2016 Nissan Altima

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It's only been three years since the Nissan Altima received a full redesign and in that short span its competition has surpassed it in many ways. The 2016 Nissan Altima strives to restore relevance with an exterior styling update, a handful of new features and a sporty new SR trim.

The new V-shaped grille up front brings the Altima up to date with other Nissan vehicles and, when combined with sharper headlights and taillights, it does breathe some life back into its predecessor's comparably plain appearance. The addition of adaptive cruise control, paired with forward collision warnings and automatic braking, may also entice shoppers.

Unfortunately, the interior has largely been ignored in this midcycle refresh. The drumbeat of technology has made the Altima's once praiseworthy infotainment system old news compared to the latest units from rivals. The same holds true for the materials used in the cabin. The Altima's engine performance is still strong, however, and fuel economy remains at or near the top of the field for both the four-cylinder and V6.

Overall, the current-generation Altima isn't quite as dominant in 2016 as it was in 2013. It's still perfectly adequate on its own, but when compared to newer A-rated sedans like the Honda Accord, Mazda 6, Hyundai Sonata and its Kia Optima cousin, it becomes very clear that the Nissan has been surpassed.

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2016 Nissan Altima

NEW FOR 2016

The 2016 Nissan Altima receives a midcycle styling refresh, along with new advanced safety features and a sporty SR trim level.


Responsive transmission


Lackluster infotainment systems

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By Denise Shaffer on July 7 @ 10:14 pm
Great Car
I love my Altima! The gas mileage is fantastic, it is a very comfortable and smooth ride, and it's absolutely beautiful. This is my second Altima and they are very reliable and well built.

By B. Clark on August 4 @ 3:58 pm
BEWARE!! .. SV Daytime Running Lights do not work!
The list of 2016 Altima SV Standard Equipment in Nissan Literature includes "Daytime Running Lights". Even though the lights are installed near the headlights, they DO NOT WORK!! I called the Nissan Consumer "Care" line. Their response.. "use your fog lights instead" .. turns out they know the lights don't work and THEY REALLY DON'T "CARE". I am now making an appeal to the BBB Auto Line claiming fraud. I understand my chances are remote.. but I'm upset. If you are looking at the 2016 Nissan Altima SV, make sure the sales person demonstrates that the mounted daytime running lights really work.

By JCon21 on July 14 @ 7:15 pm
1 Year UPDATE I Love My 2016 Nissan Altima 2.5 SR
I absolutely love my 2016 Nissan Altima 2.5 SR. I was in the market for a mid-size car, and didn't know where to start as I have only owned trucks my entire life. I did a lot of research online on Edmunds, KBB, and The Car Connection before going to dealerships. I pretty much made up my mind on the Altima from the first test drive. It just looked and felt great. The Altima handles great, the SR model looks sporty yet classy, and the comfort is a solid 10 out of 10. I still cannot believe how comfortable the seats are. Not only in front, but also in the back. I have a sore lower back that always hurts when sitting, and honestly it does not hurt in these Anti Gravity seats. Also it is so roomy, even in the back, and I'm 6'1" and 240lbs. Also the trunk has a lot of space. The only real complaints I have about the car is that there is a fair amount of road noise, but I think it may be the stock Dunlop tires. I've been thinking about getting some better tires to see if it would help. Also the nissanconnect stuff is pretty worthless. I can only use Pandora, IHeart Radio, or Facebook. I don't subscribe to any of those apps, but do subscribe to spotify which streams great through bluetooth audio. I think they should add some useful and helpful apps like google maps, waze, or yelp. Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase. One year and 8500 Miles later Update!!! I have owned my Nissan Altima 2.5L SR for a little over one year now. I just wanted to update my previous review. I still absolutely love this car. I did have to take it into the dealership to get some recalls fixed, but they were not affecting the vehicle yet I just wanted them fixed. One thing I did after purchase was put new Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season tires on the car, which cut the road noise down by more than half. Those stock Dunlop tires were terrible, and had to sell them cheap because nobody wanted them. My MPGs have stayed around 30-32 in mixed driving conditions Highway and City. On the Highway I have got as high as 42MPG on a long road trip non-stop and in the city with a lot of stop and go traffic as low as 26MPG. Overall am very happy with the MPG this car gives me. As for the "Technology" the bluetooth/handsfree has really worked flawlessly for me. It connects to my iphone 6s everytime and once I had it set I can drive and not worry about picking up my phone even when I get text messages or emails. I do still wish nissan connect app would add something more. It is really a garbage app. If I could see maps on the screen through my phone it would be not only convenient, but much safer to the driver and passengers. I am sure it is possible with a hack or something, but I don't know how to do it. The keyless entry, push start, and the FOBs are really nice as well. Never having to use a key and just leaving the FOB in your pocket all the time makes it just that much more convenient to get in and out of. The interior is still very new looking and the seats are as comfortable as the first time I sat in them. I test drove a Toyota Camry SE with my wife the other day(Price is the only reason we can't get another Altima at the moment) and it felt terrible IMO compared to my car. The only real complaints I have other than the ones I have already addressed are 1. Changing the oil is kind of a PITA because of the mud shield on the bottom of the car. 2. In high sunlight conditions its hard to see well because the dash reflects back on the windshield. 3. The wiper blades don't do the best job of clearing the windshield and the washer fluid tends to spray more on the side and top of the car then on the windshield. 4. Center console storage needs to be addressed because when you have car chargers plugged in it makes it difficult to have anything stored there and reach easily. I also need a place to put my phone besides the cup holder. I'm sure I could find a few other things to gripe about, but overall I really still love my car and am very happy with my purchase.

