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The term "family car" generally stirs up connotations of fun trailing far behind function. Add the term "sporty" and one assumes it's the same old car with bigger wheels, a rear spoiler and maybe some body cladding. Such is not the case with the 2009 Nissan Altima. Instead, the Altima is more of a sports-oriented car with the conveniences of a typical family car.

Available as either a coupe or sedan, the Altima delivers plenty of behind-the-wheel stimulation as well as enough comfort and tranquility to satisfy all five occupants. The coupe, which Nissan added last year, is more than just a sedan with two doors lopped off. It rides on a shorter wheelbase and has its own distinctive styling -- from a distance, you might think it's an Infiniti G37 that hasn't quite come out of adolescence. As you would hope, the coupe's smaller size makes it a bit sharper in terms of handling and road feel, though it does comes at the expense of rear passenger comfort.

Both Altima body styles can be luxuriously appointed with an impressive array of options, but those options are typically part of large and pricey packages. These feast-or-famine packages are further complicated by being conditionally paired with other packages. This structuring makes it difficult, if not downright impossible, to pick and choose among options you would consider essential or frivolous.

Despite its inconvenient options structure, the 2009 Nissan Altima is still a prime choice for a midsize sedan or coupe. Its closest competitors include the Ford Fusion, the Honda Accord (also available as a coupe), the redesigned Mazda 6, the Saturn Aura and the Toyota Camry. All are worthy choices, but if you want your "family car" to have some "sports car" in it, the Altima is definitely worthy of your attention.

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2009 Nissan Altima

NEW FOR 2009

The 2009 Nissan Altima receives only minor changes. Base models have a few more standard features this year, including power mirrors and a trip computer. Available options now include dual-zone climate control with rear vents and a sunroof as a stand-alone option.


Strong engines, smooth and responsive continuously variable transmission (CVT), responsive steering, attractive styling inside and out, high-grade interior materials, high crash test scores.


Stability control unavailable on four-cylinder models, mediocre rear seating comfort, complex option grouping.

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By lloryap on August 21 @ 12:30 pm
This is the car that you want
If you are looking for an outstanding car for the price, comfort, features, power, build quality, style (compare style with Infiniti G (Infiniti is Nissan)), and great fuel economy, then this is the car that you want. Freeway - average 35-40+ mpg, city - average 25-29. Professional, sporty, and not pretentious. Every time I see, get in and drive my car, I know I made the right decision.

By Peter on August 7 @ 3:26 am
Great car
I love this car. It has great looks, ride, and mileage. I tested the Accord and Mazda6 and the Altima was a better car for me. I still don't understand why no lumbar support for the drivers 6way on the S series and why 9 cup holder?

By LS on May 20 @ 7:23 pm
So Far So Great
I have owned the car for about 3 weeks and so far I like the car. You can pretty much figure the cars reliability will be great (its a Nissan!), interior styling is very nice and exterior styling is great. For the price is really is the best deal on the road. I have gotten 27 MPG mixed.

By DMODE on August 19 @ 8:10 pm
Awesome Altima
I just bought my 2009 Nissan Altima and I love it! It has a really smooth ride, has a good sound system. Looks almost like the other Altima upgraded models. Real big trunk and glove box to store items. Every time I drive it I feel real safe, I love the intel key and push button start. It has real good MPG too. I would recommend this car to anyone. GO NISSAN! :D

By Wayne on August 6 @ 11:20 am
Awesome car
Narrowed my search to the '09 Altima or Malibu. Altima had more standard features and Chevy dealer didn't want to deal. So we got the Altima 2.5S with the convenience, convenience plus packages and a few other options. It was the best choice. The 4 cylinder Malibu was a dog. The Altima CVT out performs the Chevy hands down.

By Dave22 on September 4 @ 5:03 am
Nissan Altima 2.5SL w/Nav
I looked at Accords, Acura TSX, Mazda 6, and even a used Lexus ES 350. Hands down for the money I feel like I couldn't find a better car. I ended up leasing a brand new 09 Altima 2.5 SL w/nav. Has all the features of high end vehicles w/o the price tag. If your looking for a smooth looking car with great features this is a hard one to beat!

By Nissan 2009 Owner on December 6 @ 12:36 am
Fun New Ride
Owned the car for about a month now. Overall it is a good experience. Very smooth ride because of the CVT. Nice interior and exterior design. Fuel economy is good. Average mpg is about 25-27 mpg 60% city/40% highway driving. The only complaint is the engine noise when you hit the gas. But that didn't bother me too much.

By SSRoberts on June 18 @ 5:33 pm
Great car!
Although I've only owned this car for one week, I'm already in love. It handles well and the ride is so smooth. I initially went to purchase the 2009 Nissan Rogue, but quickly changed my mind after test driving the Altima. The price compared to the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord is good. The car looks very sporty, yet still feels like you are driving a luxury car. I'm now a dedicated Nissan customer. I bought the fully loaded Altima, with the exception of the navigation system.

By Bob from PA on February 25 @ 1:30 pm
A Must test drive!
Had the Altima for about a week. CVT and the 4 cyl auto just fly! Great basic car with sporty performance. Better feel then Accord, Sonata, Camry. Lots of head room for a 6'1" guy. Still on first tank of gas (20 gal tank). Very quiet interior. Just a great car for the money!

By Nissan Altima on September 7 @ 4:16 pm
Dont get it!
I just bought a new Nissan 2.5S Altima - my advice, don't get one! As I drove off the lot, it was drizzing - the windshield wipers have a loud annoying - clack ... clack .. clack .. The blinker is a cheap - click click, click click. The storage under the radio won't shut, its stuck open and the cheap plastic shifter cover pops off. I'm having buyers remorse after 5 minutes off the lot! - my 2002 Camry can do 5000 or 7500 miles between old changes, the Altima is ~3500 miles. The CVT is what sold me. It's good but the car doesn't feel right. oh well, live an learn.

By Alex on December 31 @ 6:26 am
I Just love Altima 2.5 S
My wife had a car accident and our Acura Integra was a total loss. So when we chose a new car safety was of primary concern. We found the Nissan Altima had the highest safety rating so we bought it. Now I can tell that not only you feel safe driving it, but also fun driving it. It feels so smooth and, the fuel economy is just excellent. We are so glad that we bought it rather than Toyota Camry which we looked at first. Camry is a good car too. But Altima 2.5 S is just great.

By Brad on July 5 @ 11:06 am
I Love It
After test driving a 2.5 SL and a 3.5 SL, I had to get the 3.5 SL. To me, the small difference in price and sacrifice in gas mileage/premium gas were worth it. The engine has a lot of power (100hp more), sounds great, the car has a more solid feel, and is just tons more fun to drive! The black leather interior is very stylish and comfortable. So far nothing is rattling. The CVT and overall ride are very smooth. There are some quirks to the car, like if I press the Bluetooth buttons on the steering wheel hard, the horn beeps, and it feels like it is engine braking more than it should when I take my foot off the gas, but they don't bother me too much (yet).

By Dan on December 13 @ 10:56 pm
09 Altima 2.5 with Navigation
You get your money's worth! The 2.5 with navigation has many high end features of luxury brands without the price. I traded in an 07 Audi A4 which had more torque and better cornering but the Altima has a lot more to offer for the price and looks just as sporty. The navigation system with integrated Bluetooth and Bose stereo is great. The fog lights and rear spoiler make the car more sporty. The CVT is great but the engine can be loud when you accelerate quickly. Push button start is a cool and convenient feature. I'm happy with my purchase and got a fantastic lease payment!

By Farkles on March 16 @ 12:10 am
Liking My Altima
I am leasing an '09 after my '94 Camry finally broke down. I looked at Camry, the Aura and a slightly used Milan, but the Altima was more fun to drive, with lots of interior space and a more eye catching exterior. My Altima has been problem free and enjoyable from day one. It handles well, has easy controls, and gives some refinement along with fun.

By Guardian on March 17 @ 12:20 pm
Death Trap
Its been back to the dealer too many times, have owned the car around a month - what a headache! Twice today the passenger airbag light turned off with the passenger seated with seatbelt on. Whatever car you're getting, check out the NHTSA website for safety complaints. Its a bumpy ride, I guess the price you pay for more performance. The CVT is good, as is the low end torque. Attention to detail and quality are a couple of levels below Camry & Honda.

By ghowe3 on August 3 @ 4:16 pm
Very Pleased with the Altima
Just leased a fully loaded Altima (except for navigation) after leasing a 530i. Not as bad as a drop off in car as I thought. The Altima is sporty, quick on the highway and gets excellent gas mileage. The interior is roomy and sporty with a big advantage over the BMW - there is much more storage space and cup holders.

By Josh on November 8 @ 1:43 pm
Cheap, Fast, Cool
Car has good acceleration, and the CVT is nice. At cruising speeds, if you need to pass somebody the power is always there. The one thing that I found very odd: there is no radio in the base version? Dealer had to install one for me. Car looks good (minus the wheel covers... I don't get that either). Engine noise is present, but it's a 4 cyl so its expected. Push button start is cool. Display is cool. Overall it's a nice ride for the money.

By Mcwinward on December 30 @ 4:13 am
Great first impression
Just purchased 2009 2.5S w/ SL package and I must say I'm impressed with the acceleration of the 4cylinder engine. CVT is neat but keep waiting for the final shift into 5th. Very cool!!! Looked at equally optioned Camry and Accord. We were set to purchase Accord until driving the Altima. Only had for 2 days now. Will update after a month.

By Nando9 on March 2 @ 12:20 pm
So Far So Great...
I bought this car two days ago. I am a believer in waiting to give a review until a full month or two has passed, as you can't understand a car fully in a couple of days. I will update my review to include whatever needs to be updated at that time. So far I love the car. It looks great both interior and exterior and more importantly, it runs GREAT! The CVT is weird at first but is actually pretty neat. It is one factor that gives this car great mpg. The push to start is another neat perk. The car rides smooth, runs very quiet, and has a good load of features fro the price. The dealer tried the usual tricks to rip me off, but I was able to hold off and get what I feel is a v good deal

By ddemlong on December 13 @ 9:36 pm
Great Car
I was out looking for a new family car after selling my sports car from my little girl being born. I looked at several other brands but also at the Sentra. I found the Altima to be big enough on the inside for the large rear facing car seat we had trouble fitting in other vehicles. The steering response on the vehicle is great, I get an average of combined 26 mpg. The car feels peppy for the 4cyl and the CVT is very smooth. Interior materials seem of good quality and buttons and knobs are conveniently placed. Standard all disc brakes and ABS is a nice feature and the safety features cant be beat. Great 5 star safety ratings. Its the highest in its class. I also really like the exterior looks.

