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Nissan is known as something of a risk taker among major car companies, but the 2014 Nissan Altima is all about staying the course. Following a redesign last year that brought it more in line with the larger Maxima's sense of style, the Altima sedan stands pat, save for a few equipment changes. There is good reason to be conservative: the Altima is Nissan's top-selling sedan, and one of the best choices available for a midsize family sedan.

One important ingredient in the Altima's formula is its smartly tuned ride and handling. The Altima feels more focused and responsive than many rivals do, yet it doesn't beat you up over bumps. That's the sort of thing that stands out on a test-drive, and the same goes for the Altima's continuously variable transmission (CVT), which is a factor in the car's excellent fuel economy (31 mpg combined with the four-cylinder engine) and strong, seamless acceleration.

The Altima is also known for its pleasant interior furnishings, which can be augmented for 2014 with NissanConnect Apps, a new smartphone integration system that brings services like Pandora into the mix. As usual, every Altima offers high-quality cabin materials and an attractive, sporty dashboard. The only negative here -- and it's pretty minor -- is the relative lack of rear headroom, which could be an issue if you ferry tall adults around on a regular basis.

Of course, the Nissan Altima isn't the only sedan that's vying for your attention. Other top models to consider include the stylish Ford Fusion, the rejuvenated Honda Accord, the well-rounded Kia Optima the sporty Mazda 6 and the Euro-influenced Volkswagen Passat. But even in this stellar group the 2014 Nissan Altima is easily a favorite. It's a must-drive if you're shopping in this segment.

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2014 Nissan Altima

NEW FOR 2014

Nissan has discontinued the Altima coupe for 2014, but the remaining Altima sedan benefits from the introduction of NissanConnect Apps, a smartphone integration platform that includes Pandora and Facebook connectivity. Also, the 2.5 S trim gets a Sport Value package and a touchscreen-based Display Audio package as options, while the Technology package is now offered on both SV and SL trims.


User-friendly electronics


Not as much rear headroom as some other top sedans

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By bobynand on March 17 @ 11:03 pm
Deceptive 2.5S Options on "Build Your Own" Nissan Site
The Nissan "Build Your Own" site makes the 2.5S options tempting and I opted for these options. OMITTED from the 2.5S options was the overly harsh Sport Suspension. I am embarking on a very unhappy three year lease. Traded a 2011 Toyota Camry LE that drove like a luxury car, now when I run over a dime in the road I feel it.

By 280zthuziest on July 9 @ 8:30 pm
Excellent value and very versatile
My first car was a 280Z. While I prefer my 2008 Maxima's ride personally, if I were in the market for a new car I would probably choose the V6 Altima since it has the same engine and _much_ better mpg (~27 vs my 22 average). It has the standard 18" alloys that were an option on my '08 Maxima and is a IIHS Top Safety Pick + which is the highest possible. Its also a bit slimmer which I prefer.

By akinchen on April 28 @ 8:05 am
The Best Car I have ever owned
This is a fantastic car , I opted to get the 3.5 SV mainly due to the performance . It is extremely fast for a sedan and extremely fuel Efficient . Slow down the RPM to about 68 on HWY and I consistently get 36 MPG, Brim to Brim fill up , Go about 75 and it will go down to the original specs which is 31 MPG. I use only synthetic oil in all my cars . For Texas hwy it is a fantastic car , quiet and Luxury. I also have Lexus and it is to me a bit better than my 4 year old Lexus which I paid a lot more for. Nissan CVT is considered the best of all Car makers . I prefer Cloth interior , not a big fan of leather . The car is Super quiet and is the best car I have ever owned , beat all

By renee33 on April 29 @ 9:30 pm
I love this car
I have owned many cars in the past including last a 2010 Acura TL. After renting a Nissan Altima and driving it round trip over 1200 miles for a trip I was sold and got rid of my Acura and brought the 2014 Nissan Altima S with the Sport Value Package. I absolutely love the gas mileage I get from it I easily go all highway driving over 600 miles before needing gas and the features are great for me not too many not too few features. I think it has a great ride and looks impressive. I get lots of comments on it and so far after purchasing it in mid September I have only had oil changes necessary and anticipate no problems in the future.

By jadziasman on May 31 @ 11:06 pm
My first brand new car in 21 years is now three
Three years in. No complaints except for the wonky manual climate control which I've just decided to tolerate as is. Just had two recalls completed. Car has 27K miles now. Two and a half years and still no issues. The manual climate control does not appear to be functioning correctly so I might go to a dealership to have it looked at before my 3 year 36,000 mile warranty expires. Car has 22K miles now. Two years in and no issues that require warranty repair. Car has 15K miles now. Steering has improved greatly since the tires have worn in. Tracks straight now and doesn't require the nearly constant minute corrections that were needed when it was new. Have not been happy with the defroster this past winter. Takes too long to clear the windshield even at max heat max fan speed. Take this into consideration if you live in the Great White North. Also have noticed that the CVT is pretty noisy when temps are below freezing even after the engine reaches operating temperature. Hope this doesn't get worse over time. Otherwise I'm satisfied with it and hope that it lasts at least 15 years and 250K miles. I decided to buy the 2.5S because it was by far the best value for the money I bought it during the Presidents Day sale $5000 off MSRP Driven for 600 miles in three weeks Found nothing wrong it (so far) A CVT is louder than a traditional geared transaxle - just the way it is The electric pump for the power steering will make noise I can accept each of these issues because I own a 2005 Prius which has a CVT and more than one electric pump The Altima is a great value Very little road noise enters the cabin - except for the engine's roar Good initial build quality Nice styling inside and out Solid feel Generally comfortable ride

By rosannem on September 3 @ 4:06 am
Love my Altima
Since my lease on my Nissan Sentra was just about up, I decided to go back to Nissan of St Charles where I originally leased my car to see what kind of a deal I could get on a new lease. I really love the Altima. This is my favorite Nissan model, but I knew I had to stay within my means so I was prepared to stay with the Sentra if I could not afford the payments of an Altima. Mariana, my husband and I went over what we could afford to put down on a 2014 Altima to lease for 36 months. Mariana and her manager worked with us and did everything they could to make the monthly payments affordable; gave us a great deal. Great customer service. Getting free oil changes and washes for 3 years too.