By Vahhab Emami Namini on February 16 @ 10:59 am
I like it

By steven on February 1 @ 6:25 am
great family passenger car
Comfortable quite ride

By michael yarber on August 6 @ 7:52 am
10,000 mile updae
10,000 miles update and the car is still performing well. The milage has increased to over 30mpg as an average. We have gotten up to 41mpg on a trip to Indianapolis (from Nashville, TN) averaging around 75 mph. We have three recalls on the car, nothing major and will be taking it in soon. Overall, I still gave it a high rating. What?...traded the Accord for an Altima, yes, you heard right. Why, the main reason for me that the seats in the Accords were not working for me. In a recent long trip from Nashville to Richmond, VA., I had to get out the car three times going and coming back. My was seat was hurting. I do have some health issues, but it was enough to start looking. Went around trying out cars out, like the new Civic, H-RD, and some others and the seats were not any better for me. I went to a Nissan to dealer to set in a Rogue first and then a Altima and WOW. These zero gravity seats are really true, they are comfortable! We went for a drive and I like the drive also. The SV model had everything we were looking for in a car (except the NAV package, I use my iphone for maps). My wife chose the color, Pearl White, and we got a really good deal with the trade and the new car! We only had the cars for a few days, but I think I am going to really like it. The seats are really something and even the back seats are great! Ironically, I just toured the Nissan plant in Smyrna, TN this past Thursday (I live 4 miles from the plant) and was really impressed with the mile long production line and the quality of the production. If guess time will tell.

By Paul Boyd on November 27 @ 8:42 pm
Altima 2016 3.5
I love this car. Only have one gripe. The headlights suck. One needs to keep the high beams on at night in order to drive safely.now I have 24,000 miles on it. Not one problem. I’ve been using Mobil one synthetic for the last 24,000 miles. Best car I’ve ever owned. Bought it in February 2016

By Charles Werts on May 11 @ 8:15 pm
Beautiful car
I really like this car. After owning 2 SUVs. I decided to buy a sedan. I bought the top of the line Altima with all the options available. I am very pleased. Mileage is great, 35 mpg for my normal driving (not highway driving). Very comfortable with great visibility. The interior is very nice, leather seats, moon roof, etc. Safety features are well designed and intuitive Very happy with this car

By Darlene Desjardins on November 15 @ 3:08 am
Love my Altima!
2016 Altima is too new to comment on some of the above areas. So far I love it. Leasing for 3 years.

By B. Foster on July 21 @ 6:08 pm
I would describe my rental Altima which I have for 3 months as competent. The exterior is styled nicely, the interior is functional but plain. I do appreciate the comfortable elbow rests. The 4 cylinder engine is powerful enough but struggles up hills. The CVT works well and you can get up to speed pretty quickly, but there is an artificial shift feeling. The steering is light and handling is just ok, the car has Hankook tires on which ride nicely but lack grip. The cloth seats hold up well, the ride is fairly comfortable but gets choppy sometimes. There is some engine growl but otherwise the car is quiet. Mileage is around 31 mpg combined. The Altima is certainly a good car, it just doesn't feel special. Unlike say, my previous Accord which I just liked to get into every day and drive. The Altima doesn't have that.

By Diego Castellano on January 8 @ 2:32 pm
Best mid size car and Better than the competition!
First this car is a very good looking car that know how to be elegant and sporty at the same time. The comfort of this car is amazing starting with the zero gravity seats. I drove a Hyundai Sonata and the ride and seats are like riding over rocks, very stiff and very strong odor of plastics inside and very slow. The Nissan Altima has excellent power and fuel economy 41mpg in the highway and is fast compared to the competition, due to the light weight of the car. I drove 5 cars of the competition and for price and the reliability of Nissan I bought this car. The CVT transmission is a dream, very responsive and quiet, this is not my first Nissan anyways, I had many of them in the past with 0 issues like Nissan Sentra, Bluebird, Sunny, Junior, Bluebird Ateza Awd, Stanza and others.

