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Of all the new vehicles on sale for 2017 you'd be hard-pressed to find one that's more of a throwback than the 2017 Jeep Wrangler. It adheres to its original design more than probably anything else on the road, and for Jeep purists, that's just the way they like it. The Wrangler is a two- or four-door off-road-friendly SUV that makes very few compromises for comfort. Sure, it can connect your iPhone via Bluetooth or tune you into satellite radio if you please, but the Wrangler's main mission in life is to get you places that standard crossovers or SUVs just can't go.

Though the Wrangler's old-school approach might be appealing, there are some significant drawbacks to note. It has a rough ride, middling fuel economy and some of the lowest safety ratings on the road today. What's more, the seats aren't very comfortable, the infotainment system isn't as appealing as more updated versions from Jeep, and it's just plain loud on the highway, making it tough to take on long road trips.

With all that said, somehow, we'd still recommend the Wrangler. It has undeniable charm and is one of the few vehicles left that won't nickel and dime you with creature comforts you might not want. It also holds its value surprisingly well, even many years later. If you're looking for other options, though, you could check out the Toyota 4Runner. It also has a high resale value and is a much more versatile and livable SUV, though it's not as capable off-road. Jeep also offers the off-road-ready Trailhawk trim level for its Renegade, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee crossover SUVs. But for a throwback vehicle that stays true to its past, there's still only one Jeep Wrangler.

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2017 Jeep Wrangler

NEW FOR 2017

For the 2017 Wrangler, Jeep has added new optional LED headlights and foglights, as well as a Cold Weather package that includes remote start, heated seats and all-weather floor mats.


Unique rugged character


On-road handling and overall comfort are lacking

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By Mercdoc on November 5 @ 11:53 pm
2017 75th Anniversary Wrangler Unlimited
This is our 2nd Jeep with our first being a 2015 2dr Willys. Now I know this is to be for 2016 models but, really there isn't much different and really you can say ours could be a 2016.5 LOL. But... really what do we think of our Jeep? First, new for the 75th edition and a huge improvement are the LED head lamps. I think Jeep finally got this one right and they are standard on the Sahara and Rubicon, but don't worry they are an upgrade for 495.00 on the Sport versions. They are a bright white(daylight) type which are bright on the roads. We have not had a chance to make a night run offroad to see how they light up the woods but I am sure they will be far better than what we had on our Willys. The overall look of the 75th Anniversary we really love. The Power dome hood and front/rear bronzed bumpers from the Hard Rock really set it apart. The tire size is ok but I think the 255-75r-17s that came on our Willys would have given a much better off road ready look than the Wrangler Armor Tracks that came on it. Don't get me wrong, the Armor Track tires are quiet and do have an off road look to them but it is just a personal preference. The ride is the same as any Sahara with the provided Jeep "heavy duty" suspension. I must admit that I like the ride of the Jeep "Performance suspension" that came on our Willys or standard for the Rubicons. The Sahara suspension like the Sport(s) suspension just seems too soft for what I expect a Jeep to ride, again it's just a personal preference. For most folks that spend much of their time "Mall Crawling" the ride would be perfect and most likely their preferred. Now moving to the inside and our impressions. First look inside there is a bit of EWWW and AHHH from the upgraded interior of the Sahara/75th Anniversary edition over the Willys. But that feeling is short lived as you get in and get comfy in your seat. The leather trimmed seats do feel nice but the lack of lumbar is a minus for me. When traveling the added lumbar support is a nice feeling on the lower back. The dash appears to be very close to what we had in our Willys but with some extra little touches. The speedo and tach lettering are nicer to look at with what appear to be larger letters and a cleaner look. Not really sure how to explain this other than for you to go look at a Sport then look at the 75th edition to know what I mean. Now I will admit that I did not look at any other trim level for 2017 so I am comparing it to our 2015 Willys, which also had the premium dash/cluster in it. The steering controls are the same for 17 as they were for 15 and I am sure the same for 16s. They do take a bit to get use to all the functions that they can do. The My-Gig 430 is a nice upgrade over the 130 standard radio that we had in our Willys. The touch screen for me is a novelty and the upgrade to navigation with travel link is a plus for the interstate traveler. It is not as refined as other systems from the other manufacturers but it does get the job done. We have not had a chance to explore all of the features of the 430N but I did find it to be easy to use without reading the manual. Finding some of the feature items could be easier to find with a dedicated button over searching thought the "Menu" button. Our Jeep also came with the Alpine speaker upgrade and it is a great improvement over the stock radio. Yes it is a pricey upgrade and many will say you can that they can build a nicer one for less but many will never do it and be disappointed with the stock system. The Alpine upgrade provides a much need bass response that is not in the stock system. You do lose your hide away in the back as the sub is mounted there. In the JKU it is not a big deal but if you have a JK you will miss that bit of storage. No matter what radio you have the Alpine system is available for an upgrade, my only issue is the lack of being able to tune it. You get Bass or Treble in one radio or you get Bass, Mids, or Treble with the touch screens. Not much there and maybe something that Jeep will touch on for the JL release. I love listening to music both in the Jeep and in my home and the Alpine has a very pleasant sound. The bass is firm but doesn't rattle your ear drums, now you can turn the bass up all the way and it will shake the mirrors and vibrate your back but it is by no means a 15-inch subwoofer. I did notice that the AM/FM tuner picks up stations better than the U130 that we had in the Willys. The ability to copy my CDs to the hard drive is a nice feature, it is a little slow but the playback is great. The U-Connect works great wth both my Android phone and my wife's iPhone and music playback is great with each. Our iPod touch that we use from time to time works well with Bluetooth or the data/charge cable. While using the cable the radio controls the iPod but Bluetooth you keep control on the device. Seating is great up front and spacious in the back but the seats are too up-right in the back. Wish i had more room.

