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Sooner or later, most everyone reaches that point in life where they feel compelled to trade their stylish, fun-to-drive set of wheels in for something more sensible. What many don't realize, however, is that cars like the 2012 Nissan Altima don't force you to choose between those two extremes.

While both the midsize Altima sedan and Altima coupe are handsome automobiles, that's only part of their appeal. Choose the V6-powered 3.5 SR model, for example, and you'll get both a robust 270-horsepower V6 engine and a firmer suspension that makes this Altima feel more like an expensive sport sedan. Even without these upgrades, the entry-level 2.5 and midrange 2.5 S models offer a decidedly more engaging driving experience than you'd expect from such practically oriented automobiles.

Inside, the Altima sports an attractive and comfortable cabin. The interior can also be fitted out with upscale options like a hard-drive-based navigation system with music storage, Bluetooth streaming audio and a rearview camera. These and many other high-end goodies are bundled together in a number of different packages, meaning some buyers will be forced to shell out money for features they don't really want in order to get those they do. Another downside to the Altima is that rear seat headroom is a bit tight in both coupe and sedan body styles.

Those issues aside, the Altima is still one of the better choices in the crowded midsize category, even though many competitors are newer designs. For those interested in checking out a few worthwhile alternatives, we'd recommend having a look at the well-rounded Ford Fusion, the roomier Honda Accord and the similarly sporty Mazda 6. Other top choices include the very impressive Hyundai Sonata (and related Kia Optima) and the European-influenced Volkswagen Passat. While it's impossible to go wrong with any of the above, few offer the combination of driving enjoyment and everyday practicality offered by the 2012 Nissan Altima.

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2012 Nissan Altima

NEW FOR 2012

Other than minor feature availability adjustments, the 2012 Nissan Altima is unchanged. Nissan has also discontinued the Altima Hybrid this year.


Quiet ride


Complex options structure.

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By jim_janet on January 13 @ 8:04 am
only 24.6 mpg on highway so far
We just bought our first new car in 40 years. We had not planed to but the 2010 Altima we bought on June 4th we trades back in 10 days later because you could hear the lifters, there was fuel in the oil and it was only getting 21 mpg. We were told this was a lemon not typical for an Altima and they gave us a good deal on a 2012. We wanted a car that would provide us with the best gas mileage possible so we choose an Altama. So far that is not what our new 2012 is doing. Maybe it takes time to break in. We have only had our 2012 since June 23.So far it is getting 24.6mpg on the highway and overall only22 mpg About 440 miles per 20 gal tank. We are not happy. We do like how it looks & handles.

By cgt79 on December 25 @ 9:35 am
So Far So Good
Picked up a 2.5S Sedan over the weekend, and so far we love it! Other than an issue with getting XM (see below) we have no complaints. The car has very good performance for a 4-cylinder, has plenty of power for passing accelerates to speed well. The CVT transmission is what sold the car to my wife (Primary Driver), smooth and very responsive The interior is very comfortable for all sizes (I am 6' and my wife is 5'2.). Trunk is very large, and includes and optional emergency kit (Jumper Cables, flashlight, basic tools and a warning triangle) as well as a first aid kit. Ride is smooth with very little road noise. Too early to comment on gas mileage, will update once we have driven more.

By bill_in_sa on March 22 @ 2:36 am
Love the 3.5 SR
I recently traded in my 2008 Altima Coupe 2.5S for the 2012 Altima Sedan 3.5 SR. Quite honestly I loved the coupe, it had every option except the navigation, but from an interior size point of view it was inconvenient. It was uncomfortable for adults to sit in the back. So I decided to look into the sedan and ended up purchasing the 3.5 SR with every option, including the navigation system. With a 270 HP engine, it has plenty of power for passing or merging on to the highway. It has a comfortable ride and very good handling and is spacious. The trunk space is huge (especially compared to the coupe). One thing that my 10 year old son pointed out is the interior is very quiet.

