2006 Nissan Altima

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Introduced in 1993, the first-generation Nissan Altima sold well, proved reliable and was rather fun to drive. A solid car all around, even today as an inexpensive used vehicle. Then, in 1998, Nissan redesigned it into obscurity. The car was still reliable and rather fun to drive, and it was even bigger inside and out than the original. Surefire recipe for success, right? Problem was it had the personality of a bowl of dry Grape Nuts. Staid styling, obvious cost-cutting and an overall tinny feel did the Altima no favors, and the "affordable luxury" advertising tag line no longer rang true. The Nissan car faded from consumer shopping lists, kept alive thanks only to fleet sales and hefty rebates.

With the third-generation Altima, Nissan said it wanted to bring a sense of passion and driving spirit back into the segment. Wanted? More like needed. Since its redesign in 2002, the Nissan Altima has been a wild success as buyers have been won over by its likable combination of performance, space and comfort. Interior design and materials have never been its strong suit in a class populated by the ever refined Accord, Camry and Passat, though Nissan improved the cabin quarters somewhat for 2005. Many competitors now have big V6s of their own to keep up with the Altima, while the Mazda 6 and Galant hold a slight edge in dynamics. Even so, the 2006 Nissan Altima still delivers a well-rounded package in either the sedate 2.5 S or the zoomy 3.5 SE. A slightly more powerful Altima SE-R model with a firmer suspension was added to the lineup last year, so for those looking for a family sedan that can still thrill in the turns, the Altima deserves serious attention.

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2006 Nissan Altima

NEW FOR 2006

Changes to the Nissan Altima for 2006 are limited to package revisions and the addition of optional satellite radio.


Sports car power in a midsize sedan body, excellent handling, roomy and comfortable interior, high level of features, distinctive styling.


Considerable road noise, overboosted steering, no stability control, ABS still an extra-cost option.

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By stinglover on April 27 @ 1:06 pm
Good to Go!
Love it. Ride is smooth and quiet. Very roomy interior. Has a very high priced car look, is great to drive. I always had a Honda-went for a change. Much nicer to drive, though the side mirors are too small and driver seat could be more comfortable.

By Bernard H. Gould on February 27 @ 12:26 am
Good car for the money
My 64-year old wife, the principal driver, at times got up to 27 miles per gallon on an interstate going to work. That's great for a 6-cylinder, 250 hp motor while doing 70 mph over 18 miles. Pickup was also great, doing zero to 60 in around 6 seconds. She always uses premium fuel, insisting she gets better mileage from it, and that the engine not only requires it, but extends engine life. The dealer also takes good care of her, and gives her a discount oil change if she brings the car in for service after 4 p.m. I've driven the car myself on occasion. What power! And it looks very stylish.

By Randall clowers on January 28 @ 11:36 am
i was very surprised to finally find a car that delivered everything it promised in the ads. this 4 cyl is peppy and on our first long trip we went 276 miles on 9.5 gals. of fuel. 29 mpg...just like the sticker said. ride is comfortable and car looks good.

By J Cromwell on October 1 @ 7:33 am
Can't go wrong
I sold Nissans for about a year. I drove an Altima for a demonstrator for about 3 months and have never driven a better value. As soon as my wife graduated college we ran right out and bought one. There are nicer, more expensive vehicles out there but for the money you will not find a better buy. Any problems you find on JD Power's website are almost certainly the salesperson's fault for not explaining fully the car's features and how to opperate those features. Remember that they only count "problems", which could range from a blown engine to how to open the fuel door. Don't fault the car for an incompetant salesperson. You can't go wrong with the Altima reguardless of trim level.

By Triever on October 26 @ 3:26 am
2005 Altima 3.5 SE
So far great car after 1 year. Sporty practical and fast. Gas prices were a lot less when I bought a year ago. This car gets great highway mileage. But i spend most of my time idling in rush hour city traffic. A bit costly at today's prices but worth it not to have the standard 4 wheeled grocery cart.

By Doug Blas on October 14 @ 8:06 am
Nice design, sketchy execution
The Altima is a great car. When weighed against the Accord, though, there are several shortcomings including: Five speed auto, standard ABS, heated mirrors, arm rest extension, and 10000 mile oil change intervals, and interior materials, to name a few. I bought the Nissan because of the dealership and because it's not as common as the Accord. The Altima has more power and (seemingly) more room plus features the Accord doesn't have like BOSE and a trip computer. I can recommend this car, but buyers should take both for a ride!

By John on November 3 @ 10:43 pm
Perfect Ride
Fun, fast and red hot. Perfect fit for the family and a very good performer for me when driving alone.

By jaydee on November 21 @ 9:03 am
Great buy for a big man
Sticker on my 2006 Altima was over $30k and I paid $26,100 with $1000 dollar rebate. Never owned a Nissan or a car that had a power sunroof because of my size. I am 6'5" and weigh 285 lbs. I have more room in this vehicle than I have in my Ford Explorer. Tilt/telescopic is wonderful and center console is situated in such a way that I can spread my legs and drive. Legroom length is wonderful. The things I like are the power, this baby is fast. Faster than the Maxima which I also considered. Test drove a Toyota Avalon and the seat for a man my size was not adequate. I was glad I didn't fall in love with the Toyota because it was my first choice, however no deals from Toyota.

By Soundviewrob on February 9 @ 7:43 pm
3.5L SL with Nav 2005
Great car - love the ride and the power. Distinctive styling and comfortable for 4 adults. Rear view mirror vibrates when the Bose Bass is putting out. Makes the view behind you blurry.

By Scott Thatcher on September 6 @ 3:53 am
Everything the 3.5SE was plus more
The 05 SE-R is my third Nissan. Loved my 02 3.5SE Altima and 05 3.5SE Altima. Held value so well I could trade in 1-1.5 years and make cash on the deal. Handling, acceleration and braking are phenomenal. Styling outside is great, HID headlights and Bose standard are great additions to the 3.5SE. BIG rotors & brakes, nice forged wheels. Great interior space. Versatile lay down back seats. I consider American, Toyota, Honda and VW every time but I get the most bang for my buck with the Nissan Altimas. Nissan dealers have always been no hassle no haggle with me.

By Donna on February 16 @ 3:36 am
Fun, sharp smooth driving
This is my 2nd, 2003 traded, love the drive, smooth, handless effortlessly, inside comfortable, roomy, plenty leg room in back, easy read instruments, large trunk with fold down seats, excellent sound w/o paying more, looks like expensive sports car if good color chosen, tires nice looking, paint job excellent, easy to use dials for a/c, sound, cruise, fast speed pickup if needed smoothly, breaks well, just love the car

By glenn on December 22 @ 7:30 pm
classy looks
recommended by a friend. car drives very nice, it's quiet and rides smooth. everything seems to fit well in place.

By Miranda on January 29 @ 2:56 am
The Nissan Altima is a reliable vehicle and is envied by many who see it. This vehicle is a great investment for road trips or for toting around a lot of people. I always feel a little stylish in my Altima.

By Kent on August 7 @ 7:56 pm
Performance Sedan
A performance sedan that delivers as advertised! The 3.5L 250HP V6 responds instantly. Combined with the 5-spd auto in the manual mode, the Altima is just flat out fun-to-drive. Interior materials are not on par with Toyota or Honda and some visual obstruction due to the door pillars. The optional navigation package with Bose, and XM radio makes this proven reliable sporty sedan a standout among its competitors. Avg 24 mpg in combined city/hwy driving.

By Bob Murdoch on June 16 @ 9:26 pm
Fun and comfortable
the second one that I have owned along with a 2004 Quest which is also a gem in the rough....

By Budsmom on December 20 @ 2:36 am
Awesome vehicle
I look forward to going to work every morning, knowing how fun my Nissan is to drive. Very quick and handles great, even on the snow!!! I average 25 mpg, city and highway. I can live with that! I am normally a general motors fan..but I could not resist the 2006 Nissan Altimas looks and comfort.

By brendan on February 24 @ 8:56 am
The best car we ever bought!!
I started looking for a new car and when i came across the 2006 Altima 3.5 Se. I really liked the way it looked and then i drove it that was all it took wow what a fun ride that was i could not belive the power it had and how the 4 door altima was so sporty looking my wife just love the car the only problem i have with the car is trying to get it away from my wife so i could get behide the wheel .. Wow what a car it looks great and drives just as well as it look's . I am thinking of trading my truck in for another one . If you want one hell of a fun ride then two words for you"nissan altima" p.S get the 3.5 Se if you want power. Thanks brendan

By Bob on August 21 @ 1:10 am
Buy This Car
This is my first Nissan Altima and I love this car. I like the looks for the price especially the rear tail lights and trunk deck. It looks like a Mercedes from the back. I picked White. This cost extra although I'm not sure why. There are fewer white ones around and no color looks better clean than white. Handles great, good gas mileage, great 6 speaker 100 watt stereo. This car gets looks. Lots of room inside and I'm 6'2. I highly recommend this car.

By Brian on October 30 @ 8:56 am
Overall Great Package and Value
I got a 3.5SE with leather package, sunroof and spoiler in that killer looking cherry red! She's absolutely beautiful after a wash and a wax and looks just as pretty as some luxury cars on the road. Having driven american for the last 6 years, it feels great to be in something new, something fun, and RELIABLE!! (Knock on wood - only have 2500 miles. Wife's 97 Maxima has 150K though and still running great.) This car might have 4 doors, but it drives like a coupe. Great handling and awesome acceleration, especially in autostick mode. Design just blows the doors off of American cars and the value is beyond compare as well.

By William on November 24 @ 9:43 pm
I traded in my 2005 Toyota camry because I got a better deal and I must say WOW. This car is a blast to drive. I really opened it up the other day and that 2.5 liter engine really packs some power. It performs just like a v6. I'm getting 26mpg right now with everyday driving. The Altima is bigger and faster then my camry was and still has a good reliability record. Reliability is the key point I look for when purchasing a car. Now I have a sports sedan with the reliability of a Honda or Toyota.

By Taunya on December 2 @ 11:10 am
The Nissan Altima is by far and away the best car on the road. It has smooth handling and quite interior. The interior is very driver friendly.

By akon on January 28 @ 6:16 pm
Built for the Giant
The car is a good value in consideration of the 250 HP V6 3.5 engine and the eterior is a good plus. However the comfort is mediocre compared to the Toyota Camry. Specifically the headrest feels specially awkward to my head. Also the lower center spoke of the drive wheel is on the way when I rest my one hand on the drive wheel during a normal drive. I wish it would have been thinner or designed differently so to have room for my one hand to have a balanced handle of the drive wheel (at the bottom center part of the drive wheel). These are two that are really a setback for me, the headrest - uncomfortable to the head, and the drive wheel having a bit too wide a spoke at the lower section

By Peter Jagodzinski on November 5 @ 5:50 pm
Road Noise-Help Me!!
I love looking at my Altima, and I love sitting in it but I hate driving it. Is that a problem? The road noise is so evident especially on a wet surface but also on a dry surface. I only have 1200 miles on the car. When I am on a concrete highway doing 70 mph the noise is deafening. And when it is wet outside it sounds like I am in the rinse cycle of a carwash. This is my first Nissan.

By Jmendoza on January 11 @ 10:06 pm
This is the 2nd Altima I haved purchase and there are many reason why. What you get for the price speaks for itself. Nissan offers great pricing and incentives and that was a major factor in selecting this car.

By Bryan on October 18 @ 11:20 am
Altima is full of pleasant surprises
I had to settle for the 4-cylinder because of finances, but the trade off is not much. The car handles very well and looks great. It drives as nice as the Accord, is almost just as quiet, and definitely is more powerful. DON'T LISTEN to what the "experts" say on the Altima's interior, they really can be biased some times. Nissan really improved the interior for 2005 & 2006. The entire dashboard has soft touch materials, the gauges have classy chrome rings around them and the speakers do too for an upscale touch. Everything fits perfectly too!! I've driven an Accord 4-cyl, and the materials used on the interior of the Accord are only just as nice, if not worse. Extremely pleased with the car.