By Granite Hard Rock on September 21 @ 6:31 am
2017 Hard Rock Unlimited is a Beast.
I own a 2012 Rubicon Unlimited (90K miles) and just recently purchased a 2017 Rubicon Hard Rock. Love the modular bumper and recently installed 10K Smittybuilt winch and Terraflex 2" leveling coil spacers. Same as what I did on my 2012. My wife has a 2015 Grand Cherokee diesel and the entertainment / nav system on hers is intuitive and well thought out. The entertainment / nav on my 2017, not so much. As far as off road capabilities, NOTHING comes close to a Rubicon. The electronic sway bar disconnect and lockers make off roading a breeze. I installed offset rims and 33 inch MTS Mickey Thompson's on my 2012 and it improves body roll and off roading capabilities, wish Jeep would do this on the Rubicon. The BF Goodrich KM's don't cut it. The 3 piece hard top is still tight and quiet on my 2012, great design. The LED headlights on the 2017 are a huge upgrade. The seats are very comfortable and the Alpine sound system is great. The beefer rock rails on the Hard Rock are a nice upgrade from the Rubicon, as I have leaned on the stock rails on my 2012 and they are not near as robust as on the Hard Rock. I love the design and performance of the 2017 albeit not alot of miles on it yet. Saw the new design and although would love a diesel, don't like the 2018 design. Taking it to Jeep Jamboree in Palo Duro to put it through the paces in May... Update to my review above. Put the Rubicon to task at Palo Duro. Aside from a few areas that were heavily rutted coming to a sharp peak causing us to high center, this vehicle can go anywhere. The trails in Palo Duro are technical, exceptionally steep blind approaches and exits that you don't believe the vehicle could manage. Auto sway bar release and auto lockers are a huge help with managing changing conditions on the fly. Since last review, put on Bushwacker flat fenders and 33" Ridge Grapplers. No reliability issues with the vehicle since my first review. If you are serious about off roading nothing comes close to the capabilities of a Rubicon off the dealer floor. Heading to next Jeep Jamboree in Sept 2017 at Ozark Arkansas. The more I see of the redesigned 2018, the less I like it except for power plant choices.

By Betty on November 2 @ 11:24 pm
Watch out for fender defects on new 2017's
I ordered a 2017 Jeep Sahara. It came with defects in the paint on the fenders that look like scratches. "Chrysler Care" offered no help, advising me to work with the dealer under the warranty. The dealer didn't build or paint the Jeep. Chrysler Care just closed the customer complaint number and moved on to their next complaint not resolving anything for their customer. So far the dealer has offered (through the warranty) to repaint the fenders on my brand new Jeep. Not happy. This is my 4th Jeep.

