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With a heritage stretching back to World War II, the 2015 Jeep Wrangler is about as throwback a vehicle as you'll find in showrooms today. It has old-school solid axles at both ends and standard crank windows. It's noisy and rough-riding. The soft top is a puzzle to put up and take down and a magnet for potential thieves. Indeed, measured against virtually any other new SUV, the Wrangler is in many ways, well, terrible. For its legions of fans, however, that's part of what makes it so much fun.

It's accurate to say that these foibles are actually indicative of an incredibly honest, back-to-basics off-roader. Of course, the Wrangler also looks pretty cool and can dive headlong into places where few other vehicles dare tread. Plus, what other new car allows you to remove not only the roof, but the doors and windshield as well? The answer is, none.

Changes for the 2015 Wrangler are minimal, so much of your shopping time for a Wrangler will be spent just figuring out what configuration you want. Certainly, the four-door Wrangler Unlimited body style is the more practical choice, but the two-door's shorter wheelbase and overall length make it more nimble on tight trails. For both, the trail-ready Rubicon trim level is a highly popular choice as well. Even if you get just a no-frills Wrangler, though, there's a dizzying array of factory and/or aftermarket upgrades available to let you customize your ride in the years to come.

True rivals to the Wrangler are few. The 2015 Nissan Xterra marches on as the only significant alternative. It provides a more civilized on-road driving experience in exchange for less maximum trail-busting ability. The same was true for the Toyota FJ Cruiser, but Toyota has discontinued it after this model year. Perhaps as consolation, Toyota is offering off-road-oriented versions of its 2015 Toyota 4Runner and Tacoma pickup. But when it really comes down to getting a vehicle with legendary off-road ability and iconic style at minimal cost, there's still nothing like the Jeep Wrangler.

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2015 Jeep Wrangler

NEW FOR 2015

The 2015 Wrangler's standard stereo now has eight speakers, while the optional Alpine setup boasts nine. Also, Jeep now includes a standard Torx tool kit for removing the doors and roof. Lastly, packages and trim levels are shuffled. The Altitude and Rubicon Hard Rock editions debut, though the latter is essentially last year's Rubicon X with the addition of the premium audio system. The X moniker itself is reused for a new trim level that serves as a loaded-up Sahara.


Extensive factory and aftermarket parts support


Cumbersome soft top.

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By rod_r on November 13 @ 3:08 pm
Unlimited Sahara as a Daily Driver
I needed a vehicle I can tow behind my motorhome. I wanted something I could flat tow that had decent room for 4 people. I also wanted something that would work as may daily driver. I wanted reasonable comfort and a decent stereo. I finally settled on an Wrangler Unlimited Sahara with an automatic. It seems well built with no rattles. With leather and heated seats plus navigation and the Alpine stereo it is a nice place to be. Ride and handling are decent. I don't plan to do much off road driving but it's nice to have the capability. Performance with the Pentastar V6 is decent. The Alpine stereo is much improved for 2015. So far I am getting 16.8mpg in mixed driving. No complaints so far.

By repoagent on April 7 @ 2:56 am
Purchase has been complete nightmare!
I purchased 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport Dec,2014.It was my first new vehicle purchase.This was the unit I dreamed of owning. Since bought its been back to the dealer 4 times. Driver side was leaking badly! The 3rd trip they kept for 2wks and used Jeep repair asst number for help and ended up getting it back with a black sticky bandage type material as the resolution. It just like the bandage sticky wrap you buy from Walmart. Its already melting, ruined expensive dress clothes and now leaks from the center! I am exhausted wish I had my 07 chevy trailblazer back with no probs! On 2 days went to roll down elec windows & they did nothing I foresee electrical probs due to leaking!!

By emfl on August 17 @ 10:32 pm
Best fun in a vehicle
This is the most fun vehicle I've ever had. It can get through anything and is solidly built. The hard top is quiet but not like a sedan so if you're looking for that this is not the vehicle for you.

By ghostface2009 on January 9 @ 9:54 am
couldn't be happier
Even better than I expected. Enjoying the top down. Wife and kids love it. Rides much better than older Wranglers. I have the hard top/soft top version, which makes this very versatile for all seasons. Gas mileage averaging about 18-20, which is perfectly fine for a vehicle like this. Did some light off roading so far, and this is where the vehicle really shines.

