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"Fun for the whole family!" is usually attached to large buffet restaurants or miniature golf courses, but occasionally it applies to cars. Yes, it's possible for Dad or Mom to have a modicum of fun behind the wheel without squishing Junior into a cramped backseat and jostling him around with a firm ride. There are a few such candidates in the family sedan category, with the 2010 Nissan Altima being one of our favorites. As a bonus, it's also available as a coupe for those who don't need a whole family to tag along.

The amount of fun you'll have will somewhat depend on whether you choose the four-cylinder engine or the V6. The latter comes standard with a sport-tuned suspension that trades some ride comfort for sharper handling, making the V6-powered Altima 3.5 SR model feel more like a sport sedan in family-friendly clothing. The four-cylinder car is more sedate due to its softer suspension and considerable power deficit relative to the V6. Still, all Altimas will be more involving to drive than sedans purely focused on comfort, such as the Hyundai Sonata or Toyota Camry.

For 2010, the current-generation Altima receives its first significant update since its debut back in 2007. This includes a restyled front end and the welcome addition of standard stability control across the board. Nissan has also upgraded the stereo, navigation and Bluetooth systems, making the Altima one of the most high-tech models in the midsize sedan and coupe markets.

Unfortunately, that equipment comes in expensive options packages, which in some cases must be paired with other packages. This structuring makes it difficult to pick and choose among options you would consider essential or frivolous. Another downside to the Altima is its backseat, which isn't quite as roomy as what you'll find in other top models. Then again, bigger isn't always better, as the Altima's "just right" size is a major contributor to its athleticism.

All said, we consider the 2010 Nissan Altima to be one of the class leaders -- especially with the V6. There are some other models we'd strongly suggest checking out -- the highly impressive Ford Fusion, the perennially popular Honda Accord, the enjoyable Mazda 6 and the new Suzuki Kizashi come to mind -- but should you choose a Nissan Altima, it will surely provide plenty of fun for the whole family.

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2010 Nissan Altima

NEW FOR 2010

The 2010 Nissan Altima has been refreshed with a restyled front fascia and standard stability control. There is also a newly upgraded sound system with an iPod interface, while the navigation system has been enhanced with a larger touchscreen, additional real-time satellite information, Bluetooth audio connectivity and digital music storage. Finally, the 3.5 SE model has been renamed 3.5 SR and loses its available manual transmission in sedan form.


Responsive steering, capable chassis, solid cabin construction, loads of electronics features, sedan's perfect safety scores, available coupe body style.


Smaller backseat than rivals, coupe's wonky manual shifter, complex options structure.

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By familyof4 on April 4 @ 9:06 am
Sporty family car
So far after putting almost 500 miles on the car, I am satisfied. The power and capability of the 4 cylinder is amazing. So much that you almost forget it is a 4 cylinder. Plenty of room for a family of 4 that includes 2 bulky car seats. Love the push button start and intelligent key on the handles! It is great to not have to dig through your purse to find your keys. So far so good, and I look forward to many more miles out of it.

By Marinertoo on September 5 @ 9:36 am
Comfortable, economical rocket ship
I've had driving difficulties due to an injury. We tested every car out there, and this had more leg room than all of them (driver, that is). Next was the Ford Edge, followed by the Toyota Camry, and Nissan Murano. We got the V6 with CVT transmission. I have no more physical discomfort. The ocean gray is a head turner with the performance package, and it drive as well as some sports cars I've owned. The gas mileage has also been great. The new styling (2010) is much more sleek than that of 2009. It's a gorgeous, economical little rocket ship that turns heads.

By Nissan66 on June 9 @ 2:10 am
Nissan tweeks the 2010 Altima
I bought the SL with everything but the NAV option. Many nit-picks about the '09 Altima have been taken care of. This year VSC and traction control were included on the 2.5 model. Turn signal markers added to the movable rear view mirrors too. A 4.3" back-up camera has been included in the Bose option(cool feature, but takes some getting use too). MPG at this early look was 27 on the first tank (combined driving). I expect 30+ with interstate driving. Nice quiet ride, handles well too.

By NewAltima on July 17 @ 10:06 pm
Why can't I get options without sunroof
I am tall, need to sit upright, need a 6 cylinder car and thus value headroom (eg no sunroof). Since the Altima has the most headroom of 6 cylinder sedans, why oh why do they require the sunroof (sports package) before I could order the premium package (leather seats, backup camera, auto climate control..things that I wanted) Strong suggestion: Please do not mandate sunroofs before other options can be added!!! Otherwise, this is a nice car for a tall driver (first 100 miles).. I find modest road noise and a more US car-like ride than the "harsh" ride in some reviews (less harsh than my 2003 Maxima)

By tnorton776 on July 27 @ 8:56 am
Well done Nissan! Keep it up!
Well this is my first nissan, and if the quality of their cars only goes up from here I can assure you it wont be my last. Nissan has taken major strides over the recent few years and this car is no exception. A major improvement in both exterior and interior styling and ride comfort comperable to a brand new 36k lexus ES 300 speaks for itself. It is hands down better than corolla and accord imo no comparison. They have moved certain aspects of quality on down the line from infiniti & maxima to the altima and it clearly shows once you get in a fully loaded one. Wouldn't B surprised if gets JDpwr award for IQ 2nd year in a row AT ALL. Got 520 miles out of my very first city/hwy tank (amazing)

By akt1000 on August 6 @ 11:53 pm
Loving the Car
This car is all I was hoping for in a new car. Wanted to have all the luxury and safety features, but wanted them with a good fuel economy of a 4 cylinder engine. The SL package and the Premium Audio package are worth the money.

By Ric on January 7 @ 3:30 pm
What an upgrade!!
After having my 2008 2d Altima totaled in a collision with a deer, I shopped around looking at the Dodge Charger, Chevy Camero and the Altima. I decided on the Altima cause while I enjoyed my 2d Altima, the 4d is a more solid and secure feeling car. The 4d Altima is enjoyable to drive, both short distance and long distances. I love the dual climate control as well as feel of the cloth seats. I also enjoy the greatly increased trunk space of the 4d.

By Carl K. on March 6 @ 6:00 pm
Second Nissan
The lease was up on my '08 Sentra, and after being so happy with it, I decided to go for the larger Altima this time around. Love the new facelift, and the addition of traction, and vehicle dynamic controls. Looks great in the new ocean grey color. Drives so smooth and quiet, and has great pickup.

By PETER on December 26 @ 2:33 am
The Perfect Car
The new 2010 Altima is everything i have ever looked for in a car, sporty styling, fun to drive. and the price was better than The Honda or Toyota. My insurance is lower on the Altima too!!

By Musician on November 17 @ 7:33 pm
I've had this car just a few days and a few hundred miles but it's awesome and I have no regrets in purchasing it. Package pyramid - you have to pay for certain packages you may not want in order to get the features you do want. When driving at night there is a weird streak/glare on the windshield that comes from the street lights I am passing. I guess it's the angle of the windshield? Love the push- button start. Love the looks the most, much like the Infiniti Coupe but way less expensive. Hate the panic button. I've accidentally set it off at least once each day. Be sure to adjust your side mirrors correctly. Coupes are not known for good visibility. Love this car!

By V6Altima on October 25 @ 8:26 am
Great car and better value
Purchased the Altima 3.5 SR after comparing to the Mazda 6 GT and Nissan Maxima. In my opinion, the quality, feature set, and performance rival the Maxima, but at a significantly lower price point. The CVT has been flawless, as well as the overall functioning of the vehicle. The V6 is quite refined, and a pleasure to accelerate on the freeway. Smooth ride and quiet cabin, even with the sport-tuned suspension on the SR. Regular (87) gas is a welcomed upgrade from the 09 V6. Fit and finish were above average in my opinion, with a very attractive, yet mature interior cabin. Navigation is by far the best I have used, and the new for '10 iPod interface is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

By Al on April 27 @ 3:30 pm
New Altima almost there
I am a sales rep and have driven my new Altima 800 miles . The drivers seat is not comfortable after an hour on the road. It needs more padding and a lumbar adjustment available as standard features on other cars. Nissan wants you to buy leather seats to get a lumbar feature. The stereo on the 2.5 s has speakers that distort easy. The back window trim panels on my car developed bubbles after a week of owning the car. Dealer has to remove and repair them. Shouldn't happen on a new car. Test drive this car for a while before making a deal! Your back may thank you!

By AliceBettyAnna on March 25 @ 2:13 pm
Sweet ride
Purchased the 2010 Altima 3.5 SR (V6) with the Premium, Sport and Technology packages. I generally buy my cars brand new, maintain them well and keep them for 10 plus years.So far, driving this for ten years would be a pleasure.

By grampa on April 18 @ 7:36 pm
So Far So Great!
Have only had the car about a week (100 or so miles) but loving it so far. Excellent acceleration, braking, and handling; beautiful exterior and interior design. Will update review as necessary.

By Tony C. on December 30 @ 10:30 pm
Awesome Car
I just purchase this car last night and this car is such a joy to drive. The ride is awesome the quality of the car is tremendous.I traded a 97 crown vic for this car and there is absolutely no comparison. I like the fact that the more efficient I drive the further I can go on a tank of fuel.

