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Nissan has been careful with the 2013 redesign of the Altima sedan. The general look is hardly a dramatic departure, but the thorough restyling inside and out speaks to the more upscale direction for the best-selling model in Nissan's lineup. Most of the Altima's major mechanical components are carried over, but fuel economy ratings have improved significantly: The four-cylinder 2013 Nissan Altima sedan is now among the most fuel-efficient midsize cars in this price range.

We liked the previous-generation Altima for its responsive handling, composed ride and user-friendly electronic features. These attributes carry over to the redesigned sedan, but are now complemented by a higher-quality cabin that remains quiet at highway speeds. The 2013 Nissan Altima sedan's interior features a more visually interesting design, soft-touch materials and more comfortable front seats. In addition, we've noted excellent fit and finish in the 2013 Altima test cars we've driven. The only real negative in this cabin is the tight rear headroom.

As in past years, the Altima sedan comes with either a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine or a 3.5-liter V6. Although the V6 makes for quick and satisfying acceleration, most people will find the four-cylinder's performance more than adequate. The continuously variable transmission (CVT) that Nissan offers instead of a conventional automatic transmission can take some getting used to (simply because it doesn't have fixed shift points), but its responsiveness in passing situations is impressive and it's the main reason the Altima earns such high EPA fuel economy ratings. With the four-cylinder engine and the CVT, the 2013 Altima has a 31 mpg combined rating, which is tops among non-hybrid, gasoline-powered midsize sedans.

Keep in mind that the Altima coupe is mechanically unchanged for 2013. It uses an older version of the CVT that isn't as efficient and has lower mpg ratings as a result. In addition, the V6 engine is not available on the coupe.

In many ways, the outgoing Altima sedan was more appealing than its fellow best-selling sedans, the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. It could also stand toe to toe with the well-equipped Kia Optima, Hyundai Sonata and Volkswagen Passat. When you consider the numerous refinements Nissan made to this new 2013 Altima sedan, its position as one of the most desirable family sedans has only been strengthened. Though the redesigned Accord is a worthy challenger, the 2013 Nissan Altima is a must-drive if you're shopping for a midsize sedan.

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2013 Nissan Altima

NEW FOR 2013

The 2013 Nissan Altima sedan has been fully redesigned. The exterior and interior are completely new, with a focus on a more upscale look and feel throughout. Important engineering revisions markedly improve fuel economy, particularly for four-cylinder models, while updated suspension and steering designs maintain the Altima's reputation as one of the market's best-handling family sedans. The coupe remains mechanically unchanged, but loses its optional V6 and is reduced to only a single 2.5 S trim level.


User-friendly electronics


Altima coupe has lower mpg ratings.

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By kcaples on July 13 @ 11:04 pm
bought 1st week released
We just bought the new 2013 Nissan Altima, bot off the presses so to speak. The first week they hit the lots! It is very comfortable to drive. It is surprisingly not a sluggish car. The thing I am loving the most is that I have put 150 miles on it and have not even burned through 1/4 of a tank of gas!

By nicole_b on January 29 @ 1:03 pm
Good looker but dull
I got a 2.5S for my daughter. We test drove a few other cars and the Altima was the most expensive of the ones we tested. The interior is nice but not exciting. The 2.5S is not a luxury car and it doesn't feel like one. Everything about the car is pretty much just "good" and driving it is not particularly fun or exciting. However, the exterior is very attractive and makes the difference. The exterior turns a dull family car into something worth buying.

By bob496 on September 28 @ 6:51 am
Great car
I bought a new 2013 with all the packages and really like this car. They really engineered the 2013 to meet and beat the Camry, which was the other car I looked at buying. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great driving and has 38 MPG so fill ups are a lot less than my F150. The only thing I found was a little pain is the steering it is very tight and you have get used to it I guess.

By jasonbum on November 8 @ 3:44 pm
Very impressed-SMOOTH
I am very impressed. This is my first Nissan and have owned many cars including BMW, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Lexus and most recently Mini. I would most closely relate this 2013 Altima with Lexus. It is the 2.5 s but if I didn't know it was a 4 cylinder, I would sweat that it was a 6. The transmission (CVT) acts seemlessly with the engine and feels like one unit. After hearing many negative reports about Nissan's first CVTs, I was a little worried. This is an improved version of the CVT . Power is available at any speed without the typical transmission that needs to hunt for the right gear. Bluetooth is standard. What I can really say about this car is that it is incredibly SMOOTH.

By mrtbone13 on December 6 @ 6:52 pm
2013 Nissan Altima is a winner
To start, I traded in a fully loaded Infiniti G35xS. I absolutely loved the car, but due to the rising gas prices and the cost of owning the car, I made a decision to trade it in. There were really 2 main reasons for doing so. 1- I wanted a car that got better then 19MPG, and 2- something that wasn't as expensive to own. The Infiniti needed Premium gas and the oil changes and general car maintenance was a climbing expense throughout owning the car. I ultimately chose the 2.5SL as the features in the car are hands down better then the other trims Nissan offers. So far I'm getting 32MPG+ depending on the type of driving. Best 4 door sedan out there when getting the SL trim.

By jjhood on October 26 @ 10:40 am
Problems from the start
No room to type --- drove it off the lot and heard a rattle right away. Three days later discovered it was the sunroof. Took it to the dealer, they said that had it fixed after an hour and I was pleased. Drove it back off the lot and immediately heard the rattling. Looked up and saw grease stains all over my headliner from the service men. Took it back and had to leave it for the day. They said it was fixed and of course it isn't. Now it is scheduled to go back in for a third time. Then I was washing the car and noticed I have spots all over the paintwork on back door. Looks like water droplets underneath the clearcoat. This car is already full of problems!!!

By tmrealestate on January 29 @ 11:22 am
Best Gas Mileage Ever
Ok, part of why I bought this car was wanting gas mileage as I have a Dodge 3500 Mega Cab with a diesel (not good mileage). I've driven this car almost all freeway so far and I drive 78mph set the cruise control and Im getting 42 MPG. Its shocking, this is the first car I've ever owned that gets better mileage than the sticker. Love the mileage, also love the bluetooth radio, you can play pandora radio off my iphone for free (better than satelite). And I got mine new for under $20k.

By jml20 on March 4 @ 12:28 pm
Very disappointed
My wife and I have owned and driven a 2009 Rogue, 2009 Altima, and a 2012 Rogue with no issues or problems with CVT or road noise until I traded my 2009 for the 2013 Altima. When accelerating slowly from a dead stop, a deep rumbling, vibration noise starts at about 20 mph, briefly stops as you reach 40 mph, then starts again. After 40, the rumbling continues and then the road/tire noise kicks in, which is much louder with this model. I have had the vehicle checked by my Nissan dealer several times, but the problem has not been resolved.

By pvnguyen94 on January 16 @ 7:16 am
One of the best cars I've driven
I am very happy that I bought this 2013 Nissan Altima 3.5 SL. I am also very satisfied with the Campbell-Nelson Nissan customer service, they do everything possible to make their customers happy. My salesperson Roy answered all my questions I had about the car and he explained everything that I needed to know before I left the dealership with the car. I will come back if I ever plan to buy another car.

By magal118 on October 17 @ 4:14 pm
LOVE my Tech loaded 3.5
Traded my much loved loaded 2008 Maxima 3.5 for a fully loaded 2013 Altima 3.5. I am not disappointed. The first day we got it we took it on an out of state trip 32.2 mpg at 70 mph. The seats are very comfortable, the drive is great, do not have to buy premium gas any longer. The 3.5 has tons of power. We put 800 miles on it the first weekend and loved every mile of it! Can not wait for more trips in the Altima. The only problem I am having is getting texts to the car, but the Bill Rapp Nissan dealership is working very hard with me to solve this problem. (and this is not that important to me, I don't text and drive anyway.)

By husker14 on March 2 @ 11:08 pm
Great Car
Purchased the 2013 Altima 2.5.SL a week ago. So far the car exceeded all my expectations. Traded in a 2007 Camry Hybrid and very pleased with over all MPG (33.8), only 1 MPG less than the hybrid. Altima also drives much better than the Camry with a very solid feel and tighter steering response. I highly recommend this vehicle to anyone in the market for a midsize sedan. My only complaint is there is no compartment to store loose change.

By mnebags1 on August 8 @ 1:36 pm
Worst car I've ever purchased!
Researched and found Consumer Reports rates Nissan well above Toyota Camry and as I've had two Camrys with absolutely NO problems I put my faith in Consumer Reports. Took a 2013 Altima for a short, 5 mile road test on a busy road and it seemed fine. Received keys, headed home on highway and discovered a severe vibration and the car wandering all over the road. Six visits to dealer, one wheel was replaced. At highway speed it's scary to drive, must keep two hands on steering wheel to keep car in lane, keeps wandering all over road. Took car to tire dealer who found three tire rims "out of round". Have filed under "lemon law" and hopefully will go back to Toyota.

By mtpete on April 10 @ 5:46 pm
Wonderful so far
Replaced a 2012 Maxima, which had seats that caused physical pain like I've never experienced. Thankfully the new seats in the Altima are terrific. The car seems solid and well thought out, overall. Excellent ride quality, acceleration, and handling - although it feels a bit soft compared to the Maxima. Fit and finish are excellent for the price point. Engine is very powerful, and the CVT is flat out amazing. Fuel economy is exceptional. Bose stereo is good. Backup camera is a great feature. Best air conditioning I've ever experienced - you could store meat in the car on 100 degree days. The leather is soft (surprising at this price point!) and the zebra wood grain trim is nice.

By pappyd314 on May 9 @ 6:44 am
to small for the big guy
Deceptive mileage rating. While traveling back home from Florida - 1,100 mile trip - I set the cruise at 70 and the MPG rating showed 40+MPG. When I pumped gas and used my calculator, I actually got about 35MPG. My Ford Taurus does this also but the actual mileage is usually only about 1 mile less than that shown on the car readout. The Altima, while getting good mileage, is not as great as everyone thinks. Don't be fooled by the car readout, check the mileage yourself. Make sure to fully top off the tank as this may make a big difference.

By 13altimaowne1 on September 25 @ 5:12 am
Stay off the Highway
We recently leased a 2013 Nissan Altima, 2.5SV and it is, for the most part, an outstanding car with many improvements from the 2009 that we had previously. The ride is great, the features are impressive, the engine has great pickup and the gasoline mileage of 28 City and 38 Highway seems to be accurate. The car would be a dream except for one flaw. At highway speeds (60+) the car gets “squirrely.” It wanders off of the straight course and requires constant correction of the steering wheel to keep it on a straight path. If you do all of your driving under 60 MPH, this is a great car – buy it. But, if not, make sure that you test drive one at highway speeds and determine if you can liv

By altiman33 on October 1 @ 2:55 am
Excellent Car
With the exception of the boring interior design, this car is excellent, and even the interior is what you would expect from a mid-range sedan. The features that come standard on the SV model blew me away. I'm very pleased with leather-wrapped steering wheel, display screen and back-up camera! Looks great, drives smooth, comfortable to drive and good fuel-economy!

By rtinaglia on October 10 @ 7:42 am
Navigation System
We've had the 2013 Altima 3.5 SL for about a month. Even after 4 weeks we can't figure out the Bosch Nav system. It is the most UN-intuitive system I've ever used. Nothing is simple, everything requires at least 1, usually 2 more menues to accomplish a task. Don't waste your money on this. My $200 Garmin will remember the deviation from the calculated route, and provide this re-route everytime. Not the Bosch. And, if your lookin g for a smooth ride, pass the Altima, it's stiff and hard over bumps. We made a misteake - don't you.

By rtinaglia on March 25 @ 7:05 pm
Stay Away from the Tech Pkg.
After reading all of the pros we drove the car and opted for the V6SL with the Nav pkg. Don't do it. Yes the saftey stuff is OK, but the nav pkg is circa 1990. Very poor graphics, & everything requires 2 or 3 steps to do. It's a Bosch system - & is tied into the radio & other electronics. All in all it's a terrible system, brand new, never used by Nissan before. Had we dug into the nav system we wouldn't have bought the car.

By davidsonhh on June 17 @ 2:46 am
After considerable research
After driving a Lexus GS 300 for 268k miles with very few problems, it was difficult not to be loyal to Toyota. However, the new 2013 Altima is special. The dealership gave me the 2.5 to drive for a day and a half. Unfortunately it had neither the quickness or engine smoothness I had been living with ijn the Lexus V6 for so long. At stop lights it rumbles, and at highway speed is noisy. The CVT is smooth, but felt like it was working hard. The 3.5 is very different. The power engine 270HP, is refined, and operates seamlessly with the CVT. Watch out Camry, Accord, Passat, Outback, Fusion, and Lexus ES350. This Altima has game.

By jusiment on August 9 @ 10:00 am
Squeaky Brakes and Lag in Bluetooth
On July 5, 2012, I drove to the dealership to discuss issues with the 2011 Juke I had purchased the year before. I didn’t know anything about the new 2013 Altima, but one of them was on the lot and I must say, it was LOVE at first sight. I traded in the Juke and I thought it would be a romance that lasted forever. Disappointment however set in quickly (as with the Juke). One month later, the BRAKE light came on. Shortly after that I started hearing the brakes squeak and most recently noticed that if I am on the cell phone and get in the car, there is a considerable lag time for the bluetooth to pick up the call. I have taken the car in 5 times and nothing has been fixed. Lemon.

By bkups on July 2 @ 1:18 pm
Superb car
I own 2013 Altima SL model. I purchased it a month ago, and I have 1200 miles in it. Loved every mile driven on it. Ride is so comfortable and handling is very easy. I feel steering wheel steady even at freeway speeds. I never had Altima in my mind when I was looking to purchase a car. I was going back and forth between Camry for roominess and Civic for gas mileage. I happen to notice Altima since the Nissan dealer was right next door to Toyota. I noticed the rich exterior/interior look that was lacking in Camry. I also noticed that Altima had a nice MPG ratings and is comparable to Civic on this. These factors tipped me in favor of Altima. I average around 32.5 MPG so far.

By art3 on July 24 @ 12:02 pm
2013 AltimaS
I have owned the Altima for 6 weeks and it is the smoothest running vehicle I have owned in 40 years of driving. I have driven 1200 miles so far with it and I applaud the economy and it is spot on as far as mpg advertised. If I had a few more bucks to spend I would have gotten the leather as the cloth i8nterior is ok, but not exceptional. I had rented a 2011 and 2012 Altima before and was impressed with their perfomance. The 2013 is a step above them. I bought it from a highly rated dealership(Priority) and do not expect problems, but my previous experience with them says they will get to the bottom of any problem should one develop. I believe for the money the Altima was the best choice.

By rtat on October 2 @ 12:39 am
Worst Nissan Car Ever !
I bought my 2.5 SV 40 days ago, I had a noise on the drivers headline, the dealer tried to fix it but the couldn't, I request to change it, Nissan gave me another one, before accepted me and the Nissan dealer manager did the drive test, it had exactly the same noise at the same position as well as the power steering noise, now Nissan looking for alternative car for me!!! I think this Altima will be the worst Nissan car ever.

By luis90 on January 21 @ 6:03 am
Awesome Altima 3.5sl
I bought this car about 3 months ago car is amazing. I bought it for my wife and when i drive it i have my share of fun the altima is quick at the 1/8 mile it did 8.9 at 83mph thats quick for a altima even the announcer was surprised! I dont hear any noises, i hardly feel any bumps and that CVT transmission is the best thing nissan can do for their nissans. This car beat a stock lancer evoution 2006 by a whole car there goes to show how well this transsion keeps its power band. you hardly feel the shifting points compared to a toyota camry this nissan rocks the car has 3500 miles on it and no problems yet i and my wife are very satisfied with our new altima 2013 and pearl white color.

By 2kats2 on March 2 @ 7:47 am
Love my 2013 Altima
Bought the 2013 Altima 2.5 SL 4cy CVT automatic middle Sept 2012. I love the car. The finishes in the interior are top notch. The controls for radio, heat/AC, cruise, and such are easy to use and figure out. I activated the blue tooth for my smart phone in seconds. The mileage has been spot on. I drive a mixture of city and highway and average 33.5 MPH. The readout on the car shows 33.2mph. I am very happy with my purchase. The reviews I read mention the noise from the CVT. While I have heard this, I don't consider the noise intrusive. I like hearing the low growl when accerlerating on the interstate. Bose sound system is awesome. The seats are so comfortable.

By victomofnissan on June 18 @ 7:48 pm
Attractive car but......
I purchased an Altima 2.5 SL in the begining of August mainly based on its 27/38 mpg adertisement. The car has very comfortable interior, love the seats and overall interior feel. After driving his car for two weeks, I was getting approx. 15-17 MPG. Took it to the dealer who suggested that I drive this car atleast 1000 miles and then car will deliver better mpg. After driving 1,600 miles (70% highway, 30% city) the most I got is 18. I went back to the dealer who told me to contact Nissan North America. I called them a month ago and registered my complaint. They have assigned my case to a regional specialist and I am still waiting to speak to this person.They have the worst customer service

By cvtfan on June 25 @ 5:20 am
Love the POWER!!!
I simply love driving this car! The POWER in the 3.5 Altima is great, and CVT makes it even better. After test driving the new Camry SE V6, which in my opinion is very ugly on the outside, and was more money for less equipment, I decided to go with the new Altima. Remote start, push start, Navigation, and the seats are also extremely comfortable.

By txman on April 25 @ 12:24 pm
2013 Altima review - Nice car
I just bought an SL model and am very pleased so far. I rented one (S model) from Hertz before I bought one, and. got 40.8 MPG on a 90 mile highway trip with the cruise set at 69. That sold me. A couple of thinfgs of note: The car is very comfortable, but the S model lacks lumbar support - you notice after a while. The oil change interval is 3,700 miles -expensive over the life of the car. There is a 500 rebate on the car that I didn't know about until after I made my deal. I paid 26,300 after the rebate. I also rented a new style Malibu as well. It also drives great, has a nice interior and got 37 mph on the same trip. I found the cars drove similarly, but preferred the altima styling

By mushin9 on August 5 @ 4:38 pm
Love the car, but watch for the whine
Just purchased a 2013 Altima 3.5 SL. Aboslutely love the car for the $. Did an extended test drive and fell in love. BUT, didn't purchase the car I test drove. Apparently there is a low-pitched whine that is linked to the power steering that some of the Altima's have and other's don't. The test car didn't. It can only be heard clearly when the windows are up and the radio is off. But once you know it's there it's almost impossible to ignore. Recommend turning on the car and listening before purchasing.