By Stuart on April 28 @ 3:36 pm
Great Vehicle
I just bought the 2006 Altima, great car. Great handling, very sporty. Nissan came a long way with the Altima. I would definitely recommend the Altima.

By Joy on January 30 @ 3:23 pm
Better than a Camry and Accord
I love my car! It looks and drives great. And compared to the 2006 Camry and Accord, it has more standard features. The entire car is roomy without feeling like you're driving a boat.

By Carl S. on September 18 @ 11:06 pm
Atima is a mix of the 350Z and a Sedan
I love my 2006 Altima I only wish they offered it with a CVT (Constant Velocity Transmission), turbo/Supercharger,all wheel drive as options and a gauge system like the SE-R on all the Altima models. But Hey it's close to a 10 now and I love my 2006 Altima SE 3.5 V6.

By Val on June 11 @ 10:10 pm
Elegant and Fuel Efficient!
I needed a classy car with fuel efficiency for my Real Estate Business. With the Altima, I have it all! It's very roomy, handles well, and so far I get about 26 miles to the gallon! I read about, "road noises," in consumer's comments, but I have to disagree. I have a Mini-Cooper... Now that's ROAD NOISE!!! This does not compare. This is a, "Must Buy!" You get Top Design for a reasonable Price. Good Luck with your car shopping! ~Val~

By Veronica Rivera on July 25 @ 7:53 am
Love it!!
My dad bought me this car for my high school graduation. People usually say that the car looks to big for me but I love it, I owned a sentra before this one but the Altima was the one I always wanted. I travel 4 hrs to college and the gas is very economical, it fits me extremely well. The ride is very comfortable and the car is beautiful inside and out.

By Robert J on January 6 @ 2:16 pm
What a change
I went from a large GM sedan that was a drivers dream. I thought it was time for something new, breaking away. Well, my new Nissan is every bit of anything I could hope for. The car is quick, positive steering and in general fun to drive. The manual shift is okay but I would prefer the standard H pattern. The car earns nice comments where ever I go...usually associated with the words "mid-life crisis." Great plaything and the fold down back seats are a nice bonus. Over all this car is a value for the dollar.

By jgroute66 on June 18 @ 5:33 am
Practical, Yet A Joy to Drive
My wife has admired the exterior styling for several years. I insisted on the blond leather interior. We settled for the surprisingly quick 4 cylinder. The driver's seat is about the most comfortable seat I have sat in. Everything is also within reach of the driver. We opted out of the sunroof and gained a few inches of headroom, but there would have been plenty with the opening roof. The steering wheel is one of the cleanest and most attractive designs around (radio, trip computer, and cruise buttons on wheel are simple and logical). The blond interior brightens up a car that already has a nice openess to it while also giving it a warm and rich look. It is very comfortable for long trips.

By Skelley on December 15 @ 2:43 pm
Sports car that doesn't look like one!
Mother of 2 here, this is my second altima purchase - first was a base model 3 years ago. This upgraded version is well worth it! This is one fast car for what I'm used to. Love the added features. Intererior is a little dark, but overall I am highly please with this family/sporty car! CUP HOLDERS are much better than the huge one's they used to put in. better storage too!

By T. Moront on July 5 @ 5:43 am
Not too Impressed
My 2006 Altima is an attractive car, but it sure has a jerky kind of pick- up. I'm not impressed with the motor and power to accelerate when needed. It also does not ride as quiet as I thought it would. The interior is comfortable enough and roomy.

By Cristy on January 10 @ 1:00 am
06 Altima
This car drives so smoothly. Easy, and fun to drive. Great on gas! Only fill up once a week going back and forth to work everyday about 30 miles. The newer body style is great too

By Anne Ambruch on February 17 @ 8:40 pm
My motor seized which means I need a new motor and Nissan won't help me. I have bought 5 Nissan's before this, but never again.

By dwalz on September 17 @ 10:50 pm
This Is The Best
I've owned Hondas, Toyotas, Jaguars, Fords and Volvos during the past 10- years. My new Nissan Altima 2.5 S is by far and away the best car I've ever driven. I don't have any idea of where some of the negative reviews come from. I can only guess it's from another car maker owner that wants to "dis" Nissan to help raise the re- sale value of their car. This is a great car and a great value for the price.

By JLNYC on January 3 @ 6:43 pm
Tremendous fun-to-drive car
The 3.5 SE is a rocket, VERY fast, handles and corners terrifically, extremely spacious, comfortable, easy- to-use controls and very nice interior (charcoal), and has a large trunk. The driving position is perfect with all the power seat adjustments and telescoping steering wheel. And of course, considering it's a 4-door sedan, it's a hot-looking car. The only quibble I have is that it rides a little stiff on bumpy roads.

By Jeff on August 8 @ 6:56 pm
Love My 06 Altima
I Just traded my 1997 BMW 528i in for a 2006 Nissan Altima, and let me tell you that was the best thing I ever did. I love My car. It's bigger inside than my BMW, with more leg room it's very comfortable. My Altima is the Satin White with tan interior. The interior is clean lined with so many compartments I had to buy stuff to put in my car. I've loved the new design of the Altima & couldn't wait to get one. The engine is a 4 cylinder, but it is fast & has pleanty of power I work in Three Rivers & it climbs those mountains like a Hummer. It is also great on gas wheather your driving in town or freeway. I recommend this car to anyone looking for a great car that has style,comfort,performance.

By Newy on June 24 @ 3:50 am
Screwed up on the door handles
A beautiful car that is fun to drive and hard to catch! Just one thing, it is so hard to reach out to close the doors in the front once you are seated. They should have put a handle closer to the middle of the door.

By Lola on February 23 @ 3:23 am
Great car for the money
A nice and roomy vehicle with a cool twist. Great on gas, yet not too small of a vehicle. The body on the altima has improved and so has the drive. Nice and smooth!

By CharlieLuvsBrookeAAF on March 22 @ 5:03 pm
Great car for the price!
Sure you can go out and spend 30 or 40k on a Benz, BMW, or a Lexus,,,but why? It is a fact the Nissans last just as long and are actually really nice cars. I would suggest this car to anyone. I am a family man with a small child and there is no other name other than Nissan that I would trust to put my child in. In 2004 We had a serious fuel pump problem which we should have gotten fixed. I decided I would hold off since it was going to cost 500 dollars to fix. I was riding down the road and the car just shut off. (This was in my 1997 Nissan altima ) Come to find out the mechanic said we would have all died in any other car. Nissan added a protective device that makes the car shut dow

By KerryC on November 17 @ 12:13 pm
2.5 Automatic / Special Edition is Great
My wife and I love the vehicle. It drives nicely, handles nicely and has plenty of room for 4 adults. The Altima is sporty looking.

By Ramon on July 2 @ 1:53 am
Number 2
I had a 2005 that I bought used at the end of 2005. Traded that one in for an 2006 because of the wonderful deal I got from Ferman Nissan. As a previous Nissan Maxima owner, owning a 91, 97, 2002 I went from the norm and went to an Altima 1 for price and two the difference is no longer worth spending the extra $3000 on a Maxima. While its is not as classy as a Maxima it does deliver excellent performace and Nissan reliability. Over all th4 car is steal for what you get yes you ca get into other cars like an Acura TSX for a base BMW 325i(and I dare you to find one) Besides maybe an base Infinti G35 6mt it is the most car your gonna get for the money

By Tim McAlevey on July 26 @ 11:13 pm
Great Car
I just recently purchase an Altima 2.5SE (which is the special edition.) I absolutely love the car. It's sporty and fun to drive with excellent interior room and comfortability. It's clean on the inside and sleek on the outside. It's reliability speaks for itself as its a Nissan. Great car to own.

By Bonnie on March 23 @ 6:40 am
Noise complaint
I hear air leaking from somewhere, either from windshield or windows and I cannot find the leak. I have not complained to the dealer yet, due to a stroke I suffered in Feb.

By altima driver on March 31 @ 10:30 am
altima 2006 se
nice all around car. a very nice ride. performance is good and 5 speed auto trans is also nice. mechanics are improved over 2003 maxima that I had. other manufacturers do not offer the performance in this price range. with rebate ($1500). paid $23k. standard stereo system sounds better than the bose i had in my maxima.

By brian on March 23 @ 11:33 am
Only driven a few months but power and styling is what sold me on the altima. Looking back I would have gone with manual for ultimate control. Tons of power to get in and around traffic on highways.

By LNY on September 22 @ 10:33 am
Best car I've driven
I recently purchsed an altima special edition and can say this is one of the best cars I've driven. I went from an elantra to this car..this is a real car!! The exterior and interior are beautiful. Love the chrome on the steeing wheel, storage compartments and gears. The music controls on the steering wheel are great too. The seats are by far the most comfortable I've been in. Great gas milage so far and the pick up is great too. My only problem is they need to add an armrest, a bigger one that is and the car jerks when accelerating in low speeds..say from 15 to 20 miles. Other then that this car is a gem!!

By Andre on February 14 @ 6:43 am
Second to none
Best car I have ever purchased, absolutely love to drive this. Makes long trips seem short because of comfortable the ride is.

By Bethany on July 22 @ 8:36 am
You'll love this car!!!!!!!
Everything about this car is awesome, wheather you are a 18 or 60 you'll love the way that this car drives. It has every option that you could want... and it's decently priced.

By smgon99 on April 4 @ 6:56 pm
Great car!
I went from an older Maxima to the Altima. I realized quickly how much car I was getting for the price. The drive is smooth and fun. The interior is super comfortable. I do have two complaints, however: The drive is loud, especially with the larger engine. In addition, I have already managed to lock myself out of the car twice! The interior lock is right above the door handle and very easy to accidently push while opening the door. Otherwise, I would recommend this car to anyone!

By bob on June 21 @ 11:36 pm
awsome ride
This car is the best. it is a nice sporty car for teen agers and for the teenagers at heart.

By jules555 on April 29 @ 9:03 pm
I'd recommend it!
I recently purchased a 2006 Altima and I love it! I bought a used 1994 Altima 3 years ago and it's still going strong after 12 years so I trust the Nissan brand. As for the 2006 model I would definitely recommend upgrading to the one with a sunroof and alloy wheels...it's worth the extra money for the sunroof alone. It's comfortable and everything from the seat to the steering wheel adjusts to the driver's preferences. The ride is smooth except there is a minor jerk when accelerating from 1st to 2nd. The sleek exterior is great and looks unique compared to any other car on the road. Now if they could only find a way to get rid of the new car smell...

By Donna on August 11 @ 11:06 pm
The Real Deal
I just bought a new Altima. It is really a great drive, now that I have it in gear. Okay, so I thought 3D was drive, didn't realize for the first 3 weeks I was driving in 3rd gear. Okay, confession two, I was going to return it because it didn't feel like I thought a new car should. Finally, put it in drive for real this time; and oh my goodness. The drive of my life. This car is a different ride than my 2000 Altima. totally different car.

By Chris on May 17 @ 12:00 pm
I love to drive this car when my wife will let me that is. We wanted a car that would have enough room for people to ride with us but would also be fun to drive and as my wife says not look like a grandma car. The altima was the only car short of a CTS that we looked at and liked enough to buy.

By eca on May 15 @ 11:23 pm
A great purchase
An excellent car for the money. I was considering a couple competitors, (Accord/Civic, Subaru Legacy, Camry) but none had the interior room of the Altima. I'm 6'1" and test drove the car with the seat all the way back. Afterwords, I got in the back seat behind the driver's seat and my knees did not touch the driver's seat! I also have the special edition package that places audio controls on the steering wheel, along with a trip computer and 8 way power driver's seat. The car gets comparable gas mileage to the competitors and it is less expensive. I also love the color (smoke w/ frost interior). The cloth is very soft and comfortable. Overall, I'm very pleased and the car rides beautifully.

By Joe on August 3 @ 2:03 am
2006 Nissan Altima 2.5S
The car has been very good so far. We purchased the 'Special Edition' which has power drivers seat and steering wheel controlls. The ride is almost sporty with a firm suspension that will jostle you on bumpy roads. We traded in an Avalanche to get a car with good gas mileage, no complaints this far. No mileage data yet, as engine is barely broken in. Should be updating this posting in a few months to include actual mileage. The back seat is very large for such a small car. The black dashboard really cuts down on glare from the sun. Interior storage compartments are cavernous. Overall fit and finish is excellent. Great car that is fun to drive. Hope to keep it a long time.