By nissanowner7 on November 22 @ 12:28 am
Perfect Family Sedan/Comuter
I recently purchased the 2014 Altima 2.5 SV. After test driving the 4 cylinder models of the Camry, Accord, Mazda 6, and Hyundai Sonata, I felt very please with what the new Altima delivered. I am averaging about 31 MGP - Highway and City combined! The materials inside have a nice look, comparable and maybe even nicer than both the Accord and Camry models. I paid 20,500 for my car after a 5K discount from the dealer. The ride is very quite, smooth, and comfortable. I really don't find the CVT transmission noisy as some people say it is, but the shifting makes the ride even more comfortable. Now even the 2014 Accord offers the CVT transmission because it provides a better ride.

By vikingsfan3 on January 23 @ 12:12 am
Best Bang For Your Bucks!
I have owned my 2014 Nissan Ultima for 2 weeks now and my wife and I are (extremely pleased), I have had my eye on this car for about a year. I wanted to purchase a vehicle that would give me the most overall value, quality, for my money and a vehicle under $25,000 with all the features I like. And that was the 2014 Ultima. We test drove the base model and that was nice. But I wasn't going to leave the lot without having a spoiler and remote start. After a little haggling and negotiating about those two features, the salesman found one with the Sports Value package. Spoiler, Remote Start, and 16" Alloy Wheels. We walked away with that added package for the price of the base model.

By longranger on July 1 @ 11:31 am
No so impressed after three years of ownership
I was excited when I bought this car, but after the first two years of ownership, I regretted the purchase. It has been perfectly reliable and economical, but the exterior trim is showing signs of corrosion and rust. The leather on the driver's seat is wrinkled and buckled, the sunroof rattles each time the driver's door is closed, the A/C compressor runs continuously, the heater doesn't work when outside temperatures are warm (and it's hard to get cold air when outside temperatures are chilly), and the design of the interior controls is inconsistent and confusing. Also, I'm not sold on the benefits of the CVT, although it has never stranded me. Yet. That said, the car gets 35 MPG without trying and it rides nicely. However, there are other cars at this price and in this class that are better built, have higher quality materials, don't have a CVT, and hold their value better. My next car won't have a CVT.

By jair151 on March 7 @ 10:43 am
Phenomenal Value!!!
Don't get me wrong, I love my German engineering (Porsche, audi, VW) but Nissan has always been my favorite brand. The two main reasons is you get great technology and performance for the price. I drive 45 mi. each way for work, I just sold my 2002 VW jetta TDI which was on its last leg and bought a new 2014 Altima. I LOVE THIS CAR! I literally put the cruise control on for the whole commute and I never hear or feel the engine struggle, I also consistently get 520 miles per tank, the ride is so smooth and with 8K miles on it now I have not had one issues. The only think I plan on doing to this car is adding anti-sway bars and lowering springs to fix the family car roll feel.

By jbbblock on January 1 @ 10:04 am
During test rides I noticed the leather seats were far more comfortable than the cloth seats. The cloth is very sticky. I bought the Altima S with the sport value package because with the leather seats the cost was too high for me. NASA should stick to rocket ships not car seats. I have not found a Physical therapist that recommends a curved back while driving. Headrest is slanted far too forward! Combine that with little lumbar support my back will ache after 1 hour of driving. Make sure your ok with the headrest angle/seats. Also the heater wont heat the car when its under ten below 0F outside. Otherwise the car is awesome! So fun and easy to drive!

By oesterlin on July 11 @ 1:40 pm
It's what I was hoping for
I had a problem. I have a commute of 25 miles each way, none of which is on superhighway. My car was getting old, and I needed to replace it. My biggest requirement is that since I'm 6'8" I need to have a car with generous room for the driver. I went to the auto show, and most of the small cars were just too tight. Even in the mid-size class, only the Chevy Malibu, Ford Fusion, and Nissan Altima seemed to be roomy enough. After test drives, I settled on the Altima bcause it seemed most comfortable to me. Now, after having it for a few months, I have some overall good impressions regarding what I had heard about the car.

By hoffenhausen on August 3 @ 1:27 pm
Had high hopes
I wanted to like this car. The electrical system has been very shoddy. The key fob malfunctions frequently and the remote doesn't work if it is below freezing. The car squeaks when going over bumps and the dash vibrates at 45 mph. The seats in the car have worn very poorly and look like they have been in the car for over 100k miles. Great looking car, very poor quality. I would buy another Nissan but would steer clear of the Altima

By topcontender on April 30 @ 5:23 pm
Went from Sonata to Altima
Admittedly, I'm kind of a "car nut". I traded my 2011 Sonata Limited after 4 years, it's a good car with lots of features but the ride was a little hard on bumpy roads. So I bought the 2014 Altima SL (4 cyc). Very Nice looking car with a well thought out interior, spacious and super comfortable. The ride is smooth and quiet and takes bumpy surfaces really well (as well as my wife's Lexus 350). The car handles well and does get impressive gas milage. The 4 cyc is peppy and provides all the power a driver really needs. This is a beautiful car.

By hoopee on March 1 @ 6:18 pm
$25K car with non-deploying airbags
A car recently started crossing into my lane. I swerved to avoid an accident and the pavement had erroded and my car went in the ditch. After going in the ditch, it launched me in the air, doing $20,000 on my 2month old Altima. My car was totaled. Nissan and their Air Safety Bag rep was all over me, then would no longer take my calls, nor would the dealer that I my car. Over 1.1 million Nissans have been recalled. I bought mine on March 15, Car reccalled on March 25. No one ever told from dealer to manufacturer. Don't trust your safety to Nissan or a nice looking car. I was almost killed.