By jpueblo on November 17 @ 11:26 am
Love the car, BUT...
Overall a great car, drives and looks great. MPG on the HWY 39+ at 7- MPH. Nice handling and smooth ride. Only problem is a mysterious brake light that keeps coming on while the car is driving. Took it to the dealer once already and it's on its way back again. Wish we never had this issue as we really like the car. If it continue will have to label it a Lemon.

By abdulmoid on September 2 @ 6:40 pm
Problems from the begining
Bought the car, drove off from the dealership in Toronto and hear the rattling sound from the rear section behind the drivers seat. Took out everything from the car, drove again for about 100 kms & the rattling is there, took it to the dealership, they said its the headliner, tried to fix it broke the headliner, then they order a new headliner & replaced it, called me to pick it up after 3 weeks, I went to pick it up, inspect the car & there are big wet stains inside the sunroof shade, showed it to them left it for one more day, now its been a week they were unable to clean the stains and are replacing the sunshade. I've been without my car for 4 weeks now. Extremely disappointed I am

By sadnissanowner on July 11 @ 2:25 am
Rumble noise in engine/transmission above 20MPH
After my retirement, I drove for a local Nissan dealership, as a dealer trade driver. I was very impressed with the 2012 Altima, so I purchased a new 2013 Altima. This was a big mistake! Mistakely, I assumed that the engine and transmission would perform the same or even better than the 2012. How wrong I was! I love the car and everything it offers, but this rumbling noise from about 20mph onward is driving me nuts. I must trun up the radio to drown out the noise. I drove the 2012 Altimas for thousand of miles while doing my job, with complete satisfaction in the vehicle. Please don't make the mistake as I, and purchase this vehicle. I hope someone comes out with a class action suit

By jagger2 on July 9 @ 7:50 am
I've been a devoted Nissan customer for almost 20 yrs & upon seeing the 2013 Altima, I immediately fell in love & decided to purchase it. Well, a few days later, I started hearing this whistling noise supposedly coming from the steering pump according to a nissan technician and was told is a normal sound. OK?? There's also another rattling noise coming from the rear of the vehicle. To make long story short, I have been to the dealership at least 4 times with no luck as to how to fix this. I have filed a case with Nissan to get this resolved. Do not buy this vehicle.. There are a few people with the same complaints & are not getting any help soon enough & I'm one of those people.

By pmz3 on November 28 @ 8:42 pm
I'll keep this simple.... 1. Replaced transmission with less than 4000 miles 2. Replaced entire sunroof assembly immediately after multiple attempts to fix 3. whistling wind sound addressed twice now 4. multiple attempts to fix an "axle cap" which was not seated properly at the factory Got up to my 30 days in the shop under the lemon law in three months. Not too good. Either poorly designed or poorly put together. You wanna take a chance at finding out?

By acoustic58 on December 24 @ 11:08 pm
2013 Altima
I bought this car based on its high marks for overall quality of past Altima's. the new design is what sold me. I bought the 4 cylinder SL with all the bells and whistles. This car is right on the door step of going back to nissan. It has already had 2 recalls. The next recall will be related to a belt that was put on the first group of Altimas that did not fit which is causing extra noise on acceleration. There is now a high pitch squeal that Nissan knows about coming from the power steering motor that Nissan is calling normal. For $30,000, it is not normal. Anyone that has one of the first 2013's have them check that belt because mine needed to be replaced.

By crosstrack on August 20 @ 12:59 pm
Beautiful car with great features
Looking for a vehicle to replace my 2008 Explorer, I wanted room for 3 car seats in the rear while still getting 30+mpg. I came across the Altima after thinking how great my 2005 Altima was, and after looking at it in person, i was not disappointed. The front seats are extremely comfortable, took a 14 hour road trip one week after purchase and no complaints with comfort. Rear seat holds 3 carseats snuggly (its not an SUV), headroom not an issue for my kids. Trunk is massive. Leater is soft and comfortable. Heated seats get very warm on hi and heated steering wheel is a nice plus. No issues with bluetooth with iphone 5. Averaged 34mpg on hwy driving 80-85mph. Average 32 in city.

By lilen on June 12 @ 1:29 pm
Unreliable car and customer service
I purchased a brand new 2013 Nissan Altima 2.5 SV The "red" break light came on within 125 miles, I took to Nissan service station where they said a minor problem " one of the electrical plug was loosely fitted but no mechanical defects - safe to drive". Trusting him I took the vehicle and started driving where the break light came on intermittently, repeated in 500 miles, on top of that the phone error window totally blocked the GPS. Luckily, I was driving in a known street where GPS was not necessary but imagine if driving would be in a busy unknown place. I brought the car to the service station where the senior mechanic told me that it was a software problem, which needs to be upgraded.

By piedmontman on October 10 @ 9:37 pm
Transmission failure early
Transmission failed after 4 months of ownership and chest after 5000 miles. Started slipping on the highway and then completely failed. Engine light came on which owners manual says is a exhaust emissions problem. Now waiting for repair. I then have to make the 800 mile round trip in take time off from work to pick it up once it is fixed.Nissan will not transport. Transmission died over holiday weekend on the way to visit family.

By flightnurse on May 27 @ 7:12 pm
3rd Altima and the Best
As the title says, this is our 3rd Altima and by far the best. We have 3400 miles on the car and have taken a trip in the car and are still amazed on the overall design, and comfort this car has. The MPG has been stealer, combined we are averaging 33, and on our trip to California we got 38 on the highway. No trips to the dealer and no mechanical problems.

By dcwjr on March 31 @ 6:46 am
Nice Looking, Noisy Car
Having driven the 2013 Altima SL 4 cyl. for 5,000 miles now I have some things to say. I have taken the car back to the dealer to address some issues. They are as follows: 1) Acceleration through 1,400 rpms is rough, the transmission seems to struggle creating a noticeable rumbling/vibrating sound which you can hear in the car. The dealer says that is normal for the 4 cyl. 2) The power steering assist motor is loud and you can hear a whirring sound inside the car. The dealer says that is normal. 3) Sitting at a stop light the car sometimes vibrates and shakes not violently but enough to notice. I drove a 2009 Altima SL 4 cyl. for 3 years and loved its smooth ride so much I was sold on the new model’s better looks but now I miss the 2009’s smooth ride. The gas milage is better and it does ride smooth under and over the 1,400 rpm range. One mechanic suggested I use premium gas to alleviate the vibration/rumbling around 1,400 rpm but that did not help. The issues above take away from the positive features of the car. For Nissan the issues above should be unacceptable and should be fixed.

By paul_ss454 on May 7 @ 10:04 am
Please Read Before Buying
I purchased a 2013 Nissan Altima based on my experience with a 2005 Nissan Altima that I drove for the past 7 years. It was a 2.5 liter with a 5 speed manual transmission. It was extremely fun to drive, good on gas and proved to be very reliable. Unfortunately, it was totaled in an accident and I quickly needed to replace. It came as a surprise that Altima’s were now only offered with a CVT transmission. Against my better judgment, I went ahead and bought the car with the CVT because I really liked every other aspect of the vehicle. I now have deep regret about the purchase because of the driving characteristics of the CVT. It is a shame because the rest of the car is outstanding.

By atglass2 on September 7 @ 12:23 am
CAVIAT EMPTOR(let the buyer beware)
I have owned my 2013 Altima 2.5 SV for just 1 month and already I have had to take the car back to the dealer 3 times for the same issue. The issue being engine Lugging noise and vibration on light throttle acceleration from a stop at around 1500 RPM. The lugging is caused by the extremely low RPMs of engine. I have filed a complaint with Nissan Customer Care (1 800 647 7261 and was aqssigned a Regional Specialist to handle my case. According to the specialist, Nissan is trying a serpentine belt and tensioner swap. Last week, the belt swap did not alleviate my problem. The issue could be corrected with a CVT reprogram offered to those owners that are sensitive to the noise and vibration.

By nvnj on July 17 @ 4:15 pm
Awesome car!
Just purchased my 2013 Altima 2.5 SL and I can not get over just how beautiful this car looks and drives. The interior is hands down one of the best i have seen. I was between the Altima and the new Accord (test drove both) and decided on the ultima. It gets a little better gas mileage and the interior of the Altima looked and felt much better than the Accord. The Altima is a ALOT of car for the money. I encourage anyone considering a mid-size family sedan to test drive the Accord and Altima. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

By radar22 on August 18 @ 11:20 pm
Noisy Tranny
Just returned from a 2500 mile trip to Fl and while mileage was not as good as my 10 Camry and not as good as expected, I still averaged 37 interstate driving. Fell in love with the seats and was able to get out of the car after 2 or more hours of driving feeling relaxed. Can't believe they can make that much difference. Have read all comments about this vehicle and agree with most, positive and negative. Noise issue with power steer whistle was finally resolved after complaining numerous times. Unfortunately not the transmission noise which is annoying. Service tech says its due to trying to get max gas mileage. If that's the case they missed their mark. Have buyers remorse due to this!

By speedy52 on June 2 @ 6:21 pm
Looks great but some problems
Had a 2010 altima that avg 31 mpg. Purchased new 2013 altima avg 33 mpg. Passenger seat vibrates when empty, also seatbelt hitting against seat. Brought in for sevice dealer said seatbelt causing noise and there is no fix yet. Driving home from service the red brake light goes on. Too busy to bring in light has come on two times since. Wish I waited until 2014 altima model to come out. Have 8k on car now but wondering about nissan built quality.

By optimistic2 on January 15 @ 9:45 pm
Less than four months into my first new car and I'm finally fed up. It's time for me to move on. I have been to my local Nissan dealer on four occasions addressing my concerns of interior rattles. I noticed a rattling sound coming from the steering column at low speeds on smooth pavement and I expressed concerns over a potential loose transverse bolt. I was informed my vehicle wasn't affected and to not be concerned. The rattle persisted and I was turned away twice more with no answer. So I recorded the sound and was told they didn't hear the sound when they drove it. They did manage to replace my squeaky rattling sun visor with a squeaky rattly visor. It feels like a $25,000 joke!

By rktrex on August 13 @ 9:28 am
Extremely Nice machine
The fully loaded 2013 2.5SL, It is 100 percent perfect. I thought I was dreaming when I test drove the fully loaded Altima with every available option. The sticker price was way out of my budget. But the dealer/incentives made it happen at 26k. Who knew? At 1,000 mile mark, it is really nice and the blind side warning and rear view camera is awesome. The leather seats are sweet -Nav & XM radio and all these other features work very well (after learning how to run them).. The value proposition (Price vs Features) - is unbelievable. The build quality and finish is perfect. It isn't an infinity - but close enough for me. Wow..!! I'm happy. Good work Nissan!!

By milestoaspen on August 13 @ 7:44 pm
I traded my 2011 Altima SL for the 2013. I fell in love with the comfort and the drive. Big difference from 2011. Now that I have had the car 5 weeks and 1800 miles there are a few things Ive noticed. The heated seats(which Im having looked at 1st oil change) dont work correctly. When on high only the butt heats(hot) and when you hit low switch only the back heats. They dont work in tandem, nor do they regulate heat high to low. Ive noticed the CVT rumble which was not present in my 2011. I also notice you hear the gas rolling around in the gas tank sounds like a thump when you stop and the tanks half to full. Not sure if the used any baffles.

By jenleo0080 on August 17 @ 8:49 am
Sick to my stomach over this purchase!
I've had the car for 3 months now & it has been in the service dept 4 times. The washer fluid wasn't coming out, they had to fix the hose. The passenger door makes a horrible noise when opening & closing, like a 1980's oldsmobile, the metal is rubbing together, thought they fixed it but NOT! When listening to music on a certian volume something in the car is rattling & it drives my crazy! They tried fixing it by putting more foam in the headliner, didn't work. So now I get to yet again take it back to the dealer & try to have it fixed. Also, the back up camera sucks! Can hardly seen anything at night. Radio was better in my 2008! Rear vents don't work well either.

By ferice on December 31 @ 3:59 am
Issue at High Speed
I have a 2013 Altima 2.5s. I feel as though I am loosing control of the car when I reached 65 MPG and up. I am scared that I will cause a serious accident because I don't feel like I have control of the car at times. The car is also wobble when driving on the expressway at a lower speed. I am wondering if anyone else is experience the same issue. I've driven my wife ford fusion for a month, and I have never had that issue

By sandypines1 on December 29 @ 11:56 pm
My worst purchase
Purchased my Altima August 2012, thought that I had purchased a great car. I had owned two cars with CVT transmissions and have had a good history on how they work. This car has a serious problems, it shudders and vibrates and according to Nissan, this is a normal function.I think that they know that there is a problem and say this is normal. I would suggest that any future buyers of a Altima forgo the purchase.

By edman86 on February 1 @ 8:04 pm
Great Car for the money.
Great car we bought this car as a comuter car to work. Mostly HWY driveing and MTN's. We did have a issue with the brake light coming on and off for the first 1200 mile's took it in twice they could not find the problem with it. Now it has gone away. The car doe's make a rattling niose in the wind also the interior has a rattle. The new CVT transmission works great no problems. The car feels solid very well made. I would buy again. We have 12000 miles on it!!!

By sdginz13 on May 26 @ 10:10 pm
2013 Altima 2.5 SL - poor build quality
I have had the car for all of a week new. Previously mostly a Honda/Acura owner. Liked the design and the promise of great fuel economy wanted to try something new. To date I am seriously doubting my purchase of a new Nissan. The factory in Tennessee as others have mentioned has some serious quality control issues. For starters both front doors rub against the frame or fender when opening or closing. Also it appears that seat heaters were wired incorrectly from the factory. In addition, the CVT has a hesitation at about 1500 rpm and vibrates the car. Guess thats why people buy Hondas.

By hondaccord09 on October 19 @ 3:50 am
Great Car All Around
My past life was a Honda owner. I decided to purchase the new 2013 Altima 2.5 SV over the Accord EX. Honda owners tend to stick with Honda for whatever reasons. They both have the same features including CVT transmission, except the EX has moon roof, which I never use. By this comparison, the Accord EX is more expensive and the look on both cars is equally nice, depending on the color you choose. The Altima is an overall all around car with better MPG and acceleration, and drives smoothly and quietly on the road. The car is lighter and the ride is firm. One of the main reasons I switched from the Accord is because of its loud cabin noise.

By jimmy_jam_2012 on June 15 @ 2:23 am
Great Value
Leased the SV with Black on black. Nissan has some great owner loyalty incentives going on right now, so I got a great deal that blew away all the usual suspects for new sedans. The car is a fantastic value and has so many positive attributes.

By tengineer on October 30 @ 10:27 pm
Some Hits and Some Misses
The Altima is a nice car that boasts excellent interior styling and comfort. The 2.5L engine has great acceleration but the drivetrain is also quite noisy, even at moderate throttle. The drivetrain also exhibits a pronounced rumble/growl at low throttle from a standing start as the CVT seeks to keep the engine RPMs very low for maximum MPG. The cabin is quiet while crusing, but a high-pitched whine can be heard at idle and low speed driving. The AC compressor stays on even while heating; the manual gives a procedure to turn it off, but it doesn't work, so the compressor is working all the time. Highway MPG is very good, but EPA city MPG can only be achieved with very careful driving.

By ginger29 on July 30 @ 2:34 pm
Wish I could have a "do over"
We bought our 2013 Altima S in Dec. 2012. Big mistake. It has been back to the dealership 3 times. Trips to correct passenger side airbag and seatbelt warning light malfunctions. This Altima is one that has the high whine from the power steering pump. The dealership said it is "normal". If this is "normal" why are only some affected? They refused to even attempt a resolution. I opened a case with Nissan customer service; they refused to do anything. The whine is so irritating! Nissan is aware, but does nothing. The transmission is extremely noisy; unfortunately that is a trade off for better gas mileage. If you like a noisy car and want a constant annoying whine, buy the car.

By dml817 on August 12 @ 9:36 am
MPG hoax?
As I drive all highways to and from work, I thought the MPG rating made this Altima the perfect choice. Rated at 38mpg highway, I figured worse case I'd get mid 30's. I've had the car since October and have yet to break 30, in fact I average 27 mpg. Highway. Dealer told me "you need to drive it 12,000 miles before getting that high". Really? A full year of driving? I don't think so. They also could not hear the interior rattling sound that I heard driving in, and driving out. Rattling coming from the inside of the panel between the driver's door and back door. All in all, I do love driving the car. Comfortable with good acceleration (4 cylinder). Fix the mpg and it would be perfect.

By tom1945 on January 13 @ 9:33 am
Upset With My Altima
My Altima has a voice recognition system that is not compatable with my phone. In addition, my spouse weighs a little over 100 lbs so we have a warning light always on to indicate the air bag is off. I have complained to the dealer and Nissan and have been told that both systems are operating correctly. I feel anyone looking to purchase an Altima should check first to make sure their phone is compatable and also be aware if you plan on driving with anyone who is not 110+ lbs.

By jmciv on March 24 @ 10:19 am
MPG and comfort
Leased a 2013 Altima SV in November 2012. The MPG is everything advertised. Averaging around 32-33 mpg city and highway. I was going to purchase a smaller vehicle for fuel efficiency but am not comfortable in smaller cars. The seats are extremely comfortable. Just rented another car for business and could not wait to get back into my Altima. Handling is good, back seat room for kids is good, love the factory remote start. Only minor complaint is the sun visor does not extend. Second Nissan and and have not experienced any problems.

By barry5k on September 1 @ 3:06 pm
Nice Car With Nagging Issue
I liked everything about this car: the looks, the mpg, comfortable seats, price. There is an annoying loud whining noise at low speeds. Been to the dealer three times and opened a case with customer care at Nissan. The specialist's answer was rude at best. He said the sound is normal and I perhaps have sensitive hearing. If this is a normal sound, why does it irritate everyone in the car and why are some Altimas noise free? If I had heard this noise I wouldn't have bought the car. Nissan's response is totally unacceptable!

By john2438 on January 15 @ 2:17 pm
Very Satisfied
After a few months of struggling I decided to buy this car. I confess the CVT transmission is different from anything you have felt before but quickly adjusted to it. The engine is small but peppy that is not designed to be driven hard, it is meant for economy so hard acceleration does produce some noise. None of these are intolerable given the great mileage I am getting. For a car that is not a hybrid, it really does get over 37 mpg with behaved driving. If you are looking for a midsize, well designed, comfortable economy car, this should be on your list to consider.

By russ2013 on June 23 @ 9:19 pm
Sloppy culture, poor build quality
The experience buying this Altima is truly unique - I normally don't test drive much, only trusted my research. Served me well til this time. First new car (28 mile) had a seat belt light malfunction at delivery. Car back to dealer and seat occupancy sensor had to be replaced. Dealer agreed to swap another new car (29 mile). 3 days, front panel showed system error, car had to be towed back to dealer, took 1 week to repair. Nissan needs to improve QC!!!