By nj_driver on February 12 @ 2:12 am
Surprised by quality issue
I recently sold my 03 Maxima and bought the 2012 Altima 3.5. Good looking car on the inside and out. I've had the car for 3 weeks and have driven 1,050 miles. 2 issues: 1.)According to the MPG information in the dashboard, I'm only getting 25.6 miles per gallon. Since 70% of my miles have been on the highway, I'm surprised at the low mpg. (my 03 maxima got 32mpg on the highway). 2.) When you first drive the car, it makes a gridning noise when shifting (at about 30 MPH). It only happens during the initial driving. After you pass 30 MPH, the sound doesn't happen again...until you turn the car off, start it again, and drive. The car is currently at the dealer to identify the problem.

By nj_driver on December 13 @ 2:56 am
Great car, but strange noise at 30 MPH
I've driven 6K miles in my 2012 Altima 3.5. Overall, the car has good acceleration, and is very responsive. The only odd concern is that at 30 MPH (the first time I drive it each day), there is a clunk. It sounds like I ran over a rock and it hit the undercarriage. I returned to Nissan 2 times to have it checked, and was told that it is the ABS Actuator, and the sound is 'normal'. I find it hard to believe the engineers at Nissan would allow this. Check this if you test drive an Altima.

By snowman23 on September 5 @ 5:41 pm
Solid Car
Solid all around pick for the money.I have 7200 miles on and have had no problems. Getting around 31 mpg on mostly highway driving.

By frespo on September 13 @ 9:53 am
Noisiest car I ever had
I bought my new car ~ 2 months ago. Since the beginning it made a loud "grinding" engine noise. I think it sounds like a loud diesel car. Took it to the dealer and they could not find anything "unusual". You could hear it over the radio, which is not very good. This car is noisier than the Civic 2001 it replaced! On gas milegae, I was looking forward to getting at least 30. No such luck. With the car brand new it gave me 27 and now it is down to 25. It does not have a USB port, which comes standard with cheaper cars. In short, not the new car experience I was hoping for. Do yourself a favor. DO NOT BUY AN ALTIMA. There are plenty of good cars out there. Many are priced lower than this

By b4nissan on April 7 @ 2:15 pm
Nissan is Reliable
This is my second Nissan Altima. My previous Nissan was a 2002 Altima - 127,000 miles only replaced tires and battery in 10 years! Fabulous car, best I've owned so had to buy another Nissan Altima. This one is great as well. I like the exterior, absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the keyless entry and keyless start! This is wonderful. The mileage will improve with time. Nicer, quieter ride than my 2002 and takes those bumps and potholes really well!! My only complaint would be the interior is boring. After looking at GM cars, GM knows how to do interiors. Nissan doesn't. Boring boring boring. But reliability counts for alot. Reliability trumps interior!!

By wild8willy on January 26 @ 4:29 pm
Want my 02 SE back
Had and 02SE that was totalled. Just replaced it with this car. CVT is horrible, sluggish and noisey. Bose radio is rotten compared to my 02. On the positive side, interior materials are great. Care feels heavey and bolated to drive. Steering is numb. Tailpipes are uneven and one stick out further than the other. Trunk is crooked one side is rubbing the bumperskin. There are burrs around the lip of the wheel wells. There is a paint defect in the middle of the roof that looks like Nissan painted over a 2 inch worm. I can not wait to get rid of the car and it has a little over 300 miles on it.

By magicfan on August 9 @ 7:08 pm
Happy Customer
Solid car so far. Purchased it on 12/31/11 and have put a little over 2000 miles on it. Averaging 26 mpg combined driving and a respectable 32 mpg on highway. As previous owner noted, it is simply styled on the inside (mine came without a radio) but very functional with good quality materials and comfortable seats. This is my first Altima. I'm trying it based on the super great performance and reliability of my Nissan King cab pickup (1987 model) I owned for over 10 years and 225,000 miles. We like what we have seen so far from the Altima.

By joaquin48 on December 30 @ 8:02 am
An Awesome value, no diubt about it
This car is really awesome. Of course is not a porsche or a Jaguar, but is a lot of fun to drive. I have 2 young kids, and they love the space in the back seat. My wife loves the dual climate control, and I love the comfort (i am 6" tall) and the Bose sound, which is pretty awesome. The ipod integration is superb, I get 26 mpg with 90% city driving, is so quiet in the highway, and the trunk is enormous. The CVT transmission feels weird, so make sure it doesn't bother you, but it drives great. There is NOT a lot of power, is is a fuel-efficient 4 cylinder, but still feels great.