By Mr. Pierott on January 27 @ 11:36 pm
Air bag defect within 1st 500 miles
Great car if they would 1st take responsibility for the defective passenger airbag. Car is perfect but airbag system is still defective. Even with 6 videos and a service advisor seeing the defect unless the computer reads it Nissan will do nothing feel free to verify before you purchase the vehicle. Also even after the recall and no solution from Nissan they are still selling the defective vehicle knowing that future customers safety is in jeopardy. Consumer affairs is a big joke and a waste of time. Again I will say the car runs excellent and is great for its value but with a key component like the airbag being defective and Nissan unwilling to fix the problem even if you have actual proof it is almost pointless to buy this vehicle. You have been warned passenger side airbag on the 2016 Altima will show airbag off light even when the seat is occupied by a passenger of correct weight and sitting in the seat in the proper position with the seatbelt on. Even if you video record the defect in action as well even if one of their own service advisors or mechanics see the defect in action they will not repair your vehicle if the computer does not detect the defect. Do not expect any support from Nissan North America in resolving the problem they will not replace any parts and they will try to convince you this is there new intelligent technology and this is how it should be working. Despite the vehicle being such a great buy, a company that will not repair or replace such an important safety piece is terrible. I would have to tell anyone who is considering buying a Nissan Altima, do not do it purchase a different vehicle. I could not recommend this vehicle to anyone and be able to sleep good at night. I hate to leave such a bad review on such a great car. For the record I have verified several times with Nissan Corporation and the National Highway and Transportation Safety that my specific vehicle is not on their recall list which would then require them to fix the airbag defect under their warranty this was a brand new car purchased, within 508 miles the defect appeared the vehicle has been reprogrammed and recalibrated several times Nissan Corporation States as long as their computer does not read the defect they will not be fixing or repairing or replacing anything on my car. Despite six videos of the defect in action a service advisor witnessing the defect as it was occurring and documenting that he saw the defect and several service managers as well as mechanics stating that they are aware my car has a defect but Nissan has no clue what to do keep in mind they sold me this car four days before they announced their National recall and to date they have no resolution for the problem. Don't take my word for it, don't take the dealerships or Nissan's word for it look it up online we're in an information era all of this information is publicly accessible.

By JD on December 18 @ 8:20 am
I have now had 2 Altimas, Great Car, Great Value!
I guess that I take what others say with a huge grain of salt. Having owned 2 Altimas (and my parents have owned 3) I can say that they are great cars and we've never truly had any issues. In fact, my mother swears by them as she has been rear-ended 2 times in her vehicles and walked away with no issues. I have owned Toyotas and can never get truly comfortable in their cars--but Nissan/Infiniti, I can always find a comfortable driving position. My wife owned an Accord, and after purchasing her Nissan Rogue and riding in my Altima, she will never go back to Honda again. I am truly impressed by the midyear refreshes on this 2016b Altima SL. I am glad they finally upgraded the headlights, and the navigation is MUCH better than my last model. The voice interactive software actually works better with the iPhone as well and you can access Siri through the voice controls. Even the SiriusXM interface is upgraded. AND...finally the Altima has phone control remote...the NISSAN CONNECT is ACTUALLY USEFUL this time around.

By Patrick Dolan on April 29 @ 10:27 pm
Great so far
This is my 4th Altima. I drive them for 8-9 years and then buy a new one. I've only had my 2016 for a month but so far it is the best by far. My only complaint is the USB port won't work with my iPhone. Nissan says it will be corrected and is due to an upgrade to the IOS by Apple. Not sure why that would happen if they had good programmers but as long as it is corrected soon it's not a big issue to me.

By Jay Plyler on June 5 @ 1:00 pm
'16 Nissan Altima, everything it promises and more
This is an exceptional car for the money, many safety and technology features that are usually available only on much higher priced vehicles. Ride, comfort and handling are outstanding. Styling tweaks from the 2015 Altima make this model look sportier.

By Kashif on January 28 @ 3:39 am
I purchased Nissan Altima 2016 on May 21, 2016. I have only driven 800 miles on it. Air condition stop working, Inside the Trunk underneath the carpet there is a sealant melting causing rubber Mat also melting, All door windows rubber leaving black color on window frame, Trunk rubber Torn day 1 when drove off, Car start running heavy gas mileage has gone up after Air condition is not working. Car seat is sinking at one side. I have been offered Loaner Nissan Santra. It has been 14 business day dealer has not called me back with updates. The last time I called Service department for status was 8 days ago and I was told nothing wrong with AC and we will be involving BODY shop for Trunk and for window we will put OIL in rubber. I am paying almost $400 for New car yet I am not enjoying and driving cheap alternative more than 15 days. Nissan has assigned Case # but not responded as promised. Stay away from Nissan Altima or buy extended warranty over extended warranty. I wish I was not influenced in my decision making. I paid $23,000 for this junk car. I wish I had purchased Toyota Camry. I am taking legal action against Nissan and dealer see how it goes. I will update.