By barrylewisl on April 23 @ 2:36 am
Wish I would'nt have purchased until Nissan worked all of the bugs out.
I purchased this car nearly a month after it was first released. I have been a loyal Nissan customer for the past 3 years when i purchased my first altima a 2010 model.I loved the new luxurious redesign and had to get behind the wheel of one. I like to call it now My "Beautiful Nightmare" Because it has been one thing going wrong after the next since week 2. By week 2 the brakes were squealing terrible and after 5 trips and 5 months later its still present. Also i began to notice a jingling noise, it was a screw that came loose and rattled on the engine cover. That noise has came back, not as loud. Also the starter hangs up and recently started then shut off on me twice this week. Lemon!

By ragged1234 on June 9 @ 1:01 pm
Decent car, minor annoyances
Bought my 2.5SL about a month ago and it's my first Nissan after owning Toyotas and Hondas for the past 10 years. I feel the car is attractive (inside and out), smooth to drive, and has nice features such as blind-spot monitor, reads text out loud, back-up camera, Bose speakers, and very comfortable leather seats. Heavy traffic commuting=24 mpg. Two issues have annoyed me: 1) the high-pitched morse-code whine at low speeds resonating from the power-steering pump (that lots of other people also notice), and 2) a buzz from the engine @1500 rpm under light acceleration (also noticed by lots of other owners). Without these problems I'd give the car 5/5 stars, but now feel it only gets 3/5 stars.

By markv25 on December 31 @ 2:50 am
I bought my new Altima 4 weeks ago and have had problems with the car ever since. First, I ve had to go to the dealer 3x for a faulty seat sensor light that they can't seem to fix. Second, don't believe the gas mileage on the car. I can't seem to average 29 mpg. The car seems to be fun to drive at first but then it gets boring. Plus, the noise the engine makes when you accelerate gets annoying. The speakers are supposedly Bose, but they sound like crap. I really wish I had bought another car.

By allen729 on March 6 @ 10:07 am
Amazing Car for this price range
My parents got the 2.5 SL fully loaded and it is an amazing car. I have an Infiniti G37 and i dont have few features that this Altima has. Like heated steering wheel, blind spot monitor, and lane departure warning. None of those options are available on my car nor the nissan maxima . And for a car that cost a little more than $10,000 less than an Infiniti thats amazing! The seats are so comfortable, honestly the only seats that i have sat on that were more comfortable was a Mercedes S550 which is more than $100,000. This cars little details really show what an amzing car it really. The lights underneath the car that light up at night, the remote start that is standard on the SV and SL.

By klis1 on May 17 @ 3:13 am
Poor/defective pearl white paint job
Purchased 2013 Altima in Pearl white, the day after I discovered a paint defect that was evident in low light and shade. Defect listed as mottling, shadowing or zebra/tiger striping. I was able to return the vehicle to dealer a month later after a bit of drama (too much to fit in this review) due to clerical errors that prevented the financing from going through and saved me the time of a Lemon Law case. Tried Nissan by creating a case but was stalled by rep that kept needing additional time for “review”. Defect was evident in showroom of another dealer for a car assembled in Smyrna,TN. Other issues consistent with reviews for heated seats, trany and steering noise. Maybe time for Accord

By 1unhappycus on July 1 @ 10:38 am
Defect defect defect!
Disappointed from day 1! Got car & had more miles than expected! Paint defects. Who lets a brand new car get to a customer with stickers Under Yes under the paint? Brake light comes on, shutter from transmission getting worse every day, mileage on gas upon fill up changes, sensor in seat never always shows no one is in the seat, heated seats do not work properly, annoying noise from electronic steering getting louder, paint peeling off front bumper= been painted 4 times! Yes & the paint is peeling AGAIN! Went to dealer to get out of this car & they want me to lose 4,000.00. Ha Nissan are you kidding! Wouldn't the news love to see the defects in all these reviews! Shame!

By shelly30 on November 8 @ 11:14 pm
I bought a 2013 Nissan Altima sedan back in November. I traded my 2012. I noticed that whenever the headlights are on that there is a smudgy place, which later found out it is a shadow from the lamp. I did talk to my dealership and they said all the headlights were like that. I called and reported it to consumer affairs nissan. She wrote up a case number and all and asked me to send pictures. I did that and she sent them to the engineering department. She called me back and told me that it's the lamp and that there's no solution to correcting this as of right now. My question is did whoever make this car not look at it before sending it out on the market. You buy a brand new car

By carpersonvu on July 20 @ 4:29 am
now it is great
I bought the car in August 2012----I had the vibration at 20 and 40 MPH as reported by a number of people. I worked with cosumer realtions at Nissan---the lady I got was FANTASTIC---after dealing with the dealer who did not know what to do and said it was the CVT, she got a design engineer to drive my car and he told me it was the belt tensioner---the early ones did not have a stong enough spring---they replaced it and the car is now FANTASTIC---it is not the CVT---If you have this problem insist on a new belt tensioner---make sure it is a new one with the new design and you will then love the car as I do.

By hondaccord09 on August 7 @ 5:24 pm
Quiet Lexus-like ride is the 2013 Altima
This car is like the Maxima, Lexus or Infinity, with the quiet, soft, comfortable ride with high mpg rating. Gas prices are not going lower. It's around $4/gallon as of today. I don't know what's is going on with the deal. This car has the qualities of a Lexus or Infinity but is priced a tens and twenty thousands dollars less! The suspension is not stiff at all. The 17" wheel base gives the car a good, quick, controlled ride on the highway. The interior comes with very comfortable seating and everything is laid out nicely and vertically.

By atglass2 on January 7 @ 9:55 am
Deep Buyer's Remorse
I purchased my new 2013 Altima in Nov. 2012. I have had the car for 3 months and I have had to take it back to dealership 5 different times for the same lugging noise and vibration issue. They replaced the belt and belt tensioner but the relief from the awful noise and vibration only lasted a short time. I have 2 open cases with Nissan customer care but all I can get out of them is that Nissan is aware of the problem. Now they don't even return my phone calls. The service manager at my dealership told me that their hands are tied, meaning I'm on my own. I have owned many new cars in my lifetime and if I had an issue, it was quickly addressed. This time it has been a nightmare.

By lruthers on May 15 @ 12:53 am
Wind or design flaw?
On February 19, 2013, when I pressed the button to open the trunk from inside the car, the lid came up with enough force to make the corners of the trunk lid shatter the rear window. The dealership maintains that a gust of wind must have caused this, although I and another witness told them that it wasn’t unusually windy. I pressed the release button and *CRASH*. There was no pause or delay. If it was a gust of wind, it would have had to come up just as I pressed that button and in just the exact location to fling that lid open. That's a heck of a coincidence, and I don't believe in coincidences that illogical.

By jban on June 19 @ 3:57 am
Never a Nissan again!
I purchased my Nissan Altima back in September. I've been back to the dealership 5 times already. Break light coming on while driving on the highway, air bag light comes on while my wife is sitting in the seat, window squeaks as I’m rolling it down, I can hear my AC fan is loud, and the biggest problem is every other day I use the push button to start the car and it cranks, cranks, and cranks before starting. Almost like the battery is dead. I've taken it back 5 times and every time they just replace the fuel pump. I just hope I can get the lemon law claimed on this car. Very disappointing Nissan...

By mred72 on January 18 @ 4:39 pm
Read carefully-good car with minor annoyances.
I bought this car with 6,000 miles on it. Dealership had reprogrammed the CVT so the notorious vibration at low RPM's is somewhat eliminated. The entire rear lighting assembly was replaced as others complained about. Car DOES NOT get much more than 33 MPG as of writing this, but it should improve in warmer weather, at least it better (I drive all highway). Still it's better than the 26 MPG I was getting in my 05' V6 Avalon and Solara. Very nice handling and little road noise. Comfortable car, fit and finish done very nicely. Had fog lights installed afterward. Makes a big difference in distribution of lighting.

By tsz628 on February 21 @ 5:23 am
Disappointed and Concerned/Buyer Beware
I purchased my new 2013 Nissan Altima in January, 2013. I have had the vehicle now for nearly 2 months and 1300 miles. The performance of the vehicle thus far has been very disappointing. A very annoying vibration and lugging of the car upon acceleration at low rpms has been an issue. I just recently took a short trip using all interstates and felt a vibration and howling noise in the car the entire trip at speeds of 65-75mph. I have called the dealership and was told this was typical of a CVT Transmission. That statement is far from the truth. Nissan has a serious problem and needs to find a solution to correct this problem. Without these very annoying issues this can be a great car. Replaced vehicle within a year.

By bab12078 on June 9 @ 1:24 am
Noisy vibration
Love the riding quality and comfort of the interior. But the noisy vibration when starting to accelerate is overwhelmingly annoying. When the rattle is louder than your radio something is wrong. We have taken it to the dealer and they are going to replace the drive belt and tentioner in the transmission. They have already changed the exhaust pipe due to finding the O2 censor cross-threaded in the pipe. This however did not fix the problem. Hopefully changing the belt will. Apparently Nissan is recognizing the problem and trying to find a solution. We were much happier with the old CVT transmission and one less mpg on fuel mileage.

By caliguy1 on December 1 @ 2:28 pm
On the road in my 2013 Altima 3.5 SL
I test drove a 2013 Altima 2.5 last fall and did not like the sound of the CVT transmission with the 4 cyl. engine. I drove a 3.5 SL with the V6 and loved it, but I put off getting one. I recently leased a 3.5 from Mossy Nissan in San Diego and the car is fully loaded!! It's great to drive, comfortable, quiet, smooth with plenty of power when it's needed. Although I only have 550 miles on the car at the moment, I can say I'm impressed with it and think I made a great choice. My first choice was a VW Passat, but the design was blan to me, especially the dashboard area, and VW just couldn't meet the lease terms Nissan offered.

By mrboston1 on March 13 @ 7:39 am
I have 2k miles on this vehicle and can say the 2013 Altima is what a mid-sized car should be, solid build, great fuel economy, very comfortable seats, solid on-center steering, very stylish, no-problems with quality, very quiet on the hwy. I have had no humming or noises, the car just drives very smoothly.

By sonaz on January 22 @ 4:33 pm
3.5 SL; Nav, Tech, LEDs, Mud Guards; no spoiler
Great MPG highway. On a recent trip from D.C. to NJ I got 34.2 round trip. Short, slow(city), and hilly driving is another story. That kind brings MPG way down. The car does have a kind of 'groan' while accelerating or maintaining low-medium speed but I don't find it bothersome. Otherwise it's quiet. The CVT is awesome in Ds mode. Very nice acceleration. Love pseudo 'gearshift' effect in Ds mode. I have the heated seat issue where you get heat either at bottom cushion or the back but not both at same time. Repair attempt failed. Need to go back with it. update 02/16- the repair shorted out and was fixed again. 2/28/2016: My daily mileage went from 4 miles to and from work to 50 for the last year. The car drives like new still. Engine (6 cyl) is fabulous, car handles well ( if I were buying again I would consider the SR model, which was not available when I bought in 2013) . Update Aug 30, 2016: Car now has over 50k miles and continues to please. Very comfortable, fits like a glove and is fun enough to drive. Ample power, handles nicely. MPG is a little lower these days on new tires which are not like the originals which were low rolling resistance. Update March 2017 ; 60,800 miles. Excessive deposits on battery cable ends was cleaned. Replacement tires are not LRR and I notice a drop of about 1.2 mpg overall. Shifter starting to make 'crunching' sounds when shifting in/out of park.

By harryo3 on May 18 @ 9:11 pm
Cvt Problems Nissian says cannot correct. BEWARE
Great driving car. Handles well and is quiet inside EXCEPT for transmission noise at low rpms. Do not buy this car until Nissan gets the cvt problem corrected. My 2013 has been in shop 5 times in 5 months. Want to trade in but the cvt noise scares buyers away. Hard to believe Nissan cannot correct the problem or maybe they may think it will be to costly for them. The None return of nissan customers will be felt in future cars made by them.

By tmw1207 on June 14 @ 12:46 am
It's ok but keep looking.....
I leased a 2013 Altima after returning a 2010 Camry...the noisy engine is driving me nuts! It doesn't last the entire time but upon acceration it is noisy and shaky like an old car. I didn't notice as much during the test drive but I really hate this car... I hate it. I now wish I bought out my lease with the quiet, reliable Camry. The acceration on the car is good and the value is good- the design is great, it's a nice machine to look at. The lighting is poor. The driver seat is comfortable after you manuever every which way to make it so... Passenger seat cant be adjusted as much and is horrible. If you can handle the noise go for it...it's not SO BAD but it's a deal breaker for me.

By greenpuppy on July 1 @ 10:57 am
Love My Nissan!
I was really dead set on a completely different sedan - but the lease cost was astronomical (and the other car's MSRP was actually lower than the Altima), so I started looking elsewhere. Hated almost every other car I test drove (Accord, Sonata, Camry) - but LOVED the Altima! I got the 2.5 SV with no navigation, and it's just amazing. It's so quiet, even at highway speed, I often find myself drifting up to the 70mph range without even noticing because it drives so smoothly. The bluetooth features and ipod connectivity are great (even displays album artwork) and I really like having the two screens (one in instrument panel, one in radio). MPG has been great too!

By acoustic58 on April 18 @ 2:44 pm
Beautiful but with one major flaw
Bought the new 2013 Altima SL. Beautiful inside and out but with one major flaw. The noise level inside the cabin on the 4 cylinder during acceleration is beyond what a new car should be. Nissan promotes this car as quiet which is a long way from reality. I had this car back to the dealer a few times and Nissan also sent out a National Rep. and after replacing a couple parts, on a brand new car, I was told that the noise I am hearing is normal. It's amazing that when the engine drone on acceleration is so loud that I have to turn up the radio to not hear it is considered normal. It's really a shame that Nissan overlooked this problem because it's a beautiful car.

By maureen16 on June 27 @ 3:59 am
Beautiful car, fun to drive but noisy!
I replaced a worn out Ford Freestyle with this beautiful little Nissan Altima. I love everything about my car except for: the noise at low rpm's. Honestly, I have never heard anything like the whistle that comes out of the engine during low acceleration. It is not my computerized variable speed transmission, rather the whistle I am hearing is credited to the new electronic style of power steering pump Nissan opted to put in these cars. And you know what I was told? Get used to it.

By cltking on March 8 @ 7:22 am
Buyers Remorse
This car is pretty amazing! I fell in love with it when I first saw it. When it was time to buy, I narrowed my two choices down to the new Accord and this Altima. I ultimately chose the altima.I regret buying a this car. The CVT engine is the main problem. It shakes and shudders when you accelerate off the line. I did my research and from my understanding., CVTs are suppose to be smooth sailing. They are suppose to hold their RPM steady until you apply a diffrent amount of pressure on to the pedal. When I accelerate, the rpm goes up to about 2000 then it drops down to the 1000's and i feel a shock/shutter. Until nissan fixes this car's engine, DONT BUY THIS CAR! The value of the car willdrop

By paul_ss454 on August 29 @ 11:29 pm
What To Expect After You Buy
To those considering this car, I suggest you do a search on 2013 Altima CVT problems. You’ll find a wealth of detail on what buyers are experiencing. For me, the widely reported vibration problem surfaced near 1000 miles. The dealer keeps insisting that it is a normal for a car with a CVT and refuses to repair. That stance is deceptive because the problem didn’t develop until the car had miles. None of the documentation for the car discloses that this is expected to occur. The repeated response Nissan Customer Care is “work with your dealer to resolve”. The car offers some compelling features. It’s unfortunate this flaw combined with poor customer support makes it a very bad purchase

By new_style on December 29 @ 2:21 pm
Kudos to Edmunds
Using the pricing information and buying advice on Edmunds.com I purchased a 2013 Altima SV with the convenience package/wheel locks/lojack/floor mats for the crazy low price of $23,967 out the door (included taxes and all fees). True Value Price was $24,251 before taxes, Dealer fees, and DMV fees. If there was a photo option I would post it because I couldn't believe it either. I did have to walk out on one of the dealerships that said they could match the price but they dinked around for an hour offering me less equipped cars...so I left. Don't hesitate to leave...stick to your guns. If I had given in on that they would have back peddled on everything else.

By rboas1 on May 13 @ 12:54 pm
Read the reviews before buying or leasing
The 2013 Altima is a science project from Nissan that the consumer is leasing or buying unknowingly being stuck with a car that has major flaws, one being the CVT chattering issue that Nissan claims is normal. It is like having a manual transmission and attempting to start off in 3rd gear, doors that rub against the lower side panels during cold weather (dealer repaired after 2 days in the body shop), whining noise coming from power steering, blind side warning lights that come on within the cabin at random during rainy days. These issues are reported on any site that reviews the 2013 Altima, but the Nissan rep claims it is the first time she has heard of them.

By alan106 on September 28 @ 3:19 am
CVT Sucks!
I've been driving my 2013 Altima SV for 6 months. I regret having purchased this car. I should have bought a Camry. The CVT transmission is defective by design. While cruising at highway speeds and attepting to maintain a specific speed, the transmission at about 1800-2000 rpm, will begin to vibrate at a low rumble....which is not only audible but felt. At any speed, engine noise is NOT what you expect in a family sedan. Wind noise, with closed windows, is inexusable. The whine from the power steering is only a problem when you start the car. Once running it's inaudible. On the positive side: the car has great acceleration, breaks,exterior design. The car feels solid and has good gas milage

By franklit on April 12 @ 2:19 am
pearl white paint discoloration
I purchased a 2013 pearl white Nissan Altima about a month ago. When driving the car home from the dealership my husband and I stopped by a restaurant to eat and it was just beginning to get dark outside when my husband noticed a some light and dark stripes on the drivers side door, didn't think much about it until the next when it was light outside and could get a better look and also asked our son to look at the car to make sure he could also see the stripping or like tiger stripes and it's definately visible. We also noticed at local dealerships there were also pearl white altima's with the same discoloration on the doors. So if you are deciding to buy a Pearl White Nissan Altima BE WARE

By franklin18 on November 12 @ 10:47 pm
Car will not accelerate
I bought our car the end of Feb 2013. We loved it, after taking it out that weekend the car gave a BSW code and when pushing the gas the car would just stall and not go. I would have to let off the gas and then push the gas again it would go. After 8 days in the shop we were told it was a wire that was not grounded properly. 5 days later, I would push the gas and the car would stall, I called they had my car another 4 days to be told it was a faulty stop lamp switch. Had the car for 4 more days and now it is back in the shop for the exact same problem. Called Nissan North America and still waiting on a return call from 2 days ago! I love the car, wish it would run properly!