By Barry Blackmon on November 5 @ 6:38 pm
Sold this “dream” vehicle as soon as I could
“Fun to drive” became pain to own. Definitely not worth the cost of the vehicle. TOW package was not worth additional cost of upgrade. Cheap materials. Poor construction. Bad dealer experiences. Will never purchase another Chrysler Fodge Jeep Ram product or service. I tend to own vehicles for decades. I sold this vehicle as soon as I could do so.

By Sam on April 26 @ 1:34 pm
Beastly Off-Road Vehicle!!!!
If you are looking for a nearly unstoppable vehicle right off the dealer lot, look no farther! This Jeep will get you places where most 4x4's can't without even working hard. It's on road manners while not sports car like, are more than adequate for most drivers. It lets you enjoy the driving experience!

By Alan LaPierre on April 23 @ 8:40 am
My Willys Wheeler is so awesome
Looked for years and then this yellow and black Willys wheeler was there. Love this rig. Everything about this is so well done with style, and performance. The sound system with the sub woofer is bomb. This moved me from an 01 Isuzu trooper that I also loved.

By Dan T on December 2 @ 5:25 pm
10th Wrangler 8 new and 2 used
Die hard Wrangler fan here. Just bought my 2015 Wrangler Willys 2 weeks ago. Mileage is not as good as my 2013 but it's because of the beefy tires and 3:73 gears. Had a NEW 97, 02, 04, 06, 08, 12, 13, and 15. Used 95 and 10. Hardtops are a pain in the butt without a lift in garage. 97 and 12 were favorites until this 15. It's awesome. If you're not a priss, you need to experience a Wrangler. These vehicles run better in the snow (without the 4WD) than most vehicles do with the 4WD engaged. The soft tops keep you plenty warm in the winter. Get out there and get Wranglertized!!!!

By Marlena on October 20 @ 5:38 pm
Never buying another Chrysler!
I bought my 2015 Jeep Wrangler at the end of May. The day after receiving the car the engine light came on. I brought it to the dealer that weekend. The code was for a knock sensor but they only cleared the code and sent me home. Within a few days the light was back on. This time they replaced the PCM. I returned with the light on again a week or so later and they finally replaced both knock sensors since this was always the code that was being thrown. I was able to use the car this time for almost two weeks and I was finally thinking it had bee fixed, when the light came on again. (still the knock sensor). The dealership called STAR and was told to replace the electrical harness, which they did, but that too did not fix the problem. I have taken the car in a total of 8 times in 3 and a half months. It probably would have been more, but for a period of time I was not bringing it in when the light went on, but instead trying to work with Chrysler myself. This too was a waste of time. I have filled out the paperwork for the lemon law and have now begun arbitration. For this process I am expected to bring it in to the dealership for a final chance at fixing the problem. If they could not do it on the first 8 times, what makes them think they will do it on the 9th? What happens after this? I don't know. Although, I do like the Jeep, I am really over all of this and at this point I feel that I would never purchase another Chrysler Vehicle. I can only hope that they will change my mind about their company by standing behind their product and pledge to a satisfied customer, and make things right!

By Kent on December 6 @ 9:06 pm
2015 JKSU Wrangler
Just bought my 2015 JKSU in May 2015 from AutoNation Jeep in Littleton, Colorado and I started hearing a noise from my clutch at 8,000 miles. I called the dealership to set up a appointment for service, but since the building was being rebuilt they were all backed up and I had to wait about 2 months. Finally it was time for my appointment on Monday September 21, 2015 my jeep had 15,780 miles on it. The dealership will not cover the replacement of the clutch because it is only covered for 12,000 miles. I totally understand that but the fact of the matter is that when I first reported my issue to the dealership it only had 8,000 miles on it. The dealership will not warranty it, so im now dealing with Chrysler themselves. They want me to pay $1,750 on a car that is 5 months old. What ever happened to 3 year 36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty.? DO NOT BUY A MANUEL JEEP - Otherwise I love my jeep 4 lo is insane. The doors and roof come off easy. Ive gotten the car up to 85 going to Nebraska.

By Philip George on May 8 @ 10:43 pm
Willy Got a Willys Wheeler
My nickname is Willy. And I used to own a Jeep (used). I understand some of the reviews out there when it comes to a used Jeep. But come on folks, you got to realize what you are getting. A Jeep is a vehicle that is taken to the extreme in some cases. And it's resale value is a testament of the value you get. I bought my 2015 Willys Wheeler new and am enjoying it immensely. Comparing it to my older Jeep (1990 model by the way), was like comparing to a night and day experience. Inside has come a long way. The amount of aftermarket options are insane. Driving with the top off on nice sunny days (even to the gym) is a nice experience. Of course, there are still a few issues. Hardtop that I bought is a bit awkward to get off even with 2 folks (especially if the 1 is shorter than you). When on the highway, it is a little noisy but nothing unbearable. And the stick shift I bought has a lot of vibration. But those are all little nuances that I think people can get used to if they know up front what they are getting into. Buy one. You will enjoy.

