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The above list of "Cons" reads like words we'd craft after driving something designed 28 years ago behind the Iron Curtain. You can almost envision whatever vehicle we're talking about in grainy, sepia-toned footage with the occasional photo of Lenin and a ballistic missile parade thrown in for good measure. And yet, the vehicle in question is the 2016 Jeep Wrangler, a true American icon akin to no other. What else can evoke images of Ike driving through the liberated towns of Normandy, and fun-loving youth enjoying the never-ending freedoms of nature? Heck, the word "Freedom" is even plastered on a special-edition package and roof designs.

Yes, it's this iconic imagery and general character that makes the Wrangler so appealing despite its many drawbacks. Besides its styling, it can go places virtually no other factory-built SUV on the road would dare. Its old-school mechanical underpinnings also make it oddly fun to drive on the road simply because nothing steers or behaves in quite the same way (and hasn't in quite a long time). It's also the only convertible SUV presently on sale (let alone a four-door one) and it's definitely the only thing out there that'll let you take off the doors and lower the windshield for those moments when getting smacked in the face by a moth at 45 mph seems like a great idea.

A purple Jeep? Sure, why not. It's available as part of this year's new Backcountry Edition.

Jeep also enjoys a lack of competition. The Nissan Xterra and Toyota FJ Cruiser are no longer on sale, so the number of livable, off-road-ready SUV alternatives that aren't extremely expensive has dwindled to the Toyota 4Runner (still far pricier than the Wrangler) and those within the Jeep brand: the Renegade and Cherokee Trailhawks and the Grand Cherokee. The truth is, all of these boast better crash test scores, more secure handling and braking, quieter and more comfortable interiors, more up-to-date technology features and driving experiences light-years beyond a Soviet taxi's. But only the Wrangler is going to evoke Ike.

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2016 Jeep Wrangler

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The Jeep Wrangler bolsters its already robust collection of special models with the addition of the Black Bear, 75th Anniversary and Backcountry Editions. The Wrangler Sahara trim gains some aesthetic updates and a new Olive Green interior option. There are also some new colors available, which, for the Wrangler, is actually quite noteworthy.


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By Mark on July 25 @ 12:26 am
Willys Rocks
Bought a 2016 Willys, Tank Green, half doors, 6 speed manual, soft top (the Northern NJ dealer thought I was nuts between traffic and winter) and love it! Had similarly equipped '91 Renegade and enjoyed that but this new Jeep seems to be of much better quality, more solid to me and gosh is it FUN! And it is cool to look at. I (well, the Jeep) get stares from men and women alike. If you like luxury stuff you best look else where. Sure the ride is a bit rough and there is some instability in the turns at higher speed and it can be a bit noisy - it is a JEEP! As fun as my 325i Bimmer convertible is, I enjoy the Jeep just as much or more. Have yet to take it off road...

By Kimani on June 2 @ 9:47 am
Loving my jeep
I'm new to jeep. I commute over 120 miles per day and although I was aware of the mpg average of 19-20 hwy, I really needed the 4wd for winter and the top off for summer. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. 5,000 miles in and I haven't had a single mechanical failure. I will say that the base speaker are beyond horrible, and the speaker bar sucks also. The wind noise at high speeds are to be expected with a vehicle that basically strips down to nothing in a matter of moments. The plastic interior doors can become a problem for long distance drives depending on driving position. Other than that, It's a total blast and I can't wait till summer!

By Michael Breiling on October 15 @ 5:55 pm
First Timer!
I went out and purchased a 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Black Bear edition after driving a 2015 Rubicon for a week. I came from a 2013 Subaru WRX STI which was a great car, but drew all the wrong attention. My Jeep has received more compliments in a week then I ever got from my STI. Firecracker Red is a real looker. To me, the Jeep is just as fun to drive as the Subaru! Its far more comfortable and the technology is much better. Alpine Audio with navigation is a must have and the 6 spd manual is on point. Looking forward to many fun years driving this Jeep. Lift coming soon!

By Michael Keating on December 7 @ 2:35 pm
Horrible in almost every way
I drove this for three days as a rental and it was by far the worst car of any type I have ever driven. Hard to handle. Incredibly poor interior layout. Uncomfortable to the max. Poor mileage. Difficult to get into and out of. Large and clunky size. No backup camera. No USB ports. Odd controls. Literally everything about this screamed "return me early".

By Beth Burnette on October 22 @ 10:40 am
Love this Hard RocK!
Really love the style and durability of this 2016! Drives great on the road and off. Live on a very steep, snow/iced covered road and have NO PROBLEM buzzing up that hill in the worst of conditions. It's a little less stable in high winds on the open road...but I can deal with that. Wish I got a bit better gas millage.....but when you drive 75-80mph I guess one can't expect too much.

By Douglas Lower on April 26 @ 3:25 am
6th Wrangler purchase
When I went for this purchase I knew what would work for me from my previous purchases. I went for the Unlimited Sport with the S package and automatic. My previous Jeep was a 15 Sahara Unlimited, It had a stiff suspension, 18 inch wheels that the dealership had a tough time with one sided balancing. I thought it was Wranglers luxury model, Its ride was a disappointment. The 430 Nav Stereo was a disappointment. It might have been better with the speaker upgrade. On my new Jeep the ride is nice, It has the 17 inch wheels and softer suspension. The biggest surprise is the headliner in the 3 piece Hardtop, It really quiets the interior. The base stereo with sat radio sounds great. When I was dealing with a stereo shop with my Sahara To improve the sound, the tech said to always go with the standard stereo and put your own stereo in. But I do not think I will need one. I added the Sahara sidesteps, they really protect the side paint. I went for the automatic because I live in a big city, and rush hour can get real old . I went for the 3.21 rear end for better gas mileage. I added Trac-Loc so one day when somebody wanted to do some serious off roading, they could. If you are mainly a street driver, opt for the Unlimited Sport . It takes a few thousand miles for everything to smooth out and break-in. I purchased a black one,so everything blends in, including the painted pieces in the interior. I ordered the Sahara bumper appliques front and rear in Billet Silver which should add some nice contrast with the black paint for $174. including tax from the dealer. The engine and transmission are so smooth. I love that it is a convertible, 4x4,and utility, or tow vehicle, so flexible. I love the way it drives. The Unlimited is not as squirelly as the 2 door, and has better safety ratings. I think I should have ordered the optional side airbags, maybe on the next one. I do not know how they would work out if you were doing serious off roading.

