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Goldilocks has already starred in a few too many car reviews, but there's no better way to say it: The 2015 Nissan Altima is a "just right" family sedan in most respects. You want fuel economy? Both the four-cylinder engine and the V6 are class leaders. Power? Even the base four zips to 60 mph in less than 8 seconds. Driving dynamics? The ride is quiet and refined, yet the Altima's still got the handling athleticism that has long set it apart. Safety? Check the crash-test scores; they're nearly perfect across the board. It would appear Nissan has built the perfect car.

So why wouldn't you buy an Altima? Well, for one thing, the continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) may not be to everyone's liking. Although it promotes fuel efficiency, it has a tendency to rev the engine noisily during modest acceleration and "lug" it at low rpm while cruising -- especially in four-cylinder models. Also, if you want a backseat that's built for 6-footers, there are better choices. Many rivals offer nearly full-size accommodations out back, and by this measure the Altima comes up a bit short.

One such rival is the spacious Honda Accord, though it's got a similar CVT in four-cylinder models that may also take some getting used to. The 2015 Ford Fusion shares the Altima's slight rear headroom deficit, but it's a stylish and highly competent choice overall. We'll also vouch for the 2015 Mazda 6, which lacks the Nissan's sophisticated infotainment offerings but compensates with comparable fuel economy and even sportier handling.

Returning to our theme, though, it's not easy to pick a bowl of porridge from this group -- they've all got their pros and cons. In the end, only one can be just right for you. We like the 2015 Altima's chances of earning that distinction.

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2015 Nissan Altima

NEW FOR 2015

The 2015 Altima 3.5 SV and 3.5 SL trims now come standard with the Technology package (including touchscreen navigation and upgraded safety features), which remains optional on the 2.5 SV and 2.5 SL. Also, the remote ignition system can detect the ambient temperature and activate climate/defrost functions accordingly, and all SV models get a standard eight-way power driver seat. As a running change to the 2015 Altima 3.5, Nissan discontinued the S and SV trim levels. The remaining 3.5 SL trim later gained front and rear parking sensors as standard features.


Impressive acceleration and fuel economy with either engine


Relatively modest rear headroom and legroom

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By emac4454 on December 6 @ 10:31 am
Refined SV
I have owned 2005 S, 2012 S now 2015 SV. I have to say that I am very impressed with the 15 model. Nissan has made some impressive changes overall (noise reduction in the cabin, wind noise, cockpit display, power driver seat, sport mode, aux, usb). I only driven this vehicle for 500 miles, I just love the exterior look.

By jessica319 on December 19 @ 5:36 pm
2015 Nissan Altima
I just purchased a 2015 SL which is fully loaded. I love the car! With that said the only disappointment I have is with the fuel economy. I previously had a 2003 Nissan Altima 3.5 which was a gas hog. However super fun to drive with take off. The 15 when purchased the millage shown that I had to go when full was well over 400 miles. Now when I fill my car up it only says I can go 318 miles. Is something wrong with my car?

By jojo26 on June 28 @ 6:39 pm
Really Impressed!
I purchased a 2015 Altima last week. I have been a SUV mom for several years and was concerned, coming from a V6, I worried about the power loss. Well, we are 650 miles into it and I am thoroughly impressed! I can tell that ther is a difference in power, though the 4 cylinder gives it one heck of a try. Not enough to make me regret not getting the 3.5, but enough to notice. There is a bit of a whine at my typical launch. But the gas mileage is absolutely amazing! Exterior styling still has me checking her out when I walk to her in the parking lot. Very smooth and stylish and so classy. The ride is so smooth, feels like I am floating. Loving this car!

By wayne21 on August 25 @ 9:15 pm
Nice, but disappointing overall
After one tank: Some nice features, but lots of disappointments. Smooth, quiet ride with no road or wind noise. Plenty of power. Great gas mileage (27.2 for a 6 cyl all in town driving). Nice electronics package and good steering feel. Nicely laid out interior with decent materials. Experienced infamous "transmission shutter" twice - pretty hard jolts. Passenger seat airbag may or may not come on while wife is in the seat. HID headlights are horrible. Worst/weakest lights I've ever had in a car! Would not want to drive at night on the interstate with these lights. BOSE radio has to be an embarrassment to BOSE.

By jjj33 on June 24 @ 8:08 am
less pay for the value
I bought 2015 Altima S (with Audio Pacage and power seat Pacage) in very cheap price, and I am satisfied with that. My driving is 1250 miles until now and in only town. I got 33-34 MPG, but EPA estimate is 27 MPG in town. The MPG number on dash is 37.5 but the number when I calculate in pumping is 33.9. So the difference is really big. I do not know why. Overall value and satisfactory are great.

By lorit52 on November 29 @ 6:38 pm
Too new for problems
I have 4,700 miles on my 2015 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL. It's been great up until now. My first problem was a grinding sound on my right rear brake. Took it in immediately and found there was a caliper problem causing brake pad to have worn down to the rotor. Needed entire new hub, pad, rotor and caliper. As soon as I got it out of shop, I heard a squeak in my steering that wasn't there when I put it in the shop. Took it in next day & found out the entire power steering rack needed replacing! Hoping to get the car out today but I am not very confident in this vehicle now. Maybe it's a fluke, but this is not a good start with my first brand new Nissan. Anyone else with these issues?

By caliguy1 on April 6 @ 9:23 am
On To My Next One...
I had a 2013 Altima 3.5 SL and it was a great car!! I never experienced a problem with it....perfect for over 24k miles. My lease was up and I turned it in for a 2015, black with beige and practically identical to my 2013. No other car in the Altima's category can compete with the Altima's driving experience. I drove an Accord (plastic feeling dash board), Passat (engine noise), Malibu and a Camry (both ho-hum). The Altima is at the top of the fun factor guage! I've gotten so used to the CVT that driving a standard transmission bugs me. And, no other car company can compete with Nissan's incentives, they make buying a Altima easy-breezy! The 12,000 mile update: My Altima has been terrific!

By danabrownva on May 24 @ 5:01 am
Sleek Appearance & Fully loaded model, overall good
Had it for 2 months. Very stylish & expensive looking (Black w/beige interior). Overall good. Having issues with leather seats (wrinkling). Leather doesn't seem tight. Bluetooth crashing regularly, and auto on headlights not working consistently. Front seats seem a little narrow. Safety concern is the seatbelt warning. Only (3) low volume chimes. Then all quiet, with only a tiny, tiny red indicator light on dash. If you're backing up & cross traffic alert goes off won't hear the 3 chimes. Needs a big warning sign on driver display. This could be resolved with a simple software patch. Other than the above pretty happy. Has very expensive look and feel. Love the tech package/sunroof.

By wexlerb on May 19 @ 5:44 pm
Blind Spot Warning, be warned
I have a 2015 Nissan Altima SV with tech package. I noticed immediately after getting the car about a month ago that when the roads were wet the blind spot monitoring system would give false alarms all the time. So far there are no software updates. I took this to the dealer twice already and I was handed a bulletin on the problem. I talked directly to Nissan and they have no fix, and in their words it was designed this way. I asked for a refund of the car since this could be a serious safety issue, and you can guess where this request went. Be warned, do not buy.

By dimension on April 6 @ 4:38 pm
Dislikes wind noise and engine noise (4-cyl.)
This is my very first Nissan. I bought the second week of December. I really, really like this 2015 Altima 2.5 SV except for its engine noise. I wouldn't mind engine noise if it sounds like a masculine growl, but this one sounds like a drowning engine with a broken exhaust. And after 1,600 miles it seems like the engine noise is louder, and now it has wind noise too!

By dougman33 on November 23 @ 5:34 am
Nissan Altima 2015 s
I'd like to start out saying that I love the style and looks of this car. The handling performance matches the looks. We bought this car for the gas mileage. My wife drives it more than I do but when I do drive it I love the overdrive feature. when you take it off the RPMs go up and it drives like a sports car really cool. Heater issue, When I put the heater in the foot selection it automatically turns on the defroster instead of the feet, ( only in really cold weather). This is a function of nissan which is not very cool. I froze my feet off. I think I know when to turn my defroster on. I may consider a trade to something that lets me control where to put the heat.

By Billy Todd on May 19 @ 6:42 am
My first Nissan
bought my Altima at the end of october of 2014, already have just over 5,500 miles on it and this is the first Nissan I have owned and I absolutely love it. Black exterior and black interior just makes it look so sweet. Car has plenty of get up and go, looks very sporty and to top it off has the best gas mileage of any car I have ever owned. Think the only thing I dislike is that the blue toothe feature crashes alot when connected, other than that. no complaints.

By Sandra Mulla on March 19 @ 1:43 am
Noisy Nissan Altima
I bought a 2015 Nissan Altima in January 2015. Like the car, but it's very noisy! High pitched whining noise is coming from the power steering pump. Streater Smith Conroe said they couldn't fix it. We brought it to Fred Haas in Tomball and they tried fixing it by replacing the steering pump. It help some, but the noise is getting louder by the day. Nissan does not have a fix for it. I hate driving the car because it's so noisy. A man in parking lot heard it walking by and asked what that noise was under the hood! Lots of wind noise. Gas mileage is great, but would rather lose a couple mpg to ride in a quiet car! Very disappointed with Nissan for not helping further with this issue.

By skwon on December 1 @ 11:40 am
Lemon car
After one day of ownership of brand new Altima SV, a leak was found and a part (valve assembly solenoid) was replaced twice under factory warranty. My Altima was considered as defective under lemon law, and Nissan and I have been trying to get a replacement since December 2014. It is March 2015 and I do not have the replacement yet. It is unclear at this point when I would receive the replacement. Such delay is due to my relocation, misleading Nissan dealership, and long processes in Nissan corporate. To Nissan’ credit, I was offered a “loaner” car (S trim, not SV). However, the driver side door of this loaner does not close when the temperature drops below 0.