By i30rls on January 20 @ 4:00 pm
Overall Good car minus few annoyances.
2012 Nissan Altima 2.5 S Anniversary Edition came with bluetooth, wheel radio controls, homelink for garage openers, push start button and alloy wheels. Overall it is good looking car with comfortable ride. Has a big trunk space for a double stroller and more. If you do put two car seats, there is no room for the third or space for the third person in the middle. Car has extreme features such as push button start and other luxury features, however, Nissan opted to use cheaper plastic on AC controls, outside mirror controls and most importantly horrible audio + speakers. Music quality is horrible on the 2.5 S edition. I guess they really want you to go with their more expensive packages.

By mikej17 on May 23 @ 11:39 am
Noisy CVT
I am regretting buying this car.The seats sold it for me and the car is beautiful,but on any accelerating the CVT whines and groans.

By hnamous on August 17 @ 4:18 am
Great basic car with tolerable downsides
After 7,500 miles, my experience so far has been mostly good. Power is adequate for everyday driving, but it doesn't inspire much confidence in highway passing. The build quality seems to be good although one of my foglights popped out for no apparent reason. No reliability issues so far. The interior materials are acceptable. Missing standard features such as HD radio and USB. Bluetooth is GREAT. Major Downsides: Handling is not so good (possibly due to the tires). Rattling under acceleration. Squealing breaks (wet or dry). CVT is noisy and dimwitted. Never achieved EPA estimates - and I drive carefully!

By wikoli on June 28 @ 3:47 pm
2012 Altima 3.5 SR
Lucked out, got 6K off msrp on a fully loaded '12 3.5 SR incl. tech pkg. (nav). Was sitting on dealer's lot for 2 weeks with a "sold" sign, but deal fell through. Last '12 on their lot. Impressive initial quality, flawless fit and finish (silver) and interior quality. Kudos to the folks at the Smyrna, TN plant. Driver's seat not as good as '13 "NASA" seat, but is fine. Brakes not as good as wife's previous '10 CX-7 GT, but acceptable. V6 & CVT good match w/ good power. 26 mpg on first tank (hand calculated), not bad, better than the CX-7. Handling is great, steering is heavy on hwy. but tracks well and lightens up in low speed driving. This is a completely different car from the 2.5 models.

By dmihailescu on November 17 @ 10:35 pm
good bang for the buck
responsive and fun to drive. The interior looks a little outdated nowadays. Easy to use controls. Good deal if you get the end of year rebates.

By nissansucks12 on June 28 @ 3:38 pm
7 times to the dealership to get 2 items repaired
I have had serveral new cars in my life time, but never a Nissan, thought I would give them a shot, bad bad bad bad move, a simple replacement of the 2 rear speakers turned into 5 trips to the dealership for one reason or another, simple tire rotation, left one of my lug nuts in the rim. These are simple items to repair or replace and it seems like this dealership can't get it right, but my car has only 5000 in 7 months, these items should not have been broken to begin with, horrible horrilbe car, buy a Ford, never had an issue with any of them, stay away from NISSAN! I also have 2 friends that work at the plant there, again stay away!!!!!

By tsgttony on January 3 @ 7:44 pm
Dim Headlights
I have bought this car back in September, I discovered that the headlights are quite dim. no where bright as my old 2009 Subaru. I returned to the dealer 2x in 2wks each time I was told there was nothing wrong. Complained to nissan headquarters they politely listened to my problem. I have offered to pay for a portion of the enhanced bulbs, but was told by the service manager that this model can not be upgraded. I considered purchasing brighter bulbs from Napa. Was told by Service manager that this would void the warranty, I am now awaiting a call from the GM, had I knowen how dim these lights were I would have never purchased this car, furthmore turn on the high beams is not much of an impro

By jravelo on August 25 @ 2:26 am
Great Family Sedan
This car is not very fun to drive, as it is a 4 cylinder with a CVT transmission. Having said that, the manual shifter, steering feel and comfort, make it a very appealing choice. If you don't care about the fun, and want a comfy, reliable, good looking, long lasting family sedan, look no further. The accord don't measure up, the camry of the malibu neither. This car drives great, is very quiet inside, the Bose sound I got on this trim is absolute marvelous, the bluetooth works great, is good on gas (22.5 city, 34 hwy), and overall, you can't go wrong with it at all. Is a veeeeery smooth drive, very smooth.