By michael yarber on June 1 @ 4:14 am
Goodbye Accord, Hello Altima
I had a 2014 Accord, our third one and we love Hondas, but after a long trip from Nashville to Richmond, VA, I couldn't stand it. The drivers' seat was wearing me out! I couldn't sit for more than 90 miles at a time. I told my wife, we have to look for another car. I was going to buy another Honda, but the new ones weren't any better in the seat department. I saw an ad for a Altima(NASA seats) and we went to try one out. We live just five miles from the Nissan plant and never thought about buying one since we see them everywhere. I sat in it and thought...Wow this is nice and went for the test drive. I liked almost everything about it. After the negotiating stage, we bought it. The ride was great and and seats were even better! Yes, we did make another long drive again and with no problems, I loved the ride. We bought the SV model and my only regret is that we should have got the NAV option. Nissan has done a good job on the new '16 model. One that long trip from Nashville to Indy, we got over 40mpg. At one point I saw 41.3. We are getting a good 30mpg in the city. Thanks Nissan for making a better than excepted car. 10,000 UPDATE: We have had the car about 10 months now and still really like it. We average about 30mpg in the city, it rides really good. The only thing I am not (a little) liking is the CVT. It wants to "search" to get up to speed. It is not as instant as other cars I own like my Mazda. I go to church with a Nissan executive and he said the '18 model will have a new engine. I am not a big fan of a CVT but on the highway it gives you great milage. I learned to press the Sport mode on the gear shift to get a little more response when I need it. My stars are still the same, maybe the '18 model engine will be an improvement.

By Chris G on September 29 @ 9:16 pm
Recently Purchased My 2016 Altima 2.5 SR
I wrote my original review at just under 1000 miles and mentioned how much I liked this vehicle. I now have 11240 miles and nothing much has changed. Car is still very comfortable as a daily driver. Ride comfort and handling are very good. Road noise on the highway isn't great, but acceptable. Great fuel economy. I may consider the 3.5 next time around for the extra power and less road noise, but the 2.5 isn't bad in town or on the hwy. Still love the look of the car with the SR package. The interior is holding up great, though I will say that I clean the vehicle on a weekly basis so it still looks like new. Other than a couple of recalls and oil changes, the vehicle has been pretty much maintenance free.

By David Nishimura on February 25 @ 6:13 pm
Good performance for the price

By John on June 18 @ 6:30 pm
Noise Maker
I should have test driven vehicle on the highway ay 70mph. Would not have purchased it. Road, engine and wind sounds are terrible. Stay away from Nissan.. High mpg and rebates are a trap, they have cheated on the quality.

By Tom Brown on December 26 @ 10:32 am
My SL is sure luxery
After owning 5 Camry's decided to jump ship based upon the appearance as well lack of comparable features of the 2013 model year. This of course carries over to the 2016 as well. We liked our 2013 Altima and now own a 2016 Altima, which we like even better if thats possible. Our concerns about the 2013 have all been addressed with this model year's refresh. Way to go Nissan you listened to your customers and made the necessary changes. We really hadn't intended on buying another Altima due to the fact it basically looks like our 2013, but after checking out the competition and being able to get the features that we wanted at a price we could afford, the refreshed Altima made it an easy choice.

By Diane Pain on May 21 @ 7:42 am
This car is a winner
I priced my car using Edmunds.com; this helped to get me the car at an excellent price. It is everything I have been looking for in a car: comfortable and fuel-efficient.

By Diane Pain on May 21 @ 7:42 am
This car is a winner
I priced my car using Edmunds.com; this helped to get me the car at an excellent price. It is everything I have been looking for in a car: comfortable and fuel-efficient.