By pprince on May 1 @ 10:13 am
Improvement needed by Nissan
By the end of the year in 2014, i purchased a 2015 Nissan Altima 2.5 SV Java. The appearance of the vehicle was great & i loved every single bit of it. In 3 months i started hearing some noise cranking the vehicle than seem normal but gradually increased until where the vehicle completely shut off on me & my mom (different occasions) while driving. Last stroll was when it shut off on my mom @ night on a weekend with dealership being closed. Emergency was called & vehicle was pushed to side & later towed. Diagnosis came to be fuel pump & smthing else. Expenses on vehicle was never reimbursed & Nissan corporate blames me despite vehicle having factory warranty with 13k miles(current).

By Gregory Bear on February 19 @ 10:21 am
Me vs Edmunds on ONE topic, plus seats.
First off, I AM 6 ft tall, and there is plenty head and leg room in the back seat! I sat in accord and laughed! Perhaps you tested a version with a sun roof, which will, in any car, have a lower roof on the inside. The leg room, nothing but amazing for a 6 ft person, even with the front seats all the way back!

By johntc88 on February 27 @ 7:17 am
Impressed- but.
I needed a vehicle that was 1)economical 2)durable 3)comfortable(back issues) and Nissans offering was unbeatable. I bought the 2015 Altima S and although initially impressed that feeling tapered off after 3 recall visits and 1 warrantee engine light oil pressure switch failure. The recalls consisted of rust occuring on the trunk where the chrome strip attaches to the plate area-fixed, the hood latch inspected and lubed and finally the hood latch replaced. Now none of these things caused me to be stranded but they did eat up a lot of my time and $ for fuel. The oil pressure switch/sensor was more concerning as it was not known if the pressure was lost due to oil pump failure-fixed and no damage done except for lost time and again $ for fuel. Now don't let this put you off from purchasing a Nissan product as they are at least staying on top of issues- not like other manufacturers-ignoring problems just to later have those issues come back to haunt them: sticking fuel pedal and steering wheel lock mechanism/ignition failure-remember those ? My mileage diminishes to 30mpg when temp drops below 10 F but comes back to 39mpg when temp is above 50F (? don't know why but runs fine in either climate) . I still like this car and will give Nissan the oppurtunity to have my business/money again in another 9 years as my experience with their products has proven to be cost effective with minimal requirements for maintenance required, thanks again Nissan.

By myaltima15 on August 11 @ 10:39 pm
Annoying whining sound
I recently purchased a 2015 Nissan Altima after my 2012 Altima was declared a total loss. A few days after my purchase I started to hear a loud whining sound when walking to my car after using the remote engine start. This noise is so loud that I am even embarassed to use the remote engine start or drive it in my parking garage at work. I took it in to a Nissan dealer and they stated that its normal. This is what gives you that extra gas mileage. But honestly, I would much rather loose the gas mileage and drive a quiet car. This is pretty ridiculous. Not a happy camper!!

By wizjam on June 5 @ 5:43 am
Almost a grand slam
There is a lot to like about this car! I shopped around and after trying several competitors, the 3.5L won me over with its smooth power, quiet ride, and extremely comfortable seats. Before I got this car, my daily 45 minute plus commute was an ordeal. But now the daily commute is comfortable, and I arrive without stiffness or back pain. When traffic is heavy, I just sit back, turn up the Bose system, and enjoy the extremely comfortable ride. Overall, the car hit a home run that would have been a grand slam except for a few details with the Nissan Connect app - it's buggy. Update: It's a year later, and I still love my Altima! The ride is still smooth, and there have been no mechanical glitches. Oh, and the Nissan Connect App has been improved with updates, and I can connect to the Pandora and I Heart Radio apps about 90% of the time. The times is doesn't connect it says 'Make sure you app is updated and running.' I check my phone (Android on Galaxy S6) and it's updated and running. When that's the case, I just have to listen to those services with the Bluetooth Audio connection. The Bluetooth connection always works. There is one small annoyance the car has, it beeps at me urgently if I have the driver's door open and turn off the car. Strange, it can be in Park, emergency brake on, engine running, and open the door and it doesn't beep at me, but it will beep rapidly if I turn off the engine. If I then shut the door the beeping stops, and I can then reopen the door without beeping. I think its annoying and unnecessary.

By dendy on April 8 @ 10:52 am
2015 Altima- new transmission at 10k miles
Purchased a new 2015 Altima SV with convenience package. Had to have the CVT transmission replaced at only 10k miles. Nissan does not offer new transmissions, only remanufactured units. Nissan consumer affairs offered me some free oil changes, something I was already getting from the dealer, as compensation for my inconvenience. Will not buy another Nissan.

By John E. Abbey on January 27 @ 8:29 am
A big surprise!
After renting an Altima (S with a few options) in NY, we became interested in possibly getting one for ourselves. Seems the timing was right with rebates etc and the Nissan dealer here in Killeen paid off the remaining 7 months of lease from Toyota (2012 Camry base XLE) and got us into the SL with everything on it for less than $40 a month increase in our lease payment - and $ 0.00 due at signing! A great deal if the 'shine' remains after we've had it a while. I can say that after about 600 miles (just a week or so since getting it) the highway mileage is excellent -- just below or just above 40mpg! City driving has been around 23 so far. Hoping it will rise a bit. The appearance both externally and inside is A-1 First Class! I can't get over how exceptional it feels just getting in. The Bose stereo system works best if you run the bass and treble just above the middle. That way you can turn the volume up higher and get a more rounded sound (plenty of bass to a certain sub-bass frequency, then it drops off, but overall good to excellent. Everything about the drive is substantial. It feels much heavier than it is with a nicely weighted steering wheel. Some people don't like that, but I found it a pleasure once used to it. All the safety features great. The motor: VERY smooth at idle for a 4 cyl motor. Nearly 0 vibration at idle at a stop. The motor remains quite muted under normal acceleration, but does howl a bit when pushed. TRANS:: CVT means no noticeable gear shifts. A little 'odd' feel at first, but doesn't take long to appreciate how smooth it all works together. A/C -- the best I've ever had (as good as the Toyota, which I felt is top notch). Information display - once I figured it out is also such a neat feature. I love all of the little things that make it a 'cut above' so many other cars. Issues: Haven't had it long enough to generate negatives other than the leather seat is a little too hard -- I am finding it necessary to use an additional pillow/seat comforter type of thingy to keep from squirming after only 30 min or so on the road. The dealership says the leather will break in and should not be an issue for very long. The one we rented in NY was cloth and I had no comfort problems with the cloth version. Verdict: I will come up with a seating plan because I just love EVERYTHING ELSE! Hope this is helpful!!

By Lindagil on November 11 @ 12:57 am
5 Times not a Charm
I traded my 2014 Sentra for a 2015 Altima SL in May 2015 and have had trouble with it starting 5 times now. The car is not reliable and I need something I can rely on when traveling to work, shopping, taking my Grandchildren places etc. We bought the Altima in May and in June the first incident occurred, we went to a party about 60 miles from our home, turned the car off and when we went to start it to go home, we could not depress the brake in order to get the car push button to engage. My Husband went to see if any of the guest's could help and as I sat waiting, I kept trying to get it started and voila! after about 20 minutes the starter button engaged and it started. This happened again about 3 weeks later, then again in July after my Husband dropped me off at the airport he decided to do some shopping (again about 60 miles from home) and he called the dealership to report the problem, they told him to hold the keyfob next to the start button, that sometimes the fob and the starter button don't communicate when they are too far apart, huh, what???? This happened again about 3 weeks ago to me, I drove to work, got out of the car and the lock on the handle of the car did not work so I had to use my override key to lock the doors but I didn't think too much more about it until I went out to go to lunch and again, the brake pedal would not depress and the push starter did not work. I called the dealership then and they told me to call 1 800 NissanOne or something like that to get the car towed, I was calling them while sitting in the car and was playing around with the keyfob taking the override key in and out of the fob and decided to try to start the car and again, voila! the car started. This happened again today, August 12, 2015 and I did not have time to play, I called an had the car towed to the dealership. I read some reviews about the brake system but I am not sure when Nissan is going to do about the car. I feel like I really got a Lemon this time, I should have done some research.

By Lauren H on December 2 @ 12:10 pm
Great car only 1 compaint
I love everything about this car except for the fact that the visors are really unethical. They don't cover my face from the sun unless I'm riding on top of the steering wheel. My suggestion to Nissan is to make the a little longer, for taller people. Or add some visor extensions.

By George Streat on November 6 @ 5:51 am
Just this one more thing UPDATE...
I purchased a 4 cylinder Nissan Altima 2015 in December of last year. The road noise on the freeway is surprisingly loud. The noise seems to be coming from all four wheels right into the cabin. This shouldn't, and probably doesn't, worry Nissan because of the great design of the vehicle and other features. Sadly though, the road and engine noise belies a great appearance. You would expect a much better ride judging from the cost and appearance. Fix that in this 4 cylinder, Nissan, and you will have a real winner! The radio controls are hard to figure out when you want to select a particular station to store in the controls. But I will have to give it a stability compliment after I hit a curb at 30 mph and to my surprise there was absolutely no damage. If you are looking for a better ride though, test the 6 cylinder and compare.

