2007 Nissan Altima

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Although not the most glamorous segment, the family sedan class is undeniably very important to carmakers due to its high volume and high visibility. Nissan played it safe with the first Altima (which debuted in the early '90s) with modest dimensions and four-cylinder power only. Five years ago Nissan gave the Altima an extreme makeover that turned it into the sport sedan of midsize family cars, thanks to a well-sorted suspension and the availability of Nissan's potent and refined 3.5-liter V6. Sadly, the cabin wasn't as highly polished, filled as it was with a lot of hard plastic and bland design. That all changes for this year, as the all-new 2007 Nissan Altima adds a healthy dose of style and refinement to go along with its sporting character.

This year's styling revamp, which features 350Z-style headlamps and a sweeping roof line, gives the Altima a more hunkered-down, sportier stance than before. The Altima's previous big weakness, its rather downmarket interior trim, has been fully addressed. The use of more supple and richly grained materials in the cabin goes a long way toward giving the 2007 Altima's cabin a polished, refined and much more welcoming ambiance.

Already a highly respected engine in terms of refinement and performance, the "VQ-series" 3.5-liter V6 gains more power this year. The stats are 270 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque, giving it considerably more output than most competitors. Also noteworthy is the Altima's new continuously variable transmission (CVT). Nissan has been building CVTs for a few years now but this is the first one we've sampled that works well enough to justify its existence in lieu of a traditional automatic.

Overall, we believe the 2007 redesign has established the Nissan Altima as a premier choice once again. It bests the Mazda 6, another sporty favorite of ours, in terms of passenger room and power. It's also more refined than other midsize sedans like the Mitsubishi Galant and Chevy Malibu. And while the Accord and Camry are as accommodating as the Altima, they don't quite match the Nissan in terms of overall driving enjoyment. For family sedan shoppers interested in a vehicle that brings some enthusiasm to the daily grind, the new Altima is one of our top recommendations.

Nissan Altima Consumer Reviews By Year:
2007 Nissan Altima

NEW FOR 2007

A clean-sheet redesign for 2007 produces a Nissan Altima that boasts an available 270-horsepower V6, a new continuously variable transmission (CVT) and a roomy cabin that's much improved in terms of overall materials quality.


Strong performance from V6 models, smooth and responsive CVT, attractive cabin design with quality materials, generous interior room front and rear.


Stability control not available on lower trim levels, mediocre comfort levels in backseat.

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By Mike on January 1 @ 6:36 am
Quite Slow for a nissan
I just test drove this car. I'd have to say I am very disappointed that it is so slow for a Nissan. Previous years were quite fast. The CVT allows for a very enjoyable ride but does not allow for the quick start from 0. However, once going 30+ it has plenty of power. Starting from 0 is like starting a car with a big engine in 2nd gear. If you have no reason to lay into the gas this is the car for you. It's smooth, no shifting, and the CVT gives for a ride passengers would enjoy. I've got very mixed impressions - It's got Toyota Camry beat with everything except for the 0- 60 factor, or so it would seem.

By John Newmark on October 30 @ 2:56 am
Performance and Luxury all in one
The new Altima is completely redesigned and looks better than ever. Although a little shorter in length the horsepower is 270 and faster than most midsize sedans with its CVT transmission. The navigation system is touch screen and the intelligent key and push start are just a few of the luxury features.

By joe byars on August 2 @ 4:36 pm
nissan altama
my experience with this car has been excellent. i most like the style and the way it is built and its features

By Polak on July 13 @ 7:53 pm
I love it
i drove the 2007 camry, accord, civic and altima 2.5 S. the camry wasn't as comfortable as my sister's 2003 Camry and was weak on performance. the civic and accord were not that great for the price. for all the options you get and the performance, the altima was the best buy for me. the altima has more hp, really good fuel mileage for its class, it's extremely comfortable and has a smooth-silent ride. i've driven it over 50 miles and i love it. I purchased the convenience plus package with some other random upgrades and i received a remarkable deal. i really recommend the '07 2.5 S altima.

By LewisC2639 on January 30 @ 7:26 am
Great step up over competition
Nissan really stepped up this year with the redesign of the Altima. Not only does it far surpass comfort, features, and technology of Honda Accord and Toyota Camry, but it surpasses its own 2006 model. To have the option of Navigation in a 4 cylinder model and to have standard intelligent key is genius! The fit and finish of this vehicle is that of Lexus, Mercedes, and Infiniti. Far FAR above Toyota and Honda. Great job Nissan!!! And Don Davis Nissan in Grapevine for the amazing treatment

By Alison on May 28 @ 10:00 pm
Fun to Drive!
I loved the styling and performance of my 2005 Altima. Nissan didn't needed to make that many changes. Some how they managed to improve on perfection. The new styling is better than any car on the road, luxury cars included! The car handles well and is fun to drive. The car comes loaded with standard features, including side airbags.

By harry0724 on December 20 @ 11:03 am
Great New Design
Purchased new 07 ALtima 3.5SE with CVT. great performance with 270 hp. Touch screen navigation is very easy to use, with voice commands, Bluetooth, and rear view camera. lots of features for the money. this vehicle is far superior to the bland camry and accord.

By GS Browning on September 7 @ 4:10 am
The 07 Altima is Amazing
This is my third Nissan Altima, and once again, I am another satisfied customer! The new 07's continuous transmission is truly a different experience...no waiting to shift. The 4 cylinder's gas mileage is unbelievable, out performing the prior models, and this car also has less road noise. The car handles and drives with class and style.

By bybchucky on November 12 @ 12:06 pm
Nice Surprise
I have been a Camry driver for quite some time, and was actually on the way to purchase a 2007 model but decided to stop by my local Nissan dealership to test out the 2007 Altima. Needless to say I ended up purchasing one, a 2.5 S 4 cyl CVT. Exterior is smooth and contour, definitely has a more sporty look than a Camry or Accord. The front grille looks a lot like the Maxima. Interior room is great, offering plenty of room in the front and back. Nice layout inside, very neat and clean, and high quality. Handling is great too, and I have not had any problems with it. It feels light and nimble, and it has a good power even with just the 175hp that comes with the 4 cyl. CVT build.

By Nat on May 4 @ 12:03 am
A Great Car For the Money
The new '07 Altima looks great, has a very nice SL option package, and the 4 cylinder engine is surprisingly quick and responsive. It is a lot of car for the money.

By zip92029 on October 27 @ 2:43 am
Best value in class
I looked at EVERYTHING from Corolla to LS. This is easily the best value on the market. It has good handling, great interior room, all the gadgets, and it looks good (when you add some decent aftermarket wheels). If the long term reliability is good, then this will be a real benchmark.

By darelle on March 11 @ 12:23 am
my new altima is excellent. i've had it for about five weeks now. the acceleration is excellent i achieved 0 to 60 in 5.7 seconds

By Sheldun on June 23 @ 10:40 am
Very fun car to Drive
This car blew my mind, if you think I'm lying take a test drive. Very smooth driving and to think that I use to own an Audi.

By Jeff on July 26 @ 11:10 am
Fun and fast
This is my first Nissan, and although I've only had it a few days, I'm very pleased with the car. Mine is a base 3.5 SE, cloth seats, and a CVT transmission. Although not equipped with any upgrade packages or options (no, not a single one), I still find it nicely equipped. The engine is strong and responsive. The CVT is very smooth, and seems to be well-tuned to different driving conditions and needs. The Intelligent Key and pushbutton start are quite convenient, as well as a great topic of conversation. The interior seems to be put together nicely, and the controls intuitive. The basic radio/CD player may not be premium, but it sounds great to me.

By Beefjerky on February 6 @ 2:13 pm
I'm a fan
I've put nearly 1,000 miles on my '07 Nissan Altima 2.5 S w/ CVT Transmission. I really love this car. This is my first new car purchase and I am beyond satisfied. I test drove just about everything and nothing compared for the price. The exterior has a really clean look. I really like the blond cloth interior with the wood grain, and it is really soft comfortable cloth. Mechanically very sound. Virtually no road or engine noise. Just made a 400 miles trip and it was extremely comfortable. I also liked the accord, but the altima looked better, performed better and was the best bang for the buck. I think Toyota cut some corners on the '07 Camry. Good college grad program.

By Eric Laettner on February 2 @ 7:30 am
Look out Toyota
I have only had the car a week so the reliability rating is a guess. I have owned two Nissans before both Sentras. One was a GXE and my latest was a Spec V. I never had a problem with either Nissan. The Altima is fun to drive and has more cool features then I know what to do with. Gas mileage is good for it's performance (0-60 in 5.9). Also considering the price I think you can't compete with it. I was thinking about a Infiniti G35, but for about $7000 less I got just about as much car (I know they are both technically Nissans). The Camry and Accord are just to plain and not even close to being as "sporty" as the Altima. I would recommend the Altima as a mid- range sedan for the $$.

By ChuckGT on July 31 @ 9:03 am
Great Car!
The car is wonderful. I couldn't be happier with it. I have a fully loaded '07 and all the toys are great. The improved navigation system is really amazing.

By D.B. on April 15 @ 9:23 pm
2007 Awesome Altima
I have had this car for one week and I love it. The rear spoiler really makes the car look sharp! The heated leather seats and the Bose System makes me want to keep driving. I spent 4 hours one day test driving the Accord, Camry, Maxima, and the Altima. The Altima won hands down inside and out.

By mm99 on April 21 @ 2:53 pm
Big, powerful, looks great; nav. is junk
This is my 3rd Altima and by far the best. Crashed my old one in part due to lack of VDC, so it was a must for me. Nissan offers it only on 3.5, and if you can't stand rear spoilers, a loaded 3.5SL is the only option. The car looks great and feels very powerful, all that 3.5-l torque is made instantly available by the very responsive CVT. Lots of front legroom; the interior feels plush. Don't care about push-button ignition, but unlocking doors/trunk by buttons on handles is nice. Nav system is a remarkably useless eye-candy though: street/highway names are missing from the map just when you need them; menus are extremely non-intuitive. NavTraffic is just a toy, doesn't have enough detail.

By Johnny967 on September 29 @ 12:50 pm
Dealer Employee Review
I've been a Nissan dealership employee since 1992. My last car was an 03 Altima and I was happy with it... until I saw a white 07 in our showroom. I took one for a spin around the block and I knew right then I was going to own one. As the one responsible for processing warranty claims, I look at cars from a different perspective - not from what I like, but what can easily go wrong and how much it will cost to maintain. I can honestly tell you, Nissan put a lot of time and effort into this one to get it right. This one is a winner! It's hard to believe the Maxima is the flagship of the Nissan line when they released this beauty. Maxima will be redesigned for 08 but this is top for me!

By dave on June 11 @ 5:00 pm
Almost There
The 2007 Altima is a considerable improvement over the 06. Intelligent Key, Push button start, Front side and curtain airbags standard. It has all the right equipment. The car is plenty powerful, and gets decent mileage. But... The center console and cup holder materials do not match the quality as the rest of the car. Also I would have liked to see trunk hindges like the Maxima on the Altima. Styling is great and the price is right!

By ram on December 20 @ 11:56 am
i love this car
This is the first nissan i have owned. I have driven other imports before, This car handles great and the interior is first class. Before i purchased it i drove two other imports but this one was just that much better in every aspect..

By Badger on May 23 @ 12:20 am
A blast
I'm not a youngster but I prefer a sporty and powerful car rather than a big "senior citizen boat". Just bought the 3.5 SE and it seems to fit the bill. From the quality of construction, handling, looks and at least to me, attention to detail speaks volumes about this car and manufacturer. Especially impressed with the safety features built into it.

By Li'l J on November 3 @ 5:16 pm
2ND Altima
I LOVE MY 07 ALTIMA. I previously owned a 2002 Altima 3.5SE and I loved it. I was sad to let it go, but I will soon forget about it. My 07' tops the cake. I love the Look and Performance. When I took the test drive, I knew I wanted this car. I love the curves of it. I have the Technology package with the bluetooth. Love it. I also love the 270 hp that it produces. I'm so happy I didn't get a Maxima. Car looks good at night. Love the Xenon headlights. My car get's about 20 mpg city and about 25 highway. I would recommend this car to anyone. Loves the way it feels on the road. Hugs a corner like a rail. LOVE MY 07.

By Paul on April 1 @ 7:00 am
My second time around
This is my 2nd Nissan Altima 3.5 SE. I traded an 05 for an 07. The 05 had more punch off the line at low speeds. Too much torque steer which would keep you very alert while confidently pulling out into a crowded intersection. Having praised the apparent power of the 2005 3.5 SE I am thoroughly impressed with my redesigned 07 Altima 3.5 SE. It does seem a bit slower off the line due to the CVT, But the power is still there with a bit more force applied to the go pedal. Gone is the torque steer. The quality of interior materials is vastly improved. Turning diameter much is much tighter. Can now see the radio display in bright sunlight. I am thrilled with this new Altima. Well Done !

By wayne on July 31 @ 8:26 am
I had a toyota camry xle 2005 with a transmission that was not right and they (toyota) would do nothing about it so i traded for a nissan and after 1200 miles I am very happy i got rid of the toyota.

By Diana on June 28 @ 12:20 am
Test drive this baby
The car is hot. This is my third Altima and they keep making them better. I went for the top of the line this time. I recommend a test drive of the V6. The new Altima will give its competitors Honda and Camry a run for their money. Test drive it and you will see.

By mike on February 12 @ 10:10 pm
amazing car
I was due to change my car. At the time I was driving an 03 Altima 3.5 with 5 speed. I was only moderately pleased with the ride, handling of the car. The interior of my 03 was disappointing. I find that it is as if Nissan is overcompensating for the weak points in the older models. The interior rivals any high end sedan, The creature comforts are amazing. These include auto open close sun-roof, cvt transmission, dual zone air, push-button start.etc.I chose the nav system, and it is excellent. The only slight drawback is the somewhat elevated noise level on acceleration with my 2.5 engine. At cruising speed, there is no discernible noise.

By Peyton on March 9 @ 9:23 am
the best car ever!
I recently bought a 2007 altima 2.5 SL 4 cyl. and its great! it's very powerful, quiet, and comfortable. i give this car an A++++++

By Dottie on February 20 @ 5:00 pm
My New 2007 Nissan Altima
Have only had this car for 2 weeks and have decided it is the best car I have ever owned. Handles great, smooth ride, unbeatable shifting, more power than any other vehicle before. Classic beautiful color, interior. Bose radio & Satellite unbeatable. Heated automatic leather seats pure pleasure. Hands free phone is great. Love it.