By Mid_Life_Crisis on September 7 @ 11:26 am
My first coupe
Leasing one. Am 6' tall, tall in the body and fit well. Opted for the convenience package and power seat adjustment makes this possible. Drove one w/o power seat and seemed tight on headroom, and no go at all on the sunroof model. Mine is Crimson Black/Black cloth. Would have liked Black/Blonde, if offered.

By MikeO on June 7 @ 9:26 am
Great Family Sedan
First sedan I have owned in 25 years of owning vehicles, and we've been very pleased with it after 4+ months and 6,000+ miles. The SL is incredibly smooth, quick and quiet for a 4-banger, though the engine noise does come through upon hard acceleration. Have taken the car on 9+ hour rides serveral times now - no issues with comfort (we did get the SL version with leather seats). We have consistently gotten great mileage 34-36 mpg hwy (@ 65+mph) and 25+mpg City. We do miss sitting up high like in our SUV's, but otherwise it's a great car. Virtually no torque steer, steering is responsive.

By Altima_Guy on May 3 @ 2:26 pm
Sorry I left Nissan
I was a loyal Nissan customer for years until a bad experience with a particular dealership. I had previously driven Altimas, but went outside the company and went with a competitor's SUV. With gas prices being so unpredictable in the short and long term, I decided to go back to Nissan and get into an Altima to save some money. You get alot for your money with the Altima and Nissan has always been more straight-forward with their financing/leases than Honda who charges whatever they want for leasing ignoring their own great residual values. I'm back with Nissan for good and I'm looking forward to a predictable great experience with my new Altima.

By rhino20 on October 29 @ 12:30 pm
Great Altima
A fun car to drive with a 4 cylinder that acts more like a 6. Great handling...takes curves at high speeds staying flat and giving great feel of road. I have had the 2.5SL for about 1 1/2 months and have put 1400 miles on it. Love the car so far and the gas mileage is very good...25+ in city and 35 on interstate. If it proves to be as reliable as my Hondas of the past, I will be back to Nissan in the future. If not, then back to Honda.

By Trevor on November 21 @ 11:00 am
Turned in my 07 Murano after my Lease was about to end and decided to go for a Sedan. Thought I would suffer from Sedan shock and on leaving the Dealership I was in total comfort driving the Altima. this is the SL with the Technology package. Excellent Nav system and for a Four, its peppy. Easy, smooth and fun to drive.

By Yolanda on February 27 @ 2:00 pm
Fun to drive
We replaced a 2003 V-6 Accord Coupe with the Altima 3.5 SR Coupe (with convenience package and leather package). Factory NAV and the 10GB hard drive hold no value for me. The Altima coupe is performance oriented and way more fun to drive than the Accord. For all intents and purposes, the Altima coupe is a two seater with minimal trunk space. I added the wheel locks and trunk nets. It came with mats, trunk pad and sill plates. 1.9% interest rate was a big plus.

By Altima on April 29 @ 8:30 am
2010 Altima 3.5SR
This is a decent car with a load of techno stuff. I bought mine fully loaded and love every bit of the techy stuff. However, this car will rattle like a can w/ rocks inside. Please beware!!!!! Other than that you will enjoy every bit of it. It's smooth (even with sport tuned suspension), fast, fairly quit and full of gadgets at a decent price. Since this is my 5th nissan I know that they could have done a better job with the cabin rattles. I would definitely buy another one in a sec. In comparison to my 2008 Maxima SL, this car is average. My Max was better quality, had only a few rattles at 25000 miles and faster w/ less horsepower.

By bdruggan on December 9 @ 4:46 am
I am a Nissan fan as I have found that their customer service is tops. So it was not a tough decision when I traded in my 4x4 08 Pathfinder for my 10 Altima Coupe. The same week I got the Coupe, a snow storm hit burying us under no less than a foot of snow. I was concerned about driving the Coupe and wished I still had the Pathfinder. No need to be concerned. The Coupe pulled through the snow like a champ. I love this cars interior design and love the Bose with back up camera. CVT feels odd at first, but give it time. Well done Nissan! By the way, I now have two Altimas, an 09 Sedan and now the 10 Coupe.

By Terrance Scott Sr on July 28 @ 10:06 am
Awesome Whip
The Altima 3.5SR is such a wonderful vehicle. Nice performance, nice features, nice interior, nice exterior. Sport, Premium and Technology packages are all worth the money. A cargo net would've been nice, as well as some all-weather mats, but not a deal-breaker. The new generation of OEM navigation is impressive. The build quality seems to be high too. So far, there's nothing I don't like about this vehicle.

By John on December 4 @ 12:40 am
The Altima Perfected
Traded in my 07 SE for this one to get into a lease (I don't put many miles on the car). The 07 was nice, however the suspension was almost jittery and could get unsorted easily over several bumps. I got everything on this one, including NAV. This is the Altima perfected. The suspension is perfectly balanced between comfort and response, the 3.5 engine is one of the best and I love how smooth the CVT is - no gear hunting when passing, just power. The new grille/hood/headlight clusters look great against the super black finish. The Tech package turns the car into a mobile computer, with ipod, bluetooth, XM radio and traffic/weather, NAV, and the Bose system sounds great.

By thacrusha on April 18 @ 12:20 pm
Very nice ride
I traded a Forester XT for this Altima and the difference is night and day, which may speak about the poor quality of the Subaru. This car came equipped with the Premium and Sport Packages. At 500 miles so far no complaints about power or ride. Mileage has ranged from 19.5 (virtually all city) to 28 (One hiway trip avg).

By joe on May 29 @ 7:30 am
bad engine 1200 miles
Bought this car new. Coolant leaked into cylinders from top down on this new engine. Needless to say, Nissan had to replace the shortblock engine. I am still without a car 9 days later. I don't think the car will be the same when I do get it. Maybe I can trade it in for an Accord or Camry.

By Rick on September 2 @ 7:46 pm
2010 altima v6
fun car for the money. worth every penny over 4 cyl. got leather and sport package. must drive with transmission on "sport" (see manual). completely different car in regular "D".

By Tim on September 25 @ 8:36 pm
Great all around car
Traded in my 2004 BMW 530i as the repair bills were getting outrageous. Like everyone else, I looked at the Accord, Camry, and even the Malibu. Decided against Camry due to Toyota's recent disasters. Malibu was nice, but was still, a Malibu. Altima is near perfect. Steering feels a little light, but that is no big deal. Acceleration from both a stop and and at passing speeds is more than ample. Build, fit, and finish are all on par with my BMW, and in some cases nicer. The instrumentation is well laid out and very intuitive. Gas mileage has been a little less than hoped for - city driving has been about 20 to 21 MPG, and Highway has been about 30. Great car overall.

By Wayne on September 9 @ 10:20 am
Poor Final Inspection
We Love the style and performance. Mileage is as advertised. The rear seat had a Leather back(They want to take it out after we purchased) Not gonna happen. I noticed yesterday that the Driver side muffler had a part burned off with a torch?? It has rusted, seems strange after reading all the Measures taken to prevent Rust. The Driver side Windshield washer is stopped up.

By Abhi on September 27 @ 5:36 am
Amazing car!
Amazing car as compared to others in the same class/category. Very smooth & comfortable ride. I am the first time Nissan buyer, but I am impressed.

By danner on September 27 @ 3:36 am
Our Second Altima
Really a great car for the money, Nice performance and ride, We got the leather and sport package. We are very happy with this car

By I love my Altima! on October 20 @ 4:43 am
I love my Altima!
I needed to get out of my Chevy Tahoe which was costing me over $450 a month in gas.I read an article about how the Altima sedan won as best family sedan for 2010 in 10 categories. Safety,reliability and a fun car to drive were important factors in my search.I loved my test drive so much, with the feel of the CVT, that I knew it was the car for me.Since driving it for 3 weeks I am so very satisfied.I would have had to fill up the Tahoe 3 times since then, and I haven't needed to fill it up yet! My car payment is much less than what gas alone used to cost me!

By BSM on June 16 @ 3:06 pm
Best in Class
I am 39 years old and when driving this car I enjoy the same feeling I had as a teenager driving my first car. Although we bought it as a family car (traded in a 2009 Toyota Sienna), it looks, feels, and drives like a fun, sporty car. Handles great, quiet ride, Acceleration is impressive, better than any of the other 4- cylinders we tested, & we are happy with it. The interior design and quality is by far the best in it's class. We tested Sonata, Camry, & Accord; we liked the Altima the best because of the quality of the interior products & the standard features were more generous than the Camry or Accord. Paid $18,995 for a base 2.5 S , & I've never felt so gratified after a new car purchase

By Alex B on August 8 @ 3:36 am
1500 miles and counting
I went with the 2.5 engine with the SL package. The Bose system is nice, but with low bass, the resonance is fairly bad and it sounded like something was loose in the right rear when going over decent sized bumps in the road. The dealership had it for 7 days and couldn't find the issue. A new car shouldn't have that kind of a problem. The performance of the 4 banger is quite good and I've average 27mpg overall. I've found the leather seats to be quite comfortable. The car is quiet in the cabin at highway speeds and fairly smooth riding as well, while remaining sporty for the price you pay. My only complaint is the noise from the back.

