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1993 Nissan Altima

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The Infiniti-inspired Altima replaces the aging Stanza. Swooping sheet metal, a longer wheelbase and increased cabin size distinguish the Altima from its lackluster predecessor. The Altima is powered by a twin-cam four-cylinder that produces 150 horsepower. A driver airbag is standard on the Altima, as are motorized seatbelts.

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By hotsexyandhumid on July 24 @ 3:56 am
Bought this car back in 1999 with 80,000 km. Now have 122,000 km and have put so much money into the car! The transmission (manual) had to be fixed for over a grand! My transmission is completely screwed again! So now I have the pleasure of fixing it again. Some will say "well, maybe its the way you drive the car." But I have had several standard cars, none have had any transmission problems. Fuel economy is bad. I get 360 km a tank on average. I replaced the alternator and starter twice. Peformance on the car is very good... it picks up nicely. Overall, I would say don't buy a 1993 because it was the first model year. If you can, buy a 95 or so.

By Former Altima Owner on August 8 @ 3:00 am
Former Altima Owner
I've had my 1993 Altima since 1993 and just parted ways this week in 2002 just because I purchased a new one (didn't need two). It was reliable, fun to drive, and only left me stranded twice (alternator). The service department wasn't the greatest but I recommend always taking it in for service at Nissan anyway (they'll make good). My Altima was a little over 115,000 miles and just looked worn out, but it ran and everything still worked. I'll recommend the Altima to anyone!

By mnscott on March 31 @ 3:00 am
I miss my car
What a reliable vehicle, then the Altima is for you. Change the oil and it won't fail you.

By LadyB on October 16 @ 11:00 am
One of the best
Over the past 9 years, my Nissan Altima has been very reliable. I previously had a Sentra GXE and my husband has a Frontier crew cab. Like all other vehicles, it does need regular checks, tune ups, tire rotation/changes, oil changes,etc. My only problem has been with the seat belt; it tends to tighten up regularly and trap you in the seat. Only the emergency release helps you in circumstances like these. Overall, I rate Nissans very highly.

By SE Michigan on August 7 @ 11:00 am
145 K Running Strong
I purchased my Altima in 1996 and am the second owner. It has 145 K on it and running very strong. It needed 2 fuel injectors at 140K, that's all (some gas and oil once in a while :) ). It is very reliable and well build. Except, my Altima has been leaking oil ever since I bought, Dealer said that all Altimas leak oil after couple of years. Beside that, I did not have any problem and planning to drive another 100K.

By C'sAltima on October 24 @ 11:00 am
This car is very much worth the price it's retailed at! I love my Altima GXE. I bought this car my senior year in high school and now I'm a sophomore in college. So far my car has 112000+ miles on it and it is giving me no problems at all. This car has so much tourque!! I've won many races with this car. I strongly recommend this car for anyone interested in getting a reliable vehicle.

By lovethataltima on August 31 @ 11:00 am
altima is awesome
One owner, no problems, can't come to sell even though I want a new car vehicle. Maybe a pathfinder some day

By 1stCar on November 22 @ 11:00 am
Good and Bad
I got my altima in my junior year of high school as a bitrhday present from my parents. Its been ok, just ok. While the acceleration/braking are both good and the car is very comfortable, I have had problems with it. In spite of below average fuel economy the gear selector often refuses to shift out of park. I have also had problems with the power accesories, but then again, the car is 9 years old. While the exterior looks good, the build quality is just average. I have had part of the grill come loose a couple times and got a big dent in the bumper when I backed into another car by mistake in a parking lot once at 5 mph.

By Kansas City on June 24 @ 11:00 am
Long Lasting
Having owned this car for 7 1/2 years I would say that while it hasn't been my favorite car based on appearance, it has been an extremely reliable car with very few trips to the shop. (Knock wood) It's an extremely practical car too. We have 2 children in car seats and it has accommodated our family well. I'm setting my eyes now on the 2002 Altimas.

By DKNY on July 4 @ 3:00 am
I've had my Altima for almost 5 years. With over 175,000 miles on it, I have only had to replace a starter, breaks, a few belts, and the front axles. The axles were only about $100 a piece. I have driven this car across country numerous times and it never fails me. If you see a good deal on an Altima, take it.