By blknissan on May 9 @ 2:03 am
Love My Nissan Altima
I purchased a 2014 Nissan Altima SV and I love it! I had a 2011 Altima that was a great car so I went back to Nissan and I love the changes they have made. The vehicle rides great and has "0" gravity drivers seat which makes a long trip alot more easy on my back. The Michelin tires that came on the vehicle create a smooth ride yet the suspension lets you also feel like you are still driving. The car looks very sporty and yet still has great interior space. Numerous people have commented on how great the car looks. The gas mileage is the best feature of all. I average 39 miles to gallon on the highway!! Nissan has built a great car that is fun to drive and yet provides the best gas mileage!

By arlyo on July 15 @ 1:42 pm
2014 Nice but...wiring/electrical issues!
I first tried a 2013 but didn't like it....really noisy. After test driving other midsize cars and reading that the 2014 had more insulation added, I took the 14 out again and thought it was a lot better...and bought a 2.5S. Unlike the 13's the 2014 S has a display audio package option.. (Rear view monitor...USB port....& 5" display) for $320...so I added that option. This car has a lot of positives....nice compromise of handling/ride...Great gas mileage...No engine shudder like some 13 owners had. Power steering noise once out of the garage is a non-issue for me. So Nissan has corrected problems for the most part that the 13's had. So the issues? Read on.

By dkeenan on March 6 @ 1:37 pm
Great Car so far, phenominal fuel economy
So far, car is as Edmunds has described. The most remarkable thing about this car to me is the phenominal fuel economy I am getting. Most of my mileage is highway, but there's some stop and go rush hour on the highway and some weekend around-town driving also. Now that the car is broken in and temps are high for the summer, I am averaging an honest 40-42 MPG per tankful! Over and over again. No kidding. Incredible for a car of this size and power. Of course, there's some focused driving skill that goes into getting these numbers and I've got the tires aired up to the max, but if you work with the car and it's shift program, 40+ MPG is easy for me during the warm weather.

By ibrahim_halawa on June 19 @ 12:28 pm
Good Car with some CONS. (Handling)
I picked up base 2.5 altima 2014. Its a comfortable ride. I drove 5 hours straight and did not feel fatigue. However, the handling on it sucks. It is way too loose. Driving on the Highway/ Freeway with a bit of wind is a huge challenge and hard to steer. Almost got into a accident because of it. MUCH different from my 2008 model v6. I wish the handling was better, it would make it a better car. Otherwise, its fuel economy is pretty good. but Fill ups are 55-60 dollars. I also think that is a bit much. Car has good pick up, good braking and good design. When the warranty is up, I will lower it, and modify it to make it a better handling car just because I really like the way it looks.

By nicecarz on April 6 @ 7:31 pm
2014 Pearl white Altima
Love this car. Smooth, quiet and a good quality car for the money. Traded in a 2014 Honda CRV for a 2014 Altima SV. Getting better gas mileage and a smoother ride. Have noticed that noise when accelerating that everyone is talking about. It does not bother me though after all I am coming out of a noisy SUV.

By manofmyths on July 28 @ 11:45 am
Very comfortable sedan that handles well.
One of the most comfortable cars you can sit in. Good power and handles very well for its size. Interior is nice but the plastic cover of the radio easily shows too many streak the second you wipe it and it was the worst bluetooth commands i've tried. How many times must i confirm to call someone??? Superb fuel economy.

By diesengine on December 28 @ 6:30 am
Mixed Feelings
Sport Package Pros:37.3 mpg in 90/10 city/hwy driving (light foot), design, comfortable zero gravity seats, and lots of interior space. Cons: Starting with the 2013 redesign, Altimas moved over from the hydraulic steering system to electric which does not have the same "organic feel". The car wanders left to right and right to left requiring constant correction of the steering wheel on speeds above 65 mph which is major safety issue. Took it twice to dealer and they could not find the problem. Nissan markets the car as sporty, yet having owned a Maxima and 350z, the only thing sporty about the car is the exterior design. Has no steering feedback whatsoever. Will try Mazda next time.

By randall17 on July 21 @ 4:10 am
Navigation, Radio, Electrical
I started having problems with the 2014 Nissan Altima about three months into the lease. I took it to the dealership and they finally said they will replace the navigation-radio when one comes available. I told them about the car just turning itself off and how many times it did it. They took it on a SHORT test drive and said they couldn't find a problem. I called Nissan Corp and told them I wanted out of the car because it was NOT safe. Three weeks later I got a call from Nissan Corp and they said NO WAY will they either buy the car back or even help on a replacement car. I traded the UNSAFE car off today for a Hyundia. NO MORE Nissans for this country boy

By greatcarz on July 2 @ 1:47 pm
Still really like it!
I took delivery of my new 2014 Nissan Altima SV back in November of 2013, so I've now had it for a little over a year. After 17,000 miles of highway and city driving I can still recommend it as one of the nicest and best looking cars on the road, especially for the money. From the factory remote start, which I originally thought I wouldn't use very much to the great display in the dash, Nissan incorporated a lot of very usable technology in this 4-door mid-size sedan. The CVT transmission is very smooth and the sport mode is fun when you feel like merging onto the highway with a bit more performance. My fuel mileage has been fantastic, getting the highway rating of 38 mpg.

By 5194556927 on March 14 @ 7:47 pm
First one a lemon
Purchased new 2014. Problem with drain hose in roof missing. Interior full of water. Problems with electrical. In for repair to many times to count. Put in complaint to Nissan and no help. It was the dealer that eventually put me into a brand new 2015 because car could not be repaired.I fought with Nissan for over a year with little results. They did offer me an extended warranty which I refused. The repair was well over $10,000.00 so they would have been better off to have exchanged the car long ago. Nissan will not admit to any faults. They will try to repair your car until warranty runs out and you are on your own. Lets hope the 2015 is not a lemon.

