2000 Nissan Altima

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2000 Nissan Altima

NEW FOR 2000

For 2000 Altimas receive fresh ront and rear styling tweaks, comfort and convenience enhancements, engine refinements and a revised suspension.


Numerous engine and suspension enhancements, fun to drive, freshened styling.


Side airbags and ABS not available on XE models.

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By mike g on May 29 @ 1:00 am
this car is just good
i have the se model which is very sporty and fun to drive with a 5 speed, great cornering, decent acceleration. those OEM Bridgestones are terrible in snow and rain. don't get a black interior if you have a light fur dog

By imforjc on September 3 @ 11:00 am
This car is fast!!!!
The factor stereo system was kinda lacking, so I replaced all the speakers, added 2 6x9's, tweeters, two 15" Rockford Fosgate DVC subs, 3 amplifiers, a four way crossover, and a nice Kenwood reciever. It certainly wakes up the neighborhood now!! And for only four cylinders, this car can move!!! I love beating my friends in races when I get 10mpg better than they do!!! I love this car!!!

By HiSam on May 13 @ 11:00 am
Y2K's One Fun Machine..!
This is a great model to buy.. It's a lot cheap for it's built in features..!

By vik on July 9 @ 11:00 am
great all features good drive good handle around curves good acceleration speed tight curves big breates

By Gooser987 on January 24 @ 11:00 am
Love my Nissan
I bought my 2000 GXE brand new off the lot in '01 with no miles on it. Its got great pickup-155 HP (w/o the a/c on) and a fund car to drive. Gets great gas mileage for all the driving I do.

By MikeyC on November 4 @ 11:00 am
The dealership I bought this car from had horrible selling tactics, so I had a sour taste to start. I haven't went back there since. The car itself is ok, it is seriously lacking power and refinement. I havent had any mechanical problems, mostly because I baby my cars. For the money though, it has a lot of luxury features. I would keep it if it had a V6, but she is on her way out when new 350Z is on dealer lots.

By ThePh@ntom on May 22 @ 11:00 am
Great car for good price
I bought this car used and I am very impressed. It has plenty of power, with 4 adults and luggage I merged effortlessly on the highway. Plenty of room for those 4 adults as well, better than my brother's Ford Escape. Very large trunk can swallow anything you toss in there.

By Bridgeman on January 29 @ 11:00 am
Very good value
I leased this car a little over two years ago and have put 35,000 miles on it so far with absolutely NO problems. The gas mileage is great (up to 39 mph, averaged around 28, never less than 25). The 155 ponies are plenty to haul this car quickly off the line. The cornering is second to none for any car in this class, but replace the stock tires (they suck). The interior is simple, yet comfortable with plenty of room. The ride is very smooth and quiet. It's very fun to drive and has plenty of room. It looks nice, drives nice, and is cheap to opperate. I'm definately buying this when my lease is up.

By Dan06 on March 12 @ 11:00 am
200 Altima GXE
Very Reliable basic car

By Valeriy on February 23 @ 11:00 am
When my dad first allowed me to drive his 2000 Altima, I was impressed by the performance of the car`s braking ability and sudden increase in speed. The car can be easily brough up to the speeds of up to 100 milies an hour.

By ralph on July 1 @ 11:00 am
2000 altima gxe
The only problem I have is getting pulled over for speeding. You don't feel the speed in this car it's that awesome. Never had a problem in the 2-3 years and 51000 miles that I have it. I bought it brand new. Regular oil changes and two new tires and twice the air filter are the only maintenances that I have done to this car.

By Ralph on July 1 @ 11:00 am
2000 altima gxe
The only problem I have is getting pulled over for speeding. You don't feel the speed in this car it's that awesome. Never had a problem in the 2-3 years and 51000 miles that I have it. I bought it brand new. Regular oil changes and two new tires and twice the air filter are the only maintenances that I have done to this car.