By H. Dao on February 20 @ 10:51 pm
Comfort and gas saver midsize car
I rented this car for 12 days vacation driving around Los Angeles then to San Francisco with my family. Since rental car is a based model 2.5S, so it is unfair to comment about hi-tech or other fancy features. I also cannot talk about reliability since the car is like brand new. Gas saving is amazed for this mid-size sedan without lack of power despite of 4-cylinder engine. Yet, I drove around Los Angeles most everyday during my trips with heavy traffic to downtown, Universal Studio, and Hollywood area. I also drove up to San Francisco with up, down, curving highways. The car handled pretty well. Seats are comfortable. Both front and rear head/leg room are good even with one of my kids who is 6' tall. Little windy and road noise but acceptable, not bothering my family at all. May be the upper or top version 3.5 SL stronger and more comfortable.

By Meg Morgan on February 5 @ 11:12 pm
Great car to drive, technology needs work.
First off, great car to drive. Comfortable, great pickup, terrific gas mileage, looks good. On the downside, before you buy, make sure your phone will work with their hands-free text messaging. There are a lot of phones that DO NOT work with outgoing text messaging (which is really just a series of pre-scripted messages; there is no "talk-to-text" messaging), including the iPhone 6. They blame Apple but that certainly doesn't stop them from touting it as a great feature. I did get my incoming texts to work at first, sometimes, although if there is more than one that comes in, it would only read the first one to me, not any subsequent texts. Really annoying. Why bother? I'd also get the choices of "send text, read text or call back," through voice prompt. I'd say, "send text," to which it system responds, "text messaging is not available." So why is it offering it as a choice? Second issue is their blind spot assist. In my car, the driver's side works really well, but not the passenger side. It would work at lower speeds (say, under 60mph), but didn't even register cars on high-speed roads, which is when you really need to know that you're clear of a car you just passed. Took it in for service and they told me there was a laundry list of parameters that needed to be met in order for it to work (distance from other cars, speed, weather, other conditions), and they couldn't find anything wrong with the sensors. I think small blind-spot mirrors will be more helpful. Before you buy, search for forums on these problems. I didn't find them until after I purchased and had problems, so be sure to do your research. Thirdly, I had an issue with the radio. It would freeze up and disallow me from changing not only the radio station but also the source (i.e., from radio to CD, to Sirius, back to radio, etc). Dealership told me there was an update needed, which they performed (I'm wondering why they didn't do the update before I took possession of the car??), but since they did that, I now can't get my text messages, so another trip to them is in order. Long story short, when I spent this kind of money on a brand new car, I expected everything to work perfectly. Not an unreasonable expectation. It didn't The car is not performing in the specific areas for which I bought it. I most recently had a Honda Accord, which I really liked and that was another contender. I decided to change things up a bit and now wish I hadn't. I like driving the Altima, but those bells and whistles are really not what they should be. Nissan needs to do a lot of work to upgrade these poor performing areas.

By Richard/B on July 7 @ 2:46 am
I don't have enough use of this car to comment on how good it is. Never attempt to drive over a speed bump! In the few months I have owned it, I have encountered speed bumps in strip center parking lots, and on interconnecting streets on large hospital grounds between its buildings. The first instance, even with usual slow approach, resulted in it high-centering until I could roll off it. The next was on the hospital grounds, and with the usual caution, was unable to overcome the high-centering, so had to back off and find another route. At the dealer's shop, lifted on the car lift, scrapes were noted by the technicians along the bottom. No telling how bad, should someone drive it, not expecting the problem. Just what would happen on high water, deep snow, dry weeds/grass in fields, and two-rut 'roads' with high center media? The front body-finished metal, extends so low, that often at curbs and parking stop blocks it gets concrete scrapes (and sounds), and who knows how much reshapeing is done?

By mavis nvodjo on May 25 @ 5:40 pm
Value your money Dont buy a Nissan
After a month of the car,I started having issues with the car> it started with just the radio resetting itself while driving am driving> the LCD screen begins to flash and my car eventually slows down and stops. The first time it happened,I had to call Triple AAA to come help me. The second time the same issue happened,I was in my neighborhood and the radio starting resetting on and off and again my car slows down and stops. After turning the car off for a good hour, the car started perfectly with no issues for about 10 days. Then,one fine Saturday this car ruins my whole day by deciding not to start at all. I took the car to Nissan and they told me, the car is not the problem it my phone. Apparently, my Samsung galaxy note Edge is so brilliant it can mess up a car. I didn't know phones could actually disabled a car's function. Is Nissan,trying to do anything to fix this car,absolutely not.Apparently since I bought a new car,I have to buy a new phone,If I believed the phone was the problem I would go a buy one. It my first car purchase and I regret ever buying a Nissan,I should have stuck to buying a toyota or a Honda. Yes the people are nice but I would stay away from Nissan from now. I wouldn't even recommend my enemy to buy a Nissan.

By Fix on July 9 @ 8:27 pm
Best car I've ever owned
The comfortable and quiet ride of the Altima compared to my previous vehicle is outstanding. There was also a huge difference in the clarity of the Bluetooth vs. my previous vehicle. I talk to my sister every day during our daily commutes to work, and she immediately noticed the difference! I am hearing impaired and the improvement of the quiet ride and Bluetooth has greatly improved my quality of life on the road!

By Cydney Ginter on February 2 @ 9:57 am
Best Car Ive Ever Owned
I am completely and utterly amazed by this car. Compared to my pervious car which was an suv, the altima is extremely comfortable and drives amazingly. It has an extremely quiet cabin, which I'm not used to but I absolutely love. The power is phenomenal. My SUV didn't have any special features and with the altima, I have bluetooth, and push to start which is an added bonus. I have the limited edition therefore I also have the remote car start perfect for the winter! I have absolutely no complaints! I would highly recommend this car to anyone!

By Jean on September 4 @ 3:37 am
Great vehicle
My Car is a great vehicle. Love everything and the price of it

By Dave in MN on December 22 @ 12:56 am
Great MPG BUT...
I purchased an 2015 Altima 2.5SL(new) in August of 2014. I live in MN so I went through a winter with it. Things I liked, MPG was phenomenal, lots of room, audio system was great, ride was comfortable. Things I didn't like, I started to notice what appeared to be rust forming on the trunk where the chrome attaches to the trunk(Dec '14). I kept an eye on it and in March('15) the rust was very noticeable, I contacted my dealer and they didn't seem shocked at all. They said it was fairly common. WTF? The car was 6 months old. They "fixed" it and within a month it was showing rust again. This time they had the body shop fix it. Then about a month later a started to notice rust around the back door opening. I was told it was due to gravel. Hmm I had an Acura TSX which I owned for 10 years and drove on the same roads and didn't have any rust until year 10. After the THIRD round of rust in LESS THAN a year i dumped the rust bucket. I don't know what to tell you other than I have read other reviews with the same rust issues. That is a quality control problem. i wish I could recommend the Altima but i can't. 3 issues with Rust on a car less than a year old is unacceptable. One round is bad but THREE!!! Buyer be ware.

By Morris Bonilla on May 19 @ 5:29 pm
First and last
Bought a Nissan Altima SV on February 2015 with 200 miles on it. Started having issue with it in July 2015. Accelerating and the car would hesitate to move, so I would start it thinking is the accelerator issue. Went to get an oil change on August 2015 and explain to the Representative what the car was doing and he notified me that it was a holiday and they were short handed so bring it back on your next oil change and they will check on it. So a month later goes by and guess what happens the transmission goes out. my car only has 10100 miles on it. will never buy another Nissan again.

By S vess on November 22 @ 9:44 am
Great All Round Car
I bought this can back in June and now have approximately 7000 miles on the car, I am very impressed with the overall ride, comfort, and gas mileage of the car. This is the first new car I have ever owned (that I personally drive all the time) and I am 60 years old. The brakes on the car are outstanding and I bought the technology package with the car so I can use my iPod. I drove several different cars when traveling on business and quickly found that this was the car I liked best out of all the different cars that I had rented. The CVT transmission makes the car great to drive on a long trip and in the mountains it will climb steep grades without all the down shifting that you normally see with other cars. So far I have averaged 38-39 MPG on my daily drive to work (50 miles total mostly interstate driving). CVT can be somewhat jerky when in stop and go traffic at times but other than that the CVT is very impressive for the performance and the MPG I get. The car will comfortably seat 4 adults and the trunk size is great for a trip. Only a few things concerns me about the car, the sheet metal is very thin and it would not take much to make a ding in the sheet metal. The motor rattles when it is first started after sitting for a period of time, I believe this is due to the type of lifters they used and the very light weigh oil used in the car. I plan on changing over to 10-W30 at the next oil change since I don’t live in a cold weather area. Once the car is hot the problem goes away, I have been a technical type of guy (electrician/mechanic) my whole life and I am not overly concerned at this point. These problems are not a major issue but in fairness I thought they should be mentioned. I highly recommend this car to anyone who is looking for a great all round car.