By arazak on March 22 @ 4:45 pm
Transmission failed in 9500miles
My car nissan altima 2.4s 2014 model transmission failed and its was in nissan garage for two weeks but repair not yet completed. I feel bad for my wrong choice, i supposed to buy toyota.

By David W St. Louis on October 31 @ 1:49 pm
Love my Altima
My husband was so impressed when he drove an Altima for the first time drove from New York to Maine that he suggested that I test drive one when I was ready to trade in my 2008 Honda CRV. I feel in love with it from the moment I drove it.

By ftbutler50 on February 15 @ 10:52 pm
Not happy with my 2014 Altima
I bought this car a year ago and my gas mileage continues to drop.I am now averaging a little over 20 miles per gallon. This is way under the estimated miles per gallon advertised by Nissan. On occasion there is a hesitancy when I press on the accelerator. The Nissan dealership told me there was nothing wrong with the car and that it was probably due to winter gasoline. I had a Camry hybrid before this and was very pleased. Gas mileage was well into the 30 miles per gallon even in city driving. This car will cost me thousands of extra dollars that I did not anticipate spending for gas. I can feel all the bumps in the road and the occasional sticky accelerator makes for a joyless driving.

By m_z on May 6 @ 11:41 pm
2014 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL
Bought the car new which was the showroom model with <90 miles. It performs relatively well. Driver's seat is relatively comfortable (has tile seat function which is lacking in other car makers' models) and family said the other seats were comfortable as well. Passenger's seat only has manual 4 way controls. The CVT is LOUD upon start up and during acceleration but calms down at cruising speed. It does take time to accelerate. Nice leather with some hard plastic and soft-touch plastic in cabin. Update: The engine is still LOUD especially in Colder weather. It takes awhile for the noise to reduce until the engine warms up. It's still noisy during acceleration. The fuel economy increases when driving long distance but decreases in city driving. Highway mileage is in the mid-high 30s while city driving is in the upper 20s. The driver's seat cushion could be better as more cushioning is needed. NVH is an issue as there's wind noise at highway speed and there's definitely Tire/road noise especially on less than smooth road surfaces. The Continental tires seem to be wearing a bit sooner as there's about 50-60% tread remaining within 2 years of use in regular driving conditions. For whatever reason, the windows fog up very easily esp. in colder weather, not just on rainy days. The heater takes awhile to warm up and, for whatever reason, cools down after awhile instead of staying warm. The SiriusXM radio doesn't get good signals in remote places like suburbs or away from the cities yet regular radio signals are received relatively fine. The radio doesn't display properly as items are cutoff from left to right but doesn't appear in 1/3 of the screen on the right side. Also, the radio is not a Touchscreen display so Nissan does cut corners and is Cheap as it advertises modern technology as part of the vehicle. At least the radio still has manual rotary dials unlike other car makers who omit them on their radios. The BOSE upgraded stereo system isn't anything special and not worth the cost upgrade. Replaced the rear interior lights and trunk bulb with LED bulbs which made the interior brighter. The LED replacement bulbs shine brighter than the front interior OEM LED bulbs. The car needs LED front bulbs. Overall performance is good as car handles relatively well. The gas pedal needs to be pressed to get some lively performance from the engine. Summarily, the vehicle is a fine cruiser which handles well, though is a bit expensive. The newer 2016+ models have more 'standard' features that should've been included with the model when it first came out with the 2013 model. It's relatively expensive and don't expect modern radio tech in the vehicle compared to other auto makers.

By jmaske@hotmail.com on August 4 @ 7:25 pm
Nissan Altima 2014 SL
I've had this car for about a year, so far I've been fairly happy. The transmission can be a bit sluggish at a dead stop, other than that, it performs well and I average 30mpg when driving for fun. I can hit 40+ mpg on the highway if driving conservatively. When on the highway, there's plenty of power to maneuver as needed. I installed a cold air intake which helped remove the cvt delay and gained some mpg and Hp in the process. I'd highly recommend doing the same. I'm very happy with my Altima.

By Denise on August 29 @ 11:33 pm
beware of paper thin clear coat
this auto has the least amount of clear coat I have ever seen. I wash my auto about every 3 weeks between washings hardwood sap landed on my hood, now I have damage that is awful. It ruined the paint that quickly. Also when removing my cover for my morning drive my arm swung to the right and my fingernail broke part of the front grill, my fingernail! The plastic covers at the threshold pop off. My veh is 1 year old and I am freaking out. The clear coat is my biggest heartache with the car and the price. I will never again buy a manufactures so called "bread and butter" auto. I had a jeep and a grand am that after 6 years never showed the first sign of clear coat peeling.

By Sharkie on December 13 @ 11:11 am
Car is just ok...
this car has no guts.... poor Transmission.... the interior is cheap and easy to get dirty

