1998 Nissan Altima

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1998 Nissan Altima

NEW FOR 1998

Altima is totally, and unnecessarily, redesigned for 1998. The Altima's new look is more wedge-shaped, with a trunk that looks like it has met the business end of a band saw. Standard equipment is up, including a CD player on every model except the XE.


Big car in a small package. Lots of standard equipment.


Dumpy hindquarters and lower build quality than we have come to expect from Nissan.

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By elray on September 29 @ 12:20 pm
It's a darn good car
I recommend the 5-speed. I hear the automatic transmission performance stinks. It's an exceptionally smooth manual tranny.

By guilbos on January 23 @ 7:03 pm
A man's best friend
Pros: Had it fo a year. No repairs. Good fuel economy. Reliable, good performance, no bad surprise. A car you can count on. Cons: Front seats lack back support, 5-speed manual gearshift could be more precise.

By alr1ck on January 12 @ 3:00 am
solid and practical car
I'm a first time car buyer and after some research (thanks edmunds!) I purchased the 98 nissan altima used with only 27K miles. It's been 7 months and so far no unexpected problems. the car is solid handeling, very fuel efficient, and overall fun to drive. for a car that was used, many of my friends thought it was brand new (it runs that good).

By xs6dfg0 on December 26 @ 11:00 am
Good Car
I bought this car in March of 2002 with 60,000 miles on it and so far it has been perfect. I don't expect to have any problems with it as this is my third Altima. This is a solid and reliable vehicle and you just can't beat the value. They have lousy resale value because Nissan saturated the market with them, but this is a good thing when you're picking one up used. I have the 5-speed manual and I don't like it very much, the shifter feel is too vague and slushy. My wife has a 2000 Altima SE with a really good automatic transmission and that seems to be a much better option in this automobile.

By DrFast on September 3 @ 11:00 am
Great Car / Accord killer
I Love this car. It is April 02 and we have 64000 miles. We have not ahd to do a thing to this car. We change the oil and fill the tank and that's it. The only complaint is the use of Firestone tires that didn't last 40000 miles. This car is much more powerfull than other comparable 4 cylinder cars in it's category (VW Jetta 105 HP; Altima 150). It also has more room than the accord in the back seat (also costs alot less). We researched our first new car purchasse for a year before buying this car. After we bought this car I have had 5 friends/family buy a new nissan. Great cars!!

By bills01se on July 12 @ 11:00 am
Rock Solid and Reliable, but Boring
I recently sold my 98 Altima SE after driving it for 65,000 miles. I am happy to report ZERO mechanical problems. The only maintenance I paid for was front brakes and 4 tires at 50,000 miles. The car was economical, peppy, and most important, reliable. I would highly recommend it for a student or 1st time car buyer. The value is there. The only problems were wind noise, and some minor build quality issues in the cabin. Yes, it is rather boring, but that's exactly what some people need.

By jimo2000 on January 27 @ 11:00 am
Great Car!
Handling is excellent.Im happy with the cornering even though I have cheap dealer installed tires. I don't know why people were so upset with this redesign in '98. I like the looks of my car, inside and out.I cant wait to get good tires for this car.

By aka on June 4 @ 11:00 am
excellent car / good buy / more than your moneys worth

By McFly4ever on August 21 @ 11:00 am
This car is great, it is very peppy for a 4 cyl sedan, and if you are interested in car performance it has a lot of potential, I am currently pushing 220 hp at the wheels in my 98 altima GLE

By ttl on October 2 @ 11:00 am
Fantastic car
I just bought this car for two months, and I love it. I am wondering why people always pursuing Honda and Toyoda and ignore such a good great car-Nissan Altima. I am looking forward to test drive the new Altima in the future, if I have enough money!

By Lidar on March 7 @ 11:00 am
Love the car
I bought the 98 Altima GLE this May with 61K on it. For two months, there is nothing that bothers me. Its acceleration is awesome (much better and Accord LX). Driving through traffic is easy and fun. Great fuel economy and reliability. I strongly recommend this car

By GOntah on October 10 @ 11:00 am
Good Car
Good Car With a very good price tag and body style, would buy another one if given the chance

By Snowbunny44 on November 4 @ 11:00 am
I Love It!
Oh my gosh, this is the best car in the world, we also have a 2000 Chevy Impala, and I love this 98 Altima so much more.