By Steve Breen on January 11 @ 1:43 am
Best Kept Secret for a Mid Sport Sedan
I bought this car for my wife, who was tired of the SUV thing and wanted a "car". We wanted to get as much car as possible for around 30k, and it seemed our tastes gravitated towards cars near the 40k range (BMW 335, Lexus, etc). We considered used, but really wanted a car to hold on to for a while. Enter the Altima 3.5 SR. I was blown away with how much car you can get for the money. With everything except the Nav, this thing is well short of 30k. And it's a LOT of car for that money. Handles well (just slight understeer if you are going nuts), willing, torquey engine and the CVT -- which I really thought would be weird -- just seems natural. Awesome interior - well, thought out.

By tmagman1 on August 17 @ 7:33 am
Nissan Altima Review--an okay car
I really didn't have nor did I want to spend a great deal of money on a car. I test drove the Mazda 3 and the Hyundai Elantra. The Hyundia actually did pretty well. I decided to give the Altima a shot. It wasn't a bad ride, and a decent value for what you get. My biggest complaint is the horsepower. I believe 175 hp is low for a car this size. The new Hyundia Sonata offers a 198 hp engine and will give the Altima a run for its money. In my opinion the engine is relatively loud during acceleration. While cruising the engine is quiet, but during take off this engine is very loud.

By grampa on October 30 @ 8:30 am
So Far So Great! (Cont'd)
Update from previous (1/6/10) review:Now have over 5000 miles on our Altima, including road trips (1000+miles). Still totally in love with the car! Gorgeous looking inside and out; handles great; mileage as advertised or better: high 20s in town; low-to-mid 30s hwy.(65-70 MPH, no AC) according to dashboard indicator, which I hope is correct.

By bk_furman on June 24 @ 9:00 am
Not as good MPG as I thought
Compared several midsize cars before I bought an Altima 2.5 S in Ocean Gray. Something about the design and drive of the car won me over. Also add in the fact that JD Power gave the 2009 the nod in quality and Consumer Digest gave the 2010 it's top honor in midsize sedans. The vehicle is deceptively roomy. Back seats have plenty of space for my teenage sons and I have plenty of leg room to drive. I fit in the seat like a glove and the new changes for 2010 make the Altima feel like a sports car. My only complaint is the gas mileage. I am not even at 20 MPG. I am now on my 3rd tank of gas and hope to start getting at least 25 MPG, but I don't think I will get it. Not sure why.

By Gramma on September 27 @ 10:13 pm
Still Undecided
Love the look and way it handles when driving however it's a noisey car with whines & klunks when first starting & accelerating. I was told by the service dept the klunk noise was normal & the car was doing some sort of self-testing. Also within first 2 wks I had it back to service for the seat belt light which stayed on when seat belts were fastened. I'm getting use to the "intelligent key" but not sure i really like it. Having had an suv previously getting use to the sedan will take some time, I guess.

By WHITEBOY on January 24 @ 4:13 pm
Got the car 3 months ago with the SL version. Love the nav system and the Bose stereo. Noticed the same problem as Alex B with the bass. Even at 0 level and treble at 3, the back ledge by the rear window does not hold the bass. Probably needs more padding to damper the vibration. Looks like very thin shelving for speakers and subwoofer location. Besides that love driving it. Gets good mileage for both city and highway. Live in N.Y.C. and getting 20/35. Not bad compared to my 96 Murano. Only downfall is none of the cars come with some pkgs. You have to get all, meaning all the pkgs are connected to each other. Adds a lot more to base price. Got windows tinted, looks great.

By clarkd on August 25 @ 4:06 pm
I love my Altima 3.5
I have put 3,700 miles on my car in 2 months. I enjoy the CVT but I love the power of the 3.5 (270hp). You accelerate so fast you are speeding before you know it. The ride is a little rough but the steering is very precise and I love the sport tuned suspension. From the paint job to the dual tray center console, this car is first class.

By Bigsackomeat on November 21 @ 4:43 pm
Good mid-level sedan
Quick enough with the 2.5L 4cyl that I chose it over the V6. While the CVT takes some acclimation, I am now completely comfy with it; careful throttle application lets you accelerate to 45-50mph within traffic, never exceeding 1500 rpm. Excellent mileage. The gadgetry all works as advertised: bluetooth connection, very useful voice controls, etc., as well as the "magic key". Brakes are strong enough, but I haven't tested them all the way to fade. I do wish for slightly larger diameter wheels (would smooth the ride some more), and a bit more confidence stuffing the nose into a high-speed turn, but the overall handling/ride/comfort still beats the 2010 model contenders in the 4 cyl sedan class.

By Fast Driver on August 29 @ 5:40 am
One shade under perfect
I traded in an 08 equinox fully loaded for the basic altima. Love this car! Love the ride, drive, handling, and turning radius! Sometimes I think I hear the speakers rattling when music is up louder but other then that no complaints! 1300 miles on it as of now. Kinda miss some of the bells and whistles, but oh well. Gas mileage is decent. I always wanted to lease but never thought I could be a candidate because of the miles but Nissan didn't blink an eye with letting me do 18k per year. The seats seem firm but I'm getting used to it. I had the Nissan dealer detail my car and they did a terrible job but oh well it was free lol!

By KG on January 15 @ 7:16 pm
Decent Car Overall
I traded an '04 Impala in for this car. It is smaller than the Impala and gets worse gas mileage, so I'm not sure if I made a good decision or not. The keyless start is nice, but if you lose your keys it is very expensive to replace. It's an ok car overall, but sometimes I miss my Impala.

By pink1984 on April 7 @ 7:06 pm
Great deal, great car
Sold my 2000 Maxima SE and bought a 2010 Altima 2.5 S with the conv. plus package.

By Pattiee on November 3 @ 11:30 pm
Accord to Altima
Overall a nice car. A bit disappointed in the gas mileage, as I'm only averaging 27. The hardest part is the lack of initial pickup, compared to my Accord, it's pretty bad and my Accord was a 4 cyl too. The other biggest complaint is the seat belt. It is too low on the frame and impedes across the shoulder too much.

By vgvg on December 16 @ 4:20 am
3.5SR, Good choice!
3.5 winter frost with blonde leather interior. Sport and Premium package. Looks good and drives even better! A lot of power and great performance. Fun to drive. I mean really, really fun to drive! For instance, I can merge onto the freeway, going uphill, from a near crawl, from being behind a semi. Hit 70 or 80 without an effort. Before I an count to 4! Love the CVT. The Bose 9 speaker stereo sounds great. It's better than the Bose premium system I had on my '02 Maxima. 3.5SR Altima is a economical choice of a car that maintains power and performance but not the price of a new Maxima. At 1300 miles, city and highway avg 23mpg.

By Kryptonyc on October 6 @ 3:20 am
Uber-excited Driving Machine
I have to say I never saw myself driving a Nissan I was in a market for a Toyota Camry and/or Ford Fusion after test driving the Toyota & Fusion. I decided to test drive a Nissan after the Toyotas woes. And I was hook from the start, love the SL package, the Bose Audio, the gas saving its awesome, the space inside etc. and the peace of mind.

By Coach on May 28 @ 11:50 am
2.5SL Great Ride!
I wanted to like the new 2011 Sonata, drove one for 3 days, nice but just couldn't pull the trigger. Dealership also had Nissan's so I decided to drive the Altima 2.5 SL as a comparison. The Sonata has the looks, but that's really were it ended. The Altima's ride is far better, handling is better, and the COMFORT is way superior (despite Sonta having more backseat room). The SL's options were almost identical (no back seat heater). I'm at 3,900 miles, getting 33 mph on the Hwy, 29 city, no complaints. The CVT is different, but not at all bothersome. This is a really nice vehicle--and for the price a great value!

By bbarber72701 on September 7 @ 8:06 pm
Best Sedan on the Road
I really like the '10 Nissan Altima, after owning an '06 Altima. The body style has changed tremendously. Between the older design and new design, most improvements lie in the exterior, and dash. You'd be hard pressed to find changes in interior. Bought this for my wife '10 Altima around the beginning of the year and we both have fun driving it, we've had no problems with the car and it handles great and turns on a dime. Shes 5'1 and has great visibility in this vehicle. I would buy an altima again, my one complaint would be the hubcaps that come on the standard model. They are really crappy. If you can afford it definitely upgrade to the alloy wheels. I'd give it a 9.8 out of 10.

By Indydriver on February 24 @ 9:26 am
Outstanding midsize sedan
All around great car. Never considered Altima when I started shopping, but this was best deal (2.5S-SL pkg,Bose audio). Smooth, quiet, and sporty to drive. 0-60 acceleration close to V-6's. Great cargo space with back seat down. With smooth driving (NOT hypermiling) get GREAT mileage (90+% city my 1st 2k was 26.5 mph ACTUAL mpg-not computer but by total gas I put in tank).

By Hoosierman on March 4 @ 2:40 pm
Outstanding & efficient midsize sedan
Never thought about Altima when I first started shopping, but it was best deal in solid midsized with leather. Great all-around car. Smooth, quiet, comfortable, efficient, and sporty. CVT sounds different, but combo of mpg and acceleration is unmatched in its class.