By JPS49 on July 12 @ 3:00 am
Fun and Functional
I have driven the 2000 Altima SE for 34000 miles in the three years I have leased it. It has been fun to drive every day. The five speed, excellent cornering and very responsive engine make it a great car to lease/own. I have changed the oil and put two brake pads on in that time. I'm sorry that my lease is up. If Nissan would sell it back to me for a decent price, I would buy it.

By ibjgh on June 6 @ 3:00 am
This is the first new car I've bought and I'm very satisfied with my purchase. I would recommend this car to anyone.I drive, on average, 22,000 miles a year.I went thru a set of tires and did some routine maintenance,a very inexpensive car to drive.

By P Schomer on January 26 @ 3:00 am
Like a liitle Accura
This cars was a pleasant surprise, I bought it for the total value and besides GLE included upgrades got ABS and rear spoiler The car has a quick, sporty ride which improved after I replaced the Original Firestone tires with a more aggressive rain tire by Cooper, at 25,000 miles.

By Dennis on January 26 @ 3:00 am
2000 Altima SE - Manual
I bought this car a little over 3 yrs. ago and at 60,000 mi. it still runs great. No problems whatsoever. Fast for a 4 banger. Looks great on outside. Inside is simple and functional. Big on fun to drive. Would be a great used car.

By RJ193 on September 7 @ 3:00 am
2000 GLE
Great car for the money. Would buy a new one today! Low maintenance cost and reliable. However, only gets 25 MPG on the open road with the automatic. Good pick up and handling. Front brake squeal since day one.

By albepositive on June 3 @ 3:00 am
This vehicle has given me absolutely no problems whatsoever. I have replaced tires, air filter, and oil, just routine maintenance. Car has decent acceleration with 5-speed manual, very good braking and excellent handling. Road noise with sporty tires on some types of pavement can be annoying and tires are not best invery wet and snowy conditions. My gas mileage has been so so, around 24-25 mpg probably from excessive speeding! For the money I paid, $16,900, this car is a great value, nothing outstanding, but nothing to complain about either. Based on this vehicles reliability I would buy a Nissan again

By mbednorz on January 14 @ 3:00 am
Terrific Value
Best value in this class and this price range. Looked hard at 4-door auto subcompacts. Got it down to Civic, Protege, and Altima. All had build quality, resale, value, interior room, handling, and reliability. On test drives, the Altima stood out for performance, ride, and interior. Got a used GLE (for $12k, 29k miles, like new). Very torquey 4 cylinder works very well with the automatic. You'd swear it was a V6. Terrific GLE interior. Very smooth on the highway, roomy interior, great trunk. Completely trouble-free. Only downside is the drab styling. Two thumbs up.

By C White on December 27 @ 3:00 am
Great car- very satisfied.
Good car. have not had any problems with it and have recommended the Altima/ Nissan to friends. My next car may be the new model Altima (with the V- 6 of course)!

By fire88283 on April 21 @ 11:00 am
2000 Altima
All in all Nissan manufactures vehicles that are made to drive everyday in every situation. The 2000 Altima is a well made car with some designs that could have been made better. The only major complaint that I have with the vehicle is the Air Conditioning. The AC works well but seriously takes power from the engine. Also when I need the power, the engine struggles and cuts out while accelerating because of the AC. Other then that the features on our car is well. On my Altima I added a remote starter system, which required another key (Keys are chipped), and once I had the new key made the system works great.

By Donna on August 21 @ 11:00 am
First Nissan Altima ( Awsume )
This is my first Nissan Altima GXE, and I love it...Its awsume to drive,looks good,relyable,comfort like driving in luxury,and handles great. I enjoy driving my car so much. Bought it used with only 26226 miles on it and its just like a new baby still. Best car to own and drive... Nothing beats it..