By skreamz on August 14 @ 6:13 pm
Paint Defects
bought a certified used 2012 Nissan Altimawith only 7.000 miles from Montrose Nissan in Hermitage, Pennsylvania in Sept 2012. I noticed in March 2013 that my trunk lid on my car had defects in the clear coat. After closer examination They were real small specs in the clear coat that were starting to peel. Several trips to the dealership and endless phone calls to Nissan Consumer Affairs and still no result. The service department at this dealership is very slow when it comes to this issue. Nissan has very very poor service when it comes to warranty issues. Save your money and go buy either a Honda or a Toyota. This is the last time I ever buy a Nissan. Nissan you blew it.

By boothill42 on July 13 @ 2:30 pm
Very disappointing car
The performance was lackluster. The 4-cylinder 2.5L had to be pushed hard to keep up with traffic, especially on the hills. The engine was noisy, too. Mileage was good when on flat terrain and when really taking it easy, but because the engine was so under-powered I only averaged 21 MPG. The seats had good bolsters, but the cushions were too hard to get comfortable, especially on long drives, and one slid on the seat under hard cornering. The cloth material was nice and did not get too hot or too cold. The head restraints are horrible and put the neck at an uncomfortable angle. The handling was good, but the ride was too harsh to make it a comfortable car for the family.

By kkostelic on December 12 @ 10:42 am
Rust streams in the paint after 1-year - not covered under warranty??
I love most of the car; however just after a year rust started streaming down the trunk lid just under the horizontal chrome piece above the license plate. Obvious this is resulted from either poor assembly, or poor workmanship. One would anticipate that this would be a warranty issue, however trips to the dealership, their body shop (that shared the same opinion as I), plus calling the 1-800-Nissan1, the answer was we don’t cover this. I've had 18 cars, and buy two vehicles every 3 years..this being my first Nissan. Nevertheless, I've never had paint issues such as this!! I won’t be buying Nissan again..not because of their vehicles, but their poor warranty .

By mexican86 on January 25 @ 7:39 am
My car go everywhere no matter what
My Altima 2.5S is amazing. Good mileage I average 25-28 mpg combine and with a bigger 20 gallons fuel tank I can drive up to 450 miles before refueling. The car is responsive when I press down the gas pedal but it makes that drone noise which kind of bother me every once in a while. Huge roomy backseats good for 2 adult full size, not recommend for 3 in a long trip. Currently has 50k miles already, yea I drive a lot.

By whf1957 on September 22 @ 10:39 am
2012 Nissan Altima 2.5S - 125,000+ miles
I purchased my car used from a rental car company in November 2012. It had about 32,000 miles on it. They did a great job of making it seem new. I have over 125,000 miles on the car now and besides replacing the tires and recommended routine maintenance I have had no issues to report. I am about to put a 3rd set of tires on the car. I have averaged about 28.5 mpg between city/hwy driving. I did make a trip to Omaha, NE in May 2013 and when I filled up I had just over 34 mpg (hand calculated with a calculator 3 times). I was driving about 72 mph with the a/c on. The MPG listed on the electronic display and I do not always agree on the mpg per fill-up. Just because I am old school I do get the oil changed every 5000 miles instead of the 7500 recommended by Nissan and I have been using a synthetic blend each time.

By ssbrookhaven65 on December 15 @ 10:27 am
Good in concept, mediocre in execution
The Altima 2.5S is, in my opinion and experience, not worth the price. You can purchase much more for your money by purchasing an Accord, Fusion, or a Mazda 6. I had purchased the Altima brand new for 24,500. For a few grand more, I could've had a fully loaded Accord Coupe with blue tooth, navigation, and a rear back-up camera. My Altima has no premium options that are available on cars even a few years older than it (such as my former 2007 Honda Accord EX-L). The 2.5S produces adequate torque for normal acceleration. I have timed my Altima from 0-60 in the 7.2-8.1 range on various occasions. My gas mileage figures do not come close to the quoted EPA estimates. I only average 21 MGP overall.