By RI on July 25 @ 3:46 am
One of the best in its class
This car is a pleasure to drive. It has the best power and go in its class. It is very spacious inside and I love the ergonomics. The visibility is great and the car handles the hills and curvy roads with a great sense of balance. The braking is superb. The other day I was about to turn left at a major junction when a crazy teenager shot across and I was almost in her firing line. I braked and the car stopped dead in its tracks. Gas mileage is OK not the greatest. The trunk space is ample. The interior is vastly improved. The car easily does 0- 60 in a short time and its also easy to pass other cars. Its easily the best looking cars in its class.

By MIS on March 19 @ 8:00 am
Car For These Times
If you are looking for a great riding, affordable car that gets about 25 mpg, but has plenty of pep,then the 2006 Altima 2.5S Special Edition with ABS/Air Bags option is the car for you. It certainly is the car for me. I love the way it looks, handles and drives. I do not miss my 2001 Maxima. In fact I prefer the sound system on the Altima to the Bose system on the Maxima. If you like to drive, consider this car.

By melita on May 2 @ 2:36 am
Best Car I have yet bought
I just recently bought my Altima. I had looked at other competitors, but thought that the small interiors would not work with my growing teenagers. I wanted a car with excellent gas mileage and great handling and I think I have gotten both. Couldn't recommend a nicer car for the money. The gas mileage on it is excellent!

By dean_car on November 21 @ 5:13 pm
The best for less.
The four cylinder is quick and responsive. The handling is great. The interior gives you lots of leg room. The trunk is huge. Great car for the money.

By Bill Plance on January 28 @ 1:33 pm
New Car
nice car - great mileage (avg. 27mpg. in city) steering too sensitive and outside noise a little strong - overall good car for the price body a little heavy for engine.

By M.A. Davis on April 18 @ 3:23 pm
New Altima
Getting 23-24 mpg in town, 30-31 highway. Steering is easy, parking even easier. All accessories work well and are within easy reach of driver. Has back support for comfort. Get loads of compliments on design and color (pewter)

By Gus DeMarco on February 3 @ 4:23 pm
This is a great car
There are so many things I love about this car. It is very comfortable. The tilt wheel is an american style, not the usual japanese column up and down. The Telescoping steering column is great. The brakes are the best ever. The headlights really light up the road for a great distance. Very fash and responsive , one could never tell this is a four cylander car. It is faster and than my last car the had a v 6 engine. The redone interior is beautiful and I loved the exterior design, that's what cought my eye in the first place. Far more attractive that the Camry or the Honda. The size of the car is Perfect. All the room you could ever want, yet it is still a rather compact car.

By Kristen on August 30 @ 3:36 am
When I am behind the wheel I feel so powerful I automatically have a smile on my face I can say I am in love with my car.....

By dj on September 19 @ 6:36 am
An awesome car
i love this car since i bought it. my family own all nissan cars (2 maximas, 2 altimas) we have had great experince with nissan. recently truck hit me (80mph) while i was standing on light.you wont beleive that i walked out of that accident with minor injury. so i have faith in nissan.

By J.Ostuni on January 20 @ 5:26 am
great car
Traded in my 2005 Pathfinder for this 2006 Altima. I travel twice a day to Raleigh and the gas difference is amazing. Very easy to handle especially coming from an suv. Has great pep for a 4cylinder, just what I need. I highly recommend this vehicle! Very dependable!

By Ivy on June 12 @ 6:46 pm
Excellent Car
I just traded my Sentra SE-R for the Altima and I love it! It is a smooth ride. The car is spacious. To me the car seems quite when driving. I love it!!!!! The style of the vehicle is GREAT! Very happy with purchase.

By WB9696 on December 29 @ 1:00 pm
Wonderful car for the Money!!!
This is one of the best cars on the road for the money. Great handling, power, and one fun car to drive.

By new_to_nissan on October 7 @ 4:06 am
Nissan vs. Honda
I bought Nissan Altima, 2.5 S with ABS, after 2 weeks of new car research. I had Honda Accord EX 2000 V4 that I lost in a wreck, around 30mph, Accord stood well in a wreck though. I drove almost 2 weeks rental Accord 2005 LX. As compared to Honda Accords this car has smoother ride in the city and highway. More room lengthwise and equally wide as Accord 05. It is little early to tell about the noise on highway but it has not bothered me much at this time. In city this car is smoother and quieter ride than Accord. May have more to tell about noise in next 6 or 7 month. With low APR, May 06, this was the only car that gave the best value of my money.

By Joan on January 11 @ 9:40 pm
2006 Nissan Altima - 3.5 SE
I love my new Nissan Altima, from the sporty look with the hallogen headlights, sun-roof, spoiler and sleek design to the roomy interior and having all the radio/CD controls on the steering wheel. The gas mileage is great also, even with having a 3.5 (6 cylinder, which gives me the power I need when I need it most getting into traffic, yet the gas mileage is great. I would reccomend the Nissan Altima!!

By Nancy on January 18 @ 2:06 pm
The Nissan is a beautiful ride, what sold us was the strong pickup for a 4 cylinder. We wanted something that was stylish, comfortable, affordable, and with good gas mileage. So far, we are thrilled with our purchase. We were reluctant to buy a foreign car but we soon discovered that the car is actually built right here in the USA! I also would recommend the dealership where we purchased, Campbell Nissan in Edmonds.

By Al on June 15 @ 2:33 pm
Exceeds Expectations!
Probably the finest car I’ve had at any price. Drive train perfectly matched with transmission. Excellent handling and braking dynamics. Smooth quiet ride. Roomy, comfortable interior. Unusual dashboard and instrumentation design is pleasingly different, well assembled of soft, high quality materials. Well placed controls operate with feeling of quality and precision. Altima glides along with smoothness and comportment of a luxury car. Everything is tightly constructed - no rattles or strange noises. The body feels as tight as a tank. Drive-by-wire throttle control system operates without hesitation as it should. Wonderfully powerful engine. The Altima is an absolute blast to drive!

By Ang402 on December 7 @ 2:53 pm
I really love my car
Smooth handling, quiet ride (although I'm comparing this to my old 1999 Mercury Cougar)

By Nick T on April 28 @ 1:13 am
Great car
I just traded in my '05 Sernta for this car and it was the best decision I have made. I love this car. It is quick for a 4 cyl., the stereo is excellent, it is VERY comfortable. This car is real fun to drive and everyone who has driven with me raves on how smooth and how nice it is.

By Robert Brooks on April 23 @ 1:46 am
I love this car
I feel this car is probably your best buy for the size and cost

By Rob on December 12 @ 8:56 pm
2006 SE-R Automatic
For the money one of the best sports sedans on the road. Linear speed, top- of-the line tires and wheels, and great- looking to boot! Had it for one month and I look forward to driving it every chance I get. Carries 3 kids in comfort in the back and rides beautifully. Does have torque steer but that's normal for a powerful FWD V-6. Make sure to buy the air bag-TCs option for safety. Considered the Acura TL, Maxima, and the Mazdaspeed 6. No regrets about the choice. See below for potential improvements.

By chuck on July 10 @ 6:50 am
2006 Altima Special Edition
I was surprised with how well this car rides and the power a 2.5 L has. The options available were a good value. I would like to see ABS made standard, but this car is worth the money.

By Lady Thai on April 22 @ 4:23 am
Amazing and Awesome
I would have never thought that I would be the proud owner of a Nissan. I qualified for the recent graduate program and I just had to get into an Altima. All of my family and friends are just in love with my new vehicle and I am overjoyed to the fullest. I recommend this vehicle to anyone who feels as if they deserve a royal treatment.

By dchunt on March 11 @ 5:30 am
Nissan Lack Of support on Altimas
We purchased this vehicle the last of May 2006. We have since learned that this model appears to have engine problems that have resulted in 17 engine fires. Nissan has no info in their website about this problem and has not contacted me as to what action they plan to take in this matter. If i were to try and trade this vehicle for another brand I imagine my trade in value would be much less due to this problem. My question is "What and when will Nissan do any thing to rectify this situation?" I have purchased a total of 4 Nissans over the years and have always thought Nissan was a quality company that stood behind its products but their actions up to now lead me to beliece otherwise.

By 2.5 SL on August 18 @ 5:43 pm
2006 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL
This car is far superior to the Toyota Camery and Honda Accord, and its built right here in the USA, Symrna, Tenn It has the look amd quality of a Lexus and the gas mileage like a compact car. I have the 2.5L four, but you can't tell it from a V-6. I don't know why Nissan gets such a bad rap from the car reportsmbut I think its all political, like everything else. Try out one of these and you will be suprised.I have always been a Ford guy, But this car has more American made in it than any Ford,Chevy or Chrysler made today.

By Mary Beth on July 6 @ 2:23 am
Dream Car
I love this care. I have only one concern -- my sun-roof does not line up totally flush. I have noted no unusual road noise and no leaking at this point. Has anyone else had sun-roof issues? This is my first vehicle with a sun-roof, and I love having it. I just want to make sure it won't leak later on.

By Tim J on March 9 @ 3:26 am
Best all around vehicle in its class
Been a great car since day one. I used to be a GM fan until problems with Saturn drove me to check out other car makers. Best move I ever made as the Altima rides and drives circles around anything GM has in its class! Hopefully, the engine oil consumption issue will be cleared up soon as it was extremely proactive by Nissan to provide us with an 84 month or 100,000 mile extended engine warranty at no charge!

By haschal vaughan on April 5 @ 1:00 am
Where's the oil going?
Was alerted shortly after purchase that the car had a heavy oil consumption by Nissan. I personally think they knew all along. Was told to keep receipts for reimbursement. (on oil) Wish i had known would have purchased a Honda ! They say they will come up possibly in 60 days with a fix. I dont have the slightest idea where the oil is going i checked underneath and tail pipes. I am a very dissatisfied customer! i have just 500 miles on it and already the oil level has dropped a little.

By Joseph Mansueto on November 24 @ 2:20 pm
Nissan comes through again.
I am very happy with this car. Can't get over the power. Constatly feel like I'm driving a V6. Very smooth in town a little noisy on the freeway. The gas mileage has been pretty good, 25mpg in town, as high as 30mpg on the freeway. Beats Accord and Camry hands down for looks. Great buy for the bucks. By the way the Special Edition package is worth every penny.

By Jennifer Partlow on August 29 @ 2:40 am
I luv my altima
Simply the best car I have ever owned. I rented one on a trip to Vegas and fell head over heels in love with it.

By TJS on May 26 @ 3:26 am
I love this car!
This is my 2nd Altima. Went from 6 cylinder to 4 and love the ride and the better gas mileage. This car is fun to drive!!!

By P.J.R. on November 21 @ 3:36 pm
Fun to drive
I bought Altima 2.5SL with all rings and bells. It was worth it! This is my first Nissan. I wish it was 3.5 lit but the saving on fuel prevailed. The car is zippy, great acceleration up to 100 km/h. Over 100 km/h, I wish I had 3.5 lit. The car is great looking - people often make a comment "Cool car!"

By Tara Rose Campbell on May 14 @ 9:43 pm
Excellent Choice
I love my Altima. The features inside and out are outstanding. It is a very comfortable, strong ride. Lots of power for a 4 cyl engine. Majestic Blue color is awesome! I went from a Ford Expedition to this vehicle. Great decision. The gas mileage is also great. The Altima is by far the best vehicle I have had. Thanks to Jim Burke Nissan for giving me a great deal! Thanks to my Uncle Burnis for advising me on my choice.

By William on March 7 @ 5:33 am
Good Buy/Lease
Great car for anybody looking to get something that looks nice, is reliable, safe and wants to drive comfortably. My biggest problem being 6'4 is that I could not fit in any car without having my legs cramp up. This car has great space and drives well on the road. Recommend to anybody looking for a basic car with a sleek look.