By z-man on May 24 @ 11:00 am
reminds me of my dad's 74 maverick
I bought this car new as a left over in January 2001 for my wife as a "reliable" vehicle. First year was ok, second year the read end sounded as if it was going to drop out of the car if I went over a speed bump. Dealer ended up replacing bushings on the read torsion bar.....common problem I'm told !!?? Then the pulley for the fan belt blows out the bearing and the belt falls off leaving my wife and daughter stranded on the interstate.....bottom line, had to tow the car and the dealer fixed it N/C. The Firestone tires that came on the car are almost bald at 30,000 miles.

By M.P. Adams on April 5 @ 11:00 am
Very Solid, Reliable Automobile
Probably one of the best automobiles I have ever owned. It may be a bit bland for some, but if you value reliability and comfort then this is the right car for you. So far, I have had minor problems with the electrical components(passenger power window not working, keyless entry system not working) all covered under warranty, but other than that I have been overly satisfied with my Altima, they really given it a V6 option though.

By f29princess on January 21 @ 3:00 am
This car is awesome to drive, and doesn't waste gas...performs well under the Miami crazy drivers!!!! and as far as repairs go, I have never had to repair anything. Just keep up the maintenance on the car, and you will be cruisin! I love my car!

By gris001 on June 27 @ 3:00 am
No complaints really
I bought this car brand new off the lot, within 22,000 miles the main drive pulley started to go out, I had it replaced around 55,000, and have had no issues since then. Now it has 197000 miles on it and the pickup is still great it is still fun to drive and has had very little maintenance done on it. I average 14,000 miles between oil changes using fully synthetic oils and the only complaint I can say now about the car is my gas mileage is down from when it was new, it is now 30mpg on highway and 28 city. First set of brakes was at 135,000 miles. Overall it has been the best most reliable car I have owned.

By EWilliams on August 26 @ 3:00 am
great car
Bought my GXE new in 2000. The engine is a torquey 4 cylinder that has plenty of power and gets 25mpg. Mine also has 55 series 16" wheels, which offer very good handling. The ride is a bit jiggly, but not too bad. Original tires were awful in the rain and not too good on dry pavement. Once I replaced the tires with Firestone SS- 20's (discontinued now!) it was like night and day. The car has been 100% reliable. Nothing has broken, just regular oil changes and dealer maintenance every 15K. Great reliable car and fun to drive. too bad it's ugly! :-)

By jeanetta76 on February 5 @ 3:00 am
2000 Nissan Altima
I love the handling of the car and it's reliability. But i hate the maintenance pricing...it's too high.

By Suge Knight on July 28 @ 3:00 am
Very reliable daily driver
This car was handed down to me after my dad purchased a 2004 Pathfinder. It is very reliable and gets a lot of looks from the girls! The engine has decent pick up and is the beats out every other car in its class in power for the 4 cylinder engine (Accord, Camry). I plan to buy another Altima when the 2005s are released.

By MeiMei on November 8 @ 3:00 am
Worth it!
This is the first car I have owned and the only one still. I bought it from the dealership in Dallas for 9500 with 46000 miles on it. Now, it's over 60000 miles but I still do love it. Besides oil change, I have never done anything to the car but it still works great. If there's any reason for me to change the car, it may be that I want a cooler looking car. This car is too much like a familyman's car.

By kurakka on August 27 @ 3:00 am
Great car for price...
I have had this car for a little less then a year now. Have had to do nothing to is except for oil changes. Drove it 800+ miles to Canada there and back, with no problems! Good power for 4 Cylinder, easily can pass on the highway. Unique exterior design, some may say its ugly, but it's definately something different.

By South Shore Steve on August 7 @ 11:00 am
A Decent Commuter
Purchased this car for my wife who ended up disliking it after 6 months. She didn't like the way it felt in relatively light cross winds. Car gets decent mileage (25-27 mpg on regular grade) and the 2.4L provides adequate power. Handling is so so and the ride is busy. I've had to replace a serpentine belt idler pulley twice, otherwise reliability has been good. Original Firestone tires (16 inch) were awful, running Kuhmo's now which are great value. It's a good car for commuting, look elsewhere if fun to drive is high on your list.