By Michael Cassidy on March 3 @ 4:59 pm
It's a Jeep thing!
This is my 2nd Wrangler. I am passing on my 2002 to my son. That has been the best vehicle I have ever owned! So, I a bought a 2016 Jeep Willys Wheeler Wrangler to replace it. So far (2 months) I absolutely love it! It rides so much smoother and quieter than the 2002. It is more roomy in the front and back. The U-Connect system is awesome and easy to use. The interior is really nice, especially for a Jeep!! I have been very happy with my dealer Browns in Patchogue and the Jeep organization as a whole! I highly recommend this vehicle and Jeep in general! But it is not for everybody! You are not going fast and this is no luxury ride. But it puts a smile on my face every time I drive it! I love my Jeep!

By John on September 14 @ 4:53 pm
My dream vehicle
My 2016 Jeep Wrangler Sport was ordered with air conditioning and trailer package as only options, keeping the price low! It is a solid, dependable. powerful vehicle that handles the driving challenges in rural northern Minnesota with ease. Gas mileage is around 18-20 mpg because I'm driving the vehicle as it is designed to be used, mostly on back country two lane no shoulder roads, often rough, 60 mph, slow down for surprise curves, animals, drivers, machinery, and small towns. After market add-ons are easy to install, affordable, and allow you to make it your own. It's steering requires a little more attention than the junk that is now called a SUV, the seating is for adults- not soccer intercity mom going to Macy's for Designer Jeans, and the ride is solid not designed for cruising the Hood or playing with your latest scratch and sniff IPod toy. I drove real military jeeps, in early 70's, and in 27 years of service found out that nothing was as good or dependable to replace it including the Hummer which was overpriced, overrated garbage. Safety, it's safe if you drive normally and like having metal protecting you instead of designer techno garbage that provides recalls every other week because it doesn't work and was made in Mexico/China. I have a 2013 RAV4 and traded in a 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport (5000 miles), which was preceded by 2008 GMC 1500 , 2004 Ford Ranger, 1998 Explorer sport, and 1998 Subaru Forester (All Purchased New). Averaging 100,000 to 120,000 per vehicle before trade in/replacement. They have all been very good vehicles, the Outlander was a mistake, highly rated safety, good mileage, and city based thinking resulted car that is useless outside of the city.

By Barry on December 28 @ 4:49 pm
its a Jeep, not a Cadillac
I love my first Wrangler Willys JK, It does everything a jeep should do, If you want ease of this or ease of that get a Caddy, If you want a smile on your face when you drive, get a Wrangler

By Daryl on November 18 @ 3:10 am
Its a Wrangler Thing
It's a Jeep Wrangler thing. Well I've had the wrangler now for 6 months and still loving it. (when I get to drive it.) My son had use of it during college break so I did not get to drive it for 3 months. He loves it and really does not like my DD (Corolla) says it's too small. So far the wrangler has been problem free. Was looking to replace my 97 Cherokee. Looked at a number of SUV's (Ford, Honda, Subaru etc) Walked into the Jeep dealer and saw a wrangler on the showroom floor. Fell in love with the styling. Took one for a test ride and fell more in love. Rides like a truck (Love it) Find the steering is far more tight than my 97 Cherokee. Bought one nicely equipped. Power windows, automatic, 3 piece hardtop, Bluetooth. More room than my 97 Cherokee and more pep. It is averaging approximately 20 miles per gallon. I know why Wrangler drivers wave at each other. Because the Wrangler is so much fun to drive you just can't help smiling and waving to others that are enjoying theirs. I find the controls are nicely placed. No more noisy then other vehicles I have driven. Love the windows all around. Makes seeing what is in the blind spot very easy. Wranglers are not for everyone, but some of us find that they just fit our personality. The world is a great place there are so many choices for those that want something different. If you love your Rogue or Enclave or what ever that is great. I love my Wrangler. It's a Jeep thing. Happy Trails.

By P. Huelsebusch on June 25 @ 4:04 am
Wife Wanted Purple
If you need a vehicle for the family get a minivan first. If you want to have fun, buy the Jeep next. Wife has wanted a purple vehicle for many years and Jeep came out with the Backcountry Special Edition in just the right color to offend die-hard Jeepsters. My son has a 2014 Rubicon and has had no problems. I don't know about reliability on the 2016 hence the three stars. Time will tell. When you buy a Wrangler you know what you're getting and expectations should be in line with the fact that you are buying a rugged four wheel drive vehicle designed to take you anywhere in any kind of weather. I am very pleased with the comfort, noise level, ride and handling. A long trip can be tedious in the back seat. They are pretty straight, but for short to moderate trips no problem. The more we drive the Jeep, the more I like it.

By Matt on November 26 @ 12:01 pm
Nothing like it, in all the right ways.
People will tell you they're uncomfortable, unsafe, whatever. It rides quieter and less harsh than my old E46, which I loved, and there is nothing like looking out over that Wrangler hood over the road or spotting rocks and mud.