By teach13 on September 30 @ 11:40 pm
noise and vibration when accelerating
We have had our car to the dealer three times and called the Nissan Customer Service to register a complaint. Customer Service says the car is running normal and that they have not received any complaints. This car makes a lot of noise and vibration when accelerating from a stopped position. It sounds like an old car. Also, the car was recalled once and soon will be recalled a second time because the light keeps coming on saying the passenger seat air bag is off. Do not buy this car!!!

By rtinaglia on December 29 @ 12:08 pm
2013 Altima - Not Quite Ready!
Among the many continuing problems -heated seats that don't heat unformally;power sterring wine, no fix after 6 months; very hard ride -they suggested I change tires! GPS is ridiculous, Center vents can never be closed- continually run air unless you turn off system. Sensor for cabin temp is on the top of the dashboard - when ever it's sunny, even in winter it blows cold a/c air to cool no matter if the cabin is 40 degrees. rearview camera washes out in sunlight. Blind spot system is usless in wet weather - it either sees nothing or falses all of time. Nothing can be adjusted! Interior drivers area is tight - & I'm only 5-7". No passenger power seat in a 32K car! The CVT trans slips.

By dwlund on May 21 @ 2:51 pm
Purchased 2013 Altima August 2012 - my first (and last!) Nissan. Nothing but problems. Vibration/rumbling at 1500 rpm's a nightmare. In for service on 4 different occasions - dealership would never admit to problem - stated it was characteristic of CVT. Went to Nissan HQ - they finally admitted there was a problem. Referred me back to dealership to replace belt and tensioner. Worked ok for several hundred miles, then vibration returned. Could not take any more. Traded it in for a 2013 Toyota Avalon - took a loss, but hated the car. Also had problem with heated seats, wind noise protruding from side-view mirror, noise from power steering. In other words - a real lemon!!! Nissan the worst!!!

By erichards on August 6 @ 3:36 am
Bought it for the MPG, very disappointed
I traded in a very nice, fully equipped 2007 Altima 3.5 SE for the 2013 2.5 SV because the poor fuel mileage of the 3.5 - I was averaging 21-22 in my daily commute (125 miles round trip) - and thought the new 2.5 and its 27/38 rating would save enough on gas to justify the new car payment. I was wrong; so far I have only been able to average 26-27 mpg in driving that is about 50/50 highway/city. Otherwise in its first 3k miles the car has been otherwise just ok; the seats are more comfortable than the old one, but the whole "zero-gravity" thing is a bit of over-hype. The ride is softer, which is nice for commuting, but it gives up some of the sportyness that the SE offered to get that ride. Update @ 3 years/90k miles: while the average mpg is still not too impressive (averaging 27-ish in mixed driving), the purely highway mpg has been quite good at times. On one trip that was 95% highway I was able to squeeze 625 miles out of one tank of gas, for an average of around 36 mpg (calculated, not from the on board computer). The car definitely likes highway cruising. Aside from that, it maintains a perfect reliability record, with only scheduled maintenance and wear items (oil & filter, tires, brakes, etc.) replaced so far (knock wood). I did have the CVT fluid changed at 89k miles, but that was my choice as there is nothing concrete in the owner's manual about change intervals for the CVT. Otherwise the car is about what you would expect from a Nissan sedan; a great commuting car, but nothing to get excited about. I will add I haven't grown any more fond of the CVT than I was at the start; it gets the job done, but adds nothing to the driving experience (assuming you're into that). I'm pretty sure my next car will have either a manual or traditional automatic transmission - sorry Nissan. Update @ 4 years/110k miles. Car has continued to be totally reliable, otherwise nothing different from my last update. I have had it in for 2 recall items (spare tire & ECU re-program), and have another I need to go in for (passenger seat belt sensor - mine seems to work fine though), but all are/were minor things. I still expect to be changing brands when this one is paid for though - I have a friend who owns a newer Accord with the V6 and real automatic; it gets better all-around gas mileage and is much more fun to drive. All in all though, if you don't care about spirited driving, and just want a nice, reliable, comfortable sedan at a reasonable price, this car is a good choice.

By zxpatric on March 1 @ 2:37 pm
Please. Everyone goes to NSTHA to complain
Good and Bad. Good exterior, good seat, ok price. Bad driving train, but wasn't it the most important part of a car? It vibrates violently at RPM 1200~1800, pain to drive since it is mostly used RPM range. It doesn't happen to 2012 Altima rented, so a regression for 2013. I am disappointed also at Nissan's slow reaction to this well-known issue. Two new cars test-drived later at dealership had the same problems. So came on, Nissan, do it back to 2012, ok? 2013 Altima owners, please do ourselves a favor to file complaint at https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/VehicleComplaint/index.xhtml

By newaltima1 on March 7 @ 2:55 am
New Altima
I traded in a 2010 Honda Civic because I was looking for a bigger car as I am 6'2" tall. The selling point for me is the gas mileage. I was averaging 31 with the civic, do a little better with the Altima but it's a bigger car. All the bad reviews on here scared me at first, but I think those may be the first 2013's released. No problems with mine (1,000 miles) yet. Car is very quite and smooth. Steering is different, does wander a bit, may be the tires. Again, it is a bigger car than I'm used to. Good luck, very pleased thus far.

By barry5k on April 15 @ 12:14 pm
Sold the car after three months!
Initially, this car had it all. It drove well, comfortable, fun to drive. Since then it has been back and forth to the dealer with the power steering whine, cvt issues, and other odds and ends. I had to deal with Nissan corporate. They were not helpful and after repeated call on my part, they admitted the problems, fixed all, but after 800 miles, everything returned. The cvt was sluggish and made all kinds of noise. I finally decided to take the loss and get rid of this car. Don't buy this car!

By fvrsr on August 28 @ 10:49 pm
I love my Altima; with I could afford a new one
Will get a new one some day

By jesteruno on November 25 @ 11:45 pm
Which problem would you like to hear first?
2013 Altima Lemon. When the right blinker returns to the neutral position the left blinker turns on for about 5 flashes, confusing the car behind you. Leaves got into the AC evaporator box causing a foul odor and Nissan says this is a maintenance issue, and I should avoid parking under trees. Now let’s talk about the passenger air bag light. Apparently it’s on a sensor and depending on what the sensor reads determines whether you get to have an airbag or not. According to the Nissan Specialist, “it’s a supplemental system”. so IT determines whether you smash you face against the glass. All of these issues are "normal operation" according to them. I should have bought a Honda.

By rebert on June 29 @ 5:58 pm
WARNING! Bought based on Consumer Reports rating which was much higher than Camry. Chief auto tester came from Nissan then went back to Nissan! This car is a piece of crap! First week had vibration at highway speeds. Found three rims were out of round. Any wind affects the car and you must hold onto the wheel as it will drift all over the road. Interior is cheap as hell and the seat covering wrinkles easily. Under a slight load engine skips as it runs extremely lean. Engine and entire car is very loud. Solved problems by trading it in! WARNING!

By mickeywoz on March 27 @ 10:29 pm
Made in January 2013
After reading all the negative posts I was hesitant in waiting for my car to arrive in February. So far I have not had any issues with CVT shudder, and the heated seats worked as they should. There is a very slight power steering whine but for me it is not noticeable unless everything is off and you are listening for it at low speeds. I have really enjoyed this car, I have taken it on two long distance trips (have 6,000 miles on it) and the ride was quite and comfortable. The crazy thing is, the car is rated for 31 miles mpg on the highway and I had gotten 33mpg, 35mpg and a whopping 37.5 mpg on three different fillups, the lowest being through the mountains.

By drbill2 on June 21 @ 1:02 pm
One classy car!
The previous generation of Altimas must have been put through finishing school by Nissan, as it has emerged as smoother, quieter, and much more refined than my 2010 S. The engineers have succeeded in masking much of the drone of the 4 cylinder engine. They've also succeeded in creating a car that appears and drives like a car priced in the 30s rather than the 20s. LOve the sat radio and the dual climate control also. Well done, Nissan!

By airbob55 on September 18 @ 5:14 am
WARNING - BUY THIS CAR - Still Love the Car 2016
We looked at the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, VW Passat and Hyundai Sonata and all were very nice vehicles, but the 2013 Nissan Altima was a sleeper. We purchased a loaded pearl white SL 2.5 with tech package. This car is great, we're averaging 33 + MPG for the last 2 months, I love the CVT transmission. this car is fast, handles like a sports car, and the ride is smooth and very comfortable, by the way the seats are the most comfortable seat my rear has ever been in. We love all the standard features. plus the 5 star crash rating. I'm not sure why the negative reviewers, but it's the internet, they must be true... Take a test ride and see for yourself... PS. My wife loves this car :)

By akinchen on February 1 @ 4:33 am
A Fantastic Car
I have owned Toyota Camry's , Honda Accords , and other Nissan Altima's . This yr Nissan Altima had the most dramatic improvement over all previous models built . The quietness and comfort are over the top for this price range . I compare it to a Lexus or similar car . The ride comfort is amazing . I have less than a thousand miles so it is simply too early to talk about fuel economy . But my last Nissan performed admirably regarding fuel economy . My old Honda Accord actually out did my Altima on fuel economy but rode like a tank compared to my Altima . Now the Altima is my preferred vacation car . It also greatly helps with a Sales price and a low interest rate , It is a Winner

By jagger2 on January 11 @ 2:32 pm
Please do your research before you purchase this vehicle. I have been a loyal Nissan customer for nearly 20 years and have owned several Nissan vehicles. Didn't think twice about what could possibly go wrong with a brand new Altima. Basically relied on my experience which was my huge mistake. The vehicle just had too many defects. First the whining noise and shortly after, brakes made a loud slapping noise, the fuel slosh, screen goes blank and not to mention the rubber burning smell. Addressed all of these with Nissan and even filed a complaint with BBB and MD General Attorney. Nissan did absolutely nothing other than write a response stating everything was normal. Do your research first

By ebch on May 22 @ 4:56 pm
Big Big Big Problem - CVT
Hello future buyer, If you are willing to go Nissan service center at least once a month, you can buy this car. Please go Nissan forum first and check what are problems of this car. [HTML removed.] My case is RPM suddenly down to 800 RPM at 20-30 mph range, it feel like loosening power. Not always. 800 RPM means car stopped at the road with engine running. Extremely nervous situation because car bounced with bang sound from power train. Nissan have to step up to recall for CVT problem.

By iwidisky1 on February 5 @ 8:13 pm
Very impressed
I have been a Lincoln Town Car owner for over 30 years. When Lincoln discontinued the Town Car I was very dissapointed, and did not like the newer Lincolns. I leased an Altima 2013 S for my Wife, and was very impressed by the ride and the gps, and the ride. She gave up a Lincoln sl 2005. I decided to get one for myself, and traded a Lincoln Town car 2007. Best move I ever made. The Altima 2013 SV that I now own is amazing I took a trip from Florida to Mass. and back and used a little less than five tanks of gas. The ride was as good as the Lincoln and half the cost. Great car have no complaints. Want a good car buy this one.

By trun on January 17 @ 9:14 pm
Car looks great from the outside but as soon as you step foot on the inside, it is a piece of crap. I had a 2009 Altima and regret every day that I ever traded it in for a 2013. The back up camera is absolutely atrocious! You can't even see out of it. There is a rattling in the roof that will not stop. The navigation is horrible. My 2009 navigation/camera system was WAY better than this horrible 2013. When I brought it to Nissan with these complaints they said that I needed to check my surroundings anyways and basically admitted this camera was pointless. I am VERY disappointed with this purchase. I will not buy a Nissan again because of the swindling I felt like I had received.

By billmoze on January 11 @ 7:14 am
Got rid of it after 3months
As previously mentioned, CVT Drivetrain sucks!! This was my first Nissan Product and most certainly my last. I took my lumps and traded it on a very nice Hyundai Sonata ( while they had their rebate offers ). That helped with the loss I took on it. I previously had a Hyundai Azera, a great Car ( for 6 years ). I just found out this morning that Nissan issued a recall on the 3.5 Engine CVT, but not the 2.5. Technical Bulletin issued just last week. I would very strongly suggest this Vehicle with a poorly designed & engineered drivetrain be avoided !!!

By rva_altima on May 30 @ 5:41 am
The Best
I love my car. Regarding e negative reviews.... The manual clearly states that the passenger air bag light does not stay on for the ride. Test drive the car you will actually purchase, then you would not have the issue of getting one that makes noises at 60 mph. The wind is noisy when the window is cracked or down. Maybe some window visors would help. But the windows have to be up to really use the bluetooth phone. The bluetooth is great, but asks too many questions and you need to know their phone numbers if you have multiple numbers, it does not show work vs cell vs home. Any hair product will leave ugly reside on the headrests. Warning : leather wipes only!

By rebert on March 28 @ 3:52 pm
Piece of junk
Took for a short test drive and bought it. Big mistake. Should've taken it for a much longer drive. This car is JUNK! Slight wind and the car is all over the road. Pulls to left or right constantly. Engine skips under slight load. CVT is awful. Two wheels were out of round. Terrible ride and very noisey slight bumps and car soulds like it's going to fall apart. Driver seat is comfortable, but upholstery is cheap and wrinkles easily. Can't take it much longer so will trade soon.

By ammaiol on August 14 @ 7:00 am
What a Lemon!
Come on Nissan- whatcha gonna do for all of us? This cars SUCKS! And with so many of us having the same problems you'd think they do something fast. How many does it take for a class action suit? I have brought the car back 5 times already. So far they've supposedly replaced the entire transmission, replaced the torque converter, reset the computer and car still bucks, chugs, surges forward at exactly 25 mph. and vibrates when you come to a stop. And I've been told the same bs as everyone else, almost word for word. Do they actual have a pitch they say to all of us? I have filed complaints with everyone- PLEASE file your complaints. We need to speak out.

By jsara on March 3 @ 3:45 am
First off this is my first AND last Nissan. I've had my 2013 Altima in for three sets of brakes, the Aux has never worked, the speakers rattle at a volume of 12 and the CVT transmission is a piece of junk and now needs replacing as there was metal found in the fluid by the dealer, nice. I paid $24k for this thing and have not been happy with it at all. The 38 mpg is complete b.s. I drive literally all highway miles and this thing hasn't even come close. An utter failure for Nissan.

By altima13sv on June 20 @ 1:41 pm
Another Altima lemon! <12,000 miles
Long story short, have taken to dealership 5 times for a rattle in the sunroof. Wasn't surprised when it started rattling this weekend again. Looks like ill be going in a 6th time. Also had brake light come on, rattle in passenger side wheel, and navigation area rattles over small/medium bumps. Dealership also damaged center console, wrinkled headliner, and a pillar. To their credit, they replaced it all. Would be a nice car if it wasn't built so cheaply. I'm afraid it's going to rattle apart after the 12k mile warranty period. What a $24k mistake and an assault on my time!

By trek2 on June 13 @ 12:46 pm
I have owned my Altima for 5 months now and it is by far the best I have ever owned. The mpg I'm getting is better than advertised. When I stay at 60 mph or under I get near 42 mpg on the highway I thought I would be disappointed in its performance considering its a 4 cylinder, but I have been pleasantly surprised. The 4 cylinder is a bit noisy, but easily tolerable.

By raey12 on November 30 @ 12:04 pm
JUNK! Traded in after 9 months
In the past I heard nothing but good things about Nissan, so with the new Altima body style and the available 3.5 liter option I decided to give it a try. This car was junk since the day I drove it off the lot. There was an issue with bolts in the front wheel area being installed backwards. The brakes always had problems where they would stick. A really loud rattle in the roof near the sunroof which Nissan claimed they never heard. A broken air vent. The blinker would stick. The passenger airbag would deactivate while driving with a 160 pound passenger in the seat. The manufacturer would do nothing about any of it. Go buy a Lexus or Toyota they are more reliable.

By nothappynissan on September 16 @ 5:08 am
Very unhappy and frustrated
I bought my new 2013 Altima about 3 months ago and it's been in the service dept 3 times. My car vibrates terribly. They first said it just needed a computer upgrade or something and that should fix it. It didnt. I took it back and they determined it needed a new Torque Converter and that would stop the vibration. It didnt. I took it back a 3rd time and they said my back right rim was oval and replaced it with a round one and that wouldfix it. It didnt. Each time they hooked it up to their computer, contacted "Tech line" and stayed in touch with Nissans regional office for further instructions. It's still not fixed. Now nissan is telling me it's normal and that's it!? I'm not sure what to do

By ally07 on September 26 @ 1:18 pm
2013 Altima LEMON!
I regret ever buying the 2013 Nissan Altima.

By stonejrw on April 5 @ 5:09 pm
First and Last Nissan!!
Ive had this car in to the dealers 5 times now for low end rumble/shake, popping noises coming from the front wheels, tire pressure indicator not working correctly, seatbelt light coming on when passenger is in the seat, radio problems, engine light on several times and back up camera not working. I have just over 11,000 miles and this car feels like it has over 100,000. Stuff rattles and shakes. Popping noises coming from the front end again and now brakes sounds like they need replacing. This is the worst car Ive ever owned.

By jasonpaul on May 27 @ 8:25 pm
Great comuter car
This car seems to be a great car for traveling, I drive 120 miles a day for work and am averaging 35.4 mpg. Im a big guy 6'0" 370 lbs and the seat are comfortable, I drove the camry and the accord and the legacy and all of them seat seemed to short in the leg area and aint comfortable. The navigation works flawlessly I would recommend this car to anyone, I love the long range it has im averaging 600 miles between fillups

By gski1 on March 5 @ 5:26 pm
Comfortable & good to look at, but that's it.
Nissan pushed this car out too quick IMO. Replaced my totaled 2012 without hesitation as it was perfect (final year before the 13 redesign). Less than a year old and 15 different warranty repairs, 30+ visits to the stealership. Moonroof rattles constantly, removed and reassembled, then completely replaced along with windshield and headliner. Still rattles, filed lemon law, pending buy back. Beware, wait for 2014 and still wait for reviews on that model to come out.

By arthurcc on February 2 @ 1:12 am
600 miles so far, no complaints.
I recently purchased this vehicle and I have had no problems with it thus far. I bought it new with only the initial 16 miles on it. So far, I have put 600+ miles since getting it and have no complaints so far with it. I was surprised by how well the vehicle accelerated considering it is a v4. The only thing I don't like about the car is that it will sometimes not display the song playing on the information display; I cannot figure out how to program the caller ID for when someone is calling me while I am driving. Other than those two quibbles there isn't else that would tell me to deter you from purchasing this vehicle.