By Mr. T. on December 23 @ 1:36 am
It's early, but this car rocks
I'm nearing 1,000 miles on a 2010 coupe and have zero complaints. Excellent acceleration and handling, a joy to drive. Test-drove the Mazda 3 and Accord Coupe. The Altima has a much more solid feel than the Mazda -- no comparison really. The Accord was roomier and drove about as nicely as the Altima, but we liked the styling on the Altima better and it cost thousands less than the Accord. The dash layout is a big plus for us -- simple, easy-to-reach controls. Love the CVT trans. Alum alloys are standard on the base model and they are really nice wheels. The back seat is smallish and the trunk space is very limited but these are trade offs we've accepted to get a very sporty looking, fun car.

By car buff forever on March 1 @ 7:16 am
Nifty Nissan
Very satisfying combination of smooth ride and crisp handling. I'm tall and found that no other mid-size car was as easy to get in and out of - no need to duck your head getting in the Altima. Simple but attractive instrument panel has large, well lit, and easy to read gauges. I also appreciate the large easy to grip knobs on the radio and climate controls. Thanks, Nissan, for showing that chrome, when used tastefully, can add elegance to a car. The chromed grill louvers, window surrounds, and rear end embellishments really set off the stylish shape of the car.

By Nikki on August 14 @ 11:50 am
Love Love Love this car!
What more can I say. I love this car! Its a lot of fun to drive and I just love to look at it lol. Its so sporty looking with the size and features of a family sedan. The ride is amazing. Thought with the CVT would be hard to get used to but it wasn't. What a smooth ride! The bluetooth feature is a little to get used to but at the same time it is a huge convenience. Not needing a key to open the doors has made my life so much easier! If my husband is driving and he's taking too long to open the door I don't have to wait anymore because my key is always in my purse so I let myself in! Technology is amazing! And so is this car! Luxury without the expense! You can't beat it!

By dtancredi on July 24 @ 12:23 pm
Problem Keyless Start
Within the past two weeks, there have been 10-12 times that it was difficult to start. I am being told that the dealership cannot find a problem.

By jools on July 24 @ 10:20 pm
Amazing car. going to miss it.
I had the Altima Coupe for almost two and a half years and i loved every minute of it. Everything about it was perfect and i did not have a SINGLE problem with it. Also, it saved my life. A couple weeks ago, i got into a pretty horrific accident where a driver in a Ford F150 plowed into me going 55 mph+. Needless to say, the car is totaled. But the important thing is that I was able to walk away from the accident and go home that night. If anyone is worried that this car isn't safe because its small they shouldn't be. i am a perfect example of how safe this car is.

By JEPOP on July 22 @ 9:23 am
Great Car
Bought a new Altima 2.5S last month and (so far) I really love this car. Other contenders in my new car hunt were the Accord and the Camry. In the end I went with the Altima because of price and the CVT (transmission). Highway MPG is fantastic (averaging between 32 and 36 MPG). The car is quick, quiet and very responsive. I am a first time Nissan buyer and hope that this car holds up as well as the Honda or the Toyota, time will tell.

By Operational Problems on June 2 @ 8:40 pm
Need Help! A/C & Battery
Getting foul smell from A/C. Have to open window it's so bad. We leave air circulation on to dry out, but this does not help. Dealer suggested scented spray for $82 every 6 mos. Possibly mold & not good for health. Need help! Also, battery too weak for operational demands. Accidentally left push button on, battery dies within 30 minutes. Dealer will not provide more powerful battery for this high end model. Also, vents on dashboard reflect in windshield restricting your view.

By Dukester1a on December 21 @ 4:43 pm
Altima Coupe, a good choice
The ride is very quiet and comfortable but I'm still getting used to the CVT transmission. I previously owned a 4 cyl. Honda Accord (manual transmission) which had more low end power. Vision is somewhat compromised by the coupe's design. Mirror adjustment is thus important.

By durrrr on January 29 @ 8:56 am
Near perfection
I really couldn't be much happier with this car. The new transmission is great. The car has tons of HP in the 6 cylinder version. It's roomy and luxurious on the inside. Gas mileage could be a little better. And Nissan did a very stupid thing by bundling all of the available options into 3 very expensive packages. You can't get leather seats without a sunroof. You can't get the upgraded radio unless you get leather seats, etc. Each package is around $2k, but has lots of features most people don't want and are forced to pay for. It's still a great car, very reliable with a nice look on the outside and a great look on the inside.

By rz cinti on September 25 @ 8:16 am
Great car
Had it for 2 weeks/ great ride quality and handling. more than adequate power for the highway, decent but not great mileage 28-29, 80% highway driving; easy to use functional layout; useful features bluetooth, rear camera, XM. CVT great and very smooth, engine a little coarse with acceleration. trip computer fun and very accurate.

By Daniel F Spies on May 3 @ 4:50 am
2010 Altima 4 Cyl. CVT SL
The overall performance is great. I do not like rattles however we found that the sun-roof sliding door will rattle when it is fully closed. The rattle goes away when it is partially or fully open (not the sun-roof itself, only the sliding interior door). I have overcome this problem and found that I really like the car. The get up and go is there when you need it. The CVT transmission provides excellent fuel mileage while maintaining low RPM balanced through the assist of the computer. This car handles very nice through curves on the road. The brake distribution appears to be proportioned perfectly from the front to the rear without unwanted jerky movements. I strongly recommend buying a

By Lance on November 11 @ 8:03 pm
Awsome Vehicle
I was an SUV person and decided that is was time for a car. I tried the Dodge Avenger, Toyota Camry and the Altima. The Altima won out on Power, and comfort of ride as well as space. I am a big guy and I feel really comfortable in the Altima. I think I actually have more room in this car then I did in my Chevy Blazer. I love the performance too, for a 4 cyl. this car has a lot of "get up and go".

By Railroad on March 26 @ 8:50 am
Thanks to edmunds
I want to thank edmunds for providing excellent insight and knowledge for car hunters. I recently bought a 2010 2.5S Altima and had great success at the dealership. The car sales team hit me with all the text book tricks. The four corners, trade in value, and monthly payments. Thanks to reading the article on the inside the dealership, I was well prepared to handle the smooth talk. I purchased the car three hundred dollars under invoice price. Thanks Edmunds! To new car buyers, do your homework, be ready to hear the slick talk, and never tell them the price per month you want to pay or like my brother tells them initially - $25.00 per month LOL!

By Daniel F Spies on June 17 @ 4:13 am
Fun to Drive - Altima SL
I do not like rattles however we found that the sun-roof sliding door will rattle when it is fully closed. The rattle goes away when it is partially or fully open (not the sun-roof itself, only the sliding interior door). I have overcome this problem and found that I really like the car. The get up and go is there when you need it. The CVT transmission provides excellent fuel mileage while maintaining low RPM balanced through the assist of the computer. This car handles very nice through curves on the road. The brake distribution appears to be proportioned perfectly from the front to the rear without unwanted jerky movements.

By believenu on September 13 @ 5:23 pm
A Fantastic Car!
I think I am in love! This is my first Nissan purchase, and so far I LOVE it! I bought the 2.5 sl, basically the car is loaded minus the nav system, which I didn't really want. I am getting fantastic gas mileage, which is important! If you are in the market for a great car that isn't going to break the bank, make sure to check out the Altima, you wont be disappointed! =)

By matt8679 on March 23 @ 7:40 pm
Great car for commuting
Just bought the car three weeks ago and love it. I commute about 100 miles a day and average 30-34 MPG with DC traffic. I used to fill up twice a week but now only once because of the 20 gallon tank. I never thought I would get an Altima but after the test drive and price after incentives I was sold. I think one of my tires is off balance because i get a small vibration over 70. Will have the dealership look at it with my next oil change.

By Nadeem on October 23 @ 11:03 am
Fantastic Car
I have altima 2.5 SL for two weeks now and I am enjoying/loving it so far. I was shopping for 2011 Hyundai Sonata because of high reviews and ratings but I think the Altima quality of ride and the interior is far superior then Sonata. The only thing I am missing it is the rear heated seats which Sonata offers in their Limited edition. But I have no regrets going for this Altima which has all the bells and whistles along with the awesome performance.

By Stone on June 2 @ 7:06 am
Best in class, mu opinion
Just got it. Wanted a decent looking sedan at a good price with great gas mileage. I'm very happy so far. Gas mileage is 29.6 in all-around driving, mostly city. I pay attention to how I drive and it seems to help the mileage. Doesn't compare to the Audi's I've owned for years but it costs half as much, has a much better maintenance and reliability record and gets better gas mileage. I'm retired now so I had to take a step down but I'm very happy with the car. Looking forward to driving it a long time. controls are basic and simple. Easy to get to. Am very pleased with my purchase.