By Rhonda on February 25 @ 10:43 am
Consumer Rating
I love the car. It rides and drives really well. The fuel economy is great.

By Harleyed on March 6 @ 8:30 pm
For a 4 cylinder it has punch. Rides great and has good soundproofing. Very little road noise.

By LLKoolNurse on May 3 @ 12:26 am
Not too bad for a family sedan
I haven't had my car a year yet but its a nice one gets great fuel economy and mileage. I bought the 2.5S with the special edition package so it has lots of power extras that i love. I've seen some of the other reviews and I haven't had the problems some speak about. This is a dependable family car. Good for a single parent or college student that wants style. I visited my sister in Miami, Fl and they really hook these up down there which gave me some ideas. only thing is in the winter I have to take my chrome rims off because of he snow and salt on the roads other wise .

By Nice Ride on April 16 @ 10:40 am
my 2nd altima
Awsome car this is my second altima! I had a 2000 before traded it in with 101,000 with not a single problem, looking forward to having my new Altima for the same amount of time. i have 4000 miles currently and nothing to complain about

By Chang on January 2 @ 4:20 pm
2006 2.5L Altima Alert
Purchased vehicle in April 06 and found out about oil problem June 06. Vehicles are still being sold although Nissan has requested otherwise. Wrote letter to Nissan and receive prompt response...."They plan to do nothing." Bought for interior space. Engine too noisy, interior too bland, cd skips on the slightest bump. Hope the engine does not catch fire!!!

By Smooth on May 29 @ 3:00 pm
Fun car
The Altima is a great mix of style, performance, and reliability. The best thing about the Altima is that it is not the car that everyone else owns like the Accord or Camry. If you need or want a sedan but also do not want to drive Grandma's car, this is definitely a car to consider. It has plenty of power and handles great. After driving and comparing the Altima to its competitors, it simply became the best choice.

By Vic on August 16 @ 12:30 pm
I've owned nissans since 1990. Great car
This car is great. I have owned nissans since 1990. Very reliable vehicles. This 2006 is one of the best looking cars on the road. Performance, comfort, a little sportyness a little luxury great.

By Jen Fortin on December 23 @ 10:30 pm
Awesome car
I recently purchased the 2006 special edition Altima.........I just LOVE it!!! A very smooth ride, very comfortable, and handles extremely well. By far the nicest car I have ever owned.

By april on February 22 @ 12:56 am
Oil consumption
I have had my altima (2.5 special edition package) since Mar. 2006. Loved it until I started to hear engine noise with only 4,000 miles. Per Nissan, they expect 87,000 altimas to have oil consumption defect where you have to get your oil checked every 700 miles. This problem led to me having to get a new engine with 5000 miles. Thank goodness for warranty!

By nissanman on October 17 @ 4:40 am
Great Car! Fun to drive engine too powerful for front wheel drive. Needs to have Nav option

By mearish on August 9 @ 11:50 am
2006 Altima Special Edition
Great car and excellent customer service. As a previous GM owner this cars quality and customer service at the dealer and on the phone is amazing!

By R Woods on August 2 @ 10:00 pm
Not perfect but close
I'm in sales and purchased my car in oct of 05 and have put 33,000 miles on it and it has done great for me. Other than a squeak in the hood and the fact the bottom plastic panel inside the door is scratched from my shoes it has held up. Gas mileage has averaged 28.6 and I drive it hard. I can put 700 miles a day in it and feel fresh when I'm done driving. Other improvements are offer cloth seats not just leather, the air conditioning system is too loud and when I first got the Altima I thought my turn signals at night were on but it was the glare of off the crome rings around the dash board.

By tami on December 15 @ 10:56 pm
Dream Car
Great gas mileage, fun to drive, sporty yet roomy, love the sunroof and to be able to swith from automatic to maual if I chose. I just love this car.

By geesaint on March 17 @ 1:13 pm
Nice Ride
I looked at the new Hyundai Sonata first, but it felt like a cork bobbing in the water at speeds over 45 miles an hour. I also considered a new Jetta and a new Mazda 6. Without a doubt, the Altima 2.5 with the SL package offered the most bang for the buck, and it a pleasure to drive. The black leather interior is awesome, as is the Bose 8 speaker stereo.

By jack on December 27 @ 12:50 pm
2006 Nissan Altima very noisy
I bought the 2.5l as I was told it was peppy enough and it is. Gas mileage was main reason and I can get 26 mpg on hway but only 16-18 local. Both way below sticker estimates. Car has too much road noise that is annoying. Also, air conditioning is much too noisy and you cannot leave it in auto climate control due to noise.

By tom on June 21 @ 10:46 am
love my altima
this is the second new nissan ALTIMA that I have purchased. I loved my first one in 1998, still have it with over 300,000 miles on it. I just purchased a new ALTIMA 2006 about a month ago and love it. Nissan has earned my loyalty and they deserve it.

By Luis on July 13 @ 5:33 pm
Just bought one
I just bought my SE-R a few weeks ago and so far no major complaints. The car looks and handles beautifully. As suggested I made sure to get it with the side air bags for extra safety and also got the Sirius satellite radio ( a must have feature in any car).

By J Ruff on July 14 @ 4:36 pm
Great Value!
I leased my Altima about 2 months ago and have been very pleased. The car is quite comfortable for communting, good on gas (24.5 mpg mixed driving), and fun! I never tire of feeling the smooth power of the engine. The interior is a big improvement over the previous Altima's. The seats are very comfortable. The stereo sound is better than average, but not great. Overall a great value for the actual price paid. You won't get any competitor this inexpensive.

By wrench1 on November 24 @ 7:50 am
first opinion
Car drove terrific, was hard to keep it at 70 MPH. 2.5 Engine also got 30 mpg during break-in. This is my 5th Nissan product, first car. Had 1 pathfinder, 1 frontier, 2 xterras. I purchased the vehicle with the replaced engine and extended warranty.more rebate. This car is fun to drive everyday to work and pleasant to look at. I have a lot of options that enhance the appaerance like woodgrain interior, rear spoiler,Billet grille,Spec Edition pkg etc.

By claudia on October 12 @ 1:13 am
best car ever
I love this car ,it's roomy that's one of the things i love about it plenty of space the interior looks realy nice and because it's the 'spcial edition'it has crome and ctrls on the steering wheel, elegant look (mine is black with tinted windows)and sporty in the same time,fuel eficient 27.2 in the city wich is good for a sedan at this size and that offers such a comfort,the engine and brakes respond very good i just love it what can i say and i don't have any problems whatsoever, I enjoy driving this car

By The Ice Man on October 1 @ 9:16 pm
2.5 S Special Edition
The Altima in my mind offers up everything at a great price. Styling, quality and performance all in one very attractive package. Since I picked up the car everyone just raves how nice this car is and how roomy it is. I order the wood grain dash kit from Ebay and installed it and what a diffrence. Turns a nice car into a classy sharp car. Also Honda & Toyota could not come close to the price I gave for this car, almost $4,000 less. Real quality and value for the money and FUN to drive. Zoom Zoom , , ,

By A on July 6 @ 1:56 am
Just OK...
Fourth Nissan leased. Two prior Altimas, then a Sentra SE-R, now this Altima. Great inerior room and trunk. very impressive audio system for low model car. Handles pretty nimbly as well. The cloth seats are the lousiest cloth I have ever lived with, didn't seem as bad when purchased, but looks and feels cheap when compared to other vehicles. Been quite reliable. But car not exceptional in any way. Nice basic transportation, and very respectable looks.

By marty g on June 26 @ 8:00 pm
fine lease value
had car six months with no problems. four cyl performs like a six.good on gas.would do it again.

By new_to_nissan on April 5 @ 5:40 pm
Follow up from May 06
Here is the followup... Overall perfomance seems to be, if not better, at least equal to Honda Accord. Engine noise: In the last 5 months I did not notice much noise, during the normal drive on the highway. In the city it is quieter than Accord. Ride: Smoother then Accord in the city and highway. Aerodynamic body desing helps in controlled ride at high speeds, I drove up to 80+ mph with no issues. Steering is soft as Accord 2000, not like Accord 2005 - personally no issues there. Fuel Economy: Not better than Accord, personally - no issues there. Altima 06 Engine Recall: Checking Engine oil - no issues yet. Please check VIN with the dealer to make sure that it not included in Recall

By DustyT on November 25 @ 12:46 pm
Great Car
I bought this car in early July and I am still impressed with it. Very fast. Plenty of room for 2 car seats in the back seat. Gas mileage hasn't been the greatest yet, but it hasn't been on a highway for more than 20 miles at a time yet.

By amin on January 14 @ 4:16 pm
fits me
comfort is great, air and heating system is nice , easy to control, gas mileage good, i like the body style

By Walter Smith on June 14 @ 9:53 pm
Excellent Value.
Since I drive 3,000 miles per month, I get to know a car quicker than the average driver. I also drive in all conditions, and find the Altima to be a very satisfactory car. It does most everything very well, if not outstanding. The power is adequate, but not exhilarating. Although, it's gas mileage is an excellent 34 hwy, with a combined average of 31. Trunk space is excellent, and although the interior is a bit spartan, it is well thought out and comfortable.

By Hortense Bruno on November 2 @ 7:50 pm
My Experience
I purchased this car in May and the day I pulled off the lot, I knew I made the right choice. The Altima is a sleek care with a smooth ride. It is dressing, sporty and racy all in one. So far, very dependable and not too bad on gas considering the hike in gas prices back in April/May. I love my Altima. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new car. It is definitely New and Improved..I like it better than the Maxima. Thank you Nissan........Satisfied Customer!

By Lobo_0250 on July 23 @ 6:40 am
Perfection getting closer
Riding an Altima far few mounths now, I just can say that I'm always more interested in my car. The 250 HP seem to be righr to the wheels, like th full pedal is direct to performances. the only way that car could be optimized is by making the stering wheel a little stiffer. But my heart is giving a BIG 9.5/10.

By wils424 on May 26 @ 6:20 pm
Transmission blew after 30 miles!!
After 30 miles of driving the car (2.5 Special Edition, brand new), the car began jerking and chugging all over the road, revving up to 5000, and was very loud! The dealership claimed it was only a small computer chip that needed replacing. It happened a second time, and then a third time, and when I finally got to 900 miles, the entire transmission blew and needed total replacing! Nissan replaced the transmission but denied my claim for a new car. In the one month I've owned it, it's been in the shop 3 times and I've been in a rental 3 times! Never once did Corporate Nissan offer me any compensation for my terrible distress. I'm now forced to pursue legal action. It's been a nightmare!!

By The Ice Man on March 1 @ 8:10 am
Update from Sept 17/06
My wife and I took a two week trip to Vegas, Phoenix then back to Canada. We put on over 4,000 miles. In all areas the car performed very well. Handling and performance threw the mountains was great. The car accelerated very well on the long climbs and it cruised at 75-80 mph very nicely and a quiet ride. We found the seats surprisingly very comfortable on the long trip. Over all we are very pleased with this purchase. The only thing I noticed during this trip was that the speedometer appeared to read incorrectly. After several checks it was determined that it was out by 6.6%. I took it to the dealer when I got back and they ordered a new gear for it. Note: I would have yours checked.

By Bugti40 on December 2 @ 7:40 am
The car is comfortable very very very fast and fun to drive. It is awesome. I would recommend to everyone.

By RJP on January 22 @ 7:13 pm
Love the car
This is my third Altima and have been very pleased with each one, The cars rides very nice and I love the special edition package, and the alloy wheels give it an upgraded look, I am getting 29 mpg! I leased the car with the replaced engine and got the added warranty and the added rebate so it made it a heck of a deal!! All I ever do to these cars is just normal service, They have never let me down.

By Steve Uhl on January 20 @ 2:56 pm
Another Altima
This is 5 th Altima I have used. I drive them for business, 45,000 miles a year. I get a new car at 3 years or 120,000 miles. In that time we put tires and 1 set brakes and normal service. Fuel mileage is better than sticker 31 MPG + on highway. They are so good that my wife takes old Altima and uses it until I have to get another. When she is ready for newer car, it has between 150,000 and 160,000 miles on it and still have had not had any major work.