By Kobayashi on December 7 @ 11:00 am
Overall A Great Car!
I bought this car March 2002 with 38k miles and have had almost no issues with this vehicle. Now just turning 71k miles, aside from the routine scheduled maintenance, the only mechanical repair was to fix a serpentine belt idler pulley. As many 2000 Nissan Altima owners will tell you, this is a common problem for these vehicles but a relatively inexpensive repair. This has been a very good commuter car and I have taken it on several road trips of more than 1,000 miles with confidence. Overall this has been a terrific vehicle and it is just as reliable as the Honda and Toyota competitors.

By Shawn on April 23 @ 9:30 pm
Fun To Drive, But...
I really appreciate the Altima's handling and the engine is tolerable. But I have had several problems. I bought the car used and it developed some very annoying rattles. The intake manifold gasket went after one year (Nissan covered the repair), and the instrument cluster died on the interstate, and came back to life about 30 miles later. I love the way the car looks and handles, but I am dissapointed with the mechanical problems I have an encountered. I am really having a hard time deciding whether to keep it. With gas prices on the rise it may have to go. I typically get less than 20 mpg. I have a 6 cylinder Jeep that gets better gas mileage.

By J on October 24 @ 8:06 pm
I purchased my Altima in 2001. . . It is a very reliable car and does not require very much to maintain the car other than oil changes and fluids. The Altima has more horsepower than the 2000 honda civic, 2000 toyota coralla or 2000 hyundai elantra. The other brands command a premium price with options standard on the Altima and for less with the exception of the newer models of the hyundai elantra being the better cost and warranty.

By Shayne Sintz on December 20 @ 4:46 am
Perfect Commuter Car
Purchased 2000 GXE off lease in 2001 with 12K on it. Drives like a smaller car and predictable if pushed. No rattles or squeaks. Economical, but still very able to have fun with. Only had brake pads, serpentine belt, and tires replaced (now with over 85,000). Very reliable. Yup, the body style is bland, but who cares? For a car payment under $240/mo to own, you simply cannot beat it. Plan to drive into the ground (150- 200K+ miles). The A/C is cold and other climate conrols are fine. Literally, the only complaint may be that the e-brake handle protrudes into leg room on larger drivers. I'd recommend to anyone looking for a well built commuter car on the cheap.

By David on August 31 @ 3:40 am
I'm spoiled forever
Original owner and 102K+ and 5 years later equally satisfied now as it was new. No modelwide recalls, reliability as solid as you can get. Never at dealer for repair. 2 brake jobs, 2 sets of tires, 1 battery and regular maint given to the car. Starts on first turn every time. Interior is very ergonomic. 24-32 MPG lifetime. Only issues: ABS, side bags, 4 whl disks opt; no trac, curtains or brake asst avbl. Tight rear esp foot and knee. Trunk hinges impede. Wheel covers rattle. Steering wheel offset to left 1". Can live with all listed. Nissan has a loyal fan here. Heard lots of good reviews of this car and other Nissan products. You'll only see me driving vehicles with a Nissan emblem on them.

By RJ on January 25 @ 1:23 pm
Worth the price
I purchased the car new and had not had any real problems. The Firestone tires wore out in less than 35,000 miles. The first brakes are VERY loud for the first few miles. I would recommend this car to anyone. I have 70K and it is still running strong.

By Dwija on January 19 @ 8:30 pm
I luv my Nissan:-)
We've had this car for a little over 2 years now and have had no problems at all. Regular maintenence and it runs like a dream. It's not the hottest car on the road, but with 2 toddlers in the back, reliability and safety are the most important things. We're at about 78K miles, and we're going to keep driving it until it falls apart, which probably won't be for a looooong time. My first car was an old beater Nissan Sentra, and it never let my down. Right now, our other car is a pick- up...not too practical with kids, so we're looking to buy a boring old mini- van, and the '02 Nissan Quest is looking pretty good at the moment!