By Altima lover on December 12 @ 9:33 am
2 years later
I bought my 2014 Altima in September, 2013. I heard of all of the horror stories about the 2013 models so I decided to wait. AM I GLAD I DID! This car is amazing and has never let me down. In 2 years and 30.000 miles later, it has taken me to and from work and school, Orlando on multiple occasions (I live in Miami), Georgia, key west, and up to to Illinois. This car excels in long distance trips. The highest I have for a full tank of gas was 615 miles, that's amazing! The ride is always smooth and you can't go wrong with the blue tooth streaming. It can be a little sluggish(especially the 2.4L engine) but put the car into sport mode and it has a little more pick up. (You're not driving a sport car so don't expect it to take off quickly.) It is a great family car and once you fold the seats down, you can stuff that car full with stuff. (It has helped me and my friends move) I do receive complements on my car all time, especially with it being red. Also you have to love the remote start on those hot summer days. It cools the car right off by the time I get in it. This car is very safe! I have had a number of occasions where people cut right in Front of me and the car will come to a complete stop very fast. (Going under 40 mph of course) Earlier in the year I was involved in a 4 car pile up. My car was number 3 of 4. I have to say I got rear ended fairly hard, and I had the break pedal to the floor but still ended up tapping the car in front of me. When the car that rear ended me backed up, there were only a few minor starches on it! The only problem I did have was the passenger airbag sensor did not work until I took it in to get it repaired. Now no car is perfect so here are some down falls to this car. If you are only driving city, like I do, the gas mileage is terrible. Currently I'm averaging 18 mpg. But usually I average 22 mpg in the city. If you barely go anywhere, you can go a full 2 weeks and then some before you have to fill up the car. But if you add a little more driving than usual, a week and a half , maybe. (City only driving) The beige material is cheap and gets dirty all the time. (I clean my car every two weeks and find that I have to do a little extra scrubbing to keep it clean.) My back up camera loves to act up on me. When the car is in reverse, it will start flicker. (As if a cable is loose) I have taken the car into the dealership 4 times and they have replaced both the camera and the radio unit, and it still chooses to act up. However It only does it on occasion now. The steering wheel makes a loud whining noise when you drive at slow speeds. You can only hear it when the music is turned off or if someone is driving my car I can hear it from the outside as well. Also you have to get use to a cvt, it can get loud when you are merging onto the highway. Overall I really like this car and plan on keeping it for years to come. I take it into service when it needs it and I take care of my car. Other than a few imperfections, this is a great car. It's roomy enough so you don't feel squished, the styling is beautiful inside and out, the gas mileage is amazing on road trips, and it hase served me well over two years. This is a car to consider if you are in the market for a sedan.

By Walt on February 20 @ 7:03 am
Transmission failure
After 2 years 46,000 miles my nissan altima 2014 transmission failed. Dealer will replace the transmission but still feel uncomfortable with the transmission.

By ..."Boomer"... on October 5 @ 11:02 am
..."Surprisingly sporty"...
I don't know what other shoppers should know about this car,it gets down to their personal needs and choices. For my-self I've had this Altima for three months now and am very pleased with it. I bought it used at 15 months of useage from a national car rental agency and saved $2700 compared to the going market price.On top of the balance of factory warranty the rental agency had their own 12month or 12 thousand mile warranty and a policy of replacing brakes and tires with more than 30% wear,so I got new tires and brakes for the price.I had concerns coming from a Maxima and a 6 cylinder engine but my fears were put to rest after finding out how fast the 4 cylinder engine can be.The front seats are very comfortable from the moment you sit on them and you can drive a long distance and arrive feeling as comfortable as when you started.Back seat leg room is excellent and the seats are as comfortable too.The handling is better than I expected with little lean during corners and the average lumps and bumps on urban roads rarely intrude into the cabin.The steering was a real pleasant surprise with a nice feel on the road and nicely weighted without being too soft or over assisted.The cvt does take some getting used to.Under normal loads it acts like a traditional automatic in its sound and feel;but under a heavy foot the engine races ahead and the rest of the car plays catch up.Hit the power button and the cvt drops out of its normal over drive mode and the car becomes surprisingly fast in acceleration.For my-self the only negative is the 'goose neck' trunk hinges.They're too intrusive and have the potential of being luggage crushers.The trunk is spacious but would benefit from the newer type hinges that are shaped like an X and don't go inside the trunk.My favourite feature is the fuel economy:..I'm averaging 33 miles per gallon tooling around town so am waiting to see how good the highway economy is.If the Altima is like other Japanese cars I've owned it will prove reliable with a cost effective ownership and again I'm tickled pink with the fuel economy...I'm now at 15 months of ownership and over still pleased with my choice of vehicle.Four months ago the trans mission started acting rough which meant a visit to the dealership.End result was a new replacement transmission with the latest factory computer codes.The car had been an ex-rental vehicle and given the many different driving styles(or lack of) the transmission failed.To my good fortune I was covered by the balance of the original factory warranty and didn't have to pay a penny.Since then all has been well and I've adapted to how a cvt works and really appreciate its efficiency and the excellent fuel economy it provides.The largest out of pocket expense has been a purchase of a wax and polish kit which I had applied by a local detail shop.I have never seen a car with such a lustrous shine and if the claim of the company holds true I can look forward to five years of no elbow grease from myself in keeping the shine.So far it has come through different types of weather and not a blemish anywhere.My only regret with the Altima is had I waited a few months I could have had one with the rear view back-up camera and screen.Like the looks,stylish with out being extreme, the engineering content,the driving comfort and dynamics,and as said before,the fuel economy.These are very good cars...

By John on March 30 @ 3:28 pm
I own a 2015 Pathfinder and 2014 Altima 3.5SL loaded Two transmissions in altima and it's still has issues, jerks between 17-32 mph and 59-70 first transmission 30 days after purchase and multiple visits to dealer! Would stay away! I also own a 2012 and 2000 Altima both have 100k plus never a issue

By Tiffany on July 11 @ 12:06 pm
Transmission, tech pkg
I purchased a 2014 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL 4 cy on 8/4/2014. In November I experienced power outage/ shortage in tech system the radio, navigation, LED screen all went out. Everything there is a change in climate or when it gets cold I have these issues, sometimes lasting for hours. I then noticed my car riding ruff as if it wasn't shifting gears properly. Took it to the dealer and the bearings I. The transmission went out had to get a new transmission in May 2015. The dealer replaced free of charge and provided a rental. Now in November I am again experiencing a ruff ride, car smells like gas and a strong smell of burning something has come a loose from the front and side underneath the car. My tech package, LED screen and Navigation has went out again! The side blind spot indicators flash even when there's not a car on the side and in the rain the do not work properly! The interior is not durable at all! Leather is starting to peel. The car does not ride smooth anymore.