By John Lefever on February 3 @ 3:00 am
Cannot Get Rid of It
I think about getting a different vehicle, but my 93 Altima won't let me! I haven't spent a dollar on it with the exception of tires, brakes, and general maintenance. I couldn't even change the timing belt on it, because the rubber belt doesn't exist! Engine is dynamite, it is quick, responsive.............cannot get rid of it.

By jhooda on April 30 @ 3:00 am
Not so good experience
Radiator Leakage: The plastic radiator seam opened up near the cap, requiring new radiator @ 110K. Power Antenna: Stopped working @ 115K. Am/Fm/Cd dash lights no longer work Water Pump: Original corroded and damaged belts too @ 125K. Distributor: Changed at 144K. Timing chain noise: Fixed at 145K Power steering hose leakage at all of the joins around 130K

By meatpancakes on January 24 @ 3:00 am
I have had ZERO problems with this car,I have had it for 6 years and it is the best car I have ever owned. It still drives like a brand new car - no rattles, no squeaks it runs perfect.

By blondeinanissan on April 9 @ 11:00 am
Okay car
With 86,000 miles on my SE it still looks good, the only problems I've had with it are: throw-out bearing in the clutch needs replaced (big problem!), fan/heater/AC only works when it's on full-blast and the dash lights will only work when on the brightest setting. Other than those few problems, the car has great pick-up (except when the AC is on) and I love the way it looks with the spoiler, moonroof and alloy wheels.

By Fitzie on October 5 @ 11:00 am
Car for an Environmentalist
Very Easy to handle, hugs the road. I have had no maintenance surprises. Seems to get good milage. Has good power for those left hand turns in heavy traffic. Although not a large car, it can transport 4 adults confortably unless they are all over 6 feet.

By Proud-owner on August 30 @ 11:00 am
10 Years and going . . .
With over 105,000 miles, this car is still going strong. Only standard repairs have been done: breaks, struts, hoses, belts and regular scheduled Nissan maintenance. I love the altima's original style and performance, good thing Nissan brought the fun back to the Altima in 2002. I bought a new maxima for the wife, but kept the 1993 Altima for me.

By xrv on May 27 @ 11:00 am
good to me for many years
I have had the pleasure of driving this vehicle for 10 years now and it has shown me nothing but good times. I have made sure I have kept up with the maintenance and thusly have had little or noe problem. It is sneaky fast often underestimated for its accelaration.Even to this day it still has enough power to have fun with.I still enjoy driving it everyday.

By NIK on February 10 @ 11:00 am
how much
I have not had it for long and I really don't need it. It has been wrecked lightly in the font and right fender

By shizzle dogg on September 14 @ 11:00 am
Buy an Altima
This car is almost perfect. only one minor problem in 8 years - had to replace a bad fuel injector. I love this car and will drive it until it dies, which seems like it may be a long, long time.

By Rob H on September 28 @ 11:00 am
Nice Old Car!
One owner, I have driven this car since December 1992 with very minor problems. Thankfully it's a stick shift so when my starter stopped working I was able to push start the car and pop the clutch. We easy to kick start on a slight downgrade surface. No major mechanical work other than typical items that wear out. Runs great! I plan on keeping it for at least another 5 years or until 200K +. Kudos to Nissan.

By BillH on December 15 @ 11:00 am
Reliable vehicle
Bought it with 12K miles and now have 164K miles racked up. This is a reliable vehicle that we have been pleased with. I'll definitely have Nissan on the list when considering another vehicle. Have had some unscheduled maintenance items: fuel injectors had to be replaced at 90K and a new distributor at 145K. Not to bad for that number of miles.

By J-mike on June 5 @ 3:00 am
Very good cheap car
Purchased this car from the Nissan dealership as the 2nd owner for only $5500 with 99K miles on it. The first owner had the extended 100K mile warranty and bought a new Maxima. It's been a little over 2 year's and i have doubled the vehicle mileage to 200K miles and the thing still goes strong. The engine is great. Runs like a champ and starts every time. Have had problems though. The timing chain went bad around 142K and was expensive at $1100. WARNING. Make sure the timing chain is fixed preferebly by Nissan as a shade tree job can end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

By VinceJr on June 10 @ 3:00 am
What a car....
This was the first car I ever purchased new and it is still going strong. In the 11 years I have owned it, I have had to only do routine maintenance and replace the following items: brake caliper, water pump, fuel line, valve seal. That is _all_. This car is a work horse (as you can see by the annual mileage) and I would definitely consider replacing it with another Altima.