By Nathan on January 30 @ 4:20 am
Love the Altima
I bought my Altima on lease through the great lease special that was on the Altima. Its been a great car. I love the huge trunk, audio controls on the steering wheels and I can squeal tires with the 4-cylinder. That is crazy. I love the features for the price.

By Tom on April 26 @ 4:26 am
Fun Car to Drive
I bought this car a month ago, after searching and reviewing numerous other models/styles. This is our second Altima we've owned and what an improvement from the first one. Exterior styling is excellent. It has a distinctive shape that stands out from other vehicles on the road. The interior styling is good, but not great. It's a rather plain interior, with a bit of a cheap plastic feel in some areas. The wood-grain molding on the dash and the center console improves the feel. Storage is adequate, but small in the console. The ride is a bit stiff, but has a sporty feel to it. The 6-cyl engine is strong, with good acceleration. Steering is crisp and responsive.

By special on August 24 @ 2:13 am
first nissan for me
although i looked at several cars the altima seemed to be the best buy for the money. it rides good, and is a good looking car. it has most of the nice options that add a lot of dollars that a lot of other cars charge a lot extra for. i got the 2.5 special model although i got hurt and have not been able to drive as much as i would have normal i have no complaints at this time

By NaNette on April 22 @ 9:33 pm
New Owner
We purchased an 2.5 S automatic Altima today.During the test drive I noticed the jerking as I accelerated. I am accustomed to noise so that does not bother me. This is our second Nissan but my everyday car is a 2002 Toyota Corolla which has standard features that should be included with the Altima (day time running lights, doors that lock when you put the car in drive and unlock when stop the ignition, abs, etc...) Concerned about the reports of possible oil consumption. Our salesperson told us about the engine recall but not the oil consumption.it seems a practical and good choice.

By Willie on October 27 @ 10:06 pm
First time Nissan owner!
This is my first NON-American vehicle. The styling is great. I love the clear lens tail lights. The ride is great, smooth over broken roads. There is noticeable torque steer when taking off quick, but it is controllable. I have the Special Edition Package and I love the steering wheel audio controls, power driver seat and sound system. The trip computer tells me fuel consumption and outside temperature. I'm averaging about 25 mpg in a mix of city and highway driving. There is some engine noise at highway speeds, but not unbearable. Great view front, side and rear with large windows and side mirrors.

By sage51406 on November 28 @ 6:40 pm
I love my Car
Exceptional car!! Drives nice, good gas mileage, and roomy for dogs both big and small.

By kcgunner on June 13 @ 9:26 pm
Awesome.......is all I can say
After having American made cars for my whole life (and having nothing but problems) I decided to go foreign. I did the research and the Altima had the most power, at the cheapest price of any of its competitors. I have had this car a month and absolutely love it! I rides so smooth that 80 feels like 60! I got the Special Edition package and I highly recommend getting it. It's only 450 bucks and you get 16" Alloy wheels, stereo controls on your steering wheel, splash guards, chrome trim, auto headlights, and more. I have gotten better than the listed MPG too. I usually get 29 MPG on the highway and 25 in the city!

By Mike on March 19 @ 1:30 pm
Manual clutch problems
Clutch burns out after only 10,000 miles. Nissan disclaims all responsibility and will not cover under warranty. Dealership unwilling to help.

By Salesguy on November 30 @ 3:33 am
Like a Bull
Car is nice looking and fun driving...except for what could have easily been avoided with simple engineering. There is way too much TORQUE STEER. Car would swerve right unless you are prepared and braced at rapid acceleration. Very comfortable for long drives. Also, soft steel used for panels - easily dented in parking lots.

By bed21 on January 19 @ 7:00 pm
"A driver's car"
I bought the Altima because it is very exciting to drive. There is never a dull moment, even with the four-cylinder. It accelerates very quickly, some would say fast, and I can really FEEL the torque that Nissan has squeezed into the engine. The engine BEGS me to drive it hard and fast and it has a race-car like sound to it when I open it up. The handling is tight, not spectacular in corners, but fun enough and the steering is light and fairly responsive. Overall, the designers of the Altima had performance and excitement in mind, not Camry-like ride quality and comfort. It drives as sporty as it looks and I am so glad I own this car. If you enjoy to drive, give the Altima a look!

By Martin Brumback on November 30 @ 9:13 pm
We have owned this car for about 6 months now and have no complaint excellent car would recommend to anyone the 4 cyl motor has endless power which you don,t see in many 4cyl engines

By Tina on August 31 @ 6:33 pm
Nissan Altima is the Best
I needed a mid size car and I looked at the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and the Nissan Altima and by far the Altima was the best deal. Honda and Toyota did not have any special offers but Nissan did and the features of the Nissan were out of this world!! I owned a Honda Civic which I had no problems with but I needed something bigger and the Nissan Altima surpassed all of my needs. THANK YOU NISSAN!!

By Antonino Ferrara on March 11 @ 12:06 pm
Burning Oil-Nissan says to bad.
I purchased this vehicle 10 months ago. About a month later I received a letter from Nissan that some of the 2006 Altimas 2.5S were catching on fire due to mechanical problems that was causing the car to burn a large amount of oil and to keep on checking and add oil to the vehicle until they could came up with a solution. Finally 8 months later there was a recall on it and to bring the car to the dealership. There I was complaining that the car was burning about 2 qt of oil every 3,500 miles And I was told by the service manager that it is normal for the car to burn that much oil and for something to be wrong with the car it has to burn 1 qt of oil every 700 miles. Nissan headquarters gave same ans.

By Gary on June 12 @ 11:40 pm
I have not purchased a foreign car recently and this one just blew me away. For the money, it is a great value. Deals are so good on 2006 version of car, swayed me away from 2007 model. Highly recommend it

By JC of VA on December 10 @ 9:20 pm
First Nissan
I considered buying a Saturn Aura or a Chevy Impala for the V-6 engine. I first test drove the Ultima in September and was pleasantly surprised. The 175 horsepower takes off very quickly. Even though the vehicle is a 4 cylinder it feels like the V-6 Aura and Impala. It feels like having a V-6 engine at a 4 cylinder price. The vehicle is very stylish and good looking. It is a lot of leg room and is very spacious.

By Altima3.5SE on February 1 @ 8:20 am
The Altimate Driving Machine
I have had my car for almost a week and i love driving it! It is a super sleek and sexy car with a transmission/engine/chassis design that no other car can match in its class! Very easy to drive and stable when the need for aggressive driving is needed. Very roomy and a nice sounding base sound system. This has to be the best bang for your buck in the mid size class category and it is better built than Camry and Accord.

By Jason in St. Louis on January 27 @ 5:53 am
Black on Black '06 SE-R
1 year now with my SE-R. Many positives, but room for improvement. Very stylish, I receive a lot of compliments from young and old alike. Great performance from a very reliable and well engineered engine. Aggressive exhaust tones, Xenon headlights, 18" wheels, 6 speed, 2 tone leather, Bose stereo, etc. With all this great stuff you get TORQUE STEER... big time, interior road noise from tires that are expensive to replace, and huge front wheel wells (car looks unbalanced from side profile). Overall, I'm VERY satisfied with my experience with this car... highly recommended.

By new_to_nissan on June 28 @ 1:53 pm
Updated from 09/06 (Bought 05/06)
Few months back put 1200 miles in one trip. This car did not disappoint me for a minute. With 175 hp pick and smooth highway ride, my family felt secure while taking a ride on this car. Honda Accord 2000 as my first car and ended up buying Altima because of wreck. I still love Honda cars but every day when I drive this car, it seems to me that this car is asking me to challenge its ride and handling. Nissan had done well to earn the confidence of drivers like me, mid 30’s young dads who drive responsibly. If you are responsible driver and occasionally drive 5mph or 10 mph over the limit, I will suggest this car. So far it is trouble free.

By Carol Neugebauer on March 12 @ 6:30 pm
My SL Altima
Since 1984, only owned SUVs..love my Altima SL. Performance and dependable all of the time.

By MJ on June 26 @ 2:00 am
1/2 price Beamer
20 MPG in city and 30 on Highway, 3,000 RPM at 80 MPH. comfortable for 5. Special Edition Package great bargain. Sun roof works smoothly and quiet. Fun car to drive. Wish it would have been a 6 speed in 2006.

By Pat on October 28 @ 12:03 pm
Smooth Riding Altima
I have owned my Nissan Altima for 1 month now. I love it. It has a lot of power for a 4 cyl. It rides very smooth. I love to hear the engine roar on open road. The car is very quiet, you can't hear outside noises. One thing that I do not like is that the arm rest sits back a bit far so you can't rest your arm on it. If the car is not warmed up completely it jerks once you start going. Once warmed up, I have no problems. I only noticed that when I start out first thing. But, besides the cold jerking and the armrest. It's worth it. I bought it for reliability and I have always wanted to own a Altima. Nice Pick up, just as fast as the Malibu. Nice styling.

By W. Klasner on August 31 @ 6:50 pm
Same Book, Chapter Two
Prior car was '05 Altima 3.5SE. Both provided great performance, plenty of room, decent to good fuel mileage, great reliability and trouble free operation. Both exhibited weak front suspension, poor dash lighting in radio display,some noticeable flex in body or chassis when under higher passenger loads. Would buy another.

By Martymd21ser on August 29 @ 7:30 pm
Bang for your buck!
I love my Altima. I test drove all the leading mid-sized sedans and the Altima won my pick. This vehicle is so much fun to drive! It has power like no other! I loved the car so much that I brought a second one. This time I went for the 3.5 SE-R!

By M I on September 5 @ 2:06 am
My 4th Nissan
Having owned a 1984 Stanza, 1992 Stanza and 1997 Infiniti, this new Altima has not disappointed. Ride comfort and handling are excellent and the 4 cyl accelerates like a 6 cyl. Looking forward to the reliability and the cheap insurance price.

By James on April 6 @ 12:06 am
Just a Few Minor Setbacks
Bout my Altima brand new in Jan.06, my first brand new car purchase. Since purhasing this car, I've truly understood why indiviuduals are loyal to their brands. I was a previous Honda Civic owner (1997 & 2002, both coupes) and I was looking for more when switching to Nissan. Not excited about the drive at all. The peppy 4cyl engine has great power but is pulled back significantly when running A/C. I've had mine in for service numerous times. A/C & radio stopped working after 3 months...still no diagnosis but repaired. Transmission light continues to come on occasionally while driving, and seems to jerk on a start up and go move.

By JC OF VA on February 14 @ 7:53 am
First Road Trip With My Altima
This is my second review of his vehicle. I purchased my Altima in December 2006 and recently took my first family vacation with it. I drove the vehicle from southeast Virginia to western New York nearly 2000 miles and was extremely pleased. This vehicle begs to be driven faster than the speed limit. It rides great on highway and I got nearly 450 miles on full tank of gas. The cruise control made for a smooth driving experience and the engine was very quite at high speeds. The vehicle had plenty of leg room and the seats were comfortable at driving for long periods of time. This vehicle is of exceptional quality and I look forward to driving it for a long time.

By sdepaiva on May 5 @ 3:33 am
Was as good in 06 as it was in 02
I traded my 2002 3.5 w/sunroof, leather and Bose 6CD changer when my warranty ran out. I bought it in 2004 with 12k on it. Great car, but I wanted the security of the warranty. Was so happy with the 2002, that I bought the same colors in the 2006. I was able to work a great deal. They added a sunroof and leather aftermarket- both are top notch. The only thing I'm missing is the Bose. Otherwise, I liked this as well as the first one. Handling, interior appointments and sporty exterior are all there. Very responsive. Super reliable and great gas mileage (24C/29H). Would buy another one! They got rid of the polished pewter color, though. :(

By Ron in SLC on October 9 @ 12:53 pm
Sweet Ride
I have owned this vehicle for a year and love it. The 2.5 liter v4 gives the perfect mix of zip and fuel economy. My friends think it looks expensive but my wallet knows the truth.