By Daphne Mack on August 29 @ 4:10 am
Seats are constructed poorly and cheap.
If you are looking for value do not purchase the 2015 Altima SL. I've had mine for 5 months and have returned to dealership 4 times so far for repair of front passenger seat, and yes it's broken yet again, at this point I will have to say I've purchased a LEMON. I plan to contact the media if this is not resolved soon. Leather apparently poorly constructed in back seat beverage holder as well, which came off the first time I pulled it down to use the cup holder. Have not brought that to dealership attention, as I'm still working with getting a passenger seat fixed that keeps popping off it's hinges (very afraid someone may get hurt if I give them a ride.) Nissan Of North America Corporate office hard to reach assigned customer care person assigned to my case... they also are not allowed to give out their last names, only first name 'John'.. Why so private when I've purchased a car with my full name address and social security number on the contract? Stay away from 2015 Altima unless maybe cloth seats. Otherwise rides well. To update my first review: It has now been a year with my 2015 Altima and as of March, I finally went to another dealership for repair of the front passenger seat. This dealership's service department immediately changed out the entire base casing of the seat, which seem to have worked. I believe the entire problem could of been resolved sooner if not for Stone Mountain Nissan service department and the dealership's GM not trying to expend enough money to fix it correctly nor just replace the seat or the car. Sad another dealership (Nissan South of Jonesboro GA) who did not sell me the car was able to mend the problem in one visit. I plan to do business with Nissan South in the future for any further purchases and repairs. 10/28/16 Update on 2015 Nissan Altima SL. After a total of seven (7) repairs of the passenger seat and the second dealership suggesting a total replacement seat in addition with the fear of someone getting hurt in my car making me responsible, I finally with absolutely NO assistance from Nissan of Stone Mountain, nor the Corporate customer care folks from corporate, I traded out the car and took a loss. Please no matter what do not purchase Nissan Altima... seats are defective. I did meet someone who had pretty much the same issue I had but lost touch with her. I owned the car for a total of 14 months begging for help from Nissan... so buyer beware!

By MBK on May 8 @ 6:32 am
Wonderful Altima
If you are tall with long legs, you may have a bit of a problem getting in and out. Otherwise, comfort is fantastic. The interior is very nicely put together. Exterior is wonderful. I would highly recommend this vehicle if you want a decently priced vehicle, reliable, and good looking interior and exterior. I LOVE my Altima!

By Patricia on November 6 @ 3:43 am
Happy Altima
It's a Great comfortable car. Spacious, and quiet. Very happy with this car.

By Glenn Barber on September 21 @ 8:22 pm
Great Car, but horrible steering
For the past 7 years, I have driven 2008 Nissan Altima and loved the car. So I decided to get the exact same car when I decided to purchase a new vehicle. I wish I had my old car because of the steering on the 2015 model that I purchased. The car drifts from one side of the road to the other and you have to continuously fight the steering wheel. After taking the car to the dealership, they told me that it drift within the normal limit set by Nissan. When did become appropriate to drift across the center line??? The dealership said that the new steering is sensitive and will drift dependent on the makeup of the road. After fighting the steering for only 2000 miles, I'm ready to trade for another car. My advise - think very carefully before purchasing the Nissan Altima. It hard to pick-up on the drift during a 10 minute test drive. After buying the top of the line Altima, I would think Nissan would try to help resolve the problem. No luck!!!

By Justen Ramirez on April 2 @ 3:54 am
Love my car, but I think Nissan lied!
Ok so my car is a 2.5SL I have push button start LED taillights, steering wheel audio controls, Bluetooth, leather seats, but I don't have power or heated seats no heated steering wheel. The standard radio and hubcaps! How is this an SL? When I see S models with power seats??? I think they just stuck S, SL, on anything in 2015. Won't catch Honda doing that if it's a EX-L it has alloys, sunroof and leather For sure!

By peter scuderi on September 5 @ 6:33 pm
shockingly good
i previously owned and had absolutely no problems with a fully loaded 2008 altima sl. but still looked at other cars before buying new one. was overwhelmed by new one. struck a great deal but upgrades and improvements are dramatic. as a tall person, still impressed by head and leg space compared to bmw or mercedes. car drives and handles great, looks sharp, and feels great. my only issue is figuring out new technology. sound system awesome. highly reccommend the car. also own a 350 z which moves and is still reliable. i keep coming back to nissan.

By Sandy on March 10 @ 2:14 pm
Great car
4 cyl acceleration almost as good as other brands v6 due to cvt transmission. Excellent mpg. Hand calculated on long trip 42.2 mpg. Drove speed limit, tailwind sometimes. Very quiet interior, very similar to fit and finish of Lexus 350 ( camry size Lexus ) but $15,000 cheaper. I take offense at car magazine "experts" criticising cvt differences from conventional transmissions.. yes, they are different!! Better performance and mileage but no shift points. Rent one for a weekend if you're on the fence.. Altima is a nice car..

By William Major on February 23 @ 6:23 pm
Hyping our 2015 Altima SL 2.5
Well, my wife and I looked at many different Cars over a 2 month period once we decided that our SUV had seen its better day. 10 years and 210,000 miles, so in the process my Wife test drove a Kia, a Chevy Impala, a Chevy Malibu, a Honda Accord, a Toyota Camry, a Nissan Maxima, and a couple of different Altimas. We liked the Altima SL because it was equipped with basically everything we wanted, Navigation, Moonroof, Heated Seats, Heated Steering Wheel, Leather Interior, Backup Camera, Full Technology Package, Push Button Start, Remote Start, Premium Bose Sound System, Sirius XM Radio, and both front seats are power seats, the Exterior is a Beautiful Black, interior is Tan with wood grain trim. The Car is awesome, it drives great, really good on gas, we love the large video screen , and the approaching vehicle warning feature. The Bose 9 speaker system sounds great, all in all we love this Altima SL 2.5 litre, we could have spent thousands more for the Accord ( which we also liked) but this is the better value, we got every option availible including an extended warranty (125,000 mi) or 5 years, all for 23,871.00. We are happy.

By West on November 4 @ 8:52 pm
My 2015 Altima
I've had this car for about a month now, I traded my Nissan Versa in after only 10 months because the tranny went out on me at only 18,000 miles... so I was skeptical about getting another Nissan. I got such a great deal on the Altima I couldn't say no($15,000) brand new. My versa was only worth $4,500. So I said yes and now I have about 3,500 miles on it. So far it seems to be a great reliable vehicle. The Transmission is a little weird at first and might take some getting use to. The cabin is cozy and quiet. The Gas is nice to but depends how you drive the car. I average about 29.8 MPG. I was getting 42.3 MPG when I went to Arizona from Los Angeles , I didn't even have to stop and fill up. It cost just about 50 bucks or less to fill a full tank up. It drives like a dream though, handles amazing through the Malibu Canyons and Accelerates great up the hills. Couldn't be happier!!

By B Ray on December 27 @ 10:44 pm
interrior fogging
Winter in NE needs good visibility however my 2015 Altima is horrible with interrior windows fogging. No one seems to know how to prevent. I've been told to run my AC in the winter...really? Usually drive with windows open which is rather cold. Running dedrosters only make the problem worse as i was advised by the dealer. Since there were recalls for this problem in previous years I would think Nissan would find a fix. UPDATE...running AC in the winter helps the fogging issue, however it is just a band aid. $29000.00 for a car and you have to freeze in the winter or not see. This is a safety issue and should be resolved. I also had a 2008 Altima and do not have this issue.

By prich on August 3 @ 9:38 am
Better than expected
I looked at all comparable cars similar to a Camry SE I owned except the Nissan Altima! When bringing my wife's Rogue in for routine maintenance I happened to see the dealer had a 2015 6cyl Altima with 4K miles on the internet. This car is above and beyond what I had expected, including the cost.

By KitaM. on January 24 @ 11:44 pm
Love the altima butt regret upgrading to the 15
I traded my 14 altima in for a 15. It isn't even a year old and the paint has two chips. I can get over that but when I bought the car I found out it has a stained windshield. After cleaning it numerous times, we reported it to the service bepartment and they have done nothing and suggested nothing. If you buy a brand new car and it is suppose to have a lifetime warranty, you should have a car free of defects.

By mjg1234 on September 19 @ 5:57 pm
2.5S - The good, the bad, and the ugly.
Updating my review. The airbag sensor issue described below is now being recalled: http://www.autoblog.com/2016/04/30 Also there as another recall on the hood latch. Lowering the reliability and resale values to one star. The Good: The car is a joy to drive. It has great acceleration for a 4 cylinder. The handling is great and responsive for a car of its size. The steering may be a bit too soft feeling and aggressive for some, but I like it. The car brakes well, the brakes feel tight and I haven't yet, knock on wood, had a situation where I had to engage the anti-lock brakes. The car gets great gas mileage, but I have a heavy foot so I average around 27 mpg mixed highway / city driving. The keyless entry and push button start are a convenience, but the most convenient feature of the car is the car honks when you have filled the tire up to the correct pressure. Just turn the car off. Press the start button twice with your foot off of the brake, fill up the tire until the car honks and you're off. Best feature by far when it's cold and you're pumping air not having to fool around with a pressure gauge exposed to the elements. The Bad: Engine noise. This may not be bad to people who enjoy sports cars or are used to driving manual transmissions, but this car is really loud in certain situations. It purrs when at speed, but roars when getting up to speed and coasting downhill. I'd compare coasting downhill in this car to downshifting from 4th to 2nd in a manual; you feel the car employing engine braking and a tug then the RPMs rev. I think this is a feature of CVT to keep the same MPH going downhill and not over accelerate causing the car to surge MPH down the hill. Engine noise may not be an issue with the V6. The transmission feels a bit frail after accelerating after shifting from reverse. The car flutters a little and even does it sometimes when accelerating from a standstill. I caution you not to reverse roll with this transmission. I feel it's too fragile to handle going in reverse putting it in neutral while you roll and engage the drive gear. That's a bad practice general for any automatic but may be fatal for this one. I bet that's why a few reviews said their transmission went out after 10k miles. The car feels cheaply made after driving it awhile. Road dirt and grime gets from the floor panel all of the way up to the door jamb where the car door closes. Never had that happen in any other car. The rain pings on the car like rain on a tin can; makes me feel the car has little to no noise insulation. At highway speeds there is a ton of wind noise, but one will get used to it unless that type of thing is a deal breaker. The "carpet" on the floor is paper thin. Literally. It's the cheapest carpet I've ever seen in a car. Wait until you vacuum it you'll see what I mean. Feels like it could tear easily. It seems like the carpet that comes standard in the trunk of cars. Nissan decided to cut corners and put that cheap stuff in the interior. The Ugly: The visor fell down while my wife was driving maybe month 3 into owning the car. Took it back to the dealer to get repaired under warranty and they claimed the visor would have cost $300! For that price why is it falling down?! While there we also got the fix done for the hood latch recall. Fast forward 2 months later my wife gets in the passenger seat and the passenger side airbag disengaged light came on. She got out of the car and back in and it stayed on. Drove for fifteen minutes and still disengaged, so I had to park turn the car off and back on to get the airbag to turn back on. It happened two more times. Took it to the dealer and they claim nothing was wrong but gave us a manual on how the feature worked. Mind you the 2014 Altimas had this very same issue. It has happened once since taking it back to the dealer. Trip three to the dealer was because of squealing brakes on a brand new car. If it rains and the car has been sitting they squeal. If it's cold and the car has been sitting they squeal. This is a "feature" of the metal on metal brake pads the dealer says. I say another corner was cut. The projection headlights are dangerously dim. They work OK in dry conditions, but in the rain forget about it. You can barley tell they are on. Just compare other cars' headlight beams on the road to the Altima you'll see. The interior windows fog at the drop of a dime. I live in a humid region and this is a constant problem even with the recirculation off! It takes the defroster awhile to address the fogging. The technology package and Nissan connect are a joke. It barely connects with my Droid Turbo, and partially connects with my wife's iPhone 5s and her Droid MAXX, it did the best with her Galaxy S3. I have to turn the Bluetooth off and on on my phone several times before it connects and when it does the entire system freezes on the In Call for 0:01 display until the car is reset. Does not recognize voice