By Mikey 2 on June 16 @ 6:40 pm
Great update from 2014 SV to 2016 SL
The lease on my 2014 SV was about to end, I had about 6.5K over the allotment and was not sure if they were going to charge me all of them if I purchased another Nissan. I test drove several cars 3.5 Altima SL and 2.5 as well as Maxima SV. After the test drive I made my mind up on a 2.5 SL with Moonroof and LED Tech package. Nissan addressed all the shortcomings of the previous model...IE: transmission, road noise, interior plastic. Don't get me wrong the 2014 SV was a good car but the 2016 SL is so much better. The dealer worked with me, gave me a great price didn't have to pay for the extra miles either on the purchase. The SL come standard with Michelin tires which are relatively quiet so I'm not sure about other reviews that complain about road noise, mine is pretty quiet. Update after 10k miles, fuel economy is still great, road and wind noise did increase but still better than my 2014. The 2016 has acoustic glass wich makes it quieter by default. Still enjoy driving the car but I understand what people are saying about road noise. Update after 16k miles, still going strong seats are more confortable and MPG is a solid 33 mpg with more highway than city driving. Love the remote start and heated seat, steering wheel and outside mirror in colder months. No issues just regular maintenance.

By mccd04 on February 9 @ 3:37 am
Beware something is up with the Nissan Altima
I parked my new Nissan in my daughter's driveway and took a couple of items into her house, I cam back out to get the rest and my car was gone. I look around and see it sitting in the neighbors yard across the street in their bushes. I walk across the street open the car and push the button to start it and move it back in the driveway and this time I set the parking brake. I immediately call the dealership and get told to bring it in for them to look at. After the dealership having my car for a month which is longer than I had it before this happening they tell me they can't find anything wrong and for me just to always set my parking brake but when it happens again to not move the vehicle just call them immediately and they will come get the car. They also told me that most likely the car wasn't all the way in PARK thus it rolled across the street and hit the neighbors bushes and because when a Nissan Altima hits something the transmission automatically puts the car in Neutral that is why I was able to start it without it being in PARK. Initial questions from the dealership were 1. When I got back in the car did I have to shift gears before starting it. NO 2 Did I recall hearing anything when I opened the car door. NO . Problem I have with this logic after getting my car back I ran a series of tests. 1. No matter what gear I have the car in other than park it keeps beeping and flashes a message to put car in park. 2. I have reached out to several friends who are mechanics to find out if it's the truth that when in a collision that in the Nissan Altima the transmission really gets put into Neutral(of course I don't want to intentionally hit something to see if it is true or not). To be noted also I have numerous friends and family and this is my third Nissan Altima and this is the first safety issue I have had but to me it is a big one. I will say one of my 2014 Nissan Altima's did have an issue with the entire console constantly going out sometimes for a few minutes sometimes for a day after 18 months and over 12 visits at the shop they replaced it but after a little bit it started doing it all over again which is why I traded it in June for the 2016 because I was tired of constantly having to spend half a day at the car dealership why they tried to repair my car.

By RPorter on August 19 @ 3:07 pm
Disappointed & Regretful
My fault for being 'talked into' buying this car. I don't like it. The price is too high for the features -- or lack of. I am currently on a road trip visiting family in another state and found out there are NO REAR SPEAKERS in my car! I couldn't understand why they weren't playing and when I arrived, my brother and I looked in the trunk and he said there's no wiring and we could see air space where the speakers are supposed to be. I don't know if there's supposed to be rear speakers or not (what car wouldn't??) but will definitely find out when I return home after the holiday! I have been disappointed from the start and horribly regret signing the contract! Note: I love Altimas. I just do not like the base model not the price they charge for it. Please look and consider all models til your feet fall off before you sign any papers!

By Deanna sall on March 12 @ 10:56 am
Love my car best car I ever had love it it rides great great gas mileage

By Louis Schrammel on May 27 @ 12:59 am
Drive me I'm fun.
Drive more than one make of car and you will see that the Altima is worth buying.I drove four other brands and chose the Altima for ride comfort,performance and looks.

By Nick A on June 8 @ 3:14 am
Great car so far
Love the styling of the altima for 2016. It has great acceleration even with the four cylinder and handles pretty good. Ive been averaging 31mpg with mostly city driving. Road noise is a little much but i think its these cheap tires it comes w from the factory. Engine makes alot of noise but i like to hear my engine most of the time. The A/C in this car will freeze you to a solid block of ice in no time even on low. Only have 1200 miles so far but will update my review as time goes on. Great car for the money, if you want something that's going to drive like a million bucks then spend a million bucks.

