at purchase. Changed stock radio to a Kenwood navigation. The SR looks the best of the trims. The 18 inch wheels make the car look larger. The interior can be upgraded to leather, heated, air conditioned etc. if that's what you want. But the stock interior is very comfortable. We purchased from Dick Smith Nissan in SC. Got a great deal.

By Bruce B on February 19 @ 9:29 am
Review of Altima SV
The SV model has pretty much all the features of the SL except leather. If you're not a fan of leather seats but want all the other toys, this is the car for you. Replaced a prior Altima after 13 years. Love the car and love the deal. They worked to our budget and did not try to oversell.

By Immi B. on October 12 @ 5:01 pm
2017 ALTIMA 2.5 s
I have always loved every model of the Altima. I think that I have had every model from 1995 to the 1999 to the 2017!! Nissan gets better & better. I adore my new Altima, it has everything that I am looking for and more. It handles the road flawlessly and the design is sleek. It catches a lot of eyes and I am happy to show it off!

By CDR on January 26 @ 6:16 pm
Altima continues its legacy of excellence
VST transmission takes some "getting used to" if you're accustomed to traditional automatics. It doesn't "shift" when you think it should, but actually its doing it seamlessly. Other than that (which isn't truly a detractor) this Altima is still the best dollar-for-dollar value in a mid-size sedan. Built in the USA, the craftsmanship, quality, reliability and economy of this almost 40MPG sedan is excellent. Got mine for just $17,600 - yes, to get this you still have to know how to negotiate sales with actual team members at the dealership, but it can be done.

By Kevin Ray on July 16 @ 6:38 pm
Built for speeding tickets!
When accelerating pay close attention to the speedometer, you go from 0-Mach50 in seconds. It's hard to go the speed limit. But it does get great mpg and great for having children and car seats. Built for highway not country roads

By Laura Goodwin on October 24 @ 11:46 pm
It just fits me!
This car just fits me. It feels right. It's comfy, great on gas, sleek styling, great bluetooth and easy to handle. It's the right amount of ooh factor while still being a smart financial choice. I leased a 2014 SV model and loved it. I bought this SL because I knew I would continue to love it after 3 years.

By Sammy on July 30 @ 3:33 pm
It's a great looking car and drives great too.

By Kelsie on July 29 @ 6:45 pm
Nice car!
This car is sporty looking gets a lot of attention, I love the wheels, great on gas, very roomy. This is coming from a person who previously owned a Dodge Dart small compact car but I have to say this gets better gas mileage than my old car.

By Bob on March 11 @ 1:54 am
A Best Buy
I bought the Altima 3.5SL which includes virtually all Altima options including V6 engine, leather, heated seats, Bose sound, navigation, radar warnings, smart cruise control which brakes the car automatically, plus upgraded trim and bigger tires. The acceleration is great, almost like driving my prior Maximas (4), but better gas mileage, and the seats are more comfortable. I got about 1/3 off ($10,000) the list price which convinced me to buy it rather than a comparable, new Maxima. I think its styling is better than comparable Camry or Accord. I'm an industrial designer and mechanical engineer.

By Sammy on January 2 @ 8:59 am
Best car in it's class
Beautiful great looking car with quick acceleration and great fuel economy.

By Beverly mccain on August 31 @ 7:53 pm
What an awesome car! I'm in love!
I am a Nissan girl. I have had 3 Maximas and was a little hesitant moving to the Altima. I was not disappointed at all, in fact I was greatly surprised with hjow much I love this car. It has just about everything my old Maxima had! Plus some extra stuff I didn't have!

By david hernandez on December 30 @ 3:50 pm
Awesome Car!!!
This vehicle performs really well, It does drive very smooth and really good on gas and this is a 3.5 v6

By Paul chaw on April 13 @ 8:54 am
Very comfortable car to drive and also fun, does have a nice sporty look to it.

By Bobd. on March 1 @ 9:52 pm
Good car
Replacement for 2004 Altima with 187k. Instrumentation is hard to get used to, esp. speedometer dial.

By john on February 3 @ 4:04 pm
cvt trans is crap. miss lead on horse power
Transmission has many problems. The trans is not a good brand they use. I been told by many transmission shops they all say they are garbage. U cant fix a cvt transmission u can only replace it. The rpms r not right it runs way higher than it shows on the gauge. Always need to update car to see if it fixes problem. DO NOT BUY. PURE GARBAGE. LOOK UP THEIR TRANSMISSION HISTORY ON NISSAN OF AMERICA. NOT GOOD.

By M. Ryan on February 25 @ 6:09 am
Comfortable car, but terrible transmission!!
I received this car brand new (as a new company vehicle), and have now driven it for 7 months and 7k miles. I'm trying to be as objective as possible here, but I would HIGHLY encourage anyone considering this vehicle to 1) lease it only, or 2) if you purchase it, sell it before the warranty expires because I can guarantee that you will be replacing the transmission between 60,000 and 100k miles (this is a factual statement based on my years of experience working in the auto industry, and frequent experience in dealing with people who own late model Nissan vehicles with failed CVT transmissions - which is what this car has). If you don't believe me about the CVT transmission issues, please Google "Nissan CVT transmission problems" before buying this car. There are thousands of complaints at ConsumerAffairs.com regarding Nissan CVT transmissions, and Nissan settled a class-action lawsuit that covered all 2007 to 2010 models (but the problem continues since no significant changes were made to their CVT transmissions following the law suit). Also, if you buy this car please make sure to budget about $4000 to cover the cost of transmission replacement every 60k to 100K miles. The problem is so bad that the 2017 Nissan owners manual no longer even recommends a transmission oil change. The CVT transmission in this car primarily consists of two variable pulleys connected by a metal belt that constantly grinds against the sides of the pulleys to creates friction (and thereby drive the car forward). As you can imagine, this is a poor and unreliable method of designing a transmission, but it saves money, weight, and results in slightly better fuel economy than a regular transmission. As you drive, the transmission feels like it's constantly slipping (which it is). The only time this car feels "normal" is on a flat, open highway at a constant speed with no wind and a light load. At all other times, the transmission feels like it will survive another 5 miles it it before complete failure. And that leads me to my next point. This transmission usually fails without warning, often leaving owners in dangerous situations (imagine it failing on a busy Interstate Highway while you're driving to work, or have your kids in the car). Never, in a hundred years, would I recommend this car to ANYONE - and anyone with half a brain (or at least some basic automotive knowledge) would not purchase this car due to the well documented history of Nissan CVT transmission problems. There are some positives to this car (however), including very comfortable front seats, a very good driving position, very good gas mileage (30-31 mpg in mixed driving, and about 38 on the open highway), a well tuned suspension, very good brakes, and a well designed instrument panel and ergonomics. Unfortunately I cannot (to anyone) recommend this vehicle due to the CVT transmission issue. Hopefully Nissan listens to its customers and develops a proper 6 to 8 speed automatic transmission (like Toyota, GM, or Ford). If they did, I would consider this to be a good overall vehicle and a good value.

By Jamie on June 12 @ 12:23 pm
Cheap expensive car
Great car. Lots of tech. Plenty of power. Great gas mileage. Is it as good as a Lexus, Infinity or Mercedes? Probably not. Is it $40K to $60K less good? Definitely not. You get a very quiet, spacious comfortable car with plenty of pickup and all the features for $25K instead of $65K to $85K. Check it out.

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