By Kim Grant on November 16 @ 11:06 am
Silver Bullet
It's very sporty and family friendly at the same time.

By Robert Schulze on October 6 @ 12:03 am
Expected better!
It would be great if there was a way to really test a car more thoroughly then you can on a short test drive at the dealers. I've had 2 previous Altima's; a 2004 and a 2012. Both were good solid cars that I enjoyed, so I was expecting the same or better with this 2015. Test drive seemed fine. My major complaints are engine noise, and the CVT transmission. Especially when cold the engine is more like a diesel than a gas engine. VERY noisy even under mild acceleration. Seems better after warming up a bit, but still probably the noiseist engine I've ever had. The CVT seems to have artificial shift points built in. The problem is when cruising at a steady speed (doesn't matter if slow or fast) the CVT feels like a manual transmission that needs to be downshifted a gear. You can feel the slight but noticeable vibration in the steering wheel. Also, the auto climate control is overly aggressive. When in heat mode, the fan goes to full speed and stays there way too long. You need to manually set the fan speed down a notch or two before you turn into toast. When on a test drive, the sales person said the heater was "industrial". She wasn't kidding! OK, a few good points. Good gas mileage, and a comfortable ride. Performance is certainly adequate for a 4 cylinder (other than the raucous engine noise). I was really debating between the Altima and an Accord. Now wishing I would have gone for the Accord!

By Ingrid on February 12 @ 6:20 am
Unsafe at speeds above 60
I purchased a 2015 Altima S from the dealer. Initially upon taking it home we heard a knocking in the engine. Five weeks after we had it, we took a road trip. It was one of the most horrifying experiences of my life. The car wandered and shifted from left to right at higher speeds. Keeping it on the road was a major ordeal and very exhausting. We were happy to make it to our destination and back. Once we got home the car was taken to the deal where it was purchased. The service manager explained that the new electronic steering in the new models was set that way and I would just have to "learn to deal with it." They checked out the car and claimed that nothing was wrong. At this point I would not drive the card off of the lot as I know it is unsafe and very dangerous. I was forced to buy a Rogue and loose thousands of dollars on the deal after owning the car for only 5 weeks and driving it for less than 1,000 miles. My attempts to explain the situation to Nissan Consumer Affairs were useless. Buyer beware!

By Maggie on April 22 @ 5:10 am
Love this car!
I've read through all the reviews here and quite honestly, I don't hear any engine noise. The car handles like a dream and the fuel mileage is fantastic. The steering is a bit loose compared to what I'm used to, but I like it. There is plenty of room for all my grown children and grandchildren. The only thing that took some getting used to is the acceleration. It accelerates from the current speed with little or no shifting. It takes off quickly, it's just the feature is not what you expect. Although I do enjoy it. Overall, it's a great car!

By TaeSean on December 30 @ 7:59 am
Love This CAR!!!!

By Mary on January 6 @ 6:48 pm
Still love this car!
Attractive styling. Room for five, with very comfortable seating. Fabulous mileage! We get over 40 mpg on the highway, using cruise control. Daily, we get between 32-36 just going 30-40 mph. Haven't had any problems with the car.

By Chris on March 11 @ 2:43 pm
I'm part of the 3 percenters
I rent the 2.5 all the time and personally wouldn't buy that version. I do believe it is too noisy and underpowered. I was one of the few that went with the 3.5 SL (Nissan confirms only 3% of Altima's sold are of the 3.5 variety). Sure, it was several thousand more, but the performance make it worth it to me, and the CVT purrs nicely (nice engine 'growl') when paired with the larger engine. Otherwise, it is fully loaded and I'm loving it. Came from a 2013 Fusion Titanium and had nothing bad to say about that vehicle, but LOVE the new Nissan...

By shannon on April 20 @ 8:39 am
Got a 2017 Nissan rogue so family package 3rd row
Well i had a 2011 altima sl and liked it alot and did not wanna buy anymore new cars but after my daughter was born i thought we needed more room so i traded fora Nissan pathfinder base model, but I should of kept my other altima and paid it off, i really did not need the room and the gas average was maybe 21 but compared to the altima 31 that's 10 miles a gallon difference, pathfinder was v6 and altima gets 31 4 cylinder. Its hard enough trying to keep gas in the altima. and features on base pathfinder was not that good , no bluetooth ,camera, satelite radio,automatic headlights, or intelligent key. So iwas able to take it back and trade it in to the dealership and they paid it off and i got a 2015 altima s with the display audio package which has a camera and power seat, and satellite radio, which i think is the best value and i love the intelligent key and bluetooth, and the text messaging assistant that talks to you and nissans easy fill tire alert you dont have to have a tire gauge it blows the horn when you reach the correct pressure.And the gas mileage is excellent i avg around 30-31 but have gotten up to 41. And i got a very low .90 interest rate for 60 months thats less than one percent so this loan i will have it paid off early and quick. Update, Still liking this car very much I haven't had any problems with it still. I am looking forward to getting it paid off in a couple of years or so and keeping it. I did have to put rear brakes on, but that's all the maintenance I have had to do other than oil changes. I I could buy a 2017 altima sr midnight edition which I like and think it looks good but i dont think its worth it to buy anymore new cars. Update review I no longer have this car I bought a 2017 Nissan rogue so with 3rd row family package for room and versatility. This is gonna be my last new vehicle I'm buying

By Chris Chiarenza on February 10 @ 3:33 pm
Great car
Good value vs. other cars in this genre

By Chris Chiarenza on February 10 @ 3:36 pm
Great car
Good value vs. other cars in this genre

By ray on November 30 @ 1:24 am
actually a decent car (2.5 s)
This car isn't so bad actually. CVT is nice and efficient. Gives the car much better pick up that most compeitors. Amazing milage well over 30 mpg. Super comfortable seats. More than enough room in front and back for almost any size adult. Great sound system on the base. Nice quite ride despite what critics say about CVT noise. It's only noisy if you rev the engine up to 4000 rpm or so. Handling is above average at best but very smooth effortless power steering. Only complaints are some weird noises this car makes. You can hear the gas slosh around the gas tank if you break hard. And the power steering pump constantly hums. Just pet peeves that don't really affect the cars drive ability. Overall it's every bit as good as a camry or sonata. Just depends on what you prefer. For me it was the money I got mine brand new for just under $19k.

By Johnny on June 11 @ 12:39 am
Great Car for the Money
I purchased this car in October 2014 and have been very pleased with it.. Great gas mileage and the ride is very smooth with no vibrations or excess noise. I don't understand the negative reviews since I have had 2 Altima's now and no major concerns. I did have to replace a speaker cover that was defective and the engine was noisy at 40 to 60 mile per hour but I took it to the dealer and the engine heat shield was loose and once it was repaired the noise was gone... I have had the 3.5 liter engine and the 2.5 liter and both are very good. The 2.5 4 cylinder engine is very powerful and the gas mileage is 30 in town and 39 on the hwy.. I would recommend this car any day when you consider the price and all the extras it has. Like I said I don't know anyone that is unhappy with the Altima and still don't understand the negative feedback on this site..

By Albert on November 7 @ 10:58 pm
Hard to beat for the money.
It's cheap, reliable, pretty good looking and has enough power for you to have fun with enough safety features to keep you alive. Turns at double the limit and snow driving are no problem for this machine. Smooth as silk in the triple digits. Only complaint is that the trunk is on hinges instead of struts and that changing bulbs is not something a novice can easily do. I would recommend putting a cold air intake on for the mpg increase and increase in engine noise to drown out the higher pitched CVT.

By Maulik Shah on December 20 @ 5:21 pm
Good car but outdated desigb
With beautiful interiors specially with mazdas and Hondas. Altima looks very stale design. No CarPlay too.