By dilogdp@yahoo.com on June 1 @ 10:19 am
55 yr old male loves his Rubicon
Obviously, this is like no other vehicle in the world. Fuel economy, highway cruising, storage, practicality aren't the highpoints, nor does Jeep pretend them to be. The back seat is very uncomfortable - a hard flat back and small arm rest. This is my only complaint. I've already taken it into some serious mud and it only gets stuck if your bury it up to the frame. The recovery hook on the front, and someone to pull out resolves this. I've been pleasantly surprised at the highway handling, noise level and comfort. I wasn't expecting it to cruise around like a Cadillac. The cool factor is all there too. I plan on letting my teenage kids drive it and they are pretty stoked for spring & summer. I have the manual and it's got plenty of power.

By Carolyn A on June 24 @ 9:05 pm
Jeep, just for fun
As cool and fun as this vehicle is, it is also a gas hog and terribly overpriced. It is a rough ride, hard to close the doors and small. On the flip side, it is a ton of fun to decorate and personalize. Accessories are inexpensive, for the most part. It is not my only vehicle so if I don't feel like wobbling down the road, I drive something else. Other Jeep drivers give the "Jeep wave", which is fun. When my pre-teen daughter is ready to drive, it will be hers because she loves it. It will be perfect for her.

By Christine Hope on October 15 @ 2:58 am
Ready to Rock
This Jeep Rubicon Hard Rock edition is ready to go anywhere the second you drive off the lot. Love the power dome hood.

By DB on September 1 @ 7:56 pm
2016 Unlimited Rubicon
I'm probably rushing this review as I bought this vehicle less than 24 hours ago. I was ready to switch vehicles after my 2012 Grand Cherokee 4x4 with the HEMI motor was pushing 80,000 miles. I looked at a used 2014 E Class Mercedes Benz. It was a phenomenal deal compared to new (with only 12k miles) but I could not wrap my head around buying a sedan. I decided to look into a 2016 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon and was set on White with Black leather interior. This is not an easy task to find used, so I decided to lease a brand new one. I was able to drive it a couple hundred miles in the past 24 hours and I have to say it is extremely nice and well equipped compared to most Wranglers I have driven. The color matched hard top and fenders are a very nice touch and the interior with the leather trim is beautiful. I drove a Hummer H2 for years before I got my Grand Cherokee and I absolutely loved it. This Jeep reminds me of my Hummer. The visibility is phenomenal, I feel comfortable in it and the road noise is minimal, even with the removable top and mud tires. Plenty of power in this V6...it's no HEMI but it's enough. I found myself driving a little less aggressively actually. It seems like every Wrangler driver I've encountered so far waves as I pass them. This is an eye catching vehicle that I have already been complimented on a few times. While I cannot speak to dependability, I have to say I am very impressed with the styling of both the exterior and interior. I am confident I made the right decision. The price tag was a little steep at just under $51,000, but with my trade, some research, and some negotiating, I got what I think is a fair deal on a 3 year lease and I am thrilled to own this vehicle.

By Thomas Powers on July 23 @ 1:08 am
Jeep Cruising
Jeep Wrangler is not a vehicle for all. You gotta love the Wrangler experience to really enjoy it. Rides rough, bounces around the road, noisy within, not very luxurious but that is what a jeep is. Awesome vehice for those that love it and and I love it!

By Bill Vail on December 25 @ 12:54 am
Wrangler Unlimited
Use Edmunds and True Car to find out what others are playing BEFORE going to the dealer. It saved me thousands off the MSRP.... Don't be afraid to go back and forth with a couple dealers to get your best deal.....

By Larry Bajor on April 18 @ 12:31 pm
It is My Jeep!
It is a Jeep. You know what you are getting, bragging rights! You own an icon. There are many jelly bean shaped cars out there that may be better at some aspect of being a vehicle. If pleasing Consumers' Report is important to you then get a Jeep want to be. I have owned sub compacts, family sedans, and mini vans. I never wanted any of those vehicles even if they had air conditioned cup holders and a moon roof that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I now buy cars that I like. Two cars ago I had a Mustang, loved it. My last car was a Mini Cooper, loved it. I have my own criteria. Does the car bring a smile to your face? I smile when I think about my Jeep. I am happy as I go down the road. I enjoy owning this car. I have always wanted a jeep and now I have one. It is one big box of fun. What is so difficult to understand about liking what you drive?

By Basil Matthews on October 27 @ 3:19 am
The last Jeep I owned was in 1979. Of course, much improved and it was a blast back then. Not only can easily be converted to a convertible, but with removing the doors, it's almost like a 4W motorcycle. Great engine power and comfortable. A little pricey, but all manufacturers are today.

By Bill Dahms on November 21 @ 11:39 pm
It's terrible but I love it!
It rides rough and its hard to get in and out of. It handles like a truck. The amenities are still pretty primitive for the top of the line. All that being said, I love it. It can go anywhere and carry whatever I want. I have a couple of other SUV's but for around town this is my favorite. It's easy to work on and for some reason gets more looks than my Porsche Cayenne S.

By Greg on March 8 @ 6:32 pm
Love My Jeep But Really?????
One would think that in a 2016 vehicle with a premier electronics package that cost extra, that the electronic tuner would get all of the Sirius radio channels, but NO..... only up to 220. Absolutely ridiculous. I had to immediately go and purchase an aftermarket system. One would also think that in a vehicle that the top comes off of that the manufacturer would use marine grade leather on the seats.... but NO..... Guess I'll be replacing those too. Come on Jeep where did the quality go?