By Archman on August 16 @ 6:20 am
Great Initial Assessment
My wife and I were looking for a midsized sedan since we have a grandchild coming in a couple of months. We considered the Altima, Camry, Legacy, Mazda6, & Sonata. It must have the following: good comfortable ride, quiet, good fuel economy, & roomy. That was the dilemma. All of the cars that we considered as noted above can meet those requirements. So we dug deeper. We loved the CVT and the quietness it brought. So it was down to the Subaru and Nissan. Then July 4th weekend sale sealed the deal with the Nissan with up to $2k off with your own financing was great. Additional feature that we love is the smart key and push button start, absolutely wonderful. Highly recommended.

By MADCONSUMER on January 4 @ 8:30 am
Death at 163 miles
Picked up 2010 Altima with 4 miles on it. Car dies on the way home with 163 miles total. I know that this can happen, and I'm not mad about the car breaking down as much as I am about the warranty company not helping me. I am responsible to pay for the rental. I am responsible for any miles over 35 towed and I am 100 miles away from home. The dealership will not give me a courtesy vehicle cause I did not purchase it from them. No rental company open. Basically Nissan proved to me that they will not stand behind their product and since they left us 100 miles away from home without a care, I will make sure that everyone I know never goes with Nissan.

By Kathy on December 16 @ 2:56 pm
Extremely Happy
I purchased this vehicle on 7/3 best buy great deal I couldn't be happier. I didn't start out looking at the Altima but I kind of stumbled upon it in my search and I am so glad I did. This car has so much class and style I'm amazed at the performance. I purchased it in Navy Blue with the blond leather interior and I gotta tell you it's a head turner.

By percboy on April 8 @ 10:43 pm
First time Nissan owner
After 38 years driving conventional automatics and standard transmissions, the CVT took a little adjustment-your brain is so used to that sensation of shift points, that the smoothness of the CVT is strange. But after almost 1200 miles, I've come to really like it and enjoy it's performance- responsive and fun to drive. The manual mode is is a nice feature, when need to pass or just feel nostalgic. The styling is top notch, inside and out, with sl package you get a bunch of great features that add a lot of luxury for the price. Love the leather seating and automatic dual climate control! Gas mileage is great- averaging 28 mpg. I am impressed with how quiet and smooth the car is on all road conditions.

By altimaguy on October 3 @ 3:56 pm
I love this car
I narrowed my decision down to the 3.5 Altima vs. the 3.5 Accord. I drove both several times. While the Accord drove nice and had a little more back seat room, the Altima was a little zippier and had more fun technology for a little bit lower price.

By nissan on June 20 @ 5:10 am
Nissan Altima 2010
Smooth, excellent engineering. The best car I have ever driven in the last 23 years.

By kristian on June 30 @ 11:16 am
Great car so far!
I absolutely love this car! I just purchased it a week ago and have fallen in love with it already. Great steering and maneuvering, great handling, size (inside and out), and space. I previously had a 2008 Nissan Sentra and felt that it was just too cramped so I moved up to the Altima and wouldn't change anything. I wanted this car for some time now and glad that I was able to move up.

By Carl on October 20 @ 9:43 am
Could have changed this part.
So far very happy with the car. Only some small complaints. Car rides very nice until you hit a sharp, quick bump in the road. Feels like you hit a brick in the road. Biggest complaint, but bought the car anyway is where they placed the 2 charger ports in the car. One at the bottom of the arm rest storage area and the other at the back of the storage in the center console. If you store anything in these area's, you'll have to empty everything out just to plug in a charger. I agree big time about what someone else wrote. They should have more options available. It's either nothing or everything. Big difference in the price tag.I paid $500.00 out of pocket to have a spoiler put on.

By Sbone on August 1 @ 2:50 am
Terrific car even @ $8k more
Really like this car, having looked at Honda, Subaru, Volvo, and others. In the end the finalists were the Altima and the Infiniti G37x (really). I actually like to exterior of the Altima better, with the interior nod to the G37. The Altima gives me fold- down rear seats, better fuel economy and oh, by the way was over $10k less. I may miss the AWD on a few days here in CO, but my snow tires will help. I was very surprised at how unwilling the Infiniti dealers were to discount the 2010's even with their lots full and the 2011's arriving in Sept. Oh well, good for us, and I'll pocket the $10k, thank you very much!

By DK46 on April 16 @ 5:36 am
Seating Problem
I have recently taken a 600+ mile trip in my new 2010 Altima. I felt the driver's seat not to be as comfortable as my former '02 Altima. But, the worst part was seating in the front passenger seat. That seat was made too low to the floor and too short for anyone over 5'2". There is no leg support, which tends to cause your back to tighten up. To sit without pain, you must extend your legs forward as far as they will go. Has anyone else experienced this problem? DK46

By grampa on July 25 @ 10:10 am
So Far So Great update again
Now have over 12,000 miles on our Altima in about 6 months since purchase. Still totally happy with it. Mileage, comfort, performance, etc. One of the best looking cars on the road.

By Disappointed on November 9 @ 5:23 am
What a let down
If you value safety, don't buy a Nissan. The car is all over the road. I've never experienced something like this ever before. Also, there is no seat belt chime to remind you to buckle up! It's too bad they don't have the same policy as GM (if you don't like the car, you can bring it back).

By SDB on June 16 @ 9:50 am
My 2nd Altima
This is my 2nd Altima. Just traded my 2007 in for the 2010. I guess my only complaint so far is the lack of nav and the position of the chargers. I drive over a 100 miles a day in my commute, the gas mileage is excellent, and the ride is very comfortable. From previous experience, I know if I keep up on my regular maintenance, this car will last well over 100,000 miles. Looking forward to seeing what Nissan does for year 2014, IF I decide to trade!

By Christine on October 30 @ 6:06 am
Love My Altima!
This is the best car I've ever had. The ocean gray is beautiful (so many people have commented on it). It is reliable, dependable, and super stylish. It also gets great gas mileage (I never have to fill my tank) :)

By zekem on March 7 @ 6:03 am
Great Car!
Bought the 2010 3.5 SR V6 black on black fully loaded (tech pkg, sport pkg, etc) about a month ago. Totally love it. It drives great. Nissan did a great job on the exterior design touches; it looks a lot nicer than the Accord and Camry.

By stevengreen on September 21 @ 4:20 am
Just got an Altima
Worst car I've had. Road noise is terrible, whistle in transmission, driver's seat is worse than a park bench, low beams are ok up to 50-feet, useless further than that, high beams are not even. Dark and light spots, just a horrible car. Check this out carefully before thinking of buying one. Better yet, buy a Toyota.

By nissanboy on October 11 @ 11:40 pm
2010 3.5SR update
Great Car when Brand New! Currently have 11500 miles and now I have plenty of rattles along with road noise. Engine performs well without any problems, but it struggles to meet my performance(speed) expectations. Had previous VQ35DE engines and loved them all, but this one is not performing as I hoped. Hit the gas from a stop car takes off, give it gas @ 60 mph the car creeps to 80 mph. I noticed that this VQ does not require 93 octane maybe thats the problem. Car works fine and all of the gadgets seem to work as designed i.e. Navi, Bluetooth, HID lights, AC. I strongly suggest nissan improve the paint because it scratches and chips easily. No way did these cars go through 5000 test as advertised.

By Christian on July 15 @ 2:13 am
First Nissan
I just leased a 2010 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL after considering the 2011 Hyundai Sonata, 2010 Ford Fusion and 2011 Subaru Legacy. I test drove the Sonata and nearly leased it, however the Nissan gave me a lot more for my money and it drove just as nicely, if not better. I elected to get the 2.5 SL model, which is a step up from the S. I got leather, moonroof, heated seats, power seat, autodimming mirror, Intelligent key, etc. The Sonata model that had these features were insanely higher priced than this trim from Nissan. I test drove the Altima and loved it. It's comfortable, smooth and somewhat sporty. I came from a 2009 Subaru Legacy, FYI. This car is much more comfortable.

By Ginny on April 22 @ 6:50 am
Wish I got the 3.5L
I'd been in love with this car since a boyfriend had the 2.5SL in 2005. I convinced my next boyfriend to buy a 2008 and I loved the design in that year. So when I was looking to purchase a 2010 of course I wanted the Altima. I drove the Malibu and the Fusion and I considered the Sonata and the Accord. But my heart was set on the Altima. I ordered it FULLY LOADED but for some reason ordered the 2.5 instead of the 3.5 and I`m not happy with the lack of power on the pick up. Especially starting up a hill. It`s a nice car but I`m not as in love with it as I thought I would be. If pick up is important to you get the 3.5.

By Christine on June 27 @ 8:16 am
Amazing Car!
Originally I was not looking at this car and I'm so glad I bought it! I did get the convenience plus & premium audio package which is worth it. Everything about it wonderful! It is a smooth drive and I was driving 90 and it did not feel even close. The technical features are amazing including the back-up camera that works like a dream, bluetooth is an awesome feature and the smart key is so convenient; I do not ever have to take the keys out of my purse. It is comfortable and very roomy. It has huge trunk space too! The MPG does not seem as good as it stated but it is still brand new to me. I only have 500 miles on the car and I'll do another review in a few months but so far A+!