By Tom Mangee on April 28 @ 8:40 am
Great Engine, Weak Exterior, Good Car
It's been excellent overall with the exception of the ext. body -- bumber front and back are weak spots for trouble....front quarter-panel also. It has been extremely reliable -- Altimas have a weak spot on the power windows also, the switches on the doors, the motors and the regulators go out early. Engine is devine in every way: reliable, smooth, strong.

By Tiki on January 28 @ 10:33 am
So and So
This car was great when i bought it used with 85k miles, it waws wonderful until i decided to customize it, Rims, exhaust, the works, the suspension is now very bumpy, but it corners like a BMW. Overall this car is "you get what u pay for". Brakes wear down real fast, but maybe thats just my driving. Tires wear down real fast too.

By honest abe on November 9 @ 10:56 am
Not Bad...but not Good
Good car. Freezing AC. Gas mileage is not too great. Steering tough to turn in parking lots. Very reliable. Good engine. Could be smoother and quieter. If you are looking for a nice "USED" car then this is your pick. I would rather have gone with the VW Passatt

By Terrin on August 2 @ 1:23 pm
Good first car to buy for your self
This is the first car that I have bought on my own. You can find really good deals on these cars now. I paid 3200 for mine and have not have a problem with the motor or tranny since i got it. I have put 20,000 miles on it this year alone. Yeah the gas mileage could be better, but hey the good shadows the altimas main downfall.

By Smeg on August 31 @ 12:00 pm
Not at all bad
Fun to drive and reliable. Not the quickest car on the road, but definitely not a slouch either. Comfortably seats 4 adults, with a suprisingly large trunk. I would have loved the manual instead of the auto. Comfortable over long drives, the car didn't get uncomfortable over a 10 hour stretch and back. Not easy on the gas around town unfortunately. Typical Japanese reliability and build quality. Interior is nothing amazing, but practical and easy to use.

By JoeU on May 28 @ 9:46 pm
The length of my ownership with this car has proved to be an enjoyable one. I am a car enthusiast and I love to drive, and at times drive with gusto. This car is a blast to drive, the acceleration is quick and the handling superb. Build quality is amazing, I barely have one rattle anywhere. I can't find one problem with this car to date.

By amyf1 on October 4 @ 10:53 am
Luv my Altima
This is my 2nd Nissan (prev owned a '93 Sentra) and I hardly had a lick of trouble with either of them. Take care of and maintain them and they go, go, go. Could use more power occasionally. I think the dashboard, controls, and storage compartments are very well designed as well as the cupholders!

By greenquarter on December 14 @ 2:13 pm
145K miles and still going strong
I bought mine new and it has been amazing! Approaching 150K miles, it's just now starting to wear down (new water pump and deteriorating engine mount were a problem at 140K miles), but other than routine maintenance this car has been a gem. While under warranty I had minor problems, such as power window failing, but that's it. Spacious backseat for a compact car, lots of storage, decent sound system. Handling is sporty for a compact, as well. Interior feels more expensive than it is. Great value for the money! Gas mileage could be lots better for a small car (rarely got better than 25 mpg highway, usually 22 city). Owning this car has been a very positive experience!

By Cindy on February 3 @ 7:06 pm
I purchased my Altima in 2001 with 12,000 miles. Today it has 158,000 and still counting. This has been an extremely dependable car. I have the 5 speed manual and it is very fun and zippy. The exterior paint has always been poor. The car is not the best looking but if your looking for dependable transportation, you just cannot beat this car.

By Mad Hungarian on January 3 @ 2:30 am
9 Years and Still Reliable
I purchased my Altima new and after more than 9 years, it has been the most reliable vehicle that I have owned. It had over 100,000 miles before it needed a repair that was not a routine maintenance item. It currently has close to 150,000 miles and I plan to get one more year out of it. Nearly everything on the car still works as well as it did when new. Quality is even better than my Toyota Camry which I had for 7 years. I would definitely buy another Nissan.