By PFC Mendoza on August 27 @ 7:36 pm
Great Car Great Price
I'm in the army so I travel alot and the Nissan altima is the perfect car for me. It's great on gas and it has plenty of room for me and my family. Its a smooth ride and its very quiet for being a 4 cylinder. I have had no problems with it and I love all the features.

By ben0123 on December 26 @ 10:43 pm
Good car
This is my first new car and I really like it. I was testing 2008 altima coupe 2.5s and Honda accord coupe exl. Even though I like the long term reliability of Honda but I like the style and performance of altima coupe. It is much quite than the Honda accord. I would recommend this car to anyone who likes the sport car. Accord coupe is also a beautiful car but I think it is still like a family car.

By dan p. on January 19 @ 2:00 pm
Nice Car
Ive been very impressed so far with this car. The price was great for such a reliable car. It is not only reliable but can be quick and great on gas.

By JMart on March 9 @ 4:00 am
New car experience
White W/SL Package minus navigation... Initially worried about getting a four cylinder to commute across a small mountain everyday on the way to work. Those fears have been put to rest and the cvt helps slow the car when going downhill. Very smooth ride and currently averaging 27 mpg.

By nursebarbie on November 22 @ 12:50 pm
happy with my first car
This is my first car, so far 900 miles/3 mo. I live in the city. It is fun to drive in the city and on the highway. I don't know if this is my doing or not, but my breaks are already squeaking (?!) Breaking is not as tight as I would like but steering and maneuvering is fun, esp. for its size. Engine is loud but it's not a bad thing in my opinion. It's pretty easy to parallel park. Center console is nicely set up (and BOSE rocksss) but knobs do seem a little cheap. Back seat is smaller than other cars in its class. Trunk is huge. Sharp car for young people and/or those who want an affordable fun car.

By NPD on April 10 @ 6:56 am
Couldnt' be Happier
To say that I am happy with my Nissan Altima would be an understatement. This vehicle replaced a 2006 Murano. It has everything I could want... and more. My car comes with Bluetooth, which is easy to use and it actually understands me! I don't have the optional Navigation system, but there is a convenient compartment with electrical to plug in my portable Nuvi. My Altima only has 4 cylinders, but I have no problem with acceleration onto the expressway. My only regret is that I am leasing. If I had known how happy I would be, I would have bought it.

By rocketman on September 5 @ 9:53 am
Couldn't Be Better!
I just bought my SE coupe two weeks ago and love everything about it: The V6 is smooth and powerful. It handles extremely well, has great styling, and a well laid-out comfortable interior. I love the bluetooth hands-free (really necessary with a stick-shift), and the Bose stereo is definitely worth every penny!. On top of all that, I beat the Edmunds TMV price by $600 without even haggling with the dealer. A previous reviewer was comparing this car with an Accord coupe and was wondering if Nissan is as reliable as Honda. I say every bit! My trade was a 1995 200SX with 241K miles and it never needed any major repairs! Hope this one does that well!

By Uncomfortable on September 21 @ 2:26 am
Don't buy if you use for travel
Took our new Altima SL on its first out of town trip. Very uncomfortable passenger seating, especially the poorly designed front passenger seat. The seat is only 8" from the floor, and seat dimensions are too small for someone over 5'10". Unfortunately, we spent too much time worrying about engine performance and options, and the test drive was not long enough to focus on this serious problem. We bought this for in town driving (which is fine), and for some out of town trips. It is physically painful to ride more than an hour. Very disappointed -- wish we had stayed with a slightly less responsive, and a little more boring Accord or Camry that we considered.

By Mr. + Mrs. Smith on March 13 @ 10:53 pm
Simply the Best Car in it's Class
The Altima 3.5 SE coupe is simply the best car in every aspect. the build quality,the many well thought out features,it's performance, smooth ride, awesome handling,looks and especially the great value really make this car an easy choice. Nissan thought of everything in designing and building this fantastic car. The engine has been rated as one of the top ten engines in the world for the past 14 years ! The CVT automatic transmission is regarded as the best transmission in the Auto industry. A warning to Honda + Toyota: you had better step up your game and quit relying on your reputation because you getting left far behind!

By Zach on March 23 @ 11:03 pm
Well worth the little extra in price
Just purchased this car for my wife, we researched and test drove the Camry, Fusion, and Mazda6 as well but selected the Altima. It has what we felt was the best finishing details/trim and was sportier than the Camry and Fussion. The Mazda6 was a close 2nd place but our local dealer didn't have much of a selection. We have owned Mazda 626 and a Camry in the past and really like both of them, but the Altima just fit our needs better this time. Probably a little more in price when equipped comparably, but worth the extra $$. We love it so far.

By CAR KZ on September 5 @ 4:53 am
well let me start by writing I sold my 2008 Toyota Avalon touring pkg for this car. this is one comfertable, fun to drive, well equiped, FUEL EFFCIENT, FAST.....etc and the list goes on and on and on... i've owened this car from march/2009 and until today i still look forward driving it. the CVT trany it is the best invention yet that nissan used in their cars. if you ask me about pros and cons all I can say is PROs... PROs. i was a toyota guy for the past 10 years. I tried hondas and more toyotas but didn't like them. i'm so glad/happy that i bought a nissan it is well build inside and outside.the only think that I had to get used to "WHICH IS NOT A BAD THINK" is CVT trany.

By jmbduke on August 1 @ 8:50 am
Hard to Please Happy Driver
I wanted to wait until the I had some time with the car before I gave my review. All i can say is that I really enjoy driving this car. The engine is sweet and quite responsive around town and on the highway. The gas mileage is where I though it would be (average 26 in mixed driving) and it has been increasing with each tank. No car is perfect, but the SL has all the features I was looking for at a price that did't leave me car poor at the end of the month. I test drove all the competition...Fusion, Accord, Camry, Malibu, Mazda6....and I kept coming back to the Altima. I'm glad I did.

By Teefer on June 6 @ 8:40 pm
So far so good
Just picked it up yesterday after years of waiting and researching (thank you Edmunds!) 2.5S with Convenience Package and Moonroof in Winter Frost. I'm 6' 2" so I have the seat back/down, which does create some blind spots. Ride is quiet and the CVT is great. Push-button start and keyless entry are pretty neat.

By royboy41 on October 13 @ 6:26 pm
Best for the money
I have had my vehicle for 1000 miles now and I am very happy with it. I looked at a variety of cars: used Acura TL, new Acura TSX, Mazda 3 (2010) and a Ford Edge. The Altima SL CVT with Bose is very comparable to the TSX but has a better body style and was thousands cheaper. The voice activation blue-tooth phone is very very cool! Wish the 2.5 had a few more horses for when the car has 4 passengers, but it is sufficient. You can always step up to the 3.5 if needed for a couple grand. It also fits 5 passengers very comfortably.

By phillygm on May 4 @ 8:40 pm
Fun family car
Got it loaded minus nav. Only owned the car for a week with almost 200 on the clock. The ride is wonderful and the power is exceptional. It feels very athletic yet has the capabilities for a family car that I was looking for. I rated it slightly lower on build and reliability because I already have a squeak by the back seat and a strange clank in the engine compartment by the driver's side firewall. Almost sounds like some spring mechanism resetting. It only does it after each start up after cooling down when you are just starting to drive off. Very strange.

By kinarow1 on March 21 @ 1:46 am
Lot of Bang for the Buck
Why spend $10K more for a BMW, Audi, or Acura? This has most of the amenities of the high end luxury brands at a huge savings. Surprisingly quiet, good enough power, reasonably nice stereo. Sharp looking car.

By olddad on April 10 @ 7:43 am
less impressed all the time
I purchased my 2009 Altima 2.5 S in March. I previously was driving a 1998 Honda Accord. I have only driven about 1200 miles in this car so far. Fuel economy around town is about the same as my accord. I like driving this car around town. I don't think it compares to the Accord on the highway. The Accord drove itself, this car, I have to steer too much. I don't care for the way the Altima handles on the open road.

By LizzieGirl on November 23 @ 6:00 am
Love my Altima
I've had my Altima 2 months, and the longer I have the more I love it. I get 35 mpg on the Interstate and 25-26 in town. I did a lot of research and test drove most of the competition. But when I saw the Altima, it was love at first sight. I have just under 2,000 miles on it and it drives like you're on a cloud. It is quiet and the CVT transmission is very smooth. I love the sporty look of it. I thought I got a great deal for this amount of car. I would highly recommend the Altima.

By Brad on April 30 @ 11:20 pm
Very Pleased, so far
I switched from the Murano (which I loved)to the Altima, due to gas prices. I avg.30.5 per gal. and can't believe how far I can go on a full tank. I do miss the storage room, although it's generally good. The nav stinks compared to a Garmin at a fraction of the price. The design of the black console is just ok. On long drives my leg leans against the center console and becomes uncomfortable. Generally though, it's a nice drive. The car should have a rear wiper.It does have a Great sound system.

By Matt F on February 27 @ 9:06 am
Love It
I've owned the car for just over two months now, and am completely satisfied with my purchase. Mixed highway and city driving gives 27-30 mpg (over 4000+ miles so far). The ride is smooth, the car is comfortable, and I love the way it looks and handles. Passengers have commented on how well it rides and how it looks. It is a quiet car even at highway speed. Another reviewer complained about the sound of the turn signal; I think it's so quiet I have to visually check to see that it's actually on. Keyless entry/push button start takes some adjustment, but is very convenient. Good A/C and stereo with the convenience package. Absolutely no doubts or regrets to this point.

By Beachcomber on January 24 @ 2:10 pm
Great Car!
I love my new Nissan Altima coupe. It has a great feel on the road, plenty of pep and it's fun to drive. The Altima coupe has that "sports car" feel at an affordable price. The new CVT transmission is excellent...a great addition to this fine car. I would highly recommend this car to anyone in the market for a sporty daily driver.

By Franny67 on August 29 @ 3:23 pm
Best Car Ever
I will be honest, I never liked the Altima's before the rebody, they were cheap and you could tell. Now I am so impressed with the styling & craftmanship, I dont think I will ever stray away again!!

By KSichels on January 21 @ 9:43 pm
Great Car for the Money
Couldn't be happier with my Altima purchase! Traded "up" from a '03 BMW 525. Got all the luxuries PLUS in the 2.5 SL (loaded except nav.) that I had in the Beemer... much more room, updated interior and accessories, better mpg, regular gas(yes!), etc. I loved the look when saw others on the road, and once I test drove and saw price, amenities, available options, colors, etc... I was sold!!! Already have over 10k miles (100+ mile commute each day) and still rides/looks/smells like new. Would definitely recommend to others. Love the look, ride (smooooooth), interior, trunk room, mpg (avg 30-32 combined! -- but mostly highway), Bluetooth, AUX input on Bose stereo.... and list goes on.