By Walt on October 2 @ 3:58 am
Traded in 04 Wrangler Sport I had for 11 yrs. Got $11,500 on a 2015 Wrangler Sport S for $31,000. Feels like a Mercedes in comparison yet better off road. Only problem with 04 was "death rattle" which got fixed for $120. Premium Sunrider top is beautiful but have problems locking in compared to ease of 04. Side windows much easier than 04. Definitely much faster with better gas mileage. Much better braking. Wind "whistling" noise front of soft top between 35/50 mph but no leakage. After many trips to dealership and windshield gasket changed Jeep engineers admit design flaw. 7 others driven have same issue. Extremely satisfied with 2015 and only time will tell if it is as reliable as 04 was. 4/21/17 Update. Now have 14000 mi. Drove to Fl and back. Very comfortable. Learned how to push Pandora and Nav through Blutooth. Jeep said it couldn't be done...WRONG! Really cool. Drove the beaches in Outer Banks NC. With "limited slip" didn't even need 4wd. Getting rear window off/on is a nightmare so have just rolled up rear when putting down top. Every other person I speak to has this problem. Overall very happy with my Wrangler. 22 mpg on long trip @ 70 mph.

By QTPieAngie on June 22 @ 1:17 am
More than we thought
I bought my Jeep Liberty (used) when my Husband and I first started dating. Great SUV! Once mine was paid off we agreed that we'd get him a new vehicle. He wanted the Jeep Wrangler. Since he was kid; this has been a dream. In December 2014 we bought the 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sport. It had 300 miles on it; they drove it up from Los Angeles to the Central Valley. We had gone to the dealership twice to take a look at their selection. My Husband is 6'3" and a big guy; this vehicle fits him comfortably. When we drove it off the lot we were shocked that we actually had done it. The following weekend we took it up to the snow; the 4-wheel drive was great and we had an awesome experience. The fact that you can go from Manual to Standard was so cool! We upgraded the bumpers and side rails, did some custom paint work in the interior and bought a bikini top (that's for me). The freedom we feel driving it has made the monthly payment worth it. This Summer we took it up to an annual Jeep run in the Sierra Mountains; with only our new fancy bumpers and side rails we took our Jeep up. We were completely shocked at what the Wrangler did. Trails and Mountains the Jeep climbed were shocking! This machine went right on up some scary mountains; we had great spotters but it still just amazed us on how awesome this vehicle is. They say; You're never done building a Jeep. Which is completely true! I like how the holes are pre-drilled for adding such things as bumpers, side rails, winches and such. It's truly is a Lego set. Cons: the backset is not made for tall people, anyone over 5'8" has trouble getting in and out. Inside of the vehicle is nosey with the hard top on. The braking does take a bit longer to stop the SUV. Comparing to my Jeep Liberty. The speakers between the front and back seat, up in the roof, don't give much head room for the people riding in the back. Almost a year into this SUV and we're happy. The performance and enjoy of owning a Jeep Wrangler has made the last year an adventurous one.

By Tim on December 12 @ 3:05 pm
First timer
Never owned a Jeep in my life. Purchased the Unlimited Sahara w/ 3piece HT the end of July 2015. Made it my daily driver. (had 3/4 pickup before) It's been great do far. Winter coming and we'll see how it handles in the snow. Runs great, no issues and gets about 19 overall mileage. One thing I wish I could find is actual sun roof glass replacement roof pieces for the front two roof panels on the 3 piece hard top.

By Jim Kuehnel on August 19 @ 5:01 am
3rd Wrangler - The JK is by far the best!
I had a brand new 1995 Sahara soft top, traded it in on the redesigned 1997 hardtop. Since then I have had quad cabs trucks and other SUV's. We purchased a 2015 Wrangler two months back and man am I happy with it. No doubt in my mind this one is better than the other two I owned on and off road. I love the interior, love the ride and handling. The fun factor is still its main selling point! I cannot wait for fun adventures with my wife and two boys in this vehicle. Cons: I hate the standard Chrysler stereo units. They are way outdated and sound terrible.