By Joshua on August 27 @ 6:30 pm
Rental Car rides again
Update: the mpg has remained constant, the seats show the slightest signs of wear, the transmission needed to be replaced at 71k (thank God for the extended warranty I purchased), still believe I got a great value. I purchased this car with the intention of using it to drive for uber/lyft. I bought it from hertz car sales since their deals are about $5-$6k less than similar models I found nearby (and I searched for weeks). I figured that since I was going to put a million miles on it, having relatively high miles (50k) wasn't really an issue. The cvt transmission does take some getting used to, but since it is a main factor in my incredible gas mileage, it's still worth it. The Bluetooth works great, even skipping songs in Pandora. Phone connectivity works like a charm. The most comfortable front seats I've ever sat in and I've had numerous large luxury sedans (bmw 7's, lexus LS'S, ETC). My two complaints are the quality of paint (super thin) and the interior, while being nicely designed, is ultra low quality materials (styrofoam rear deck, really?) and the armrest feels like it's going to break off any day now. I haven't had any issues at all, at 6000 miles into ownership and 56k on the car.

By Susan Marshall on December 13 @ 12:12 pm
Great car, if it only ran
From jerking violently while shifting/CVT to shuddering until it shuts off while idling at stop lights, turning, behind school busses, etc., shutting off each time the car is placed in reverse or drive to completely disengaging while driving down the road/highway leading to coasting while the gas pedal and engine stop "talking" to each other, my car has progressively become a death trap. This 2014 Altima appears to completely flummox the dealership's service folks. They can't seem to fix it. Corporate refuses to pay for or replace whatever is broken. Oh, to top it off, the same Nissan dealership said it is only worth $9k for trade in. Despite being very happy with the car for the first 18-months, this 4-time Nissan buyer is desperately searching for faith that this car's current issues are a fluke, can be fixed, and the car I worked so hard to buy will return to being the reliable, comfortable, and economic car I loved.

By RALF on July 23 @ 1:29 am
STAY AWAY PLEASE be safe not stupid like me
ill be short and to the subject : on the highway the 14 altima is all over it slides side to side (if windy do not go more than 50 you will lose control easy) -when the RPM stays right on 2 the whole car vibrates like a washing machine (i am not joking try yours , it dont matter what the speed is just keep it at 2 on the dot ) -radio is peace of garbage who just blows out the speakers -back up camera turned pink and some lines dance up and down all over the screen -the engine makes a funny noise when u start it and stays forever -tires are garbage who let it me down in the middle of the winter storm jan 2016 -transmission also let it me down on the same day winter storm jan 2016 -road assistance dont care and they do nothing for you at all i had to wait 3 days for the towing truck to bring my car at the dealer and i had to remove the car from a dangerous spot where died and i hade to pay tow truck out of my wallet ... POOR SHAME ON YOU ROAD ASSISTANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHAME ON YOU all - and now the miles start to go down from 23 mpg to like 19 mpg whats about that ??? it was 23 mpg for like 1 strait year

By Fakhir Parker on September 6 @ 11:00 pm
Transmission Light
Can someone tell me what it means when the transmission Light stays on?

By Wendy on January 21 @ 10:31 pm
my car will not stay inlane when driving over 50
I drive on the hyway everyday to work and back. I have NEVER had a car that drifts in and out of the lanes like this car does. Its truely scary to get on hyway. I am not the only one who has this problem. CAN WE NOT RECALL AND FIX THIS!!! You buy a car to be able to enjoy and drive safely. Not to get on hyway and worry if your going to get home in one piece.its so bad. One minute I am driving straight next I am drifting in next lane or very vedy closeto the gauradrail. PLEASE PLEASE call attention to this before someone dies!!!!!@

By Gene on February 3 @ 8:15 pm
Ride Comfort
I've looked into what can be done to improve the ride comfort of my 2014 Altima. So far, I have not found any recommended suspension improvements. Really noticeable sitting in the front right seat. I feel road bumps right through the seat and up my spine. The light weight of this car to improve gas mileage, results in too much road bounce on less then smooth road surfaces. Hit a pot hole, and the suspension feels like it bottomed out. On a smooth road surface, the car is quiet and comfortable. Engine compartment noise, on acceleration is too high. I've been test riding other cars but the trade in value of my 2014 Altima is less then what I still owe on the car by several thousands of dollars. The appearance external and internal is super. But I would not buy another Nissan Altima.

By Sha29 on June 5 @ 1:34 pm
Not worth the price or problems to come!
This car had everything I wanted and a great paint color when purchased. However, I should have done some more research before spending over $30000 for something I've had nothing but problems with since. Shortly after we purchased this, I noticed my car would start to shudder when I would go around corners or have to slow down then regain speed. It has also happened while driving down the highway at 65-70 mph. I mentioned this multiple times to my dealership when I would take it in for my oil change but they have told me every time that it is nothing and they can't seem to find a problem. I spoke with someone that use to work there and was discussing the problem I'm having and he suggested I call Nissan Consumer Affairs to see if they will do anything. He also warned me that Nissan is very bad about notifying customers when there are recalls. I contacted them and reported my issue, opened a case and awaited a response. I received a call last night from this lady that tells me she has done some research and that there is nothing wrong with my car, that is how the CVT transmission works. I asked her why it didn't do that in the beginning and she couldn't answer that. I also asked her about all the reports I have found on the same issue and her response was that it is based on the VIN and nothing showed for my car. The option she gave was to take it to another Nissan dealer to get a second opinion which means adding another 250 miles on my car and making me closer to my warranty expiring. I would not recommend another Nissan to anyone! I now have an overpriced car with a huge issue that is only worth about half of what I paid only a year ago. BUYERS BEWARE!!!!