By lewisb on October 4 @ 9:00 pm
Good Ride
I have had my 2.5SL for over a month. So far I am getting on average 30mpg. The car is very quiet and handles really well. The sound system is ok, could be improved. (I did not get the Bose) The exterior look sharp. Plenty of room for 4 passengers. I am 6'1'' and find the drivers seat somewhat uncomfortable. I am still trying to play with the 8 way adjustable seat to figure out how to get comfortable.

By Sephen on January 27 @ 3:56 am
Great Value
I just purchased my Nissan Altima and really love it. I have spent a months looking for the best car for my wife and new driver son. This car fits perfectly. I spent 17k for a car that is loaded with features. My primary concern was saftey and size. The car is again is perfect, not too big not too small. Fun to drive great looks, great value. Very happy with the price and purchase experience.

By AJC on May 6 @ 12:56 am
Confused now happy
Only purchased the car a couple of days ago. Love it! Test drove Honda, Mazda, and Toyota. Different priced categories in each make. Looking for fuel efficient, looks, ride, and price. I own a Honda crv love it, but I wanted to have a sedan as well. This car fit the bill. Has it all. Love it!

By Joe on February 24 @ 8:50 am
Two Winners
My 2009 Altima replaced my 2002 Altima 2.5S, which logged 165,000 without any problems. I just figured that time would catch up with the '02, so I traded when the promotional financing made sense. I put lots of highway miles on my cars, and often drive deep into Mexico, e.g., Acapulco, so comfort, fuel economy, and RELIABILITY are top concerns of mine. Luckily, the Altima offers all that along with a beautiful body.

By Financial Advisor on August 26 @ 9:13 am
Awesome Car!
Just came off my second Acura TL lease and very pleased with the move to purchase the Altima. Very smooth, comfortable ride. Fun to drive around town. Smart key is much cooler than I thought it would be. Love the transmission.

By Phillip on July 20 @ 11:10 am
Best Value Midsize Sedan
My 2006 Honda Accord lease was up and I wouldn't lease another noisy Accord!After test driving the Mazda 6(uncomfortable seats,strange engine noise),Malibu(not a fun driving experience),Accord(still noisy),Audi 4(loose low speed steering),Acura TSX(slow acceleration,small back seat),Fusion(poor steering feel),I kept coming back to the Nissan Altima 2.5SL,with connection package !After 2000 miles,I'm very happy!The car rides very smoothly,great acceleration for a 4cyl,23-25mpg in city,very quiet,Bose stereo,Bluetooth,ipod jack,are wonderful!No problems!

By MD on July 21 @ 4:40 pm
Love This Car!!
This car is the best...I love it!! Sporty looks, nice colors to choose from, love the keyless entry/start, storage, cup holders, auto windows up/down & more, the 4 cyl has plenty of pep and I feel like I have a little bit of a luxury vehicle but at a great price! I compared to Honda Accord but it was kind of boring...I just kept thinkin about the Altima and I'm so happy I went with my gut feeling and chose this over the Honda. I have a child so needed a sedan for practical reasons, but I still wanted something a lil sporty too and this is it..the two pipes out the back add to the fun look and I got the rear spoiler which is nice. Only wish I could get the fog lights.

By L. Virginia on October 8 @ 1:33 am
Have always owned Nissan...
This new Altima is a very nice car. I sold a '96 that just wore out after 215000 miles. I always buy Nissan, as they are $2 to 5k cheaper than Toyota and the fit, finish and quality are comparable. I love this car and it is fun to drive. Love the Keyless entry and push button starter. Trunk is very nice. All around, I think this car, in Dark slate and charcoal interior looks very classy, and can compete with next model up lines.

By kinger_111 on September 21 @ 7:06 am
Great so far.........
Purchased a 2.5SL to replace a 97 Civic coupe and have been very happy thus far. Car looks great, is comfortable, gets good gas mileage (28 mixed through 800 miles...mostly freeway), is quiet and has good pep for a 4 cylinder engine.

By Alex Povolotski on January 31 @ 12:26 pm
I've test driven almost any mid-size family sedan on the market and that's what I can say about Nissan Altima. Compared with others in its class, Nissan is noisy. Its engines (both 2.5 and 3.5L) produce, on average, 10-15HP more than the competition but at what cost!!! Engine noise beyond 2000RPM is excessive! At par with Suzuki I've driven the other day (yes, it's that bad)!!! On the positive side, the exterior and interior design is fantastic. No nonsense or extra not needed buttons. Everything is ergonomically laid out and easy to use. CVT is the biggest and unique feature about this car though (surprisingly) it's not as smooth as it seems. You just touch the gas slightly and it jolts.

By Happy Owner on June 19 @ 8:36 am
Excellent Vehicle
I have always owned American made vehicles until this purchase. I now ask myself, what took me so long! Drives like a dream, great fuel economy and pretty to look at. Very classy and comfortable car. I will never buy anything else I am sold for life. If you haven't decided what to buy, look no further!

By Tomasso on May 20 @ 2:23 am
The Altima's suspension is superior to the 3-series. It handle Manhattan and Jersey pot holes as if they don't exist. The steering is tight and responsive. Got a sick deal too. Fully-loaded (without nav) for $1,500 below invoice and got them to throw in fog lights.

By tempexec on May 14 @ 8:30 am
A lot of Car for the Money
We shopped this primarily against the Honda Accord Coupe and are very glad that we went with the Altima. After about 30 days of ownership, car is exceeding our expectations. Price paid is also a big plus since we were able to negotiate a total of almost $5k off the sticker price of $28.2k.

By FreezingD on August 3 @ 6:43 pm
Love my Altima
Driven 2600 miles so far. Car is very fun to drive (I have the 6M). Is getting 31-32mpg, I drive 70/30 hwy/ cty. Love the styling, front seats are comfortable. Not sure about the passenger comfort, no one has complained. Car is very steady at 75MPH. Great family car that I don't mind driving around by myself. Stereo is ok, nothing special. Great value for the money.

By elvtars on August 8 @ 6:10 pm
A winner
I'm what you could consider a hesitant buyer, someone who may spend a year researching and test driving vehicles before committing to buy. As a long- time Honda owner (I still own an Odyssey), the Accord was my initial favorite, but I've researched and test drove most of the competition as well. These are all excellent cars. While I cannot claim that the Altima is the better car, it had enough features I liked to win me over. I owned it for almost 3 months now and I am still excited every morning when I get into it. Since the Accord was my initial choice, I'm listing below the features of the Altima that won me over. What I liked in the competition is listed as suggested improvements.

By Jason on December 2 @ 6:13 pm
Overhyped Car - Too Much Noise/Vibration
I was in the market for a new car and after reading reviews and test driving a lot of cars, the Nissan Altima was my eventual choice. First the good - great power for a 4-cyl and great gas mileage. Interior is plain but functional. Very stylish. But now the bad. After 1 week of driving - A LOT of vibrations in the floor and pedals from the road. It is to the point now that my feet physically hurt if I operate the car for more than 20 minutes. According to 2 different Nissan mechanics, this is "perfectly normal" and "why the car is so cheap." I don't consider $24K to be cheap and I certainly don't expect any car to operate like this one. This purchase is a regrettable one for sure.

By Anita on September 1 @ 5:26 am
Will buy another
This car is amazing! PLENTY of power considering it is a 4 cyl. when I test drove it I thought it was a 6!!!! Inside is comfortable with lots of room for my 6 ft husband to drive and sit. Back seat is giant. I will buy another when I am ready and usually that is a year but I want to keep this one for years to come. My friend is going to buy one this weekend!!!

By Krystal on April 13 @ 6:30 pm
I love this car! I was undecided between the Altima and the Malibu and after test driving both of these cars I fell in love with the Altima! It has so much more room and it drives so much smoother then the Malibu! I'm so pleased with my final decision! Also, you can also use the Altima as a standard or an automatic vehicle. I don't know how to drive a standard but my boyfriend loves that we have that extra feature in the car! The push start button is amazing because when I leave work my hands are always so full so I've always had to dig for my keys and now I don't have to! This is a really amazing car and I'm so pleased that I chose the NISSAN ALTIMA!

By Jason on October 22 @ 5:16 pm
Great Car
First car I have ever bought on my own. I was looking at the Honda accord coupe gti and and civic si, being that I am 26 I didn't want a " boy racer" so it came down to the altima and accord. The accord is a little bigger, but the altima drives like it weighs nothing and the look of the altima surpasses the accord hands down. Love the cockpit of a drivers seat love this car

By James on August 4 @ 6:36 am
Nice Car - 2010 Refesh in October
I test drove this car, the Toyota Corolla S, and the Honda Accord Coupe. I liked the Altima the best because it was a bit smaller than the Accord, and felt a bit more sporty. Simplicity also comes to mind. The doors felt sturdy and the rear of the car is very attractive. I think the headlights need a bit more work though (needs to be more like the 370z). I wish there were LED tail lights as well. It would also be nice if there was a remote trunk release. My 1999 Nissan Maxima has folding side mirrors, so why is this feature NOT included on a 2009 4-cylinder model (it is standard on the V6 model)? Overall very nice car, but has the potential to squash the competition with some adjustments.

By Rob on June 27 @ 5:33 pm
Ya gotta drive this one !!!!!
This is my first foreign vehicle. I have been a " Ford Guy " since I started to drive 32 years ago. I tried Honda, Toyota and Nissan is my choice. This car is fun to drive and the gas mileage is unreal. I get on average 31 mpg. I am 6'3" and I have plenty of head and leg room. There is also plenty of room for 3 average adults in the back seat also. No need for the 6 cyl for power, just take the 4 cyl first and give it a try. Much better gas mileage also.

By 4isnotenuff on September 3 @ 3:03 pm
Go With Six Cyl
I got the SL package on my 2.5S and am only mildly content with the performance vs. options compromise I chose. Having only owned previous 8 cyl. cars (Last was a Continental), the change to 4cyl has been an adjustment to say the least. Ride is great, styling and value are better than Accd/Camry/Mazda6. Power is acceptable; but, wish I got the 6cyl. Still think the mileage for either is great.

By Superguy on February 3 @ 10:30 pm
Awesome car over all - love it
I got the 2.5SL with the nav package. I'm very happy with the car. I love the CVT - very responsive and smoother than the 07 loaner the dealer gave me while waiting for my car. Car is fun to drive, and has a surprising amount of power for a 4 cyl - made me forget about not being able to get the V6. I average about 27-29 mpg in suburban traffic. It stinks that stability and traction control are only available in the V6 cyl. My other big gripe is the radio that comes with the nav package. Could be MUCH better. Sounds good though Overall, this is the best car I've bought to date. I enjoy driving it and it has a smooth and quiet ride. Engine can be a little noisy when revved though.