By EAB on January 21 @ 11:00 am
1998 Nissan Altima
For the type of car this is it is fun to drive and quite strong. Milage is somewhat dissapointing

By Mamba on November 19 @ 11:00 am
Excellent Japanese Sedan
My first Nissan, this car is of exceptional quality. I often go over the scheduled oil change mileage and I have not spent 1 cent on the car other than gas and oil changes. Nothing is coming apart, and I am impressed with the strength of that big 4cyl. I would recommend this car to any one who wanta quality and an extremely good value when buying used. With this car fully loaded my friends often think they are in a BMW. Anyways, you cant go wrong with this car unless you value true handling and nimble performance which it lack, due to a feeling of unconnectedness with the road.

By MNguy on August 15 @ 11:00 am
Great Car
My '98 altima SE has over 90,000 miles without any problems except for a spark plug coming out and I think that was my fault. this car is a great combination of comfort, reliability, performance and style. Let's not forget it cost thousands less than an accord or camry.

By christ on October 22 @ 11:00 am
good car
nice car, good motor, good stability

By JOLANTA on May 4 @ 3:00 am
the best japanese car!
hi, i just bought my car 2 weeks ago, and i love it! it has all the options like sun roof, bose sound system, leather interior, and spoiler, and alarm. This is the best japanese car you can buy out there without having to spend thousands on toyota or honda.

By Z03231999 on January 9 @ 3:00 am
I love this car!
I have bought the Altima used with about 13,000 miles. In the four years I have owned it, it has not failed me once. Short of normal maintenance, I have never had trouble. I drove it cross country from Florida to Washington State and back and not a single glitch. The exterior is kind of boring but I would not change it for anything. I am going to keep it until it falls apart. It probably won't.

By Ikondrar on February 28 @ 3:00 am
Nissan 98 Driver
I have driven this car for 3 years now. Fuel economy isn't that great b/c the car sometimes seems to be like drinking fuel as we drink water, but otherwise it's affordable and good value. I have pleasure driving it, from day 1 to day 7 and I love it dearly. It's a nice car to own. No , it's not Acura but for the value I got a GLE luxury car as a first car I owned. It is my dream come true to have such an awesome car. I have 70000 miles on it right now and it's 1998 model, not sure for how many more miles it'll last me until my first major problem, but I cross my fingers. Noone talks good about high mileage Nissan Altima... so don't know who to listen to.

By ts on April 30 @ 3:00 am
4 Dr. GXE Sedan
Great car for the money, must be one of the best buys out there. When shopping, I compared it with similar priced competitors Ford Contour/Mercury Mistique. No comparison!!! That convinced me. Why pay so much for a Honda or Toyota. I've had no trouble in two years. It's peppy and economical to drive. Friends who ride in it often comment on what a nice car it is.

By Katie R. on December 4 @ 11:00 am
Loved this car
I just sold my '98 Altima to get a new car and wanted to review it. I LOVED this car, it was my third car, I bought it used with 55,000 miles on it and it drove like new EVERY day. Never had a problem with it. It was well cared for before I bought it and I cared for it until I sold it at 72,500 miles.

By lito on February 10 @ 11:00 am
Altima SE
Performance is outstanding. I have never driven a used car like this before.

By Marc C. on October 2 @ 11:00 am
Building equity to get rid of it!
This car has done what it was designed to do which is to get from point A to point B. Never had a break down or anything other than routine maintenance. The interior road noise and 70mph "shimmy" are unbearable on long trips. New tires, 4-wheel alignments, and computer balancing haven't helped one bit. And let's not forget the shaky hood. I get nervous driving at highway speeds because the hood shakes up and down like it's about to fly off. This car has never been in a collision, but it's parts fit together like it has. I'm waiting to get the loan paid down enough to trade in on a Monte Carlo or Impala. I'll never buy an import again.