By Polly on January 3 @ 9:22 am
Love my jeep
I just traded my grand Cherokee in for a new 2016 wrangler unlimited.. I love it!! Yes it is a little bouncy and it does not have all the features that my grand Cherokee had but you don't buy a wrangler for luxury! It does however have Bluetooth, power doors and windows, an awesome stereo, touch screen. It is by far the coolest vehicle that I ever owned.. So glad that I finally have one of my own!!

By Patricia Weller on April 13 @ 8:52 pm
Best jeep
Love my Jeep, I bought a Willys wrangler 2016, very comfortable, fun to drive every day and the gas mileage is not bad at all.

By Robert Scheer on January 12 @ 12:27 am
2016 Black Beast of a jeep
Gotta love a Jeep, freedom to roam, so much to add and make it your own!

By Judyville on June 20 @ 2:36 am
Still lovin' my 2016 Jeep Wrangler Sport!
This is a truck. Don't buy it if you are looking for a luxury vehicle with all the amenities. Having said that, the Jeep Wrangler is a blast to drive. And I'm getting used to the "Jeep Wave" from all the other Wrangler owners! I don't have to worry about getting stuck in mud, water, ice or snow - this Jeep is invincible!

By Rick R. on October 30 @ 5:05 pm
Jeep Wave !
You are purchasing an American Icon! This is not a vehicle for everyone. This is my second Wrangler. I had a 2001 Sport (I loved it, prompted me to buy a new one and make it my DD) and it was primitive compared to the new JK. Jeep has made vast improvements to the legroom and comfort of this vehicle. The options are very good for what you are buying. If you need to be pampered in Luxury then buy a Grand Cherokee. Life is too short to drive a boring car. I have so much fun in the summer with the doors off and the top down. The number of aftermarket products available to "customize" my Jeep are endless. The Vehicle is PERFECT for Northeastern winters in the snowbelt. It is awesome in deep snow. I just wish the seats were a bit more comfortable. The upgrades in materials and fit and finish are far superior to my 01. The Jeep Wave makes you feel as if you are part of a community of drivers out there who appreciate the open air fun of driving a Jeep.

By Bianca on September 27 @ 11:41 am
This vehicle does not handle roads well that have twists and turns to them. (You literally have to go 15 mph so the vehicle doesn't 'skip or hop' sideways across the road while people behind you are honking their horns for you to go faster!). I never would have purchased it had I known this ahead of time. I knew you had to take on and off ramps a bit slower but performance on a winding paved road is really bad.

By J. Wood on November 4 @ 10:42 pm
Fun ride with waste of technology
I've only had my Jeep for 2 months but have already logged over 4,000 miles and for the most part I love it. I bought the Jeep after driving a Lexus Rx300 for 15 years so I was a little worried that I would miss all the luxury of the Lexus but I don't. The car handles well and of coarse is super fun. When shopping for the Jeep I had a few communication requirements that my Lexus didn't have and that was a really good blue tooth and a USB port. Now it's 2016 so that should be standard, and with the Jeep it is. That said, the USB is a complete waste as it doesn't do the one thing I need it to and that is charge my phone. The Jeep's bluetooth is through a system called UConnect and UConnect drains your phone's battery in about 15 mins or less. Thought I could solve the problem by plugging phone into USB, they did an awesome job designing the center console between the two front seats. They even put little groves for the USB cord so you can shut the lid but since the USB doesn't charge, its completely worthless and makes UConnect worthless. I think the higher priced Rubicon comes with a USB that actually charges, but since this is a second car that my kids were going to drive I didn't feel the need to splurge on a Rubicon. I still love driving the Jeep but without a USB port that charges, I can use the UConnect and thus all the great functions in UConnect are a total waste.

By scott on December 23 @ 4:52 am
Oscar-Mike only way to go
Had to do research on Oscar Mike significance. Like the idea of part of price supports USO. It has all the right equipment right out of the box. I wasn't searching for Freedom Edition, but wanted a red 2 door and this is what came up. It seems that Unlimited models are what every one wants, probably the way to go, but I'm a traditionalist. I miss my 2005 TJ I just wish I could have them both. That said, I love my firecracker red 2 door JK. My Jeep history goes back to a 46 cj-2, a 74 cj-5, a 79 cj-7, a 05 tj and my 16 JK. Loved them all and wish I could've kept them all. My !is for a 2016 JK Wrangler, not a 2015 model. No biggie, but just want to be correct!

By DonaW on March 31 @ 11:37 pm
Love my machine
I've wanted a Jeep for 20 yrs. I traded in my 2013 fully loaded Durango for a brand new 2015 Unlimited Sahara. I was nervous I would be lost without some of the luxuries and comfort. However.. I am absolutely loving it. I feel like this vehicle was made for ME. I'm a country girl at heart and a little rough/tough around the edges.. exactly like my Jeep. I feel like I'm driving a machine.. not a car. Unfortunately this car is not for everyone. It is not a smooth ride and it drives like a truck. You need to be able to appreciate it for what it really is.

By Sunny on March 10 @ 9:04 pm
It's A Jeep Thing You wouldnt understand.
As you may know you need to research a vehicle before you buy...I wanted jeep wrangler since 9 and after owning jeep liberty as my first vehicle and 3 hyundais after that...finally finally I was able to get 4dr wrangler auto..I love the way it drives and rides why? Its a jeep..who needs luxry..I love manual door and window.I'm 27 now and Im thankful for Jeep still making wranglers.If you want to save gas go buy a prius and stop giving Jeep a bad reviews...if you want comfort go buy lexus..This isnt your typical vehicle. Its a jeep.