By Sorrybuyer on March 7 @ 8:30 pm
Pathetic Fuel Economy
I traded in my 4Runner thinking that I would get better fuel efficiency based on the advertised 23/31 mpg. It's giving a dismal 18 mpg in the city and a pathetic 20.5 mpg combined. And yes it is the 4 cylinder 2.5S. My 4Runner was giving me just a mile or two less with a 6 cylinder engine! Besides the poor fuel efficiency it's a decent car but if you are looking for better mileage, look elsewhere. My last Nissan purchase!

By unhappy in maryland on June 18 @ 5:43 am
Stay Away
Had the car for two months and water has entered on the drivers side. Although the dealer is attempting to determine the cause and will fix under the warranty, I now worry whether there has been any damage to the wiring or computer systems most critical to this vehicle, as the water has entered up under the dash. Particularly, the keyless starting system and the possible rust to the floor boards due to the amount of water that has been deposited since I do not know how much water has entered the car. I am retired and have not driven much and there have been at least 4 heavy rains.

By traffic_doc on November 17 @ 6:36 pm
Just Purchased -- Great So Far
Just purchased this vehicle a week ago using the clunker incentive. I purchased the Altima 2.5S with all the options except for the Navi. So far I have driven it ~900 miles. Ride, handling, acceleration, etc are all excellent. I couldn't be happier.

By Richard Seibert on September 7 @ 7:53 am
Pretty Good
Car has smooth ride and decent handling. Handling could be improved with better OE tires. Very pleased with MPG so far. Lease deal was terrific, and that is what swayed me, although I do like the styling and interior design. Intelligent key is great--no fishing for the remote.

By Poncho on December 5 @ 4:43 am
So Glad I Bought IT!
I bought this car in June 09 but it was an 08 left over from the previous year. I paid 21,500 including ttl. They gave me and awesome deal and I loved the service. It has great pick up and no can pass me up. Has good traction and excellent features. It could more cushy seats, but they are ok. The only thing worng is that the right wiper doesnt work right. So I am going to take it to get the wiper replaced. But as far as a v6 it is an awesome car. Better than Toyota and Honda. Another thing I noticed that was fishy was that the gap between the passenger door and the back passenger side door has a larger gap between them than the opposite side. Same with gaps on the hood sides

By Chris T on February 5 @ 1:26 am
Zip Down the Highway in Style & Comfort
I love the styling and comfort of my 2.5S and am glad I made the choice to buy a Nissan product this time around. It has a lot of zip and a sporty look for a 4 door sedan. I've always owned 2 door coupes, but this 4 door car has won me over.

By NOVA Shopper on September 8 @ 7:23 pm
Twice as Nice
Brought home a second Altima (2009 2.5) in less than a year to join the 2008 3.5 sibling at home! We love these cars! Great handling, good acceleration and power, even in the I4! Got our 3.5 after testing 4 and the 2.5 after testing 6 (each time visiting 3 dealers). Learned something very valuable -- out-of-round tires cause bad vibrations/shimmy! (Result of sitting in one spot on the lot too long -- a year or so. Permanently damages the steel belt radials -- you need new tires.) Also, discovered that cars made in Canton (rather than Smyrna) seem to be better -- quieter engines and superior quality parts such as knobs/trim. Must be the QA program Canton established after a bad start.

By geibelkj on June 3 @ 8:10 am
Fun to Drive
This is a fun car to drive. Traded in a 2009 accord EX-L for an end of year 09 Altima 2.5 SL. The Altima is a great car. has excellent pickup with the CVT. Smooth and quiet. Fuel economy is good, just took a 4 hour road trip, saw a little over 30 mpg.

By tonygio on September 24 @ 12:26 pm
Very happy Altima owner
I looked at the Accord and the Camry to measure up against the Altima. I believe all three of those cars are comparable. The main selling point to go with the Altima was the look of the car. I have received many compliments on the car that I do not believe I would receive had I bought either of the other two cars. Aside from the looks, this car has been fantastic. The fuel economy has been amazing, do not believe any review that tells you otherwise. The handling and the comfort of the Altima has met and exceeded our expectations. Nissan has done a fantastic job with this car and we couldn't be happier with a purchase. Kudos Nissan, great job! You have earned a long time customer.

By Nissan Altima on May 19 @ 8:36 am
Push Button Ignition System
I have owned a new 2009 Nissan Altima for a little less than 5 months. And I find the push-button ignition very unreliable. On three different occasions now, I just could not start the car. I took it into the dealer. I was told that they changed the codes.It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it is most aggravating. Tonight, I waited in the dark for the Auto Club after trying more than a half hour to start it. Finally, the push button ignition connected and I called the Auto Club to cancel service. I know that you have to push on the brake pedal to get it started and I have done this repeatedly without success. Is there a sure-fire way to start this car? Please tell me.

By Larry on March 5 @ 1:50 pm
Sporty-looking, elegant car for grownups
This coupe is a fine-looking car. I got the Slate color, which is a really nice and elegant color, looks much better than white. Classy car that looks sporty without hanging a silly spoiler on the trunk. Have gotten lots of compliments on its looks. Have not seen another of these coupes on the road, although have seen the Infiniti G37 couple, which looks just about the same but costs about twice as much. This car is a very good value for the money. Car handles well, giving a sporty drive while keeping good road feel. Comfortable to drive. I am well satisfied with my first Nissan.

By gmo7092.5S on June 12 @ 8:50 am
Car with lots to offer
Car is great. Looks really good. Like it in Silver the best. Handles pretty well. Lots of packages ..conv, conv plus and connection package. Looking forward to better reliability than I had with my Olds Alero v6. That was a fun car to drive, but too many issues with the head gasket leaking! Now I have a 4cylinder, but I am liking it. Coupe should have lights/design that sedan has! Love radio but does need quicker way to get from low #'d station to higher without having to hold down seek and wait. Also, brakes are a bit touchy. Steering seems to not want to center for some reason. Wind noise is really loud with windows down on faster drive..super loud. Key fab buttons look alike

By Jon Belenger on August 25 @ 1:03 am
expensive and troublesome
Bought this car in June 09 been back to the dealer 3 times for a service engine light code. They say that the code is the evap sys. but cannot find any leaks. Had an 04 Nissan sedan prior to this and never had a problem. The 09 Nissan Coupe is very stylish on the outside but the interior is cheesy and the stereo speakers already buzz, and the road noise is terrible. Very disappointed with the overall build quality. As usual you pay more ,and get less. This is my wife's car and she says it is fun to drive. I drive an 04 Chevy colorado pu and it is quieter than the Nissan. Do yourself a favor buy American!

By Pam on February 11 @ 8:50 pm
I purchased this vehicle a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love it. I have the 2.5SL with every option except Navi. It is extremely comfortable and fun to drive. My first tank of gas I averaged 26 mpg and that is local driving. This is my 5th new car in 4 years and I finally found one I will keep!!!! I test drove the Optima, Accord, Sonata, Camry, several Crossovers, this won hands down. I would recommend this car very highly. The sales people and finance people at Mitchell Nissan on Enterprise AL are the best.

By dede on August 3 @ 8:43 am
The best car
I love my new Nissan. I purchased the Nissan Altima 3.5Se with the premium package. The car is super fast. The pickup is amazing. The seats are comfortable. The backseat is huge. Enough room for 3 adult size kids. The car is quiet. The controls are easy to handle. The gas mileage could be better. The car still rides like a dream and worth the extra in premium gas.

By Gary Nadeau on February 5 @ 4:56 am
Hesitation on Acceleration
When accelerating the car hesitates significantly. This happens primarily in going from slower to faster speeds and around 2000rpm. Then when you give it a touch more gas, it takes off. It borders on being dangerous. I'm currently trying to get Nissan to recognize that there is an issue. I feel like I'm getting the run around.

By shreve on October 14 @ 4:13 pm
Great fun car but not perfect
I have owned my 2009 Altima for 7 months now. I love to drive it. It is such a fun good looking car. It drives and handles well, but it does have some exterior engine noise that could be looked into. Interior room needs a little expanding. They could have taken some of that trunk and given more leg room for backseat passengers.

By santo on February 14 @ 2:00 am
goodlooking -bad driving
I bought this car because of it's looks. But was disappointed by the performance. The brakes are super sensitive and it jerks when braking and my back hurts every time. Poor visibility for a short person. Very bad on ice and slick roads. In real life look can be deceiving.

By Jerter on June 10 @ 8:06 pm
very comfortable
Love this car. Owned two crv before and really love them too. But loved the exterior look of the altima, love the CVT, Boise system, quietness while driving. Traded in a Chrysler as a clunker, got a great new carLove this car. Owned two crv before and really love them too. But loved the exterior look of the altima, love the CVT, Boise system, quietness while driving. Traded in a Chrysler as a clunker, got a great new car

By kim on July 3 @ 10:56 am
Poor performance
Having problems with the CVT trans. Hesitates upon acceleration. Took it to the shop and said that is normal. Car is getting used to your driving. Tries to anticipate what you are going to do. Now I am having problems with the windows opening on their own only the 2 front ones. Has done it 3 times since I bought in June. Dealer cannot find anything wrong. Just have to live with it. NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!! But Nissan will fix it if the inside gets ruined by rain. I am not pleased. Sure they will argue that I left the windows down. At this point I will NEVER buy another Nissan. Very unhappy after all of the great reviews.

By Sorry in Reisterstow on January 6 @ 10:23 pm
Sorry in Reisterstown
Great looking, handling, performance,but reliability and quality of build questionable. Purchased July 2009. As of October 23, 2009 had to return for leaking water into interior from moonroof and again for battery failure. What's next? Plan to trade-in for a Honda and take a lost. At least I won't need to worry about traveling any distance because of the possible next break down. Although the dealer repaired the cause of the leak, it refused to replace the wet padding unless an odor developed and only charged the completely dead battery.

By GMO on August 20 @ 10:16 pm
Fun, but room for improvement
Fun car. Looks great. Issues: Super loud wind noise esp. with windows down and driving over 40mph. Steering is weird. Always aligning it. tends to pull too much to left. Found condensation in rear brake light already. Volume knob makes squeaky sounds sometimes. Don't like the seek control on steering wheel. why hold it down and have to wait. That isn't good. Brakes are jumpy and just not right. The CVT shifting is okay,but takes too long to shift and hangs in high rev too long. It is better when i do it manual and shift at the proper time. It is not smooth at all. it's fun to drive around town. Engine revs a bit too loud and wish the shifting was better. Mileage is good and it looks nice

By Big Mistake on September 20 @ 7:40 am
Expensive Rattle Trap
If you want to pay top dollar for a car that sounds like it is falling apart almost as soon as you drive it off of the lot then, by all means, buy a Nissan Altima. Dealing with Nissan's inept and rude service network is a free bonus. Otherwise you're much better off buying a Honda or a Toyota. The Altima is a really nice car that is hampered by bad engineering and shoddy workmanship. Purchased 7/09 and I've had to take it in for warranty service way too many times for a car that has only 7500 miles. The car's misc. annoying problems are too numerous to list here.