By michelle on January 1 @ 6:46 am
Best car I've ever owned
I bought the 2000 Nissan Altima GXE in 2004, when it had about 60k miles. It now has 119K, and has been, without a doubt, the most reliable, trouble-free car I've ever owned. And I've owned about 20. I just had to do a distributor last week, but that was the first real repair I've had. Oh, and for some reason, I end up doing motor mounts every other year, but I like a very quiet, vibration free car, so it might just be me. The Nissan mechanic said the '99 and '00 model years of this car were the absolute best. I agree. In fact, I'm thinking about moving up to a 2005, but I'm afraid it won't be as good as the 2000 has been to me. If you can't afford headaches, buy this car.

By former nissan lover on October 1 @ 1:30 pm
Was very happy right up til recently when my air intake manifold gasket was found to be leaking, causing the car to have a rough idle and possibly burn the #4 cylinder due to an engine hotspot. Great. Engine light will come on, and repair bill will be around $800, as it is an 8-9 hour job my Nissan dealer told me, and will happen again and again as the hot spot in the engine causing the burning is not able to be fixed.

By JCH on April 14 @ 1:50 am
it has been enjoyable. The only items that have been replaced on this vehicle in the nearly 9 years of ownership, are normally replaceable items. It has been a very solid performer. I have no regrets.

By Ram Zavala on December 31 @ 12:50 am
Happy Altima owner.
I bought this car with 43000 miles on it back in September 01 and have since put in over 100k miles. Other the the usual wear and tear it has been a very reliable vehicle. I have done regular maintenance on it: replaced starter, brakes,alternator etc but otherwise it has been such a good car that I can't seem to part with it.

By Sheri on January 1 @ 2:50 pm
Fun & Reliable
I bought my Altima new and have loved it since day one! In 1999 I drove a rental on a business trip and fell in love--otherwise I never would have noticed this car. At 150,000 miles I spent some money to replace water pump and radiator, but other than that I have had almost no repair work done on this very reliable car. After 10 years, I'm still comfortable taking the car on long road trips and it looks great! The engine is great with 1 or 2 passengers, sluggish with the AC on or with a carload--what do you expect from a 2.0L engine?

By JimDee on March 22 @ 7:33 am
Great Reliable Car
I bought this car used with 43000 miles. Almost 8 years later and at 143000, the car still runs great. Has always started up. It has only required basic maintenance (oil changes, tires, brakes, lights). It is a stick and gets 30mpg in town, 35 mpg highway. I'm so satisfied with this vehicle, I'm looking to get another Altima.

By K on July 20 @ 12:50 am
My Altima
This is my 4th Nissan. I go back to Datsun 1967. My Altima is acting strange - warning lights go on & off, and doors lock and unlock. The automatic/remote door lock device has never worked well. Also, the air conditioner keeps leaking.

By Mark on September 25 @ 8:43 pm
Not the best experience
I bought this car used with 84,000 miles. At 125,000 miles the power steering pump went out, the radiator was cracked and needed to be replaced, and I was getting a low oil pressure light going off. After a week in the shop they discovered little pieces of metal in my oil pump and in my oil pan. Apparently something came loose and essential ruined the motor. Prior to this slew of issues I never had a problem and enjoyed the car as a simple point A to point B type of vehicle. Maybe I was just unlucky, don't know. You can get these cars pretty cheap compared to the competition, and it's probably worth the gamble, but I had a bad experience.

By Jan F on January 31 @ 12:06 am
Great Car
My car currently has 205,000 miles. Have replaced the alternator twice. I don't think the 1st one was that good, but hopefully the second one will be better. My mechanic tells me the car is still in great shape - not leaking any oil or anything. I have to say I have been extremely pleased with the reliability and dependability of this car. I have driven a lot of highway miles on it and I think that has helped emensely.