By doppel_110 on March 15 @ 6:33 am
A Family sedan car for REAL
We love our Altima, everybody drives it cause its give good MPG. I fillup and takes me everywhere, farther places and still last a week. I'm a truck guy so I use to seeing the fuel gauge needle move daily but on this Altima it takes awhile. When I dirve I average 28-30 mpg combine with 40 city and 60 hwy. The cabin is roomy specially the backseats. I never seen a roomy back seats car like the Altima. The trunk is massive can probably fit 2 full size adults with some space to spare. Love the suspension not noisy and handles very well. I can park easily and maneuver around corners, remember I'm a pickup truck guy so driving this car is mere child play.

By boysen on December 14 @ 11:07 am
Very Surprised
I bought my 3.5SR wit 24,000 miles on it and I am very happy with it. I have the fully loaded edition. Drives smooth, very comfortable, the leather is great quality and it has 270 hp so it is a blast to drive. I drove 210 miles and used 1/2 of a tank. I am 6-2 and have wide shoulders but i feel small in the car because it had tons of room up front and in back. My friend is taller than me and has plenty of leg room while sitting behind me. Its a sound car with no rattles or hollow sounds. Well built. I would recommend a altima to anyone.

By solarwinds on November 5 @ 11:13 pm
Car wont start
We leased this vehicle... Got a great deal.. But the car now wont start and has to be towed to dealer hopefully they fix it... The dealer we got the car from is very good and the service guys are very nice and helpful... The car at high speed with weight in the back passengers is very unstable. The car has a nice design and interior but over all its a cheap built... In the snow its unsafe and as good as rear wheel drive. MPG is OK but not great. Seats are very comfortable and the dash is nice. The push button start has recently failed and the car will have to be towed...

By lindalebron on February 8 @ 7:08 pm
Most dangerous vehicle on the road
I have had repeat visits to the dealer to address the problem of hesitation when accelerating, which I am told the service department cannot duplicate, and they cannot fix what they can't find. I have had my car for 26 months and hate driving it on the highways. When I travel to San Diego to visit grandchildren, I rent a vehicle. Am I the only Altima owner experiencing this problem? Now, the transmission is jerking when driving at low speeds. So, the vehicle is back at the dealer's shop once again. What a horrible Nissan product!

By nismo1234 on August 27 @ 1:10 pm
Better than the 2.5s
Not saying a whole lot but This car is not fuel efficient and expensive to drive around town. It cost 19 Gallons to fill up and you can spend a quarter tank just driving to wallmart and back! Not sure about the math but i fill up twice a week 40 Gallons a week.

By Joe on September 12 @ 3:41 am
Gas Bill is not believable
It is impossible to believe but ill give it to you straight! I filled to Full at Qt making sure Gas was 100 percent topped off to 20 gallons, Left QT drove 1.3 miles away and already burned about half a quarter tank of fuel. 60,000 Miles on car no issues at all! This 3.5L Altima can guzzle gas 2 times faster than a V8 motor, This altima has amazing HP but not worth even enjoying cause it drinks gas like you cant believe. The Interior is really nice, black dash and carpet, steering wheel has controls and hands free phone and high gloss black leather steering wheel, It has navigation and bluetooth and bose system.. Really nice car although my biggest complaint is the front seats and how uncomfortable they are. The back seats are very comfortable. this car has 9 cup holders and not sure why. My wife has a 2.5s and it gets the complete opposite fuel economy. She gets like 40Mpg even close to 60mpg when on freeway best i ever seen! 2.5s best fuel economy i ever seen even than honda's 3.5 SR worst fuel economy i ever witnessed in my life seriously!!!!! How does these 2 altimas are so un-alike??? Makes no sense at all! I will never buy a V6 again with name SR Altima on it! Most Altimas Bumpers are always falling off i have noticed! The inside was a great design and comfort is good just not cloth seats outside is not stylish