By Kendal Henry on November 15 @ 9:46 am
The reason I purchased my Altima was because my wife wanted a bigger car. Owned a Honda Civic, which I loved great on gas. Just not roomy enough. I like the styling. Very roomy for my wife and my 2 daughters. The 4 cyl @ 175hp is amazing. Owned a Nissan Maxima before, so I know about Nissan performance. Enjoying every minute of it. Interior styling while not great is comfortable. Some slight exterior noise, a little noisy when accelerating.

By Don Douglas on August 9 @ 5:33 am
Fantastic Travel Car
We wanted a vehicle which offered comfort first and economy second for our retirement travels. Our 2009 Altima has exceeded expectations. It is as comfortable on the open road as our 2003 Tahoe and gets 32 mpg at and 5 mph above speed limits with AC on. Also pleasantly surprised with 29 mph around town. Has sufficient power to climb I70 from Denver into the Rockies with ease. Bought the Altima after extensive comparisons to the Camry, Accord and Hyundai Sonata. Altima won for riding comfort and power in the 4- cylinder group. Cannot be more pleased with our selection and would recommend this car to anyone.

By Brandon on September 3 @ 3:40 pm
Car is a blast to drive. The 3.5 mated to the CVT tranny is fantastic. The combination gives immediate throttle response and will push you back in the drivers seat. The handling is great also. Very sure- footed around corners and on the freeway. Steering is tight and responsive. Quality touch and feel to the interior. Well built and stylish. Alternator had a problem (important to note that the car still started and drove fine) and was grounding out on the frame somehow only six weeks after purchase (This is my fourth Nissan and all have been very reliable). Dealer fixed without question and back on the road enjoying car the next day. Drives and feels like a $45K car

By kurtski on December 27 @ 1:30 am
CVT not as expected as it downshifts too often. Windshield is always fogging up. Electrical issues as airbag and tire pressure light go on and off.

By suhail on February 15 @ 4:40 am
2009 Nissan Altima is a fun ride You get a lot for the price

By phillygm on December 29 @ 1:43 am
I've got about 10000 on the clock now. Car still drives like a champ. Mileage pretty much the same as when purchased, @ 20-22mpg combined 20 miles roundtrip daily depending on foot. Noise in engine compartment is ABS automatic and occurs on all Lexus and Nissan V6's, some more audible than others. Sadly, the rattle in the back was never solved after repeated trips. Strangely, it goes away when a passenger sits on side of the back seat, may try and lcoate rattle myself at some point. No major disappointments yet.

By Carola on July 16 @ 4:53 pm
Not my Car/Hubby's
Traded in a '99 Avalon Toyota. Car is low to ground like Avalon '99. Engine noise is too loud, sluggish take off. Just not a car for me. I never drive his car, no desire to. Exterior is pretty, but I'd rather have a Camry. It is higher of ground and seats need to be automatic. I haven't found a comfortable position in front seat yet, driver or passenger. I refuse to take a trip in car.

By Jersey Driver on February 21 @ 3:36 am
Great Looking car-good in snow
I currently have about 2k miles on the car. The Car handles excellent on the highway and in the city. It took a little while to get used to the brakes and the acceleration of the CVT. I recently drove in the snow storm of 2009. I had no problem keeping up with the snow plows. Handles great in rain, snow and icy roads.

By GM on January 15 @ 10:06 pm
Fun, stylish, but a few issues
Car looks good and is fun to drive around. Had to get a recall taken care of before first oil change! Manual shifting can be fun. CVT seems smoother after first oil change. CVT seemed to be revving high sometimes. Heater takes too much time to shoot hot air out. Blows cold air and the auto feature stays on lowest fan setting until the heat kicks in. Also it always blows at your feet when on auto and the A/C is always on with auto. There is a leak with back tail light. Nissan ordered the part and it took a while to come in.

By dj speed on June 13 @ 10:53 am
Having owned 2 older Altimas I'm disappointed with my new 09 Altima 2.5S 6 speed manual. The engine sounds horrible when cold. Acceleration is not good when trying to merge onto the highway but its ok around town. The cheap plastic door panels vibrate way too much when playing the music loud (very annoying). There is too much wind noise. The drivers seat is not comfortable. I hate the handling. The cheap tires and soft suspension makes the car floaty and unstable. On the highway the car is all over the place especially on windy days. Ironically it corners fairly well. On the good side, the ride is nice, it has plenty of room, it looks good and it gets great fuel economy.

By Rusty Wolsleger on February 22 @ 10:23 am
Best made sedan built in Mississippi
No issues at all, great on MPG, Nashville to Jackson on a tank of gas! Comfort is great, compared to a old mans Camry, this is the car with style and reliability!

By Tina on March 17 @ 8:20 pm
Love it
Love this car inside and out. Loaded with heated leather, bose stereo, bluetooth,push button start, sunroof etc....Was worried about having a 4 cylinder engine, but was amazed at the pick up it has. Has the CVT engine that runs very smoothly. Getting 29 mpg. I don't miss being at the gas station

By afret on December 16 @ 1:36 pm
Former Camry Owner
Owned two Toyota Camrys and due to their age, decided time was right to purchase new. Couldn't beat the Nissan price deals. Since all reviews show Nissan comparable, decided to give it a try. Initial Altima impression, nice car; nice ride; but, dislike don't like the blindspots. I'm also concerned that the engine makes a slight pinging sound at idle (i.e. sounds like a diesel). Haven't had the chance to have the dealer look at it yet. All in all, haven't had the car long enough to decide if it's as high quality as Toyota.

By ncgent on March 5 @ 8:36 pm
Good 4 Dr. Sedan Choice!
Owned this car for just over 1 month, and I know I made the right choice. I had 23 choices: Accord, Camry or an Altima. I was looking at the 6 cyl. versions of these sedans. Nissan came through in quality of the interior over the Camry. The Honda had more road noise than the others. The Nissan was the most comfortable for me (6'1", 200#). The handling was superior in the Altima - it felt most in touch with the road. I thought I would not like the transmission, but I LOVE the CVT. No harsh shifting points. The CVT does make a noise when accelerate or shutting the engine down like a jet engine. The 10 year CVT warranty assured me it is ok. I do not hesitate to recommend it.

By G Peterson on November 30 @ 4:16 am
New Surprise
I own a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder that now has 125,000 miles. It is my baby that I love but since moving to SC from NJ I wanted a car with good mileage for our travels. While only owning the car for a few months I find it fun to drive, mileage is good and I love the way it handles. It is almost like a sports car. In two weeks it will be taken on a drive to Florida and I can't wait to get it on 95 where I can really see the mileage it gets. For a 4 cylinder its has great pick-up.

By PettisFettis on June 7 @ 6:43 pm
Everyone's Right..To a Point
I researched this car for two years (and the Accord Coupe) before I got this one. The blindspots, the jerkiness, the "average" stereo, the A/C plug-ins behind doors, the hub caps, the small trunk, all of this stuff is true, but none of it is excessive, or low-grade. So for the price of this vehicle, I'm very impressed with what I got. And the acceleration, handling, fun factor, and sturdiness are unmatched in this price range. Read all the Honda reviews (I've owned three accords), and you'll see that they will let you down too if you're expecting perfection out of a car under 20K. I can definitely live with any of this vehicle's shortcomings, kinda like I can deal with my own.

By Chasler on February 16 @ 4:13 am
Push Start/Stop
I drive a lot of freeway miles. This car is got the perfect balance of power, acceleration, comfort and fuel economy. CVT transmission works like a dream. Get 29.4 average mpg: 80% freeway cruising at 72mph; 20% varied driving about town. Negatives: 1) Tail pipe smells in the cabin initially. Whatever it was seemed to burn itself out after the first 8,000 miles. 2) Push Start/Stop button works great except...frustrated with the stop button instantly killing the sound system along with engine. Sound like a minor quibble but when I get to my destination sometimes I want to hear the rest of the song or talk radio topic without having to continue running the engine.

By lissysmom02 on April 15 @ 7:46 am
2009 Nissan Altima 4 door SL
Bought brand new. I think that the overall appearance of the vehicle is sharp. I do however have some issues. The engine noise in the cabin is quite loud. I also have condensation in my rear brake lights and when addressed with the dealer, they told me that was normal. Had to have the rotors resurfaced already at 11,400 miles (I've had it less than a year.) The CVT transmission seems to lag and not shift fast enough. It also feels like it can't get out of its own way sometimes. My Mazda 3 was faster and way more fun! The Altima is nice but not really fun to drive and the steering is weird, I always feel like I am correcting it.

By TinMan on August 31 @ 1:53 am
Very Satisfied
I look forward to driving my Altima because of its feel, exterior looks, instrument display, and gas mileage. I drove a Honda Prelude si for 23 years, and planned to get another Honda or try a Hyundai Azera or Camry, but checked out the Altima and really liked it. This car has acceleration power (it's a rocket). I'm not one to race, but occasionally at a light on the freeway I drive back and forth to work on someone in the lane next to me gives me that look of "Let's do it." I have not lost yet, and I'm not really mashing the pedal to the the metal.

By pjrias on September 9 @ 6:53 am
My recent purchase
My 2009 Altima 2.5 SL was purchased in early March of 2010. It was a Clearance purchase, and was purchased new. So far I would have to say it was my best purchase in 30 years of buying new cars. Took it on a 200 mile all Highway drive to Montauk Point on long Island and averaged 36 mpg at a average speed of 65. The ride was comfortable and quite. The Radio was excellent. And the power was more than sufficient. I'm in love with this car to say the least!

By heartbreaker on September 27 @ 12:56 pm
Nice Altima
Bought this vehicle about 6 mos ago. Drive is smooth and has Great pick up speed! The comfort is great as well as the gas mileage. Just a great car for the price. However, there seems to be a knocking noise every time I start the car and take off--took it in and they say it is the brakes and or airbags. Hmmm is pretty loud, sounds like something is stuck. There sometimes is a noise coming from the back, not sure what it is. Over all the car is a good car. No other problems.