By jtolleson on August 24 @ 2:50 am
Very disappointed
I've had my Altima seven months now, and have had way too many trips to the dealership for a new car. That is why I buy new -- to avoid dealing with problems! There are a lot of things I love about the car. But there's also a lot I hate about the car, especially the whine from the power steering pump (I complained so much that Nissan replaced the steering pump, but the new pump makes the exact same noises). That constant noise at low speeds drives me crazy. I've also had it in several times because of rattles from the moon roof and bolts needing to be tightened, and the passenger airbag sensor not working.

By my3cents on July 2 @ 1:42 pm
Steering's tough
If you're prone to carpel tunnel or if you have any arthritis in your hands, you'll probably want to find a different car. I didn't know I was in either of these categories, but I'm finding that driving this car can be real work.

By coppersmith on December 7 @ 4:21 am
Best car I've ever owned so far anyway.
2013 Altima SV- Smooth ride, averaging 30 mpg overall, steering better than many other sedans, no problem with wandering, maintains a straight line well, engine is smooth with no shuddering, much less noisy engine than earlier Altimas, comfortable seats, controls are easy to operate, excellence all around. After driving this car for just over 3 years now, I still stand by the earlier review. This is a great car. There have been no mechanical problems at all, no issues with anything breaking or falling apart in the interior. I've only had one slight issue with the heating/AC in that the mode/vent directional occasionally changes from what I've selected on its own for some reason. It seems that the computer-calculated MPG is a bit higher than my calculation, but the fuel efficiency is still good for a car this size. I have heard the squealing sound that others complained about a few times when the car is idling but only if both the radio and the vent fan are off, however this is usually inaudible when the radio and fan are on and it has caused no issues with the normal operation of the vehicle. When the older family car is on its last leg, we will become a 2-Altima family!

By carpersonvu on October 8 @ 3:15 am
did anyone get the viration fixed ???? Production change??
I have a 2013 altima SL and it has the vibration/noise at 1200-1500 RPM. Was anyone successful in getting it fixed and it stays fixed????? Does anyone know what the production change was in dec 2012

By fridaypm2002 on October 10 @ 5:35 pm
2013 Altima 3.5 SV
I test drove a 3 series BMW, 4 series Audi, and the Sonata. Decided on the Altima 3.5SV. Came with all the bells and whistles, but at reasonable price when compared with BMW and Audi. The fit and trim is excellent. The car feels more expensive than it costs. The Sonata, although also very nice looking did not handle as well as the Altima 3.5 SV. Chose cloth over leather for comfort. Gets hot where I live. Test drove the 2.5 Altima. No comparison to the 3.5 for pep and go. The Altima 3.5 is very compariable to the pep of BMW and Audi. Highly recommend the Altima 3.5.

By kitchen1 on July 20 @ 8:56 pm
Review after owning car for one year
I withheld judgment even after the numerous issues I've had but now it needs a new transmission at 12,000 mi. I've owned a '04 Altima and a '11 Murano. In a word, this '13 Altima is junk. Within the 1st mo of ownership I had a blinking navigation screen (replaced), leather trim on the center console backseat unfinished (replaced), heated seats wired wrong (new wiring harnesses both sides). Within 2 mos I developed the infamous "lugging" transmission (new torque converter and belts= no difference) Within 5 mos the driver/passenger windows = excessive wind noise (both outside mirrors replaced). Now clicking noise in transmission requiring new transmission. I'm just a my 1 yr ownership.

By swallerstein on November 2 @ 7:10 pm
Had it right with 2012
We leased a 2012 for a couple of years. Ran flawlessly, pretty comfortable, fun to drive. Lease ran out so we leased a 2013. 2013 engine is powerful with great gas mileage; weird high pitch whining, rattling though. I find the driver's seat to be one of the most uncomfortable I've ever sat in. Very difficult to find a comfortable position that doesn't cause back pressure. Passengers in back don't find those too comfy either. Gearshift console is very instrusive which further compromises comfort. The dashboard is extremely reflective. Even in low light, you are always looking through a reflection of the dash. In strong sunlight, it's a safey hazard. Designed by monkeys!

By hv2fdf on January 29 @ 8:51 am
Very nice car ,well built ,looks and rides great Considered a Honda Accord ,but the Altima was a better car . 4 Cylinder motor has plenty of power

By gski1 on August 28 @ 2:59 pm
pass it over
I can't say enough bad things about this car. Bought it brand new. Notice you can select the production date for the reviews...horrible quality before November 2012. After November, I don't think they've fixed anything either, but addressed the crash tests. CVT problems requite transmission repairs and replacement in 7,000 miles and still didn't work, radio replaced, heated seats didn't work, moonroof rattles (numerous repair/replacement attempts), rear deck and dash rattle, alternator replaced. If it can go wrong, it did. Took about 2K miles to start falling apart on me. Worse than the car was dealing w/nissan consumer affairs. Left me no choice but to contact an attorney who got Nissan to buy the car back. They put it on the lot as certified pre owned! STAY AWAY from Nissan.

By terryboots on February 8 @ 8:16 am
A very bad choice.
We purchased a 2013 Altima the month they were released. The good: Great ride, great seats, excellent climate control, fuel economy, generally good controls. The bad: Transmission failed at 13k. For months we were told the jerking and shuddering was normal, then the trans failed completely. Wind noise. Paint easily scratched/marked. Engine is noisy esp under light acceleration. CVT transmission is annoying, acts like the old 2-speed "Powerglide" in Grandma's Impala. It's either revving like crazy or so low the engine lugs. Nissan was good about replacing the transmission (this time), next time who knows? Accord, Impala, Fusion, Camry are all better options.

By fredg6 on June 9 @ 12:35 pm
What a great car!
I have been driving my 2013 2.5 SL Altima for a couple of months now. I have absolutely no regrets. The car is flawless in both build and performance. Don't believe any bad hype about the CVT you may read on the Internet. It's smooth and responsive. I actually prefer it now to a traditional automatic. The 2.5L in-line 4 cyl engine is powerful enough for 90% of drivers including me. On a recent trip I got 40.9 mpg which is more than Nissan claims! Around town I get the advertised 28 mpg. I love the blind spot warning system, too. It's so good I think ALL cars should have it! Why can't GM build a car like this???????? (The Altima is built in Tennessee.)

By sbjacobs on April 1 @ 5:18 am
Great car!
Third Altima after 4 Infinitis and this is as good, or better, than any of the previous. One year old with only 7000 miles and not one problem! The previous 6 were all V6 and this is my first 4 cylinder and I have no problem with less horsepower. Actually got 41 MPH on a recent trip to Phoenix. Quality of build is excellent, ride and handling are super and my dealer is superb. I see no reason for me to ever consider another brand.

By cakid1 on March 27 @ 7:22 am
Mileage not what is promised!
Bought the car 3 months ago...nice car but very disappointed with the mileage. I am getting a solid 27 mpg with about half of my driving being freeway.

By dm3 on May 3 @ 4:17 pm
Awesome car
Usually cars have tradeoffs. Power vs. gas mileage. Ride comfort vs. handling turns. Size vs. price. The Altima somehow seems to defy these tradeoffs in a way I've never experienced before. I don't know if its new improved technology or money. It has an eager powerful engine mated to an excellent transmission thats knows what you want to do. Great mileage (32.5mpg mix). Handles turns great while providing supple ride. All with tons of interior room. One of the best cars I've ever driven.

By bighair2 on November 5 @ 10:02 am
Do NOT buy a Nissan!!!!
We bought a 2013 Nissan Altima in September. Since then we have had nothing but problems;. I don't know where to start. The back seat is missing a piece of foam, still not fixed. The car is a danger to drive, it sways from side to side very hard to control if you are going over 35 mph, you find yourself in the other lane in a blink of an eye. The Nissan engineer said there was a problem but no answers. We have taken it in numerous times, they have told us there is nothing they can do. We have worked with Nissan consumer affairs and that was a joke. They are very rude and unhelpful, they offered us $400 for our problems and not fix it. Our next step is an attorney.

By mpgreview on January 29 @ 6:16 pm
MPG not as Advertised
The major issue is that we are getting 23 to 25 MPG in the City and no better than 30 to 32 on the Highway. This falls far short of the rated 27/38 that is heavily promoted by Nissan. I did a lot of research on this before buying to make sure there weren’t any issues with stated MPG. I don’t believe anyone is getting over 27 in the city unless they are doing a lot of coasting. Nissan has looked at the vehicle 3 times and as of the last visit said they also got 23 MPG but found no mechanical issues with the vehicle. The dealer recommended that I contact Nissan Consumer Affairs. They said that temperature and using the A/C will reduce MPG. Car should be rated for 25/30 at best.

By cars129 on April 9 @ 2:12 pm
great car for it's class
The nissan altima is a great car for it's class. It gets great fuel economey, yet gets decent performance. My car has the tech package. It has Blind spot warning, lane departure warning, and moving object detection.The intierier fit and finish is impressive. The navigation system works well. The optional Bose sound system sounds fine, but not exeptional. It is however better then the standard speakers. The zero gravity seats are quite comfortable. Overall the Altima is a good choice for it's segment.

By caliguy1 on June 6 @ 1:12 pm
Still Happy With My Altima
I've had my Altima since the first of February, 2013. It's now 8 months and 11,500 miles later and the car is great! My Altima is fully loaded except for the "remote start". I test drove the new Honda Accord, VW Passat, Kia Optima and Toyata Camry. For me the Altima had the most quiet and smooth ride with a bit of sports car feel...thanks to the 3.5 V6. I felt at ease in the seats and overall driving position. The V6 has plenty of get up and go, but if you're wanting fuel economy stick with the 4 cyl. For me, the CVT was to noisey with the 4 cyl. engine.

By kcee2 on May 7 @ 12:47 pm
Excellent Purchase
Love my purchase! Aesthetically pleasing interior for the price, exceeding expectations. The instrument panel is easy to read and the layout is relaxed and comfortable. Because of the remote starter, I'm okay without heated/cooled seats. The 7 in monitor/navigation screen is pretty awesome and so is the zero-gravity seating. It's all really cool, including the performance. In fact, my sedan actially drives better (to me) than the 2012 and 2013 coupe version, which I drove exclusively the last two years.

By segundo1 on June 8 @ 5:03 pm
Engine Noise
When I purchased my 2013 Altima in October 2013 it had 149 miles. During my short test drive I did not notice any engine noise. However, as I continued to drive the vehicle I noticed a high pitched whine coming from the engine. This noise is continuing to increase in volume. I rented a 2013 Altima 2.5 in November from Alamo that had 20000 miles and this same noise problem with a much higher volume. I took my car back to the dealer and they wrote on the service request that they could not duplicate the noise. I am going to take it back again and see what their response is.

By oxman3 on April 18 @ 12:13 am
2013 Altima 3.5SV
I cannot understand all the criticism of the CVT tranny. I just purchased it on Jan 1, 2014 & it is as near perfect as you can get. I have driven it in a hard acceleration mode as well as normal driving & I cannot even tell when it shifts, & boy when I get on it, it really goes. No hesitations or quirky little hiccups. The paddle shift is neat, but I don't use it. We live in the mountains & the driving is up, down & all around & we are already getting 27 MPG on it. For a large V6, this is excellent mileage. I fully expect to get over 30 mpg on a trip. I do not know anything about the 2.5, but if you purchase this vehicle, I highly recommend the 3.5. This is a great car.

By joebobjones on January 30 @ 9:57 am
Really Like My Car So Far
Bought my car July 2013. So far I really like it, but a few issues to note: 1) Gas milage isn't what was advertised, especially since the weather turned cold in Nov. 2) When coasting in traffic at 20 mph, I sometimes get a significant shaking when I step on the accelerator. Sometimes the shaking is strong enough that it's embarrassing. It doesn't happen very often though 3) The "premium" sound system sucks. It sounds like something I would expect from a Toyota Corolla. It's very disappointing, espeically since it's supposed to be an upgraded system.

By akinchen on November 27 @ 6:10 pm
Best Car I ever owned for the money
I expect Fuel to stay around the 3 to 3.25 range so I bought the 3.5 SV , i prefer cloth interior . I have about 10,000 miles . I converted to 0-20 viscosity Mobile one oil . I get about 34.5 average highway , the computer stays about 27.7 average around Houston . I love the acceleration and quietness of the CVT . The 3.5 has no noise when gunning the engine . Materials are excellent , love the engine and power . Best car I ever owned , got it on sale for about 25,000, beats everything in its class . Low interest rate

By bradhenson on March 30 @ 3:05 am
Worst new car I've ever purchased.
I really wanted to love this car, but the quality is sub par to put it mildly. We replaced a 2012 Nissan Juke that we loved (rear-ended and totaled). I kick myself every day for not buying another one. The transmission is noisy, the power steering pump is noisy, and the interior rattles more than an American car with 200k miles on it. Nissan says that the transmission is supposed to sound like the old "baseball card in the bicycle spokes", but I'm not buying it. The Juke transmission was perfect, but this one is perfectly horrible. I get mad every time I have to drive it. I'm done with Nissan. My next car was going to be a 370Z, but I'd buy a Korean car first... Update: The day I got rid of that POS was one of the best days of my life. Dealer contacted me and told me if I'd quit badmouthing them online that they'd trade me a Juke for it. They did. 2nd Juke is far worse than the first one, but A Yugo would have been a step up. When I get rid of this Nissan I'll NEVER own another.

By bradhenson on December 10 @ 4:52 pm
2nd review after more miles. Still Junk and getting worse...
The 2013 will probably go down in history books of how NOT to build and market a car. The transmission still isn't working right (2 dealer trips as of today, and still won't admit to hearing a clattering noise coming from transmission billed as being unusually smooth), but lets make some impressive titanium paddle shifters that don't turn with the wheel (stupid). That will take their minds off all of the clattering and squeeling under the hood. I honestly hope someone steals this car for (crappy) parts. It's pretty on the inside and outside, but it has the character of worn out old truck. Pathetic. Really

By steve_bz on September 12 @ 8:20 am
I have a 2013, 3.5S. I got it because it was on end of year special and I expect excellent things from Nissan. Normally, I go for smaller and sportier. This one is very sporty, lots of get up and go. The sound of the engine is actually throaty, with a growl, surprising. Not loud, but it sounds good. It handles pretty well but the stock tires are just ok in winter conditions, found out just today. The seats are comfy and with this version the stereo/high tech is minimal but still what I need. The configurable display is actually pretty techy but I guess I'm saying the S version stereo is minimal. Dunno if it is ok to say, but for 21K this was a steal of a deal. Had to buy at Xmas though.

By bradhenson on March 13 @ 12:28 pm
Getting rid of after 2 months of suffering.
Trading today. Best day of my life... By far the worst car I've ever owned. Keep your sanity and avoid this car at all cost! I am dead serious. I gave the ratings what slack I could since I've reviewed before and can't delete previous ones. If powers that be can delete the others, feel free...

By nubiancici on August 10 @ 7:21 pm
My 2013 Nissan Altima is not a year old yet and already have problems!!! Do not purchase this vehicle
I have tried my best to try to get Nissan to help me with a vibration problem that is occuring in my so called new car. I purchased this car June 1, 2013 and it was brand new. 6 Months later I am having issues. The had to change the left front strut which was causing my car to make a thumbing noise when I was driving slow. My car was perfectly fine till I got it back and then I noticed the vibration in my car that you can feel through the steering wheel. Nissan dealership in Lewisville Texas made me seem as if I was crazy. I strongly advice you to stay away from Nissan Altima until they figure out what is causing their vehicles to vibrate making the ride very uncomfortable.

By txgreg61 on April 12 @ 3:43 am
Love it But, Not Dependable
I bought a 2.5 SV in October 2012 and issues began within a few days of purchase. The car is comfortable and responsive for a 4 cylinder. The first 2 issues were a vibration when the engine was under a load and the other was some electrical issues. The driver side door lock would actuate repeatedly without my doing anything and the window would go half way down or up then return any time I pressed the button. The passenger side air bag warning light stayed on much of the time. After 18 months and 27,000 miles, the electrical issues persisted, the alternator went out and so did the transmission. I replaced it with a 2013 3.5 SL and within a week the transmission started acting up.

By nissan_is_crap on December 23 @ 12:55 pm
altima is crap
3-month new, two cracks at different location. No paint damage nor dent, body just got cracks from nowhere! cheap cheap plastic!

By bwc64 on January 11 @ 11:46 pm
A great car!!!
After 7 months and 9700 miles, I still love it, it's great car and I'm very happy with it. Fantastic gas mileage 30 to 32 mpg combined city and hwy 38 to 39 in all hwy. This is my fourth Altima and the best one yet. Love the new style, quality and it is alot more refined over previous models it's very quite and I love the upscale trim and smooth ride. The handling is great and I love it for long drives. I gets lots of compliments on the car and it style. It's very Infiniti like in the styling and I'm not complaining about that. I had read about the issues the early models had so I waited and made sure I bought one produced later in the year, Mine was made in July '13 and I'm glad I did!!!

By 2013neveragain on May 19 @ 4:18 pm
I knew better than to buy the first year of a redesign
I know better than to buy the first model year of a complete redesign... Immediately after purchase I had the windshield trim replaced because it would not hold secure and was flapping at highway speeds. Then with about 2K miles on it the car left me stranded at Wal-Mart. Nissan roadside took two hours to get a tow truck to me. Turns out it was a known ignition system recall that the dealer failed to update before I purchased the car. The radio has been replaced already for having issues such as dropping the blue tooth link with any connected phone, flashing on and off and so on. It took 3 weeks to get a replacement radio in. Dash trim on the side of the radio has been replaced...........

By sum2 on June 12 @ 5:37 am
Whole car vibrates/shakes at 1900RPM. I have replaced alternator & belt in regard to this issue but nothing has happened. Car still vibrates. Nissan technician told me it is normal because of CVT. well you didnot tell me that when I was purchasing the car. This is a major issue and NIssan is not even considering it as a problem. They do not have a solution fir it yet. I strongly advise all the potential customers to stay away from this car until they resolve the issue.

By mbp2011 on July 28 @ 3:46 pm
29K Miles .. so far so good!
So far we love this car. We bought it in August of 2013. At about 9K miles the odometer quit working. It just froze up one day (still had display, the mileage and trip just wouldn't change). Took it to dealer and they replaced no questions asked. The same day, I had them to replace the backseat because there was about a 3 in. place where one of the seams hadn't been sewn up. I have been pleased with the customer service on warranty so far. My husband drives it back and forth to work each day (87 miles, one way) and averages 35 mpg. He's a big guy and has plenty of space and headroom. Love it!