By Deric on September 1 @ 2:51 am
Glad I rented before buying one.
This may be a ok car for short daily drives. For a start, it is lacking off the line. Huge hesitation. Not expecting to smoke tires but more than a kind of "Ok I'm going." But we did get good fuel mileage at about 35mpg. Back to the major negative, This is not a car for long trips. Took it for a 12hr vacation trip and was miserable. The drive train and road noise is terrible. At average of 70mph there is way too much noise. The radio as to be turned up so loud to enjoy it that when slowing down to pay tolls you felt like your blasted out of the car. This is with the speed volume controls turned on. Not only that but the car jumps and jitters at every bump. So much so that you can hear every loose piece in the interior rattle. The the seats are not comfortable as my back was sore after one way. My passengers in the back were not anymore comfortable. Only thing good was at least there was good interior space. The headrest is absolutely useless. It's hardness and angle are not useful. I was half tempted to pull the thing off. I was worried if I was in an accident that I would suffer from a neck injury just from my head hitting the headrest. Now I all fairness, I know I wasn't driving the top of the line version of the car. So I can't expect all the luxury in the world. But a base model should create excitement to want to upgrade to get more from the car. What this base felt like is punishment for going base. I don't want to feel like I have to spend the extra to have a decent car. I want to start with a decent car and then want to upgrade to make it better. This is not a car I would buy just to see if it is worth the extra money.

By Kumacho on April 11 @ 5:40 pm
The 2016 changes make this car.
I am a dyed in the wool gearhead. I love cars, I have always loved cars. However, as age caught up to me I felt it was time to leave my Detroit muscle and sports cars behind. When I first decided to buy a more (as my wife puts it) “Adult” car I looked at the 2013 Altima. I liked the features but I let the dealership steer me to a Dodge Avenger because that was the only car they had that would be suitable for getting me out of the Audi A6 I was upside down in. They made it clear they could work the deal on the Dodge but not the Nissan. What a fool I was. I should have stuck to my guns and not have gotten the Dodge. When I decided on the Nissan I drove the Kia Optima, Hyundai Sonata, Chevrolet Malibu and the Toyota Camry. While I liked the Optima most of all (2.0 liter turbo) it was more expensive than the others and the dealer wouldn’t deal with us. The Altima and the Sonata hybrid were actually tied as far as driving and initial quality. But the Sonata hybrids in the area were all base vehicles and the limited were hard to find. The Malibu and the Toyota were both in last place as a tie. The Malibu just didn’t have the fit finish and feel of the others. Cheaper plastics and the infotainment system was not to my liking. The Camry fell so low because it lacked styling and didn’t seem as advanced as the others. The Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) on the Altima works really well. I was actually very surprised at what it could do. To test it; I allowed it to slow me all the way to a stop. When it came to a stop the car sat there for about two seconds and a chime warned me the ICC was turning off. The front seats are nearly lazy boy recliner comfortable. Nissan’s Zero Gravity seats are not just a gimmick they really are very comfortable. I find them just as comfortable as the 2005 Audi A6 I had two cars ago. Here is where most people have a problem with the Altima. They are not accustomed to the Constant Variable Transmission (CVT) and the way it feels. For a four cylinder car that gets as high as 42mpg on the freeway (I got that on a 180 mile trip) And 0-60 in 8.2 seconds is not that bad for a midsized 2.5l car! It just doesn’t feel like a normal transmission. Even in Ds (Sport mode) the transmission doesn’t give shift points really. It tries to simulate them, but it does fail. What the CVT doesn’t fail at is giving smooth power at a constant rate and delivers great MPG. I was a little concerned about the reliability issues with the transmission. Until I read the article about Nissan demanding Jatco (the manufacturer of the CVT) make them right. Everything I have read shows the early problems were just that, early problems… I also own a Subaru Outback with a CVT and it feels different. Much more “slushy” feeling.

By dfwscott on June 6 @ 10:57 pm
2016 Nissan Altima SV - First Month of Ownership
I will say up front that I went with a Nissan primarily because I have a cousin who works at a local Nissan dealership, but I haven't regretted my decision to buy this car. This is the nicest car I've ever owned. I think the SV model could be the best value in an Altima since you get some wonderful safety features (including rear-cross traffic alert and blind spot alerts) along with some nice upgrade options like dual-zone climate control and the power driver's seat with lumbar. Mine also has the navigation package and the sunroof. While I do hear some road and engine noise in this car, I feel it's quiet enough inside because I can have conversations at normal levels. The front seats are amazingly comfortable. As for acceleration, it's a bit slow off the line, but there's plenty of power in the 4-cylinder model for my needs. It feels solidly planted on the road and I feel safe in it. All in all, it looks sharp inside and out -- it has a great Cayenne Red paint job -- and I've enjoyed my time with it. Plus, the gas mileage is terrific. In the past, I've gone about 6-7 days on a tank of gas, but I can go up to 10 days on a tank of gas with this car.

By Norman Smith on August 20 @ 1:40 am
2016 Nissan Altima Led Daytime Running Lights
Unfortunately, you will be very upset to know that even though it appears to have led daytime running lights which all new cars have today. You will not get them even if you buy the most expensive model like I did. Every time I drive my new 2016 Altima SL (3.5), I see all other cars which are less expensive, driving with their Led Daytime light on. Then I feel cheated and rip off. So buyers beware when purchasing this car. Everything else with the car is completely fine except for that.