By Billy Minder on December 31 @ 2:14 pm
Pleasantly surprised!
First time ever leasing a car, and my first new car. Got it the end of Sept 2015. I went into the search wanting a base model Camry or Accord, but I did drive the Altima because a friend was a salesman there, but I liked the Camry better. Then I took the wife. She wanted the Altima because she liked the styling and how the dealership treated us, and the manager was going to lease us a top-of-the-line Altima SL for just a little more than the base model. It's a very pretty pearlized white, hard loaded. So we compromised and got the Altima. lol. Happy wife, happy... however the rest of the saying goes. The car has grown on me a lot. The fuel mileage on road trips is incredible, it's been getting in the 40's! Has plenty of power, very comfortable seats, road noise isn't as low as the Camry was, but it's quiet enough. Feels solid and stable, tight, corners well, interior materials feel good and look nice. I like driving it. The car is very comfortable for me, I'm 6'5" and 250. Plenty of room and comfort. Many cars that have sunroofs don't have enough headroom for me, but this Altima has plenty of head room, leg room, and lots of back seat room, even when I have the seat back. The CVT is... interesting. On the highway it's awesome. Set the cruise and go. Because it's continuously variable there's never any downshifting. You can watch the tach move up and down on hills, but you don't feel it, it's very smooth. You can hear the engine pick up rpms a little bit but it's not obtrusive or loud. So I really like it on trips. And did I mention the gas mileage is great?? We just got back from a trip up to Vail, CO and it had plenty of power on the passes and still got 41 mpg!! On another road trip with 4 people and our luggage we got 44 mpg! Love it! Around town it feels a little different. Tip-in throttle off the line doesn't provide much oomph, but once you're over 10 mph or so, it's got plenty of zip. Actually quite quick for a 4 cylinder. I never feel like it's underpowered. We live at 6200 feet elevation. The V6 version of the Altima must be a rocket with 80 more horses. Also around town the CVT isn't always as smooth and linear as a traditional automatic. Sometimes you notice a slight lag or surge. It doesn't bother the wife at all, I don't think she even notices it, but for me it's just a little odd, but not a deal-breaker. I notice that in town if I put it in D-sport mode it's more responsive and smooth. If you really want it to be snappy and drive aggressively around town, turn off the Over Drive. It leaves the engine in the higher rpms and feels like a little sports car. Overall, I don't mind the CVT and am happy with it. Here's some niggly things that I think Nissan should take care of for future Altimas: - When you hit the off button (it's keyless) it kills the power to everything; the stereo, the windows, it's OFF. Most cars leave the power on for a minute or two so you can roll windows up or listen to the radio. On the Altima, once you shut it off, that's it. Seems odd to me. - The sound system has no mute button... any where. You either have to turn the sound down or the system off. Not handy. - There is no scan or seek function on the stereo. Nothing but the tuning knob. Weird. You can toggle through your presets but that's it. - The detents on the tuning knob to change stations is too soft. It's hard to go one 'click' to the next station because you can barely feel the detents. - The voice command system feels kind of outdated. It's kinda clunky to use. - The Navigation system feels like it's from 3 generations ago. Our smart phones' GPS and navigation systems have become so simple, intuitive and make helpful suggestions, so they are quick and easy to use. Nissan's nav system feels old. And even when you have the street address and try to input it, sometimes it still can't seem to find the right address in its address book. But once you get the right place in, it navigates just fine. But sometimes you're sitting there inputting, deleting, inputting, backing out to the previous menu... it could be improved quite a bit. Come on Nissan, just use Google maps or something! - The back up camera resolution is ok, not great. I drove my friend's Jeep Cherokee and that back up camera is like High Def compared to the Altima's. Nissan could improve that. It's ok, just on the blurry side and makes it feel dated. - The cupholders are kinda on the small side, so my wife's water bottles that she takes on a run don't fit. - The info screen between the speedo and the tach has some info that is in a really small font. They should be increased for readability. Speaking of that screen between the gauges, I with Nissan gave the option having less screens to have to toggle through. The blue tooth connectivity seems fine. Overall even with the issues I mentioned, I really like the car and glad we got it. I'm impressed. My wife is very happy with it. It would be fun to drive a V6 Altima sometime.

By Mary C on October 10 @ 10:18 am
2015 Altima 2.5 S - squeaky brakes
4/27/16 update - Went to Nissan dealer in Gardena, CA this morning and spoke directly to the mechanic. Now he knows about brakes. They were nice enough to put my car up on the rack and take the back brakes off. Usually this is where most of the noise is coming from. I had my husband with me of course to really understand all this. My husband tape recorded the squeaky brake noise. Mechanic explained to me that everything looks good. Now regarding the squeaking noise when the car is cold, he said around 2013-14 Nissan was using brakes that had asbestos material in it. Per Federal regulations, Nissan stopped using this and switched it with copper material brakes. Lots of people are complaining about the squeaky brakes. They can lubricate the situation but it is only temporary. Unless you get squeaky brake noise on the street and everytime you brake, then this is another issue. My issue is only squeaky brake noise when the car is cold. I don't know if any other new cars 2015 on are having the same squeaky brake problem? Before I seriously think of trading my car in for a Camry, I might try later on to switch out the brakes with another better quality brand (not Nissan) and see how I like these. Dealer will only use Nissan brand. Purchased my 1st new 2015 Altima and after 10 months when brakes are cold they squeal loudly where ever you are. It is so loud everyone turns their head to see what car is making all that noise. Both in reverse and going forward. It sounds like you need new brakes but the car is only 10 months old. I had it checked by mechanic and they said they have received lots of complaints of squeaky brakes. Had the dirt blown out of them. Noise stopped for a few weeks but continues a year later. I was told some people have changed out their brakes but loud squeal noise continues. I am going to take it to a couple more places and get their opinion. If this noise does not stop, i may trade it in for a Toyota Camry. Very disappointed.

By Gene Nagle on November 30 @ 5:03 pm
Still loving our Altima at 25000 miles
My wife and I continue to be pleased with our Altima, now at over 25,000 miles. After looking at several cars of this type (Accord, Camry, Sonata), it seemed like the best value, and it has not disappointed. The responsive 4-cylinder combined with the CVT transmission makes for smooth driving both in town and on the highway -- and the best cruise control system I've ever had. As noted by others, highway mileage is phenomenal at 40+ mpg, and we average close to 30 around town, about 32 or so overall. We live in a hilly area, and the automatic engine braking has been very handy, especially for my wife, who never uses lower gears to save the brakes. Having said that, however, it would be nice to be able to more easily select a lower range for a situation that demands it. The Altima may not be the quietest car of this type, but certainly quiet enough. Both the suspension system and the seats are comfortable without being mushy, and cornering is excellent. My wife is just 5 feet and needs good, high seating for visibility, which the power seat in the Altima does better than any other car of this price that we looked at. (Most others at this price had to be jacked up to raise the seat.) The controls are pretty standard, nothing remarkable, but very functional; I really like having lighted controls on the steering wheel for electronics and cruise. We have the middle electronic system, with Bluetooth and a backup camera but no navigation. The backup camera has nice clear distance indicators to help with backing into a parking space. And the Bluetooth and USB systems work great for our smart phones and iPod. A couple small complaints on the heating and a/c: when I turn off the fan and then turn it on again, the a/c automatically comes on which seems odd. And when we use the defroster and then switch to heat or ventilation, the air conditioning compressor stays on, must be turned off by switching the fan control to full off and then back on. Overall our 2015 Altima has been a truly good value.

By GB on September 10 @ 10:53 pm
2016 Altima - good experience
I was interested in good gas mileage. the posted 39 on the window seems to be too high, but i am getting a combined 31 or so, which is also posted. I am very happy with that. The interior is roomy and comfortable. I would encourage leather seats. I did not get that option - it was not really offered, but I have been in one since and it seemed to be more comfortable. I am not overly excited about the bluetooth-technology package. I drove a Kia Optima before and I much prefer the Bluetooth there. The Altima drives very well. The steering is tight and reminds me of a german car. The AC is very nice for a Texas driver. The blind-spot indicator works very well. The standard warranty is undervalued. It seems like most manufacturers are getting away from extended warranties. I wanted the Altima because I have owned Nissan in the past and know it is a quality vehicle and not usually a maintenance concern, but the 5/10 warranty offered by Hyundai / Kia is a nice thing. Overall I would say this is a very good buy. I would recommend it if a friend was asking me.

By Gail allen on February 24 @ 12:39 am
Humming sound
Had to dealership 2 times they say it is power steering ? Concerned .? POWER STEERING .?

By Kris on August 22 @ 1:48 pm
Nice Standard Car
I have a 2.5 S the sound sucks, you have to upgrade to a 3.5 SV if you want Bose speakers, no remote start, no sunroof. Its perfect if you just want a standard car that looks nice from the outside.

By Brenda on August 3 @ 2:35 pm
Well balanced car for the $$
We were not in the market for a new car, but after driving a 2015 Altima S for a week as a rental, we fell in love with it and decided to get one. We opted for the 2016 due to the sportier design changes. Also the the back up camera came standard now with this model (previously was an option). For the price, the S had a perfect balance of things we were looking for: Great gas mileage, smooth quiet ride, large trunk, exceptional acceleration for a 4 cyl., great visibility, and we loved the way the dash was designed with all the key features (electronics, warnings and entertainment screens) were laid out. We have not had the car for more than a couple of weeks so cannot comment on maintenance and repairs, but so far we are pretty happy with our purchase. Seats are very comfortable, although I almost liked the fabric on the 2015 better (they have upgraded to a different type of fabric and design). We average 29-30 MPG commuting to work mixed city/freeway driving and long freeway trip netted 39, but I'm sure we could do better if we maintained the minimum speed limit the entire time.