By Adam Brunson on May 6 @ 8:00 am
Jeep Wrangler
This is a solid vehicle that holds its value. However, because of its popularity, there is less room to negotiate the price. The best I could do was $3,600 of MSRP. In the end, I feel that I got a great vehicle at a fair price.

By Dennis on February 27 @ 3:32 pm
What the heck are the "so called" experts thinking
I have the 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport, and this truck rides nice, the experts say it doesn't , well go test drive one, maybe these are the same experts that said Trump would not win the presidency. Interior is great, everything you could want except a back up camera(sure they will include that in the 2018 version). Engine is strong , seats are comfortable, and remember this is a truck. You want to be different or you can get an SUV that you can't tell one from another - they all look alike. Don't take my word go test drive one, you will be shaking you head at the experts just like me. Still love the truck - today's date is 10/25/17.

By Edwin Lofgren on November 15 @ 11:02 pm
Return of the Wrangler man
Only Jeep owners know the true value of these vehicles. Just purchased it 2 weeks ago and have about 400 miles on it. We love the simplicity with a dose of modern amenities. This Rubicon is my third jeep and I just love it. I sold my Unlimited Sahara a few years ago and missed the vehicle since. I wanted to replace it before the 2018's were on sale. Had a hard time finding the Hard Rock edition but well worth it. Remember that it is a truck and not a little SUV. This vehicle is tough and secure in the Northeast winters.

By Suzy thatcher on June 7 @ 7:33 pm
Hipster Jeepsters drive off delighted ...
Excellent vehicle. Impeccable service

By Roy Eller Jr on March 2 @ 2:24 am
Test One
You will either love it or hate it. It's just that simple.

By Ray Gleim on July 29 @ 11:30 pm
2017 Recon
Top of the line Rubicon. Perfect if you don't plan to lift go big tires and regear. If that's what you want to do then buy a Sport and dump $20K extra in it. This one will stay stock and get me anywhere I want to go. (6 month update) Well the 2018 wranglers are now out and do look impressive. I am still very happy with my 2017 and we have nearly 7000 miles now. We also tow this Jeep behind our motorhome and I like the idea that Jeeps are very easy to set up to be towed. This has turned into my wife's daily driver and she very happy with it. (She did have to learn the Jeep wave.) Aside from needing a backup camera, which can be installed and integrated into the stock radio, its just about perfect and the gas mileage has been acceptable.

By Mistyred19 on October 7 @ 8:57 am
I'm IN LOVE with my Recon!!
I've had my Recon for a week and I'm in love! It's my 3rd JKU--started with an X in 2008, a Sahara in 2011, and now this one. I haven't found anything that I don't like about Wranglers. Either you like them or your don't; at the price-point of a completely loaded Recon, you could get a luxury SUV, but . . . I still have to get the front windows tinted and want to get a 2 inch lift, but it's really just perfect. It's so much fun and I don't ever worry about being stuck ANYWHERE! Can't wait to get that bad boy off road!!

By Jani Price on July 16 @ 3:16 pm
Love it!
First car we have owned tat my husband says," I love this car!" This is our retirement jeep and we absolutely cannot wait to take it off road! Jeep is very comfortable and great fun! We are already customizing it! We have had three Cherokees(original) and 3 Grand Cherokees but this Unlimited is by far our favorite!!

By Helga on January 17 @ 12:46 am
I feel like the Queen in my Chief
I love my new Jeep Sahara Chief. I don't know why people say it is uncomfortable, its very comfortable. I just bought it two weeks ago so I cannot rate/ review anything that comes with time. The sound system and navigation are easy to work. the voice command, Love it. I'm not a real off roader, but I do have German Shepherds I take places and do go off the road, but no rock climbing or anything intense. Its a great little truck, I sit up high giving a great view. I always wanted one, just love the look of it, but always heard it was to much of a utility vehicle and lots of noise WHAT!!, I have heated leather seats, it handles easily, and is pretty quiet. Granted its not a Mercedes with complete silence inside but I didn't notice anything. We saw Darrell Williams at Freehold Jeep and he was just an all around nice guy. Very, very knowledgeable about the jeep, answered all my questions and steered us to the type of jeep would suit me and why.