By nickwu on March 25 @ 3:06 am
Noisy below 50 degree
It is the worst car I ever bought!. If below 50 degree, start the car and it will sound like motorcycle and no power. I have to drive it for 3-4 minutes than it quite down. Nissan says it designed like that and meet the specification. My 2004 150K mile Toyota is better than this car. Service is absolute the worst too, they told me to install a remote starter to warm the car so it would be less noisy. But Nissan USA told me it was wrong, and won't fix the noise issue, you need to drive it to make the lube "go through every places" . I lost $400 right their! They stated all Altima car like that. Battery died 4 month later. Already did three warranty services and two recalls. Last Nissan!

By Sam Hourani on April 3 @ 6:20 pm
I felt it is for Older people 45+
When i first bought it i was thrilled with the looks of the car especially the black (the best color on an Altima) and loved the Bluetooth system, start button and the intel. key system and so on. but thinking i got a sporty car every-time i see this car on the street i see a 45+ person driving it(with all due respect). now i reached 10,500 km and want to sell it for this reason mostly. i thought it was a sporty car but i was wrong.

By K Douglas on April 17 @ 2:16 pm
Fun but Laggy
Bought the Car Aug. 2009. noticed the CVT did not accelerate when making turns. It lags and can be scary if you need the power and it's not there. I've read the other reviews and noticed that Nissan says it's designed that way. When you step on the gas pedal you expect it to go, not with the Nissan Altima.

By MFD on June 19 @ 6:43 am
Great Commuter
Bottom line is this is a great commuter car. It is comfortable, gets great gas mileage (28-32), has plenty of power compared to its competition, pleasure to drive (i didn't mean fun, you might fall asleep). I think it out performs the competition all away around. I drove them all. Some small issues I have are: the engine noise in the cabin(its a screamer if you like to drive on the harder side). The CVT can be annoying. It truly does sound like a motor boat. You'll have to use autostick to calm her down. Also the brakes are extremely grabby, be prepared, you'll get used to it though. Handles great in the rain with contiprotrac tires. Overall great car for the money!

By Joe on July 13 @ 2:43 pm
Battery Failure
Be aware that something is draining the battery on high end Nissans faster than the charging system can recharge unless you drive it on a regular basis for at least 15-30 minutes. Suggest staying away from Nissans if retired or you do little driving. Know of three new Nissans two 2009 Altima and one 2010 Maxima where battery has failed within 30 days after purchase. My uncle's has failed three times even after a new battery was installed. Mine has failed twice. Would get rid of it but don't want to take the financial hit. Joined AAA.

By Dianaraven on January 27 @ 1:00 am
Just what I wanted
I gave up my hand-me-down 1996 Maxima and bought a 2009 Altima, with the leather and Bluetooth. It handles amazingly well and is very comfortable. I look forward to driving it every day. The CVT is smooth and the engine has a lot of power compared to some other 4cyl cars. The keyless entry and push button start is great for those women who have to usually dig for their keys. The interior is spacious and well organized. I love this car and am so glad I purchased it.

By Bugeye on October 28 @ 6:00 pm
2009 Altima 2.5L SL
This is the 5th Nissan (3 Sentras, 2 Altimas)that I have purchased. The 2009 Altima is a fun car to drive that looks great. Interior is roomy with plenty of leg room for 4 adults. Seats are comfortable. Standard sound system is adequate for an adult. The 2.5L performance is ok for the daily commute. Fuel mileage is great averaging 30 mpg driving 65 mph. CVT takes some getting used to but is generally smooth. Ride, braking, and handling are very good. As for value, you get a lot car for the price. Only complaint: It took me a while to figure out that carrying my remote in my pocket could accidently open the front windows. It would be nice to be able to disable this feature on the remote.

By Had Enough on April 11 @ 10:10 pm
Enough Is Enough
Had the car for about six months with less than 3000 miles. Car refused to start. Took it to the dealer who told me there was nothing wrong. Same thing happened the following week. My garage guy told me it was the brake switch and is a common problem with Nissan and there may be a recall. Nissan service department either didn't know or refused to admit there was a problem. They also told me the battery was low which was ridiculous after such a short time. Agrees with what others have said about battery drain. They replaced the switch and the battery. I'm waiting to see what happens now. Bottom line is stay away. The electronic ignition stinks and the car's electronics drain the battery.

By olddad on August 31 @ 5:23 pm
Big regrets
I was drawn to this car by the body style, the overall appearance, and the smoothness of the CVT. I have owned it for about 17 months. I think the luster was gone fairly soon. The visibility is very poor in my opinion. Gas Mileage is just okay. I recently hit a deer on the freeway. I was going about 65 mph. I'm fortunate that neither myself or my passenger was injured. But the damage to the car amazing and the repair bill to my insurance company was $9000. I wish it were totaled so I could have returned to driving a Honda Accord. Overall, I think the car is poorly designed.

By JulieQ on October 22 @ 10:20 pm
New Car Nightmare
Since owning this car the following has taken place - both tail lights had to be replaced, carpet replaced, door seal replaced, defective sunroof wind deflector replaced, sunroof drain clogged & caused excessive moisture damage, which resulted in having part of headliner glued back in place and interior musty smell, trunk seals not installed correctly which caused the trunk lid to rub grooves into the bumper, hood had to be adjusted to fix large gaps, console became loose driver's side window seals have gaps, sometimes car idles so loudly it sounds like a diesel. I could go on. In April of 2010, I contacted Nissan Consumer Affairs. Today, they called as said the problems are normal.

By Alexandria, VA on February 28 @ 10:50 pm
I've had my car for almost 1 year. It's a good looking car. Drives well. I have not had any mechanical problems. The blind spots are bad - especially when turning.

By Ken Mader on April 28 @ 2:30 pm
Hesitant Transmissiion Problems
Have problems with acceleration. The drive is not smooth and there is hesitation when first giving gas of about 3-4 seconds before it gives me power. Nissan says that this is normal and that there is nothing wrong with the car. Nissan is aware of the problem because others have complained of the same problem, but Nissan is not willing to fix the problem or make the consumer happy. Shame on Nissan!

By Nissan Altima 2.5s on January 18 @ 11:00 am
Best of all the rest!
Have been driving it for 17 months. I love the comfort. I get 31 miles per gallon combined city, highway. Best car I have ever owned and no problems with it so far.

By Dissatisfied Custome on February 13 @ 11:00 am
Dissatisfied Customer
Purchased 09 Altima last December. We haven't owned the car one yr and the engine began to knock like a diesel. Took car in for servicing by dealer and informed it needed a new engine. After much scrutiny by NISSAN, warranty covered the engine replacement. Had the car back for 2 days, engine wouldn't turn over. Radio, lights, windows would work, but car would not start. Replaced battery at my own expense, still happening. Just wishing we had the Chevy Trailblazer back, and rid of this nightmare.

By OCeansurfer on November 9 @ 11:00 am
Within 2 months of ownership of this new car, battery replaced and died 4 times, brakes and rotors replaced AND went out 6 times, paint on trim is peeling, multiple electrical issues. A real lemon and a dangerous vehicle to drive. I know 3 other people who purchased their 2009 Nissan Altima 2 dr Coupes in the 2.5 and 3.5 versions who have been having similar issues.

By n25ks on November 16 @ 11:00 am
Thin paint
I very much enjoy driving this car. It rides smoothly and has punch when you hit the accelerator.

By Ken Harris on August 26 @ 3:00 am
Performance Without A Heavy Price Tag
I recently traded in a 2009 Honda Accord EXL-4ycl because I was not satisfied with the braking and acceleration. After about 9k miles I started having problems with the rear brakes. I test the drove the Altima and was pleasantly suprised with the performance as compared to the Accord. The Altima has a silky smooth powertrain thanks to the CVT transmission. I prefer a more sporty type vehicle and did not have alot of money to spend. I purchased a used 09 that was in almost showroom condition for 16k. This is the vehicle to purchase if you are seeking performance in a 4 cyl.

By swfl on May 22 @ 3:00 am
Great purchase
I have owned this car for 15 months and have been extremely please with it. I have not had to take it in for a single issue yet (have just been doing oil changes and rotations). This is a great looking car and the exterior has held up perfectly with no paint issues (live in SW FL so no salt/sand on the roads). My question to those who don't like the power or CVT: did you even bother to test drive before purchase? This (at least the coupe) has been a get-what-you-see experience. I liked what I saw and 15 months (16,000 miles) of trouble-free and fun driving has been rewarding. If you want fast, buy a Vette. If you like the look of the coupe and the features, this car is a winner.

By jb68902 on January 29 @ 3:00 am
Worst transmission, engine, and noise
I don't actually own an Altima (thank God), however, a friend of mine has one and I honestly hate it more than any other midsized car sold in America. The car uses what I consider to be the worst transmission offered on any car, anywhere. That, combined with the engine, produces mediocre power, lazy throttle acceleration, and the absolute worst engine noise conceivable. Combine that with an EXTREMELY outdated exterior/interior, unbearable rear seats, a mediocre sound system, and a lack of joy, and you are left with what is quite possibly the worst midsized car sold today. Seriously, I hate that CVT transmission. The transmission takes what little power there is and reduces it to nothing.

By zhon on January 5 @ 3:54 pm
2009 2.5 S
I bought this car new in October 09 and have only positive things to say about it. Great power and acceleration for a 4cyl. Some reviewers have stated problems with a delay on acceleration. I have not experienced this, my car accelerates immediately and quickly. I barely have to touch the gas. Much more responsive than any other 4cyl I have driven, and I have driven many. The engine did sound like a diesel when it was below freezing, but that seems to have gone away after the first 6000 miles or so. It is no louder than any other 4cyl. One suggestion for those concerned about problems with the CVT: read the owners manual for proper break in procedures on a new transmission.

By richardh on June 16 @ 4:00 pm
Touchy brakes, spongy cornering
I bought an 09 with 26k on it. Brakes were touchy from the start but thought they would wear-in. No such luck. Minimal foot pressure feels like you've slammed on the brakes. Had dealer check them out. After he test drove it, said that's normal. If it is don't know how they keep selling the model. Other complaint is extreme body roll in corners. Maybe it's just lack of seat support. Really liked the looks and power of the car but could not live with brakes and cornering. Sold it after six months.

By hrl227 on February 2 @ 10:45 pm
Worst car ever owned
Bought 2009 Altima brand new in Nov 2009. Engine extemly loud, the rear brakes are so loud. I only have 11,000 miles on it. The engine sounds like it is going to drop to the ground at any moment. The passenger chair makes a virbrating sound. Just an awful new car. I regret buying this piece of crap. I can't wait to go back to Honda.