By Carey Favreau on April 4 @ 4:58 am
Third Time....It just keeps getting better!!
This is my third Jeep, I've had a H3 and an Audi S5 in between this and my last jeep....Had to go back. Once a Wrangler is part of you, you can never do without! Love everything about this model. Not too much, I'm not climbing rock walls, but I can go where ever I want to! Everything inside has made an incredible jump, techno everywhere you want it and plenty of room for a 6'5" guy. 3 piece top, way cool and so easy. And the looks...........Man! Did I tell you I love Jeeps???

By Liz on July 29 @ 4:49 am
It's a Jeep!
I bought a 4 door Sahara. It's awesome. I put an air intake on it to increase power. Beware cold back seats and super bad compatability with blue tooth. Otherwise it's awesome. I knew what I was buying and why and I love it!

By deputydog35@gmail.com on November 7 @ 2:11 am
This is my second Sahara JKU that I have owned. The first one was a 2007 and now a 2015. Such a huge difference from the Mini-Van motor 2007 Sahara JKU! The motor and build quality of the 2015 Sahara JKU is 110% better than my 2007! I love my 2015 JKU and would recommend this year Wrangler to anyone. The only down side if there really is one is the gas mileage is pretty poor. (Could be because there's only 7k miles on it.) But the build quality and motor make this year JKU a winner no matter how you look at it!

By jinxedjeep on September 19 @ 10:47 pm
very expensive sieve
Loved my 2015 WRANGLER WILLYS EDITION....until all the rain leaked in the front. took dealership way too long to correct the issue and a big hassle to get the carpet replaced.

By Shawn Schmid on May 27 @ 5:04 pm
Jeep Wranglers Wave at arch Other on the Road
Like motorcyclists, Wrangler drivers give a wave to each other on the road. That made it easier for me to transition from my California, motorcycle-only driving to the East Coast where they have seasons and I need 4 wheels to travel. Pros: it's not just a car, it's a way of life Endless accessories are available, depending upon what you want to do Best resale value of any car. Look online at a 5 year old Wrangler with 100,000 miles...it can still command a 20k dollar price, depending on options & condition. Mine is worth more now than when I bought it! Cons: endless accessories mean your build won't ever end while you own your rig Along with the high resale value comes the high cost. My nice young salesman literally laughed in my face when I told him the MSRP for a 2015 JKU as its called, that is the Wrangler Unlimited Sport, the lowest 4-door model. Any other words, Sahara, Rubicon, Willys model cost more. You can't get one less than 30,000, anywhere on earth. I see people pay 50,000. So I got the 30,000 after I found out MSRP is meaningless--it must not have an engine for the MSRP price, and that pisses me off badly. But it's like every car-buying experience except Saturn (we bought 2 before they killed Saturn for being customer-friendly by actually TELLING YOU THE PRICE. So I spent 2,000 on tires, wheels, and a 2" (minimum) lift kit and mine looked better than the Rubicon now (it's over 40k). Then I spent 1300 more and got a front bumper with a big "trail stinger" bar and a Superwinch 9500 synthetic, because if synthetic line ever breaks, it falls to the ground rather than cutting off a head, and the Dyneema cord is as strong as steel. Now my wrangler is priceless, ready to pull you out of a ditch if you follow me!

By midview132 on February 11 @ 2:26 am
If its for you its perfect
First of all, if you want great gas mileage it isnt for you. If you want to be able to drive in any condition and go anywhere it is. If you are thinking about a Jeep Wrangler, the first step is to not be stupid about it. If you have the money to go out and buy the higher versions of it then by all means go ahead and do so. For the rest of us here is my best advice for you, buy the Sport model. Jeeps are the most modified vehicle on the road. Save 3-5K dollars at purchase and buy what you want for it aftermarket. Buy the Jeep with a hardtop, then search craigslist or ebay for a used soft top for it, you should be able to find one for around $500, and that will be around 2K less than the dealer will want for it. The rear seats in an Unlimited have a terrible angle on them, buy a set of spacers for under them for $50, best money spent. You'll love driving it, but its a taller vehicle, it can be a handle when the wind is really blowing especially on the highway and the soft top makes it a little worse. All jeeps are kind of noisier than a regular car, but that is because of the fun factor you will have when it is warmer and you have the top off. It's a unique vehicle that isn't for everyone but if you are adventurous and fun loving the Jeep is perfect.