By blakemsu2003@yahoo.com on August 15 @ 5:23 am
Jeep Fever Returns!!!
I had a 1995 Wrangler SE with the I6 Engine. It WAS my favorite car i have ever owned. The very next year they went to the quadralink suspension and the "minivan" interior. I had to part with that great ride after a few years and have longed for one since. After rock crawling in a rental this spring, I was hooked again. While my new ride doesn't have a ton of luxury features, I love it. I am so glad i found a MT version - which shifts like the 95 did, long throw lever and pedal, but you have a great intuitive feeling when doing it. I was also skeptical of the new engines, but WOW the new 3.6L V6 is fantastic. Crisp faster power, better mileage, lighter. The other huge benefit to the 4 door is the long wheelbase. It rides better than my Honda CRV. I'll echo the same comments as a lot of others - I think Jeep has somehow kept the magic while improving the most iconic vehicle on the road. Sure the freedom top has those hand screws and levers, but the 95 had a myriad of torx bolts in front (that went into a thin strip of metal on the windshield frame) and in back and you had to take the whole top off. I also don't understand the gripes about the handling. You get a feel for the turns pretty quickly - yes you have to corner slower, but there is no safety issue and it is great to feel so connected to the road. I'm also excited to start customizing it. This is one of the few cars where you can start off with a fairly basic model and get it dialed to your specific look and function. This vehicle is not for a luxury car driver or a gadget hound. If you want a fun, nostalgic ride, grab one before the next major redesign.

By Dale Starry on September 18 @ 10:46 pm
Starry Freedom
My wife and I wanted a four-door Wrangler so our golden retriever (Sawyer) would have a space of his own when we go to the beach with a full load of luggage and supplies. The Wrangler Unlimited fits this bill nicely. We chose the Freedom Edition because our last name is Starry and there are star decals on the vehicle. It's code name Oscar Mike also has significance because my wife's father's middle name was Oscar and her brother's name is Mike. We chose white exterior because it looked the best with the graphics. We selected the black Freedom top for contrast against the body color. So far, I'm the only driver and I enjoy driving it! I also own a 1989 Wrangler and the new Jeep is light years ahead of its grandpa in technology, comfort, quiet, and driving ease. We also prefer the Freedom top to the soft top on the older Jeep. Everything considered, I'm glad I leased the Wrangler Unlimited.

By frank muscente on March 3 @ 8:53 am
I'm a Jeepster!
What can I say? My new Jeep 75 th anniversary unlimited is so much fun to drive. I figure since I drive alot for my business I may as well get something I can have fun in. I take the freedom roof off, crank up my stereo and off I go, a total blast. Makes me feel like I'm 21 again. The vehicle is rock solid and gets alot of looks too! The Jeep wave is fun also, kinds of reminds me of the Harley wave haha. All things considered I am extremely happy with mu purchase and would recommend a Wrangler unlimited to anyone who is tired of ho- hum driving.

By Harry Hurst on July 8 @ 1:18 am
Love my Jeep

By Brent Bristol on August 8 @ 12:30 pm
2nd Wrangler much better
I would recommend that you rent a Wrangler for a few days if you never driven one before. Driving a Wrangler is a bit different than driving a modern CUV, which is why I love it! I owned a 95 Wrangler that I loved, but unfortunately it was totaled and I could not afford a new one. The 2016 Wrangler Unlimited Sahara that I bought in May 2016 is worlds better. The ride is quite smooth, the power and acceleration is much improved, and the MPG is great considering the weight and its brick-like aerodynamics. When buying a new Jeep, I would recommend the Freedom Top, you get a quieter ride, improved security, and you can still take off the top in about 10 minutes. I bought an electric wench to lift off the rear portion of the top for the garage. Makes taking off the top a 1 man job and you have less of a chance of damaging the top.

By M. Farmer on June 29 @ 5:14 pm
Coolest vehicle on the market!
Although Jeep Wrangler isnt the fastest, quietest riding vehicle...its by far the most customizable and coolest vehicle out there! Jeep wrangler is a motivational vehicle..it makes me want to get up & go...somewhere...anywhere! I havent had my Jeep long, but I've also heard they are very reliable and easy & affordable to fix if anything needs repair. Not so good on gas, but with the low cost of insurance on this vehicle, I have a little more cash to spend on fuel!

By Anthony Waclaw on June 6 @ 3:33 am
So far best suv purchased
This is a jeep not your typical suc

By H Pom on September 6 @ 9:12 am
Do your homework and know the pricing of what others pay before you go to dealers. That will help you negotiate better and call to speak with the fleet dealer instead of walking in to cut all the ridiculousness that dealers put you thru. Vehical is fun drives very sturdy and feels safe!

By Barbara Schmidt on September 19 @ 11:40 am
Cool and fun

By William Staney on August 21 @ 5:13 am
Love 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlim needs Tech Upgrade
Love driving this vehicle. I only with the Tech was upgraded. Needs LED headlighting, Navagation needs higher resolution display and upgraded software to better interact with cell technology.

By Larry Jones on October 17 @ 3:44 pm
First time Jeep buyer
I really enjoy my new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport S. I have 3.73 rear axle gears, so it helps with get up and go. The Jeep runs great, steers sharp and easy to drive. I love it.

By F K on April 4 @ 11:12 pm
Just OK. Only fun to drive, but nothing else.
Just OK. Only fun to drive, but nothing else.

By Daniel on January 31 @ 7:18 pm
First Jeep
This is my first Jeep. I choose the Rubicon so I can play in the dirt again. Enjoy adventures, and experience the great outdoors. I have no regrets in purchasing this vehicle. Lots of accessories available to pimp it out with. I added decals, bumpers, lights, grab handles, and a winch so far. And I've only bought it six weeks ago! Still investigating lift kits and tires. This vehicle makes me young again.