By Scarlett_1750 on August 17 @ 11:00 am
Loved This Car!
I bought this car in 2000 with only 16k, and had nothing but positive experiences with it. One of the best buys out there- dependable, clean/great interior, ran very well, and huge roomy trunk could fit just about anything. In three years, I didn't need to replace a single thing, only needed oil change and tuneup. I was heartbroken when car was totaled in accident at 60k; I would have driven it forever!

By Duke_jw on January 20 @ 11:00 am
Unpretentious solid car
Recently purchased this 1998 GXE model. Fully equipped, solid, no nonsense car with an engine that is more than adequate for the weight of the car. Gas mileage appears to be excellent. I was drawn to the Altima because of its inherent value as a used vehicle purchase. Simplicity, yet, high quality for a modest price.

By Setshot on March 21 @ 11:00 am
Had this car for nearly six years now. Never once had a problem with it. Would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone.

By preebenacker on September 11 @ 11:00 am
98 Nissan Altima GLE
I will definitely buy another Nissan. I have had this car for six years and I haven't had any problems with it - scheduled maintenance only

By happymister on May 2 @ 11:00 am
5 years before 1st trip to the shop
5 years after buying my 98 Altima SE, I finally took it to the shop when the check engine light came on. Looks like i needed a new evap emission control valve for $166 including parts and labor. Since it has been 5 years and this is the first problem with the car.. i thought it was the right time to write a review. The car has been the most reliable car i have ever owned. The only other things i have replaced on this car are the tires around 40k miles. I put 4 Goodyear Acqutread 3 tires and handling continues to be excellent.

By mrwill808 on January 6 @ 3:00 am
still miss this car
I leased this car in April '98 it was a loaded GLE, as a graduation gift. Since then until late Oct. '01, this was 1 of the most reliable cars ever. Everyone I knew loved my car, some even drove it. Small troubles in '99 w/ a bad battery at 22K and later around 29K the cd/cass. unit went bad. Also had 2 accidents in Spring & Winter '00, despite those the car still drove like new. I was on top of maintenance & cleaning like crazy and had compliments that it looked and ran like new. Got rid of it in late '01 since the lease was up.

By clarka100 on August 29 @ 3:00 am
Simple, enjoyable sports sedan
Bought the car used with around 50K miles and have beed driving it hard ever since. It takes it all and keeps moving. Im a salesman and spend hours in my car, and this Altima is a lot of fun and very comfortable to be in. I love the sunroof, the leather seats are always appreciated and I havent had any work done to the car yet except new tires and oil changes. Sound system is great for factory, and visual view through the windshield is second to none. Have no complaints with this car except the rear end which is kinda boring. Ohh, and as with any car, more horsepower is great.

By Cash on June 23 @ 3:00 am
Engines that fall apart
I bought this car in 2001,when the car was just three years old. It ran great for the ppast two and a half years. There were no major problems with the vehicle. About a week ago I found out that my engine basically came apart. There was plenty of oil in the car and the car was well maintained because I have a mechanic in the family who has been working on cars for the past twenty years. He fixes government vehicles for a living. The car was bought a Nissan dealership and was supposed to be a certified used vehicle.This may have just been bad luck but I advise you to be very careful when purchasing this vehicle.

By don scott on April 10 @ 3:00 am
nice car but a few rattles

By Driv3r on March 7 @ 3:00 am
Great Car
Great Car i Strongly Recommand It

By rkrois on September 16 @ 11:00 am
Very Good Car/Value
Purchased car new in 1998, stick shift, no problems at all, currently have 115,000 miles and it still runs great and is fun to drive.

By vinvv on October 11 @ 11:00 am
Extremely good car for the money
Bought this car used 6 months ago, and put 20,000 miles on it already. drives great, good mileage, have taken good care of this car (as my other cars; im a mechanical engineer). its 5 years old and has not come up with any maintenance work yet ! Tho i did upgrade the stock speakers.