By Altima.Own-GLE on May 21 @ 7:36 pm
Great Car
I bought this car from a priest for $7,800 w/ 78,000 miles. This car also had the on screen display (which puts your speed on the windshield). This car was great. I sold it in 2002 w/ 124,000 miles b/c I wanted a 4wd for the snow. For approx. 50,000 miles and 5 years, the car was wonderful. There was nothing out of the ordinary. Excellent & always reliable.However, when I was selling it, they found a $1,000 oil leak that was "normal for Altimas." Either way - the oil leak was minor and the car was fantastic. It was my first & certainly won't be my last. Nissan is great & I plan on getting the 350z Roadster. I will be a customer for life.

By Kishlak on May 24 @ 6:20 pm
Few minor issues, otherwise great car
I had good experience with my 1993 Nissan Altima despite its age. I drove in all weather, snow, ice, mountains, forests and was impressed with its performance for an ordinary 2 wheel drive car. This is the first generation of this model, which I believe is one of the best ones built by Nissan.

By nissan-consumer on February 26 @ 12:56 pm
Reliable car
Great value for money. bought it for 2500$ 2 years ago. very reliable car. Still running strong. Looks good too. I have the manual transmission which is fun to drive. I get gas mileage of 25 city and 30 on highway which i think is great for a 12 year old car. I would buy a nissan any day.

By TGOT on March 18 @ 1:36 pm
closing 200,000
Even though I just bought this car fairly recently i havent found any inkling of a problem. Previous owners kept with scheduled maintenance and I myself look forward to driving proudly to the dealer within the year for the 200000 mile tune up. Overall reliable car, lots of comforts, fuel economy is good if you drive properly, and a trooper when it comes to beatings.

By dlb on November 15 @ 6:40 pm
have loved this car
This has been a wonderful car! Hardly ever in for repairs - it is the most reliable car I have ever owned. Acceleration is great with the 5-speed and it holds turns well. However, the turning radius is bigger than I would prefer. Seats are comfortable and it has fit my family of four in reasonable comfort over the years. We just keep it as a spare car now for when my two newer cars (another Nissan and a Honda) go in the shop. I wanted to pass it on to my daughter who is off to college, but she doesn't want to learn a stick. Guess I'll save it for my son who will get his license in about a year. This car now has 185,000 and still runnning strong

By ozzyhead on June 10 @ 6:33 am
Takes a licking
Engine still running strong with 185000 on her. From my knowledge, timing belt has never even been replaced. Besides regular tune-ups and oil changes, this car will not die.

By Janet on January 20 @ 6:10 am
A gem!
This original Altima is a luxurious survivor. Performs like a newborn, maintenance-free beyond regular upkeep, still looks premium and modern. Often get compliments on the design. Exceptionally comfortable inside. A perfect midsize car that rides like a Benz.

By Fuzzy_Duzzy on August 6 @ 3:36 pm
The incredible edible egg
I have owned the vehicle for an eternity (since it's inception) and well this is sort of my pre-obituary for it. The car had its flaws: horrible radio, heating and air conditioning system, weekly hubcap replacement, irritating creaks, poorly designed interior (eg cup holder, radio, lighter that interfered with each other all 93 altima owners know what I mean). But the car performed beyond the call of duty. I have owned the car 13 years and have gotten 160,000 Miles. It never let me down and that to me stands out more than any flaw or feature that the car had.

By It's Me on November 30 @ 7:20 am
Old faithful
This car has exterior and interior rattles and lackluster acceleration. However, with all its faults, it's the most reliable car I've ever owned, and it's also been very inexpensive to maintain. It still averages around 27 miles per gallon, and that's not bad considering it has 210,000 miles!