By Jun in Redwood City on October 9 @ 6:50 pm
Super Commuter
Bought my Altima last Christmas '06. Walked in, picked the color, test drove it, then bought it. The car did not disappoint me. Except for the problem of the brake caliper piston on the driver side leaking causing the brakes to squeal/squeak after only 7500 miles. My mechanic who maintains my Pathfinder caught it right away, but the service dept. of the dealer where I bought it gave me a whole lot of bs. I took it to the dealer I got my Pathfinder, they found and concur about the problem, ordered the part and replaced it free since it was under warranty. The car is a sweet drive. Handled the Grapevine in SoCal with ease, mpg is great and I'm doing mods to it.

By Rita on July 6 @ 7:26 am
Nice Appearance
We always drove a Ford until 2006 when we decided to try a Nissan and have been very satisfied with performance, comfort and style. We like the steering wheel controls, the roomy trunk, the nice wide opening of the 4 doors and the doors are much more water tight than our last Ford. Our next car will most likely be another Nissan.

By denverjohn on January 2 @ 6:03 am
Still Amazingly Quiet!
16K miles. No road noise, no rattles, no squeaks. Passengers are impressed with how quiet it is in the passenger compartment. This car has proven to be a great performer and a great value.

By Jonathon on September 17 @ 3:56 pm
2006 Altima SE
This is my first Nissan and it has really impressed me. Great on gas, lots of power, fun to drive. Love the Bose stereo and heated seats. I drive 50% city and 50% highway and current gas mileage is 26mpg.

By Madelin on December 2 @ 9:50 pm
Don't bother
I purchased this 4 cylinder car thinking that I was going to get decent mileage, however I barely get 17 MPG city 21 HWY. I can't start the car without pumping the gas pedal first. I've had the car in twice for service and they tell me they don't find anything wrong with it.

By Matt on April 2 @ 10:13 am
Perfect car for first time new car buyer
I bought this car when I was 18 as a left over brand new. It's my first new car and I have it for 11 months now without a single problem. Fuel mileage is amazing. I don't think I've ever had under 25mpg in the city which is rare for a car of this size. 5-speed is almost to easy to drive. I think this is a perfect car for anyone who wants to buy new affordable car but doesn't want a compact.

By jackie on October 6 @ 8:13 pm
2006 Nissan Altima
My wife and I love this car. We have the special edition package which provides very useful features. The fuel economy is good with ample interior and trunk space. No problems so far.

By thebaker_7 on October 26 @ 6:00 pm
Affordable Dream Car
This car is quick, out performs small V8s and almost every other NA V6 on the market. Stylish, comfortable, High resale value, rare (only made it 05 and 06), great gas mileage for a V6. Fully loaded. And I bought it used, with a Nissan Certified Pre-Owned warranty that was longer than the original Nissan warranty. Super satisfied!!!

By MC2006 on May 30 @ 6:16 pm
Beautiful Car - Roomy, Stylish, Reliable
This is a great car. I love the handling and power it has for a sedan. Very quiet inside (very little to no outside noise). Roomy and comfortable with lots of storage compartments. Nice interior. Bought it used in '07 and have had no problems. Also, I get very good mileage to the gallon.

By ungrecco on November 3 @ 9:43 am
2006 Nissan Altima 3.5 SL - Great Car !!
This car has a great engine, good brakes, great interior, xenon headlights, great stereo, nice interior, fold down seats, just about everything I could want in a car (at this price point anyway). I lugged tons of pipe, wood, and materials with the fold down seats - never let me down. Make sure you don't leave the xenons on without the engine. They suck juice fast! Again, great car, spacious, has a luxury element to it (gray with black leather interior). Steering wheel radio controls. I turned in my lease, no regrets!

By rvjr1 on February 13 @ 10:33 pm
2006 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE
This vehicle is a dream machine it has not given me one once of trouble and has a lot of pep, it is very good on gas for a 6 cylinder.

By Will on September 29 @ 7:33 am
I love the Nissan Altima
This is by far the most fun sedan I have ever owned. I got the special edition and I love it! Even for a four cylinder, its extremely powerful. It is the most powerful 4 to date over its competitors at 175bhp. Gas mileage isnt that bad, at about 22.8 mpg. I like this model over the revised 07 model. One of the things that make the altima great is its astronomically large rear seat. I am 6'4'' and I am very comfortable back there even with the seats moved all the way back. Highly recomend as a used car! Even to buy over a new one.

By Bryan Wickel on September 13 @ 12:30 am
Love It!!
I was in the market for a new car and was able to pick this up from a friend that deals in used cars. I purchased it with 3200 miles on it, which makes it practically new. Absolutely love it! Very peppy for a 4 cyl. Great room and comfort. Quiet and handles like a dream. Classy looking and looks like a much more expensive car.

By T on April 4 @ 5:23 am
I bought my 2006 Nissan for Xmas 2006. My car has broke down on me twice brand new car first owner. I have services the car at the dealership I purchase from the car has a loud noise when you turn the vechile on brakes very noisy. I had a 1998 Camry with no problems before I purchase this car. I wish I still had my 1998 Camry. This Altima is no good.

By gols4379 on November 2 @ 5:10 am
Nice Car
This car is great to drive on a daily basis and it looks fantastic. This is my second Altima in a row (last one was a 2001 SE that I traded in for this one). I got the SL package which includes heated leather seats, a sunroof/moonroof and a great Bose audio system.

By Nissan meh... on January 24 @ 6:20 pm
Things to watch for....
2006 Nissan Altima: automatic 48,000 miles. Gas mileage: 29 mpg highway. It's only my second car ever had and I am so unhappy. I find the transmission to be very harsh while shifting. It's hard to drive the car smoothly. The brakes constantly squeal and grab while driving at slow speeds even after I had them completely replaced. My car also seems to need a wheel alignment every 1,000 miles. Now I understand why the previous owner sold it. I'm not sure how well it held up in the beginning of its life but at near 50,000 miles it seems like its about to just give up life. My 1994 Mecury Sable with 100,000 miles, with a failing transmission, shifted more smoothly.

By Ryan on July 7 @ 5:16 am
Great car!
This has been one of my favorite cars I have owned so far. The V6 is very powerful, and gets great fuel economy with the 5-speed. If I baby the car I can get 27 mpg average every time. Plenty of room, front and back. Huge trunk as well. Overall great car!

By Steven on January 10 @ 3:13 pm
Well-Built, Dependable Altima
Replaced a '93 Maxima w/'06 Altima, and would do it again. Only problem was replacing a leaking steering oil pump, under warranty, n/c. Otherwise, just standard oil changes after 2+ years of ownership. On one long-range trip, got 27.75mpg w/continuous ac use. This car is well-built, stylish and inexpensive to maintain. Plenty of power w/6 cyl. Only real criticism: ease w/which the rear bumper can show scratches, scuffs -- just be careful! Good visibility all around. This is a great mid-size, mid-priced sedan.

By mbavon107 on April 11 @ 10:06 pm
Nissan Altima 3.5 SL with some SE access
My Nissan Altima was ordered the way I wanted it with the sporty features of the SE (spoiler, ground effects) and the luxury of the SL model. This is the first car I've had where I did not have to take it back in for pesky problems or for that matter any problems. My complaints are lack of traction in wet or winter driving (bad road manners) paint that chips and scratches very easily and an upper level stereo system with no MP3 capability.

By Dan on February 11 @ 10:36 am
You can have it all!!!
I've had this car for two weeks and it's easily the best car I've ever owned. Want good looks? It's one of the hottest looking sedans on the market. Want space? I'm 6' 4" with a long torso and I've got more head and legroom than I know what to do with (I hit my head in the back seat, however). Want fuel economy? Try about 29 on the highway and 27 in commuting (currently getting 26 and driving somewhat aggressively). Want torque and acceleration? Floor it even in 2nd gear and get tire spin. Watch the Porsche Boxster disappear into your rearview mirror as you hit 60 mph in under 6 seconds. Want reliability? Check Consumer Reports and be impressed.

By Norskie4 on February 18 @ 11:33 am
Great all round performer!
This car does almost everything right: It looks are pleasant, interior room is generous, trunk is huge for its class. Handling is very good for a front wheel drive with an automatic, fuel economy likewise. Build quality and reliability is excellent.

By gcsimmons on June 19 @ 3:16 am
Awesome Car
I own a 93 Toyota Corolla with 230000 miles and we wanted a bigger car with fewer miles. This car is awesome. I love the room and the seats are great. The car is fast off the line and I can tell you my gas mileage is awesome for a 3.5 V6. I get 24 to 26 city and average 31 to 33 mpg highway. My 4 cylinder Corolla gets 34 to 37 highway. It seems the longer I drive the car the better gas mileage I get. I would definitely buy another Nissan they are a superior vehicle. Love, love, love my Nissan! Get one today you won't be sorry!

By M.ENGR on April 7 @ 10:43 pm
Great Buy
Bought the car with 10,000 miles, and I've put on well over 20,000 in less than a year. My gas mileage has been consistently over 30 mpg, and I've averaged almost 33 all summer. No problems at all. Great manual transmission with lots of power. Comfy ride and lots of room in back seat, even for large adults.

By dan walz on August 3 @ 6:13 am
Excellent Choice
Yeah, it can be boring to have a reliable car that feels good, is quiet, gets 24 mpg in town and 30 mpg on the highway, and never has had a problem. Well, I'm very happy with boring. This car is probably the best car I've ever owned on a value per dollar basis (during the last 40 years I've had everything from Mercedes, to Jaguar, to Ford, to Mercury, to Chevrolet, to Honda, and now my first Nissan).

By Kzande on May 19 @ 12:16 am
2006 Nissan Altima - Scary Car to drive
I purchased a 2006 Nissan Altima after hearing about how reliable these cars are. I have had nothing but bad luck with this car. The car does not come standard with ABS or traction. The car spins out and slides in the rain resulting in 3 car accidents since I bought the car. I had never been in an accident with any other car. The handling in this car is HORRIBLE. It Is very top heavy. The brakes have a tendency to slow the car down a low speeds and the shifting is hard for an automatic transmission. Rethink purchasing a Nissan Altima or make sure you get the ABS package.

By Manu on February 1 @ 10:10 pm
Dangerous in snow and rain
I own 06 Altima and drove 15000 miles. This vehicle is too dangerous to drive in snow and icy conditions.My car is came with out an ABS. I do not know how much improvement you get with ABS. Car slips crazy even at low levels of snow and icy. I am trying get rid off this car for my safety. In dry conditions the car is ok.

By Keith on June 19 @ 2:10 pm
Great family sports car
I was looking for a sporty car to as my personal driver. I wanted manual transmission and power. This car does not disappoint. It looks good, rides great, and fun to shift. Leather and heated seats come in hand in the Chicagoland area. I am not thinking of buying another Nissan for the family vehicle

By JENSRQ on March 24 @ 7:30 pm
Overall ok car
I drive mainly in city and on the interstate and have averaged 24.9 mpg since I've owned it. It doesn't handle well in rain - tires spin. The trunk always seems to bonk me on the head when I'm putting stuff in the trunk. Both side mirrors have had the trim fall off - once by closing the door and once in a car wash! I had a big piece of trim fly off the underside of the car too. Every time I pull into a parking spot with a curb, the underside is so low it scrapes. The brakes have whistled since shortly after purchase and I had the "dust" removed once at the dealership for $300 (not covered by warranty!) and within a month it was happening again - doesn't seem to affect performance.

By Stew on July 28 @ 1:00 pm
This car ROCKS!
This is one the fastest, most responsive cars I have owned. $75G plua cars have pulled aside it sneered, and then were left in the dust with only factory equipment and settings. The body is gorgeous! Definitely spend the coin on 18" wheels and rims. When you turn off the traction slippage control, this car becomes a rocket.

By karan on October 11 @ 8:20 am
Safety Proven
I hit a deer two nights ago going 65 MPH. I did not see the deer until I actually hit it. The hood did fly up over the windshield as I hit the deer dead center of the front of the car. Car is probably totaled since it's three years old but I wasn't hurt and the car didn't crumple. I was able to maintain my lane (skid marks are perfectly straight) and drive to the next driveway to call the authorities. I will buy another one.