By FERN on March 28 @ 11:06 am
An accident waiting to happen
Bought our Nissan Altima band new 2015. When we were not using it on a day to day basis, it was great - fuel economy and comfort wise but when we started using it on a daily basis it started to have problems. At 3000 miles, steering pump gave up on my husband while he was driving. Took it to dealership. Dealership was proactive and got the steering pump fixed. Car had to stay for four days but it was okay they gave us a loaner anyway. Now barely two weeks after getting the car back, I was driving to work and the steering wheel gave up on me almost causing an accident. I know the dealership is gonna do the best they can to fix the car but I do not feel safe in that car anymore. This has happened twice, a Nissan truck and now a Nissan car. I don't think I can rely on the brand anymore. Ours might be an isolated case but hey Nissan, step up on checking the safety of your vehicles when they leave manufacturing. I paid for safety more importantly than comfort - I want to get to work as a nurse and not as a patient.

By laurie russell on June 2 @ 3:44 am
2015 Altima
I traded in my 2015 toyota camry hybrid for the altima. The trunk and interior space is rommier. Controls are easier. Ease of getting in and out much better. And the mileage difference is minimal. The only thing better on the toyota was the warranty, but hopefully I wont need that.

By TOM on July 12 @ 8:23 am
Poor Radio Reception
If you buy a 2016 Altima SV with the Navigation package be aware that the radio has terrible, non-existent reception in the upper AM frequencies. Nissan is aware of the problem and it affects ALL SV,s with the Navigation Radio, and they say that this is NORMAL for this car and they will not do anything about it. Nissan states that there is no other manufacturer for the radio that will fit into the SV and there is NO fix for the problem. Update: July 7 2016. Nissan is sending the Regional Tech Support to meet with me next week to listen to the radio and determine if there is anything that can be done to fix it.

By cyndie raposa on June 24 @ 3:12 pm
When looking over the fence...
you know the grass is always greener on the other side.

By Gem on September 24 @ 11:19 pm
Good car
This car is super comfortable for long trips. On hwy only I've managed up to 42 mpg a and avg. 35 City miles average 18-20. Or took 4 mo. to get used to the cvt. It is a good looking car and I get a lot of compliments from passengers. The sound system is wonderful and our handles well. The cons... It is noisy and the engine sounds awful sometimes. Not like its running bad just cheap sounding. Overall it's a great car.

By cdesai on March 25 @ 9:10 pm
What would you rate a car that you can not drive? What would you do when dealership runs away from providing support/resolution? How do you feel when you think of trade in/get rid of a car with these known issues for a new one and when someone with financial condition ends up buying your junk?

By HERB Nyman on February 21 @ 3:11 pm
Nissan Buying This One Back
This car is a LEMON. Been to the dealer 6 times because it will not steer straight and pulls. The tires were replaced,front end aligned 3 times. Rack replaced and still pulls and drifts. Nissan North America has fought us all the way, lied at arbitration and generally uncooperative. We won the arbitration but had not sent Nissan NA a registered letter so instead of getting all our money back it was reduced by about 20 percent. If you have a LEMON be careful to follow your states lemon laws to the T. Don't expect much cooperation from NISSAN CORP. Buy another Brand.

By Walter L Russell on August 10 @ 1:40 am
Living Large and Moving Down the Road

By Ge on March 21 @ 3:16 am
steering vibration, GAS TANK PROBLEM
This car is the worst car I have ever owned. I WILL NEVER, NEVER, BUY NISSAN AGAIN. I have so many problems: LOUD gas sloshing inside the gas tank. It is like driving with a small ocean in the rear of my car. I hear wave of splash side to side, specially, driving on slow speed, slowing down to a stop, putting in reverse. After my car is parked, I still hear the splashing inside the gas tank till it settles ( for a minute or two) I have had vibration to steering wheel, seat, pedal ever since I had my Altima, I was told by my dealership ( MOSSY NISSAN IT WILL GO AWAY IN TIME) what a bunch of bull....! It has not gone away! it only got worst. Gas tank problem, nothing they can do, it is up to Nissan. other problem continues: transmission very noisy, I feel jerking , bouncing while driving on low speed and want to slow down or stop. It makes noises down hill, RRRR noises. I want Nissan to buy this car back. I only have 3,800 miles cannot stand driving this car. it is a piece of junk. I had to give a star to write the review ... it disserve -0

By Irvin Pinto on April 21 @ 9:04 pm
Great daily driver with an appetite for fun
I bought the Altima as a daily commute to school. The car does extremely great in daily driving situations and manages to please out on the highway and on twisty county roads. The car handles great and has a comfortable ride at the same time. Has given me zero problems so far, I've owned it for 7K miles. The interiors are good quality and the seats are really comfy

By Jason on May 29 @ 1:16 am
My 3rd (and best) Altima
I love the Nissan Altima. I had a 2005, a 2010 and now I have the 2015. The interior space and ability to see 360 degrees from the drivers seat is what I have always loved most about Altima's. Plenty of room in the back seat for a car seat and a very tall toddler. Plenty of trunk space fits a load of groceries PLUS my golf clubs. This new Altima has the blue tooth (which will interrupt anything coming through the speakers when a call comes in even if you have an external device plugged into the aux port). Throw this baby down in "sport" mode and she rips along pretty darn good for a 4 cylinder. I love it. I don't think I'll ever buy anything other than Nissan.

By Dan K on April 7 @ 1:40 am
After 2 years and 38,000 miles: Loving my Altima!
I went out planning to buy a Ford Fusion. I test drove a Fusion, Impala, Accord and Camry. The seats in the Altima were the most comfortable. On long trips it seems to support my back well, and I can drive with no back pain. It handles great, and the gas mileage is amazing! I thought the 38 mpg highway was far fetched, but I've gotten that and better on the highway. If I hold it to about 70 mph I can make 40 or 41 mpg. The 4 cylinder is rated at 180 horsepower, and it seems to have more than enough power. I was unsure of the CVT transmission. It seems odd not to feel the car shifting, but after a short time I decided I like it better. When the radio isn't on you'll sure hear the engine though, but that's the same with all 4 cylinder cars. I'm in Missouri, and it handles the snow pretty well. The bluetooth works great for phone calls. My only problem is I gave it access to my text messages when I set it up. Don't do that! If you get a text people get a rude auto-reply from the car saying I'M DRIVING! You need to turn it off each time the car is started. I can probably fix it by re-installing the app, because it doesn't to that with my son's phone. The sound system is good. I can do pandora or iheart through my bluetooth, or run mp3s off a thumb drive. The only annoying thing is, after Nissan performed a "fix" on a recall issue for the passenger airbag, there is always a light on if there is no passenger. I usually don't notice it but there are times I consider putting black tape over it.

By HateNissan on November 14 @ 4:03 pm
CVT Transmission SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NEVER EVER BUy nissan cvt car. After you hit 30 -60 k then real problem starts . My new car 2015 transmission broked . Wrost car .Only good thing about this car is milage rest is worse. Buy toyota or honda for reliability.

By MyCar on February 16 @ 1:31 am
Edmunds did not post my review of my car
Edmunds did not post my review of this car nissan altima 2015 because I was telling the truth . These ppl must have connection with nissan ppl. I owned this altima 2015 2yrs ago. Please DON'T BUY THIS VEHICLE . The real problem starts appearing when you have mileage above 30k. My car CVT broke down at around 32K. Before it broke ,these were the symptoms I was experiencing but I did not know at that time. First ,If your front passenger side seat will vibrate a lot. Second you RPM is always high . The worst thing was, the dealer did fix because of warranty but after 2000 miles it broke again. I heard that once your transmission is broken you will always have the same problem unless you put the new one. STAY away FROM NISSAN CVT. NIssan has a lot of problem for CVT transmission especially for 2013 and 2014 model but I found on my 2015 too. I suggest go for toyota or HOnda because my friend who are driving these have no problem even after 50k miles.

By Mansfield Yancy on December 29 @ 10:59 am
Silver 2015
I did own the silver 2015 Altima Sv model with 47,000 miles I never did have any problems great car and great service at Nissan of Athens they always took care of my needs I just treaded that car in and got a 2017 Altima great sale people but I alway deal with one D

By Chris on May 17 @ 5:27 pm
15K and still purring along!
I am a first time owner of any Nissan vehicles. I have owned a lot of cars and I have read the reviews about Nissan vehicles in the past. People are correct that Nissan did have major issues with their CVT transmissions in the past. All I can say to anyone as a suggestion is that whenever you by any new vehicle or slightly used is buy the EXTENDED WARRANTY. My mother passed away in May 2015 and this was her vehicle and I took over on the payments and decided to take ownership of it and sold my amazing 2003 Infiniti I35 (Nissan/Infiniti are one) to keep it. Unlike the cars before 1999 all these new cars have a lot of sensors and computer crap and does go bad. More importantly if you see issues with your vehicle check online for recalls and check with the NHTSA (register your vehicle and they will send you complaints and recalls on your car). Research online for technical service bulletins that recommended service needed for the vehicle. When I purchased my first newer car ever in 2013 (never drove a car pass the year 1995) it was an amazing Infiniti FX50 S I got it from a private owner who had passed away and his wife was selling it. I got it for $10-$15 below book value so I thought I got it for a deal. First thing I did was research on the vehicle and though it had only 28,000 miles I was told an extended warranty was needed. Thank god I did it cost me $3,000 for the 7 years 120,000 coverage but in 5 months the Infiniti dealership did over $5,000 worth of work. Why? I found online thru NHTSA complaints from consumers about the vehicle and I found some of my own issues since I been working on car for some time. I also registered my vehicle thru Infiniti and called the corporate office and had a case number assigned to my vehicle forcing the dealership to fix the vehicle. Ironically enough you would think they would want to fix it since Infiniti corporation pays the dealerships when it comes to recalls or defects. Hope this has helped some of you out there. Reality is they don't make the cars like they use to. I love the cars from the late 80's and early 90's because they were simple now they manufacturer cars so you can't work on them and force you to go to the dealership.