By CBooker on April 26 @ 9:03 pm
Border line luxury car!
This is a great car for the money. With all the features it has it beats the competition hands down even on the lower trim level. The 4 cylinder engine is faster and sportier than you think with plenty of power for passing maneuvers on the highway. The looks of this car can be deceiving, at first it looks the same as the last generation until you see it in person and look closely. All around this is the best car for the money.

By Edgardo Garcia on March 8 @ 6:06 am
3.5 SE nav, leather etc....
This is my second Altima, I had a 03 before, I used to be a honda man, but when the new 02 model come out it sold me, you get a lot more for your money, with the same reliability of honda and toyota. Test drove the new 07 and I was sold again this time we went for the 3.5 engine with the SE package and cvt tranny, there's a lot of options on this altima that you find on the higher end brans like infinity, Acura, Bmw etc. It just a great car to drive and to look. This is going to be the first car that I could love to write a check for each month.

By Malyadri Suram on June 15 @ 7:43 pm
Excellent !!!!
I am driving 2007 Altima 2.5SL and feel excellent to drive. It is packed with all the features.

By Robert on June 20 @ 3:50 pm
Most bang for the buck
I purchased the SL with the XM convenience package. This car offers an amazing array of features for $25,000--heated leather seats, sunroof, push-button start, cd changer, built-in bluetooth, dual climate control, etc., etc. The CVT is incredibly smooth and the power (including passing power) from the 4 cyl engine is nothing short of amazing. This car evokes images of an much higher priced Infiniti or other luxury sedan. Could not be happier.

By O38marvin on October 11 @ 1:36 am
More for your $$$$
I purchased a 2007 Toyota Camry and once I saw and drove the 2007 Nissan Altima I traded in the Camry. I got way more for my money, sporty/elegant look, and not too mention the service I received from Nissan. Toyota dealers act like we owe them something... I feel, no I know I've made the right decision.... Perfect Car for anyone.

By AD007 on August 10 @ 1:13 pm
Nissan got right this time
The power and smoothness of the CVT is superb. This car has every feature I was looking for and everything works, except the Voice recognition could use improvement. The interior is gorgeous and very functional. The keyless entry/start is so convenient, I feel I'm in the dark ages with regular keys in other cars. Handling and ride is extremely confident and planted. Brakes are great, almost too powerful. The biggest plus for me was NO torque steer. This is what kept me from buying the previous generation car. Gas mileage could be better, but considering the tremendous power, I'm probably accelerating and driving faster than I need to.

By Alvin13 on February 7 @ 3:30 pm
In Love w/ 07 Altima
I usually don't purchase new cars. I went into the dealership thinking to buy the Sentra until I saw and drove the 07 Altima. The car is like Woo! The sound system is awesome and it rides so smooth. I've recently been promoted to a new position that will require a lot a road travel. I am so looking forward to traveling between sites. The metallic Jade w/ blond interior is beautiful. Be careful, you can never tell the speed you're going, watch the speedometer. You can easily be at 100 mph and don't know until you zoom pass another car going 80.

By Bob B. on December 28 @ 5:56 am
Overall Very Impressed
Purchased 3.5 SE w/CVT in November 2006. Cloth seats w/few options. Approximately 3000 miles on the vehicle now. I just took a long trip w/the vehicle over the Holidays (avg. 27 mpg on Hwy w/premium) so I was able to spend some extended time inside the car and here is what I've found so far. Very impressed with 3.5 and CVT combination. It's a blast to drive. My only complaint is that the transmission has a slight initial hesitation under hard acceleration. However, once the revs come up the car moves out. Brakes are awesome. On the other hand, seats are BAD on long trips, horn is more difficult to operate than it should be, and the interior has too many cheap looking/feeling parts.

By Linda on July 9 @ 6:36 am
Stepping up to an ALTIMA
After driving a Dodge Neon, I'm enjoying the roominess of the Nissan Altima. It gives a smooth ride and has the looks of a luxury car. Best car purchase I've made to date!

By altimaowner on May 6 @ 7:20 am
Not Bad
I bought 07 altima 2.5s, it is actually not a bad car! I love the exterior much better than 06 altima, and interior is also better I think.I think nissan really steps up this time, but I think they should maybe do a little better job in the back exterior look :)

By Dan Hess on August 5 @ 8:00 pm
Excellent Car
I bought the 2007 Altima 2.5SL with Technology Package Invoice 26,476 from Cerritos Nissan, and it has been a pleasure to drive this vehicle. it runs really smooth, and I love the CVT feature along with the Bose Sound system. Best of all I got it for $1.1K under Invoice, at least that is the best price I could negotiate to. The interior of the car seems a little cheap but the technological features of the car at this price are amazing. It hugs the road very well. I LOVE it. Cars Previously Owned: Toyota Camry V6 LE, Honda Pilot EX-L

By U-LTIMA-TE!! on September 1 @ 4:06 pm
Luxury for Less!
Just bought my brand new nissan altima 07 w/ cvt trans + sl package on 1/3/07. After over 10 weeks of intense research in this category...I finally made up my mind to go for this ultimate beauty! Top Reasons why: 1) cvt transmission - no stress over timing belts like the ones in toyota/honda 2) More of a car vs price you pay - intelligent key, push start engine, stylish front panel + lot roomier than toyota/honda & above all slick exterior design (makes me feel like I'm driving G-35 OR Lexus IS) 3) Handling is very responsive...performance wise absolutely fantastic there's NO NEED for V6 engine.

By Trump on November 17 @ 4:46 am
Smooth as Glass
I went to three dealerships and drove the Acura TL, The BMW 525I, and the Dodge Charger, The Altima has them beat hands down for options and pricing. The Car rides great and has All the bells and whistles, not to mention a great ride and comfort for four large adults.

By Jackcosteau on August 1 @ 1:20 pm
Poor mans Mercedes
Incredible performance and quality for cheap price. The CVT allows for amazing highway acrobatics , literally leaving every one behind passed 60. the acceleration is not heart stopping but so smooth passengers cant notice wen u step on it to top speed. The handling is very responsive and rigid. great ride

By bigbearsfan on August 31 @ 12:03 am
Interesting new model
This is a great car. It is very close to Honda/Toyota levels of fit and finish. My 3.5SE has the Sport Package and an auto dimming mirror. The interior is nicely styled and the instrument cluster is very bright and easy to read with good radio and HVAC controls. The seats are well shaped though they are a little hard and don't offer a lumber adjustment. The ride and handling compromise is great; it handles very well without punishing you when you hit a bump. Overall, reliability should be on par with Honda/Toyota. This is a great contender in the midsize category. I highly recommend this car if you don't want to overspend on a Toyota or Honda; their dealers who don't ever offer deals.

By TeeJay on March 8 @ 11:46 pm
Love It Man!
Just bought the car as a xmas gift to myself and I love it. 270 hp! Car runs great, looks nice, and get a lot of comments every where I go. The acceleration is great once the car is broken in, passing is easy and breaks are great. Love the push button start, everyone that sees it is like WOW just like a Lexus or Mercedes. Makes ya feel good. Only bad thing I would say is that the fuel economy is rated 22- 26. Window sticker says actual is more like 18-24. I'm getting 16.7mpg mixed driving. But hey guess you can't get it all, performance and mileage. Overall, GREAT CAR!

By trig on June 4 @ 3:10 am
when you cant get a g...
i have the 2.5 S with sl, tech, and abs pack. wanted an 07 g, but pmt made the budget too tight. this is a very solid compromise. interior materials are better than in past versions. though they kept the body style similar, there are a lot of little changes that make this a great looking vehicle. all my ratings were based on the features of the car...ie it's a 4 cylinder, but as far as four bangers go, excellent performance...and so on. i haven't broke it in yet, so gas mileage should improve. reliability has been constantly improved every year on this line, and based on the materials used inside, i think it will improve again this year. if not, i'm only in a 2-year lease, so no harm no foul.

By Campcandle on March 23 @ 11:06 pm
1st time Nissan Owner
After test driving the Mazda, Accord and Camry; a friend suggested we test drive the Maxima. We did not as not in our price range but drove the Altima instead and purchased the same evening. We were impressed with the sporty drive without the sporty price. The displays are easy on the eyes and controls easy to use. Love the intelligent key and the roomy interior was a pleasant surprise. Highly recommend anyone to take for a test drive.

By Nick on December 16 @ 12:56 pm
Nissan's Brilliance Evident in 07 Altima
I purchased my 3.5 Altima SE in mid November 2006. So far, I have to say that it has exceeded my expectations in nearly every aspect. The ride is incredibly smooth yet sporty. Also, there's a reason this 3.5 liter has been on the "10 Best" list for years now. I test drove the G6, Camry, and Accord before making my decision. All are fine cars, but the Altima is the total package!

By VictrolaJazz on September 19 @ 7:23 pm
Just bought 2007 Altima 3.5 SE
I've had the car only 3 weeks, but I began enjoying it the moment I drove it off the dealer's lot and back to my hometown 30 miles away!

By cbt1164 on June 29 @ 1:40 pm
The Altima Experience
Fun to drive quick pick up push start is great lots of new options one touch auto roof is new great idea sportier looking car standard side & curtain airbags a big plus

By MDS5254 on December 9 @ 6:56 am
Very comfortable and fun to drive
I bought this car 2 days ago so take it for what its worth but I've been an altima owner for over 7 years now. I just traded my '00 Altima SE for this '07 Altima 2.5 S with the SL package. I really liked my first Altima but all I can say now is WOW!. What a difference. If the '00 Altima was the epitome of playing it safe, dependable, all around family sedan then the '07 is all those things but on super steroids. This car is awesome. I wanted something safe and that had seating for 2 adults and 3 children comfortably for those family times but that also had the get up and go and sporty look so as to be fun to drive. This Altima does it all and does it well. I couldn't be more satisfied

By Arshad on March 13 @ 8:56 am
I test drove the Camry and I was set on buying it until I test drove the Altima and WOW!!! The power, space and features available definitely make it worth the price. I bought the convenience plus package w/ ABS

By Richard on May 13 @ 9:33 pm
A best buy
A car you can be proud to own. Driving this car around gives you the feeling that you're a cut above the rest; cruising about town in style as opposed to the blending in with the monotony of other vanilla sedans these days. The car is beautiful on the outside and spacious and functional on the inside. In my opinion, Nissan has perfected the concept of the sports sedan with this car.

By Elzaida Smith on October 9 @ 10:23 pm
Excellent Car
This is my 3rd Nissan and, I have been nothing but satisfied. I was concerned when I purchased my Altima, because I had a maxima, and the power and the way it handled I really loved, and I didn't want to feel like I was taking a step down. But after driving my altima, I'm really in Love!! Great vehicle.

By newaltimaguy on July 31 @ 1:00 pm
Awsome car !!!!
I love this car!!! Rides like a dream, fast acceleration, awesome sound system and a lot of really cool gadgets. In my opinion, it's a lower priced, not so flashy on the outside Infinity.

By perfection on February 26 @ 4:23 am
It's all good
I drive a blue 2.5sl altima, it has all the bells and whistles. Leather, sunroof, navigation, rear view monitor, and bose. I love the way this drives. I feel like im driving 60 mph then i look down to see im oing 80. This is my first nissan the salesperson taught me a lot about the car that just made me fall in love with it. I never feel the car jump, its just like the commercial. I have to admit nissan did a really good job on the 2007 altima. I can't wait to see whats next.

By steve j on February 19 @ 10:53 am
A Real Sweetheart
incredible performance that easily outshines the competition. I currently have 2200 miles and car runs and rides great. Only minor problem is the rear door locks have been sticking. I'm 6'2", and there is plenty of room ,and great features. I drive a lot, and a power lumbar support would have been nice.

By Sanel on June 11 @ 7:46 am
very fun car
I really like this car, i just got it and put 300 miles in a day.........i like the way it drives, i test drove a Camry, Accord and they were both nice, but softer and more luxurious ride.....this things feels like a 2 door, and a real sporty one at that....CVT is a dream, and it sounds like a bimmer (exhaust).......all in all i'm happy with it, we'll see how it fares down the road...

By Andy on July 18 @ 10:43 pm
Sleeper Sport Sedan
I sold my 2001 Maxima for this car. The 2007 Altima SE V6 6-spd manual is an incredible sport sedan. It's slightly bigger than my '01 Maxima, has 50+ more horsepower than the '01 Maxima, was thousands cheaper, and gets better mileage. It's basically the fastest front wheel drive car you can buy. There are two exceptions... the Mazdaspeed 3 and the Acura TL Type S. The Mazda 3 is almost the same price and is smaller than a Civic. The Acura TL Spec B is a 38k machine and is only 0.1sec fast in the 0-60. The 6speed manual is taken right from the 350Z and is a dream. Motor Trend specs the 0-60 in 5.9 seconds... in a front wheel drive car! I get ~24mpg average and ~27-28 highway.

By Ryan on December 1 @ 6:43 am
Dynamic, economical
Got the fully loaded SL (everything from Ipod functions, VDC, to the Nav system) for the price of a base model Maxima or 300c, etc. Feels like a 50k car. I love it. So much value in this car. Looks sporty ( I have the spoiler and sunroof) yet classy. Wife likes the luxurious interior, I love the sporty handling and response. Great car for all types of needs at a GREAT price. Like others, would recommend to anyone wanting lots of features and a fun/smooth ride.

By Captjim on October 8 @ 1:46 am
Great car!
So far I love this car! I get up in the morning and actually look forward to driving it. I feel like I ripped off Nissan, because it feels like a more expensive car. The room is great for a 6'4" guy like myself. The stereo is outstanding, the ride quality is just awesome! So many great things about this car, it's unbelievable.

By Marcus on February 3 @ 1:00 pm
Lookin Good!
Funny story guys. I test drove the car, and as soon as I got out another guy got in to test drive. By the time he got back I had already signed the lease paperwork.. Funny thing is. He liked it so much his salesman started paperwork on the same car. I ended up with the car by minutes...But don't let this story stop you from getting your very own... I hear Nissan is making a whole bunch... Big Smile... Happy Happy Joy Joy....PS stick with the 3.5 Power to spare.. and some!