By grace on November 21 @ 8:26 am
This car does not perform well in the rain. My brakes were squeaking after 5 minutes in the rain. This car needs ABS brakes. I am somewhat disappointed. The commercial said buy Nissan, built tough. I had a Pontiac Sunfire, it performed very good in the rain. The only reason why I bought this car is my car was wrecked. The under side is too low, it drags on some drive ways. Some time I think the transmission is dragging. For the price it should have HD radio

By russ on March 7 @ 11:46 am
Incredible mileage and performance
We bought this vehicle for my wife to run around in. At the time, I wasn't in love with the Altima but she was, so she got it, of course. We added the spoiler and kept the rest pretty stock. It is clean enough with its factory lines. I know that they say this car gets about 26 mpg but I get avg. 29 city, and 34-37 hwy and have since we have owned it. I am tremendously impressed with it especially for the price we paid. I did replace the battery but that is common when you spend summers in Az. It is not the first Nissan that we have had and it probably will not be the last.

By packersfan34 on February 5 @ 5:13 am
Great for the family or having fun.
Me and my wife did a lot of research on the Altima before our purchase. The one drawback I could see was that people wished they had bought the V-6 instead of the I-4. The first time I test drove my Altima SL I knew it was DEFINITELY the car for me. The leather interior is soft and VERY comfortable. The six disc changer is great and the 8 speaker Bose system really rocks. I have not owned this vehicle very long but with the amount of test drives I've taken and the many vehicles I've looked at this the Altima is for sure the best mid-size family sedan for the money.

By jimbodwb on December 25 @ 4:03 am
This car has been nothing but problems from the very beginning. Should have returned it when I only got 5 miles from the dealer and the engine started spewing smoke. A hose was not clamped properly tranny fluid sprayed all over the engine. Then the speedometer is off like 5 mph but the dealer says "it is normal for this vehicle". Stereo had to be replaced for scratching cd's. Front brake rotors were warped and replaced at 18k after fighting with the dealer and contacting Nissan directly. Bringing back this week for rear rotors falling apart! Yes pieces of the rotor have rusted causing the pads to shred. Transmission slips since I got it but dealer says nothing wrong. This is the worst car ever!

By paul on May 27 @ 7:23 pm
great car
This car is awesome..has great power,looks awesome and is so quiet..love the bose radio and the leather..If i was to get another one it would be the ser but I'm more than satisfied with the nissan..still runs and looks new with 71k.

By jhogan on April 17 @ 10:43 pm
Best car I have owned yet
Great car. Bought used and love it. Good weight for snow and rain, have had no problems slipping, spinouts, or traction problems. My brother borrowed it and said he almost totaled it in the snow, but he is one of these drivers that drives to fast and to close to other cars. Decent mpg for an engine that is 175 hp. Plenty of pickup for ramps and highway traveling. Enough room for me and the family. With trunk space to spare. Won't be my last Nissan. Good car for the money.

By Allyson on November 14 @ 11:10 am
Not a bad car but glad its a lease
Overall, this is a decent car. Gas mileage good, decent highway and uphill acceleration. Very nice-looking car. But after driving it for 3 years I am so glad my lease is up. The 2 major drawbacks of this car is 1) horrible in the snow, especially if there is any type of uphill slope-2) terrible brake design. I could never make it up any type of hill in the snow with this car. Never felt safe driving this in the snow. Paid extra to have very good snow tires put on last winter and performance in snow still crappy! And now at 29K miles the rear brakes (pads and rotors) are completely shot! And Nissan won't do a thing about it even though they know its a problem. Front brakes are fine- go figure!

By Madman96 on September 15 @ 10:03 pm
Will not buy again
This has been a nightmare from the day I bought it. I had to call NIssan for assistance and they sent me a physc evaluation questionaire before they would assist. The car smells of antifreeze. The seat belts lock and will not unlock. They were replaced on one seat and the problem got worse. I am on my third set of brakes and 3rd rotor on the left front. After each brake job the car rides decent for about 5000 miles and then the vibrations start. The rotors overheat and warp. Definite design flaw. Dealer always says no problem found with all problems. I will never buy from the dealer or Nissan again. 92,000 miles of unpleasant experience. Average mileage mostly highway 23 mpg.

By VQPowerBaby on May 20 @ 2:56 pm
Just Awsome!!
I have owned my Nissan Altima 3.5SE for over 2 years now, and have had nothing but FUN in this car. I test drove a 2.5 and a 3.5 at the dealership when I was buying and after experiencing the thrust and power of the 3.5 I had to have it. The car now has just over 50k miles on it, and have had NO PROBLEMS at all - that being said I have only ever used Mobile 1 Synthetic oil, and 91 Octane fuel and the car has purred without hiccup for me through the duration of ownership. I have taken multiple long distance road trips, and I really just cant get enough of the performance ride. Seriously no matter at what RPM or speed you are at there is plenty of power to spare-I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS CAR

By klr4isu on November 6 @ 5:16 am
Burning oil in a foreign car???
I've had this car for just over a year and enjoyed it until I started burning oil for no reason. No leaks, I'm actually BURNING it! I went through a quart of oil in about a month. I thought the hype of buying a foreign car was how reliable they are mechanically... go figure. Oh, and there's some weird rattling noise under the hood that my mechanic described as a "loose shield" that I have to get fixed. Sounds like a can with marbles shaking in it when I'm at about 2-2.5 RPMs. And I guess I figured the whole point of getting a 4-cylinder was the awesome gas mileage. I average 26 and I guess I figured it would be more since 80% of my driving is highway. Go figure. No more Nissans for me.

By jp on June 26 @ 3:56 pm
Excellent choice
This is my third Nissan vehicle. Have not had any problems with this 2.5 altima. It has leather seats, moon roof, Bose system. After driving my 92 Nissan truck for years without any problems and my 2000 frontier without any problems, I decided that Nissan was by far the best, most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. Both pickups are still running today and had 189,000 miles or more on them when I traded them in. This 2006 altima exceeds my expectations everytime I drive it. I knew the engine would be a little bit louder than other cars because of the timing chain instead of a timing belt. But in my opinion makes it more reliable.

By erin on April 13 @ 3:20 am
great car so far
I bought my 2.5 SL used a few months ago after trading in my hummer H3 (i know, big change), and have not been disappointed yet. Fun car to drive, gets great gas mileage. average around 28 mpg. Only problem was 3 days after buying it, came out of a store and the battery was dead. Got a jump and called Nissan and they told us to either call and have it towed in (they would reimburse us), or go buy a battery and they would reimburse us for it, which they did with no problem. Have no problem driving in the rain, car does great but have yet to drive it in the snow... i know that's a big complaint with a lot of people. Has a lot of wind noise in driver side door. Other than that, great car.

By vamshi on December 9 @ 2:26 am
not so smooth....
I had this car for almost 3 years...37K miles on it. the tires that came with the car were very cheap...cant blame the car. My only complaint is the ride doesn't feel smooth anymore....I can hear the road noise through the cabin....It is not supposed to be that way. Dealer says everything ok but not sure. Like the car for all its features but still have my doubts about its reliability.

By Alex on August 31 @ 12:10 am
Reliable and fun to drive
I just bought one with 46k miles on it. I was happy to find that it still has plenty of power. I took it on a 7 hour road trip and enjoyed how easily I could pass other cars on the highway. It also gets pretty decent gas mileage for the size of the engine. The handling could be better, it feels heavy in turns. A little disappointed with the sound system. Overall a comfortable and capable vehicle.

By swavey on March 20 @ 6:00 am
2006 Limited Edition Altima
Purchased the car Feb. 2009 with 39,700 miles. Now has 47,400 and I'm very happy. My only complaint is the power windows on the driver door should be on the center console by my right arm. In an emergency you can't close the door and raise the window at the same time.

By kate on June 27 @ 12:20 pm
Love it!!
This car was purchased after my '97 Civic was rear-ended and totaled. My family owns 4 Nissans, and we have an 03 altima, so naturally i wanted what i was familiar with. This car was a no-brainer buy, and i love driving it. The radio is great, brakes, steering etc are also phenomenal. I recommend this car to everyone!

By John on February 18 @ 10:46 am
Long Term Review
We bought the Altima new and have put 106000 trouble free miles on it! The stock tires were the problem with traction that a lot of people have complained about-a good set of Yokos has taken care of that! Only problem in over 100k miles has been a crank sensor $26 part- easy to change, tires and brakes. This has been an excellent vehicle, but I tend to do the maint. needed. You cant go wrong for the price. Lots of room, power and has been very reliable. Put aftermarket ceramic brake pads on and never have to worry about the brakes again ! I live in snow belt of Roch.NY., with tire change this has been a great handling, safe family cruiser-106k and counting...

By Davetek on April 15 @ 12:50 am
Fantastic Performer/4dr combination
Car has been absolutely reliable so far, and I've about 80K on the odometer. The VQ powerplant never disappoints; there is ample torque everywhere so shifting is minimal. The handling is fantastic, turn in is very sharp and mid-corner is almost neutral with slight understeer. Brakes are equally good, minal nose dive and sports car stopping distances. On the highway I usually average better than 30mpg, with 23-25mpg in the city. The 6spd manual is "stik-stik" perfect, but the throws are a little long. Pedals are placed nicely for heal toe downshifts. Performs reasonably well in the snow too, obviously winter tires are recommended.

By JacariG on June 8 @ 8:26 pm
The SE-R Altima is a great car. I bought it used with 54k miles. It runs and drives like a brand new car. The engine has lots of power and torque, its almost vibration-free at idle, and the fuel economy isn't too bad if you drive with a light foot. It also makes nice sounds when you give it the boot. Steering is good without being too light and the front sport seats are very supportive. The two-tone leather is a nice touch and the 3 Z-like gauges set the inside apart from other Altimas. The worst about this car is the too firm suspension. It literally crashes over bumps and you feel every ripple in the pavement. If you can live with that then this car will not let you down.

By Shawn on April 30 @ 3:46 pm
I Recently Purchased My Altima SeR and I Absolutley Love it. The Torque Steer is Really Not That Bad As Many People Say it is. My intentions was to get a 6spd but instead all they had was the auto. Overall I'm Satisfied

By tobysunny2 on April 23 @ 11:56 pm
5 Star Car!
We love our Nissan Altima. It is so Low Maintenance and Reliable. We Highly recommend it.

By BOB on January 24 @ 11:56 am
Try one Yourself
This Nissan Altima is the #rd one that i have had and have driven them all over 100K before upgrading to the newer models. This one has been better than the rest but overall they are great vehicles with an awesome engine, Never have had an engine issue.

By Timothy Howell on January 21 @ 5:43 am
It is a smooth quick runner
I have owned it 2 weeks and I think this car will be the best in all areas. I have owned 12 autos (54 years of age)

By toolmangonnabe on December 21 @ 11:53 am
Electrical Problems
Decent acceleration, firm seats, seems like good quality materials - have held up over 4 years so far. Having MAJOR electrical problems and only have 32,000 miles on the car - dealership has known fixes that last long term but want beau coup bucks to fix is - if they knew this was a problem why not fix it at the factory level? I've had days where it just decided not to start - this is bull and I won't buy another Nissan. My 2002 Olds Intrigue with 110K mi drives better and has been more reliable (just not as sporty).

By OneCoolGi on July 10 @ 11:00 am
Great overall car
I purchased this car 2 months ago with just over 40,000 miles on it. The car took me by surprise when I first sat in the car, much roomier than it looks from the outside. The car is also very fast, I burnt rubber right out of the dealership on the test drive. Passing speed is no problem, it does it in the blink of an eye. I just drove from NJ to NC and got 32 mpg, at an average speed of 75 mph. City driving it will get 21-22 mpg. Overall its getting 26 mpg combined. All-in-all a great car for the money. Great fuel economy for the power that comes with it. Interior is very nice, lots of gadgets. Great look too. only problem is that I see a ton of them on the road.