By Ron on June 3 @ 2:08 pm
It's a Jeep!
This is not a city commuter mobile, nor a BMW (I traded in my 328Xi for this!) It is an outdoors persons dream; fun to drive with the top down, able to go nearly anywhere, it was designed for the outdoors! After watching the video, the soft top is easy to put up or down, taking off the hard top is a breeze. Acceleration is fine, my unlimited keeps up with every other car on the highway entering the entrance ramp. Shifting is easy, arm and leg positions comfortable. It sits up high off the ground, but my mother in law who is 80 lovers the ride and can get in without a problem. Controls are easy to use, and make sense, blue tooth and voice recognition work fine with my iPhone (which doubles as my GPS system). 130N radio with Sirius XM sounds very good, although a little weak in the base. The long baseline of the unlimited helps in inroad ride performance. I'm in love with the vehicle already!

By Junglee Bhalu on September 27 @ 2:25 pm
Buy a Wrangler if you want to have fun!
I have a 2016 JK Willy's Wheeler, 2 door, premium soft-top. No power options and base radio without navigation. Bought new and already have 8,000 miles on it. Can easily cruise at 80 mph on the highway, but stopping distance is scary. Keep enough room between you and the vehicles ahead to be safe if going at high speed in the Wrangler. There are also many blind spots and its a short wheelbase on the 2 door so lane changes must be well calculated. Soft top and sun rider are easy to operate. Takes only a few minutes and can easily be done alone. Front seats are very comfortable on long rides. Gas mileage on highways if driving in the 3000 rpm zone is approximately 16 mpg for long trips. If you stay at 2,500 rpm, you can squeeze 20 mpg out of the Willy's. Headlights are not up to par and they barely do the job. Base radio sucks at highway speeds, but adequate in the city. It does get loud and drafty if you are on the open road and it's windy. The loudness in the cabin is something you get used to because it's so much fun to drive. I also have a 2015 Toyota Camry XLE V6, but I still prefer to take out my Jk for long drives. The 2 door has very little storage space unless you fold up the back seat. A few months after I bought the Jeep, we had our first big rainstorm and I found that water had leaked into the jeep soaking the front and rear carpeting. The dealer performed what is called a water test and fixed the problem by replacing all door and cowl seals. The Wrangler isn't perfect and has it's flaws, but I still love mine and so does everyone else. Getting a Wrangler with too many frills makes no sense. If you think horse riding is fun and free, you will love the Wrangler.

By me on February 2 @ 2:46 am
mm mm
My third Wrangler. They still impress me. 4" lift 35" pro comp mt2s. These vehicles will go almost anywhere, which is exactly why I buy them. If you want a quiet interior and all sorts of gadgets, buy a beamer and be quite. This is not the vehicle for you. ( By the way, this not an suv. It is a Jeep)

By Ana E. on December 23 @ 8:36 am
The 75th Edition Jeep Sahara is the new Black
If you want a fun, rugged, head turning, kick butt-not an SUV, not a truck, not a car-what IS that vehicle, then the 75th Edition Jeep Sahara hard top is for you. It's gorgeous with it's bronze accents, mean hood and luxury interior (for a Wrangler). Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it's fun to drive, comfortable and definitely roomy enough for a family of 3 (as long as you don't need to much storage). The performance is bit sluggish, but that is not what a Jeep is all about. You buy a Wrangler because it's a Wrangler.

By rodge on December 31 @ 5:23 pm
just bought 2016 jeep wrangler unlimited sport and i must say best rig ever had, if u like outdoor driving this one is for you. its like driving a motorcycle only it has 4 tires, you wont understand the pros n cons of this rig because its a JEEP!!

By Jim Francis on September 22 @ 4:54 am
Proud New Jeep Owner

By Miranda Unruh on April 29 @ 3:45 am
Loving the Jeep Life
If you want the wind in your hair and great off-road vehicle, the Rubicon is tops. It handles fine on road, but you have to actively drive it, as it likes to "road walk" a bit. Overall I'm extremely happy with my purchase and find it to be a comfortable ride.

By Joe Black on September 22 @ 5:58 pm
The Greatest Ride Ever
This isn't a suv, this isn't a lexus, This isn't a ride for just anyone. Its a JEEP! Its for the greatest people on earth. I have two Jeeps. a 2015 unllimted and a 2016 unlimted. My wife loves hers and I loved hers so much. I bought me one also. If you want the most custom ride to go anywhere on earth. This is the ride. It has a community in its self. Like no other. It's a great buy for great people. try one. then buy one. When you try one. you have to relize if your a city girl/boy that this is a jeep. not a Mercedes. But with 35inch tires 4 inch I can drive 80 down the road witht he radio on 12 and carry a conversation without yelling. its an awesome ride ya'll. Cheers and enjoy.

By D.S. on June 12 @ 5:05 pm
Glad I got it
Had been looking for a new car for a few months. Always like the look of the Jeep Wrangler. Was worried about past reliability and engine problems, especially since I had only driven foreign cars for the last 20 years and had always been pleased with them. We usually maintain vehicles very well, drive them for 10+ years and expect to get 200,000 miles out of them. I did a lot of research and thinking about the Wrangler. After reviewing other Jeep owner's experiences, the upgrades that the Wrangler has had in transmission and engine performance, and deciding to purchase a very comprehensive and fair-priced lifetime warranty from Mopar, I bought a new 2016 Wrangler Unlimited w/ automatic, and hardtop. Have only had it a month, but I am very pleased with the vehicle and overall experience. It is a fun vehicle and everybody notices it, likes it, and comments that they would like to have one.