By mitch on March 6 @ 2:26 pm
great car
i love this car,a lot of bang for your buck.good power for a 4 cylinder, great aerodynamics, good interior design. love the smart key, makes feeling of german luxury. all round this is a great car,my only gripe would be the quality of the factory paint, i only put 500 miles of all highway driving and noticed many paint chips on the nose and lower passenger side door. i live in new york and we really have not had any snow so salt wouldn't be to blame. i think car manufacturers are cutting many corners to turn in more profit!i will contact nissan to try and solve this matter being i am leasing i do not want to incur any more damage and be held responsible when my 3 years are up.please get the nose mask

By Abyss on May 31 @ 2:56 am
A Driver's Car With A CVT??
After 3 weeks 07 Altima 3.5 SE has been a lot of fun to drive. Looks great inside and out. Great interior layout. I'm glad Nissan got rid of their childish scoped orange speedo/tach. However fit and finish still has some significant body gaps (granted its only been in production a few months). CVT isn't all that quick nor fuel efficient (average 20 mpg in mixed driving), what was the point in doing this? This car does not coast along (or even down large hills). Hopefully it will be reliable to makeup for this. Suspension is very stiff, you will feel every bump in the pavement. Also has HUGE blind spots (so does Camry SE) making highway merging difficult.

By Ronald G. on May 28 @ 3:16 am
Is this an Altima or Infiniti G35?
This is my first purchase of a brand new car. I love everything about this car. The intelligent key is AWESOME! Door unlocks when you get within a certain range as does the trunk. The instrument panel is laid out very nicely and the instruments are very easy to use. Altimas are mainly known as being drove by a lot of women but the 07s look sporty enough for men to drive. The front is a cross between a Nissan Maxima and a 350 Z. Gives it an aggressive stance. The back end reminds you of a Lexus. Lots of room on the inside. Trunk is HUGE. The seats are very comfortable. Ride is very smooth. I jump in my car just to drive down the street because its so fun to drive. I HIGHLY recommend

By Brad on July 27 @ 11:26 pm
Love It!!!!
I just recently bought the 2007 Altima with the CVT..I got the SL package, Bose Stereo with Sirius, Rear Spoiler, splash guards, and ABS. Man this car is fun to drive. For a 4 cylinder it has some good pick up. I definitely recommend that you get the Bose stereo..The car I bought invoiced at $24,915 and paid $24,500..so I'm happy with that...and Pebble Beach exterior looks sharp with Black leather interior.

By Happy Buyer on November 30 @ 8:36 pm
Rental Manage Chooses Altima
I am a former Rental car manager. I had a different car everyday. I have driven everything from a Camry to Infiniti G35. My last car was a Honda Accord 04' Was totaled 3 weeks ago on the freeway because of three things. Black ice, Bad factory tires, no traction controlled. I am actually excited when I get in this car because you pay $24k for a car that is worth $38K. The CVT has constant power. Getting on a freeway 0-80 mph with no shifting in the trans is amazing. It handles like it is on rails. (cornering is good). The last model altima's I drove had a lot of torque steer. Nissan fixed that problem on this model.

By Bill F on December 20 @ 10:00 pm
Very mpressed
I have 1,100 miles on my 2.5 SL. Very powerful and fun to drive, but it does not get the rated mileage. I am 6'4" and have plenty of room in the front seats. The back seat, however does not have a lot of headroom. The computer is not accurate as far as displaying the miles per gallon, but is a nice touch. I test drove the Camry (did not like it) and the Accord (close second). My only concern is whether it will hold it's resale value. There is more engine noise when the car is cold and when accelerating. Cruising is OK.

By Bad-deal on February 11 @ 10:33 am
Bad Start and Bad Ride
I just bought. I drive to a friend place and want to come back home. I could not start the car. Tried and Tried finally pushing different buttons on remote key I was able to start the car. It was embarrassment and frustration. The car ride is ruff. I never seen a car so bad. I would want to return this car tomorrow. Ride is so bumpy my but can feel ever curve of the road. My Camry is smooth and takes the roughness of the road and gives me smooth ride. I am planning to return this car. I had 1999 Altima for brief time. The ride was good, I thought that I would get the same quality. Take a ride on side roads before you make investment.

By SR3.5SE on October 8 @ 6:40 pm
SE Model takes it to limit - be prepared
We have always owned SE's (Nissan/Toyota), so typically we don't really consider non- SE models. May re-think this next time. When you initially drive the 07 Alt SE, you'll get an inital rush similiar to driving a Z. However, just like the Z, for the long-term make sure you really want to live with the sport-tuned (SE) model. It does indeed handle impressively, but not surprisingly it does not soak up bumps all that well on a less than smooth road. This is exacerbated by the very firm front seats. In other words, Nissan really took things to the limit. I suggest taking very long test drives before making your decision, particularly with the new CVT trans.

By frogger on September 20 @ 2:06 am
Great Car
This car comes with it all. Great ride, great power, great mileage and great looks.

By steven on January 9 @ 11:36 am
great car
Love this car. This is my third nissan (sentra, and 200sx) and I'm glad I stuck with them. Having owned 2 others, I know how reliable and problem free they are. With the altima, you add to that styling, power, and exceptional comfort and room. But, at a much better price than a camry or accord. the CVT is amazing. It allows for a noticeable boost in power even at high speeds, but will also employ engine braking on steep slopes. The interior looks as if, well, nissan finally figured out how to design a car interior. And the "intelligent key" is quite impressive. Kind of makes the act of fumbling around for keys seem primitive.

By JohnnyL on July 17 @ 10:03 am
Sweet Ride
I have the 3.5 SE, CVT with minimal options...actually almost none other than spoiler, mats, fog lights and kick plates. The 2007 is a vast improvement over the previous model in design and fit and finish. Body gaps are minimal. Interior materials seem to be a much higher quality. One reviewer mention big blind spots but must be using badly adjusted mirrors. Virtually no blind spots. Engine is smooth and can hit higher digits really fast. CVT is great and does a great job of moving to a lower ratio when you need the engine breaking. I'm glad I got this rather than the manual. Seats are firm which I like. My lower back doesn't ache after my hour long commute. Handles like a smaller car.

By Liana on May 10 @ 8:00 pm
Absolutely LOVE this car!
I love this car. I test drove the Acura TL and hands down choose the Altima over it. This car is wonderful, it has so many great features. The interior space/design is great, it has plenty of storage, the trunk is huge!, the BOSE system is awesome!, the heated seats are great and I even live in FLA, the cabin is so roomy, I love the keyless entry/ignition, the CVT is an awesome feature, my passengers enjoy not being jerked around! The exterior look of the car is easy on the eyes. I've got a spoiler ordered but even without this option the car still looks really nice. Overall this car is great, a good choice. Happy buyer :)

By Kelly on August 1 @ 1:26 pm
Great Sedan
I just got my 2007 Altima in January and so far I'm impressed. The interior and exterior is revamped from the older models and is really nice.

By Jugdish on September 9 @ 5:10 pm
Great Choice
I almost bought a Maxima, but drove an Altima at the last minute and was sold. This car is a blast to drive with the CVT. The engine is very quiet and interior cabin noise is almost as quiet as my Lexus. The suspension is a bit firmer than I'm used to but not overbearing. I immediately traded in the stock tires for Michelin pilot exalto A/T's and noticed a huge difference in snow performance and a slight increase in ride comfort. I am also removing the crap bose speaker system (paper cones) for Orion. Don't really care for the placement of the front dash speakers, makes for an odd sound stage. Overall, for the money.......this is a great vehicle, way to go Nissan.

By Johnny D on October 21 @ 8:16 pm
Excellent Car for the Money
My wife and I bought the Altima 3.5 SE, last week looked @ Honda Accord and Toyota Camry , did not think they could compare . The Altima CVT Transmission is smooth as silk , the ergonomics of the Altima is great , the 3.5 V-6 is quiet,but has a nice roar in the exhaust when taking off, the handling is also exceptional ! Good Job Nissan , this is our first Nissan , normally buy Toyota and Honda's , love the sound system to !

By Larry on February 8 @ 10:26 am
This ain't so bad...
After reading a few reviews, I don't understand many of the complaints--this car is not so bad. We've had it for two months now, and it is a fun, stylish, well-performing car with lots of room. And we also have a C5 'vette and a Mustang GT to compare to. Handling and acceleration are very good, and noise level is better than the BMW 735 we had. Unfortunately the in-town gas mileage is about as bad as the GT, ~17 mpg--the 'vette gets 19-20! And the GT suspension is much less comfortable than the Altima. In comparison buying, it was impossible to get a Honda in the colors and options we wanted, Toyota doesn't have a V6+MT, and the others were too $$. Plus we got $2500 off MSRP.

By nunya on March 28 @ 11:03 pm
Highly disappointed
Have had this car for less than 48 hrs. and finding out a lot of things I really don't like. Sunroof was not working, so I was really down thinking I had to take it back to the dealer. After some reading I find out it just doesn't work like it should, and this is the gist of what I really hate about this car. Nothing is directly controlled. Everything from the "pushbutton start" to the sunroof and who knows what else, is just a signal being sent to a cpu to run a sequence to do the work. Had I known this, i'd never considered buying it. I told the salesperson I'd gladly pay more not to have the stupid electronic key thing. It's just an expensive trinket waiting to break.

By altima on August 11 @ 2:23 am
my experience with my vehicle is excellent i love the way is drives very smooth and i love the color

By Scott on February 23 @ 12:20 am
Best Buy
Just received my 2007 Altima a few days ago. The car is fun to drive and looks really sharp inside and out. I'm surprised by the get up and go the 4 cylinders provide. Has a tight turn radius, great cruising, and handles corners very well. It's the Best Buy of its class.

By johnny D on July 19 @ 7:33 pm
Excellent car for the Money
My wife and I considered a Camry SE , and a Honda EX , compared these makes to the Nissan Altima , and the Altima won hands down. Love the way the Altima handles the winding roads , the interior is very impressive, nice ergonomics, love the 3.5 motor in the SE , the interior cabin is quiet, seats are nice, ours has the sports package , rear spoiler, Sunroof , fog lamps , excellent car for the money , the 3.5 SE had a $27,459 tag bought the car for $ 24,500.00 including shipping .

By Jb on May 1 @ 10:26 am
A lot of car for the $$$
Compared to Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion. Purchased Altima based on the number of options vs. price and first year of new style. Overall fun car to drive - CVT is great. You will not be disappointed!

By KingPiper on December 6 @ 10:26 am
I have had the car for about a month now and I love the performance. The CVT trans makes it accelerate like it is in one gear the whole time while you hit 70 mph. Nice smooth feel driving around town. The bump are noticeable but what do you expect from such a sport susp that will hug a corner like a smaller car. Car seats fit well in this model with the anchor. Every time I take off with my kid she says WhooOOO, my thought exactly.

By Dawn on June 29 @ 6:43 am
The Best Equipped Vehicle for the Money!
This is our second Altima. We just traded in our 2002 with 93,000 miles and got the new 2.5S with the SL package. One word to describe it is: AWESOME!!! It is black w/ black leather interior. It drives like a dream with the CVT transmission. We have heated seats, bluetooth, XM, Bose sound system and much more! These are all of the perks of a much higher priced vehicle, in an Altima. We thought about Camry and Accord, but you just can't compare the features for the price and quality of this Nissan. If you haven't driven one, do so before you buy your next vehicle. You will be glad you gave Altima a chance! We love ours!

By Bob on March 14 @ 11:36 pm
Goes like a bat out of hell
Had this car for a month, and can say the motor and the CVT work great, if not with a small lag when you power up. Nice leather, love the bose system, looks great outside.Great value for the money, like you were in a more expensive car, the interior is quite nice if a bit of work to keep clean, lots of nooks and cranys.

By English Rob... on February 17 @ 8:10 pm
Real value for the money
Had my Altima in frost white for a week. Fully loaded with light leather, keeps it cooler in Florida when the sun's out. The CVT is great, sooo smoooth, you can't feel any gear change, and the engine has great power.It can catch you off guard if when you first pull away. The sat system is well, not bad to use, but has a large manual. You need to sit down with it for a while to understand it. Great ride, good sound with the Bose system and the back up camera is good if not a bit gimmicky, I still use my mirrors. 'Plenty' of space in the trunk, its quite deceiving when you look at it from outside.I'm very impressed with the whole car and I did look at quite a few and got the lowdown about them.

By vlc78 on October 19 @ 8:10 pm
2007 Altima
There are many qualities that I enjoy about my Nissan Altima, but there are a few that I am not so crazy about. I will start with the positive qualities first. The 2007 altima's interior is very spacious. I also really enjoy the push button start.... The audio features sound great, and it looks much sportier than some of the other cars in its class. However, I do have some complaints about the car. The driver's seat is very uncomfortable after about 20-30 minutes of driving. I find that my back usually hurts after long trips. Also, today it was 70 degrees here and my inside temp. said it was 41! The check engine light comes on from time to time.

By Sjones on July 5 @ 12:26 am
Within 3 weeks after buying my car, I stopped for gas. After refueling, the car would not start. I tried to contact the consumer affairs number in the owner's manual. They stop answering at 5 PM Eastern. I contacted the dealership where I purchased the car. They told me to call one closer to where my car had broken down. No they couldn't tell me where there was a closer dealership. They suggested I "find a phone book." Have you looked for a phone book along the interstate lately? They then informed me that I was "on my own" The next day, I contacted the consumer affairs people at 1-800-Nissan- 1. Confirmed that this is what I should expect.

By johnny D on February 24 @ 12:13 pm
Great Car for the Money
Love the way the Altima 3.5 SE handles, cabin is very quiet at highway speeds, CVT Transmission is smooth , car is very quick, and handles great. A lot of car for the money, great job on redesigning the Altima !

By Roman on January 9 @ 9:13 pm
Fun to drive, solid like a rock
Thank you Nissan for making the Altima available with a stick in all trim models. Especially now, that the Maxima does not come this way any longer. My SE M6 is a true pleasure to drive. Good power, awesome looks, decent interior. I was ready to buy the new Camry back in October, but someone convinced me to wait a week or two for the new Altima. And, boy, was it ever worth it! It is a beautiful car. Unlike the Camry or the aged Accord, the new Altima has FUN written all over. Thank you Nissan! I couldn't possibly find a better car for my middle-age crisis.

By blknite99 on January 10 @ 7:20 pm
This is my 3rd Nissan I really love them all. I still have my 2nd Nissan which is a truck. I would get another if and when they come out with another body style. The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't have some of the features that was install or come standard with the car is signal light in the side mirror, and the on star. Overall the car is a wonderful car. Drives very well on the highway and city. For a 4 cycle is has a lot of power.