By jp on October 23 @ 10:40 pm
Expected more from a Nissan
Disappointed in Nissan quality. I have own Nissan's and Honda's in the past and all were better than this model. I bought the vehicle used with 44k mi. I have had nothing but trouble since. Luckily, I purchased the extended warranty to 100k offsetting some cost. Had problems with A/C elec. module, tie-rods, ball- joints...had to replace a freaking motor mount! Had to replace oxygen sensors, water-pump, recently, the valve cover gasket and intake manifold. Interior seats rattle, door trim & sunroof trim comes off. I kept this car well maintained and it just continued to show its poor craftsmanship. I have 120k mi. now and plan in dumping it. Do yourself a favor and buy a Honda.

By avroarrow on February 10 @ 4:22 am
It has 200,000km and lady-driven (which also means lady-maintained...lol).
Bought this car from a family member for $1000 so the price was right but it did need a lot of TLC. Things that I've replaced so far: CAT at manifold, knock sensor, MAF sensor, 02 sensor, rad, complete rear brakes. Other problems: Leaking A/C system (hopefully I've fixed that) wiring defect in the spoiler light (I'll fix that soon). The oil filter is impossible to change without putting the car on a hoist, over a pit or on jack stands/ramps. The PCV valve is hidden under the intake manifold and will require hours to change. The shifter light also needs replacing. If I wasn't a DIYer, I'd be broke, but I am a DIYer and now that I've done these repairs, it will go another 200,000km for sure.

By James Bond on January 27 @ 2:15 pm
2000 Altima GXE
bought it for $1,400,It had about 96,450 miles on it.It now has 109,400.The previous owner or owners didn't take very good care if it,But I was in a bind and felt I got a good deal,turns out I have.I've drove the car on long trips like Oklahoma to Northern California it ran great doing about 70 the whole way in the middle of summer.It has always started up for me.I've reached 120mph in it....but that was a one time thing I was curious I take care of the car...I'm replacing the knock sensor not because it was bad but because somehow it came unplugged on the pigtail end of it is plastic and broke.New brakes,batterie,replace the valve cover gasket when I bought the car haven't had a problem with that sense...I use mobile 1 high mileage. I'm proud of this car.I'd buy it again.My next car will be Nissan for sure.

By O Williams on May 14 @ 6:38 am
Old Reliable
I purchased this car new in 2000 with only 14 miles on it. It now has over 120,000 miles on it and it has been a reliable car ever since. In 2004 I had to have the engine manifold gasket replaced, but got a good deal on repairs due to a friend's husband being a former Nissan mechanic. Since then, I have only had to have regular brake replacement, oil changes to keep it running. It's now 16 years old and showing its age, so recently the thermometer sensors had to be replaced, radiator replacement, and some leaks fixed. Of course that is to be expected on a car this old. I can deal with the fact of the driver side window regulator acting up, and other minor issues due to age. Overall, the reliability of this car has allowed me to put off new car purchase, since I am lucky enough to have a 5 minute commute to work every day. My only complaint is that I don't have all the bells and whistles technology wise that newer cars have. I still LOVE having that old CD player in my car, and it's still working! :-)

By Ken Voss on September 21 @ 10:54 am
Lots of miles but fun to drive.
Was great once, could be again. "Experts" say it has a fuel delivery problem, left me stranded twice recently. If I could fix that and give it some TLC it would still be my daily driver. Love this car but having a slight issue of trust. Drive it at least once a week. Still smooth/fun at 100+ mph as it is at 50. Washes up and looks beautiful but does have lots of miles/years so it needs a little love. You won't sorry if you buy it and give it a little time and effort. Still driving it, still love it, but can't give it the tlc it deserves. Will give to charity f or auction to raise funds to help others.

By Larry B on June 20 @ 6:45 am
Watch out!
Bought this car for my son and daugther while in college. It was already is bad shape because the previous owner did not perform standard maintenance. Put almost $3000 into it to get to safety margins. Car is now inoperable due to engine failure. Don't recommend this car at this age.

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