By giorgos2 on May 27 @ 11:14 pm
CRAPPIEST Car I ever owned
I bought the 2009 Altima in March 2009. It is by far the CRAPPIEST car I ever owned (among 10+ cars). Extremely noisy cabin, gas-alcoholic, rides uncomfortably, issues with transmission, touchy brakes, cheaply-made interior, seals already weathered, very noisy while accelerating, etc, etc. ... and not to mention the much higher insurance-premiums Nissan owners have to pay for such a piece of crap. CVT is totally worthless - it truly subtracts any little value this vehicle has. The only positive attribute I can talk about is the style of the car, and outside shape/contours, which were quite a big factor in choosing it - I still think it has a great look (as most Nissans do).

By alainalane on January 11 @ 6:52 am
It's the Ultima
Just got this car and it is wonderful. Has a lot of get up and go, very spacious, tons of leg room, comfy seats, great interior. I could go on and on. The glove box is very deep, and theres tons of little compartments around the car to store your things. It's a fun car to drive.

By mbro1 on November 8 @ 5:39 am
Getting Closer to Luxury
I've owned a '98, '04, and now the '09. Every Altima has been an improvement over its former self, however, this Altima is surpassing every expectation that I had for it. The CVT is smooth and keeps the car in a superb power range, yet maximizing the fuel economy. The noise outside of the cabin is greatly reduced from the prior models and everything is just perfectly improved. Nissan has certainly pulled themselves into an area that is capable of competing with European and American Luxury brands. Think about it...do you want Luxury that'll cost you as much as a house, or car that is almost just as good for a supremely phenomenal deal!!!

By dkeehn2 on April 11 @ 2:55 am
Great value and performance
If you love the G35 but not the price, this is your car. Other than badging and the grill, it is nearly identical. Same 3.5 liter engine that's in the G35 or 350Z. A little less bling than the G cars, but I spent THOUSANDS less for more or less the same car. It is front wheel drive instead of rear wheel drive, as the G is. OK, so "real" sports cars are rear wheel drive. Fine. I prefer the front wheel drive for bad weather situations and this car is still a rocket. Absolutely no problems with it. Good build quality.

By medinamv on November 21 @ 2:48 pm
Thee Worst Nissan ever owned!!!!
I have owned about 9 brand new nissan 10 used ones. from 1979 till 2009 5/pick-ups /3-200sx 5-altimas (2 have 200k onthem) 3/240sx and yes even my toys 2001 Skyline/2001 silvia S15 bluetop (stationed in Japanand now in the states with daddy) plus 3 sentras. never any problems at all!BUT! my 09 Altima 2.5s is the biggest dissappointment ever/ engine replaced at 30k for Knocking/ wears tires on rear evry 20k but alignment shows it is fine. now tranny at 59k and engine noise is back. real loud in mornings like oil is not getting up to top end. I am going to trade in ASAP on A Hyundai or VW Passat asap! I have owned my last Nissan.

By mykegee723 on November 26 @ 10:46 pm
crappy transmission
when i got this car it was awesome. then all of a sudden going about 30 mph car would shake and my mileage decreased from combined city and highway 25 to 19 mph. i repeatedly took it in and nothing wrong was found. although dealership felt the shaking right away. they couldnt fix it. repeatedly took it in. all of a sudden a service bulliten came out that this is the way the car is supposed to drive. b s. i say. i contacted nissan usa and tried to reason with them. and they told me yea thats the way it is. i am a car audio installer for more than 8 yrs, and i have worked on many nissan altimas like mine. they all drove great.. obviously there is something wrong. i trade piece o crap in.

By george6464 on September 17 @ 3:28 pm
disturbing horn/alarm
the altima 2009 is okay but one major pain: the remote key set. the horn button is awkwardly place that whenever the keys are in my pocket, the pad will often touch pocket contents or plain body and sound the alarm when I don't need it. I have to hold it all the time. can the next key pad be modified to ensure the alarm part is lower than other keys and cannot accidentally be triggered.

By arilling1 on May 9 @ 5:51 am
Good car but unstable in winter
As posted in separate message, my 2009 Altima has stability problems in winter and weighted conditions. Aside from this, it is rather decent car but the fear to drive in winter out-weighs any benefit. I would recommend not to buy due to safety concern.

By evelynt1 on August 31 @ 2:37 pm
I have had a pretty fair experice with my Nissan Altima but a major dissapointment in this car is that when there is a problem with the vehicle the dealership seems unavailbale to fix it. I live in a rural area where bugs are prominent and it seems that my car as well as others around mine are extremly suscepitable to bugs being into the tail lights. They are very unsightly and nearly immpossibe to get out. When i contacted the dealer they told me that if the problem was not water they were not responsible for fixing my inconvience. I went to the nissan service area to see what I could do about this and they informed me that I would have to pay $500 each for new tail lights.

By dannyry on August 31 @ 8:11 am
Brakes, nuff said
I'm going on my 3rd set of brakes in 2 years. Front brakes I should say. I've owned various cars through my life, drive mostly highway miles, and regularly check my brake fluid. I can't say I recommend this or the refresh model based on this. It's getting a little costly to say the least. I've owned a prior altima to this and had no issues, and drove in the city at the time. If you search it, it's a common problem which has not been issued a recall, so I guess it's not as known or common as it needs to be for a recall. I can without a doubt say this is my last altima, and I will always wait 2-3 years after the refresh and do proper diligence prior to buying a car.

By kgordo26 on August 10 @ 10:44 pm
I can't believe the responses on here.
After reading several of the reviews, I'm pretty surprised. I've had mine for 2 yrs. I have 60k miles on it & have put nothing into it but oil changes & a set of snow tires. I agree with the review about poor handling in winter, but have not had a single problem since buying 2 front snow tires. Before badmouthing the car, check your tread. I also love the CVT. It is designed to be smoother & it is. As for engine noise, its a 4 cyl people, they're all louder. Also, I'm still on my first set of brakes all around with about 25% left. A lot of the complaints are differing preferences, not quality issues. Do research before you buy! Don't badmouth the quality bc you made a poor personal choice!

By nick131 on August 18 @ 11:02 pm
Big mistake, transmission out at 23k miles
I bought this car after was told it is sporty to drive. It might be sporty for old folks. The engine is loud as a jet taking of every-time you accelerate. My main issue with the car is highway driving. After driving on highway for more than two hours and then you decide to get off an exit for gas or a quick break, the car won't move. It has done that to me every time i had come to a stop after highway driving. It is very dangerous because the car won't move at all while the gear is on D and gas pedal pressed all the way down to the floor. Dealer wants to replace transmission. The second thing is this car is the worse vehicle for winter driving, especially in snow.

By nick131 on June 30 @ 10:43 am
Bad transmission, bad brakes, noisy engine
Terrible transmission, brakes have to be changed every six months, worse car is snow... Do you want more reasons to stay away from this piece of junk called Altima? i got blue tooth and leather seats in my altima but who cares for these options when the car transmission failed on the first year of ownership... This car was the worse purchase i have ever made

By jmayor88 on April 10 @ 6:21 am
3 Major Failures within 50k miles
I bought this car used at 40k miles, history was good. I have driven it for 50k miles (so at 90k now). Since I have purchased it, there have been 3 major failures, and also a recall that turned out to be nothing. The first major failure was the exhaust manifold cracking and needing to be replaced. An exhaust manifold should never crack that early, and the exhaust shop told me he has seen a lot of Altimas with this problem. Second major problem was the Electronic Steering Column Lock. This failure caused me to be stranded, as the car would not start. As of two days ago the final major failure occurred. Dealer is saying it is a rod bearing! STAY AWAY - much better options out there.

By kathy90 on August 13 @ 5:06 am
Altimas are not reliable and Nissan does not support customers
The air compressor clutch failed on my Altima with only 52,000 miles on it.The cost to repair it is $1000.00 and Nissan has refused to cover the cost of repair because they say that my car is "outside of its warranty parameters." Two reputable mechanics have informed me that it is unheard of for a car with such low mileage that has been impeccably maintained to have a air compression clutch failure.Nissan is not willing to look beyond the warranty parameters and see this as an ethical, good business, customer service issue.They are basically saying that even if the mechanics of the vehicle fall apart after the warranty period, Nissan will not stand by its vehicle.

By sgtkeebler on December 22 @ 4:22 am
I love my 09 Nissan Altima
very fun to drive around in, and my comfort level in this car is excellent!!! I added on 20% window tint and all the girls turn their heads to look at me. What can I say this car just feels right for me. My last car didn't feel right at all. The engine is very quiet, and it is a undercover powerhouse best 4cly engine I have ever had, even comes with dual exhaust. I don't understand all these bad reviews because I absolutely love the car and have had zero problems since I bought it (not to mention it was a rental before I got it). I got it at 33,668 miles for 14,147$$. I love this car if you are considering purchasing this car I would say this would be the most efficient car you can get.

By msginny on January 3 @ 9:36 pm
2009 Altima Hybrid--disappointed
I really wanted to like this car. Even though it wasn't originally sold in the Midwest where I live, I had a dealer get one for me back in 2010. Over the weekend, my car stranded me with the infamous steering column issue. I couldn't get it started in the Mall parking lot...no prior warning lights, etc. Upon trying to start it, the red "key" light came on. Today they fixed it under the "extended warranty" which should've been a recall. The dealer did tell me the parts aren't always in stock, and some customers had to wait a month for a part and repair. Bad job, Nissan. The romance is over, and I'm kicking you to the curb.

By shelbydog9 on August 27 @ 12:39 pm
Glad I bought it
I bought my 2009 Nissan Altima new. I was looking for a new car and went to a local car show, where they had many cars of the type I was looking for (sedans). I’m 6’5” tall, my first concern was whether I fit or not. Either not enough head room or not enough leg room eliminated 90% of the cars. Price range, basic features, comfort narrowed it down to this car. I chose the bigger engine for more control and better handling. I have almost 60,000 miles on it now and I still love the car. I did have a problem with the front windshield cracking within the first month; they replaced it without any problem. This car has been well worth my investment.

By arifzaidi on August 24 @ 4:32 pm
Nissan Sucks
Let me just say that, one shall never buy Nissan. If you need your warrenty honored, you will have to spend more on your inspections and work around that Nissan will recommend before they agree to pay for it. I have Altima 2009 with bad transmission. Nissan support recommended 1800 worth of work around and it still has a problem and they are not honoring the warrenty. Nissan users, please lets get togather and sue Nissan. It shouldn't be selling these cars in USA because they are treating customers really bad.

By barc2009 on August 3 @ 9:31 pm
6 years and still going strong
So I've had my 2.5-SL for 6yrs and 57,000 miles now ... haven't had a single issue with it beyond routine maintenance stuff. It's been a great car ... was very happy with this purchase.