By dynatmrider on November 22 @ 11:00 am
great car, sporty too
iv had this car since may of 98 when they came out. this car is great. its an SE with leather, cd, abs, manual, sport suspension (stiffer ride) and power drivers seat. seats are comfortable and the back seats are those of a bmw. i have 120,000 miles on the car and have not done anything to it. over six years on the original battery and still going! once this thing is in 5th gear you can go from 60 to 100 in a blink! fast car! buy it!

By Jonathan on July 22 @ 7:30 pm
Spirited a-b car
This is my first car and it has been a delight to own. Driven conservativley the car has great gas milage. And if you choose, punch the throttle and watch the revs rise. For a Four cylinder this car has great torque. I've taken this car from nyc to buffalo,ny , 400 mi each way, three times round trip already and the car has never failed me once. This car has been an excellent beginners car, Its fast enough to be fun but not too fast and most importantly reliable. Only problems to date have been an intemitantly fading light on the radio display and squeaky rear drums.

By troyx on December 27 @ 11:43 am
Great Used Car Value
I brought this car a little over half a year ago with under 25K mi. to replace a totalled 99 Elantra. The jump in quality blew me away, after the last car, this one feels like a luxury car. The car I got had low mileage and almost no interior or exterior wear to speak of. It feels like a new car, even with it being over 7 years old. Handling it tight and firm, acceleration is smooth and the engine sounds quiet and refined. This car is a used car best buy, IMO. Resale value was lower than Camrys and Accords, but specs and build quality is on the same level. I haven't heard of any recalls for this generation Altima.

By Dragasoni on September 8 @ 8:20 am
High Mileage Altima
I bought my 98 Altima in March 2001 with 30,000 miles. Now it has over 200,000 miles! I've had almost NO problem with this car either. I had to replace the alternator at 120,000 miles and the the CV joints at 150,000 miles. The car has never broken down, and has made several long trips to New York, Miami, Orlando, and Atlanta from Tampa Bay. About 65% of the miles are higway and about 35% are city. It currently runs strong, just as it did when I first bought it. It does burn some oil (1 quart every 4,000 miles) and it's a bit slower then it was 170,000 miles ago. I don't maintain it as good as I should though. I change the oil every 5,000 miles.

By John F. on October 23 @ 3:56 pm
Great all around affordable car!!!!
We've owned this car since 2000 and the one thing we can say about it is "Reliability". This car has never left us stranded. We have done nothing to this car except the regular scheduled maintenance. We live in NH and for the last 5 winters it's never started hard and it actually goes well in the snow too (FWD) Keep in mind this car is not a BMW nor a caddy. It's not sexy or even necessarily cool but it's been a great, reliable daily driver. It has plenty of Pep and easlily maintains 70 - 80 mph on the highway. For a mid-sized car the legroom, interior compartment space and the trunk size is surprisingly large. Seats are very comfortable, even for long road trips. Top recommendations!

By dave on August 13 @ 4:06 pm
the best af all cars
Overall af all the cars we were searching for, this was the best. NO vibration, no problems, except for a mere door jam.

By Tom Dodson on July 8 @ 4:46 pm
Love this car.
This is a daily commute vehicle that's been fun to drive. The 2.5l four cylinder engine performance has always impressed me. I had the automatic transaxle rebuilt at 225K miles and that's the only major work ever done. No engine work at all. 25MPG combined highway/city. 100 watt stereo/CD player, remote entry. I love the split fold down rear seats that allow you to load large cargo into a small car, really convenient. I also love the overdrive lockout button on the gear shift that allows you to use the engine compression to slow the car in traffic like a manual transmission. I'll miss that feature because the new Altima doesn't have it.

By Wayne Johnson on August 25 @ 3:33 am
It's a great car,I'd buy another one.
I just bought my 1998 Altima a week ago and I love the car, it is in excellent condition. It is very comfortable, spacious, tight, handles well, and runs very strong. To keep within the speed limit I have to use Cruise Control and that is with the 4 cylinder! My only complaint is that there is a moderate amount of road noise,especially from the agressive 60 series tires. That aside, I'd buy a new one after I own this one a little while and I've heard from many people that if you change oil regularly and keep up with an Altima, you should be able to get 225,000 to 250,000 miles out of them easily. The many car Ads I saw proved this out. Enough said.