By hogan on December 31 @ 11:00 am
Good overall car
Bought my Altima with 35,000 miles. Ran great for awhile. Had a major problem with transmission not shifting and I could not get the car in Drive, or Reverse. Turns out this is a common problem. There is even a little thing in front of the shifter that can be popped open and then you are supposed to push your key in it to disengage the shifter so you will not get stranded. I did not know this so I had to get towed. Whole time the rest of the car was flawless, ran great. Shelled out $600.00 and the garage put new sensor in, but said problem could come back at anytime. Google it and you won't believe how many people had same problem. Other than that great car.

By white_devil on December 11 @ 10:32 am
Well traveled
My wife and I bought this car w/ 35k on it in 08. We have driven it w/out...W/OUT problems on numerous road trips. From Ft. Stewart, Ga,(home)cross-country,(round trip), to San Diego, Ca w/ a stop to see family in Shreveport, La for a week. Got to San Deigo to see more family for 2 weeks. While in SD, my wife's friend was getting married in Sacramento. Drove up to see that. I've made countless trips to Atlanta. (7-8hr round trip) 4 trips to San Antonio,Tx. 5 trips to Shreveport. Jacksonville every other weekend. My wife took her friend to New Hampshire to visit her family. All this travel + daily commutes to college, work, day care, ect. Has 110k today. All of this w/ NO PROBLEMS. None.

By albundyz on December 3 @ 9:26 am
perfect car
Bought new in 2006, after 102K miles, I can't say enough good things about this car. Granted, my wife and I are in our late 50s and we're pretty "easy" on cars, but we just wanted a reliable car. We've had NO problems. Only maint was rear brakes and 4 new tires and 2 new batteries. The fact that my wife is willing to drive this car at 102K miles says a LOT about the reliability of this car. She has NEVER driven any car past 95K miles. Looks like we'll keep it for a while.

By bay4side on June 20 @ 11:31 am
A Great Auto
Bought new in 06. Auto is beautiful and I got and get alot of compliments on it's looks. I get great miliage on the four cy and enough power in all situations. Thr car is a great size and I can sit three people in the back comfortably. I have had no mechanical problems at all. I have 34.000 hard city miles on it. I enjoy this auto very much and say it's the best overall performing auto I've owned. In this area there seems to be a million of the same model and color (slate Grey)of this model.

By gh81 on July 10 @ 8:43 pm
I brought my 2006 Altima 2.5 S last year with 76000km on the clock, now it is just off 100000km. So far I'm impressed. It's been 100% reliable and great to drive. It's not a ground breaking car but I like it, and look forward to driving it every day. I would have purchased the 3.5 had I been able to, but the 2.5 has enough guts to make it fun to drive. If I could change anything about it I'd make the engine and transmission a bit smoother, and put more feel in the steering. I would completely recommend this car. When I eventually sell it I will almost definitely be buying the 2007 onwards model.

By tipser on October 31 @ 9:42 pm
Best Car I've Owned
I have owned 8 performance oriented cars including a 350+ hp WRX. This blows it away and blows most performance sedans away. The naysayers will say that is impossible since it is front wheel drive. Nonsense, drive one and see. The comfort, torque, reliability, and design is fantastic. I added some performance bits on it but left the engine and exhaust as is, why change something that works so well.

By neveragain28 on March 28 @ 7:19 am
I had such high hopes
I bought this car in March 2011. Since then I have replaced the battery 4 times and alternator twice. Still the same problem continued to happen, it would randomly not start. I ended up having to sell it because it was the most unreliable car. No mechanic could figure out the problem and it was a money hole.

By evukmanic on June 1 @ 1:46 pm
2006 Nissan Altima 2.5 Excessive Oil Consumption
My 2006 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL appears to be part of a recall (NTB06-028) for excessive oil consumption. The car began exhibiting the symptoms of the recall concerning excessive oil burning at 120K miles in late June 2012. The problem started suddenly, burning one quart every 600 miles and with in two weeks one quart every 300-350 miles. Throughout my ownership of the car the vehicle had always been properly maintained at my local Nissan dealer. At 138k miles the vehicle began making a noise that sounded like a bag trapped underneath the car. Just after arriving home, the car exploded in thick, black smoke that billowed from under the hood and into the vehicle through the vents. Recall campai

By saman1 on October 16 @ 12:11 pm
Reasonable Car
Very comfortable, reliable, somewhat fun to drive, somewhat rough to drive (not smooth ride). Spacey, good interior design, not so good exterior design. glove-box noise. drive train noise especially back wheels. shakes and vibrates at high speeds.

By jhon4 on May 3 @ 10:52 am
My first Nissan and the last one
I bought it brand new with 66 miles on it . at 40k miles the engine was already shaking like a 10 years old car at 80k miles have change the shocks 3 times have to do aligment 3 times per year and it still doesnt feel good driving it . the engine and the transmition are fine but to many troubles with suspention .very disapointed ...

By ryandbm on April 20 @ 8:57 pm
Never buy a Nissan. Acceleration stopped in Highway.
Nissan has acceleration problems. The sensor in the gas pedal can develop faults, leading to a sluggish acceleration or an outright stall regardless of how much throttle the driver dials in. If you google "nissan acceleration problem", there are 2,360,000 results show in 0.13 seconds. The year spans from 1994 to 2013 in Rouge, Altima, Sentra, Cube, Maxima, etc. although Nissan only recalled the 2004-2013 cars. I have a 2006 Nissan Altima, which showed the sudden stop in high way 4 times from 2010 to 2013. But my car is not in the recall list. Nissan and its dealers are finding all excuses to push off the responsibility. My lesson is never buy a Nissan.

By camrydriver69 on January 11 @ 3:09 pm
Do Not Buy! Serious Design/Quality Problems!
These cars have very serious powertrain problems. The pre-cat disintegrating over time and the bits and pieces being sucked into the engine, possibly causing engine damage, and causing oil burn. All 02-06 Altimas suffer from the same serious design flaw. For that alone you should avoid this car. Other common problems include butterfly valve screws being sucked into the engine and causing damage, timing chain problems, floor boards rusting through, and rough-shifting transmissions. Despite what the Edmunds review says the car is NOT fun to drive. The powertrain is extremely unrefined and noisy. It also only gets around 20 mpg in the city, which is pathetic for a 4 cylinder.

By miktyler on December 30 @ 1:30 am
172,000 miles and no problems
I bought my Altima in 2009 with 40,000 miles on it. It's now at 172,000 miles and still runs perfectly. It has been driven very hard the entire time I have had it. I drive the car 100mph+ on a weekly basis and it has never failed me. All I have done is change the oil every 3000 miles. I've had to replace the brakes a few times which has more to do with how I drive than anything else. I would highly recommend an Altima to anyone who is looking for a dependable vehicle. It's not the fastest or best handling car on the road but it is more than capable of anything you would need. Only complaint might be that it handled poorly in the snow when I used to live in Michigan.

By kirkmm on September 5 @ 7:16 am
Long term owner
I bought my Nissan Altima 3.5 SE in 2006 and have been very pleased with it over the course of its lifetime. I had no warranty issues and have made sure that regular maintenance has been done. This car has been fun to drive and I enjoy getting into it every day. Overall I am very pleased with this car. Pleasantry aside, I recently needed to have the timing chain replaced. This is not cheap and is a labor intensive job. Aside from the timing chain and other regular maintenance (brakes, battery, et cetera) I have not had any issues with my car. I plan on driving this colloquial tank into the ground.

By Harley on November 15 @ 7:16 pm
love at first drive..
I planned on buying a civic si later that day but I was strolling through dealerships with my sister checking out various cars for no reason. I drove past the Altima and she mentioned it and I backed up. I started checking it out and I slowly liked it more and more. The dealership owner let me test drive it. I accidentally peeled out leaving the dealership and was very impressed with the power. The drive sealed the deal for me. I bought it yesterday and I'm still smiling every time I walk up to the car. It's fast, comfy, decent on gas for the power it has. The stereo is the best I've heard so far. It has a nice security system and drives so smooth. Passing people on the highway or getting to highway speed is no problem At all. She only has 70k on her and besides a few cosmetic flaws, it's a 10-10 condition. I love this car.. Its a secret sports car that's still a 4 door and it feels almost like a luxury car.

By fohne on February 22 @ 3:06 pm
2006 NIssan Altims
Immediate recall on engine. Replaced within first month. Never was truly happy with car, paint job went bad after 5 years. 9 years later head cracked, no indicator lights or any prior warning.

By Juve on May 18 @ 1:07 pm
Just reach 160K Running great
i had gotten car at 35k in 08, havent given me any issues since then. just a week ago reaching 160 replaced all shock and shruts since mine was worn out. Also had water pump replaced with spark plugs. besides those major stuff, car has been performing great and still gives great mileage. havent had transmission or timing chain issue. i fell this car can go another 100k easily. cant complain on this car, if very spacious inside and a good size trunk. i prefer this over the recent altimas out

By Bruce on March 5 @ 10:33 pm
Best car I have ever owned.
I bought this car with 42,000 miles and now have 252,000. I have had no problems with the engine or transmission. I always used Mobil 1 synthetic and 5-30 weight because of the close tolerance machining of Japanese engines. I have my transmission flushed every 50,000. It has power but I drive it very gentle now because of the high mileage. The only thing I don't like is that it seems to pull to the right all the time just a little. I think it is from the acceleration of the front wheel drive. I put new tires on and had a laser alignment and still had a slight pull. The tires have always wore out perfectly even. I do tire rotation every 5,000. I did have to replace the radiator, battery, starter,shocks and struts. Changing out the front light bulbs is a pain. The last time I had an engine light turn on is because I forgot to change out the spark plugs at 100,000 and actually went 120,000 miles on them. This car has been my most favorite car with the least maintenance I have ever owned.

By Ray S on September 22 @ 7:43 am
A Giant Japanese Let-Down
While you would expect most mid-size sedans to hit the 100K mile mark before even thinking of having any maintenance issues, with a Nissan, who rate themselves as high or even above Honda and Toyota in quality and reliability, you should expect 150-200k before experiencing problems. I've had several problems with mine since I bought it, and while I have owned it for over 6 years, I've had to do far more than the regular oil and brake changes and basic upkeep of a vehicle. Front axle, wheel bearings, motor mounts, power steering, electronics, you name it; I've had to put a lot of extra money into it to keep it running well, and it still hasn't hit the 107k mile mark. I love the acceleration and power you get from the Altima, but I'm ready to get rid of it and try something else - it's turning into a money pit far sooner than it should. Sure there may be Altima's out there with 200K and not a problem, but that wasn't my experience, and it has definitely soured me on ever purchasing a Nissan again.

By Matt on June 11 @ 10:01 pm
Bought a used Altima that had 150k on it.
The vehicle it's great to drive every day the stock stereo is clear and has good sound. Upgraded air cleaner helps with mileage and performance. I really like this car for my daily commute. Has room in back for 2 car seats with the center console down.

By Larry on October 16 @ 9:54 pm
2000 Nissan Altima
You know that a car will only last as long as you have followed the proper maintenance schedule for the car. I bought this car in 2013 and the previous owner did NOT take care of it. Just dumped it as soon as things started to go wrong. I checked all the oils, fluids and filters and they looked horrible...But the good news is that my son is now driving the same car to college three years later and it continues to performs PAST my expectations. The Altima is now 16 years old and he plans on driving it another two years. Update12/2016 As with any older car there will always be on-going maintenance to do. Just recently, I noticed a small leak in the upper radiator hose connection to the engine block. That gasket after 16 years in finally giving out. So I will be replacing that gasket and the thermostat at the same time. Since it is December I will also be changing the oil again. Temperature is getting down to 0 degrees...brrrr. Still a great car.

By Juve on February 4 @ 1:38 pm
Truely A Great Car
I've seen all these reviews for sometime, had to add to it. Got mine in 08 with 35k, now it at 172k and still running great. No major issues, just normal wear and tear having to change shocks recently along with the back calipers. I hope to get another 100k. Definitely a great car to get if you are looking for something for your college kid , can find cheap good deals for it.

By mike on February 2 @ 8:50 am
great car

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