By Mike on September 17 @ 12:00 am
Just bought, so don't know what I think
Just bought a new Altima SL with Conv Pkg, Conv Pkg Plus, Flr Mats, and Splash Grds. I feel I got a decent deal at $23,850 (about $1000 under invoice) and 0% financing. Two bad things happened after paperwork was signed. When I was shown how everything works, the gas door wouldn't open and the low tire pressure light wouldn't go out. Service guys left for the night, so now I have to bring it back to get fixed. Hope that's not a bad omen.

By Evan on October 15 @ 3:26 am
Sports Car without Sports Car Cost
I may be biased having previously owned a 2005 Altima, but I love this car. After 6000 miles I haven't noticed any difference in the driving from mile 1. It can be fuel efficient, or really give me that extra boost when I want to cut it loose. Bottom Line, this is a great car for individuals or for families looking for a little fun from their everyday sedan.

By csaltzman on May 29 @ 11:00 am
A Disappointment
I made the mistake of trading a 2007 Avalon for the 2010 Altima for better gas mileage and on the basis of a favorable rating from Consumer Reports. The Altima's "premium" Bose sound system has only a single-disk CD player, but worse than that, the car suffers from engine noise and rattles. It goes over bumps like a tank. The various electronic displays for temperature, mileage, and so on are widely inaccurate. In short, the car is a major disappointment, and I shall unload it as soon as I can.

By scandalous on February 22 @ 11:00 am
This car simply rocks!
I purchased my altima on 8.20.2010 and am very pleased with my purchase. It has 640 miles on it now and I am getting 27 miles to the gallon which is just as good as my last car. This is my third new car-I traded in a 2010 versa for my altima. I am a 21 y/o college student and it fits my needs. Also looked at the accord/camry/fusion but ultimately i knew i would get the altima. I Really wanted a 2010 maxima however it is almost the same car except the maxima costs more being that it is faster and has more features. I would recommend this car in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a sexy, safe, affordable, sporty midsize sedan. Will write another review later.

By tom on February 22 @ 11:00 am
Great comfortable car
I have always owned GM in the past but decided to give Nissan a try. So far I like the car. Its really great on gas even in the city. Car is very roomy on the inside. Everything is in easy reach. Seems very solidly built. My only complaint is that the wind pushes the car all over the highway. Granted it was 30 mph winds but they really pushed it around. Other than that it has been a great riding vehicle and i would recommend to anyone

By Nadeem on February 22 @ 11:00 am
So Far So Good
It has been three months now with my ALtima SL. So far I am very much pleased with its performance. Fuel economy is outstanding and ride is quite comfy. Dash layout is the simplest you can think off. All necessary buttons are well laid out. The only thing which gives little bit inconvenient feel for me is that when you press the throttle for a rapid acceleration the engine roars quite a bit and gets silent when it reaches to a certain ratio of CVT gear. Other then that overall satisfied with this purchase

By CAR CRAZY on July 28 @ 11:00 am
Good deal
I have had this car for a month and half and let me tell you I traded my 2010 Nissan maxima for this car and it's all worth it! The fuel economy it's amazing! Last long trip was for 350 miles round trip and I got 33 mpg! For a v6 this is very good. Pros:gas mileage, power, sport pkg, xenon lights, fun to drive, low co$t maintenance, reg grade gas and much more. Cons: noisy cheap tires, black interior and cheap stereo for the price of the car.

By Wendy on July 28 @ 11:00 am
Worst Purchase Ever
I bought this car new and it was returned the next day for repairs. After two weeks I finally got my new car back and it now has over 500 miles on it, a dirty interior, and no new car smell. It is going back tomorrow for correction of repairs and cleaning. This car should never have left the dealer's lot. This was the first car I ever bought brand new, what a disappointment!

By Kenna on July 28 @ 11:00 am
In Love
Looked for 8 mths at only fuel efficient cars, considered the Mini, the Insight, the Civic, the Jetta TDI. Then, on a lark, because I thought it the most beautiful car out there, I finally drove the Altima and immediately fell in love. This is a great car! The ride is so smooth, I feel like I'm floating on air. I have comfort, beauty and function all at a great price. I have never been so happy to write a check.

By Connerlilly on January 18 @ 11:00 am
Wondrful Family Car
I bought the 2.5s Altima only a week ago but can already say that I LOVE IT! I have owned many different types of cars in the past 10 years between my husband and me. The performance is wonderful and the exterior you can't beat. It's not as comfortable as some previous cars that I have had but other than that the Altima is all it was said to be from the reviews.

By Tony on November 26 @ 11:00 am
Great value and a lot of fun
Wanted V6, Leather, Bluetooth in a mid sized or slighty larger sedan. Did not include luxury sedans (Audi A4/BMW 3 series/Lexus ES/Infiniti G37/Acura). Test drove all the usual suspects (Camry, Avalon, Accord, Focus, Taurus, Mazda 6, passat, Milan, Malibu, Impala, lacrosse, and maxima). Chose the altima 3.5sr. Handles great, powerful engine, smooth transmission, loaded with options for the money. I got the premium and sport package option. Msrp was 30,195 and got it for 26,200 before ttl at end of year close out on 2010 models. I should note I have been driving Toyota Camry xle v6's for 17 years. To be honest the altima build quality is better than Toyota Camry right now in my opinion.

By Carlita on November 9 @ 11:00 am
A satisfied Consumer
I bought a 2010 Altima five days ago, I have had three other Nissan vehicle before, this one is outstanding, the color is unique and the interior is very comfortable. The different features makes it fun to drive. I have no regrets so far and I hope to enjoy it more as the days roll by.

By carolina gal on November 9 @ 11:00 am
Real gas mileage vs. computer reading
First- the good stuff. The outside is sleek and attractive-gets lots of compliments. After getting used to CVT transmission, I like the smoothness. Seats are comfortable. The bad stuff: the defrost is awful-tried hot & cold air. Cheap tires-showing wear in < 3000 miles. Radio controls on steering wheel-can turn on & change stations, but can't turn it off (on my husband's Sentra, a step down, you can). Gets decent mileage on trips, but not overall; computer reading says 27 mpg tank average, but the actual is more like 20-21. Oh, & the clunking sound near right front tire when start out- mechanic says it's something resitting. Weird. So- good & bad. Our first Nissan, time will tell.

By mongo on August 5 @ 11:00 am
Smell of Coolant Already
I'm enjoying my new car, but I recently noticed the smell of coolant after driving it with the a/c on. I did an online search & found other Nissan owners experiencing the same issue. I haven't taken my car in for an inspection, but after reading some posts, it's unlikely they'll find a problem right away. I stress over the fact that I paid a hefty price to buy a new car so I wouldn't have to worry about mechanical issues for awhile & now this has come up. However, no other issues so far.

By mbeach321 on October 22 @ 11:00 am
A few surprises
I am basically happy with the car but there were a few basic features I was shocked to find were not included in this model (2.5S w/convenience pkg): folding side view mirrors; adjustable lumbar support (even with power seat); and ability to play MP3 file CD's in the standard radio. After driving the car for 3 months now I can say that I really dislike the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and hate the droning noise the engine makes on hard acceleration. Lesson learned: spend A LOT more time driving the vehicle before purchasing.

By Peter on September 17 @ 11:00 am
Love the car - but poor rear visibility
I have owned the car for about 3-months (purchased the vehicle new in June 2010). So far, very pleased. It's very quiet and powerful on the road - and a very smooth transmission. Reliable (so far). As far as handling goes, I noticed the car is not as stable as my '01 maxima. The steering is aggressive, and the brakes are touchy which leads to a jittery drive for your passengers despite trying to drive conservative. The center console storage has a door which is annoying to use and doesn't lock down well (it pops up as you drive). Other than that, seats very comfortable. The rear seat is firm and flat, allowing a passenger to sleep easily if needed on a long trip.

By gerry on June 13 @ 11:00 am
So Far, So Good
Traded a Chrysler LHS for the 2.5SL -time to downsize. Got all the packages except navigation. The 4 cylinder is a little noisy on heavy acceleration, but has enough power. CVT surprised me - didn't think I would like it. End of year pricing was excellent.

By teacherman on March 9 @ 11:00 am
I only have 500 miles on it but notice when the car is full until ¾ a tank I here a sloshing noise that results in a knocking sound when slowing down, backing up, etc in the rear of the vehicle. The sound seems to be the fuel moving around the tank, but it is quite loud, and usually results in a few knocking sounds each time I hear it. I do not even need to be traveling at high speeds to hear this noise. I have never heard anything like this on a vehicle and was wondering if anybody has had any similar experiences. I took it to the dealer and they hear the noise, but according to them it is common in the 2010 Altimas.

By John on December 4 @ 11:00 am
Only have 3000 miles on this car. Transmission is noisy till it hits cruising speed. Road noise is terrible. Replaced orignal tires to see if that was the problem, but the noise level is still there and I am out $700 for tires. My Toyota Tacoma pickup is quieter than this car. If you want a quiet car don't buy this one. Be sure you drive it on a chip sealed road before you buy.

By STNCK on May 26 @ 11:00 am
Sports car for seniors
Traded in a 2008 Subaru Outback wagon (turbo). Red leather is a great change from black. A real nice drive with a good ride and plenty of features.