By Shawki on February 6 @ 10:13 am
Happy Wife, Happy Life
This jeep is for my wife who wanted one for a long time. I always tried to change her mind thinking it was not very comfortable, noisey, hard to handle and more of just a utility vehicle. She persuaeded me to look and i must say, its not all those things. Its comfortable, pretty quiet, handles well and has the latest technology. We went to Freehold Jeep Chrysler and our salesman was Darrell Williams. She was not sure which type she wanted, looking at Rubicon, Smokey and others. Talked to Darrell on what she was doing and why she wanted it, he told us "you want the Sahara, and he was right. She loves it. The only downfall of the Jeep is it has no backup camera. Not even an option. With everything available today, this should be in the Jeep. Still shes happy!

By Girly Girls don't ride jeeps! on December 11 @ 10:18 pm
I love my modified Rubicon Recon Unlimited!
I don't understand why they say that this jeep is not comfortable. It's an awesome smooth ride. I was even surprised! I was so glad I waited years to get this improved jeep. BTW this is the first jeep I have ever owned. It took about 3 months straight from the factory for this jeep to arrive at the dealership. When it arrived couldn't wait to modify it. With the help of my buddy Sam in the jeep service department in Jeep/Chrysler Williamsburg VA. I added led 2 50 ft light bars, Roof rack, winch, lOOP bumper etc. Sam surprised me when I saw it in front of the dealership! Let me tell you it is a beauty! people compliment me when they see my jeep. Is all top of the line baby! I am not finished with modifying it. Is going to be worth every dime! I will definitely recommend those beautiful women to drive one! OMG red seat and red seat belts too! I wont say much about it let quality speak for itself Did I tell you I love my JEEP!

By Marc on January 24 @ 6:11 pm
wrangler unlimited 75th anniversary
I.ve had many cars and trucks . theres nothing like a jeep in bad weather and nothing like a jeep with the top off. Great fun , safe truck that is easily personalized.

By Julio Martinez on February 9 @ 12:11 pm
Our first Wrangler
We purchased a Jeep Wrangler, mainly to tow behind our RV. It's easy to switch the transfer case to neutral and tow it on 4 wheels. The ride is a bit rough, but that was expected. The acceleration is good, as is the handling.

By Harmony on June 15 @ 10:29 pm
Jeep lover
I love my new jeep!!!

By flyboy on July 30 @ 1:40 pm
2017 chief unlimited
ALL AROUND A GREAT JEEP!!!!!! I had a 2008 Jeep JK Sahara unlimited prior to the Chief and I also own some Jeep CJ7 Laredos from the 1980s. The Chief has a much improved interior over the early JKs. The only down side to the Chief in my opinion are the MUD T/A tires. They make too noise on the highway and decrease the fuel efficiency too. These are GREAT TIRES FOR OFF ROADING, but the reality is you spend VERY LITTLE TIME OFF ROADING. They should offer an option for a less aggressive tire like the Bridgestone Dualer A/T which are standard on the JK Sahara.

By N. S. Nelson, RN on February 5 @ 1:48 pm
Life's too short to drive boring cars!
If you can't wait for self-driving cars don't buy a Wrangler. If you like to drive and wish you could have a convertible for summer, a four wheel drive for winter and off-road, a small(ish) city car and a truck for trips to the garden center but can only afford one vehicle, buy a Wrangler. If you need to get where you're going no matter the terrain, no matter the weather then buy a Wrangler. My Wrangler has a very comfortable seating position, but it is more like sitting at a desk than on a sofa. It has remote start with heated seats and a killer sound system with flawless iPhone integration and satellite radio. I removed the rear seat so I have more than enough cargo space. I can take the t-tops off for sunny days, leave them on for snow. It has a short wheelbase with very little overhangs so it handles great in tight spaces. It is very comfortable to drive around town or on the freeway. It gets crappy gas mileage. I love it. Most of the criticisms of the Wrangler boil down to, "it's not a modern sedan." True, it will not babysit me and watch traffic for me or mind my lane or stop for me if I fail to pay attention. If you need those things than please, don't buy a Wrangler, take the bus.