By Joseph Wain on August 18 @ 4:58 am
Great vehicle

By Robert Harris on July 17 @ 6:43 am
2 years and 20K miles - no major problems so far
So sorry about all the problems I see from other owners! Mine has been really nice so far. Ride is very comfortable, especially on the highway. There is a bit of road noise from the rear that bothers me on rougher roads, but I'm very sensitive to road noise. I think most all newer sedans are geared much sportier than 20 years ago, with stiffer suspensions and lower profile/larger tires, so the Altima had equal to lower road noise than the 2014 Accord, Camry, Sonata, etc. Granted, I did not test drive a Buick : ) Anyways, the Altima is quite a cruiser and handles pretty well also. But it was a great value. I got the SV 4yl for $21,500. Hope mine holds up a bit better than some others on here

By Ernest Neeley on February 4 @ 4:13 pm
Great car!!
I love this car; this is my second Altima and it is way better than the first, which I drove for 210K miles before giving it to my nephew as his first car. I have owned two Accords before these two Altimas, and they were so overrated and the Altima is way better with reliability. No issues at all!

By mike b on January 1 @ 1:27 pm
great car bad paint
We love this car. have bought 4 new Nissans over the years. Thought I finally found the maker to make me happy. Have had great luck but hear it comes don't know if it happens down south but I have 20,000 miles on it and its rusting around the crome strip on trunk. Coworker has the same problem on his 13 with 40,000 on it dealer said to bad that it would only be covered if under 36,000 miles. I will get it fixed under warranty when I take it in but it will come but in a year. Dealer knows about all of it for its happening to all of them. Nissan needs to step up but we know it will not happen. oh well I'll try a Toy or Acura next time. Not a good way to retain new car buyers.

By Mario on January 6 @ 3:23 pm
''ultimate altima''
don't believe ;consumer's reports bad ratings on this car,as they are bias on nissans, i've been driving for 50 years and had over 16 cars and by far this is the best car that i've ever driven..thanks,nissan

By Import Jockey on December 8 @ 2:19 am
2014 Altima S
This is our 2nd Nissan. Our 1st was a CPO Maxima several years ago when CPO program had just started being offered. We traded our 2009 Accord EX sedan for the 2014 Altima S. I never buy a car in its 1st year of a body style change as it takes a year to get any bugs out, and I prefer to let someone else eat the 1st year or 2 of depreciation. Our new to us, CPO Altima S with 12K mi is a great sedan. I would have preferred the SV with the convenience pkg & mnrf. This is the most comfortable car we have ever owned and the fuel economy is incredible. We just returned from a 1200 mi round trip & we averaged 39 MPG Hwy, that is better than our daughters 2014 Honda Civic EXL sedan, and the Altima is twice as big. My only disappointment is the paint quality(thickness), we too have found rust around chrome strip on trunk just above licence plate. I noticed other reviewer's with same issue. I'm taking in to dealer to have addressed. We did purchase an extended warranty that cover's everything for 6-yrs or 100Kmi in addition to the CPO warranty. We trade sedans every 5yrs or 60Kmi. We put about 7kmi/yr on our sedans. We also have a 2013 CRV w/ AWD that has close to 25Kmi that we bought last year. If Nissan will improve its paint quality, we will be adding a Rogue in a couple years. We need to get back on track buying our vehicles after they receive their MCR(Mid Cycle Refresh). Its truly the best time to buy ! However, the auto industry is changing back to making changes to vehicles every year rather than keeping them appearing the same from the outside until the MCR. The Nissan Altima is by far the best overall mid-size sedan available when factoring in all attributes !

By Armando V on March 31 @ 8:52 am
I'll buy another.
I just bought a 2014 Altima SV I think the car is beautiful quiet with a load of technical upgrades and options available and I'm very happy with it.

By Rosalind Arthur on February 1 @ 6:06 am
Superb Vehicle: Best on the market for the price.
You will get your money's worth. It has the best value of any car on the market in terms of price, features, reliability, comfort, etc. I vote it #1 in all categories.

By C. M. P. on September 1 @ 2:27 am
Biggest regret
I purchased a 2014 Altima SL fully loaded brand new. My family has always driven Nissans and never had any outlandish problems with them. Within the first year i had issues with the fog lamps loosening therefore not functioning, the infotainment system rebooting while in use, drivers seat would slide back and forward at take off and when braking, a recall on the hood latch and a recall on the airbag sensors causing the car to think no one was in the passenger seat and turning off the passenger side airbags. Second year, A/C compressor was replaced and transmission completely failed on me and was replaced (under warranty, thank god). I'm approaching the end of the second year and the transmission may need replacing again. Electrical system is complete crud. And headlights flicker when i drive over the slightest bump. All lamps are loose. I especially regret paying an additional $1000 for the infotainment system because it often doesn't recognize that my phone is connected so i cant play my music or speak on the phone over the speakers. Rear view camera is great when im backing into parking spaces but it tends to glitch like a television using an antenna in the middle of a hurricane. Also, compared to the rear view camera in a 2009 Maxima, the picture quality is bad and almost useless after sundown. The '09 Maxima was very clear and vibrant in color both night and day. The rear view camera is used to determine whether there is someone in your blind spot and i can honestly say that it was wrong 40% of the time. It is also used to determine whether you're too close to the center lines so that it can alert you. This feature is called "Lane Departure Warning" and often didn't work either. A minor complaint would be that any time i have a passenger get out of the car, they have a hard time shutting the door on the first try. You practically have to slam them shut. The horn is weak, sucks if you're a honker like me haha. Navigation system always had a false ETA. For example, last night my ETA was 12:26 but the time was 12:53. Plus the navigation update is over $200+ just fyi. So if you live in a constantly developing area, like myself, the Navigation isn't going to recognize any of the new streets. Not going to drop $200+ every time a new business is put up. I'm actually currently looking to buy a 10 year old Acura. Update: I've now owned a 2006 Audi A6 Avant for 6 months and have had no issues like the ones listed above. Doesn't say much, as they're two totally different cars built almost a decade apart. But it does say a lot as far as preference goes. I'm enjoying my 11 year old station wagon more than I enjoyed my once brand new Nissan Altima.