By omar on August 1 @ 3:22 pm
a real car
I have a 2.5s special edition no issues I put good gas 89 octane lasts me 2 weeks and drive it every day very strong reliable. brakes wasn't too impressive but upgraded them to cross-drilled slotted rotors and it's perfect now great car to have

By Cody on January 5 @ 10:23 pm
When I bought a Nissan Altima I was thrilled. When I looked inside the interior look brand new. Very roomy and comfortable for road trip. Plus it get great gas mileage. Also inside the car there are plenty of storage places. All the electronics worked great. It's a push to start no key is needed which I thought was pretty cool. The outside looked good no dents and had good tires on it. When I test drove it it drove very smoothly. No problems with the vehicle at all. I would recremind getting the vehicle if yu are needing something reliable and great on gas.

By jennifer macklin on September 8 @ 2:30 pm
I used to love nissannot anymore
I have a four door 3.5 liter engine Nissan sedan. I was excited when I first got it because it had low mileage and it seem like a very dependable car. I had the car for a little less than 4 months and had to take it into the dealership because the lights were flickering and the Windows would not go up and down. the dealership said they could not find anything wrong with it and left it at that. A few months later again it was a sensor that went bad they had to replace that but the lights were still flickering and again they couldn't find anything wrong with it. we did this for over a year went to the dealership 4 times. I don't know if anybody else has experienced electrical issues with this type of vehicle but I highly recommend that you don't purchase. it is to the point now that I'm actually scared to drive it because it says no key on a constant basis after changing the batteries out I'm pretty much a regular basis. the doors won't lock even though there automatic lock doors and this makes me nervous with my children in the car and driving. so if anyone has young children and travels more than 15 miles this car is not for you.

By Richard Haxel on September 14 @ 1:27 pm
Easy Rider
when you turn your turn signal on be careful that you don't take the headlights off of automatic. AC/Heat don't seem to coincide with the right and left controls. I wish I had gotten passenger side seat electronically controlled because once you put the seat back manually, it takes an act of congress to get back forward position.

By Shaquille on October 29 @ 2:10 am
I overall like my car
I think the car kind of depends on where you get your car from. If you get it from a crappy dealer who has like 3 or 4 owners then i wouldnt get it. I got my car at 62k (it was a rental, Igot it from Hertz car sales.) I am not at 85k and all I chaaged was wheel barons and oil changes on the regular. I drive about 300-380 miles a week thats just a guess. I drive alot and i love this car, I have no complaints. I love acceleration, push start and keyless entry. Great features for a a weaker model i fill up my tank on sunday and i dont fill up again until friday....... So the gas mileage is good to me, its roomy and i have great trunk space. This is a great car for young adults..

By Robert on June 1 @ 6:36 am
Give me back my Honda.
If you're considering an Altima, specifically a V6 model, check out other offerings by Honda, Toyota, Chevy, Hyundai, Ford, or even Chrysler/Dodge. I bought my Altima certified pre-owned with 16000 miles on the clock. I enjoyed and loved the car since it had every feature and option available. Well at about 18000 miles when I brought it in to the dealership for numerous rattles while driving. Not too long after that, the car started to shudder when taking off after a stop, as well as hesitating. I took it back to the dealership where they said that the transmission was defective and had to be replaced, at 20000 miles. The car seemed to drive fine for a while but then, it started getting horrible gas mileage and hesitating again along with my brake light flashing and my traction control light illuminating. Took it back again at 22500, which they said my master cylinder was bad, brake booster was bad, and the car had a bad head gasket which was causing the coolant to leak into 2 cylinders causing them to misfire. Also, it had a bad motor mount and the exhaust had a leak. They replaced and repaired everything under warranty. Drove it until about 29000 miles and the replacement transmission started to shudder and hesitate again, as well as making a loud whining noise from 3000 rpm to redline. Took it back and the dealership said the replacement transmission had an internal failure again and needed to be replaced. Now for the pros of this ultra reliable crap mobile: the seats are comfortable, the ride is pretty smooth when it wants to be, and when the car isn't having any issues, the acceleration is great. Better than any car I've owned. But I'd gladly sacrifice some features this car has to go back to my trusty V6 Accord. Too bad it can't happen, since I'm upside down on this Altima. UPDATE: The replacement tranny replaced at 29k started exhibiting the same issues as before around 33k. I decided to trade it in despite the fact it wasn't worth anything and I still owed a lot. Needless to say, I'm glad to be out of the Altima and into a Honda Accord.