By Jess on October 20 @ 8:36 am
Still impresses People
I Love my car. I have a 98 GLE and it is dependable and it still looks good. Its still drives excellent and has nearly 130,000 miles on it and I have never had any major problems. People still get in my car and tell me wow this is pretty nice. And i have come to love the rear end, but I have a spoiler which really evens things out.

By Ruth on November 3 @ 2:50 am
ALTIMA NISSAN: excellent car
Found a little skid in the front tires on wet uphill surfaces. Otherwise, a perfect car; never ever a mechanical problem. Not once. A fantastic machine.

By Matt on June 24 @ 9:26 am
Runs awesome
I have 83,000 miles on this car and it has served me well through college. Many people said I had the nicest car they've seen on campus although mine wasn't the newest or best by any means. The interior of the car is unlike what you see in cars of this price range nowadays. The drive is ok, it's enough to get you by. The wind/road noise is not what I would expect in a near luxury car - you can solve this by simple soundproofing. The Clarion sound system - standard on the GLE, is extremely clear and balanced - although the front is tuned a little shrill [might be the Boston Acoustics that I have there now] once you get some decent speakers on it. Better car than the competition by far.

By Tim on October 14 @ 1:16 pm
Good Reliable Transportation
My '98 GLE has 90,000 miles on it and I have owned it since 22,000 mi. It has treated me very well. It's not a sports car or SUV, but just sound, comfortable transportation. The car has been very reliable with no major maintenance at all. It seems to be well designed and will likely go to our daughter for many years to come. Previously had a 1983 VW Jetta that was awesome & was concerned that the Altima wouldn't measure up, but it has. Overall very good.

By Donna (TX) on May 22 @ 4:16 pm
Good Alternative to Accord and Camry
For less money than the Accord and Camry, you're getting a car with similar reliability and build quality. I owned this car for 5 years and never had any, even minor, problems. Service only involved regular oil changes and such. The car did have a horrible turning radius for its size.

By RodR7679 on July 28 @ 6:33 pm
Good Dependable Automobile
Excellent car. This car was dependable even at 15 degrees below 0 F and handled good even in snowy winter driving.

By Daddyniowa on December 4 @ 9:20 pm
Bullet Proof!
When I bought this car it had about 59,000 miles on it. It is a five speed. The only modifications I have made is opened up the exhaust and installed a "Tornado fuel saver". I do use Mobile One full synthetic motor oil changed every 8,000 miles, and synthetic gear lube as well. I have owned a lot of Japanese cars in my past, and I have to say this one is one of the very best! I consistently get 32 to 34 mpg on the highway which is most all that I drive. It corners very well, and if you redline 3rd gear you are doing exactly 103 mph! Whenever I give a friend a ride or let them drive it they cannot believe the power and torque that it has. As as far as repairs there have not been any yet!

By Lucky7 on August 31 @ 12:33 am
Loved and Lost
My '98 Altima GLE was killed in a crash, and I miss it so much. It's been 3 months, and I've tried to replace it wit the same style (98-2001) and trim, but they're hard to find. So no luck so far. I've gone 3 months without a car just because I can't bear to own something else. This really was a tremendous car. Not only did it keep me safe during the rear-end that totaled it (airbags didn't deploy, though), I never had a major problem with this car. The driver's power window went out after a couple years but it wasn't too expensive to fix. It had 130,000 miles on it and I would have gotten another 130,000, I think. Can't go wrong with this car.

By Daddyniowa on August 15 @ 4:50 pm
My best car ever!
I purchased this car with 58,000 miles on it and it is a five speed manual transmission. I only opened up the exhaust and installed a Tornado fuelsaver (for whatever thats worth). I burn Mobile one full synthetic oil in it changed at every 8,000 miles. For some time now I use the car 100 miles five days a week to commute my non-driving wife to work. I have done "nothing" to the car basically except put gas in it. Gets anywhere from 31 to 34 mpg on highway, and shifts out of third gear at 103 mph! Uses one half a quart of synthetic oil every 8,000 miles. If you see a white 1998 Nissan Altima in northern Mo. to Southern Iowa screaming down I-35 highway, that would be me!