By Gipson on February 27 @ 7:56 am
Nissan worst car I've ever purchased
I bought this 2009 Altima with 40,000 miles on it. Within a month the tps sensors went out. 600$ to repair. Less than 2years later those same sensors go out again another 600$ to repair. 4Years into the car the transmission is going bad and Nissan does not repair or even troubleshoot the transmission they only suggest replacing it when they feel it might b the issue. HONDA HERE I COME!!! I also have a 2003 honda that has 180,000 miles that I've had over 8years no issues at all with it.

By Jeff Long on July 4 @ 6:50 pm
Electronic Steering Column Lock
Got stranded when the ESCL failed. One month out of extended warranty with very low miles, only 5000 miles a year on average, and they denied warranty. So $975 bill for me. Wouldn't buy one again. Had other issues with the car as well.

By Thomas on September 14 @ 10:45 pm
Do not buy any CVT vehicle.
I got this car when it was 49,000 miles and the transmission went bad at 129,000 miles. I found out later that there was a recall on the transmission and could be changed by the dealership when it reaches 120,000 for free. Why are these companies being allowed to sell a vehicle if they are aware that they have transmission problems. I have always liked Nissan for the fact that I placed it along with the likes of Toyota and Honda. I have now changed that and seriously believe Nissan is not even close to these two companies. Please save your money and get something more reliable rather than this lemon and if you have already purchased one I suggest you trade it in. It might look good and be roomy but it is completely not worth it. The Nissan of yesterday is not the same Nissan of today, even the current Ford sedans are above the Nissan sedans.

By David Baker on November 8 @ 2:07 am
Cool as a black cat!
Dirties & shows nicks & scratches easily though otherwise a slightly above avg car I feel, say 3.5/5.

By Tarak on January 28 @ 12:54 pm
Transmission issue
I have seen lots of problems with my Nissan Altima and having another problem with Transmission now. It really sucks, don't buy Nissan ever.

By Bill schledwitz on January 29 @ 3:49 am
good car prone to some repairs
Takes about $100/year in miscellaneous repairs. Update, August 2 2017, 58000 miles , runs well no major problems just serpentine belt and routine maintenance. I am pleased with the car.

By Brian Hertling on August 13 @ 4:53 pm
Don't buy!
Well here it goes...I don't complain much, but Ive had it with my 2009 Nissan Altima. The steering lock column has failed on me, leaving the vehicle dead in its tracks. After researching the issue, Ive learned that it has been and continues to be a major issue on this make and model. I reside in Minnesota and this happened at night with the temperature of -5 and wind-chills at -30 leaving my wife and I stranded 30 miles from home and 45 miles from the nearest Nissan dealer. The $700 part fails to disengage from the steering column and therefore renders the car useless. After numerous conversations with Nissan consumer affairs I have yet to get an answer. Apparently they extended the warranty for this part, but go figure...It happened to me after the warranty expired. In doing more research I have learned that unless a certified Nissan mechanic diagnosis the issue they(consumer affairs) cant or wont(not sure) do anything for me. Furthermore, the part is the size of a deck cards and riveted so I cant replace the part myself. So, long story short...$700 part, $300 in labor, $150 towing bill for a part that is essentially useless. What has me upset is that Nissan knowingly has not placed a recall on the part even though there have been thousands of issues directly related to this issue....Not to mention its on the National Highway Safety Dept list of hazards. There will never be another Nissan in my garage...ever!

By Fartell Cluggins on July 9 @ 12:44 pm
Awsome,no problems
Idk what people are saying about charging issues, mines fine and I love the car. Leather, sunroof, bose, dial climate control (as was my 96.5 regal gs but at least nissan caught up) no problems, stiff,sporty suspension was a pleasant surprise, Hub bearing in front went out at 200k can't complain about that.

By stephen hayward on January 12 @ 9:18 am
great car
serviced every 3000 t0 4000 miles all original equipment including tires

By Lhud on December 25 @ 1:48 am
Great product

By Michael on September 5 @ 8:44 am
2009 Nissan Altima Poor Quality Interior
I have a 2009 Altima with 25000 miles and the dashboard is melting. Nissan refuses to replace it. They have poor customer service. The regional manager I was speaking to hung up on me. Poor quality, Buy a Toyota it’s a better car. Look into the class actions law suite regarding melting dash board and the concerns around safety. Nissan refused to replace mine because it is out of warranty. They are currently involved in a Class Action suit that goes to trial this summer. This is not an isolated problem. There are many reports of the 2008 and 2009 years with this issue. It is truly a safety problem. The dash gets so shiny that when driving into the sun you cannot see. Nissan as well as the other Japanese auto makers are fully aware of the substandard dashboards. Toyota stepped up and extended the warranty on both the Toyota and Lexus brands. Nissan refuses to do anything unless they lose the class action suit and even then I fully expect them to drag their feet. The dealer I took my car to for the inspection wished me luck but basically said Nissan Corporate will do nothing to help you. They said they see the melting dash issue all the time here in South Florida. http://www.wftv.com/news/action-9/action-9-melting-dashboards-causing-safety-issues-for-drivers/155341084

By Jeff Moore on December 23 @ 9:36 pm
Motor Blew Now Transmission has gone out P.O.S.
Motor Blew Now Transmission has gone out! Had this 2009 Nissan less than two months and had to replace the motor and the day after that the transmission has gone out called Nissan and their wonderful extended warranty is out by 4000 miles gave me a case # and said I would HAVE TO TAKE IT TO A NISSAN DEALER to get it diagnosed and pay for it myself and then call them back with repair cost from the DEALER SHIP! Now how do you think that will go? Less than 2 months motor and Trans.!!! Well I will never own or buy anything from Nissan again! I have a real nice looking piece of crap setting in my drive way that I have been out thousands of dollars on and only drove less than two months!! I plan on doing some free advertising for Nissan for as long as I live and will advise anyone and everyone I know to never ever buy any Nissan product! Very unhappy very disappointed in this car!

By Mr. Ed on September 27 @ 5:31 am
It is what it is.
I have had mine six years. It has 160K on it. Other than what you would expect - a set of brakes and a serpentine belt. Not a single repair, just routine maintenance. It is a basic model, cheap interior, not overly comfortable but I knew that when I bought it. It is extremely reliable and it was not expensive. It has been paid off for years. I plan to drive it until it drops - I think that is going to be a long time. ..--About 2/3 of them are highway miles.

By Ruth on April 17 @ 1:11 am
I have loved this car
Great look, great ride, great great milage!!! Just need to drive the grand babies, not enough back seat

By Bob Turner on November 11 @ 2:17 pm

By Jim Wainscott on April 23 @ 9:42 pm
Almost like my beloved 92 Camry
Strengths: It is mechanically reliable and when I took the plastic cover off the engine this year to get a better look at it I was surprised at how clean it was. The rubber hoses are holding up well. Good passing acceleration Good overall craftsmanship and sturdiness in the engine compartment, interior, body Paint is durable Stiff suspension on good roads makes for excellent handling. Nice small turning radius for a mid-sized car making it easier to park and maneuver in general Weaknesses: Suspension too stiff in dry weather when road conditions are bumpy, better in rainy weather. Overly sensitive to small changes in tire pressure due to a defective TPMS that had a slow leak for three years since purchase until finally it was properly diagnosed when putting on new tires. Accelerates too suddenly from zero unless you gingerly apply just a little pressure to the gas pedal. Takes some getting used to. Brakes too grabby. You have to ease in on the brake pedal. Takes some getting used to. Audio System has way too much base even at minimum setting of -5. Had to replace original unit one year from purchase because of no display. Audio quality on factory replacement unit is worse on mid-range and base. Had to replace headlights after 4 years for fogging up (improper seal). Though the headlights have good spread for detecting deer the depth of field is weak on distance. Slant of windshield makes for compromised visibility for those wearing glasses because of optic interaction distortion between windshield and prescription glasses. Note - older cars with less slant to windshields have much better visibility. Poor rear view vision out rear windows requires extensive use of side mirrors. Large truck and van drivers probably won't notice but the average car driver will. MPG is less than advertised though that can be attributed to poor road conditions in Wake County NC and poorly timed traffic lights, and lately, drivers distracted by their cell phones. Original tires made for poor handling. After they wore out I bought the Michelin Defender which improved drive-ability drastically, like night verses day.

By Richard Harris on January 26 @ 10:53 pm
2009 Nissan Altima used purchase.
Con: Road noise is apparent, especially with front end, nothing loose tho. Biggest Pro is excellent acceleration, plenty of power from 4 cycl engine, 175Horse.

By Miriam Bravo on August 24 @ 6:34 am
Great road trip car!
Reliable, comfortable, low maintenance , great highway mpg.

By Roman M on December 10 @ 8:58 pm
All Good Until Now
As long as you perform routine maintenance you should have a long lasting Altima. The items needing attention after 120,000 miles include ignition coils and now the most important and costly single item to date, the electronic steering lock. The extended dealer warrant for the ESCL ran out in 2015 for the 2009 model. Of course mine failed a year later. There is no recall for this well known issue concerning the lock so it will leave you stranded somewhere down the road, believe it. You can bang on the box for a temporary remedy, disable it with the knowledge that you are driving with a faulty item, or cough up $1000 to get it fixed at the dealer. All good choices. The honeymoon is over. I can live with the tire press low light (how easy is it to check your own pressures?), the CVT surge when accelerating, the routine maintenance, affordable brakes and parts easily replaced, but the one item I feel entrapped by Nissan's non committal to address and fix is what burns me. Again, $1000 for a box you need to get going. Before you buy that used Altima consider this and ask if the ESCL was changed. Otherwise, it's a good comfortable car for commuting or day trips.

By Fredrick Cole on August 14 @ 4:11 am
Lien holdet
Good running car

By James T. on January 27 @ 6:30 pm
Out standing car
I have 234,324 miles and still running like new.How ever maintained in a great conditions and maintenance is always on point love this car, this is the first time I buy a nissan from now on this is what I will always buy.

By Ted S on July 8 @ 8:12 am
Nice car, crummy transmission
This car has been pretty reliable with two exceptions: First, at about 100,000 miles a hole melted in my exhaust manifold causing the car to make a lot of racket. I ignored it until exhaust burned through an O2 sensor too (according to the dealership) and both had to be replaced. Second, and most importantly, the transmission tends to overheat after an hour or so of driving at highway speed, and when that happens the car goes into a fail-safe mode where it will no longer accelerate quickly or drive above about 50 mph regardless of how fast the engine is running. The only remedy for this seems to be to stop and let the transmission cool off for awhile. Now it's starting to shudder too when it gets hot, but not sure yet what's causing that. The implementation of the CVT transmission is the weakest part of the Altima design in my opinion, and there are a lot of reviews to back me up. Also, the car thinks it's getting 22 MPG but if I divide mileage by gallons when I fill-up it is consistently closer to 20 combined, maybe 21-22 if I do mostly highway driving.

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