By Phil on November 29 @ 4:47 pm
Great Car, Great Value

By Sarah on September 4 @ 2:20 am
Test Drive at Nite A Must!
In all the cars I've owned, never would I have thought to test-drive at nite to check the visibility in a car for the headlights. Wish I would've. As much as I like my 2013 Altima, the headlights suck! Like one of the reviews, you really can't see past 100-150 feet ahead of you and going faster than 60mph....is tough when you're not familiar with the roads unless you are following someone! I'm looking into purchasing road lamps. That should help, but it's ridiculous! Don't buy this car or any until you test-drive at nite. And the car was steering and pulling like when you're on the frwy in those grooves....even when you're not. Talk about increasing the play of the traction/steering when you're in the rain on the freeway! No time to relax and drive.....had to take the car into Mossy for them to repair and they couldn't figure it out and Temecula Nissan was able to correct the issue. Don't ask what it was as I forget sadly but I'm sure the mister remembers. Each car is like a kid, even tho they come from the same parents just like twins, they are all different so be sure to test drive the car you want to buy before buying and test drive at nite too on a road/frwy you aren't familiar with and read the reviews. You'd swear the poor visibility of my headlights was due to the plastic cover being 10 years old and needs polishing but that's NOT the case. Good luck and hopefully Nissan will read these reports and no that there is a valid and legitamate issue with these headlights! Otherwise, yes I like my car!

By Kelly B on May 19 @ 4:48 pm
My fourth Nissan
Bought this car used with only 12k miles. I have had it for two years. The drive is solid and there is nothing fancy about it. Hate the interior. Seats hang onto dog hair for dear life. Random pieces of plastic are found floating around the interior (figured out where two of them belong but can't get them back on the place they should be). The cloth on the rear passenger door handle has come off and will need an upolstery person to fix it. The interior is very cheap feeling and looking. I am the type that buys a vehicle and drives it until the wheels fall off but have arranged for my husband to take this one off my hands until my son starts to drive. My next car will be a Mazda or Honda.

By Greg Lucas on July 28 @ 3:15 pm
Know this!
Overall great car. Would buy again. Some complaints. Road noise is excessive and hard for people to hear you over blue tooth phone calls. Lack of more and placement of 1 usb port is annoying. Would not buy paint shield, leather protection, or warranties.

By W Lawrence on May 13 @ 1:27 am
Our second Altima
So far, this has been a very good car. We have had zero problems with it and it is fun to drive. We have had dealer maintenance on it from the beginning, substantially following the Nissan manual recommendations. The driver position is very comfortable (power seat) and I have driven it on long trips very comfortably. The front passenger seat (not power), however, is not comfortable for long trips. It is set too low and my wife finds it very hard on her back. Overall I really enjoy this car and plan to drive it for a long time to come. UPDATE 2017: My overall opinion still hasn't changed. I would only add that there is to much road noise at highway speeds. Otherwise no complaints except as noted. So far this car has been very reliable.

By CraigBasciano on April 6 @ 6:23 am
Go with a 2015 altima, i found out until then
I bought a used 2012 in may 2016 with 46,000 miles, they ripped me off bad, i didnt understand why it was so slow, drove like a truck, the 2.5 uses a lot of gas and handles so poor, i ask the dealer today and they said up til 2015 it weighed 2500 pounds more then it should, that explains why i hate driving it, you wont enjoy it at all