By jbesad01 on January 21 @ 7:36 pm
I got mine for 3,200 from a private seller who had taken good care of it since the day it was bought. The inside of this car is beautiful. I felt like I was driving something I paid $20,000 for. Great combination of power and mileage. I got 33mpg once on a long trip. I love this car.

By ck1986 on June 29 @ 7:50 am
Best Car So Far!
Considering the only other vehicle I've owned was an 88 Buick Regal this was quite the improvement! I received this car as a gift from my grandfather in the summer of 07. It's been a great car since. He did have some work done previous to my ownership (replaced the front axle as well as the head gasket two years ago) I haven't experienced any major problems, although as of this week I've been experiencing some over heating issues. Hopefully a problem soon to be easily solved. Everyone who's driven the car has been amazed, apparently it's not what they've expected out of a ten year old nissan. So far so good!

By russ on July 13 @ 3:23 pm
Reliable until now!
Up to last Saturday, my 10 year old Altima has been nothing but ultra reliable. It is a noisier car on the highway, especially compared to my wife's Accord, but otherwise a nice car to drive. It handles well, accelerates very well, with power to spare from its 4 cyl engine. Cruise control is a "must" to avoid speeding tickets! Until 3/14/2008, biggest maintenance expense has been for tires (Arizona roads eat them!), and minor maintenance. Saturday (3/15/8) morning, at 65 mph on the freeway the transmission failed. Car has 144,000 km (89,300 miles) on it. Failure occured within coasting distance of a dealership. Cost to repair almost $5,000. Grrrr!!

By Joe on December 20 @ 2:23 am
Long-life reliable car
My Altima SE is a 5 spd manual which makes a 4 cyl a little more fun! Bought the car at 124k in fall '04 and will be retiring it soon with 190k. No real problems until last few months - engine is still great. Still using original clutch (needs replacement). Odometer broke a few months ago, and windshield wiper motor just died. Those are the only mechanical things to go wrong in the 4 years I've owned it... not bad! I am now looking to buy an '05 Altima because they are very reliable.

By Brendan on April 21 @ 5:43 am
Great Car
This is the best car I have ever owned. I have had it 10 years and other than gas, wiper blades, tires etc. I have only replaced the front brake pads once. So non routine maintenance for this car in 10 years has been under $200. I have other vehicles now and don't drive it as much as before but it is just too good of a vehicle to get rid of. I will definitely buy another Altima when I am in the market for a car.

By Ol Hokie on October 1 @ 7:03 pm
Wonderful car
I bought the car used seven years ago with 45,000 miles on it; it now has nearly 209,000 and I have spent no money on it except for routine maintenance and service, gasoline, tires, and new CV joints at about 190,000 miles. It still has the original clutch (it's a 5 speed manual). It is the eighth Nissan that I have owned. All have been great!

By MITZI on July 18 @ 10:43 am
Our Marshmallow Car
My grandkids call this the marshmallow car, because it's white & looks like a big marshmallow. I've replaced the CV joints on it and that's about it. I have fun driving my car, it has got me out of some scary jams on the freeway. It accelerates rapidly & is easy to speed in. I got my last ticket in it about 3 years ago going over 100 mph as I had neglected to set the cruise control. I hadn't even noticed. I have 128,000 miles on it & almost feel like it's a pet. I've never been one to attach to material objects but this one has inspired emotional attachment. I'll keep it until it's ready for the scrap heap. I'll never trade it off. I willing to paint it or whatever, it's a keeper.

By northwest on December 18 @ 5:56 pm
Good Trooper
Given as a gift after graduation, 65000 miles. Thanks aunty, some parts were modified for more power and sound, in turn most stock problems never happened. Runs like a champ with mobile 1 syn every 4000miles. Ngk sparkys & wires. I still get 22-25 city, 37+ highway. No prob w/engine yet. I have good mechanics:). 144300 miles strong.