By motosys on July 25 @ 8:31 pm
Fantastic car
We purchased the last 2013 on the lot and got a great deal. The ride is very comfortable I took it on a 250 mile road trip and wasn't sore at all. The fuel economy was fantastic especially for a V6 I got 35 mpg for the trip. The only issues is the fabric that the seats are made of are nice and plush with a white dog who sheds we have to vacuum it out at least once a week to keep it looking good inside. The voice commands are awful. In my 2013 Hyundai the voice commands are better and work. However the interface on the Nav works great so I don't feel the need to tell the car to do things. for the bulk of what I do the buttons on the console and on the steering wheel are great

By btabor on October 1 @ 10:30 pm
It's All Good !
I had purchased my 2013 Nissan Altima 2.5 S sedan in December of 2013, no problems noted, what a great car it's been so far ! Sleek/ sporty in appearance, the 2.5 4 cylinder engine has plenty of get-up and go, and the gas mileage is excellent too. I'm not experiencing unwanted engine/ transmission noise as some report, and the CVT transmission shifts flawlessly. Road manners is outstanding also, the vehicle remains near perfectly even/ well balanced in hard turns at above average speed, and can navigate a road w/ many twists/ bends in it in a sports car like manner while not having to let up from the gas. All in all, it's far more than just your average family sedan, great job Nissan !

By pprince on July 28 @ 2:02 am
Great Vehicle but need some Updates
I've a 2013 Nissan SV which is a great vehicle and i love it. I wasn't a fan of Nissan vehicle but the new design gave me a push in buying it and also giving it a surprise gift to my lovely mom. The vehicle is fun to drive, with its great interior features and liability. Everything is top of class for its own level compared to other vehicle such as Honda, Toyota. Despite that, i think a few things needs to be made such as the Brake Light System & Air Bag System. The Air Bag System is finally fixed & i'm glad the dealership saw that i wasn't creating stuff up. Next fixing should be the Brake Light System because I've changed my Nissan 3 times. Other than that, vehicle is Awesome.

By altima13sv on March 17 @ 5:38 am
2013 Altima SV - Nothing but problems - not recommended
Car seemed like a good value with a good mix of features vs. price when purchased. However, ran into many problems in the first 7,500 miles. There was noise coming from the passanger tires. Constant rattling from the center cosole where the CS player is located. It was made of very cheap plastic and would get louder in hot weather. The sunroof would rattle. Had it replaced once but turned out to be the frame of the car above the driver's head that shook loose from car body. Probably a bit dangerous when I think back. I found the seats to be extremely uncomfortable and had back and leg pain. Replaced with Honda Accord and there is a huge quality difference! no problems after 10K miles

By cvb8 on February 21 @ 4:59 am
Love but ?
Problems seems to be popping up. First time I had a car stop behind me when backing up...accident since no warning. Next, back up screen showed electrical waverings and passenger air bag lit up. Passenger door whistles and sounds as though something is open when not. CD player only holds ONE disc at a time (bad, bad) and recently when I did a phone call while CD was playing and ended it, a message saying No USB connection) Lastly (for now) the car slips into neutral at 35 mph and has to be shifted from drive to neutral and back to drive. Probably should have bought another Honda Accord since it seems Nissan, though has great styling, conveniences and good gas mileage, has many "bugs"

By junkcar3 on February 18 @ 9:42 am
Nothing But Problems
I bought this car based on Features it has to offer. After driving 5000 miles problem started. The break lights comes on randomly while driving. took it to dealership 3 time and they said nothing wrong. Car stopped on road with engine sign. They replaced part and after driving another 100 miles it stopped again. Dealer replace another part. Air conditioning stop working. they have to replace compressor. Side mirror came loose and was making rattling sound. They fixed that and after a month side mirror switch stop working. Navigation is also not refreshing while driving so they said they have to replace SD card. Complain to North America Nissan but they are not doing anything to replace this

By sallyryser on March 18 @ 4:13 am
Transmission and Jerking and Cut off
I purchased a 2013 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL 1 year and 2 months ago and I have 86,000 miles on it as of today. I took it to the dealership and told them what was happening and they said oh your not under warranty and the mechanic said it did not engage for him. So, with that being said I spoke to management to make them aware of the issue and I recorded what the problem was doing. They offered me a rental and a trade in value which would make my payments higher. They should fix the problem and make the customers happy.

By logdon17 on August 18 @ 10:51 pm
Nice Car
I have been driving this car for 20K miles and have nothing but good things to say. The car is plenty fast, handles well, and is very comfortable. The controls are well laid out and very easy to use. I have had zero issues and have only needed to do oil changes and tire rotations. Gas mileage is pretty good for a rather large mid size car (around 30 in mixed highway and city). I would highly recommend without reserve.

By brownhoback on June 2 @ 9:56 pm
Glad we Leased
We got this vehicle a year ago on a lease. Loved the car. The heater display will not come on sometimes when you first turn it on, after about three miles down the road it turns on. We had to take it in and the dealership did the recall repair on the airbag, since then we have had to take the car in four more times because the no airbag light was coming on when there was someone in the passenger seat. Of course it didn't do either thing when we took it in (record it). A clip fell off the undercarriage. Now recently our keyless/remote system is not working properly. We've had to use the key to get in and then button start it (the screen said no key), turn off and turn on again to drive it.

By svalent2 on February 24 @ 4:17 pm
34K and still great!
Overall its a really great car, I've only needed regular maintenance. The pep is there when I need it especially when merging onto highways or zooming around idiots in the city that don't use their signals. I average about 29.5 with all city and about 33 mixed. Very comfortable and lots of storage space. I have experienced the "shutter/vibration" of the transmission, about 3 times since I've had the car (34k miles btw) at about 40 mph coasting for about a minute long. Its very distracting and doesn't feel too good during that minute but its so rare that it even happens that it doesn't bother me too much. If it happened all the time I could see why some would trade it.

By terry35022 on January 24 @ 12:25 am
Not That Bad, All in All...
I read some of the comments that were posted and for the life of me, I don't experience many of the same problems that some folks are complaining about. Yes, there are some quirks with any new re-design, but any real problems have been minimal, in my case. I purchased mine used with about 32,000 miles on it and it runs nearly flawless. The first thing I did was to install a K&N Filtercharger and throw away that nasty air filter that it came with. The results were instantaneous, to say the least. The pep was back and the car greeted the extra airflow like a cat on a hot tin roof. Like some have said, there is a shudder at low speeds in the transmission, but that is somewhat normal in a CVT.

By rbrion on November 8 @ 2:58 pm
My transmission issues have completely ruined my ownership experience. Nissan is in cahoots with the dealers to deny there are very serious issues with the CVT transmission. I am in the process of forcing Nissan to buy back this junk as they have done NOTHING to try to resolve this issue on their own. This is my second new Nissan in the past three years and it will definitely be my last.

By aterces on November 30 @ 7:48 pm
After 50K miles I am happy
I purchase the car on Oct 2012, and after 50,000 miles I can say that I am happy with my purchase, haven't had a single problem with the car and has been very reliable. I did have an issue with a weird noise coming from the engine I took it to the dealer and it was the alternator but it was replace free of charge since I was under warrantee no problems after that. The gas mileage is very good, I avg between 30-32 miles

By egydarceyes on August 28 @ 1:09 pm
Good value but lacks some quality
Ive added the convenient package and so far I've put on 30k miles on it. The car is very nice on the inside, very adequate space and comfortable seats. Engine is a bit loud when moving from stand still, CVT is nice for gas mileage but is definitely a snooze at times, don't expect to be passing all cars when you really want to. Head unit is nice but the non-touch 5 inch is made out of bad glass that scratches very easily. Software embedded in the head unit is just plain crap... Needs refreshing and fixing of defects. Nice wheel button controls but wish they were designed a little more moderate. They just seem big and poorly designed.

By erichards on September 12 @ 11:55 pm
Update to original review
Just wanted to update my original review & revise some of the ratings (which you can't do to the original review for some reason). In the original review (@29k miles) I said the only issues were the lower-than-expected mileage, and the brake rotors that were starting to glaze. Now with 64k miles on the car (in 25 months) I can report that aside from those things the car has been perfect. I just replaced the brake pads at 63k miles, and am about to put a new set of tires on at 64k. The mileage continues to average 27-28 mpg, although I have experienced outstanding (36-37 mpg) mileage on a few long highway trips (I got 625 miles out of one tank of gas in one instance). Overall very satisfied.

By Jim DiRosa on September 26 @ 4:13 am
Problem with CVT
I purchased the car in march of 2013. It is 2 years old, it has 66,000 miles & the dealer tells me it needs a new transmission. Nissan has refused to offer any financial assistance, because the car is 6000 miles out of warranty. I will never recommend Nissan to anybody. I definitely never purchase another Nissan!

By brandenmh on March 12 @ 6:08 am
Nissan Altima 2013 3.5 SL
The car shudders at 1500 to 1800 rpms ...had transmission replaced and still shudders...feels like it will stall...very dangerous. ..needs attention ASAP..can't stop driving the car....dealer sends you on way like it's ok...

By riptor on September 26 @ 9:54 am
Love My Altima
I have owned 3 Altima, my latest is a 2013 SL trim. Great gas mileage....970kms on the highway, 670km/city. Sounds system awesome and the car is comfortable and peppy to drive. The only things I have found wrong is the remote start does not start from more then about 100 feet away and the bluetooth recognition doesn't always pick up the proper names. I feel this car should be rated higher then then the Honda Accord for appearance and reliability. The interior space e is quite roomy and all other features are great. I will be buying another Nissan product when the time comes.

By Yuriy on September 1 @ 2:20 pm
I love this car
I bought my Altima (3.5SL with technology package) in November of 2012. Now have about 20000 miles on it. During first 1.5 years used it mostly on express ways, then mostly on the streets. Current average fuel economy is about 27.3 miles per gallon. Since the day I bought it, did not have any problems (there were some manufacturer recalls, but they were kind of preventive actions). So, I love this car and are happy with it so far...

By Manny Espinoza on July 30 @ 9:19 pm
you can find better
At 32K the transmission was swapped due to shuddering at randoms speeds. From day one I complained about the transmission shudder and was told by 3 different dealerships that it was in good working order. The new transmission is doing the same thing so I will be getting a lawyer if Nissan does not buy my buyback my Altima. My next car will be a Honda /accord with a manual transmission or maybe a Camry since they are not having issues with their CVTs, at least not nearly as bad as Nissan. What I was told by a Nissan mechanic is that Renault bought Nissan about 10 years ago and that since then the quality has been going doing down. Nissan knows there is an issue with their transmission but will not do anything about it. I also had issues with the outside temperature sensor and the back up camera, which they replaced a week ago, only to have the same issues. I own a 1999 Altima with over 300k miles on it never han problems like these with it. Nissan's quality is not what it used to be, do not buy Nissan, I will not buy another Nissan my self.

By Dawn on July 17 @ 11:27 am
Transmission sucks
Bought mine with 22k miles beautiful car drove for 8 days and the transmission went out. Dealer gave me a hard time. Also the air conditioner quit they said there was a leaf in it so it was not covered under warranty. I've only had the car 8 days. Nissan dealer told me I have to take it back to the Nissan dealer I purchased it from to get it covered and refused to fix it unless I paid. So here I sit in a car rental while I have a car in the shop that I haven't even made a car payment on yet unbelievable!

By Mo on October 26 @ 1:00 am
4th Nissan n never again
3 years 50000 miles, has had a new transmission, fuel system put in already. Gets 20 mpg and doesn't always start. Biggest mistake ever. So much for the great new Altima that gets 3mpg. I should have kept my 05 altima with 120,000 miles it was better than this pos

By Altima yuck on April 17 @ 5:45 am
Updated Review
Don't buy an Altima! 70k and over $6k worth of repairs, this has been the worst car I have owned. Batteries exploding, cv joints going out at 47k miles, seats have already faded. The air conditioning smells and the dealer says it's a "known issue". The key fobs don't open the keyless entry anymore. Piece of garbage!!!

By Fjl on November 5 @ 12:27 pm
Rattle at times
Road test car for noise over bumps I have a high pich rattle sound over bumps at times might be struts ,take car for long ride before buying over different roads and compare against another car of the same type.

By charleston_burks@yahoo.com on October 8 @ 6:19 pm
Awesome gas milage
When I purchased the car, I had to go through financing in house which the interest rates were through the roof because of credit history. Paying $444.00 per month plus the insurance through Statefarm (full coverage) $156.00. Before the oil change I was getting about 21-24 mpg city and upward to 36-41 mpg on the highway. After the oil change, it is pretty much the same for city but my highway mpg went up to 45mpg and I'm sure can go beyond that. I do have a problem with the mpg resetting when turning off and on the vehicle. Does anyone else who owns this make and model have these problems? The headlights aren't nearly as bright as I would like them to be and also the traction in the winter on snow and ice could be improved or maybe I just need to get a new set of tires. All and all, it is a great vehicle.

By Bill N on August 10 @ 6:45 pm
Constant Transmission problems from day 1
I own a 200- Nissan Altima that I had pretty good luck with that my kids drive so when the time came I bought a brand new 2013 Nissan Altima again with the 3.5 liter engine. Almost from the beginning I would get a shudder in the car around 2000 RPM's when the car downshifted. When you press on the gas it goes away. If you come around a corner at 10-15 miles/hour and step on the gas the car downshifts and will shake all the way down the street until you step on the gas. The dealer replaced the transmission and it was fine for about 2 months. One day I turned a corner and went up a slight incline and it started again. I took it back to the dealer and they reprogrammed it which did nothing. Each time I bring it in they cannot get it to do it and say there is nothing wrong. After a long day of driving it will do it repeatedly and violently. The car only has 20,000 miles on it at this point and I don't have time to run 45 minutes away to a dealer every time it is shaking. It is very frustrating that Nissan acts like this is not a systemic issue when on line the complaints are consistent and frequent. I have filled out 3 surveys from Nissan asking to be contacted and never heard back. I like everything else about this car but if the transmission does not work correctly, the car is junk. After 2 Nissans I will never buy another one. Not sure what the issue is with this company, but making quality cars is no longer a priority.

By Djohnson21 on June 2 @ 9:50 pm
In Love With My New Altima!
I owned a 2005 Nissan Altima for years with 200,000+ miles on it when someone hit me and totaled it. My immediate choice was another Altima, and I have not been disappointed! I purchased a 2013 Altima 2.5 SV off lease with 40k and I'm in love! Rides great, awesome mpgs (which I need because I commute 500+ miles a week,) and ver comfortable! Very spacious and well laid out interior, and the exterior is definetly an eye catcher! Bluetooth, push to start, remote start, and LED lights under the car that light up when you open the door are new luxuries that I'm in love with! The only complaint I really have is the interior gets dirty quick! I'm a smoker so black interior probably shouldn't have been my choice, but overall I'm very happy with this Altima! I will definitely continue to buy Nissans in the future!

By Andy on March 29 @ 7:04 pm
Nissan should accept their mistake
Bought my 2013 Altima SV 2.5L in May of 2013 considering all the features and low price. Within 2-3 months of driving started to hear constant high pitch noise and the other roaring noise from the engine. Overall driving experience sucks considering vibration coming out from the CVT and person on the passenger seat also feels it. Complained about noise, vibration and CVT feel twice during warranty period and tech said everything is NORMAL(as if I was stupid to complain). At 50000 miles went back as the engine noise became more lauder and frequent. Dealer found issue in the alternator and replaced it-cost to me was $700. It should have replaced while It was under warranty. Engine roaring noise has been fixed but driving experience is still same considering CVT vibrations and high pitch power steering noise. Tech at the dealer says the high pitch noise is normal... Every single car makes it and nothing can be done about it. I mean common guys.... its 22k dollars for [non-permissible content removed] noise..!! For the price of the car I got damm good features like... moonroof, navigation, bluetooth, backup camera, remote start, keyless entry and climate control but the real feel of driving car sucks big time. Real bad job on the CVT and other engine components. Probably they made so many people fool selling all these feature really cheap covering their huge defect on the engine noise and vibration. I have 1997 nissan altima and I prefer driving that car over 2013. I am a huge fan of nissan.... but considering recent experience I won't just blindly trust the brand anymore.... !!

By Cody heape on March 30 @ 12:39 am
This is the car
This is a very awesome car! The gas mileage is great. It only takes 30 to fill it up and last me about 2 weeks. On the highway it drive very smoothly and steering isn't to touchy. I even love the looks of the car! The interior is super nice and clean. Was kept up to date. I'd give this all 5 stars but one tire was flat and has a slow leak

By Steve on July 15 @ 9:45 am
The best car I've owned!!!!
I've done my research. This is by far one of the best cars to own the best that I have owned. Only major thing I hate and think it should be recalled is the passenger air bag sensor. My wife is average built somethings the air bag will say air bag off I have to pull over an restart my car for it to go back on. Other then that I really love this car! Mpgs I almost forgot. Very good 40mpg on highway 33 all around and about 30 if its city.

By Darryl Fulton on August 20 @ 4:54 am
Solid ride
Very nice car & superbly maintained.

By julie glazer on February 8 @ 5:25 am
worst car I have ever owned. Garbage! Extremely loud cabin and cvt. Handles poorly in the rain and is very uncomfortable to get in and out of especially for older people. Overall, garbage. The moonroof leaked the first time I drove thru the car wash and their solution was to hand wash. I would never buy another Nissan, total garbage! Too many recalls to list and to top it off the service dept at my local Nissan is a joke! All around bad Nissan experience!

By Brian Johnson on July 23 @ 7:25 pm
Beautiful on the outside, ugly under the hood
DO NOT BUY A NISSAN PRODUCT UNTIL THEY ADMIT AND FIX THEIR TRANSMISSION ISSUES!!!! I bought a 2013 Altima new at my local dealership (very nice and helpful people) in Sept. of '13. It had a 60k mile warranty. Based on my brief experience, 3 of my coworkers bought Altimas shortly thereafter. The car began to "shudder" upon slight acceleration at 25k miles. I was told that this was normal and there was nothing wrong. At 55k miles the car began to shake and shut off when I would come to a stop. I went online and read that many others had experienced the same thing and it was the CVT transmission going out. I took it in and they said the transmission had to be replaced. Thank goodness it was still in warranty. I expressed a concern about the transmission and asked if there was a problem. I was told "absolutely not" and the new transmission would be fine. It had a 12 month, 12k mile warranty. Within 2 months, 2 of my coworkers had their transmission go out!!! After 11 months, I had put 30k miles on the car (I drive a lot for work). THE TRANSMISSION WENT OUT AGAIN!!!! I was told "it is out of warranty and it will be $3800". I told them that it wasn't right and Nissan has a BIG problem that they refuse to admit. They called their Nissan rep and after haggling, he agreed to cover everything except about $900. I told them that I expected ALL of the cost to be covered. They are getting back with Nissan and are supposed to call me back today. I can't believe there is not a class-action lawsuit on this. I have seen THOUSANDS of complaints online. Also, I have visited with several others who have had transmission go out on THEIR NISSANS - Pathfinders, Sentras, and trucks. DON'T BUY A NISSAN UNTIL THEY ADMIT AND FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!