By Becki Santiago on July 4 @ 5:59 pm
Jeverus the Jeep
I was searching for the perfect Jeep as a gift for my husband who was finishing his PhD. This was a great find! It was in wonderful condition and was an overall great experience.

By Brigitte on December 22 @ 12:45 pm
Love my jeep wrangler/ Willys edition
I've always liked Jeep but I had a thing for BIG trucks so I never really thought of having one. One day, I took a walk and I saw a couple of jeeps off roading by the neighborhood ( surrounded by mountains ) and I stopped and watched how good the jeeps managed to drive through the mountains. I was already looking into buying a new truck so I was so impressed with jeep that when I went to the dealer, I didn't even test drive it. Made a deal, signed papers and got out. I am so happy with my Jeep Willys, it has been by far the best truck I've driven.

By Randy Blasingame on January 31 @ 9:05 pm
great looking vehicle
Over all excellent vehicle to drive, look at, and maintain. Can't wait to drive to the mountains and beach. Also looking forward to installing the lift kit and putting bigger tires on it. Just finished with the lift and the bigger tires. Great look and the ride did not change much. Could use a little more horse power , but that will come later. Still love the JEEP.

By Fustrated on July 12 @ 3:02 am
Make sure you test drive when it's raining. My 2015 jeep wrangler unlimited leaked under the radio. Not paying attention during the hard rain, to my surprise it was leaking for a while. Never noticed it until I put in splash mats that caught the water. It leaked into the jeep on both the passenger side and the driver side under the dashboard. Unfortunately after taking it to Jeep 4 times they finally had to install a completely new seal kit. I was without my vehicle for up to a month. I had to go through corporate to get the dealership to gave me a rental vehicle after 3 weeks, no compensation or anything. Overall I like and enjoy my jeep, just keep your eyes out and make sure you don't experience the same things that I did. Haven't had rain for a while to know if the issue has been fixed.

By Steven R. Bruner on March 30 @ 6:14 am
Always wanted a Jeep !!
Wow, I always thought Jeeps looked cool and always wanted one. So,, my wife wrecks her car last month and we rented a 2015 Jeep while her car was being repaired. I am 58 years old, owned close to 30 cars and trucks in my life.. This Jeep was like driving an old tech tank from 30 years ago. Really was unhappy with the total driving experience.. My 2001 GMC Yukon drove much better than this Jeep did. Chrysler !!!! Get with it and quit riding on making maximum profit on everything you sell !! The refinement in this so called modern Jeep is non-existent. Nothing has been done to improve this vehicle for the past 25 years. The current state of the American car industry is very sad indeed.

By Adam K on August 20 @ 2:00 am
Bought it new - owned now for 2 years
I've always loved Wranglers. No other vehicle gives you the combination of top down/doors off driving and a feeling of total freedom. I purchased a brand new 2015 Jeep 4DR in May of 2015. Since then, I've put on more than 20k miles. I can say that I have not had any mechanical or electrical issues, or any unexpected dealer visits. I have the 6 Sp manual which is a blast to drive. I've averaging 17.5 MPG around town. I opted for the premium soft top (I live in Minnesota) and it is perfectly suited for year round driving even in the cold. The soft top is easy to use and makes it much more convenient to take advantage of nice weather than lugging and stowing the hard top each time you want the top down. Everything you've heard about the loud cabin, etc is true. This isn't a good choice if you are after a smooth and creamy ride and a hushed interior. I drove my Jeep from MN to CO to SD and back to MN pulling a 10 FT pop-up camper. The Wrangler pulled it just fine, but in 6th gear, it's impossible to hold your speed without downshifting. This was a pain when driving through hilly country. But I was also able to hit a few off-road trails (the Jeep is totally stock except for side-steps), and the experience was just amazing. Love my Wrangler. I plan to keep it forever! UPDATE - June-2016. I still love my jeep and I still have not had any issues with it. I've now added a TerraFlex 2.5 inch lift and 35 inch NItto Ridge Grappler tires, along with LED headlight and taillights. I get lots of compliments when I drive around. I have just over 25k miles on it now. Planning to pull the pop-up out to Montana and Wyoming next summer.

By Paul M on June 18 @ 3:04 am
After 50k miles watch out
The Wrangler has a following and it's easy to find out why. This is a fun ride and nothing like it out there in the market. The bad was that the radiator was cracked at 58k miles and not covered, oil leak, many undercarriage rattles and the navigation is shot....none of this covered. Quality sucks to say the least.

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