By Susan M. Thornburg on June 18 @ 2:33 am
Why I love Sylvia - my Altima
Just double check your ability to get into and out of the car (ingress/egress. Really terrific for a tall person, but quite fine for a 'shorty' like me.

By Joe on August 14 @ 9:10 pm
Technology Crap
Voice navigation can't detect simple words like publix, Wells Fargo. The list goes on. It's pathetic. Use your phone. Also for some reason blue tooth will work sporadically with pandora and sportily. The Nissan connect has 6 apps you can use no updates. Nissan connect is junk. Leather is beginning to feel dry on passenger seat.

By Drur Fenton on May 28 @ 5:24 pm
Over 80 but still enjoy performance
I sold used cars for a very large national used car dealership for several years and got to know a lot of different brands. For the money I consider it to be one of the top 2 brands in this price range. I also consider it to be better than some cars costing more. I particularly appreciate how easy the navigation system is to use. The small supplemental nav screen is a great safety feature. I added aftermarket back up sensors that have kept me out of trouble several times. After 3 years and several long road trips I still appreciate owning this car although I still miss my Mustang. Passenger front seat is too low for comfort and I'm 6 feet tall.

By Tyler Aberle on September 6 @ 12:49 am
Altima nears ultimate for my driving needs
great car, feels solid on the road, surprising performance, very comfortable, good space and comfort for passengers, remarkable gas mileage--hit near 40 mpg on first highway trip after purchase!! only had the car a short time so cannot evaluate repair frequency or a few other "length of ownership" details; my only complaint--I do not like the range of headlight beam in rainy conditions; would definitely purchase again --and will be a standard for future car buys. --Warning: buy from a reputable dealer or carefully explored other --almost got stuck with a badly hacked repair --that looked good on the surface.

By Melissa Erickson on January 21 @ 4:23 pm
4th Nissan... unimpressed
I've owned four nissans (2005 350Z, 2010 350Z, and 2014 rogue select and this 2014 Altima 2.5S. I am utterly and completely unimpressed. Bought the 2014 rogue and Altima brand new same day in March 2014. The Bluetooth/entertainment system had to be replaced before the car was a month old. Multiple recalls. The avg service at the dealership on the 2014 Rogue is under $40. For the 2014 Altima, almost $90 (Synthetic oil). Acceleration is enragingly slow and putzy. Steering is a little floaty. Suspension makes spongy mattress noises whenever we drive over dips or bumps. The interior looks and feels cheap and is supremely uninspiring. The "NASA" seats ...LOL. WHATEVER. They're just seats. The upholstery attracts dust & dirt in a weird, clingy way. While driving one day, the following alerts turned on one right after the other (within about 3 minutes): TPMS error, I-Key Error, a check engine light, an icon of a swerving car (whatever that's for), the hazard symbol, the flat tire warning, the "you have your emergency brake on" warning light, and then the "low fuel" started repeatedly dinging, and the gas gauge started swinging from empty to 1/4 of a tank back to empty back to 1/4 of a tank, over and over... oh, and though I was on the freeway, the speedometer said 0 mph. I called my service guy from the nissan dealership, who I've been using for ten years, and asked him what that means? He hadn't heard of it.... pulled into the dealership about ten minutes later and left that dang Altima there and got a rental. $100 diagnosis later: we think it all happened because your ABS module died. I'm just tired of this stodgy, semi-unreliable, giant queen Mary of a car. I rue the day I bought it. I won't ever buy another. It's worth so much less than it's worth, so I'm stuck for probably several more years. Not cool.

By Rossane Rodriguez on June 8 @ 4:29 am
Make sure the manual is in accordance to what you purchased. Even though mine says Nissan Sentra 2014, the radio pics don't look the same to what I have in the car.

By Ree on May 14 @ 4:42 am
2nd Altima-great value, looks, economy!
Awesome with the tan interior, suggest Nissan use dark carpet however.

By Mechanicsue on February 21 @ 5:09 pm
New car dead drained battery, jump to start
I just bought a 2014 Nissan Altima 2.5 S,with only 40,000 miles at $14,000, I've had it going on maybe 3 months, now all the sudden in order for me to get it started I have to get a jump, had it tested everything came up good no problems, no codes and the battery is good. Drive it home, turn it off ,push the button to start it, it makes a little sound , then nothing. Have to get another jump...I don't know what to do or who to do it with. Please can you help me

By J W on May 29 @ 9:16 am
CVT transmission FAILURE
I bought this car new and did all of the required maintenance at the dealership. The CVT transmission failed already. The internet is full of theses posts. Jeeze my 1994 Saturn beat out a 2014 Nissan Altima. Nissan should be ashamed of themselves. The Saturn has over 300k with no major repairs and the Altimas transmission is gone already. I've had other high milage cars and have never lost a car. I always have been able to resell when I was done with them. PLEASE don't buy Nissan their CVT transmissions are no good. It seems Honda and Toyota have a good bead on the CVT's but not Nissan. It's $4000.00 to fix this

By Joseph Wills on February 12 @ 1:25 pm
CVT transmission FAILURE
The transmission won't last if you want to speed 4500$ for a new CVT transmission then waste your money and buy this car. I do all highway little shifting over it's life and the transmission failed. This the 1st and last Nissan I'll ever buy. Nissan has a bad history of this and it's catching up to them. Don't waste your money they won't help or care.

By bill shattuck on October 19 @ 3:47 am
i don,t care for the transmission, it vibrates,some times have to push gas almost to floor to get power. rear brakes wear out to quick,i like the car but don,t know if i would buy another one

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