By JasonE on January 16 @ 3:12 am
Real Clunker
Nothing but constant repairs with no support from Nissan. I bought this car three years ago and my entire dashboard just went out. I took it into the dealership and they told me I was three months out of warranty and stuck me with a $1000 repair bill. Nissan won't claim responsibility for the defect even though having your speedometer go out in the middle of driving is clearly a safety issue.

By Debra Yeoman on January 19 @ 4:52 am
So disappointed. Saved to buy this car for my 16 year old daughters birthday. She's now in tears because 6 months later it's a piece of crap that won't run. The CVT transmission shutters and shakes and it dies at low speeds or when put into park. Of course it just went off warranty. I've talked to others that's replaced them 2-3 times. Please Nissan , come on and admit your car is defective. How many people have to did first??????

By Chris on November 15 @ 1:20 am
Nissans nightmare
So I leased my altma right when they came out. I have had the car for almost 3 yeas and let's say I'm glad I leased. So most don't know is Nissan has had a horrible design flaw with their new CVT. The Altimas and pathfinders have this problem but yet Nissan doesn't know how to fix it. The car will shutter like the motor is just going to jump out and run away. This has happened to my car 5 times already and nissans only answer is to throw transmissions in it. This car has had 4 brand new transmissions that were supposed to fix the problem. I have also had to have the trunk repainted twice because they don't know how to put the chrome trim on and it runs through the paint and causes the trunk to rust. I've talked to Nissan corporate several times and their best answer for the car is that they would make a note that I was unhappy with the car. By the way this car just hit 31,000 miles

By Anthony valencia on March 31 @ 5:01 am
Please Save yourself a big headache
I have 18k miles in my 2013 altima sv. And is been tge worse nightmare to have this car. Specially NMAC nissan corporation does not help you at all once you start having problems with your car. I started having problems with it since 2 thousand miles and nissan corp. keep saying everything is normal. I had plenty of new cars. And NISSAN is the worse car i've ever drove. WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE and they never want to help once you start having problems. AGAIN. IM ONLY AT 18k miles. And is been in the dealer repair department 3-4 times already.

By Justin on August 7 @ 6:34 pm
My Third Nissan and Not My Last
I have owned this car since early 2015, and I am still pleased with it. I traded in an SUV, so the Altima's driving dynamics were a large departure for me. Real world fuel economy is near/at EPA estimates. The interior is superbly ergonomic and has held up well for my 25,000 mile/year commute. I like the way it looks and materials/fit and finish are above average. Overall fit and finish (mainly exterior) seem just average, but are an improvement over my last vehicle. During my first year of ownership I had standing water in the cabin; turns out water was coming in through two holes in the body, which were sealed and Nissan reimbursed me for the repair despite being out of warranty, as this was a major issue that was not from wear and tear. Other than this one issue, I have nothing but accolades for my Altima. I look forward to many more years of ownership.

By Bob white on May 11 @ 2:44 am
Transmission number 4
We have a 2013 sl 3.5 the original transmission has been replaced twice with only 35,000 miles if you include the one it was made with that makes 3. And the last one is acting up as the first 3 did. I'm not sure why Nissan has not addressed this issue extending warranty is great but what happens when it runs out other than transmission it is a great car.

By Mike Alumbaugh on June 18 @ 11:17 pm
Tranny, brakes, bearings...what's next?
Congratulations Nissan you built a car with the reliability of a Fiat. In less than three years and just over 36,000 miles we have serviced the transmission 3-4 times (I've lost count), had it brought in for brake noise (screeching) at least 4 times, and just this week the bearings in both rear wheels had to be replaced. The brakes still squeal but they won't do anything about it because it isn't "that bad." They reconditioned the surface of the rotors, re-shimmed the pads and replaced the pads 9 months ago. I warned them then that I knew this was only a temporary fix and that I was concerned that they would get noisy again once the warranty expires and that is exactly what has happened. A few months before that they shimmed the pads which made it better temporarily. The disk brakes on every other car I've owned have not been anywhere close to this noisy! Unless I change the pads and turn the rotors to sell it it will easily affect the value of the car and then I am only passing this problem along to the next owner. The tranny has the shakes. It has been reprogrammed, the alternator was replaced because supposedly the voltage was affecting the timing of the tranny, and most recently a vale body was replaced. The oscillation problem is better for now but my wife had it buck again last week just not as bad. Now we have a vibration at about 72-73 MPH that is reportedly "engine harmonics" that resonates through the body of the vehicle. None of my other cars (including the Fiat) have ever had "engine harmonics" ring throughout the car. Their claim that this is acceptable is ridiculous. Their competitors do not have this problem. I am highly concerned that I have more bearing issues in the future. Being the Director of Operations for a manufacturer I know what a rogue lot is. We bought this car because of it and Nissan's reputation as being a good product and company which may be true, but that hasn't been our experience. IF YOU DO HAVE PROBLEMS expect nothing but pushback from Nissan. Update: 7/3/16 sold the Nissan Altman, bought a Honda Accord, problem solved. A year later and we have no such problems and no "engine harmonics" with the Honda and it also has a CVT.

By Bill Carswell on August 31 @ 9:57 am
Transmission Transmission Transmission
Read the reviews and do your research before considering the purchase of a 2013 Nissan Altima. Our CVT transmission was just replaced at 64K, 4k outside the warranty. There are numerous complaints all about the same issue! Shudder and juttering and then it just quits - torque converter locked up. Luckliy for us it happened while we were coming to a stop! Stay clear of this car - it is going to cost you $3k-$4k some day for a transmission. Nissan needs to admit that Jatco (75% ownership by Nissan) has built another flawed CVT transmission and start the recall. They admitted this issue with 2003 -2010 CVT equipped cars. If you have had an issue with your 2013 Altima, we all need to complain to the NHTSA and have our cases logged. www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/VehicleComplaint/

By Ray on October 28 @ 6:37 am
83,000 and no probles at all!
83,000 miles and no problmes. I'm going to flush the cvt trans before I hit 90,000 miles. I have changed the oil every 7,500 miles. I love the car.

By sad owner on September 15 @ 6:32 pm
VERY disappointed with car - many problems.
I don't even have 36,000 miles on this car and have had to replace the transmission, brake pads, battery and now waiting for rear shocks to come in to replace them as well. I bought a new car so that I wouldn't have issues and worry that can come with an older automobile. I work a lot and the inconvenience of having my car in the shop frequently, as well as the time I have had to wait to be towed, etc. is ridiculous. I have had two Acuras, a Honda and two Toyota's and have never had a complaint. I will NEVER buy a Nissan again after this. I just can't take that chance. I can only hope these problems are behind me. If not, I'll come back and update for you.

By Michael on March 8 @ 10:33 am
Nissan Altima SV 2.5
The car started to shake when I parked or stopped at a light 3 days after I leased it . When I took it back to services the fixed the problem. Now it been 3 months and I just hit 30,408 miles. The car is comfortable and reliable. But the only problem I have is the car getting dirty quickly. I Pray for 5 years

By Kevin on August 27 @ 12:11 pm
So far so good
I have put over 70K on my Altima since purchasing in July 2013. Most of the miles are road miles. The original Michelins are still on the car and should be good for another 4 to 5000 miles by appearance. The one major complaint that I have had with the car was recently fixed. The annoying 20 to 40 mph rattle/groan from the right front side of the car. After a lot of research and speaking with a Nissan mechanic at another dealership, I got my hands on the service bulletin that described the problem and appropriate repairs. I after talking with my dealer and Nissan corporate, I was able to negotiate 50% payment to replace the alternator. The car is so much quieter and smoother since. Otherwise, the car has been great. Gas mileage is super.

By Tasia matthews on December 12 @ 11:04 pm
Transmission Nightmare!!!!
After only 70,000 miles my transmission has to be replaced on my 2013 altima. The car begin to shake unexpectedly one day and shut down. I've never had any mechanical issues with my car since I purchased it at 30,000 miles and I've always had the recommended maintenance done, so replacing the transmission was a shock! Be prepared to pay over 3K to repair, depending on what dealership fixes it.I would definitely recommend purchasing a extended warranty if you decide to purchase a Nissan . The cvt transmission has the worst reviews I've ever seen online . Calling corporate is like talking to no-one . They won't do anything !!!!! I'm definitely trading my car for a HONDA .

By Scott Anderson on January 20 @ 4:35 am
Great Car if it had a Real Transmission
I bought this car and have loved the car it is comfortable good gas mileage. It is a 2.5 so I don't expect a fast car. But at 25,000 miles it got more sluggish then at 39,000 miles the transmission totally went out it started jerking on take off and would stall then jump forward pulling out from a stop light or in traffic it was just dangerous. I don't let my kids drive this car for fear for their safety. The poor transmission makes it NOT WORTH BUYING After 10,000 miles on the new transmission the car is starting to have stalling problems when I accelerate from under 25 miles per hour it randomly stalls for over a complete second and then moves slowly making it hard to calculate when changing lanes in traffic or crossing an intersection. You can't depend on it going or not. This is the same problems I had with the first transmission only the new one gets lower gas mileage and does not accelerate as quick. I have owned 3 Nissan's and would advise against buying one with a CVT transmission

By Sam Dab on May 30 @ 8:00 pm
reliable, comfortable and good looking
I bought my 2014 Altima s , and since then no problems what so ever it drives smooth, its comfortable and very reliable , I added an off market 8" navigation system with back up camera , it cost $270 and $99 installation at best buy and bought fog lights also off market for $65 both from EBay, all this made it more luxurious and much more fun. Best car for value, gas mileage and reliability .

By mtello on September 30 @ 11:46 pm
Never buy Nissan again
so disappointed in this vehicle, this was my first time buying Nissan, I had heard Nissan was a great and reliable car, so I went for it, big mistake! should of gone with Toyota or Honda, my mother has a Toyota and it has 174,000 miles! my 2013 Nissan Altima has 62,000 and the transmission just went out, it's going to cost me $3,750 to replace the transmission, REALLY!! what a joke of a car! they need to recall the transmissions ASAP!! and take responsibility for faulty CVT transmissions. Save yourselves the headache and DO NOT BUY!

By Danyel H on January 7 @ 4:54 pm
Transmission. ..
New Transmission at 52000 Miles. Should have a transmission recall.

By Wanda on July 10 @ 6:47 am
Bad transmission
2013 Nissan altima transmission is no good they need to do a recall on the transmission. I brought my car last year it had about 54,000 miles on it now i have to replace a transmission on it.

By James on June 16 @ 5:51 pm
Listen up it's the alternator not trans
I bought this car a year after it came out luckily I bought through Carmax because once I started having the problem and called Nissan they basically gave me the runaround but Carmax is dealing with the problem superbly now for everyone having the shuttering problem like I am having it seems to be the transmission but the CVT transmissions are very sensitive to The electrical current that they receive and the alternators on these are faulty Nevada how many transmissions they throw in it if they don't change your alternator you're going to continue having the problem over and over again so anybody researching this get the alternator fixed before it destroys your transmission I had the alternator and belt tensioner replaced and problem was gone the shuttering that everybody has. I just don't get how so many Nissan dealerships would rather keep throwing in transmissions and not realize it's the alternator I'm hoping this review helps at least one person out there because I am almost willing to guarantee that a new alternator will help your problem because remember a lot of these peoples cars are shutting off luckily my never did that but a transm shouldn't cause your car to shut off so I hope someone out there reads this review and it helps them

By Lee Ann Rankin on April 25 @ 3:03 pm
I bought my Altima with 32,000 miles on it and it wasn't 6 months later it died while in drive! I had it towed and after being sent to 2 dealerships, they concluded nothing was wrong with the car. Through the 2 years I've had it, my Altima has done this several times until finally one day it completely died in drive again. Luckily, I was at a gas station. I had to have a complete transmission, sensor, and programmer put in plus towing bills, which totaled to $4,400.00....Nissan needs to own up to there [non-permissible content removed] transmission problems and recall them all with reimbursements!

By Sandra Hoecker on August 17 @ 11:10 am
I (mostly) love my Altima!
After 21 years of Hondas (which I loved), I bought an Altima because it had attractive exterior style (Accords & Camrys are pretty dull) & the CVT had been in use long enough for the bugs to be worked out. I'm retired so am no longer a high- mileage driver but I tool around town daily. I have never had a single problem, even a minor one. I'm not overly pleased with the mileage (which I calculate & is below what the dash calculator computes) but that may be due to my short city trips. Everyone who has driven my car comments on what a pleasure it is to drive. I just want a nice car that ALWAYS runs since I'm a 1-car household. The Altima has exceeded my expectations. UPDATE: Above is/was all true until 2 weeks ago when I suddenly lost the power steering. PS hose had a leak & fluid had drained out. I just passed 20K miles, for heaven's sake! $640 repair, without any explanation or compromise from dealer. Not happy about that. I didn't get the extended warranty as I've lost money on all but 1 car before & knew I'd be a low mileage driver.

By Sandra Hoecker on August 17 @ 11:33 am
I love my Altima!
After 21 years of Hondas (which I loved), I bought an Altima because it had attractive exterior style (Accords & Camrys are pretty dull) & the CVT had been in use long enough for the bugs to be worked out. I'm retired so am no longer a high- mileage driver but I tool around town daily. I have never had a single problem, even a minor one. I'm not overly pleased with the mileage (which I calculate & is below what the dash calculator computes) but that may be due to my short city trips. Everyone who has driven my car comments on what a pleasure it is to drive. I just want a nice car that ALWAYS runs since I'm a 1-car household. The Altima has exceeded my expectations. UPDATE: The brake fluid leaked completely leaked out at around 20,000 miles. I've never had that happen before, in spite of over 50 years of car ownership. Repaired at dealer but was surprised it was not very expensive. ($200+/-) No other problems since.

By James on September 7 @ 1:33 am
Listen up everybody it's not the CVT transmission
Nissan is pulling a quick one on everybody by saying the problem you're having is your transmission. Think about it people, with the car shutting off you have to remember transmission will not affect your car starting the problem is the alternator. CVT transmissions are extremely sensitive to the electrical current it gets and the alternators are faulty causing the car to rumble and shudder now Nissan would rather tell you it's the transmission because it only has a 36,000 mile warranty and the alternator has 100,000 or whatever it has don't know the exact mileage but much more than the transmission tell them to replace your alternator and it will fix the problem I had the same problem with mine. Put in new alternator and its driven like a dream ever since. Because mine started acting up right after the 36,000 mile transmission warranty and they said I had to replace the transmission luckily I bought my car through Carmax who has an excellent warranty and they took the car I told him what I thought about the alternator they looked into and presto so I drop my car at Carmax the mechanic there drove it to a Nissan dealership told him to put a new alternator in doing great ever since don't let Nissan tell you it's not the alternator they just simply want to say it's the transmission because chances are most of you are outside the 36,000 mile warranty and what they'll do is put a new transmission in and it will run better for a little bit but that alternator will chew the transmission apart again this is my third post about this I posted every few days to keep her on the top of the review list hoping to help people good luck guys. And I have a friend who works for Nissan so I was able to confirm this that it is the alternator and some of the technicians purposely keep their mouth closed because they want to get paid for doing the work on the transmission a lot of the dealerships don't pay by the hour they paid by the job so the technicians are the ones [non-permissible content removed] us along with Nissan.

By Dan on August 10 @ 10:24 pm
Do not buy a Nissan without researching the CVT tr
My 2013 Altima left me stranded in traffic on the highway because of the CVT that Nissan knows is a problem. Wish I had known before I bought one. Never again.

By Matt West on September 18 @ 6:54 am
Top-flight '13 Altima
This car gets the best gas mileage of cars in it's class with as powerful an engine as we can get in this car's class. It's quite a pretty good car.

By S on November 9 @ 11:21 am
Complete transmission and sensor nightmare!!
2013 Altima 3.5 SV. 58000 miles and 3 replaced transmissions later...Nissan corporate puts you on ignore. Dont get suckered into this vehicle...it looks pretty, goes fast, but major design flaw that Nissan has no interest in addressing...your drivetrain warrranty WILL expire and you'll be stuck with the tab of $4-$5 grand per trip. Have spent over a month in a rental car since buying this new. The last trip to dealer "we need to fix your 02 sensors for $1200 before we can even address your transmission...out of your pocket !" UNNNNNNNREAL! Nissan regional warranty manager will not call you back for days and days, and when she/he does, they dont call you back during a time of day that you can actually pick up the phone (even after you've told them when you are availible). Then you call them back, and you have to wait another 3 days. My service writer at Nissan admits they are having a ton of problems with the CVT transmission, and that these O2 sensors should last at least 100,000 miles, but im still stuck paying for them. NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE. Dealer service writer can not get a hold of or get a call back from regional warranty rep either. Nissan is costing me alot of time, stress, and $$. Sad, because we have been loyal Nissan customers 7 vehicles in a row...NO MORE !!!

By gary spivack on March 7 @ 7:52 pm
Worst car ever
Broken down 3 times within 65,000 miles. 2 transmissions. Air conditioning , leaking shocks, door handle broke, two recalls. Very nice service managers but worst car I have ever had in 52 years of driving. Got rid of it and tried suing Nissan but was unsuccessful. Went back to Toyota and am very happy.

By Kim Harper on June 25 @ 3:29 pm
Love this car
So far I love owning this car. I plan on having leather installed on the seats.

By Manuel Espinoza on January 19 @ 4:44 am
you know the story, bad transmission!!!
I bought my car in June 2013 and went on trip immediately after. It did really good and I was impressed, I also owned a 1999 Altima (manual trans) and it went 370K miles on the original engine and transmission. This 2013 had to have the transmission replaced at 34K miles and the new transmission at 45K behaves pretty much the same as the previous transmission. Whether the problem is the alternator or the transmission, Nissan should stand behind their product and correct the issues at n o expense to the customer. A Nissan mechanic told me that since Renault bought Nissan the quality has been diminishing on their products and it shows not sign of getting better. I am in the process of getting rid of my Altima and getting an Accord with manual transmission. I will never buy Nissan again, not because of the transmission, but for their lack of care in solving a known issue to them.