By Frederic Gordon on November 4 @ 12:56 am
wow what a car
Well here it is the end of March and i have 5500 miles on my car.What a great experience it has been.This 2007 Altima handles the road even better than i had expected a true pleasure to drive and own.

By Strick on November 6 @ 11:30 am
Drift Issues
I've written one review already after owning the car for a couple days. It's now been 2 months. I have to say overall not a bad car but having driven it 2000 miles now I am concerned about drift. Even with no winds the car tends to drift especially at higher speeds (65 plus). And the drift is sudden left or sudden right. Sometimes it can be quiet alarming. I've never owned another car that did this. Could be just mine. Going to the dealer next week to get suspension and steering looked at but be careful and pay attention to the test drive before buying and if you already bought like me then pay attention and get it looked at if needed

By Brian J. Braddock on June 4 @ 7:33 pm
A solid car
I just traded my '07 Camry XLE for the Altima SE V-6 with premium and sport packages. It also has stability control known as VDC by Nissan. This is truly an awesome car, that provides a firm but controlled ride, lots of power, handling is superb as you might expect in he SE version. The Bose stereo is nice, but not as nice as the JBL synthesis I had in my '05 Avalon. The CVT transmission is nothing short of spectacular. there is a slight learning curve. The Nissan has a sportier interior than the Camry that was more luxurious. The leather is of a high quality. Gas mileage is just ok, but still acceptable. I am pleased with my decision and look forward to enjoy the ride.

By Mike on April 15 @ 11:23 pm
First time Nissan owner
Just bought my first Nissan after looking at many midsize sedans. Really liked the new design of the Altima and for the money it comes with great features: push button start, keyless entry, CVT trans, steering audio controls and all the airbags. Drove a few other sedans, but the CVT 4 cyl really has the other companys 4 cyls beat, love the pick-up and sound of the engine. Noticed some bad blind spots in some other makes, no problems in the Altima. The layout of the interior is well thought out, everything is easy to reach. Have only had the car for 12 days but really love it. Went on one drive of over 150 miles and it rode very well. Drive a lot of mixed city/hwy and last fillup got 28 mpg.

By Retired Frogman on March 16 @ 11:10 am
They got it right!
Steering assist, precise steering going down the road were the things I smiled about on test drive. I had to have it, traded in my 2001 Maxima, and I've been grinning ever since. This is a fun car to drive. Nary a rattle, fit, finish are excellent. Why pay more for a G35 and RWD. Torque steer is gone. I can't rate the 2007 highly enough.

By Greg on April 17 @ 9:10 am
This is an excellent car for its price range. It is a good fit in size for a person 6'2. The fuel economy is good, 30-31, but not 35 as rated. Its standard safety features are a plus. The car is a little noisy on initial acceleration but is quiet at speed. Acceleration when driving at 55 mph, then passing is quiet and quick. The cvt transmission does not work as well when the engine and weather are both cold (below 30 degree weather) , the high revving before smoothing out made my daughter think it was defective. Heat and air fans are quiet and effective. Seating position and comfort are very good. Seeing around the headrest and rear visibility is a bit of a challenge at first drive.

By Nissan Altima 3.5 SE on August 9 @ 8:40 pm
2007 Nissan Altima: A+
This car is definitely a challenge to all eurosport-type sedans. It definitely belongs to a bavarian autobahn, not NJ turnpike.

By waterbobber on May 21 @ 7:33 pm
Great car. Great head room and leg room for tall guys, much better than Honda or Toyota. It has a back seat that an adult can actually sit in with comfort. The 175 hp four cylinder performs as well as some V-6s and it is so quiet you don't know it's running at idle.

By bman2505 on January 5 @ 7:33 pm
I love my Altima
I purchased my 2.5 SL Sonoma Sunset with charcoal leather about a week ago. So far I love the car. The seats are firm but supportive and give a sporty feel. The 4 cylinder is very peppy and can keep up with many v6 cars. Have about 600 miles so far and I am getting 28-30 MPG on 80% highway and 20% city driving. I expect it to get even better after a few thousand miles.

By Neels Van Wyk on April 10 @ 5:13 pm
As a previous Atima owner, 2003 model, I found the new 2007 Altima to be a large improvement on the former model in terms of style and performance. The CVT is innovative, although 19th century technology, it gives the car a smooth and quiet ride.

By Justin on July 31 @ 11:50 pm
Great Car
I had my 2007 Altima for 2 weeks now. I love the car a lot. For a 4 cylinder, it has a lot of muscle in it. I like that I can play my iPod in it, with the AUX feature in it. The seats are a little uncomfortable, but I got used to it after a while. I have the leather seats in my car, and I did not have that on my previous car. Overall, it's fun to drive, and I get a lot of compliments from strangers about the car.

By Blair on November 11 @ 10:30 am
Average Altima
I bought this car after trading in a 2001 GLE Altima that I had numerous issues with, purchased new. Still decided to give new Altima a try. Car is very cheap looking inside and not comfortable. I'm a average size female 5'5 and 125 lbs. The seats hurt on long distance trips. After 2 weeks I traded this car in.

By Kikuchiy0 on August 14 @ 11:06 am
Is very niiice
Bought a 2.5 S with SL package, very happy. I thought about 3.5 SL pre- purchase, but when I drove the 2.5 it had plenty of power and the better fuel economy was attractive. Seats are very comfortable and the leather is nice, feels nicer than that in most cars. Interior design is intuitive and looks great. Bose stereo system sounds great too. Bluetooth connection to my cell phone is very convenient. Fuel economy averages about what I expected, roughly 28 mpg. The intellikey is awesome, no physical key. Never fumbling with keys is cool, and you can't really lock the fob in the car either (doors won't lock from the outside with the fob inside). Overall I'm very happy with this car.

By Mike on October 4 @ 2:03 pm
What a Car
The car is a piece of art. Its performance overall is great, just as expected. The look of the car caught my eye and the interior stood up to my expectations. Overall it is the best car I have ever owned.

By Jeremyaz on September 21 @ 5:53 pm
Check the seats before buying
This six cyl. CVT launches like a rocket. Complete blast to drive, but the seat is physically uncomfortable. The build I purchased has no lumbar adjustment and my back constantly aches after 20 minutes or so of driving. I am 6'2" and 220 pounds so my experience may be very different from others. My old 2000 CR-V had far more comfortable seats. Perhaps time will soften the foam. :)

By J.Short on October 13 @ 4:20 am
I love my new Altima
I am so in love with my new Altima. I am a previous owner of the 05 Altima. I loved that one too but this one is a much better car. I went into the dealership just to look at the new Altima and three hours later I was driving my Midnight Blue Altima home. This car is aesthetically pleasing... so much that my neighbor went and bought the exact same color and style.

By Dave on September 13 @ 10:50 am
Great Car!
I've only had my Altima for about 3 weeks, but I already love it. The ride is firm, but not too harsh. It's comfortable and stylish. The Bluetooth feature is very cool. What I love about the car: the style, the performance and how well things seem to be laid out. What I don't love about the car: the stereo puts out too much bass, the gas mileage is less than I thought it'd be (I'm getting about 20 mpg), and the air conditioning is a bit weak. I've already had it in the shop due to a faulty fuel canister (leak).

By johnski on September 2 @ 6:10 am
It's a little zippy
Overall I'm very pleased with my 2007 Altima purchase. I went with a fully loaded 3.5 SE with navigation and everything. About the only gripe I have at this point with the car is how they disable some of the navigation / radio features when the car is moving and how there is not yet an iPod adapter available. The bose system is less than impressive but what do you expect. -=(

By Jaeger on September 10 @ 2:56 am
2007 3.5SE 6MT
This car provides an excellent blend of sport and luxury with a large helping of driving enjoyment. Great style inside and out and lots of space for people and cargo. They really nailed it. The only thing that might be a disappointment is if you really like the hunt-and-peck front end squirminess called torque steer. It is no longer available, even as an option.

By Woodrow on May 8 @ 4:46 am
Hard Seats
Heater was defective and needed parts replaced. Leather seats are hard, stiff and terribly uncomfortable. CVT drive train and rack & pinion steering make the vehicle drive and handle very smooth, but gas mileage is somewhat disappointing (averaging only about 28 mpg in 2.5 four cylinder model). Audio has nice tone quality but the output is relatively low, unless you get the Bose system (which is pricey because it only comes in an electronics package with Satellite radio, Bluetooth, etc.).

By proud owner on July 20 @ 8:33 pm
Love it
I've had my 2.5 sl for almost a month. Wow, it's amazing! Definitely a headturner. The engine is very smooth and the styling is very beautiful. I was in the market for a Maxima, but when I saw the Altima's new design I had to pick that up instead. I never thought I'd be able to get so many features for the price! Some of the reviews say the seats are uncomfortable, I disagree, they're firm in a good way and supportive. The intelligent key is amazing and the metallic jade color is gorgeous. Did a lot of research and this is by far the best value!

By Derek on August 18 @ 4:43 am
So far, so GREAT!!!
I've had the Altima 3.5 SE for 2 weeks and 400 miles. The engine is phenomenal and has very smooth acceleration, and while the CVT takes some getting used to, I like it better than a conventional transmission. The paint job was outstanding (and I'm a very picky guy). Fit and finish was excellent. I'm still on the fence with regard to the push button ignition. A true pleasure to drive.

By Dolly on March 27 @ 3:06 am
2007 nissan altima
I am very excited about this my car and loook forward to driving it everyday. This is my third Altima and I do appreciate the upgraded features e.g. 6 airbags, low tire pressure and gas signals etc.

By ann on August 31 @ 8:50 pm
Torture Chamber for Bad Backs
Minus side: If you have spine, back, or neck problems, this is not the car for you. The seats are unbelievably hard, do not conform to the body and poorly designed headrests do not allow driver to sit straight & lean against the back of the seat. Even with power seat adjustments, this car is very uncomfortable, although it may not be a problem for younger folks without back problems who seem to be the majority favoring this car and its "sporty" drive. The headrests also present a safety issue because they are difficult to see around, increasing strain on the neck. On the plus side, it is a beautiful car with lots of power. It simply depends upon the individual and their priorities.

By lauren11107 on May 4 @ 1:03 am
Great Car!
I love my Altima. My fiance' bought this car for me but I had been looking at them for weeks. I love my push button start and the CVT transmission. I also adore my sunroof. This car looks amazing on the road, very sporty!

By arlene nungaray on August 11 @ 3:36 pm
You don't need a v6 to drive like it
With this gas saver you don't sacrifice style and comfort while you are still saving on gas and having fun with the best performance.

By Curt on November 10 @ 5:06 am
Very Satified Owners
We purchased this car for gas mileage and the fun factor. It delivers both. Our trips from Kansas to Texas deliver better than expected fuel economy and we like the 6-speed manual. We like the solid feel and little to no wind noise. Seat fabric and interior components feel of high quality. We are very happy with this car.

By dd on September 22 @ 5:43 am
Lovin' it!
I am very happy so far with this car. I formerly had a Toyota Corolla, so my standards were high for my new car. I was most interested in a reliable, good-handling, stylish car with lots of conveniences, and I seem to have found all these things. It is a beautiful car that makes me smile! (A caveat however -- I have only had the car for about 2 months, with 2K miles on it currently.)

By nissan driver on July 1 @ 10:40 am
Fun to Drive!
This is my first Nissan and I didn't know anyone that ever owned one. For that reason I was a little cautious before I bought it. I did much research and finally went for it. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I love this car.

By Jevon on February 6 @ 3:40 pm
Very pleased
I had an SUV for 15 years and I wanted to go to a sedan with good gas mileage and comfort and of course style. I researched quite a few cars and let me tell you the Altima is the best value for the price. I know there have been some reports that the seats were not comfortable. Well I just don't get it, the car seats are fine and not uncomfortable at all. The ride is great and the 4 cylinder is powerful. I'm not going to miss my old SUV at all. I just love the gas mileage I'm getting.

By Ben on August 16 @ 9:50 pm
Great comfort with economy
Before this Altima, I had an Infiniti Q45 and I am glad I traded it in. This Altima has plenty of room, it performs on the road with plenty of power considering it has only a 4 cylinder engine. I get great gas mileage (22.5 mpg city driving: short trips, 5 miles or less). I love the keyless entry and start. I don't have to look for the keys to enter the car or start it. The only drawback I see is the engine noise when accelerating. I have had this for 5 months already, and I have not had any problems with it. I compared the Altima to the Camry and the Accord, and I consider you get more for your money with the Altima. I love the dual exaust pipes and the exterior look.

By JFW in NJ on December 24 @ 10:20 pm
Love this car!!
I've only had my new Altima for 3 days, but I'm in love already! For the money, it is a very smooth, quiet and luxurious ride. I find it very comfortable and fun to drive, and I was pleasantly surprised at the great pickup she has! I had to pass a slow moving truck going uphill this morning, and the car really kicked in! Great power for a 4 cyl. Anyone looking for a sedan should definitely give the Altima a shot.

By r. pfaff on October 10 @ 10:50 am
Close to a G35
We bought this car after almost getting a G35 and have never regretted the decision. At the limit cornering is not quite as good as the G35 (nor is the acceleration) but they are very close. The mileage is slightly better (we get about 24 mpg in combined city/highway driving on regular). For 5k less we are very happy with the car. I do like the interior of the G35 a bit better, but for the money it should be better.

By Robsails on February 15 @ 3:50 am
Excellent design
Bought January 2007. Have only driven a thousand or so miles due to other travels, but the 4-cylinder engine is exceptionally well matched to the CVT transmission, giving it as much pull as a much larger engine. The bluetooth connection is the best I have ever heard; it almost completely cancels road noise for the listener and allows great range control for volume within the car. The seats are comfy for the short drives we have taken it on and our one highway trip averaged in the low 30s for mpg at 70+ mph. My experience with other new cars tells me this will increase as it the mechanical bits loosen up a little. She jumps off the starting line with an amazing amount of kick for a 4-cyl.

By datunison on December 21 @ 6:20 am
I love my Altima!
I have a 2007 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL. I could not be happier with my Altima! It has everything I wanted at a great price! The gas mileage is wonderful, especially with the way gas prices are right now! I get so many compliments on it! It drives so smooth! I go through at least 1 car per year, but I think I might keep this one for awhile. It is just the best one so far that I've owned. Definitely a keeper! If you are looking to buy an Altima, I would put it at the top of the list to check out. I love it!