By Lee on March 11 @ 2:35 pm
2016 Altima - It's about VALUE and LOOKS not bad
I want to say how much I saved in my trade by having Edmunds numbers to pull out !!!!!!

By manager on March 23 @ 12:27 am
No test drive needed
Once again Nissan made a car that was so easy to drive and enjoy........But I warn everyone that if you do not spend another $600 for the LED upgrade on the headlights you will not get the boomerang daytime driving lights on your car. Gas mileage is thru the roof and seating space is ample and comfortable.

By Chris Savarino on November 1 @ 10:02 pm
Engineering at its best
The performance vs MPG is unsurpassed especially given the fact that it is only a 4 cylinder. Typically exceed the 39 MPG for highway driving all on regular unleaded. This car moves. No issues whatsoever when merging onto highway or passing. The CVT always makes sure there is plenty of torque either from a dead stop or highway speeds. The new styling makes it look like a mini Maxima. Love this vehicle. One of the better navigation systems I have owned. Simple to use and usually right on the mark. Bose sound system is amazing and pounds when you turn up the dial without distortion. Heated seats and steering wheel are features found on more expensive vehicles.

By Eldin on April 10 @ 10:32 pm
Good Car with a value for money

By Kaitlyn on May 30 @ 5:30 pm
Nothing bad to say about this car!
I purchased this car at the end of September 2016. It replaced a 2013 Ford Fiesta SE that had all sorts of transmission problems. I have also owned a dodge, a Chevy and a Toyota. I had wanted to purchase an Altima before I bought the Fiesta, but at the time couldn't afford one. When I went to buy the Altima I had done my research, read reviews and knew exactly what I wanted. I got a smoking deal on this car and could not be happier. So many great things about this car - the seats are SO comfortable, the exterior of the car is beautiful, and I have no complaints about the performance. I've got a little over 2,500 miles on it, currently getting 31 mpg. I do mostly highway driving so I'm hoping the mpg will increase to the 34-39 range that it is rated for. When researching the car I read multiple complaints about the cabin noise at highway speeds. I drive 80 down the highway at least 5 times a week and I can say I don't know what they're talking about. It's not any louder than any other car I've ever driven. Well done with this car Nissan.

By BRUCE LOESER on February 13 @ 1:31 am
V-6. Sl
Good value, runs great so far

By Venice Smith on August 14 @ 1:38 pm
4 cylinder with spunk
I love this car. It is the perfect size, even the back seat is adequate, certainly for shorter rides. It has a much smoother ride than I expected, particularly since I came from a Lincoln Town car. Great mileage, and a nice big gas tank mean a great range before having to stop. Only real criticism as to do with the cheap plastic in the interior that I know will degrade, wear or crack with time and use, specifically the door storage slots. These were not made to be durable.

By Mike on November 10 @ 3:40 pm
rust above emblems
Watch out for rust above the emblems on Altimas. My 2014 Altima SL was rusting above the emblems in the first year and had rust severe enough that it was noticeable from a distance within 3 years. Reading online it seems to be a common problem. Dealers won't help and Nissan won't help.

By Michael S. on October 6 @ 11:53 pm
Much better options on the market than this car
I recently rented the Altima and drive it for 5 days. I will start with the good parts of the car. The CVT transmission is smooth and the engine power is adequate. The trunk size is a decent and seats were ok for long drives. The fuel mileage was excellent. Now for the negatives. The interior of the car is just cheap. There are lots of hard plastics everywhere. The nobs feel cheap, and I don't see it holding up. The driving dynamics of the car was horrible. I felt that I had to always make corrections going down a straight highway. The transitions badly needs to be reprogrammed as it always feel like it is in too high of a gear at lower speeds which makes the engine on the verge of stall. I am sure this was done to drive better fuel economy. I just don't know why someone would buy this car or a similarly price Honda Accord which is like a luxury car compared to the Altima.

By Richard Brosseau on June 27 @ 2:22 pm
Eight Nissans in a Row
March 30, 2017, I purchased my NEW 2016 Altima SV Sedan from Morlan Nissan in Dexter, MO. Since 1969, this is my eighth Nissan in a row (two Sentras and six Altimas). My main reason for staying with Nissan cars is their reliability. Over the years, I have several owned vehicles from each of the big three manufacturers and seven cars built by Japan's largest manufacturer. In have found my eight Nissans to be the most reliable, trouble free cars that I have owned. My 1997 Altima had gone more than 130,000 miles without any problems, when I traded it for a new 2001 Altima. In 2010, we gave it to our son, who drove it for four years, without any problems, except normal maintenance. When he traded it, the car had more than 150,000 miles on the dometer. I am now 76 years old and retired on Social Security. My wife and I were looking for a new vehicle that would last us through our retirement years, so when we found this new 2016 leftover at Morlan Nissan, the dealership made us an offer we could not resist.