By h0liday2005 on October 31 @ 5:50 am
Runs forever
I've only had the car a year, but when I got it it had 283,000 miles on it, now it has 293,000 and it still runs very well. I haven't had a problem with the motor at all. It gets up to speed fast, and it hasn't let me down yet. I've only had to replace the starter.

By asus29 on August 27 @ 2:53 pm
rare diamond in the rough
I have a 93 stanza Altima GXE, I dont't know why other Altima's don't do 40 mpg, but I get 40 mpg interstate driving, town city 26, the car has 217000 miles on car, the car was brought new from my parents in 93, the car been to Canada more times I can count, a very reliable car, had problem with the new E-10 Ethanol car stalling, the problem was resolved a Ethanol kit solved the problem. I was in a accident from the rear a new car ran in back of me pushing me into another car, my car was fixed by me (2008)cost 700 dollars included paint hood and trunk lid. rear bumper thats all.no damage or body to frame. the car that hit me was a new 2002 crown victoria that car was not driveable

By AmyBeth4 on October 6 @ 3:06 am
I'm in Love with my Altima
I drove my '93 car off the showroom floor in August of '93. It has 157,000 miles on it and still runs great. (Had to replace both axels, a couple of fuel injectors and the starter over the years.) Still on the ORIGINAL clutch. I've never seen a more reliable car in my life. Lots of stupid minor breakdowns, like the center console latch, the driver's sun visor and the FM portion of the radio barely works anymore. I'd take a working, reliable engine over all of that any day.

By Happy Owner on February 22 @ 11:00 am
1993 Nissan Altima SE Just ROLLED IT!
Original owner since 1983 3rd set of tires, 3rd battery 2nd set of brake pads. Great running car!

By awesomealtima on August 23 @ 11:24 pm
Best thousand dollars I spent
I bought my Altima in February 2011, after spending months searching for an affordable 5 speed car. For an 18 year old with $1000 to spend, it was the best money could buy. It had all manual amenities (windows, locks, seats) but everything worked on it. The A/C only needed a recharge, and while not the strongest or coldest, it was fine for a small car. It had 170,000 miles yet the engine ran fine. I thought for a car of it's class it had good performance. Even though my mom had a new durango, we'd often take my car for trips due to the much better gas mileage. I NEVER had to fix anything with the car, but sadly I had to sell it for tuition. Otherwise, I would run it into the ground.

By TPR on July 27 @ 7:04 pm
Best $1000 Ever Spent
Bought Oct. 2014 for $1100 with 199k miles from my mechanic after my 4Runner got wrecked and I have to say, this car has exceeded all expectations. It was meant to be temporary and to be driven as a car that could not be trusted as well, given its age. Knowing how well my mechanic has cared for this car since he bought it, I decided to take a trip the following weekend to see family 4 hours away. It did great. Since I've had it I've gone on trips to destinations that are very far away. Longest one being a nearly 10 hour drive to the mountains of New Mexico, the trip home she averaged 34 mpg. She now has nearly 234k miles and has had a couple sensors and valve cover gaskets replaced. This is the best value vehicle you could buy for a grand. Will keep until I get new family vehicle and replace for another second vehicle.

By Wes on September 4 @ 3:42 am
Very reliable still at 186,000 miles
I work in the North Dakota oil patch so I needed a dependable car for the frigid winter temps up there. Bought it back in 2015 for $2,000 with 126,000 original miles from the second owner in Colorado. Almost three years and 60,000 miles later, I've only replaced the alternator, put a new Interstate battery in it, tires, fan belt and of course regular 3000 mile conventional 5W30 oil changes. It still runs impressively well and starts easily in subzero weather without an engine block heater. This year and model of Nissan has a timing chain so i don't have to worry about a timing belt snapping and bending engine valves. The manual shifter gets stubborn at times in 3rd and reverse but "double clutching" fixes that easily. Had the Nissan dealer tell me they are worn synchros and it will shift fine for years to come as long as I don't take the car to the dragstrip on a regular basis. Has better engine performance than my coworker's 97 Accord 4cyl, 5 speed with 145,000 miles. Definitely an underappreciated car by car enthusiasts that has typical Japanese vehicle dependability. Gets a respectable 25 mpg in town and 34 mpg on my road trips doing 80 mph to Colorado, even with the mileage on the car. Good old school Nissan.

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