By Vince on January 10 @ 5:23 am
The Bar Has Been Raised
You don't need to buy a 6 cylinder to have good acceleration and passing power. My 2.5L has quite the zip! And the gas mileage is amazing. It's sporty, spacious and affordable. I got the 2.5 S with the Convenience Plus package and added a spoiler. It's basically the SL package minus the leather trim and dual climate control. Other than that, it has everything you could possibly want!

By Christine on February 13 @ 11:23 am
Hot styling, great power, great purchase
Traded a 2000 Altima SE for a 2007 2.5S with Convenience Plus pkg. I want to drive everywhere now. From its classy and streamlined style, roomy interior, to the powerful performance from the 4-cylinder CVT, I love this car. I didn't test drive the 6-cyl, it was over my budget, but the 4 has me merging into traffic with no problems. The CVT is buttery smooth. Interior storage and cup holders are plentiful, a huge advantage over my 2000. My BF and I find the firm seats supportive. Rear seat psgrs have great leg room. I love the pushbutton start and the push button entrance feature on the doors and trunk - no fumbling for keys. Getting 30 mpg so far. Love showing it off - very happy!

By Tony in Seattle on December 20 @ 3:20 am
Impressed 2nd Altima Owner
Got the 2.5 CVT with SL package a month ago and I can't help but smile everytime I drive it. The 2.5L engine is powerful and torquey for a 4 cyl and the CVT is smooth as silk. We love the leather, dual climate control, power seats, stereo and all the options you would find in lux cars, not to mention the styling! Nissan's power train is reliable and innovative. We expect to enjoy this car for years to come. (Still have our 94 Altima. After 200K and 13+ years, the engine still runs like a champ!)

By rps1 on January 17 @ 5:06 pm
2007 Altima 3.5SL
I picked up my Altima on 6/8 and I love it. The CVT is smooth and responsive.The ride is exceptionally smooth and comfortable. The interior in leather is luxurious along with the trim. The gas mileage is better than average, about the same as my '05 3.5 SL. The body style is sharp and quite a change. The metallic winter frost is different and rich. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the foot emergency brake.

By De on January 1 @ 7:03 pm
Beats the Rest
I researched all the mid-size sedans. I love the Infiniti G35, but opted for mpg over high performance. The Camry and Accord are too boring. The Altima looks better and the 2.5L CVT gets better mpg than the other two. I orginally wanted the 3.5, but drove the 2.5l and was impressed with its power! (I drove 5.3L v8 before.) I agree that to get some of the features I wanted I had to buy the SL and the Connection package to get the Bose and CD changer. But really for the price it is still affordable.

By copdoc on January 3 @ 1:36 am
Exceptionally pleased with my new Altima
This is my second Altima in four years. I love the style. The 2007 enhances on what could have been said was already perfect. Very luxurious and comfortable.

By sandy on June 12 @ 11:00 am
Altima 6 spd
This car is FAST, drives extremely well, is high quality. If you want a G35 and can't afford it, this is the car for you. Very easy to use nav system, beautiful comfortable leather. I tried the Camry, Accord, Jetta and A4 and this was my top pick. The 6 spd manual is very easy to use with a light clutch, beautiful exterior design, lots of leg room front and rear, beats the competition hands down, from acceleration to interior design. If you want a fast (0-60 MPH 5.9 sec) and high quality (rivals G35 and Lexus), try this car before you make your decision. You will be impressed, drives like a much more expensive car than it is. Great road trip car, comfortable with little road noise.

By Black Pearl on January 8 @ 11:26 am
Altima 3.5 SE MT w/Tech Pack.
Bought two weeks ago. Great ride so far. My dealer found one with Technology Pack w/XM with Manual so I went for it. Glad I did! Nav is great and so is phone system. Black on black is truly mean looking. Getting 24 mpg so far on country roads. Waiting for XM to Sirius converter cause Sirius is so much better than XM. Very happy I got the manual trans. Goes like a rocket! Car is roomy and seems solid and safe for my two kids. Car seats fit well. So far so good!

By Thomas on September 11 @ 7:36 am
Love My New Altima
I sold my old car and went and bought the new Altima and let me tell you I was going to buy a Honda Accord but the Altima has that car ripped to shreds. The Altima has more room and you can get a navigation system on the base model. I got the 3.5 SE with the technology package and added the rear spoiler and fog lights and I love this car. If I am having a bad day at work it seems like when I get in my new car all my problems just go away.

By GM on November 13 @ 12:43 pm
A car to drive!
We have traded in our third Accord for the new 07 Altima. Very good driving impressions so far. It came with the SL package that included leather interior and moonroof along with other conveniences. Lot of storage area in the trunk. Although you need to get used to it, the CVT is something else. The 4 cyl. engine outperforms some 6 cylinders out there. Folks at Nissan did their homework well. Definitely, a car to drive.

By ssd on December 28 @ 7:56 pm
2007 Altima 3.5 SE with Tech Package
Love it! I went for the fully loaded SE model with tech package. I was deciding between the Lexus IS, Infiniti G35, Acura TL and the Altima blew them away, and for 10k less! The bluetooth is amazing. Using my cell phone through the car has perfect sound quality. No need to yell. The CVT is also impressive, power will never be a problem. The acceleration is so fast that I haven't even come close to flooring the gas pedal. One thing to note is that the CVT does "hold" the car when you let off the gas pedal. Similar feeling to when you have cruise control on and are driving down a hill. Only major gripe are the seats. Very stiff and uncomfortable, even with the lumbar support.

By running1201 on May 9 @ 2:33 am
Great for the money
This car is exactly what you pay for: lots of room, great gas mileage, peppy engine, and great looks for a car at around $20k. I got the Premium Plus option and have everything I need without paying a fortune. Loading this baby up gets pricey real quick, and the 2.5 gets it done adequately, although it may sound a little loud with the windows down. The CVT is really smooth and takes some getting used to (can't notice the shifts). Great on the highway with ample power for passing.

By Rayd on June 23 @ 11:30 am
Great bang for the buck
You will not find an auto that looks better, more horse power, and overall good dynamics for the money. I can complain about things like the position of the emerg brake or the lack of lumbar support, but HEY at this pricepoint?!?

By Durell on December 18 @ 12:20 am
Just O.K. ( Buyers Remorse )
I decided to wait 6 mos before writing a review of this car. Let's say that it's just ok for a daily driver. The v6 is advertised as having 270 hp, somehow I think that's not entirely true. The AC is lacking punch, The steering is ultra light, the handling even with SE trim is floaty, build quality is better than last gen but not by much, the brakes are pretty much dead if one must make a sudden stop from say 50 mph, lots of fade, the gas mileage is horrible even when taking it easy on the engine.

By Kyle on June 3 @ 5:20 pm
Excellent Buy
At first I was skeptical about the new Nissan but after test driving it, the car surprised me in many ways. I bought the 2.5 SL package and I love everything about it. It is a nice quality ride with great sound (if you get the Bose). It looks sharp and runs even sharper. I really have no complaints so far either. For a four door sedan, I've recieve many compliments for its sporty look and great looking interior. The new Nissan also gets great pick-up for a four-cylinder and has excellent gas mileage. Excellent choice of a car for the price.

By Tom E on February 4 @ 7:13 pm
Black Betty Is The Best
I have loved Nissans for years but have never owned one until now. This car is awesome. The power is great. I went for the 3.5SE with the CVT and it is the best ride I have ever had. It looks so sleek with the black on black that I chose. Nissan blew the competition away with this redesign of the Altima. I have only had the car a little over a week but I know this is a car that will last me for many years to come.

By Tropo on April 18 @ 12:00 am
My new Altima Rocks!!
I did my homework looking for a manual gear sport midsize sedan that is loaded. After looking and driving everything in the $25K to $35K range, I was set on the Altima SE. It is everything that I wanted and then some. The car is everything it is set to do and then some!!

By glotzbpa on May 30 @ 2:06 pm
Fast, Fun Car
I bought this car instead of a 350Z. Wanted something fun to drive that was practical. The engine is every bit as strong, and the suspension is nicely tuned.

By Matt on April 24 @ 11:36 am
Great features, great value, great car
The 2.5S with convenience plus package gives all the "must have" features at a reasonable price. Great bang for the buck. The CVT engine is very smooth. Mileage is great, 28-30 mpg so far with mostly city driving, yet the car has plenty of pickup to accelerate onto the highway with ease. Keyless entry without having to take the key fob out of your pocket and push button start is great novelty feature that comes in very handy. Both front and back seats are very roomy on inside, seats are very comfortable. Could not be happier with our new Altima!

By susan on December 13 @ 10:50 pm
Too Soon To Tell
Just a few days of ownership and have mixed feelings. Glad we went with the 4 cyl., power and handling seem fine. Traded a Murano and that car was so much heavier than the Altima along with quieter. Drove on the highway in pouring rain and one would think we were in a tin can. The interior compartments are loud with our belongings rattling around. Even the side door panels feel cheap. Haven't found my Bose system to be anything special either. I do love the keyless entry. Love the navigation, much improved from our last one. Gas is too soon to tell, hoping it gets better. Perhaps I'll enjoy it more as I get accustomed to it.

By John R. Poirier, Esq on March 9 @ 6:03 pm
No Regrets
I love the new car. Have had it for a week and it is every bit as fun to drive as I'd hoped. Best of all, since I sprung for the window security etching and the lojack, the discounts we got on our auto insurance makes it no more expensive to insure than what I was paying for my corolla. I haven't really pushed the engine much, but I can tell that if I did punch it, I'd be pressed back into my seat. It rides and handles very similiar to my wife's more expensive BMW 325is. In other words, it corners like it's on rails. Ride is stiff (sport suspension) but the roads here are pretty smooth, so no big deal. Steering is very precise, not mushy at all. I'd definitely recommend the car.

By Rob on September 30 @ 10:56 pm
Great style inside and out!
I just bought this car but since I live 3 hours away from the dealership, I have had that much time behind the wheel. I traded a 2003 3.5 se for the 2.5 S. That power difference from the two are like night and day, but I saved a few thousand and am overall happy with my purchase. The new style is better than anything in it's price range. It actually looks better in person than in photos. I chose the 6 speed manual over the CVT, I drove both but the CVT did not offer that same sporty feel as the manual. Overall, if you want a greal looking reliable car in this price range - this is it.

By Javier on January 22 @ 12:50 am
Nissan Altima
I bought the car to replace my old 2003 Sentra Spec V. After reviewing the Mazda6, Passat I decided with the Altima. Overall the car handles ok, acceleration is excellent for a 4 cylinder, and comfort is great. Since I had a Nissan before and never had a problem with the car it also helped in the decision making process.

By Mike on June 27 @ 12:20 am
Outstanding Choice in the Segment
10s across the board. After driving the competition (Fusion, Accord, Camry), this Altima smokes them all. Best in class looks, performance and option/feature availability. The interior is comfortable yet sporty. Great lines on the exterior that does not blend in with all the other cars on the road. Performs very well and still gets around 23-24 MPG hwy/city combination driving. Drive one and you will be impressed. Very happy with our decision to purchase (as you could probably tell).

By thanatos on January 10 @ 7:36 am
Excellent car
Driving is excellent, can not complain. I have owned different brands it has met expectations. Would recommend.

By BRAD on October 26 @ 4:26 am
Altima 2.5 S 4dr 4cyl CVT
I research all mid size sedans. Loved the infiniti G35. I think the Altima is just as good for thousands less. Thought I needed the 3.5 but the 2.5I was so impressive it was all I needed. Had the car for 1 week went on a 12 hour round trip and go 32-34 mpg driving 70 to 80 mph. Have always been a cloth person but I was glad to go with the leather. Always been a jeep person but I love this Altima. It's my first.

By Tom on September 17 @ 5:36 am
Black Beauty
I traded in a 2004 Mazda3, a car that I loved and have not looked back since. The Altima has it all and more! The look is so sleek and classy and the performance is awesome. I have the 3.5 SE and love the power, with the CVT its the best ride I have ever experienced.

By KORN on September 1 @ 1:00 am
All Around Vehicle
The Altima fits all of my needs; fuel efficiency; roominess; gadgets (push button start, navigation, etc.); convenience (power seats, windows); reliability (Nissan brand). In comparing with the other 2 Japanese brands, the Nissan Altima is definitely more of a performance vehicle (the other 2 made me feel like I was "Driving Ms. Daisy").

By Gabriel on March 20 @ 7:26 pm
Happy owner.
I've considered Accord, Sonata and Camry. I'm happy I made the right decision. I had the car for 2 months so far. Very good engine power (forget the 6 cyl) and brakes. Very fun to drive. Mileage about 20/28 mpg with 1,300m so far. Roomy interior. On one hand, disappointed with some creaky plastics on the door panels and below the driver seat. On the other hand, the dashboard is very attractive and made with very good plastic quality. Nissan should use a better plastic quality for the door panels. Overall very nice car! I would recommend this car to a friend.

By John on October 6 @ 4:26 am
After 3000 miles
Traded in 2004 Altima for 2007 with SL and electronics package. Recent road trip easily yielded 34-36 MPG @ 60-65 MPH with A/C. 70-75 MPH drops mileage by about 3 MPG. City MPG so far is about 22 MPG, lower than the rating but about 10% better than my 2004 Nissan with the same engine. Mileage should be even better after adequate break-in. Interior design overall is very good. Seat bottoms are a little firm. Ride is excellent, some road noise on bad surfaces but generally very low noise factor. Exterior design is an eye catcher, have received several unsolicited compliments. Integrated bluetooth phone generally works well, some trouble with voice commands but still learning.

By wayne on September 6 @ 8:43 pm
Just returned from a vacation. Got 29.5 mpg at 65 mph interstate driving w/cruise on, level terrain. Very satisfied with fuel economy. Exceptional performance w/93 octane. Runs fine on 87. For 20 cents per gallon more, I'll stick to the higher as recommended by Nissan.

By Jen R on March 26 @ 6:36 am
Great Vehicle
All I have owned before were Hondas. My husband and I were ready for a change, and I am glad I made it. The day I picked it up it was 98 degrees outside, my 4 cyl Accord was a dog with the A/C on, took the Altima home with the A/C blasting and it never skipped a beat. Love the "no shift" CVT. Gas mileage is right where I left off with my Accord, hoping it gets even better with more miles, and a long trip under it's belt. This is my first car that is actually "purchased" and am glad this is one I get to hang onto for a while.