By Stephanie on May 3 @ 5:08 pm
Love this car!
This is a spacious, comfortable sedan that handles great and has truly excellent fuel economy. The technology features are outstanding and very user friendly. I honestly love everything about this car. I've had it for about a month, and no complaints to report. Accelerates well off of stops, doesn't feel cramped with passengers, and has ample trunk space. I had a great experience with the Nissan dealer that I worked with to purchase the car, and will be taking it back to them for routine maintenance like oil changes and such. This car gets better gas mileage than my old hybrid! This has been a fantastic car so far for commuting, but would be very comfortable for longer trips as well. Would definitely recommend the Nissan Altima.

By jethro on October 5 @ 11:53 pm
The road noise is unbearable!
Rented this car for a short while, and it literally gave me a headache every time I drove it. Unfortunately the road/tire noise resonated on the inside of the car, and this was especially evident on rough road surfaces, patched areas, and seams. It's very unfortunate since the seat comfort and interior features are top notch. I would recommend that owners of this car pull up all carpeting, and install sound deadener material everywhere possible! While I'm on a rant, the car is too long, and will not fit in my garage. The only positive for me was the great gas mileage.

By Joseph C on October 29 @ 5:27 pm
DO NOT BUY 2016 Nissan Altima SR
The car has paint issues on the front bumper. The front bumper has been painted once before and again the paint is flaking off. The rear passenger side door does not open from the inside or outside of the car. The transmission is bad at less then 17,000 miles and less then 1 year on the road.

By Sam on March 4 @ 8:16 am
Stay away from the Altima 3.5 SR
When I purchased this car it was like driving a pocket rocket....loved it! I took it to the dealer, for maintenance, and when they gave it back to me it didn't have any of the acceleration anymore. I've been trying to work with Nissan and their dealers to get it back to my "original" experience. Most dealer techs acknowledge that it doesn't perform the way a 3.5 SR should be performing; acceleration, handling, etc., but will only tell me that it's operating within specs. The problem is, it seems that the dealers have (at most) only received one of these models so they're not familiar with the difference of having a 6 cylinder versus a 4 cylinder under the hood. I don't know what to do, but would warn anyone thinking of purchasing the 3.5 SR....don't. You may think you're buying that "pocket rocket", but after the dealer hooks it up to their diagnostics, you'll be driving the 2.5 version.

By Kathy Crume on May 25 @ 1:18 am
Do not buy this car "2016 Altima"
4 Times something in this car is draining the battery. I've had the car jumped and or towed to the dealer with a DEAD battery. They replaced the battery once. The new battery was also drained twice. Dealer can not identify the problem. Now I have a new car that is not reliable. UGH! SORRY I EVER PURCHASED THIS LEMON.

By Will on September 27 @ 8:58 am
Awesome bang for you buck
I was driving an Xterra and got tired of fueling it up so often. I also needed something that my ageing mother could get in and out of with ease. I bought my 2016 2.5 S a year and a half ago, and it currently has 14,800 miles on it. I had custom wheels put on it to set it apart from all the other 2.5 S's out there. The gas mileage is unbelievable. I'm averaging 30 mpg in town and have gotten 41 mpg on the highway. This car is comfortable. I was concerned about comfort because I a big guy, 6'2" 300 lbs. I've never felt cramped in this car. It's pretty zippy and handles well. It does sit pretty low. The air-conditioning and heat are great. The stereo is ok. The Bluetooth and voice commands seem to be a miss. It takes a bit for my phone to connect and hands free calling rarely works for me, no matter how clearly I say someone's name. I'd like a place to stash my phone, other than the cup holders. Over all I'm very satisfied with my little red Altima

By Pokodok on September 30 @ 7:58 am
Stay away from Nissan Altima 2016
I had the 2016 for a little over a year and have had to take it to the dealer 4 times already because the check engine light turns on. Finally the car got a transmission problem where it had to be replaced. During this time I got a rental Nissan Altima and the check engine light turn on on the 5th day. These cars are junk.

By wes on May 19 @ 1:07 am
Super fun and comfy!
Just clocked 40,000 miles and still drives like a dream.

By Cody on January 27 @ 4:32 pm
2016 nissan altima s purchased on September 2017 with 33,000 miles owning this car for only 3 months i have allready encountered multiple problems like bad oxeygen sensors,mass air flow sensor,tps sensor. And just recently my transmission went out with only 35,000 miles on odometer this is the car from hell i do not recommend buying a nissan altima

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