By Zina on October 6 @ 10:46 am
Squeaky Brakes since i purchased 2015 Nissan Altim
The brakes seem to be an issue with this vehicle. I took it to Nissan and they said it was dirt, so they cleaned it and that was early on before my car even reached 15,000 miles. Now at 30,000 miles the brakes continually squeal when I'm about to stop, when I reverse and it's a constant sound. Again, Nissan said my brakes passed inspection and no need to change anything but they haven't done anything to fix the noise. Now it's more annoying then ever, the car is fairly new and it's embarrassing that I can be heard backing out of my parking space or when I'm at a drive thru and need to apply the brakes. After reading the reviews, I think I will attempt to take it to a mechanic and hopefully they can figure it out.

By Nigil Ramotar on December 17 @ 12:16 pm
2015 Nissan Altima 2.5 S
I have owned my Altima for just under 2 years. Bought new. It is a great car, and good value IF you are someone who holds on to cars for a long time (6+ years). The car has 25,000 miles now and I haven't had any mechanical or electrical problems with the car. Only 1 recall so far (hood latch). My Nissan dealer gave me 3 years free maintenance when purchased, so I have spent very little on maintenance costs so far. The car drives well, it is a more sporty drive than an Accord or Camry, but doesn't feel as "refined" as the Accord. The best thing about the interior are the front seats, they are very comfortable. Great gas mileage, I do about 90% city 10% and average 31 mpg in summer, 29 mpg in winter. A month after I purchased the car, we took it on a 3,000 mile road trip (Chicago>Orlando>New Orleans>Chicago), for the entire trip we averaged 66 mph, including stopping, in-town driving, etc. and averaged 39.2 mpg (650+ miles/tank of gas), also got the car up to 100 mph and I must say it was fairly easy for this 2.5 engine. The CVT transmission takes some getting used to if you have not drvien a car with CVT before, but you will realize that the car is simply doing what it's supposed to do. CVT is the future of the automatic transmission, and the CVT on this generation Altima is much better than the previous gen (my last car was a 2012 Altima). The only negative I have about this car is the resale value is very poor, especially when compared with the Accord and Camry. I wouldn't buy this car new, but look for one that is 2-3 years old. Still highly recommended.

By Peter on July 14 @ 2:16 am
Many small opportunities to rise above the rest
I've owned my Altima for a little over 2 years now. PROS: Good engine response and pedal feel. This car drives much better than its Toyota and Honda competitors. This car feels spacious and definitely has more comfort room than many other competitors such as the Chrysler 200. Fuel Economy is pretty good. CONS: Upholstery does not come in black, so it won't match a black interior option. There seems to be some unintended ventilation in the foot well when air flow is directed to the windshield. There is some BSR (Buzz, squeak, rattle) from the bracket housing the speaker(s) behind the rear seats during bass-heavy music. Headlamps are adequate but could be improved for better luminosity. There is some wind/road/transmission noise when on the highway which can get annoying - can be drowned out with music but we shouldn't have to do that. The Navigation system could use improvements with the interface and operation - When a turn is coming up, a lane suggestion would help so we know which lane to turn in. Also with Navigation, give a heads up on 2 incoming turns instead of just the immediate one, and let drivers zoom out on the map when getting close to a turn (Currently, the navigation goes into zoomed-in screen showing the turn - which helps - but won't let you look at the map until the turn is complete). Lastly, I got the underbody lights option for the car (lights up the ground next to the doors so you can see where you're stepping during night) - These need a more robust method of attachment to the vehicle. Salt from winter roads makes these loose and non-functional. OVERALL = This model is very capable in performing as a vehicle but it could use some help with noise cancellation and elimination of BSR. I think the CONS for this car are small improvements that NISSAN should be able to easily capture. If they can address these issues, then I think the Altima will be superior to all its price-bracket competitors in the sedan segment.

By Paul Henderson on December 7 @ 5:43 pm
Best Car for the Price .... mileage is Great
Best Car for the Price .... mileage is Great

By Tyler Johnson on July 31 @ 8:14 pm
27,000 miles and always in the shop
I've owned Nissans my whole life. I've loved them and the company until I bought this car. I've had so many problems, though, I took a loss just to give it back to Nissan. I submitted three buy-back requests through Nissan and they denied me all three times. The car was still under warranty when I had all the problems, but that warranty was nearing its end and Nissan wouldn't work with me, so I was too scared to keep it. In the first two years and 27,000 miles, the radio backlights flashed like there was a short and the radio kept restarting itself. The dealer replaced the radio and the new one kept doing the same thing. They wouldn't replace it a second time because they couldn't duplicate it. The steering wheel controls stopped working intermittently. Again, couldn't duplicate the problem. The O2 sensor stopped working correctly and the car started running rough. It was working fine and I accidently reset the check engine light before they could fit me in... so, couldn't duplicate the problem. The transmission's computer stopped working correctly and wouldn't go into higher gears. They replaced the computer but the second computer is doing the same thing. And here's the best one... When you're out of windshield washer fluid, the blind spot monitors and lane departure warnings won't work. I researched it and it's a known bug. I mean, it makes sense. Why would you need to check your blind spots if your windshield washer fluid reservoir is empty? The car is stylish and comfortable. And that's pretty much where I end the positive. Don't buy this - or any Nissan. I get that every manufacturer has bad days and makes a lemon or two, but I would expect them to take responsibility for the problems. They won't buy back and they won't fix documented problems because they can't see them in the shop. I had videos of the malfunctions proving they were happening but it didn't matter.

By Tim on April 3 @ 3:37 am
2015 in shop again!!!
My 2015 Altima is in the shop for the 5th time for the same reason since I bought it. The 4th time I had it in for a recall fix for the same problem and yet it is in the shop for a 5th time.

By Robert Grosberg on March 30 @ 7:03 am
Horrible whining noise after 10,000 miles
About a year ago a very irritating whining noise in the car cabin was herd. Went to dealership and they said it was the power steering pump and it was "normal" I have owned the car 24 months and the first 12 months no noise existed. Another 12 months of driving and the whining appeared and is getting louder every day. This is not normal and makes my drive very unpleasant. I now hate my Altima and Nissan has had hundreds if not thousands of complaints about the power steering noise and refuses to do anything. I will never buy another Nissan. Update.. I have owned the Altima almost 3 years now and still have the noise and still Nissan has done nothing even though it is still under warranty. Now I have brake noise after 30,000 miles and again they did nothing.

By Tammy on October 13 @ 5:27 pm
Almost like brand new just 21662 miles, won't last
In perfect condition, lather intact super clean

By Beth Duff on April 14 @ 2:12 pm
Very nice but . . .
This is a wonderful car but there a few minor things that bother me. The car is eye catching and has wonderful bells and whistles. Gets about 20 mpg in regular driving and about 24-28 highway. However, I probably wouldn't buy another becaus of a few things, number 1, you can't put the back windows down without it sounding like a freight train. I think it's the way the wind blows through the back. Secondly, after driving for 2-3 hours the heat shuts down and doesn't blow warm air. We are getting this looked into. Thirdly, at first the back seat was comfortable but when I tried to recline, I couldn't. Beware if you would like to do this. Nissan is a great vehicle company, it's just that this car wasn't for me and now I'm stuck. Should have checked out more.

By Glenn T. on June 8 @ 5:52 am
Things you need to know
After 12 years in an Avalon, we bought an altima with comfort reservations. Here is what we got: GREAT comfort, awesome gas mileage (39mpg on the highway), and a nice ride. The down sides: road noise is very poor, small lettering is hard to read while driving, and the steering is very quick. A slight movement of the wheel can send you into the wrong lane! All in all, I love the car!

By George Franklin on November 29 @ 7:32 pm
Best unappreciated car
Love this car but the resale value stinks. Only thing else to complain about is the voice recognition and stereo sound isn't the best. Two and a half years later and the only problem with the car was reception with the satellite radio. Took two trips to the dealer and a combined total of 1 week without my car to fix it.

By Arnoldo Martinez on March 19 @ 3:23 pm
terrible transmission
do not buy this car, or any car from Nissan with the CVT transmission. do some research and you will find countless reported problems. This problem is a safety issue, can leave your car stalled in traffic or intersection. Worst of all, Nissan refuses to rectify the problem for its customers.

By Lorena on November 29 @ 10:35 pm
It made cheap and cost too much
Its a good gas saver . But cheapy made the Screws on the converter rust to much and to often. Only had my car 2years and only 35000 mils on it got when it was new. Had to get it fixed for the same thing 3 times . And one for transmission. Sad 😞

By John Degenhardt on January 27 @ 9:29 pm
No factory support
Transmission issues for years with the Altima and Nissan knows they have issues but doesn't stand behind their cars. Will never purchase another Nissan

By RMBullock on January 12 @ 12:31 am
l liked this car; just could not stand the noise
The noise while driving is very aggrevating to me as I've not previously had to deal with this. This altima is my first Nissan vehicle.

By Erin M. on April 15 @ 3:42 pm
Love my Altima
I leased this car 2.5 years ago and will be sad to give it back when lease ends. Unfortunately I need cargo space for my large Shepherd. Haven’t had one issue the entire time and rides great. Very comfortable and the SL has everything you could want. I have to say, the Navigation is crap. I use my cell for that. Trunk is huge, mpg is great. Decent acceleration when you step on it at a light. All around MUCH better than the accord I had before it. Very happy with it and would buy it again and again.

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