By amram80 on July 22 @ 12:06 pm
Great car, great value
The V-6 is very strong, and the styling really turns heads. The stereo could have a little more output, but the sound quality is good. The intelligent key is very cool, but it does take some getting used too. Many in the Altima forums have complained about the gas mileage, but my first trip yielded 33 mpg with 90% highway driving. I picked the V-6 because much of my driving is in the mountains and it was actually a better deal than the I-4. I've gotten mixed comments concerning the premium fuel issue, but most who have the V-6 have run regular fuel without problems. In conclusion, I believe this is the best value on the market in a midsize sedan. Period.

By gcs on July 27 @ 11:26 am
2007 2.5SL altima i love it
I got a 2.5SL Nissan altima and it's great. Leather seats are good and comfy.

By paul on March 27 @ 1:53 pm
Almost missed this beauty
I was all set to buy the Passat (also a lot of car for the money) and decided last minute to drive the Nissans. Drove both the Maxima and Altima and it was clear as day that I preferred the Altima, much more fun to drive for me and newer technology throughout. Slightly less luxurious than Maxima though. So far, I love this car. Pure pleasure to drive and I hate when I arrive at work and have to get out of this thing. I think it is the right combination of size, comfort, sport and economy to win the category hands down. I can say this after having driven the Passat, Accord, Camry, A4 and countless others. My second choice would have been the Passat.

By John C. on August 12 @ 1:50 pm
'07 2.5SL with connection package
I was shopping for gas economy and yet did no want to drive a death trap or have low quality feel, Altima was it. Its been two days, I put on 269 miles & used not quite 1/2 tank of gas. I call it my 4 cylinder luxury car! While it's not a sports car it does handle well and has good power. I find the overall quality and feel to be top shelf. This is a great value and am sure the reliability will be as good as the other Nissans I've had.

By " THE BEST " on April 3 @ 1:33 pm
Above All
This is absolutly the best car in its class. I test drove them all and for power this is the best, for looks this is the best, and the push start button is the best. This is my first Nissan I've ever owned and I'm glad I chose it.

By Altima on February 23 @ 10:13 pm
I was considering the Camry and Altima. After test driving, the Altima was the hands down winner. With just over 1k I'm averging 27 mpg. The 4 cylinder has plenty of power.

By James on April 3 @ 10:30 pm
4 vs 6
When I test drove the 2.5L/4 I found the vehicle nimble and quick at low speeds but requiring some time to 'wind-up' at faster speeds in order to pass/merge. The 3.5L/6 on the other hand was like a rocket that I had to keep tied down. It was almost annoying driving in the city because the bloody car just wanted to blast off! It absolutely hated stop and go traffic and red lights! The 3.5L was a noticably heavier vehicle and had a lot of brake lurch. Again, the 3.5L hated stop and go traffic but on the highway it was a dream. Too bad the car drank so much gas! I opted for the 2.5L because of this plus the $6000 less in price. No seat issues.

By Phil on April 18 @ 9:56 pm
Beats Toyota!
Drove Toyota for 20 years. Seduced by sheet metal on '07 Camry, traded 2000 Avalon for 4-cyl. LE. Big mistake. We were not happy. Traded for 4-cyl. Altima w/SL pkg. You get SO much more car for the money with Nissan!! More power, seamless shifting, quicker handling, quieter, slightly better mpg, bluetooth, heated seats. Bose stereo is awesome, better leather and controls. For this model, Toyota loses in ALL categories!

By Jack*ss1 on August 5 @ 2:10 pm
My 3rd Altima SE
This is my 3rd Altima SE since 2002 and I have to say this one beats my 02 and 04 altima SEs hands down. Its faster, more stylish, more comfortable, better on gas and you can see and feel the Infiniti side of Nissan in this car. Fuel mpg is about 22 city 28 highway (note I like to drive fast). I test drove a Mazda6 v6, Honda Accord v6, Toyota Camry v6 and some Ford and Chevy cars and I must say the Altima was the best all around car in its class.

By NC_Altima on May 15 @ 6:40 am
In terms of looks, driving and performance for the 4-cylinder segment, this is a great car. Haven't been able to compare to the new 2008 Accord yet, which looks to be nice but not as sporty as the Altima. This car is very responsive in acceleration, braking and steering. Really fun to drive. Controls are all easy to reach and understand. Good selection of features/packages. Nice redesign in both exterior and interior. I have an S Conv package, with added leather, sunroof, fogs, spoiler, ABS, alum kickplates, splash guards and floor mats. Couldn't be happier.

By Westies96 on December 3 @ 5:46 pm
Excellent Car
I have had many Honda Accords and a few Camrys. I traded my 2007 Accord EXL with navigation for my 2007 Altima 2.5SL and don't regret it. I never had a Nissan before, but was persuaded by a friend of mine who has had 3 Maximas with no problems. I have had the car for about a month now and have about 3200 miles on it. My gas mileage is great with a combination city/highway of 26.8 miles per gallon. My only issue was that the car drifts on the highway. I had the dealer look at it and they said that everything was okay. I asked if it could be the tires (Continental tires were installed at the factory). I replaced them with Michelin tires. I haven't had an issue since then.

By Mike on March 18 @ 12:00 am
A Great Car
I was looking between the Camry and Altima. Altima is the right choice. I like the design and the technology used in the car, Smart key, dual exhausts, MPG, MPH, distance to empty, etc.

By smc98m on September 12 @ 12:43 am
Best car out there!
I had the '00 Maxima and bought the '07 Altima SE V6 CVT. I thought I was going to get another Maxima, but was sold after test driving the Altima. I wanted the V6 because I drive in Dallas city traffic and need the "get-up-and-go" speed from time to time. Let me just say the 270hp engine is fast, but is smooth and easy to control. You can't beat the CVT. I absolutely love the convenience of the Push Button On/Off feature. Talk about never having to fumble with your car keys again! As long as you have the key in your pocket then you can lock and unlock the car from the outside push button on the door handle. Get the '07 Altima... well worth it!

By Mz6GreyGhost on April 15 @ 8:40 am
Another excellent midsize sedan
My wife purchased the Altima to replace her 2000 Neon. After driving everything else in its class, the Altima was her choice. The power from the 2.5L is impressive with either the 6-speed manual or CVT, and is plenty for merging in rush-hour traffic, while being smoother than most other 4-cyl cars. The interior is nicely styled and executed, with high-quality materials and excellent fit-and-finish (much better than the interior in my mothers '03 Altima). It rides and drives well, sportier than the Camry and Accord, but not as much as my Mazda6. The Convenience Plus package is well worth the price for the moonroof and alloy wheels alone. An excellent choice for a competent midsize sedan.

By Ark Dan on July 26 @ 2:13 pm
I'm Picky, But My Altima Makes Me Smile
I test drove Altima 4 and 6 cyl, Accord V-6, Mazda3 and Mazda6 with the V6. Owned a 2001 Accord V6 and loved it, except transmission issues. I've owned 1 four cyl and swore I would only drive at least a V6. That was 10 years ago and 6 new cars ago. Why the Altima won? The CVT is amazing. I never feel like it is underpowered because of the CVT. The engine does get a little loud when merging on highways, but is silent at cruise. I can accept the 10 seconds of engine noise for V6-like acceleration. The V6 seemed too jumpy. Handles great and is fun to drive. Very quiet and full of features. If you are a driver who likes a car with lots of features and is fun to drive. Check out Altima.

By Jim on October 21 @ 10:00 pm
Great Car, Great Value!
Bought the 2.5SL package and love the leather seats and wood trim. This car balanced all my needs well: style, comfort, performance, economy and fun. My clients have felt comfortable in it. Seat was hard at first but either I or the seat adjusted (now at 5k miles). Standard radio sounds great but doesn't display artist. ABS grabby - feels like they are about to launch me through the windshield at every stop. I like all the room in the trunk, glove box, consoles and cabin. The wipers throw water back into their own way. CVT and spry engine makes it fun to drive, although it seems a little light in the front end under fast acceleration or hard braking. Feels pushed around by the wind, too.

By Marco on January 21 @ 12:46 pm
A very good car!
Traded in my Mazda6s for a 2007 Altima with the SL package. Have not regretted at all. The car drives very nicely. Unfortunately all my trips are very short. I would love to spend more time in this car. Gas mileage is good, seats are comfortable, Bose stereo is incredible. I am so happy to be back with a Nissan. The Mazda was nice but too many little problems. I used to own before that a Nissan Altima 99. What a difference. The car has finally matured into an affordable luxury car.

By Craig on June 29 @ 10:10 am
Excellent Car at Any Price
I purchased my Altima last April 2007 and have over 9000 miles on the car. I considered the 3.5L model, but chose the extra MPG I could get with the 2.5L. There is adequate power with the 2.5 and I have never been underpowered in any situation. The select shift component is nice when having to accelerate without pushing the gas pedal to the floor to have the engine respond. The handling is great. The Altima kept my wife out an accident last week when an elderly woman pulled out in front of her on a highway. The car continued to handle while the ABS was working. Eyewitnesses asked about the car because they couldn't believe it. Strongly suggest buying one. Get the convenience package.

By TLC77014 on May 7 @ 10:53 am
Moving along the Nissan food chain
Coming from a Nissan Sentra SE, I wanted something that was fun to drive, reliable, and technically advanced without paying for a BMW, Benz or Audi. I needed a gas saver yet something with more horses than my lawnmower. I test drove a V6 Altima then the 4. Honestly, I was amazed at how the 4 pulled out the lot and right onto a freeway on ramp. The only drawback to the 4 is the engine noise on take off however is quiets down after what used to be known as 3rd gear. I also looked at the Camry SE V6 and the Maxima.

By catstoy on July 30 @ 9:26 am
Altima vs. Texas Trucks
After a Saturn and Eclipse in the 90s and SUVs and trucks over the last few years, I was unsure about moving back lower to the ground (still have our Titan, but will use it considerably less) and am delighted with the sporty feel of my new Altima. Feels solid and responsive. Very fun to drive!

By Stylez on August 20 @ 2:53 am
Great car, would buy it again
This car is really surprising to me because I used to have a Maxima and it was nothing but a headache, not sure why but I must have picked the wrong one. Anyway this car has been great, it rides great and sound insulation is terrific. The CVT rocks I love it. I mean it's weird when you're driving a car with this power that you don't feel it shift. Still getting used to it though. I love the keyless part of this car. I never ever have to take my key out of my pocket. You can even lock and unlock the doors by pressing the button on the door. Truly keyless. Another thing is I think the seats are just fine. I don't know what some people are complaining about, they are comfortable to me. BUY IT.

By Jose on December 19 @ 11:36 am
2007 Nissan Altima 3.5 SL
I was in the market looking for a new car and my choices were, Accord, Camry and Maxima. I loved the new Accord coming from a long time Honda owner as well as the Camry. I did drive the Camry and liked it, I tried the new accord and loved it. I was about to purchase it, then I told my wife let's try the Maxima. We liked the Maxima but the salesman said just try the 2007 Altima. Wow, I was impressed, the power and all around design just caught my attention. Nissan has stepped up on this model and I recommend you drive one for yourself. I love this Altima.

By deanh2nd on January 2 @ 12:23 am
Fantastic vehicle!!
So this is probably one of the best cars on the market right now, no joke. I've had it for about 4 months and the car only gets better each day. The fuel economy has become better than the EPA estmates. Maybe it's my driving or perhaps it's the area, but the car is great on fuel. The CVT is a dream and so is the handling. If there is anything it could use is a little more engine refinement and a bit less grey inside, but otherwise it is almost the perfect car.

By Ken on March 24 @ 1:16 pm
Excellent car
My wife and I were looking for a new vehicle that got good gas mileage and had ample performance. We test drove Hondas, Toyotas and Nissans. The Altima was far and away the most fun to drive, had good gas mileage and surprising performance for a four cylinder. After over 4,500 miles including 1,000 mile trip the mpg on the road was averaging 34 and around town 27. We couldn't be happier with the car.

By rich on August 27 @ 2:26 pm
Not what you pay for
The sole purpose for us buying the car was dependability and gas mileage. In to months we have yet to get either. Brakes glazed in a month, they don't know why. Rotors turned now brakes act funny. Never got any better then 25 mpg on straight highway driving, sticker said 35 mpg.

By Kristi on May 16 @ 1:50 pm
Great Value
I admit that I JUST got this car, but I just love it. I wanted a pretty inexpensive, reliable car so I went looking for the best price on either a base model Camry, Accord, or Altima. I was surprised by how much "cheaper" the base model Honda and Toyota felt vs. the Altima. I really felt like I was getting the value I wanted, but that the car still seemed to be of a higher level than the other two. Definitely the best bang for the buck.

By MK on November 29 @ 6:26 am
Great car, even for heavy driving.
I drive 130 miles to work, five days a week. When it was time for a new car, I wanted something roomy inside, fun to drive and good on gas. I purchased the smaller 2.5L engine for fuel economy. (I've got the CVT.) I added the SL package to beef up the interior as I'd be spending a lot of time in my car. The smaller engine puts out a surprising amount of power and makes the drive fun while the SL package interior looks great. Like a much more expensive car. The gas mileage is good considering I drive on a major highway at 72 mph on cruise for 90% of my miles. I get about 27 mpg. 14,000 miles in five months and the car is holding up great. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

By McDan24 on October 25 @ 9:06 am
Has everything you would want
It drives very smooth and is a nice ride, (nicer than the SE but Im sure it has to do with the stabilizer bars on the SL). I wish it had 18" wheels but that would probably have been at the expense of some of the comfort in the ride. I also looked at an 08 Accord VG w/nav and the controls in the thing made me feel like I should have gotten training in the space shuttle. There were so many buttons and knobs everywhere it would have taken forever to learn. But, the Altima has all the same features but in simple easy to use arrangement on the dash. The nav system is easy to understand and well thought out instruments great car, good drive, all I would ever want or need.

By Dustin on February 17 @ 3:43 pm
Outstanding car and amazing luxury.
I must say when someone mentioned the Altima I never would have thought I would get one. I test drove the 3.5 SL and absolutely fell in love with it. More amenities than the Acuras and far cheaper. The bluetooth phone system, pushbutton start, and smart locks are great additions. You can't go wrong with this car, it is fast, comfortable, fun to drive, and if you need it as a family car it works great for that as well.

By RPS on February 5 @ 2:50 pm
Great value, fun & economical to drive
My 2007 Altima 2.5SL w/CVT is fun to drive. With only 2000 miles on it, it is hard to speak about predicted reliability but if this car lasts like my 1999 Altima with over 200k miles, I will be very happy. The driver's cockpit area is well laid out with everything in easy reach and logical placement. I intended to get an entry level 2.5S but I was impressed with all the extra gadgets and glad I went for the extras.