By auntieannie2 on August 7 @ 3:16 pm
Great, dependable Car
This 1998 Altima GXE was my first brand new car and, after owning a series of VWs, I enjoyed the reliability and sporty looks of this car. I now have 176,000 miles on it, only ever needed tires, brakes, tune ups until two months ago, when the engine finally went out, ONLY because I got very lazy on the oil changes, mind you! I put in a used Japanese engine and it runs like a charm again but it now has a steering fluid leak that has to be fixed. I think its to be expected at 176000 miles. Its been a fantastic car and I would highly recommend it.

By Ernie on January 12 @ 12:46 pm
Well worth the money!
I have owned my Nissan Altima for just over 10 years. In that time, I have managed to accumulate over 200,000 miles on my vehicle with very little major repairs. I changed the oil, rotated and changed tires, and got regular tune ups done, but that is about it. The car still runs great. It was money well spent.

By R.Rushing on October 5 @ 5:50 pm
great delivery car
This is a great car. The handling is really good, not what you expect when looking at it. U-turns can be a problem. Has great power concerning the 2.4 4 cylinder engine. Roomy on the inside & I'm 6'4''. Everything is in a good place to reach. The outside is nice, only the back doesn't look right without the spoiler. The sound is great with standard cd & tape players. Very good on gas. I've been a delivery driver since 05 & put well over 100,000 miles on it. Besides the normal (tiers, brakes, oil) i only spent about $700 on a fuel pump. I only paid $500 for the car but would have paid 4x that.

By EJS on September 25 @ 9:53 am
OK, but could be better
Bought with 28K miles from the dealer in nice condition. It now has just over 100k miles and I would say it's been OK. I replaced both axles at around 80K miles. I do not tear around in this car, but it eats engine mounts; I have replaced the rear engine mount 3 times so far. This car is noisy on the freeway and fuel economy has never been over 30mpg. Drivers window switch failed at 85K and this requires a fair bit of digging into the driver's door to replace a $200 part. CD player has twice died; first time the dealer replaced it ans second time I found a cold solder joint on the display connector. Lifters have been noisy at startup since we bought the car. I think Honda is better

By xray2 on April 24 @ 3:36 am
Bought new in 1998, and am quite disappointed. Almost made it for 12 trouble free years, then at 210,000 miles the transaxle fell apart. Replaced the transaxle with another used one. Other that that, the body and interior has remained in great shape. Hopefully the piece of junk will make it another 200,000 miles. lol

By mitchell19 on October 17 @ 10:52 am
Good old Reliable.
Bought a 1998 Nissan Altima brand new off the dealer lot in cerritos with only 5 miles. I loved everything about it, the interior, the way it drove, and not to mention its reliability. It never once broke down on me....ever. I loved its reliability so much, I wish I could buy another one. I was sooo sad the day I totaled it at 148,000 miles. Me and my family drove it everywhere from San Francisco to Minnesota to Las Vegas and back, it was also a great commuter car for getting to and from work. I now drive a 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe, only time will tell just as to how reliable it is.

By ria10 on March 3 @ 2:01 pm
My little coco drop car
Where do I even begin, well my father bought me this car in 2013 with 173,000 miles on it. At first i was nervous it wouldnt last but now two years later and only 174,032 miles its not bad. Ive had to replace to alternator and wiper motor. currently the front axle is having problems but that will be fixed soon.Paint chips a lot and it tends to be very loud. Other then that i really love my little coco drop. After a good amount of money is put in to it tho this baby is ready to go for another 100,000 miles. I highly encourage people to get altimas. Maybe not as old as mine to. :)

By Melissa on August 19 @ 12:05 am
Good ol trusty
I absolutely love this little car, the paint does chip so it will need a paint job, but it always gets me home. I use it to commute to school, when my dad needs another car while he repairs his, and to drive around. I get really upset when it needs repair because its like my baby. I could not imagine ever junking the car, i just love it.

By Cel on October 16 @ 3:57 pm
Oldie but goodie
This car is one of the most reliable cars I've ever owned. Superior engine and surprisingly good mileage. The flaws are the cheap plastic used for the sun visor and radio buttons. Other than that, I feel very safe driving in any weather. This 1998 still has freezing cold air and toasty heat.

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