By tmagman1 on January 15 @ 11:00 am
The jury is still out
I read many reviews on this website, and saw where the Altima received really good ratings. I bought the basic model a few months ago. So far I can't say I'm impressed. If you need horsepower, you better keep looking. You won't find it with this car. And with the unique transmission that seems to gear down on take off, the car seems to have even less horsepower. If you need to step on the gas, get ready for a loud roar from the engine noise. It ain't pretty. Sounds like a darned airplane about to take off. I purchased the car brand new. You know the economics of buying a new car, so I'll lose my big time if I trade.

By Nissanmotorhead on July 8 @ 11:00 am
Love my Nissan
This is my second Altima. My first was a 2007 2.5S. I currently have a 2010 3.5SR. Love this car from to end to end. Great car for entry level performance combined with enough space for friends and family.

By Oreo on February 27 @ 11:00 am
I love my Altima.
GREAT CAR! Would definitely recommend it! The seating is very comfortable in comparison to the Honda Accord and Volkswagen Jetta. The car goes really smoothly. I love it. I've had the car for one year now, and I've never had any problem with it yet.

By Miss-taken on May 15 @ 11:00 am
2010 Altima Brake Failure
Bought a 2010 Altima SL on 8-4-2010 and 6 weeks later it was in the shop for over a week for brake failure. Tech had no clue what was wrong. Had to call Nissan to diagnose. Turns out bad break booster in a brand new car! Everyone, including a mechanic says they wouldn't trust the car and I don't. This shouldn't have happened to a new car! Tried to trade, but the dealer I bought it from said it lost $6000.00 in equity in 3 months! Now I'm stuck paying on a car I'm terrified to drive. My bank feels horrible and approved me for a new loan, but because of the loss of equity, I can't get a new car to book and thats the requirement for the loan. Big price to pay for a driveway ornament.

By Roni on June 9 @ 3:00 am
Awesome Vehicle!
I just bought my new 2010 Altima. I had been driving a 2005 Sentra for the last 6 years. I wanted an upgrade and more safety for my 9 year old daughter. Altima has a 5 star rating for safety, lots of standard safety features. I love the Nissan line. The Altima is just a fabulous car. It's stylish, classy, has substance and handles like a dream. I would recommend this car to anyone. If you're shopping for a classy looking, safety packed, drives like a dream car, please GO TEST DRIVE ONE TODAY!

By Unhappy Mike on September 2 @ 3:00 am
A Lemon
We like the car when we bought it. At 1300 miles, the car wouldn't start, required AAA to come out. Dealership changed the brake switch ("common problem" with this car), and the problem recurred the same day. Two days later happened a third time and had to be towed in... Dealership is trying to make it right, but they clearly don't know how: lemon. Have owned two prior maximas - and gotten great, reliable service from them, but not this one.

By ajl7 on January 6 @ 8:35 am
Enjoy the car so far
I looked at a lot of car before choosing the Altima. All the big players (Camry,Accord,Fusion) the newcomers (Kizashi, new Optima). I also considered the new Ford Fiesta, Chevy Cruze, Mazda 3 and the Sentra.Also, I looked at Honda Insight and Prius. I was looking to lease a car for "cheap" (under 250/mo all costs included) and in the end, the Altima won out for a few reasons. Overall, it was the best all around car for the money I wanted to spend. (I write this in March 2011 for a 2010 car. My lease deal was through Nissan but through the local dealer because they had new 2010's to get rid of. Same car as the '11, but I got a "sign and drive" deal.)

By carguy2011 on June 16 @ 1:46 am
It looks great and probably the best for the money, but. Question the CVT transmission, it sticks going up or down hill. Has issues after a sudden stop. It stays in the gear that it was last in... Windshield and paint dont hold well and chip easily.

By digitalexplr on April 7 @ 7:13 pm
After 11 months ownership - Very Pleased
Just got back after 2300 mile vacation to the Colorado Rockies. The Altima was terrific. Wife has back problems - no issues riding for that distance. Up and down the mountains was effortless. Mileage was outstanding averaging 34mpg for the whole trip. The CVT in mountain driving was pure pleasure. On a couple of really step grades I manually downshifted just for grins. The rest of the time the engine/transmission did a great job of keeping things under control. Even took the Altima on a couple of roads marked for 4wd. it did not complain. I think it's part mountain sheep! Very, very please with the Altima.

By altimabb on March 11 @ 1:56 am
I have had my car since 6/24/11 and it had 100 miles on it at purchase. It now has aprox 23k due to the fact that I'm a highway commuter of aprox 100 miles/day. I have found this car to be very comfortable & convenient for my long drive. I live in Missouri so, I experience all types of weather and I must say the car does great in the snow, ice, rain, cools & heats fast, etc. When we had a lot of snow and also when we had ice this past winter I went into a parking lot & attempted to just see what she could take. It handled very well & the traction control did an awesome job at correcting itself. The bumps can be a little rough sometimes but overall I love it.

By mackyd on April 30 @ 5:27 am
Not recommended
I've been living with my Altima 2.5 Sedan for over a year now and I will never have another. I can only describe it as a car for people who don't like driving. Dangerously underpowered, the most uncomfortable front seats I've ever encountered in a modern vehicle, many rattles and squeaks from the interior and exterior, very prone to understeer due to the poor weight distribution, I find the CVT annoying, the - augmented by limited windshield wiper coverage - blind spot at the driver's A pillar is terrible. The trunk hinges are the invasive kind which is unacceptable to me. There is no mechanical key hole for the trunk. I have many more complaints about it but no room to include them all.

By value_driven on August 17 @ 4:33 am
Nice for the price.
I bought my Altima new, 13 months & 6200 miles ago. I have not taken it to the dealer for anything but 2 oil changes. This is the first car or truck that I have owned that had no defects! I car shopped for 3 years[2007-2010]. During that time period I drove Accords, Camrys, and Sonatas. I almost bought a 2011 Sonata. My Altima was exactly as I wanted; color, options, price. I got a big discount, $0 down, and 0% financing for 60 months! The V-6 is nice! The controls are easy to use. The speedo and tach are easy to read and nicely illuminated. I enjoy driving it. I would drive it more but my main ride is a 1993 T-100 that I bought new and now has 200,000 miles. I like my Altima a lot!

By disappointed56 on September 15 @ 12:20 am
Bad Engine and a lot of issues
End of July 2010 bought car with 32000 miles on it. 1st week of November car went into shop, 39000 miles now, my mechanic said top of the motor was bad & needs to be torn down to see what was wrong. Was under warranty so I took it to the dealer. The dealer started the car listened to it for 5 min & then told me the engine had oil sludge. Told them no way it had sludge. I called nissan consumer affairs. They paid for my rental & repairs. took the engine apart-no sludge-engine was bad. I needed a new longblock engine for the car. The new engine they ordered was cracked so they ordered another one. Bottom line it took 3 wks to get my car back. Hope this engine last longer then the last one.

By lato on December 22 @ 10:20 am
this engine is very noisy

By radowns05 on May 20 @ 7:40 pm
Dream Car.... or is it?
When I was 16 I was forced to buy the ugliest car there ever could be. A 1997 Nissan Sentra which turned out to be the best car on Earth. Owning this car made my dream car a Nissan Altima. I figured if the Sentra was that good the Altima had to be even better. In 2012 I bought a 2010 Nissan Altima S. Over all it has been an "ok" car. I expected more, I guess. If you like the smell of rotten eggs and Nissan telling you that it is a "normal" smell when you accelerate; it is the way it cleans itself out, then this is the car for you! I feel that a car this new, and costs this much wouldn't smell everytime you accelerate to pass someone.

By ireners on March 26 @ 10:23 am
Beware of brakes!
My daughter and I owned the same car. Both of them needed new rotors with under 20,000 miles even though pads were in great shape. $600 repair, not covered by warranty as brakes are considered a wear and tear item. Discussed issue with service mgr. and was told that this is a very common problem with Altimas. Buyer Beware! Traded mine in for a Honda. Would not buy another one. Nissan is aware of problem, but won't correct it.

By jona57 on July 3 @ 9:07 pm
Reliable, roomy, & fun 4dr sedan
After much research, I bought 10 Altima loaded with SL package. Well-balanced near-luxury sedan with these options. Smooth, quiet ride but also sharp handling (for family sedan) and fun to drive. After 4+ trouble-free years, my worst complaint (as for most midsize cars) is that front passenger seat is not height adjustable.

By wbed on January 20 @ 4:31 am
Built to a price
I am getting increasingly worried about keeping this vehicle. At 74,000kms/50,000 miles I have incurred a repair bill of $2,400 for the replacement of the power steering pump and rack. It was conveniently just out of warranty. Never in an accident. The transmission reliability scares me as Nissan go out of their way to make it impossible to have anything fixed under warranty. Nissan has slipped down the JD Power survey to the high teens as they are building cheaper and cheaper cars. You now get the reliability of a domestic with the parts cost of a Japanese car. Worst of both worlds. Be prepared for negative equity as there's a flood of these on the market - resale is really low.