By Chuck on April 30 @ 7:29 pm
2017 JKU Rubicon, my third Jeep
My first Jeep was a 2010, a JKU Rubicon with the V6 3.8 motor with a manual trans. The engine upgrade in the 2017 (V6 3.6) is a day and night difference in performance. It's a much better performing motor than the old 3.8. The MPG in the 2010 (before major mods to the 2010) and 2017 are the same and I have a Auto trans in the 2017. I didn't buy the Jeep for an economy car. My 2nd Jeep was a 2015 JK (two door) Rubicon. Two doors does get better MPG but it's also weighs less than the four door. The 2017 JKU rubicon is white, purchased new on Dec 31, 2016, so it's almost a year old. To date I've had the oil changed twice and tires rotated twice. Zero mechanical problem or electrical issues. The present odometer reading is 7515. As with both of the other Jeeps, cabin noise is louder than a sedan. The noise is no louder than my previous two jeeps. On my 2015 I did buy the insulation panels which mount to the interior of the hard top. It does help to cool the interior during the summer. The heat doesn't transfer through the plastic hard top like it did without them. The 2017 is totally stock except for seat covers & insulation panels . I learned on my 2010 when I added after market front & rear bumpers, a Warn wench, and skid plates for the underside that my mileage really took a dive with all the extra weight; then, I installed a 4" lift kit and 35 inch tires and miles went further south. With that being said, I'm very content with the stock performance of the 2017 Rubicon. 2017: OTD price was 43,000.00 with a lifetime bumper to bumper warranty.

By JB on January 23 @ 1:10 pm
Smoky Mountain is sweet
I have had 1 JK and 3 JKU's. They are great. The 4 door is nicer, rides smoother, and in my opinion is the best way to go. There is not another vehicle made that compares to a Jeep. My current JKU is a Smoky Mountain. It gets more questions and comments than my other Jeeps did. They only made a few Smoky Mountain editions so I don't have to worry about jumping in the wrong Jeep by accident. Anyone who has never owned a Jeep is really missing out on a fun reliable toy that can double as a every day driver.

By Sari Baskin-Blackman on January 29 @ 6:39 am
Wranglers are UNSAFE and UNRELIABLE
I purchased a 2017 Wrangler in December of 2016. In 11 months it has been in the dealership 5 times. 1 month after I purchased it my son got stranded on a highway with NO POWER STEERING! A month later the clutch needed to be replaced. Yesterday was the 4th time it would not start and needed a new battery. The worst part about this is that the dealership did not stand behind their word. Be very very careful buying a JEEP wrangler. They are unreliable and made poorly. I lost a lot of money this last year on that car. I also paid $2,000 for an extended warranty- totally wasted.

By Ross B. on August 11 @ 2:50 am
Problems right off the bat!
Before driving off the lot ; 1, inspect the paint & interior. I found some sand through on the paint(under the passenger door window)and dodgy sealant work on the gate for the spare tire when hand washing for the first time.SEVERE water spots! Though this is likely a dealer issue. Some of the interior plastic had deep gouges / scratches as well.I bought this jeep in may 2017 and i don't quite yet have 4000 miles on it yet. After washing i smelt something odd around the front passenger wheel...so i removed the wheel and found signs of the brake caliper piston leaking brake fluid! The driver side was removed and found signs of a small leak on that side as well. This will be a warranty issue but if your reading this you should be prepared for early problems.The above mileage is not a typo. I keep this jeep garaged and was so excited to buy it.Now, with obvious issues being found while the jeep is so new i feel ripped off and completely regret buying this vehicle. I have purchased new vehicles from just about every U.S. based manufacturer and by far this has been the worst quality. :(

By LYB on July 12 @ 7:57 am
Worst vehicle I have ever owned
Constant leaks, constant repairs, complete transmission failure at 18k miles. Over 50 days in the repair bay

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