By 2.5 SL on October 14 @ 10:13 am
Nissan Altima 2.5 SL
I have owned 8 Nissans over the last 12 years. Great reliability! This is one of the best values on the market. Great exterior styling. It looks much better than the other sedans in it's price point. With the CVT, you get good acceleration and good gas mileage. Get it in Super Black.

By Da Kings kid!! on October 30 @ 9:33 pm
I absolutely love it!!
I overworked my poor little 97 Nissan Sentra and needed to buy a new car. I actually was prepared to buy the new Camry, but then I walked into the Nissan dealer and saw the Radiant Silver Altima. Once I test drove it I was hooked! This is the only car I test drove that I didn't care whether it had a spoiler or a sunroof. And those 177 ponies under the hood make driving fun, especially on curves!!

By Francisco Gamero on March 12 @ 2:06 pm
MPG is not what they say
I have this Nissan Altima 2.5 for a month and 8 days and filled the gas tank for the third time, driving gently in the city and fwy combine my average MPG is 18.2 miles per gallon NOT 26-34 MPG as the sticker and salesman tells you. (I'm a 59 yr. old safe driver.) Love the transmission, is a quick car and fun to drive. They could do better with the inside... too much plastic. Seats are good but don't hug you.

By wilhelmreems on June 6 @ 4:56 pm
Glad I purchased
So far the car has lived up to my expectations. I was looking at the Dodge Charger, Pontiac G6, Chevy Impala SS and this was the best one. Has the safety features that are optional on the other cars standard and the 6 cyl is well worth it. I average 27 miles to the gallon, mostly highway and don't need to step on the gas to get around people like a 4 cyl would. The car is great, but the service I've received from several dealers is lacking. Already had to fix the CV joint boot, there was a tear in it. It was under warranty. It has better gas mileage than the V8s I considered and it's just as fast b/c it's lighter.

By LOU T. CHURCHVILLE on November 8 @ 11:36 pm
2007 Nissan Altima
I recently bought an Altima after 30 years of American cars. This car is solid, quiet, fast, smooth and very good on gas. Nissan Altima is excellent!

By Mike Witkowski on November 5 @ 10:53 am
Pocket Rocket
I had leased a 2005 Grand Prix. This ride is not quite as comfortable but it is more fun to drive. Went on 250 mile trip two weekends in a row. First week we took my wife's Prius. Nice mileage but not very quick. Taking the Altima the next weekend was much better. I am not totally sure that I that I did the right thing by not buying the Grand Prix which I was getting 24 mpg while I am getting the same with the Altima. Maybe when the engine gets more miles the mpg will increase.

By Heather12 on November 12 @ 5:00 pm
Couldn't be happier!
My husband and I originally shopped the Altima Coupe, but eventually let practicality win the day, and went with the sedan. We haven't regretted it for a moment. I have always been a die-hard American girl, and hated sedans with a passion. Until this car. With the exception of rear visibility being a little difficult, I don't even know I am driving a sedan. The handling of this car is amazing, and the CVT is my new best friend. The 3.5 SL has everything we looked for in other cars, and then some, and you can't beat the price. It has more power than I will ever need, and makes driving this car a joy. The IntelliKey system, with the push-button start, is pure genius!

By Marcos on September 9 @ 2:53 pm
Fun Car
I love my Altima. its a fun car to drive and very sporty looking. Even though its a 2.5 liter engine, its still has some heat. The gas mileage is great. I get compliments on the look of the car all the time. It's very well priced and it feels very luxurious.

By tom from Jersey on October 17 @ 10:20 pm
Not what i thought
I purchased a "Program Car" w/ 10,000 miles on it. Now after spending some time in it, here are some comments. Stereo in 2.5 S so-so , seems like CVT vibrates to about 40 mph. Feel it in the wheel and floor. They say 600 miles per tank full, I'm getting approx 510, this is all highway driving.

By Heat Shield on December 1 @ 10:06 am
My First Japanese Car
The 4 door 2.5 SL package gave me lots for my money. The only issue is with the loudly rattling heat shield in the engine compartment. Service tried to fix it once and the noise came back. A letter was sent from corporate Nissan informing me of their awareness of the problem and a promise of a solution in 60 days. That was early November and it's mid January. Service said a bulletin is out and its going in tomorrow. It looks great, but even better with an aftermarket window tint job. If they can work out the rattle, It will be one of the best cars I've owned.

By DJ on January 24 @ 10:46 am
Poor man's G35 indeed!
Was looking at the G35/37 to begin with. Took at look at the 3.5 SE with CVT and decided that for a lot less money, it was almost as much fun to drive. Mid range power is great. If you can afford all the bells and whistles, do it. Add the sport package like I did and you almost forget it's not the coupe! It's also way more stable in the snow and ice than the 2005 Volvo S40 I traded in for it!

By Jessica on November 3 @ 8:23 pm
Why did I buy this?
Plain and simple, I do not like this car. Stereo speakers rattle like crazy. Random banging noises coming from all around the car when driving. Tires are crap and the car drifts and sways on the highway. Wind noise on highway is awful, I feel like I'm flying a plane. There is a big dent on my trunk for no reason that I know of, and that's probably because the trunk is made of complete tin and any little thing will dent it. CVT jerks and sounds funny especially it's the tiniest bit cold out. Interior side piece of the dash is warped and coming off. Dealer doesn't fix issues like they're supposed to. Sometimes I wish it would get totaled out so I could get a different car. Save yourself. RUN!

By fcamp on July 30 @ 8:30 pm
Maxed out, Alt in
Traded in '97 maxima for 07 Altima... what a car! Luxury, speed and affordability doesn't get much better! It will be a sad day when they no longer offer the manual transmission, that is what makes this car such a beast and fun to drive. It has seemingly endless power and pickup, scared sales rep on test drive and didnt even realize going 80-85 mph on highway... good stuff!!

By Awsome! on June 30 @ 2:53 am
I got my 3.5SE manual about a year ago. I love this car. I was a Honda fan before owning my first 05 Nissan Altima 3.5SE back in 04. Since I have owned this car, I have been in love with the styling. Great performance that comes instantly when you push on the gas. Smooth shifting, and pretty good fuel economy for 270 horsepower. The keyless start is another great option, as well as the lock and unlock feature that just requires the push of botton on the door handle. I put alot of miles on my cars and get sick of them quick, but I don't think I will get tired of this one anytime soon.

By Me on November 5 @ 8:16 pm
Love It
Love this car. Good gas mileage. Nice to drive.

By Siddharth Wartak on June 9 @ 2:26 pm
The Best Sedan of 2007-8
I was a Honda fan for many years and had Honda Accord. I thought of a change and was about to buy Camry. A friend's recommendation led me to consider the all new 07 Altima. I went for a test drive and in the first minute I was thrilled to drive the 2.5 S. The power, the pick up, smoothness and CVT. I had made up my mind before I could get down. Never ever have I a loved a car so much. I dont feel like getting out of my Nissan and I take longer route to reach home late. I drove 600 miles on highway with full tank averaging 34 miles/gallon. After driving the CVT tech, driving my friends conventional cars with freq jerks of gear shift are no more a pleasure even with V6.

By Mike on November 15 @ 6:53 pm
Nissan all the way
I went from a brand new 1999 Oldsmobile Alero to 2001 Lincon Navigator to a brand new 2004 Cadillac SRX to the latest brand new 2007 Nissan Altima. It's THE best car I've owned to date hands down!! No more expensive SUVs for me.

By Paul on December 29 @ 11:03 pm
Very Nice
A great car overall. Very powerful 3.5L engine. Drives great except in snow it's not very good. Lots of wheel spin, etc. Interior is well designed except no passenger power seat for $30k?? Strange. Good gas mileage at 24 in mixed highway/city driving. Push button and door sensors are wonderful... never take your keys out of your pocket. That really spoils you!

By Adele on December 28 @ 2:00 pm
Love this car!
Drove a 94 Thunderbird for 13 years and thought I wanted a car with a V6 engine. Tested a Ford Fusion V6 and the 4 cyl Camry. When I drove the 2.5S Altima I couldn't believe how strong and powerful the engine is. It can keep up with everything on the road. I love the gas mileage. It gets 35 mpg with all highway driving. With all city driving it gets about 22 mpg. The cvt is smooth and responsive and the car feels solid and sure on highways. The seats felt a little too firm at first but now I'm used to them. I'm very happy with this car and just love driving it.

By Lee on April 18 @ 12:56 am
Love my Nissan
I bought my Altima to drive to work. My daughter drove it home for me it was an hour drive she fell in love with it and the next week purchased her own Altima from the same dealer. We really do love our Altima.

By Ica on October 12 @ 8:23 am
I want to trade it in already!
I do like my 2.5S Altima for the way that it looks on the outside. The design especially on the back is what led me to the dealer in the first place. The push key is fun as well. But that is all that is good inside, noise comes from everywhere! I feel like it is going to fall apart as I drive it. Oh and mine sounds like crap all day and I keep taking in to the dealer they say it is fixed some recall crap and then guess what I hear as I drive home? Ugh!

By hyjean888 on March 24 @ 3:40 am
Safe in an Accident!!!
Three days after purchasing this car, I was involved in an accident in which I did multiple 360s on an interstate going 80 mph and ended up spinning into and out of a 4 foot ditch twice, completely smashing in both the front end and the rear end. I was wearing my seatbelt, however my dog (in the passenger seat) was not (and did not have benefit of an airbag like I did)! My dog and I both walked out of the car with VERY minor bumps and bruises (mostly from the seatbelt and airbag). I'm so upset that I lost my Altima but I am definitely buying another one as soon as I can. This car saved my life (and my dog's life). The paramedics couldn't believe I survived and neither could I. Thanks Nissan!

By gogo on September 22 @ 11:53 am
I LOVE it!
I traded in my 2000 Saab 93 convert. because it was just time. My wife has the Murano and we love it and I just needed something to get me to and from the train station everyday. This car has better pick up than my Saab and handles better overall. I used to drive 5 spd for many years so the +/- shift is fun to drive from time to time and I found it works great in the snow/ice to avoid breaking when going down hills. I went real basic on all the features and I don't feel like I am missing anything. The steering is a little loose compared to what I have been driving before (Saab 93 and VW GTI), but it is really a nice car inside and out!! The stereo is pretty good without the bose upgrade.

By jimbo on November 10 @ 8:10 am
Disappointing Fuel Mileage
Most of my driving is around town. The fuel mileage I am getting is very disappointing. On average I drive 270 miles on 17 gallons of gas. The equates to 15/16 miles to the gallon. Whether I drive the car manual or automatic I get the same results. The manufacture states 23 miles around town. Highway I am not sure of. I bought the car thinking the milage around would be good. Disappointed.

By Brittany on May 10 @ 5:30 pm
Will never buy another Nissan!
This is my first Nissan purchase and it will be my last. Two weeks after I purchased the car, I had to bring it to the dealership to have the battery replaced. A couple months later the service engine soon light came on and I had to bring it to the dealship. The car stayed in the shop all day only to find out they had to order fuel filler tube so I had to bring it in again! My paint is chipping, the electronic seat button on the drivers seat has fallen off, the arm rest on the interior of the car always pop out of place. This was a relatively low priced car, but these are things that should not go wrong in the first year of a cars life! Overall I'm not a happy camper!

By Bry on March 27 @ 5:56 am
Piece of Junk
This was the worst purchase we ever made. I personally have owned 27 cars in my lifetime so I am good judge of vehicles. Although it looks great and is pretty quick. This car got poor city mileage and had nothing but problems. Passenger air bag did not work for 8000 miles until seat was replaced, brakes kept locking up and left rear wheel was about to fall off the car. Then before we could take it in the front windows were activated by thunder during a storm and when we came out the next day the car had 1 inch of water inside and the dash, console, doors and seats were soaking wet, basically like flood damage. I would not buy this car ever again.

By altimalady on November 9 @ 12:16 am
I love my Altima
This is the first time I've ever owned an import vehicle and I love it. I would never buy domestic again. My Altima is sporty looking, people stare all the time. Peppy and fun to drive. The 4 cylinder offers a lot of power and feels like a 6. I love everything about it. Huge trunk, great power and great appearance. Nissan really aced the revamp of the Altima!

By Brandon on January 24 @ 4:43 pm
Fun to drive, great power!
Love the car, I never thought that I would own an Altima but when I saw the new body style I had to test drive it. Was planning on buying an 07 Toyota Camry S, but once I got into the Altima the power and push button start got me. Ended up with the white 3.5 SE w/6 speed. I always get compliments on the car. I drive the hell out of it and still get about 300 miles to a tank of gas. Overall it’s a great buy and would recommend it anyone!!

By nissanfixr on May 1 @ 12:46 pm
Fun to drive
I am a Nissan master technician with 30 years in Nissan dealerships. I normally don't get too excited when the new models come out, but after attending new model training on the 07 Altima, and just sitting in one, it just "felt right", and knew I had to have one. Driving the 3.5 V6 was the clincher. I have had it for 18 months and 24,000 miles with no major complaints as far as reliability and drivetrain performance. It keeps up with anything off the line. After 30 mph, it really takes off. Use premium fuel or you will notince some slight hesitation in midrange RPM. Climbing long steep grades with the CVT is impressive when you're passing everything else on the road. A great car.

By zbarker on May 27 @ 6:20 pm
Awesome Altima!
I bought my Altima about 3 days ago and absolutely love it! It has a quick engine for a 4 cylinder and is very roomy! Am going down from a minivan to a sedan and love it. The amount of room is great along with the view out all the windows, everything is in good proportion. Am going out today to buy another fob for it, that intelligent system is awesome and the push button start. I feel when I drive it that I got a lot more for my money, I got a good price, good mileage, and am 110% happy with my decision. If you're trying to decide between a 2007 Altima, Accord, or Camry, go with the Altima - you won't regret it. What's great is the styling inside and out, push button start and peppiness!

By Paul on December 15 @ 1:56 am
My first impression was very favorable - fun to drive, enough power for 4cyl, good MPG. Comfortable inside, although noisy. I drive to work 150 miles each day. After 12K miles problems started to come up like ants. Fuel gauge, airbag sensor, "service engine", battery, suspension, not to mention numerous other smaller problems. Several times, when I picked up the car from the dealer with one problem fixed, I would have to turn around and drive back because another problem popped up while I am taking car home. Talk to the dealer, talk to Nissan - they do not care. Going to trade it and never buy again.