By Jenny on May 13 @ 4:24 am
Does anyone have brake issues.
I bought a 2016 jeep unlimited oscar mike jeep. I love driving it. I do have a question thou for everyone that owns a jeep. I bought my jeep in Feb. have taken it to the dealership every month to have my brakes worked on. I have new brakes on front and back. When I bought jeep it always made a squeaking noise. They have tried to fix it but every time they do something it still squeaks. Last time I got it fixed and they put new brakes on my back it now makes a clinching sound every time I brake when i am moving slowly. I was told that is a normal sound of a jeep. If i was aware of that I would of never bought a jeep. When picking up my kids in line for school it makes that noise. I am so embarrassed. Please help my out everyone if this is a nature thing that a jeep does.

By Bob Corder on May 9 @ 8:55 pm
I love my Wrangler!
I feel ten years younger driving the Jeep. I have multiple cars and this is by far the most fun to drive. Love it!

By Chris Ben on September 4 @ 12:21 pm
Wrangler Unlimited
Great Jeep but dealer service has been very poor. Choose carefully

By Christine Gartland on October 8 @ 3:23 pm
Love my jeep
Love the off road capabilities. Already have a leak in the back window but appears to be a common occurrence. Dealer to fix this week. Quadratek has great recommendations for seal maintenance.

By Blane on September 20 @ 10:47 am
A Fun Irritant
The 2016 Wrangler Unlimited was my second one in four years. I had issues with rain leaking into the cabin on both vehicles around the 14,000 mark. Loved the fun, cool factor, the accessory build freedom, and utility of the vehicle. It is fun to drive, but with regard to the leaks, Jeep says you need to expect these type of things. I had to cut off my frustration. With two vehicles that leaked and gave me ridiculous amounts of frustration, it is was terrific fun to drive. I had the soft top and had it off as often as I could. The ride is loud and rough, but not as much as you may think. When you test drive it, your first thought is it being much more comfortable than you anticipated. Nothing puts you in a good mood faster than driving home from work with with top down and tunes blaring. This was used as my every day vehicle, which is probably not the best use for it. The storage compartment is small and awkward to access with the soft top up. Whether this is getting groceries or anything else. I play golf and coach baseball and my gear does not really fit well. If I lived in western states such as Colorado or Utah, it would make more sense. I am on the east coast and it is a mall crawler. I had to eventually part ways with my Jeep, but still miss the fun factor....but not the frustrations.

By Shannon newton on October 13 @ 4:39 pm
Brand new.... and loving it...
Love this vehicle just remeber the more things you add to it the heavier it gets and mpg really drop.... but other than that love it...

By MV Parent on September 25 @ 10:13 am
Exactly as we Expected & Wanted
Overall rating is 5 stars as it is exactly what we expected & wanted. The sub category ratings are lower as it is a comparison to all other vehicles.

By Robert Scavello on May 24 @ 4:14 pm
75th Edition
This vehicle, while somewhat pricey, has passed my expectations for comfort and ride.

By Jordan Corbitt on October 9 @ 3:08 pm
Most Fun I've Had in a Vehicle
In my first year owning a Jeep Wrangler, I have taking it to task. I went to several off-road parks and Jeep gatherings. I took the Wrangler through water, mud, up and down trails with inclines so steep, I could only see the sky while going up. Keep in mind, everything is stock on my Wrangler yet. One occasion I actually went off-roading with the doors and top off. I started crossing a waterway and it was a lot deeper than I had anticipated as water begin filling the cab of my Wrangler, soaking me and my passenger along with the rest of the interior. I kept going though and the Wrangler never hesitated and we made it to the other side. After a few days, the interior finally dried out and all that was left was to clean out the sand that had made its way into my cup holders. The interior did not stink and all the electronics still work like a brand new Wrangler. I have been water forging several times and even took on some very rocky terrain on some occasions. Going down some "rock steps," I didn't have quite the ground clearance needed and hit the trans-axle on the rock and bent my tailpipe a bit. The Wrangler just handled it and keep on going. I am thoroughly impressed with this vehicle and absolutely love it! It truly is "Trail Rated."