By jacksol on June 12 @ 1:07 pm
Inspect thoroughly
I was looking for a car good on gas , low miles, nice sporty looking, found it at dealership for $12,999, thought I had hit the jackpot. Purchased in May and in July noticed a rattling noise , it was pulling when driving, was hard to tell when it changed gears. In Sept, the a/c started blowing hot air and on a 6 hr trip, the car started losing power, rpm was high, was making whining noise, was struggling to change gears. The car was still under warranty so took to the shop, had to replace A/C condenser unit , had to pay deductible, then had to get wrecker to pick up and take to another place because the transmission was stuck in 2nd gear .They had to put in another transmission and welded the pipe which was causing the rattling. Had to pay another deductible. A week later, car will not change gears and fluid is leaking like crazy, had to get another wrecker to take back to dealership found out there was a problem with seal . 2 weeks later, check engine light came on, problem with sensor, last week check engine light came back on, problem with computer. At this point I am beyond frustrated, I tried trading it in on something else, but right now am so upside down that I cant afford anything so am just stuck with it and looking for a way out. It is now June 2017 and I just got my car back out of the shop again to replace bad struts, had to get a loaner car while it was in the shop and had to pay another deductible. My warranty will run out soon and I can only imagine the expense I will incur after it has expired. I still owe $12k for this car and I just checked the Kelly blue book for the value of this car and it states trade in is about $5k. So I am still so upside its ridiculous and in order for me to trade this car in as a down payment on something else, I was told I would have to put at least $5-6k down. This has just been unreal and I wish there was some way I could go after the dealership for this headache.

By Trelian on February 1 @ 6:03 pm
Love it !
It's a great dependable car, rides smooth and very comfortable seating.

By Danny P on September 29 @ 9:14 am
Amazing road traction, great road and seat feel
This car is seriously awesome, I've had my 2012 2.5S CVT since June of '16, and I have honestly no bad things to say about this ride. It picks up pretty nicely even though I have the 2.5 liter engine, I know how to listen to my engine and it runs decently fast. Comfortable front and back seats, awesome iPod integration, I got mine already equipped with a Bose speakers and the digital screen. The road and seat feel on the highway is super smooth when going really fast, and if you know how to make a car look good, this car cleans up nicely with a little front piece body kit and an exhaust system. I constantly am complemented on my car, love the Nissan family of cars, eventually want a Nismo 370 Z.

By Tammy tyree on June 22 @ 12:08 am
Nissan altima
This cat is very reliable with space for legs

By most dangerous city in USA El Paso on April 16 @ 3:11 am
Melting dashboard
Yes , it's true. 2005-2008 was a bad year for the "melting dashboard " (look it up) this is an ongoing problem because I purchased a new 2012, use it for work and usually "dust" off my dashboard with humid cotton cloth. I noticed fingerprints on my dash at a red light and placed my hand over the hash to see it my hands had left the marks on the dash only to find that it looked as though it had been sprayed with tree sap. I would go to my local service center but they must have a clause to only hire handicapped personnel. I think it must be the heavy metal content in out local drinking water. I'll try to work it out with the "handicapped" dealership but, I'll probably trade up to a Camry or Accord. This little car is rattling absurdly for 30k miles. They used to be good and previous Altima, I pulled over 200k miles before the t bone when a handicapped driver ran a red light and totaled my car.

By Stephen Britt on May 24 @ 2:16 am
Love this car
Great car all around! It says it gets 22-31 mpg but the meter on mine says I've been averaging 35-40 mpg

By Charmaine Lestelle on February 3 @ 8:35 pm
Make sure if something is wrong like a speaker sounds as if it has static that you make them fix it asap while under warranty, or they will never fix it. NEVER take your car to NISSAN OF DOWNTOWN! Reason"I took my car to get it serviced and they switched out my seats," which happen to have sheep skin seat sheep covers on the front and rear bench seat so I did not notice that they had switched them for approximately 2 weeks at which time I wrote a letter to the company and to the corporate offices of Nissan. With a return receipt showing that they got my letter I was so distraught to get absolutely no help with this matter at all from Nissan and to date still have no results or even a phone call or letter from this Corporation. THIS IS A DEFINITE ISSUE WHEN IT COMES TO BEING COMPLETELY SATISFIED OTHERWISE THE CAR ITSELF IS AWESOME. You should stay away from the Nissan dealership in down town major thief's.

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