By considerate128 on October 19 @ 5:43 pm
Beware of the CVT
Bought this car used with 50k miles on it. After about 6 months I noticed a rattle sound from the transmission at low speeds @1,500 rpms. I did some research and it sounds like it's a common thing for their transmissions. I was very disappointed and the cost to repair looked to be steep. I knew there were mixed opinions about the transmission and I wanted to give it a chance. Last Saturday a truck rear ended me, totaling the car. It may be a blessing in disguise due to the transmission needing repair and I was able to go out and get something else. I will not buy another Nissan again if it uses the CVT technology.

By James on July 24 @ 10:26 pm
Stylish Ride.....But
I've owned quite a few cars of all makes and models, and the Altima SL is one of the more stylish vehicles out there for the money. It comes with many options standard that you would pay extra for on Hondas or Toyotas. The ride and performance are decent for the cost. Having owned the other Japanese vehicles, I thought I'd give the Altima a try since I really like the body style. With all that said....I did nothing but basic routine maintenance on my Civic amd Corolla up until both were sold with about 200K miles on each. My Altima has just turned 68K and has been in the shop 3 times for things such as....belt pully assembly failing, front axel replacemrnt, rotor replacement. Thank god I purchased the extended warranty which covered most of the exspense. Aside from the inconvienance, it is a nice riding car. The local Nissan dealership has been great to deal with. While I'll probably keep the vehicle until time for a replacement.....not sure I'll buy another Nissan?

By Kim on October 16 @ 11:42 am
Great ride!
I was in the market for a new car fell in love with the look of this. I bought one used, but it was in great condition. The seats are comfortable; they hug your body and make you feel safe, unlike the Nissan Sentra I had before where the seats were just boring and flat. I get a lot of miles out of a tank of gas, it feels pretty sturdy and heavy driving on the road, which is important to me. The Sentra felt like it'd fly off the road if there was a gust of wind. However, the trunk is TINY and SHALLOW. You can't even fit a decent sized box in the back. This isn't a good traveling car if you do a lot of traveling, as the back seat is pretty small as well. But since I'm only one person with no kids, it's perfect for me. Also, sometimes this car seems to have trouble speeding up on hills. This car is also very safe. I recently got into a four-car wreck - the Infiniti behind me was totaled, but I only got away with my two bumpers needing replacement and the exhaust system repaired. No windows shattering, engine problems, or any other damage to the body that I know of.

By Michael Williams on February 21 @ 12:43 am
The Most Honest Car Review of 2015
This car is a chariot of your dreams. The best ride in your life since well, KINGDA KA at Six Flags. The kind of car that when you get out people wonder if your a celebrity or really just good at your job. Thats it.

By Matt Sargent on January 6 @ 1:40 am
Owned 3 years, treated me well!
I purchased my Altima certified pre-owned and drove it for 3 years. This little car was VERY good to me, couldn't have asked for a better vehicle. I will say the engine was a little loud especially on the highway, or when you were pushing it to get to speed. Outside of the occasional noise though I had absolutely zero problems.... the only thing I ever had to put into the car was oil changes, tires, and brakes. If you are looking for reliable transportation this is it. Also just to note, the trunk space is HUGE, I have hauled soooo many things in this vehicle and each time to my shock and dismay they always fit. I would definetly recommend this vehicle, after owning this I am a Nissan fan for life, in fact I just bought a brand new one.

By Mark on August 21 @ 4:06 am
Disappointed with no way out
Being an eager child I thought I'd get a nice bright red 2 door loaded with everything, the Altima was one of the cheaper coupes in the marked and without thinking a traded in my previous car for this one and rolled over almost 2 grand on top of the Altima. Point of the story, I'm stuck with $5000 negative equity because of the cars horrible resale value (even if I hadn't rolled over money I would be $3000 in the hole). And I can't think of a worse car to be stuck with, up or down hills the cvt underperforms, actually, it's always underperfoming but especially then, the 2.5 liter 4 cyl is slow and sluggish just like the cvt, trying to get some acceleration you have take it to 4000 rpms and that itself is a struggle, the car has 61,000 miles and paint is already chipping from the spoiler and front and rear bumpers and the hood, "leather" is peeling off the steering wheel in every spot, the road noise is awful and every interior panel squeaks and rattles (common Nissan problem) I wish I had more characters to complain about the cvt because I could go on for days, but even at high rpms the engine doesn't do much, very disappointing

By Mark Nolan on March 11 @ 10:07 am
Great car!
I bought a used 2010 altima 4-door with the 4-cylinder CVT with 100k miles on it. The front seats are very comfortable and the visibility is excellent. The fabric is very nice and has held up well. The driving position is perfect and I really like the power seats. It's so easy to find a comfortable position. Mine has the Bose sound system which is very good. It has XM radio and you can connect your ipod and the songs will show up on the display. The backup camara is a very useful option. It's great for parking or backing up. I really like the interior of the car. It's simple yet stylish. The engine is a little loud when you start it cold. It sounds a little gruff but it runs great and the CVT works excellent. The car could be a little quieter and I'm sure the new ones are. The gas mileage is very commendable (around 26 mpg) and it has a very large gas tank. You can easily go 400 miles between fill ups. I checked out camry, 6, sonata, accord, passat, and malibu. None of them are as comfortable or have as good of visibility and driving position as the altima.

By Pamela Dean on April 15 @ 11:27 pm
Great Car for the Price
Got average 28 mpg while driving 35 mph. Comfortable for driver…not so comfortable for passengers. One key entry went out causing me to be stranded. Could not open trunk without key entry because there is no place to insert the key. Replacing batteries did not fix the "key".

By Kevin on January 20 @ 12:34 am
Still running great after 140k miles
Easily the best car I have ever owned, and this is my 12th car. The only issue so far was a replacement window motor on the passenger side, that the warranty covered. The car is not burning any oil, unlike my previous 05 altima. I bought the car new, and have used synthetic blend oil changes at 3750 mi intervals. Love the bose audio. Update 5/20/17. Now at 160k. Still running like a top. Jethro tull sounds awesome with the Bose audio.

By Loot on July 27 @ 1:18 am
Bought this car brand new in 2010. The only thing we've had done are regular oil changes and changed the tranny fluid at 120k. Other than that, it has never been in the shop. The car has far exceeded our expectations!

By Melvinio on February 6 @ 2:53 pm
Noisiest car ever
I bought this car when it only had 40k miles after a month of driving it the brakes made soo much noise while braking so I change the breaks and it was still making the noise change routers and it was still making it at the same time the transmission was making noises as well when I started to speed up it was the loudest and most noises car I ever owned never again buying a Nissan worst car to buy that's why they are as cheap as they are finally got my hands on a Accord the car I should of bought on the first place

By terry underwood on January 1 @ 12:45 pm
Great Buggy
I think this will be a very dependable car for me.

By Susie Q on March 16 @ 3:05 pm
Just never took to this car...
From the minute I drove it off the lot! I think a lot of it had to do with feeling cheated, high pressured, and that I had overpaid by quite a bit . The car drove well, front seats were comfortable in particular for the driver. Backseats roomy for grandchildren but not necessarily adults. Maintenance was pretty easy and of average cost. I'm happy to finally be selling it . It's been paid for for years and a positive was the miles per gallon.

By James H on May 18 @ 1:49 pm
Nissan has gone done hill for me
I'm a gear head and love cars ranging from Honda, Toyota, and Nissan to American muscle. This has been my 33rd car that I've owned through life, yes, I've had a lot of cars, but I have a habit of buying, modding, trading, or selling cars until I bought the 2010 Altima. It was strictly for work and the ensure that I don't have the mod bug to try and modify this car. It worked for a couple years and I started to look at upgrading the seats, stereo, rims, etc.; however, at 75k miles, I replaced the struts and lower control arms. Then, the transmission began to whine a lot which is a recall from Nissan which got extended to 120k miles. With that said, the dealership must deal with Nissan and perform all that corporate request on the car before swapping out the transmission with a new one. That puts a strain on the customer who must take time off of work and drop off the car three times before the CVT transmission was finally replaced at 107k miles. Now, the techs found out that the struts are leaking once again, and the lower control arms are shot. I've replaced them with factory Nissan parts and drive mainly highway to and from work, I avoid bad roadways and mainly use the cruise control once on the highway, so I don't drive it crazy. I've replaced the oil cooler gasket which cost close to $500.00 and was about to replace the alternator for the second time along with a belt but at this point, the cost of repairing everything wrong with the car cost more than what I owed on it and I got rid of it. I bought this car as a step towards buying a 370Z since I've owned a G35 in the past and never had issues. I've had bad experiences from 6 Nissan dealerships from owning this car for 4 years: 3 in Houston and 3 in the DFW area. Now, the last Nissan dealership took care of me and was apologetic but the bad experience and the lack of customer skills along with quality deters me away from buying my dream car which is the GTR since I no longer want to deal with Nissan. If you're going to buy a car with a CVT, go with Honda or Toyota, their customer service and warranty program are more customer friendly not to mention that most dealerships will work with you and not treat you as if they don't want to deal with you.

By b seng on May 7 @ 9:19 am
I'd do it again
It was totaled from the rear by a distracted driver, but my wife walked away. So, I like it for safety. We had just been talking about what a great car, no repairs since we bought it certified pre-owned in 2012. Tires, windsheild wipers, oil and gas. Extremely reliable. Also, we like the CVT.

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