By wnyguy2003 on November 20 @ 1:46 am
One year old and...
Still in love with it. I have the 6 speed manual and have gotten as high as 42 mpg, and this isn't a hybrid. I usually get around 35-38 mpg and that is combined city/highway. I do see that the cruise control helps a lot with the mileage. Love the way the car looks and feels. Could handle a little bit better in the snow as we get lots in the Buffalo area, but it isn't that bad that I wouldn't drive it or don't feel safe. I tried many cars before I bought this, like the Accord/Civic, Jetta (which was my 2nd pick), Madza3, Impala, G6... wasn't looking for a certain size, just what I liked. It has over 14000 miles on it now and can't wait to put on another 15000 this year!

By gbrums67 on May 13 @ 12:30 pm
07 2.5s
The was an excellent choice for my wife. She drives 35 miles to work each way and she was looking for a car that got good gas mileage. We were looking for an inexpensive vehicle (under 20K). Looked @ Accord LX, slow acceleration and cheap looking interior. Camry CE wasn't much better. Nissan CVT is a smooth (excellent trans) and gives a feel of good acceleration. The car is a good combination of handling and comfort. It corners well, yet still has a smooth ride. The list for new was 24k we were able to get a used one with 5k miles for 16k. First fill up with mostly city driving it got 30 mpg. 35 hwy mpg is reachable with the right driving habits.

By Lorenzo May on April 3 @ 11:40 pm
Immobilization Problems
I had the vehicle for just under one year, when I started to experience power drain problems and complete "shut-downs". I have used roadside assistance four times in the last five months, since the car was completely dead. The dealership has tried to fix the problem, but they haven't yet. Other, than this 'major problem', I loved the car: great ride, great power for a four cylinder, great design, great fuel economy. I have had four Nissan's in the last 10 years. This is the only one with a major problem, however, this one is fully equipped with navigation, back- up camera, heated seats, and everything possible.

By New Honda Owner on January 31 @ 6:53 pm
Completely Unreliable
We loved the styling and perks of the 2.5SL, and we loved the car for the first 2500 miles. Its been downhill fast from there- the car has been in the shop about 10 times in the first year of ownership. In addition to many smaller issues, we have had the transmission replaced, the exhaust pipes replaced, and the computer reprogrammed three times for a very rough idle. The car rattles like an old chevy truck, and they can't figure out why. Isn't legally a lemon, so we traded it- for a Honda. Will NEVER own another Nissan.

By Robert Neal on June 29 @ 7:33 pm
Altima 3.5 6-Speed
I love my 2007 Nissan Altima SE with the 6-speed transmission. It handles like a dream and can accelerate as quick as anything that I have driven. I am getting close to 27 MPG even though it is only supposed to get 19/27. I love the fact that I could get a reliable mid size sedan with a 6 cylinder engine and a manual transmission. It truly is a sports sedan that Honda and Toyota don't offer; a 6 cylinder with a manual transmission.

By Charlie on May 20 @ 11:00 pm
Trading in my '04 Altima 2.5, I was very excited to get the V6. Man, can this thing fly! The handling is superb, turns at high speed are easy and it's very comfortable. I love this car.

By dianne on January 25 @ 4:43 pm
Unresolved problems
Brakes squeal. Popping sound from front wheel area sounds like the strut when turning engine clatters as if out of oil. Steering wheel and passengers seat vibrate. Stereo has cuts in and out, speakers have a lot of static at times. There have been times radio would not come on at all after a car wash. Dash and front right door rattle.

By cali_altima on June 25 @ 3:46 am
I recently bought my 2.5s and I'm so satisfied I have had absolutely no problems and keep finding cool new features that my car has. It is so fun to drive and the stereo is awesome. I'm so glad I went through with an Altima. If your shopping for a car you should seriously consider an Altima. You wont be disappointed.

By HATE THIS CAR! on March 31 @ 7:33 pm
I traded in an suv for this vehicle because I was looking for something with better gas mileage, saw the window sticker on this car and thought it was good, it says 34 highway, it's more like 20 highway! The paint started peeling off my bumper at 1,000 miles. I have had my brakes fixed 3 times for squeaking issues and the car only has 13,000 miles on it. If you have a problem don't waste your time trying to call Nissan Consumer Affairs, they don't return calls. I have owned many vehicles and this is by far the worst! The car rattles, my cd player screen goes blank, it's just not a good vehicle at all, especially for the price. Never again will I buy another Nissan!

By Steve on May 9 @ 1:53 am
CVT - Beware
Just a word of warning for anyone wanting to keep the CVT Altima for any length of time. My CVT just imploded with 46,000 km on it. Maybe warranty they say, maybe not. Takes two days to do the paperwork to get the new transmission approved... if it gets approved. Not impressed. The car is very noisy when driving and lurches when going downhill. I will never buy another CVT again. I can only imagine the cost of replacement for this thing. This will be a real cash cow for Nissan as the trannies start to fail.

By Cones on March 5 @ 12:03 am
Nice Car! Fun To Drive!
I just bought the 07 Altima 3.5 SE with the CVT. Nice car inside and out. A little bit of a gas hog for mixed driving. But good gas mileage on the highway. Has good acceleration when and if you need it. It's fun to drive in manual or automatic mode. I get a lot of stares esp from the ladies!

By Kenneth on August 27 @ 1:13 am
Love this Car!
I have owned my Nissan Altima for a little over a year. Bought it new with the 2.5 for better gas mileage, but got all the extras included. I am glad I did. The car runs great and is so convenient. No problems to note. The ride is wonderful and fun to drive. With all the extras it often feels like a luxury car without the luxury price tag. And the gas mileage... are you kidding... it is awesome. On one vacation trip (driving mainly interstate) we averaged 36 mpg. And no we did not get the hybrid version.

By MRKING on November 5 @ 4:00 pm
I purchased this car a few months ago and love it. This is the best car I've ever owned. I had an 01 Malibu 6 cyl previously, this car turns heads all the time. The CVT is the best 4 cyl alive . Quick on the highway and did I mention good looking.

By Jeff and Mary on April 22 @ 7:33 pm
Love it so far
We have only had the car for 2 weeks (bought used with 23k miles) and so far love it (made a 650 miles trip in it already). We got the 2.5SL loaded with Navigation. Nav/Bose is wonderful. Love the CVT, but it can be a little jerky at low speeds. Styling in/out is top notch. Quality seems great so far. Very smooth on the highway. Got 30 mpg on our road trip, expect better in warmer weather without reformulated gas. Seats are very comfortable for long trip. Car is very sporty compared to the Impala we traded, like the "quick" responses of this car. Peppy for a 4cyl, at least as quick as the Impala V6. 4cyl is a little noisier though, especially when cold. Reliability A+ so far

By rayy on March 10 @ 8:36 pm
Fun to drive
Great car, but with the standard seats it's not comfortable on long trips--no lumbar support, and the head rest pushes your head forward in an awkward position. But I think that is typical of most cars nowadays. The tires typical of Nissan OEM tires only lasted about 36K miles. Great acceleration esp. considering mpg which is 27-28 on the highway. The main beef I had when buying this car was that you are forced into buying a $10K "technology package" if you want the nice stereo with Sirius radio. The standard stereo does have an mp3 jack which I use for my Sirius plug-in. Electronic key is great & prevents locking your keys in the trunk.

By stingray312 on January 4 @ 4:46 pm
Good car but has flaws
It is a good little car. It has good acceleration even with a 4 cyl. It is good looking and stylish. It does not get the gas mileage that the tags said, but I had already known that none of Nissan's vehicles get what the tags say. The paint chips easily and it rusts easily when the paint is chipped (keep a bottle of touch-up paint on hand). Plastic cowling on bottom of car makes it a pain to change the oil by yourself. The intelligent key and push button starting are great features (I have to keep my friends from playing with the door locks though). All in all, it is a good little car that will work well for you as long as you pay attention to it once in a while.

By Riffkid77 on April 26 @ 1:03 pm
Good Car, BUT Mileage is INCORRECT!
Car is great looking with the new style. Power is stolen by the CVT. Gas mileage is also extremely incorrect. Whether you drive with a lead foot, or as conservative as can be, your city mileage will be no better than 21. Highway is correct but city is not! Great quality car, yet the mileage situation turns me off.

By rps on June 28 @ 12:53 am
Love my Altima
Got my 2007 Altima new in 2007, and now have 30,000 miles without any issues. Quiet, comfortable, economical, and reliable. I have the 2.5 engine with CVT and get about 22 mpg around town and 35 mpg on open road. The CVT is a great invention because it allows small engines to provide power or economy, depending on driver demands. This is a "drive by wire" vehicle since the accelerator goes to the computer, not the engine speed. The 2.5 engine is adequate and uses regular gas so don't waste your money on the 3.5 engine that requires high test gas. If something happened to this car, I would definitely get another Altima.

By br on October 14 @ 12:20 pm
Not Pleased
I bought this car brand new at the beginning of 2008 however, I purchased the 2007 model. I have 29,000 miles on the vehicle and Nissan has had three recalls on the vehicle. This is important depending on where you live. I could not renew the cars registration until one of the recall issues had been taken care of in my state. I have had my brake calipers replaced already as well. This is my first foreign car, and I am not pleased.

By Don on November 24 @ 12:50 am
Buyer BEWARE !
Have you ever had to push your "new" car out of the garage so it could be towed to the dealer? 23,000 miles and we have done it twice. Key fobs and push button start are junk. Recalled with less than 900 miles to "remove" noisy heat shield. CVT has never felt just right to me. Road noise is horrific. I would not suggest the purchase of this vehicle. The fuel mileage is extremely over rated, city and highway.

By Noel on December 28 @ 10:23 am
I'm happy with it.
I bought this car used with about 19,000 miles on it. I was really surprised at the power of the 2.5 liter 4 cylinder. It's much peppier than I would have expected. The gas mileage has been good too. I average around 23 in town and 34 on the highway. The brakes are really touchy and grabby though. I'm hoping that will change with new brake pads. Also the seats could be more comfortable, but I'm getting used to them.

By Brian in Ohio on August 6 @ 10:43 am
No Disappointments
Let me first say, I get a new car about every 2 years, because I get bored easily. This car is everything I had hoped it would be. It is loaded with the 3.5SE, 270hp, leather, and navigation. It had 32k miles, but drives like brand new. The comfort is excellent, but could use a little softer seats. The performance is up there with the best. It competes with most BMW's, Mercedes, Jaguars and other high dollar vehicles. Braking is better than others have given credit. Handling on the SE is excellent. Controls/interior design is perfect for me. Overall this car is outstanding. I see keeping it in my driveway for a long time. Now my wife wants one after owning a loaded 06 Passat.

By Aaron on May 17 @ 5:43 am
Great Car
I bought this car used with 19K on it after cross shopping many other models. Great car for small family (< 3 kids). This car is a quick performer with a sportier ride than many competitors (e.g., Camry). I get better than advertised gas mileage with the manual when I am easy on the gas. The controls are logically laid out and easy to use. I like the keyless feature (it's even easy to replace the FOB battery), but HATE the FOB itself (see below). I have driven manual trans. cars for years and years, but this one is very difficult to drive smoothly, especially from 1st to 2nd. I suspect that the gear spacing is just poorly planned. With the exception of the FOB this is a great car!

By Nicole in PA on July 16 @ 4:56 am
JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, so I have had this car for a little less than 2 years. Was brand new when I bought it and now has 30,000 miles. As other reviewers have said there has been nothing but recall after annoying recall. I absolutely loved driving this car, but about 2 months ago, it started to just not feel right. Long story short, I just had to have the front breaks completely replaced (calipers, rotors, etc) and had to have a NEW TRANSMISSION installed. All was under warranty, but give me a break! I love the way Nissans look, and they are FUN to drive when they run correctly, but I will never own one again. I highly UNrecommend this car!

By JoeFrank on April 23 @ 3:00 am
Not Comfortable
One of least comfortable cars I have ever driven. Every bump, every hole, every paint line is felt. Even my old 96 Camry and 2001 Regal are much more comfortable. I wanted a car to take on trips, but this is not the car.

By grafking on May 4 @ 3:26 am
So far disappointing
Bought car used with 23,000 miles on it, traded in 2006 spec v completly bolted with nismo add on, altima is beauty of a car I got the 3.5 se and the power is great, have had less than a week and I have been to dealer twice passenger front seatbelt was broken and it had been in a slight fender bender which sales man didn't tell me about when reading the carfax to me I should of read it myself, bonehead move on my part, all in all it is a Nice car but the oem bridgestones are like driving on the original caveman wheel, LOL, extremely loud on highway to say the least. I traded my spec v in because of medical issues from a injury I received in Kuwait, hope I made the right choice time will tell.

By Mike on March 13 @ 5:33 pm
2.5SL is a great Maxima Replacement
After 9 years in my 97 Maxima GLE, I thought I wanted an Acura TL or TSX, but the premium fuel requirement and stiff ride put me off. My dealer had a 2 yr. old red 2.5SL with blonde interior and I was sold. So far I really like it - lots of nice features - dual climate control, rear A/C vent, compass/autodimming/Homelink rear view mirror, manual shift mode, steering wheel audio controls. The on-center feel/highway tracking doesn't seem to be as good as the Maxima, but it drives very well. I miss the quality of the Bose stereo and the lateral support in the driver's seat during corners. Mileage is quite good so far and it pulls very strongly. Quite a chg from my wife's 2001 Altima GXE!!

By Frenzy on June 8 @ 10:10 am
Horrible in snow
Bought my Altima about a year ago. LOVED this car all summer. It's quick, very light handling, and has very responsive breaks. But then it snowed. I live in rural central New York so we get some serious snow storms, I spent most of the winter in my apartment because the car was so bad. I have driven front wheel vehicles all my life and have never had a problem, even in storms when people with trucks didn't want to go out. On ice, however, this car is GREAT!!! Just not if there is more than a dusting of snow on the road. So if you live in a southern state or never leave a city up north you'll be fine.

By Keri123 on December 6 @ 9:43 am
I Love It
Overall i think this car is amazing. It is fun to drive and i love the way that it feels when you drive it. I have had no problems with it it is perfect. I recently just found new features in the car. In the center counsel you can take out the cup holders and it is one big open section. It drives very nicely as well. It is a smooth drive i can feel the power. I always look down and im driving faster then it feels like im going. The transmission is very smooth and i think that is the best feature to have.

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