By Louis P. on April 25 @ 8:54 pm
Amazing value in a mid-level sedan
*Updated May 2017: I purchased a used 2013 from a Nissan dealer with 14K miles on it in October 2014 and now have 36k miles on it. I rarely buy new cars and research extensively before buying a used one. To explain my reasons for purchase, here's a little background. I'm 60 and retired with a spouse, no kids and no mortgage. I own a 11 year old Toyota Tundra (probably the best vehicle I've ever owned). When the Tundra turned 100k miles, I decided I had to let my mid-life crisis Alfa Romero go for something more reliable for road trips and save some miles on the truck (and gas $). I set my limit at $20k for a late model used car with low miles, and started looking. Since this was going to be my road-trip car, I wanted great MPG, no turbo, and used regular gas. I quickly found out the premium models (Lexus, Acura, etc.) didn't meet my criteria. I test drove Sonatas, Accords & Civics (2 & 4 door), an Optima, Mazda 3 & 6, Ford Fusion, Volkswagen CC, and several Altimas. After our last buying experience at my local Honda dealer, I swore I would never buy another Honda or go back in there. But after driving a 2014 Accord coupe at another dealer, I was kicking myself- it was definitely my favorite but a little out of my set price range by $4k. The money really wasn't the issue, it's just that it's not worth the extra money I would end up spending, which would end up being a difference of $7k. The same was true of the Altima coupes but not as great a difference in price, but still more than the sedan- and the selection wasn't as good. The Optima was nice, but after a weekend test drive, the MPG was not what I expected. As luck would have it, I sold my Alfa the day I listed it and found a great deal on an internet ad in Charleston for a 2013 Altima the same day. I drove up the next day, test drove it, paid for it, and they delivered it the next day. The review: I was apprehensive before my purchase. Consumer Reports had the 2013 Altima on their used car 'Do Not Purchase' list and a lot of reviews had me leery of the CVT. While reviews are helpful, negative feedback tends to surface faster and more frequently, and I understand why- there is not a manufacturer that hasn't produced lemons. I look for constructive consumer reviewers that are not pi$$ed when they write them. The professional reviews are not much better, they tend to favor instant gratification like performance and excitement over longevity or real-life, day-to-day ownership, that's their job. But I doubt they ever had to stick out their thumb and bum a ride when that Jaguar broke down on the test track! I hate to inform them, but the ho-hum cars they knock around define the bell curve of all purchases. But even Edmund's rates this car a C, what was I thinking? Fast forward about 18 months and I can't say enough good things about this car. I have the SL package and it has more options than cars costing $5k more. The MPG is excellent, although the computer variation can be up to 2 mpg off my calculations when I fill up. Regardless, I average 33-35 mpg around town (where I average about 25-35 mph). I have exceeded 40 mpg on the highway but over 70 mph it's around 38 mpg. The car is quiet, the ride very smooth, and I don't have a problem with the CVT or the way it doesn't shift! It may bog down and whine for others, but apparently this baby was built for my snail-like reflexes and acceleration. Which may explain my mpg this last 14k miles. The entertainment system works flawlessly, normally the first thing I do is yank out the factory radio and replace it along with the speakers. It lacks a bit on the bass but sounds good enough where I didn't feel the need to replace it. And it sounds even better using a thumb-drive plugged into the USB port. The Bluetooth links quickly, works great on calls and streaming, and I love the text access via voice command. I only have one complaint here, it would be nice if you could send a voice-to-text message instead of just the pre-programmed text messages. The info screen between the gauges is handy but can distracting. At least Nissan got it right by putting the actual psi for each tire on the display, and it's accurate. I wish Honda would take note of this. The headlights are spectacular, much brighter than the Silverstar Ultras in my truck. The interior is comfortable, plenty of back-seat space. The driver's seat is comfortable enough around town but fatigues you on long drives. My only real gripe is the piano-gloss finish on dash/console. It scratches easily and shows smudges. The trunk is huge but I needed to add a LED panel in place of the bulb. And the plastic bag hangers that flip out are useless, too low. Apparently space is limited here so I'll end with- overall, I'm highly satisfied and haven't had one problem. Update Nov. 2017: Regrettably I gave this car to my sister 2 weeks ago after her son totaled her 2013 Accord. Space limits further review but the Altima was a great value!

By DON on January 22 @ 1:04 am
The Nissan Nightmare !!!!!
My 2013 Altima has multiple issues the engine vibrates the entire vehicle so there is no comfort , the car rumbles down the highway making a noise that makes you want to jump out of the moving car . I will never buy another Nissan product again it is the worst driving experience I ever had . My Nissan Nightmare !!!!!!!!!!

By Donna Scott on February 23 @ 1:11 am

By Heidi Hatfield on February 9 @ 1:57 am
Had to have new brakes and rotors before 35,000, driver window fixed came off track, new grill and rims replaced due to peeling, 2 new hood latches, new strut (popping in front), alternator replaced, passenger airbag replaced, heated steering wheel recall and replaced,recently quit while driving and left me STRANDED and has been missing. Gas mileage sucks, average 24-25 highway and city. Shifter is worn, driver seat worn after 25,000 miles. Seat belt light stays on even when buckled up. Heated seat button in BAD LOCATION, always turning on when you sit something down on console. Fob multiple batteries..(Total of 5 recalls, working on the 6th possibly since broke down this week) I work home health and have for 10 year, and have never been so DISAPPOINTED in a car and so DISGUSTED. I have wasted so much of my time taking it to the garage, and then having to take it back because they can't figure out whats wrong with it. Kinda sad you pay for a nice car and get a LEMON. Please do not buy and waist your money and or time! Update 1/4/17- update forgot to add... had new transmission placed ! And 3rd hood latch! and week last week had the 3rd engine oil cooler that has been put on my 2013 Nissan. Have requested Nissan buy back the lemon they created ! To be continued...

By george waller on December 5 @ 4:36 am
excellent buyDependable quiet economical ride that
excellent buyDependable quiet economical ride that is conomical, mixed driving of 33+mpg, 34 on straight interstate, really like cvt transmission.over 3 years, no problems, big car ride and feel, high mpg you would expect from a small car. eventho white is a common color, mine is much more attractive than a camry. my s version sound system is above average, motor & excelleration is peppy,zippy & quiet. interior trim is above average, my leg rom for a 6'-3" guy is outstanding. this is my third altima since 1997, my next one will probally be an altima,too.I now have over102,00 miles and still feel the same about my altima. for a 4 door, it looks sharp and I feel sporty driving it. It still looks as good as the newer models. it does respond well to turtle-wax ice polish and appreciates the fluid changes and fills. no problems. or strange lingeringmalfunctions. great purchase.

By Bruno on December 24 @ 6:52 pm
Used 2013 Altima 2.5SL
We had one problem with the CVT. The car was stopped in traffic and then would not move forward. eventually IT MOVBED. The dealer could not duplicate the problem. The software for the transmission was reprogramed. We have not had a problem since. The navigation seems to not work correctly at times but then is fine. The auto is a very comfortable highway cruiser which is marred with a little wind noise from the outside driver mirror.

By Ann Keegan on April 11 @ 10:14 pm

By Disappointed on February 23 @ 9:41 am
Check Consumer Reports before Buying!
I purchase a "certified used" 2013 Altima ten months ago, without a warranty. Being a little old school teacher, I've only driven it 6,000 miles in that time. It has been in the shop five separate times for repairs: Alternator replacement, serpentine belt replacement, radiator replaced, A/C condensor just went out, and two vehicle recalls. Being the former owner of a 2008 Altima, which did not have a single problem, I placed my faith in the reliability of the product without checking Consumer Reports for the 2013 version. Check the report; the 2013-newer Altima's consumer rating are inferior to older versions. I absolutely love the style and comfort of this car, but it looks like Nissan has lost me as a customer with its poor dependability and expensive repairs.

By Anthony Matthews on March 17 @ 2:49 am
Altima smoothness
Very satisfied with this car have had this car since August 2012. Still rides great no major repairs just general maintenance. Nissan fan always. Great cars for the average hard working person.

By Scott Doney on August 1 @ 9:35 am
Everything is as expected.

By David Oliver on July 29 @ 3:27 am
Handles like a Go-Cart!
At 41 mpg I got on a 700+ mile trip you get about 700 miles to a tank of gas. I almost did the whole round trip without buying gas! The car I rented had pretty loud road noise, but I attribute that to the tires and the fact that the rental agency had pumped them all up to 42 pounds. The doggone thing cornered like a rabbit and was very fun to drive. Most of the time I felt I was creeping along, but was doing at least the speed limit. It was so comfortable to me that I drove the entire trip and never shuffled around in the seat. I hope to purchase a 2013 or 2014 soon as the newer models come out.

By Beth on February 20 @ 5:11 pm
It's the alternator folks.
I bought mine in October used at a Nissan dealer with 11,000 miles. I test drove it and it seemed fine. Looking under the hood the battery had a lot acid deposits and the history report indicated that the battery terminals had been replaced. The dealership said it was a faulty battery and replaced it. After driving the car a month I noticed the rumbling at slow speeds. Took it back to the dealer and they replaced the alternator at no charge to me. Rumbling sound gone and car was performing so much better. Fast forward to June of the next year I start using the AC and I started having a few intermittent incidents where the AC compressor does not come on. I was still learning the car and thought maybe I didn't have the controls set properly. In August it quit altogether. I took it back to the dealer and they replaced the AC compressor, again no charge. At this point the car is out of warranty and the Certified Used Car Warranty does not cover AC components. The original faulty alternator had destroyed the internal workings of the compressor and it failed at 15,800 miles and it had caused the battery issue too. Now with a new alternator and new ac compressor the car is as it should be and I love it. It has the most comfortable front seats with fantastic lumbar support. It handles well, get great gas mileage, is roomy, easy to get in and out of, including the back seat as the roof doesn't slope so much as other models in this range. It has many safety features found only in high end cars. The CVT gives the car a smooth quiet ride. The original factory installed alternator was under powered which caused the battery and AC compressor issues. Hopefully it was replaced in time to not damage the transmission. Nissan knows and the dealerships know it's the alternator and a good dealer will replace it and the components it damaged without charge for their customers. My dealer told me that Nissan paid for the replaced parts and labor.

By Umar K on April 3 @ 6:10 pm
Don't believe everything you read
Let me start off by saying this, I read tooo many reviews before I bought my 2013 Altima 2.5SV. A lot of the reviews were about how bad the CVT is and it is unreliable and blah blah blah. I realized that after I bought it it just takes some getting use to. It is not like normal transmissions, transmissions usually rev up to a certain RPM and then go back down and then back up. With a CVT you put your foot down like normal, but it revs to about 4,000RPM and holds there for a few seconds, it is nerve racking at first because you are so use to it going up and down, but then you get use to it. And boy does it go, you would think that a 4cyl does not really go, but I have had cars get up behind me when I am cruising and then just put my foot down and it just goes and they become smaller and smaller in my rear view mirror. I went from a 2001 Toyota Corolla 1.8L to a 2.5, not much of an upgrade, but you really notice the difference. Nissan did a good job with getting the most out of this engine. As far as MPG goes, when I went for my first fill up I got an average of 20 something MPG and I thought boy Nissan was really being optimistic here on this one. But my next MPG I got about 38 MPG which is about that same as I got in my corolla and I was happy about that, and I am continuously getting around that ball park figure every fill up. It takes regular gas, which is good. I have owned it since August of 2016, and when I bought it it has about 34,000 miles on it, now it just hit 39,051 as of today October 14th. My commute is 100 miles a day, I live in Winchester, VA and I drive to Sterling, VA 50 miles each way. On this drive I encounter a lot of hills, which are a concern for me because I am use to having 2 and L gears in my car, the Altima only has Overdrive which works perfectly. I have yet to encounter any snow, but when I do I am sure I will be fine. The Altima handles very well on the twisty roads, Thus far I have not had any issues with it thank goodness, I have just had to get my oil change which lasts about 3,000 miles or you can put synthetic in it which goes further. I have not tried synthetic as of yet, but the standard recommended oil works just fine. Overall this car is wonderful, just takes some getting use to.

By Taylor on December 27 @ 9:52 pm
Awkward Altima
This is the worse waste of money! This car has a lot of recalls and should be taken off the road! The brakes freeze and you could die! Nissan should be ashamed!

By Homer on March 19 @ 3:28 pm
Time for Nissan to take responsibility
CVT has been a known problem yet Nissan doesn't stand up to their product. Just replaced the transmission with less then 80K miles on the car. After review, it appears this is a common problem. Can't wait to move on and get back in to a Chevy!

By M Schaefer on November 28 @ 3:21 pm
Love my Altima
Update 6/9/2017: We've now owned the car almost 3 years and still love it. We have had 1 problem and that is with the front passenger seat. Sometimes even when nothing is in the seat, the seat belt light will come on and sometimes when a person is in the seat the 'air bag off' light will come on. This was supposed to have been addressed in a recall. They did the work, but it kept happening. I took it back and they worked on it again, under the same recall work order. It is still happening. I think Nissan may have a slightly larger problem than they've disclosed with this feature. Other than that, everything is great. Gas mileage still rocks for this car and it's extremely comfortable. We've taken it on several long road trips - one from NM to TN - and it's been great. We have 55,000 miles on the vehicle. Excellent gas mileage, very comfortable, quiet ride and great reliability.

By Damian sumner on September 8 @ 4:24 am
Buyer beware
Me and my wife bought a 2013 Nissan Altima fully loaded with everything that Nissan come with for $33,000. within the first year a motor mount broke the master cylinder for the brakes started leaking the air conditioning compressor started leaking and that was all within 5000 miles in the first year of on in the car. Now 4 years later we still want to have 26,000 miles on the car now the shifting solenoid went out we cannot shift it from park. The car looks good drives good but it's built like a piece of crap

By Jose P on August 22 @ 12:46 pm
No issues!
I bought this car brand new in June 2013. I haven't had any issues so far. It's going strong! I plan to keep it for a while. No issues with the transmission.

By Barbara H. on September 20 @ 7:59 pm
Big lemon
We traded this car in late 2916. We live one hrs driving to Dealer so all the recalls, as well as our problems. Finally could not take it any longer so we traded for a 2017. Santa Fe Sport. Very solid heavy car under you. So many safety features, our car insurance actually went down! Wind noise in the Altima was horrible. Kept checking if a window was open. The Hyundai is so quiet, even with the huge panoramic sun roof. The only advantage the Altima had was the great gas mileage. Well no wonder when the motor only has to push a tin can. So if the gas costs more to operate, small price to pay for this well built Santa Fe Sport.

By Andrew on February 11 @ 9:51 am
Purchased my Altima 2013 brand NEW. I would not buy it again. I had problems with electronic display. It came with horrible Dunlop tires. The main complain is the transmission hesitation at low speeds. On the highway at cruising speeds there is a hesitation that is not as perceptible unless you are paying attention. my guess is that the control module or the transmission computer is not keeping the gear on the correct setting base on the speed of the car, thus the sputtering and hesitation when you want to go. Nice looking car but looks is not the reason I needed a car. Like anything else, I am willing to work with dealer and mechanics for issues that any car could have, but the dealing with the dealer is a horrible experience. If I knew then what I know now I wouldn’t buy this car, and based on the dealer’s experience, I would never buy a Nissan just to avoid talking to the dealer.

By Cora Tonihka on November 21 @ 5:01 am
My car
Always check reviews

By Jackson Mini on July 4 @ 8:12 pm
It is honestly the best car I have ever bought. It has amazing size, for cargo and passengers. I love the ride, smooth and comfy... It has great acceleration and wide steering radious. My 16 year old son drives it most of the time and even with him being rough with it, I get back in and it's still very smooth. I would deffinetly purchase another one in the future.

By Christian Lopez on May 9 @ 4:17 pm
Great car
I bought this model 2 years ago, used, 2013 with 35,000 miles on it. I took it down to Florida twice from the north Midwest and so far I haven't had any issues with the car. I just do normal maintenance at my local Nissan dealer and they make sure the car gets done everything that needs. So far I just have changed my brakes and flush my fluid brake system. No problems with the engine, transmission or electronic system. So far I love my car, I only wish that I could get the 3.5 instead of the 2.5, also the 3.5s come with the sunroof, which I love but besides that I love my car.

By Rocco on February 6 @ 7:27 pm
Great Car!
Bought my Altima brand new in 2013 and have loved every second of it. I've taken it on several trips around the country with no issues. Being 6'4" finding a car that's both economic and comfortable was a task, but the altimas seats are very comfortable and supportive and offer tons of leg room. My one complaint would be on its acceleration, it's a sluggish go from a dead stop but once it's going there's no issues. I've only dealt with recalls and routine maintenance, my dealer has been great to work with. Would buy another Nissan.

By Yesi on April 4 @ 12:30 pm
Transmissions SUCK!!
2013 50k miles transmission messed up, going on the freeway & car went from 65 miles to under miles per hr in a couple seconds!! it was very dangerous & scary esp since I had my 2 smaller children in the car with me!! Transmission problem, good thing it was still covered under warranty, but I will not be purchasing another Altima again!!

By Clem on February 18 @ 4:28 am
Great except for electronics and leather
I bought this car new and have owned it for almost 5 years. In general the car's been great--no reliability or performance issues. It's fun to drive and comfortable, and it looks good. I've seen some comments about the CVT, but mine has worked flawlessly, with no issues whatsoever. With the 3.5L engine it has plenty of acceleration, and it handles very well. HOWEVER, I do have two things to caution about: the leather seats don't wear well; the driver's seat is already showing wear, and it shouldn't yet. The bigger issue for me is the absolutely TERRIBLE audio/navigation system. The maps simply suck--they're incomplete. Valid addresses that have been in use for years show as "outside of boundaries"--and that's with a recent map upgrade for $149! The audio/navigation system takes forever to boot up, and since you can't enter an address while driving, you're stuck waiting with the car running while it boots before you can enter anything. The voice navigation has far too many levels of menus, and it takes too long to step through them before you can get to what you want. You can enter your own points of interest, but they get listed by proximity to your current location, not alphabetically--what idiot came up with that? I recommend this as a used car--it's been great--but if you buy one, I recommend you plan to buy a good third-party audio/nav system and replace the piece of garbage that comes with the car.

By Hal VanSlyck on June 1 @ 3:43 am
It's a Two-Door Altima!
My '13 Altima 2.5S Coupe provides everything I need in transportation. Quiet, comfortable and classically stylish around town or on long OTR trips. Recently had a guy say he noticed my Altima but then counted only 2 doors and saw the dramatic swept rear window styling and had to see it up close. Bought new August 2013 and have only had to change oil every 4k miles thus far. Bose sound rocks. Sunroof.

By Jesse on July 20 @ 7:12 am
Great second car
Awesome gas mileage, comfortable ride. Nice and roomy interior

By Earl Neff on October 22 @ 4:48 am
My great Altima Review
I love this car and everything about it. From the gas mileage to the room to the Luxe and function of the car everything is Top-flight, and it's made in America

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