By Conrad Camellino on July 2 @ 2:24 am
Its a Jeep Thing
First, a few disclaimers. This review is on an Unlimited Rubicon Hard Rock Edition with basically every option. Keep that in mind when I say this vehicle is more luxurious than some other reviewers (for example, the Sport comes with roll-up windows and no air conditioning). Second, I've driven about 30,000 miles in this vehicle and 50,000 in a 2014 Unlimited Rubicon I had prior to this, so I've had a lot of experience behind the wheel. 1. The Good: there's a lot of it. The Rubicon Hard Rock is the single BEST vehicle you can buy for rock crawling and for all-around off-roading. That's not bias talking - its an objective truth. It comes standard with low-range 4WD, heavy duty Dana 44 axles front and rear with electronic lockers, 32 inch mud/terrain tires, an electronic sway-bar disconnect, skid plates, rock sliders, steel bumpers front and rear (the front is winch and hoop capable). It will go anywhere you ask of it, and not break a sweat. The Raptor can desert run, but isn't much of a rock crawler. The Ram Power Wagon can rock crawl - unless the trail gets too narrow or windy. Small pickups like the Tacoma and Frontier are fine, but have bad departure angles and independent front suspension (bad for off-roading). Its easy to dwell on the off-road prowess of the Rubicon, so lets move on to some under-appreciated categories. The interior, for example. Mine has heated leather seats with "RUBICON" embroidered onto the backs, leather center console, door armrests, shifters, and steering wheel...its got illuminated footwells and cupholders, navigation, bluetooth, voice-controlled calling and radio, DVD player (when stopped), a 9-speaker, 500-watt sound system. I could go on and on. Long story short, its a pretty swell place to spend some time, and not half as uncomfortable as some reviewers (professional and consumer) make it out to be. Its a great family hauler too - it seats five comfortably and with no discernible power drop, can fit loads of gear in the back with all seats up and an astronomical amount with the rear seats down. Furthermore, I never had any maintenance problems with either of my Wranglers for over 80,000 miles. 2. The Bad: yeah, there's some. Comfort isn't what you'd expect from a $50,000+ vehicle. Wind tosses the car (which has the aerodynamics of a cutting board) all around the road if you're not careful, and wind noise at high speeds can be irksome (not terrible, but again - for the price, you really don't want to hear ANYTHING). Technology is lacking too. I have everything I want as a twenty-two year old male with no children. But if you were using this as a family car on occasion, you might want more than 6 airbags, maybe safety features like blind spot monitoring or lane keep assist. The primary safety feature in this car after the traction control and stability control (which, admittedly, are both excellent), is YOU. A Jeep Wrangler asks you to pay attention, something fewer and fewer cars ask of you. MPG is also bad - after a point. I say this because driving 55-65 along curvy Colorado mountain roads, the Wrangler is a rockstar. It gets 20-sometimes 22 MPG on roads and at speeds like that, which is more than I would ask of a giant, boxy off-roader with a five-speed transmission. However, at interstate speeds (75+), on windy days (and the interstate often follows windy corridors), you might average 13 or 14 MPG. That sucks, to put it bluntly. 3. Conclusions: think about what you want out of your car. As a daily driver, the Jeep is comfortable enough and averages 18 MPG, which is fine by me - but there are better options out there. As an off-roader, it is hands-down the single best option currently on the market (and that includes the G-Wagen, the Land Cruiser, the Range Rover, et cetera). As a luxury SUV, it does well, if you're comparing it to 5-8 year old luxury SUVs (cross shopping this Jeep with a 2008 Mercedes M-Class or a 2009 Land Rover LR3 is actually pretty fair). And there are ways around its more unfortunate quirks. Upgrade the LCD screen to a 9-inch offering from Alpine that includes a rear-view camera. PAY ATTENTION when driving. For that better MPG, take the longer way to your destination and save fuel. And what do you get, for your trouble? One of the most badass, quirkiest, most fun to drive, most attention grabbing vehicles on the market (many would say THE most). Its worth it, by my reckoning. I'll be a Jeep owner for life.

By ChrisMo on October 13 @ 2:33 am
A perfect example of LOVE and HATE relationship
After owning several XJs and ZJs over the years, I decided to move into a brand new 2016 JKU. The version I have is a Sahara Backcountry so it's equipped with some off road goodies plus I found one with some options such as the 3.73 gears, Tru-Lock rear locker, top of the line audio/nav system. remote start, and the supplemental side airbags which are, surprisingly, still optional. MSRP Over $45,000. It's been almost a year and a half and 13k miles so I think I can give a honest review. First, I am well aware I bought a Wrangler, and what that means as far as owning a boxy, heavy, full framed SUV designed for capability, not luxury. So my complaints will not be about things I knew I was getting into with this. Mine has been in the shop for about 25 days of the last year. My freedom top leaks (and still does), an axle seal failed, rusty water is comes out from behind the center caps after it rains/goes thru a car wash, a bumper applique started peeling off, my front differential had to be completely rebuilt twice and had a recall on an airbag module. . This week I've started noticing a rough idle combined with a rattle, possibly a heat shield, when at a stop. I have not modified mine. With all that said, owning a Wrangler puts you into an exclusive group (if you want that). There's a camaraderie with other owners and feeling of security driving one. I love the way it looks, and people give me compliments all the time or say "I wish I could get one." It's a beast on sand or snow, and nothing compares to taking the doors off in the summertime. Fortunately, I have a daily driver so mine sits most of the time, which makes it a treat to take out when I do.

By Stanley Siegel on August 25 @ 2:40 am
Great 4WD vehicle, but costly for what you get
Since there is no competition the pricing, for what you get, is expensive. By it is a great 4 wheel drive vehicle.

By Chad Sykes on December 20 @ 4:20 am
Understand, this is not a car, this is a jeep
It's the only thing on the road that will drive along side the road with equal comfort and control! I also like how the tires give you plenty of warning that you're getting to aggressive in the corners, and its the only car i've driven that I'm happy driving the speed limit in (saves on fines) only problems are 1. you end up waving at every other jeep on the road 2. people come up to you just to tell you how nice you're jeep is 3. When you park it somewhere you come back to find 2-3 or more parked next to it. But these are only problems if you're not a jeep person!

By Jamie on October 18 @ 4:47 pm
Oh So Pretty!
I had been drooling over what I called the “4-door” Jeep for over five years. Finally, knowing absolutely nothing about jeeps other than they look Bad Ass and they are Oh soooo Pretty, I went out and bought a brand new Oscar Mike. It’s Gun Metal grey and probably the coolest looking vehicle I personally have ever seen. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a female. With that being said, can someone tell me what the heck I actually bought. All I know is that it’s a Jeep Wrangler Oscar Mike. I can’t seem to be able to figure out if it’s a limited edition, unlimited, sport, etc. I’ve looked online and even called my local dealership with little success. As a matter of fact, the guy at the dealership sounded almost as confused as me. (WHAT!) I should mention that because I went out and bought a Jeep without my husband, and paid around $41,000, I’m a little embarrassed not even knowing what I paid for. He did know I was planning on buying a Jeep. Just not that day and at that price point. Seriously, without too many harsh words, can someone please help me figure out/tell me what kind of Jeep I own. Thanks in advance, Jamie

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